sharing.:::. Watch creatures on the Antarctic seabed for the first time: – Wesak Message – Signs of Awakening | Glaciepoko

Origen: sharing.:::. Watch creatures on the Antarctic seabed for the first time: – Wesak Message – Signs of Awakening | Glaciepoko


sharing.:::. Watch creatures on the Antarctic seabed for the first time: – Wesak Message – Signs of Awakening

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Wesak Message – Signs of Awakening

by Selacia

As you prepare to celebrate Wesak and the Buddha’s birthday on May 2, you have been through an intense cycle of energy. Most likely, you are still working through some of the issues that came to light the past couple of months.

Besides these challenges, you also connected with some helpful new insights about your life – discovering more about what’s working and what needs to change.

Since Wesak last year, you indeed have shifted so much energetically that it’s like you are a different person in some ways.
Yes, you may look similar and much in your day-to-day world may appear unchanged.

On an inner level, however, you are quite different. From a spiritual perspective, note these key signs of awakening contributing to your energetic shifting.

Signs of Awakening

ONE – You are holding and radiating more light than you did a year ago – this relates to the ascension process.

TWO – On an energy level, you are learning to adapt more easily to shifts in energy – in part because you are having so much practice!

THREE – You are becoming more comfortable with the idea that life will not be returning to the kind of “normal” you knew before – some of the comfort comes from knowing this change is universal impacting everyone.

Another factor is repetition over time of the idea that you indeed have entered a brave new world in which the only way forward is ahead – the more that you can accept this idea, the more progress you will make and the more joyful you will feel.

FOUR – Most likely, you are dealing with some issues that might have appeared to come out of nowhere – challenges you didn’t have before. Some of these involve past life themes in your DNA, catalyzed by your accelerated awakening and the need on a spiritual level to clear the deck of these things at this juncture.

The key to remember here is that while some of these things might seem like new issues, they in fact were sitting there all along. This past year, they came to the surface for you to address a final time.

If you have something like this, it likely is not your typical challenge, but something you as a soul have been grappling with for lifetimes. Despite what you might feel about addressing this, it’s important that you meet whatever it is head on.

About Wesak

On Wesak as you gather with others to celebrate the Buddha and your own enlightenment potential, you will receive spiritual fuel to help you stabilize and build a new momentum. Wesak is a rare annual opportunity to have tangible experiences with enlightened Masters like Buddha. As you participate in Wesak celebrations, an abundant flow of Wesak blessings comes into your energy field, resourcing you over the coming year.

Each year, being at Wesak can help reignite your passion and provide amplified stability to navigate uncertainty.

New Kind of Stability

There is a new kind of stability needed when you get to this place on the path of awakening.
Your strength now must be sourced on both spiritual and physical levels. The kind of spiritual strength you are developing will help you to hold your center when things become even more chaotic than now.

This expanded strength will give you greater perspective and a way to make peace with things that do not make sense on a mundane level.

Aim for strength that embodies your highest values of how to live life on Earth: love, compassion, patience, and tolerance.

The strength referenced here means that you can look at your upside-down world in a direct way, seeing it as it is – seeing it honestly without losing your balance. This becomes increasingly vital going forward.

As a divine changemaker, you are alive to be at the helm of changes happening across the planet, participating consciously to help create positive transformation.

In that role, you are learning to be fearless. You are learning to see what is there – the good the bad and the ugly – without judgment. As you do this, you have opportunities to be a significant healing force in outcomes.

For right now, know that you are among the fortunate ones consciously walking the path during Earth’s most volatile times.

To be conscious now is a gift.

It means that you really get what society’s changes are all about.
You understand they are needed and you know it’s not going to be easy to implement them.

You know that spiritual strength and being resourced by spirit will make all the difference – these things helping you to be the powerful divine changemaker you are destined to be.

Copyright 2015 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

NOTE: If you missed earlier articles, please visit the Archives. To attend the next global Divine Changemaker Courses, the C12 Global Meditations (Wesak on May 2and Post Wesak on June 20), Past Life Workshop ‘Love and Soul Purpose’ onJune 6 at Mystic Journey in Venice, and any other events, please register HERE. More information found below the photo!

Posted 26th April by Shanti Zohar

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sharing.:::.▶ Wudang Tai Chi & The Green Tea Field – THE ARCTURIANS – In Transition Part 2 – Remodeling | Vel sanus

Origen: sharing.:::.▶ Wudang Tai Chi & The Green Tea Field – THE ARCTURIANS – In Transition Part 2 – Remodeling | Vel sanus


sharing.:::.▶ Wudang Tai Chi & The Green Tea Field – THE ARCTURIANS – In Transition Part 2 – Remodeling

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Apr 24
THE ARCTURIANS – In Transition Part 2 – Remodeling


In Transition Part 2


Have you ever remodeled your home while you are living in it? If you have, you can understand how chaotic that can be. What is occurring with our grounded ones is that you are all in the process of remodeling your earth vessel while you are living in it.

From our viewpoint, we can perceive how our volunteer’s earth vessels are surrounded by fifth-dimensional light. This light is causing gradual and/or rapid changes in your physical form, consciousness and perceptions of reality. Hence, you are having many unique thoughts and emotions.

You are remodeling your earth vessel while you are still using it “24/7,” as you would say. Furthermore, each of you has is a slightly different version of the ONE and are expressing different versions of your Multidimensional SELF.

Even with all these differences, many of those who are the first to remember and transmute actually know each other in the higher dimensions. Some you are Shipmates and/or family members from other incarnations, but you may or may not meet each other in the physical.

Some of you did made a pact to “meet up in your earth vessel,” not knowing that you would likely forget that pact once you were wearing a 3D form. Fortunately, as your fifth dimensional Lightbody begins to flash into and out of your awareness, you are beginning to remember. Then you forget, and then you remember.

You see you are in the process of recalibration of every component of your consciousness, which is the first to change. Some of you will next shift your body and some of you will shift your life first and your body next. Some of you will shift your body and your life simultaneously.

There is NO right or wrong way to transmute back into your SELF because this event is completely novel for your planet. Dear Gaia has been waiting for millennia beyond count for the transmutation of Her planetary body. This transmutation is becoming evident to even the most uninformed. Each belief system has their own reason why this change is happening, and each belief system will experience what they expect.

Of course, there are those who will wake up one day on another planet in another system that is NOT on the edge of the shift. They will not be conscious of this change because they were not conscious of the changes within their self or within Gaia. They were not conscious of these changes because it is not their NOW to transmute.

Since third dimensional reality is actually a holographic projection that is cast onto a 3D matrix, shifting from one matrix to another is of little consequence to those who live the life of the matrix rather than the life of the planet.

Earth is now experiencing a shift in Her 3D matrix, as it is expanding into the higher frequencies of Her multidimensional matrix. Those who remain aligned with the frequency shift within the planet will move into the higher dimensional frequencies of the matrix.

We understand that this information may be very unfamiliar to many. In fact, it likely seems impossible to those who are thinking with their third dimensional brain. However, as your consciousness continually expands to be able to perceive higher frequencies of reality, many concepts that were once impossible become possible, current and/or normal.

We ask you all to allow your innate, multidimensional thinking to return to your consciousness. To make this cognitive shift, you must release all fear of judgment from “others.” If you look back into your Earth history, you will see that new thinkers were often judged and even persecuted.

Since your memory of what you call “past lives” returns with your higher states of consciousness, old memories of persecution for novel thinking can limit your ability to “let go” of your old thinking. However, you will realize when your thinking is limited because you will begin to experience a restriction in your body and/or a sense of limitation in your thoughts and emotions.

Be sure to realize that these feelings are not a warning of pending doom, but your own body and emotions telling you that your thinking is causing you discomfort. The mastery of your thoughts is one of the first steps in your return to your true sense of SELF.

You have lived many incarnations believing that you are the human you are wearing and feeling like a victim to your environment. Therefore, whenever those old feelings come up to the surface of your consciousness, do not judge yourself. Instead, rejoice that you can recognize that these emotions have stemmed from your negative thinking.

Also, your emotions and bodily sensation of change can activate negative thinking. What exactly is “negative thinking?” That may appear to be an unusual question, but you may not be aware that you have been trained to think negatively for so many incarnations that it has become “normal.” As you continue to remodel your house while you live in it, you will find many hidden secrets that you have kept from your self.

If you have lost a loved one and had to go through their possession to decide what to “do” with them, you know that that is one of the most difficult parts of your grief. Suzille spent six years watching one parent die and then the other. The experience of going into a home where someone knew they were dying, but were too brave to admit it, created a deep wound in her psyche.

It was not until they had both crossed and she had to clear out EVERY THING from the house that they had lived in for many decades that she could feel what had become “normal.” For all those years she had been “pushing aside the truth” to make someone feel better. How often have you had to push aside the truth to make yourself, or someone else, feel better?

You will be able to answer that question more and more as your consciousness becomes calibrated from the Truth of the fifth dimension. Remember, you have been living in the Illusion of polarity and separation for many incarnations. Therefore, you have developed certain habits that allow you to ignore your real experience and focus on the most comfortable illusion.

As your “home” becomes re-wired with the new electrical circuitry, you will be able to physically perceive the difference between an illusion and a truth. An illusion, which is only an attachment to the 3D Matrix, has very little life force. Therefore, illusions have a fuzzy aura and often shift or change.

On the other hand, Truth has a strong aura that enters your awareness even before you become aware of it. In other words, the truth proceeds itself. Illusions cover a situation like a gauze curtain so that the details are blurred. Since the details, physical, mental or emotional are blurred into each other, you will primarily perceive that which best resonates to your consciousness.

Thus if you are in a good mood, you will see what you want to see, a bad mood what you are afraid you will see, a sad mood what you are concerned you have lost. Illusions are reflections of your own emotions and your own confusion. The truth stands on it’s own.

Like a huge tree with many leaves, the truth will remain the same, no matter how you feel. The truth is not influenced by your state of consciousness. Therefore, the truth of someone loving and accepting you will always give you comfort and safety no matter what your mood. Also, creative ventures have a life of their own, just as your children do.

Once you have created a thoughtform and set it free, it will manifest in the manner of it’s own choice. Gaia is a free will planet. Therefore, when any life is created, it deserves to make it’s own choices. There are many who break this rule, but that behavior moves through their family lines like a bad gene.

There is a great responsibility that you take on when you upgrade your “home” from a third dimensional structure to a multidimensional creation. You can sell your home, you can remodel your home, or you can lose your home. On the other hand, your creations become living energy packages on the search for manifestation.

Any artist will tell you that they cannot choose how they paint, what they write, how they sing. All they can do is allow their creation to be loved, nurtured, honored and fed with positive, loving thoughts and emotions.

If you love your creations, you will find their purpose. But if you dislike or judge your creations you stall the creative process and maybe even stop them.

You may think that it is too much of challenge to live in your “earth vessel” while there are so many changes are going on within and around you. Please remember, YOU are a prototype. It is a rare experience to live in a reality on the cusp of such transition that the very body you are wearing will shift into a different frequency—while you are wearing it.

If you only drove in third gear, then suddenly your car started shifting into fourth, or even fifth, gear without you doing anything, you would be quite startled. This alteration in your body/home, atmosphere/thoughts, water/emotions and fire/spirit seemingly out of your control will increasingly escalate.

You are coming into the NOW in which you can see through the illusions, as NOW there is no place for this illusions to hide. The truth shines before you, and you have discovered that you prefer a difficult truth to an easy illusion. Illusions are a veil that hides you from your SELF.

We now send to you an excerpt from “Changing Realities,” the soon to be released Book 5: Pleaidian Perspective on Ascension.
(Book 4 was twice as long as the other books, so we broke it into two books for consistency, and a chance for the reader to integrate the material. If your Book 4 is over 400 pages, than you have book 4 and 5.)

“More and more of you are making this shift. Those who are still struggling and working hardwill begin to wonder if perhaps they too could find out how to flow through life with peace and a sense of abundance.

This abundance is not about money, or about the things that money can buy. This abundance is a state of mind that reminds you of your own ability to resonate to peace, love and happiness.

As more people leave their corporate jobs, move out into the country, grow their own food and barter for what is needed, they will find that they are perfectly happy with less ‘stuff.’ These types of choices take down the cabal as quickly as the unconditional love that is being sent to them from the higher dimensions and from the awakened ones.

What will happen when the tipping point is reached? What will happen when the majority of people think about Earth, other people and creativity, and the minority of people thinks about accumulation, success and power?

When people are NOT lost in the struggle and dream of ‘getting something,’ they can more easily flow into the higher frequencies of reality that resonate beyond the illusion of needing more. Needing more is the opposite of being thankful.
When you need more, you are affirming that there is ‘not enough.’ Then, your multidimensional, creative-self, who resonates beyond the illusion of lack, hears ‘I am thinking about not enoughand filling that thought with emotion. Therefore, please bring me more not enough.’

Conversely, when you are thinking “thank you for the substance at hand” and fill that thought with the loving emotions, your creative-self hears, “I am thinking about how thankful I am about the substance at hand,” and brings you more of that for which you are thankful.

The challenge for many is the rules of the 3D Game has changed and many of you did not get the memo. In the old version of the third-dimensional Earth you had to work hard to get ahead.

However, the ‘old’ third dimension has taken in so much higher light that instead of workinghard, people are working smart to discover (which often means uncover) new (which means old and long hidden) technology that makes life so simple that they do not have to work at all.

In other words, you are flowing into the NOW of New Earth! Just across the threshold to 5D New Earth, the Galactic Federation, who represents your ancestors and higher expressions of SELF, await your reunion. In this layer of reality, money no longer exists, as it is no longer needed.

You all have replicators which can instantly create anything you need from food to furniture, personal tricorders/bio-scanners, voice recognition language translators, anti-gravity cars etc. etc. In fact, many of these devices are already invented right now in your present transitional reality.

As you continue to flow into higher and higher frequency levels of New Earth, you will be seeing more and more of this technology in your daily life. This will occur because the dark ones who have been hiding this technology will no longer be able to resonate to that layer of reality. Therefore, the technology will be freely disseminated to everyone.

As you move further into New Earth, which you are doing more and more each day, your Galactic family will come down from the sky and your Lemurian and Atlantian ancestors will come up from the core of the Earth. They will move through your population assisting, loving and supporting all the newly awakened ones who have released their fear and turned towards love and creativity as a new way of life.

At first you will move into and out of this layer of reality, as it will take practice and more mastery of your thoughts and emotions to maintain a constant presence in this frequency of fifth-dimensional Earth. Your thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations will remind you when you have “fallen out of the frequency of Earth,” as well as when you have returned to the frequency of New Earth.

Soon, you will remember how to maintain the state of consciousness in which you are Masters of your Energy Field. You do not need to learn or try or wait. Just expand your consciousness into the layer of reality in which you are a Master NOW and New Earth ALREADY exists.

When you learned to walk, you often fell. When you learned to talk you said words wrong. You just had to practice, practice, practice and ‘grow up.’ You are all growing up now and returning to your Multidimensional SELF. Be as patient and loving with your self, as you would be with your beloved child. In fact, YOU are a beloved Child of the Universe.

As the higher light infiltrates more and more of your reality, you will easily flow into higher and higher frequencies of reality to remember your true SELF and the Master that you already are! Know that what you have received is true. Feel it in your High Heart and accept it with your multidimensional mind.”

Beloved Ones, we, your Galactic Family, recognize you and await you with open hearts.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 24th April by Shanti Zohar

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sharing.:::. No fear of falling – Remembering What You Always Knew — The Arcturians – FEELING THE CALL | psycho

Origen: sharing.:::. No fear of falling – Remembering What You Always Knew — The Arcturians – FEELING THE CALL | psycho


sharing.:::. No fear of falling – Remembering What You Always Knew — The Arcturians – FEELING THE CALL

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, June 21, 2015
Remembering What You Always Knew — The Arcturians


Book 4 of the Pleiadian Perspective is fixed and ready for purchase.


Beloved Ones,
We are the Arcturians. We have asked Suzille to give an Advanced Arcturian Lecture Series of three lectures. We have asked her this because:

It is the NOW to be your Multidimensional SELF
Not only in your meditations, but also in your daily life

Many of you, our dear Emissaries who have taken an earth vessel to assist Gaia, are feeling this CALL. You are correct in your assumption that there is something special, something unique, that is slowly, but ever-increasingly, being unveiled in your consciousness, your daily life and in the physical vessel that you are currently wearing.

Therefore, we invite you NOW to attend this series of three lectures with us, the Arcturians. In each meeting we will reveal advanced topics on what is occurring and how YOU can flow and assist with this process.

Since the energy fields are expanding every day, the information for each of the three meetings we will be based on the energies of that NOW. Therefore, the lectures will be much like our Morning Messages and Energetic Weather Reports.

Please join us and bring all your intuitions, multidimensional ideas, experiences and, most of all, please bring your unconditional love.

We the Arcturians, welcome you within the NOW of our ONE.
Blessings to you all

These intimate meeting will occur on:

June 24, 2015 @ 9:00 AM PDT
June 26, 2015 @ 8:30 AM PDT
June 30, 2015 @ 9:00 AM PDT

The contribution is $49 for all three
If you have signed up and unable to attend, you will receive the recording.

Please Sign Up Here


Remembering What You Always Knew

The Arcturians

In between your third dimensional reality and your multidimensional reality is a portal. More and more, you are connecting your 3D earth body with your multidimensional Lightbody. With every higher thought and loving emotion, that portal expands to encompass both, and all, versions of your current expression of self, as well as ever-increasing dimensions of your Multidimensional SELF.

There are mental enzymes within your pineal gland that are “geo-coded transmitters” that tell you where you are in space/time, and/or in the Here/Now of the higher dimensions. These transmitters receive and project all fifth dimensional and beyond thoughts through your pineal gland and into your pituitary gland, to be sent into every area of your body via your endocrine system.

However, these messages are not sent until your brain determines whether or not YOU believe that this transmission/perception is “real.” The light quotient in your brain will differentiate real versus not real. The light quotient in your brain is determined by your state of consciousness.

If you are in a higher dimensional state of consciousness, you will perceive light, auras, Angels, Galactic, miracles, peace, and hope as real. You will also perceive darkness and illusion as NOT real. If you are in a lower state of consciousness, illusions, bad news, and the myriad forms of darkness become real, and light, ascension, and transcendence are not real.

Once your belief system determines that a stimuli is real, it is received by your pineal gland, sent to your pituitary gland, and then distributes through your body via your endocrine system. On the other hand, if your belief system determines that the stimulus is not real, it will go into your mental computer’s “trash can” as “junk mail.” The determination of real or not real is determined by the “light quotient” within your brain.

When you consciously perceive and accept higher frequency perceptions, experiences, communications, etc., you create a higher light quotient in your brain because you have determined that higher frequency experiences are REAL.

Once you have allowed the higher light quotient into your brain by maintaining a higher state of consciousness, your pituitary gland of the sixth chakra and the pineal gland of the seventh chakra merge to open your Third Eye.

Here is one of several area on my blog to read about your Third Eye.

Joining your pineal and pituitary glands open the Third Eye. The pituitary gland is about the size of a pea, and is located behind the center of your forehead, between your eyes. Therefore, the sixth chakra is often called the Brow Chakra.

The pituitary gland is known as the “Master Gland” because it acts as a main control center that sends messages to all the other glands from its two lobes, which are the posterior lobe and the anterior lobe.

The pituitary gland prompts the proper growth of glands and organs, and regulates sexual development. The pituitary gland is called the “seat of the mind,” with the frontal lobe regulating emotional thoughts such as poetry and music, and the anterior lobe regulating concrete thought and intellectual concepts.

On the other hand, the pineal gland is known as the “seat of illumination, intuition and cosmic consciousness.” The pineal gland is similar to intuition, whereas the pituitary gland is similar to reason.

The pineal gland is cone-shaped and is located in the middle of your brain behind, and just above, the pituitary gland. The pineal gland contains pigment similar to that found in the eyes, and is connected to the optic thalami; hence, it controls the action of light on your body.

The pineal gland is located in the posterior end of the third ventricle of the brain, and the pituitary gland is located in the roof of the third ventricle. It is the joining of the essences of these two glands in the third ventricle of your brain that opens your Third Eye.

The pineal gland acts in two ways to inhibit the action of the pituitary gland:

First, the pituitary gland is responsible for activating adolescence and the beginning of sexuality, and the pineal gland checks the pituitary gland to prevent premature sexual awakening.

Second, human thought is regarded as a result of suspended action, and the pineal gland inhibits the immediate discharging of thoughts into action. This inhibition causes you to look inward and to deeply ponder your actions and reactions. This introversion is important for self-realization, as it displaces our attention from the outer world to the inner.

When the external world disappears, your circle of consciousness contracts because your primary attention is focused on your inner self. It is this inner attention that magnetizes “spiritual light” into the pineal gland.

The third ventricle of the brain is a narrow opening lying near the base of the cerebral hemispheres, and separating the two thalamic areas. These thalamic areas are the brain’s “storehouse” of all your sensory perceptions.

When the pituitary and pineal glands are fully developed and stimulated through meditation on the sixth and seventh chakras, their vibrations fuse and activate the Third Eye. Once the Third Eye is open, you have personal access to higher knowledge. The opened Third Eye is called the “Eye of the Soul”.

The pineal gland is often dormant because your third dimensional self is usually focused on the outer, sensate world, rather than the higher spheres. Through practices such as meditation and yoga, you can remember how to allow that cosmic light to descend into your individual body through the optic thalamic nerve connection of the crown chakra.

The human brain has a fundamental resemblance to a human, androgynous embryo. The pituitary gland holds the positive, masculine charge, and the pineal holds a negative, feminine charge.

When the masculine and feminine energies meet in the brain it is known as the Mystical Marriage. This Mystical Marriage initiates the birth of your multidimensional consciousness, and your conscious passage into the fifth dimension and beyond.

The Mystical Marriage occurs when our Kundalini force awakens and rises up your spine. The Kundalini is the highest infinite energy, which is coiled up and dynamic, at the base of your human spine.

Within the Kundalini Force, contact is made between the infinite, divine creative energy and the finite, physical sexual energy. In order to gain your highest spiritual potential while incarnated in a physical form, the great mass of Kundalini energy locked in the root chakra must be released to travel up to your crown chakra.

The rising Kundalini pulls its great energy field up from Mother Earth, through the nerve channels in the core of your spine, and into the medulla oblongata, through the pons area of your brain, and then into the pituitary gland behind your eyes. Meanwhile, the pineal gland has also received this Kundalini light from the higher dimensions.

The root chakra, at the base of your spine, represents your connection to the feminine Goddess energy that is manifest in the body of planet Earth. The crown chakra, at the top of your head, represents the masculine God energy that exists as pure potential in the non-physical dimensions.

Kundalini energy radiates from the prana within the Earth from the Sun.

Kundalini is known in the Eastern world as the Goddess Shakti. When Goddess Shakti is awakened, She sweeps us up in Her tremendous passion to reunite with Her Lord Shiva in the crown chakra. This Mystical Marriage symbolizes the combining of the male and female energies within your bodies, and the awakening of your multidimensional consciousness.

In the Western world, the Kundalini is symbolized by the medical symbol of the caduceus, the rod with two snakes coiled around it in spirals. At the top are two wings, which are images of Mercury or Hermes, who are the messengers of the Gods.

The caduceus is the symbol for healing, health, and transformation. The center rod symbolizes the spinal cord. In Yoga philosophy the center cord is called the Sushumna, and it represents the grounding, neutral cord of the three parts of the rising Kundalini.

The left cord is the Ida, which represents the feminine side. It is negatively charged, ends in the left nostril, and has characteristics of coolness related to the Moon. The right side is called the Pingala, which represents the masculine side. It is positively charged, ends in the right nostril, and has characteristics of heat related to the Sun.

The Ida and the Pingala represent the masculine and feminine energies, which you all carry regardless of your gender. The Kundalini has two aspects; one aspect is often perceived as the outer, cosmic energy of spiritual life force. In China this force is known as Chi, in Japan it is known as Ki, in India it is known as Prana, and in the West it is known as the Holy Spirit.

You all have Kundalini energy running through your bodies, or you would not be able to live, for it truly is our “life force.” Kundalini is the energy that pervades and enervates the world as you experience it. Click: For more about Kundalini

The Temple of your Third Eye is in the Sacred Triangle of the third -ventricle within your brain. When your Third Eye is opened, you will no longer be limited to the illusions of the third and fourth dimensions, for you will see, feel, and experience the Higher Light of Universal Energy as it “Flows” through all life.

This experience could be quite overwhelming, and it may take some “time” before you learn how to “turn off” the Flow so that you can attend to your mundane tasks, or “turn on” the Flow for Knowledge, Renewal, and Unconditional Love.

Be patient with yourself. You have grown accustomed to the structure that illusions have provided for you. With the opening of your Third Eye, the Flow of multidimensional light will provide you with a higher dimensional structure.

As you compare these differing structures of reality, you will realize that the structure of illusion is static and unwavering. Conversely, the structure of the Higher Light of Universal Energy is dynamic and ever-changing.

With the Higher Light Flowing through your life, reality becomes a series of “Windows of Opportunity” that present themselves as choices. You may choose YES, or you may choose NO. These choices are made with your attention.

When you ignore a Window, you choose NO, and when you attend to the Window, you choose YES. Hence, once your Third Eye is opened, you must be vigilant about where you place your attention. The Window that you attend to, or ignore, will be the reality that you enter, or deny.

It is the NOW for you all to expand your conscious awareness to your highest potential of SELF. We are NOW being called into active duty to assist Gaia in Her process of transmutation. Therefore, you must first begin, continue, and/or escalate your own process.

You will find the process that best serves you within your own self. In fact, this process must begin with your self, for how can you share what you do not possess. However, you ALL posses the inner enlightenment of which we have spoken.

Even if you are sick, or tired, or lost, or even trapped in the darkness, YOU are filled with inner light. Therefore, it is the NOW to open your Third Eye so that you can see the Truth that resonates just beyond the shadow of the lies.

With your opened Third Eye, you can see the real YOU in the mirror instead of the human form that you are wearing. We remind you to look into your mirror to see your face, then, look into your eyes, then into your pupils.

As you look into your own eyes, have an honest discussion with your own self. Then, look into your pupils to imagine (fifth dimensional thought) and see the glow of your own inner light as it radiates from your eyes.

Then, just above your eyes, look into your Third Eye in the center of your forehead. Can you BELIEVE that you have opened your Third Eye? Can you release the expectations and judgments of your ego in order to perceive the calm realizations of your Multidimensional SELF?

YES, yes you can. YES you are your SELF. In fact, you are HERE NOW with your Galactic Family looking through the eyes in the mirror to remind you that,


We are inside of you. We are YOU.

We come to you to remind you to REMEMBER what you already know, which is:

“It is the NOW to be your Multidimensional SELF,

not only in your meditations, but in your daily life.

Blessings to you all.”

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family


Through the Portal, Book 5 of Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension is here!

Paperback and Kindle Versions NOW available on

Through the Portal is the final book for the series Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension. The journey of the five books flowed from the Pleiades to Earth and back again over several generations of Pleiadians that were human and humans that were Pleiadian.

In the fifth book, Through the Portal, the many inter-dimensional adventures were pulled into the NOW of a cohesive finale. Concluding with the story of the The Bird Flock of MU in book 4, it was the NOW to begin the adventure of changing reality. This change begins, once again, at the local multidimensional airport, then returns to the core of Earth to confer with the ancient Lemurian civilization.

Big changes are about to occur on planet Earth and leadership training is needed for Sandy and Jason. But when they return to Earth, that which they thought they would change, changed them instead. Follow this amazing “final act” that is actually a new beginning. Get your copy today!

Note: If your version of Book 4 has 400 pages, you have a previous version of the book, so you already have the full ending of the series. However, if your Book 4 is about 200 pages, please refer to Book 5, “Through The Portal,” for the conclusion!

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Posted by Suzanne Lie at 6:30 PM

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sharing.:::.Urantia Book – Paper 112 – Section 1 (Personality and Reality) – ENERGETIC WEATHER REPORT #3– ARCTURIANS AND GALACTIC FAMILY | URANTHEA2094

Origen: sharing.:::.Urantia Book – Paper 112 – Section 1 (Personality and Reality) – ENERGETIC WEATHER REPORT #3– ARCTURIANS AND GALACTIC FAMILY | URANTHEA2094


sharing.:::.Urantia Book – Paper 112 – Section 1 (Personality and Reality) – ENERGETIC WEATHER REPORT #3– ARCTURIANS AND GALACTIC FAMILY

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Apr 21



Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #3
Your ARE a Stream of Consciousness

Transmission form The Arcturians and Galactic Family

The energetic weather report is “hot” and “cloudy.”

By “hot” we mean that many new developments are “heating up” to the “boiling point,” in which they will be revealed.
 It is “cloudy” because there is still a great deal of TRUTH that is hidden behind the clouds of illusion.

 Most of you, our volunteers to take earth vessels, have taken quite a few lifelong assignments on the 3D Matrix of Gaia.

Some of you can remember many of those embodiments, which allows you to better release the clouds of illusion.


 Many of you are not, yet, aware of your other incarnations, but as your consciousness expands to resonate primarily to the fourth dimension, you will begin to remember that DEATH is one of greatest illusions on Earth.

Much like a hermit crab on the ocean floor, you need to “take a new shell” to continue your LIVES -long missions. 

Therefore, “death” simply means that your 3D shell no longer serves your needs, and you will need to release that shell to find a new one.

 Many of our brave volunteers have spent many eons on the “Wheel of birth/death” between 3D to 4D to 3D to 4D.

After a certain amount of turns of this Wheel, you chose to return Home to your realities in the fifth dimension and beyond.


 Of course, the intense forgetfulness that overtakes your soul essence from too many physical incarnations can make that return HOME difficult. However, it is not the return that is difficult. The difficult part of the return is remembering how to make that return.

Now, the entire planet that is ready for Her return HOME into the higher frequencies, but many of Gaia’s humans are still lost in the fog of forgetfulness. Therefore, beloved members of our Galactic Family, we are sending emissaries into your daily life. As those of you who are awake know, we have been sending our emissaries for many years.

After your horrific WWII, the Pleiadians came to Earth to counteract the offer from the Zeta Reticuli, who were in deep association with the military. The Zetas needed DNA as they were cloned beings and had replicated themselves too often. Their terms were, “We will give you advanced technology, if you give us some human DNA.”

The Pleiadians said, “Wait, you do NOT want to give away human DNA. We will give you advanced technology, and all we ask is that you give up your atomic bombs.”

Since the atomic bombs are still on your planet (except we Galactics will NOT allow you to detonate them) you can see how much your human rights were respected. In fact, many wars are still waged on your planet that totally disregard human, animal, plant, environment and planetary rights.

The number of wars as of 2015

On-going armed conflicts

How many humans have benefitted by these wars? How many humans were killed in the prime of their life, or while sitting at the dinner table having a family meal? How many of these wars are even known?

We ask these questions as the answers are hidden behind the cloud of illusion of which we just spoke. We realize that it is the resonance of your third dimensional reality that allows war as a solution to conflict. We also realize that it is the resonance of your third dimensional consciousness that locks you within that world of illusion.

We must remind you, our dear emissaries to Earth, how impossible it appears to alter these illusions while wearing an earth vessel. However, this is where the “hot” component of the energetic weather report will be explained.

Just as water sitting in a metal pot with the fire burning brighter and brighter, transmutes the water into air, the higher frequencies of light are transmuting the lies into truths. The TRUTH is increasingly being revealed by Galactics and brave humans who have “shone their light” onto the lies and illusions.

Of course, our dear earth bound friends and family, you will need to search your Internet to find the “hot news,” but when you look for it, you will find it. Information is NOW available to those who are willing to search for it. In fact, even those who once sought to keep you in your 3D cage because they believed that they could never raise their resonance are discovering that the LIGHT shines on any one who seeks it.

In your “past,” many brave ones who sought to share their truth were punished or “disappeared.” However, they did not die in vain, as their courage has brought inspiration to others. We, your Galactic Family are very proud of all of you who bi-located your great multidimensional consciousness into a 3D vessel.

We say “bi-located” because YOU are all multidimensional beings. Therefore, your fifth dimensional, and beyond, SELF sent a fragment of your essence/consciousness into a human on the edge of birth or death. It is during birth or death that the portal of the human is open to a higher dimensional consciousness to flow into or out of an earthen shell.

During this transition, a higher dimensional expression of your “stream of consciousness” can bi-locate into the earth vessel, while still remaining in the higher dimensions. We ask you to NOW imagine your SELF as a “stream of consciousness” flowing through the ONE of the NOW.

Within your fifth dimensional and beyond states of awareness, you are aware of this stream. However, while your consciousness is restricted to the third/fourth dimension, you are greatly hindered by your belief in separation.

If you believe you are separate, it is difficult to simultaneously believe that you are a “flowing stream of multidimensional life.” Close you eyes for a moment to imagine yourself as that “flowing stream.”

When you feel the stream of YOUR consciousness swirling around you, and extending into the higher dimensions?

How do you perceive your physical form? How does your physical body feel?

What are your thoughts and emotions?

Now, feel how your “stream of consciousness” flows into the core of Gaia. How does it feel to be ONE with Earth?

Now, feel your “stream of consciousness” as it also flows into the higher dimensions of your SELF…

Imagine/remember that YOU are ONE with the higher dimensional worlds while you are simultaneously ONE with the physical world…

Can you remember when you flowed “downstream” into the vessel you are now wearing?

Please use your imagination. It is only your 3D thinking that believes you cannot remember. We ask you to LET GO of the lives of indoctrination in which you were told that you were JUST one person.

NOW, remember when you released your consciousness from your earth vessel and flowed “upstream” to return to your multidimensional SELF…

When you remember these experiences, you will KNOW that you cannot die. You are a stream of consciousness that floats through myriad realities within the NOW of the ONE. We remind you, our beloved ground crew, of this fact because it is the NOW. The NOW that you have waited for in untold lives is slowly, but surely, dawning into a new day.

In this 4-19-15 energetic weather report, the day is foggy because truth and lies still intermingle. However, there is more TRUTH available for those who are willing to search for it, than there has been in a great deal of your “time.” We tell you this NOT to ignite your impatience and anger by thinking, “I have waited so long.”

If you are upset because you have “waited” so long in this life, we must remind you that you have “waited” for more lives than you could count. Also, we must remind you that “waiting” is a passive action in which you gain no power or insight. Therefore, you will likely become inpatient, bitter, angry and/or depressed.

The cure we offer for that situation is to stop “waiting” and start “doing.” When you are engaged in an important task, time flows swiftly. But, when you are waiting, time seems to almost stop. While you are waiting, time feels much longer than the clock or calendar states. When you arewaiting you are NOT doing, so the illusion of time flows slowly and seemingly beyond your control.

On the other hand, if you are DOING, you are not waiting. Instead, you are contributing to something that is better than your own personal needs. Then, all sense of victimization disappears, as you are too involved in a possible solution to worry about what might, or might not, occur. Also, your action greatly diminishes your fear.

Remember, time is an illusion of the third dimension. When you are waiting for something to occur outside of your self, you are a victim to time, as well as to your own fear, anxiety and depression. On the other hand, when you are learning, studying and contributing, time flies past you. You look at the clock and say, “Where did that time go?”

The answer to this question is, “The time has flowed into the higher dimension, taking your consciousness with it.” After you have spent your “time” learning, sharing what you have learned, contributing to and preparing for the sunny day in which the TRUTH is revealed, you feel fulfilled, useful AND multidimensional.

We do NOT judge those who have become lost in the lethargy and impatience of fear. Instead, we send you unconditional love and remind you that YOU ARE VERY IMPORTANT. We miss your contribution, as from our perspective we can see that every one of you chose your Mission (that which you volunteered to work towards) before you took this incarnation.

We observe how very difficult it can be in the third dimension and how many of you have had more challenges than you believe you can overcome. We say to you, our beloved ones, “Thank you for taking on the difficulties of your life.”

When you wrote your pre-birth contract, you forgot how difficult the third dimension could be. Then, when you faced those difficulties, you forgot how helpful your own higher dimensional SELF could be.

We lovingly remind those of you who feel alone and with no one to help you, that you ALWAYS have the YOU of your own multidimensional SELF. Also, you always have us, who your Celestial and Galactic friends and family.

Please allow the clouds to clear, so that the multidimensional Light of the ONE can follow the stream of your consciousness down through the body of your earth vessel and into the Core of Gaia.

If the ONLY thing you do is open the portal of your earth vessel so that the higher light can use your own inner portal to anchor its multidimensional energies into Gaia, you are GREATLY assisting Earth. Therefore, while you are “waiting,” please open your inner portal.

We the Arcturians, and many of our Galactic and Celestial friends and family, applaud the great strides that our human representatives have made.
· You are opening your awareness to the multidimensional stream of your SELF.
· You are realizing that YOU are a multidimensional Being.
· You are aware that YOU are wearing your earth vessel.
· You are recognizing that Gaia is an alive being wearing a planetary vessel.
· You are increasingly accepting that LIFE exists on myriad planets, solar systems, universes, realities and dimensions.

Our beloved human members of Earth, you are WAKING UP. You are shaking off the shackles of brainwashing, lies and archaic beliefs. From our perspective, we see that the higher light is taking root in more and more of humanity.

Also, you are observing how the animals are changing, the plants are changing and the weather is changing. Most important, the light of planetary transmutation is creating wormholes through the fog of illusion. Gaia is NOW transmuting and returning to Her higher dimensional expression, and more and more of you are choosing to join Her.

Congratulations. As the clouds clear, please look into the light to see us applauding YOU.

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

Through Suzanne Lie PhD

Posted 21st April by Shanti Zohar

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sharing.:::. – ▶ How to Turn on Headlights in Photoshop – Money The Root of all Evil – The Top of the Ladder ~ Enjoy Session 1 of the Merging with GAIA | photos

Origen: sharing.:::. – ▶ How to Turn on Headlights in Photoshop – Money The Root of all Evil – The Top of the Ladder ~ Enjoy Session 1 of the Merging with GAIA | photos



sharing.:::. – ▶ How to Turn on Headlights in Photoshop – Money The Root of all Evil – The Top of the Ladder ~ Enjoy Session 1 of the Merging with GAIA

* * *
* * *
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Awakening with Suzanne Li

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Top of the Ladder ~ The Arcturians



Thought forms are the alphabet for Light Language. From the top of the ladder, everything appears different, as reality is no longer limited to the third dimension. From your new perspective, the physical world is something that you observe rather than live.

From the bottom of the ladder, you can only perceive the physical world, but as you climb your “stairway to Heaven” you begin to perceive the same things in a different way.

For one thing you begin to communicate via thought forms rather than individual words. You communicate in this fashion because you can see the energy patterns and thought forms, with your ever-opening Third Eye. These thought forms instigate the “feel” of the message in your High Heart.

Somewhere along your journey up the ladder your Third Eye begins to “tickle,” and your High Heart begins to “hum.” Increasingly, the tickle and hum intermingle to create your constant interaction with all life.

This interaction is initiated with a growing realization that you are NOT alone—EVER. In fact, the term “alone” becomes an outdated term like “buggy whip.” When you no longer used a horse and carriage to take you around your life, you no longer needed a buggy whip.

In the same manner, as separation and polarity leave your perceptions, you no longer have the experience of being alone. When you were in the third dimension, towards the bottom of the “ladder of life,” you went into Nature to be alone.

But as you perceive Nature from the higher rungs of this ladder, you are aware that everything is alive. You know everything is alive because you can perceive the life force.

You can perceive this life force coursing up and down a tree, beaming as the light dancing across the waters, floating through the sky, and hovering over the Earth. You can feel the life force with your every footfall and as you bring it into your body with your every in-breath.

Each in-breath is a conversation with the elements and elementals flowing through your shared atmosphere. In fact, you share all life. Somewhere along your climb up the ladder, you release the concept of ownership because you realize the sovereignty of ALL life.

Nothing is too small or too large to be “alive.” Each raindrop is alive with myriad, living undines (water elementals) that intermingle with the sylphs (air elementals) to dance upon the gnomes (earth elements) and to be absorbed and/or warmed by the light of the salamanders (fire elementals).

These multidimensional elementals, that were once part of a “faery tale” for children, are now your constant companions. These elementals travel over, under, around, and through you. From the lower rungs of your ladder, you could not perceive the elementals, but NOW they are your constant companions.

As a matter of fact, as you journey up the ladder, you are never alone because your entire reality is alive. Every person, place, situation, and thing is alive, inter-active, intermingling, and always open to communicate with you.

You are releasing the burden of third dimensional individuality, polarity, and separation. Love has lost is polar opposite of fear, and fear no longer exists. Fear is based on someone or thing “outside” of you doing you harm. But, from the highest rungs of the ladder, NOTHING is outside you.

From the highest rungs, your reality is filled with glistening, encapsulations of the energy that encompasses all humans, plants, animals, insects etc. There are also energy packages around your thoughts, emotions and the thought forms that are created as your thoughts and emotions merge.

You will often share realities with a life form (remember that all life is sentient) by intermingling your energy packages. For example, you can merge your energy package of a human with the energy package of a tree.

Within this merging you will know everything about the tree, and the tree will know everything about you. This merging is much like two bubbles that are attached to each other. However, the two merged energy packages maintain the integrity of each package while they are merged.

Then, because of their merging, each energy package knows that they are from ONE Source and that they will meet again within that Source. You, too, will meet again with persons, places, situations, and things that you experienced in what you once call “the past.”

However, whenever you try to experience the “past” flowing behind you, it returns to the ever-present NOW. You are moving beyond the illusion of time and into the Flow of the NOW.

In the flow of the NOW, all is ONE.

In the flow of the NOW, all is HERE.

YOU are the flow, and the flow is YOU.

As you flow through the frequency of timeless reality, you experience a strange echo, which is much like echo-navigation. This echo-navigation is your own energy field echoing back to you as it bounces off of all that you perceive.

Some of these timeless bounces are “moments of eternity” in which you merge with that moment to share that reality. We will try to explain in third dimensional language the term “moments of eternity.”

Moments of eternity occur when you decide to merge with a given version of reality to experience a possible, alternate, AND simultaneous reality. Since we are attempting to explain timeless reality via time-bound, 3D language, we must use images and examples.

Therefore, the best way to explain a timeless bounce into “a moment of eternity” is to share it with a story. After all, the truth is best carried in a good story…

Your Story:

As you float through this reality filled with fulfilled hopes and living dreams, you are calm and filled with peace. You do not remember how you got to this place, so you don’t know how to leave. But, as you relax into this environment filled with unconditional love, total peace and unity with all life, you realize that you may never want to leave.

Increasingly, you feel a call from somewhere and/or someone who seems far away, yet also, inside of you. You push that call away, as you move deeply into this amazing experience. You know that you want to find the entrance, but the entrance to what?

You are not sure what you want to enter, or even why. However, something, someplace or someone feels so VERY familiar, like a childhood home that you have rediscovered. Yes, you definitely discovered this place, this time, no not time, as there is NO time here.

You are so accustomed to the concept of time that you filled it into your experience, much as you would cross a “t” or dot an “i.” But, as you settle into this new adventure, you discover that the absence of time is quite pleasing.

The most interesting part of this discovery is that you are NOT shocked by this realization. It is as if there is some part of you that always knew that time was a distraction, an illusion.

Strangely enough, you KNOW that what you are experiencing NOW is not an illusion. According to your third dimensional thinking, it should be an illusion. But, somehow, you know within your heart that this place, this experience, is REAL.

That thought makes you ask, “Hey, where is my heart? In fact, where is my body? This must be one of those dreams where I am the observer. Yes, that is it. I will wake up soon and find my body in my bed, right where I left it. I hope.”

Pushing your concerns aside, you move on with your “dream.” Yes, a dream is a good way to think about this adventure. You always have dreams, so you are NOT frightened, you hope.

“ON with the journey,” you bravely say. That is, what you would say if you had a voice. Somehow, you know that if you did have a voice, it would be squeaking from fear and/or anticipation.

However, you consciously decide to take control of your fears and/or to “be afraid and do it anyway.” As you find the courage to bravely enter the unknown, you feel a warm and centered sensation calmly growing inside your body.

But, wait, you don’t have a body. Oh yes, no problem, you are “just dreaming.”

“NO,” you hear a voice deep inside. “You are NOT dreaming. This is real!”

“What, wait a minute. Who are you and how can this experience be real? I am just asleep having a dream.”

“No,” responds the voice that surrounds you and is inside you. “NOW you are truly awake. Before, in your physical world, you were asleep. When you came here you thought you were dreaming, but actually, you were dreaming there and are awake HERE in the NOW.”

“NO, NO, NO,” you say trying to push away the fear that you feel growing within your bodiless self. As the fear grows, this reality dims to your perceptions, and you feel as though you are falling.

“Wait, wait, I don’t want to leave here yet. I need to know more. Please help me!”

Unexpectedly, you are overwhelmed by the feeling of such deep, unconditional love and total acceptance that you begin to cry, and then you cry harder, and then you sob.

You sob, and sob and sob for the assumed loss of everything that ever happened in this place, this frequency, which you realize you are NOW leaving. You do NOT want to leave here to go there. You want to stay HERE, NOW.

“You are not leaving,” says a voice filled with such unconditional love that you cannot contain it. “You are NOT leaving here and you are not going there. “Here” and “there” are third dimensional terms.

As you release the restrictive thinking of your third dimensional brain, you find a Hereness and Nowness that you never experienced before. In this reality, the terms “experienced” and “before” are outdated and insufficient to describe that which you are “being” within this NOW.

“What am I being?” you cry with your human voice.

“You are being your SELF,” the voice calmly answers.

However, you are not calm. You know you are falling out of this experience.

“NO, NO,” you cry to the voice that you now believe is YOU. “I don’t want to go back. I want to stay HERE in the NOW!”

“Don’t worry,” answers the voice, “You will ALWAYS stay HERE in the NOW. It is just that you will forget that fact once you slip back into your third dimensional consciousness.”

“But how do I remember that when I get back down there?” you cry with a growing sense of desperation.

Suddenly, yet slowly, you begin to feel INSIDE OF YOU all that you have experienced around you. YOU are the HERE, in the NOW, of the calm, the peace, the joy, and the unconditional love.

To your great surprise, you feel the wispy presence of the ONE whom you have been speaking, slip into your form.

“You may leave HERE,” your inner voice whispers, “But I will NEVER leave YOU.”


Slowly you awaken to your physical body, but it is different. You can’t remember how or why your body feels so different. But, you DO remember a kind voice whispering,



Enjoy Session 1 of the Merging with GAIA:
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Edger Allan Poets New Video


Edgar Allan Poets Debut Provocative New Video “Watch”

Edgar Allan Poets have boldly taken a stand to bring awareness to the plight of the indigenous tribes of America in their aptly titled new single and video, “Watch”. In this video, vocalist Chris Is portrays a cowboy, presumably descended from original colonists, who forcibly invaded the land that would someday become the United States of America.

Throughout this invasion, the homeland, culture, dignity and identity of the native peoples were painfully stripped. Instead of working alongside these people peacefully, respecting their traditions of unity with nature and other human beings, these settlers gave native peoples a choice—either assimilate or face the unthinkable.

Even today, Native American culture is misunderstood by the general population and the people themselves remain tucked away in the isolation of reservations, where pain, suffering and sorrow continue to this day. These people face the challenges of living between two worlds, struggling to preserve their heritage with pride while also adapting to and living with modern American culture as many of us perceive it.

If more people took the time to empathize with this divide between the “modern” and the indigenous, feelings of shame and sorrow would bring forth the need to ask for genuine forgiveness. This emotion is the inspiration behind “Watch” (directed by Chris Is, assisted by Kevin Michael and featuring aerial photography by Bill Jackson). The plot opens with a guilt-ridden cowboy (Chris Is), struggling with the need to offer an apology and seek forgiveness from Native Americans on behalf of those who have wronged them.

In his search for peace of mind, he approaches members of the Paiute Shoshone tribe, who initially express fear by his presence. The unique aspect of this video is that the actors (Ray Rivera, Edward Gallegos and John Velasauez) are in fact Native American, cast with the help of Melissa Carmichael and Saginaw Grant. Grant is a respected and influential Native American motivational speaker, dancer and actor, who appeared in the film The Lone Ranger (2013) as Chief Big Bear.

While the cowboy roams in his grief, he approaches the three men who are performing a ceremonial dance inspired by the Ghost Dance, calling on their ancestors to protect them from the stranger in their midst. Fear and uncertainty on both sides lead to a touching moment, symbolizing a gesture of extended apology and returned forgiveness with hope for the future.

When there is true love and forgiveness, we can “watch” for signs of change for future generations.


Enjoy Session 1 of the Merging with GAIA:
Summer Solstice Chakra Serenade Webinar!


Webinar 3 (*Summer Solstice Serenade Finale)

Saturday, June 20, 2015, at 11 AM Pacific (Local Time)

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All three webinars are included in the full series, and *additional participants are welcome to join the final solstice celebration webinar on its own.
If you are unable to attend live, you are still welcome to register, and the recordings will be shared with registrants.

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Prefer Paperback? Volume I and Volume II Posted by Suzanne Lie at 9:18 PM

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SELACIA – Grand Cross Revisited – Taking the Pulse

by Selacia

This week marks a year since the Grand Cross, a rare pivotal moment when cosmic forces catalyzed an accelerated awakening across the planet. With numerous energy bumps since then, and the recent expansive New Moon, last April may seem like a distant memory. There is purpose, however, for revisiting this and having the larger picture of where we are.

Taking the Pulse

Life today is so fast and changeable; it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and lose sight of the long view. What’s needed is to regularly take the pulse of our progress. As we do, we can appreciate positive changes and identify incremental shifts that will take longer to fully manifest.

Looking back on things decades from now, society will grasp just how pivotal this cycle in history is for humanity’s future. Change, of course, is a constant regardless of when we live. What will define these moments is the magnitude of far-reaching changes in how we view and adapt to our ever-shifting landscape.

We’ve reached a critical mass point at which we stand face-to-face with effects of our collective power as a species, our unprecedented population, and a growing list of imbalances. This means our decisions, individually and collectively, have a big impact on what happens next. More about the energies of these moments, general predictions for 2015, and cycles like the Grand Cross are in the Articles Archive on my website.

The important thing for right now is to stay awake to ourselves, each other, and our role. As divine changemakers, we are at the helm of our planet’s changemaking. We are hard-wired to be involved in a personal way. It’s natural for us to care – about humanity’s spiritual progression and about our own. We intuitively seek to understand ourselves and to become more loving and whole.

Your Personal Challenges

On days when you feel challenged, remember the bigger picture of your life’s purpose and your growth over time. Be honest with yourself. Give yourself credit for waking up from your ordinary life and taking heroic steps to address limiting conditioning.

Remember: what you learned and experienced is not you. At your core, you are divine and full of light.

It is your divine spark that nudges you forward regardless of challenges. It is fearless about change, having the eternal view.

Your human personality self is conditioned in an opposite way – to fear and resist change. Much of the resistance is so unconscious, you don’t see it directly. It’s common to resist all sorts of changes – including the ones you think you want as well as those that unfold without your invitation.

Pinpointing Resistance, Finding Passion

How can you tell when you are resisting change? One method is with a back-door approach of inner questioning. With this technique you are making the assumption you may be in resistance and you invite your inner wisdom to confirm whether this is so and why. You want to find out if all parts of you – including your unconscious – are on board with a change.

To effectively work with change and create in positive ways, you need to pinpoint and work through resistance energy as it arises. If your resistance stems from past life conditioning, impacting you in the now, you want to know that and clear it at a DNA level.

If your resistance is more about rebellion against an authority figure who wants you to do something, address your rebellion and discover your own reasons for making the change.
With enough personal passion and persistence, the change will be easier and more fun to implement.

Next Steps

Right now is a powerful time to invite and implement creative solutions to blocks and unresolved issues. Go easy on yourself as you explore what’s in the way of your success and joy. Invite spirit to reveal insights hidden from your conscious mind. Be flexible and allowing as you move into unknown territories.

If you connected with a new opportunity during the recent New Moon, use this week’s potent energies to take a meaningful action on that opening.
Trust that you are supported by the universe and spirit.

Copyright 2015 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.
Posted 21st April by Shanti Zohar

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sharing.:::. ▶ Weekly Butt Workout for a Sexy Booty! Day 1 – Red Magnetic Dragon: COSMIC RESTART. | Equipoise

Origen: sharing.:::. ▶ Weekly Butt Workout for a Sexy Booty! Day 1 – Red Magnetic Dragon: COSMIC RESTART. | Equipoise



sharing.:::. ▶ Weekly Butt Workout for a Sexy Booty! Day 1 – Red Magnetic Dragon: COSMIC RESTART.

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する/თარგმნა
***   * * *

From a new level on the ascending evolutionary ladder of being.

 Red Magnetic Dragon is the Primordial Mother Waters from which All is Birthed.
 It is the vibration of Origin; Source; The Cauldron from which All is Generated; The Realm of Nurturance and Wholistic Renewal.

This Restart offers us a potent invitation to forgive our “mistakes” or inadequacies of the past cycle, and start fresh with humility and connection to our own inherent innocence and wholeness.
 May we also extend this peaceful vibration by compassionately forgiving All of our Relations, thus offering our hearts and minds as a “clean slate” for the Universe to once again create upon.

The Red Magnetic Dragon always takes us back to the beginning, The Source, The One. 

Red Dragon is the primal Mother birthing energy.

 Here we are invited to surrender to the unity of source, and immerse in the cauldron of renewal that we may start again, anew, refreshed, reborn…
 Red Dragon reminds us to nurture ourselves with mindful compassion, to nurture one another, and to make space to receive the nurturance and riches the Universe has to bestow to our sincere, humble hearts and to our receptive bodies.

The Universe is Abundant with Nurturance for All Beings; All of The Web of Life is Held by the Embrace of the Primordial Loving Beingness the animates us and sustains us. We visit this place of abundant benevolence when we tune into our inner silence, the place that precedes thought and concept – before identity and duality – the empty fullness of blank divine existence conscious of itself – the transparent, gentle glory that thrives and pulses in our heart’s innermost chambers, a seamless breath of Totality.

 That feeling awareness is our beingness; it is our interconnectedness; our true nature and home.

As the Indian masters prescribe: “Established in Being, Perform Action.” 

Posted 11th April by Shanti Zohar

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Compartir.:::.3 -Transmutar el temor en amor.:::.Ser Auténticamente Tú.:::.Hilarión ~ Es importante conectarse con el corazón y seguir su consejo. | AGHARTAN

Origen: Compartir.:::.3 -Transmutar el temor en amor.:::.Ser Auténticamente Tú.:::.Hilarión ~ Es importante conectarse con el corazón y seguir su consejo. | AGHARTAN


Compartir.:::.3 -Transmutar el temor en amor.:::.Ser Auténticamente Tú.:::.Hilarión ~ Es importante conectarse con el corazón y seguir su consejo.

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する/თარგმნა
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Transmutar el temor en amor.

Saludos desde el Hogar, queridos. 

La energía de este día es mágica, va más allá de su comprensión. Ustedes han descubierto una visión de su futuro que pocos humanos han logrado ver alguna vez. Están acostumbrados a observar su historia solo después del acontecimiento. Posiblemente, por primera vez en la evolución de la humanidad, pueden ver hacia adelante en esta línea de tiempo. Ahora existen desafíos y ajustes por los que tienen que pasar. Están sucediendo muchas cosas, queridos. Ya lo han podido comprobar desde su perspectiva financiera e incluso desde su perspectiva astrológica y ahora les daremos la visión del espíritu. Básicamente, han pasado por un cambio, un gran cambio. Ya les anunciamos esto y les hablamos al respecto a fines del 12-12-12. Ese portal fue mucho mayor de lo que comprendió la mayoría de las personas y a medida que fueron atravesando esa energía, iniciaron una oleada. Esa oleada tiene su precesión y su recesión. Avanza y retrocede. Muchas veces, cuando va hacia adelante, ustedes consideran que es un avance de la humanidad. Y cuando retrocede, como es natural, tiende a sacar lo peor de la humanidad. Bueno, eso es lo que han estado experimentando constantemente en su planeta desde que cruzaron ese portal.

Una oleada que retrocede y avanza

Así que ahora tienen una nueva energía que comienza a llegar al planeta Tierra. Trae todas esas cosas con las que han estado soñando, la posibilidad de ser creadores conscientes de su planeta. Aunque les hablamos sobre la grandeza de entrar en esa energía y de las tremendas capacidades que descubrirán a medida que lo hagan, les decimos también que es necesario un gran ajuste para que eso ocurra. Verán, ese ajuste es como una oleada que llega y retrocede.

Este es el momento de actuar

Ahora bien, lo interesante de eso es que pueden ubicarse en el lugar correcto al descubrir dónde pueden ser más útiles. Esas oleadas no están aquí para superarlos o exponerlos de alguna forma. No están aquí para que sobrevivan a ellas. En realidad, ustedes crearon las oleadas, lo que significa que pueden elegir la mejor posición para que esas mismas oleadas que causaron tantas dificultades a la humanidad ahora los saquen adelante. Por favor comprendan, no esperen hasta que todo esté bien. Este es el momento de entrar en acción en el planeta Tierra; este es el momento de poner las cosas en movimiento. Verán muy claramente muchísimos cambios a medida que se presenta este cruce de la línea de tiempo.
 Esto se extenderá hasta mediados o fines de noviembre de 2015.
 Para eso se están preparando.

Vivir en armonía

Mientras tanto, tienen todo tipo de puntos de conflicto por todo el planeta, los que han formado parte de esta oleada de energía. Ustedes trajeron una oleada, pero no vieron su recesión porque, básicamente, la ocultaron para no verla. Ahora esas energías están aflorando por todo el planeta en distintas formas. Una manera fácil de comprenderlo sería sencillamente que otros ven la línea de tiempo de otra manera. Ahora bien, a eso lo vamos a llamar radicalismo, porque realmente forma parte de casi todas las religiones. Lo que ocurre es que en estos momentos se centra principalmente en una sola: la musulmana.
 Es necesario que los ajustes no solo se hagan en el planeta como tal, sino que implica la forma en que aprenden a vivir en armonía con las religiones que han hecho tanto bien en el planeta Tierra. Sin embargo, si le entregan su poder a algo por completo, representará un problema en el futuro. Por eso es necesario que ocurran esos cambios.

Muchos le temen a esta nueva energía

Ahora bien, lo que están viendo en esta línea de tiempo es que ustedes creen que todo lo que avanza trae un adelanto, y así es. Si observan sus tecnologías, es muy fácil calcular los avances increíbles que han logrado en un tiempo relativamente corto. Muchos de ustedes firmaron declaraciones sobre sus derechos espirituales, lo cual parece estar bien afianzado. Estos son elementos clave para que sigan adelante por esta línea de tiempo, presenciando todas las nuevas tecnologías, energías y formas de pensar, incluso el proceso de aceleración de su propio espíritu. En vez de atravesar por los distintos niveles, ahora cuentan con una conexión directa que pueden activar muy rápidamente. Se trata de una energía nueva y en realidad muchos sienten temor. ¿A quién atemoriza? Bueno queridos, ustedes están yendo en esa dirección en la línea de tiempo. Muchas personas creen de todo corazón que todas esas cosas que quisieron existieron en otro tiempo. Les decimos que eso no es así, queridos. Tenían tantos problemas entonces como los que tienen hoy en día. Quizás no eran tan evidentes debido a la falta de tecnologías.

Algunos creen que si hacen retroceder su energía y su estilo de vida en el tiempo, eliminando todo aquello que consideran progreso, serán felices al fin. Creen que todo lo que vale la pena existió en tiempos de Mahoma. Por eso desean volver a esa época, restableciendo todo, incluso las leyes que regían en esos momentos.

No es el caso, queridos, sin embargo la situación es esta. Ustedes tiene dos seres que están absolutamente convencidos de que les espera esto en el futuro y también tienen otro par que dice que este es el futuro sin duda alguna. Lo cierto es que ustedes tendrán que hacerse a un lado y permitir que esto se resuelva en las distintas áreas. En realidad, como Trabajadores de Luz es posible que tengan algunas de esas claves. ¿Por qué sucede eso?

En realidad, ocurre debido al temor, a la falta de información y al terror. Esto ha funcionado muy bien y ellos incluso han utilizado la tecnología de ustedes para difundir ese temor. Bueno, esa es la situación, queridos. Deben comprender que todo ello no están funcionando como ustedes creían. Es necesario que reconsideren todo lo que tiene que ver con este asunto. Ahora bien, si comprenden que esas personas están obrando de corazón, ustedes les pueden otorgar cierta libertad. El desafío es que ellos no conocen la diferencia entre la fuerza y el poder, y tienden a usar la fuerza cuando no logran hallar el poder. Queridos, gran parte de esa energía deberá ser resuelta por la comunidad musulmana. Es casi como si hubiera una guerra civil entre las distintas facciones de esa religión.

Entonces llega un tercero, sean los Estados Unidos o toda una coalición de países, que les ofrece un enemigo común y lo que sería una pelea entre dos se convierte en un problema entre tres.

La labor de los Trabajadores de Luz

Ahora bien, ¿significa eso que deben alejarse y dejar que los problemas se resuelvan por sí solos? No, queridos. Existe una responsabilidad, pero si comienzan a comprender la situación en su dimensión real, empezarán a vislumbrar nuevas alternativas. ¿Cuál es la labor de los Trabajadores de Luz? Queridos, no solo pueden establecer una energía de paz, sino que pueden aprender a hallar el camino para amar a aquellos a los que llaman enemigos. Ya no existe el blanco o el negro absolutos, queridos, porque todo tiene tonalidades de gris. Descubran la armonía en los distintos tonos de gris. Sepan que muchas de esas personas sencillamente han crecido con un odio generacional trasmitido de sus abuelos a sus padres y luego a ellos. Se supone que lo lleven consigo y lo comprendan si esperan formar parte de ese experimento social. Bueno, ahora eso está comenzando a cambiar. Tomará algún tiempo y aquellos que sienten que los están obligando a tomar un nuevo rumbo, lo resienten. Están devolviendo la presión y eso es lo que sucede básicamente.

La energía se estabilizará, pero en gran medida provendrá de aquellos seres que ya residen en esa parte del mundo. Ellos trabajan enfrentando las situaciones de guerra civil y se encargan de aquello que permite que ocurran esas cosas. Muchas personas están haciendo negocios con esas compañías y con aquellos que han invadido ciertos países. Sin embargo, siguen haciendo negocios con ellos. ¿Quién es el responsable ahí? Consideren las posibilidades de evitar la lucha y empezarán a comprender mejor el tema. Sobre todo, observen que la condición humana que causa todo eso es la ausencia de amor.

Trasmutando el temor en amor

Queridos, sabemos que los humanos sienten temor. Sabemos que muchas veces vuelven a sus propios sistemas de creencias cuando se encuentran con problemas que no logran resolver fácilmente. Bueno, esto ha sucedido en gran escala y les ha brindado la ilusión del éxito. Han de comprender que en realidad es el colectivo el que permitirá que esto ocurra, o lo bloqueará. Eso puede lograrse si cada uno sostiene en su propio corazón lo que acepta y lo que es correcto o incorrecto. Pueden abrirse y tratar de comprender a esas personas tan atemorizadas que les presentan ese desafío. Pueden entrar en el juego o hacerse a un lado. Depende enteramente de ustedes, queridos, porque no existe lo correcto o incorrecto. Sin embargo, si están participando en el juego del planeta Tierra y han decidido estar aquí en esta época, juegan un rol en él. En los días venideros, pueden sostenerlo en su corazón y crear en él un espacio sagrado para ustedes y para toda la humanidad. Pongan eso en marcha y sepan que sin importar las dificultades, los desafíos o el terror que vean en la televisión, tienen la capacidad de frenarlo todo y transmutarlo en amor. Ustedes vinieron para eso.

Busquen las similitudes

Así que observen los acontecimientos que ocurren en su planeta y traten de amar siempre que puedan. Procuren hallar las similitudes entre ustedes y sus enemigos, y pronto sus enemigos dejarán de serlo. Es la nueva forma de lograrlo en la quinta dimensión, y es la única manera de resolverlo.

Con el mayor honor les pedimos que se traten unos a otros con respeto. Ayúdense en cada oportunidad que tengan. Jueguen este hermoso juego y asuman su responsabilidad por él y sepan que los amamos más allá de su comprensión.

Espavo, queridos,

El Grupo

La palabra Espavo es un antiguo saludo lemuriano:

“Gracias por asumir tu Poder”.

Por Bárbara Rother
Traducción y Edición: Equipo de Traductoras Voluntarias de
Febrero de 2015

* * *
* * *

Hilarión ~ Es importante conectarse con el corazón y seguir su consejo.

Es importante conectarse con el corazón y seguir su consejo, y recordar que algunas personas están pasando por experiencias en el momento presente que requieren de empatía, compasión y comprensión mientras se manejan con sus sentimientos en sus respectivas maneras propias. Recuerden el amor que yace en el centro de sus seres y en los suyos y dejen que el amor se exprese como lo desee. Algunos de los cambios que se producen en la vida de las personas son los que crean una revalorización total de cómo uno ve la vida propia y puede ser un proceso difícil el que se experimenta. En el núcleo de todos los cambios en la vida de uno se encuentra una lección sobre la aceptación de que no todo puede seguir igual y que los acontecimientos que suceden dejan un vacío que nada puede reemplazar. En esto, sólo el paso del tiempo cura estos entendimientos.

El amor en sus múltiples facetas de expresión es la fuerza más potente y puede curar incluso la más cínica de las expectativas. Cuando el amor es fuertemente mantenido en el corazón de una persona, el mundo conspira para traerle a uno experiencias que reflejen ese amor. Permitir que el corazón permanezca abierto durante momentos de dolor y tristeza ayuda en el proceso de sanación de cada individuo. A menudo, estas expresiones vienen desde un lugar de heridas dentro de la psique de la persona y esto permite que la persona vaya al interior y examine estos sentimientos con mayor atención que de lo contrario se les prestaría. Esto les ayuda a crecer y expandir su comprensión de sí mismos y de los otros a su alrededor para que entiendan que cada persona tiene eventos similares en sus propias vidas que ayudan a darles forma dentro de expresiones más abiertas y amorosas de los atributos del Creador.

Sobre el basamento del amor, cualquier cosa y todo puede ser superado. A la vida de cada persona llegan muchos acontecimientos y circunstancias que su alma ha elegido experimentar con el fin de alinear esas áreas dentro de su propia personalidad con los aspectos más elevados de la expresión humana. Les ayuda a conectar con un poder más grande que su ser humano puede percibir, y es la forma en que comienzan a entender que hay una fuerza mayor trabajando en sus vidas individuales de lo que se suponía. Es la forma en que la cualidad de la fe comienza a crecer y expandirse dentro de su conciencia. Este despertar del conocimiento de un poder más alto obrando en sus vidas dota a los individuos con la capacidad de soportar muchas pruebas de la vida y tribulaciones, y les infunde una fuerza interior que nunca se pierde, independientemente de los eventos que experimenten.

Con cada experiencia de vida, cada individuo gana un valor importante que se convierte en una parte de su repertorio de habilidades y herramientas que se ponen en práctica en sus vidas, según sea necesario. Es sólo a través de la experiencia propia que uno puede sentir empatía y unidad con otro. Es por este proceso que la unidad entre todos los seres se lleva a cabo. También está el proceso que viene, con la entrega de uno mismo, del amor y el cuidado que trae la sanación y liberación de auto-recriminaciones, culpa, vergüenza y otros sentimientos que se han estado sosteniendo en un estado de baja vibración, y esto puede liberar al individuo a avanzar en su vida hacia un nuevo comienzo simbólico.

Cada vida que se vive en la Tierra tiene un gran valor y los que salen de este plano de existencia dejan una huella profunda en los de su esfera de influencia. Los que se quedan atrás tienen que buscar el don que le fue dado por su ser querido en sus asociaciones y las interacciones con los demás. A veces, estos regalos sólo pueden ser reconocidos a través del paso del tiempo y en las experiencias de los que quedan atrás. Cada experiencia es utilizada por su alma eterna para obtener sabiduría y expansión como parte de sus cualidades del alma. Este ha sido el propósito de la vida en un mundo dualista, como almas experimentan las polaridades de las fuerzas opuestas y todavía pueden recordar que la esencia fundamental de amor y luz está en su interior.

YO SOY Hilarión.

2015 Marlene Swetlishoff
Red Planetaria de Luz
Maestro Ascendido Hilarión: marzo, 2015 – a través Marlene Swetlishoff
Traducido por Esther Abreu.
distribuido por Juan Angel Moliterni (

Pag. Anterior: Hilarión – Cuando se sientan en el cruce de caminos…

Pag. Siguiente: Hilarión – Se están abriendo a niveles más profundos de amor.

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* * *

Ser Auténticamente Tú.
En tanto puede parecer que no está ocurriendo nada, ¡realmente está ocurriendo mucho! Estamos integrando muchísimo, y cada vez más personas despiertan y se preguntan: “¿Qué está pasando?
 ¡Todo se cae en pedazos!”
 Bueno, sí, todo debe caer en pedazos para poder construir de nuevo. No podemos simplemente armar una nueva estructura encima de un montón de basura.
 Debemos sacar la basura y empezar a construir ése en quien nos estamos transformando.

 He aquí un ejercicio para ti, si eliges dedicar el tiempo para hacerlo:

Escribe una historia de quién has sido; luego escribe una historia de quién eres; finalmente, escribe una historia de quién tienes intención de ser (qué clase de vida intentas; quién eres como persona, etc.).

 Quema la primera historia, y mientras lees la segunda, observa cuán diferente eres de la primera historia. Y luego observa cuánto se parece la tercera historia a quien ahora ya eres.


Este ejercicio te mostrará hasta qué punto la vida te ha cambiado y hacia qué estás avanzando. Recuerda, esto es un viaje; no es una meta a la que le asignamos una línea de tiempo. Varias personas me han escrito preguntando: “¿Cuándo se termina esto?” Dicen que no pueden dar un paso más, y realmente unos pocos me culpan de su desesperación a causa de lo que escribo.



Sí, ha sido difícil, por lo menos; sin embargo hay una sensación de profunda alegría por debajo de lo que se percibe como desesperación. Respira y considéralo como un viaje, porque la Ascensión es infinita. Llegas a una meseta, y encuentras otra cuesta. Esto es lo Nuevo. En lo viejo, había metas y un lugar al que “llegar”. Ya no; la vida sigue desplegándose infinitamente. A medida que crece la consciencia de una persona, así también crece su visión, y también la vida. A través de una nueva consciencia, hacemos ciertas elecciones, y cada una crea un hilo de vida particular. De modo que, como ven, la vida no sucede simplemente al azar; ustedes la crean; cada uno de sus aspectos.

 ¿Les gusta lo que ven? 
Entonces sigan haciendo elecciones basadas en su Alegría. ¿No les gusta lo que ven? Hagan un cambio. Todo tiene que ver con la alegría. Sigan su Dicha y vivirán una vida dichosa. Y todo está adentro, porque las circunstancias externas no les traen miseria o felicidad; esas son percepciones basadas en un enfoque sobre lo exterior. La Alegría está en el interior. No importa qué está pasando “allí afuera.” Nada ni nadie puede quitarte tu Alegría. La felicidad o la tristeza, por otro lado, dependen de las circunstancias externas. Cada suceso es un regalo de aprendizaje y siempre señala el camino… hacia una mayor Alegría.


No hay una interpretación única. Cada evento y cada sueño tienen niveles múltiples; sin embargo podemos elegir aquello que en el mensaje o en el sueño resuena más con nosotros. Por ejemplo, puedes soñar con una persona. Esa persona representa una parte de ti; el sueño representa algo de tu pasado; el sueño representa algo de tu futuro. Depende de qué elijas empoderar en el sueño. Si sueñas con un bebé, ¿eso te simboliza a ti y a tu nueva vida o el pasado o el futuro de todo eso? Cuando experimentas algo en la vida, busca debajo del evento superficial y mira cuáles son los mensajes. Habrá un mensaje que se destaca para ti; que resuena en base a tus sentimientos. Elige ése. Sin embargo, no te limites a un mensaje o un significado. Todos te están guiando. Nadie puede decirte qué significa esto o aquello, porque se basan en su propia experiencia. Sólo tú puedes hacer eso. En lo viejo, podíamos buscarlo en un libro de símbolos. Eso ya no va más, porque somos mucho más que seres unidimensionales. Es por eso que hay tantas cosas entre las cuales elegir. Cada elección crea un camino particular. No hay elecciones equivocadas. Cada una sencillamente nos lleva en un viaje particular y trae nueva consciencia. Incluso una no-elección es un camino. Sí, no hay un camino único en la vida. Hay muchos, y todos están diseñados para acercarte a tu alegría. Si hay un propósito a seguir, es estar en Alegría; no es la forma lo que importa, sino la esencia.

Ahora tenemos una nueva Comprensión, y vemos que mucho ha cambiado y se ha expandido desde una visión singular a otra multi-dimensional. Tal vez quienes siempre se orientaron hacia tareas múltiples se estaban preparando realmente para estos tiempos. ¿Alguna vez has estado en una conversación donde los temas fluían al azar y sin embargo podías seguirlos, no en forma lineal sino en forma no lineal, en libre flujo? Eso es parte de ser multi-dimensional. Nuestras Almas se comunican de la misma manera. Rara vez nos dicen qué decir o hacer, sino que llega a través del sentimiento y la resonancia. Luego queda a nuestro criterio cómo seguir ese sentimiento. (Esto no quiere decir que nuestras Almas están separadas de nosotros; somos Uno y el mismo. Sin embargo, no todos están unidos con su Alma en este tiempo). En lo viejo, asignábamos un cierto significado a una cierta cosa. Muchos quieren saber qué “debieran” hacer y qué “se supone” que hagan; bueno, saquen esas palabras de su vocabulario y de su consciencia. No hay “debieras” ni “se supone” qué. Sólo hay elección y eso depende enteramente de ti.

Algunos eligen hacer las cosas difíciles y complicadas. Está bien. Algunos eligen hacer las cosas fáciles y simples; bien, también está bien. Lo que elijan está perfecto y cada elección crea. Muchas personas sólo quieren elegir cosas predecibles y controlables. Bueno, ésa es su elección y también les traerá experiencia. De modo que si alguien elige volar a nuevos territorios o aferrarse a lo conocido, no se juzga. En ambos escenarios habrá crecimiento. Uno puede pensar que sería mejor si siempre se extienden a lo no conocido, y juzgar a los que desean quedarse en sus zonas de comodidad. No hay mejor ni peor. Sólo hay elecciones. Al darnos cuenta que es nuestra elección hacer o nohacer algo, también empoderamos nuestra propia Responsabilidad.

Al darnos cuenta de que nuestra forma de ver la vida es una elección personal basada en dónde estamos en consciencia, asumimos plena Responsabilidad por todo en nuestra vida. Esto no es culpa; es simplemente darnos cuenta de que creamos todo en la vida, y que cada elección y percepción nos acerca a esa realización. Verdaderamente, ¿qué hay de bueno en que te culpes a ti, o a tus padres, o a una ex esposa o al gobierno por alguna cosa? Eso en realidad detiene tu crecimiento. Si te das cuenta de eso, al asumir Responsabilidad por ti mismo (y no por las acciones de otros) y al hacer tus propias elecciones en cuanto a cómo quieres vivir, te liberas de los patrones de victimización en curso. ¿Alguna vez estuviste cerca de alguien que se quejaba de un ex-amante, una ex-esposa, circunstancias externas, padres, infancia, etc.? ¿Qué hacía tu energía?

Nuestra energía nos dice todo lo que necesitamos saber respecto a hacer una elección. Cuando tu energía baja, te dice que no es allí donde perteneces. Cuando tu energía está alta, te dice que esto es una cosa buena: “¡Más, por favor!” Es tan simple. Haz aquellas cosas que eleven tu energía, tu vibración. Deja atrás las cosas en las que tu energía cae. No se trata de lo que otro hace o no hace o dice; se trata de cómo te sientes energéticamente. Esto es resonancia. O bien resuenas, o no. Es así de simple. Por supuesto, se requiere estar consciente. Si no estás consciente de cómo tu energía te está guiando, probablemente todavía culpes a las cosas “allí afuera.”

Cuando escuchas o lees las palabras de alguien, mira por debajo y observa qué sientes. Esto es realmente grande para muchas personas, porque hemos sido programados para creer todo lo que alguien dice o escribe, especialmente aquellos a quienes ponemos en una “caja de autoridad.” Por ejemplo, una persona puede publicar cualquier cosa en su sitio web y si prestas atención a la energía subyacente, descubrirás la verdad. Es un ejercicio realmente divertido. Recientemente, alguien en el noticiero local informó que una gran bola de fuego en el cielo era “basura espacial.” Yo pensé: “Hum, ¿de veras?” No importa qué era; lo que importa es que cuestionemos y sigamos nuestra propia energía de lo que es o no es verdad… aquello con que resonamos o con lo que no resonamos. Y la verdad, ¿acaso no depende de la consciencia y la percepción de cada uno? De modo que dejen los detalles y concéntrense en cambio en cómo se sienten.

De modo que sí, verdaderamente estamos en lo Nuevo. No hay dudas sobre eso; ninguna. Todo ha cambiado. No podemos vivir de la misma manera de antes. No hay nada para controlar, manipular o tratar de obtener. ¡No hay nada que probar! Sólo estar en este Momento. No hay nada que calcular, o planear nuestro próximo movimiento. Todo está afuera en lo abierto, de modo que no hay que simular que uno es algo que no es. Sólo ser auténticamente tú. Desde este lugar de Honestidad radical, serás guiado a tus próximas elecciones. Todo lo que hay que hacer es despejar tu propio ser y permitir que la Gracia te guíe.

por Kara Schallock
Febrero 2015
Traducción: M. Cristina Cáffaro
Soulstice Rising

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Origen: Symbyosis: Sharing _ UFOs – OVNIs – Science – more…UFO Filmed On Moon By Apollo 15 –


jueves, 4 de junio de 2015

Sharing _ UFOs – OVNIs – Science – more…UFO Filmed On Moon By Apollo 15 –

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Conociendo a Arquelle

Arcturianos- Suzille, YO SOY Arquelle. YO SOY un individuo pentadimensional de nuestra energía Arcturiana. Nuestra energía Arcturiana es multidimensional y NO tiene límites. No obstante, creamos formas humanoides para propósitos específicos. He venido a ti ahora vistiendo una forma humanoide de manera de que puedas recordar mejor quiénes NOSOTROS somos. Sí, quiero decir “nosotros”, como en tú y yo. Estás ahora recibiendo mi mensaje desde una forma pentadimensional en la Nueva Tierra.

Suzille- Estás diciendo que ya existo en la Nueva Tierra en la forma en que tú/nosotros somos en la Nueva Tierra?

Arquelle – Sí, estás correcta. Cuando dije que tomé una forma individual, debes darte cuenta de que mi “tiempo” no trabaja en la forma en que lo hace en la tercera dimensión. Por lo tanto, ya que no existe el tiempo secuencial, yo/nosotros hemos siempre tenido esta forma dentro del AQUÍ y el AHORA de esta frecuencia de la realidad.

S – Por lo tanto, he tenido siempre esa forma, pero mi conciencia ha entrado recién en la frecuencia que permite que compartas esta información conmigo. Es esto correcto?

A – Si, esto es correcto. Has conocido muchas de tus formas, y nosotros ( ahora cambiará al término confortable de “nosotros” en vez de “yo”) estamos aquí ahora para introducirte a la pentadimensional, representación humanoide de nuestra energía Arcturiana.

Nosotros presentamos esta forma a ti para asistirte con la transmutación de la forma tridimensional hacia la forma pentadimensional. Al comunicarte con nosotros, siente cómo nuestra forma pentadimensional interactúa con tu presente realidad ascendente.

S – Cuando cierro mis ojos físicos para ver esta forma con mi Tercer Ojo y Corazón Superior, puedo sentir una nueva, aún muy familiar, versión de mi SER dentro de mi actual forma.

Sin embargo, cuando pienso en esta forma como “dentro” de mi forma física, la veo emanando más allá de las fronteras de mi cuerpo terrestre. También siento algo como un Portal que es un componente de esta forma. Mi Corazón Superior me dice que este Portal lleva a la Nueva Tierra.

No es un Portal físico. En vez de ello, es un Portal para mi conciencia , el cual me impulsa a moverme a través de él hacia un más profundo y más expandido estado de conciencia. Este nivel de conciencia no había estado disponible antes.

Tú/Nosotros creamos esta forma de Arquelle para magnetizarme en una expresión superior de mi vida diaria?

A – La primera cosa que necesita ser considerada es tu Creencia en tu SER. Si no crees que TU puedes sumergirte con tu ser pentadimensional, Cuerpo de Luz que resuena con la Nueva Tierra, estarás trabajando contra ti misma en vez de PARA ti misma. Te preguntamos ahora, “ es más fácil ahora para ti CREER que puedes sumergirte con tu SER en la Nueva Tierra?

S- Si. Es más fácil liberar mi apego a la forma humana ahora que mi SER pentadimensional tiene un nombre, un sentimiento, un estilo de comunicación y un sentido de familiaridad.

A- Has visto cuán simple el cambio de formas ocurre en Alcea. Alcea es un planeta de nuestro Sistema de Arcturus. Muchos de nosotros entramos en esa experiencia planetaria para recordar el sentido de la forma.

La experiencia de la forma sólo dura por unas pocas generaciones allí, y es un planeta basado en el amor, como lo es la Nueva Tierra. Parece ser un planeta de agua, ya que el agua y el cielo son UNO, pero la tierra está debajo del agua/cielo. Sin embargo, el agua no invade la tierra, de hecho, la protege. El agua/cielo permite una gran protección para aquellos que toman la forma en el planeta.

S- He leído que la Tierra una vez tuvo un manto para protegerla. Es eso correcto?

A – Si, la Tierra también, tuvo una vez un manto de protección, pero fue perdido cuando el planeta, el cual es hoy el cinto de asteroides, fue destruido. Sin la protección del manto, muchos Seres de la oscuridad intentaron entrar en su realidad. La entrada de esos seres oscuros hizo la encarnación en la Tierra muy insegura.

La duda de la cual han hablado es creada por el miedo. Por eso, la duda es mejor sanada por el amor y la seguridad. Nosotros estamos con ustedes, y todos los ascendentes, para enseñarles más sobre ser sus SERES pentadimensionales mientras aún visten una forma tridimensional.

Si ustedes SABEN son ya pentadimensionales dentro, pueden permitir que esa emanación filtrarse en su mundo físico para asistirlos con su ascensión. Ustedes tenían la visión de una ascensión totalmente segura en el medio de Alcea para asistirlos con su presente ascensión. Mantengan esta seguridad amorosa en su conciencia, y dígannos cómo se siente.

S- Es un poco difícil conectar con el concepto de seguridad, aunque el amor es mucho más fácil de sentir. Iré hacia el Portal de mi Corazón Superior para sentir el confort de la seguridad…

Veo el portal circular de mi Corazón Superior e imagino que está abriéndose. Nuevamente, veo la mano blanca, etérica y el brazo empujando el Portal abierto. Doy un paso hacia el umbral y hacia mi Corazón Superior. Instantáneamente, veo lo que siempre he conocido como la Tierra de las Hadas. Este lugar fue donde fui cuando era niña para sentirme segura y feliz. Estoy segura que es por eso que estoy allí ahora.

Si, siento la seguridad ahora. Sé que la Tierra de las Hadas tiene aún polaridad, pero mis experiencias allí fueron siempre felices y confortables. Por lo tanto,tengo la creencia que es seguro allí. También tengo la inocencia de un niño.

Con el ojo de mi niño ( interior) veo una montaña alta con un hermoso Castillo, el cual es regido por una amorosa Reina. El Castillo me protege y, también me da la necesidad se escalar más alto.

A – La gran seguridad que sientes con las Hadas representa el Portal de tu Corazón Superior. Alternativamente, lo que tú percibes como el Castillo alto en la montaña representa el Portal de tu Pineal. El Portal de tu Pineal te asiste, y a todos los ascendentes, para romper el hábito tridimensional de que lo REAL solo puede ser determinado por tus cinco sentidos físicos.

La razón por la cual el Portal de la Pineal siente “real” es que crea intensas imágenes, lo cual está acompañado por sentimientos viscerales, emociones de bienaventuranza y experiencias de amor incondicional. Debido al poder de estas maravillosas experiencias, puedes QUERER creer que tus viajes en conciencia son reales, como lo son , tan superiores a tus experiencias en el reino físico.

S- Cómo hace la Glándula Pineal para darnos estas experiencias?

A – La Glándula Pineal es el Portal a través del cual entran las frecuencias superiores de la luz multidimensional y amor incondicional a su forma física. Este Portal es un filtro, así como un imán.

El “filtro” no permite a las bajas frecuencias, pensamientos emociones basados en el miedo invadir los reinos superiores. Por otro lado, el “imán” atrae las altas frecuencias pensamientos/emociones para adherirse a la cima que mira hacia abajo. Estas emociones de frecuencia superior envían un mensaje bioquímico de que estás lista para experimentar la frecuencia superior de la realidad.

La Glándula Pineal cuelga del techo del Tercer Ventrículo del cerebro, con su pico colgando hacia abajo. Esta Glándula trabaja similar a un micrófono que puede dirigir ciertas frecuencias hacia el altavoz o hacia el tweeter.

Tu Glándula Pineal puede filtrar las bajas frecuencias de pensamiento y magnetizar los pensamientos de frecuencias superiores para su apertura , la cual está en la punta del cono de la Glándula que está colgando hacia abajo.

Las personas con una conciencia basada en el miedo no pueden aceptar las frecuencias superiores de luz, ya que estas extremadamente elevadas frecuencias los atemorizarían creándoles imágenes acordes. Por lo tanto, el punto del pináculo el cual es el Portal a través del cual la luz superior fluye en el cuerpo físico, puede solo abrirse por pensamientos/emociones positivas, y superiores.

Pensamientos y emociones amorosas y positivas, abren el Portal, porque el estado de signatura de la energía que ha ganado algo de Maestría sobre su campo de energía , está lista para la experiencia en las realidades superiores. La luz superior puede entonces viajar desde el Centro de la Pineal activando el DMT ( dimetiltriptamina). La DMT entonces estimula los puntos de euforia del Chakra Ocho, en la línea del cabello en su frente, para abrirlos a sus estados superiores de conciencia.

Al mismo tiempo, la Kundalini es estimulada para crear una sensación ondulante de Energía Kundalini en el Chakra raíz y hacia el Chakra de la frente donde puede conectarse con la luz superior entrante y el amor incondicional. Cuando esta conexión está completa, el Tercer Ojo se abre para activar sus percepciones expandidas de las versiones superiores de la realidad.

Al elevarse la Kundalini, restos de materia guardada en los chakras son disueltas por la velocidad de giro de cada chakra. Estas sensaciones pueden ser bastantes dichosas si se entregan a este proceso. Sin embargo, si se encogen o resisten al proceso, pueden ser dolorosas y causar disconfort.

Una vez que la energía Kundalini comienza a elevarse por su espina dorsal, comienza el proceso de transmutar su cuerpo físico en su cuerpo de Luz. En este punto, se necesitarán cambios que hacer con respecto a la elección de sus comidas, estilos de vida, pensamientos, emociones y conductas, de manera de que puedan volverse Maestros de su campo de energía.

Ser el Maestro de su campo de energía significa que han ganado maestría sobre los pensamientos que permiten quedarse en su mente y las emociones en las cuales eligen enfocarse. Una vez que el Portal de la Pineal ha sido abierto y estimulado ,y la Kundalini se eleva por su espina, es vital que se vuelvan Maestros de su Energía, porque sus pensamientos y emociones comenzarán a manifestarse.

Si permiten a las viejas conductas y hábitos de miedo, enojo, duda o tristeza vencerlos, será lo miso que estrellarse en una pared a 80 kmts por hora. Una vez que el proceso de transmutar su forma ha comenzado, es difícil, e incluso peligroso, tratar de pararlo. Afortunadamente, sus percepciones expandidas actúan como mecanismos de seguridad para protegerlos.

S- Cómo pueden nuestras percepciones expandidas servirnos como mecanismos de defensa?

A – Por favor recuerden que la mayoría de las dudas nacen del miedo. Si ustedes dudan de su proceso, resistirán sus sensaciones y tratarán de cortar el Flujo de la luz superior , lo que traerá la sensación de “estrellarse contra una pared”.

A la inversa, si están experimentando amor incondicional y ondas de felicidad mientras están percibiendo Seres Superiores, Naves Estelares, Galácticos y / o hermosos reinos de amor y luz, no estarán miedosos. Por lo tanto, no dudarán de su experiencia y serán capaces de Fluir con su viaje hasta que llegue a una conclusión natural.

Esta complexión ocurrirá cuando su cuerpo envía el mensaje vía los circuitos bioquímicos de que se han vuelto fatigados. Entonces, el proceso puede lentamente llegar a una complexión de una forma en que su cuerpo puede adaptarse de vuelta a su estatus bioquímico y neurológico base.

S – Gracias. Entiendo ahora como nuevas y felices percepciones pueden permitir entregarnos a nuestro proceso de transmutación hacia frecuencias superiores de expresión.

A – Ahora que la Tierra resuena a una frecuencia superior, los oscuros en el Bajo Astral están más contenidos. Por eso, no pueden atacar su psique como lo hacían en el pasado. Más aún, la transmutación de su forma es un proceso seguro. Antes de esta era, el proceso de ascensión tenía que tener lugar en un área protegida, como lo era un Templo, y el ascendente tenía que estar bajo 24 hs de cuidado. Hubieron también Maestros Ascendidos que asistían desde las dimensiones superiores.

Pronto, muchos estarán pasando este proceso de ascensión, y muchos de ellos necesitarán asistencia. Es por eso vital recordar que Gaia es un componente de su proceso. Cuando están dedicados al Planeta Tierra de Gaia, serán parte de un proceso de ascensión que incluye el planeta entero. Por lo tanto, tendrán la protección del planeta entero y acceso directo a la conciencia colectiva de TODOS , humanos, animales, plantas , elementos y Elementales que están también ascendiendo.

Cuando una persona asciende sola, sólo puede ser hecho con muchos asistentes, o dentro de una sociedad que proteja y cuide a este Hombre Santo. En esas civilizaciones, la mayoría de los ascendidos eran hombres. En esas sociedades patriarcales las mujeres no tenían la protección y la asistencia que era vital para su ascensión personal.

Sin embargo, algunas mujeres valientes fueron capaces de ascender, pero su victoria ha sido mantenido por la gente por el prejuicio de una sociedad dominada por los hombres. Afortunadamente, el regreso del poder femenino está trayendo el equilibro masculino femenino de energía, el cual es vital para la Ascensión Planetaria. De hecho, hombres y mujeres son iguales en muchas sociedades terrestres actuales.

Ustedes están entrando en un tiempo extremadamente excitante para el cual han sido preparados durante innumerables encarnaciones. Han tenido ascensiones personales, las cuales les permitieron dejar la rueda Terrestre de la vida y la muerte lo suficiente como para retornar a su Hogar y reconectarse con su SER Multidimensional. Sin embargo, se comprometieron a permanecer con Gaia hasta Su Ascensión , de forma que retornaron a la Tierra nuevamente.

Queridos ascendentes, no olviden que no están solos y que siempre estamos con ustedes. De hecho, nosotros SOMOS ustedes a una frecuencia superior. Cuando puedan conectarse completamente con las expresiones Superiores de sus SERES, pueden permitir esas expresiones superiores en su envase terrestre para asistirlos en su ascensión completa. Nosotros podemos fácilmente estar en muchos lugares dentro del AHORA del UNO.

Mantengan los ojos y los oídos abiertos, su mente clara y su conciencia elevada de manera de que puedan aceptar la asistencia que proviene de nosotros tan pronto como abran los Portales de la Pineal y de su Corazón Superior. Cuando abran el Portal de la Pineal recibirán nuestra luz superior, y cuando abran el Portal de su Corazón Superior encontrarán el amor y la seguridad que son tan necesarios para enfrentar lo desconocido.

Más aún, queridos ascendentes, amen su SER incondicionalmente de manera de que puedan darse cuenta de que están listos para ascender AHORA. SEPAN este hecho sin una sombra de duda. NOSOTROS estamos aquí para recordarles a TODOS ustedes que sus expresiones pentadimensionales en la Nueva Tierra, están listas para encontrarlos y tomar residencia dentro de su AHORA! De esta manera, el USTEDES en la Tierra 3 D puede sumergirse con el USTEDES en la Nueva Tierra para volverse su SER Multidimensional!

Arquelle, un Mensajero de la Nueva Tierra

A través de Suzanne Lie, PhD

Traducción al español- Shanti

Publicado 31st July 2012 por YHVH@
Etiquetas: apertura multidimensional de la concienciaconversacion con mis Seres parte IIIcorazón superiordespertar de la concienciaglándula pineal

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Imagen por Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Queridos amigos,

He estado meditando en el día 4 de Agosto, ya que hay varios mensajes, diciendo que nuestra Familia Galáctica se revelaría a sí misma ese día.

Hay también una canalización , diciendo que los Pleyadianos estarían bajando en Londres en las Olimpíadas ese día.

De esta forma pregunté a mis Guías Arcturianos, y ellos contestaron en su función de ser parte de la Federación Galáctica.

Y aquí está el mensaje:



No, no aterrizaremos! Estaremos aterrizando, cuando ustedes y su planeta estén listos, cuando ustedes hayan dominado su transición hacia la próxima dimensión superior! La revelación de nuestra existencia pudiera suceder en ese momento, pero hay aún algunas consideraciones sobre ella, principalmente si ese es el mejor momento para hacer eso, dependiendo de varias circunstancias. “ Los tiempos finales” son “puntos de enfoque” para nosotros como posibles pero no como acciones seguras. Estamos trabajando con una compleja circunstancia donde todas las partes deben ser tomadas en cuenta.

Por favor entiendan, así como debe ser esto de difícil para ustedes, que nosotros no somos una armada de salvataje!

La Ascensión es un proceso espiritual, en primer lugar. En este tiempo especial, es en el fondo un proceso físico.

Todos ustedes han elegido, encarnar en este tiempo en Gaia, y de este modo tener la gran oportunidad para un salto cuántico en su proceso evolutivo en un corto período de tiempo.

Esto no quiere decir que sus almas no sean ya Divinas, pero el proceso de experimentar el descenso en la oscuridad, y traer de vuelta la oscuridad a la luz, es la tarea con la que ustedes estuvieron de acuerdo.

De esta forma ustedes están ayudados con cada ayuda nuestra y de muchos otros Seres de Luz, energéticamente, purificando y sanándolos. Pero el trabajo es suyo, ustedes deben caminar el camino, y es por eso por lo que están aquí.

Por favor entiéndanse a ustedes mismos mejor: La Cristiandad que ha sido pregonada por más de 1000 años, les ha hablado en la creencia de que Jesús es su salvador, por el solo hecho de “creerlo”. En otras palabras, ustedes pueden obtener la salvación con solo “creer”.

Queridos hermanos y hermanas, si esto fuese posible de acuerdo con las leyes cósmicas y espirituales, todos los Cristianos, que creen esto, ya estarían liberados! Pero están aún sujetos a la presente situación y a la iglesia, la cual no sirve verdaderamente a la Conciencia Crística. Con esto ustedes reconocen los signos de su herejía, la cual desea mantenerlos en los bajos niveles de la conciencia!

Esta falsa creencia en la salvación está profundamente asentada en muchos de ustedes, sin ser conscientes de eso. Así que han tomado esta reliquia de la fe Cristiana para usarla en su nueva fe, la fe en la salvación por sus familias galácticas!

El crecimiento espiritual es un proceso en la Conciencia. Esto significa, que todos sus patrones infelices, sistemas de creencias, convicciones, emociones , sufrimientos y limitaciones, deben ser reconocidas y transformadas, hasta que su cuerpo-mente esté completamente Clarificado, al grado literal de “iluminado”, por la Luz de la Divina Conciencia!

Este es el proceso en su perfección. Y hay muchos caminos y muchos estados intermedios. Pero también hay muchos de ustedes en su mundo, que pertenecen a nosotros y a otras familias galácticas, que ya pasaron por el proceso de ascensión en otras dimensiones. Son ellos, junto con los de aquí, quienes trabajan seriamente con la iluminación de su propio cuerpo-mente, para crear el porcentaje necesario de la población mundial, que sea capaz de cambiar su planeta a una dimensión superior.

En esta observación, ustedes ya han alcanzado mucho . Todas las fechas dadas son líneas guías. Su proceso de Ascensión es un proceso vivo, fluctuante, y por lo tanto el día 21.12.12 es también una fecha guía. Porque el resultado es dependiente de cuántos sean capaces de usar las energías de ese día! Y algunos en efecto pudieran ascender.

En el verdadero Proceso Divino no hay magia, en la cual muchos quieren creer! Hay Gracia sí. Pero este proceso está sujeto a ciertas leyes espirituales, a las cuales nadie puede sobrepasar, pero las cuales están sirviendo para su propia auto-maestría.

La creciente revelación de las prácticas de sus controladores en público y de las que ustedes se están volviendo conscientes, también sirve para su propio proceso de crecimiento!. Tan pronto como se vuelven conscientes de esta realidad, su verdadero camino espiritual puede comenzar, si ustedes así lo eligen! Ellos les muestran los tópicos con los cuales ustedes deben transformarse a ustedes mismos: sus reacciones, sus miedos, sus juicios, su creencia en la oscuridad, para ir más allá de ellos! Es de eso que todo esto se trata! Las fechas no importan, pero si el grado con el cual ustedes alcanzan su verdadera Auto-Maestría. Esto es sobre el Proceso de la Luz, y no sobre algún incremento moral!

El Proceso de la Luz incluye el re-conocimiento de su verdadera Identidad Divina, no sólo en pensamientos e ideas, sino como la Realización de la Conciencia Divina, la cual se muestra también a través de la tangible Transformación física.

Nosotros estamos aquí, si necesitan nuestra ayuda, para fortalecer su proceso, para darles coraje, y proveerlos de iniciaciones, si fuese necesario, para apoyarlos en su Evolución en Conciencia.

Todos ustedes saben que las fuerzas de la luz están constantemente creciendo en su planeta. Ellas sirven exactamente para su propio progreso, para superar en ustedes todo lo que no es de la Luz y del Amor unificado.

No les serviría para su crecimiento espiritual, tomar este proceso de aprendizaje lejos de ustedes. Se deprivarían a ustedes mismos de importantes experiencias y prácticas, las cuales son necesarias, de manera de que puedan verdaderamente aprender la maestría sobre la dualidad y las bajas vibraciones, la ilusión de la conciencia limitada, la separación y el sufrimiento. Si pudiésemos tan solo llevarlos atrás hacia un estado “indiferenciado”, antes de que encararan en la Tierra, su entera tarea con la intención de retornar de una densidad muy baja de la Conciencia Divina con toda la cosecha de su trabajo, sería un fracaso.

Muchos falsos conceptos se han esparcido! Sus controladores los aman, para jugar con hadas y magia, para enceguecerlos! Es esencial, ver a través de esto! Este es un paso importante de su iniciación en la Completa Maestría!

Sean Bendecidos!

Nosotros somos los Arcturianos!

Mensaje transmitido por Ute

Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

Traducción – Shanti

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Publicado 31st July 2012 por LUZ ZOHAR
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Hay mucho pasando actualmente y vemos las confirmaciones sobre la línea de tiempo del 4 de Agosto volverse por todos lados en una miríada de fuentes de información. Y es bastante obvio que los Trabajadores de la Luz están satisfechos con estos desenvolvimientos.

Nosotros también estamos disfrutando y vemos un enorme poder de cooperación y de luz trascendiendo las superficies: un hecho que puede ser unido al pulsar de la llamarada solar desde el Sol. Ustedes tienen ahora todo el derecho de estar llenos de alegría, mis queridos! Nosotros sentimos exactamente las mismas cosas aquí en los Reinos Superiores. Nuestros Hermanos Galácticos están muy comprometidos en finalizar este proyecto de Divulgación y apenas pueden contenerse a ellos mismos debido al largo tiempo que usaron para informarlos de quiénes eran y por qué habían venido. Ellos vinieron a ayudarlos, queridos. Ellos han venido a compartir su Amor y su Luz con ustedes. Ellos han venido a informarles sobre su propia verdadera naturaleza y sus orígenes y decirles mucho más que eso.

Al menos detectamos una oportunidad de comenzar con este proyecto. En el caso de la Línea de Tiempo del 4 de Agosto ha sido sobrepasada sin nada desarrollado, los Hermanos Galácticos se harán cargo de las riendas de este proyecto de Divulgación. Ha habido en primera instancia encuentros entre los Hermanos Galácticos, la tripulación en Tierra y los líderes del mundo para determinar cómo podemos anunciar la Presencia Galáctica a la Humanidad en la manera más suave posible sin esparcir demasiado miedo en los humanos, esto ha sido y será siempre nuestro principal objetivo. Yo personalmente coopero en esta consideración y he establecido un fuerte contacto con el presidente Obama, quien está bastante complacido de ser capaz finalmente de participar en este proyecto.

Todo es monitoreado muy de cerca y seguido por nuestros Hermanos Galácticos, los Arcturianos, cuyo mensaje estará enseguida luego de dejarles el lugar a ellos.

Sepan mis Queridos, que mucho trabajo hubo en este proyecto y no podemos sólo dejarlo pasar. No podemos darles una fecha exacta ya que nosotros siempre vivimos en el AHORA.

Los que puedo decirles es que el día 4 de Agosto es el día del ultimátum para que las almas secuaces/oscuras cooperen completamente, una promesa hecha por ellos hace mucho tiempo atrás y nunca mantenida. Ahora que ellos han finalmente accedido a cooperar, si fallan en hacerlo, entonces el proyecto será manejado por la Fuente Divina y por los Hermanos Galácticos. No importa cómo, la Divulgación llegará en el tiempo más propicio. Solo que no la unan a una fecha específica, dejen ir, y dejen a Dios. Todo se volverá claro como el cristal desde ese día el 4 de Agosto, cómo y cuando las cosas se sucederán, entonces podremos darles más información.

Todo depende de las decisiones, las líneas de tiempo, las circunstancias… de lo que pueden estar seguros es que el 4 De Agosto traerá un enorme cambio y será el punto de comienzo. La Divulgación no puede ser pospuesta mucho más; sucede en su AHORA. Tomen en cuenta que este AHORA implica una ventana de tiempo mucho más grande que un día, por lo tanto no esperen ver una armada de OVNIS en ese día específico.

Los Amo mis Queridos, y trabajo duro en el Proyecto de Divulgación de forma de guiarlos a través de él, ya que la Humanidad es importante para mí.

YO SOY Saint Germain

Saludos amada Humanidad y Hermandad de laTierra!

Nosotros somos los Arcturianos y deseamos ir hacia adelante en el más auspicioso evento en la historia de su Tierra porque él definitivamente dejará su marca! Deseamos confirmarles que todo lo que ha sido especulado sobre el Tiempo Divino y el Plan Divino está basado en la Verdad. Nosotros, los Arcturianos, monitoreamos todo cuidadosamente, cómo la Humanidad responde al presente y cómo responderán en el tiempo del Primer Contacto. Es nuestro placer transmitirles a ustedes que hasta ahora están respondiendo muy bien lo que hace que los planes sean más fáciles. Hay mucho que tenemos que tomar en cuenta, no ha sido fácil arribar a este punto presente.

Todos ustedes tuvieron que esperar un largo tiempo y nosotros también pero ahora hemos alcanzado una oportunidad en la cual vemos una chance de anunciar la Divulgación. Las negociaciones y las charlas están en plena oscilación. Nuestros aliados de la Tierra y otros representantes de la Luz han llegado a un consenso con respecto al tiempo último con su tiempo terrestre del 4 de Agosto. Después de ese día todo comenzará y pueden esperar ver nuestras naves para empezar. Dejen ir el factor ilusorio del tiempo y véanos cuando vengamos. Es así como será, sucede cuando sucede y nadie puede decir el tiempo o el día con un 100% de certeza. Nosotros sólo podemos informarlos de el tiempo ha llegado para que nosotros nos mostremos más y más y establecer los primeros contactos con ustedes.

Permítannos explicarles qué es lo que pueden esperar que pase durante el evento que ustedes llaman Divulgación. Nuestros hermanos de la Tierra, que nosotros llamamos la tripulación de tierra, cooperarán en establecer esos primeros contactos. Ellos tienen contacto directo con nosotros y con otras civilizaciones y contribuyen con su parte en el proyecto entero. Ellos se encargarán de que todo proceda con rapidez y sin demasiado shock para la Humanidad. Ellos están en la Tierra para calmar corazones con problemas y asistirlos cuando sea necesario. Los pertenecientes a este grupo saben esto o serán informados en los días venideros. Ellos ya lo saben subconscientemente, ellos han cooperado activamente en este proyecto durante sus viajes astrales. Además de ellos, nosotros también tenemos tripulación Galáctica en tierra proveniente de nuestra civilización que viven entre los humanos de la Tierra y quienes participan en cuestiones de seguridad y en negociaciones. En definitiva estamos hablando de un proyecto enorme que no puede ser subestimado en su ámbito de aplicación.

Hemos optado por la civilización Pleyadiana para que sea la primera en establecer contacto ya que ellos tienen una apariencia similar a la humana y son los menos propensos a disparar el miedo y el shock en los humanos. Después de este contacto inicial con los Pleyadianos otras civilizaciones les seguirán. Antes de que este Primer Contacto tenga lugar, las visiones de nuestras naves se incrementarán. Gradualmente naves más grandes se mostrarán ellas mismas a ustedes por períodos cada vez más largos de tiempo. Mucha anticipación está puesta sobre los Juegos Olímpicos para que nos mostremos y les decimos que es muy probable que estos juegos sean usados para mostrar nuestras naves. Estamos aún elaborando eso.

Pero por ahora dejen ir el factor tiempo involucrado y trabajen en ustedes mismos. Demasiado énfasis en ustedes sobre este asunto puede jugar de manera antagónica y es realmente contraproducente. Sepan que sucederá, dejen ir y den Amor al evento de la Divulgación, a nosotros, a la Humanidad y a la Madre Tierra.

Nosotros somos los Arcturianos y le agradecemos a Méline que nos ha dado la oportunidad de venir con este mensaje. Nos vemos pronto y gracias por cooperar con nuestras civilizaciones. Nosotros realmente apreciamos esto y deseamos que su experiencia sea el más glorioso evento.

A través de Méline Lafont

Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

Traducción al español – Shanti

Muchas gracias!

Publicado 2nd August 2012 por LUZ ZOHAR
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sharing.:::. Damis (Timotheus) Speaks about Apollonius of Tyana, the Anointed Christ_Apollonius of Tyana_ Philostratus_Azabelle – Why We Do not Need Any Prophets | samkaska

Origen: sharing.:::. Damis (Timotheus) Speaks about Apollonius of Tyana, the Anointed Christ_Apollonius of Tyana_ Philostratus_Azabelle – Why We Do not Need Any Prophets | samkaska



sharing.:::. Damis (Timotheus) Speaks about Apollonius of Tyana, the Anointed Christ_Apollonius of Tyana_ Philostratus_Azabelle – Why We Do not Need Any Prophets

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Damis (Timotheus) Speaks about Apollonius of Tyana, the Anointed Christ

Damis, the Friend and Disciple of Apollonius of Tyana 

– Antiquity Unveiled


Georgi Stankov

This is the most excellent source of information I have ever come across on the early history of Christianity.

 I have made research for about 5 years on this topic in the Freisinger Theological Library which is one of the oldest in Europe, since the 9th century with books since the 11th century, now most of them stored at the Munich National Library. The Freisinger  Library of this oldest German Diocese contains more than 250,000 books on the history of the Church, theology, human gnosis and philosophy.

For many months, while I was working there, I was the only visitor with two librarians at my disposal all the time. This gives you an idea as to how agnostic humanity has become in the last several decades and why the merging with the “I Am Presence” can never happen in a religious or para-religious manner as the Theosophic Society and its followers from the New Age tried in vain to achieve.

 Hence they will not ascend, but you will – you have already ascended.
Because the acquisition of true Gnostic knowledge that opens the door to the alchemy of immediate Creation from the fulcrum of the soul can only occur on the solid scientific foundation of the new Theory of the Universal Law.

To this end we should know who were the real protagonists in the Christian saga which the Reptilian fraudsters around Constantine the Great invented in order to mutilate and even eradicate the enormous spiritual influence of Apollonius of Tyana, the anointed Jesus Christ, in the antique world and since then in the Western world. In this context, all channelled biographies of Jesus, as recently discussed with respect to Jahn’s biography on Jesus, are spiritual fictions that reiterate the false religious ideas of Reptilian Christianity created by the Roman-Reptilian Empire under the auspices of fake modern spiritualism. Historical ignorance has always been the chief source of  fundamental blunders of humanity leading to its downfall since the destruction of Atlantis.

Just as we are normal human beings, even though we are already ascended masters and will stay so after the ascension of this humanity, Apollonius of Tyana was a normal human being and a real historical personality.

 Philostratus has written a comprehensive autobiography of this great man, which has survived numerous deliberate library fires by the dark cabal arsonists throughout all these centuries. Although it has been falsified by the copiers numerous times it still reflects the basic facts about this exceptional light gestalt. 

Apollonius was probably the most famous spiritual teacher in the Antiquity and lived for almost a century at the same time during which the Christus Saga was placed by the Roman-Reptilian fraudsters – the Founding Fathers of Christianity.

 Hence what you will read below from Damis about Apollonius has already been verified by Philostratus 18 centuries ago and fits perfectly in to this precise historical report as the editor of “Antiquity UnveiledJonathan M Roberts confirms in his educated discusssion.  And where he discusses certain discrepancies between Damis’ report and Philostratus’ book on Apollonius, just think for a moment how your bios would be if they were written by the current despicable Internet trolls.

How many light workers have this historical knowledge to appreciate this fact?

 I am afraid very few or even none. This document has the explosive power of a nuclear bomb that is sufficient to destroy the foundations of Christianity. Jonathan M Roberts knew this exactly as he was an expert in Church history. Nowadays you cannot find a single expert that is able to appreciate the value of this book. Total ignorance reigns these last days.

When I write that a true merging with the “I Am Presence” can only take place when it is based on the scientific certainty of the new Theory of the Universal Law, this also includes an intimate knowledge of past history, at least a clear understanding of the relevant historical periods and aspects of life that still shape in a profound manner our present reality and the minds of the slumbering people.

Abstract, theoretical, scientific thinking must go hand in hand with factual knowledge and the ability to interpret it correctly.

 The new Theory of the Universal Law is more than the theoretical understanding of physics (Vol I & II) and the biological regulation of the human body (Vol III). It also affords a deep understanding of history, first and foremost the history of philosophical ideas (Vol IV and all five books on Gnosis). Because one can only become a true alchemical Creator if one detaches from any personal point of view and adopts the impersonal, transpersonal weltanschauung of the new Theory of the Universal Law. Or as St. Germain puts it in his channelled book on “Studies in Alchemy”:
“”You see, false identification with family and friends, the acceptance of limitations through heredity and environment, attachment to persons and places, to one’s race, religion, nationality, or ethnic group must also be submitted to the flames of the Refiner’s fire for transmutation.

 Personal attitudes must be adjusted to impersonal laws, and thought and feeling patterns must be molded after more noble designs if the individual is to make true spiritual progress.”
Before you read Damis’ message below read one more time the testimony of Apollonius of Tyana himself, which I first published on April 7, 2012:

The Christian Fraud; Message from Apollonius of Tyana


Antiquity Unveiled

“I Salute You, Sir :— All subordinate conditions, or such as may be regarded as of an inferior character, must give way where a great object is to be obtained. The spirit opposition to what I am here to say is of the most intense character. Everything has been done that it was possible to do to prevent my coming here. In the first place I know personally the truth of all that I shall here say ; secondly, I know that the evidence exists that will support all I say ; and thirdly, I know that Apollonius of Tyana, my master or teacher, was the Jesus Christ of the Christians.
We must now proceed in a systematic way to prove the truth of what I have said. The place where I was born was Ephesus. I was an Ephesian and not a Cappadocian nor a Ninevite. I was born in the city which was the chief seat of the worship of The Great Diana of the Ephesians. The bond of unity between myself and Apollonius was, that we were both mediums in whose presence materialized spirits appeared. When I was present with Apollonius the spirit manifestations that occurred were stronger, and so with the manifestations that occurred through me, when he was present.
Apollonius made two journeys to India, and not one as is generally supposed. The last of these was about from A. D. 4o to 50. It was, when on that journey, that he reached Farther India, whence he brought back the Indian gospels in relation to the Hindoo god Christos. The first journey to India, by Apollonius, was about from 36 to 38 A. D. On that journey he only obtained a few extracts from those Hindoo gospels.
The first attempt of Apollonius to introduce the religion of Christos in Western Asia was made shortly after his return from India, at Nazarita, a small village near Gaza. He there formed a community according to the Gymnosophic ideas and practices. The principle of initiation is expressed in that famous text of what is termed the Scriptures where it is said, ‘ Thou art a priest after the order of Melchisedec‘ The original meaning of that was, ‘A Priest after the order of the Sun.‘ It was also the Parsee worship and was at a remote period derived from the ‘Golden Rules’ of Hermes Trismegistus or from Hesiod. The last named was the author of ” The Seven Before Thebes” and “Agamemnon.” 

The works of both those ancient writers contained the expression, ‘ Thou art a priest Mechel forever after the order of the Sun.’

The first works that my master brought from India contained the teachings of Christos, before their reformation by Deva Bodhisatwa, in the reign of the king of Asoka. 

Bodhisatwa was prime counsellor of that king. His real name was Azabelle. He was a Tamil King. Azabelle meant the rising Sun. The books which Apollonius afterward used, he obtained on his second journey, when he went to visit Iarchus, the chief of the Wise Men, in Farther India, near Singapore. I went with him on his second journey and not on his first. I never saw Phraotes, the King of Taxila.

I was a disciple of Apollonius and remained at Ephesus and at Thessalonica while he was away on his first journey to India. The most important part of the life of Apollonius extended over the reigns of Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Vespasian, Titus, Domician, Nerva and into the reign of Trajan. I passed to spirit about 90 A.D. I wrote memoirs of Apollonius from about 34 A.D. to 80 A.D.
The Greek followers of Prometheus mutilated those memoirs. They were greatly opposed to the introduction of the Indian Christos among the Greeks, and were exceedingly opposed to Apollonius and his teachings.

Apollonius and myself were youthful companions when I was at Tyana. Apollonius was the real Paul, this is rendered plain by the Epistles to Timothy. I was called Timotheus by the Thessalonians. What you have received in relation to Apollonius of Tyana is all true.
Apollonius was the founder of the Nazarite sect. The word “Nazarite” meant to “clear all the head bare“.

 Question: How came the Nazarites, to afterwards take the name of Essenes?

 Answer. The name Essene is Phoenician, and meant “Sun Baptism“, or “Fire Baptism“. 

The initiation into the sect of the Essenes required the candidate to pass through two flames, one a bright and the other a pale one.
I was twice at Rome with Apollonius. I was there in 41 and in 62 and 63 A.D.

 Ques: Were you at Rome when Apollonius was tried before Domitian?

  Answer. No, I was not. I was then at Alexandria in Egypt, where I died. I left my writings and other property to my sister, Samostra. After my death she came to Alexandria and carried my writings to Tyana in Cappadocia. Other Spirits will follow me, Porcius, Festus, Agrippa and I think Josephus.
(Josephus recorded Jewish history, with special emphasis on the first century AD and the First Jewish–Roman War, including the Siege of Masada. His most important works were The Jewish War (c. 75) and Antiquities of the Jews (c. 94).[4] The Jewish War recounts the Jewish revolt against Roman occupation (66–70). Antiquities of the Jews recounts the history of the world from a Jewish perspective for an ostensibly Roman audience. These works provide valuable insight into first century Judaism and the background of Early Christianity. Wiki)

Ques: How came it that Josephus made no mention of Apollonius of Tyana?

 Ans: Josephus, Apollonius and myself, were all initiated in the secret order called the “Sons of Sun.” The Emperors Claudius, Vespasian, Titus, Domitian, Nerva and Trajan, were all initiated in that order, and it was therefore made a binding rule upon the members, that they should manifest no outward relation to one another, so that if the brethren of the order had occasion to favor each other, or afford mutual protection in times of trouble and danger to them, their secret relations to each other should not be known.
Marcion ( Marcion of Sinope (c. 85 – c. 160) was an important leader in early Christianity. His theology rejected the deity described in the Hebrew Scriptures and in distinction affirmed the Father of Christ to be the true God.

 He is often considered to have been a catalyst in the development of the New Testament canon. See also Marcionism) and Lucian (Luke the Evangelist) obtained mutilated copies of my Memoirs concerning Apollonius and used them in shaping their gospel tragedies

If further information is needed about those matters it will be given through Aronamar.”
Comments by Jonathan M Roberts
We regard this communication as of the very highest import and value as a means towards solving some of the most perplexing problems connected with the origin and real nature of the Christian religion.
It was intended that this communication should have been given at the sitting, one week previously; but the opposing spirit influences were so strong that it became necessary to defer giving it until a more favorable opportunity. As it was, when given, the opposition at times was so great as to compel frequent breaks in the continuation of the testimony of this thoroughly informed spirit, and he could only proceed by the greatest power of will and the complete control of the medium’s organism.

Very little can be gleaned from biographical or historical sources concerning Damis, and very little of that can be relied upon, on account of the efforts that have been made to conceal everything possible that was true in relation to Apollonius of Tyana and his Nazarite disciples.

We take the following brief reference to him from the Nouvelle Biographic Generale:
Damis a Greek historian, of Assyrian origin. He wrote in the first century A. D., and was an inhabitant of New Nineveh. He joined Apollonius of Tyana in that city, and accompanied that thaumaturg in his journeys. He wrote an account of those journeyings, in which he inserted the discourses and prophecies of his master. This work seems to have served as the basis of the Life of Apollonius by Philostratus. The style of it was rude and indicated him to be a foreigner raised among barbarians.

The Biographic Universelle in treating of Apollonius of Tyana, alludes to Damis as follows :
“He (Apollonius) quitted Antioch, followed only by two servants, and went to Nineveh, when chance offered him a new disciple, named Damis, who became his faithful companion and remained attached to him as long as he lived. This young man who was versed in the languages of the East, was very useful to his master on his journey, and constantly expressed for him a religious veneration that often amounted to superstition.

Damis had written very full details concerning his master. These writings bequeathed by him to one of his relatives, at a later period became the property of Julia (Domna), the wife of Septimius Severus. This princess entrusted to Philostratus, an eloquent sophist of high reputation, the duty of editing the Life of Apollonius, the philosopher of Tyana.”
This is about the extent of what has been preserved to us of references to Damis by name; but in the Pauline Epistles, there can be little doubt that he is referred to as Demas. In that connection I cite the following reference to Demas from McClintock and Strong’s Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature ;
Demas, a companion of the apostle Paul during his first imprisonment at Rome (A.D. 41), called by him his fellow laborer, Synesgos, in Philemon, 24; see also Col. iv, 14. At a later period (2d Tim. iv, 10) we find him mentioned as having deserted the apostle through love of this present world, and gone to Thessalonica (A.D. 64). This departure has been magnified by tradition into an apostacy from Christianity (See Epiphanius, Heres li. 6), which is by no means implied in the passage.
There may seem to be a contradiction between the two claims on the part of the spirit that he was both Damis or Demas and Timotheus or Timothy, and yet there may be no such contradiction after all. The spirit tells us he was called by the Thessalonians “Timotheus”. I will show, I think, very clearly that the testimony of the spirit is fully born out by the testimony of the New Testament, but I will defer this until it is reached in its proper order.
It seems from the spirit’s testimony that there is hardly anything said of him, even in the biography of Apollonius by Philostratus, which is strictly true, and much that cannot be true ; but, for this, Philostratus may not have been to blame. No one can now tell what Philostratus really wrote concerning Apollonius and his disciples, for his work has been mutilated and interpolated to such an extent as to leave it of little value on many points of the history of the Cappadocian saviour. Philostratus, as his work has come down to us, is made to say that Apollonius of Tyana made only one journey to India, while it is certain that he must have made two; and the events of the two journeys have been so interblended and confounded as to leave the most perplexing uncertainty almost at every step. This could hardly have been possible, if the Memoirs of Damis had been followed in good faith by Philostratus, as it, no doubt, was.

The confusion, probably, was the result of the bad faith of the subsequent copiers of Philostratus’s work. We are told in that work, as we now have it, that Apollonius first met Damis at Nineveh when he was on his way to India from Ephesus the first time. The spirit tells us that this was not the fact. For he was himself an Ephesian, and had known and was a companion of Apollonius in his youth. That he was a pupil and Disciple of Apollonius, while the latter was at Ephesus, as he claims to have been, is so highly probable, and so consistent with what we know of the intimate relations existing between Damis and Apollonius as to render the fact certain.
It is known that Apollonius could not induce any of his Ephesian disciples to accompany him to India, and he was compelled to set out with only two serving attendants. Spirit Damis claims that he was one of the disciples who declined to accompany Apollonius on that journey, and says he was at Ephesus and Thessalonica during the absence of Apollonius while on that journey. Damis explains the nature of the bond of unity that existed between him and his master, and makes known the fact that they were both mediums through whom spirits materialized in a remarkable manner when they were mutually present and controlled by the operating spirit influences together. A grander band of spiritual influences never before or since united and held two men together throughout their protracted lives.
From what the spirit says, it would appear that Apollonius made his first journey to India about A.D. 36, at which time he obtained a comparatively few portions of the Hindoo gospels.
And here we come to a statement of the spirit, which, to say the least, is of surprising import. Damis tells us that it was Apollonius of Tyana, who, after his return from India, about A. D. 38, founded the communistic sect of the Nazarites at a village near Gaza, which was called Nazarita, and that he modelled it after Gymosophic ideas of ethics, theology, social polity and religious observances. If this is the fact there cannot be a doubt as to the common identity of Apollonius, the Founder of the Nazarite sect, and Saul of Tarsus or Paul, who was charged before Felix, governor of Judea, by Ananias the high priest of the Jews, through the orator Tertullus, in the following words (Acts xxiv, 5) :
For we have found this man a pestilent fellow, and a mover of sedition among all the Jews throughout the world, and a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes.

As I say in commenting on the communication of Ananias, the Jewish high priest, it is as certain as can be, that there never was a religious sect in Judea or elsewhere that was called the sect of the Nazarenes, while it is just as certain that there was a Nazarite sect, and as it appears, it took its rise in Judea, near its southern border. If Paul was a Nazarene and the ringleader of that sect, is it not very strange that none of the epistles which are attributed to him say anything whatever about him, Paul, having been, or being a Nazarene. Indeed if we may believe the gospel of St. Matthew, to be a Nazarene did not denote membership in any religious sect, but merely a residence in a city called Nazareth. See Matthew ii, 23, where it is said :
“And he (Joseph) came out and dwelt in a city called Nazareth ; that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets. He shall be called a Nazarene.
If to be a Nazarene, then, was to belong to a sect called Nazarenes, that which was spoken by the prophets, has never yet been fulfilled. It has been supposed that Nazarenes was a name given to the first Christians by their adversaries. It is a conceded fact that no sect that called themselves Nazarenes had any existence before the second century, and, therefore, that Paul, who did not survive the first century, could not with any propriety have been charged with being the ringleader of the Nazarenes.

On the other hand, if Apollonius was the ringleader of the Nazarites, a well known religious sect of that time, and if that sect was bitterly hated by the Jews, as was the case, it becomes almost certain that the man accused before Felix was Apollonius of Tyana, a Cappadocian Greek, and not a Jew at all.

In view of the further facts, that the man accused did not deny that he was the ringleader of the sect which was so hated by the Jews, and that he claimed to be a Roman citizen and only amenable to the Roman law, what was almost a certainty, with those facts added, became a certainty, and the common identity of Paul and Apollonius is settled beyond successful contradiction.

Not only so, but the truth of  spirit’s testimony in relation to the founding of the Nazarite sect, and the nature of their worship and social polity is equally set at rest. The people, who, in the second century and after, were called, or called themselves Nazarenes, were not Christians. ”

 They believed it was necessary to unite the Jewish ceremonial law with the precepts of Jesus, and refer to a Hebrew gospel of Matthew.” In fact they were even more Jews than Christians, and it is hardly likely that St. Paul was one of that sect, although the writer of Acts has exhausted his ingenuity and convicted himself of falsehood in trying to do so.
What the spirit says in regard to the passage of Scripture : “Thou art a priest after the order of Melchisedec,” is very peculiar as being a formula of initiation among the Nazarites. We are told by the spirit that this ceremonial expression originally meant “a priest after the order of the sun,” and was used in that sense by the Parsees — and that it was at a remote period derived from the “Golden Rules” of Hermes Trismegistus, or from Hesiod. Nothing is more certain than that Hermes Trismegistus and Hesiod were priests after the order of the Sun, the one as of Oromazda or Ormuzd, and the other as of Prometheus.

There is something so peculiar, not only about the text or passage to which the spirit of Damis refers, but that it should be so positively connected with Apollonius and the Nazarite sect, which he seems to have founded, that I will quote the passage of the New Testament in which it is used or referred to. In Heb. iii, 1, we read : 

Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus. ‘ ‘ Here we have Christ Jesus made an Apostle and High Priest of the profession of the holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling.

Who were those holy brethren? What was their profession? In what manner were they partakers of the heavenly calling? Who made Christ Jesus the Apostle and High Priest of those holy brethren? 

When those questions are answered, we will find that the spirit of Damis has suggested the answer to them all. It has been strongly contended that the author of the other Pauline Epistles was not the author of the Epistles to the Hebrews. 

Why? Because it comes too near to disclosing the true authorship of all those epistles. In none of the other epistles was Christ Jesus made to figure as an Apostle and a High Priest. In Heb. iii, 14, we read:
Seeing then that we have a great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our profession.”

Here we have the same Christ Jesus figuring as a great High Priest that is passed into the “heavens.” If the expression had been, is passed into heaven, it would not so plainly have been indicated that this great High Priest was the great luminary of day which so grandly presides over the celestial hierarchy. We have no doubt that the words “Jesus the Son of God” in that passage are a fraudulent interpolation in a Nazarite epistle to the Hebrews, and that that Nazarite epistle was written by the founder of the Nazarite sect, Apollonius of Tyana; and more than that, that it was for writing that very epistle to the Hebrews, that Ananias, High Priest of the Jews, through Tertullus, charged him, Apollonius, before Felix, with being “a mover of sedition among all the Jews, through- out the world.” In Heb. v, 4, 5, 6, we read:
And no man taketh this honor unto himself, but he that is called of God, as was Aaron.
So also Christ glorified not himself to be made an High Priest; but he that said unto him. Thou art my Son, to day have I begotten thee.” As he saith also in another place, “Thou art a priest forever after the order of Melchisedec.

Now it is very evident that neither of those sayings could have been addressed to Christ Jesus, for the first saying was used in Psalms ii, 7, and the second in Psalms ex, 4. There will hardly be any one who will be rash enough to claim that either of those sayings was addressed to Christ Jesus, for the hitter was never heard of as god, man or myth, until many hundred years after those Psalms were composed. In Heb. vii, 1, 2, 8, 4, we read:
For this Melchisedec, king of Salem, priest of the most high God, who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him;
“To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation king of righteousness, and after that, also, king of Salem, which is King of Peace;
Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually.”
Now consider how great this man was, unto whom even the patriarch Abraham gave the tenth of the spoils.

Yes we will consider how great this man was without a father, without a mother, and without descent and who had neither beginning nor end of life; and we have come lo the conclusion that he was no man at all, and no high priest or king who ever reigned among mankind. This Melchisedec was something else than a man, and we conclude that he was what the spirit of Damis says he was, the King of Day, and High Priest in the heavens, the Solar orb, personified as a human king and high priest. It would be irrational to conclude otherwise.

The Sun is a king without father, or mother, or descent, and without beginning or end of life, and the only such king that human imagination can even plausibly conjure up. In Hob. ii, 11, we read :
“If therefore perfection were by the Levitical priesthood, (for under it the people received the law) what further need was there that another priest should rise after the order of Melchisedec, and not be called after the order of Aaron.” 

Here we can see that it was this attempt on the part of Apollonius, the founder of the Nazarites, to subvert the Jewish priesthood, who claimed their priestly authority from the high priest Aaron, and to raise in its stead a priesthood after the order of Melchisedec or the order of the Sun ; that was also the ground of the hatred toward him by the Jews and the cause of the charge that he sought to create sedition everywhere among the Jews. I will close my quotations in connection with this remarkable spirit disclosure with the following from Heb. vii, 21 :
“For those ” (the Jewish priests) “priests were made without an oath; but this,” (the High Priests of the Nazarites) “with an oath by him who said unto him. The Lord Sware and will not repent. Thou art a priest forever after the order of Melchisedec.” 

Now the language there referred to is used in Psalms cx, 4, and was evidently used by some priest, perhaps some high priest, according to the order of the Sun, which order of priests was in very ancient times designated as of the order of Melchisedec; or, as the spirit of Damis testifies, it was but a modification of a similar expression used by both Hermes Trismegistus and Hesiod as follows : “Thou art a priest Mechel forever after the order of the Sun.”

I certainly have adduced sufficient evidence to show the substantial correctness of this surprising testimony of the spirit of Damis, that Apollonius was the founder of the Nazarite sect, and that the passages in which the New Testament gives the expression “Thou art a priest after the order of Melchisedec” is taken directly from the formula of priestly ordination among the Nazarites ; and indeed, enough to show that the Epistles to the Hebrews, is the appeal of the great founder and high priest of the Nazurites to the Jews to abandon their sacerdotal organization, and join the holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, by becoming priests forever of the order of the Sun, designated as Melchisedec, King of Salem.

Thus, point after point that has completely confounded theologians for centuries, is being explained clearly and satisfactorily through the testimony of returning spirits who have personal knowledge of the matters on which their communications bear. The great probability is that the Epistle to the Hebrews was written at an earlier period than the other Pauline Epistles, and just after he founded the Nazarite sect at Nazarita. On his second journey to India, lie obtained the full Reformed Hindoo Gospels of Deva Bodhisatwa which had been drawn up by Deva, and adopted at the Council of Asoka, by the Buddhist followers of Christos. These are points of information in relation to the second journey of Apollonius to India that are worthy of special attention.
The attempt of Azabelle, king of Asoka, to reform the Hindoo religion and weaken the arbitrary power and rapacity of the Buddhist priesthood, as a matter of course, called forth a deadly hostility on the part of the Brahman priesthood ; and, although Azabelle was powerful enough to carry his reform over the greater part of India, as the monuments still standing in various parts of that vast country show, yet it is known that in later years the Buddhist reformers were driven into Southern India and finally out of the country, as priests of an established religion, the last Buddhist patriarch, Bodhishormah, taking his departure for China in the early part of the Christian era.

The Buddhist reformation took place about from 250 to 290 B.C. When Apollonius went to India in A.D. 45 or 46 in search of the reformed Buddhist gospels, he was compelled to travel into Farther India, as Damis tells us, to find them, on which journey, Damis says he accompanied him. It was there, near Singapore, at the extreme southern limit of Farther India that Apollonius found Iarchus, and through the kind offices of Phraotes, king of Taxila, obtained from him the reformed Hindoo (Gospels, of Deva Bodhisatwa with which he returned to his Nazarite followers, and began those modifications of his original plan which led to such bitter opposition on the part of Apollonius of Alexandria, Phygellus and Hermogenes, which Apollonius in his letter to Timotheus, or Damis, refers to as follows, 2d Tim. i, 15 :
This thou knowest, that all they which are in Asia be turned away from me; of whom are Phygellus and Hermogenes.”

The spirit of Hermogenes, in his communication, fully explains the nature of the controversy between himself and his Essenian associates and Apollonius which grew out of Apollonius sacerdotalizing tendencies, which were considered by his opponents as destructive of the communistic polity of the Nazarite sect.

If Azabelle was a Tamil king, that was another reason why the Brahmans, who were Aryans, and who used the Sanscrit tongue, sought the more determinedly to drive out the Tamil reformation. At all events the Tamil population of India, still remaining there, are to be found in Southern India and on the island of Ceylon. It would seem that Iarchus found a refuge in the jungles amid the tigers, whose numbers gave the name to the neighboring city of Singapore, which meant the City of Tigers. In that distant and last refuge of the reformed Buddhism of Deva Bodhisatwa from the hands of Iarchus, the chief of the reformed religion, Apollonius obtained the gospels which he afterward used in propagating the Essenian faith, and which have been since modified into what are called the Christian Gospels.

Of these facts there can be no reasonable doubt. It has long been known that the Christian Scriptures could not possibly be what they purported to be, by those who sought, without prejudice, to comprehend them, but to find out where they originated and what they really were, has never been possible until these spirit testimonies in relation to them were given.

What the spirit says about the reigns of the Roman emperors during which the most distinguished part of the labors of Apollonius of Tyana were performed is certainly true, for they extended from A.D. 33 to A.D. 98 or 99. It has never been known how long Damis lived or whether he survived Apollonius. He tells us he did not, but that he died ten or twelve years before him at Alexandria in Egypt. This accounts for the fact that Damis gave no account of Apollonius’s work while in retirement on the island of Patmos, and his subsequent publication of the Gospel of St. John and the Apocalypse, as they are called, at Ephesus, where he closed his long and remarkable labors.

The spirit explains another point which has been lost sight of in the confusion of the history of the first three centuries of the so-called Christian era, and that is, that the Greek and Roman priestly followers of the God Prometheus were bitterly hostile to the Nazarite and Essenian propagation of the teachings and doctrines relating to the Hindoo Saviour Christos (Chrishna, as he has been miscalled) and not less hostile to Apollonius himself. They no doubt, did all they could to create prejudice and doubt concerning the Christosite teachings of that real founder of the Christian religion.

It is impossible to now judge how far the writings of Apollonius came into the hands of Marcion and Lucian in their original shape ; those two Greek writers being none others than the St. Mark and St. Luke of the Synoptical gospels; and it is equally impossible to know to what extent the latter altered them before they came into the hands of Eusebius of Caesarea and his contemporaries and coadjutors of the Council of Nice. It is enough to know that in spite of all this modifying by the priests of Prometheus, and the priestly founders of the Orthodox Christian religion, the Apollonian or Essenian Christosism is shown to pervade it from beginning to end, and that there is nothing original or true connected with it as a distinctive or original religion.

We now come to the consideration of what the spirit says in relation to Apollonius of Tyana being the real Paul, rendered plain by the epistles of Paul to Timothy. Damis tells us that he was himself called Timotheus by the Thessalonians among whom he resided at the time the Epistles to Timothy were written. It appears that he had gone into Thessalonica years before as a subordinate teacher of the philosophical, theological and social doctrines of the Nazarites, and when Apollonius was sent to Rome, after his return from his second journey to India, that Damis, whose name had been changed to Demas, left him and went again to Thessalonica. It is proper to here say that in reply to my question : Why were you called Timotheus by the Thessalonians? he replied : “In the Tliessalonian dialect Timotheus meant the same as leader or bishop.” No one can read the two Epistles to Timothy and not see that the person to whom they were addressed was one who had been the immediate pupil of the writer of them. The words addressed to Timothy are: “Unto Timothy, my own son in the faith.

It is true that it has been represented and supposed that Timotheus was at Ephesus when those two letters were written, but if we understand the import of what the spirit said upon that point, this is a mistake, the result no doubt, of the purpose to conceal the identity of the Timotheus who was addressed by Apollonius, who was none other than his devoted disciple Damis. These letters to Timothy do not follow the Epistles of Paul to the Ephesians, as they would naturally have done if they had been addressed to an Essenian bishop of Ephesus. They follow the 2d Epistle to the Thessalonians, thus showing very strongly that the statement of Damis that he was the Timotheus addressed is substantially correct. The name “Timotheus” was therefore rather the theological rank of the person addressed than the given name of that person.
The one circumstance that seems to strongly weigh against this claim of spirit Damis is, that in the 2d Epistle to Timothy there seems to be a manifest reference to Damis himself, where in chapter iv, 9, 10, we read:
“Do thy diligence to come shortly unto me. For Demas (manifestly Damis) has forsaken me, having loved this present world and is departed unto Thessalonica.” 

Whatever seeming confusion and inconsistency there may appear about this matter it can all be the result of the bungling alterations that are manifest throughout the so-called Pauline Epistles. Why should we not prefer to accept the testimony of this spirit who has given so many proofs of his personal knowledge of the things about which he testifies, to the untruthful versions of these same things, which have been produced to conceal the truth about them? I, at least, think it is safer to do so. I cannot prolong these comments, but I have adduced sufficient proof to show that the communication is authentic and substantially true.
That being so, it seems certain that through this testimony of Damis we have been taken to the source of Christianity which we find to have been in India, and that instead of its having any relation to Jesus Christ or Jesus of Nazareth, it relates to the Hindoo saviour Christos ; and was carried in to the Roman empire by Apollonius of Tyana about the time when it is alleged the mission of Jesus Christ began.

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