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Origen: sharing.:::. – The Implications of Storing Data in DNA – Racism, DNA & Cosmic Law – Clearing Human Semantics – | samkaska


sharing.:::. – The Implications of Storing Data in DNA – Racism, DNA & Cosmic Law – Clearing Human Semantics –

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The Implications of Storing Data in DNA

by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 3, 2015

Charlotte Smith, March 3, 2015


by Georgi Stankov

I am very happy to be able to publish this excellent and highly educated article by our PAT member, Charlotte Smith on the function of DNA from a higher energetic and spiritual point of view. The most inspiring aspect of her article is the unique linking of the role of DNA for human existence with some notable prophecies and statements made in gnostic, religious and modern esoteric literature. Although most of these statements were made in a rather non-scientific manner, they are more accurate than the current official interpretation of DNA in bio-sciences and its role as an extremely powerful storage of information.

Here I would like to address precisely this issue.

According to the new Theory of the Universal Law, all energy is information.

It is impossible to discern between the two concepts as all energy is conscious and highly organized and stores all the information of all its possible transformations. In this sense, the DNA-code is no exception and nothing particular in All-That-Is. The central role, which is currently attributed to this specific molecular structure in the cell nucleus, is based on a very rudimentary, mechanistic understanding of biological, organic matter by science, and particularly in genetics and how it is regulated.

Before I discovered the Universal Law and established the new General Theory of Biological Regulation (see Volume III), conventional science had no explanation how the incessant regulation of trillions of cells in the body and the whole organism of humans and animals is regulated energetically as to operate in this immaculate manner, which we define as “Life” contrary to inanimate, physical matter. Hence all genetic research is entirely based on fundamentally flawed concepts, what DNA is and how it can be used in a multifaceted manner. This is also the topic of Charlotte’s article below.

That being said, I would like to mention here several major theoretical breakthroughs, which I made in the course of implementing the theory of the Universal Law, in order to explain the regulation of the cell and the human organism (actually any organism) from an energetic, holistic point of view. All these breakthroughs deal with the actual function of the DNA code and explain why its role is completely misunderstood by present-day science and why this ignorance leads to obsolete DNA research, as also pointed out by Charlotte. Let us first outline the major property of DNA as a molecular structure:

The function of DNA can only be truthfully understood within the regulation of the cell as it is an integral structure of the cell.

In other words, one cannot take DNA away from the cell and organic matter and use it for alien purposes. Precisely this is what now the Orion science does after the Human Genome Project war completed in 2003 and recently a new wave of brain research was announced by the dark US government. This is also discussed by Charlotte and I am very thankful to her that she has addressed this issue.

The reason why scientists do this kind of derailed DNA research lies in the fact that they do not know how the DNA code is regulated within the cell because they also do not know how the cell is energetically regulated. Let me present you for the first time in a popular manner what I have discovered in the course of implementing the Universal Law to organic matter – the human cell, body and of course to DNA. The further details you can read in volume III.

The function of human DNA is to store the information for the building of all proteins, which the cell needs as structural elements. Without these billions of proteins there will be no cells and no organic matter, and no “Biological Life” as humans perceive it.

The DNA code of each cell contains all the information of all proteins which every cell in the organism needs. The cells of the organism are constantly created and destroyed, so that there is a constant need for the production of new proteins in the cell. This is done with the help of the DNA in the nucleus and also to a lesser extent in the mitochondria, where small patches of DNA also exist.

The mechanism how the DNA strands in the cell nucleus build a replication of their code as mRNA (messenger RNA) is well known in bio-science. What is unknown however, is how this replication concretely takes place and how it is regulated. The whole mechanism is so highly complex, extremely dynamic and subjected to constant alterations that it defies any verbal explanation. There are many voluminous textbooks that describe these processes in a fragmented fashion without being able to connect the dots. Therefore I will not delve into this matter where any non-specialist, but also most specialists are hopelessly overwhelmed by the already known pieces of information. Succinctly concluded, modern bio-science and genetics have no explanation how this complex regulation of the RNA replication from the original DNA code takes place.

The RNA is a mirror image of a very small section of the DNA code, which is responsible for the building of a particular protein or rather a set of closely related proteins. These can be antibodies, receptors, ion-pumps, etc. As I said, there are infinite types of cell proteins that fulfill a specific function in the cell or in the cell membrane.

The mRNA then goes out of the cell nucleus and enters the rough ER (rough endoplasmic retuculum) in the cytoplasma of the cell where the actual building of the proteins takes place. This is another highly complex and convoluted process that includes, among others, the “splicing” and “targeting of proteins” which are very poorly understood biological processes. To all these processes I have contributed great insights and scientific breakthroughs.

What is important for you to know is that the DNA code is the template of all proteins, which are the building blocks of the cell and that vice verse, all proteins are a mirror image of the DNA code, the genetic code.

Now, all proteins have a highly specialized function that takes place under very specific energetic conditions, which I define as the “energetic constraint of biological regulation” In a broader sense this includes the regulation of the incarnated personality by the soul, but first and foremost that part of the soul’s “software program” which we define as the “body elemental” and is responsible for the biological regulation of the human organism.

The bottom line is that you cannot change arbitrarily the DNA code as it is the template for the whole, finely attuned energetic structure and regulation of the cells and the human body. Any alteration in full ignorance of these complex processes, as present-day bio-scientists use to do, is a defiance of the Divine Creation and doomed to failure.

This is a leitmotif of Charlotte’s article below and a very important aspect of all human science. This is how Atlantis caused its Fall from Grace and was destroyed. Now this kind of deadly interventions into the human DNA and subsequent desecration of the divine design of humanity are prevented by the Source, respectively by us as Logos Gods and its representatives on the ground, so that nothing bad can happen in these last days prior to Ascension.

Just as the DNA code consists of a restricted set of elementary carriers of information known as “codons”, which are the actual genetic code, so do all proteins. Here I made one of my greatest theoretical breakthroughs in bio-science by finding out that all proteins, which are essentially amino acid chains, are also based on a restricted number of functional units, which comprise essentially of three groups of amino acids – positively and negatively charged amino acids that are separated by aliphatic, neutral amino acids carrying a delocalised pi-electron structure. This amino acid triplet has a similar function to that of a DNA codon, which is also a nucleotide triplet, and determines the function of the proteins. This has been shown to be true for all immunoglobulins, which are best researched so far. Specific amino acid triplets determine their antigen specificity at the active site. From a physical point of view, both the DNA codons and the amino acid triplets operate as a kind of a trinary (not binary as in current digital computers) biological semiconductors of the highest effectivity.

What is most important to observe is that both DNA and all proteins operate in the cell under a huge electromagnetic gradient of billions if not trillions of electronvolts, created across the cell membrane and on all intracellular membranes. Under this energetic constraint, both DNA and all proteins are transformed into superconductors and operate without any loss of energy. I am the first scientist to have explained the superconductivity of DNA and cell proteins from a theoretical point of view (as I am the first one to have solved the theory of superconductivity, see volume II) and also to explain the key phenomenon of “conservative polymorphism” which has been observed in all proteins and in particular in all immunoglobulins. This term describes the fact that all these groups of proteins change their amino acid sequences in a very restricted and rigid manner.

If all amino acids were simple building units of proteins and carry equal bits of information according to the currently accepted Shannon’s theory of information, then there should be no such restrictions as to how the amino acid sequences of all proteins are arranged. The reason for these restrictions, defined as “conservative polymorphism” lies in the fact that all amino acid triplets must appear at a certain place in the protein sequence as to create an active site, while the rest of the amino acids build the tertiary and quaternary space structure of the protein. This structure is highly conservative, rigid as the protein can be functional only in this particular spatial configuration. Vice versa, the DNA code is also subjected to this conservative polymorphism and can only change within a very narrow range as it is the template of all proteins in the cell. Any arbitrary manipulation of the DNA code by researchers is thus a desecration of the Divine Design of Life.

None of this information is really known and understood in bio-science, although the pieces of information are there.

The greatest breakthrough of the new General Theory of Biological Regulation is that the DNA code and the building of proteins are regulated by the action potential of the cells, which is an electromagnetic gradient – an electromagnetic, photon wave – as proved by myself for the first time in the history of science. I could prove mathematically that all effective chemical energy, which a human organism receives through food, is transformed into stored electro-magnetic energy as powerful gradients across the cell membrane.

When this photon energy is released in form of action potential, it drives the entire metabolism in the cell, including the mRNA replication, the building of proteins from the mRNA in the ER, etc. etc.

All these processes occur in a state of superconductivity under the condition of extreme energetic disequilibrium, which is created by the huge membrane gradient of billions of electronvolts in each cell and cannot be reproduced experimentally.

The cell, with all its structures, is the most dynamic energetic system, one can find in this material world. It is a divine creation and human mind is too limited to even grasp its function. The biological cell, to which the DNA is a part, is one grand design of incredible perfection and not meant to be manipulated by this homo sapiens. This will be possible again, only after ascension to the 5D.

To separate cell’s components and use them for profane goals, as current researchers do with the DNA code, is the peak of human stupidity and ignorance and this is what Charlotte has shown in her article with reference to biblical and other spiritual sources very well.



The Internet is abuzz over Harvard’s breakthrough with storing information in DNA. Many claim this will enable storage of large amounts of data at a fraction of current costs for longer periods of time because DNA is so stable. When one understands the purpose of DNA and how it works with the Pineal Gland, this “breakthrough” appears to be a sinister tool in the hands of those who would prevent mankind from exercising its divine right to transform, at a time of significant increase in electromagnetic light spectrum and frequencies hitting the earth from cosmic phenomena. The following analysis of the science behind DNA and how it aligns with God allows anyone to understand the dangers related to altering DNA.

The Implications of Storing Data in DNA

Harvard scientists George Church and Sri Kosuri have successfully stored 5.5 petabits of data — approximately 700 terabytes — in a single gram of DNA, smashing the previous DNA data density record by a thousand times (Anthony, 2012). Their success was trumpeted across the Internet in 2012 as a major breakthrough that would solve one of the most pressing issues of the information technology industry – how to continue to capture and retain increasing amounts of data in a secure manner for long term storage and retrieval in a cost effective manner.

DNA is heralded as an ideal storage medium because it is dense, volumetrically stable; DNA can survive for hundreds of thousands of years in just about any place. But nothing has been said about the inefficient and costly manner in which current digital computing models handle organic molecular storage such as DNA and the significant investment required to commercialize the process.

Sequencing DNA and working with DNA material requires quantum computing capabilities rather than the existing digital computer processing models (Vella, 2014). The cost of quantum computers makes them unrealistic for widespread use in business and everyday life. In order to understand the interest in altering the content of organic DNA we must understand DNA.

According to the National Institutes of Health (2015), “DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. Nearly every cell in a person’s body has the same DNA. Most DNA is located in the cell nucleus (where it is called nuclear DNA), but a small amount of DNA can also be found in the mitochondria (where it is called mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA).”

According to Rudd (2013), “DNA is a digital binary code laid down in patterns and sequences that can be interpreted in a logical, binary way” (pg. xxxv). It’s a code.

Webster’s dictionary defines the word ‘code’ as “a system used for brevity or secrecy of communication, in which arbitrarily chosen words, letters, or symbols are assigned definite meanings.” It also uses the following definition for the word ‘code’; “a systematically arranged collection or compendium of laws, rules, or regulations. Any authoritative, general, systematic, and written statement of the legal rules and principles applicable in a given legal order to one or more broad areas of life.”

So our creator has endowed each of us with a secret code hidden within us that contain instructions, legal rules and principles in broad areas of our lives. This sounds just like Jeremiah 31:33 where we read that God would put his “laws” on our inward parts and write them in our hearts. But how do we access and decipher the code and what are the implications for allowing others to write over this code?

According to Rudd (2013), “DNA solves the riddle of the 64-bit magic code. The 64 Gene Keys herald this new approach to truth, since they are the core archetypes found in every conceivable aspect of our universe. The 64-bit matrix is integral to physics, biology, music, geometry, architecture, computer programming and most fields of human research and endeavor. They form the foundational tetrahedral structure underlying space-time itself. “…our very DNA is based on this same 64-fold geometry. Making us a holographic microcosm of the entire cosmos” (pg. xxi).

The I Chang is an ancient Chinese text with references from 11th century BC originally considered a divination text. However, upon further study and analysis, scientists have come to understand that this ancient book contains a mathematical correlation to our genetic code, our DNA. According to Rudd, (2013), “One of the best-known systems based on this grid of 64 is the Chinese I Ching – the Book of Changes. Your DNA is made up of two strands of nucleotides, one strand being a perfect reflection of the other. This binary pattern is also the foundation of the Yin and Yang of the I Ching. Your genetic code is also made up of four bases, which are arranged in groups of three. Each of these chemical groups relates to an amino acid and forms what is known as a codon. There are 64 of these codons in your genetic code. Similarly, in the I Ching there are only four basic permutations of yin and yang, which are also arranged in groups of threes known as trigrams. In the same way that the two strands of your DNA reflect each other, each trigram has a partner. Together these two symbols create the hexagram, the basis of the I Ching. Just as there are 64 codons in DNA, so there are 64 hexagrams in the I Ching” (pg. xxii). Did the Prophet Jeremiah foresee a time when man could access the secret codes embedded within our DNA?

According to Rudd (2013), “This precise mathematical correlation between the I Ching and the genetic code allows us to create a new holistic language that resonates within the living cells of your body. In effect, the 64 Gene Keys are a Gene I Ching – a book that talks directly to your DNA” (pg. xxiii).

Learning what the keys are to unlocking the secret code and accessing that code represents the next evolutionary leap for mankind.

According to Rudd (2013), “You will discover that your DNA is simply waiting for you to input the right code. Once it has received your instructions, it will run the new program and build you a new body, a new life and a new reality. The evidence is lying within you” (pg. xxiii).

We are told that the Kingdom of God is “within” us in Luke 17:21 and Acts 7:48. And St. John tells us in Revelation 5:1 that the Lamb’s Book of Life, is written “within”.

Does DNA contain a hidden code that unlocks the universe? According to Schoenberger (1997), “a) The ideogram for the I Ching, if it is continued in writing, has the same shape as the DNA helix, which has been photographed in the electron microscope. b) The clockwise turn of the helix is a mirror image of the anticlockwise spiral. c) Both impress the observer by the fact that they are sequences which occur, or can be thought out, at great or infinite length – to the extent of billions of double-helix storeys in the case of DNA” (pg.143).

We have billions of double-helix storeys in our DNA! According to Rudd (2013), “The basic elements of a cell are threefold – there is an outer membrane, an inner mantle (cytoplasm) containing the working machinery of the cell, and a nucleus containing the cellular DNA and its instructions. You have about 60 trillion of these cells in your body, all with different roles and responsibilities. But most important, every single cell in your body right now is doing two essential things: It is listening, and it is responding. …the molecular switches in your cells tell the DNA which genes to switch on and which genes to switch off. This process goes on in all 60 trillion cells all the time, day and night, as long as you are alive. And you are designed to unlock the awesome molecular power stored within your body” (pg. xxiii). Humans are literally a two-way radio with 60 trillion nodes sending and receiving information every second of our existence here on planet earth.

The Human Genome Project was declared complete in 2003 but left unanswered the meaning of what has regularly been referred to as “Junk DNA”. In 2000, the Human Genome Project announced that the vast majority of our DNA had no function (Birney, Hidden Treasures in Junk DNA). But thanks to new research we now know that “Junk” DNA is not so useless after all. It controls when and what genes get turned on and off and how much protein they make and what each cell will become. Single-letter genetic variations with our “Junk” DNA can increase cancer risk through wormhole-like effects on far-off genes. “Junk” DNA controls the development of every cell in the human body (Hall, 2012). This includes how we age, what diseases we contract and how we heal ourselves.

We can firmly state that there can be no doubt that our thoughts program our DNA because, “The process of programming your DNA through attitude is the foundation of the well-known placebo effect and is also the core of an important new branch of genetics known as epigenetics. Epigenetics is the study of how the environment affects your genes. This exciting new field of biology is far more holistic in nature than the old models we all learned at school. With epigenetics, when we extend the idea of environmental impact to the electromagnetic world of quantum physics, then it must also include human attitude. At a quantum level, your environment is your attitude” (Rudd, 2013). This correlates precisely to the words of Jesus, “As a man thinks, so is he.” Our attitudes program our DNA. But if foreign program code has been placed within our DNA, without our knowledge, we will not know how to adjust our attitude to correct any defects in that code. Our only recourse is to constantly direct our DNA to remove all foreign code because foreign program code could be placed within the DNA of processed and unprocessed food materials we consumed each day. A build-up of these foreign codes in DNA could conceivably render a human completely unable to control any portion of their DNA. Christians must decide which side of the fence they stand on this one.

According to Rudd (2013), “You can only be a victim of your attitude. Every thought you think, every feeling you have, every word you utter and every action you take directly programs your genes and therefore your reality. Consequently, at a quantum level, you create the environment that programs your genes” (pg. xxiv).

Meditation, concentration and contemplation are the three ways known to man that lead towards higher consciousness. When St. Maximus tried to teach his flock that Jesus was speaking about meditation in the 6th Chapter of Matthew, the Catholic Church tortured St. Maximus and he later died from his ordeal after being released (Charry, 2011). Today many corporations, hospitals and celebrities sign the praises of meditation. Time Magazine has done a lengthy series of articles about the benefits of meditation. It is unthinkable in this day and age that anyone would be tortured for teaching meditation. But Christianity as a whole refuses to acknowledge that Jesus taught meditation and the implications of this willful ignorance risks irreparable harm and damage to the secret code hidden within us by God.

We can no longer refer to new age speak about auras and energies as mumbo jumbo because “The human body emits a range of subtle bio-electric energy signatures, which taken together form a powerful electromagnetic field known as the aura. Over a hundred different cultures have given names to this phenomenon, so it is in no way a new revelation. What is new is the understanding that the DNA Molecule’s primary role in the body (even before protein synthesis) is, in fact, electromagnetic reception and transmissions. By converting frequency into chemistry, your DNA generates the overall vitality and quality of your aura” (Rudd, 2013).

So not only does our DNA contain a secret code, its primary function is to transmit and receive information electromagnetically, and then convert those frequencies into chemistry. This puts the intent behind process and GMO foods in an entirely new light.

“Within your body, higher frequencies open your heart and flood you with periodic rushes of love and even ecstasy. Such waves reach right into the auric fields of others where they can unlock blocked pathways and give you access to powerful healing energies. In recent years the human aura has also been likened to an attractor field. Through its frequency, it attracts similar frequencies towards itself, which is the foundation of all relationship attraction” (Rudd, 2013). So when the woman in the Bible touched the hem of Jesus’ skirt and was healed, she was literally affected by his auric field with powerful healing energies.

Without meditation and contemplation mankind has no natural mechanism that permits him to raise his frequency. “At a certain point in this process, contemplation spontaneously gives way to absorption. Absorption is a very high frequency state of consciousness in which your DNA begins to trigger your endocrine system to secrete certain rarefied hormones on a continual basis. These hormones, which include pinoline, harmine, and melatonin, are associated with higher brain functioning and involve states of spiritual illumination and transcendence. Absorption can only occur when your aura is generating a frequency high enough to continually feed off its own electromagnetic field” (Rudd, 2013).

Now let’s examine how DNA relates to the Pineal Gland. In the 22nd verse of the 6th chapter of Matthew, Jesus said that if your “eye be single, your whole body will be full of light”. But a close examination of this verse shows that Jesus was speaking of a biological organ and not a moral or spiritual concept.

Strong’s Online Concordance shows that the word “single” in this verse is translated from the Greek word haplous. Haploid is the modern day translation of Haplous and has two (2) different meanings, and one of those meanings applies in terms of biology.

hap·loid adjective Also, hap·loi·dic.
single; simple. 2. Biology . pertaining to a single setof chromosomes.

noun 3. Biology . an organism or cell having only one complete set of chromosomes, ordinarily half the normal diploid number.

The Pineal Gland detects light like a sophisticated motion detection system and is the only “eye” we have that has only one complete set of chromosomes, the other eyes share a set of chromosomes (Keller, 2012). The majority of people have two eyes of the same color. Therefore, from a biological stand point we have two types of ‘eyes’, the type that see visible spectrums of light and share a set of chromosomes and another type known as the ‘third eye’ or pineal gland that has only one set of chromosomes. Therefore the Pineal Gland is a “single” eye.

The Pineal Gland produces melatonin in the “absence” of light (Keller, 2012). It’s also responsible for producing the naturally occurring psychedelic hormone dimethyltrypatmine (DMT) (Keller, 2012). The Pineal Gland disperses photon energy throughout our body, including DNA (Keller, 2012).

In 1 John 1:5 we read “God is Light”. “Light” is translated from the Greek word phos, meaning photon. DNA is attracted to light, “Research into DNA has demonstrated that one of its more usual electromagnetic properties is its ability to attract photons (elementary light particles), causing them to spiral along the double helix. It is this ability of DNA to weave light around itself that reveals its true hidden role within your body – to act as a superconductor whose sole purpose is to exponentially increase the frequency passing in and out of your body. This in turn leads to a complete transmutation of the fabric of your being. This very rare phenomenon is theoretically known as a transposition burst and involves the sudden and synchronized movement of thousands of DNA elements inside your body to new and different genetic locations. It signifies the extraordinary birth of a completely new kind of human being – homo sanctus – the sacred human” (Rudd, 2013).

DNA attracts photons as it acts as a superconductor to exponentially increase the frequency passing in and out of our body. This means that the pineal gland is the primary organ for processing light for absorption by DNA. Science tells us that our DNA attracts photon in order to raise our frequency and that contemplation triggers the absorption. If the DNA our creator endowed us with attracts God and we absorb God’s energy through contemplation, what do we risk by allowing others to write over the secret code hidden within us by our creator? Should Christians be concerned with limiting DNA storage to synthetic forms of DNA rather than organic forms of DNA?

“As we have seen, our DNA itself is a digital binary code laid down in patterns and sequences that can be interpreted in a logical, binary way. The analogue way is completely different. It is mysterious, playful, spontaneous and intuitive. The higher frequencies can only be unlocked by the analogue way, but the digital way is how we ground those frequencies and experiences into our mental understand. It is the combining of both analogue and digital that results in contemplation – the primary pathway into the Gene Keys” (Rudd, 2013). A combination of both analogue and digital is required in order to taken in and ground the higher frequencies available to man. But what if those frequencies increase exponentially?

Eta Carina is a cosmic game changer and it won’t be the last one. Eta Carina is a star that exploded 165 million years ago but it didn’t die (ZME Science Nature, 2012). In fact scientists have been studying and monitoring it for more than a decade trying to determine when and/or if it will go supernova. Scientists have also learned that when a star explodes and creates a black hole it gives off more energy than a trillion suns (Freeman, 2015). That’s a TRILLION Suns. Let’s pause a minute and put that into perspective. What type of energy, photon and frequencies must something like that emit?

While some scientist say we have nothing to fear from Eta Carina going supernova, others say that the energy will eventually hit earth and could cause a wide range of spontaneous changes ranging from mild to catastrophic. I firmly believe that mankind’s future does not end in a meaningless catastrophic manner so I’ve chosen to examine the mild affects that this cosmic pheromone might have on our DNA.

Scientists estimate that the energy streaming out from a black hole streams at a rate of 1/3 the speed of light. Scientists also estimate that Eta Carina is more than 7500 light years from earth. Doing some basic math under these assumptions we would arrive at the conclusion that the light particles from Eta Carina would start bombarding earth’s atmosphere within 2.9 years of going supernova. This means that within 2.9 years our DNA would be exposed exponentially larger amounts of photon energy and only those who have shown the “discipline” to “practice” meditation techniques in order to raise their frequency would be equipped to handle the sudden influx of energy. Many would fail and Christianity would bear the weight of this catastrophe in large part because of its willful and wanton ignorance of meditation and the true teachings of Jesus. And that same time they would have opened the “hen house” to the “foxes” seeking to alter the secret codes planted within us by our creators simply out of their love for all things “technological” and their ignorance of their true meaning.

The White House has announced with great fanfare its initiative on Brain research. However, each and every funding opportunity posted on the National Institutes of Health’s website is related to invasive techniques when it is already known that none-invasive techniques using infrared and near infrared light spectrums can cure a whole host of diseases that originate in the brain including, Alzheimer’s, PSTD, stroke, schizophrenia, autism, epilepsy and traumatic brain injury (Lim, 2013). So why is the government so interested in invasive techniques and why isn’t anyone in the Christian community paying attention? Are we distracted by the tech gurus and consumed with giddiness over the newest “tech” discovery?

Since our DNA is programmed by our attitudes and operates by sending and receiving electromagnetic signals after receiving photon (Light, God) energy directed from the Pineal Gland, why would allow a source outside of God to alter the secret code placed within our DNA?

If infrared and near infrared light is the same spectrum of light from the sun, and the pineal gland triggers the absorption of light spontaneously during meditation and contemplation, then why not promote non-invasive light techniques like Dr. Lim’s for curing diseases instead of chemicals and invasive techniques? (NASA, 2015)

The moral and religious implications of DNA Storage are massive. If Christianity is so willfully and wantonly ignorant of meditation who is to say that they are not willfully and wantonly ignorant of reincarnation? Has Christianity been infiltrated by a dark power that wishes to enslave mankind and prevent us from obtaining Christ Consciousness? Would those following these infiltrators control the cycle of reincarnation if they were successful in capturing consciousness forever by altering DNA to limit its ability to transform thereby altering the cycle of life and death on this planet? How could Elijah be John the Baptist if reincarnation did not exist and no one can argue with Jesus who said that Elijah was John the Baptist? And how was Jesus able to recognize Elijah as John the Baptist unless Jesus had also known him in his previous incarnation?

By failing to restrict DNA storage to synthetic DNA, Christians risk allowing a process to flourish which could remove the entire secret code that our Creator wrote within us. We risk our leap into the Kingdom of Heaven that resides within us and the eternal peace that comes with it. We allow our willful and wanton ignorance to fuel the cognitive dissonance in statements denying reincarnation while attesting to Jesus’ statement that John the Baptist was Elijah. We risk exposure as hypocrites continuing to deny Jesus’ message of meditation while failing to honor the past of tortured saints who understood his message; while the secular world learns of, and benefits from, the practice of meditation.

Given the mountain of debt our nation has, the economic implications of DNA Storage are staggering. In order for DNA Storage to become useful in everyday life, our technology would require the capacity to process DNA sequences with speed and accuracy and easily retrieve data once it’s stored within DNA. Current computers cannot do this with ease. The current computing platforms would have to change dramatically and the United States of America is in no position to make that change given the current economic downfall in which we find ourselves. We simply can’t afford to make DNA storage mainstream for corporate and individual use. Our students and professionals have not been given the training or tools necessary to understand how to use quantum computers and our business models are not well suited for quantum computing processing, unless our controllers are content upon turning our entire existence into a game. Therefore it is disingenuous to herald the success of storing data on DNA as an effort to solve the problem of data storage. This is nothing more than a veiled attempt to make it widely acceptable to manipulate DNA and change the secret code written within us and deny us our divine right to transformation. The dark powers and principalities in high places know what’s about to happen; a child could put the pieces of the puzzle together using well known Bible verses that resonate with universal truth (see Table 1).

Rather than manipulating our God given secret codes, the righteous thing to do would be to teach us how to meditate and access our codes on our own. The outright refusal of some select members of the government, scientist and religious communities to promote meditation speaks volumes about their true intent. I hope that Eta Carina is the 7th Angel of Revelations (Donahue, 2015). And, that the global awakening will occur at such incredible speeds that these “best laid” plans of those who would attempt to alter our God given communication system to our creator, will die like other failed attempts to usurp the Kingdom of Heaven that is within us.

Table 1

God and Science together at last in perfect harmony



If thine eye be single they whole body shall be full of light

The Pineal Gland Detects Light

The Pineal Gland produces melatonin in the absence of light

The Pineal Gland is responsible for naturally producing DMT – an illegal substance

The Pineal Gland disperses light to our DNA and throughout our entire body

DNA’s primary role is electromagnetic reception and transmission and converting frequency to chemistry

For in him, we live, move and have your being.

The Human Body has 60 trillion nodes sending and receiving electromagnetic transmissions every minute of our existence

And I shall will write my laws on their inward parts

Our “Junk” DNA controls the development of every cell.

As a man thinks, so is he.

Our attitude programs our DNA

And no man shall teach another man about God, for they shall all know me

DNA is a secret code written within, unique to, each person that reveals itself after sufficiently raising frequency by taking in more photon when in a state of relaxation and meditation which allows DNA expansion

3 Classic paths toward enlightenment:

Be still and know that I am God. Go into thy closet and shut the door.

1) Meditation

I will keep thee in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on me

2) Concentration &

And you shall be changed, in the twinkle of an eye.

3) Contemplation & Spontaneous absorption

Benefits of Meditation:

I came so that you might have life more abundantly

a) Higher Brain Function

Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find

b) Spiritual Illumination

He that overcometh shall inherit all things.

c) Transcendence

For as the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven, shineth unto the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in his day.

d) Eta Carina. An exponential force of electromagnetic photon energy headed toward planet earth.


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Racism, DNA & Cosmic Law

by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 7, 2015

by Charlotte Smith, March 7, 2015


As I was just finishing the attached article, I read your most recent post (Clearing Human Semantics). We are all thinking in the same way. The time of change is already upon us. Feel free to use any of the attached as you see fit.

Peace, love and Light,



Dear Charlotte,

remarkable synchronicity indeed. These are the kinds of proofs we need to know that we are on the accelerated path to ascension and that nothing can stop this process anymore. I will publish your article today.

With love and light



Racism is not something that can be resolved based upon the human perspective because its origins are extraterrestrial and cosmic. Everything that happens here on earth was first conceived in the cosmos, in the All-That-Is. The remedy to the “Fall from Grace” of the human mind can only be achieved by altering human DNA through words. The words must address our true reality with a proper foundation of the basic principles of matter and how DNA works.

My heart aches time after time as I learn of or experience the horrific act of racism, war, death, and destruction.

People of color do not control law enforcement, the courts or the prisons but this is the path to incarceration and the destruction of the family of the being who is incarcerated. There is only one way to peacefully bring an end to all of mankind’s ills, including war, terror and the destruction of racism.

How do we attain peace against such overwhelming odds?
We initiate the conversation about All-That-Is and how earth was seeded, including a robust discussion on extraterrestrials.
We initiate the conversation about NASA’s discovery of the exploding star, Eta Carina.
We initiate the conversation about the increase in light particles bombarding the earth as a result of this and other cosmic phenomenon.
We initiate the conversation about how science has proven that DNA expands only when it is relaxed.
We initiate the conversation about how DNA can take in more photon (light) energy when it is relaxed and how words can alter DNA.
We initiate the conversation about how the Pineal Gland works in darkness when the body is relaxed and how this gland processes and disperses this photon energy throughout our body.
We initiate the conversation about how the psychoactive effect of cannabis and other drugs relax the body and make it possible for our DNA to relax.
We initiate the conversation about how meditation teaches us how to be still and channel energy throughout our body.

And then we calmly and intelligently explain that instead of terrorizing people of color just because the color of their skin and calling them lazy; everyone who wishes to make the evolutionary leap through transfiguration into a light being must learn how to relax, meditate (be still, empty mind, ‘lazy’), and expand their DNA QUICKLY. Those who are not able to relax and channel energy throughout their body will simply not be able to remain in the same dimension with those who can.

This is pure science, not political, religious or personal. Just science. And this is the “separation of the wheat from the tares.”

The human races were seeded from many different extraterrestrial races. Veterans Today. Com has catalogued a list of ET races engaging the earth at this time.

As Logos Gods we transform this world by helping to educate each other and change the perspective of why racism, war and all of the other ills exist, thereby bringing about the destruction of these things.

There is an ET presence that feeds off the energies of fear, hate, terror, anger, and any other low negative energy you can think off. Their offspring, a majority of mankind at this time, are programmed within their DNA to behave this way. But science has proven that words can change DNA.

This is why affirmations are so important and why the placebo affect is real.

As Logos Gods we merely need to change the WORDS that we are using when we speak about racism or any of these ills so that we can change our oppressors’ DNA and find peace with our oppressors who are transformed from within.

We are Logos Gods. We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for. We just need to speak the right words with the right vibration in order to change the electromagnetic wave length emanating from those who currently engage in these immoral and destructive practices. We must show by example the truth of All-That-Is and only then can those who follow begin to understand.

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Clearing Human Semantics

by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 7, 2015

by Georgi Stankov, March 7, 2015

The outstanding characteristic of these last days in this 3D holographic reality is the total chaos and confusion of human minds. We see it in the MSM as well as in the alternative media. Humanity is now entangled in two major wars in Ukraine and in the Middle East and in numerous other conflicts around the globe. These destructive events penetrate the very edifice of Western civil society, where you have 50 times greater chance to be killed by an US cop than by an alleged Islamic terrorist, notwithstanding the fact that the first exerts his job only to protect you from the second type of people.

What is crazier in this world – human doing or thinking? Why not dismiss all US cops and show all potential Islamists that you do not care about them. But this could only be a humble beginning of a correct human thinking.

It has been a maxim of all my writings that first comes the thinking and only then the doing. What is the major blunder in most human minds and in particular of all politicians and world leaders that causes the current chaos and destruction of all civilized structures of human life worldwide? It is the concept of rivalry, of the existence of enemies – the foe image (Feindbild) among all humans. We have been witnesses of the demonization of Putin and Russia for the last two years by all Western MSM that was used as an alibi to start a bloody and devastating war in Ukraine.

Incredible madness has taken possession of all human minds – of the mainstream and the alternative scene, of the masses and the few intellectuals and almost nobody seems to be able to leave this End Time cesspool. It is indeed so painful to observe that even such outstanding thinkers like Dmitri Orlov, the Saker and Paul Craig Roberts are not capable of rising above this morass of collective madness and still wander blindly in the current 3D maze. They all miss the Ariadne thread, about which we have talked a lot in the past.

I have always expressed the simple acknowledgment that the incarnated human personality is a very deficient energetic system in terms of perception and cognition. But it is the human mind that fucks up the entire human thinking and being. What is the most common, fundamental blunder all humans, including the few critical thinkers, stubbornly perpetuate on a daily basis? It is their total rejection of the soul and the leading role of the HR in shaping this world. The acknowledgment that each human being is a demiurg of his own reality and destiny and that there is no other to be blamed for it.

The most deeply ingrained, flawed idea of most humans is that they perceive themselves as separated biological organisms that are only capable of surviving if they are engaged in a mortal battle with their imagined foes. If we look closely for the primary cause of all evils we now encounter on this planet – wars, civil wars, other brutal social conflicts, innumerable injustices coming from the current economic, financial, judiciary and social systems – they all derive their energy from the concept of humans being essentially enemies, which one needs to combat in order to survive.

This argument is then forwarded at the individual level to allow you to kill anybody who enters your home (in the USA) or to invade and destroy another country that is deemed to be an enemy of yours, as the USA has done with virtually every country that has dared to have an independent policy and not obeying the hegemonial dictate of the Empire of Evil.

In this mortal battle – human against human – it is a universal blunder that your enemy is always the evil one and that you are in possession of all moral, legal and ethical rights to destroy him with full impunity. Whereas morality and ethics play only a marginal role even in the arguments of all alternative thinkers when they criticize the establishment precisely for this perverted kind of thinking. Even the most outspoken critics show no desire to delve deeply into moral issues and develop some universal principles of human conduct that could eradicate all wars and conflicts by changing first the minds of the people and then making them act in a more ethical and moral manner than they have done so far.

We all know that the major blunder in collective human thinking is to overwhelmingly reject the existence of the soul, her immortality and subsequently the Unity of All Life and Souls within the all-pervading harmony of All-That-Is. Vice verse, the primordial notion of total separation from the Source leads to the most insidious idea, namely that human life is organized according to the “survival of the fittest”, where the fittest is defined as the most brutal individual who is able to get rid of all his enemies or at least to enslave them. This is the kind of thinking and doing of the dark ruling cabal that is now destroying their own foundation of power and existence by trying to implement this flawed thinking in a new energetic environment that no longer supports such vicious ideas of separation.

But then why do so many intellectuals follow this same flawed pattern of thinking, even when they say “white to white and black to black”? You only need to read all the articles of the above mentioned authors to understand my total frustration with humanity – with their inability to use their minds in a logical and consequent manner and create a more congruent vision of their reality.

The moment humans realize that all incarnated souls build an energetic unity and that their human foes are soul mates from the same or closely related soul family and that in reality there are no Zionists and Arabs, no terrorists, be they of Islamic origin or sitting in Washington D.C. at the Capitol or in the White House; that there is no death and true elimination of your enemy as he is your eternal soul buddy, then they will also begin to see through the illusion – what a farcical life they have created on this planet – and maybe then they will be paralyzed with shame and disgust for many eons of time to come.

I am discussing this issue today, as very soon this will be the key topic for all humanity when human minds will be finally cleared from their vicious ideas by the seven sacred flames from the Source and will begin to perceive the true reality behind this 3D holographic facade.

Hence if we now live in the time of “Apocalypse”, where this Greek word simply means “revelation”, uncovering of the truth, the first and foremost fact we must acknowledge is that all human minds have fucked up – that of the masses and the MSM representatives as well as of all so called “alternative” thinkers without any exception.

Well, I hear you saying at this place that I was also engaged in this dualistic presentation while writing on political issues in the past. This is true, but under the explicit assumption that you all know that this duality is coming to an end and that any mental engagement in human conflicts and wars on my part has only one purpose – to show you when the insanity will reach its peak, before it disappears for ever.

Contrary to the Saker, Dmitry Orlov, Paul Craig Roberts and many other alternative thinkers, I have never pretended to save humanity as it is, as I know it is about to destroy itself in the current End Time so that we, the new Logos Gods, can create a completely new human race. By the way this is what we are mainly doing – Carla and I created the new human template last year and these new souls are now massively populating the human bodies on this timeline as walk-ins, just as we created the new 4D worlds for the new Golden Galaxy in 2013, which many of you now shape as Guardians of this galaxy.

But the “Fall from Grace” of the human mind has now reached such a dizzy depth that I personally do not see how a remedy can be achieved under the current conditions. There is virtually not a single foundational idea of the collective human mind that is true and correct and will survive the coming ascension. And by this I do not only mean ideas associated with social life, but also such basic scientific ideas that deal with this physical reality. This has been a leitmotiv of all my elaborations and observations in the past and I must admit that I am somewhat disappointed that only a very few of you have jumped on this topic, while the rest of you preferred to dwell in and contemplate on your daily human beingness, although you all know that this reality is coming to an end very soon.

Here is one topic, which is representative of many other topics I would have liked to discuss with you in more depth, but “it takes two to tango” and I hate to lead monologues. This only deepens my inborn loneliness as Elohim among human beings.

An here it is: How can we understand the true reality of our existence and of any sentient existence, if we do not even have a proper knowledge of the basic properties of physical matter, which we have created as a Great Illusion from the fulcrum of our HS? Because the greater the illusion, the more precisely its “natural laws” must function as to keep this illusion alive. We are the greatest illusionists in the whole omni-verse at the soul level by creating the most improbable reality on this earth.

We are all physical entities that are subjected to gravitation and electromagnetism. These are the only two fundamental forces we can directly experience and respond to. The other two forces in the standard model – strong (nuclear) and weak forces – are of theoretical nature. While the role of electromagnetic waves in human life has emerged strongly in the last few decades with the introduction of numerous gadgets with dubious functions, gravitation has chained our bodies to this material planet since the beginning of this civilization.

That is why we are now all so fascinated with the idea of ascension and overcoming the limits of gravitation in the first place. And this is where the litmus test of faith for all humans now lies – only truly evolved souls are able to believe that they are much more than their physical body and can overcome space and time, which are mere illusion, and live in many realities at the same time. The other less evolved souls, such as the Internet trolls, reject this vehemently and project their own dreamed insanity onto us. Projection is the universal method of hiding one’s own deficiencies in thinking. Read Jahn’s latest messages and you will know what I mean by this.

Now think about this, how can humanity overcome gravitation if it does not know what gravitation is? This is the well-known theoretical deficiency of present-day physics and if somebody claims the opposite, he is an incurable ignorant. Then comes another huge deficit in human scientific knowledge that deals with the properties of gravitation. Why is gravitation only an attractive force, while electromagnetism is both attractive and repelling force? Equally charged particles repel, while oppositely charged particles attract.

Interesting question, indeed. Have you ever heard that a scientist discusses this obvious fact to everybody? No! And why not? Because the humans are the most dumbed down species in the whole universe and have no desire to learn anything, not even about the most obvious facts that affect their very being.

Why is the fact that gravitation is currently considered to be only an attractive force, while electromagnetism manifests both as attractive and repelling force, so important? Because precisely this discrepancy between gravitation and the other three fundamental forces that display charges prevent it from being united with these three forces in the standard model. That is why we have no unified theory of physics and no theory of gravitation at all, but only partial laws that describe the free fall or the gravitation of celestial objects.

You see how such simple and self-evident facts are not explained or even tackled in science and cause a profound confusion in human minds, and not only the more obvious, flawed idea that humanity is an assembly of enemies that one must eradicate as to survive… where? In the hell, created by humans themselves with such false ideas.

Given all these fundamental blunders in human thinking that profoundly affect life which humans create for themselves, it is appropriate to ask, where should one begin with all the revelations as to rectify this derailed human thinking and cognition? With the most obvious blunders at the social and political level or with the basic flawed scientific ideas that prevent humans from understanding the physical illusion they create and live in?

I, for my part, pledge to begin with the full clarification of all basic scientific concepts and terms as when they are cleared once and for all, then so much will also change at the level of collective human thinking that all other social, political, ethical and moral blunders will be swiftly resolved, respectively wiped out, in the process of this human Apocalypse.

In order to satisfy your curiosity at the end of this essay, let me tell you that the idea that gravitation only manifests as a force of attraction is so obviously wrong that I still do not have any explanation how scientists could have missed this fact.

Gravitation appears to be a force of attraction only when we observe the special case of a free fall of an object on the earth’s surface. In that case the object falls perpendicularly to the earth’s surface and the gravitational force of attraction points to the center of the planet. However when we observe the general case of gravitation between celestial objects, for instance between the sun and the earth, we immediately recognize that gravitation leads both to attraction and repulsion, depending on the point of observation. It is well-known that the earth has an elliptical orbit and that the sun is in the focus of this ellipse. This means that the earth’s orbit has a perihelion and aphelion: “The perihelion is the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid,comet or other Sun-orbiting body where it is nearest to the Sun. It is the opposite of aphelion, which is the point in the orbit where the object is farthest from the Sun.” (Wikipedia)

Hence when the earth moves along its orbit, it is repelled from the sun when it moves from the perihelion to the aphelion and attracted by the sun when it moves from the aphelion to the perihelion. The closed elliptical motion of the earth consists of a period of attraction and another opposite period of repulsion. This case holds true for all celestial objects and this is how gravitation occurs in the visible universe.

The free fall at the earth’s surface is a special case, which points to another unresolved central theoretical problem in geometry and from there in science – the famous parallel axiom (parallel postulate), which is also part of the Euclid’s Fifth Postulate. All ancient and modern geometry is founded on this postulate. If the parallel axiom is proven to be wrong, and it is wrong, almost nothing remains of modern geometry and mathematics. In other words, is it possible to extent straight lines ad infinitum as current geometry sustains or do they tend to cross somewhere in the distance?

This is another basic theoretical problem in linear mathematics and in classical geometry that has not been resolved in the past and proves how flawed these exact scientific disciplines actually are. I was the first scientist to prove in an immaculate manner that all motions in All-That-Is are closed rotations, which are never ideal circles but in most cases ellipses, so that we always have a period of repulsion and a period of attraction. This holds true for all gravitational celestial objects, as well as for all electromagnetically charged particles.

The free fall near the earth’s surface is thus a limited particular case based on unanalysed scientist’s consciousness. When we bring an object for instance 100 km high in the stratosphere of the earth, it does not fall to the earth’s surface, but begins to rotate as a satellite around it. This is the general case.

Hence by resolving the fundamental gnostic question that gravitation is not only a force of attraction as Newton’s law of gravitation describes it, but also a force of repulsion as the three Kepler’s laws actually show, we have resolved with one fell swoop the problem of the standard model by uniting gravitation with the other three fundamental forces and thus uniting physics for the first time. In addition, we have resolved the central parallel axiom in geometry by proving that all motions are closed rotations and that any straight line as defined in geometry is a pure abstraction of the human mind that has no correlation to the real physical world.

Herewith, we have resolved in a playful manner so many theoretical questions of science and mathematics that if they are fully comprehended and implemented by humanity, we have already achieved a dramatic leap in collective human consciousness and ascension would have come immediately.

I only wanted to show you here what a huge abyss of ignorance now gapes in the human minds and why it is impossible to fill in this huge mental black hole of humanity with some pieces of knowledge, before the final ID shift and ascension come. Hence we must wait until ascension, before we begin to convey to humanity these basic pieces of knowledge and before humans will be allowed to do greater things and even begin with their personal creation, as we are now doing on a global scale from the fulcrum of our HS.

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Racism, DNA & Cosmic Law →

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