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sharing.:::.Melchizedek – I stay – A Step by Step Guide on how to connect with YOURSELF – The Ukrainian-The Inner Transformation Now

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Melchizedek – I stay – A Step by Step Guide on how to connect with YOURSELF

By annamerkaba on February 19, 2015 • ( 1 )

What I am being explained is that although these words are channeled through me by Melchizedek, and he is speaking to us directly, he is speaking about us, he is speaking about EACH and every one of YOU. What the ascended masters are trying to say is that YOU ARE MELCHIZEK.. or the TEACHER OF RIGHOUSNESS! YOU ARE RIGHOUSNESS! You are the ONE and it is YOU who carries the energies of the cosmos within you. What they are asking is for us to look deep within… look into our own hearts.. look into our own EYES and through our own gaze.. we shall see our very own selves transformed. By facing yourself in all the formats, be it emotional, mental, we must also face our selves literally by gazing into our very own eyes, as the energy that we emanate, will cleanse us out.

And as we do so, we are invited to repeat the words of the channeling that you see below (that you will hear after my message)

And when we look at ourselves in the mirror, If we notice that we are sending “negative” energy through our eyes, transitioning, transmitting negative energies, we must keep cleansing our palate. We are called to gaze at our own selves.. deeply.. and to see how it feels when we look onto another, to see how we feel about our very own selves, to stand naked before our own selves and to acknowledge our own divinity, to see our selves as we are, without anything but that which we are.

To do so you must truly be brave… as the energy coming from your eyes, may surprise you.. and yet you will learn so much from doing this exercise. Looking into your very own eyes, with your eyes being reflected back at you through the mirror, which shall act as a prizm.. magnifying everything back to you..

How many times have we stared at our selves in the mirror? But we have not truly SEEN our selves as we are? Ignoring to truly look into our soul. This is a very intense and brilliant experience, which will truly get you to tune into your own self. And when you do, you will bring out the Melchizedek within your own self (the Melech Tsadik) of your very own soul. And through this cleansing, you will tap into the universal knowledge of incredible proportions.

Sephirot Device balances out not only all 7 of your chakras, but assists in activating the 10 emanations of the Kabalah Tree of Life. This is a VERY powerful tool, to be used by those who are ready to open up to all of their virtues. Incredibly useful for healers and those working in the healing and creative arts. This device will cleanse you out, so be ready for tremendous transformations to take place after meditating with this disc for a while. You can use this device on your clients, simply by placing it on that body part which needs healing. Once you do so, you will be able to open a gateway to their subocniousnes and various thoughts will arise for them to release, various emotions will come up in order to heal whatever is ailing them.

We are asked to look into our own selves, and be our own teacher, to wait not for another to show us the way, as we are the ones CREATING this way.. and yet if we still need help.. we can receive it, simply by tuning into our own selves.

The times are changing.. and in order to receive any information you are asked to look into your own self.. literally.. and then you will know all the truth that you need to continue on your own path of creation.

I stay and I stay upon you, through the glorious continuation of the times that have passed, through the yesteryear of the consciousness of the beholder.

I stay, and I stand before you, glorious in the moon, and glorious in the sun, partaking of all the energies of the cosmic flares. I stand before you, naked, I stand before you revealed. I stand before you, and I, offer you the glorious accompaniments of the heavenly abodes.

I stand before you as I am, for I am. I stand before you today on the edge of the new world, and I ask thee to look deep into the abyss of that which ye has created for thyself. I ask thee to look deep within into the abyss to examine closely that which ye have created for thyself, for indeed the question of ye consciousness shall arise, the question of ye consciousness shall spring anew and birth a new cognition, of the benevolent creation of that which ye are. For the cognition of your earthly abode shall begin to swirl in the understanding of informational decrees. Shall being to take a new route, a new route into the prowess of ye hearts.

I ask thee to look past all the obstacles, I ask thee to find my hand and I ask thee to follow me into the heart space of ye own creation. As I stand before ye, revealed, as I stand before ye naked, as I stand before ye with the accompaniments of the creator.

Yes I the gaze through the realm of the divine unfolding. I stand before you naked as I am. Naked as I appear to be, naked of all the glory, naked of all the ego, naked of all the energies of the past , I stand before you as I am, as nothingness, as a void, I stand before you as the creator, and as a whole.

And when you shall look into the gaze of my eyes, and when you shall gaze upon me, and when you shall gaze into my eyes, you shall see the benevolence of all that indeed you are, when you shall gaze into my gaze, you shall be transformed, transformed for through a prism of your understanding of thyself, you shall find the true meaning and core of that which indeed you are!

For I stand before you naked, for I stand before you cleansed of all , for I am nothing and I am everything, For nothing I am and Everything that I am is me. For I stand before you in the void of your creation. And when you shall gaze upon me, you shall see yourself through a prism of your own creation.

For I bring with me the pureness of all that is, for I bring with me the purification of that which you indeed have been longing to uphold, for I bring with me the purification and I take upon me that which is, and I transmute all that is, and I break through the barriers and I walk thee on the path of righteousness the path of righteousness I walk thy path.

Heed my words child of the gods, heed my words for through my gaze you shall be transformed, through my gaze of nothingness’ you shall be transformed and birthed anew. Gaze upon me whenever you wish for I stand before you transformed.

Essentially what we are asked to do is to repeat the mantra that you have just heard as we gaze into our own eyes as we stand before a mirror examining that which we are. It is not necessary to repeat it word by word, the idea is to remember the essence of this message, to understand that you are a master of your own creation and your life. You are a very powerful being, who has come onto this plane to assist others in remembering that which they are. You are asked to remember this, and to work with yourself, in clearing away the underlying waves and emotions that may be hindering your progress, that may be reflecting upon others the negativity which is within your heart. You are asked to cleanse yourself yet again, through this exercise.

To do so, find a quite moment in your day, and stand before a mirror, really close to it, so that you can see your eyes, then look into your eyes. If you feel any type of discomfort or fear wash over you. Correct these feelings by telling yourself that you are love, that you are loved and that you are divine. Tell yourself that you are the violet flame, and that you are swirling in light and positivity. Send this love to yourself through your eyes. Focus on that, and you will see how your eyes will begin to shift and transmit a different type of frequency. This is a very healing exercise and at the same time a disturbing one, so please only proceed if you feel you are ready to do so.

Once you master the adjustment between the “dark” and “light” energies emanating from your eyes, you will be able to use this technique to completely restore your balance at any given moment in time. I hope this helps all of you to come into your power! I love you all so very very much and am so humbled and grateful to walk this path with you!

P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL

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The Inner Transformation Now

by Georgi Stankov Posted on February 21, 2015

by Georgi Stankov, February 21, 2015

We have been in the last weeks and months in a constant massive inner transformation as this has been reflected in our regular energy reports. In the last days this inner transformation has peaked one more time and we have lost the last remnants of our common sentiments as human beings. Our emotional and mental fields and our physical vessels have been reset and rewired from within to such an extent that the new reset bears no resemblance to what we used to be in the past.

Many emails which I have received from you in the last days and weeks reflect this profound inner metamorphosis. There is no doubt that these processes are extremely challenging as they make us fully incompatible with this reality. We can no longer communicate with other human beings as they no longer understand what we say to them. We vibrate so high that their low frequency senses can no longer resonate and respond to our energies. Communication presupposes a common spectrum of energetic vibrations and this interception no longer exists between us and the rest of humanity.

The most dramatic inner transformation happens however not within the physical body, as most of you have already finished with your LBP and transfigured last year. Now you are only present here as Logos Gods in a physical vessel, before you leave this holographic reality for ever. These changes now happen at the cognitive and emotional level, where an incredible expansion beyond the usual human awareness is currently taking place.

The rest of humanity is following us at a great distance, but they also change with an unprecedented speed. Few, if any, of them realize what they are going through and only on the surface can we see these incompatibilities as sudden loss of logical, rational thinking and weird emotional reactions.

The general impression is that most people are now losing the ground under their feet and become helpless. Negative feelings such as aggression, anger and despair are then a common emotional reaction to these radically changing conditions of human life from within, which only reflect past habitual survival instincts that still lurk within the rapidly altering old human nature, before they are ultimately deleted as obsolete energetic patterns.

As we are the wayshowers and incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia 5 who transform now humanity at a maximal speed, all these negative feelings flow through our bodies, fields and chakras. We serve as huge conduits of energy transfiguration of all humans by using the turnstile mechanism. This creates enormous fluctuations (sways) in our mood and mental perceptions and this makes our life so hard these days. As human beings, we still need a minimal level of energetic stability and precisely this condition is no longer existent in this rapidly transfiguring reality these days.

The human mind is overwhelmed and begins to interpret these maximal emotional and mental sways as ominous messengers of coming disasters. While this may be true for many incarnated souls on this timeline, this is definitely not the case for all light warriors of the first and the last hour who have completely severed any energetic connection to this crumbling holographic model and are now dwelling in 5D and 6D dimensional levels. We are only as avatars in this reality in order to observe its final pangs and throes in this auspicious End Time and report to the Source. This is the most valuable present we can donate to Universal Creation as being Creators ourselves.

The acknowledgement of our greatness has always been a challenge to us and our surrounding. We have discussed this aspect of being Creator Gods in human gestalt more deeply and extensively, and with more spiritual insight on this website than on any other forum in this world. But these same problems haunt us to the very end as long as the rest of humanity believes that they are mortal biological beings and subjugated to a random, hostile nature and that they must fight all life in order to survive.

To survive as what? As biological species. This is the greatest illusion that is now being revealed to humanity and it happens from within. That is why it is so difficult for so many people to recognize this inner metamorphosis. Throughout all their past lives as incarnated human beings they have lived a very restricted version of themselves as humans and have tried to solve their existential problems entirely in the external world. And now for the first time the salvation comes from within.

What humanity now experiences is a complete rewiring of their inner energetic structure that eliminates all limitations in their usual thinking, feeling and perception. The enslavement of the human spirit in the flesh was first and foremost an inner process and a free choice of the soul to descend into dense matter. Only then was this downfall augmented and led astray by the dark forces who used the same energetic mechanism as the incarnated soul to lower her frequencies and identify with matter in order to make the unique experience of being separated from the source and robbed of all her creative power for a while.

While this immersing into matter was a highly creative decision of the soul, any additional dumbing down of incarnated humans by the dark archons was a malignant act of enslaving them as to be able to sponge on their energies. All dark entities have severed themselves from the Source and do not get enough energy to survive as sentient beings on their own. This is the primary reason why they try to fully subjugate humanity at the End Time and prevent its ascension with any possible and impossible means.

This process of separation is now coming to an end. It started decades ago and has reached in 2015 its final stage when a vast portion of the incarnated souls on this uppermost mother planet are currently fully embraced by this transformational process.

Any form of mental and emotional limitations that leads to further separation from the source is a product of inner energetic blockages that are created by destructive interference. This is also the way how all digital computer technologies operate from a theoretical physical point of view. Human fields are like a complex web of wires with numerous resistances, so that the source energy, manifested as human spirit, can only very slowly flow within narrow pathways free of resistance and can only produce distorted compartmentalized ideas.

These ideas on their turn create the reality we experience on this earth. Human mind and psyche very much function like electric devices based for the most part on resistances that limit the flow of the electric current through the various forms of conductors. Now the higher selves are removing all these inner resistances in psyche and mind and substitute them with new conductors based on superconductivity.

This is a simple technical metaphor to explain in human words what is currently happening with many human beings on this planet and what has already happened with us when we entered the last most intensive phase of the LBP. Please keep always in mind that many people are now entering the stage of initial transformation you have left behind years or even a decade ago. Hence do not compare pears with apples, to use a popular German saying, while exploring this crumbling reality.

Inner resistances within the mental and emotional fields of humans are energetic blockages that prevent congruent, holistic, truly logical thinking and also hamper humans to experience their god bestowed feelings in an unprejudiced and spontaneous manner. Most of the problems humanity experiences on this toxic planet stem from an energetic point of view from such blockages. This also holds true for all diseases of the physical body.

Now all these inner resistances are being rapidly removed and both our emotions and thoughts are flowing in a state of superconductivity within our energetic fields, as almost no resistance exists anymore.

For those who are interested in the theoretical background of superconductivity, I recommend to read about it in volume II on physics, where I have presented some major breakthroughs in the true understanding of this key physical phenomenon. There I explain why, once conductivity is resolved, all energetic problems of humanity will also be resolved for ever. The key word here is free, unlimited energy, where there is no friction and no waste of energy in terms of heat (thermodynamic death).

Translated into human perception, our minds are now being transformed into “superconductivity minds” that can achieve infinitely more than our petty carbon-based minds. That is why we also talk of a crystalline body and mind after our transfiguration. We simply allude to these verbal circumscriptions of the fact that our new minds will function as superconductors after ascension.

Currently, the carbon-based mind operates as a very slow semi-conductor due to the fact that all neuronal synapses in the brain and in the peripheral nerves are transmitting the actions potentials, which are essentially electric impulses (alternating current) identical to the ones that also flow through our computers (as hardware built on the technology of semiconductors) with a big retardation of several hundred milliseconds at the synaptic junctions that connect the numerous neurons in the brain.

I have written a lot about this deliberate deficiency of the human brain, which is the primary creator of this illusory 3D holographic reality as space-time. The latter is embedded in higher frequency levels and dimensions that exist simultaneously and overlap with this narrow holographic reality and support its existence through constant flow of Source energy. Please observe that all energetic systems in All-That-Is are U-sets and contain themselves as an element. This is a basic axiomatic statement of the new theory of the Universal Law.

When such blockages are removed, we can only notice the effect at the beginning as an expansion of human awareness and a new opening of the peoples’ minds to the truth. This kind of opening is always accompanied by huge emotional sways. All of a sudden the people begin to see the facts as they are and as we have seen them for years but nobody believed us, as the people were not there yet in their evolution of mind and inner senses.

Then they are naturally shocked to realize how deeply mired and enslaved they have always been by the dark cabal in power. This cognition is an inner achievement and no external power can evoke this effect. The external collapses will only confirm this inner knowing. That is why this Orion matrix is doomed to destruction. Inner images must become congruent with the external reality humanity creates from within. It has always been so.

We are now precisely in this phase and it is an amazing experience to witness how the masses are beginning to awaken from their perennial slumber and how they respond to this inner transformation. Hence it is worth staying a bit longer on this earth as not to miss this unique show.

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The Ukrainian War Simply Explained

by Georgi Stankov Posted on February 18, 2015

by Georgi Stankov, February 18, 2015

The Ukrainian war was started by the USA through their proxies, the criminal Nazi junta in Kiev after they ousted in a bloody putsch the legitimate, democratically elected President Janukovich one year ago. After that the junta unleashed a fratricide war in Southeastern Ukraine that is entirely populated by native Russians with the aim of conducting an ethnic cleansing on all Russian people living in Ukraine. The reason for this crime was that these people had elected with 90% Janukovich and opposed vehemently, though peacefully at the beginning, the criminal Nazi putsch regime in Kiev, installed by the CIA. This was by all means their legitimate right according to international law and the UN convention of human rights.

Neither the Novorussians, nor the Russians wanted this war, but they had to accept it in order to protect their homeland from the killings and shelling of their towns and cities ordered by the Nazi thugs in Kiev. At the same time Russia adopted the principle position that this civil war should stop immediately and that the Kiev regime should begin serious negotiations to resolve this internal political issue through new constitutional federalization of the country and granting full autonomy to the Russian population in Eastern Ukraine.

At the same time Russia supported its compatriots abroad with weapons and other humanitarian help as the Russian constitution demands. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the Russian state took over the responsibility for all Russians outside its borders that live in the former Soviet republics. But it was entirely the merit of the Novorussian patriots to defend their country successfully from the barbarian war of Nazi Kiev that has killed more than 50 000 people according to latest estimates, half of them being Ukrainian soldiers.

The Novorussian troops wan a major victory last summer and almost completely destroyed the Kiev army. Poroshenko was compelled to sign a ceasefire agreement as to avoid the total defeat of his troops. This is now known as the first Minsk agreement. The Second Minsk agreement was signed last week when the rest of the Ukrainian army was besieged in the cauldron of Debaltsevo by the Novorussian troops and was about to be defeated one more time in a most humiliating manner.

This treaty was signed by the Kiev junta under the massive pressure of Germany and France which for the first time fully realized that they have lost a major war in the centre of Europe and that this will change profoundly the political situation on the Old Continent. Before that they acted as spineless stooges of Washington and ratified this devastating war without any moral and ethical scruples. They hoped that the Washington dark cabal will win this war against Russia and that they can push Russia further to the East and into Asia and Siberia, thus establishing full military and economic control over Eastern Europe. This heinous plan was the last major step of the dark cabal to establish the NWO on this uppermost mother planet and was willingly and amorally ratified and supported by the EU and NATO.

Now the West has definitely lost its war of aggression against Russia. The second Minsk agreement ratified by the two former European powers, Germany and France, was not about a ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine, but about the tacit acknowledgement of their humiliating defeat. Although the USA was not party to this agreement, it also belongs to the defeated countries. The empty warning of sending lethal weapons to Ukraine is just smoke and mirrors to hide this total defeat – the worst for the USA after their debacle in Vietnam.

The latest news from the Ukrainian front show that the insurgents control more than 80% of the town of Debalsevo and that the Ukrainian forces are on the verge of total defeat. It is important to know that this battlefield was excluded from the Minsk agreement as this territory belongs officially to the insurgents and they have the right to purge their territory from all armed soldiers and mercenaries according to this same treaty.

There is reliable information that several hundred US soldiers and mercenaries of the former private US army Blackwater, together with their NATO tanks and weapons are also encircled in Debalsevo. When they are captured and shown to the rest of the world by the Novorussian patriots in the coming days, it will become evident that the USA is an active party of this war.

In this case Russia has clearly stated that this is a “casus belli” for this country to start an all-out-war and that it has every right to respond with full force to protect their homeland against the NATO aggressor. It is important to know that Ukraine is not part of NATO and that according to the international treaty that established the independence of this country from the Soviet Union in 1991, it is obliged to stay neutral and not to allow the deployment of any foreign troops on its territory. This treaty is closely observed by Russia, but not by the USA and NATO. And this is a “casus belli’ for an all-out-war for Russia against Ukraine and eventually against NATO in Europe according to its military doctrine of national defence that was revised end of 2014.

The Europeans know all this and they are now in utter panic. For the first time the German press is reporting truthfully from the Ukrainian front. The most widely read German tabloid “Die Bild Zeitung” has reported today how desolate the situation of the encircled and embattled Ukrainian army in Debalsevo is and that it is only a matter of several days before they fully surrender (read English translation here). This new realism of the German “Liars Press” (Luegenpresse) will help the German people see for the first time the dire reality on their continent with eyes wide open (and not shut as before) and condemn strongly the failed aggressive military policy of their criminal leaders against Russia.

West Europe has lost the war and this fact has been now fully realized by the EU cabal in Brussels and elsewhere. The Novorussians have won the war against the Nazi putsch regime in Kiev and it is a matter of days when this criminal junta will collapse. Russia and Putin are the clear winners of this war. And of course all the forces of light who won the final war against the dark ones, the former PTB of this planet.

Russia now does not need to do anything, but only wait till the Kiev regime crumbles and the political cards in this country are mixed anew. It must be considered that the Ukrainian population is fed up with this failed rogue regime and that they want radical political change one more time. If new elections are held today, the current nazi government will be wiped out from the political landscape of Ukraine for ever. The strong and victorious Novorussian anti-nazi army will become the only power of civil order in this failed country and this will be the end of the western cabal’s ambitions to turn Ukraine into a new NATO citadel against Russia.

Instead many Easteuropean countries, such as Bulgaria and also Hungary and Slovakia, are now seriously considering the possibility of leaving NATO, as they realize that this military alliance is acting against their vital interests and creates more danger for their countries than it pretends to prevent. They want better relations with Russia as the Hungarian PM declared today by inviting Putin in Budapest.

The current Ukrainian war ends the post-cold war era and the expansion of NATO eastwards. The USA has lost Europe and the new hot war against Russia to establish the NWO. Europe has left the political stage for ever and will never again engage in a new military adventure. The rift with the USA is irrevocable and the repercussions will be the most dramatic in modern history after WW2.

The dark government in Washington has already lost its second leg in Europe and now this crippled Empire of Evil is doomed to collapse very soon. Europe will be compelled to establish new, better relationships with the new, powerful Eurasian Union of Russia and China. But it is unlikely that the EU will have time to do this as the Ascension of this timeline to the new 4D worlds is imminent now.

The velocity with which this political and strategic transformation happened in the last few days is a real miracle and it will take some time for the people to realize it. Merkel and Hollande know it already. The other more intransigent Euro-cretins in Brussels will need some more time to filly grasp this stark fact. The USA will be the last ones to get it. Obama himself has given up any thinking and he does not even pretend to govern anymore, but only plays golf.

In the last days all dark souls were retrieved from this uppermost mother planet and the light quotient has increased exponentially. It is now only a matter of days when the old Orion order will implode and disappear from this reality as if it has never existed before.

I have the strong feeling that the new cities of light are now ready to descend upon this reality and to substitute within the blink of an eye the current waning holographic facade. Especially today I had a very strong vision, while being in Vancouver downtown and experiencing the finest, and most powerful ascension energies I have ever felt so far, that we are on the cusp of this biggest event in the infinitely long history of Gaia.

We have entered uncharted territory and will witness events we have never experienced before. But we all carry deep memories from previous ascensions, which we have successfully performed in this multiverse, and if you attune to your inner voice, you will surely be given much more information and insight as to how the ascension scenario will unfold in its final stage. We have definitely entered the most exciting time in our lives.

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Paul Craig Roberts – Putin Just Warned The West It Faces These Terrifying Consequences

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