sharing.:::.▶ 7 Moves for Sexy Flat Abs – AWAKENING TO FULL POTENTIAL.:::.Look up into the sky to see yourSELF. | Equipoise

Origen: sharing.:::.▶ 7 Moves for Sexy Flat Abs – AWAKENING TO FULL POTENTIAL.:::.Look up into the sky to see your SELF. | Equipoise


sharing.:::.▶ 7 Moves for Sexy Flat Abs – AWAKENING TO FULL POTENTIAL.:::.Look up into the sky to see your SELF.

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Look up into the sky to see your SELF.

Dear Ones,

We, the Arcturians, welcome you again to our Corridor. Before we venture into the sixth dimension, we wish to ground your consciousness in the fifth dimensional Earth that you are entering and, simultaneously, creating. Therefore, for this “step” of our journey, our channel will speak directly to you…

When we awaken to our full potential, we realize that WE are the Creators of our reality. Since all possible realities exist within the NOW of the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond, we can experience any frequency of reality (dimension) simply by calibrating our consciousness to the frequency of that reality. In other words, the reality that we choose to perceive is the reality that we live.

But how do we choose to perceive a reality? The answer to that question is that:

Consciousness precedes thought,
Thought precedes expectation,
Expectation precedes perception,
And our perception IS the reality that we live.

Hence, all reality is a perception, all the time. We are multidimensional beings and have myriad realities simultaneously existing at different frequencies. These many realities are not a place, they are a frequency, and they are all existing right HERE, NOW. However, we cannot perceive them when our consciousness is locked in the limitations and separations of the time/space of the third dimension. To access these realities we must return to our innate multidimensional consciousness.

When we decided to journey from the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond into the polarity of the third dimension, we took a “copy” of our Multidimensional SELF and “pasted” it on every sub-plane of the fourth dimension. Hence, when we journey back through the fourth dimension and into the fifth, we revisit these aspects of our SELF. Each of these expressions of our total Being evolves in a different manner, as they exist at diverse frequencies.

Furthermore, as our grounded self regains unity with our Multidimensional SELF, our visits to our alternate expressions in the fourth dimension advance the consciousness of our grounded one, as well as all of our fourth dimensional expressions. To “visit” with our higher expressions of SELF, all we need do is to calibrate our consciousness with that resonance of our being. Then, will be able to think in that resonance, expect communion with that resonance and perceive that reality while in a state of continuous consciousness with our grounded, third dimensional expression of SELF.

In other words, our consciousness is much like an elevator. We must go into the elevator, (enter our inner reality of pure consciousness), push the button for each
resonance of self, (calibrate our consciousness to that frequency), which will open the door, (allow us to expect entry into that reality), and walk through the open elevator door, (perceive that resonance), to have the experiences inherent in that resonance of our Multidimensional SELF.

Our multidimensional consciousness, which is the “elevator” to all aspects of our SELF, is free of all the restrictions of time and space. Our multidimensional consciousness is not “just” our higher consciousness. It is ALL our possible states of consciousness. Hence, we use our multidimensional consciousness to think, expect, perceive and live in our third dimensional reality, as well as dimensions of reality that are far beyond our third dimensional consciousness, thinking, expectation and perceptions. All of these realities/perceptions occur at the same time and in the same space, as they exist and are accessible within the NOW of the ONE.

While we are limited to our third and fourth dimensional consciousness, we are unable to access, or even believe in, these myriad realities. Fortunately, our multidimensional consciousness expands far beyond any concept of limitation.

However, like all spiritual, limitless awareness, we have to experience it before we can understand it. These different frequencies/resonances of reality are different frequencies, dimensions and levels of consciousness.

Therefore, to our grounded self they appear to be separate. On the other hand, to the perception of our Multidimensional SELF, all these myriad realities are different expressions of our ONE SELF. Hence, they are all one reality that exists within the NOW of the ONE. We are only one of the many versions of our Multidimensional SELF, but we forgot that fact when we lowered our consciousness into the third dimension to take a physical body. At some time in our childhood, or even at birth, we forgot our true SELF, as well as our innate state of multidimensional consciousness. Fortunately, what we have forgotten lies latent within us, waiting to be remembered.

* * *

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor ii
Posted 8th November 2011 by

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