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sharing.:::.▶ Sexy Butt & Abs | Day 4 Burnout – YOUR INTER-DIMENSIONAL JOURNEY.:::.THE ARCTURIANS – Releasing the Habit of Being Human

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Remember dear ones, as you continue your inter-dimensional journey in consciousness, you are expanding your consciousness, not just raising it.

Therefore, as you progress into the higher dimensions you also move more deeply into the lower dimensions. Before we begin the download, we wish to explain more about expansion of consciousness. While you are limited to third dimensional consciousness, you feel separated from all life that resonates above or below that frequency.

You do not raise your consciousness; you expand your consciousness. When you expand your consciousness into the higher frequency of the fourth dimension, it also expands into the lower frequency of the second dimension.

Furthermore, you do not forfeit your awareness of the dimensions you have known in your third dimensional lives. Primarily, you will maintain your third dimensional awareness of your human self as you expand your awareness into your fourth dimensional Etheric and superconscious self and your second dimensional, animal and unconscious self.

Then, as you expand your consciousness into your new life, and Lightbody, of the fifth dimension, you maintain your awareness of the fourth dimensional realities of your ethereal self, your third dimensional human self, your second dimensional animal self and your first dimensional cellular self. As you expand your consciousness to include your Multidimensional SELF in the fifth dimension and beyond, you gain a great connection with your first dimensional cellular self, as they are both based on unity.
When you expand your consciousness to embrace the sixth dimensional matrix of all form that you choose to inhabit in the lower dimensions, you also become aware of the quantum reality where form is created by attention and intention.

Hence, your sixth dimensional consciousness creates the matrix for form, and your quantum consciousness allows you to inhabit any form in any reality by attending to the sixth dimensional light of that reality. Quantum light does not travel like third dimensional light, as it exists beyond time and space. You will perceive that light, or reality, by attending to it with your conscious intention.

The sixth dimension is the “hard drive” for the “divine blueprint” of any and all forms you inhabit in any reality. Your reality is entering a time of paradigm shift in which consciousness precedes form, rather than form preceding consciousness.

Because of this, your form does not choose to be conscious. Instead, your consciousness chooses to hold a form. From the perspective of the sixth dimension, form is a holographic light-matrix projected from your Multidimensional SELF to create a vessel which your consciousness can inhabit in a chosen planet, galaxy and/or dimension.

What we are saying is that YOU are your consciousness. It is not that your consciousness is within your body; instead, your body is within your consciousness. Once you have expanded your consciousness to include the Collective Consciousness, all of humanity is within your consciousness. When you regain your Planetary Consciousness, the entire planet is within your consciousness. With Galactic Consciousness, the entire galaxy is within your consciousness, and with Cosmic Consciousness the Universe is within your consciousness. These facts have always been true, but as with all spiritual knowledge, you must experience it before you can understand it.

By expanding your consciousness, you progress from Personal Consciousness to Collective Consciousness to Planetary Consciousness to Galactic Consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness. As you begin to awaken, your third
dimensional Personal Consciousness expands to include the Collective Consciousness of all humanity. Then, as your consciousness expands into the fourth and second dimensions, you can unite with the Planetary Consciousness of Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants.

When your consciousness expands into the fifth and first dimensions, both of which are based on unity, one planet becomes too small to contain your consciousness, and the entire galaxy becomes your home. It is at that point that
you have regained your Galactic Consciousness. As your consciousness expands to embrace the sixth dimension and quantum realities, both of which are free of time and space, you can travel through all reality with a thought and Cosmic Consciousness becomes “normal.”

With the conscious recognition and use of your Cosmic Consciousness, human language becomes totally inadequate as a complete paradigm shift takes place in your perceptions, and only Light Language can express the concepts that swirl through your heart and mind. Downloading Light Language will assist you in the paradigm shift from the third dimensional separation and limitation to multidimensional unity with the ONE. You will connect to and download Light Language in the same manner that you have connected to and integrated with all life—through the power of your unconditional love.

from Journey through the Arcturian Corridor II
Posted 2nd November 2011 by Juan Pablo

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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, copyright 2013


While the new energies of light are arriving, carrying a further expanded consciousness of cosmic proportions, it is important, to open up to their magnificence.

Because without us receiving and utilizing them, they cannot propel forward the planetary evolution and our own ascension.

As we receive them, they are intoxicating our physical and our light body.
In fact, they are of a powerful substance of clearest light and energy, and pristine Purity, which instills the information of transforming our carbon based body into a crystalline structure.

They require us to let go of the old three-dimensional experience in the total system of our body-mind and replace it with the Power and Presence of this intense light. It is coming through our Beloved Sun from our Galactic Center; and through our Galactic Center from the Great-Great Sun around which our Galactic Center is revolving.

The increasing solar activity, whether earth-directed or not, rises constantly our frequency, if we allow it. Because we are not our earth-bound body. But we are in a Single Consciousness One with Gaia, the Spirit of our planet, One with the Spirit of the Sun and the Spirit of the Great Central Sun, and ultimately One with All-That-Is.

We are indeed blessed in a way we never have been blessed before.

How do we open up and receive these Great Cosmic Forces?

We do not need any technique. We do not need any guided meditation. We do not need any limiting mediator between us and what is pouring down on us.

It is the pure and one-pointed, spontaneous impulse of the heart, that reaches through the feeling top of the head to above, to locate what is already present directly above us. It is to allow this powerful Presence of Pure Light to enter our body-mind and to let It pervade us from the top to toe.

It activates and saturates the currents of energy in the body-mind and overrides three-dimensional energy and awareness. In fact, it is quite naturally transporting us into the consciousness of the higher dimensions, the dimensions, where it is coming from.

Ultimately, if we allow the process fully, there is no movement but rather a state of altered consciousness, and a silent, powerful expansion, in which no-thing is noticed, but Pure Being-ness.

There is no Light without Information. Information determines the level of consciousness that we experience. And it is our choice what we focus on: the moving worlds or the pure being-ness, the fullness of I Am.

So far almost none of us has managed to recognize the totality of worlds as a modification of Divine Consciousness, in which every trace of duality is transcended, including our seeming separation from the universes. And all worlds are directly Known to be Undivided Divine Consciousness.

In this State we have already left to exist beyond and prior to dimensions. Such is the vastness of our Divine Consciousness.

Now the Universe has opened up to introduce us to all our Divine Possibilities and to our Ultimate Divine Nature.

The Real Great Adventure has begun for All Humanity.
And So It Is.

With love and many blessings,


Copyright© 2013. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without changes, including the title. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 3rd November 2013 by Juan Pablo

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THE ARCTURIANS – Releasing the Habit of Being Human

Message from the Arcturians


(I found this message hidden in another file. It seemed so familiar that I searched my recent messages to find it, but I could not. Thus, I have decided to post, or re-post it, as it is information that we cannot hear too often.)

In order to return to the higher frequencies of reality you will need to release our habit of being human. YOU are not your human body. However, YOU are wearing your human body. This body is not YOU. It is merely the form that you must wear in order to engage in third dimensional life.

You do not even wear this form when you sleep and enter the fourth dimensional astral plane. You do not wear this body when you meditate and experience higher frequencies of reality. Of course, you do save and protect this body so that you can return to the third dimensional experience. Therefore, you would not sleep in the middle of the street or meditate while driving your car.

Your multidimensional life involves both the physical and the meta-physical realities. Your lightbody remains nestled within your High Heart and force of kundalini while you are engaged in the physical and radiates out far beyond your earth vessel when you attach your consciousness to the meta (beyond) physical world.

To live eternally in your true form of light, you will need to unconditionally love, forgive and accept your earth vessel so that you can transmute it into light. Some Ascended Masters maintain an earth vessel so that they can return to Gaia and assist Her in Her ascension. Many of you will do the same.

Since your lightbody resonates beyond the limitations of 3D time and space, you can connect with your myriad expressions of lightbody in the higher dimensions and return to your physical form a second before you left.

In fact, many of you are doing just that, which is why you often have a lapse in your short-term memory, experience dizziness or the sensation of disorientation. You are also likely having glimpses from the corner of your eye of something or someone that quickly moved past you, but when you look, no one is there.

These experiences are because the veil between the physical illusion and the higher worlds is thinning. The holographic reality is beginning to blink out for just a second. Therefore, you “think” you see it, but there is no physical proof of that perception.

Calming music can greatly assist you, just as it assists plants to grow and to heal. Calming music ignites your imagination, which is your fifth dimensional thinking and higher creative force. Whether you know it or nor, you are in the process of releasing your attachment to the illusions of your 3D world that is perceived through your physical brain. As you release your habit to believing that 3D perceptions are “real” and re-route your perceptions into your multidimensional mind, you will regain your innate “mind-over-matter.”

However, mind over matter is only useful if you have conscious control of your thoughts and feelings—your personal energy field. Now that your higher perceptions are online you are very aware of the energy field of persons, animals and even things. However, you can only be aware of energy fields around you when you are aware of energy fields within you. When you are aware of your own energy field, you have constant feedback regarding your mental and emotional state of being.

At first you may feel as though you are always depressed or anxious. What is really occurring is that you are attached yourself NOT to your human vessel, but to your true Lightbody. Your Lightbody resonates to a much higher frequency than the physical form that you used to wearing. Therefore, your Lightbody may feel too intense, too fast, erratic and even unstable. These sensations make you anxious, which over time, will make you depressed.

Actually what is erratic and unstable is the level of consciousness. In order to “wear” your Lightbody you must realize that you are no longer limited to your physical form. In fact, much of your depression is how your physical form feels when your wear it. Then, we you return to true form of Lightbody, you may feel anxious because it feels so different.

You have not yet adapted to this frequency of form. If you had always driven an older model, slow economy car and suddenly were asked to drive a very fast racecar, you would likely feel unstable, insecure and nervous. Furthermore, your 3D consciousness is frightened by this change and reminds you, “Your Lightbody is NOT real.”

This message also creates anxious or even depression. What if you are crazy and all this Lightbody stuff is “just your imagination.” Well, it is your imagination, but your imagination is REAL. Your imagination the fifth dimensional thinking that operates your fifth dimensional Lightbody. The racecar has a different engine/brain and travels on different fuel/consciousness than your old economy car. In other words, the bar is rising as you move into the “new normal.”

This new normal feels much like those new pants you bought because you noticed your lost weight, but you did not lose that much weight—yet. But you will loose that “weight/mass” because you are slowly transmuting into your body of light.

The timeline to which we are presently speaking has chosen to have a gentle and gradual ascension. This version of ascension requires great patience, but there is a minimal of destructions. Of course, the forces of darkness are still trying to instill fear into the masses, but since they can no longer start wars, they are restricted to finding good wounded people to program to go on a “shooting spree.”

These acts of random violence are the expression of the remaining need for violence by those that are so dead inside. These lost ones must experience and create violence in order to feel alive. However, as your civilization continues to ascend, these greatly wounded humans will be identified and healed before they act upon their own inner anguish.

On the much lighter side of affairs, more and more people are getting off the fence and choosing to take the risk to believe in a brighter future rather than remaining lost in the fearful indoctrinations of the past. Furthermore, as more people move into higher frequencies, the fearful messages, horror shows, and violent entertainment will lose its appeal. This violent input is only enjoyable to those who have not tasted the glory of the higher light.

Once these unfortunate ones have their first exposure to higher frequency energies in their body, they will quickly lose interest in the short-term rush of fearful adrenaline. Adrenaline is meant to give a “move away from” or “prepare for battle” message. Without any experiences of the “moving into” and “preparing for bliss” of the endorphins and other psychotropic chemicals in your system, adrenaline at least makes them feel alive.

It is only in a low frequency of reality that fear is the proof of existence. The flow of higher light and the over-lighting of the Galactics and Celestial forces are slowing entering the consciousness of those who have not yet awakened to their Multidimensional SELF. We know that many of our ascending ones have also been battling fear. We want to remind you that you are “feeling” fear-based emotion. You are “releasing” them.

We recommend that you expedite this process of releasing old, archived fear by filling your form with unconditional love. Words and intentions have great power; so all you need do is calming say to your self, “I love you unconditionally.” It is that simple.

Try to remember to make this statement frequently. In fact, put aside a day and decide that while you are awake you will remember to say “I love you unconditionally!” once every hour. We know that sounds like a lot, but think about how many times a day you chastise yourself. At least once an hour, we would guess.

If you can catch your self EVERY time you say something negative to or about your self and replace that thought with, “I love you unconditionally” it would greatly expedite your return to SELF. Actually, you have ascended. The fifth dimension resonates all around you, but your perceptions are still calibrated to the third dimension.

Hence, you travel in darkness when it is actually high noon. Your main enemy now is NOT the forces of darkness, but your addiction to the habit of third dimensional thinking. Once you are feeling free of your third dimensional habits, thoughts and emotions, you will easily “find the time” to connect and remain connected to finer and lighter realms of your true Lightbody SELF.

Soon, you will no longer need to “escape” to the higher worlds. You will remember and consciously experience that you are ALWAYS in the higher dimensions, as well as your daily life. Even though, you may not have had enough “time” to realize it, you are no longer limited to one reality. You physical form is only the lowest frequency of your true Multidimensional SELF.

You will accelerate the recovery of your multidimensional memory by reminding yourself that that “higher being” that guides and protects you is YOU!
YOU are the silent inner call and comfort that emanates from within and above.
YOU are the light you seek and the peace for which you long.
YOU are the Higher SELF that controls your earth vessel.

Release your ego’s need to control and embrace the FLOW of your SELF. You can release your ego needs by loving your self unconditionally. You know your ego is like a child. It can be patient if it is happy and has something fun to do. Therefore, find “time” to have fun and to be creative. Break the third dimensional mold of “working hard to be a good person.”

Working hard never made you a good person. It only made you tired. Then, when you were tired you were often short with your loved ones and impatient with your self. Your body is like your family pet. It needs to be loved, fed, exercised and groomed. It cannot do those things for itself. You must take care of your ego.

You have lived with the misconception that your ego will take care of you and believed that a strong ego would assist you to be successful in your difficult world. However, your ego resonates to a very low, survival-based state of consciousness. You do not want to just survive any more. You have had the taste of freedom, happiness and even bliss.

You no longer need to go to great lengths to “make someone love you” when you already love yourself unconditionally. Unconditional love means that you are totally lovable right NOW. You don’t have to get thinner, richer and smarter or when you have more security. You have all the security you need within the knowing that you love your self unconditionally.

If you find it too difficult to love your self unconditionally, call upon your higher dimensional expression of SELF that is entering your dreams, creativity, exercises and experiences of fun and relaxation. In order to release your addiction to be being human, begin by releasing your addiction to “being better.”

Your consciousness is perfect right now! Your SELF was perfect when you were born and has been perfect all along. It is only the illusions of your third dimensional life that have made you feel “less than.” We realize that many of your have had many very difficult experiences in your life so far. However your life in the higher frequencies is not difficult.

In fact, many of you have “survived” your difficulties by connecting with your Guide, which are actually YOU in a higher frequency. You no longer need to resonate to a frequency where there is difficulty. Of course, the challenge is that you need to BELIEVE you can expand your consciousness into your Lightbody in the higher dimensions in order to be conscious of the fact that YOU were always there!

When you are remembering to love yourself unconditionally, please remember that YOU are the ONE who loves you—unconditionally.

We send you unconditional love,

The Arcturians

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 3rd November 2013 by LUZ ZOHAR

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Compartir.:::.~ La felicidad no es de este mundo.:::.Madre Divina ~ Yo sé lo que ustedes quieren porque quiero lo mismo.::.La felicidad no es de este mundo. | AGHARTAN

Origen: Compartir.:::.~ La felicidad no es de este mundo.:::.Madre Divina ~ Yo sé lo que ustedes quieren porque quiero lo mismo.::.La felicidad no es de este mundo. | AGHARTAN



Compartir.:::.~ La felicidad no es de este mundo.:::.Madre Divina ~ Yo sé lo que ustedes quieren porque quiero lo mismo.::.La felicidad no es de este mundo.

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Allan Kardec ~ La felicidad no es de este mundo.

¡Yo no soy feliz! ¡La felicidad no se ha hecho para mí! exclama generalmente el hombre en todas las posiciones sociales. Esto, hijos míos, prueba mejor que todos los razonamientos posibles, la verdad de esta máxima del Eclesiastés:

 “La felicidad no es de este mundo”. 

En efecto; ni la fortuna, ni el poder, ni tan siquiera la florida juventud, son condiciones esenciales de la dicha; diré más, tampoco lo es la reunión de esas tres condiciones tan envidiadas porque se oye sin cesar en medio de las clases más privilegiadas y a las personas de todas edades quejarse amargamente de su condición de ser. Ante tal resultado, es inconcebible que las clases laboriosas y militantes envidien con tanta codicia, la posición de aquellos que la fortuna parece haber favorecido. Allí, por más que se haga, cada uno tiene su parte de trabajo y de miseria, su parte de sufrimientos y de desengaños, por lo que nos será fácil sacar en consecuencia, que la tierra es un lugar de pruebas y de expiaciones. Así, pues, aquellos que predican que la tierra es la única morada del hombre, y que sólo en ella y en una sola existencia les será permitido alcanzar el más alto grado de felicidades que su naturaleza admite, aquellos se engañan y engañan a los que les escuchan, atendido que está demostrado por una experiencia archisecular, que ese globo no encierra más que excepcionalmente las condiciones necesarias para la felicidad completa del individuo. En tesis general se puede afirmar que la felicidad es una utopía; en busca de la cual las generaciones se lanzan sucesivamente sin poder alcanzarla jamás, porque si el hombre sabio es una rareza en la tierra, tampoco se encuentra con mucha facilidad al hombre completamente feliz. Lo que constituye la dicha en la tierra es una cosa de tal modo efímera para aquél a quien la prudencia no guía, que por un año, un mes, una semana de completa satisfacción, todo el resto de su vida lo pasa entre amarguras y desengaños, y notad, queridos hijos, que hablo aquí de los felices de la tierra, de aquellos que son envidiados por la multitud.

Consecuentemente, sí la morada terrestre está afecta a las pruebas y a la expiación, es preciso admitir que hay en otra parte moradas más favorecidas, en las que el espíritu del hombre, aprisionado aun en la materia, posee en su plenitud los goces anexos a la vida humana. Por esto Dios ha sembrado en vuestros torbellinos esos hermosos planetas superiores, hacia los cuales vuestros esfuerzos y vuestras tendencias os harán subir un día, cuando estéis bastante purificados y perfeccionados. Con todo, no deduzcáis de mis palabras que la tierra esté destinada para siempre a ser un lugar penitenciario; no, ciertamente, porque por los progresos realizados, podéis deducir los progresos futuros, y por las mejoras sociales adquiridas, las nuevas y más fecundas mejoras. Tal es la inmensa tarea que debe realizar la nueva doctrina que los espíritus han revelado.

Así, pues, queridos míos, que os anime una santa emulación, y que cada uno de vosotros se despoje enérgicamente del hombre viejo. Os debéis todos a la vulgarización de este Espiritismo, que ha empezado ya vuestra propia regeneración. Es un deber el hacer participar a vuestros hermanos de los rayos de la luz sagrada. ¡A la obra, pues, mis queridos hijos! Que en esta reunión solemne todos vuestros corazones aspiren al objeto grandioso de preparar a las generaciones futuras un mundo en el que la felicidad no será una palabra vana.

(Francisco-Nicolás-Madaleine, cardenal Marlot. París, 1863).


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Allan Kardec ~ Los tormentos voluntarios.

El hombre va incesantemente en busca de la felicidad que se le escapa, porque la felicidad perfecta no existe en la tierra. 

Sin embargo, en las vicisitudes que forman el cortejo inevitable de su vida, podría gozar, por lo menos, de una felicidad relativa; pero él la busca en las cosas perecederas y sujetas a las mismas vicisitudes, es decir, en los goces materiales, en vez de buscarla en los goces del alma, que son un goce anticipado de los placeres celestes imperecederos; en lugar de buscar la “paz del corazón”, única felicidad real en la tierra, está ávido de todo lo que puede agitarle y turbarle, y, ¡cosa singular!, parece que se crea de intento tormentos que estaría en su mano evitar. ¿Los hay, acaso, más grandes que los que causan la envidia y los celos? Para el envidioso y celoso, no hay reposo; ambos tienen una fiebre continua; lo que ellos no tienen y lo que poseen los demás, les causa insomnios; la prosperidad de sus rivales les da vértigos; su emulación sólo se ejerce para eclipsar a sus vecinos; todo su placer consiste en excitar en los insensatos como ellos, la rabia de los celos de que están poseídos. Pobres obcecados, que no piensan que mañana les será preciso dejar todos estos juguetes, cuya codicia envenena su vida. A éstos no se aplican estas palabras: “Bienaventurados los afligidos porque ellos serán consolados”, porque sus cuidados no son de aquellos que tienen compensación en el Cielo. Por el contrario, !cuántos tormentos se ahorra el que sabe contentarse con lo que tiene, que ve sin envidia lo que no tiene, que no pretende parecer más de lo que es! Siempre es rico, porque si mira hacia abajo en vez de mirar hacia arriba, siempre verá gentes que aun tienen menos; vive tranquilo, porque no se crea necesidades quiméricas, y la calma en medio de los huracanes de la vida ¿no es acaso una felicidad?

(Fenelón. Lyon, 1860).


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Madre Divina ~ Yo sé lo que ustedes quieren porque quiero lo mismo.

Yo soy la Madre Divina. Vengo en nombre de la Verdad. Gracias por dejar ir lo que no es completo. Gracias por estar dispuestos a entrar en una nueva vida. Los amo. Nada es más poderoso que el amor. Ustedes se están abriendo dentro de la verdad del amor. Me estoy asegurando de que lo hagan. No se preocupen, ustedes no tienen que hacer nada, solamente estar en mí, estar conmigo. Permitirme que les enseñe, permitirme que los guíe. Así que no tengan miedo de lo que vean que está pasando a su alrededor en el mundo. Envíenle su amor. Sólo sostengan mi mano a través de cada cosa que necesiten, cuando caminen sobre el sendero de esta Tierra, sostengan mi mano y cuídense. No importa lo que ocurra, yo los ayudaré a subir al otro lado, con más gracia, con más verdad y con más libertad, de la que ustedes alguna vez hayan conocido.

Ustedes están en un constante dejar ir, en una entrega constante a mí, la Madre Divina, confíen en mí, dejen ir hacia mí. Yo sé lo que ustedes quieren. Sé cuáles son los sueños más profundos de su corazón. Dénmelos. Juntos estamos creando un hogar Divino en la Madre Tierra, donde se puede vivir con alegría, con el apoyo en todos los sentidos. Quiero que perciban correctamente que todo es Uno. Yo quiero que tengan esa experiencia tan completa que nunca duden de ello.

Manténganse conectados a su fin y la alegría se derramará. Compartan su alegría. Repartan su alegría y crecerá. En su creación, el universo, es un flujo del Infinito que se manifiesta en lo que están co-creando, en lo que sea que ustedes están participando en suspenso con su conciencia.

Este es mi objetivo; traerlos a casa por completo, en la plena realización de lo que son. Son un Ser Infinito y quiero lo sepan, obviamente, no en un sentido del ego, pero en total humildad, para que podamos seguir adelante y sanar la Tierra, ayudando a los demás, y en la creación de un planeta sagrado.

Cuando sienten lo que quieren en su corazón, la vida les está hablando. La vida les está diciendo: Ven de esta manera. Este es nuestro plan. Esta es nuestra dirección. Sígueme. Sigan la vida. Cuando vienen a trabajar conmigo, van a tener éxito. Confíen en mí. Yo quiero lo mismo que ustedes quieren. Yo sé cómo conseguir lo que queremos.

Si ustedes tienen la idea, es porque tienen el poder para completarla en el plano material. Sólo deben seguir trabajando conmigo, trabajando con el corazón. La mente puede ser fácilmente derrotada. El corazón tiene la tenacidad y el coraje, el poder para prevalecer. Al trabajar con los obstáculos; el corazón comienza a derrumbarlos y hay fusión con la meta. Confíen en sí mismos y confíen en mí. Estamos trabajando juntos.

La Madre Dios está aquí. Tengo la inteligencia del amor. El amor es lo que crea el universo. Es lo que disuelve la falsedad. Es lo que amplía lo Bueno. Ustedes lo están recibiendo ahora.

Ustedes están liberando el poder de mi amor a través de su corazón. Cuánto más claro y más limpio, se vuelve su corazón; hay más poder y fuerza para convertirse en la creación de lo que usted quiere que dure. Los amo. Los amo. Los amo. Y cuando lo digo; oleadas de vibraciones de amor se elevan y se expanden en ustedes.

Podemos transformar cualquier cosa con mi amor. Es el poder creativo del universo, y quiero que lo tengan; para utilizarlo, para romper a través de cualquier condición que los mantenga constreñidos. Ábranse paso. Los estoy conduciendo en mi corazón.

Los amo. Los amo. Los amo. Mi amor los está tirando a través de una nueva vida. Mi amor es la energía más poderosa en esta creación. Quiero que lo sepan. Quiero que dejen todo lo que les asusta o lo que les asusta dejar que se queme en el fuego de mi amor.

Ustedes son un ser divino. El verdadero ser que está despertando. Rompan el miedo, el terror y la clandestinidad. Yo Soy una explosión de la luz divina que se abre paso a su verdadero yo. Yo soy la Madre Divina.

El amor está aquí. La vida está aquí. La Gracia Divina está aquí. Cualquier cosa que los haya tenido frenados o si ustedes han retardado algo que han querido hacer, porque han sido incapaces de hacerlo; saquen el tema. Llévenlo a cabo. Hay una ráfaga de la Luz en ello. La luz los llena de bien, de poder y disuelve todo lo que haya retrasado su progreso. Permítanse una explosión de Luz. La Madre Divina es la apertura de la puerta, una puerta hacia la Luz. Caminen a través de la Luz.

Ustedes están cambiando. Están sanando. Se les están cayendo las viejas máscaras. Todo lo que no ha funcionado, déjenlo ir. Todo lo que no les ha servido, rómpanlo. Patrones de personalidad viejos disuélvanlos. Mecanismos de defensa viejos desaparecen. Ustedes no necesita de estos más. Confíen en sí mismos. Ustedes son Infinitos. El Infinito les está siendo revelado.

El amor está saliendo, un amor que nunca antes han sido capaces de comprender. Los estoy conduciendo en él.

Ustedes son un ser divino, muy significativo, con grandes dones que ofrecerle al mundo. Lo que ha sucedido, ya ha pasado. Están cambiando el curso de la historia, su historia personal, así como la historia del mundo. Suelten el pasado. Déjenlo ir. Destrócenlo. Rómpanlo. Levántense a la luz.

Todo lo que yo curo se transmuta en luz, por el poder creativo de lo bueno. Así que denme a mí. Denme todo lo que les ha pesado como una bola y una cadena alrededor de su pierna. Dénmelo ahora y yo voy a romperlos en añicos, sanarlo, elevarlo, transmutarlo y liberarlos. No hay nada tan poderoso que mi amor no puede curar, transformar o cambiar. Yo soy la Madre del Universo. Denme sus problemas, sus condiciones, sus situaciones. Dénmelos a mí ahora y yo voy a disolverlos, a transmutar sus energías hacia la Luz, y crear de nuevo con ellos el mayor bien. Mi amor tiene la capacidad de curar todas las condiciones en sus cuerpos, en sus mentes, en sus emociones, en sus campos sutiles. Ustedes están aprendiendo sobre el poder del amor para dar, para permitir, para transformar, para crear y sobre esto es de lo que quiero que aprendan más. Mi amor es diferente que el amor que les ha dado el dolor. Mi amor está corriendo en una taza para que lo puedas beber.

Yo estoy aquí para ustedes. Estoy aquí para ayudarles a través de cada aspecto de su vida. Ustedes son hermosos, si se dan cuenta de ello; su corazón lo agradecerá – el corazón tiene la capacidad de ver la belleza de ustedes y de los otros.

Tú eres la sede del Poder Divino y yo te estoy enseñando cómo comunicarte con ella y utilizarla. Hay una hermosa armonía divina en el universo que quiere abrazarte. Cede a ella.

Yo estoy aquí para ustedes. Estoy aquí para ayudarles a través de cada aspecto de su vida. Ustedes son hermosos, si se dan cuenta de ello; su corazón lo agradecerá – el corazón tiene la capacidad de ver la belleza de ustedes y de los otros.

Permitan ir sus pequeñeces, son seres divinos. Les estoy diciendo esto una y otra vez porque es la verdad, tienen las habilidades de un ser divino. Confíen. Yo les estoy enseñando a cómo usar esas habilidades con amor.

Estén siempre en el modo; yo puedo, yo soy capaz. En el conocimiento de cómo vivir en la gracia todo el tiempo, eliminen la frase: “yo no sé”. Ustedes saben. Estoy aquí para recordarles lo que ustedes ya saben, y es que ustedes tiene las habilidades para moverse por la vida en la Tierra con gracia y habilidad.

Todo lo que tienen que hacer para abrazarme es pensar en mí. Eso es todo. Piensan en mí. Sí, trasladan la atención a mí y entonces tienen la pieza que les falta. Voy a ayudarlos a liberar los bloqueos en su conexión consciente conmigo y en sus propias creaciones. A medida que liberan estos bloqueos estamos más y más conectados, más íntimos, pero es sólo una cuestión de decir mi nombre. La Madre de la Creación los está llamando. Me pueden escuchar con su corazón. Avísenme que están allí y me sienten. Yo no voy a desaparecer. Yo sólo voy a ser más evidente en su vida. Confianza, confíen en la Madre Divina. Confíen en su vida divina. Confíen en su gran belleza y plenitud. Confíen en la Gracia Divina que se está vertiendo en ustedes. Es real. Los amo.

La mensajera es Connie Hueber
La trascripción es de Susannah

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