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Whole New Ballgame

Good Morning, Mark, this is Bren-Ton, speaking on behalf of all aboard Athabantian.
Good Morning, Bren-Ton, my very best to everyone.
What now follows on these pages of your web site, Mark, is a series of conversations between those of us stationed aboard Athabantian and you. No more will we supply information and insights from a seemingly higher perspective. From now on we will be conversing with one who opened the door to the higher dimensions for all to enter. On behalf of all in physical form, we salute all Earth humans of light who stepped forward to undertake this courageous, beautiful act on December 21, 2012.
We are totally in awe of the extraordinary changes that have occurred. I am almost at a loss for words to communicate with you. You and other planetary lightworkers have created a miracle. We congratulate you all.
For most people on Earth, the much-publicized date of December 21, 2012 came and went. There were no dramatic earth changes, no special appearances of extra-planetary craft, and no unusual religious events. Nothing of note was different, particularly to those caught in 3rd Dimension energies. What most people on your planet failed to recognize were the extraordinary events of that date and their tremendous importance not only to Earth but to all in the cosmos. Of almost equal importance was the unprecedented event of December 12, 2012. I will now address 12-12-12 from our perspective; another will come to communicate with you about 12-21-12.
For many millennia, we of Andromeda watched as Earth and other 3rdDimension planets struggled under the yoke of fear, rigid structures, and conflict. Over the past two thousand years we have seen changes wrought step by step as Earth humans climbed into what its termed the modern world, and as a small number became lightworkers rising above the confines of the 3rd Dimension.
As of 12-12-12, the matrix that supported the 3rd Dimension is no more. We watched as a small number of these lightworkers of Earth, along with the celestial creators of the 3rd Dimension, removed its underpinnings.
When you volunteered to incarnate on Earth, we were hopeful that this signaled the moment of the long anticipated Great Transformation. What has occurred is beyond our wildest expectations. What has occurred affects all in Andromeda, and all in creation.
I see that you wish to ask a question.
What do you think it means to those of us on Earth that the 3rd Dimension is coming to an end?

As I said before, we watched the underpinnings of the 3rd Dimension collapse. Never before have we witnessed such an occurrence. The very substance that enabled 3rd Dimension to exist on your planet and elsewhere is no more. Those who created 3rd Dimension as a floor for physical form withdrew its underlying matrix.
This is incredible. Those who rely on 3rd Dimension will no longer have a foundation from which they may operate. Their structures are now on sand rather than rock. Those who wish to flee from the 3rd Dimension will find it so much easier to accomplish this because 3rd Dimension tentacles are no more. All that remains of these are the leftovers from eons of people existing in lower vibrations. Now those who are sitting on the fence will find a decision to move out of the 3rd Dimension much easier to make.
From our perspective, we see the end of strife coming from beings who adhere to the ways of the 3rd Dimension. This means no more violence and wars. This means truth will reign, not deceit and misinformation. This means the end of hatred and judgment. This means no more poverty while the wealthy amass fortunes. This means the end of self-serving governments. This means the end of corporations preying on consumers. This means the end of religions twisting people’s beliefs.
What a glorious adventure in which you find yourself. We are most happy for you. Your courage and risk-taking have been rewarded, and in ways not foreseen when you volunteered to incarnate on Earth. Congratulations to all who are making this possible, to all who are holding the light, and to all who have worked to raise their personal vibrations.
Much of what we communicated to you previously, much of what conscious people believe, and much of what lightworkers talk about today has been totally outdated by the events of 12-12-12. The demise of the 3rd Dimension requires a completely new way of seeing everything, a new way of living for everyone in physical form.
May I ask another question?
What affect does the demise of the 3rd Dimension have upon Andromeda and Andromedans?
As you are well aware, Andromeda never participated in the fall of consciousness. We have retained our higher vibrations throughout the millennia as 3rd Dimension ruled many star systems. Thus the demise of the 3rd Dimension does not affect us directly. However, we will no longer have to defend ourselves from the onslaught of those in the 3rd Dimension. We will no longer have to sit by as those in 3rd climb out of it. (For you see, we were loth to engage in the 3rd Dimension lest we become trapped in its low vibrations.) We did supply starships such as Athabantian that continuously beamed light energies to those in 3rd Dimension.
How did the 3rd Dimension come about?
The 3rd Dimension was created to place a floor under the fall of consciousness. It was a vast matrix affecting many star systems. It was very rigid and of low vibration. It succeeded, but had unintended consequences. From its rigid structure came fear, judgment, hierarchies, violence and deceit. Divine love, while always present in the hearts of all, was largely absent or twisted as a control mechanism.
It has taken many millennia for the small groups of lightworkers to ascend through this to a point that those who created 3rd Dimension could work with them to dismiss it. Earth was the focal point of this effort because it was the darkest of the 3rd Dimension planets.
Any more questions?
Not for now. Thank you for this communication.
You are most welcome, Mark. I has been my pleasure, a real pleasure considering what has now been accomplished. Blessings and Good-bye.
Blessings to all aboard Athabantian and all in Andromeda.


Good morning, Mark, this is Adrial.
Good Morning.
I come to you this day in oneness for your vibration is high. I come as one who is most happy for you and for what has occurred on Earth these past days. You are one of a few out of the six billion people on your planet who actively assisted the opening of a new era for your world. As you know, what has occurred as a result of this unique cooperation between humans of Earth and the highest celestial beings resulted in an entirely new way of being for all in the cosmos. A celestial such as I already feels the affects of what has taken placed.
Earth has been, and still is, the focal point of a remake of the order of the universe. The New Earth is the focal point for the transmutation of all in physical form into the light of the Creator, and into oneness with the All There Is. What is occurring is indeed the most important event since the original creation of form, not just physical form, all form.
I wish to acknowledge the participation of all who have made this possible. For without their participation as physical beings in physical form, along with the most senior celestials, none of this could have happened. It required those of you in physical form to make the transmutation that those of in non-physical form could never have done by ourselves as much as we might have wished it.
With the closing of the 3rd Dimension matrix, as Bren-Ton addressed, those in physical form now can turn to the lighter vibrations that will ultimately lead to everyone in physical form achieving a crystalline-based existence. With this crystalline-based existence comes the way to the higher vibrations of twelve Dimensions. With this crystalline-based existence comes the oneness with the All There Is, with the Godhead. With this crystalline-based existence all that you have known as 3rd Dimension individuals will be transmuted.
May I ask a question?
What is life in a crystalline body like?

Crystalline form allows you to communicate telepathically. Crystalline form allows you to live as long as you wish and never experience 3rd Dimension death. Crystalline form allows you to be a full 12th Dimension being. As you might imagine, your friendships and relations with others will be quite different. Mark, life in a crystalline body will be quite different from what you have experienced thus far, even in Andromeda.
Will Earth have a crystalline form?

Yes, Earth will return to her the crystalline form that she possessed prior to the fall of consciousness. Then she will again shine with a light of her own, shine like a star.
What of my brothers and sisters of Andromeda? Were they not already of a higher Dimension?
You are quite right, all of Andromeda exists at the lighter Dimensions. What the opening of the 12-21-12 door means for them is that they will now be able to achieve full 12th Dimension empowerment.
What of those who do not wish to ascend?

First, until all in creation are in oneness with All There Is, none will be in total Oneness. Second, it will require time, not time as you know it, but the coincidence of events for this to take place. We who are of the angelic realm measure time in millions of years, and so shall you of the crystalline bodies. It will require eons to coalesce everyone into Oneness.

Didn’t you previously tell me that something like this was about to happen?

Indeed I did, about one year ago. Mark, I do not believe that you are able to fully comprehend what happened on 12-21-12, and that is okay. All of creation has been affected by the opening of the 12-21-12 door so that the humans of Earth can pass into the lighter dimensions. By opening this door, it will make it much easier for all in physical form to do so. Some may still refuse to accept this invitation, and that is okay for in the end all will return to Creator.
Realize things are happening to you even as we converse. Realize that things will change quite quickly for linear time is collapsing. Be open to allow all to transmute. Many will attempt to impose old ways of behaving and doing. Do not actively resist them. Focus on the transmutation of all to the fullness of a crystalline existence. Abiquor will assist in this process, showing the way to live in crystalline form.
Looking about you today, you can see those who are achieving a lighter way of being, each in his or her own way. While these are admirable, they are not the fullness of all that is to be. They are constrained by living in the 3rdDimension soup of your planets current existence. Move beyond this soup, dismiss all remnants of the lower ways of beings. Flower into fullness of the higher ways. This is your mission, Mark, help all to keep their eye on the ultimate objective, not settle for half-way measures. Help them to internalize what they can perceive of the new.
Just because they cannot see to specifics created by an extrapolation of what is currently in place does not excuse them from looking beyond the current paradigm into the fullness of the higher dimensions. Assist them to see beyond the confines of their rational minds. All will change in time. The more quickly all on your planet allow it to happen, the more quickly all in the universe can move upward. Earth and its humans are the pacing factor; help them to transform without carrying the baggage of the 3rd Dimension density with them.
I am beginning to see my path. Thank you for this conversation.
It is my pleasure to work with you, Mark.
And I with you, Adrial. May we continue soon?
Oh, yes. We have much to do. Your journey has only begun. I will remain as your companion.
Thank you. I am most grateful for your assistance.
I will say good-bye for now. We will speak again soon. Blessings
Blessings to you and to all.

You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this web address:

Posted 8th January 2013 by Juan Pablo
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I am Taugth, celestial of the cosmos aboard Athabantian. I am one of many who are empowering the Grand Transformation. I am here today to give you the perspective of one who sees the extent of your transformation.
When we say that you should concentrate on raising your vibrations, we do not mean that you should raise your vibrations only to exist in the same paradigm, rather we are encouraging you to raise your vibrations to exist in a new reality, a paradigm of love and light versus the existing paradigm based on fear.
Those of you who are highly conscious (vibrating at a high frequency, holding the 5th Dimension) know that your world is changing. You feel it in your body, see changes in others, in events and structures. In general you hold optimism about what is to come as the result of the transformation. Those who cling to the fear-based paradigm do not wish to admit to these changes, although most believe that something different is happening. For them there is a sense of foreboding about future events; generally they view each day as much the same as the prior one.
We have asked Mark to supply the following definitions to help you understand the extent of what lies before you:
Extrapolation: To infer or estimate by extending or projecting known information. (Predicting the future based on the past.)
Discontinuity: Lack of continuity, logical sequence, or cohesion. (Totally shifting from one paradigm to another.)
What you are facing is a discontinuity of such massive proportions that you will not recognize your old selves in a few short months. Many humans attempt to extrapolate from their current paradigm to see the future. This will become even more prevalent as the energies of change impact all. What we foresee is nothing like what is current. There is a fundamental discontinuity about to occur. Extrapolation will not foretell this future.
Do not be afraid of the transformation, for it will be quite wonderful. Yes, you will endure some hardships, such as being without what you now feel you need to be comfortable. Look beyond those creature comforts, because in the New Earth all that you need will be provided. However what you then need will be quite different from what you now need, or believe that you will need in an extrapolated future.
We would now share a somewhat misty vision of what is to come for you. Keep in mind that this picture involves not just planet Earth and its humans, but all in physical form within creation. It is an enormous event, unlike any that has occurred before, ever. We are speaking here of the Grand Transformation out of 3rd Dimension. The vibrations of the higher densities will integrate with physical density, and the rigidness of the 3rd Dimension will be no more. This will create a heretofore-unknown reality.
This undertaking is so grand that it involves all celestials of the universe. It involves those who create universes, the creator gods, and energy organizers. It involves those who uphold these universes. It involves the All There Is, the GodHead. And yes, it involves your star sisters and brothers. It is much beyond a simple showing of the presence of your brothers and sisters from other star systems, or a transformation of Earth. It is an event of enormous proportions, affecting all in creation.
You the humans of Earth are the focal point of this magnificent transformation. You, who have agreed to spearhead this transformation, are honored by those of us from throughout the cosmos. Millions of your brothers and sisters from distant planets and all manner of celestials are gathered about your tiny sphere to witness its transformation, and to partake of the consequences of that transformation.
From our perspective, as ones who observes from the starship Athabantian, we see your confusion about events that are transpiring on your world. I now ask you to see these events from the perspective of ones who observes from a larger perspective. For a moment, view these events not from your ground level perspective, but from ours. There are arrayed about you and intimate with you the beings who created your planet in the first place. There are those who fashioned the surface of your sphere: oceans, land, and atmosphere. There are those who brought the plants and animals. And there are those who brought the first humans to your planet.
In Earth’s most auspicious beginning all was of light, harmony, beauty, and majesty. There are many of us who watched these last million years as your planet underwent the awful changes from a sphere of light to a sphere of darkness. We watched as your ancestors wallowed in fear, violence, hatred, and greed. We watched as earlier civilizations brought light to the planet only to succumb to the darkness. We have also watched as certain of you climbed to sufficient consciousness where now you can return your planet to its former majesty.
This is the moment. This is the great shift from darkness to light. All will be transformed, from the darkest to those who are filled with the light, from those who live in fear to those who live in the light. And all will awaken with a realization of what is now around them while they will retain memories of their past.
It is for these reasons that we have taken so long to prepare this Grand Transformation. It is not a matter of evolving from one track of development to another, from one way of being to another. All extrapolations fall by the wayside.
This time was delayed until now because you, the humans of earth, were not sufficiently conscious to be able to receive that which is coming. It has been attempted before with little success because you were not ready. It was always incumbent upon those who incarnated on Earth to make change possible. That is why so many have come from around the universe to incarnate on your planet.
Never was it to be allowed that we would force changes on Earth, or the rest in physical form, from above. Always it was to be the intention and actions of the beings of Earth to spearhead this Grand Transformation.
Your brothers and sisters from distant planets have long awaited this moment. In starships they gather about you by the millions. They originally came here to send light to help the planet, and to assist your transformation in a brotherly and sisterly fashion. But they always knew the importance of the transformation of Earth and her humans. Most recently they have come in vast numbers for they foresee this as the moment.
All is in place now. The Grand Transformation has commenced. Very soon you will experience events that are undeniable. Many of you are already feeling the changes that foretell what is coming. You feel it in your bodies. Your dreams forecast a new ways of seeing. Your emotions play havoc as they sense what is afoot. The infusion of energies that began some months ago is now ramping up and will continue to do so. Your emotions will escalate; your minds will seek to comprehend that which is not comprehensible. And you who are awakened will be called upon to assist your earthly brothers and sisters.
Physical events of Earth will heighten: More severe weather. More earthquakes. More volcanoes. More shifts in climate. These are not ordinary times. There are no extrapolations to foresee these events. These are the times of transformation, the times of discontinuity. Look beyond these events to the majestic New Earth. We are here to encourage you until that most auspicious moment when all will become known to you, and all will transform.
And yes, Mark, Abiquor will play a part in all. From its position in the 5thDimension, its principal function is to anchor the Grand Transformation of the Earth. Those of you who hold its energy of manifestation are grounding the energies of change into your planet.
All in the universe support your transformation as the key part of the Grand Transformation. All send their blessings to each human of Earth. I am Taugth, and I am privileged to have provided this message for you.

The transcript of a recent talk by Mark Kimmel can be found at Mark’s Corner on this web site.
You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this web address:
Posted 30th November 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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January 19, 2014 

We of the Arcturian Group say to all of you, that we see light pouring forth on earth in ever increasing abundance. You are shifting world energies through your new awareness of what love really means. For eons, mankind has held on to very narrow concepts with regard to love, believing it to be either a romantic emotion between two people, or a family bond. Love continues to be greatly misunderstood because books, movies, media, and society itself still promote these narrow definitions which are then accepted by many who choose not think for themselves… those that for too long have allowed others to tell them what to do, think, and believe.
Love is the activity of an attained consciousness of Oneness and we are aware that we have said this many times, but it is the foundation of evolution and needs to be expanded and incorporated through thought and practice into every consciousness in order for an individual and the world to evolve.
Love is all there is, because Divine Consciousness is all there is. Within this ONE every Divine Idea flows forth in infinite form and variety… but always in and of the One. Love, as understood and experienced within the limited awareness of the third dimensional belief system has become misunderstood and narrowly defined within concepts of duality and separation.
Many are unaware that their innate love for nature and others is an attained state of consciousness from other lifetimes. Many are evolved beings who have chosen to be here simply to add more Light to this important time on earth or to complete any three dimensional lessons. We speak of those who quietly or famously live lives that reflect a sense of Oneness in every action of daily living regardless of what the popular societal position may be. This makes every action a sacred and loving action. This is why you chose to evolve within a system of duality and separation, so you could evolve through experience into this awareness and live it in spite of outer appearances.
Love NEVER means being anyone’s doormat or being an enabler. We have said this before, but it needs to be repeated because “being a loving person” has been greatly misunderstood by many dear souls who believe that love means allowing another to use or manipulate them. These situations are often karmic and manifest (through pre-birth choice) for the growth of both individuals who are now ready to once and for all to move beyond them. At some point through lifetimes lived in the dense energies of duality and separation, “doormats” gave away their power, many experienced being killed or punished for speaking up and their cellular memory remembers…on a conscious level, they have come to believe that this is who they are. Life lessons will manifest that offer opportunities for these individuals to reclaim their innate power. Some personalities still resonate with past life energies and cellular memory of power and dominance which is reflected in their lives and attitudes. Both must and are learning to relate in a higher ways.
Know that your energy field speaks louder than words. This is how “bullies” work. Certain individuals are drawn to and unconsciously respond to the energy of others that radiates; “I am unworthy, I am less than, I am stupid, ugly, or unlovable” and the bully acts on it. The answer to this problem does not lie in more regulation, but in lovingly helping “victims” to reclaim their power through loving and honoring themselves.
Empowerment means learning to speak your truth…lovingly but firmly. Words spoken with an energy of anger and judgement do not clear a situation but simply continue it. However, those same words when spoken with a recognition of the other’s real identity (even if they are very far from knowing it themselves) and with the intention to serve the greater good for all involved, they will carry a different and higher energy. Speaking truth on this higher level, will have different results. Even when the other does not accept words spoken in the light they were given or becomes angry, the speaker will feel no response. This is because an energy field filled with light has nothing in it to which the heavier dense energy can attach. If or when you need firmly say to another something that he/she may not want to hear, try do it when you are centered and not in an emotional reactive state. Even taking a second to say to yourself; “Clear” will help. If you can, practice taking time to meditate, ponder, and ask for guidance before speaking and most importantly be VERY HONEST with yourselves with regard to any concepts you yourself may be holding about the situation.
It is often more loving to simply let another live with what they have created for themselves, for the situation may be their life lesson and it would not be loving to interfere. Stand quietly as an observer with your hand ready to grasp theirs when they are ready but allow them to reach for yours first.
Love is the energy that binds all life whether it be human, animal, or plant. All life is in and of the One life and those who falsely believe themselves to be strong and powerful because they can and do kill other living things, are still very unevolved and fully enmeshed in the energy of duality and separation. Animals evolve, and come back again just as humans do and add much color and joy and healing to the world…they are not inanimate objects to be manipulated by those ignorant of truth.
Because there are still so many in positions of power who do not yet understand the principle of Oneness, many rules are in place reflecting these unevolved states of consciousness. Obey the rules do it in ways that reflect your more evolved understanding… always look deeper and see the bigger picture for real rules come from within and are always governed by love.
Many think of lightworkers only as those who channel, teach, or write new age books etc. A lightworker is every person living out from a consciousness of love. It is the person who cares for lost or abused animals, the person who holds the door for you with a smile, the sales clerk who spends time helping you find what is right for you and does not just try to “make a sale”. A Lightworker brings the light of Oneness to every single activity of living regardless of how mundane it may be categorized as. Concepts that separate the “sacred” from the “profane” are in and of obsolete religious teachings.
The stranger who flows Light in a smile is as much a light worker as the one on a lecture circuit teaching salvation and enlightenment. Both are doing the work. Some choose pre-birth to be teachers in this life time because they knew this was how they could best serve, others choose to be silent keepers and radiators of Light. Both are just as important.
Never believe you have nothing to contribute, for every single action of your day becomes sacred when done in the realization of truth. Every thought and action sent forth in a spirit of Oneness adds to the enlightenment of the whole planet. This is what is happening now and you are doing it. Each and every one, being an individual expression of the Divine, holds a unique piece of the giant jigsaw puzzle that is earth and her inhabitants.
This message is about learning to love and honor yourselves as the spiritual beings you are, dear ones. Too many have come to believe that their lives have been wasted because they are doing what may be considered to be ordinary…ordinary activities done in ordinary ways in ordinary jobs while living ordinary lives. Often individuals live in the past saying to themselves; “If only I had done this, or that.” Know, really know, that all have a pre-birth plan put in place by each individual in order to learn whatever lessons are needed…one of which is the truth of who and what you are. From this new viewpoint life no longer seems ordinary…this very human concept will dissolve from your consciousness because everything now has become infused with a new and higher awareness which will then manifest itself outwardly in ever new and higher forms.
Without giving thought, you are the energy that may change your whole home or office while you are doing nothing in particular except being…doing what is given you to do while centered and awake. The Light of your energy field will have an effect on all around you… it may lift those receptive to it or bring out anger in some who may feel threatened. This is not your concern, you simply live, move, and have your being in Truth.
Everyone is important and necessary to the evolution of mankind. It is why you are here on earth at this time. This is your work and can be done wherever you find yourself. Follow and trust your intuition, NEVER believing that who you are or what you do is unimportant. The tiniest action done in love has a profound effect on changing the energy of the world.
Your job is to live out from that highest level of truth you know and simply do whatever is given you to do each day. Have fun…have dreams…be creative…be grateful… As you learn to live each day this way, more truth is given and will unfold in ever deepening currents of knowing and understanding. This is evolution. This is graduation, dear ones.
We are the Arcturian Group 1/18/14

Posted 19th January 2014 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Origen: Compartir.:::.RECONOCIMIENTO.:::.Kryon ~ Este planeta no está predestinado a limpiarse solo.:::.TENGAN CALMA ANTE LA ACUMULACIÓN DE ECLIPSES DE OCTUBRE | KRULIANs



Compartir.:::.RECONOCIMIENTO.:::.Kryon ~ Este planeta no está predestinado a limpiarse solo.:::.TENGAN CALMA ANTE LA ACUMULACIÓN DE ECLIPSES DE OCTUBRE

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Kryon ~ Este planeta no está predestinado a limpiarse solo.

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Ahora mismo te voy a hacer una pregunta que necesita dirigirse a tu esencia. ¿Qué crees que está sucediendo aquí, realmente? 

Hay muchas formas de interpretar esta situación. Yo sé dónde estoy. El entorno que viene aquí, que les hemos presentado, que ha estado y permanecerá aquí los próximos días, también lo sabe. Se apaga la luz, se cierran las puertas, y este salón parece vacío. Pero no lo está. Porque para nosotros no existe el reloj, y la energía sigue aquí, y la alegría está aquí todavía. El amor sigue aquí.

Tal vez has venido hoy para ver un espectáculo. Estás en un teatro, hay un escenario, luces y música, que puede hoy apaciguar esa parte de ti que lo necesita. ¿Es eso lo que está sucediendo hoy? ¿Realmente? La información que se presentará en este escenario estos dos días siguientes atraerá tu mente, tu corazón, tus emociones. Habrá ciencia, habrá potenciales, posibilidades, la historia mostrará que los antiguos están aquí, pero ¿es eso lo que tú crees? ¿O sólo estás aquí para oír algo motivacional, que te haga sentir mejor por un rato, hasta que salgas de este lugar? En ese caso no necesitas estar aquí, puedes irte. Quiero darte una oportunidad de dar vuelta una página en el paradigma de tu vida; quiero que absorbas todo esto, los cantos, los hermosos sonidos, la energía, las frecuencias en el aire, las voces, la enseñanza, las reflexiones, el amor; que entren en ti y cambien tu idea de lo que realmente podría estar sucediendo en el planeta.

Hay algunos que desean salir, y siempre encuentran algo mal en todo. Van a decir, “Sí, pero…” “Sí, pero…” No importa qué les presentemos hoy, sus mentes, las sinapsis de sus cerebros dice “Sí, pero…” Siempre tienen que replicar, ¿verdad? De algún modo se van a sentar sobre esto diciendo “Bueno, ésa no es mi realidad.” La invitación es que lo conviertan en su realidad.

Querida alma antigua: este planeta no está predestinado a limpiarse solo. No está predestinado a pasar a una consciencia más elevada. Pasaron el marcador; lo que hagan aquí depende de ustedes. No hay predestinación de lo que vayan a hacer, a dónde van a ir, de hecho su historial es bastante pobre. “Sí, pero…” Y ustedes dirán, “Bueno, nunca sucedió antes, porqué tendría que pasar ahora? Lo pasé bien en Shasta.” ¿Eres tú el que dice eso? Las almas antiguas en este lugar y las que oyen estas palabras son las únicas que van a cambiar el planeta. Porque van a tener que asumirlo. En primer lugar van a tener que asumir esta filosofía de que puede ser cambiado. En segundo lugar, los antiguos les dijeron que podía cambiarse, y esperaban que ustedes lo cambiaran. Y en tercer lugar, ¡los potenciales están tan altos a favor de ustedes! Si salen de aquí con un “Sí, pero…” nada cambiará en el planeta.

Cuando ustedes pasaron todos estos minutos con estas preciosas almas comprometidas con la energía, el tema era la paz en Israel. Ese es el mayor de los “Sí, pero…” Porque los historiadores han dicho que es imposible. Los líderes espirituales dijeron que es imposible. Las predicciones decían que ustedes volarían en pedazos. Y durante su vida, toda su vida, todo lo que han visto es problemas. Ya había problemas antes de que existiera Israel. Siempre ha habido problemas. Ahora, pensar que pueden dar vuelta la página y que no los habrá, es imposible. Pero, ¿qué pasaría si pudieran pasar la página y comenzar un nuevo paradigma? Una gradual comprensión, con una consciencia más elevada, entre israelíes, palestinos, iraníes y otros, de que podría haber oportunidad de crear algo que nadie jamás profetizó: la Nueva Jerusalén, la Ciudad en la Colina. Los historiadores mirarán al pasado y dirán: “¿No es increíble que realmente haya mejorado esto?”

Yo sé dónde estoy, queridos, he estado con ustedes a través de la historia de la humanidad. Conozco las probabilidades. Sé que no sucederá rápidamente, sé que cuando comience habrá quienes simplemente quieran aplastarlo ¡y pelear! Habrá quienes digan, “No podemos ser amigos porque la historia dice que no podemos serlo.” Yo sé que la sinapsis del cerebro a menudo toma el control; pero la emoción del corazón sabe más. Y también sabe que éste va a ser un planeta más suave y que lo intuitivo, la pineal, las emociones, y todas estas cosas empiezan a surgir a la superficie, y la humanidad comenzará a ver esta situación y dirá: “¡Está cambiando! Miren!!” Habrá organizaciones, en su mayoría de jóvenes, que echarán a rodar la bola, y ellos le enseñarán a sus hijos. Llegará un día en que haya tres generaciones que no se enseñaron unas a otras quiénes eran sus enemigos, sino que enseñaron los potenciales: la historia ha sido ésta, y éste es nuestro potencial.

Te pregunto, americano: ¿quién solía ser tu enemigo? En este corto tiempo que llevas aquí, ¿en qué grandes guerras tuviste que luchar, y quiénes son hoy los que combatiste? No sólo son tus amigos; son tus socios. Lo ves, es posible re-escribir la historia. ¿Lo ves? No cuentes los años de odio; no cuentes los años de “Sí, pero…” ¿Cuántos “Sí, pero…” hay aquí? “¡Probé esto, probé aquello, y aquello, y aquello! ¿Y ahora se supone que tengo que pasar la página?” Pues sí! ¿Qué te parece? ¿Qué hay de malo en ese panorama? ¿Sólo porque nunca sucedió, no puede suceder nunca?

Me gustaría darles algunos ejemplos de cómo el Universo, la Galaxia, tu cuerpo, te están ayudando y esperando con la mano extendida que tú des vuelta la página. Pero si vas a objetar porque no puedes creerlo, o porque nunca sucedió antes, o porque siempre hay algo que está mal, saldrás de aquí tal como llegaste. Y pasaste un buen rato. ¡Mm! No es para eso que estamos aquí ¡no en este año!

Este es el año uno. Literalmente. Los potenciales están en tu regazo; no hay predestinación. Pero los potenciales son elevados. Tanto está sucediendo en el planeta con la sanación, con la ciencia, con la física, todo empieza a alinearse para la paz en la tierra. Alinéense para el júbilo de curar lo incurable. Hay un nuevo paradigma posible, y esto es el comienzo. No mañana, ni pasado mañana, pero empieza en alguna parte. No empieza en este salón; es en todo el planeta, con personas de mentes afines, los que sienten; ni siquiera tienen este mensaje, pero son almas que lo sienten.

Y en Medio Oriente, esperen lo imposible. Observen también a los que objetan lo imposible y quieren que todo siga igual; observen las dinámicas que se desarrollan. ¿Será posible, queridos, que esto sea el comienzo de lo que los historiadores mencionarán durante el resto de la historia del planeta? La época en que el planeta se hizo cargo de llevarse bien. (se ríe).

Ese es el mensaje. ¿Cuál es tu realidad de lo que pasa ahora? ¿Lo estás pasando bien? ¿O estás dando vuelta la página?


Y así es.

Canalización de Kryon por Lee Carroll, en Shasta, California
Sábado 14 de junio de 2014.
Conferencia de la Luz del Verano 2014 – Mini canalización.
Desgrabación del audio en vivo y traducción: Cristina Cáffaro.

Pag. Anterior: Kryon – La vía acelerada hacia la iluminación.

Pag. Siguiente: Kryon – La Lección.

* * *




( continuación de “La Cueva”)


“ Dónde has estado?”, pregunté ásperamente, quizás para cubrir la intensidad de la emoción que sentí a su toque. “Tus amigos están preocupados por ti y me enviaron a buscarte” Dije de una voz suave.

“Cómo sabes que soy a quién buscas?” replicó ella con una resonancia en su voz que instantáneamente calmó mi conducta.

“Lo siento fui tan áspero contigo. Es sólo que he estado buscándote por mucho tiempo. Cómo es que te perdiste hasta aquí? “

“No estoy perdida. Vivo cerca”.

“Vivir?”. Dije tratando de controlar mis intensas emociones. “ No hay sitio donde vivir fuera de aquí”.

“ Sígueme”, dijo ella. “Te mostraré mi hogar”.

Caminó y la seguí sin cuestionamiento.Caminamos a través de una casi completa oscuridad, pero nunca dudé. Al seguir su forma extrañamente familiar, me volví más y más encantado con ella. Quién era ella? Por qué me sentía como si la conociera? Nunca había tenido ese sentimiento por nadie en mi vida, y había visto vagamente su rostro.

Caminamos por un buen rato en total silencio, mientras traté de contener mis emociones y ver en la oscuridad. Las lunas no habían salido aún y el cielo era brumoso, aunque cada paso suyo era seguro como si ella hubiese hecho este viaje varias veces. Mientras tanto, estaba tratando de mantener mi dignidad y no tropezar ni caer. Yo, quien tomé tanto orgullo en ser un líder, seguí cada uno de sus pasos.

Como puestas por una fuente invisible, las lunas salieron justo en el momento en que llegamos a una enorme roca y entramos a una pequeña área llena de flores, plantas, un pequeño estanque e incluso rocas planas que fueron arregladas como sillas. Cómo movió esas rocas? Sin embargo, no dije nada. No quise avergonzarme de nuevo hablando duramente. Obviamente, ella NO estaba perdida, y la juzgué grandemente.

“ Se está volviendo frío ahora. Quieres venir adentro?” dijo ella como si confiara totalmente en mi.

“ Ah, si” tartamudée de una forma muy poco

“Déjame comenzar el fuego, así puedes ver adentro”, dijo al moverse hacia una colección de rocas que crearon un pequeño fuego fuera de la cueva en un área pequeña y abrigada. Ella recogió algunas astillas y lo que parecía musgo, golpeó una piedra contra otra, y al instante una pequeña flama encendió la leña. Ella había encendido el fuego, obviamente, muchas veces. Entonces tomó, lo que parecía una rejilla y la colocó sobre las rocas

“Haré algo de té para calentarnos”. Dijo en tono fácil.

“ Tienes té?” dije de una manera ruda y sorprendida.

“ Oh si”, dijo ella al guiarme en la cueva adonde había visto algunas hierbas colgadas boca arriba para secar.

“ Dónde encontraste esto?” Pregunté, nuevamente con una voz que era demasiado sorprendida.

Ella ignoró mi conducta ruda y se volvió hacia mi para responder. Sin embargo, cuando nuestros ojos se encontraron en la luz parpadeante, ninguno de los dos pudo hablar por lo que pareció ser eterno. Fue ella quien habló primero.

“ Te conozco”, dijo sin ninguna vergüenza.

“ Si”. Fue todo lo que pude decir. La conocía, pero también sabía que nunca la había conocido.

Se dio vuelta de nuevo y eligió algunas hierbas, las quebró , las puso en una pequeña vasija de metal. La llenó con agua del arroyo claro que goteaba en la cueva y colocó la vasija en la parrilla.

“ Te gustaría miel?” dijo.

“Tienes miel?”

Ella sonrió en respuesta a mi pregunta.

“Ah seguro”, balbucée de nuevo.

En vez de avergonzarme más, miré alrededor de la pequeña cueva para orientarme y calmarme. Mis ojos no podían creer. Ella había , en efecto, creado un hogar aquí, y parecía estar sola.

“ Vives sola aquí?”

“Oh no! No estoy sola. Vivo con la Naturaleza”.

Le eché un vistazo a su casa de Nuevo. A la derecha vi lo que era algo así como su mendicidad.. Lucía viejo y usado.

“ Si, veo que lo haces. Perdón por mi rudeza. Te he subestimado grandemente. Esperaba encontrarte herida, o peor, en gran peligro. En vez de eso, veo que has creado un amoroso hogar. Cómo hiciste todo esto?”

“ Le pedí ayuda a la Gran Madre”. Dijo, como si supiera lo que quería decir.

“ La Gran Madre?”

“Si, Elohim Alcyone a quien conocimos en el Corazón”.

“ Pero, eso fue solo un sueño. Cómo pudiste saber sobre mi sueño?”

De hecho, estaba bastante sorprendió que “el sueño” instantáneamente retornó a mi memoria.

Ella eligió ignorar completamente mi pregunta y se volvió para crear una pequeña comida compuesta de alimentos que nunca había visto. Ella tomó dos medias calabazas, a las que utilizaba como platos y me guió a una pequeña repisa. En frente de la cornisa con una pequeña mesa hecha de ramas entrelazadas que sirvieron como una tabla.

Con completo asombro, me senté donde me indicó y silenciosamente observé mientras ella puso los platos en la “mesa” y fue a buscar el té.

“ Me temo que sólo tengo una taza. Te importaría si compartimos?”

Silenciosamente asentí con mi cabeza asombrado, al ella servirme el té.

“Oh”, dijo mientras caminaba hacia otra repisa donde tenía un conteiner de metal pequeño. Lo trajo y me ofreció diciendo…

“ Te gustaría algo de miel?”.

Nuevamente asentí silenciosamente, al poner una pequeña cantidad del dulce líquido en el té humeante.

“ Por favor, come”, dijo y me ofreció mi plato

“ No quiero ser rudo”, dije – demasiado tarde – siendo ya incríblemente rudo, “ pero cómo sabes que estas plantas no son venenosas?”.

“ Ellas me lo dijeron”. Respondió simplemente.

“ Uh, cómo te lo dijeron?” pregunté.

“ Simplemente las olí y las puse en mi corazón. Si eran venenosas, sentía miedo, si eran nutritivas, sentía amor”.

“ Pero no es eso peligroso? Y si te equivocaras?”

“ Confío en mi misma, y confío en la Naturaleza”:

No dije nada más. Compartí el té delicioso y comí las sabrosas plantas. Supuse que si ella confiaba en mi lo suficiente para traerme a su hogar, podía confiar en ella lo suficiente para comer su comida. Confiar? Ponderé el concepto, mientras traté de pensar en la última vez que había confiado en alguien.

El despertar de Mytria ocurrió antes de conocernos, mientras que mi despertar comenzó esa noche. Cada cosa que había sido importante en mi vida parecía sin importancia comparado con la simple paz que ella compartía conmigo esa noche. Fui guiado por la ambición y no confié en nadie en mi lucha por ser un líder y Protector en nuestro nuevo mundo.

Interesante, muchos confiaban en mi, pero yo no confiaba en nadie. Sin embargo, confiaba en ella. Comí su posible comida envenenada y bebí su té de una “hierba” desconocida sin cuestionamiento. De hecho, al sentarme en la pequeña cornisa, supe que mi vida había cambiado para siempre. Nunca sería la misma persona de nuevo, lo que era una buena cosa. No había sido amigo de mi mismo demasiado últimamente.

Como si leyera mi mente, ella miró en mis ojos y dijo , “ Estuve al borde de la muerte cuando vine aquí. La Madre me ha sanado y me ha dado una vida maravillosa”.

Ella entonces tomó los platos y nuestra única taza y fue afuera a lavarlos. No dije nada, y ni siquiera me ofrecí para ayudarla. Había venido aquí para salvarla, pero aparentemente fue ella quien me salvó a mí.

Yo, Mytra, retornaré para continuar mi historia….

A través de Suzanne Lie, PhD
Traducción – Shanti
Publicado 27th May 2012 por Shanti
Etiquetas: despertar del SERMytraMytria/Mytra

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Eclipses del 8 y del 23 de octubre

por Selacia
7 de Septiembre 2014

Un marino en un largo viaje naturalmente pondría atención ante un amenazador cielo rojizo al amanecer, sabiendo que se puede estar desarrollando un mal tiempo. Estando lejos de la costa, él sabría apelar a su entretenimiento y capacidad intuitiva para enfrentar la tormenta con efectividad.
Al igual que el marino, ustedes están en un largo viaje – es su vida que se despliega a medida que tienen una multitud de experiencias a lo largo del tiempo. Habrá tormentas, habrá tiempos felices y habrá momentos en los cuales se sentirán como si estuviesen en un limbo esperando por algo.

Con percepción y habilidades aguzadas, pueden aprender a dominar la navegación de los tres tipos. A veces pueden estar en un ciclo inquietante de tormentas que tiene más que ver con la energía que con el clima. Esas tormentas de energía pueden ser tan abarcadoras, que los impactan a ustedes y a todos en el planeta. De hecho, ustedes experimentarán muchas de éstas durante estos años de cambios revolucionarios masivos en la Tierra.

Eclipses del 8 y del 23 de octubre
Transformar tan dramáticamente la conciencia global con tanta gente viviendo aquí establece un tono subyacente aparentemente implacable de incertidumbre y angustia. Contra ese telón de fondo está la intensidad añadida catalizada durante una temporada de eclipses como la de octubre. En este mes tenemos dos – un eclipse de luna llena el 8 de octubre y un eclipse solar en luna nueva el 23 de octubre.
Como escribí la pasada semana, las energías de octubre involucrarán mucho fuego y volatilidad. Parte de la intensidad que sentirán se refiere al ciclo de eclipses, sentido a lo largo del planeta ya que es un fenómeno global. Si ustedes son una de esas personas que se vuelven más sensibles o emocionales durante la luna llena, tener un eclipse en ese mismo día amplificará esas respuestas.

Conocer de antemano estas energías, incluyendo las fechas pico específicas en que ocurren, puede ayudarlos a ser cuidadosos al responder a las situaciones cotidianas. Encuentren y regresen a un sentido de calma centrándose regularmente y pidiendo una visión superior de las situaciones. Utilicen cualquier herramienta que tengan – como haría el marino en un mar encrespado – y recuerden su sentido común.

No se apeguen mucho a las fechas, tampoco. Cualquier evento de energía planetario significativo tendrá reverberaciones antes y después de la fecha pico. Las energías pueden incrementarse durante semanas antes de un eclipse. Es por eso que algunas personas se han estado sintiendo inquietas, ansiosas, agitadas ante lo nuevo a desplegarse o quizás tengan un sentimiento de tragedia inminente.

Un Empujón Hacia Un Gran Cambio

Los eclipses no son malos, malignos o negativos. Sin embargo, son momentos en el tiempo cuando las fuerzas energéticas nos empujan para cambiar las cosas, ¡a menudo a lo grande! Realmente se puede sentir como un huracán en espiral – alimentando sus urgencias internas de transformación.

Ya que hay mucho en su vida que quisieran cambiar, ¿por qué no utilizar las energías de estos dos eclipses como un combustible beneficioso para repensar cómo viven? Echen una mirada profunda también a su identidad – actualícenla para que refleje quienes son ahora e incluya las cualidad que ustedes están afinando para ser aun mejores.

No dejen que el mundo los defina. Permitan que su chispa interna divina los presione continuamente a ser más de su verdadero yo auténtico. Al responder conscientemente a ese empuje, pueden liberarse.

Derechos de autor 2014 por Selacia – autora de Earth’s Pivotal Years, sanadora y maestra. *Todos los derechos reservados** Pueden compartir estos artículos con sus amigos y colocarlos en su blog o sitio Web siempre que incluyan esta línea de derechos de autor y el texto completo del artículo.

Traducción: Fara González
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo

Publicado 36 minutes ago por LUZ ZOHAR

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Sep 8




Archangel Michael (Channeled by Michael Love)
September 7, 2015

Dear ones,

Many of you are aware of a great shift that has occurred inside of you which is now entering the phase where it will manifest outwardly as your perceived reality.

Over the next 21 days the powerful wave of gamma light coming in from the Galactic Core, (The Pleroma) will continue to impact Earth and its beings!
 The power of this incoming gamma light wave as measured by German and Russian scientists recently was discovered to have doubled over the last 2 weeks and is now increasing exponentially!

This super wave of gamma photon light has the power of one hundred million nuclear reactors and had to be diffused using advanced satellite technology by a group of star beings known as the Earth Alliance to turn down the power level to be safer and easier to integrate by the Earth and its beings.
 Some of the after effects of this streaming down of Wave-X was seen in every country of the world as large blue/white column beams of plasma measuring up to one mile in diameter striking the ground.

As we have now entered the densest area of the Photon belt, the power of Wave-X  is increasing each hour and each day.

This great point in humanity’s evolution is known as “THE EVENT HORIZON”.
September 28th, 2015 is when this Super-Wave peaks and is the highest energetic frequency ever measured in the cosmos in modern history.

The Schumann Resonance of the Earth and the entire cosmos has reached an astounding level of 33 Hertz now with no other explanation for the sudden leap other than you are pushing it higher and higher at an exponential rate by your internal vibration and divine intention.
 This is 12 Hertz above the 5D New Earth Level so Gaia is more than ready to receive the first wave of love beings at Tetrad 9282015.

These ascension pioneers well deserve the first entrance into The Kingdom of 5D Heaven because of their sacrifice and their desire and dedication to this whole ascension project!
 Most of you reading this message will be included in this first wave of approx. 2.3 billion souls.
 There is a leveling off and adjustment period for a few months after 9/28 for everyone to fully integrate the new energies and to begin the detailed forming of their paradise called The New Earth!
 The ones who did not vibrate high enough to reach 21 hertz will come a few months after in spring 2016.
 The third wave (unconscious humanity) will reach the 21 hertz level last in mid-summer 2016. 
The ones who do not reach the level first are no less important and everyone makes it. When the pressure of these tremendous light forces bear down hard enough on a being, that one is transmuted into a more advanced species of love and it will embrace the light!
 There is no judgement or comparison in any of this!
 It is all a matter of one’s awareness level! 
Remember great ones we came here for the sake of them all and we do not choose one over another for there is truly no choice to make. We are all sacred and precious.

The moon energies of September play a massive role over the next three weeks and physical manifestations will begin to show up not only in your personal life as things are re-arranged to match your new frequency but you will start to see things happening in positive world events.
 The Event Horizon will start to hit main stream news as we draw near.
 World leaders, governments and agencies who are well aware of the incoming photon wave are going to start to do the right thing.
 Yes, this is the new paradigm loved ones. If you do not believe this then you are still running the old program so give this some consideration.

There will be a major announcement about the world money system that has already been switched over behind the scenes and great abundance is about to make its way to you personally soon.

It is proven that gamma light can instantaneously evolve the DNA of any species into its higher form.
 You are literally evolving quickly now into the highest version of you!
Some are preaching doom and gloom about all this and there are others who are totally oblivious to what is truly happening.

We say ride this super photon wave with everything you’ve got!
 See this as the beginning of true freedom for Humanity.
 Rejoice we say! 
Be impeccable in every area of your life as we move ahead in each now moment as your ions begin spin faster and faster! 
It’s important to let go of everything that has not served your soul to this point and open fully to the infinite possibilities of the universe. 
Most of you are already feeling the steady increase of frequency in the body. Many of you have noticed being shifted around to new locations, loss of relationships and material things. In some ways you may feel totally out of place, alone and even lost.
We assure you all that is happening is as it should be, and is a clearing of the old energies that you have held onto so strongly.
 These lower frequencies have to be transmuted so this divine wave of light and love can flow through the body and ground into the core of Gaia. It is impossible to take the lower frequencies of repressed emotional trauma and errant DNA programming (limited belief systems) into the higher dimensions! These old trapped trauma energies must be released from the body so the light data can flow completely through you and be grounded correctly. This completes the divine circuitry that makes you the super being you truly are.
The highest level twin flames on the Earth play a major role in “THE EVENT HORIZON”.
A great multitude of illuminated twin flame key holders shall lead the way and open the cosmic gates with the intense power of their combined love and brings forth this higher vibrational perception called “The New Earth and New Heaven.”
We as the angels in human bodies came to hold space in our own bodies for this great light for all humanity and to herald this great message! Know that many Star Races are now here for the final curtain call in this great cosmic story you have played an important role in.
Great beings from many worlds are here on the edge of their seat to see how you are doing and to see what you will do next. 
They are applauding you!
We say that after the first-wave twin flame key holders go through the 5D veil, they will begin their real work as male/female teams in the greatest service to others, helping the rest of Humanity cross the great Rainbow Bridge.

The greatest thing we want you to understand here is that you are doing all this! Never again see yourself as ‘little old you’ or the victim but as the super being and God that you truly are!

It would be better that you come as a little child and be like the Avatar or super hero that you once admired. You were closer to the real you at that point, then now!

You are so much more then you can even imagine but we say give it a try and just be the higher you. This is the correct way and will raise your vibration faster than anything because it aligns with a higher truth.

We also want you to understand that the highest thing you can do for the next 3 weeks is to know that this ascension has already happened! All things have!

Now shift your consciousness into the reality of the Earth Frequency, it’s that simple!

Over the next three weeks, take back control of your personal power in every way!
 Take control back from your governments.
 You do this by simply not needing them to do everything for you! These are not your enemy, they are just doing what you have been too lazy to do.

We close in saying it’s important that you take good care of yourself during this great time so that you can be the best you can be for all!
The highest teaching in all universes is this:
Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and this is the secret to entering The Kingdom of Heaven.
 We ask you. “Who is the identity of this great God?”
Love YOU with all your heart, mind and soul! There is no other work to do than this!
Thank you great ones for coming to Earth on this great purposeful mission.
Well done good and faithful ones, enter in. This is your hour to shine.
You are the light of this world, as a great master once said. Shine bright for all to see.

This is all very real dear friends, it’s already happening and will happen exactly as it has been spoken. It is beautiful and wonderful and there is nothing to fear. No harm shall come to any of you.
Your world will now be set free forevermore! The level of suffering and chaos on this planet cannot be sustained even past another few months! Something has to give at once and it truly already has as billions of Light Beings (YOU) continue to transmit in this Evolutionary Wave of Super Consciousness to transform ourselves and the outward perception of this place into the paradise it was meant to be!

As of S7 (sept 7, 2015), a resonant sub-collective will merge all potential timelines into one agreed upon reality for the great purpose at hand. The immediate task at hand is to fully love you and to know that you are already aligned fully with 5D new earth. As a great master once said, “Only believe.”

Just before 5D is where the twin flame re-unites and the universe only sends this unknown/known one when you vibrate near and at the 5D love vibration. This is the level where you have mastered self-love! This is the wave of love we refer to as Wave-X.

We are the 36,000 matching male and female energies who are the great key-holders and the highest loves in the universe that shall bring forth a power never experienced on the earth as we prepare for the greatest event in human history. Many of you resonate as this sub-collective.

We are the hope for all humanity!

We are the divine glue that will hold this timeline known as the rainbow bridge together as the great first wave of light beings touch the 5D frequency at 9282015.

I am Archangel Michael and I overcame death so that I could come and cause this great thing to be. My people will walk beside me into a great new kingdom where we shall be in joy together forevermore.

The data contained in this message flows from source energy through this vessel.
I am the great Archangel Michael, The Guardian Angel of Love and Protection who speaks these words to you.
God-speed to all great beings of light!

Archangel Michael

BLOG ARTICLES by MICHAEL LOVE are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This article may be shared or reposted with credit to the author only.
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