Sharing.:::.The Love Revolution – Matt Kahn/ FROM OUR GOD-SELF: YOU ARE A RADIANT WAVE IN MY WATER.:::.A.I. Expert Sounds Alarm Over ‘Killer Robots’ | psycho

Origen: Sharing.:::.The Love Revolution – Matt Kahn/ FROM OUR GOD-SELF: YOU ARE A RADIANT WAVE IN MY WATER.:::.A.I. Expert Sounds Alarm Over ‘Killer Robots’ | psycho


Sharing.:::.The Love Revolution – Matt Kahn/ FROM OUR GOD-SELF: YOU ARE A RADIANT WAVE IN MY WATER.:::.A.I. Expert Sounds Alarm Over ‘Killer Robots’

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By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Beloved friends,

how do we prepare for the Galactic Alignment?

The great moment is nearing, and the exact window is narrow, a few minutes only.

 How do we take most advantage of this moment, and the time leading to this culmination point?

To be prepared is necessary so that our system is open to receive this most potent and transforming energy, light and information, for which this planet has been preparing for many Millenniums. We can only fully receive if we are centered in ourselves, and to be centered we need to be in contact with our core being. We need to be in our feeling heart and exercise love as the foundation of all that we do. 

In these disturbed and difficult times many do not know real equanimity, because they do not trusttheir own Divine Source, and therefore they do not trust truly themselves.
For centuries we have been fooled with wrong messages about God, while “God’ was presented to us as a revengeful, “other” entity to whom we were supposed to submit to and obey. 

This insane imprint is now rooted deeply in the genetic heritage of a large part of Westernized civilization, often even unconsciously, so that many people carry a deeply disturbed relationship with their own very Source.
This message from our God-Self, the Divine Reality, That is the Source-Field of humankind is given to empower you and heal your heart and relationship with your own deepest Origin.
Many Blessings,
Our God-Self Speaks:

You may forget Me, but I will always Stand by you, even if you do not notice Me, Such Is the Love That I Am.

To think I would forget about you, for whatever reason you imagine, can make you aware about the illusion of separation you are dreaming about.

As if there could be any otherness between Source, Creation and Objects of Creation, any separateness! Just think about waves of the ocean! Is there any separateness between them and between the Ocean?
Is there any otherness between them?

No, they are all made from the very same substance: the water of the ocean. It is only that certain circumstances, such as planetary influences, like wind, and cosmic influences, such as the moon, are shaping different forms of waves. But they are all one, One Water, One Substance, One Element.

I AM Water, Consciousness.To forget only one of my waves would mean that this wave would have vanished altogether from existence. But as you know, nothing disappears, it only changes, form, chemical composition, color, perhaps. Water can evaporate and become vapor or rain.
But the quantity of Consciousness and Energy remains always the same, they can never be diminished, even if things change their appearance.

So when I say I always Stand by you, it is a metaphor for our never-dying relationship. The little wave might become forgetful of the ocean when it evaporates sometimesbecause of the heat of the sun’s rays, but I, as there Is Only One Consciousness, never forget. All Is One, even this truth has been accepted by your physicists now, but you,with your emotions and identification with a seeming separate existence, live in the illusion that I Am an “other” to you.

Therefore you must understand, that it is you, who tends to separate yourself from Me! Not in Reality of course, but in your imagination. In your misled mind you think separation from Me. You think I neglect you, but it is you who is neglecting, forgetting Me, and seeing your own doing in Me. Because you can only see what you are willing to understand.

The more you narrow your own mind, perspective and point of view down, the smaller is the part of Me you can see and understand.

Therefore I ask you, always first to observe yourself, your withdrawal from Me. And even if you think, that I Am somewhere “above”, far away from you, then you must immediately remember, that it is you, who has forsaken your intimate connection with yourself, floating somewhere above your body, disconnected from yourself, your very essence, far away from your own feeling heart.

See, you are not a victim, you are not the forgotten son or daughter of Mine, but you are an active doer of separation, and you must come to the understanding, that and how you are doing it.

I want you to trust Me, without exception, to trust My forever Love, to trust the non-separable Oneness of us, but constantly be an observer of your own actions! You can rest assured that I never betray you, but you must be aware about your own betrayals! All your actions you see mirrored in Me, and with the help of this Mirror you can know yourself.

My Love is always Undiminished, as I Am Always Fullness. Know this! My Love Is Always The Same, but you have different attitudes of what you call love, and therefore you see lovelessness in Me.

To be Free in Source Consciousness, and pervaded by My Energy and Light, take advantage of My Mirror and the mirrors of the world, to recognize your tendencies, your pattern, that bind you to the world that has forgotten Me, and let them go.

Feel My Intimacy Which Is always yours! My Heart is always embracing yours, to awaken you to Our Truth. I always Love you, but when you do not see this Love in Me, know that you do not love.

Therefore, know yourself, release everything that you do, that separates yourself from Me! And every little step you do, to give up a from me separating gesture, you’ll find Me suddenly close to you, because if you do one step, I do thousand.

That’s how I awaken all creation to Myself, because it is My Desire that you Know Me.

We are intimately connected, always, are you making it up to this Truth?

Everything is a process in human and ultimately in Divine Consciousness, everything must become conscious, in order to awaken to beyond. So do this conscious process ever more often, until you have given Me all your gestures, that separated you from Me.

In this Great Process, never despair that you will not be successful, because I Am always Victorious! Even if you are resisting Me, ultimately I will shake you up, to let go this cramp that binds you tight to your little self. I will shake you, so that you will open your whole being to receive Me, to be One with Me again, in Consciousness, the body Liberated to Knowing and Divine Fullness, understanding, who you truly are: a RadiantWave in My Divine Water.

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 1st December 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR

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Sharing.:::.▶ JUNKYARD AIKIDO: A Practical Guide To Joint Locks, Breaks, And Manipulations – Greetings from the Andromeda Star System! | Vel sanus

Origen: Sharing.:::.▶ JUNKYARD AIKIDO: A Practical Guide To Joint Locks, Breaks, And Manipulations – Greetings from the Andromeda Star System! | Vel sanus


Sharing.:::.▶ JUNKYARD AIKIDO: A Practical Guide To Joint Locks, Breaks, And Manipulations – Greetings from the Andromeda Star System!

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Ray Dawn

Greetings from the Andromeda Star System!
We are here to speak to you of your upcoming emergence as a species of light. We are a part of your solar family and wish to bring information to you all in greatest orders of the light, and of truth of this light that is your true nature!

Speaking of this time that is upon you, your great galactic cycle of time, this date approaching you, 2012 and into your 2013.

It is a joyous occasion, for all beings on the Earth are awakening to the true knowledge within them of what this time is all about.
As your culture is awakening, so too are each of you individually to the true breadth and scope of your heritage as human beings and what that means for your futures.

Here, you are on the horizon of change and this great change affects each of you at the greatest levels, because it is all within you.. This change is to the deepest levels of your cells, awakening consciousness. And each of you are intricately connected, a great tapestry of light and of life! Before you is the greatest changes of the ages, and yet it must start in your very body temple, it must start at the One for it is all returning to One as you say!

The One within you is the One out there.. Make peace with this occurrence of change! To make peace with it, we give you tools to do so..

Firstly, as a species, you are uniquely human, each human is unique and yet all of you are this human being.. To be human is “to err” you say.. Be at peace with your nature and with all the seeming errors you have made, come to terms with your beingness as a human and relax that one must be perfect! Come into acceptance of each other as you come into acceptance of the One within you!

Secondly, allow great change out there by allowing great change within! Be easy with yourself and that you are afraid of such change! Come to terms with what change is to you, and how you as an individual feel about change.. Can you make changes in your life? Start with yourself.. What would you like to open up too.. more happiness, abundance, love? Be open to changes in how you feel about those things.. Look at your judgments and be open to new experiences.. Open to the truth of your being that you have new knowledge to awaken to, new answers for your questions, but you must first be open to change and your relationship to it! This creates the global change you seek! Each of you is important and you will come to know how all parts must come together for cohesion! So allow the change within you now..

Thirdly, Be open to new growth with yourself; allow this new growth to take root! Many now on your planet are going to be awakening, to be looking to you and others who are creating new experiences, new growths and new ways to be in relationships, to each other, to the planet! They will need your help in coming together, in finding the answers. Great swift changes are coming and as they do it is in the perceptions that will be opening in your people. This growth is needed to explore newness and new worlds all around you! Help each other and allow this new growth to take root within you.. Sing your song, dance your dance and allow the rhythms of your hearts to guide you.. Be not afraid and take the risk that you feel. Allow the changes to take root, by allowing your own growth, and stepping into new ways of living your lives at the daily, here and now level!

Fourthly, speak your truth and come forth as the creators that each of you are! Each of you, reading these words, are Creator beings, here with purpose, here with the knowledge to overcome the challenges of this new time. Each of you are needed with your innate wisdoms and strengths that you brought from others times, places and star systems and beyond to be here to help implement the new earth and her new civilizations.. Be true to your nature and honor the gifts within you! Stand up and sing your song, take the time to be you now.. And watch the miracles unfold..

Fifthly, all the universe is here for support! Yes all your families of light and love are here to embrace you, to honor you and to watch you create your new ways of coming together as a species! Enjoy this time and create, come together and start to build your new relationships with harmony.. This process is occurring as we speak and will be rippling out in ever widening circles.. Start with you and allow the ever-moving tides to create greater waves of growth, upliftment and joy for everyone.. The tide is turning and all are needed to help ground this new way of being in harmony with all, with One..

Lastly, as the human species is coming together you are all coming together within yourselves to the ancient knowledge within you, to your encoded wisdom you have brought forth with you.. This knowledge is the building block of your new time.. Each of you is needed, each of you has the puzzle piece to create the changes, growth and stability for your society. Be the change you seek and no longer look out there to the burdens, but be the light and awaken your knowledge within.. Take each step with courage to come home to this completion and allow this civilization to come into harmony thru each one of you!

With greatest purposes, we are your friends and family of light from the Andromedan star system.. Be ready for this change within and allow it thru you for completion..

We thank you with greatest love and friendship!

Be the change you seek and allow the greatest light of all the universes, to wash over this system, you are this light, you are this change, accept your part and play it and enjoy the process. Enjoy the journey!

We love all of you, as we are One!!

The Andromedans

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010-2012 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel Free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Blessings!

Posted 18th January 2013 by YHVH@
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Sharing.:::.▶ The Lucifer Rebellion Series: – Paper 53 – The Urantia Book – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – part XII – MYTRE AND KEPIER 7.:::.▶ Urantia Book – Paper 110 – Introduction – YouTube | URANTHEA2094

Origen: Sharing.:::.▶ The Lucifer Rebellion Series: – Paper 53 – The Urantia Book – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – part XII – MYTRE AND KEPIER 7.:::.▶ Urantia Book – Paper 110 – Introduction – YouTube | URANTHEA2094


Sharing.:::.▶ The Lucifer Rebellion Series: – Paper 53 – The Urantia Book – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – part XII – MYTRE AND KEPIER 7.:::.▶ Urantia Book – Paper 110 – Introduction – YouTube

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Releasing the Habit of Time

Kepier and I had been working with the same 4D visitors for quite a while, when something very special occurred. The Arcturian came to speak with the visitors. Without ceremony or introduction, the Arcturian spoke in its usual, loving way, “The reality in which you have ascended into the fifth dimension already exists. Therefore, there is no chance of your failure.

“We Arcturians see no separation between that reality and the one you believe you are living. Therefore, all you need do is shift your perception into the frequency of your Multidimensional SELF who is aligned with that ascended reality. You are experiencing a lifetime in which you believe you are ascending in a step-by-step manner.

“We have come to you in your NOW to inform you that you can simply shift your attention to the ascended reality in which you already live. It is not your challenge to change your world. Your challenge is to change your own beliefs. Your long journey through the physical realm has taught you that change is an extended, sequential process. However, all change into the higher worlds is immediate.

“We, your Galactic Ancestors, have also taken physical incarnations. Therefore, we understand that shifting back into the fifth dimension is not easy. We did not wish to take an earth vessel during this “Earth time,” as we knew that we could be more helpful from our true Expression. However, we wanted to intimately participate in Gaia’s ascension. Therefore, we have implanted our Galactic and/or Celestial Essence within the core of your human expression.

“During our experience of physical incarnations, we were also “trapped in time.” Because of our experience, we know how difficult it is to escape that illusion. The secret is, instead of focusing on the step-by-step shift of your sequential world; focus on changing your mindand your beliefs.

“We realize that your measured ascension process has allowed you to gradually adjust your thinking out of the “3D time-trap” and into a new way of perceiving reality. We tell you NOW to release that prop. During your myriad earthly incarnations, you formed the habit of believing that which you needed to tell yourself to avoid being afraid. Unfortunately, this meant that you where not telling yourself the TRUTH.

“In order to re-align your consciousness with your SELF who is already ascended, you believed you needed to live the “time” that you believed it would take for you to “deserve” and/or “achieve” this alignment. We tell you NOW that YOU have already deserved and achieved that which you seek. Thus, you no longer need to give yourself time to begood enough to ascend.

“How can you fail at something which you have already done? You do not need to create a ladder into the fifth dimension, which you can slowly climb, rung-by-rung. Of course, you can choose to retain that third dimensional thinking. However, as with all third dimensional thinking, the ladder is an illusion you created that is consistent with your third-dimensional, sequential thinking.

“Therefore, it is not your greatest challenge to change your reality. Your greatest challenge is to change your thinking! In order to change your thinking, you will have to find your way out of the “trap of time.” Through all your third/fourth dimensional realities you have been trapped in time. It took time to grow into an adult. It took time to learn what you needed to know. And, it took time to get where you were going.

“Third dimensional time and space are intertwined. Hence, it takes time to move across space. Therefore, you have the habit of believing that you have to wait for something to come to its conclusion. This habit has been exacerbated by your long wait for this long prophesized ‘time of ascension.’

“Since you have waited such a long time for this opportunity of personal and planetary ascension, you might think that ascension will take time to occur. In fact, the realization that you could have instantly shifted into your fifth dimensional SELF could make you angry. Why have you been waiting so long for something that has always been there?

“Therefore, we will explain what it is you have really been waiting for. You have not been waiting for the ascension, because that reality has always existed. You have been waiting because you have been trapped in time. In fact, what you have actually been waiting for is the current energy field, which is greatly facilitating your ability to leave the trap of time.

“Once your consciousness has fully absorbed and integrated the high frequencies of light that have been gradually entering your earth vessel, your consciousness will expand beyond the belief in time. Of course, to our galactic perspective, your infusion of light has not been slow, nor has it been sequential. It has been constant and perpetual.

“In fact, to our perception, this higher frequency of light that is bathing your reality and your consciousness is the portal of which we have so often spoken. This light is the portal out of time. Your test is not to just to enter this portal and accept this light, but to, also, allow this frequency of light to recode your consciousness.

“This recoding of your consciousness will expand your consciousness beyond the limitations of past, present and future and into the NOW. As your consciousness fully expands beyond the limitations of time, you will regain your innate ability to simultaneously perceive and interact with more than one reality.

“In other words, you can live your time-bound, gradual “ascension” life concurrently with one, or more, of your expressions of SELF who are already ascended. You can also share your experience of ascension with the expressions of your SELF who have never lowered their frequency into the worlds of polarity.

“Within this NOW, there are many of your Higher Expressions who are contributing to your ascension by channeling their higher light through you and into Gaia. In other words, even if you are just standing still, or involved in a mundane task, your ever-expanding consciousness provides an open portal through which your Higher Expressions can contribute their great light to Gaia.

“You do not need to do anything to become a portal of light. The mere fact that you are wearing an earth vessel connects you with Gaia. Furthermore, because you have been expanding your consciousness into the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, you are inviting your Higher Expressions to assist both you and Gaia.

“Meanwhile, we see our ascending ones patiently, or impatiently, waiting for the TIME to come in which they can ascend. We see you all preparing and getting ready for your future event. We are saying to you, there is no future. Future is a time-trap. There is only NOW. There is only frequency and resonance.

“However, the most popular choice of ascension process is the gradual and sequential change into fifth dimensional New Earth. We understand why this is the most popular choice. You have been trapped in third dimensional time for myriad incarnations. Then, when you “died” you were trapped in fourth dimensional time. Fourth dimensional time is more mutable than time in the third dimension, but it is still sequential.

“Therefore, in order to comfort your innate 3D fear of a timeless unknown, you have developed the belief that ascension takes time. Then, you can gradually accustom yourself to a new way of thinking. Since what you think will happen is what you will create, you will create a slow, gradual ascension. However, since ascension into the fifth dimension and beyond takes you beyond all confines of time, the actual ascension can only be instant.

“We do not want to interfere with your choice of ascension. In fact, we greatly admire and support your logical manner of creating ascension. Choosing to slowly and sequentially transition out of a life that you have always believed was REAL and into another life, which you were told was NOT real, keeps your consciousness above fear.

“You are creating your ascension. Leaving time will be your greatest adjustment. Therefore, choosing to “take time” to ascend affords you an opportunity to “take time” to change your beliefs. Once your belief is changed, you will instantly ascend. Therefore, you may think that it is taking time to ascend. However, ascension is not about time.

“Ascension is about the shift into your higher frequency of Multidimensional SELF. This shift will be instant. However, it may take you time to release your belief in TIME. You have long survived on your belief systems. Through myriad incarnations, you sought a belief that would bring you comfort in a reality that was fearful and constantly fraught with danger.

“Dear ascending ones, we support whatever form of ascension you choose to create. We are here within your NOW to inform you of your ability to choose an instant ascension. On the other hand, changing your belief systems about ascension can take time.

“Once your beliefs in the separation and limitation that time represents are released, your ascension can be an instant return to your Multidimensional SELF. Instead, you will be choosing which frequency of your Multidimensional SELF to whom you wish to resonate. This choice will instantly expand into how many expressions of your SELF are you going to simultaneously resonate?

“In fact, you can choose to retain your connection with your earth vessel while you, also, expand your consciousness into one or more higher expressions of your SELF. Your choice may take time, but your ascension will be instant.”

With that final sentence the Arcturian beamed away. I was surprised, and happy to see that a few of the Visitors beamed away with the Arcturian. Then, a few more beamed off, then even more decided that they were ready to release their belief in time!

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 3rd December 2012 by YHVH@
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Origen: Compartir.:::.▶ Curso gratis reparación computadoras 2015 – Portada y Caratula para CD´s Estilo Amor en Photoshop. -Astrónomos captan primera imagen que muestra una misteriosa red conecta todas las galaxias del Universo | photos


Compartir.:::.▶ Curso gratis reparación computadoras 2015 – Portada y Caratula para CD´s Estilo Amor en Photoshop. -Astrónomos captan primera imagen que muestra una misteriosa red conecta todas las galaxias del Universo

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Astrónomos captan primera imagen que muestra una misteriosa red conecta todas las galaxias del Universo

Ya no cabe más duda: El universo es como una tela de araña o una red de neuronas que tenemos en nuestro cerebro.

^ ^ ^

Por primera vez, los astrónomos fueron capaces de ver una cadena de gas caliente conocida como un filamento que se cree que es parte de una estructura subyacente misteriosa que dicta la disposición de todas las estrellas y galaxias en nuestro universo.Esto podría servir en el futuro para los viajes interestelares, pero su funcionalidad es un completo misterio. ¿Vamos a ser parte de un gigante “cerebro”, donde no son más que un grano de un grano de un grano de un grano de un grano de arena ….? Para encontramos este gas, los astrónomos usaron extremadamente brillante luz de energía en masa llamado cuásar. La luz de un quásar situado a 10 mil millones de años luz de distancia, actuando como un “farol” para iluminar el gas circundante, un estudio publicado en la revista ‘Nature’. Este aumento de la radiación de gas de hidrógeno Lyman-alfa emite niveles detectables sobre una gran parte de la región examinada. Investigadores estadounidenses fueron capaces de determinar la longitud de las ondas de radiación Lyman-alfa y utilizaron el telescopio Keck en Hawaii para obtener una imagen en esa ola. Estas observaciones están desafiando nuestra comprensión del gas intergaláctico y nos dan un nuevo laboratorio para probar y refinar nuestros modelos podía ver que se trata de una nube de gas que abarca dos millones de años luz a través del espacio intergaláctico, el más grande jamás encontrado. Investigadores de la Universidad de California en Santa Cruz creen que el gas filamento está aún más extendida, ya que sólo ver la parte que está iluminada por la radiación del cuásar. Los investigadores estimaron que la cantidad de gas en la nebulosa de por lo menos diez veces más de lo esperado de los resultados de las simulaciones por ordenador. “Creemos que puede haber más gas denso en pequeños grupos dentro de la red cósmica de lo que se ve en nuestros modelos. Estas observaciones están desafiando nuestra comprensión del gas intergaláctico y nos dan un nuevo laboratorio para poner a prueba y perfeccionar nuestros modelos”, dijo el líder del estudio Sebastiano Cantalupo.

Eternidad GDM para / RT

Publicado hace 2 horas por Zohar LUZ

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Oct 21


Saludos Queridos.

Nosotros vemos tantos de ustedes cambiando para un sentido más profundo de vivir y de ver la vida.

Más y más Luz de su amada tierra está siendo derramada. Ella los está apoyando en todo lo que ustedes hacen, pues ella también, está cambiando deprisa hacia una nueva resonancia más profunda de Luz y verdad.

Exactamente ahora es un tiempo poderoso en la Tierra. Mucho está mudando y mucho más irá a cambiar.

Las energías del pasado están enflaqueciendo deprisa y en breve desaparecerán para muchos.

No tenga miedo a cambiar, queridos, pues en este momento el cambio es simplemente un término muy nuevo y superior. No hay nada que temer.

Todavía habrá algunos eventos de cambios ya que Gaia mueve la antigua energía en su propio proceso de ascensión.

No tengan miedo e intenten con mucho empeño, no recurrir al antiguo pensamiento. Esto puede ser difícil porque sus medios simplemente incitan a los miedos de un sistema de creencias antiguo en todos los noticieros.

Estén informados, pero no se queden atrapados en sus televisiones, pues lo que ellos ven es siempre de la antigua energía – soluciones antiguas y medios antiguos de creencia.

Salgan y sean diferentes, y vivan más lo que ustedes saben que es la verdad, estén o no viendo o experimentando eso en el momento.

La experiencia sigue al cambio de conciencia, y no al contrario.

Intenten no tornarse un espectáculo en este modo de vivir, sino simplemente hagan lo que precisa ser hecho cada día, viviendo a partir de un nivel más alto de entendimiento.

Van a trabajar, conversen con sus amigos, disfruten sus vidas y diviértanse, pero siempre, dentro del conocimiento de la verdad: toda persona, agradable o desagradable es de hecho una llama del Divino.

Así ustedes se bendicen y los bendicen porque este reconocimiento puede elevarlos, si ellos fueran receptivos, y puede mantenerlos centrados en la verdad.

Esto no significa vivir sin preferencias u opiniones. Significa que ustedes viven su individualidad a partir del centro, y no del exterior.
Son las energías del pasado que están siendo liberadas y purificadas. Física, emocional y mentalmente ustedes están liberando toda memoria celular pasada y las energías almacenadas de vidas pasadas y sistemas de creencias que no resuenan más con su nuevo y superior Ser. Ustedes no puede llevarlas consigo.

Puede parecer como si ustedes, volviesen para atrás cuando sienten que las antiguas energías vienen a la superficie para ser liberadas. Su trabajo es no reivindicarlas de nuevo como sus problemas personales ( “ Ay de mí, estoy tan doliente, deprimido, en dolor, etc etc”) , sino simplemente entender que la antigua energía se está purificando y que ustedes lo están sintiendo.

Nosotros decimos que ustedes están muy cerca de muchos eventos que interpretarán en su mundo como caos. Algunos son del gobierno, otros son del sistema financiero, y otros son del proceso de purificación de Gaia.
Permanezcan centrados y focalizados en su interior porque ustedes podrán ayudar mejor a los otros que aún no entienden las energías en alteración de esta ascensión gloriosa.

Luego ustedes estarán ayudando a educar a muchos que entrarán en miedo porque ellos no entienden que está es una cosa buena, una graduación.

Habrá algunos que refutarán acepta cualquier cambio interior o exterior. No intenten cambiar a alguien que escoge quedarse en la antigua energía, pues es su elección de libre albedrío , de evolucionar más lenta o más rápidamente conforme se desea.

Muchos todavía no están preparados para acoger las frecuentas más altas, antes ellos precisan de más experiencias con la energía tridimensional.

Muchos están escogiendo dejar la Tierra para volver en las frecuencias más altas de la Nueva Tierra en una época posterior.
Estas elecciones son hechas en un nivel más profundo y normalmente inconsciente con ayuda del Ser Superior.

Intenten no ver o juzgar cualquier cosa individualmente en este momento, pues todo está sucediendo ahora en una pieza del glorioso rompecabezas siendo montado por Ustedes, las personas de la Tierra.

Ustedes están realizando, no aquellos de nosotros que los estamos ayudando , queridos.

Ustedes escogieron honrar la Luz. Ustedes dijeron : “Basta”.

Ustedes dijeron que están en la hora de un modo mejor y superior de vivir en amor y respeto por todas las cosas vivas.

Ustedes queridos, están ahora sintiendo y actuando a partir de una conciencia del UNO manifiesto como muchos.
Este nuevo estado de conciencia se está expresando exteriormente como un descontento que ustedes ven por todo su planeta. Honren a aquellos que son valientes lo suficiente para batallar por la liberad y la paz.
Honren a aquellos que dan sus vidas por la causa de la verdadera libertad para todos los pueblos del mundo y no solo de un país imponiéndose sobre otro.

Muchos no entienden, pero todos están sintiendo y experimentando un sentido nuevo y más alto de que la vida se trata de un nuevo estado de conciencia que está naciendo.

. Nosotros decimos que todo está bien.

Todo está en los caminos y todo se está moviendo rápidamente.

No hay nada que temer, pues todos se encontrarán exactamente donde precisan estar interior y exteriormente.

El esfuerzo para planear y entender todo es simplemente un hábito antiguo, pues tener un plano siempre creaba una sensación de seguridad.

El planeamiento intenso es una tentativa de hacer que las cosas se desdoblaran de acuerdo con su concepto actual sobe como las cosas deberían ser.

Dejen ir este tipo de planeamiento y comiencen a trabajar a partir de su intuición y desde su centro del corazón, lo que será seguido por planos fácilmente ajustables..

La mente está acostumbrada a estar al comando y es glorificada como tal. Está en hora la mente de tomar su lugar como una vía de la conciencia, no como una creadora.

Esta es una faceta de la retomada de su poder, hasta mismo de su propia mente, que ha sido programada por muchas vidas en la energía tridimensional para ver e interpretar de acuerdo con ciertas creencias y conceptos rígidos.

Nosotros decimos en Amor y Luz que somos el Grupo Arcturiano.


Canalización: Marilyn Raffaele

Traducción al español – Shanti
Publicado 21st October 2011 por Shanti
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