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Sharing.:::. RosaCruz_▶ Hymne à la fraternité – ▶ Hymne à la fraternité – ▶ MARS, OUR SISTER PLANET IS ALIVE! – The Celestial White Beings And The Galactic Council Of Twelve – December 2012 Climaxing Of Ascension | Superesse.

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Sharing.:::. RosaCruz_▶ Hymne à la fraternité – ▶ Hymne à la fraternité – ▶ MARS, OUR SISTER PLANET IS ALIVE! – The Celestial White Beings And The Galactic Council Of Twelve – December 2012 Climaxing Of Ascension

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Uploaded on Mar 26, 2011

Why our scientists, funded by governments, insist on keeping the fact that there is life on Mars, hidden to the people? NASA, with its hovers, shows exactly what they want to show, scenes similar to regions of our ancient Afghanistan, completely out of water, plants or any other form of life.
In fact, according to outside observers, the atmospheric composition of Mars is very different to that stated and heralded by their scientists.
Today, according to this sources, the composition is approx. 43% Nitrogen, 37% carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide 0.1%, 18% Oxygen 1.5% Argon, 0.5% other noble gases.
By “carelessness” of NASA photos showing forests and lakes from the files of NASA-JPL-MSSS was available for consultation and by itself prove the existence of a lush life on the planet, totally impossible to achieve with the atmospheric composition that they “claims “exist on Mars.
ESA, European Space Agency, among the hundreds of photos available on their website to justify the billions of euros spent on its program on Mars, “cleared” to cover up some photos that appear to be dense cities in regions of Mars that pictures analyzed in three different angles, show the same abnormalities in exactly the same relative positions that is, are there indeed! Not wrong pixels!.
Check the evidences for yourself and draw your conclusions about our sister planet. Pay attention to this images:

Forests of various types of vegetation, from pine trees to palm trees, big lakes, snow-covered areas, a totally different environment than the Rovers passed to the general public. And the source is NASA itself! Is it not a folly?

These photos are available on the official website of ESA at the address given in the description of this video.
ESA tried to lighten the photos in the overview to not show anything but some experts sifted through the hundreds of images, months of work, up to discover the coverup rudimentary decolorization of pixels in the photos of Hale crater.You can download photos of Hale crater on your own computer and photoshop to check them by yourself. There are various geometric shapes such as domes, roads, buildings of various types such as cones, towers and reservoirs.
After the impact of these pictures on the internet, the Mars Global Surveyor Mars Orbiter Camera Image Gallery quickly removed the references to these files of images, from their site.

Disinformation is a disease that creates false images of what reality is, for reasons political, religious or economic. We do not know why they spend so much money in the process of misinformation about the reality of our sister planet, but the elites should have their own strong reasons. Drawing the conclusions you like. It is impossible to cover the sun with a sieve.

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Monday, January 12, 2015
The Breathing Mind by Our Higher SELF


The Breathing Mind

By Our Higher SELF

Our mind expands and contracts just like our breath. Our mind contracts when we think in a third dimensional manner, but expands when we think multidimensionally. We can actually feel the difference.
Think about a third dimensional duty or obligation…
Feel how your face, and body, constricts…

Now think about a multidimensional experience…
Feel how you relax.
You may even feel inclined to take a long exhale or sigh.

It is the obligation placed on you by the illusion of “others,” as well as the “time” constraints that must be met that creates the constriction of third dimensional thinking. On the other hand, multidimensional thinking allows your consciousness a higher perspective and an inner place to relax.

For example, think about visiting with a Light Being and feel how your mind expands. Follow your multidimensional thoughts as they carry you on a cosmic journey into the unknown.

However, this “unknown” is the “well known” to the higher expressions of your SELF who flow through multidimensional waves of reality that is beyond all illusions of time. Feel how these waves of travel from the back of your head, to your forehead, and back and forth again as they undulate through and synchronize the myriad synapses of your brain.

Can you experience how these waves of thought open your High Heart and lead you into the feeling of unconditional love?

Soon these thought waves will no be bound by the encasement of your small brain to venture out into the Collective Mind of all humanity…
Then they will expand into Planetary Mind of Gaia…
And into the Galactic Mind of the Milky Way…
They then soar into Universal Mind of your Local Universe…
And settle into the Cosmic Mind of the All That Is…

As you follow these Mind Waves you extract information from the molecules of reality through which you travel and incorporate them into the expanded reality that YOU are creating.

As you revisit these great Minds, your mind expands into pure consciousness, which is unencumbered by any form of encasement. Your personal consciousness is related to your current embodiment.

Conversely, your multidimensional consciousness intermingles with the Flow of the realities you experience and the thoughts of the great beings you visit. You also feeling the “breath” of beings that have lived as pure consciousness and who have not held embodiment for millennia, or have never held a form.

Allow your consciousness to intermingle with these formless beings, you feel their energy flow through you like a warm breeze. As you breathe in their conscious memories of life after life, you gather their gifts of knowing.

Do NOT collect these memories. Instead, exhale the myriad pictures, feelings and thoughts into the collective energy field of all that you have experienced in your many third dimensional incarnations.

Allow these vanishing memories to wash upon the shores of the ONE so that Source can enjoy the myriad experiences of incarnation. With that release, your consciousness expands even further, and you find that you are among the ONES who have overseen your many incarnations.

You feel your great consciousness intermingle with the countless expressions of your Multidimensional SELF having the experience of form. Bless these forms, as you perceive them Flowing through an endless ocean of light.

Within this observance, you receive vivid pictures, thoughts and emotions of your myriad incarnations in your higher or lower dimensional realities. Do not try to contain these sensations, but let them Flow through you like the light of dawn flowing through the trees.

Each “tree” represents your many dimensional incarnations. The light is the energy field that Flows through every experience allowing you to share your myriad realities with the ONE.

The ONE breathes in these experiences and shares them with the consciousness of All That Is. In this manner, all life breaths as ONE great Being that inhales the realities of all creation and inhabits each experience with its cosmic exhale.

Do you realize now how reality is ONE breathing Being with infinite personal experiences? In fact, every physical person, place and thing serves as a Portal through which the ONE can experience the worlds of form.

Meanwhile, back in the third dimension on a small planet called Earth in the Solar System of Sol and the Galaxy known as the Milky Way, a light is expanding beyond the planet, beyond the Solar System and beyond the Galaxy.

A small light that was once limited to a clay form has been freed from its confinement and soars beyond all that once constrained it. This small light joins many other, similar lights to become a glow.

As more and more lights are freed from their confinement, the glow becomes a great beacon of light that guides other small light to be freed from their lower-frequency forms.
Gradually, the frequencies of separation intermingle with the frequencies of unity to create a Flow of Ascension that becomes irresistible.

Even those who have been trapped in the illusions of time and separation for millennia are awakening to the constant Flow of unconditional love. An ocean of light is arising as that which was separate is returning to that which is ONE.

The ONE is calling its volunteers Home into its SELF.

You have served the ONE by creating new realities, which you will contribute to the ONE upon your return. As the Ocean of Light Flows back to its Source, that which cannot be incorporated into the new wave of reality is released.

What will you need to release to join this wave? What will you need to release to breathe the Cosmic Breath and become ONE with the shores of your new reality? This question can only be answered from deep within your Inner Knowing.

You are in the process of choosing to release that which you have held you back, that which has made you suffer. The choice may seem clear, but suffering has become one of your best friends. When you suffered, you were a “good person.” You were NOT those who made “others” suffer. In fact, you fought against those who created suffering.

But now, you are at ONE. You are at ONE with the suffering. You are even at ONE with those who created your suffering. Can you release that suffering and replace it with the feel of the Light as it nurtures, informs, protects and expands your consciousness?

Suffering binds you to that which you fear. To be free of suffering, you must loosen that binding by releasing your fear. Yes, fear and suffering have told you that you are a good person and that you are trying hard to be better.

But now you KNOW that you were always better and always good. In fact, you know that the terms of “good” and “better,” and even the term “suffering” are ALL illusions of a reality that is coming into its completion.

Can you choose to release all fear and FEEL the Light as it flows through you with your every breath? That choice sounds like a simple solution, but fear and suffering have been your “red badge of courage” for most of your earthly incarnations. How do you release that which you believed made you “good person?”

You Release it by Surrendering to the Flow of the ONE! 

Posted by Sue at 11:53 PM
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The Celestial White Beings And The Galactic Council Of Twelve – December 2012 Climaxing Of Ascension

Natalie Glasson – The Celestial White Beings And The Galactic Council Of Twelve – December 2012 Climaxing Of Ascension – 26 November 2012 

It is with the purest vibration of love and peace that we send our energy to greet you; we are the combined essence and consciousness of the Celestial White Beings of the Cosmic level and the Galactic Council of Twelve who oversee spiritual matters and evolution from a Galactic Level. It is our purpose to come forward in love and guidance for you at this most sacred time on the Earth. We first wish to reassure you that all is well and that you are achieving your ascension process on the Earth with divine perfection, guided as always, whether you are conscious or not, by the will of the Creator. It is important for us to share with you that there are no set rules or expectations on our behalf for the time we are all experiencing now. Each person may have different experiences triggered by the divine will of the Creator and their personal perspectives and intentions.
We are entering into a great energy vortex of change. The energy vortex that is anchoring onto and into the Earth around the date of 12/12/12 and beyond, including the 21st December, will allow for you to enter into this vortex of change, truly allowing for transformation to take place in whichever way, need or form that is appropriate. You may also have heard this energy vortex being spoken of as a gateway or rays of light anchoring into the Earth. The energy that is already anchoring onto the Earth and within your being will encapsulate you completely holding and suspending you in the energy of tremendous change, shifts and transformation. Even from the beginning of December you may feel the energies gathering around your being while simultaneously emerging from within your being. It could be likened to an incubation period with tremendous cleansing because the energies will begin to remove all unneeded energies with greater intensity to manifest yourself as a purer
vibration of light. Many beings will gather around you working with your energies to make the necessary shifts of dissolving illusion and separation within your being while anchoring planetary light and shifts through your being into the Earth.

Do not be surprised if new masters and guides appear to you during this sacred time, there are many galactic masters who are preparing themselves to be of service to you energetically for the transition that will occur within your being. Many beings of high vibration will align their energies with your being while asking your soul to align with their energies, to create a tremendous uplift within your energies, as if you are being pulled from the grasp of illusion and brought into the light and truth of the Creator and the Creator’s universe. For those of you who are aware you may find that connections with energies and civilisations within the Creator’s universe, that you had not previously, recognised or understand will manifest, sharing with you further spiritual enlightenment as theyanchor divine consciousness into the Earth through your being. Please do not be fearful of new connections and energies drawing around you being, they come in love and only wish to assist in the universe of the Creator opening up to you. At this time the entire universe is shifting and opening up its energy, restraints, suppression and limitations placed on the universe of the Creator are all falling away. Even those on the inner planes are beginning to see all that is the Creator with greater clarity, an intense clarity that is so vibrant to our hearts. As your being is awakening and opening up to greater energies of the Creator’s light so you will interconnect into the Creator’s energy and universe, feeling the life force energy and divine flow of the Creator pulsating through your being with greater vigour and realisation.

Throughout most of December and climaxing around the 21st December you will exist within an energy vortex which will allow for transformation and change to occur within and around your being,you may experience intense energies, intense shifts within your mind, emotions and being as well as an intense releasing process. Many levels and layers of your being will be dissolved while new energies and attunements are created to assist your pathway forward beyond 2012. This will be the most intense and evolved incubating period that has and will be achieved on the Earth by a united civilisation. It has been during these incubator periods of climaxed energy and transformation that souls have found that they have been unable to cope with the transition process and so the entire civilisation has agreed to terminate the spiritual advancement and evolution.

We must share with you that your civilisation and all are more than equipped to move through the incubator period with tremendous ease. There is no need for you to fear termination of any form as you have been in many ways already experiencing the shifts and changes of your being and perspective. You may not feel strong and powerful but through your tremendous release processes you have been gathering your inner power and strength so that you may move through this transition with ease, remaining in your
centre and heart, simply allowing yourself to experience and accept all that you need to. This period that we are entering into now is to nurture, nourish and empower your being, soul and the Creator aspect within you. With so much energy gathering around your being you may find that you are continuing to release, let go of and dissolve many aspects of your being, thoughts, reality and emotions that are no longer needed. Please look upon this process as the most blissful process that is allowing tremendous attunement and expression of the Creator.

You may also find that your sensitivity is increased which will require you to react in a deeply loving and compassionate nature to yourself and others. It is our greatest wish and intention for you to allow yourself during this time to remain as much as possible in your heart centre, as this will ensure that you remain balanced, harmonised and supported by your guides and the Creator.

It is important to take time to rest, do not be too demanding of yourself, allow for meditation and quiet time to integrate and process the energies, allowing shifts to occur with tremendous simplicity.

Please remember that simplicity is the key at this time as well as loving yourself completely and absolutely while dissolving all expectations of yourself and your reality to simply exist in the divine flowing energy of the Creator within each and every present moment. If you can remain in your centre and in your heart chakra by imagining that you are breathing in and out through your heart chakra you will remain attuned and we will be able to be of service to you at this time. We understand that you are all aware of these basics but it is the basics of your spiritual practices that are of most important at this time, bringing yourself back to your heart at any given moment will offer to you a tremendous sense of security and support.

As the energy vortex of this ascension process gathers around you with greater intensity it will open up new opportunities to you in your meditation or quiet time.

Opportunities such as connecting with, experiencing or visiting aspects of the Creator’s universe and inner planes in order to reactivate your consciousness and awareness.

These could be seen as gateways within the energy vortex but it will just be because the veils between the Earth and the inner planes will be thinner therefore making your meditation experiences and practices more abundant and fruitful. It is important for you to be aware that this is a very personal time of growth for you which will allow you to access and experience all that you need to further your ascension. Please acknowledge that all of your experiences, shifts and transformation that we have spoken of will occur within your being so direct your focus into your being and heart chakra at this time in order to truly bask in the experience of ascension and the incubator process of nourishment and release to bring forward yourself as a purer vibration of light.

We ask that you allow yourself to be, to experience and to enjoy every present moment, for you have been waiting for this for many lifetimes. Let all fear and expectations go as you will be incubated within the loving vibration of the Creator with great intensity which is divinely blissful.
We love you unconditionally and we are here to support you as are all at this time of tremendous inner transformation.
Celestial White Beings and the Galactic Council of Twelve link to original article
Posted 27th November 2012 by YHVH@
Labels: ascension processawakening of the SELFCelestial BeingsGalactic Council of Twelveheart opening

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Compartir.:::. LA VOZ INTERNA.:::.▶ Astrología 2 Presencia y Armoníal_AMORC – CUICUILCO, MÉXICO, 19 DE MAYO 2012 | KRULIANs

Compartir.:::. LA VOZ INTERNA.:::.▶ Astrología 2 Presencia y Armoníal_AMORC – CUICUILCO, MÉXICO, 19 DE MAYO 2012 | KRULIANs.

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Compartir.:::. LA VOZ INTERNA.:::.▶ Astrología 2 Presencia y Armoníal_AMORC – CUICUILCO, MÉXICO, 19 DE MAYO 2012

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“Buenos días, luminosos días, espléndido día tengan hoy. Soy Rory y soy Arcturiana, y los acompaño en esta meditación en esta hermosísima Ciudad de Luz. Una Ciudad de Luz con una gran historia, como ustedes saben; una historia de tercera dimensión, pero una historia energética, que también, ya les hemos compartido. Esta Ciudad de Luz se ha ido expandiendo de acuerdo a las necesidades de la propia zona. Hacia el sur, se ha expandido hasta este momento hasta el hospital de Neurología; son varios kilómetros hacia el sur. Hacia el norte, se ha expandido hasta el Eje-10, lo cual llega a toda la Universidad Nacional, en donde la persona que habla trabaja y es un ancla energética en toda esta zona. Esto es muy importante por el número de personas que trabajan ahí, pero también por el conocimiento que de ahí emerge y también, por los movimientos sociales que pueden emerger de ahí en el futuro cercano. Todo esto, todo lo que se presente debe ser para bien y para evolución hacia la Luz, hacia el Amor, hacia el Perdón.

Era muy importante expandir esta energía. Hacia el este, está llegando prácticamente hasta el Eje-10, de tal manera que toca ciertas zonas de un alto nivel adquisitivo, tanto del punto de vista del comercio, como desde el punto de vista habitacional; esto lleva a que también, las personas que están en el extremo de la riqueza económica en la tercera dimensión, muevan sus corazones y sus conciencias, para entender los procesos que vivirá el país a corto plazo. Hacia el oeste, está llegando prácticamente hasta el hospital de Nutrición; si se fijan, está yendo mucho más allá; esto implica que la Ciudad de Luz, está ingresando en prácticamente todos los hospitales más importantes, de lo que se llama en tercera dimensión, de tercer nivel u hospitales en donde está la mayor ciencia en cuestiones de sanación del cuerpo físico y también, el cuerpo emocional, pues incluye los psiquiátricos, tanto de adultos como de niños, así como los hospitales: el GEA, el de enfermedades respiratorias, cancerología, cardiología, nutrición, pues para nosotros es importante que todas las personas que van a transicionar de aquí al 21 de diciembre y que lleguen a esos hospitales, tengan los caminos abiertos, pues como ustedes saben, en los hospitales las energías de dolor, de tristeza, de sufrimiento, pueden en un momento dado no ser tan fáciles para que la evolución de la persona hacia la Luz, se dé en un ámbito amoroso y de paz. Esto aunado también a la posición de sus familiares en los hospitales. De esta manera ayudaremos en diferentes aspectos a toda esta población, ahora que en este día se expande la energía de esta Ciudad de Luz. Si se fijan, quedará bastante cercana a la Ciudad de Luz de Coyoacán, que posteriormente trabajaremos en ella.

Todo esto hace que esta Ciudad de Luz sea una Ciudad de Luz de una gran intensidad energética, de una gran evolución futura, porque las Ciudades de Luz se van acomodando de acuerdo a las propias necesidades del lugar donde están ubicadas, pero también en su conexión con el plano totalmente terrestre, con Gaia y con todas las otras Ciudades de Luz que están distribuidas a lo largo del planeta y, que como bien se ha dicho, se irán formando, se irán activando otras Ciudades de Luz, de tal manera que prácticamente todo el planeta esté conectado con esta energía de 5D, que ayudará a la evolución.

Ahora bien, vamos a hacer un trabajo en esta Ciudad de Luz. Les vamos a pedir que se salgan por su fontanela y empiecen a flotar por encima de su cuerpo físico. Y así flotando, en su cuerpo energético, van a moverse a alguna zona de este recinto arqueológico. Pueden irse hasta arriba de la pirámide; pueden quedarse abajo; pueden volar y meterse en alguno de los pequeños hoyos que hay entre la piedra volcánica; pueden hacerse chiquitititos y meterse, a lo mejor, en alguno de los hormigueros; la flora y la fauna saben quienes son ustedes y los reciben con amor. Pueden hacerse pequeñitos y si encuentran una flor, sentarse sobre un pétalo de una flor. Jueguen con la forma que ustedes quieren tomar y el tamaño que ustedes quieren tomar en esta Ciudad de Luz.
Recuerden que su energía es totalmente maleable. En este momento pueden ver a todos los elementales que están aquí reunidos acompañándoles en la meditación, más todo el resto de seres de luz que están aquí. Visualicen que los están acompañando sus guardianes y sus ángeles. Estando así, visualicen la energía de donde están. Si están dentro de un hormiguero, visualicen la energía del hormiguero; visualicen a las hermanas hormiguitas y vean sus energías, percíbanlas, vean que tan activas son, lo rápido que se mueven……. Si alguien subió a un árbol puede ver al hermano pajarito que está cantando en este momento: los está saludando! Vean como mueve su cabeza y, curiosamente se acerca hacia ustedes y los saluda.
Si están hasta arriba de la pirámide, visualicen como la energía de la Ciudad de Luz se ha expandido hasta todas las zonas que les he mencionado y, toda esta energía de 5D baña estas zonas. Si se hicieron chiquititos y están entre el pasto, visualicen los tallos en las plantas más grandes; visualicen las hojas del pasto, que las pueden ver muy grandes también; los granos de la tierra, que son inmensos para el tamaño que ustedes escogieron y, vean como incluso les cuesta caminar. Recuerden que pueden agrandarse y achicarse como ustedes deseen. Vean la energía de las plantas: percíbanla. Perciban su brillo: hablen con ellas. Las plantas también se comunican, y ustedes lo saben. Comuníquense con ella.

Entonces, en donde estén, comuníquense con la expresión de Gaia, cualquiera que esta sea. Es para que ustedes en este momento tengan arraigo. Algunos tienen más arraigo que otros; a otros les cuesta tener arraigo. Su energía, comunicándose con la Madre Gaia, está permitiendo ese arraigo, esa unión en la afinidad energética, pues todos, absolutamente todos, tienen una energía. Esa energía, también viene de Gaia. Esa energía, se empata con su energía y les permite que cuando ustedes regresen a su cuerpo, estén más arraigados al planeta Tierra. Pero estas energías que ustedes están expresando, muchas de ellas ya son energías de 5D. En algunos casos, les falta todavía meditar un poco más para que puedan bajar con mayor frecuencia las energías de 5D que van a necesitar para fines de año. Estas energías las vamos a estar trabajando intensamente con ustedes, como se mencionó hace un rato, a partir del día de mañana. Ya hemos trabajado, sobre todo durante las noches, con cada uno y cada una que nos lo permite ó que nos lo pide. Sin embargo, todavía hay mucho trabajo que hacer.

Algo que hay que trabajar con algunos de ustedes son los miedos. Todo es perfecto; todo está equilibrado, y todo va a fluir de acuerdo a como tenga que fluir para cada uno y cada una de ustedes, de acuerdo a lo que su Ser decidió cuando encarnó, matizado, obviamente, por su libre albedrio. Pero si están aquí es porque han recibido el llamado de su corazón, porque su Ser está evolucionando en conciencia y en amor, y porque cada uno recibirá el conocimiento que necesita.

Como ustedes saben, hay muchos grupos, mucha gente que está interesada en dar el paso. Pero este paso, es un paso que debe ser en conciencia; es un paso que debe ser dado en total libertad; es un paso que debe ser dado en total evolución, porque ustedes, como se les ha dicho, decidieron vivir en este momento, este gran salto y, algo que no deben olvidar, es que están acompañados de todo un séquito de seres de Luz que, con amor, como parte de nuestra misión, como parte de nuestro servicio, estamos acompañándoles. Por eso siempre les decimos que cuando se sientan en dificultades, en problemas, llamen, porque estamos ahí, para estar con ustedes.

Así que, este arraigo que ahorita están recibiendo, este empate de energía, este equilibrio de energías, va a ser fundamental para que en el futuro cercano puedan seguir acomodando sus energías y las vivencias que vayan teniendo.

Algunos de ustedes seguirán enfrenando situaciones que pongan en entredicho, tal vez, sus emociones; que pongan tal vez en entredicho su discernimiento, sus análisis, pero es aquí donde su fuerza y su poder, como seres evolucionados, permitirán que den ese brinco ante ese discernimiento que no tiene muchas veces claridad, o ese análisis que parecería que se queda en 3D, con pensamientos o deducciones que ya no son afines a lo que ustedes están viviendo ahora.

Les pido se reúnan en donde está el hermano árbol, el guardián, que los acoge siempre con un grande amor y los invitamos a que suban ahora a la nave y se despiden del área donde estuvieron trabajando y agradecen a los animalitos o a las plantas, el que les hayan compartido sus energías para arraigarlos.

Los vamos subiendo a la nave. La alineación que comenzará el día de mañana, es un inicio de toda una serie de situaciones que se darán desde el punto de vista energético, desde el punto de vista espiritual y desde el punto de vista de 3D. Como ustedes saben, hay grandes movimientos sociales en diferentes partes del mundo; algunos que tienen que ver con cuestiones económicas; algunos que tienen que ver con cuestiones netamente sociales. Los corazones están alebrestados; muchos jóvenes, físicamente jóvenes, están quejándose, están luchando por lo que ellos creen merecer; por lo que ellos creen que necesitan para tener una vida digna, una vida digna en 3D. Todos estos cambios, toda esta situación que se viene viviendo intensamente desde el año pasado, sobre todo en Europa y en Oriente, es resultado de los cambios que se avecinan en este año y que continuarán el próximo año. Sin embargo, todos estos meses que faltan de aquí a diciembre, serán más intensos y, propiciará que muchos gobiernos empiecen a ver hacia dentro, empiecen a responder a los llamados de sus propias sociedades y esto es algo que nosotros estamos esperando con ansia, como parte de la evolución de la 3D, puesto que las poblaciones no pueden muchas veces estar en armonía, estar en paz, vibrar en amor, si no tienen resueltos los elementos básicos de vida, y la justicia dada en una justicia en la cual todos son iguales, todos con hijos de Dios, todos necesitan tener una vida digna y fluir en el amor, en la conciencia, en la empatía, en la hermandad de los corazones. Esto hace que haya estas situaciones que están viviendo basadas en los reclamos, basadas en las inconformidades, basadas en los miedos, pues hace que estas poblaciones exijan cambios, que esperemos, estamos esperando, que los nuevos líderes mundiales vayan enfrenando en conciencia y con esa capacidad de servicio. Así que, esto se seguirá viendo; no será ninguna sorpresa para nadie que se vaya dando.

Entonces pueden ver que hay zonas también de la Madre Tierra, que están manifestándose de ciertas maneras que traen temor para las sociedades, llámense eventos extremos ó llámense catástrofes naturales, como pueden ser los terremotos.

Ustedes son conscientes de la cantidad de gente que ha estado transicionando en los últimos tiempos. Transiciones que han tocado a todos, y ustedes saben que, incluso han tocado a miembros de este amado grupo. Transiciones que muchas veces no logran entender vistas desde un plano muy terrenal, pero saben que todo es perfecto, y que así ha sido porque son las personas las que están terminando sus ciclos de vida, sus graduaciones en su evolución espiritual en estas épocas de un profundo cambio. A partir de mañana y hacia adelante, todos estos cambios van a ser mucho más rápidos y mucho más intensos. Como siempre, les pedimos a ustedes que permanezcan en la Luz, en el Amor, y no se enganchen en situaciones de 3D. En particular, en las cuestiones políticas, en las que ustedes saben que se están dando y se van a estar dando en los próximos meses, de aquí a que haya una definición de quién gobernará este país y, posteriormente también habrá algunas situaciones un poco conflictivas. Sin embargo, todo tiene que irse acomodando de acuerdo a las energías, y de acuerdo a lo que está destinado que se viva en este país. A cada uno de ustedes, se les ha dicho muchas veces, que tienen que ver esta situación con una distancia emocional, y no enganchándose en situaciones que hagan que baje su nivel de energía, incluso su nivel de expresión amorosa, pues la misma capacidad amorosa la tienen todos.

Estando ya arriba, aquí en la nave, los vamos a llevar a un salón redondo, en donde vamos a equilibrarlos, para que comiencen a recibir estas energías de alineación con mucha más intensidad, y que estas energías de alineación, sigan activando los de ADN necesarios para su evolución de aquí al 2012, 21 de diciembre, que será la culminación de gran parte de este trabajo que estamos realizando desde hace años con ustedes, para pasar a otra etapa de trabajo,- no quiere decir que se termine- sino que pasará a otra etapa de trabajo.

Están ya reunidos en círculo. Al centro de este círculo hay una base que pareciera que es una roca de granito, grisácea, con puntos negros, y en la parte de arriba, hay un cuarzo transparente, que tiene pétalos en forma de punta, y tiene el número de pétalos que corresponde al número de personas que están alrededor. De esta manera, cada uno de ustedes queda frente a uno de estos pétalos en forma de punta, dirigido exactamente hacia su corazón.

Cuando todos estén listos, vamos a activar este cuarzo y va a salir una luz blanca, muy, muy brillante, y por la punta del pétalo de cuarzo, esa luz va a hacer un arco y va a llegar hasta su corazón. Cuando llegue hasta su corazón, va a activarlo, va a activar ese chakra, y va a empezar a brillar, y se va a formar como un foco de luz blanca, brillante, y cada uno de ustedes se volverá un ser totalmente de energía de 5D, intensamente brillante, y esa energía, va a empezar a expandirse hasta llenar todo este cuarto de esa energía, de tal manera, que incluso lleguen a desaparecer los perfiles de su cuerpo energético.

Están listos, y en este momento activo el cuarzo, y visualicen la energía que sale en forma de arco. La punta del arco, está en la punta del pétalo de cuarzo y la otra punta, está en su corazón. Visualicen como su corazón se pone blanco brillante, brillante, brillante, y empieza entonces, ese corazón, a emitir la energía de 5D que llena todo su cuerpo, activa las energías de su ADN, todos los códigos que todavía están faltando de activarse, y se expande esa energía y llena toda la habitación. Toda la habitación, ahora es pura energía de 5D, muy brillante: ya no se ven, y sientan esa profunda alegría que inunda su corazón al reconocer esa energía a la cual pertenecen ustedes, pues todos los que están aquí, son seres que están en 5ª ó en dimensiones superiores. Es como regresar a la familiaridad de donde es su identidad. Aquí está su identidad energética; estos son ustedes: ¡bienvenidos!

Sientan esa paz que da el saber que todo es perfecto; el saber que es aquí donde pertenecen; el saber que su expresión humana es simplemente un juego, como se los hemos dicho; el saber que están jugando ese juego, y que por momentos se divierten, y que a veces pudiera parecer que no es divertido, porque están perdiendo en el juego, desde el punto de vista de tercera, pero que también forma parte de su aprendizaje: el soltar y el confiar cuando están perdiendo. Y el aprender, porque ustedes pidieron aprender con las emociones de 3D, y por eso los reconocemos.

El cuarzo se está apagando, pero ustedes se van a quedar con esa energía, y con esa energía van a transcurrir el día de hoy y todo el día de mañana. Es muy importante que esta energía quede en su cuerpo físico cuando regresen a él y, así reciban el día de mañana, todo el proceso de alineación. A partir del lunes, dependerá de ustedes qué tanto pueden permanecer en estas energías cuando vuelvan a la vida cotidiana. Los invitamos a que en la medida de lo posible, eviten confrontaciones, enojos, reclamos, miedos, para que puedan mantener esta energía lo más prístina el mayor tiempo posible. Posiblemente, incluso les digan algunas personas que los ven “resplandecientes”; que los ven muy bien, y ustedes, simplemente, sonrían, porque así se van a manifestar, y las personas que no necesariamente están en este camino, percibirán algo en su ser, aunque no entenderán exactamente qué es. Pero no importa; lo importante es que ustedes sientan que cargan con esta energía maravillosa, extraordinaria, que nos une. A todos los seres que estamos en estos planos, nos une precisamente en hermandad energética y amorosa. Estén atentos a todo lo que pase el día de mañana y el día de hoy. Todo esto les ayudará a entender algunas cosas, para las cuales su mente todavía tiene incógnitas.

Así, que estando con esta energía maravillosa, los invitamos a que regresen a su cuerpo físico y sigan expandiendo su Ser. Van regresando, y con mucho amor, entran a su cuerpo físico y se ajustan a él. A lo mejor pueden sentir que no caben, porque su ser de 5D está como muy grande, pero, ajústense: si caben.
Nosotros los arcturianos los acompañamos con mucho amor en su proceso. Bendita esta Ciudad de Luz: espléndida, amorosa, con una energía extraordinaria y con unos guardianes a los cuales reconocemos; agradecemos; respetamos su trabajo y su luz; su conocimiento. Benditos sean. Hasta pronto”.

Canal: Ana Rosa Moreno

Transcripción del audio: Ernestina Augusto

Publicado 24th May 2012 por Juan Pablo
Etiquetas: Ciudades Planetarias de LuzCuicuilcoMéxico

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( continuación de “El comienzo de nuestra ascensión”)

Queridos, nosotros, Mytria/Mytre, hemos regresado para continuar nuestra historia.

La dejamos donde hablábamos de una vocecita interna tratando de atraer la atención de nuestra conciencia. Tras un largo tiempo llendo de un lado a otro, estableciéndonos, luchando y partiendo, habíamos perdido en su mayor parte nuestro deseo de realizar una profunda contemplación interna. la cual había sido alguna vez nuestra tónica. Ahora, al entrar la paz y la calma a nuestras vidas estábamos regresando a nuestro YO.

Pero, ¿quién era esa vocecita que tantos de nosotros estábamos escuchando? ¿era nuestro Espíritu en una forma más tangible, o era una versión del YO a la que estábamos regresando? Algunos de nosotros estábamos demasiado ocupados con nuestras vidas diarias como para prestar atención a estas cuestiones. Por otro lado, aquellos con una expresión más femenina e introspectiva, tales como Mytria, no podían ignorar esas cuestiones ni la voz interna. En consecuencia, Mytria contará su historia pues en ese entonces éramos dos personas. De hecho, no nos habíamos encontrado todavía.


Yo estaba entre aquellos que se habían agrupado al principio para conectar con nuestro Espíritu, por lo que la vocecita no era tan ‘vocecita’ para mí. De hecho, mi voz interna me perseguía constantemente y no me daba descanso. No podía dormir y comía solamente para sobrevivir. Por lo tanto, me volví cada vez más cansada, y eventualmente, enferma. No obstante, ninguno de los sanadores podía determinar la causa de mi inhabilidad para dormir, mi extrema sensibilidad a los alimentos, mis puntos dolorosos, mareos y confusión. Ellos suponían que se debía a que estaba exhausta y recomendaron que regresara a casa a descansar.

Sin embargo, el sueño no me venía. Me daba de vueltas y mantenía a mis compañeros de piso despiertos con mi constante voltearme y quejarme. Finalmente, ellos vinieron a mí en grupo y me sugirieron que pasara algún tiempo en uno de los nuevos templos que se estaban creando. Su sugerencia me trajo mi primera paz interior que había sentido desde que la voz interior había empezado a darme instrucciones, las cuales parecían imposibles de entender. De hecho, no fue sino hasta el momento en que mis queridos amigos hicieron la sugerencia que me dí cuenta que había estado en realidad recibiendo instrucciones.

Desafortunadamente estas instrucciones estaban en un lenguaje que yo podía recibir solamente en imágenes, metáforas, emociones y pensamientos disociados. Tal vez uno de los Ancianos que estaban estableciendo los templos pudiera asistirme. Yo me acababa de volver una adulta de cerca de 70 de sus años (como les he dicho, nosotros vivimos mucho más tiempo que ustedes). Había pasado la mayoría de mi vida en una nave espacial, pues nací entre nuestros diferentes hogares planetarios. No obstante, como había crecido con todas las historias y era por naturaleza MUY empática. me sentí como si hubiera vivido a través de cada experiencia planetaria.

De hecho, me dijeron que yo había estado con ellos entonces, pues mi vida parecía transcurrir como una serie de constantes: nacimiento, muerte, nacimiento, muerte, nacimiento, muerte una y otra vez. Cuando niña, recordaba esas vidas tan claramente como recordaba quién había sido antes. Sin embargo, cuando me volví adolescente, quería crear una NUEVA versión de mí en vez de vivir lo que aparentaba ser una larga secuencia de la misma versión de vida una y otra vez..

Quizá mi confusión y mareos eran debidos a todas mis otras vidas regresando a mí, todas a la vez. Cada vida parecía estar diciéndome la misma cosa y conduciéndome a la misma destinación. No obstante, no podía entender lo que se me decía o hacia dónde estaba siendo conducida. Yo necesitaba una guía desesperadamente.

Desafortunadamente, debido a que nuestros templos seguían estando bajo construcción, tuvimos que fijar una cita para hablar con alguien y aguardar a que hubiera una apertura. No voy a usar segmentos de años, meses o días pues nosotros contábamos el tiempo de manera muy diferente a ustedes. Simplemente diré que fui forzada a esperar — y sufrir — durante lo que aparentó ser para mí un muy largo tiempo.

Sin embargo, mis compañeros de piso habían dejado muy en claro que estaba siendo una influencia muy disruptiva para nuestro grupo. Todos ellos habían encontrado sus posiciones para crear nuestra nueva vida y trabajaban día y noche para conseguir esa meta. Yo, por otro lado, no había encontrado aquello a lo que mi voz interna me estaba conduciendo y estaba llena de temerosas emociones debido a mi confusión interna. Yo decidí que debía salir a la naturaleza y pasar mi tiempo sola en los hermosos alrededores de nuestro nuevo hogar planetario.

En consecuencia, a la mañana siguiente antes del amanecer, cogí una pequeña “vivienda portable”, que era similar a sus tiendas de campaña, empaqué algunos comestibles y simples cazuelas y partí al bosque. No tenía ni idea hacia dónde iba ni qué iba a hacer, pero al dejar mi mensaje para mis compañeros de piso en lo referente a mi destinación, sentí un breve momento de paz.. Luego, salí calladamente, cerrando la puerta a mi primera experiencia de un hogar planetario.

Como había crecido visitando nuevos planetas, lunas y asteroides, mis habilidades de supervivencia en un territorio desconocido eran excelentes. Nunca pensé ni por un momento que fuera a estar en algún peligro. Además de eso, siempre había sentido un apego a la tierra de cualquier área que visitábamos. De hecho, ésa fue mi guía, junto con otras. que me asistieron a encontrar este hermoso mundo de abundancia y de paz. Ahora bien, yo no tenía ni idea de adónde iba pero era un navegador de nacimiento y sabía que podía regresar a nuestra pequeña aldea cuando fuera tiempo para mi cita.

Anduve todo el día antes de encontrar un lugar protegido donde pudiera montar mi vivienda portable. Tras haberla montado, me senté a comer algo de los simples alimentos que había empaquetado calladamente. Sólo había traído suficientes alimentos para unos cuantos almuerzos pues no deseaba tomarlos de mis queridos amigos. Además, estaba muy confiada de que podía vivir de la tierra. Mientras comía mirando al crecientemente oscurecido cielo, me sentí más calmada de lo que me había sentido desde que mi voz interna había comenzado a gritarme en mi mente. Los alimentos me supieron realmente buenos, y disfruté de cada bocado. De seguro ésta era una señal de que había tomado la decisión adecuada…

Pero al contrario, me desperté a la primera tormenta que había experimentado desde que habíamos aterrizado en este planeta. Me desperté agarrando mi cobjia y me dí cuenta de que mi vivienda portable (tienda de campaña) había sido soplada por el viento y mis utensilios para comer habían sido esparcidos por toda el área. Nunca pude encontrar algunos de ellos. Yo quería una aventura, pero conseguí algo más de lo que contaba. Sabía que no debía salir a caminar durante una tormenta, por lo que tomé lo que pude recolectar y me acurruqué bajo el ala de una roca saliente.

Estando sentada contra la roca, me puse a reflexionar. Había caminado desde antes del amanecer, y solamente me había detenido cuando oscureció. Luego, permanecí hasta tarde observando los nuevos sistemas de estrellas en el cielo nocturno. Solamente podía imaginarlo porque estaba tan cansada que no ví ninguna de las señales de advertencia de esta enorme tormenta. ¿Y por qué no me había despertado más pronto? Tal vez había vivido en una aldea demasiado tiempo y había perdido el contacto con la naturaleza. Definitivamente parecía que había perdido el contacto con mi yo.

Como las estrellas eran ahora invisibles y eran la forma de navegación que había aprendido en la nave espacial, tenía que quedarme allí hasta que la tormenta amainara y los cielos se despejaran. Solamente la gran fatiga que había estado sufriendo durante muchas rotaciones de nuestras lunas me permitió caerme dormida en medio de la enorme tormenta. No sé cuánto tiempo dormí, si es que dormí en realidad pues mi mente estaba viendo aquello que hasta ahora me había evadido. Recuerdo decir repetidamente en mi cuerpo nocturno: “debo recordar este sueño. ”

Me desperté a un hermoso y despejado día con ese pensamiento en mi mente. Sin embargo, no podía recordar el sueño. Tenía solamente las mismas pasajeras imágenes que me habían perseguido desde que la voz empezó. Sin embargo, el sueño parecía ubicar estas imágenes en una secuencia que — por supuesto — no podía recordar. Una grandiosa luz reluciendo sobre mi cuerpo, secando mi ropa y calentando la roca me despertó. Estaba recostada sobre la roca que me había ofrecido cobijo de la tormenta cuando algo captó mi atención. Cuando ví más de cerca, ví que la roca destelleaba como si hubiera millones de pequeñas estrellas incrustadas dentro de ella.

Yo había estado en muchos planetas y visto muchos parajes, pero nunca había visto antes una roca como ésta. Decidí que ya que la tormenta me había traído aquí, allí me quedaría recostada contra esta roca por tan largo tiempo como fuera necesario. No obstante, lo que restaba de mis alimentos se habían terminado así que tenía que usar mis habilidades empáticas para encontrar agua y “saber” qué era edible. Estas habilidades innatas fueron lo que me había traído un propósito en la nave espacial, un propósito que había perdido desde que me había establecido en nuestro nuevo mundo. El agua fue encontrada. Los alimentos fueron localizados, los cielos nocturnos estaban trazados y yo era — inútil.

Quizá ésa sea una de las razones por las cuales había estado teniendo tantas dificultades. No había encontrado mi lugar en nuestra sociedad. Era demasiado joven para servir en el templo y demasiado vieja para estar sentada simplemente, que es lo que había estado haciendo. Con razón mis compañeros de piso se habían cansado de mi presencia. Con el pensamiento de mi inhabilidad para encontrar mi “lugar” me quedé dormida. — o fue eso una profunda meditación?

Regresaremos, y Mytria continuará su historia,


A través de Suzanne Lie, PhD

Traducción – Gloria
Publicado 25th May 2012 por Shanti
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Sharing.:::.A Breakthrough of the Truth.:::. MELCHIZEDEK – HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR SUPREME ATOM STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS – The Multidimensional Character of Human History Revisited | samkaska

Sharing.:::.A Breakthrough of the Truth.:::. MELCHIZEDEK – HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR SUPREME ATOM STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS – The Multidimensional Character of Human History Revisited | samkaska.

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Sharing.:::.A Breakthrough of the Truth.:::. MELCHIZEDEK – HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR SUPREME ATOM STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS – The Multidimensional Character of Human History Revisited

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The Multidimensional 

Character of Human 

History Revisited


by Georgi Stankov, January 16, 2015

In my comprehensive article “The 
Multidimensional Character of Human History” I am talking, among other things, why I , or better said my soul, chose for me to spent a large portion of my life in Munich and Bavaria. It is undoubtedly the darkest place in Europe, where not only Hitler’s crimes began but also the place which gave birth to the most insidious Orion Reptilian shape-shifter Adam Weisshaupt as I have written in this article:
The other reason to spend much of my life in Bavaria is Adam Weisshaupt, who came from the same region, Holledau (Ingolstadt), where I live now. He was also a reptilian, a shape-shifter, and established the modern society of the Illuminati in Europe, first in Munich, Bavaria and later on in the USA, after he was expelled from Bavaria for this activity.

In the USA, he was the double of George Washington during the last 8 months of his presidency, after he was killed by the US-Illuminati, so that they could run the US government undisturbed. At that time, the Rockefeller faction was established in the USA, and the scam with the Washington D.C., which does not belong to the US-state, but unofficially is still a part of the British crown, was laid down.

In Bavaria, I did the most profound cleansing work from the 90s to 2014 when I entered the last most intensive phase of my LBP and turned my fields into a huge “turnstile mechanism” of global proportions that encompasses all timelines of Gaia, now Gaia 5. as the Elohim explained to us. This fact tells you that many highly evolved souls of the light had to incarnate in this darkest piece of land, called Bavaria, in order to raise the light quotient and enable the final creation of the city of light Raetia, which I founded as early as 2001 and continued doing so with the help of my dual soul Carla in December 2013 when we also created Gaia 5.

This is one of the reasons why I decided to publish this article below which addresses the life and martyr death of a famous critical German journalist in Munich, Fritz Gerlich, who fought against the rise of Hitler by exposing him and showing the truth about him and the Nazi movement to the people. 

Ultimately he failed as most Germans were at that time as dark as Hitler, just as the current US population is as dark as Obama and Orion Co and nothing substantial for the better can happen in this Empire of Evil. History repeats again and again, only the outer conditions and historical sites may change.

But this article gives us also a glimpse into the role and life of a highly revered light gestalt Therese Neumann von Konnersreuth, which was a stigmatist and a seer. This woman inspired the courageous journalist Fritz Gerlich to write against Hitler and to reveal indomitably the truth about this human monster in order to save Germany from the impending national and world catastrophe. In vain! He was killed by Hitler’s thugs in the concentration camp in Dachau, not far away from where I last lived in Bavaria.
There are few Germans that know about this dissident (Widerstandskaempfer) as most Germans do not care at all about civil courage and truthfulness, even after they have experienced two national catastrophes. They are for the most part incurable, filthy “Spiessbuerger” (philistines)  This explains also the Tantalus act I had to accomplish in this darkest country in Europe, but at the end I could no longer bear the negativity and had to leave it, otherwise I would have died as the Elohim later confirmed. The same holds true for Carla. We had to join our forces against the daily dark grind as a recent very good message  “Transcending the Daily Grind”  elaborates.
I have decided to publish this article as it highlights the perpetuation of human filth in the current 3D Orion cesspool, which we are now in the final throes of ascending, while destroying this matrix.
The Mystic vs. Hitler, or Fritz Gerlich’s Spectacles

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By annamerkaba on January 16, 2015

Greetings everyone, what I wish to share with all of you today is of great importance and tremendous benefit for ALL of you who are ready to activate the SUPREME ATOM of your being and your 8th and 9th chakras.

A few days ago, as I was about to retire for the night, I saw a beautiful figure appear before me that of an old wise man with a long white beard. The energy surrounding him was spectacular, very calming, peaceful and yet incredibly inspiring. He swirled around me and disappeared from view. Then the next day I was sitting at my computer when all of a sudden I heard a “knock” of sorts and a message that you will see below started to flow through me. I was later shown a vision and given directions on the dimensions of the image that you now see here before you. I had this image commissioned for me by a very talented graphic artist named Kashif.

The being who has given this information to me, later introduced himself as Ascended Master Melchizedek!

And so, here is the channeling, the image and instructions on HOW to activate your SUPREME ATOM, what will happen when you do so, what to expect and how to handle this experience.

“The ascended masters of your concurrent reality desire to speak to humanity through your channel, and we ask for permission to be granted to proceed” After I gave my go ahead here is what followed…

Dearly beloved children of light, the time has come for us to disclose the informational decree set upon you through ethers of the past into the ethers of the NOW moment in time.

The informational decree regarding the atomic structure of your DNA and specifically the atom which resides in the solar plexus of your being. The atom of which we have spoken is indeed the atom that resides in the solar plexus of your being, accessible to you via the satellite of your heart’s codices, through the visual cortex of your brain structure.

For through the visual cortex you shall be able to activate the atom of which we speak which resides in the solar plexus of your being. Through the visual cortex of your vehicles a link shall be made to your heart and through said link the informational decree shall be delivered into your solar plexus.

Be mindful that upon the activation of said atom your solar plexus shall become quite sensitive indeed, be mindful for the solar plexus shall activate and send a signal to your heart and pineal gland for processing.

Following the processing of said unique energies you shall be able to connect to the divinity within yourself, through the activation of your solar plexus and the Supreme Atom that rests within you vehicle energy field.

Through your womb, your naval, your umbilicus, through the womb of your mother, through the connectedness to your mother, you have been connected to the universal womb of which you have come. The universal womb of cosmic proportions. Through your connectedness to your mother’s womb and the mother before her, all the way to the first mother to have walked the earthly planes of existence, the memories of eons past shall indeed be activated within your vehicle, said memories shall indeed be rebalanced, reconstructed and cleansed, allowing you to fully shed that which you are not, and align with that which indeed you are! For the vehicle in which you dwell carries the memories of eons past, memories which hinder the progress of your souls passage into the ethers of your chosen momentum. And hence, upon the cleansing of said atomic chain, upon the activation of your Supreme Atom, you shall then be able to fully align yourself with the divinity of that which indeed you are!

Be mindful that only those who have passed the ring past not, only those who have indeed cleansed their palate and have aligned all chakras of their being to ONESS, UNITY and COSMIC consciousness shall be able to utlize the following decree, and bring forth the hidden knowledge, understanding and pureness of Being onto the earthly planes of existence. Be mindful that upon such activation much shall become rapidly known to you. Understand that your consciousness shall expand to allow you to comprehend that which you shall be able to freely tune into. Know that the informational decree that you shall begin to receive may send you into an emotional turmoil for that which has been hidden shall become crystal clear to you now. Understand that you are to take precautions, know that your lives shall change. Proceed thus only if you are truly ready for transition to HIGHER OCTAVES OF BEING.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

The HOW – Meditate upon the picture provided trice daily, upon awakening, mid day and prior to sleep. Hold the etheric quartz upon your vehicle of choice. Etheric quartz which shall be cleansed by you daily as you retire for the night. Continue said activations for the duration of 8 days and 8 nights. Take rest on day 9 and repeat said mediation for the duration of 24 days. Upon completion of said cycle, you are to inquire with the ascended masters of your chosen decree, the steps that you are to take to further accelerate your rise in the octave harmonics. Know that the crystalline structure of your vehicle shall come to the forefront of your being. Understand that ye to take frequent rests throughout the day as you proceed with the activation of your Supreme Atom. Liquefy your vehicle for the water which you shall drink, shall bind the debris which shall need to be washed out of your vehicles.

Update: It is highly important to meditate on this particular pictures as It has been created under the specifications from Melchizedek. Each color that you see on this picture, each shape, carries specific vibrations which attune you to your higher self, activating your solar plexus, heart, you DNA and pineal gland, allowing you to shed everything from the past. You can either print this picture out and hang it on your wall, and sit down into a mediation looking directly at this picture, or you can sit by your computer and look at the picture close your eyes for a few moments and allow yourself to go deep within and truly get in touch with yourself.

I had no idea what Etheric Quartz is, at first when I heard this channeled information I thought it was an actual quartz that had that name, but then when I googled it, it turns out that there is actually a company out there who make Etheric Quartz Crystals! I was in awe of the clarity of the information that I have received! So I was led to this site here:

When asked to confirm I was told that this is it.

However, I also asked if any other tools that I presently have will work, and turns out that Natalya’s recent creation which is called the “Sephirot (SERAPHIM) Disc”, that she sent to me roughly 3 weeks ago will work just as well. Her tool is infused with Seraph’s energies, as she was visited by a Seraph to create this disc. When I tuned into this disc for the first time I held it in my hand I cried and cried with immense relief, I then felt as if I was taken to see my home yet again. It was such an amazing experience, where everything just fell away for a moment and I was able to experience being myself again, the real true me with all of my benevolent healing powers and light emanating every which way. It only lasted for a few minutes as I had to get back to earth 🙂 But whenever I would use this tool in my healing and mediations I felt all of my chakras activate.

So, when I asked I was told that this tool is made out of quartz, copper and the image of a Seraph and Sephirot. The image that you see on this tool as you can see here is of a Seraph. The gemstones that are placed on the tool are the ones that balance all 7 of your chakras, combining to create a kaleidoscope of lights, activating a rainbow frequency within your being allowing you to connect to activate the 10 emanations of the Three of Life. Sephirot meaning emanations, are the 10 attributes/emanations in Kabbalah, through which Ein Sof(The Infinite) reveals himself and continuously creates both the physical realm and the chain of higher metaphysical realms (Seder hishtalshelus). The term is alternatively transliterated into English as Sefirot/Sefiroth, singular Sephirah/Sefirah etc. These attributes are

Chokhmah- “Wisdom”

2 Binah- “Understanding”
3 Daat- “Knowledge”

Conscious emotions(Primary emotions:)

4 Chesed- “Kindness”
5 Gevurah- “Severity”
6 Tiferet- “Beauty”
(Secondary emotions:)
7 Netzach – “Eternity”
8 Hod- “Glory”
9 Yesod- “Foundation”
(Vessel to bring action:)
10 Malkuth – “Kingship”

To learn more about this tool please see Natalya’s site here:

So as you can see you have choices, of course you should look deep within and see what resonates with you, perhaps you will discover that you can use yet another tool to fasciliate this activation technique.

I hope that this will be useful for you and hope to see all of your abilities activated within you in divine right timing. . I love you all very much! As always Thank you for being here on earth, and being a part of this divine unfolding we call “mission to earth”.

P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL

* * *


Tips to Thrive in 2015

by Selacia

Regardless of how uncertain our world has become, you can take key steps now to thrive in 2015. And with our first new moon of the year just around the corner on the 20th, this is a perfect time to focus on your intentions and plans for constructive actions.

Our new moon falls on a high-energy day – with a rare planetary alignment combined with the sun moving into humanitarian and world-changing Aquarius. All new moons are powerful opportunities for shifting energy and intention setting, but this upcoming one carries amplified potentials.

The key to preparing for this energy is inseparable from what is required to thrive in 2015: set in motion now what you want to see unfold over the long term. In other words, have a big-picture view and regularly take conscious heart-centered actions matching that view.

While it may seem obvious and easy to operate from this higher-consciousness perspective, it’s not so simple when you are steeped in conventional world conditioning. Everyone has this linear background, of course, so don’t be hard on yourself if you slip into black-and-white thinking from time to time. The important thing now is to become more skilled and practiced in applying the quantum, big-picture perspective of your higher wisdom. In this article I’ll provide some tips of how to do this – so you can shift out of lack and into your naturally abundant expression.

Where You Were – Where You Are Headed

Most likely, last year you did regular contemplating and intention-setting regarding life goals and things you wanted to shift. For most on the path of awakening, this is simply a standard ongoing practice that helps with clarity and keeps things moving. If you discovered past patterns in your DNA blocking your progress, you may have done healing of those, too – again, very helpful for moving forward.

Last year’s progress and spiritual growth helped you set a foundation for what is to come in 2015. Keep in mind, though, that even big-picture, quantum intentions and plans you made last year must be fluid now. In order to thrive, you must be open to changing your mind about things and open to brand-new options not even on the drawing board in 2014.

You are constantly changing and so is the world around you. Factor in this perpetual motion as you focus and act on goals you set last year. Being up-to-date energetically needs to become part of your ongoing spiritual practice.

Tips to Thrive in 2015

Here are some tips to help you thrive and be all you can be in 2015. Invite your Higher Self to participate with you as you consider these ideas. Allow these tips to stir your own list and to catalyze dreams helping you to clarify your life vision.

FIRST, challenge the status quo of how you think about and deal with money and being valued. Meditate on the idea of your value, not so much in terms of your net worth but in terms of the big-picture benefits of your being in the world. Others benefit from your being here, and of course, you benefit in countless ways you cannot even begin to grasp on this side of the veil! Dare to question your deepest-held beliefs about money, receiving, giving, and living an abundant life on all levels. Ask within to help determine which beliefs you took on from your lineage, from society, and from internalizing what people told you. Be bold – be willing to be conscious about your money and treat it as something of value to manage. You may have learned that it’s best to avoid focusing on money. Question all of these things. Ask for dreams and input from the world to help you clarify false notions, superstitions, and fear-based ideas based on the truths of others.

SECOND, take a thorough look at how you interact with others – on a personal level, on a group level, and through networks or communities. Thriving in 2015 will depend on your being actively and consciously engaged with the world – connecting on a heart level with a diverse set of people. No one creates abundance on their own. It is a co-creation. You must have input from the world, and you must give your own input to receive back. That may sound obvious, but it’s important to mention here. Don’t forget that spirit speaks through everyone and everything, too. Therefore, self-isolation prevents you from receiving input and other help that spirit orchestrates through other people. Example: sometimes even a sentence you hear standing in line at the market can catalyze ideas within you for an invention, best-selling book, or more profitable way to do something.

THIRD, become more familiar with how energy flows and learn about natural energetic cycles impacting you and everyone on Earth. Get to know your own rhythms and pacing. Question these things from time to time, just in case your natural rhythms and pacing are being compromised by lifestyle or other factors. Do what you can regularly to find and maintain balance of your own energies. You will experience more flow of abundance when you are in tune with yourself and hold a balanced, high-frequency energy. Discover the things that lower your frequency, then find remedies and put those into action. A higher frequency equals more vitality and more abundance. Learn the basics of natural energetic cycles like those involving the moon, seasons, and planetary alignments. You don’t need to become an astrologer to do this, but do pay attention to these cycles that can greatly influence the emotions, thinking, and actions of humanity. After all, your abundance depends on divine timing, the receptivity of others, and being aware of subtle energies that can support or undermine collaborations and projects. The most innovative story pitch or business venture proposal – presented at the wrong time to people who are in chaos or otherwise cannot receive it fully – is wasted effort. Honor yourself by using your energy and time wisely – trust that the universe will naturally respond.

When making your new moon intentions list, consider adding these affirmations: (1) I am a divine changemaker, awakening to my larger purpose and attracting just what I need to fulfill it. (2) I indeed have what it takes, not only to sustain my previous progress, but to move forward and thrive in love and joy. (3) I am a naturally abundant being, my light radiating out into the world to create change.

Copyright 2015 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

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A Breakthrough of the Truth


by Georgi Stankov, January 20, 2015

I am exalted. The mouthpiece of the Western Orion-Reptilian propaganda, BBC has just admitted that:

1) Western democracy is suffering from profound deficits “Europe’s “crisis of democracy” is a gap between elites and voters, There is “a gaping hole at the heart of European politics where big ideas should be.” and that “political earthquakes could be in store for Europe in 2015, according to research by the Economist Intelligence Unit for the BBC’s Democracy Day.

2) All the announcements of the Western governments with regard to the alleged recovery of the economy since the 2008 crisis are blatant lies and that the crisis is still ongoing and deepening: “Will we ever really get over the financial crisis? Six years or more on from the start of it, the world economy is still struggling to generate a convincing recovery. Among the headwinds is debt, the factor that took us into the crisis in the first place.” Then BBC goes on to confirm what I have been writing for the last four years: “In the meantime, since the crisis began, global debt has actually risen… The most recent figures come from the Institute of International Finance (IIF), a group that represents the financial services industry. As of June this year it estimated that global debt, excluding the financial sector, was equivalent to 245% of total global economic activity or GDP. That’s up from 214% in September 2008 when the financial crisis was going into its most intense phase.
Then BBC pulls the rabbit out of the hat: The total debt of the USA and the UK, without their financial debt and the amount of risky derivative speculations (20-50 times bigger than the world GDP) exceeds 500% of their GDP (For example Russia has 13% debt to GDP). Eurika! This is a day to celebrate when a miracle happened – the blind presstitutes of the Orion MSM have opened their eyes for the truth to the first time.
My dear friends, this is the most auspicious day, when we witness a veritable breakthrough of the truth amidst the ranks of the ruling cabal in the darkest citadel of the Orion empire – in the UK and its central bullhorn of propaganda – the BBC.
These two confessions of the BBC with regard to the two key factors / trends, which I am stressing in all my articles since I opened this website, will very soon lead to the collapse and “sudden death” of the Orion matrix.
The democratic deficits in the West have created an abyss between the people and the ruling criminal cabal that can no longer be hidden and will very soon destroy the civil society in Europe as well as in the USA, which is already much more advanced in this respect.
The gargantuan debt of the USA and the UK, and to a lesser extent of continental EU, has already destroyed the national economies of the AAA (Anglo-American-Assholes) and have made them unable to lead a new world war. They know that they have already lost. The recent escalation of the US proxi war in Ukraine against Russia with the full support of the US army command, will not help the Kiev Nazis not to lose their fratricide war, just as they have already lost the Donetzk international airport. 
While the approval rates of Putin are at an all-time-high and the solidarity of the Russian people with his policy grows, the Western ruling cabal are like paralyzed hamsters in front of a cobra, while their approval rates are nose-diving. Long gone the wet dreams of the Ape Cameron and Bombama to oust Putin from power with “colour revolutions”.
We, the PAT, are now the true champions of the End Time by employing our Sacred Flames to create the most favourable scenario for our ascension.
Be aware (and proud) of what we have achieved. Or do you think that the latest revelations of the BBC are random events? NO, they are the result of my and your ongoing transmutation of the human minds at the soul level and at the physical level with an unmatched perseverance and journalistic dexterity that now drives amok the dark ones and also their minions, the idiotic Internet trolls, who are overwhelmed by their utter hopelessness to grasp this rapidly changing world.
This is our glorious victory and a Waterloo for the dark cabal – make no mistake about the significant turning point, we reached yesterday. This is a sweeping victory over the dark ones and the ramifications of it will be felt in the coming days when Syriza wins the elections in Greece and leaves the Eurozone, and the ECB will have committed its harakiri with the new 550 billion QE, aping the Fed that has already destroyed the economy of the Empire of Evil with three or four consequent QEs.
Below I am publishing the two BBC articles as of yesterday together, so that you can perceive better the close relationship between the two basic factors for the collapse of the Orion matrix – the widening democracy crisis and the rising debt of the Western world.

BBC Democracy Day: Europe ‘faces political earthquakes’

Political earthquakes could be in store for Europe in 2015, according to research by the Economist Intelligence Unit for the BBC’s Democracy Day.

It says the rising appeal of populist parties could see some winning elections and mainstream parties forced into previously unthinkable alliances.
Europe’s “crisis of democracy” is a gap between elites and voters, EIU says. There is “a gaping hole at the heart of European politics where big ideas should be”, it adds.
Low turnouts at the polls and sharp falls in the membership of traditional parties are key factors in the phenomenon.
‘Highly destabilising’
The United Kingdom – going to the polls in May – is “on the cusp of a potentially prolonged period of political instability”, according to the Economist researchers.


They say there is a much higher than usual chance that the election will produce an unstable government – predicting that the populist UK Independence Party (UKIP) will take votes from both the Conservatives and Labour.
The fragmentation of voters’ preferences combined with Britain’s first-past-the-post electoral system will, the EIU says, make it increasingly difficult to form the kind of single-party governments with a parliamentary majority that have been the norm.
But the most immediate political challenge – and test of how far the growing populism translates into success at the polls – is in Greece. A snap general election takes place there on 25 January, triggered by parliament’s failure to choose a new president in December.
Opinion polls suggest that the far left, populist Syriza could emerge as the strongest party. If it did and was able to form a government, the EIU says this would send shock waves through the European Union and act as a catalyst for political upheaval elsewhere.
“The election of a Syriza government would be highly destabilising, both domestically and regionally. It would almost certainly trigger a crisis in the relationship between Greece and its international creditors, as debt write-offs form one of the core planks of its policy platform,” the EIU says.
“With similar anti-establishment parties gaining ground rapidly in a number of other countries scheduled to hold elections in 2015, the spill-over effects from a further period of Greek turmoil could be significant.”
‘Immigration and austerity’
Other examples of European elections with potential for unpredictable results cited by EIU include polls in Denmark, Finland, Spain, France, Sweden, Germany and Ireland.
“There is a common denominator in these countries: the rise of populist parties,” the EIU says,

An Egyptian anti-government protester in Tahrir Square in 2011A surge of popular protest has swept many parts of the world in recent years

“Anti-establishment sentiment has surged across the eurozone (and the larger EU) and the risk of political disruption and potential crises is high.”
Its analysis is that populist parties and movements – of the left, the right and the indeterminate – are moving into the space that has opened up between the old political parties and their traditional social base.
Opposition to governance from Brussels, immigration and austerity are key themes and rallying cries for many of these parties.
‘Upsurge of protests’
Meanwhile, alongside the rise to prominence of populist movements, there has been an upsurge of popular protest in many parts of the world in recent years.


The EIU estimates that significant protest movements surfaced in more than 90 countries during the past five years – in the main, it says, led by young, educated, middle class individuals who resent their political leaders and who prefer Twitter and other social networks to the traditional political soap box.
“An upsurge of popular protest has swept through Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Latin America in recent years. Other regions such as Asia and North America have been less susceptible, although have not escaped entirely,” the EIU says.
“The mainsprings of the protests have been different – some have been responses to economic distress, others are revolts against dictatorship; some are expressions of a popular desire to have their voices heard by political elites, others express the aspirations of new middle classes in fast-growing emerging markets.”

Global debt: How worried should we be? 

Will we ever really get over the financial crisis? Six years or more on from the start of it, the world economy is still struggling to generate a convincing recovery.

Among the headwinds is debt, the factor that took us into the crisis in the first place.
In the meantime, since the crisis began global debt has actually risen. The hoped-for financial healing has happened only in a few scattered parts of the global economy.
The most recent figures come from the Institute of International Finance (IIF), a group that represents the financial services industry. As of June this year it estimated that global debt, excluding the financial sector, was equivalent to 245% of total global economic activity or GDP. That’s up from 214% in September 2008 when the financial crisis was going into its most intense phase (Please observe, that this  crisis was entirely caused by excessive debt, Note, George).

global debt outstanding chart

The IIF describes the continued build-up of debt as “worrisome”.
These figures cover debts owed by governments, households and businesses outside the financial sector. They don’t cover all countries, but the vast bulk of global debt is included.
Financial companies, such as banks, have reduced their debts (This is of course an outrageous lie, the leveraging has skyrocket in the last 6 years, Note George). The IIF says that is desirable, but as they are essentially intermediaries between the ultimate lenders and borrowers, “their debt reduction does not influence the assessment of sustainability of the debt burden to the economy”.
What deleveraging?
The persistence of the debt problem was highlighted by another recent study by the International Center for Monetary and Banking Studies (ICMBS) and it tells a similar story.
Its language is rather technical, referring to leverage, which in this context is a measure of debt burdens.
Its title gives the key conclusion: “Deleveraging? What Deleveraging?”
To quote the report’s assessment slightly more fully: “Contrary to widely held beliefs, the world has not yet begun to de-lever and the global debt-to-GDP [ratio] is still growing, breaking new highs.”
If you do include the financial sector for the rich economies, the total figure in the ICMBS report has at least stabilised at 385% of their collective GDP, a level that is nonetheless very close to its all-time high (If you include the financial sector, the main culprit of all debt, it is well over 3 000% to GDP as I have repeatedly stressed; note, George).
Those countries were the source of the bulk of the build-up in global debt levels before the crisis.
Since then, it is the developing world, especially China that has driven the rise in debt. In the case of China, the report describes the rise in debt as “stellar”. Excluding financial companies it has increased by 72 percentage points to a level far higher than any other emerging economy. The report says there have been marked increases in Turkey, Argentina and Thailand as well.
Emerging economies are particularly worrying for the authors of the report: “They could be at the epicentre of the next crisis. Although the level of leverage is higher in developed markets, the speed of the recent leverage process in emerging economies, and especially in Asia, is indeed an increasing concern.” (The financial crisis will unfold like a global conflagration as all national economies are now in a state of default, probably with the exception of Russia and China, note, George)

emerging markets debt outstanding chart

Although the most recent financial crisis was in the rich countries, we don’t have to go all that far back in history to find debt crises in emerging economies that caused tremors, though not full-scale financial earthquakes, around the world.
There were a succession of crises beginning with Mexico in 1996, continuing in Asia, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and then Argentina early in the following decade.
Signs of improvement
There are also some (?), though not many (!), more positive signs in the global debt situation.
In the rich countries, the financial sector has reduced its debt (Bullshit).

mature markets debt outstanding chart

The UK and the United States account for most of that. In the UK, however, while it has fallen it is still at historically very high levels.
The same two countries have seen significant reductions in household debt, measured as a percentage of GDP (leading to a massive impoverishment of the middle class and the masses as a whole, Note George).
But government debt has risen in both. For the UK, if you add that still high financial sector debt you get a total just shy of 500% of GDP. To spell it out, that is the estimate from the International Center for Monetary and Banking Studies and it covers households, business, including the banks, and the government.
The British figure is a good deal higher than the US or the average for the eurozone but significantly lower than Japan. On government debt alone, the British figure (for 2013) is lower than the US or, by a small margin the eurozone.

UK, US debt breakdown chart

Now there is an argument that debts are less troublesome if they are owed by governments rather than by households. The Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman wrote: “Families have to pay back their debt. Governments don’t – all they need to do is ensure that debt grows more slowly than their tax base.”
But others, such as American professors Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff, argue that beyond a certain point, government debt tends to hold back economic growth. They say the threshold is about 90% of GDP. A significant number of countries, mainly rich ones are close to or above those levels. Their work has been the subject of controversy. While admitting some errors, they have defended it. (This is the usual bullshit of the US economic presstitutes, Note, George)
In any event, the authors of the ICMBS report argue that there are features of the current situation that make the large debt burden, public and private, more of a problem. They refer to the “poisonous combination of rising leverage and slowing growth”.
The point is that debt payments – interest and repayments of the original loan – are easier to keep up-to-date for borrowers with a rising income.
And that brings us to the “poison” that the ICMBS report refers to. Debt is high and economies are growing more slowly than before the crisis, so they are not generating the incomes to service the (growing) debt as rapidly as they were.
There has also been a fall in inflation rates in many countries. Inflation can help limit debt burdens. Household incomes, company revenues and government tax receipts all rise but debt payments are often fixed. Low inflation, especially if it is lower than borrowers expected when they took their loan, weakens that process and leaves debt burdens heavier than they would have been.
But there are some who say the picture painted by the ICMBS report is excessively gloomy. You can find some of them in the report itself, which includes a record of a discussion of its findings.
Mark Carey of the US Federal Reserve said he would have toned down a little the size of the disaster we are facing, and that the situation is not as bad as described. He said there is no obvious downtrend in economic growth and pointed out that a great deal of American debt has a variable interest rate. That would reduce the debt burden as inflation falls.
Angel Ubide of DE Shaw Group and the Peterson Institute of International Economics in Washington described the assessment of China as “a bit apocalyptic” and thought it should have been more balanced. He saw a prospect for credit going increasingly to highly productive private firms – which would presumably be able to meet their debt obligations.
Carlo Monticelli of Italy’s Ministry of Economy and Finance recalled that China has $4 trillion in foreign reserves. He also noted the large numbers of people still in the countryside who could support further economic growth by moving to industry or becoming more productive farmers. That implies more economic growth to meet the debt payments.
The conclusion: there is not really any consensus on just how worried we should be about the global debt situation or China’s in particular. But you can be sure that economic policy officials – in central banks, finance ministries and international agencies such as the IMF – will be watching it warily. You can also be sure that we won’t really be shot of the legacy of the financial crisis for a long time yet.

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236/237/238 _ st_ _ El Ser Uno III / Los Seramitas – El Camino de Regreso BooK _ 3 | El Ser UNO – A

236/237/238 _ st_ _ El Ser Uno III / Los Seramitas – El Camino de Regreso BooK _ 3 | El Ser UNO – A.

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236/237/238 _ st_ _ El Ser Uno III / Los Seramitas – El Camino de Regreso BooK _ 3

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Translate   /traducir/ Vertaal /  ♪ → → → ► → → →
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переводити/Traduire/ переводить ♪ → → → → → → ►
 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する
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El Ser Uno III / Los Seramitas – El Camino de Regreso 

BooK  _  3


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Sin Conocimiento,  no vivo
Sin entendimiento,  no existo
sin amor incondicional,  no Soy 

* * * 

2. DATOS INTERNACIONALES DE CATALOGACIÓN EN LA PUBLICACIÓN SÃO PAULO-BRASIL. COPYRIGHT Nº. DE REGISTRO: 314.912 | LIVRO: 575 | FOLHA: 72   Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm.  Libro publicado originalmente por la autora y Canal:  Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm.  Todos los derechos del texto, inclusive los dibujos externos e internos, están reservados para uso exclusivo de la autora. Ninguna parte de este libro puede ser REPRODUCIDO, ALTERADO, EDITADO O USADO por cualquier forma o medio, electrónico o mecánico, inclusive fotocopias, grabaciones, Internet, televisión, cinema o sistema de almacenamiento en banco de datos, sin permiso por escrito de la autora, excepto en los casos de trechos cortos citados en reseñas críticas o artículos de revistas, periódicos o cualquier medio de comunicación. La reproducción, cambio, alteración o uso indebido del contenido y dibujos de este libro, estará sujeto a un proceso judicial, amparado por la ley al derecho del autor. EL SER UNO I – Los Arcanos de Thoth. EL SER UNO II – Planeta 333 – Los Guardianes de Tera. Informamos a todos los seres de buena voluntad que EL SER UNO no está vinculado con personas que puedan usar el nombre de la autora y del mismo, realizando conferencias, grupos, venta de copias impresas, videos, publicidad y más, cobrando por sus servicios o pidiendo donaciones en nombre de este conocimiento. El canal hace saber también, que no tiene ninguna responsabilidad con aquellos que transmiten e interpretan el conocimiento EL SER UNO a su manera, sin regirse o basarse en los escritos originales que se encuentran en su texto. EL SER UNO es un conocimiento GRATUITO, no está coligado a ningún evento ni a ganancia de dinero de ninguna otra índole por terceras personas, que lo podrían utilizar a propio beneficio. 2 
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Sabemos que toda energía-pensamiento comienza primero en la Psiquis y luego pasa al Cuerpo Físico, por lo tanto es la psiquis que comandará a la materia.
 Si los Centros Energéticos los mantienen abiertos, entonces no podrán controlar a las enfermedades físicas ni psíquicas, porque a través de los Centros Energéticos abiertos ustedes estarán permitiendo la entrada y salida de energías-pensamientos que pueden ser positivas-sanas o negativas- enfermas.
 El equilibrio consiste en que ustedes tengan el conocimiento y entendimiento de abrir y cerrar los centros de energía con el Deseo-Creador del espíritu y no
236.  con el Deseo-Procreador del Ego.
 Ustedes tienen que realizarlo con conocimiento profundo de La Causa y el Efecto que ello produce.
 254- ¿De las siguientes emociones negativas-enfermas, nos podrían decir que zonas del cerebro afectan y cuales sistemas u órganos enferman?
 MIEDO: Anticipación de una amenaza o peligro que produce ansiedad, incertidumbre, inseguridad.

 AVERSIÓN: Disgusto, asco. 

IRA: Rabia, enojo, resentimiento, furia, irritabilidad.

 TRISTEZA: Pena, soledad, pesimismo.

 ODIO: Emoción intensa de rabia, se manifiesta como, antipatía, disgusto, rencor, enemistad.
 CELOS: Respuesta emocional que surge ante la percepción de parte de la persona sobre una amenaza externa que pone en peligro una relación personal.

 ENVIDIA: Tristeza o pesar del bien ajeno y la emulación, deseo de algo que no se posee.

 MALIDICENCIA: Calumnia e injuria.

 DOLOR: experiencia sensorial (objetiva) y emocional (subjetiva), generalmente desagradable, que pueden experimentar todos aquellos seres vivos que disponen de un sistema nervioso. Es una experiencia asociada a una lesión tisular o expresada como si ésta existiera.
 CULPABILIDAD: Es la valoración que se hace en el individuo que cometió un ilícito y su correspondiente acción. En el juicio de reproche se individualiza la pena, es decir, se vincula al hecho injusto con su autor.

 DESILUCIÓN: Tristeza de algo que aconteció, sentirse desilusionado de personas o motivos que le causan pesar.
 VERGÜENZA: No querer reconocer algún motivo o estado de ánimo que es inconfesable ante los demás.

 DISGUSTO: Rabia, pesar, ira ocasionada por alguna obra, acción de sí mismo o por los demás.

 ABATIMIENTO: Inercia, falta de ánimo, tristeza, pereza.

 HOSTILIDAD: Rechazo de sí mismo, de la vida, de otras personas.

 RESENTIMIENTO: Olvido, falta de perdón, recuerdos del pasado que no se logran superar. 

237.  IRRITABILIDAD: Mal carácter, falta de entendimiento, genio fuerte mal direccionado, inflexibilidad.

 AMBICIÓN: Percepción equivocada del deseo de poseer.

 EGOISMO: Emoción del Ego, falta de visión general, obtención y complacencia de sí mismo.

 USURA: Acumular riquezas a costa de los demás. No nombraremos todas las Emociones-negativas-enfermas, pero estamos seguros que ustedes las irán descubriendo a través de los Sinónimos y los Antónimos. La ciencia en el planeta está descubriendo que las emociones están conectadas al surgimiento de las enfermedades o al bienestar y salud de la energía en sus diferentes niveles vibratorios.
 Cuando el holograma de ustedes se distorsionó, lo primero que activó en su distorsión fue un ―Centro‖ (Ego) una imagen de donde él podía sacar las informaciones y a través de ellas, le daría forma a su vivir. 
Sabemos que la distorsión se produjo por varios motivos y uno de ellos fue el más grave: El Fragmento de Satién, cuya irrealidad se basaba en las miles de Emociones-negativas- enfermas y aglomeradas, las cuales eran deformes y sin sentido y éstas energías-pensamientos son las que se encuentran dominando el cerebro y las actitudes irreflexivas que ustedes tienen.
 El holograma extrajo los datos e informaciones de esas Emociones-negativas- enfermas, las adaptó a su vida, a su forma de expresión y plasmó y ejecutó su ―supuesta‖ realidad de acuerdo a una nueva expresión formada por él mismo, el Ego se convirtió en su propio centro, su propio espejo que fue reflejado en millones de cristales a imagen y semejanza.
 Lo que en realidad ustedes están haciendo en la actualidad al Despertar es: Clasificar las emociones heredadas de Satién y darles su verdadero significado, al hacerlo las están ordenando y colocando en la zona que les pertenece.
 Queremos decir que ustedes de esa manera, están desglosando las Emociones aglomeradas de Satién, las están ayudando a comprenderse y mirarse cara a cara y con ello las van a curar, porque las colocarán en el lugar que les corresponde dentro del Holograma, rectificando la distorsión.
 Significa actualizar un programa que no funciona bien con nuevos datos y formas más actualizadas, para que pueda trabajar.
 Las emociones tanto positivas-sanas o negativas-enfermas se encuentran dentro de ustedes en forma de energías-pensamientos y totalmente desordenadas, ustedes tienen esas energías tan enmarañadas, coladas unas con otras que forman un conglomerado energético donde no se pueden ver las formas, sentir las vibraciones, separar los colores, observar la intensidad o frecuencia de ellas. 

238.  Esta es la verdadera causa por lo cual ustedes no llegan a entenderse a sí mismos. Porque cuando se activa dentro de ustedes una Emoción-negativa- enferma, no saben cómo confrontarla y entenderla, porque al querer hacerlo, les produce intranquilidad, desasosiego, tristeza etc.
 Esta es la razón por la cual ustedes huyen de la verdad. Primero porque viven aceleradamente, nunca tienen tiempo, siempre corren apretadamente inventando excusas para escapar de todo lo que representa responsabilidad de sus vidas.
 El escape mayor y más terrible es la producción para el Matrix. El Ego les exige y les ha hecho creer que: Bienestar es…………… Producción. Seguridad es………….. Bienes Materiales. Salud es……………….. Estar Delgados, casi anoréxicos. Espiritualidad es……….Yoga, Meditación, Religión etc. Familia es……………… Matrimonio, Hijos, Relaciones Sociales. Felicidad es…………… Poseer, tener, Fiestas, Diversiones. Así podríamos enumerar infinidad de conceptos equivocados y mal formados. Cuando no llegan a cumplir estas metas, sufren y se desesperan, porque los esquemas están tan arraigados dentro del Matrix, que ustedes se sienten fuera de la realidad ―Normal‖ y eso les produce Emociones-negativas-enfermas que no los dejan vivir en paz ni en armonía. 
El desear comprender una Emoción-negativa-enferma siempre significará en sus vidas, un ―enorme‖ trabajo y son pocos los seres que están dispuestos a ese sacrificio y dedicación.
 Confrontarse cara a cara con esos vampiros energéticos es terrible y asustador, por esta razón la mayoría evita la confrontación y el descubrimiento, prefieren esconderlas en lo más profundo de su cerebro o sea en el subconsciente y continuar encajándose en el Matrix para no sentirse fuera de él.
 ¡¡Libérense y vivan de acuerdo a su propia realidad, siempre y cuando no vaya en contra de las buenas costumbres y de una realidad correcta y universal!! 
A partir del Subconsciente es donde comienzan a generarse las enfermedades, porque al no curarlas en la psiquis, el mal prosigue su camino atacando e invadiendo la energía más densa. Las enfermedades producidas por las Emociones-negativas-enfermas, las cuales se encuentran en determinadas zonas del cerebro, clasificará que tipo de enfermedad se generará en el cuerpo material, porque la gravedad en su manifestación dependerá de la intensidad y distorsión psíquica que la Emoción-negativa-enferma contenga en sí misma. 1- Zona 1 – Antagonismo Esta primera zona cerebral se encarga de hacer funcionar en automático los sistemas del cuerpo material. Cuando esta zona está enferma de Emociones- negativas-enfermas, heredadas o generadas por el mismo individuo, tienden a enfermarse, porque quien las rige no es La Consciencia, sino el Antagonismo….
 * *
* * * * * *
Esto continuará mañana…
* * * * * *
* * * * *
* * * *
* * *
* *


^ ^ ^
* * * 
3. El Ser Uno es un libro de autoconocimiento. Deberá ser leído en orden: sería inútil que lo leyeran desordenadamente, pues no daría el resultado esperado. Su lectura irá abriendo y conectando los circuitos cerebrales del conocimiento, entendimiento y amor.
* * * 
Repasenlo… estudienlo…  meditenlo…
dejen ir las viejas…ideas, y enseñanzas…
estudien las nuevas. 
El ser UNO
^ ^ ^

¿Qué es el amor incondicional y por qué es tan elusivo para muchos?  Es un amor que no juzga, defiende o distingue entre ningún ser viviente que entre a su vecindad. Es un amor que abarca toda la creación pues emana del corazón del Dios Padre Madre, de la Fuente de la Creación, de aquello que ha creado la materia y la ha colocado en la materia oscura del Universo expandiente. 

* * * 

El amor incondicional está más allá de la comprensión de la pequeña mente que empaqueta y divide, califica y categoriza.  El amor incondicional es el amor que supera cualquier entendimiento y sencillamente es, en sí mismo, puro, íntegro y impecable.  Es la esencia de su Yo Superior.  Es la verdadera esencia de sí mismos, despojada de todo lo que no es el Yo.

* * *

“Te amo, incondicionalmente, y enciendo el Fuego Violeta en la emanación que estás enviando a mí. Bendigo que tú también, encuentres la paz que estoy ganando dentro de la nueva y expandida versión de mi Ser”.

* * * 
* * *

Muchos están comenzando a despertar y a darse cuenta de que necesitan amarse a sí mismos. Esto es muy difícil para muchos pues han permanecido en las sombras de la duda y el odio de sí mismos durante mucho tiempo, a menudo sin entender los asuntos centrales o razones de dichos sentimientos.

El llegar al amor y el respeto por uno mismo es meramente un paso en la senda a la automaestría. Si ustedes sienten que no se pueden amar a sí mismos todavía, aprendan a aceptarse a sí mismos como son, y liberarán a su yo futuro para amar. El amor fluye desde el corazón de la Creación, pero uno no puede sentir esta conexión o este flujo con la Fuente hasta que se haya conectado con la fuente del amor interior, su propio centro del corazón.
* * *
* * *
*  *  *


* * *
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* *
* * *
* * **
* * * * * *

* * * *
* * *
* *

La enfermedad no es otra cosa que la manifestación de un proceso psíquico que se encuentra aún en estado de energía-pensamiento. Cuando esta energía- pensamiento comienza a enfermarse, produce una sobre carga eléctrica, desestabilizando la fluidez, la frecuencia y el ritmo, de esta manera la vibración decae y al hacerlo permite la entrada de energías-cinabrias-enfermas que viven y se alimentan de este tipo de ondulación vibratoria. 282- ¿Cómo podemos evitar las enfermedades, si estas aparecen cuando menos lo pensamos? 1- Si ustedes quieren ver su futuro, entonces estudien sus energías-pensamientos y sabrán las enfermedades que tendrán. 

* * *

* * *