sharing.:::. _The Universal Role of Energetic Gradients in the Creation of All-That-Is.:::.The End of Economic Enslavement of Mankind. Free Photon Energy is Available for Everybody Now! | samkaska

sharing.:::. _The Universal Role of Energetic Gradients in the Creation of All-That-Is.:::.The End of Economic Enslavement of Mankind. Free Photon Energy is Available for Everybody Now! | samkaska.

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sharing.:::. _The Universal Role of Energetic Gradients in the Creation of All-That-Is.:::.The End of Economic Enslavement of Mankind. Free Photon Energy is Available for Everybody Now!

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The Universal Role of Energetic Gradients in the Creation of All-That-Is.


Human Bodies Are 

By Dr. Georgi Stankov, July 13, 

2011, Copyright 2011


Some readers approached us, after they have read my last article on  “free photon energy“, and asked me to explain in depth the role of thermal or any other energetic gradient in the Creation/Gestalt of All-That-Is. I am now responding to this request.

While human beings use all kinds of energetic gradients in everyday life and in industrial production, the theoretical background of this universal phenomenon of Nature has not been truly comprehended by all scientists and the rest of mankind so far.

Let me, therefore, depart from what is known to all of you, before I expand my discussion.

When we plug an electric device in the electric grid, we use an energetic, electric gradient. This gradient may differ from country to country, so that you need an adapter. For instance, in Europe we use the 220 voltage, which is another technical term for electric gradient. Some other countries use the 110 voltage, etc.

What we, however, seldom realize, is that without the use of an energy gradient, there will be no technology at all, and we will still dwell as cave men.

Let us stay by electricity and illustrate this ubiquitous fact, so that everybody can easily perceive it for himself.



In order to produce electric power, we build, for instance, dams on rivers and lakes and create a water gradient, which is the most evident form of an energy gradient. When the dam is closed, and no water flows, the water stored in the dam has a “potential energy”, which can be converted into electric energy.

Here, we have another word or synonym for a gradient – a “potential”. A potential is stored energy that can be transformed anytime into active, kinetic energy.

Those of you, who still have some knowledge of physics from school, may remember that there are only  two   forms of energy – potential and kinetic energy. 

 When you carry a ball to the roof of your house, it has acquired a gravitational potential, which will only depend on the height of your house.

When you drop the ball, this gravitational potential is fully transformed into kinetic energy of the falling ball. Kinetic energy is energy in motion, while potential energy is energy at rest.

What does this observation tell us actually? That energy cannot be destroyed, but can only exist in a stored, static state or in a kinetic form, in motion. This is the law of conservation of energy as already discussed in my previous article on free photon energy.

From a teleological point of view, the above observation, which, I hope, should be cogent to all my readers, tells us actually that

 energetic gradients exist everywhere in Nature = All-That-Is,

no matter if this is evident to the human observer or not.

As human senses are rather limited, we, in fact, can only observe energetic gradients, when they perform a kinetic action that is mainly accessible to our vision and, to a lesser extent, to the other senses.

For many centuries, electromagnetic energy in matter was not known to humans because they could not manifest its action as a movement and use it for their needs. If you have no idea of power turbines that transform the falling water from the dam into electric energy, you will never perceive that the dam reservoir contains potential electric power.

Before I proceed with the discussion, I would like to clear another potential source of semantic confusion at this place – “energy” and “power” are, in practice, one and the same. In reality, there is only Energy, which is a synonym for Nature, respectively for All-That-Is, and power is a specific, abstract mathematical presentation of Energy.

At this place, I must make an important statement that should be in the core of all human understanding of Energy = All-That-Is = Nature:

The Nature of Energy is to exist as Energetic Gradients = Potentials!

Everything we observe is a product of energy gradients. 

Matter is the aggregate of numerous energetic gradients at various levels. We have the nuclear forces of the elementary particles that build the nucleus and then the electrons in the atom, rotating around the nucleus as described in the famous 
Bohr’s Atomic Model. At the more macroscopic level, we have molecules and clusters of molecules that build the actual physical matter as substances by exerting the so called “van der Waal’s forces”, of which the reader may have heard from chemistry, etc.

When we separate these elementary particles in a nuclear or chemical reaction, we can liberate a huge and highly destructive amount of energy, as the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had to experience at the expense of their lives.

When matter is in a static form, we do not perceive the incredible energies that are stored in its atoms and molecules. Only when we manipulate matter by various chemical or physical reactions as to liberate this stored potential energy in the atoms, do we realize the actual power of this energy.

The same holds true for free photon energy, which I also define as photon space-time, because it surrounds all material objects and creates the illusion of empty space, respectively, of space-time, in which all material objects, such as stars, planets, and galaxies are embedded.

As long as human beings have no direct or indirect access to free photon energy in terms of visible, kinetic energy in practical motion, which they can use in everyday life, they will continue to assume that there is no such thing as free photon energy.

This sensual limitation of human beings is the source of their current enslavement by the 

Powers That Be from the Orion/Reptilian Empire. These

 dark aliens from the 4th dimension exploit shamelessly the restricted senses of the incarnated human entities to subjugate them to their hideous plans instead of expanding their perception, as the Forces of Light are currently doing in numerous channeling messages from the higher realms.

The current hallucinatory perception of reality by human beings is created by the highly restricted function of human senses. I will dedicate a special article on this fundamental gnostic topic and will explain in depth, how human mind creates the illusionary idea of space-time as static empty space, by processing the limited data, generated by the five human senses, and especially by human vision. Or as I put it, I will explain why human beings are blind Eye-Animals , in German: “Augentiere”. This key gnostic problem is extensively discussed in all my scientific books on the 

New Gnosis of the Universal Law.

This aspect of restricted human cognition is currently totally unknown, precisely, neglected by empirical science and explains, why it has failed to understand the Nature of All-That-Is. For further information, I recommend the reader to check my discussion in Part I of my last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction“, published on this website.


Let us now summarize the basic tenets of our previous discussion:

–  All-That-Is manifests itself as energy gradients.

–  All systems and levels of it, which we may, or may not, observe with our senses, are products of energy gradients.

We have shown that this is the case with matter and all material objects, which contain huge nuclear, atomic, electric (electrons), and thermodynamic, kinetic forces/energies. This also holds true for the astral energies of the higher realms, which are invisible to our senses, but will very soon manifest themselves in the course of human Ascension.

The thermodynamic forces in matter are currently explained in physics with the motion of electrons and other electrically charged molecules, which is a rather simplistic, mechanical interpretation of current physics, as I have proved in my books on the new Physical Theory of the Universal Law (see volume I and  volume II, full version).

The very term “force” implies the existence of a gradient. Force is a specific mathematical presentation of the term “gradient”. The same holds true for the term “power”.

Both magnitudes, force and power, are abstract mathematical presentations of Energy = All That Is. They have no meaning outside human consciousness.

Currently, scientists believe that these magnitudes are intrinsic properties of physical matter. 
This is another cognitive imbecility of present-day scientists, whose pristine perception of All-That-Is has been dumbed down to such an extent by the current manipulated educational system of the Powers That Be, that they are virtually blind to the Nature of All-That-Is, which they are supposed to explore empirically.

They should re-member the wisdom of the ancient Greek thinkers that science is not a random search for scattered facts in the outer world, but a remembrance of who we really are. But that is another huge theme, which I should elaborate in a special essay (see also my book “Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction.“).

This is another fundamental cognitive knowledge that all scientists have failed to comprehend so far. Hence their total agnosticism with respect to All-That-Is. This collective ignorance of mankind will surface in the coming months, after the first wave of Ascension of human beings has taken place and will dominate the theoretical discussion prior to Ascension for several reasons, which I will introduce at this place;



The human organic body is nothing else, but a product of huge energetic, electric gradients.

This fact is not known to bio-scientists so far, and this ignorance has hindered their understanding of the current light body process, LBP, in which most light workers are involved at the conscious level and many other human entities at the subconscious.

This is, indeed, terra incognita for all my readers, but I must introduce you in this area, if you want to transform your carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies in order to overcome physical death and ascend to the 5th dimension.

I warn you that the following discussion is a real roller-coaster and you had better fasten your seat-belts, as you will hear some facts for the first time in your life that will fundamentally change your destiny.

I begin with my first new basic statement that offsets all current ideas in bio-science and medicine so far.

The human or any organic body is not the product of biochemical metabolism, as you may read in any textbook on biochemistry or physiology, but an electromagnetic system that employs chemical moieties to create an electric (electromagnetic) gradient in every cell and organelle, in every chemical molecule, and within every organ, as well as in the whole multi-cellular organism.

This new knowledge revolutionizes our very idea of who we really are, and how organic matter operates in the context of us being multidimensional entities as an integral part of All-That-Is.

After my reader has digested this information, I will proceed with the details. I promise you that my explanations will remain very general and I recommend that you check the details in Volume III: ” The General Theory of Biological Regulation in Bio-Science and Medicine on this website.

The crux of the matter is that this fact ought to be known to all bio-scientists. It is a well established fact that all cells and organelles, such as mitochondria, create a huge electric gradient across their membranes that surround these biological structures and determine not only their form, but also their function.

The electric field (force) of the membrane gradients of human cells and organelles is in the order of 10 (high 7 to 8), that is to say, it is one billion to one trillion V/m (Voltmeter per meter distance). Such powerful electric fields can only be observed in the stratosphere, where lightnings/ discharges of cosmic proportions take place. I am the first scientist to have properly calculated these gradients and to have comprehended their function for the regulation of the cell and the organism (volume III).

Now you are surprised to learn that the same powers/gradients are stored in each of your cells. 

Wait until you realize what powers are stored in your thoughts, which you now regard as chimeric phenomenon without any practical and material relevance.

All the chemical energy that we receive as food intake and degrade in our bodies in the process of cell metabolism is transformed into stored electric energy of the membrane potentials of cells and organelles.

 This stored energy is used for the regulation of the cell and the body.

By modulating these potentials in an infinite, discrete manner, the fine-tuned regulation of the cells and the organism is effected.

All physical substances, such as drugs and pollution agents, being electric charged chemical molecules, interfere with the electric potentials of the cells and affect them in a positive or deleterious manner. The extent of their effects depends only on the magnitude of their dipole moment.

This is not known in bio-science and medicine at present. Hence the great confusion in these disciplines that leads to a collective genocide of humanity by the health care system and the pharmaceutical industry (see my last book “Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction..” and volume III, also my article on the use of psychedelic drugs).

The whole organic human body is an electromagnetic stationary wave, a huge quantum soliton or a crystal, if you wish, that is regulated by the software programme of the soul, known as the astral or ethereal body through the chakra system.

This novel fact about our human bodies was discovered for the first time by the author in 1993 in the course of his clinical research activities and led finally to the discovery of the Universal Law of All-That-Is.

It explains how it is possible to transform our present carbon-based bodies to crystalline-based light bodies, and why we may not need food any more in the 5th dimension as the cell membrane gradients in our future light bodies will be directly created without the need of food-intake.

Now I would like to suggest that the reader be honest and self-reflective and answer the following question: Has he ever heard of these fundamental scientific facts about how his human body is organized and regulated and why he may not need food in the 5th dimension, in case he has pondered on this issue?

I have, personally, not come upon a single channeled or other esoteric text that covers this issue or even mentions it, as these messages are not intended for scientists, and most of the light workers are not scientists or competent in science. But the topics which I discuss in this series of popular scientific articles, will become central after Ascension, when human beings will have to learn very quickly, how All-That-Is is organized as to become responsible creators on their own.

My articles are the first introduction to this wave of new knowledge that will flood the consciousness of the ascended entities. But then it has to be comprehended at the theoretical level. This is the chief objective of the new Scientific Theory of the Universal Law as developed by the author – it builds the basis of the new Theory of Ascension.

Finally, let me explain one last scientific aspect that is in the core of free photon energy.

We have proved so far that every system or phenomenon of All-That-Is is a product of energy gradient – gravitation, electricity, engines of combustion (gas pressure as mechanical, adiabatic gradient), and even our body cells are products of energetic gradients.

How about photon space-time? In my previous article I have proved that free photon energy = space-time can build numerous thermodynamic gradients, which we can use as a free source of energy in our everyday life.

But photon space-time has in addition a huge electromagnetic gradient of cosmic proportion, which I have discovered for the first time in the history of human science and have defined it in my theory as  the  “world gradient of photon space-time”. It is in the order of 10 (high 16) Voltmeter.

How have I measured it?
Read volume II on physics and you will find out. This would say that we, humans, and the whole planet and solar system, just as all celestial bodies, are immersed in a huge photon field of free energy with a potential that is many times greater than the membrane potentials of our body cells, which are indeed extremely powerful.

But this fact tells us also that our bodies have evolved within this powerful field, which is, but an envelope of the incredible forces of the astral energies that create photon space-time and the 3d-reality of the solar universes.

From this point onward our knowledge becomes metaphysical and for this reason I will stop at this place.

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The End of Economic Enslavement of Mankind. Free Photon Energy is Available for Everybody Now!


By Georgi Stankov, July 12, 2011, 

Copyright 2011




The deprivation of humanity from free, accessible photon energy is in the core of its enslavement. The history of mankind would have been radically different, if the availability of free photon energy, as first discovered by Tesla more than a century ago, has not been hidden from humanity.

It began with Rockefeller, who stole Tesla’s patents on free photon energy, only to be used at a later date by the dark American ones to develop HAARP and other lethal weapons with the help of the Greys and other aliens from the Orion/Reptilian Empire – the Controllers of earth and humanity for eons of time.
In the following 100 years, numerous patents have been registered that have explored the use of free photon energy, some of them being quite promising. But none of them have had any chance of realization, as the patent offices in all major powers, such as the USA and EU, are under the total control of the Elite, in particular, the Rockefeller Faction in the USA and the Rothschild faction in Europe.
For instance, during the Cold War all US-patents were bought by the Rockefeller family from the US-patent office for several cents per piece and were given to the Soviets with the only objective to undermine the prosperity of the American people. At the same time, the realisation of these patents was suppressed in their own country. There are many detailed reports on this insidious practice of this dark family with the aim of impoverishing the American people and establishing the NWO.
The Powers That Be have effectively hindered the development and implementation of any promising new technology based on the free use of photon energy.
The reader may ask himself: Why? Because the broad implementation and use of free photon energy would have jeopardized the total control of the Orion Empire on earth and humanity for ever.
It is a well-known fact that the super secret services of the big powers have developed numerous technologies and applications based on photon energy in their clandestine laboratories and production sites underground, but have kept them secret to the rest of mankind. Many facts will be revealed very soon that will open the eyes of the sleeping humanity as to how profoundly they have been lulled and dumbed down by the dark ones.
Can you imagine what life on earth would have been, if Tesla had been supported to develop this universal source of energy instead of killing him by the American dark ones? Mankind would have achieved abundance long time ago, and the current Ascension would not have been such a traumatic birthing process, but a joyful excursion to new sparkling dimensions.
The poverty in the Third World would not exist today. The pollution of Gaia that is about to eliminate not only human life, but every organic life on it, would not have reached such dramatic proportions, and we need not discuss climate changes and the warming of earth atmosphere. The Sahara desert would have been a flourishing Garden of Eden, as its huge underground water resources could have been easily used to irrigate this desert land.
Most of the wars that have been fought to obtain control over the restricted resources of fossil energy would not have taken place, and humanity would have enjoyed a true democracy, as there would not have been any monopolistic oil companies that determine the practical way of living of all human beings and derail at their discretion the fragile balance of earth’s environment. The last great catastrophe in the Golf of Mexico is paradigmatic as to how the oil companies intrude in the lives of millions of people and eradicate their modest means of living, as was the case with the fishing and tourist industry along the polluted coast of the Golf of Mexico.
The current two wars of the USA in Afghanistan and Iraq would have been meaningless, and even the current bombing of Libya would have made no sense. In short: Most of the calamities and destruction, which humanity has experienced in the last most bellicose century in its history, would not have taken place. The Golden Age, which Alfred Webre and his friends proclaimed on Mount Adams ( would have become a reality long time ago.
From this introduction, it becomes cogent that the deprivation of mankind from free access to photon energy has been in the core of its economic, political, and physical enslavement.
While the practical implications of this insidious act of the Powers That Be against humanity are obvious to everybody, the means with which they have achieved their objective to lull humanity that there is no such thing as free photon energy has not been understood at all by most scientists and the rest of mankind. They have virtually no idea as to what free photon energy is all about. Therefore, the main objective of this article will be to give humanity for the first time a theoretical glimpse into the nature of free photon energy, and how easily it can be used in everyday life.
The importance of free photon energy for humanity can be easily perceived when one considers two basic facts that will determine the destiny of all humans on this planet.
The Ascension of planet A in December 2012 will be accomplished by the huge photon wave that is coming from the central sun of the Galaxy and will ultimately transform the current carbon-based bodies of the ascending human entities in crystalline-based, light bodies (see “Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction..).
This is one of the infinite functions and applications of photon energy.
At the same time, this photon tsunami, coming from the central sun of Alcyone, will unleash a huge devastation on the remaining earth (planet B) and will render all engines of power, such as electric grid, power stations, and electronic devices, engines of combustion, such as car engines, inutile.
The new quality of photon energy that will flood earth will no longer be compatible with the current rather primitive human technology, about which most blinded young souls are so proud nowadays.
At the same time, most of the new technologies that await the ascended humanity in the lower 5th dimension will be based on free photon energy.
Later on, the role of this kind of energy will diminish, as the ascended human beings will evolve to a higher energetic level and will slowly begin to create directly with “soul energies”. After a certain period of time, they will no longer need external technologies as they have been used in past earth civilisations, such as Lemuria and Atlantis, and have contributed to their destruction. This timeline of human evolution will be now avoided.
As linear time is a hallucinatory construction of the human senses in the 3d-reality, linear time will actually not exist in the 5th dimension, but the memory of it will still be present in human consciousness. Therefore, it is allowed to say from the current point of view that it will take several centuries earth time before the ascended humanity will begin to create from the fulcrum of the soul and will not need free photon energy anymore. But this kind of energy will determine to a large extent the first experiences of all ascended entities in the 5th dimension. Therefore, it is mandatory that we discuss it in detail now.
The greatest fallacy of modern empiric science is its inability to understand the Nature of free photon energy. This understanding has been precluded by a number of wrong scientific concepts, which I will elucidate for the sake of clarity in this article.
The first major blunder that modern physics has committed is to assume that photons have no mass. This wrong idea, being, in fact, a greater blunder than the notorious Ptolemaic geocentric system of the Church, has emerged approximately at the same time as Tesla discovered free photon energy. Therefore, I personally believe that this idiosyncrasy is not coincidental, as nothing is in this world.
Physics took the road to perdition after Michelson and Morley performed their famous experiment in order to confirm the existence of ether, which was the term, scientists used at that time to describe free photon energy.
I will not discuss this experiment, as I have done it in depth in my two books on physics (Volume I in German and Volume II (full version) in English). Here, I will say that much: After this experiment physicists decided to eliminate the notion of free photon energy and substitute it with the idiotic concept of “action at a distance that is performed in vacuum”.
According to their current established interpretation, gravitation is such a force that is exerted as an action at a distance in vacuum”. According to this same flawed concept, electromagnetic forces are also actions at a distance occurring in vacuum. Both forces are propagated with the speed of light c.
These two entirely wrong ideas have prohibited the penetration of the idea of free photon energy in the thinking of generations of scientists. They have been dumbed down by this “infallible dogma” to such an extent that nowadays it is virtually impossible to discuss the issue of free photon energy with any established scientist  in an open, civilized and educated manner. Most scientists behave like Christian or Muslim fanatics when they are confronted with the opinion that their idea of God maybe a poor anthropocentric surrogate and a false projection of their preconceived three-dimensional beliefs and prejudices. The situation is not much different to that in the Middle Ages and early Renaissance when scientists like Giordano Bruno were burned at the stake because they were convinced that the earth is rotating around the sun and not the other way round.

Now let me summarize the current facts, as they are presented in any textbook on physics, just to expose the imbecility of present-day scientists with respect to the nature of free photon energy.

According to modern physics as presented in the standard model, there are only four fundamental forces in the physical world – weak, strong (nuclear), electromagnetic and gravitational forces. Unfortunately, only three of these forces can be now united in mathematical models.
However, Nature is a Unity. One need not be a scientist to see this evident fact.
Physics is unable to integrate gravitation with the first three forces. Purely for this reason the standard model, considered to be the finest achievement of modern physics,  has obviously totally failed. One need not be a physicist to comprehend this evident fact.
Now let us look upon this fallacy of modern physics with a simple common logic. Both gravitation and electromagnetism are propagated with the speed of light. In this case, they must have much in common, as the speed of light is in virtually all formulae and laws that describe these two phenomena.
It is, for instance, in the famous Einstein’s equation E = mc2. This equation  assesses the equivalence of matter, defined as “mass”,  and energy, which is actually photon energy. This is the official interpretation of this equation, which you can find in any textbook on physics.
Well, if gravitation is the force of matter, and electromagnetism – the force of photons, and both are propagated with the speed of light, how comes that photons should have no mass as physics preaches currently. This is a real conundrum. It is actually a manifestation of cretinism on the part of physicists.
Now, I do not want to indulge too much in theoretical disquisitions and will make instead my first most important statement on the nature of free photons energy that is not known to all scientists so far:

“Photons also have a mass”

Thus, photons are not different from matter. In fact, matter can be descried as condensed photon energy or light. One can easily calculate the mass of any object from the mass of photons. I have done these calculations in my two books on physics (volume I and volume II (full version)). So much about my scientific proofs.
My primary objective in this article is to show to the average reader, who may not be competent in science, that free photon energy exists, regardless of what present-day physics says about this issue, and that this free photon energy has a mass and can interact with matter.
When the reader has comprehended this simple fact, he can easily envisage how this free photon energy can be used in everyday life.
Imagine free photon energy as movable matter with mass with the speed of light c. Now, imagine that you have developed the adequate technology to transform this free photon energy in matter and vice verse – matter in free photon energy. You can now move mountains – this is what we call “teleportation”.
Incredible, you may object. Not at all! It is much more common in the universe than you believe. It has been used many times on this planet. How do you think, have the pyramids in Egypt been built? By teleportation – by moving matter as free photon energy and transforming it again in matter according to the law of conservation of energy.
What do you think is this law all about? It is about free photon energy. Have you ever heard that this law has been invalid in any single energy interaction. No! Otherwise, it will not be defined as the first law of thermodynamics and been considered the most universal law of all.
Have you ever heard of the second law of thermodynamics? Maybe, if you are a scientist. Indeed, there is such a law, and it is called the law of entropy. You might have heard of this term “entropy”, but I doubt if you have ever met a person who could explain it to you. Because nobody does.
Entropy is absolutely the greatest imbecility, scientists have invented in their weird minds. You do not need to know what entropy is, as it does not exist, otherwise you will not exist as an incarnated entity and as an immortal multi-dimensional being.
But why is Stankov dealing with the theory of physics at this place, you may want to know. Does he intend to abolish all  our fundamental scientific ideas? Exactly that is my intention. In fact, I have realized this intention more than 15 years ago when I discovered the Universal Law of Nature and integrated all known partial laws, such as Newton’s laws on gravitation or Maxwell’s laws on electromagnetism from the Universal Law. Precisely, I have proved that these laws are not distinct natural laws, but mathematical applications of the Universal Law for different forces, which we observe in everyday life.
But why is the flawed concept of entropy so important for our discussion? Because it obscures our minds to understand the nature of free photon energy.
In its popular version, “entropy” is defined as “thermodynamic death of the universe”. I say popular, as its mathematical presentation assesses a completely different aspect of physical matter.
The confusion in this area is so huge that when entropy was first introduced as a concept in physics, many professors recommended their students to write their doctor thesis on entropy because nobody understood it and they could be sure that they would not fail, no matter how much trash they have written in their doctor thesis. The seduction of the scientist’s mind has a long and abysmal history.
Now, let me explain why the concept of entropy hinders our understanding of free photon energy and should be eliminated once and for all from science.
According to this concept, every thermal gradient that is built in matter is abolished by reaching an equilibrium. If you have a rod and you heat it at the one end to 100 degrees Celsius and the other end has a room temperature of, say, 20 degrees, then the heat flows from the hot end to the cold one until an equilibrium temperature is reached. It is very simple, isn’t it?
No need for deep physical knowledge. Every housewife knows it. Now it becomes slightly more difficult. How does matter, the rod in our particular case, achieve this temperature equilibrium? By emitting photons in the air.
Aha, now you begin to get it. Photons are matter, only in a different form. When they are trapped in matter, they behave like matter. We have, for instance, electromagnetism in matter – that is how all wires transport electric energy, and all electric devices work.
But we have also electromagnetism as free photon energy in space. But as space does not exist – this should be in the meantime basic esoteric knowledge to all light workers – it is a hallucinatory idea of our senses, which perceive energy as space-time, we do not have any vacuum in space, but only energy:

Vacuum does not exist, but only free photon energy.
It is as simple as that: All-That-Is is Energy. This is the first statement of my Physical Theory of the Universal Law. I would like to recommend the reader to commemorate this basic statement, in case he intends to understand the Nature of All-That-Is, and of free photon energy in particular.

Let us summarize our discussion so far. We have matter and we have free photon energy, which are one and the same, but only differ with respect to our perception. We can see, smell, feel, and physically manipulate matter, but we cannot see or physically manipulate photons. Not yet. I do not say that this is impossible.
As you see, matter and free photons differ only with respect to our senses, but physically they are one and the same.
Matter emits/radiates photons when it is hotter than the surroundings, as is the case with all hot objects, such as bulbs, and absorbs free photons, as is the case when it absorbs photon energy from the sun.
The emitted photons can be described as heat and we can decide to dedicate a whole discipline to this phenomenon and call it “thermodynamics” or we may decide to name it radiation and invent “quantum mechanics“. That is how science is created.
Physics is all about free photon energy. Only the protagonists of this science have not got it yet. But why, you may wish to know.
Very simply, they have remained stuck in their limited senses and have not been able to develop a more broader view of the physical world.
If you reject the knowledge that there is free photon energy that surrounds matter, but believe instead that matter is surrounded by vacuum, when you observe how a thermal gradient is eliminated in matter by radiating heat in form of photons, you must inevitably assume that this thermal gradient is dispersed in the universe. Hence the flawed idea of “thermal death” of the universe, which is underpinning the second thermodynamic law of entropy.
If you, however, know, as my readers do in the meantime, that photons are matter in a different form and that they also have a mass, then it is very easy to understand that just as photons can build a thermal gradient in matter, they can likewise build a similar gradient in free photon space-time that surrounds matter. This follows succinctly from the law of conservation of energy, which is the only law of thermodynamics, after we have abolished the second law of entropy.
You think, this is nothing special. I am sorry – you are wrong. This is the reason why photon energy can be used as a free source in everyday life. This is the scientific theory of free photon energy based on the Universal Law.
The photon gradient, which the emitted photons build when they leave matter, is equal in magnitude to the material thermal gradient, which they abolish while being radiated. This is the law of conservation of energy in operation. It is an application of the Universal Law. There is only one law of thermodynamics, as we have already abolished the second law of entropy above.
Now you might say that this photon gradient, Stankov is talking about, is a pure imagination. Why have scientists not registered it so far, if it really exists?
Let me be clear on this issue. First, thermal photon gradients are not mine or anybody’s imagination, but a reality, otherwise radiation and heat exchange will infringe upon the law of conservation of energy. However, nobody has yet proved that this law is invalid for any energy interaction. Therefore, forget it.
Thermal photon gradients are as real as material gradients. And they can be measured. Scientists simply have not looked at Nature from this perspective, otherwise they would have found the existence of thermal gradients in photon space-time long time ago.
As I know my chelas, I am sure that the most sceptical of you would still argue: Can Stankov irrevocably prove that there are thermal photon gradients in space that can be used as free sources of energy?
My answer is: “Definitely”. I have discovered a new law of nature, which is another application of the Universal Law and have called it:

“Stankov’s Law of Photon Thermodynamics”.

You can find the mathematical derivation of this law in volume II (concise version) “The Universal Law. The General Theory of Physics and Cosmology”, Chapter 3.7, page 123 and in the full version of volume II on this website.
This law constitutes of known natural constants that can be experimentally measured and verified. By doing so, you automatically verify the validity of Stankov’s law of photon thermodynamics. The theoretical foundation of this law is, therefore, beyond any doubt.
Next comes the practical side. But that is not my terrain. I am a theoretician and a medical doctor. I am not a practical engineer. They are the ones, who have now the duty to use the theoretical framework that I have given them in order to design new sources of free photon energy.
But if you think in the conventional way, you will come nowhere. First of all, you do not need to design new material devices that will render you free photon energy in the remaining time prior to Ascension of earth and humanity, which is less than 18 months.
Secondly, it is not the plan of the higher realms of cosmic providence for this planet that free photon energy should be developed in the old way by tedious experimental work, as this has been done in the past in a state of total amnesia of the researchers.
It will be sufficient that human beings accept the existence of free photon energy and reject all wrong ideas in present-day physics and science that negate free photon energy and you will get it from the Galactic Federation as free, perfect technology after they have established first contact with humanity.
But before they do that, humanity must revise most of its scientific concepts and substitute them with the new Theory of the Universal Law. After they have accomplished this Tantalus act of intellectual evolution, they will be mentally prepared to meet the Forces of Light and profit from their technological gifts, which they have prepared for humanity after their first encounter.
In this respect, my friend Alfred is absolutely right when he announced in his website
that the Golden Age of abundance and prosperity has already commenced. It is actually there, just as free photon energy has always been around us and has only awaited for human beings to open their minds and hearts for it and to embrace it.
It is as simple as that!  Do it!

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The Elohim on The Mega-Shift of January 3-5, 2015 and the Proper Use of Source Flames


by Carla Thompson, January 8, 2015

I have been aware of a large message coming in from the Elohim for over a week now, but because of my work with The Central Sun – Alcyone, I have not had the time, nor the energy to be honest, to pull this one through. Even now I know that it is only half complete, I will nonetheless start with this first part about our evening at the hockey rink, where the Mega-Shift occurred
This message is very exciting because it is also linked to the appearance of the Green Flame of Healing and Knowledge of God’s Natural Science. This means that the groundwork for the appearance of the New Theory of the Universal Law has begun and I know that if I am excited about this news, you (Georgi) are going to be ecstatic about it!

Here is the message:
” We are the Elohim and we come in this moment to share in your inquiry about the event you are calling the “Mega-Shift”.
This was indeed, a magnificent and profound event, catalyzing wondrous reactions upon the multi-dimensional canvas of infinite realities.
Your experience of raising lower timelines upward, has been the common effort of many Light Warriors of the First and Last Hour, as you refer to them, although these warriors may not always notice this work as the Third Dimension continues to enforce its unrelenting pressures and distractions.
This lightwork of raising lower timelines is first initiated by the Light Warriors on the ground who anchor their energetic fields into the lower timeline, followed by their natural connection to their Soul Monad in the Higher Realms which brings about the lifting of these expressions through the universal principle of Energetic Gradients.  The energetic gradient is activated between the lower timeline, connected to you, the light warrior [Below], and the Monad [Above].  There is an instantaneous reaction to bring about the reclamation of a specific timeline that has met the energetic requirements or higher frequency thresholds of upper fourth dimensional expressions.
All the timelines that are now being brought upwards to higher expressions, are those of the upper fourth dimension that now become the foundation of the New Earth in the multi-dimensional layers of reality.
Once the timeline reaches the higher frequency, those of humanity are then also gifted with an expanded awareness, beyond their previous experience.  While one may not be instantly aware of any expansion, know that the arrival into a higher frequency means an experience of higher consciousness is facilitated once the timeline is fully integrated into the new energetic landscape.
We completely confirm the arrival of the Green Flame, the great flame of Healing, to the upper expressions of the Fourth Dimension. [On December 27th as I was driving through the tunnel, I noticed that there were dense billowing green clouds that flooded the tunnel – it was awesome! Note, Carla] This Flame not only carries the power of healing for the physical body, it also has the ability to heal all other bodies including the emotional, mental and ethereal bodies.
The Green Flame is introduced at this time as it is a powerful tool to cleanse the human mind of patterns of limited thinking and therefore clear the minds of Humanity for new ideas, such as new knowledge, especially new knowledge within God’s realm of natural science.
This is a prerequisite for the upper fourth dimensional worlds, where the existence of the Theory of the Universal Law has become the foundational awareness for Humanity’s expansion into understanding their very essence as Souls and the multi-dimensionality of their Beings, as the great Truth that has until now evaded you!
We are the Elohim and we have more information for you on the great cosmic flames flooding your worlds now, and how you shall learn to use these flames.  As the Masters, you move forward along your paths of evolution, and the wisdom of these great flames is being imparted to you, one flame at a time. It is with great love that you have opened your hearts to these divine rays of God-Source, for it must be remembered, and honoured, that the sacred teachings that unfold as light transmissions through sacred colours, are the key to your multi-dimensional creationary powers.
We remain forever by your side, holding you in the Gold-White Christed light of unconditional love and peace!”
I have another message discussing these powerful flames and we will publish it as soon as it is complete.
The most important message for us as Logos Gods:
We have to learn to HOLD light and to MOVE light, because we ultimately CREATE WITH LIGHT.

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