Sharing.:::. A MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIAN GROUP.:::.▶ WTF Taekwondo poomsae ▶ WTF Taekwondo poomsae Taegeuk 1 Jhang (taekwonwoo) 태극 1장 – YouTube | Vel sanus

Sharing.:::. A MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIAN GROUP.:::.▶ WTF Taekwondo poomsae ▶ WTF Taekwondo poomsae Taegeuk 1 Jhang (taekwonwoo) 태극 1장 – YouTube | Vel sanus.


Sharing.:::. A MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIAN GROUP.:::.▶ WTF Taekwondo poomsae ▶ WTF Taekwondo poomsae Taegeuk 1 Jhang (taekwonwoo) 태극 1장 – YouTube

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Dear ones, we see much anticipation in all of you regarding your upcoming elections. Please remember to use the guidance of your inner awareness and intuition instead of responding to the rhetoric of paid political messages. Also, through a conscious intention to elect those who hold the most light, you will be guided to them–those candidates whose intentions are to serve the people, and not themselves. Trust your intuition dear ones, you will be guided.
Today we wish to speak to you regarding supply. Much of the world still suffers deeply from experiences of lack and limitation. These dear ones resonate with the belief that their good comes from outside of themselves and is dependant upon others, which in turn leads to fear, doubt and suffering. Lack is the manifestation of the belief in duality and separation–separation from everyone and everything including Source (God). This universal belief effects all, and still functions as power within the un-illumined consciousness. The energy supporting lack and limitation is constantly being reinforced and added to through universal beliefs of duality and separation. These beliefs are in turn strengthened through world events, news reporting, and political rhetoric. Appearances of lack are everywhere and that is why we seek today to speak of this–you are spiritually ready to look more deeply into the truth of abundance.
Because you are the manifestation of Source, you in your true essence, are Self-sustained and Self-maintained. You see, abundance (completeness, wholeness) is a law, a quality of Source and is therefore already present within the consciousness of every living Soul. The reason so many lack even the barest essentials, is because man is a creator but through an ignorance of this truth he has allowed others to claim wealth and power, while at the same time accepting lack as his lot in life.
There is NO LAW OF LACK dear ones. Lack is a belief, a concept held true by most in the world simply through un-evolved ignorance. All embody and actually ARE the Divine completeness of Source. It is time to clear these old beliefs and stop looking outside of yourselves for everything you need. This is an important facet of taking back your power. Start by consciously stating your intention to release and clear any concepts and beliefs you may still hold regarding lack and limitation, particularly those regarding money. Also state your intention to release the energy of any vows taken in other lifetimes, particularly vows of poverty, for vows taken with purity of intention hold intense energy.
Begin by releasing–getting the flow going while realizing that because of Oneness, you can only flow to yourself, from one hand to the other so to speak. You may think and say; “I have nothing to flow”. We tell you that this statement alone will assure that you manifest exactly that–nothing. Remember, you are creators and your words and thoughts carry the powerful energy of creation. Everyone has something with which they can begin to flow–clothes, time, ideas, talents, and even a few cents. It is important not to expect or look for a return, for that is the seeking of ones’ good in the outer. It is vitally important to understand that when you give, you are not giving from a personal, limited supply, but are releasing from an Infinite Source–the more that flows out, the more can flow in. Through these realizations and actions, the flow of abundance can begin.
Since what we see,hear, taste, touch, and smell is a third dimensional sense of the spiritual reality, understand that all business and interactions among people are in reality, the flow of love (service or product) and gratitude (barter or payment).
Many have ignorantly blocked their energy of abundance through holding to beliefs of how financial abundance must appear–they believe that it can only come from investments, parents, employment, sales, etc. Divine Consciousness has no limits and may unfold in ways never before thought of if allowed. What has been your usual medium of income may completely change…allow it to do so or you will block it. A new financial system is being readied for all, but this does not mean that you sit on your hands doing nothing for that is again, the looking for your good outside of yourself. All who sincerely seek spiritual awareness must awaken to the deeper truths of abundance or continue to live with the creations of lack and limitation.
Abundance and supply does not refer only to the financial. When the realization that everything necessary is embodied within the essence of the I that I AM , mind then interprets this awareness in the outer scene as… as what represents completeness for me which may not represent completeness for my neighbor. Mind manifests outer experiences both universally and individually from consciousness–general world consciousness and individual. A consciousness filled with the beliefs of duality and separation manifests as experiences of duality and separation. The realization of this is spiritual evolution.
Your true essence is complete–Self-maintained and Self-sustained. Begin the habit of flowing gratitude each and every moment for what you have in an awareness of I HAVE because I AM. Look at the world around you; to the trees, flowing gratitude to them and for them–their beauty and service. Look at your pets and feel gratitude for their companionship, love, and innocent faithfulness. Flow gratitude to friends, families, and even “enemies” for the love, experiences and even difficult lessons they present to you. Instead of saying; “I don’t have”, begin to say “thank you” for everything in your experience and mean it, for nothing is random and everything can be a step in your evolution if you choose.
As manifestations of Source, you have been creators but did not know it, and thus ignorantly created a world filled with lack and limitation. You are now ready to awaken and are beginning to realize who you really are. Every time you say; “I don’t have”, you will perfectly create it, so stand “porter at the door” of your mind to any careless words or thoughts.
The two biggest hurtles for mankind in this powerful time of change and evolution is the shifting beyond world beliefs with regard to relationships and money. This does not mean that you don’t use common sense in your choice of employment, business, or in the attainment of what you need, but simply means that you do what you need to do from a higher level of understanding; a living out from the realization that you are Self-complete.
You are ready dear ones, you are ready.
We are the Arcturian Group

Through Marylin Rafaelle

Posted 4th November 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する 

Desde el punto de vista Arcturiano, la Espiritualidad Extraterrestre incluye la concepción del recorrido del alma y la concepción de la capacidad de atravesar un portal interdimensional, que ahora se lo denomina Portal Estelar.

Reconocemos que el recorrido de su alma no se fundamenta solamente en las encarnaciones realizadas en la Tierra sino también en encarnaciones galácticas y del universo a través de esta galaxia y en muchas otras galaxias. 

La capacidad de graduarse en una encarnación planetaria confiere un campo energético especial.

 Existe una luz energética en su conciencia, que la llamaremos Ser Estelar y confiere la capacidad de manifestarse en otros sistemas planetarios. 

Esto indica una acumulación especial de energía y de evolución. 

Es importante que comprendan que Jesús / Sananda residió en otros planetas y en otros también sistemas planetarios.

El comprendió plenamente los postulados de la evolución planetaria de otros planetas.

 Este es un privilegio que también ustedes comparten.

Cada sistema planetario tiene su propia visión del Creador.

 Toda Espiritualidad Superior Extraterrestre se fundamenta en el Creador.

 De acuerdo a nuestra concepción, nosotros podemos alcanzar nuevos niveles de cercanía al Creador. Estos niveles son, en algunos casos, infinitos.

 Existe un número infinito de maneras, caminos y posibilidades de acercamiento al Creador.

 Una de ellas es a través de la evolución planetaria y la encarnación planetaria.

 Nosotros, en Arcturus, sentimos que nuestra conexión con la Luz del Creador es muy fuerte. Aunque ustedes se encuentren en una dimensión inferior, la Tierra tiene una visión única.

Cada sistema planetario presenta una perspectiva singular, la cual no compatibiliza con otros sistemas.

 La Tierra posee un patrón especial y convergente.

 Tan particular es la Tierra, que no solamente uno , sino varios Maestros Superiores vinieron a este planeta, proponiendo religiones superiores y experiencias espirituales.

 Cada uno provenía de lugares con leves variantes, lo cual nos resultó muy interesante porque, muchos planetas evolucionaron como una entidad única de energía espiritual.

La Tierra presenta muhas alternativas, la cual formó prte del gran experimento de “El Libre Albedrío”, de este planeta pero también, ha sido el motivo de conflictos.

 Los planetas que se basan en una espiritualidad única vibran en armonía.

 No crean que es una espiritualidad donde todos deben pensar lo mismo.

 A todos se les reconoce su individualidad. En los sistemas planetarios altamente evolucionados de la quinta y tercera dimensión no existe el control sobre la limitación del camino espiritual. Con respecto a los diferentes sistemas planetarios, según nuestra visión Arcturiana, no existe el : 

 “deben hacer esto o aquello”.


A través de David Miller
Publicado 13th September 2011 por Shanti
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De la Ley Principal que llegó a la existencia en la Dimensión de la Dualidad, ha surgido el Principio de Compensación entre Dar y Recibir.

En proporción a lo que des, volverás a recibir, y darás energía por lo que recibas. 

Todo se encuentra en un constante flujo. 

Transmitido el 22.07.2000 en Avebury Trusloe
Publicado 12th September 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: apertura del corazóndar y recibirdespertar

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sharing.:::. ▶ How to Use the Refine Edge Tool in Photoshop – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – Part XII – What is the Arcturian Corridor? | photos

sharing.:::. ▶ How to Use the Refine Edge Tool in Photoshop – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – Part XII – What is the Arcturian Corridor? | photos.

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sharing.:::. ▶ How to Use the Refine Edge Tool in Photoshop – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – Part XII – What is the Arcturian Corridor?

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JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – Part XII – What is the Arcturian Corridor?

Trip to the Mothership Part
Oversoul of the Mothership

Arcturian Ascension Part 3

What is The Arcturian Corridor?


Greetings again. I will continue telling you about the holographic reality that was revealed to me. I asked the Oversoul of the Mothership to assist me to remember how to “leave time,” and I thought that I would get my Soul Records. However, what I viewed was the Soul Records of the Arcturians first ascension. I wondered why that would occur. The hologram story continues:

The Formless Ones, the Planetary Core and the Portal Openers knew that the time was nigh for the completion of the Planetary Cycle. Plus, the plants and animals did not need to understand what was happening, as they lived in unity with the planet and accepted whatever planetary event occurred. Only the Lost Ones were left uninformed that the transmutation of EVERY molecule of form was imminent.

Consequentially, even the Lost Ones could FEEL that a great change was commencing. Since their separate God had told them that there was a beginning, there would have to be an ending. Hence, the only possible scenario they could believe was that the END was neigh. Furthermore, since the Lost Ones were incapable of accepting an unknown event, they could only believe that the end of the world was near.

On the other hand, the Portal Openers had been in steady communication with the Formless Ones. Therefore, they realized that, since the Formless Ones could create a planet, they could assist them to safely transmute their reality back into the Oness of multidimensional light and unconditional love.

Since the Portal Openers had expanded their consciousness enough to directly and personally experience the Formless Ones, they believed that ascension into a higher frequency was REAL. Therefore, they couldfeel the transmutation of energy within the Planetary Core, as well as within their own Personal Core.

Once they fully integrated this expansive energy into their Being, they began to radiate their own multidimensional energy beyond their Core and into their surrounding world. In other words, the Portal Openers became the very Portals that once they had to find and ask assistance to open.

Meanwhile, the Formless Ones were busily creating their Arcturian Corridor. This Corridor was much like a huge birth canal through which Planets, Solar Systems, Galaxies and Universes could be protected and cared for during their intense, transformation into higher frequencies of expression.

However, only the spiritually awakened ones would even know they were within a huge Cosmic Portal. They would know this because they were the ones who had enough trust in the Formless Ones to totally surrender into a state of consciousness that was completely unique to all of their past, present and future experiences of reality.

Their surrender encompassed past, present and future because, once they entered the Corridor, they slowly lost all concept of time. Hence, memory would no longer be limited to the past, but could also include the future. Furthermore, within the Corridor there was NO illusion of inside vs. outside

Therefore, they could no longer distinguish between internal and any external events. They could only directly experience their Beingness within the constant state of the HERE and NOW. At first, this direct expression of the Being Life was a unique, and therefore, challenging. However, as they became accustomed to this manner of “being” they soon forgot any other expression of reality.

While in this state of BEING they could consciously experience their form transmuting without the necessity of “death.” In fact, they began to experience, and simultaneously forget, their myriad third/fourth dimensional lives in form. They retained all that they had learned, but once they began to return to that true SELF, they were in such joy that memories of heir past challenges transmuted into the victories of the present.

When they first entered the Arcturian’s Corridor they had to release every person, place, situation and thing that had not chosen to enter the Corridor. Some of these releases were quite difficult, as some physical relationships were made that would not carry forth into the Corridor.

The Portal Openers were sad to leave behind some of their friends who had become lost in the illusions that they believed were real. However, the Portal Openers knew that there was NO time. Consequently, their friends and family would eventually join them.

Without question the fully awakened Portal Openers entered the Corridor with absolute surrender and total release of ALL that could not, or would not, join them. They entered the Corridor knowing that they had to trust the feel within their heart and discharge anything that cluttered their mind.

But how did they enter the Corridor? Was it visible and discrete, such as a physical bridge? NO, that was the primary challenge of entering the Corridor. It was not a Bridge, and it was not physical. In fact, it was not in front or around them. The Corridor was within them. But, how could they enter something that was within them?

The Portal Openers had to collapse into their SELF. In other words, they had to deny all attachments to that which appeared to be around them and bond fully with that which they found within their High Heart. To their surprise, when they entered their High Heart, they discovered that all they had loved unconditionally in their myriad incarnations was waiting for their reunion.

The Formless Ones had told them that unconditional love was the bonding force of the Universe. However, how could they know that unconditional love would bond all that they loved within a higher frequency of reality that they could only enter by surrendering into their own High Heart?

The Portal Openers did not know that they had collected within their own High Heart every reality that they had ever experienced in all of their excursions into form. Every person, place, situation or thing that they had loved unconditionally was awaiting them within the NOW of this Great Reunion.

The Portal Openers collected ALL these past, present and future realities and merged them into the NOW of their ascension. In this manner, every experience of unconditional love that they had ever enjoyed was gathered into the Corridor.

Since the Portal Openers so dearly and unconditionally loved their planet, they gathered everything the loved about their planetary into the Corridor, as well. Unfortunately, this gathering of planetary experiences into the Corridor would play havoc with the Lost Ones who were still planet bound.

The Lost Ones still held tight to the fear, victimization and/or power—over others. Thus, their quotient of love and light was quite small. Consequently, they could not even find their High Heart, much less collapse into it. Furthermore, surrender felt like failure to them. They would not surrender their long-held believes. Nor would they surrender that which they had worked so hard to acquire.

Unfortunately for the Lost Ones, the Arcturians who were the holders of planetary form were happy to join the Portal Openers and the Formless Ones in the Corridor. Hence, portions of the matrix of the planet were disappearing from the perception of the Lost Ones.

Those who had believed in a disastrous ending were playing out that storyline, while others continued with their selfish or weak behaviors. On the other hand, some of the Lost Ones where finding great courage and assisting others as they sought a safe place. How surprised they were when they discovered that that “safe place” was actually within the Corridor.

Unfortunately, other Lost Ones where holding on to their power-over others and/or their self-pity and lack of control of their own lives. These ones raged or called desperately to their separate God, because could not find their own Arcturian Core. It was at this picture where the holographic story had begun.


To my surprise, at this point in the story an immense range of emotions overtook me, and I angrily turned off the hologram. WHY? Why had I been shown this? Was I shown this story to remind me that rather than selfishly advancing my own abilities, I should be home in the Pleiades on my own planet?

I ran from the holosuite in confusion and sorrow. What about my own people? What were they facing now? I was sworn to be a Protector of my people, and I was off ion my own selfish advancement when I should be home protecting and helping them. I was almost running when I bumped into the Arcturian.

The mere touch of its body and mind calmed my emotions and centered my thinking. The Arcturian looked deeply into my eyes and we met Soul to Soul. I felt answers to many unasked question flow into my consciousness. My breath slowed, my heart calmed and my mind stilled.

“We have a guest we want you greet and take on a tour of the Mothership,” the Arcturian telepathically informed me. I started to speak, but it telepathically interrupted to say, “Speak with your heart only.” Thus, I had to fully center myself enough to ask the telepathic questions of where I should go and who I should look for.

I felt the Arcturian’s smile inside my heart as I heard, “Follow me.” I followed the Arcturian to the main Entry Area and saw a lovely Being of unknown gender and planetary origin. The Arcturian responded to my unspoken question by telepathically saying, “She/It is a hybrid of Human and Arcturian whose name is Kepier.”

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 5th November 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Sharing_ K_ Girls Sexy Arms Workout! – Looking Back to Leap Forward.:::.Meditation for New Earth | Equipoise

Sharing_ K_ Girls Sexy Arms Workout! – Looking Back to Leap Forward.:::.Meditation for New Earth | Equipoise.

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Sharing_ K_ Girls Sexy Arms Workout! – Looking Back to Leap Forward.:::.Meditation for New Earth

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Monday, December 29, 2014
Looking Back to Leap Forward — Year 2011



Meditation for New Earth 


The first place to do this meditation is in your home, as this is the place where your physical form

seeks shelter and protection. Find your favorite place of meditation and go so deep within that you hear

your SELF say:

I AM deep in the caves of the Mother once again.

I feel the Love of the Mother about me.

I give thanksgiving to Her for allowing me to live on Her form and assist Her with Her return.

I feel myself within the Mother, and I feel the Mother within me.

I listen within my heart for Her personal message:

Beloved Ones,

I AM Gaia—I AM your Mother Earth.

I speak to you from the North

In the North I AM high, snow-capped mountains and forests of tall, green trees.

I touch the sky and carry the mountains. Feel me about you and within you.

My love is a transpersonal energy field that raises you above the wows of daily life

and provides you with a strong foundation.

Feel how my love reminds you to love and support all life.

I speak to you from the East

In the East I AM the rising sun and vast horizons.

I welcome each new day with love so that I may, once again, celebrate all life.

Feel me around and within you.

My love is a service to be given away without need for return or compensation.

Feel how my love urges you to greet each new day with joy and unconditional love.

I speak to your from the South

In the South I AM rain forests and dense jungles.

Observe how my great abundance is around and within your daily life.

My love is continuous through all dimensions of life.

Feel how my love allows you to expand your consciousness into your higher expressions of SELF.

I speak to you from the West

In the West I AM the setting sun and deep oceans.

Feel how my love assists you to release that which has come to completion.

My love creates the union of the Sun and Sea so that ALL your emotions can be transmuted into joy,

unity and unconditional love.

Beloved ONES,

My third dimensional planet is being transmuted into the fifth dimension.

Now as we, people and planet, welcome and embrace our Higher SELF, I ask that my humans

remember how to live in unconditional love and unity with all of my life forms.

In this manner, we will create the WAY Home to New Earth,

which resonates beyond time and space in the ONE of the eternal NOW!

Feel your frequency rising and Know that WE ARE ONE.

Dear People of my Planet,

I also ask that you assist me to restore the true beauty and vibrant life of my true form.

Hence, whenever you experience any ripples of dissonance or disharmony in your human

or planetary body,

I ask that you call the higher frequencies of Spirit into the physical frequency of Matter.

Through transmuting your personal and planetary body, you assist me in creating OUR New Earth.

In this manner we can work a ONE Being to:

Welcome the dawning of a new reality,

Create this higher reality with the force of our unconditional love,

Unite with our higher expressions on New Earth and

Transmute our physical bodies into our light bodies of New Earth.

Furthermore, to assist me to return me, Gaia, to my fullest power,

I ask that you assist me in regain ALL my Wisdom, Power and Love by decreeing:

“I AM a Portal through which the Spirit enters the Matter of Earth.”

I AM ONE with the Portal and ONE with the Earth”

As I open the Portal to my Multidimensional SELF, I Decree:

Spirit into Matter NORTH

Spirit into Matter EAST

Spirit into Matter SOUTH

Spirit into Matter WEST

Thank you Beloved People of my Planet.

I AM Ascending Gaia

For the last few of these posts, instead of the 5 W’s
I would love you all to reflect on the topic of each blog posting.

For this post, it would be wonderful if you could share with your “self”
and hopefully with the blog how you areassisting Gaia’s Earth.
In this way, you make a statement about your dedication to Planetary Ascension
As well as give some good ideas to others.

I will begin by sharing that I will continue communicate and commune with Gaia,
hear Her voice and share that information with others.

If you wish to post your answers it will assist in our Unity Consciousness. Posted by Sue at 8:59 AM


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