Sharing.:::.Increasing momentum.:::.Unanimity of Opinions Heralds the Coming Crash .:::. My 1999-Forecast of the Collapse of the World Economic Order in the End Times | samkaska

Sharing.:::.Increasing momentum.:::.Unanimity of Opinions Heralds the Coming Crash .:::. My 1999-Forecast of the Collapse of the World Economic Order in the End Times | samkaska.

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Sharing.:::.Increasing momentum.:::.Unanimity of Opinions Heralds the Coming Crash .:::. My 1999-Forecast of the Collapse of the World Economic Order in the End Times

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Unanimity of Opinions Heralds the Coming Crash 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 20, 2014

by Georgi Stankov and Jennifer Tritch, December 20, 2014

Dear Georgi,

I much appreciate all the posts with links and especially your commentary regarding this chess game being played out with the world at stake. It is quite a surcharge to find the truth in news in the US anyway. Sending you PCR (Paul Craig Roberts) interview in case you have not seen it.

Namaste, Jennifer


Dear Jennifer,

PCR confirms all my forecasts how the financial system will crash. When I started pointing out at the huge amount of derivatives and CDOs that are a multiple of the GDP as the main reason for collapsing the system I was the only one. Then people began talking about these WMD but even this soon faded away. And now they rediscover the ticking bomb under their asses.

The remarkable fact is that more and more experts begin to see the reality with the same open eyes and this unanimity in opinions is the most reliable prerequisite for the inevitable crash.

With love and light



Paul Craig Roberts – Russia To Unleash Ultimate Black Swan Against The West

Today Dr. Paul Craig Roberts warned King World News that the Russians are going to unleash what he called the “ultimate black swan” against the West. Dr. Roberts also discussed how a terrifying series of events would then bring the Western financial system to it knees as the banking system completely collapses.

Dr. Roberts: “I was listening to the news today and there were all these self-righteous people just happy as all get out that they had finally stomped Russia into the ground and ‘Russia is now finished,’ and Russia was broken and ‘would soon be an American vassal state where it belongs.’ And I was listening to this rot and got to thinking, ‘How can people be so utterly stupid?’ But they are, and they are just as stupid in Washington.

And in the meantime, as part of this process, Eric, we may see Russia unleash black swans that bring down the Western house of cards….

“Suppose the Russian government says, ‘Well, since the attack on the ruble is political and you guys are attacking the ruble and causing us so much trouble, we are just not going to pay off the next traunch of our debt that comes due early in 2015.’

Well, the European banking system would collapse because those banks are terribly undercapitalized. Some of them have loans to Russia that almost absorb the entire capital base. So the Russians don’t even have to default. They can just say, ‘We’re not going to pay this year. We will do it later. We’ll do it when the ruble stabilizes.’ (Laughter).

You can understand the impact of such a decision by the Russians on the West. And given all the linkages and the interconnections — when Lehman Brothers went down it had just about as much adverse affect on Europe as it did the United States.

What would come from that? Who knows? There are all kinds of derivatives and credit default swaps everywhere. We know these derivatives now are some multiple of the world’s Gross Domestic Product. And nobody really knows who all the counterparties are. If the European banks start going down, who knows what the impact on this pile of derivatives would be? But the whole Western system is a house of cards. It’s not based on anything other than market manipulation. So it doesn’t take much of a push to knock it down.

The biggest black swan of all, Eric, if the Russians get thoroughly angry, all they have to do is call up the European governments and say, ‘We no longer sell natural gas or any other form of energy to members of NATO.’ The consequence would be the utter and total collapse of NATO. Not even a puppet state like Germany is going to let the people freeze to death, let the factories be closed down, and let the unemployment rate hit 40 percent. It’s just not going to happen — it would be the end of NATO.

So whenever the Russians want to destroy NATO, that’s all they have to do. Just call up the puppet Merkel, call up the puppet Hollande, the puppet Cameron, and say, ‘You guys really enjoy being in NATO, well let me tell you what, we no longer sell energy to NATO members.’ That’s the end of NATO and that’s the end of the cover for American power.

That would set off so many black swans. Every banking system would probably collapse because if the German banks are faced with German industry closing down, what the hell is going to happen to the banks? So all the cards are in Putin’s hands. None of them are in Washington’s hands. Putin is going to reorient Russia to the East. Then you are going to see Russia, India, and China, take over the leadership of the world. That will start in 2015.” KWN has now released the incredible Dr. Paul Craig Roberts audio interview where he discussed his stunning 2015 predictions, the ‘Gold black swan’ as well as other black swans Russia may unleash which would cause Western collapse and much more. This is one of Dr. Roberts’ most important audio interviews ever and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE.

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My 1999-Forecast of the Collapse of the World Economic Order in the End Times 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 22, 2014

by Dr. Georgi Stankov, copyright 1999 and 2011

This forecast was first performed at the time of the Asian Crisis in 1997-1998, which is a rather imprecise term for what actually occurred at that time, and was published on the Internet in December 1999, It reveals that the creation of new Gaia 5 through the total collapse of the 3D Orion matrix of economic and financial enslavement of humanity is a long-term project that stretches over decades. It proves how diligent and persistent a true Logos God in human gestalt must be in order to achieve his final goals, which are the divine goals of the Source. Everything I have predicted here in the late 90s and much more will happen in the coming days independently of the illusory linear time as we create only in the Now.

In addition to the many Asian countries, which were thrown in the financial abyss by the American Banksters in 1998 by withdrawing deliberately their capital from these countries on a massive, coordinated scale, from which they hugely profited as was the case with the notorious speculator Soros, all East European countries and the former Soviet republics were at that time also in a deep and prolonged depression, which began immediately after the Fall of the Iron Curtain. The default of the Russian state in 1998 was the precursor to the current crisis of the ruble instigated by criminal speculations on the London and New York Forex as the UK clown Cameron boasted this weekend.

This aspect is not really appreciated by most blind Western economists, just as they are unable to perceive the gathering storm that will crash the world economy very soon.

These two simultaneous crises – Asian and Easteuropean crisis – were instigated to a large extent by the insidious policies of the neo-liberal banksters from the Anglo-American bastion of Dark Forces on this planet. Many neo-liberal Western experts flooded the East European countries in the 90s and transformed them into an experimental playground for their hidden efforts to install the New World Order in this part of the world.

At the same time West Germany was struggling under the heavy burden of subsidizing East Germany, after it has expropriated its central-planned economy in a more drastic manner than the communists did after WW2, by nationalising it under one state authority and selling all factories and companies of the East Germans at discount prices to greedy West German corporations.

This historical experience is almost completely forgotten in the current economic times, marked by short collective memories and deliberate retrograde amnesia.

At that time, I visited on many occasions Bulgaria and some other East European countries and could collect direct personal impressions on the plight of the people there, barely surviving through this prolonged crisis, which is still ravaging some of these states, including my homeland.

This personal experience was thoroughly considered, when I wrote this forecast about the last and greatest crisis of the old world economic order, which I predicted to occur at the beginning of the 3. millennium.

Of course I did not know at that time the exact date, as it was not even known in the Highest Realms of Cosmic Providence, which shape the destiny of this planet and prepare it for Ascension in the current End Times. The astral probability alternative for this last crisis of capitalism was, however, carved in stone in the future annals of the cosmic Akasha Chronics, and at that time I knew already that it was unavoidable.

Shortly after I wrote this forecast in German language and published it in Internet in December 1999, the predicted financial and economic crisis began to unfold. It was a prolongation of the Asian and East European crisis of the 90s. Only the narrow perception of the Western economic experts made it an unique and separate event. This holds true for all subsequent crises that shook the world economy.

Probably the most deliberate fraud of all economic experts nowadays is the propagation of the false idea that these economic crises are solitary events, which are unpredictable and a great exception to the overall steady growth of the world economy. This approach that is shared by all mass media and even by most Nobel Prize winners on economics covers up the true economic conditions on this planet.

The current Orion economic system on earth has been established on deliberate deficiencies and instabilities as to slide from one crisis into the next at the discretion of the current Powers That Be on earth – The Anunnaki and the Reptilians from the Orion Empire (see all three essays on the Orion monetary system) This fundamental fact is currently not considered by any professional expert on economy. Hence their total ignorance and inability to make adequate economic predictions.

It is true that at the time, when I wrote this essay, the full scope of the clandestine manipulation of the human economy was not as clear to me as it became sometimes later, But I was at that time fully aware of the obvious machinations of the human minions of the Dark Forces in the financial sector. Their deliberate manipulations of the financial system with the aim of enslaving humanity could be easily discerned without considering the “alien card” (Kissinger),

The present forecast departs from well-known facts, which have been made public in the mass media and could have been analysed by any competent expert on economics.

The final conclusion with respect to the inevitable collapse of the world economic order was, however, inspired from the Highest Realms of Cosmic Providence, with which I am in an active contact since 1992. They helped me discover the Universal Law in physics and bio-science and develop the new General Theory of Science as published on this website.

During the time between 1997 – 1999, I was guided by my Higher Self into the realm of economic affairs. I was urged to gather personal experience with the equity markets as to discern the underlying fraud in the financial sector. This personal experience helped me draft this forecast.

The key insights into the true nature of all macro-economic theories of modern capitalism were inspired in my consciousness by the Higher Realms in the same way as they had previously inspired my profound new scientific insights in physics and bio-science, which ultimately led to the greatest scientific discovery in the history of this mankind.

This spiritual communication is without a precedent in the history of science. I have discussed various aspects and events of this transcendental experience in some of my books published on this website, especially in the book “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy, Part II: “Gnosis as Personal Experience”

Under these premises, the present forecast from the year 1999 was a combination of divine inspiration and thorough scientific analysis of modern macro-economic theories, backed by my personal experience in the financial markets. These were booming in the late 90s, thus preparing the world economy for the ultimate crash in the fall of this year.

The departing point of this forecast was the elaboration of the role of the world inflation, which is essentially a dollar inflation. The reasons for this inflation have been discussed in my three essays on the Orion Monetary System on this website.

The theoretical background for the world inflation was however established in the mid-90s, when I calculated that the total amount of money in circulation worldwide exceeded in 1999 one hundred times the actual material production, on which humanity exists, In the meantime this inflation has doubled at least.

This discrepancy between the total amount of money in circulation and material production was recognized by myself to be the chief cause for the upcoming crisis. Such imbalances are highly unstable and tend to collapse at a certain point in time.

I applied the new theory of the Universal Law to the world economy – in particular, the basic axiom, assessing the reciprocal dynamics of two adjacent gradients in a system. This axiom was defined for the first time by myself, while developing the new physical and mathematical axiomatics of the Universal Law as issued in a separate publication on this website.

In 1997, after volume I on physics was published, I came very easily to the conclusion that the world economy is heading to a total collapse. In order to come to this conclusion, I had to apply in a second step the physical laws of constructive and destructive interference, which I have shown to be the Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction. Thus I could prove in an irrevocable manner, why this economic collapse is inevitable.

This is the actual economic theory of the Universal Law, which I have also called “Energology”, because it departs from the Primary Term of our human consciousness, which is a perception of Energy = Space-Time.

I could show that present-day money imitates the properties of energy, however, rather incompletely, because it is deliberately planned by the Anunnaki to work in this deficient way as to enslave humanity, The Powers That Be know very well that money, just as Energy, has only two dimensions, space and time. Space is equivalent to the amount of printed money, e.g. printed paper, and time = frequency is equivalent to the true value – the purchasing power – of money.

When money is inflated, its space (amount of money in circulation) grows and its time/frequency as purchasing power diminishes. This is what money inflation is all about.

However, this reciprocal effect of the two constituents of energy, respectively money, tend to occur in the dense 3d-reality on earth with a substantial time-lag. Money can be devalued for a long period of time, while this fact may remain unnoticed by the consumers, before the reciprocity of space and time of money comes into play and creates a sudden and rapid inflation.

This has happened on many occasions in the past and will also happen in the fall of this year, when all debts of the banks and the national states must be written down. This will lead to a huge devaluation of the dollar in the first place. The dollar is the chief culprit for the world inflation. It has watered down the global economy, as this currency comprises about 60-65% of the total amount of money in circulation.

Based on this sound theoretical ground of the new Scientific Theory of the Universal Law (see Tetralogy of Science), it was an easy job for me to predict the outcome of the last global economic crisis on this planet. The only difficulty I had, was to determine the exact point in time of the crisis.

However, I knew already at that time that earth and humanity are entering the “chaotic node” of cosmic probability alternatives in the End Times, so that the exact prognosis when the crisis would unfold had to be permanently reassessed with respect to the upcoming events.

It is very important to stress at this place that we are actually in this final global crisis for a long period of time – most definitely since 2001 when the first official recession in the 3. millennium began and lasted until 2003.

After that we had the greatest depression after WW2, which was maliciously prepared in the years 2004-2006 by instigating the notorious subprime mortgage crisis. The ongoing economic depression began in 2007 and peaked in October 2008, when the whole investment banking on Wall Street was wiped out from the map within a week.

Since then, this financial crisis has widened to fiscal debt crisis of the national states and to austerity crisis of the masses, by impoverishing all citizens with the exception of the few rich speculators.

From the point of view of the new Energology of the Universal Law, the current depression is the manifested elimination of fraudulent debt – of creating money out of thin air, mostly by the criminal Anglo-American banksters. This debt could be delegated only for a short period of time to the national states and from there onto the taxpayers, so that it could be hidden for some time from the world community.

Since the opening of the star portal of 10.10.10, this kind of dark, insidious practices could no longer be covered up in the rapidly changing astral atmosphere of earth, which induces new levels of awareness and transparency. Since the beginning of 2011, this global financial fraud has become increasingly obvious to the masses.

The recent anti-corruption movement in India that came out of nowhere and swept over this huge country of one billion people is not only rattling the shaky Indian government, who has practically surrendered to a single person in a hunger strike, but will soon unleash its force around the globe. The collective discontent of one billion people is the most powerful energy which humanity can produce on this planet. This “wrath of ants” (Steinbeck) will be the transformational force upon the old world order in the fall of this year, after this “summer of our discontent” has prepared the ground for it.

We have now entered the End Times of Tribulations and Revelations, when huge energies from the central sun of our galaxy are flooding earth in preparation for Ascension. These energies unleash the emotions of rebellion and indignation against the old Orion order of enslavement.

These significant emotional and mental transformations of humanity have already led to sudden and unexpected mass revolts in many countries apart from the Middle East, such as Greece, Spain, Great Britain, Israel, and will encompass the whole humanity. This global revolution of enslaved humanity will actually trigger the collapse of the financial system and the economy, as it will no longer be possible to hide the huge financial debt that has been amassed for many years and to shoulder it once more onto the citizens.

The coming world economic crisis can be very easily perceived, if one considers the astral-energetic conditions on earth in the End Times and puts them in relation to the ongoing financial and economic fraud of the last 70 years since WW2, committed by the human minions of the Powers That Be in the financial sector and in government. This fraud was primarily carried out through the insidious Orion Monetary System.

After the total collapse of the world economic order, the events will hugely accelerate. The First Wave of Ascended Masters will take place shortly thereafter, followed by the official Disclosure and First Contact with the Galactic Federation.

These dramatic events will pave the way for the smooth implementation of a more just provisional economic system for the short period of time prior to Ascension. After that the old linear time and human history will end, and mankind will enter the simultaneous multidimensionality of All-That-Is, where money and the current economic constraints will no longer exist.

Georgi Stankov, August 18, 2011


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  Sandra Walter ~ December Update: Increasing momentum

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
The grid merge is anchoring nicely ~ magnetics are adjusting as expected. You may feel like it is lift-off time, with sensations of rising like a big balloon (even more so than before.) Hydrate, rest and center in the stillness; especially those with vagus-vertigo who feel spinny. It is a wavy energy as the magnetics and plates adjust, and the 5D under-water sensation is palpable.
We celebrate our 12-12-12 Anniversary; blessings upon those who captured codes and were forever changed on that prestigious day.
Do you see the effect of this sequence of events? The personal revelations of 2014? How the merging of grids calls forth the templates of the Golden Race DNA?

We are about to enter a vivid experience of our multidimensionality. Prepared hearts, minds and vessels walk through these gateways ready to anchor the true Solar Cosmic Christ beingness. As the Pleiadians shared with us, we are entering a new level of the great unknown. Your Divine teams – those beloved beings who surround you in visions, or sit with you at the council tables each night – honor your courage and endurance. I AM sure many of you witness the divine reflection at that level; the merge of the Masters in 2013, the Galactic Brotherhoods united, the Universal ARCHetypes revealed, the fractal reflections of our guidance realms in millions embodied upon this planet.
The limits of faith are tested in density. The old light beliefs serve for a flash – thousands of linear years – and are rewritten for new light dynamics. Now we are tested with the Divine merge of Creator-as-Self. Not in theory or dogma, rather in form and en masse.
Much of the experience of true multidimensionality is beyond our comprehension.The glimpses and moments of revelation become more consistent, stronger, and more expansive. The Higher Self steps in, rewrites the old light of Self through DNA, and creates something brand new. Many of us see our Higher Selves changing, unifying with Divine aspects, taking on the new templates. Our reality reveals a slowed-down, stepped-down version of 5D as we experience the merge which occurred this year.
Recognize the unknown, the brand new experience, as it presents. As the guidance has revealed, the years of practice, adjustments, integration were minor compared to the true experience of the Solar Cosmic Christ. Source bless all who have prepared themselves and this planet for the Golden Race. We love you, we bless you, we thank you.
Below is the video version of the December gateway message. Light encodements are provided to assist the collective consciousness; it is your choice to receive them. Blessings upon all of creation during this passage!

I would LOVE a donation today. Thank you and Happy Holidays!
Posted 2 days ago by Juan Pablo

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