sharing.:::. My Steep Pathway to Ascension :::. The new Matrix Part 2 – Further explanation of why you feel the way you do | samkaska

sharing.:::. My Steep Pathway to Ascension :::. The new Matrix Part 2 – Further explanation of why you feel the way you do | samkaska.

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sharing.:::. My Steep Pathway to Ascension :::. The new Matrix Part 2 – Further explanation of why you feel the way you do

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My Steep Pathway to Ascension 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 23, 2014

by Marijana, Zagreb, Croatia, December 23, 2014

It’s been quite some time since I wrote you the last time. I still remember how I asked you a simple question three years ago: how can I awake? It is funny now, three years after I went through a complete hell of a ride of energetic transformation in all segments of my life. Replaced by a younger woman in my marriage, kicked out from a house, ended up on the street, robbed by people which I have helped financially and tricked by the same people to repay their financial debt, although I was an expert in banking risk management. Killing joke. I truly lost everything. It just made me laugh at the end.

However, it was worth it. I guess it is true: you have to lose everything in order to gain everything.

Then I went through a quite intensive LBP, feelings of panic and depression, cleansing of the dross of the masses and my own also, cc-waves with terrible headaches and joint pains resulting in inability to even walk for a certain period, attacks by dark entities, cold chills and unbelievable depression from nearby MPR-s… It was quite a challenge…..

I even have my own “tree story”. Some arrogant gynaecologist decided few months ago to cut off my almond tree, which my grandfather planted when I was born. He decided the tree was guilty for flooding his house although tall pine trees surrounded his house and could have been “guilty” for the flood too. He just cut my huge tree into pieces. I feel sorry for him because he is just a stupid little man whose patients in a hospital pay too much for his services to feed his arrogance.

I also feel stupid because it took me 30 years to remember what I knew when I was 12 years old. Back then, I felt powerful, like the world was dependent on me, like it would die if I did not do something. I lost it somehow in a meantime, weakened by visible reality, which is nothing but a low budget trash movie with low class directors, lousy actors, crippled screenplay and main character terrorizing everything and everyone in this fake galactic swamp. Although, I used to go deep down over the years through the knowledge available to help me understand my purpose and even before this huge vortex in the last three years, I went through mystical areas revolting against the system in my own way. I never bothered too much with esoteric scene. It always reminded me of a movie “Brain dead”. Never expected any kind of revolution on their side. I could learn more staff from heavy metal community than these guys.

Anyway, what I wanted to write about is the reason I could not sleep last night. My mind was heavy. I could hear Decree on financial meltdown so loud. It was booming. I joined it. Repeated it all over again. For hours. It felt like nothing was ever that important as this Decree. Right here. Right now.

Maybe I lost everything, but there is still one thing that is constant in my life. My job as a risk and pre-bankruptcy manager in a bank which sounds so .. not making any sense any more… never did. If I want to pull the rug away under the feet of humanity so that they can learn their lesson and stop feeding this fake system supporting money business in a money wonderland, I should first pull the rug away from under my own feet and stop feeding it also.

Yes, people are bankrupt. Banks are selling bad loans to aggressive lawyers, which started true witch-hunt and inquisition trying to rip out leftovers from the people and yes, there is a true financial war zone out there for decades in order to enslave the people and make nations bankrupt. I ask, wonder for a long time when this beast is finally going to die.

Every day when I approach this huge bank building in the centre of the city, I can feel anxiety. The moment I go inside to spend another day there, it feels like jumping into a fast car heading for a finish line. It feels like a huge desire and responsibility to make this car run faster and crash monetary multiple headed hydra into pieces, which became so noisy that interferes with gentle galactic tunes and produces unbearable cacophony.

I pray too that all warriors of light worldwide join their forces in the Now and make this great Decree a true tool for final financial disintegration. Everything is possible in the Now. I’m so sure about that.

What I want to see in the end, soon, is a silent graveyard of monetary wreckage and all its grotesque crime stories buried deep under

P.S. Thank you very much for maintenance of the website as a true chronicle of the most important battle over the planet Earth. Most of the information I can find on the internet is just an insult even for an average intelligence.

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Separation of the Worlds: While We Ascend the US Dark Cabal and Their Stooges Prepare for Doomsday 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 23, 2014

US Families Prepare For ‘Modern Day Apocalypse’

Sky News, December 22, 2014

Greetings Georgi,

Fear reigneth supreme as the sheeple with zero Source connections prepare for impending doom of their coveted paradigm…

Erick Premiere


Thousands of families are hoarding food and weapons in anticipation of an impending catastrophe, writes Sky’s Dominic Waghorn.

07:49, UK,Monday 22 December 2014

By Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent

From the outside America may seem to be a land of endless optimism and confidence. But could it be in danger of falling apart?

An increasing number of Americans seem to think so, and they’re preparing for the end.

They call themselves preppers. Mainstream suburban Americans hoarding supplies and weapons while leading otherwise perfectly normal lives.

This old nuclear missile facility has been turned into an apocalypse refuge

It’s a national phenomenon and it’s supporting a doom boom industry worth many millions.

Braxton Southwick is a typical father-of-six in Salt Lake City, who believes the nice suburban neighbourhood he lives in could soon be swept away by some kind of modern day apocalypse.

Like other preppers, he’s afraid of some impending catastrophe but also what that will do to American society.

“I think that is what I’m scared of the most,” he told Sky News, “Not the actual events. I’ve already prepared for that. It’s the aftermath, when there are no police, there are no military to protect us, we’re going to be protecting ourselves.”

The trigger could be a terrorist attack, a monetary collapse, cataclysmic failure in power generation, or a natural disaster. Preppers fear what comes next and have no faith in either their government or human nature.

“Once people use up all their resources, they’re going to come after the people that prepared and had more resources. So basically we have to take care of ourselves.”

Braxton and his wife Kara have a basement that will see them through Armageddon, literally. Enough dried and canned food to last six months. Enough guns and ammunition to turn their family into a small army.

And they have trained each of their six children, including the youngest aged 15, how to defend themselves with guns to see off the mobs of marauding looters they predict could come after them after their world collapses.

At the other end of America, another family are preparing in exactly the same way. In Virginia, Jay and Holly Blevins hoard food and weapons and run a network of like-minded families.

“We’re not talking about folks walking around wearing tin foil on their heads,” Jay tells Sky News. “We’re not talking about conspiracy theorists.

“I’m talking about professionals: doctors and lawyers and law enforcement and military. Normal, everyday people. They can’t necessarily put their finger on it. But there’s something about the uncertainty of our times. They know something isn’t quite right.”

Jay is a celebrity in the strange but increasingly mainstream world of preppers, writing prepper books and touring America, speaking at prepper expos where a bewildering range of survival supplies and techniques are on offer.

Why is it happening? Partly, no doubt, because it allows Americans to indulge in some of their favourite pastimes: consuming, camping and buying lots and lots of guns.

And partly because fear sells, drives up numbers for cable news, and increases sales for everything from dried food to assault rifles.

But it’s also arguably a sign of a country coping with economic decline. The end of the American Dream has left people more uncertain about their future, and their country’s.

Katy Bryson is in Jay’s prepper network. Prepping, she says, puts Americans back in charge of their destiny.

“They’re not in control of whether they lose their job or not but they are in control of whether they are prepared. So I feel like that’s why the industry is just booming right now for preparedness,” Katy added.

It is also a fundamentally American phenomenon. In a country built on the radical individualism of its founding fathers, people have an inbuilt mistrust in their government’s ability to protect them.

Sociologist Barry Glastner wrote The Culture of Fear. He told Sky News: “Americans are fairly unique as world citizens in that we tend to believe that we control our own destiny as individuals to a much greater extent than we really do.”

Ironically, he points out preppers may actually be reacting to their fears in the least effective way. Dangerous weather, terrorist attacks and economic collapses are all best dealt with by higher authorities, he said.

“Where there are real dangers, to take an individualistic approach is usually exactly the wrong thing to do. So the kinds of things that the preppers are preparing to protect themselves from are much better handled on a community-wide basis than they are in your own home.”

:: Dominic Waghorn meets the preppers in The Doom Boom, this Tuesday at 9.30pm on Sky News.

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What is the Matrix
Posted by Steve Beckow

Old paradigm: We live in a world of scarcity where survival favors the strongest

What is the social grid of false beliefs, what some have called “the matrix,” that is said to have been with us since ancient times and that holds us in Third Dimensionality if we cling to it?

I’d like to identify some of the beliefs and philosophies which, taken together, capture the essence of the false grid of beliefs that have kept humans in a lower-density belief and value system.

Since all these beliefs are couched in commonsensical terms so that even the least intelligent could understand and master them, I too will discuss them in commonsensical terms.

The first core belief that represents a departure from the truth of our being is the notion that each of us is a separate individual, with no common ties, origin, or essence.

There’s no sense of the soul and, because there isn’t, there’s no knowledge of the same soul being in everyone or that that soul is really the Super-Soul, which is the one nature of all.

All this knowledge is not taken up or explored.

Instead we divide ourselves into, or unite ourselves in, various ephemeral identities such as races, nations, etc., and then fight to dominate each other and avoid being dominated.

None of this reflects the eternal truth that we are one.

The second belief is in scarcity, or, as Archangel Michael has called it, lack and limitation. We believe we live in a world of fixed resources, with not enough to go around. Given that we have need of these resources and not enough exists to share equally, we choose to compete, rather than cooperate with each other for them.

In reality nature’s abundance is probably unlimited and our capacity to create is also unlimited. In higher dimensions, of course. But even here, in whatever dimension we are (probably Fourth), our powers of creation are much larger than we imagine. But this perspective convinces us that there isn’t enough to go around and sets the stage for competition progressing to warfare.

The third belief is that there are no solutions to the dilemmas the first two beliefs raise. There’s nothing that can be done to end our sense of separation from one another and there’s nothing that can be done to end the perceived scarcity of resources.

Change or reform is impossible. No matter how much things change, they remain the same. There’s no way out. These are the cliched sayings we have that reflect and invigorate our bondage to this perspective of no solutions.

A fourth point of view is the belief that we have only one body and one lifetime to live. Once we die, that’s the end of it. There’s no escaping death and taxes. Death is final. Therefore we may as well live it up in this moment because tomorrow we die. These are the beliefs that go along with and support this materialist perspective.

A fifth point of view is that nature is chaotic. There’s no order in nature. Mother Nature is unpredictable. There’s no higher power or universal laws in actuality. The universe moves randomly. Unexpected catastrophes happen every day somewhere in the world and cannot be prevented. So get over it.

When people assimilate and integrate these beliefs and form their words and actions on the basis of them, we call this conditioning. Being conditioned into accepting these five beliefs, we’re open to the social philosophies which also arose on the foundation of these beliefs.

These social philosophies create a common cultural lifestyle in many parts of the world, where institutions of conditioning pass the culture along, and common boundaries are enforced beyond which a person cannot go without being judged to have “crossed the line” – to exist in a kind of apostasy – and be worthy of ostracism.

The world is kept in an almost-constant state of war

The first social philosophy is an extension into all areas of life of what is usually called the Self-Serving Bias. It’s based on the belief that one’s own interests are supreme and in many instances all that count. The individual is expected to “look out for #1,” to argue their own self-interest, and to do only that which serves them in some tangible way.

When discussing events, a person acting self-servingly will maximize their own victories, successes, and gains. They’ll tend to minimize their own defeats, failures, and losses.

Conversely, when discussing the role of others, they’ll tend to minimize the other’s victories, successes, and gains and maximize their defeats, failures, and losses.

Viewed from another perspective, when discussing a successful action, they usually attribute success to their own input; when discussing a failed action, they usually ascribe failure to the input of someone else. Acting these ways is acting self-servingly.

The second social philosophy that arose out of this mix of beliefs is called empirical materialism. Empirical materialism is actually a view of nature, reality, physics, etc. As such it holds that only that which is tangible, detectable, or measurable is deemed to be real. Anything beyond the reach of the physical senses is not deemed to be real.

But when applied to social realities, it holds that higher-dimensional beings are not real, including archangels and galactics. It holds that invisible spacecraft are not real; life after death does not exist; therefore multiple incarnations could not exist as well, etc.

Everything associated with Ascension and Disclosure, everything introducing it, moving it along, and bringing it to a successful conclusion is deemed not to exist. No higher view of life than what can be seen and touched is possible. What you see is what you get, literally.

The third social philosophy to arise out of this mix of beliefs is usually called Social Darwinism. It’s the belief that life is a struggle for survival in which only the strongest survive.

It’s a view that favors the elites of the world, the Illuminati, the military-industrial complex, the financial oligarchy, and so on.

Just as nature is red in tooth and claw, so is business and industry a jungle in which every one else is looking to eat our lunch. We’re justified in nuking the competition, making them suffer, bringing them to their knees, and so on.

This view has led to theories of racial supremacy, the eugenic “cleansing” of populations such as in the Holocaust or the massacre of Armenians, the creation of a growing economic underclass, the dropping of all social services and benefits plans, the rape of resources, the extinction of whole species of animals, etc.

It’s the perfect reflection of the first set of beliefs, the perfect rendering of them into a comprehensive social philosophy based on scarcity, win/lose, zero-sum solutions, and so on.

This is a recipe for constant warfare, within and without, continually experiencing and expanding deprivation somewhere, creating endless residue which leaves relations and situations festering down through the ages in quarrels without resolution. There is no resolution because everything about this philosophy is in fact designed to propagate conflict – in fact, for the elitist groups to divide the people and conquer them.

This is the matrix that supports unworkability and leads to eventual dissolution and disintegration of the social bonds that allow people to live together in harmony and cooperation. It’s a recipe for a world that doesn’t work.

This set of beliefs is now passing from the scene. We can well afford to wave it goodbye and thank it for all it taught us about what doesn’t work.

We now know what we don’t want. The search now becomes about discovering what it is that we as a world do want.

What I just described was the world’s consensus on the shape of the Old Earth. What’s its consensus on the shape of the New?


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The new Matrix Part 2 – Further explanation of why you feel the way you do 

By annamerkaba on December 14, 2014 

I feel to share this with all of you. I have received a very interesting question from someone today. The question is ” I have a questiong about the belt that was placed between humans and the matrix grid. Do the Reptilians/others know they are quarantined now? A woman whom is a soul reader as well reached out to me in a panic about infiltrators outside our universe creating chaos by using fear to get humans to turn on themselves and much disaster is coming here and now.”

All movements are known in the universe. Those with sensors to “see” know all that occurs. There are laws in this universe which most must abide by. All of these laws have indeed been disclosed to all the participants of this “game”. Those who wish not to abide by the laws eventually find themselves at a disadvantage. There is free will, and yet all must play according to the rules of the grander scheme. As free will works both ways, one may will to experience the dark side and they will find themselves on the end of that spectrum, or the light and will find themselves on the light end of the spectrum. Regardless of the “side” one is on, the universe has various laws that are set into motion by a collective thought process (the source). What does this all mean? The answer to the question is Yes the so called “dark” side knows very well that their days on ruling earth spheres are coming to an end.. or rather coming into BALANCE between the “dark” and “light”. This transformation into complete balance is very near, though for us on a human plane it seems faaaaaaaaaaaaar away.

And I just want to take a side step here for a moment. When we look at anything negative for example a feeling of Anger this could be construed as something negative, whilst the anger feeling itself does carry a “negative” vibration because the raw feeling of anger usually stems from fear and causes much damage to our physical and etheric bodies. By examining the anger and where it has come from, we can usually turn it around into a positive light. And instead of acting on your anger in a disruptive pattern, you learn from this anger and understand that you can improve YOUR OWN LIFE by either moving away from that which is causing you to feel this emotion, or changing your reaction to whatever is angering you. So the point here is that even the so called “negative” experiences are here to HELP US grow and learn as much as we can about our own selves and the universe and finding the BALANCE is one of the most powerful “weapons” in your arsenal. But going back to the question…

Once there is a cleansing that occurs, just like with cleaning out of your house. You collect various dust particles and debris you need to throw it out somewhere right? You usually throw it into the garbage, garbage is taken into a field, it is either buried into the ground or burnt, either way eventually this garbage turns into something else entirely.

If it is composted it turns into what is called “black GOLD”! It is renewed! It is recycled! And now instead of being something useless or dangerous, it has been purified and made available once again for use, assisting the earth, assisting humans, animals, etc. Since we are all living in a bubble within a bubble within a bubble into infinity but eventually it all is this one giant experience if you will, everything in the universe gets recycled.

The same thing is happening with the so called “dark side”. So yes, the very short answer is they do know, and they are still trying to hold on to power utilizing everything at their disposal to influence humanity to continue producing negative energy that they then can feed on. Just like our EGO’s are still trying to rule us instead of realizing that the best case here is to simply move with the changing of times, and assume a different perspective. But, its the same thing as to say that an alligator has to become vegan overnight.. that is not possible, unless of course his DNA structure, his programming is changed. Then yes, he will wake up the next day and be a vegan.

The same with reptilians, I talk a lot about this in my book Mission to Earth so I will only briefly mention this here, they are being transmuted. First they are taken off the planet, then they are brought into the counsel the healing chambers, then they are sent back to their respective planets and/or given other choices, all because they too are SOULS. Each of us plays a bad and/or good part in everything. Humans eat animals, does that make them bad? Reptilians eat human energy, human NEGATIVE energy. Does that make them bad? They certainly cause us a lot of harm, do they not? But at the same time, humans cause harm to animals. Would animals have found a way to protect themselves against humans, humans would stop hunting animals! Would animals find a way to transform human mind into understanding that animals too are souls, humans would stop hunting animals. Or were humans reprogrammed to their original DNA and/or to the Crystaline DNA, which is where we are all heading. Humans would stop hunting animals, stop hurting each other and wake up to the understanding of the universe. But this is a separate topic, I am simply drawing a parallel here that before we judge anything or anyone at all, we must first look at our own lives and self. Everything that occurs on a micro level occurs on a macro level and visa-versa. We are responsible for the energy that we generate, we are responsible for our actions.

Therefore it is highly important to keep all of these things in mind, to understand the intricacies of every existence and to remain NEUTRAL when trying to understand the workings of the universe. Any emotion, positive and/or negative will only BLOCK the understanding, as you will tend to align yourself with only one side, and to truly see the universe for what it is, you must be neutral to EVERYTHING in order to truly see how it functions.

So the point here is this, the reason I am telling you all of this, is for you to remain CALM no matter the news circulating on the net or in the media. Not only because right now we are being supported by our benevolent selves, galactic families, cosmic alignments and the source, but also because YOU ARE POWERFUL. The thing is often times we forget that it is so, and that everything is in our hands. It is in us to REACT to any situation, because without your reaction there is no situation. How ever you choose to react is exactly how the situation will go. So by changing our perspective on things, we can always find something either positive in a really negative situation or negative in a really really positive one. As for humans turning against each other, this is nothing new, it has been happening for eons, however what is new is that because of so much light that has and is entering this planet, many are awakening rather fast! Even if to us it seems like its taking forever. And because of all of these awakenings we have the chaos and at the same time LIGHT. People wake up and no longer wish to hurt another or themselves, however they must clean everything out, the awakening and realizing that everything that you thought was true is a lie is tough for many to handle. Think back to your own awakening and you will understand.

The reason that some channelers and/or spiritual leaders and/or media does what it does is simply due to MISUNDERSTANDING of reality, due to a sudden weakened aura. We are ALL susceptible to various “negative” energies that are swirling around us, as well as positive energies. We create with our minds thoughts, the more energy we give to our thoughts the more they grow. The more they grow the stronger they become, until they turn into actual energy spheres which are attached to us via an etheric ambilical cord, because we are their creators! So in turn they start to influence us. The positive thought forms want us to have positive experiences, happiness, joy, etc, as that is the energy that they thrive on. The negative ones, always tend to draw us into these negative experiences because that is the energy that they feed on. But initially WE ARE THE ONES who have CREATED THEM! And it is up to us to disperse them, transmute them, into what we want them to be, whatever experience you are looking for both (positive and/or negative). Channelers are not excluded, everyone including me goes through various bouts of negativity, the key here is to quickly realize that something is off, test the information received against various energy fields, those of you who are channelers and/or healers know what I am talking about. And always, always put it through your HEART, as your heart truly is the best scanner there is. If it doesn’t FEEL right, it probably isn’t.

But going back to the question. YES there will be chaos, just as with the example above, the “dirt” will be pushed to the forefront, the “negative energy” released, until it settles and is transmuted time will pass, those with WEAK AURAS, who are already plagued with negativity, will simply attract even more negative experiences into their lives. Those who were able to cleanse out their palate and fill up their cup with positive energies will be able to sail smoothly through any chaos that comes their way.
Its not always easy, it is a constant daily adherence to thoroughly listening to your heart, listening to your MIND, to your thoughts, and directing your thoughts into positivity instead of negativity. So bottom line, when you hear of someone saying “BOOO the Boogie man is coming” know that even if the boogie man is coming, he is going to pass right by you, as he knows you’re not scared of him, and go after someone who is.
Once again I understand how tough it is as we are bombarded with so much negativity daily, but we’ve been prepared very well for this mission and we can most definitely find a way to maneuver around it. Yes at times it will require us to lay low and examine our own feelings, that we’ve dealt with before, over and over again, and it can be super annoying, sometimes we will get angry, sad, frightened even, but once again we will bounce right back because we remember the LINK to HOME and should we for a split moment forget.. there are others who are here along side us on the same mission who will remind us and bring us right back into alignment, so surround yourself with your teammates.

THINKING POSITIVE, BEING AROUND POSITIVE PEOPLE, CONNECTING WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF, DOING SOMETHING YOU LOVE to spark that LOVE feeling within you is the real key here, as in any situation there is always something POSITIVE to behold, something BEAUTIFUL to experience, and something MAGNIFICENT to aspire to! I hope this helps you understand and stay away from unnecessary negativity, as I said before.. negativity will find it’s way to you, as you are here to TRANSMUTE it, so looking for it is not necessary, understanding what it is, what its made of and how to disassemble it, is the key.

Remembering your divine POWER and truly scanning to see weather the thoughts are yours or are being fed to you from something in your energy field is highly important. I wrote an article on this not too long ago that you can take a look at here:…/being-aware-…/

And finally, remember the highest protection you can have from anything is a LOVING heart. Sending you lots of love and light! xoxoxo

P.S. the photo you see above is a photo I took on 12/12 portal, there are encodings in these cloud formations, telling us that our DNA is being upgraded once more. Today I have received a channeling about this, which I will share with all of you on Monday, so stay tuned! 🙂 ❤

P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL

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