sharing.:::.Is this Jesus Christ as a child?.:::.Brain circuitry for positive vs. negative memories discovered in mice.:::.RELEASING THE WOUNDED EGO | psycho

sharing.:::.Is this Jesus Christ as a child?.:::.Brain circuitry for positive vs. negative memories discovered in mice.:::.RELEASING THE WOUNDED EGO | psycho.

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sharing.:::.Is this Jesus Christ as a child?.:::.Brain circuitry for positive vs. negative memories discovered in mice.:::.RELEASING THE WOUNDED EGO

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Oct 22




Dear Arcturians, 

Yesterday you sent me some information about meeting with the Galactics. Was I correct in receiving that message? If not, please correct me. If so, please give me more details.

The Arcturians Speak:

Dear Ascending One,
We know that some of our information takes a while before it can work its way through your wounded ego. We wish to assist you in the final release of this ego, for it will be more and more of an interruption to our transmissions as we share increasingly unexplored topics and units of information.

Therefore, we wish to take you back to when the human was first born and you, the Arcturian, were training to download its circuitry into the form of this tiny infant. Why was this infant, a seemingly insignificant child of a dancer and a musician, chosen? Neither parent was awake, nor was the child slated to be special in any manner. She was just a normal, post-war baby in California, USA.

However, the body almost died of crib death at only six weeks. The constitution of the baby was still strong, and her soul still over lite her form, but had not yet entered it. Suzille, the Essence from Arcturus, saw a chance to enter this human form, which appeared to be healthy enough to survive until the Great Shift.

Hence, YOU the Arcturian, entered this form before it expired. There was minimal brain damage from the lack of oxygen, but you were able to repair most of it. The damage that remained was perfect, as the child had to think from her right brain in an imagistic manner.

You, Suzille the Arcturian, entered the form and faced many years of “time” as the grounded one worked through human issues of life on a hostile planet. Fortunately, the survival was so difficult that the human element had to surrender her fears to you, the Arcturian. Thus, at a very young age, you were her comfort and insight. However, the child did not know to whom she was surrendering.

Now you, the Arcturian, and the owner of the form have become ONE Being. Suzanne has become Suzille, and Suzille is returning Home to the higher dimensions of reality. Yet, the wounded ego still battles doubt. Because of this, we recommend that Suzille take the helm of this earth vessel in every way. How will this exchange occur?

This question is important, for the “changing of the Guard” of the earth vessel is a vital component of ascension. Of course, as with every process, this release of all ego can only be accomplished by total surrender. Your Arcturian SELF will not abandon the small earth vessel that it inhabits. Nor will it abandon the wounded ego that suffered through many years of deep depression and over-whelming challenges?

Do you remember when the young child was allowed to go Home to Faerie? Do you remember when you the wounded teenager was lovingly sent to study in the Mystery Schools of the fourth dimension? Do you remember when you released
the all-suffering wife who could not find her SELF while minding the rules of being married in her generation?

Do you remember how these releases allowed your human element to surrender these portions of wounded self to a higher frequency of reality, so that the earth vessel could be more fully inhabited by light?

Now you, Suzanne and Suzille, can release the last wounded portion of the human identity, the wounded ego. Just as Suzanne sent her children off the college knowing that her relationship with them would never be the same, you now send the wounded ego off to the higher Mystery schools of Venus. On Venus, this persona can be fully healed and transmuted into light.

Observe as the vapors of the ego, in fact all ego, drifts away? The one who suffered, but always continued, the one with courage and tenacity to fulfill her obligation to Earth in order to ascension, as well as many other traits, thoughts and emotions have been transmuted into the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond.

These components of the human ego will remain with you, the SELF, because they have risen in frequency to the ever-escalating resonance of your true, Arcturian Nature. You, our Arcturian family member, have assisted the wounded one for 65 years. Now, much of that wounded has been transmuted and will remain in form for the final duties of ascension.

However, the frequency of ego that cannot survive the frequencies of reality to which you will return is being lovingly surrendered back to the ONE. In reality, without Suzille the Arcturian, the form would have expired long ago. Because the human element of the earth vessel was able to perceive the Arcturian, she could allow her Arcturian constituent to repeatedly heal her form of clay.

Suzanne now merges her human, clay form with her Arcturian body of light. Just as she sent off her children to college, she now surrenders her wounded ego to the Mystery Schools of her beloved Venus. YOU, human and Arcturian, can FEEL the unconditional love that escorts the wounded ego to Venus.

YOU both have embraced all the loving, human relationships and will happily continue them. However, YOU will no longer be encumbered by the wounded ego who was created by myriad incarnations. What remains, as the inhabitant/creator of the earth vessel is YOU, the composite of human and Arcturian.

YOU are the one who first took a form on Earth at the close of Atlantis. YOU are the ONE who has visited your other Galactic realities during meditations and in-between incarnations. Hence, YOU are the one to close this cycle of birth-death-birth to return to infinity.

Now, with the surrender of the doubts, insecurities and limitations of the wounded ego, all karmic debts are paid and all cycles are completed. Thus, YOU, Suzanne/Suzille, are FREE to assist others to release their wounded ego and return to their SELF.

Do you have any questions?

Suzanne/Suzille Speaks:

I have NO questions.
I am ready to meet with the Galactics NOW!


After I wrote this message I had to rush off to work. I worked a full day and somehow drove home. I was exhausted beyond words, went to bed early, slept for ten hours and dreamt of being on the Ship. When I awoke, I was still exhausted and wondered if I should share this message.

However, when I read the message again it was clear that, even though it was deeply personal, it is what we are all doing. We are all coming into our true SELF and our new reality. Therefore, we need to clear our unconscious of ALL elements of our self that are unable to transmute into the fifth dimension.

This day was also very busy. By the time I stopped, I could not enter my handwritten message into the computer. I felt my wounded ego try to come back into my consciousness, as third dimensional habits are strong and persistent.

Therefore, I did not force myself to type this message and totally relaxed. When I surrendered to the NOW, I could feel a strength and power inside that I had not ever felt before. At the same time, I could feel the habit of ego trying to manipulate my thinking.


Even as I type this today, the day of releasing all that stands in the way of our ascension, I can still feel the habit of the wounded ego wanting to get my attention. Therefore I say,

“I love you Ego. I am sorry that you became so wounded. You protected me again and again by guarding my Inner Core. For that, I shall always be grateful. Goodbye for NOW, dear wounded Ego. I know that Venus will heal you forever.”


Through Suzanne Lie,PhD

Posted 22nd October 2012 by YHVH@
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Compartir.:::. _ ▶ Bo Staff Spinning FASTEST EVER & Staff Kata – JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP – Part 10 – MYTRE`S EXPERIENCE WITH THE OVERSOUL | Vel sanus.

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Trip to the Mothership Part X

Mytre and The Arcturians

Mytre’s First Experience of Mothership’s Oversoul


I had not been on the Ship very long when I had my first experience of the Mothership’s Oversoul. I had been there long enough to understand that the Ship was a living, multidimensional being. I had a vague understanding of the sixth dimensional areas of the ship. However, the seventh dimensional portion of the Ship is not an “area.” It is a formless Soul that overlooked all the Souls who resided on the Ship.

The Super-subconscious frequency of the Ship automatically observes, repairs and updates the basic structure, which is always changing. Therefore it holds the basic form of every component of the Ship. On the other hand, the Oversoul Consciousness is a formless, yet tangible, energy that feels like an electrical field filled with love and cohesiveness.

These feelings usually are most predominant on the upper areas of the Ship, such as the Bridge and all command centers. However when necessary, the Oversoul over-lights meetings, individuals, and devices on the Ship that are called upon to function at an exceptionally high state of consciousness.

I was taken to the Mothership, shortly after I have left “time” during my meditation. Once I could leave time, a vast array of new abilities where just beyond my reach. Hence, I was taken to the Mothership for more advanced studies. The Arcturian and I entered a Scout Ship and headed for the Mothership. There was just the two of us in the Ship.

I discovered later that the Arcturian could have simply bi-located us to the Mother Ship, but it wanted us to advance our relations beyond teacher/student into friends. It was then that I began to realize what a wonderful sense of humor that Arcturians have. The Arcturian and I had a chance to chat about whatever came into our minds, and the Arcturian actually made jokes about our experiences together.

I had the chance to see my self through the perception of a higher dimensional Being. This was a bit rough on my ego, which was the point. When I could laugh at my prior fears and misconceptions, I felt many ego-attachments begin to fade from my mind. By the time we arrived at the Mothership, I had released most of my insecurities about being “good enough,” as well as my fears of going to the Mothership.

It was not that I was afraid to go to the Mothership. In fact, I was very excited and honored to be able to visit that Ship. However, I started our trip to the Mothership with great apprehension about what I would be called upon to do. Fortunately, because of the Arcturians humorous bantering, I was totally relaxed by the time the planetary sized Mothership came into our view.

I must say that the first sight of the Mothership was completely overwhelming. At the same time, it was a mystical experience. I had been training to perceive reality multidimensionally. Hence, I could clearly see the third/fourth dimensional holographic projection, which the Ship sometimes wore, as well as the fifth dimensional over-glow of that hologram, the sixth dimensional light matrix and the seventh dimensional emanation of Pure Spirit and All Knowing.

I also felt the eighth through tenth dimensional energy patterns of the Mothership, as well as patterns of the Arcturians and other Beings of that resonance. I KNEW that there were energy patterns beyond the tenth dimensions, but could not perceive them with any clarity at that time. The Arcturian touched my High Heart, and I received a brief experience of those higher dimensions.

Unfortunately, the resonant frequency of my mental processing was too low to retain any details of that experience. Nonetheless, I stored that FEELING in my High Heart, exactly where the Arcturian touched me. I vowed to believe that, soon I would be able to fully experience this cherished moment.

I will skip now to the point at which I had been studying in the Mothership for a while. I cannot give an exact amount of time, as time does not really exist at this level of consciousness. Conversely, those of us who were new to the Inter-Galactic Training Program were given quarters in which a period of day would be followed by a period of night.

We were to remain in these quarters until we were able to focus our primary consciousness on our fifth dimensional SELF. Our fifth dimensional expression of SELF no longer needed the illusion of the passage of time, the fatigue that that illusion created or the sleep that was necessary to release the illusion of fatigue.

I quickly made friends with my roommates, but found myself constantly missing the Arcturian. One day, I caught myself being impatient with my roommates. This upset me greatly, as I knew it was a sign that my consciousness was slipping into the lower frequencies rather than expanding into the higher frequency. I excused myself and went to the Nature Area.

There is a huge section of the Mothership that is dedicated to Nature Areas. These areas were holographic, but you absolutely could not tell from being there. Once, when I asked the Arcturian why the 3/4D Nature Area was holographic, and it said,

“All reality in the third and fourth dimension are holographic projections from the higher dimensions of reality.”

I started to ask it, my Arcturian friend, to explain that concept to me but it disappeared in front of my eyes. Then, where the Arcturian had just been standing/floating, was a huge tree with birds, squirrels and other animals living off of the bio-system of that one tree. I moved forward to touch the tree, but there was a flash of light and the Arcturian stood where there was once a tree.

“Do you see how I projected the hologram of Nature?”

The Arcturians are very good at “one picture is worth a thousand words.” At the same time, I realized that my consciousness had become so low in frequency that I had forgotten basic premises that I had been taught.

“I have to leave the Rookie’s Quarters,” I blurted out. “My consciousness is dropping because I am entraining with the new-comers, rather than with you or the Ship.”

“We are happy that you realize that,” the Arcturian said, as it vanished.

OK, I knew the drill now; I had to figure it out for myself. If I wanted to move beyond my present quarters I would have to prove—to myself—that I was ready. I had become so overcome by the mere vision of the Mothership that I had allowed my consciousness to drop back down to a familiar resonance.

I discovered that the Rookie Quarters, as we had named it, was no longer comfortable because I had grown beyond it. I had needed more of the illusion of time to figure that out. Since I was on my own, I had to figure out how to convince myself that I WAS ready to release all the familiar markers of reality and fully embrace my new life.

Since leaving time got me to the Mothership, and being placed in a time-bound area for new students was so frustrating, the solution was for me to release time again. However, I had to remember how I released time in the first place. What I had unconsciously done, I now had to do consciously and intentionally. What if I went back in time to when I first saw the Mothership from the Scout Ship? What if I could go back in time and perceive the Mothership with love and acceptance rather than the fear of being overwhelmed?

That sounded like a good idea, but I had no idea how to do it. Then, I thought of the glowing energy around the Mothership that the Arcturian had called the Oversoul. The Arcturian had said that the Oversoul holds the codes and patterns of all the Soul Records of everyone who was living or visiting the Ship. These Soul Records contain all the multidimensional experiences that each Soul had ever experienced.

Within my present body, I was clearly Pleiadian. However, I had suspected for quite a while that there was a large element of Arcturian Nature within my Being. I even had a dim memory of being Arcturian, but I could not recover any details of that expression of my Multidimensional SELF.

Yes, my Multidimensional SELF could pull my resonance into the higher expressions of my being; that is if I could trust my experience. I had just experienced how easily I could lose trust in my self, and I was not going to do so again. I would ask my Multidimensional SELF how to leave time, as I had done before, by reading my Soul Records in the Oversoul of the Mothership.

I was alone in the Holosuite, so I sat down to mediate and, quickly moved into a deep trance. The first thing that I realized was that I had prepared all my life, in fact for many of my lives, for this opportunity to assist with the ascension of our chosen planet in the Pleiades. With that realization I began to consciously feel all that I would need to release in order to move into the expression of my SELF that could fulfill the task of conscious ascension.

The Arcturians had seen this ability, but I still could not. I had remembered and visited many of my multidimensional realities while studying with the Arcturian on the other Starship. Then the Arcturian had chosen me for this special training, but all I could feel was what I would have to release. In order to continue my training I would have to release my ties to my old world and move into the unknown.

With this realization, myriad doubts were uncovered from their hiding places. How could I assist my planet to go into the unknown of the fifth dimension when I could not even go the unknown of my own mind? I would have to confront the part of myself that was afraid to move into the unknown and was quietly holding me back. I had learned to control my life.

However, would I be able to continually surrender to the higher worlds as the Arcturian was teaching me? Or would I tenaciously hold on to what remained of the life I had previously lived? There it was, the life I HAD lived. What life had I lived that needed my attention before I could go forward and release the need for TIME, once and for all?

With that question, I felt the Pure Spirit and All Knowing of the Mothership’s Oversoul wrap around me like a warm cloud. Within this safety and comfort I could release my hidden fears of what I would have to release, what I would have to do and who I would have to become in order to be good enough to fulfill the honored task for which the Arcturians had chosen me.

With the Oversoul around me, I could hear my higher expressions of SELF cheering me on, but I could not move forward yet. I had to release the burden of my hidden insecurities, fears and confusions. I could feel that I was leaving time, so I could not release them later, nor could I release them in my future. There was only NOW. Therefore, I allowed them to come to the surface of my awareness so that I could love them free, once and for all.

I found that my heaviest burden was the need to do it right, the need to be good enough in the eyes of others. But who were these others? Where were they now? Why was I still carrying them in my consciousness? In response to these questions the Oversoul embraced me more tightly andtime was gone. I could feel the difference in my thinking, my emotions and within whatever connection I still had to my body.

Free of time, I began to float through memory bands of myriad incarnations. Brief pictures and emotions floated through my mind as I passed by each reality, as my journey continued. I knew that the Oversoul was taking me to a certain reality, the reality that still held a sense of failure. I could feel that sense of failure growing stronger, but I was strangely detached from it.

I was out of time, so I had no idea how long I traveled through the files of the Oversoul, but as I continued I became calmer and more detached from the passing realties. Then suddenly, a reality moved towards me like a beaming Sun. I could not float past it, even though I wanted to. There was unfinished business in the life that I had to complete in order to free my consciousness from some invisible burden.

Suddenly the “Sun” was before me and pulled me in with such force that I almost passed out. However, I reminded myself that I AM the Master of my MIND. This sentence opened a portal into a planet in chaos and I heard, “The Ascension of Arcturus.”

I will return,


Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 15th October 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Compartir.:::.▶ EL REGISTRO UNIVERSAL.:::.▶ Urantia Book – Paper 109 – Section 4 (Adjusters and Human Personality) – An Inter-dimensional Journey | URANTHEA2094

Compartir.:::.▶ EL REGISTRO UNIVERSAL.:::.▶ Urantia Book – Paper 109 – Section 4 (Adjusters and Human Personality) – An Inter-dimensional Journey | URANTHEA2094.

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Compartir.:::.▶ EL REGISTRO UNIVERSAL.:::.▶ Urantia Book – Paper 109 – Section 4 (Adjusters and Human Personality) – An Inter-dimensional Journey

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, December 7, 2014 

An Interdimensional Journey — The Arcturians

An Inter-dimensional Journey 


Arcturian Morning Message

We always have a message for you as we live within the NOW. Therefore, our essence, which flows through all of our grounded ones, is a constant open channel for the multidimensional light and unconditional loves that infinitely flows through the NOW of the ONE.

As you touch in with us each morning, you can align you consciousness with this flow to receive whatever information your Soul needs within this NOW. Therefore, please close your eyes and open your heart to align your consciousness with the Flow.

As you do so, feel the instant connection in your heart as you release all third dimensional thoughts while you also maintain a connection with your physical vessel. Feel how this flow lifts your spirit up above and beyond your body and into the higher dimensional worlds.

Feel your connection to your earth vessel and use it as an anchor for your consciousness as well as a portal through which you can share your experience with Gaia. Gaia is so very happy to feel the emanations that you are pulling through your personal portal and sending into her heart.

Remember that your every thought and every emotion goes into the heart of Gaia. Fortunately, the higher frequency thoughts and emotions serve as a “virus protector” against the myriad fearful and angry thoughts that linger in Gaia’s aura/atmosphere.

With your self fully grounded and in service to your planet, you can now let go of any restraints that hold you back from your higher experience of inter-dimensional travel. Just relax into the wonderful sensations that you are having in your body. Feel how you are light as a feather and as diffuse as a cloud.

Now feel the solid core of your consciousness that is the core of your essence. You will take this core with you to any and every dimension and reality that you choose to visit. Where would you like to go today?

We instantly hear your that your response is Venus. Yes, you have had many incarnations on Gaia’s sister Venus, which is why you so love Gaia. When Gaia is fifth dimensional, she will be called by her true name, Gaia, rather than by her designation, which is Earth.

That designation will no longer be appropriate because she will not be of that density. Would you like to go through the portal of Venus to visit fifth dimensional Gaia? Yes, we hear your joy at that offer and are happy to share it with you. Begin your journey by realigning with your earth form sitting in the chair.

Feel how its frequency is rising as you surrender to our essence and the information that we are sending into your heart. As you may remember, inter-dimensional travel is within the NOW. Hence, no time elapses between the now of your intention and the NOW of the fulfillment of that intention.

You see the familiar shores of Venus, which have always been within your consciousness. You walk/float over to the pink waters to feel their effervescent nature on the thought form of your body. You lean over to run your hand through the water to see the myriad sparkles that arise as you do so.

You can also hear the slight sound, which is similar to laugher, as you wade through the sparkling waters. As you leave the waters, you find that you are flying, flowing above the land to an area that you have not yet consciously visited.

Since you are in the fifth dimension you do not need to travel across space, but you choose to do so to better see the beautiful landscape of fifth dimensional Venus. Below and around you, as your perceptions are multidimensional, are many fifth dimensional thought forms in various stages of manifestation.

On Venus these are called “floating thought forms.” Since your have left your intention open, you are on the frequency of floating thoughts, which there are many ideas that have not yet been fulfilled. You could enter any of these thought forms with your consciousness, which would allow to visit that possible reality.

Oh here is a thought form that resonates to your heart, and we see you wish to enter it. All you need do to enter the thought form is to open your heart and call it with your mind. Yes, there you are again in the place that often lingers on the edge of your perceptions.

You are among the welcome party who is welcoming new members to Gaia’s fifth dimensional reality. Since your consciousness if beyond time, you can travel to a reality, which has not yet occurred in your third dimensional life.

You have come to this threshold of “New Earth” quite often. Hence, you have learned that Gaia’s sister Venus protects this portal. In this manner, only those who can calibrate their heart and mind to the frequency of Venus can enter this frequency of Earth.

Gaia has learned her lesson that in order to hold Her true resonance, she will need to be more discriminating about the frequency of Her inhabitants. As you cross the threshold of New Earth, you perceive a ledge of light that floats above the darkness.

This darkness is the frequencies that Gaia is leaving and the ledge of light is the frequency to which she is returning. We say, “returning” because all life steams from light and only experiencing darkness in a third dimensional, polarized reality.

Free the separation of polarity, Gaia can float above that which has harmed her body and harmed your eco system. As you look up in frequency, you can vaguely perceive another Gaia that has always been.

All life flows from Source and remains in all of its higher expressions as it “dips its toes” in the lower frequencies of reality. The “New Earth” that you have experienced is “Threshold New Earth.”

You can clearly see now how many members of 3D Earth have bi-located to this frequency of Earth to welcome newcomers to this higher frequency. Can you feel the celebration now as old friends meet on this frequency, while those where were strangers in the lower frequencies instantly recognize each other?

Feel your self-hugging your many friends that you have made during myriad incarnations on physical Earth. Relax into this moment of joy and store it in your heart. Feel how this joy heals all loneliness and longing. Remember how you often come to this threshold to assist others who are new to this glorious experience.

Your day on 3D Earth is calling you and it is the NOW to focus your attention there. But, before you leave, remember that there is no time here. Thus, you will only “leave” in your third dimensional consciousness, while YOU remain here within the NOW of the ONE.

Please keep your imagination open, so that you can experience this reality as you go about your 3D day. Then you can remember that ALL third dimensional issues are “just an illusion.”

Blessings we are ALWAYS with you,

The Arcturians

Dear Readers, I got this message yesterday morning, 11-6-14, and wanted to share it with you today. 

Posted by Sue at 9:23 AM

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sharing.:::.▶ Logo Narnia Videotutorial #Photoshop Fácil by yanko0 – Dear ones, we welcome you. | photos

sharing.:::.▶ Logo Narnia Videotutorial #Photoshop Fácil by yanko0 – Dear ones, we welcome you. | photos.

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sharing.:::.▶ Logo Narnia Videotutorial #Photoshop Fácil by yanko0 – Dear ones, we welcome you.




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DECEMBER 7, 2014

Dear ones, we welcome you. 


In this time of love and celebration, you are being pressured from all sides to believe that more is better–that more gifts, more parties, and more activity will equal happiness. Resist becoming too involved in the commercialism, for you are well aware at this point that more does not equal happiness. Outside pressures are tugging at your emotions to buy, buy, buy, suggesting that the bigger and better the gift, the more love you will show and receive. You are being bombarded with suggestions telling you that in order to be a good parent, friend, partner, son or daughter, you must give expensive gifts.

Remain awake, selecting your gifts with care and thought while using intuition to seek the gift that would speak most to the person. That is, be guided from within rather than from without. Keep things simple, and allow the gifts you give to reflect love with an understanding of the receiver. Never allow giving a gift to be just a “duty”, for these gifts will carry the negative energy you feel.

Christmas, in its truer sense, is not about the birth of a male child named Jesus., but is a material sense of the birth of the Christ that takes place within. Christmas takes place within each and every person at some point in the spiritual journey. Many of you are experiencing that now.

Only a humble state of consciousness (the stable), one rid of false ego trappings and beliefs is able to birth the Christ Light. Jesus tried to give this message to the world 2000 years ago, but the unawake majority of that time were unable to understand and instead (then and even now) believed that only Jesus personally represented the message. ALL have within them a Christ child waiting to be born.

The world in general, believes Christmas to be either a seasonal holiday time for parties and gifts or it believes it to be the birth of the only son of God, Jesus, and must be celebrated accordingly. Neither these beliefs correct. The outer trappings of Christmas are only symbols for the true Christmas that only takes place within.

We see many struggle to create popular concepts of Christmas, even when they may no longer resonate with them. If you are tempted with guilt over not being able to provide the biggest and best for those you love, quickly recognize these suggestions to be concepts of a third dimensional belief system wherein retailers believe they must promote and struggle aggressively in order to financially succeed.

The Arcturian group wishes to speak about the energy that manifests as a sense of separation. At this seasonal time, emotions of separation are often more deeply experienced. Christmas time brings to mind for many, memories of past family gatherings. These memories often include only the fun and richness (never the discords) of an earlier time. Photos, pictures, songs, films etc. that shout from the media and stores promote the “old fashioned Christmas” which serves to activate in many, a fruitless longing and sadness due to a perceived inability to recreate this imaginary “old fashioned Christmas” for themselves and their families.

Because of this, many become exhausted with the effort, and believe themselves to be failures at being the perfect, mom, dad, brother, son, daughter, parent, friend etc. These images are concepts dear ones, just concepts. As awakened ones, you are ready to refuse to buy the package. As we have said so many times, let intuition guide you. If you no longer wish to celebrate as you have in the past, say so. If you choose to do things differently, do it. This is how you reclaim your innate power.

We are not advising that you avoid all celebrations. Enjoy those that resonate with you, for joy is the energy closest to the Divine. We simply remind you to be alert to the hypnotism of the season urging you to continue traditions that may no longer be your state of consciousness. Intuitively consider what and how you choose to celebrate.

The higher resonating energy field of just one awakened individual can lighten the energy of a whole room. Lovingly attending an event out of respect for the host can be an expression of unconditional love. Use discretion in making your choices, and listen to the voice of your intuition regarding celebrations, traditions, gifts, etc. Live silently and secretly in the world, but not of it.

All are in and of One Divine Consciousness and because this Consciousness is omnipresent, there exists nothing else from which anything could be formed. If there were something outside of the One, you would not have an omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient God. The choice is yours to accept or not.

There exists only One consciousness and therefore every living thing is in and of It. It is all there is; the only substance, law, idea, etc. manifesting Itself in infinite form and variety. You can never be separated from what you are and are thus never separate from other forms of it.

The world consists of many individuals of differing states of awareness and this appears to human eyes as separation rather than individuality. We speak of the true Self, the spiritual essence of everyone’s being–that which cannot be seen with human eyes or understood with the human mind. Animals, plants, crystals, minerals, water, air, elementals, humans, nature spirits, as well as beings living on other planets are all in and of the one and same substance–one Consciousness individually expressed.

Individual consciousness (still the one and only consciousness there is) when conditioned with beliefs of good and evil, will manifest accordingly, for you are creators. There is only ONE MIND, but in the human scene, that ONE MIND has become filled with beliefs of duality and separation–this is the illusion.

The vast riches of Divine consciousness are unfathomable to most at this time. There can never be an end to Divine ideas for Divine Consciousness is infinite. The third dimensional state of consciousness rests on the bottom rung of a very long ladder of which most intellectuals of the world are totally unaware. Some evolved souls try and speak of these things but are more often than not, relegated to being dreamers. This will change as more and more Light enters the consensus consciousness of the world.

There is an infinity of information, ideas, life form expressions, and advanced ways of living and doing things awaiting your discovery. Scientists have been taught to accept only that which they can prove with three dimensional tools and those who do discover higher truths, are often afraid to speak of them for fear of losing credibility within the scientific community.

The old ways are dissolving dear ones, be prepared to be wowed by things you had no idea existed outside of fantasy, for Divine Consciousness is infinite in its expression and you are that. You are that.

As you rise above world concepts, you will begin to align more and more with the higher dimensional energies still unavailable to most at this time. As you resonate with the frequencies of the higher levels you align with the vast spiritual fruits of those higher frequencies–intuition, ideas, unconditional love, and so much more. Evolution is an ongoing journey in which more is always given when ready. Life on earth is like going to school. Some are in grade school, others in high school, many in college, and now a great many of you are becoming professors.

There is no one right way to evolve, it is a process, a process of discarding and moving beyond all that is not of truth. This cannot be done in one lifetime. Most of you have done the preliminary work through hundreds of lifetimes, and are ready now for the final push of clearing the remnants of old cellular memories and negative energy.

Never be afraid to release those things in your life that no longer serve you. Let all that is old and finished go, not with a sense of anger, defeat, or failure but with love and gratitude. Give thanks for the painful experiences of your lives for without them you would not be where you are today. These experiences force one to dig deeper, grow, and move on and are always overseen by the Higher Self.

This is evolution–an intellectual awareness followed by the practice, and then a gradual release of all that is false while replacing it with the truth until you become that unconditioned state of consciousness in which the Christ IS born.

All is well, all is proceeding according to plan if you allow it. If you allow it.

We are the Arcturian Group 12/7/14

©2014 | Cedar, MI 49621

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