sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #1(Is it a secret organization?) – THE ARCTURIANS SPEAK ON THE STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF TIME.:::.2:00 AM Message | fantascienza

sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #1(Is it a secret organization?) – THE ARCTURIANS SPEAK ON THE STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF TIME.:::.2:00 AM Message | fantascienza.

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sharing.:::.▶ Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #1(Is it a secret organization?) – THE ARCTURIANS SPEAK ON THE STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF TIME.:::.2:00 AM Message

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Our Dear Ascending Ones,
We the Arcturians, come to you in this NOW to inform you about the structure and function of time. As you are well aware, time is an illusion of the third and fourth dimension.



The structure of time is that photons align with and travel along separate matrix lines of third or fourth dimensional worlds. These Matrix lines are straight and interact with other straight, matrix lines at 90, 120 or 180-degree angles.

The separate matrix represents the form and structure upon which the formless photons can contribute the light of consciousness. (Photon—A quantum of electromagnetic radiation, regarded as a particle with zero rest mass and charge, unit spin, and energy equal to the product of the frequency of the radiation.)

Hence, the matrix represents the form of a reality and the photons are the electromagnetic energy, life, that adheres to and travel along the matrix lines. Different frequencies of photons adhere to different forms of matrix. (Frequency—The number of complete cycles of a periodic process occurring per unit time.)

The combination of the form of the matrix and frequency of the photons that adhere to that matrix, create the resonance of that reality. For example, the 3D Matrix has many 90-degree intersections, which are difficult to maneuver. This form attracts slower spinning photons that resonate to the frequency of the third dimension. On the other hand, a 4D Matrix has more 120-degree intersections, which create less resistance and attracts the faster spinning fourth dimensional photon.

The transitional Matrix between the fourth and fifth dimensions, often known as “The Great Void,” has many 180-degree intersections. When there is a colliding of photons coming from opposite directions, the resulting energy field can transmute the fourth dimensional photons into fifth dimensional photons by closing the polarity of “separation vs. unity.”

The fifth dimension and beyond are not limited by time. Fifth dimensional reality is based on Unity with the NOW of the ONE. Hence, every person, place, situation and thing is perceived as an expression of your SELF. Therefore, all interactions are experienced directly at a 180-degrees direction.

If you are resonating to a fifth dimensional reality, you know that YOU are the creator of your reality. Hence, whatever confronts you is YOUR creation. Furthermore, being a fifth dimensional expression of life, you consciously experience your reality 360-degrees around you. Therefore, you do not need to turn your head to see oncoming energy fields, as your omnidirectional Third Eye is opened.

Creation of Time

Time is created by the separate, sequential lines meeting in angles. Because they are separate matrix lines, the photons are attuned to remain as separate as the energy lines on which they travel.

Separate lines encourage individuality and competition, as opposed to unity and cooperation of the higher worlds. Activity in this structure of reality is slowed down enough to create the countable “time” of the third/fourth dimensions. Furthermore, the juxtaposition of intersecting lines further slows the frequency rate of photons that travel these Matrixes.

Those who know Astrology are aware that the gradually intermingling 120-degree approach of intersection holds less delay than the 90-degree intersections. Due to the force of resistance, the 90-degree angle of connection is somewhat forceful because of the direct insertion of different flows of electro-magnetic energy fields.

120-Degree Intersection

When the joining of matrix lines are gradual, such as with the 120-degree angle, the photons of energy can prepare for new incoming energy patterns, which creates less of a sensation of time passing, as there is less, friction. All friction, such as stress, resistance and competition, creates a slowing of activity, much like brakes slows down a car.

We wish to communicate with you now in our imagistic language, as “one picture is worth a thousand words.” You are driving on the freeway, and there is a great deal of traffic. However, a sign with blinking lights says, “Lane closed, merge to your left.” You can gradually merge to your left and little “time” will be lost.

90-Degree Intersection

When there is a 90-degree angle, the stream of the flow becomes temporality confused. This is similar to interfering with ant’s long line of travel by moving a stick through their ranks. The ants become temporally disoriented and move around in a random fashion. It then, takes “time” for them to rejoin into a cohesive unit.

A sense of disorientation is common when an energy patterns enters you reality at 90-degree direction, as many will feel “blind sighted.” Energy coming in at 90-degree may be very close to you before your realize it is entering your flow. The perplexity that occurs causes a stoppage of forward movement.

In this case, you are traveling along a road and, with NO warning at all, a car quickly approaching you at a 90-degree angle. You slam on your brakes to avoid a collision, or you may try to outrun it, which would create a rush of adrenalin into your body. In either case, you consciousness will drop into fight/flight mode of the lower third dimension.

180-Degree Intersection

The 180-degree intersection of energy fields constitutes two lines bombarding each other from opposite directions. This head-on interfacing of opposing energy patterns creates a force of transmutation from the third/fourth dimension and into the fifth. At first this interaction can be quite disastrous as both patterns of flow become greatly disturbed and sometimes destroyed.

On the other hand, that which survives this interaction experiences the stoppage of time. It is the energy patterns traveling in two different directions and allowing the opposite directions of energy to intertwine that stops time. The Intertwining of forms represents cooperation and unity consciousness. Then, the power of this co-operative effort boosts the frequency of movement of the electromagnetic energy fields into the fifth dimension of no-time.

An imagistic representation of this interaction is the co-operation that often occurs when there is collision of many cars. Some people may get very wounded, but everyone that can, gets out of their cars to assist those who need help. Some participants in this picture will learn to trust that others care for them, and those who assisting are learning to interact with others in need, even if you not know them.

Opposites and Polarities

If opposites, such as sunrise and sunset, were somehow able to merge, how would you determine the time? Opposites, the edges of polarities, are vital to maintain the illusion of third dimensional time. The Sun, masculine concept, rules the daytime and the Moon, feminine concept, rules the night.

Even though the Moon can often been seen in the day, little notice is taken for a third dimensional reality is ruled by opposites. In some countries, even 3D time is based on opposites, as the same number system of 1 through 12 applies for both day and night, but the am and pm times are used for opposite endeavors.

The Moon once determined the movement of time. However, when Patriarchal Society took over, time has been counted by the movement of the Sun. Hence, the cycle of a day is measured from 12:00 am moving forward into the “future” of 12:00 pm.

If time were to simultaneously move backward into the past, then 12:00 am and 12:00 pm would collide. What “time” would it be then? In this case, night and day would be the same time.

You third dimensional thinking could not compute such a dilemma. Thus, you would have to change your manner of thinking and of perceiving your reality. How can opposites meet? Time has worked so hard to keep them separate.

The only one way to release your lives-long addiction to 3D separation, which creates 3D time, is to change you way of thinking. You have been trained through all your third/fourth dimensional realities to think in terms of opposite extremes with little attention paid to the in-between.

However, what if the two extremes, were to converge? What would happen with what was in-between the two extremes of a polarity? If there is no polarity, there is no 12am and 12pm, and the in-between of 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 would be condensed into the NOW.

At this point your third dimensional thinking, which is based on separate words lined up in separate lines of thought, would converge into each other as many thoughts interacting within the NOW. In other words, the time of the third and fourth dimension would be transmuted into the NOW of the fifth dimension.

Do you see how the existence of time is vital to create a polarized reality? Hence, one of the main functions of time is to create the lower frequency resonance of the physical reality.



Allow us to take you through the function of time on the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. First off, we remind you that dimensions of one, two, three and four are within the paradigm of TIME and individual, separate consciousness in separate forms.

On the other hand, the dimension of five, six, and seven are within the paradigm of the NOW and Individuated, Unity Consciousness in mutable forms.

On the dimensions beyond the seventh dimensions, all consciousness exists as ONE within the infinite NOW. No form is necessary and is only worn while traveling in the lower dimensional worlds.

Third Dimensional Time

The primary function of time in the third dimensions is to create the illusion of separation. If it takes a long time for you to travel to visit a person, then you are separate from that person. You know that you and that person are separate because something “else” that is not you is in between you and this other person.

You walk, drive, ride a bike or take a bus to get that other person. The more time it takes to get to that person, the further away they appear to be. For example, if it takes an hour on a plane to get to this person, they are not too far away, and you hold less different perceptions while your travel, such as the airport, inside of the plane and the sky.

On the other hand, if you drive to that person, it may take 6 or 7 hours, and you will have many different perceptions on the way to meeting that person. Therefore, that person appears to be much farther away if you drive than if you fly. But they are both the same distance. The only difference is the time it takes to travel that distance.

Another option is to phone this person or even see them on Skype. Then, they are not far away at all. They are right there with you on your computer. This other person could be in another time zone on the other side of the planet. Yet, you can experience an instant sense of unity with that person because it does not take “time” to travel across “space” to interact with each other.

Your Internet, which was designed by your Galactic Family, is primarily responsible for your increasing Unity Consciousness because you can experience unity without taking time to get together. Therefore, unity with all life is becoming more imaginable for your consciousness.

In fact, you Consciousness has expanded enough to embrace not just your Personal Consciousness, but your National Consciousness, your Planetary Consciousness and even your Galactic Consciousness. When your consciousness expands, time becomes less important in your life, as you are experiencing interactions with Beings outside of your 3D concept of time or space.

Fourth Dimensional Time

Your most common means of experiencing the fourth dimension is through your dreams or meditations. As you are all aware, forth dimensions time is much different that third dimensional time. For example, you could have a long dream in which a certain song was playing on your 3D radio throughout the entire dream. Then, you wake up to find the song only half over. The song was only 3 minutes long, whereas your dream may have encompassed many years of experiences.

Furthermore, in the fourth dimension it does not take “time” to travel from one place to another. You may find your self in one place, than instantly switch to another place. Also, you can change your shape within a fourth dimensional dream or vision. You could be a person, then instantly shift into a wolf, then back into a human.

Therefore, the function of time in the fourth dimensions is to confuse your third dimensional thinking enough for you to begin to release your attachment to time. Your dream and meditation life also allows you to release your attachment to your current third dimensional form. In your fourth dimensional realities you can change forms many times throughout one dream and/or meditation.

Furthermore, your consciousness if very different in the fourth dimension than it is in the third dimension. In the physical world, you consciousness is something that keeps you awake to the physical world. Conversely, in your dreams and meditations your consciousness is the component of yourself that can travel free of all physical limitation.

Also, your state of consciousness greatly influences how you perceive the passage of time. For example, when you are engaged in a creative venture and/or doing something that you love, there is little sense of the passage of time. What may seem like 15 minutes could be 2 hours when you look up at a clock.

On the other hand, you have all noticed how the clock ticks VERY slowly when you are doing something that you perceive as boring, difficult or “work.” On the other hand, someone who enjoys that activity may perceive the passage of time to be only minutes to your hours.

When you are engaged in an activity that you love or that is a creative expression of your true SELF, time seems to stop—that is until you see a clock. However, do you want to believe the physical counting machine or your SELF?

Do you see how time is not real? Time is created to organize your thinking to match the matrix of third dimensional Earth. Once you shift your thinking into a fourth dimensional matrix, your sensation of time is greatly altered. Then, when you experience the fifth dimension you are able to move beyond time completely and experience the NOW.

Fifth Dimensional Time

The only time in the fifth dimension is the NOW. Time is NOT the NOW, as the NOW is NOT a frozen moment of time. The Now of the fifth dimension is that which creates time by reminding you that you can align your higher dimensional thought with a third or fourth dimensional matrix if you wish to experience time.

The NOW can, also, be used to align you consciousness with higher frequencies of reality by focusing your full intention and attention onto higher frequencies of reality. In other words, the NOW is the medium for your Energy Field (your thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors) to choose ANY state of consciousness and ANY dimension you wish to experience.

However, if you are involved in the fifth dimensional NOW, but your focus falls into time by thinking about something that you need to do tomorrow, or you forgot to do yesterday, your consciousness will fall out of the experience of NOW.

Once you fall out of the experience of NOW, your consciousness goes back into the time-bound realities of the lower worlds. Therefore, the final function of time is to remind yourself that you can transcend time by aligning your Energy Field with the NOW.

Aligning with the NOW

If you can remember that time tells you that you are in the lower worlds, you can use the experience of counting time to determine your current state of consciousness. It may seem that defining your state of consciousness is an easy task. But what if you are trapped in a “boring” project that you “dislike,” but you NEED to do it in order to feed your family.

What will you do? You will put on the happy face and “act as-if” it is enjoyable. However, if you take the “time” to check in with your SELF, you will NOT be able to lie to yourself any longer. That means you will have to change. And what will you change? You will change your mind!

You will determine NOT to lie to yourself any longer and note that if something takes a “really long time,” you probably do NOT like doing it. Once you realize your Truth, close your eyes and use your imaginative consciousness to take you on an inner journey into doing and being what you LOVE.

Remember, when you are doing something you love, time ends. Therefore, you may only gaze off into space for a few minutes, but it can feel like a lifetime. In fact, it just may be an entire lifetime in a world beyond time. Before, you leave this place, memory, vision, state of consciousness align your Energy Field with the NOW of that experience.

Continue this exercise again and again. Once your Energy Field is permanently aligned with the NOW, you will have completed your cycle of incarnation into the lower worlds. Then, you will live within your fifth dimensional time-less reality and only interface with the lower dimensions to help and heal members of those worlds.

Breaking the Habit of Time

We hear you asking how you can align your Energy Field with the ONE. Your Energy Field is created by the thoughts that you allow to rest in your mind and the emotions that fill your body. If your thoughts and emotions are bound by the duties, limitations and fatigue from the illusion of time, you will remain primarily aligned with the third and fourth dimensions.

On the other hand, if you can use your thoughts to focus your attention on the NOW, and use your emotions to perceive your reality via imagistic, sensate pictures, you will gradually free your Energy Field from the limitations of time. Then, once you are free of time, you are in the NOW, and the NOW is in the ONE.

By thinking and speaking via images, your consciousness can travel in circular patterns that weave in and out into interacting patterns. Hence, remember to loosen your mind from the strict habit of sequential thought and reactions to your outside world. In fact, view reality not from your body, but from within your Core. Your Core is at ONE with Gaia’s Core and serves as your personal portal into the fifth dimension and beyond.

When you view reality through your Core, you are free of external illusion, as your primary perceptions will come via the emotions and interactive consciousness with your higher expressions of SELF. Your higher expressions of SELF are components of your Multidimensional SELF who has copied and pasted their/your Essence into your current earth vessel.

Speaking and thinking in an imagistic manner that is free of time markers such as distance, limitations, separation, gender and polarities will greatly assist you to break the habit of time.

Also, if you fully partake in every moment of your Present and release all thoughts of the illusions of the past and future, you will slowly calibrate your thought patterns to the fifth dimension.

In the fifth dimension and beyond, patterns of thought and emotions travel in circles of multidimensional light and unconditional love. There are NO separate lines with myriad intersections. There are only flowing energy fields, which travel in progressively, creative fractal patterns.

With await you within these patterns of the NOW,
Your higher expression of SELF,

The Arcturians and our Galactic Friends

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
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2:00 am MESSAGE


2:00 AM Message

Dear Arcturians,

I woke up at 2:00am last night feeling the “landings” so strongly. I could feel your presence as if you were in the room. Then I began to worry whether or not I had done everything I was supposed to and if the groups were all prepared. I was awake for an hour or more. Can you please assist me in understanding what was going on with me? Maybe I was just responding to my last blog about the visit to the Mothership.

Dear Suzille,

Are you questioning your experience, for if you are then you will be quite confused as our plans progress. It is vital that you trust your instincts and listen to what you hear inside. Doubt will be your worst enemy for it is an open door to fear. Therefore, our dear ascending one, can you allow yourself to trust what you have heard inside?

In fact, you have been totally trusting your information and dispensing it for all to see. However, this message is different because it is something that can be proved wrong. This could be yet another false alarm. How many times have you heard from others that Disclosure would happen at a given date?

However, we did not say anything about Disclosure, nor did we give any date. Furthermore, have you ever gained the information about our landings inside of yourself before? No, you did not. Therefore, there are many unique elements to this situation that you have not experienced before.

Most unique of all is that you have no fear. You also have no excitement. In fact, you have not real emotion about your message. However, there is a low-grade discomfort that is intermingled with a feeling of hope and distant joy. Dare you believe that it could really happen? Dare you believe that all that you have worked on for over 40 years could finally be coming to pass?

We ask you these question, for if you doubt your perceptions, you will not be able to remain connected to the reality that were perceiving. You are perceiving a reality in which Earth truly does come into a peaceful transition. You are thinking of a reality in which the Galactics, ourselves, could land on your planet and share our gifts of Wisdom, Power and Love.

You were experiencing the reality in which you easily slipped into the fifth dimensional New Earth of which you have been dreaming, writing and experiencing. Yes, you have been experiencing patches of New Earth intermingled with your daily 3D life. There have been a few moments in which you can feel your SELF.

There have been adventures in which you KNOW that what you receive in your writings is REAL. Unfortunately, too often the journey up into the higher frequencies of your expression crash down into the abyss of the third dimension. Within that crash you find a component of yourself that is still afraid, suspicious and angry.

Will that clearing ever be complete? The answer is, “Not until you shed your earthen shell.” As long as you are limited by the illusions that run ramped in your reality, you will have to keep constant surveillance on your thoughts and emotions. This constant surveillance is vital. As you move into the fifth dimensional frequency of reality, your every thought and emotion will become alive.

Therefore, Self Mastering is your primary task at this moment of the NOW. It does not matter if you are right or wrong, for in the multidimensional reality that you are entering there is no difference between good and bad because there are no polarities in which to measure those extremes.

It is important that you believe that you are resonating to the fifth dimension more and more each day. You must also remember that ALL your preparations are complete. There is no judgment in the fifth dimension. There are no good or bad scores. There is only the unconditional that you felt this morning. The concern that you also felt was an illusion.

You ARE Lightbody and you ARE an active member of a fifth dimensional society that exists within the NOW. Hence, there was not beginning for this world and there will be no ending. Find your Core again and again, so that you may be the Master of your energy field.

If you get too tired, remember to take a nap or go to bed so that you can visit us in your fourth dimensional body. Allow your self to dream of HOME.

We will meet you in the fourth dimension.


Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 19th September 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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compartir.:::.,▶ Appellatio Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis – Manifiesto Rosacruz – DESDE LA NAVE ATHABANTIAN – GRATITUD.:::.Madre Divina ~ Activación del corazón sagrado. | KRULIANs

compartir.:::.,▶ Appellatio Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis – Manifiesto Rosacruz – DESDE LA NAVE ATHABANTIAN – GRATITUD.:::.Madre Divina ~ Activación del corazón sagrado. | KRULIANs.

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compartir.:::.,▶ Appellatio Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis – Manifiesto Rosacruz – DESDE LA NAVE ATHABANTIAN – GRATITUD.:::.Madre Divina ~ Activación del corazón sagrado.

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Saludos, en nombre de todos a bordo de Athabantian: Expresamos nuestra gratitud a todos los seres humanos de la Tierra que están despertando a la realidad más amplia. Estamos especialmente agradecidos por los esfuerzos de los trabajadores de la luz de su planeta y todos los que permiten que su luz brille. Ofrecemos estas palabras en nombre de sus hermanos y hermanas de las estrellas en todas partes, para que todos conozcan el impacto de su transformación en toda la creación.

A partir de nuestras observaciones, y de aquellos de nosotros que caminan entre ustedes, sabemos lo difícil que son sus vidas en el planeta Tierra. Ellas son las más difíciles de cualquier lugar que nos hemos encontrado en nuestras exploraciones. Deben saber que sus lucha hacia la luz se aprecian y que en última instancia, la Tierra, junto con sus habitantes humanos, se convertirá en una estrella de una belleza única, pacífica y totalmente iluminada. El camino futuro inmediato será un poco irregular, pero en el otro lado es el paraíso.

Es por estas razones, así como nuestro amor por ustedes, nuestras hermanas y hermanos de la Tierra, que se han juntado muchas naves espaciales sobre su planeta en este momento. Ponemos a su disposición la asistencia según lo permitido por las reglas universales de la no injerencia, y por las consideraciones para el mayor bien de todos.
Todos ustedes en el planeta ahora están recibiendo energías extraordinarias de transformación, nunca antes disponibles. Al aceptarlas están transformando a todos en el planeta. Mediante la realización de esta transformación se hará un gran servicio para todos en la creación.

Aunque yo, y otros de la esfera celeste, nunca hemos poseído una forma física ,expreso mi gratitud por los miles de millones de seres humanos de la Tierra que han elegido encarnar en este momento y lugar – con independencia de su vibración, ubicación o status. Con el valeroso acto de encarnar en la Tierra están energizando la transformación de todo.

Yo Soy Taugth, que reside actualmente en la Nave Athabantian

A través de Mark Kimmel
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Madre Divina ~ Activación del corazón sagrado.

Madre Divina te llamo desde la luz de mi corazón porque somos Uno – Madre Divina sal fuera te necesito – necesito la parte de ti que está dentro de mí para activar mi corazón – pongo mi atención en ti, buscando un favor que necesito, acepto tu favor, te doy las gracias y te bendigo.

Con el chakra del corazón activado; se están abriendo a la totalidad infinita y están logrando una mejor conexión divina.

Pongan su mano derecha en su corazón con la intención de activar su chakra corazón y al mismo tiempo la mano izquierda sobre el chakra corona, llamen a sus ángeles, y reciban la corriente de luz azul turquesa que la Madre nos está enviando desde su corazón – un rayo que limpia su corazón. Consideren que lo están abriendo completamente con un cien por ciento de luz pura. Sus ángeles los adoran.

La Madre Divina dice que un corazón humano correctamente activado es más poderosa que 10.000 ángeles. Confía en tu corazón; fuente de sabiduría y poder incalculables.

Con la respiración infinito; la luz entra en su corazón, sale por el tope de la cabeza, y luego vuelve a entrar en su corazón y sale por el chakra raíz y así sucesivamente – removiendo cualquier clase de obstrucción – su corazón se activa más con la respiración.

Cualquier experiencia interna que tengan en este trabajo de meditación y activación del corazón, está bien y es más real que cualquier actividad externa de su vida cotidiana. Todas las cosas del espíritu son la Verdad, y son fáciles para que cada quien las pueda hacer – van a sentir un hormigueo en las palmas de las manos cuando este centro esté activado.

Cierren los ojos y respiren dentro de su corazón. Inhalar y exhalar por su corazón. Dentro y fuera; sintiendo su suave y cálido aliento. Permitir que su cuerpo se relaje profundamente, lo que les permite ir hacia adentro, caer cada vez un poco más profundo en su corazón. Permitan que la Madre penetre en su corazón – llamen a los ángeles guardianes de su corazón y vayan con ellos en un viaje interior, protegidos por una burbuja de luz blanca y rodeados de la suave caricia del aura de la Madre.

Ahora, estás curando tu corazón de las heridas viejas, de todas tus vidas incluida esta, y te estás sanando por capas, en el regreso a la inocencia, a la pureza de tu corazón La Madre Divina quiere que recuerdes cómo eras tú con tu conciencia pura, antes de entrar en estos mundos densos.

Tu corazón es puro, sabio y profundo, pero a veces las dificultades son tan grandes que tu corazón pierde la paz, el equilibrio, la fuerza y la capacidad de sentir – lo vamos a limpiar con una ducha de luz diamantina y de amor divino.

No hay nadie como el Arcángel Chamoel para curar un corazón que se siente maltratado, incluso sin son varias las causas. Este poderoso ángel te ayuda a dejar ir la negatividad acumulada en tu corazón que está impidiendo tu felicidad, para que tu corazón vuelva a estar en equilibrio con la Fuente y con el núcleo de la Madre Tierra – somos amados y respetados. Después de activar tu corazón; sigue meditando todos los días con tu Madre Divina y pide asistencia a todos los ángeles que ayudan a los corazones puros. Así que, puedes contar con el apoyo que necesitas. El Plan Divino de la Madre para todos nosotros es la ascensión.

Tanto amor fluye en tu corazón, que te convierte en una persona magnética. Recibe sanación en tus células; estás en un estado profundo de curación con la luz blanca de la Madre. Visualízate dentro de un bombillo blanco de luz fría. Tienes que estar abierto a recibir. La Madre nos lleva en un tren de luz que va hacia atrás hacia un viaje de regresión al otro lado del velo o de algún momento de nuestro pasado al que necesitemos volver, para que podamos sanar o decir: Esto es lo que yo era cuando mi conciencia era pura, antes de venir aquí.

La Madre nos enseña nuestro contrato del alma y cómo cambiarlo. Podemos pedirle que nos muestre a nuestra alma gemela, que es un nuevo deseo del corazón; cumplir con la llama divina. La Madre nos guiará para “Activar” nuestros corazones en un nivel de conciencia crística. Abre una puerta de luz dorada en el lateral derecho de tu corazón y cruza un puente arco iris hasta que llegues al corazón de la Madre Divina, entra y déjate caer en él.

La Madre los cura, dirigiéndose a sus niveles más fundamentales. Este es el nivel en el que se bloquea su energía vital. Con la guía de la Madre, encontramos el bloqueo y disolvemos su energía. Cada vez que hay un problema constante en sus vidas hay un bloqueo o confusión en la energía vital que fluye a pesar de su sistema. Cuando la energía fluye sin problemas, sin perturbación, las cosas van bien. Esto se debe a que están en alineación con lo Divino. Le pedimos a la Madre su asistencia en nuestras metas personales de vida. El amor y la compasión son sus frecuencias superiores – con las frecuencias superiores del rayo blanco; ustedes se van curando, y con el amor que les llega al corazón por el fuego blanco, se les está curando la autoestima – ya no sufren de falta de valía y tienen más amor propio.

El fuego blanco es el rayo de la Ascensión. En la Ascensión hay una transformación a nivel celular y atómico de sus sistemas. En el Programa de Ascensión de la Madre, recibirán una infusión diaria de la Luz Divina de Madre Divina directamente a las células. Este programa de inmersión diaria en el Amor Divino y la Gracia Divina eleva su vibración a un nivel superior.

Vamos a estar trabajando considerablemente en tu corazón sacando todo lo que se ha desnaturalizado, así que, repitamos esta meditación varias veces. Sus ángeles, su Cristo, su Yo Superior, su Divina Presencia y Jesús el Cristo, van a venir a ayudarlos, con su Luz y Amor – así que, pueden contar con el apoyo que necesitarán. Esto se manifiesta de varias maneras apropiadas a las circunstancias personales de cada quien.
Todos ustedes son seres intuitivos, muy listos, y pueden recibir en gran medida, no sólo la energía de la Fuente, sino también todo lo que la Madre tenga que decirles. Hablen con la Madre Divina Cósmica, ella los está escuchando. La misión suya es amar, estar con su alma gemela, al menos a nivel energético. Estar en paz, balance y permanecer estable emocionalmente, para anclar en lo más posible; luz y amor, sabiduría y verdad en la Madre Tierra Gaia. Deben ser cada vez más conscientes de sí mismos, de sus cuerpos, de sus comportamientos, de sus pensamientos, emociones, sentimientos, y hagan con la Madre todo lo que vayan a hacer en su día a día.

Madre Divina Cósmica vía Susannah

Te amo. Te conozco. Te estoy dando lo que tú necesitas en estos momentos; un trabajo, la curación de una enfermedad, guía divina o lo que sea que tú requieras para tu bienestar – quiero que seas un observador de cada una de tus acciones antes de llevarlas a cabo, para que no te ocurran accidentes – mi atención está muy centrada en ti, en función de tu situación particular. La relación que tengo contigo es personal.

Visualiza tu corazón como una habitación circular llena de luz rosada y allí la vibración es alta – entra por la parte frontal de tu corazón y recuéstate en unos cojines que están en la parte posterior – siente el pulso de tu corazón y como tu vibración se eleva. Prepara tu corazón para elevar lo más posible tu frecuencia vibratoria. Al meditar conmigo están conectándose con su yo superior que está en la 5 dimensión. Presten atención a su ser superior e intégrense con él. Si me hacen alguna pregunta; entren en el silencio sagrado para escuchar la respuesta – pidan a sus amigos divinos la conexión divina.

En estas meditaciones sus seres divinos y sus ayudantes angélicos, los están abrazando, los están envolviendo, los están guiando, los están curando y los están protegiendo.

Suavicen en el corazón con la luz blanca que contiene partículas adamantinas y por último visualicen una foto de ustedes que les agrade y amplifiquen la imagen, visualizando un pequeño sol dorado en su corazón.

Mediten desde su corazón sagrado. Con el rayo blanco integren los siguientes chakras: LA GARGANTA, EL TIMO, EL CORAZÓN Y EL PLEXO SOLAR.

Cuando meditan, con su atención en mí; profundizan su conexión con lo Divino. Tienen un impulso diario, de su energía sutil para la vitalidad y la salud, y hay un mayor encendido por la infusión de Luz Divina continuamente en sus sistemas, esto se traduce en más movimiento para su cuerpo físico, más purificación para su cuerpo energético, más creatividad para su cuerpo mental, más autoridad espiritual, alegría, autocontrol, equilibrio, integración y armonía en sus vidas.

Que la luz divina de su corazón; marque el horizonte en el que se desenvuelva su vida, desde este momento. Reciban mi bendición, Mis Niños Hermosos. Los amo muchísimo.

Música para la meditación:
La mensajera es Connie Hueber
La trascripción es de Susannah

Pag. Anterior: Madre Divina – Vivan como un ser divino.

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comparrtir_sharing _▶recap▶ Admiral Byrd’s flight in Agharta Ariana 19 february 1947 – YouTube | samkaska

comparrtir_sharing _▶recap▶ Admiral Byrd’s flight in Agharta Ariana 19 february 1947 – YouTube | samkaska.

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comparrtir_sharing _▶recap▶ Admiral Byrd’s flight in Agharta Ariana 19 february 1947 – YouTube

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Eliphas Levi note: for me, Planet X is gone … but an MPR, or pole shift, is on the way how closely ? only God knows !

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 Eliphas Levi nota: para mi, planeta X se ha ido…pero,un MPR, o cambio de los polos, esta en camino, por otras razones…qué tan cercano…? solo Dios sabe…!

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Planet X, Pole Shift: Frightening Animation Discussion | Alternative 

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▶ Planet X: Frightening Animation Discussion – YouTube


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▶ Busted ! Flight Radar Caught Changing & Flight Path of Malaysia Flight & 370 ! – YouTube 
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Kathryn E. May Stops Channeling

by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 28, 2014

Kathryn E. May has announced that she will no longer channel Mother/Father God and Sananda; October 28. 2014

Here is her statement (found on:

Reminds me of Greg Giles (The junkie who channelled for CIA and admitted this in an official final message from CIA in order to test the reaction of the light workers to this fraud – there was none before, his messages were widely re-published by many New Age blogs without any critical assessment – about one week after I exposed him officially as a dark source on my website; note, George) somehow …



Dear Friends,

I have decided today to resign from my position as “The Voice of Mother/Father God” and “The Voice of Sananda.” I will not be channeling messages from the Ascended Masters for the foreseeable future. I will explain why.

For several years, I have kept my promise to channel the voices of the Company of Heaven with absolute fidelity. I have changed not a word, not an inflection, not a bit of what they have given to me. I add nothing and leave out nothing. And so, the messages stand as they were given. I do not take credit or blame, except perhaps for having been the messenger for a program that evolved, little by little, into a series of cheerleading, encouraging and repetitive messages which have turned out to be, finally, a carrot without a prize.

I was told unequivocally that it would happen this past weekend, with details, times and specific instructions. I was assured repeatedly that they would never again promise me something that was not to be. I reminded them not to give me details if they are not fact. Once again, after enormous build-up, their date came and went, with more explanations and promises. The same ones, again.

The whole RV build-up was a way to help people envision helping one another to build a new world. I was delighted to represent the promise of hope, peace, and prosperity which could raise all of us out of the dark control of the cabal and discover our own power to change the world. But ultimately, it has been all about money.

The explanation was that we would beat them at their own game, take back control of our institutions, our structures of governance and our own lives, to live no longer under the yoke of the overlord, Money. We were to do this by having more money than God, as we joked. Perhaps this makes sense from a certain perspective – that there are some who can be entrusted with great wealth, who can buy back our freedom and our dignity.

Is this what we really need? This promise of material riches to set us free of the brain-washing, the poverty, the misery and want that was created to keep us divided against one another and against our God?

It has been my life’s work to help people search within themselves for the anchor to their true Center – the heart and soul connection that can free us from the brain-centered selfishness that co-opted all of us into believing we are not good enough, worthy enough unless we have great wealth. I still believe this is the real work we need to do, to be true to the body and soul we were born with, to live a life of integrity and Love regardless of what propaganda and mind-control our brains may have been subjected to along the way.

I will continue this work, the Visual Centering that has proven so effective in helping so many to find their center, to free themselves from childhood pain and childhood programming. This is what matters to me – to see people reach deeply into their hearts, beyond religious beliefs, beyond any teachings or philosophical arguments, to find peace with the beauty they came here to express.

I have given notice to my beloved friends in Higher Dimensions. I will no longer channel any messages from them because they broke their promise to me to activate the revaluation of currencies, the flood of blessings we were promised by this weekend, or I would refuse to channel anything more. I commanded that it be done, and they accepted my declaration that this was enough, enough cheerleading, enough promises, enough explanations and seeming apologies.

We have done our work in good faith. We have searched within to connect with our highest good, and it makes it impossible now to accept anything that is not pure. Pure truth, pure Love and Light does not support manipulation or lies, not for any reason. The end does not justify the means. Not now. Perhaps the months and months of encouraging messages were necessary to help us raise our vibration to accept the energies from the Central Sun. Perhaps you were testing us to see how long we would tolerate any kind of untruth.

I for one will not tolerate it any longer. I have promised to the dear people who have followed me and my messages that a new day is here, and it will be filled with Light and endless Love. I will not be a part of disappointing them again, not for any reason, not for any excuse.

On Earth as it is in Heaven? I do not believe Heaven is a place of tricks and riddles. Only here, in lower dimensions, do we accept half-truths and “well-meaning” white lies. No more. I will not be a part of helping to create a drama, a house of mirrors, a slide down the rabbit hole into upside-down rationalizations, supposedly reasonable sounding explanations and outright lies.

We are aware that God is powerful enough to intervene when the time is right to do so. We have given our vote to request help where we would have faced the threat of assassination if we were to face down the cabal, who feel no restriction against murdering Lightworkers wholesale. Nevertheless, we have taken them on directly before, and I for one have no reluctance about doing so if necessary, if our Friends in High Places refuse to step in as they have promised.

Perhaps that is one of the rules of the game we agreed to before coming here, that we would go it alone, without intervention from outside ourselves. We are told we are Them, we are One, and we have the power to manifest the Paradise on Earth we were taught to envision. If we truly believe that, then we do not need their intervention or their money (Thanks, St. Germain, but are you true to your word?). We are the Light.

I see brilliance all around me – the rising energies of unbelievably talented and powerful individuals who graciously share their blessings, their unconquerable Light, for the benefit of all. Do we really need more than that? When we join with one another to make our world a better place, it does change everything.

Why have we been promised these things that do not materialize? Why have we been asked to believe in the face of endless disappointments? Was it to help us, the small group of Lightworkers who truly trust in God’s good Truth, to finally accept that we need nothing more than our own strong hearts and sturdy souls? We have been forged in the fire of hundreds of lifetimes here. No matter how dense the Veil, we still know we deserve real support, real nourishment for our tired bodies and our souls that really are reaching for the Impossible Dream. We will settle for nothing less.

I pledge my heart and my energy to making our world a better place. Continuing to channel these messages no longer feels right. I am profoundly sad to have to refuse to bring messages from those I love deeply, but I must do so for now, until we are all made aware of why this has been handled in such a strange and uncomfortable way.

Perhaps I will channel again after we have received the blessings I still hope to see manifest, but only after I have been given a clear and reasonable explanation for why we have all been dragged along with endless seemingly empty promises, until everyone is exhausted, fed up and on the verge of losing faith in the proclaimed Gods who profess endless Love. I command that they show us the faithfulness and good will that we have given to them. Nothing less would be fair. Love is Light, and Light is Truth.

I remain, in service to One, Kathryn

Kathryn E. May, October 27, 2014, 10 pm, New York

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