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sharing.:::.▶ Bo Staff Spinning FASTEST EVER & Staff Kata – MYTRE AND THE ARCTURIANS- JOURNEY TO THE MOTHERSHIP 1 | Vel sanus.

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Part 1


We, the Arcturians, are here to take you on a journey to our Mothership.

 Of course our Mothership is as large as a planet, so it needs to be “parked” outside of your Solar System.

 Therefore, begin your excursion in consciousness by viewing the many planets as they wiz past you.

After many images of the NOW, for you are traveling within your consciousness and free of the limitations of time, you see a huge light in the distance.

 This light appears formless, which is because your mind must adjust to the concept of perceiving a Mothership that is as large as a small planet.

However, as your consciousness prepares you for a journey into the unknown, the LIGHT begins to take on a form.

It appears to be saucer shaped with a large protuberance attached to the underbelly of the “saucer.”

 Many of our smaller Ships mimic this same form and have been increasingly seen as “formations in the clouds.” We cloak our Ships in this fashion to adjust humanity’s perception to consciously, or unconsciously, perceive these shapes in their sky.

Fear of the unknown is humanity’s greatest fear. 

Hence, we are making ourselves known in a manner that one can “use their imagination” to see a Starship in the clouds, or simply ignore the sky and keep their “nose to the grindstone.” Either way, there are configurations in the sky that are becoming familiar. 

Thus, they are not “unknown” and will not illicit fear.

We have diverted from our topic. We must apologize, because we experience language that is laid out in a separate, singular form to be quite tedious. However, because we do not wish to overtax our messengers, we endeavor to limit our Light Language to this format as much as possible. Conversely, now that we have laid down the foundation of this message, we will return to our more natural Imagistic Language.

You are still holding a third dimensional form on Earth. 

Therefore, you are joining us via consciousness. Therefore, make sure your earth vessel feels protected so that you can focus your intention on what may appear to be a huge glow of light. As you focus on this light, it gradually takes on a form.

At this point, you will begin to feel our Arcturian energies. As the FEEL of our unconditional love fills your heart, you experience a deep sense of contentment and peace. Unfortunately, as you feel the safety of our Ship, you may realize by comparison how truly unsafe your physical world has felt.

Consequently, while your consciousness hovers before the vision of our Ship, we ask you to slowly breathe in these feelings of unconditional love and complete safety…

Now, forward that unconditional love and sense of being safe and protected back to your physical form and back into the physical form of your Gaia…

Do you see now how your consciousness is infinite and your physical form is just a vessel to holds that consciousness?

Our Mothership holds the consciousness of myriad life forms from all over the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. Before you enter our Ship, extend your consciousness into the vision of our Ship to empathically receive the Energy Field of our Starship…

There is much that is “unknown” to your current state of consciousness, and we wish to prepare you by guiding you to intermingle your Energy Field with ours. In this manner, you are calibrating your perceptions to experience novel stimuli.

Whenever, your brain experiences a novel perception, it must go through the process of determining whether or not your present state of consciousness has permission from the whole, YOU, to perceive this unique stimuli. Hence, we ask that YOU, the component of your Beingness that has the ability to take this journey, give permission to your brain to perceive this unknown.

You will give this permission to your brain by sending a message to your Pineal Gland that this information is permissible for your current state of consciousness. Then, your Pineal Gland will send this information on to your High Heart that you will NOT experience fear. We ask you to do this, for if you experience fear during your visit, your consciousness will lower and you will FALL out of this experience.

Please send that message to your earth vessel’s brain now…

As you send this message, you can relax into your adventure. Furthermore, please take this experience out of the 3D Category of “just my imagination” by intending, “I open my Third Eye because I am having a unique experience.” We teach this manner of thinking to our ascending ones, so that you can teach it to others when we begin our landings.

We have been preparing our ascending ones for their role of preparing the un-awakened ones regarding the new reality they are entering. Those of you who have been receiving and reading our messages are anxiously awaiting our entry into your world. However, there are many grounded ones to whom the prospect of a landing Spaceship could be terrifying.

Of course, the 3D power-system is working hard to dispense as many “horror pictures” as possible about the terrible ETs who are coming to conquer Earth. This story is merely one of the many ways to distribute mass fear, as frightened people are more easily controlled. Also, many of the leaders who were going to disclose our presence have not found it within them to fulfill their pre-birth contract.

Therefore, it is up to the ascending ones to prepare others for this grand adventure of being a Galactic Society. Those of you who can receive this message have already awakened to your true SELF and are happily awaiting our landings. On the other hand, there are others who will only awaken once our landings have begun. Hence, we are inviting your consciousness to our Mother Ship, to prepare you to assist those who may experience fear at our arrival.

With that said, we will continue our journey.

Take a long breath to relax into your multidimensional consciousness. In this manner, your physical form can easily remain in the physical world, your fourth dimensional aura can protect that form, and your fifth dimensional SELF can join us on this adventure.

Give a psychic hug to your physical vessel, thank your fourth dimensional Elementals for the protection they give your physical form, and turn your attention in our direction. You may be surprised to know that “our direction” is inside your SELF.

Therefore, we ask you to:

Turn around inside your mind, and direct your attention into your Core…

FEEL your Core around you…

Open your Crown open to Spirit and Root open to Gaia…

Look out through your opened Third Eye…

Accept our unconditional love into your High Heart…

Connect your Core to Gaia’s Core, so that She may join you…

FEEL our Mothership with your High Heart and SEE it with your Third Eye…

Now that you have fully prepared yourself, you find yourself on board our Ship. Our Mother Ship is so diverse that thousands of you could be on totally different parts of our Ship, and there would still be many unvisited areas.

Since all our Mothership Ships are biological, different areas morph and change to meet the needs of its myriad, different inhabitants. We do not think of our Ship as an object, but as an extension of the consciousness of our myriad different members.

Finally, know that your perceptions of our Ship may be totally different form any one else’s experience.

In fact, because the Ship instantly conforms to your thoughts and needs, YOU will create your experience of our Ship. However, because you are still tethered to the many “unconscious” components your human brain, you may not be fully aware of all your thoughts and emotions.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 17th September 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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sharing.:::.▶ How to Swap Heads in Photoshop – FROM STARSHIP ATHABANTIAN – CARETAKERS | photos.

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sharing.:::.▶ How to Swap Heads in Photoshop – FROM STARSHIP ATHABANTIAN – CARETAKERS

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The following message by Justine and Moraine was originally posted at Mark’s Corner on October 17, 2009. For associated messages go to and search around this date.

It is our pleasure to return for more discussion about life after Earth’s ascension to higher frequencies. What would it be like to have another 50 to 100 years added to your life? Not much for someone who is young, but for someone who is older it would mean quite a lot. If you knew right now that you would have an additional 50 to 100 years, how would you live your life differently? Would it be as a caretaker of the new Earth?
As caretakers of our home planet, our first task was to care for the physical welfare of those around us. This came after the removal of the last of the dark energy’s agents and the great separation between those who wished to stay and those who did not. You have described this trifurcation before, Mark.
First there was the need to ensure that the caretakers, those who chose to remain, would have their physical needs met. This included water, food, and shelter, for although we were on a much-advanced planet, we still had these basic needs.
After the basics were supplied, there then came the matter of what we were to do. The forces of the transformation had dismembered our old institutions. There was no economy; there were no towns, cities, nations, government, or most other organizations, period. We had to organize ourselves, first into small neighborhood groups, then into ever-larger groups. And how was that done? Those who had done this process on other planets assisted our reorganization. Our brothers and sisters from other planets, and celestials who had seen it all before, came and taught us what had worked for them.
As caretakers, we had to learn new ways to organize, how to live without the structures that had been imposed upon us by the agents of the dark energy. This was a whole new experience for we had no context in which to operate, everything is different when you start from scratch. It was beautiful in that there are no precedents; it was a bit scary because there are no precedents.
We knew that we wished to organize for the benefit of all; no one was to be omitted, but how to do that? The idea of a collaborative was suggested. A collaborative is a structure in which everyone is honored, everyone has a voice, everyone is cared for according to his or her needs, and everyone can contribute according to their skills. No one is compensated for any particular talent; everyone contributes his or her particular talent to the good of the whole.
This process was made much easier due to the reconnection of our telepathic abilities. We were able to know what each person could contribute, and what each person needed.
So the first role of the caretakers is to care for each other, the second is to get things organized, at the most simple level. The third role is to expand organizing to embrace other organizations. All of this requires a tremendous amount of teaching and mentoring, and great patience. For most us it was our first time dealing with either survival or organizing. Looking back on it was a magic time when everyone cooperated for the good of the whole, and of each other.
We are now here to lend a hand by recounting our experiences for you. You are free to adopt what we suggest or not. We are here to mentor you. After the institute has done its job by collecting would-be caretakers, and lifting their frequency, we will sit down and converse with you over a cup of tea or coffee, as you often do on your planet. I have no idea if we will like tea or coffee, but we will still sit down and talk in that congenial manner. We are very much looking forward to such a dialogue.
The de-aging process is gradual. You will go back not to your old body, as you knew it, but to a new younger body. It will resemble the old you, but will be much improved. Keep in mind that in the new earth you will exist in an environment where there is no disease, therefore the aging process will be quite gradual for your new body.
The psychological adjustments to a new body may be more extreme than the physical. You will acquire new strength and endurance. These must be used wisely or you may injure yourself. A healthy amount of self-discipline is advised. Also your new body will function as that of a younger person with all the natural inclinations with regards to sex and consumption of foods and beverages. Using your new body to pleasure yourself, whether it be climbing mountains or engaging in sex should be tempered with the knowledge that you are now a caretaker of the new Earth, and that this is your primary responsibility. Nonetheless, make sure you enjoy your new environment; it will be a wondrous place compared to that in which you now dwell.
Seek relationships among the other caretakers so that you may organize to the benefit of all. Seek both close friends as well as a wide range of acquaintances, for you are all on the new Earth for a reason. Each of you will have survived the rigors of the transformation to the new Earth. Honor each other as survivors, and fellow travelers.
So what is it like today to know that you have volunteered to live an additional 50 to 100 years? How does it affect your mental outlook? How do you conduct yourself relative to others, some of whom have also volunteered, some who have not.
Just the idea that you will have an extended lifetime, should induce you to take care of the body in which you currently reside — as good practice for that which you will be acquiring. Open your mind to the limitless possibilities that additional years give you. Will you change your lifestyle? Will you acquire additional knowledge? Will you engage in new activities? Will you begin new things rather than thinking of retiring?
Take a hard look at yourself in the mirror. Is this the way you wish to appear for the next 100 years? Since your body is a reflection of your soul, and to a great extent you can mold it, how will you change your appearance? Will you be more open or more reflective? Will you aspire to greatness, or be a vital cog in the organization of the new world? You have additional years, what will you undertake on behalf of your fellow humans of Earth?
Does all of this sound exciting enough that you will volunteer to be a caretaker of the new earth? We hope so, for our experience was a wondrous enlightening one. Begin planning today as to how you will spend the rest of your extended life.

Justine and Moraine

Through Mark Kimmel

Posted 11th September 2012 by Juan Pablo
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sharing.:::.M6.2 – 182km WSW of Bella Bella, Canada.:::.M6.1 – 68km NW of Kaikoura, New Zealand | fantascienza

sharing.:::.M6.2 – 182km WSW of Bella Bella, Canada.:::.M6.1 – 68km NW of Kaikoura, New Zealand | fantascienza.

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sharing.:::.M6.2 – 182km WSW of Bella Bella, Canada.:::.M6.1 – 68km NW of Kaikoura, New Zealand

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sharing.:::.▶ Anatomy Of The Pronator Teres Muscle – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – Arcturian Transmissions to our Inter-Galactic Emissaries Part 3 | Equipoise

sharing.:::.▶ Anatomy Of The Pronator Teres Muscle – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – Arcturian Transmissions to our Inter-Galactic Emissaries Part 3 | Equipoise.

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sharing.:::.▶ Anatomy Of The Pronator Teres Muscle – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – Arcturian Transmissions to our Inter-Galactic Emissaries Part 3



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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Arcturian Transmissions to our Inter-Galactic Emissaries Part 3 — The Galactic Post Office


Arcturian Transmissions to our Inter-Galactic Emissaries
Part 3

The Galactic Post Office

Our dear Emissaries of Light assisting dear Gaia HOME to Her true frequency,

Yes, rather a long introduction, but to us there is no time and no separation of words. Could you please take a moment of your NOW to FEEL our message? You will feel, not the words that we have written, but the carrier wave of unconditional love that transports our messages to you from the very Heart of our ONE.

FEEL how much we love and support you. Once you acknowledge that YOU deserve our unconditional love and constant guidance, you will be able to open the “frequency waveform” of our message. Please allow these messages to enter into your High Heart and higher states of consciousness so that you can best translate these waveforms into your 3D language systems.

We, your SELF in the higher dimensions, are in the process of training our beloved volunteers to become leaders. As you quickly advance into the next era of your reality, it will be vital that there is a certain population of grounded ones who can interface between their true SELF in the higher dimensions and their 3D earth vessel.

Then, these volunteers can share their message via their earth vessel self, to send it into Gaia’s transmuting inhabitants. Some of you will be leading humans, some animals or the Elementals. The Elementals will assist with the transmutation of Gaia’s earth, air, fire and water to transmute the third-dimensional planet.

The members of our Cetacean Family will become the leaders of all water worlds. Yes, dear ones, within your NOW there are many “water worlds” on Earth. The humans, “Keepers of the Land,” and the cetaceans, “Keepers of the Water,” will work together to assist Mother Earth with Her process of returning to Her true vibration.

When you combine your personal ascension process with the planetary ascension process, you not only assist Gaia, but Gaia can better assist you. The secret to planetary ascension is Unity Consciousness with all Life! That means ALL life, including those whom you have perceived as your enemy.

Every one has inner light, no matter how small it may appear. If they did not have inner light, they would die. Even though you may be unaware of it, it is your own inner light that allows your consciousness to remain within your earth vessel.

As you, our Inter-dimensional Emissaries, awaken to your innate ability to serve in tandem with the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, you will return to your ascended consciousness while still wearing your earth vessel.

We understand how difficult this task appears to your 3D consciousness, which is why we are urging you all to allow us to assist you in remembering how to connect, and remain connected, with your Multidimensional SELF.

Dear Arcturians,
I was unable to complete the above message to us, the inter-dimensional emissaries, but I have now meditated and wish to continue where we left off. Please assist me to remember what you just told us in my meditation.

Dear Emissaries,
We happily repeat our message to your current state of consciousness, which is slightly lower than your consciousness before. However, via this state of consciousness you are more able to experience both the worlds of the physical, as well as the worlds of the divine.

We were saying to our dear Emissaries that it is the NOW for ALL of you to fully awaken to your true, Multidimensional SELF. We, the members of your Galactic and Celestial families are calling you into active duty.

By “active duty” we mean that it is the NOW for you to actively live the Mission that you created for your SELF before you took this incarnation.

“But, what is my Mission?” you may ask, “I cannot not remember it.”

That is fine, our dear family members, you do not need to remember your mission in your third/fourth dimensional consciousness. You were wise enough to forget that “secret” to your lower states of consciousness until it was the NOW to fulfill it.

You have been living in a reality filled with lies and illusions. Hence, in order to keep your Mission pure, you have hidden it from your mundane consciousness. We see that more and more of you have expanded your consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond.

Hence, you are remembering your Missions more each day. It was always meant that you did not remember your SELF until you could “hide in plain sight” within your own Lightbody. We understand that your physical perceptions cannot see your Lightbody. How could they? These lower perceptions are only calibrated to Gaia’s physical world.

NOW that you, our dear volunteers, are awakening to your fifth dimensional consciousness, you are vaguely, and/or clearly, perceiving the reason why YOU chose to enter an earth vessel during this NOW of great transmutation.

You are beginning to have these higher thoughts, emotions and perceptions because your consciousness is wavering into and out of the fifth dimension and beyond. We have been over-lighting you since you took this form to protect you as much as possible, as well as to guide you when you could perceive us.

You have known us by many names, and we gladly accept them all. We are not encumbered with a third dimensional ego, so we do not care by which means you have extended your consciousness into the higher worlds. We are just joyous that you have remembered that you are much more than the clay vessel you are wearing.

As you extend your consciousness to us, your consciousness expands even further. As you may have noticed, as your consciousness expands, you begin to see your reality from a higher perspective. What was once impossible becomes your life goal, and that which once pulled you into the mire of forgetfulness is daily diminishing.

The events that lowered your consciousness and forced you into illusion were well planned by the ones who are afraid to change. These ones are within the spectrum of “power over others,” and can only gauge their own power by feeling the power of domination over others.

These lost ones are losing more power each day. Every ONE of you who expands your consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimension is far beyond their psychic reach. Then, when you send them unconditional love you completely disorient them.

They have based their lives on having total control over everyone and everything that they “have.” When you send them unconditional love, you confuse their matrix of behavior, and they do not know how to respond. Fortunately, more and more of them are beginning to “look up” into the light to find the source of this unique experience.

Those who live in anger and domination secretly desire love and friendship. They have been trained to be selfish and mean to others. Hence, you can re-train them by sending them unconditional love and kindness. You do not need to do this personally, and they will never know how they are receiving this assistance, or from whom.

Some of them will resist the healing power of your unconditional love, but others will happily accept it. You see many of our very brave volunteers have chosen to work with the darkness from the inside. Some of them have become temporarily lost within the very darkness they have chosen to heal, but they will be returned to the higher dimensions to be fully healed.

We talk to you now about the darkness, for you are coming into a NOW in which there are immense opportunities for change. Some of you will light the way into the higher dimensions of reality, some of you will assist in bringing order to the great chaos of change, and some of you will have decided to work toward healing the dark ones.

Because your world is on the cusp of great change, the dark ones who have ruled via fear, war, famine and man-made physical disasters are becoming very frightened. Inside, they know that their reign is coming to a conclusion, and the only thing they cannot fight is your unconditional love.

While you are sending unconditional love (instead of fear and anger) to those who have invisibly ruled your reality, you are also dispensing the glorious gift of unconditional love to every other person, place, situation and thing. Yes, our ones, things are alive with the essence of the human who has “used” them.

You are ALL called upon to be members of our “clean up” team. You will be cleaning up the lower frequencies of reality by releasing them from your reality with your unconditional love. We hear your collective question of, “Why are we releasing them? Shouldn’t we be conquering them?”

We remind you dear multidimensional family, conquering is what they have done to you. If you return the darkness that has been done to you to the ones who have sent it, you have created an alliance with that darkness. That is their shadiest trick. The one thing that they cannot do is to make you act like them, unless you assist them.

If you do to them what they did to you, then you are “acting like them,” and they have caught you in their web of darkness. While you are wearing your earth vessel the physical world seems very important.

Your physical perceptions cannot perceive the streams of higher frequency light that are entering your reality more and more each day. Your physical sense cannot hear our constant guidance, nor feel our continual unconditional love.

Without the knowledge of the multidimensional light and unconditional love that constantly washes over and through you, you feel trapped and alone on a hostile planet. This, our beloved ones, is why we are sending these transmissions directly into YOU, the members of our celestial and galactic family.

So many of our volunteers have become confused and temporarily lost to the physical reality that they came to heal. Therefore, we are dedicating our energies to communicating with those of you who are still awake to your SELF.

The process of planetary ascension is much like a long distance race. Those who started out too fast became too tired to continue. However, there is the “van” that follows behind the race to pick up those who can go no further. Those who must rest will be cared for until they can rejoin the “race.”

Those who are able to consistently continue in the “race” have learned that this is not a race they need to win. Instead, this is a race they want to complete. To complete this “race” they need to pace themselves. They need to rest when they are tired, eat when they are hungry, and make friends with the other people in the race.

This is a race back to your SELF that you want to complete. Do not be concerned about those who “fell out of the race” and were picked up by the van. They will return to this wonderful group endeavor once they have rested. These people have not yet found the pace that they can keep over a long duration of your time.

Dear family, we remind you to take good care of your earth vessel. The human earth vessel is very fragile compared to your true Lightbody, and needs to be fed, cleaned, rested and nourished with love and laughter. In closing, dear family members, we remind you that you must carefully attend to your earth vessel on a regular basis.

Please remember that deep inside the spinal column of your physical earth vessel is your multidimensional Lightbody. We send our messages into this inner Lightbody so that you can clearly receive them.

Then, when you have “time” to meditate, you can go into your Lightbody to retrieve the messages, as well as the unconditional love and multidimensional light that we constantly send you within the NOW.

We realize that your earth vessel is bound by time and space. Hence, you will only be able to receive our messages when you have the “time” to go into a “space” where you can meditate to expand your consciousness into the higher frequencies of light.

After meditating, your consciousness will be expanded enough to turn around inside your self to receive any personal messages that your Multidimensional SELF have posted in your fifth-dimensional Lightbody. In this manner, your Lightbody is similar to a “Post Office,” in which you pick up any messages that your higher expressions of SELF have delivered from beyond time and space.

Please remember, we are ALWAYS with you.
You can ALWAYS communicate with us.
For we, your galactic and celestial family, are ALWAYS with you.
We are the Arcturian members of your true SELF.
We shall return to your conscious awareness, as we will never leave!

Posted by Sue at 6:19 PM

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sharing.:::.M5.5 – 253km W of Ferndale, California.:::.M5.3 – 80km SW of Atka, Alaska | fantascienza

sharing.:::.M5.5 – 253km W of Ferndale, California.:::.M5.3 – 80km SW of Atka, Alaska | fantascienza.

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sharing.:::.M5.5 – 253km W of Ferndale, California.:::.M5.3 – 80km SW of Atka, Alaska


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