sharing.:::.Energy Report – November 21, 2014_Serendipities in a Waning World of Mind Control | samkaska

sharing.:::.Energy Report – November 21, 2014_Serendipities in a Waning World of Mind Control | samkaska.

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sharing.:::.Energy Report – November 21, 2014_Serendipities in a Waning World of Mind Control

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Energy Report – November 21, 2014

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 22, 2014

by Georgi Stankov and PAT Members, November 21, 2014

This will be a humble effort to put the loose pieces together what has happened energetically in the last few days now that this huge and very prolonged ascension portal Nov 11 – 21 is coming to an end.

Both Carla and I had a severe relapse of our broncho-pneumonitis three days ago, with fever symptoms, aching body all over, splitting headaches, productive coughing and total physical exhaustion. During such massive episodes of cleansing and ascension our connection to the HS and the Elohim is impeded due to the rampant chaotic energies we are releasing through our multidimensional fields on all timelines, so that we were unable to get a clear message so far. I am though hopeful that today we may receive some more information, what has happened in these last days, which I shall publish for you immediately.

Luckily, we had some remarkable experiences in lucid dream state which is now more real than our current daily life experience on this uppermost mother planet. This gave us a lot of information and insight into the dramatic processes, which are now happening with Gaia and its population.

Let me begin chronologically. In the night of November 18th, the light warriors of the PAT fought another huge, hopefully last battle with the archons. According to my perception they were completely severed from the energetic structure – crystalline grid and human connections – of this uppermost mother planet. This was a necessary prerequisite for the rapid ascension of this timeline to the new Galaxy and its merging with the new 4D worlds, as I shall elaborate below in more detail.

To illustrate how dramatic the battle with the archons in the night of November 18th was, I shall publish our correspondence with some PAT members on this epic experience:

First Van Ebbe wrote to me:

“Dear Georgi,

Yesterday (Nov 18), while entering sleep I felt a very powerful jump in the dream. It was nothing like being drained (sleep paralysis). I literally jumped into the dreams with enormously felt force. I had to concentrate with a full conscious mind, like an atom in a vortex trying not to be hit by the walls.

From this experience I can only conclude that we are so near to fully accomplish a permanent removal of the negative separative forces from GAIA 5D.

With constant Clarity and Love,



Dear Ebbe,

this is most probably the case, as this night we had a huge battle with the dark archons and fought them for hours. I was personally attacked in the night and woke up with a stabbing pain in my throat and right eye. Carla also fought the archons beside me and it was real. Hence we must have finally eliminated the dark ones from this timeline and this always goes with an ID split and ascension leap.

With love and light



Thank you, Georgi, for the confirmation of the battle I took part in against the Archons in source field. The awakening leap of humanity is only a door step away! We will continue the seeding tonight.

With Love and Light,



Then Henry from Rochester wrote to us as follows on this same huge battle with the archons:

“Dear Georgi and Carla,

I see that it has been a few days since I have written (11/17 for Carla and 11/15 for you). So I hope that both of you have been able to recover from the LBP enough to carry on at home. My attacks have been moderate except for the evening of November 18th when I experienced the most abusive and despicable of the Archon attacks. Suffice, it was the Archangel Michael who saved me, as I was unable to use the light sabre, being in a state of panic. It took me an entire day to realize what had happened and I even had to take a Xanax to recover my sensibilities. Other PAT members have probably had similar attacks, so I won’t go into any details, except that I have recovered.

With love and light,



Dear Henry,

We can confirm than in the night of Nov 18th there was a huge battle with the archons and I was hit very hard in my throat and right eye with a special kind of laser cannon. Carla saw this very vividly and will report in more details. I woke up from the pain and had to go to the bathroom to calm it down. AA Michael was also there to support us.

Today we both feel very ill – relapse of the broncho-pneumonitis, our bodies are aching all over and a very pronounced feeling of being ill with eyes burning and weakness. This seems to be one of the hardest cleansing episodes so far.

Let us hope that tomorrow when this portal is coming to an end, we will have a respite.

With love and light



Dear Henry,

Regarding the archon attack on the 18th, I must tell you that we were also attacked. AA Michael was here too. I remember a few details, clear as day. We had just fallen asleep and I was dreaming, when suddenly I realized that I was up, naked, swinging my lightsabre like there was no tomorrow! I telepathically shouted to Georgi to wake up and fight with me! He then jumped up out of bed, naked, and started fighting with his lightsabre too. We did this for a long time, what felt like half an hour. One thing really struck me, even at the time, when I looked at the bed, neither of our bodies was lying “asleep” in the bed! It was absolutely surreal.

I saw another attack on Georgi as well, before this, with my third eye. Shards of silver coloured steel or glass-like obstacles came flying down through the ceiling in a cylindrical shaped form, hitting him straight on his face and chest. He coughed for the longest time – it was a terrible attack…

With love and light



Dear Carla and Georgi,

I sincerely hope that you are recovering from these horrible LBP and I am recounting for you the incidents that happened on the evening of the 18th in the hope that other PAT members can realize that they were not alone in these light happenings, which hit both of you severely.

I had gone to bed and was beginning to drift off when I became aware of someone trying to break in to my apartment. I got up and saw that there was a demon trying to get into a window from my kitchen. It looked exactly like one of demons that middle aged artists had described in books of the past. Small, grey colored, with evil looks, and with tiny horns. A new aged person would have said that they were ‘greys.’ But they weren’t! As soon as they got in the apartment, they disappeared. I was immediately seized with fear because I knew that they were there for destruction. So I went into the bathroom, and they were there, but invisible; and then I went into the back room, and they were there too. It felt as if someone was there with a gun to my head, only invisible. I immediately seized my Light Sabre to battle them off, but it didn’t work! Because they were no where to be seen.

As this scene became more panic, I invoked Archangel Michael to battle off this seizure. Sure enough he appeared (invisibly) and laid siege to them. Then brought me back into the bed, where I laid in 3D completely–confused and disoriented. I laid there for a while and finally got out of bed, looked at the clock and it was 3:00 AM. The Archangels are real and they will help us during these trials. So that is what I remember of the ordeal. I am there with you clairvoyantly to help you recover from the broncho-pneumatitis, as my lungs are strong.

In love and light,


How do I interpret this huge battle, we fought with the dark archons in the night of November 18 in the bigger context of ascension? First of all I must say that I was somewhat surprised by this battle as I believed that we have finished with these dark entities once and for all. But obviously this has not been the case. We are now in a phase of rapid ascension as can be deduced by the intensity of the incoming energies and their steadily augmenting frequencies that flood our bodies and fields. The current 3D overlay seems more surreal than ever and the new 4D worlds now begin to shimmer behind the veil, which actually no longer exists.

This uppermost mother planet has now fully detached from the old electric gird of the archons, from where they could electromagnetically manipulate and enslave humanity. This explains the last battle with them as the archons are energetically linked to this electric grid and can only survive within its structure. As this grid was completely dismantled in the course of this huge and very long portal (Nov 11 -21), all the remaining archons had to be severed from this uppermost timeline and this includes by extension all their connections to their dark human stooges within the present-day society.

What actually happened was that all dark soul fragments were retrieved from all the human bodies that still dwell on this uppermost timeline and a massive switch-over with new old souls, respectively with the new human template which we created sometime ago took place. This event was big, bigger than most of you may surmise and follows logically the preceding opening of the 4th and 5th chakra in all second wave ascension candidates. There is a red thread in all these energetic events that one can follow closely as an attentive observer.

The next night, November the 19th, I had a pivotal experience that confirmed the massive transfer of old souls as walk-ins in many human beings, including many politicians. Here I must digress and mention that we have a lot of experience with walk-ins in our next environment without giving you now any particular details. There are new walk-ins, which are old souls and some of them are the new human templates of souls that have most probably never incarnated on the earth and barely cope with this 3D reality. But they emanate the gold-christed light of the source and have a lot of wisdom at the level of the HS, which only somebody, who is aware of these energetic processes, can really perceive and appreciate. They incarnate now as to experience the ID shift first hand and then begin with their prolonged incarnation cycle on the new 4D worlds in the new Golden galaxy.

We were told several months ago by Jahn’s sources that most politicians, who have sold their souls to the dark archons, were given the chance to have a soul transfer with old souls. Most of them declined this offer, but some of them consented. These individuals are now opposing vehemently the attempt of the Western dark cabal to install the NWO. One of them is the current PM of Hungary Viktor Orban, who has decided to oppose the war-mongering propaganda of the Western cabal against Russia. He has a good relationship with Putin and has freed his country from the claws of the IMF by repaying in advance the country,s debt and adopting an independent policy away from the neoliberal economy of destruction of the AAA. There are many recent articles that highlight Orban’s policy of independence. At the same time this brave politician is now demonized by the USA and EU as they also do with Putin and any other opponent of their heinous plans.

I am gving you this background here as to comprehend how convoluted and complex the current energetic situation is, even though very little comes on the surface, and yet how logical its course is. At this place I shall venture to confront you with another provoking truth that may shatter at first your world view, but I urge you to consider it seriously and even look for further proofs.

On the night of November the 19th, another massive soul transfer took place that includes some of the most prominent politicians such as Obama. I know that this news contradicts everything I have said about this person in the past and especially against all attempts of many dark channeling sources to present this man as being of the light. But this is a completely different story now and it is based entirely on our (PAT) success to eliminate all dark archons from this timeline the night before.

Now consider carefully the following. We opened the 4th and 5th chakra of most old souls on this planet since October 29th. This all was part of the unfolding of the current massive ascension portal Nov 11-21. We also anchored the angelic realm on this timeline in preperation of ascension during our visit in the Rocky mountains. Before that we disseminated the new human template on all 4D worlds. Immediately thereafter we personally experienced how this new template was incarnated in our next family environment on this timeline.

At the same time we had the announcement of Jahn’s sources that such soul transfer was planned and offered several months ago, but only a few politicians agreed to. However, we have now a completely new energetic situation, where we have cleansed most of the human dross and such souls must incarnate on this timeline as part of the ascension scenario in the End Time in order to merge with the hew 4D worlds when the ID shift will come.

If you may remember, I presented to you this “walk-in model of ascension” last year in the summer as a vital component of the ascension process. This information was given to me by my HS and then confirmed by the Elohim and Jahn’s sources. We are now operating with some basic strategies of ascension that are known to us for some time, but as usual it takes a long linear time to implement them in this reality because of the well-known delays in the ascension scenario due to the slumbering of most lightworkers. Now all hurdles are behind us and we are progressing with a lightning speed in the transfiguration of this uppermost mother planet.

The massive transfer (switch-over) of old souls and new human templates at the place of dark soul fragments in many incarnated human beings on this timeline takes place in anticipation of the ID shift and ascension of this uppermost mother planet to the new 4D worlds in the new Golden Galaxy which may happen any time from now on.

As you may remember I wrote on “The Ongoing Ascension Portal of Truth – November 11 – 21, 2014 on November 17th that the actual revelations will happen on 4D and not on this timeline that is still carrying the old 3D overlay of the Orion matrix and is doomed to be destroyed:

“However, you must consider thereby one very important aspect of the End Time. The time of revelations will be very short and this process will not lead to a full disclosure of the truth. This is not possible within this 3D overlay of the old Orion matrix and has never been planned in this way for the End Time. The avalanche of sweeping revelations will only reach the necessary threshold of menacing the existence and power of the dark cabal, so that they resort to a major crime against humanity.

This event will then trigger the MPR as it is not planned that the dark ones will gain the upper hand in this final mortal battle. But they need to make the first fatal step in destroying this planet and humanity in a futile attempt to preserve their dwindling power, before they can be eliminated and sent to lower timelines or die in the cataclysmic events of the MPR.”

In other words, there will be no protracted, slow process of evolution of this humanity to higher levels of illuminaton as we do not have the linear time at disposal for such a tedious process and because under the current energetic conditions the minds of the masses are still very much mired and compartmentalized as to process the new truth. In addition comes the fact that most of them are closed even more under the immense flow of high frequency source energies, as their destiny is to continue with the incarnation cycle of separation from the Source on lower 3D and 4D timelines and do not actively participate in the current ascension process.

Exactly this scenario as outlined by myself five days ago was then brilliantly confirmed by Kuthumi in a message to Jahn with regard to his light reading session today

“Linear Change no longer possible!

It is important to understand why today a “linear change”, meaning a stepwise evolution of mankind on this Mother planet of ascension, is no longer possible. This process would devour further eons and this quota of space-time is no longer available to this earth. The time is truly over and therefore those, who awaken now, will step toward their completion on the newly created planet of schooling of the 4th dimension of All-That-Is.

In order to correctly understand the quality of this time, it is important to understand the inconsistencies of this time. Immense discharges of dark energy on the one hand and until now unsurpassed light influx for this world. Day for day these realities, whereupon human Beings act, drift further apart. And each human Being perceives what he has chosen and finds himself in “his” world and in his reality. While the ascending ones become lighter and more transparent, the remaining ones become more polluted and less transparent for the high Light energies of Creation, because they failed to grow with the continuously increasing vibration.

The decisions have truly been made and yet the exceptions determine the events of time.

I am


Indeed, what we now observe, is massive preparation for these revelations on the new 4D worlds we have created as Logos Gods. This includes in the first place the opening of the 4th and 5th chakra in most old souls and second wave ascension candidates during this portal. There is information that at the new moon portal tomorrow the third chakra of multidimensional travels and ascension will be also opened in most second wave ascension candidates (see Anna Merkaba, Nov 20 – 25th – PORTAL OF CREATION – GOLDEN PARTICLES OF GOD – SOLAR PLEXUS – METATRON). This will activate the threefold flame of ascension as described by myself and the Elohim.

Parallel to this, old souls and new human templates are now massively incarnating on this uppermost mother planet in preparation for the incoming ID shift to 4D. This preparation includes some blissful experiences as the one Shirley Garmon has just reported to me:

“Hello Dr. Stankov and Carla:

I wanted to give a short update on what happened to me last night. It was around 12:30 p.m., and after I returned to bed from the washroom, I heard some noise (people talking loudly) outside my apartment. As the noise got louder, my body reacted more; it felt as if my body was totally dissolving. Now, I’ve had these sensations before (as if body wants to totally dissolves) but usually, I sort of shake myself out of it; to interrupt it from taking place, not knowing what to expect, and being somewhat afraid. This time, I knew it was imperative to go with it—to just let it happen. My body started dissolving slowly and inside of a minute had totally dissolved. (Please keep in mind that I’m totally awake). I started to fly around my bedroom in a circle. I circled the bedroom about three or four times, and looked down to see the physical body still lying in the bed. As I was circling around, there was a negative entity in the bedroom below. It has taken on the form of my younger sister and looked identical to her, but I knew, it was not her. It continued to taunt saying that I was afraid of it. I flew down and stood directly in its face. I put both hands around its throat and threw it against the wall with extreme might!. It shut up and shook in fear! This negative entity left.

I re-occupied the sleeping, physical body. My only regret was to allow this negative entity to interrupt, what was, otherwise, a beautiful, positive, experience.

I just wanted to share this with you and Carla in case you and others (PAT) are having similar experiences.

God bless you and the PAT.

Shirley Garmon”


Dear Shirley,

I am very glad that you have shared this out-of-body experience with me as it is unique and a gift of heaven. I had two such experiences several years ago, one of them almost identical to what you describe here, only without the presence of a dark entity.

As I will publish today, we must have had another huge battle with the dark archons. I experienced this in the night of November 18th when both Carla and I left our beds in light bodies and fought the dark archons for almost an hour. Eventually they managed to hit me with a kind of laser cannon in the throat and the left eye and I woke up with pain. But the major part of this experience was that Carla and I did not leave our physical bodies but transformed them into light bodies during the battle with the archons in the night because during this time our bodies were not in the bed.

I think that this is all part of the current rapid ascension of the uppermost mother earth to 4D and the dissolution of the energetic structure of the old matrix. Today we have the end of this very prolonged and for us personally very exhausting portal from Nov 11th to 21st – we had three days ago another relapse of severe broncho-pneumonitis with all associated symptoms of this illness – and I hope that tomorrow during the new moon portal we must begin to see some tangible changes.

In your case you have experienced them already.

With love and light


Finally, this night I had a pivotal experience in the dream state that was of such an abstract character that I can only insufficiently describe it to you. Essentially, I was sending huge energy packages consisting of this matrix to a new higher dimension. This dimension was of a different quantum nature. The elementary particles, the atoms and the molecular structure of this holographic reality were at greater distances from each other than in current 3D matter. The energetic structure was more diluted and expanded than the current one.

Then the whole experience became more complicated when Carla joined me. She tried to do the same energetic phase transition of this dense 3d matter into a higher dimensional, more expanded and less dense energetic structure, but could not achieve this as the energetic packages she was sending were even more dense than mine because she was more deeply connected to Gaia. Therefore we decided that she should send her packages to me and I will dilute them and then accomplish the phase transition to the higher dimensional level. This procedure worked well and we managed to transform the current dense 3D reality into a higher frequency, new holographic reality with expanded and less dense quantum structure. At the same time, I was given the information from my HS that this is the actual ID shift of this uppermost mother planet to the new 4D worlds, which is now taking place incrementally, but at a very rapid pace.

Let me now summarize what has happened so far in the last four weeks:

1) On October 29th the light warriors of the first and the last hours and first ascension wavers activated the second wave of old souls and ascension candidates for the LBP. These people will go through the LBP on the new 4D worlds before they can ascend from there to Gaia 5 at a later date.

2) One week prior to the beginning of the current portal Nov 11-21, Carla and I anchored in the Rocky mountains the angelic energies in the Lemuria template, which is part of the blueprint of Gaia 5.

3) With the onset of the current portal we opened the 4th and 5th chakra of truth in all second wave ascension candidates in preparation for the coming revelations. That is why we are also speaking of the “Portal of Truth”.

4) During this portal we fought a final huge battle with the dark archons on November 18th and separated them from the crystalline grid of this uppermost mother planet in preparation for its ID shift.

5) The next day a massive soul transfer of old souls and the new human template took place. These new walk-ins replaced the old dark-tainted soul fragments of many incarnated entities in politics and social life, also in preparation for the imminent revelations.

6) At the same time we are doing massive cleansing of all timelines that is associated with big ascension leaps, as usual at the expense of our health.

7) Since this night the transfiguration of this dense holographic matrix into a more light-filled, less dense and more expanded holographic reality is in full sway. This is already part of the ID shift of this uppermost mother planet to the new higher 4D worlds. It represents in physical terms a phase transition from one energetic state into a new, different one.

8) Some sources have announced the activation of the 3rd chakra of vitality in most second wave of ascension candidates tomorrow when the new moon portal will come. This chakra is already open in all PAT light warriors long time ago, otherwise you would not have been able to travel through the timelines so expediently as you have reported on many occasions in the last months.

9) The next step will be a full expansion of our consciousness and eventually final transfiguration, so that we can appear as ascended masters and Logos Gods in front of this renewed humanity and trigger the revelations with a cosmic power. This may happen before the MPR or after that in the new 4D worlds. I think that this is a fluent affair and the chances are even that it can occur either way.

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The Heinous Western Cabal Exposed by Lavrov
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 22, 2014
Georgi Stankov, November 22, 2014

We have entered the time of Big Revelations. This is the first time the Russian Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, the longest standing foreign diplomat worldwide, has dropped his diplomatic speak and speaks loudly the truth. When more and more politicians resort to the truth, the current political landscape will be changed for ever and the insidious dark cabal of the AAA will be cornered. From there they can only try to escape by committing a major crime against humanity. This is the end of the old Orion order and the start signal for our ascension.

Western sanctions are aimed at regime change in Russia – Lavrov
Edited time: November 22, 2014 13:47

The ultimate goal of the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by some Western nations is to stir public protests and oust the government, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

“Western leaders publicly state that the sanctions must hurt [Russia’s] economy and stir up public protests. The West doesn’t want to change Russia’s policies. They want a regime change. Practically nobody denies that,” he told a leading think-tank in Moscow.

Lavrov said that the tensions between Russia and the West had been brewing for years before the Ukrainian crisis, adding that now the Europeans had decided to go for all-or-nothing and play chicken with Russia. But at least the positions have been made clear, Lavrov said.
‘Ideology blinds Europe’

Russia and the EU are having a moment of truth focused on Ukraine, Lavrov said, but stressed that Moscow would not be the one to break off ties with Europe. However, Russia won’t simply go back to how things were before the crisis hit, he said.

“The EU is our largest partner,” Lavrov said. “Nobody is going to shoot himself in the foot and reject cooperation with Europe, but everyone understands that it won’t be business as usual anymore.

“But we don’t need the kind of business we had. [That] was like ‘Russia must do this and must do that,’ and we want to cooperate as equals,” he added.

He laid the blame for the escalation on an “aggressive minority” among EU nations, who pursue ideologically-driven grabs of power in eastern Europe, including Ukraine, instead of focusing on the serious problems that Europe is facing due to the turmoil across the Mediterranean in North Africa and the Middle East.

“Exporting any kind of ideology, whether it is democratic or communist or any other kind, won’t do any good,” he warned.

Ideology blinds Europeans to some problems, which Russia believes need to be solved, Lavrov said. For example, EU officials are reluctant to speak about the persecution of Christians by Muslim militants in Iraq and Syria or elsewhere, because they fear that this would be perceived a is politically incorrect. Meanwhile there is a growing Christianophobia in the world, he said.

“Most of EU members avoid discussing this issue. They are ashamed to pronounce it as they were ashamed to put a phrase acknowledging the Christian roots of Europe into the EU Constitution,” Lavrov said. “If you don’t remember and don’t respect your own roots and traditions, how can you respect the traditions of other people?”
‘Russia not anti-American’

Lavrov blamed the US for claiming global leadership at a time when both its resources and leadership skills are in decline. Particularly, he said, Washington is increasingly tuning its policies with electoral cycles, as long-term goals are sacrificed for short-term gains of popularity among voters.

“We cannot accept the position of those who tell us: ‘Put up with it. Everyone has to suffer from America having elections every two years, and nothing should be done about it. Relax and take it as a given’. This won’t do. We won’t take it because the stakes are too high,” Lavrov said.le some take Russia’s opposition to America’s global influence as anti-Americanism, this is not the case.

“It’s not about anti-Americanism or forming some sort of anti-American coalition. It’s about the natural desire of an increasing number of nations to ensure their vital interests and doing it in a way they see right, not the way they are being told by a foreign party,” he said.

He added that while some take Russia’s opposition to America’s global influence as anti-Americanism, this is not the case.

“It’s not about anti-Americanism or forming some sort of anti-American coalition. It’s about the natural desire of an increasing number of nations to ensure their vital interests and doing it in a way they see right, not the way they are being told by a foreign party,” he said.

If the US pursues leadership not out of a false perception that it has a God-given burden to take responsibility for everybody, but by developing the skill to form a consensus, Moscow would be the first to back Washington, Lavrov said.

But now Washington is bullying other nations into toeing their line, and few dare to object publicly out of fear of reprisal, while complaining in private, he added.

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Serendipities in a Waning World of Mind Control 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 23, 2014

by Ann Diamond and Georgi Stankov , November 23, 2014
 Georgi Stankov 
Today, the Canadian woman Ann Diamond contacted me for the first time, exactly five minutes after I wrote my first critical article on Canada. What was revealed was a series of serendipitous synchronicities as you can read below in our correspondence. Most probably some more will come to light when Ann tells me where she lives in Greece, as I am of Macedonian origin and my family comes from North Greece.

But this is not the reason for this article. We have talked a lot about mind control and how extensively it was exerted among all Western celebrities in the music and movie scene. I myself had a lot of encounters with mind control among scientific circles, especially when I started promoting the new theory of the Universal Law in the 90s. It is as if one runs against an invisible wall and the mind controlled zombies are on the other side of this glass wall and there is no way to reach them.

Today, I am re-publishing Ann’s excellent essay on the famous singer and song writer Leonard Cohen, who happens to be one of my favorite musicians in young years. Ann has lived next door to Leonard Cohen and what she reports in a very vivid, personal language about him is more telling about the massive mind control of artists, scientists and all other “prominent” people in this debased Orion society than any long factual revelation. Her story also includes the overt or half-spoken threats and menaces of the dark cabal, when one challenges the system of mind control or simply interferes with it in a genuine attempt to help these mind controlled people.

I myself was seriously threatened by dark stooges of the pharmaceutical industry when I dared to expose the dangerous potential of most drugs, after I proved in an irrefutable scientific manner that 90% of the current registered drugs on the market increase significantly mortality and morbidity in all patients and have caused the death of more patients (compared to placebo, i.e. to no treatment) than all the victims of the two world wars put together.

These are the crimes of the dark ruling cabal that must be now revealed to humanity and, given my past experience with the sluggishness of human minds, it is obvious that this can only happen in the new upper 4D worlds in the new Golden Galaxy under much more favorable energetic conditions. Hence the Day of Days is very close, now that the new energies of the Portal of Truth (Nov 11 -21) have fully flooded this uppermost mother planet.

Enjoy now Ann Diamond’s essay on Mind Control and visit her website “Mother of Darkness” to read more articles from her.



I have been following you for over a year, having found your site he first time just after the false flag chemical attack in Syria, when I also discovered you are friends of Baba Ji. I had an encounter and initiation in 1979 with a German woman who had spent time in Hedaikan with Baba Ji. All that was long ago and figures in a memoir on living next door to Leonard Cohen in Montreal during the 1980s and 90s:

I was born in Montreal, but live in Greece for half the year. I also spent some time in Kamloops.

Just wanted to say hello. I follow your exploits and agree with much you recently wrote about the sleepwalking people of Canada and their puppet-clone Prime Minister. Canada is in fact a very tragic country whose native population are holding the fort against immense dark energies of the Anglo-America invading hordes.

I have a blog at — my most popular entry is about Leonard Cohen and Mind Control, recently picked up by a Spanish blogger who has some very interesting things to say:

All the best to you –

Ann Diamond


Dear Ann,

I am very happy that you have established contact with me and have given me some glimpses into your very interesting life. As far as I have not mixed the math, you must be as old as I am. I have already started exploring your blog, but need some more time to have a proper overview.

I am also a great fan of Leonard Cohen and will definitely read your book. I like especially his lyrics.

I have just finished an article on Canada – the first one, as I was prudent to deal with the country where I live now, but too much is too much:

I am not a friend of Babaji, it is only that he is channelled by my friend Jahn from Vienna and also by my dual soul Carla, with whom I now live together in Vancouver. He came first to us last year in Lofer, Austria when we ascended.

Where do you live in Greece? I have been several times there and know the country fairly well?

With love and light



Mind Control 101

by Ann Diamond, September 1, 2011

The man in the photo, taken at McGill University in 1951, is 17-year-old Leonard Cohen. He’s wearing a blindfold, and his ears, fingers and hands are encased in padded restraints which prevent movement and cut off all sensory stimulation. This is one of Dr. Donald Hebb’s famous/notorious sensory isolation experiments, for which student volunteers were paid the then-princely sum of $20 a day. Some of the volunteers were unable to stand this torture for more than a few hours. Some tore off the bandages and banged on the door of the isolation chamber, screaming and crying to be released.

Back in the 1980s, when I lived next door, Leonard Cohen once told me he enjoyed these experiments. He said he learned to dissociate, leave his body, and go on long voyages through the universe. The experience was so pleasant that later he volunteered to be placed in a flotation tank while on LSD. He enjoyed that, too.


We now know that D.O. Hebb’s sensory isolation experiments became the foundation for torture techniques used by the CIA etc. in its secret prisons around the planet. Hebb, a neurologist, had CIA clearance, and also allegedly experimented on small children, mainly orphans and aboriginal children who arrived in his laboratory courtesy of McGill and the RCMP. Having access to human guinea pigs made Hebb’s research that much more impressive. He also, of course, worked with rats and monkeys. It seems quite likely that his famous “rat” study on the effects of sensory isolation on IQ, would have been based on his experiments with children. McGill, at the time, was controlled by a network that included many British-trained, mind controlled pedophiles with an interest in eugenics — and probably still is today.

In 1951, when this photo was taken, Leonard Cohen was 17, i.e. still a minor. One wonders who signed the permission slip — his mother? Or perhaps they just didn’t bother with those little details, back then.

Leonard Cohen went on to become a poet of note. In fact, that same year, 1951, he published his first book, Let Us Compare Mythologies. It would be interesting to do a textual analysis of all of Cohen’s writing – someday when I have more time I plan to do that (: — combing his poetry and novels for references to the secret program that he has been part of for most of his life. Up to now, his biographers seem to have overlooked all the references to hospitals, (Nazi) doctors, psychiatric experiments, electroshock, etc. They also have failed to adequately explain the missing years (mid-1950s, i.e. peak years of the MKULTRA program) when Cohen did some sort of graduate work at Columbia University in New York.

McGill and Columbia happened to be co-epicenters of MKULTRA research into mind control. As were certain studios and film-making teams at the NFB, the arm of British intelligence that brought our Leonard to national attention in 1966, with the film LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MR. LEONARD COHEN. As was the Silva Mind Control organization, where Leonard met Suzanne in the late 1960s. As was Nashville, where his musical career took him later. And let’s not forget the Chelsea Hotel, where he hobnobbed with musicians and CIA programmers like Kris Kristofferson, always mentioned whenever Cohen introduces his song “Chelsea Hotel” about the time he had sex with mind-controlled singer Janis Joplin. That night Janis was apparently looking for Kristofferson one of the “handsome men” she preferred, according to the song, one of the creepiest in Cohen’s repertoire in my opinion.

It’s very obvious to anyone who happens to have followed Cohen’s career, that the singer-songwriter who composed I’m Your Man has spent most of his life surfing the mind control circuit that took him from McGill to New York and then Europe where he connected with the Rothschilds.

Let’s just say that early on, he “volunteered” and the rest is musical history. This is a topic for a long article, but for now I’ll keep it small and personal. Lately I’ve been thinking back to times when I witnessed Leonard Cohen’s programming either in operation, or failing to operate properly. That is, when I lived next door to him and one or more of his handlers. By the mid-80s had many people grouped around him who seemed to be there to smooth things over. He also once told me depended heavily on doctors and psychiatrists at the (notorious MKULTRA hospital) Allan Memorial Institute, a half hour walk from his house near Saint Laurence Boulevard. In fact, during those years, he frequented the swimming pool behind the Allan, where doctors, nurses, and other hospital staffers hung out with people from the Entertainment scene — I was told by a former orderly that the purest cocaine from the hospital pharmacy could be bought beside the pool on just about any summer day.

It is one thing to meet and get to know Leonard Cohen. It would be hard to imagine or find a more charming, generous, affable, funny guy to have as a neighbour. Unfortunately, though, that’s only one of many personae, or “alters” — Cohen has many. I wouldn’t like to guess how many. I suspect there may be hundreds. What this means is, getting to know him is virtually impossible, because his various alters are not necessarily aware of one another. This explains why, while living next door, I witnessed events that sometimes made no sense, and would have been impossible if Cohen were a normal person, with a single core personality.

Mind controlled entertainers and public figures — and this also applies to certain mind-controlled politicians, like Pierre Trudeau, a friend of Cohens — require handlers to help them manage situations caused by their having various alters that don’t all work together. These handlers, e.g. Kris Kristofferson, who likely was Janis Joplin’s programmer — are there to coordinate and conceal the fact that these public figures are “programmed multiples.”

An incident comes to mind that occurred in about 1985, when I had been living next door to Cohen for two years. During that time, I had rarely seen him. I was busy, in those days,making a living by writing and editing. I also had a weekly program on local community radio, went out with friends most evenings. I had little to do with my neighbours who, in many ways, behaved like members of an exclusive club.

The incident I’m thinking of happened out of the blue, one day. I got a phone call from Leonard, whom I hadn’t seen in several months. He invited me next door for tea. Cautiously pleased with the invitation, which seemed to suggest we were back on a friendly footing, I rang his doorbell, he opened the door, and we drank tea in his kitchen. We chatted, he may have played me a new song or two, or showed me a drawing. Just like in the old days when we’d been friends.

Then he said he had an appointment somewhere and needed to take a bath. I offered to leave. He said, No, just sit here for a few minutes in case the phone rings. He got in the bath, I sat in the kitchen, and sure enough, the phone rings. It’s Hazel, the woman next door. I tell her Leonard is in the bath, and to please call back in a few minutes, which she does. At this point, the story becomes a bit extraordinary. I am standing a few feet from the phone, and I can hear Hazel shouting. I can’t make out what she’s saying, but she is screaming what appears to be verbal abuse, and Leonard, who has his ear to the phone, becomes rigid and just listens. The screaming goes on for, maybe, half a minute during which he does not move, does not respond, or react. When the screaming stops he says “OK” and hangs up. The phone rings again, He picks it up. More of the same shouting. Once again, he listens without affect, without moving, and says “OK.” Then he hangs up, turns to me, and in a blank tone says “You’d better go now.” Which I do.

But I’m upset with Hazel, so I phone her when I get home, and leave a one-line message on her answering machine suggesting that she stop doing whatever it was she was doing when she phoned him, shouting like a drill sergeant.

Later that night, there is a meeting in his front room. I happen to walk by, and unusually, the blinds are up and I see Leonard, encircled by the people I thought of as his “cult followers”. He is speaking to them, gesturing dramatic. I only get a glimpse of this meeting as I pass the window, but my snapshot impression is that he is asking for their help in some difficult matter that is causing him great anxiety.

And sure enough, half an hour later, I get a phone call, from a woman called Birgit, whom I know quite well, but consider to be a fairly hardcore Cohen groupie. She has come from the meeting. She arrives as I’m cooking supper, sits in my kitchen, and goes straight to the point. I have to move from the neighbourhood, she says, and stop harrassing Leonard Cohen. I’m, well, stunned. It’s the first time anyone has spoken to me in two years about how I came to be living next door. The first time anyone has suggested it might be a problem. But I’m not stupid. I’m quite aware that my presence in the neighbourhood has caused concern for certain people. The fact, however, is, that I am there as the result of a peculiar coincidence. That there is no way I could have found this apartment on my own — I’m there, and I can’t really explain how it happens, in a city of 1 million people, I manage to move in next door to Leonard Cohen — it just happened. That’s it, that’s all.

I also knew, back then and today, that nobody in Cohen’s circle believed this. And neither do I, to this day, really understand how things like that happen. But that day, he had invited me over, as if letting bygones be bygones, and it had appeared, for about an hour, that relations were back to normal — until Hazel called, that is, and shouted into the phone, and he went numb.

And who called the meeting? And what was it about? No explanation was ever given. Another cult member, Charlie, phoned me the next day and invited me across the street to his place, for tea. We sat in silence. I didn’t feel like talking until someone explained to me what was going on on that block.

No one ever did.

Looking back, in the light of what I know now, but had no notion of back then, I would say: yes, there was a cult. Leonard seemed to be at the head of it. His word held great weight, then and now. But the man who invited me over for tea and chatted normally earlier that day, was not the same man who addressed the meeting later that evening.

These were separate “alters” that might not have known of each other’s existence. The alter that addressed the meeting did not recall having phoned me that day, and may not have recalled the two phone calls that came from Hazel — which was when they “switched” —

A few years later, when I had all but forgotten this incident, Leonard phoned me again from next door. This time, he told me, he was in very bad shape. “I can’t get from one second to the next,” he said. “Can you come over? You’re the only one who understands me.”

Worried, I rang his doorbell and he let me in. He asked me to go shopping for him, to buy food because he didn’t feel able to leave his house. “I’m on this new anti-depressant, but it’s not working. I’m in an incredible state of anxiety.”

Remembering that other day, five years earlier, I said “You must be doing something wrong. You need to be in some kind of therapy to figure it out.”

That suggestion just seemed to alarm him. “The doctors at the Allan are doing everything they can for me. Drugs are the only solution.”

That was in about 1990. It was one of the last times I saw Leonard in person. Every so often, I’d read an interview with him, but over the next 20 years it seemed he just kept giving the same interview over and over.

We live in an age of totalitarian Mind Control, and entertainers like Leonard are front-line soldiers — as well as victims. We listen to them at our own risk.

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