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sharing.:::.SaLuSa ::: Galactic Federation of Light | samkaska.

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sharing.:::.SaLuSa ::: Galactic Federation of Light

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SaLuSa – November 14, 2014

Posted on Nov 14, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Mike Quinsey, SaLuSa
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Galactic Federation of Light

Channeled by Mike Quinsey 

Nothing will be allowed to stop the onward march of the Light until it embraces all aspects of your lives. By then the dark Ones will have been left behind, having determined their future by their previous actions.

All souls will find themselves exactly where they are meant to be, both by their actions and intentions. No one can avoid the consequences of them, but mistakes will not necessarily prevent you from ascending.

It is your intent that matters, and sometimes with the best of intentions you may still make mistakes. If you have made the decision to follow the Path of Light, you will be helped along the way and unless you are distracted and go astray you should reach your goal. Progress is determined by your level of vibrations which at a certain point will result in your Ascension.

We continue to follow your advances into the New Age, and are closely monitoring the activities of individuals that are the dark Ones. In some ways they are at their most dangerous when they are fighting a losing battle, but we are sufficiently in control to ensure that they cannot impeded or halt progress.

Your destiny is mapped out already, and before very long you will know without doubt where your future lies. Slowly but surely our representatives upon Earth are taking up positions that will ensure success. In doing so we have been able to ensure that events are going to favour those working for the Light, whilst stemming or preventing those in opposition from interfering. Such actions are permissible now that you have sufficiently advanced to clearly indicate your intentions to follow the path of Ascension.

To individuals that are of the Light we would ask that you keep to your paths, and do not waver or doubt the outcome. You are already on the path that leads to success and as time passes it is rapidly growing, and more souls are awakening to their tasks.

Most Lightworkers are part of what we would call the silent majority, who ceaselessly carry on with their work regardless of what goes on around them. Their strength comes from being a powerful Light force that is awakening many other souls around them.

You have suffered trials and tribulations for many centuries, but now you are to reap the rewards of your efforts. The Light is increasing exponentially and is having a worldwide effect. The changes may not yet be apparent, but in time it will be obvious that a new energy has taken hold on Earth.

The media is still very much controlled, but your Internet has become such a vast size it is a mine of information and you can learn so much from it. The dark Ones are of course aware of it and place false information upon it, but you should be able to identify those sites that are of this type. You already have many named sources and sites that you know you can trust, and that are well known. The dark Ones will attempt to confuse you with false information, but with care you will be able to identify them. In fact there is an overwhelming amount of information available, and you can note those that are of the Light.

On Earth many incidents occur that are encouraged by those that set out to mislead people. False rumours are circulated and confusion results, but by now you should be able to identify such happenings for what they are. Anything of the Light will stand strong and last the test of time, so trust your intuition where anything else is concerned. You will occasionally make a mistake but learn from them and move on.

The test as to how you are doing is to what degree you can stand oblivious to whatever is going on around you. Stand fully centred and firmly on your path, and you will not be affected by any attempts of the dark Ones to put you off. As time proceeds you will find that matters will become much easier to deal with and less likely to cause you any problems.

As you approach the year end your thoughts will turn to what you may expect from the New Year, and we can tell you that it will be notable for the progress made to bring Ascension into being. There will be revelations that explain the way that you will move into the changes that will be becoming evident. As the influence of the lower energies becomes less effective, you will progress quite quickly and without their influence. It will be a time of joy and happiness as your true history is revealed, and your future assured.

Because of our efforts and the Lightworkers, more and more people have an open mind where we are concerned, yet many are uncertain or even scared of the prospect of meeting visitors from other planets, and fear that we have ulterior motives. However, with the coming of the Space Age minds have been awakened to the existence of other life.

Some sources such as Science Fiction depict us as rather frightening beings that are only interested in taking over the Earth. Rest assured that no such threat exists and you are closely protected by us. At times other civilisations have ventured as far as your Earth, but we stop them from interfering with your future. The End Times have already been determined and exist in the “Now” ready to manifest. You do not need to worry as this cycle has a “happy ending” as decreed by God.

As the changes upon Earth continue to take place it would seem as if the end had arrived, but we assure you that you are firmly in the early stages of the New Age. Much work has to be carried out to remove vestiges of the old ways, and introduce the New Age benefits.

Many of these already exist but have been held back until the right time arrives when they can be announced. You already have a vision of what they are and they will provide you with advances on many fronts such as transportation. You will be propelled into a future that will overcome the need to use up the Earth’s resources.

I am SaLuSa and enjoy giving you glimpses of the future that are soon to become your reality. So much awaits you that will lift you up into a completely New Age.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey


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A Very Short Energy Update – November 15, 2014
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 15, 2014
Georgi Stankov

I do not want to complain, but since the opening of the 11.11 portal I am in a terrible condition. I have severe pain due to a sore throat caused by a massive cleansing wave as I have never experienced before. It feel as if I have undergone a tonsillectomy and suffer from acute postoperative pain. I have a feeling of fever all the time with burning eyes, although there is no elevated temperature and my body aches all over like a severe flu.

Can barely sleep in the night and feel as if I am suffocating. Haven’t had such an episode since spring this year and thought these kinds of experiences were behind me. Barely cope with the daily life.

Today is another huge cc-wave with a severe headache, when I thought we would be spared after these three days of incessant torture. Carla suffers from the same symptoms as I do.

We were told by the Elohim that it has to do with the activation of the 5th chakra of truth in all people as to begin finally with the revelations, but Carla is also very ill and unable to finish the message. Hope to be better tomorrow, although such episodes last usually 2-3 weeks due to a prolonged broncho-pneumonitis with chest pain, coughing and expectoration. In my case, it goes on like this since 1999 and enough is enough.

I am indeed very much pissed off with this interminable cleansing and if you are going through the same ordeal, you have every right to be pissed off with your HS and the whole shebang. And do not hesitate to express this indignation – you have every right to do so. If some idiot intercepts your daily trajectory and angers you, forget all rosy, fluffy, tepid recommendations how an enlightened being should behave and do not hesitate to aggress him as a manifestation of the new energy quality of truth that we now introduce on this uppermost mother planet. I can assure you, you will feel much better after that, and this is what counts these days. Forget the empty soulless shells around you, they have no feelings whatsoever and there is no way how they can avoid their dreadful destiny anyway, which must start at some point in time. Why not with you? This, in case you need it and you can always put the blame on me. I do not mind taking the full responsibility, now, while we are saving the asses of so many slumbering light workers.

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Putin”s Interview with German National TV, ARD in Brisbane
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 15, 2014

Putin asks: “Was something switched off in the brains of the Western ruling cabal?”

November 15, 2014, G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia

Putin: “Russian banks have currently extended a $25 billion loan to the Ukrainian economy. If our European and American partners want to help Ukraine, how can they undermine the financial base limiting our financial institutions’ access to world capital markets? Do they want to bankrupt our banks? In that case they will bankrupt Ukraine. Have they thought about what they are doing at all or not? Or has politics blinded them? As we know eyes constitute a peripheral part of brain. Was something switched off in their brains?”

I continue with the coverage of the G20 summit, which is a pivotal watershed for the beginning of the new era of truthful revelations. Here is part 1 of Putin’s interview with the first channel of the German national TV – ARD. This is a new powerful reset towards more rationality in politics in the West, which Putin offensively started with his historic speech in Sochi on October 24, 2014.

Putin’s Interview with ARD – Part 1

Though Russia has a right to demand an early repayment of its $3 billion loan to Kiev if its total debt exceeds 60 percent of GDP, Moscow has already decided against it, as it wants Ukraine to get on its feet, Vladimir Putin told German ARD channel.

Vladimir Putin answered questions from ARD’s Hubert Seipel.

Hubert Seipel: After the Crimea joined Russia, the West expelled Russia from the Group of Eight, this exclusive club of industrial states. At the same time the USA and Great Britain imposed sanctions against Russia. Now you are heading to a G20 summit of the most important industrial states on the planet. The focus there will be on economic growth and employment. Russian Finance Minister said the following about your country: “There is no more growth and unemployment is set to increase. The sanctions are starting to have an effect: both the ruble and the oil price have set anti‑records.” This is the exact opposite of what you are going to speak about in Brisbane. The forecast of attaining 2 percent growth in Russia is unfeasible. Other countries are in the same situation. This crisis has a counter‑productive character, including for the upcoming summit, wouldn’t you say?

Vladimir Putin: You mean the Ukrainian crisis?

Hubert Seipel: Yes.

Vladimir Putin: Of course, who could benefit from it? You wanted to know how the situation is evolving and what our expectations are. Of course we expect the situation to change for the better. Of course we expect the Ukrainian crisis to end. Of course we want to have normal relations with our partners, including in the United States and Europe. Of course, the situation with the so-called sanctions is damaging for the global economy (it is damaging for us and it is damaging for global economy as well) and it is damaging for the Russian EU relations most of all. In this case it contradicts international law, which governs economic relations, the WTO principles and the agreements we will try to reach during the G20summit. It comes into direct collision.

By the way, according to the European Commission data, the losses from Russia’s counter-measures aimed at protecting our economy are estimated as 5–6 billion euro. Can we estimate the losses that these sanctions have caused Russia? It is rather difficult. To some extent, these are virtual losses. Although we have really sustained losses, it is true. However, there are some advantages as well: the restrictions imposed on some Russian companies on purchasing certain goods from Western countries, from Europe and the United States, have induced us to produce these goods ourselves. The comfortable life, when all we had to do was produce more oil and gas, and to buy everything else, is a thing of the past. Now we must think about producing goods ourselves, not just oil and gas. We have solid science and technology resources, which makes us fully confident of our ability to address any technology issues independently, including in the defence sphere.

With regard to growth, we should note that this year growth was modest but it was present nevertheless at about 0.5–0.6 percent. Next year we are planning to achieve 1.2 percent growth, the year after that 2.3 percent and 3 percent in three years. Generally, these are not the figures we would like to have but nevertheless it is growth and we are confident that we will achieve these figures.

A man walks past shops damaged by recent shellings in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, October 21, 2014.(Reuters / Shamil Zhumato)

Hubert Seipel: Another theme to be discussed in Brisbane will be financial stability. The situation in Russia may also be complicated because Russian banks can no longer obtain refinancing on world markets. Moreover, there are plans to close for Russia the international payments system. Do you think that this issue will be discussed at the summit as well? And what do you expect from this summit overall?

Vladimir Putin: I expect to have frank discussion with my colleagues and not to beat about the bush. In general, such venues, the decisions made there and the discussions at these venues are not binding and unfortunately are often not implemented, for example the decision to change the configuration of the international monetary system, to enhance the role of developing economies due to their changing position in the world economy as a whole. For example, we adopted a decision at a G20 summit to enhance the role of developing economies in the IMF. But the US Congress blocked the decision and everything came to a standstill. The Congress does not endorse the decision, and that’s it. We see what is happening but, of course, we hope to have frank and unbiased discussions.

As for the international financial architecture, the current problem is not new; it concerns the fact that developed economies have a surplus of capital that the Western economies do not know where to invest efficiently and reliably. The developing economies have commodity imbalance because they produce and sell goods using low-cost labour and some other production instruments that are cheaper than in Europe and the United States. So, there is a capital imbalance on one side and a commodity imbalance on the other side. It is difficult to agree on joint efforts in this area because the developing economies are always uncertain about the rules of the game concerning the allocation of this capital. The sanctions you have mentioned are a vivid negative example of our partners’ behaviour.

Reuters / Stringer

By the way, you have mentioned Ukraine, which is a striking example of the current situation in this sphere. Russian banks have currently extended a $25 billion loan to the Ukrainian economy. If our European and American partners want to help Ukraine, how can they undermine the financial base limiting our financial institutions’ access to world capital markets? Do they want to bankrupt our banks? In that case they will bankrupt Ukraine. Have they thought about what they are doing at all or not? Or has politics blinded them? As we know eyes constitute a peripheral part of brain. Was something switched off in their brains?

The bank that I mentioned is Gazprombank, which only this year, this calendar year, has extended a loan of $1.4 plus $1.8 billion to the Ukrainian energy sector. How much is that in total? $3.2 billion. This is the sum it has allocated. In one case, it issued a loan to Ukrainian Naftogaz, which is a public company; in the other case, it allocated $1.4 billion to a private company in order to support Ukraine’s chemical industry. In both cases, today this bank has the right to demand early repayment because the Ukrainian partners have violated their loan agreement. As for Naftogaz…

Hubert Seipel: The question is if they are paying or not?

Vladimir Putin: (In German) They are paying at the moment. (Continues in Russian) They are servicing the loan. Naftogaz is servicing one of the loans. However, there are some conditions that are being violated. Therefore, the bank has the formal right to demand early repayment.

In the second case they are doing nothing to repay the $1.4 billion. The government is holding the gas in an underground storage facility and does not give it to its industry. It is their own business that they are crippling their chemical industry. It is also not good to leave people without jobs, but it is their business. However, as the gas does not reach the consumer, as it is not paid for, our bank does not get the money back. It has the right to demand an early repayment. But if we do it, the whole Ukrainian financial system will collapse. And if we don’t do it, our bank may collapse. What should we do?

Moreover, when we extended a $3 billion loan a year ago, there was a condition that if Ukraine’s total debt exceeded 60 percent of GDP, we, the Russian Ministry of Finance, would be entitled to demand an early repayment. Again, if we do it, the whole financial system will collapse. We have already decided that we will not do it. We do not want to aggravate the situation. We want Ukraine to get on its feet at last. As for the bank, it is a financial institution, a joint-stock company whose shareholders include foreigners.

This is basically an answer to your question: any restrictions are counterproductive and in the long run cause damage to all international economic or financial actors.

Reuters / Gleb Garanich

Hubert Seipel: Not all G20 countries hold the same positions. For example, we have the BRICS states, including Russia, which have united to promote economic cooperation. Last year, you established your own BRICS Development Bank to provide an opposition to the West in the international financial sector in the future. Is this another split in this market?

Vladimir Putin: No, you should not see it like that. The issue is as follows. Indeed, the decision was made at the last BRICS summit in Brazil to create several financial instruments, to be more precise, two instruments – the BRICS Development Bank and the Contingent Reserve Arrangement. This Contingent Reserve Arrangement is being established along the same principles as the IMF and in a sense it may be considered its analogue, but it is being created for completely different purposes. It is being created to promote development in the BRICS countries only, or primarily development in the BRICS countries, and it is not going to replace such global institutions as the IMF.

What is the danger, in my opinion? It is to start separate international economic relationships. This concerns not only the monetary component but also trade.

As you know, the negotiations within the WTO, the so-called Doha Round, have come to a deadlock. Developed and developing economies cannot agree on the rules of the game in the agriculture sector and on some other issues. Today we hear some hints from our partners, first of all from the United States, concerning the creation of an Atlantic Alliance on the one side and a Pacific Alliance on the other, with those who meet certain requirements, as our partners see it. And the WTO does not seem to be such an important organisation anymore. I believe this is quite dangerous because the developing economies play an increasingly important role in the global economy as a whole and it is dangerous to ignore this.

(L-R) Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff and China’s President Xi Jinping pose for a group picture during the VI BRICS Summit in Fortaleza July 15, 2014.(Reuters / Paulo Whitaker)

Incidentally, the combined GDP of the BRICS countries calculated using purchasing power parity is already bigger than that of the so-called G7 countries. As far as I know, the BRICS countries have more than $37 trillion calculated using purchasing power parity, while the G7 has $34.5 trillion. And this upwards trend is in favour of the BRICS, not vice versa. That is why I think we should not follow the way of creating powerful but local associations but try to reach consensus within global organisations.

We spoke about what is happening in trade, how harmful what is currently happening is or isn’t. You know, if our banks are even partly cut off from international financing, they receive fewer resources. This means that our economic entities can purchase fewer goods from you. After all, our cooperation, say, between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Russian Federation, provides hundreds, thousands of jobs in Germany. Some experts believe that nearly 300,000 jobs are maintained through our commercial and economic relations, through large quantities of Russian orders, through joint ventures. If the resources of our financial institutions are cut off, they can extend fewer loans to the Russian companies that work with German partners. Sooner or later, it will begin to affect you as much as us.

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The New Energy Quality of Truth: How the Cloned Pinchers and Heel Biters of the Western Cabal behave in Front of the Russian Bear
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 15, 2014
‘It’s called a koala, Tony’: Twitter explodes after Abbott trades ‘shirtfronting’ Putin for cuddly joint pic

November 15, 2014

Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott (L) and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin as they meet Koalas before the start of the first G20 meeting in Brisbane.(AFP Photo / Andrew Taylo).

Twitter users have had a field day with Australian PM Tony Abbott’s claim that he would “shirtfront” Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit over the MH17 crash – because the leaders’ face-to-face encounter actually resulted in a…koala cuddle.

Yes, that’s right. Social media is abuzz with photos of Abbott and Putin snuggling up to the world’s cutest marsupial, even though previous statements had almost guaranteed that a scuffle was in the works.

When the soft, furry critter sunk its claws into Putin’s suit, the Australian PM seemed to feel quite soft and fuzzy inside himself; a smackdown shoulder charge appeared to be the last thing on his mind.

Abbott’s remark came back in October, after he told journalists that he would “shirtfront” the Russian president on the sidelines of the G20 summit over the MH17 tragedy.

“I am going to shirtfront Mr. Putin – you bet I am – I am going to be saying to Mr. Putin [that] Australians were murdered, they were murdered by Russian-backed rebels,” Abbott said.

READ MORE: Aussie koalas trained for cuddles with Putin, Obama & Merkel at G20

Twitter users wondered why the promised “shirtfront” was nowhere to be found.

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