sharing.:::.I Am Making All Things New _The Elohim: Restitution of the Angelic Realm on Gaia | samkaska

sharing.:::.I Am Making All Things New _The Elohim: Restitution of the Angelic Realm on Gaia | samkaska.

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sharing.:::.I Am Making All Things New _The Elohim: Restitution of the Angelic Realm on Gaia

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I Am Making All Things New 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 12, 2014

Master Kuthumi and Asana Mahatari

channeled by Jahn J Kassl, published on November 12, 2104 in

translated by Franz

Foreword – Short Energy Update

Georgi Stankov

This latest Jahn’s message comes just on time to confirm brilliantly all the themes and topics I have discussed with you in the last days, in particular with respect to my forecasts how the dark ruling cabal will behave in the coming days when the new angelic energies from the Source flood them and they must accept the end of their power. I personally sense the peaking of their nastiness, total devastation and utter frustration skin-deep every moment, as I am very closely linked to these negative human patterns, which I am eliminating all the time with an incredible efficiency by using the turnstile mechanism of alchemical transmutation as discussed with Daniela Lupo today.

Yesterday we traveled back from Kamloops to Vancouver under a deep blue firmament and a glistening sun that were imbued with the pink-rose flame of the angelic realm. Above us hovered the 6D fleet and greeted us exuberantly amidst the pristine, gorgeous nature of the Rocky Mountains and the Columbian Mountains in BC. Notwithstanding the lightness and unconditional love emanating from these angelic energies that now engulf this uppermost mother planet and its population, I also sensed in a very palpable manner how the criminal energies of the dying cabal are now coming high and how much they all hate us – the light warriors of the first and last hours – who are now eliminating these dark entities for ever from this ascending planet.

Since yesterday I have been hit by a most powerful ascension wave from the Source that manifests in my body as severe broncho-pneumonitis, respectively alveolitis with impeded breath function (short breath). This night I was hit by a new Source wave that caused sore painful throat and flu-like symptoms such as muscle pain with felt fever (without high temperature) and a feeling of being very ill.

During the night my HS told me that this wave is now opening the 5th throat chakra of truth in all people through myself as the nexus to the Source. This latest wave is part of the opening of this huge 11.11 portal when the earth is flooded with the purest angelic energies that expose every lie and secret in an immediate manner. The consequences of this new energetic state of this uppermost mother earth will manifest at the political and societal stage in the coming days in an unmistakable manner. This is the main topic of this message below, which comes just in time to confirm what we have been now expecting for some time.



Dream: Again I dream of a great flood! This time a whole city is subject to the “great wave” and I see how enormous amounts of water flood district after district and bury them underneath, while in the districts, where it is still dry, crime spreads out. The entire viciousness of human beings seems to crawl to the surface and before the water will gulp down human beings and this city, their abysses are revealed.(End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

This dream image seamlessly ties up to the message “The Great Wave”, it deepens and strengthens it.

Everything changes

It is time to recognize that the whole world is affected by the events – nothing is spared, nothing remains untouched by the transformation. Every part of this world will be seized one after the other, like the “city districts” in the dream.

It is the dimension of the transformation, which needs to be understood, so that you can manage all processes of your daily life with appropriate behavior, profound understanding and deep trust. A typical characteristic of the end time is that the dark energies manifest and foremost in the face of death, which those, who have denied life, will meet.

In the moment when the recognition about the close end prevails among the dark forces, these human beings will climb up to a last cascade of dark and reprehensible actions; they amass “possessions” due to greed and hate, which they have to give up in the instant thereafter (Hence watch the equity markets very carefully as they will very soon experience a programmed crash; note, George.)

In these days ignorance and lack of awareness are reflected by reality.

It is a grotesque game of forces and it is revealed to you until last: What the world and human Beings want to experience, happens. So one world separates and enters into the Light together with human beings, who are ready for it, and the other world with those human beings, who have chosen this, remains behind. Oceans develop where cities stood so far or withered as well as fertile land and oceans withdraw, where so far they determined the tides.

An entirely new world develops!

Well for those, who know this truth, because on Judgment Day the ones will be called, who have served this truth and have devoted themselves to God.

In this dream image, water symbolizes three things:

1) The subconscious of a human Being.

2) The unconsciousness of many human Beings.

3) The purification of mankind.

And human beings remain unconscious, because the water will gobble them up, whereupon they awaken on a new level of All-That-Is and according to their obtained insights will be prepared for a renewed journey through time and space. Nobody can change a decision on“the other side”, which was made on “this side”, because what has been decided on a specific level remains valid as long, until it is redeemed on that level.

The purifying effect of water reveals itself in this dream image, whereby the floods bury the evil and the dark, the greed and the hate, underneath them. Thereby this planet, the living Mother Earth, will be cleaned and liberated from these forces.

The dark ones rejected another, softer possibility, in the belief that they would never have to face their own deeds in the mirror of truth. Light, shadow or darkness, has been the choice of a free will, and so it happens what must happen.

Shock Experience as a Means to Knowledge

Some human beings, who have withdrawn from darkness, yet were incapable to open to the Light, have made the decision for a “shock experience”, which will enable them to gain new knowledge. And thereby human beings will be gobbled up by the masses of water, in order to awaken far from space-time from the sleep of unconsciousness and to become aware or become even more aware.

These human beings will be slowly led to the Light and to their reality, and they receive a new life on a high 4D vibrational level, in order to continue to grow, because he, who has rejected the “beast” (stands here for everything that is dark, the diabolic part/energy of Life. Remark JJK) on a lower vibrating world, will be taken care of, even if he still remained away from a deeper recognition of God.

In summary this portrays how the dark ones, in the face of their own downfall, commit the greatest crimes and create the most reprehensible deeds. Their desperation and fight for survival washes all corruption to the surface and brings these into the light.

Truly: This is how the last days of mankind pass for those, who have given themselves to the dark magic and this is how the days pass for those, who far from the Light and also far from darkness, have lived in the twilight of unconsciousness.

Yours is the Kingdom in Heaven

This knowledge is not new for the light warriors of the first and last hours, yet the extent and the consistency, whereby the messengers of darkness buck up against the unavoidable, reaches an intensity, which never before has been experienced or lived in this world. Therefore: Do not be afraid! Yours is the Kingdom of Heaven, because the “great water” is blessings for the one and the downfall for the other.

Observe the development in this world. Be vigilant and precise, because from the clock of time you can read how close the day of truth and God’s arrival are.

No dream can reflect the reality, which now comes into this world. Entrust and welcome the Judgment Day; and see how the chaff separates from the wheat for a last time. In Eternity.

We are the way to all clarity.
We are the gates to all Love.
We are the bridge to Heaven for all human Beings.

We are


Epilogue: After reception of this message, I am at the “festival of lanterns of the children’s house”. My beloved son Noah has made a lantern for this occasion, like all other children also, with much care and under the instructions of the supervisor. And now parents, uncles and ants, grandmas and grandpas sing idyllic songs together with the children, songs, which were studied especially for this occasion.

After a tour in the church and after we have divided the bread (baked by the children themselves) at the end, the small group disperses and everybody goes home. Before I left the church, on a small side table I discovered several copies of “Praise the Lord” (it is a catholic prayer and song book with 1111 pages, which is placed there for the church visitors and is used during different festivities and worships). Following my inner voice I “by chance” open a page and I read from the revelations to John:

„1-Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and there is no longer any sea. 2-And I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband. 3-And I heard a loud voice from the throne, saying, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is among men, and He will dwell among them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself will be among them, 4-and He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death;there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away.” 5-And He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” (Revelations 21,1-5)

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The Elohim: Restitution of the Angelic Realm on Gaia 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 11, 2014

by Carla Thompson, November 10, 2014

Dear Georgi,

With all that has happened these past few days, and with the information coming in in batches at different times, I have had quite a job trying to put it all together, but here is a message from the Elohim that explains what has been achieved.
I should also add that I was shown the number “8” as the Elohim were explaining the return of the Angelic Realm. I believe it means that this realm originates in the 8th Dimension, and maybe you have some thoughts on this.

I am also getting tonight that the culmination of these events will take place upon the arrival of the 11.11 portal tomorrow. I am getting that everyone should hold the intention that the re-alignment of the Angelic Realm upon our ascending timelines is fully successful Now, and then visually flood this intention with the rose-pink flame.

Please add any more impressions of your own to this message!
With love,

The Elohim: The Restitution of the Angelic Realm

We are the Elohim and we announce to you that Restitution comes now to the Ascending Ones upon all ascending timelines within this expansion of All-That-Is.

The Restitution of which we speak includes two great areas of influence, first the alignment of the new templates and the insertion of new codes from Source into the upper ascending timelines of Gaia, and secondly, the full restitution of the Angelic Realm to all of your ascending timelines.

As the Angelic Realm is restituted, great Karmic Balancing results whereby the ascending ones of the First Wave, experience this as a process of cleansing, felt as physical exhaustion, a fatigue that feels as though it flows not only to your bones, but “through you” into your other “selves” as well, on other timelines. This is carried out over and over and over again as it is of a multi-dimensional task, whereby replica after replica of your Self is flooded, moment after moment, with these Source energies that are coming seemingly unabated.

The restitution of the Collective through this Karmic Balancing on all ascending timelines is a necessary adjunct to the complete reconnection of the Angelic Realm, as was present in the pre-Atlantean – Lemurian time of destruction. You both noticed the presence of the Angelic Realm since your visit to the metaphysical shop [On Saturday, November 8th] in the village (Canmore) beneath the ethereal sanctuary of Archangel Michael. The rose-pink flame of cosmic love has flooded the entire region, and continues to spread its power as you return home to your own abode. This flame is the foundation of the energies found within the Angelic Realm, and it was for this reason that you were recently introduced into this new mission. This mission shall continue and new messages will arrive at your doorstep with regard to the dissemination of this most powerful flame.

We feel great excitement with this new process in the making! Your world is returning to the pristine energetic conditions that prevailed before the catastrophic event surrounding ancient Atlantis and Lemuria.
Rejoice in these new events that unfold before you!

You are all a part of this Great Healing, and we send our infinite love your way, today and always!

We are the Elohim!”



Ascension means in the first place Reconstitution of the pristine nature of all past timelines and human civilisations such as Lemuria and Atlantis that exist simultaneously in the Now. Essentially this is the final Redemption of Karma of all soul fragments on all ascending timelines before they can make the final Shift and merge with the already existing new 4D and 5D worlds, which we have created in the new Golden Galaxy as Logos Gods and Guardians of this galaxy.

The new Rose-Pink Flame of the Angelic Realm is now fully anchored in the crystalline grid of all ascending timelines that superimpose on this uppermost mother planet. On our way back to Vancouver we could see this rose-pink flame in the firmament and as an overlay over the earth both with our third eye and with our physical eyes.

This mission to bring the infinity codes of the Source and the new human template to the Angelic Realm in the Rocky Mountains and to align them with all timelines is a continuation of the activation of the second wave of ascension candidates and the birthing of the new human template of Celest. As you see, all events that have been chronologically reported in real time on this website beautifully align and reveal the complex structure of the current ascension process. Every new step in the ascension process builds upon a previous one and can only be successful if the previous step has been accomplished in a perfect manner.

For this reason I recommend you to read my latest energy update as of November 9 and all the messages regarding the creation of the new human template of Celest and its repercussions for the new humanity.


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