Equipoise: sharing.:::.▶ Sexy South Beach Bikini Workout!! -Archangel Gabriel’s Daily Messages

Equipoise: sharing.:::.▶ Sexy South Beach Bikini Workout!! -Archangel Gabriel’s Daily Messages.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

sharing.:::.▶ Sexy South Beach Bikini Workout!! -Archangel Gabriel’s Daily Messages

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Archangel Gabriel’s Daily Messages – 

Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel
Channeled by Shelley Young

Dear Ones, the faster you start making your own decisions based on living according to your own innate truth and your own sense of what is right or wrong for you, the faster you will start living the deeply satisfying life expression that is available to you. Your own divine spark is always there, deep within, to guide you for your highest good, which can only be for the highest good of all.
Dear Ones, we want you to know that there is never a time when you are not enough. If you ever feel that way, it is never because there is something wrong with you. It is because even more of your divinity wants to shine through! It is your inner divinity that is always wanting to grow and expand and express itself ever more brightly and gloriously.
Think of it this way. A light with three settings of brightness – low, medium and high, is always a light. Even when it is on low, when it is not shining as brightly as it could, it is still a light. Do you see? No matter what you do, you are always a shimmering piece of divinity. If you forget to shine your light as brightly as you could, you are still light and you are still divine. That can never change.
So take the pressure off yourself! Love yourself in your truth, in your divinity, for the glorious piece of the whole you really are, and you will see yourself brilliantly self expressing in ways that make you, and the entire universe, radiant with joy.
Imagine that you are a beautiful, shining, multi-faceted jewel. You shimmer and reflect light and dazzle with your beauty. That is who you are, and your natural state of being. But over time, by not paying attention, you start to pick up grime. Fear, doubt, resistance, all leave a layer of density on your jewel. The grime of those energies attracts even more density from other people and environments. And the things that you choose to immerse yourself in that are not empowering, leave their own energetic sludge behind as well. Before you know it, you are so obscured by density that is not even yours, that is not your truth, that you find it hard to remember that you are a beautiful shiny jewel!
Dear Ones, energetic clarity is so important to remembering your truth! Just as you must care for things in the physical, your energy body needs your tender care as well. Support yourself with high vibrating foods and activities. Meditate. Spend time in nature. Move your body in exercise that supports your wellness. Immerse yourself in salt water. Pray. Choose activities that feel good to you and empower you. Connect within and listen to what you need because you will always instinctively know. Understand that you are the captain of your own ship, so connect back to that inner truth and allow it to shine! Much of the discomfort humans go through can be avoided by practicing basic energetic maintenance.
Dear Ones, a reminder. If you live your life in troubleshooting mode, you will always find more trouble to shoot. A far more empowered approach is to surrender and flow with an expectation of highest good, grace and ease. If there is something that needs to be dealt with, it will come into your awareness so you can address it and move on. This applies for your health, your spirituality, your lightbody, your relationships, your career – every area of your life that is important to you. Your soul knows exactly what you need. You will save yourself a lot of time and effort if you simply let it take the lead through the empowered and divinely supported navigation system of surrender, faith, flow and trust.
So many of you are beautiful, caring souls who are on the earth to help anchor the changes that will move your planet, and humanity, forward in this new age of enlightenment. You understand that what you resist persists, so some of you may be confused as to how to proceed. We would suggest you focus on a new way of supporting change, what we would call mindful activism.
Mindful activism is able to hold the energy of the desired change without activating resistance in others. It is a kinder, gentler energy. It involves being beautiful teachers by example. It anchors the energy of the changes you wish to see in their most positive aspects. It creates beyond the old energies of what is no longer a match on an evolving planet. From embracing the positive aspects, it teaches potential and possibility rather than focusing on the negative. It uplifts, it encourages and it feeds hope for the future. More than anything else, it unifies rather than separates, with its gentle focus on what can be.
Dear Ones, are you still holding onto old wounds because you think if you let them go it somehow makes what happened to you ok? Part of being your own hero means saving yourself from that old victim consciousness and giving yourself everything you have ever needed, then and now! To heal does not mean you are condoning a behaviour that was hurtful. It means you are choosing a life of wellness, happiness, freedom and wholeness, from this point forward. Not only do you have the power to do that, right now, it is what your soul has been yearning for all along.
You are all evolving beyond old belief systems and structures that were designed to encourage you to give your power away. You gave your power away to your parents, your teachers, your doctors, your bosses, your leaders. This has been so pervasive, for so very long, many of you had come to believe that you were powerless in so many areas of your lives. Why, for some of you, you did not even choose your careers or who you would marry! This is the conditioning that you have all been so busy releasing and evolving beyond.
Hear us when we say that you have infinite ability to create the life you wish to lead. You are the experts on you, and what you are on the planet to experience and create. You have worked hard to step into your authentic power and you are more than ready for it! You are gentle, kind, mindful, beautiful aspects of God, and are seeking to step into unity and the energies of creation and unconditional love. You are all finding new balance points that allow you to honour others in their expertise as well as honouring your own. What an amazing time on your planet, and it is happening because of each and every one of you! You are truly divine and powerful and breathtaking to behold.
Archangel Gabriel


March 9-15, 2014

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