Equipoise: sharing:::Get a Big ASS Workout at Home with Dumbbells!!:::Chiropractic Adjustment for Headache Relief,:::Archangel Michael: The Legion of Light

Equipoise: sharing:::Get a Big ASS Workout at Home with Dumbbells!!:::Chiropractic Adjustment for Headache Relief,:::Archangel Michael: The Legion of Light.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

sharing:::Get a Big ASS Workout at Home with Dumbbells!!:::Chiropractic Adjustment for Headache Relief,:::Archangel Michael: The Legion of Light

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Archangel Michael: The Legion of Light

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael on the Legion of Light
Channeled by Meredith Murphy
February 28, 2014

Dear Family of Light,

We come together now, in these early moments of the New Earth to share, co-create and continue to bring forth the qualities of light known in the Angelic Realm. Together we are drawing the golden light of the Angelic Realm to Earth and you, in your divine presence, are grounding these unique frequencies of light and love on your planet, Earth.
The transmissions from the Angelic to Earth have been ongoing for as long as there has been human presence on Earth. Now, there are many on Earth who recognized the presence of angels and the Angelic in their lives! This is a great joy for all of us, for it not only empowers us to collaborate with humans more fully, because this belief engenders openness and participation, but it also means many on Earth are awakening to their own presence within this Angelic Realm or lineage.
As this is opening up more, it it also means that Earth is increasingly summoning and open to, the qualities which each from this lineage, carry innately — the qualities of the Angelic Realm.
To support you in becoming more and more fully present as these qualities and in consciously exploring and opening up these codes and structures within your own energy system, I have asked Meredith to reformat and expand the purpose of our Legion Community.
As Earth continues to evolve, shift, transition and transform, we are refocusing the Legion of Michael and opening up this community to all those who have affinity with the Angelic Realm, and coming together in our expanded focus, as the Legion of Light.
Our shared intention in this communion of light, is to create, build and emanate a momentum of peace. We do this by assisting each of you to live in peace, and harmony within your own life stream, and then together in shared focus and energy work, by contributing more liberating thought-forms and energies to the collective experience on Earth. We assist you in dissolving the fears and limiting beliefs that keep you from experiencing the true peaceful and loving energy that you, innately are. We support you and show you how to tap your own strength and courage, growing bolder in creating a life that suits you and fulfills you. As you grow more peaceful, you become an increasingly powerful, grounded presence of Angelic Light and Love, harmonizing the diverse energies of Earth with your coherent presence.
In this connection through the Legion of Light we, the Angelic and Archangelic Realm, will participate with you individually, providing ongoing energetic support, as you empower this grounding of the Angelic within your life stream. As you give this connection your attention and permission we are able to connect with you in expanded ways. The Legion will offer you opportunities to open up and expand your connection with the Angelic Realm and YOU in the Angelic Realm. We meet you as you are, and respond to your own unique desires and needs for expression and fulfillment, while supporting a greater awareness of your own fullness and therefore, supporting you in experiencing your wholeness more and more.
In addition, from this point onwards, the Legion of Light will do more energy work together. This is a very important refinement and expansion of our focus: to transmit and ground Angelic Qualities on Earth. We will come together and you will be offered ways to regularly, rhythmically focus, thereby creating more availability of these qualities for others and strengthening the presence of the higher realms on Earth. As you continually revisit the corridors of light between the Angelic and Earth, through shared focus and co-creation, you, and the Earth will be uplifted.
Again, our shared focus is to reassemble ourselves on Earth. As you claim your Angelic Lineage and begin to empower it more fully, you ground the Angelic Energies on Earth, making them available to humanity collectively in a more accessible way — through YOU! Beautiful human Angel! Through YOU.
We hope you will feel a deep sense of fulfillment in these connections we — Meredith and I — have created and offer as ways of knowing yourself and all that we are together more fully. I am confident that the momentum we will create will be very meaningful and fulfilling for us all.
With great love for each of you! and with enthusiastic anticipation of our new beginnings together,
I AM Archangel Michael

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