samkaska: The New Human Race :::.▶ Semjase Pleiades – SMALL CRAFT – “VICAMA” Sharing ::: Babaji: Actual Ascension Potentials :::sharing

samkaska: The New Human Race :::.▶ Semjase Pleiades – SMALL CRAFT – “VICAMA” Sharing ::: Babaji: Actual Ascension Potentials :::sharing.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


The New Human Race :::.▶ Semjase Pleiades – SMALL CRAFT – “VICAMA” Sharing ::: Babaji: Actual Ascension Potentials :::sharing

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The New Human Race

by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 7, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, Daniël Akkerman and Corey Sturmer, October 7, 2014

Dear George,

To be honest, the energies are extremely heavy for me today and the last days. Sananda says in his latest message (from Sept 22) that we may now expect easier daily life “your life becomes a reflection of your soul“. But for me it is exactly the opposite. I am more isolated than ever and life is more depressing each moment. I’ve suffered from these conditions for long enough and expressed quite often my complaints about them. At the same time I have put my utmost effort into making a change. But I feel like heaven is neglecting me, and God’s grace that the HR increasingly talk about, seems to only be valid with regards to the large group of humanity which has neglected it’s spiritual duties. Where is the grace for me? How is my life a reflection of my soul, if my soul is filled with a great love – this is what I am told constantly referring to our service to humanity and All-That-Is – while my life here is the most depressing and empty experience one can imagine?

Aside from this I can come up with many arguments, for example that if finally a positive change in the daily life would be allowed, most importantly an end to this perpetual loneliness, surely it would have a very positive effect on my work. But heaven’s arguments and promises seem like empty shells that serve only to keep me going for that much longer, to take one more step, before instilling new false hope and praising my endurance once more. All promises to truly, and NOW positively affect my life and make it more bearable, have not been delivered.

Turning inward and coping as best as I can seems the only solution, but also one that accomplishes little. The more I cope and the more I do to feel better… the more the energetic pressure is raised on me so that I feel equally bad. Truly I wish to be more positive, but I cannot deny the reality I’m confronted with continually. I simply don’t understand, what is so unreasonable about having something to go through these days in joy? It is like all my attempts at this are sabotaged.

In a way I feel like a bother coming to you with this once again. But trying to find understanding in my family or something like that would be futile.


Dear George,

As soon as I had sent to you this previous mail, the energetic quality began to change dramatically for the better. My frequencies are rising once again and I think I was definitely in a far darker timeline or parallel for a while there. Suddenly the main conditions that had been bothering me the past few days instantly resolved themselves… rather amazing. Quite interesting, as soon as I described the negative conditions I was dealing with to you, they started to disappear. I was debating against sending it too, as each time I have sent a mail like that I feel like I am externalizing my problems somewhat and I know you also do not have all the solutions, and that you must also have enough of your own problems to deal with.

The change in mood is the largest and quickest I have experienced. In fact it makes me very optimistic for the current energetic situation. Although I do not consider my complaints completely invalid, most important of this whole ordeal seems to be a demonstration of how quickly the tides can turn. It is a positive sign and also I will remember this so it cannot catch me off guard again.


Dear Daniel,

our lives are a real roller-coaster and it was very important that you have shared with me your negative experiences with lower timelines in the last days. I can fully concur with all you say and this is what we experience most of the time. The more work we do for All-That-Is and humanity, the more are we burdened with new obligations and experience negativity. It has nothing to do with us, but with our vow to help humanity as Logos Gods.

The writing down of such an experience can indeed be very powerful and healing and I regularly use this method to relieve myself.

The new developments are staggering but cannot be revealed yet. Read my latest message, where I hint already what is coming next.


Dear George,

Regarding these new developments: I think that there is going to be another intervention by the Source, similar to how humanity was improved thousands of years ago by the Sirians to allow for at least some form of evolution and contact with Source. But the one we are dealing with this time, will be far more dramatic and bigger in scale. This may not just affect the ascending humans but also those others, so they will have a much easier time; according to my assessment the energetic deficits of the current homo sapiens species are so large that for many souls it is like a dead end, that is to say the blockages are so great, they cannot transcend the darkness in this form even with the help of so many forces of light.

This very afternoon I felt like I was building/designing a new kind of body. I saw in a vision I was in a hospital and missed my left lower leg, which I then replaced using the energies of the Violet-Golden flame. Then I was mostly focused on me in my room again but felt intensely the left lower leg, much lighter and healed. It then continued originating at the center of each of my joints. This process does still feel very much in it’s starting phase.

I also think your operation was key, and had to precede this new development.

Hinting at these new developments is an excellent strategy as it will help those who are involved with it to connect the dots, while giving minimal information to dark forces.


Dear Daniel,

You have grasped precisely the objective of the latest decision of the source to create a new human race that will substitute the current derailed and defunct humanity which has been ravaged and fully manipulated at the genetic level by the dark Orion/Reptilian forces since the Fall of Atlantis and even earlier.

Of course one may argue that this is an old story and that Edgar Cayce has known it for a long time when he announced the coming of the “fifth root race” in the end of all time. By the way, this is a common knowledge of all esoteric movements since the 19th century when the society of theosophy was founded. The German thinker Rudolf Steiner also speaks a lot about the new fifth root race of humanity in his theosophic books.

But what I am announcing here is beyond what past seers were able to see, as this is a completely new development and was only decided after the major ascension test run in the end of May failed one more time and final decision was taken to start creating and ascending the new Golden galaxy with the earth as its focal point and us as the new Guardians of this Galaxy. It was at the same time when the gold-violet flame from the Source was introduced on the earth and new unique conditions for immediate creation were opened to us as the new Logos Gods. Hence the creation of a new human race is an ad hoc decision of the higher realms that used a unique window of opportunity in the Now moment.

Without disclosing too much, I would only like to mention that this new race will be endowed with a completely new DNA and energetic characteristics that will allow it to make a short-cut in its evolution and evolve very quickly to a transgalactic species that is an equal member of the GF. The genetic code of the old humanity has been changed so often by the PTW that it is very difficult to correct all these numerous deficiencies and establish the pristine Adam Kadmon template of ascension. This was achieved only by the light warriors of the first and the last hours, but most of the light workers failed to do so and even fell back into a deeper separation from the Source due to massive contamination by dark influences.

This was not known at the beginning of this ascension experiment. The HR hoped that humanity will respond positively to the new higher frequency source energies that began to flood this planet after the first Harmonic Convergence in 1987. But then the most unlikely result happened – instead of awakening, most old souls that came here with a mission were completely mired by the Orion matrix and fell into an even deeper slumber than before. Their response to these source energies empirically confirmed the impossibility to further evolve the old human race to a new transgalactic species.

Hence in late May this year the decision was made to create a new species that has the energetic potential to incarnate from the 3rd to the 5th dimension and be completely immune to any external detrimental dark influences, as is the case now. This new human race will only evolve within the parameters set by their HS to select the best possible experiences with dense 3D and 4D matter and a separation from the Source, which is not additionally aggravated by external dark forces, as it has been extensively done in the last several decades when humanity was degraded to an easily manipulated mass of zombies, of empty shells, of soulless holographic images without any intelligence, rational thinking, emotions and a capability to follow and integrate higher spiritual ethical and moral standards (see Corey’s letter below).

Hence the decision to create a new human race was made only after the negative experience with the reaction of most human beings and in particular of most old souls to the higher vibrational energies coming from Source was empirically verified. This outcome could not be known in advance even by the Source, as also Jahn’s sources have confirmed on many occasions.

This ascension is an open-end process with many surprises even for the Source. Hence the HR had to wait to the very last moment to make use of a unique set of energetic circumstances associated with the creation of the new Golden Galaxy and the remarkable performance of the light warriors of the first and the last hours before they were able to also create a new template of a new human race.

This new human race will populate the new 4D worlds and later on Gaia-5, which will be a higher dimensional overlay to all these worlds. The new Gaia-5 must start from a clean slate, it needs a new human breed that honors her, lives in harmony with her nature and respects all life. This can be hardly expected from this race, even if some individuals make it to the higher 4D worlds.

We know however than almost 90% of this humanity is doomed to leave this planet through a death experience when the MPR comes. Why then the effort to create so many new worlds in a new galaxy and use the old deficient human element, when it is possible to create a completely new human race with much more advanced energetic characteristics that allow a rapid evolution to a transgalactic species? Besides, this was also the collective desire of all those new souls, who are about to incarnate on the new 4D worlds we have already created.

Finally, there is one further key argument on behalf of the creation of a new human race. Since the 90s, I have tried for many years with all possible means to introduce the scientists in the new theory of the Universal Law, which will be the spiritual and scientific foundation of the new 4D and 5D humanity. In vain! These humans have fully disconnected from their HS and cannot hold the high vibrations of this new theory that comes directly from the Source. All the practical and theoretical implications and consequences disappear immediately in the recesses of their compartmentalized minds and they are unable to grasp the revolutionary character of this new theory for all human life. This profound intellectual deficiency is part of all other human deficiencies, I have discussed above, but it also represents the main hindrance, why humanity cannot evolve to a transgalactic species.

The new theory of science is also the foundation of all future spirituality of mankind. It is important to observe that all current problems, under which this humanity terribly suffers, come entirely from the lack of true spirituality. In other words, as soon as the new theory of the Universal Law is fully introduced and accepted by the new humanity, all current problems, such as oppression, scarcity, wars etc. will be eliminated for ever and spiritual freedom, abundance and enlightenment will become the new way of life for all human beings. The Universal Law is not only the key to a profound healing of humanity, as this will be done in the world temple of healing in Lofer, Raetia, but also the key to unlimited progress of the human race to a transgalactic species.

None of this can be achieved with the current, energetically and genetically highly deficient human race. It is doomed to perpetuate its dreadful destiny for an infinite long period of linear time, unless an energetic leap in its underlying energetic and genetic conditions is made. This has been done now with the decision to create a new human race.

I owe you and the PAT this preliminary explanation to a new most exciting development in the current ascension process, which also shows how complex and unpredictable this process really is.


Hi Georgi,

I have been meaning to write you for so long about all that has transpired since you stopped writing on your site, including my arrest by the dark forces of NC State, my personal descent into the 3D dogs earth catastrophic timeline & subsequent bilocations to a ship in 5D, but my HS has continued to urge me to save my breath & not burden you with too much personal information to digest. I have had more important priorities than informing you of details you surely, on some level, already know.

But your latest publication really resonated with me, especially since you are now closer than ever to the debased American society in which I have lived, exactly in the same neighborhood since two months after birth. Since I became self aware, I have been a keen observer of the social/psychological condition of the people around me. Even though I am coming from a totally different area of the world than you, the “Southern” US, I couldn’t agree more that the overwhelming majority of people seem to be soulless duplicates. In fact, I was walking the dogs the other day, having a conversation with my dual soul & became fixated on a female passerby. She was of Asiatic descent but I got the striking intuition that she was actually not human at all. More like a biological android, humanoid robot, soulless duplicate.

It wasn’t the first time I had received this message, but the intuition was so loud I actually remember it taking my breath away when she passed.. It was like looking into the face of an animatronic robot:

The other issue, pattern which repeats over and over here, is the total lack of any rationality or even self awareness in American society. People literally have been lobotomized & the “new normal” is a state of arrested development retardation, that is so severe, that the medical establishment is now labeling people outside of this spectrum as the mentally ill. Not only that, but the retards themselves will have you crucified for pointing out the obvious truths about the world they live in. What irony!!

At this point nothing surprises me as I have fully embraced that truth is stranger than any fiction, but the level of psychological debasement, which has been achieved in the US is beyond anything I could even conceptualize as a child growing up. It is only in my early adulthood that I have fully realized how dire the situation is.

Even the so called “politically awakened” make great efforts to censor & control opinions, which they feel may present a liability to their own narrow minded objectives. This is a big reason why our species have been sold out so many times over & political action is so typically fruitless. I have many recent personal examples of this, but again I will spare you.

Pair this with a public who is too preoccupied with virtual realities & other Orion entrapments & it becomes, for the elite, almost like shooting fish in a barrel. Or at least it has been for some time, until we ascended to these new planes & are retaking the destiny of mankind. I have definitely come into this knowing with the rest of the PAT & it is a very good feeling indeed. We have come far. I was even inspired to write Ben Fulford, who I know you regard as an agent provocateur, about his recent publication regarding the retaking of weather warfare capabilities by so-called “white hats,” and how this was really related to timeline shift & not so much to do with whatever 3D drama was playing out on the ground. I wonder if he’ll write back.

Anyway, that’s just a short update for now.


Dear Corey,

thank you very much for your feedback on this sorrowful object and I was rather upset to hear that you have been arrested by the police. I hope this has no serious complications for you. It does not make any sense to personally expose yourself to such insane legal authorities and give them a pretext to mal-treat you. This matrix is crumbling without any external opposition due to the lack of any energetic support and now only reveals its insane character as an epileptic in a grande mal seizure.

By the way, why don’t you write an essay on this topic, also including your recent experiences and I will publish it on my website. It is always important to have a snapshot of this reality, precisely because it will cease to exist very soon and we need to give testimony as direct eye witnesses about its terminal madness.

With love and light

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Monday, April 21, 2014

▶ Semjase Pleiades – SMALL CRAFT – “VICAMA” Sharing … :::

Semjase Pleiades: New words to an old friend, temporal Speaking

Semjase Pleiades
Channeled by Maryann Rada

February 18, 2014

Greetings to all from which is in service with the League of
light beside asket and others will come to know. I am
one who has long been in communication with many people on your planet
and whose role has long been to intercede in the operation of its
social structure at each moment of awakening a broader sense of what the
truth it’s about their origins and meaning within the broader context of a
divinely ordered cosmos.

I love the interaction with the mind of their planet, and I love his
people, with all my heart. Semjase I am, and I am coming to you now as one
who speaks to the heart of all humanity in a time of transformation
on a planetary scale. Please listen to what I have to say with grace and
patience, I know that many of you have been hearing a lot of
different sources saying a lot of different things about the way that things
are moving in the world.

My intent of course, is to bring some clarity to those who read my
words, and to impart the knowledge that you are in fact part of a
greater cosmic family, and greater cosmic intelligence sources
the very essence of life itself, we call OM. In that love
that animates all beings, I stand before you now with these words.

upon a time, there were beings traveling in time through a section
of the fabric of space, he met a land incipient and decanted
a great purpose in his plan to temporarily restore the fabric
of galactic history for their own purposes. These beings were astute in
their act of subversion, and early history of the Earth became twisted to
serve his plan.

was not in the power of any star civilizations who had a
part in establishing the currents of life primordial planet to
engage directly with these pirates traveling back in time, because to
do so would have irreparable effects on their own timestreams, and this
is something that they kept the deviation unsubsidized.

Rather, the solution to interference was resolved that for allow
temporal distortion of travelers and stay in the
background as a support to the eventual readjustment planetarium
history with the original course, being stuck at a later point in
the spectrum of time-space occupied land.

This is the point in which we are now picking the story, because in
his view, this is the point in history where timestreams
converge and the annulment of the time stream I rogue and not allow
to drive some aspects of the trip.

They are becoming timekeepers and masters of their own destiny,
now is the time when you are able to decide to take back the
power that had been taken away from you, to put it back in your hands
as a collective same guiding for greater common good,
leaving no one, and that is getting set up again from the
time the divergent time stream entered the scene long, long

This is a slight deviation from the typical story you can hear, and
such After a little, tiny change in the angle of approach that
are normally in the consideration of the concept of self and
collective consciousness. Do not lose yourself as a person in
any of the options, not subjugate yourself greater common
good that sweeps over the individual will in alignment with the harmonious
human being at full bloom.

You do not take a step toward moving back in the future that is
ahead of you as a potential, although there may be in the back of his
mind an idea of losing the brilliance of individuality that
have nurtured all your life, and now. Nothing is lost in the
transition from a temporary power of government to another, other than the
weight of oppression forcing bend their will and creativity
to suit the aims and wishes of others. Worth losing such a
charge, do you agree?

ie not a free for all ensues in which the weak and unconscious
are made ​​to look to others to create a world that may or may not be to your
liking. But it is to say it’s free for all to participate and to
move the process of creating within the group consciousness that arises
from the healthy individuals, whole, broken in holy harmony on
one conscious planetary body of their state of being and support of life.

If this is what is meant by the collective consciousness, is not a
more dynamic level of what many of you have considered such a thing be?
can not get into the fairy tale of tales science fiction when
considering the reality of what faces now, all that pales in
comparison to the real world within the galactic society that is
getting more insistently for the day. He tugged at his
conscience now, we have realized, despite the ups and downs that have
been dragging their emotional body, more or less across the roll
motion mountain global integration.

If you experience sadness, anger, frustration, doubt, despair,
or any other end of dark feelings, know that the experience is
temporary and that they are moving through it with the world on his back. You are
stronger than you think, and to confront the gap as being
in service to the higher resolution of the evolution of mankind, does a great
service to a planet in the pain that comes on the recognition of their own wounds
and their own strengths to overcome them.

Totality is attainable for you and the most human organism
of which it is part. As it takes shape, be gentle with yourself
and patient and supportive of each other. Let your joy become the
frequency of the baseline, while the movement toward wholeness happens.

Allow the peace that comes from having a greater release love, and
the love that comes from self-forgiveness and healing of old
memories will lead to greater alignment with each other. This is our
wish for you all the process of becoming is so peaceful and full of grace-as can be, for all and for all.

Semjase This is the League of Light, in service to the planetary
consciousness and the being of all humanity, who speaks through the
good will of someone who has heard my voice as a friend many times in many
lives. Trust these words as you have confidence that others place in
light of his vision of those in service to the same loving crew, and
lo, I am with you, as a friend and sister. In peace, be well,
and know that the changes you have longed are really moving through
the array into a new world

* * *

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Babaji: Actual Ascension Potentials

Posted on Oct 6, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Babaji, Jahn J Kassl
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Photo Credit:


Conversation with Babaji

channeled by Jahn J Kassl

tranlsated by Franz

October 3, 2014

Beloved Jahn,

You have a question:

JJK: Yes, Georgi interprets the message “Great Brother” such that he will ascend in Munich with the PAT team; meaning “transfigured and heaved”. I see that this message testifies to that, yet from my viewpoint there are also other options probable. What is it really?

BABAJI: It is important to understand that Georgi’s presence in Europe concludes all still to be done ascension tasks.

Georgi and the PAT

After that all energetic requirements for the ascending ones are fulfilled, because due to the individual pain experience, which Georgi had agreed to, collective pain patterns have been released and are forever being dispelled from this world. So far this is known and today this process is ongoing to the fullest extent.

This surgery fulfilled exactly the meaning to dissolve collective suffering and to remove it from this level forever. Once this process is finished, the path is free for further individual ascensions.

Regarding Georgi’s assignments it should be mentioned that they are continually adapted to the requirements of the planetary ascension. This also explains that some fixed ascension days stayed away and caused great displeasure. This also applies to some light warriors of the first and last hours. These are decisions, which are constantly made in the All-That-Is-Consciousness and some ascensions therefore were repeatedly delayed, because it was expressively arranged such from the all-knowing consciousness and the level of omniscience.

Thereby the humanly limited consciousness is always faced with an enormous challenge; and deep divine devotion, the deep trust in God are for those high souls, which experience this, the necessary navigators for this section of their days on earth and in this world.

The extent of your Love for this world and for this mankind is truly unlimited. You are the ones, who bestow “unconditional love” for all Life to new glory.

In short: After the process in Munich is completed in divine perfection, everything is possible.

JJK: Meaning, Georgi’s ascension does not necessarily occur in Munich?

BABAJI: The unique work of Georgi and of Carla, the essence of the Divine in form and image, consists primarily in the fact that they liberate this world from all sluggish energies on all and due to all levels of their Being. The intensity of this process is enormous and can only be carried on for a certain amount of time. And therefore the completion of these assignments is certain and very close.

Munich completes one process and a new one begins. It is open which new assignments Georgi will be choose and in what manner.

A choice, which is always made in absolute agreement with the All-That-Is-Consciousness, with the All-That-Is-Knowledge of a Being.

Decisions on the level of realization are always made out of full divine consciousness, and those are never subject to earthly facts.

Even though facts affect the decision, they never determine it.

JJK: Will all PAT-Members also follow Georgi’s tracks, as soon as he transfigured?

BABAJI: Those, who are destined for it, yes. Others on the other hand have different assignments and foremost also different stages of awareness. Not all have recognized and many follow Georgi blindly rather than consciously. It is necessary to know this. Therefore the hour of ascension is a unique moment for every human Being and always occurs in absolute agreement between Heaven and earth. You know that.

The Agarthans

JJK: What role do the Agarthans play with all these processes?

BABAJI: They hold the world together! This is the best description. In every respect. In cooperation with the Universal Fleet of Light, it is the Agarthans who from inner earth care for upper earth. For a long time this mankind is in the care of the Agarthans and it remains such until the last of all days. Thereby it is mostly about the fact that the destruction of the planet and of all life is being prevented. The Agarthans stifle several dark deeds of the actual enraged forces, which see that their game has come to an end. Thereby all processes of transformation are given enough time and space, so that they can also be fulfilled.

Once the point of global upheaval has been reached, geopolitical, planetary and cosmic events occur nearly simultaneously. In a very short timespan, everything is different!

Yet until then it seems that the changes are few and far between or some even surmise that everything remains the same. This is an illusion, which accompanies you to the end.

JJK: Meaning, regarding the timing of the ascension of individual human Beings and the world, there is still time to be allowed for?

BABAJI: Yes, because time is the greatest of all illusions. Once this is overcome, then a Being is truly free. It is certain, after this great suffering has been lifted from human Beings, the path toward ascension of many beings will be free and a new quality, lightness and Light will reach this world, before it uplifts. Thereby we end our conversation.

What has been proclaimed occurs. Who understands this truth far from space and time is free and has arrived, in the Light, in God, in the Now.

I am with and in the world.

I am with and in human Beings.

I am the All-That-Is.


The book about this topic:

Telos-Welcome to Agartha – JJK:—welcome-to-agartha/index.php

Invocation of the Gold-Violet Flame of Ascension – Dr. Georgi Stankov:

The light world publishing and the author do not lead any correspondence whatsoever on the texts / messages published on this website.

Additional messages and articles regarding current events in:

Hyperlink inactive because the light world publishing refrains from any direct links. Please copy and activate the link in order to access this page.

* * *


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