KRULIANs: Conversations with St. Germain.:::.DOS SUEÑOS.:::.sharing

KRULIANs: Conversations with St. Germain.:::.DOS SUEÑOS.:::.sharing.

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jueves, 31 de julio de 2014

Conversations with St. Germain.:::.DOS SUEÑOS.:::.sharing

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Conversations with St. Germain via Goldenlight 7-21-14 ~ BRICS-led coalition of world leaders raising their consciousness to focus on planetary harmony, peace, and well-being
Saint Germaine
Saint Germaine
by The Golden Light Channel
July 21, 2014

copyright© Please include this credit without alteration and a link to the source message and to this website when reposting this message.


Hello dear St Germain was just reading about Bretton Woods when I heard you start talking…
Yes I was beginning to say that the world is shifting away gradually but steadily from the US Dollar which is quickly losing its status as the world’s reserve currency. The world is changing and world leaders are waking up and shifting away from reliance on the US dollar or anything US-related for that matter. The world is tired of the US-led wars, bullying and aggressive dominance and the leaders of the world are all seeking alternative solutions to US dominance, aggression and power.
They are beginning to see that a large percentage of wars are being created covertly by the US and that no one wins in war, there are only losers. Nations are devastated, people are devastated and the earth is devastated. World leaders are beginning to raise their consciousness now, just as populations are, and wanting to create solutions that benefit all instead of harming all beings and financially benefiting the elite.
The new BRICS bank is a huge step forward in this direction of shifting consciousness, and soon world leaders will begin to work cooperatively for harmony, peace, and prosperity for all rather than for empowering the cabal and elitists of the world. They will begin to cooperatively and harmoniously look for solid solutions to poverty and disease and are swiftly realizing that with the formerly powerful cabal out of the picture, the world can actually be restored to harmony, the wars can stop, and the healing of the world can begin.
Large humanitarian projects can now get off the ground without cabal interference and siphoning of funds and the Great Repair of the world and humanity can begin. The BRICS-led coalition is at the forefront of this movement to bring the planet and its population into harmony once again. The main objective is to disempower the dollar and the cabal and bring the world back into balance. This is the task set before all who join this coalition which represents a shift in consciousness from darkness to light, and from service to the elite, to service to the planet and humanity.
These cutting-edge world leaders are realizing that we are All One and that war, poverty, and disease affects us all and affects our planet… So the kinds of things they will be finding solutions for in the coming days are cleaning up planetary contamination, assisting world populations in building cooperation, health, well-being, and making sure the basic needs of humanity are met, so that spots in the world that have severe drought and starvation can be healed and helped.. They are looking at the global picture now, with the disempowerment of the US-led cabal the utmost priority on the list. The shift away from the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency is the first step in this new paradigm of enlightened world leaders taking every measure possible to create a better world of peace, harmony, love, and well-being for all.
– Message transcribed by Goldenlight, copyright © Please include this credit without alteration and a link to the source message and to this website when reposting this message.

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samkaska: The Kingdom of Heaven is within You – Part II .:::.The Beatitudes .:::.Seligpreisung.:::.OCTOBER ENERGIES.:::.sharing

samkaska: The Kingdom of Heaven is within You – Part II .:::.The Beatitudes .:::.Seligpreisung.:::.OCTOBER ENERGIES.:::.sharing.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

The Kingdom of Heaven is within You – Part II .:::.The Beatitudes .:::.Seligpreisung.:::.OCTOBER ENERGIES.:::.sharing

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The Kingdom of 


is within You – Part II 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 3, 


Sananda – Message of the Light Reading

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 25,



first published on October 3, 2014 in

translated by Franz

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you and if it is not there, then it is not anywhere else!

Unlimited divine consciousness on all levels of Creation. The one who entrusts in me is protected, the one who dedicates himself to me, has recognized, the one who works through me, lives and is, and is not inferior to me in anything and is equal to me – even still much more, such a human Being is to be put over everything else, because to uplift oneself from a sluggish level to the highest is an unlike greater merit than to contribute to the benefit of Creation, far from space-time in God’s steady Light reality.

Remember Who you are, what you have decided to do and out of which power this your life is being nurtured. Remember yourself and you will lament not a day in this world, regret not an hour, instead you will experience every moment as a unique gift, which you have prepared for yourself. It is time to give up any discontent, any peevishness, and every complaint about the additional length of stay in this changing world. To whom? To me. Come to me with everything, I lift your burdens from your shoulders and I dissolve the trepidations of your heart. It is up to you to really let go of these conditions, then everything take its good and right – because light-filled –course.

Trust in your power! And this means to empower yourself to strip off all imperfect conditions of being, because only the one, who is aware of the infinity already here and now, can reach infinity full of bliss. With these words of strengthening and deepening, in order to foster your decisions, which have to do with the redemption of inappropriate conditions, we now betake the further reality of this space-time and its specific characteristics.

The Role of „Old Souls“

At first it is of significance to see the role of “old souls” in the ascension process and regarding the uplifting of this world. These souls descended to earth at this time in uniquely great numbers, so that the ascension can occur on a qualitatively high-grade basis. These Beings therefore entered into this world full of energy and with total devotion. Having arrived in this world, they were also, like all human Beings, exposed to the environment and the conditions of an initial still 3D vibration and later different 4D vibrations. Over time these souls forgot their assignments and the remembrance of their mission in this world faded. More and more human Beings therefore fell out as “energy carriers” or as “energy providers” for the planetary ascension. Thereby it happened what is known in the Heavenly realms as “undesired potential”, namely:

The transformation of the planet and the ascension of mankind required regular new interventions, in order to keep it alive. It was necessary to stoke the fire, to keep it alive, until it was no longer in danger of extinction.

„Undesired Potentials“

Today we are at the point, where these concerns have also been clarified, because the decisions have also been made on this level. A second and equally significant truth is the fact that these “old souls” not only have lost the light-filled remembrances, instead that on this level many of these original high light carriers have turned to the dark forces – with all of their capabilities. Some quite consciously, others unconsciously. This was another “undesired potential”, which demanded a lot of “creativity” of the higher realms of Light. And the light warriors of the first and last hours as well as the “Great Ones” find themselves in this field of tension. (This has always been the crux of our negative energetic experiences as the few effective cleansers of human dross and bearers of the light quotient on this planet. This is a leitmotif in all my writings, note, George)

Sometimes the process of ascension is difficult to understand due to its complexity. And at this place, there is another building block for better understanding, why some valley, which seems to have been crossed long ago, returns. These aspects still have an effect today. Meaning:

1) All processes regarding the further uplifting continue unaffectedly and are always adjusted to the actual situation.

2) In the meantime each ascending one knows his place and knows his concrete assignments.

3 ) All heavenly Powers from distant kingdoms of different universes have sent representatives and high Light Beings to earth, who care for the secure sequence of everything else.

4) The light warriors of the first and last hours have the task to anchor the steadily increasing spiritual vibration first in themselves and then in Mother Earth.

Beloved Ones,

the „dramaturgy“ of this time has it truly in it. To keep one’s nerve in this time, to remain anchored and to be firmly bound to the sources of all life, is a great challenge for many.

Repeat God’s Name

So I remind you of the tool of “invocations”. Please, internalize this method to constantly recite God’s name in your heart. Carry God’s name always within you, whereby you repeat it as often as possible, whereby you speak a “mantra” and this one, like a silent song, accompanies you throughout the day on the inside. This technique goes back to the beginning of this mankind, because the repetition of God’s name, out from the depth and from a pure heart, keeps you connected and makes you unreceptive for sluggish elements.

Occupy yourself with it; bring this reality into your daily life. You do not need to do anything else, in order to receive the certitude of God’s steady closeness. It is these simple exercises, which, as they are consequently applied, bring the greatest benefit. So much about it.

In these days additional “support pillars of the old world” are removed.

Phase of Revelations

Look at the world. The spiral, wherein this world is absorbed, gains in speed. What comes overnight, has been prepared for a long time. Today this world finds itself in the “phase of revelations”, meaning:

a) the dark matrix is revealed to you and its creations, and

b) the new light-filled matrix is revealed to you with its creations.

The time of revelations is the time, wherein many unique insights become possible – energy and time quality make it possible. Meaning, “God’s fields of Grace” continue to act, because even a “redeemed” human Being, a newly awakened one, justifies any effort, which for you very often are connected with it.

Important in this context is: The light warriors of the first and last hours are absolved from any direct care of individual human Beings! This happens today exclusively as a result of your current free choice. Very many loving ones have declared their willingness for this act of Love, who you are beyond all measures – until the very end.

In principle it is true: The rescue of mankind, the rescue of the world no longer falls into your hands. You have truly fulfilled and many have more than fulfilled!

What is at Issue Now?

To immerse oneself, every day more, in the new reality, in the life, like it is behind the veil. To become a pure vessel, every day more, into which the essence of all life, God’s Light, can be let in. Every day more recognize the dark reality of this level – and not deny it – and counter this reality with your own and light-filled creations. To radiate more with each day, grow and become, until the kingdom of Heaven is acquired within you.

Beloved Children!

We have arrived! Life comes to you. Light comes to you. Love triumphs. The deepest darkness will suddenly be illuminated and the depressing silence must yield to the unbounded joy about your triumph, which you gain. This “great time” rightly deserves this description, because no time can be compared to this Now-time. Be willing to give up everything, as you are called from the field in the middle of your work. Be willing to let go of everything that this world offered you in impermanent goods, gave you in beauty and held ready for you in valuables. Be willing to return into the Light. And until then foremost be willing to remove everything from your daily life, which undermines this return.

Powerful swarms of Angels are with you, Great Masters accompany your pathways. Be ready, the day is close.

In infinite Love

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by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 4, 


channelled by JahnJ Kassl on September 24, 



first published on October 4, 2014 in

Selig, die sich Gott ganz hingeben, denn sie werden Einlass in den Himmel finden.
Selig, die das Leben ganz annehmen, denn sie sind von Gott angenommen; Gott ist das Leben.
Selig, die sich ganz ihrer eigenen Gott- und Geistwerdung verschreiben, denn diese werden, noch ehe diese Welt vergeht, Gott schauen.

Selig, die sich als Diener ihrer Aufträge sehen, denn diesen wird Erfüllung zu teil.
Selig, die, die Flamme des Aufstiegs hüten und das Licht des Lebens anfachen, ihnen ist das Reich Gottes gewiss.
Selig, die in dieser Zeit des kosmischen Wandels, obwohl sie diese Welt längst überwunden haben, auf Erden dienen, sie werden wahrlich entrückt werden, weit über das Licht, das keine Schatten wirft, hinaus.
Selig, die Gott lieben, selig die in Gott leben und
selig, die durch Gott wirken, denn die Taten dieser Menschen prägen Welten und prägen sich auf Welten unauslöschlich ein.
Selig, bist du, der du diesen Worten folgst, denn die unsichtbare Hand des Schöpfers geleitet dich durch Zeit
und Raum.


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The Beatitudes 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on 

October 4, 2014


channelled by JahnJ Kassl on 

September 24, 2014


first published on October 4, 

2014 in

Blessed are they, who fully devote to God, Because they will find entrance into Heaven.
Blessed are they, who totally accept life,
Because they are accepted by God; God is Life.
Blessed are they, who fully commit to becoming God and Spirit oneself, because they will encounter God before this world will go away.

Blessed are they, who see oneself as servants of one’s assignments, because they will partake in its fulfillment.
Blessed are they, who guard the flame of ascension and stoke the Light of Life, to them God’s Kingdom is certain.
Blessed are they, who serve on earth, in this time of cosmic transformation, even though they have overcome this world long ago; they will truly be raptured, way beyond the Light that casts no shadows.
Blessed are they, who love God.
Blessed are they, who live in God and
Blessed are they, who act through God, because the acts of these human Beings shape worlds and imprint indelibly in these worlds.
Blessed be you, who follows these words, because the Creator’s invisible hand guides you across space and time.


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Gift of October Energies by Selacia

Imagine a package being delivered to your door – filled with good things and some not so fun things you might want to return to sender if you could. The box has some very personally useful and practical things inside, too.

What if that package was delivered when you were away and you didn’t even know it was there?

That package indeed is there and it involves the unique energies of October. What’s in it? Two eclipses, a Mercury Retrograde, and energetic support to help you Feng Shui inner closets and see lots of things including relationships more clearly.

It is being delivered whether you pay attention or not, the contents impacting you even if you don’t believe in nature’s cycles or the transformational power of planetary energies.

About the Package

The purpose of this article is to let you know about the package, helping you to connect with foresight about your life and your vast potentials as a divine changemaker.

Yes, you have huge potentials to self-actualize and to embody a more quantum existence – in part because of living in these moments and also because of the spiritual transformation groundwork you have done over lifetimes!

If you are like most people, you have been in accelerated transformation mode for some time – perhaps your whole life to date. While you intuitively know that this is a “life project,” it’s natural that you would sometimes get weary of moving through another change cycle or simply want to be at the end of the road.

Relax – that road you are thinking of is a linear road. You don’t want that any more than you want to see continued reminders of our still very dysfunctional and linear society. That’s the world that we inherited, and in other lifetimes also helped to create. When we put things in perspective, it becomes easier to have the additional patience and loving kindness needed to move through this crucial phase.

Each Moment a Precious Jewel

From a higher spiritual perspective, each moment of your life is a precious jewel, a blessing because you have that one additional moment to become more enlightened and whole. Your ordinary self easily forgets the gift of your life and why you were born during this time in history. That conventional part of you is conditioned to focus on the finish line and getting there as fast as you can. Interesting, isn’t it, how your linear self can become so attached so finish lines that have no relevance 300 years from now!

What’s Relevant Now

Since some of you may have no interest or background in specific astrological influences, I’ll describe things in a general way here.

First, the cycle of revolutionary change building for years and having numerous other peaks sine 2012 is about to do an intense dance sure to stir every person alive in a very personal and internal way. It’s like you ingested a meal with hot spices without checking the ingredients – you feel the fire in your belly and perhaps lots of other places too! That fire may feel like an inner upset or stress point, so penetrating that it gets your attention. To be sure, it will catalyze deep-seated issues not yet fully resolved and get your mind racing about all kind of injustices in our society.

October has a lot to do with that fiery internal dance and how you respond to it. Keep in mind that nothing surfacing within you will be random or without relevance. Therefore, do what you can to stay present and in your heart. This includes being compassionate with yourself and others – if you do this for even one hour when others around you cannot, you contribute greatly to a more loving world.

If you feel like a cosmic shovel has been unleashed inside of you – colliding with an old wound or other unfinished business – do not fight it. You know innately what war does, right? It’s not pretty and it accomplishes nothing. Do what you can do to find peace with the cosmic shovel unearthing things you’d rather not see.

The Good News

Now here for the good news! The October energies come with countless opportunities to unravel sticky issues with you a very long time. Relationships will be in high focus. Think of conscious and loving relationships as being a key to everything else you want to have, be, or do.

As October is beginning, invite your inner wisdom to show you which relationships most impact your happiness and progress on the path.
Be grateful for the relationships involving key allies, people who support you in a healthy interdependent way. Treasure them.

Get out your quantum magnifying glass to look at challenging relationships. These are the people who push your buttons at home or work, and the ones who seem to block your progress at every turn. The challenging people may no longer be in your life, too – just the thought of them can trigger your self-doubt or some very old issue within you.

Be brave. Be present. Be loving.

Ask spirit to help you fully utilize the gifts of October’s energy package. Don’t make it about other people. The package is yours, and can be instrumental to your forward movement in the coming times.

Copyright 2014 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.
Posted 20 hours ago by LUZ ZOHAR

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AGHARTAN: El rechazo social y el miedo al rechazo.:::.MENSAJE ANGÉLICO.:::.LOS ECLIPSES DE OCTUBRE 2014.:::.sharing

AGHARTAN: El rechazo social y el miedo al rechazo.:::.MENSAJE ANGÉLICO.:::.LOS ECLIPSES DE OCTUBRE 2014.:::.sharing.

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lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014

El rechazo social y el miedo al rechazo.:::.MENSAJE ANGÉLICO.:::.LOS ECLIPSES DE OCTUBRE 2014.:::.sharing

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Sharing :
El rechazo social y el miedo al rechazo.

Podría considerarse oportuno exponer a continuación una relación de ejemplos que puedan contribuir a ilustrar y, de esta forma, esclarecer todo aquello que se está recogiendo en esta respuesta-apartado. Estos ejemplos pueden ser seleccionados de algún modo para que los llamados

Trabajadores de la Luz, principalmente, puedan ver reflejados en ellos sus principales pesquisas, relacionadas con lo que se está describiendo como sufrimiento emocional, así como con todas sus caras y tonalidades con los nombres que se les tenga a bien asociar.

De la misma manera, estos ejemplos pueden llegar a encontrar su justa identificación con las vivencias de cualquier tipo de personas ya que, como es sabido, las diferencias entre los mismos seres humanos, generalmente, por la propia naturaleza existencial que les caracteriza, no guardan tanta disparidad y diferencia, sino que más bien se pueden tornar, desde una visión más o menos amplia, profunda y asertiva, semejanzas, parecidos y similitudes.

Estos casos reales pueden coincidir con los que se relacionan y detallan ahora.

* Rechazo social.

La experiencia más o menos intensa o permanente de experimentar y percibir el rechazo por parte de otros resulta, con evidencia, una excitación externa que puede provocar con facilidad una alteración emocional sobresaliente que puede conducir a los estados de sufrimiento.

Estos escenarios en la vida de todo ser humano, por supuesto, pueden aparecer, sin cortapisas, en cualquiera de las vertientes que conciernen a su entorno o en algunos de sus ámbitos (la familia, las amistades, la vecindad, la profesión, etc.).

La cuestión ante este panorama, tan reconocible por otra parte, no debe responder a otros condicionantes que no puedan ser: la forma de ser de la persona que vive estas experiencias, su manera de interactuar consciente o inconscientemente con el medio, sus prioridades o valores, su imagen, etc. Por un motivo u otro, dicha persona no encaja con otros individuos con los que trata o convive, en los que puede llegar a detectar cierta inadaptación, repulsa o menosprecio.

Si esta persona que se encuentra inmersa en estas tesituras sociales pasa por ellas dejándose llevar o arrastrar por la propia inercia de estos momentos y situaciones sin discernir o ahondar en la naturaleza o en el origen de las mismas, posiblemente, se dedique a vivir de forma continuada, como ser doliente, las heridas emocionales que estas fricciones, una y otra vez, le pueden llegar a propiciar, con mayor o menor grado de inconsciencia.

En el caso de los Trabajadores de la Luz, en principio, el entendimiento sobre estos dilemas suele estar avalado por una visión más amplia con respecto a la comprensión acerca de estos procesos, y también se podría añadir que más íntegra por las evoluciones y contrastes realizados sobre las causas y los efectos que de estas situaciones se deducen, así como la propia responsabilidad en cuanto a la atracción de las mismas y las escenas ilusorias que realmente representan, sin caer en enfoques y en acciones que las lleguen en realidad a magnificar, en vez de suavizarlas, disminuirlas o disolverlas.

Por tanto, y centrándonos en el tipo de personas que, de un modo u otro, ha despertado en la actualidad al tiempo de cambio por el que está transcurriendo este planeta y que, por ello, han dado paso a modificaciones y correcciones en su perspectiva, hábitos y conductas de vida, amistades, actividades, prioridades, temas de conversación, enfoques y hasta han manifestado públicamente, por una vía u otra, el conocimiento y la verdad que han alcanzado en sus estados actuales de conciencia, se antoja obvio expresar que estas personas, que se han visto envueltas por estas olas de cambio energético, son susceptibles de notar los efectos de choque que estas variaciones energéticas, de conciencia y de vida producen en ellas y, como consecuencia, en el medio donde interactúan.

Ya son sabidos que estos efectos pueden oscilar desde la repercusión más tenue hasta las consecuencias más difíciles y drásticas, llegando estas a estar representadas o encabezadas, incluso, por personas muy queridas o del entorno más cercano, lo que todavía añade una mayor carga emocional a cualquier desavenencia que se pueda producir.

Pero, con independencia de las formas externas que adopten las situaciones de desencuentro o rechazo que se puedan plantear, la naturaleza del estado de sufrimiento interior que se establece, de manera ipso facta como hecho instantáneo y simultáneo, sigue siendo el tema central que se está esclareciendo en el desarrollo de este apartado y, después de subrayar algunos de los escenarios posibles, se va a intentar no desviar la atención sobre el núcleo principal de esta cuestión.

El sufrimiento, pues, surge, al igual que se ha venido comentando hasta ahora, a causa de una resistencia o no aceptación interior, la cual puede ser identificada, en instantes con cierta lucidez, y que, a su vez, está siendo sostenida por una expectativa, ideal o meta que en algún momento fue incorporada e integrada como referencia, la cual sigue teniendo, evidentemente, vigencia en el individuo de una manera consciente o inconscientemente.

Pues bien, se ahonda, así, ahora, en los entresijos de estas realidades con las que los Trabajadores de la Luz, con cierta seguridad, pueden verse identificados, discerniendo cuáles son estas expectativas y referencias de origen que engendran estas fricciones emocionales que llevan al padecimiento.

Describámoslo como un modo de abarcar gran variedad de posibles caras y matices de estas llamadas expectativas y metas que puedan contribuir a dar luz a las distintas expresiones y tonos con los que estos enfoques y pensamientos pueden llegar a propiciar mecanismos de distorsión emocional. Por ejemplo:

– Se establece un marco en el que se considera necesario o se pretende vivir el aprecio o buen trato por parte de los demás, procurando sortear cualquier tipo de conflicto, altercado, desaire, burla o desprecio con ellos.

– Se puede dar por sobrentendido que la familia, como último refugio y bastión con el que se cuenta, va a prestar y a mostrar, si no su apoyo, al menos sí su respeto, sin nunca llegar a pensar que se puedan dar situaciones que puedan considerarse o entenderse como un verdadero desagravio, maltrato o actitud de repudio o rechazo.

– Dar por hecho que en el ámbito laboral cada empleado se va a dedicar solo a su cometido, sin desviarse de su parcela profesional, con una disposición de colaboración hacia los demás compañeros y sin inmiscuirse en el espacio vital y personal del resto de los miembros de la empresa o corporación.

– Asumir que los vecinos y conocidos han de tener comentarios y pensamientos de empatía y una buena imagen sobre uno mismo, acompañado de gestos buenos y cordiales diariamente.

– Esperar que las personas que presentan una misma sintonía y visión de vida aporten lo que se puede llegar a entender como una acorde y justa correspondencia o compensación.

– En definitiva y en resumen, la contemplación de que tiene que existir aceptación, acogida, afecto, entendimiento, etc., por la familia, amigos, seres queridos, vecindario y por la sociedad en su conjunto, bien en lo que se refiere a una visión a nivel global, bien en la pormenorización de los pequeños lances, momentos y detalles cotidianos del día a día.

Se podría expresar también lo hasta ahora indicado como un anhelo interno, que subyace casi de forma continua, inspirado en la posibilidad de verse aceptado y con el beneplácito del resto de individuos, encajando, de un modo u otro, en esa capa social y en el trato con las personas que la constituyen.

Esta relación presenta, por tanto, una serie de expectativas bastante representativas y comunes de referencias asumidas a nivel interno que pueden ser generadoras de dolor emocional cuando estas se vean incumplidas o sin la correspondencia esperada, aunque podrían adjuntarse todos aquellos planteamientos que, igualmente, vinieran a colación.

* Miedo al rechazo.

El particularidad que muestra el miedo en un estado interior de malestar, sufrimiento y conflicto, corroborado por las propias realidades externas que ellos mismos atraen y, a su vez, retroalimentan, es, básicamente, el efecto que aporta la mente de 3D al ir al pasado y recordar situaciones no deseadas que no se quieren volver a pasar, o, urdiendo en estos recuerdos, proyectar posibles escenarios hipotéticos en el futuro que no sean del agrado y del gusto del mismo individuo.

Estos clichés son frutos del funcionamiento temporal de la mente humana de la 3D, volátil entre el pasado y el futuro, sin hallar permanencia en la plenitud del Aquí y del Ahora, estado de asentamiento del Amor.

Por tanto, estos fotogramas mentales, por su propia condición, igualmente son, en sí mismos, juicios, referencias, suposiciones y también expectativas, basadas en la limitación de no tener o de lo que no se tiene, como todo lo que proporciona esta dinámica mental, que, en el proceso ya descrito, activan los correspondientes apegos y resistencias inherentes a dichas expectativas.

Estas proyecciones de la mente que generan miedo emocional pierden toda consistencia, como condicionamientos efímeros e ilusiones que son, cuando todos estos escenarios son enfrentados en primera persona y se abandona todo ir y venir en el tiempo de la mente fuera del presente.

Extracto de 21 PREGUNTAS

Pag. Anterior: Varios/Otros – ¿Cuál es la causa del sufrimiento emocional? Parte II

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MENSAJE ANGÉLICO vía Carol Fitzpatrik

Seres Angélicos están inundando el sistema de rejillas planetario para sostener a los caídos, los pobres y los débiles de corazón. La frecuencia ha cambiado y las líneas de tiempo se eslán moviendo a la realidad de Todos como Uno — Un todo armónico donde la humanidad está fusionada como Una Raza.

Como cualquier comienzo multiétnico, quienes están encarnados tienen orígenes en la multitud de culturas estelares — Arcturia, Pléyades, Ocassio-y la lista continúa. Los recuerdos del Ser pueden ser recuperados de otros mundos, otros tiempos, pero el beneficio del aprendizaje es aplicable a la vida aquí en la Tierra.

La vieja manera está muriendo en la Tierra. Se están quitando las costras de la subyugación y los dramas del control, y en su lugar está la matriz original de la Luz. Civilizaciones enteras de seres etéreos están resurgiendo ahora, activándose todo lo que se pensó estaba abandonado.

Los códigos estelares que siempre han estado allí (dejados por sus antepasados) están ahora disponibles para accesarlos e infundirlos en nuestro ADN mismo. La activación y transferencia sucede a través de la pureza de intención del corazón de uno, seguida por el cambio de frecuencia en el campo armónico resonante.

El Sonido es el portador de la onda a todas las razas estelares.
La rejilla de la Tierra, las líneas intergalácticas, producen un tono puro a medida que se entrecruzan con las líneas ley de la Tierra que producen una gama tonal que activa la resonancia núcleo del antiguo sistema del templo. Los templos emiten patrones de onda diseñados para amplificar la gama tonal más elevada para conectar a las tribus estelares para que recuerden el hogar.

Nuevos vórtices de luz se están uniendo al antiguo sistema del templo; este sistema completo unido está siendo poblado por individuos que escuchan el llamado a moverse por, y/o mudarse a otro lugar. Estamos recibiendo literalmente instrucciones de Casa a través de este sistema de rejillas.

La mayoría oyen la rejilla como un sonido ondulante agudo por encima y más allá de la gama normal de escucha. Este es un vasto sistema decomunicación que nos mantiene conectados unos con otros y con nuestros asistentes interdimensionales.

Ningún grupo o comandante tiene el conocimiento completo o acceso a la rejilla entera. Todos han de ser como uno, para trabajar, para jugar, para reir, para construir como uno. A medida que sean llamados así, vayan adelante y abracen su senda espiritual, y sepan que todo está verdaderamente bien.

Este comunicado fluye adelante al tiempo que muchos de los templos antiguos están revisitándose y reactivándose. Las caminatas espirituales son familiares en su recuento del autodescbrimiento gozoso, el despertar sucediendo, las amistades de por vida que se forjan y las obras de la vida naciendo en la forma.

Esta es la manera del Guerrero Espiritual.

El flujo es suave y melódico en nuestro recuento de recuerdos olvidados hace mucho sobre nuestra procedencia. Las estrellas son significativas para nosotros. Vemos no sólo a la Madre, que es nuestro hogar, sino también a las estrellas.

Los indígenas siempre han mirado a las estrellas para obtener una guía. Los líderes religiosos buscan a los Maestros Divinos para mostrar el camino a los cielos de arriba. Los pequeñines pintan nubes en sus historias mientras que los astrónomos, astrólogos, cosmólogos estudian, miden y resumen lo que va a ser.

Como seres con nuestros orígenes en las estrellas sabemos quiénes somos y entendemos inherentemente que éste es nuestro hogar temporal.

Tenemos la capacidad de ir y venir a voluntad, pero hemos elegido quedarnos y encarnar en la conciencia humana.

Nuestros regalos son muchos, pero hay uno que es común a todos — nuestra capacidad para Amar.

Algunos son Ángeles encarnados; otros son tipo Elfos en su composición energética. Y sin embargo, muchos provienen de muchas galaxias de Luz distantes y no tan distantes. Todos están aquí en un gran crisol.

¿Por qué es importante esta información?

Porque en verdad, nosotros somos aquellos a los que hemos esperado. Toda solución a todo reto, todo dilema, se encuentra en nuestro interior. Algunos de nosotros provenimos de naciones estelares donde las tecnologías sanadoras, la libre energía, la antigravedad o el viaje interdimensional es parte de su mismo ADN. Lo único que tenemos que hacer es detener el ruido interno y rechazar cualquier transmisión frecuencial que nos vaya a atontar.
Sabemos cómo despejar el campo a nuestro alrededor, pero es hermoso hacerlo como una fuerza de Luz colectiva.
¿Qué tal si es realmente cierto que todo lo requerido para cambiar el mundo es la paz interna — una clase de paz sin apegos a ningún resultado en absoluto — donde el amor por sí mismos y por otros actúa como una infusión de luz y transforma la rejilla completa de la conciencia? Las formas de ondas causadas por dicho cambio seríanépicas.
Sin enfocarse en absoluto en lo que está mal y necesita arreglarse, y amplificando solamente el campo positivo, imagínense el potencial.
Juntos estamos dando a luz a una nueva forma de conciencia global.

Con mucho gozo.

Carol Fitzpatrick

La perspectiva desde Tierra

Hemos pasado a través del punto energético máximo de mediados de septiembre, que ha llamado a darse cuenta increíblemente de las esperanzas y los sueños sostenidos por tan largo tiempo, junto con la liberación del lastre emocional más pesado.
Si ustedes se estaban aferrando a cosas viejas, probablemente experimentaron unos momentos retadores, pero sin duda están ahora al otro lado de ello. Si pudieron dejarlo ir y permitir que lo Divino guíe el camino, ustedes experimentaron algunas revelaciones sobre sí mismos y su senda.

Septiembre nos impulsó a empezar de nuevo. Cualquiera fuere lo que estamos enfocando ahora, se siente como un territorio familiar, pero con un recién giro nuevo. Ustedes han ido por la espiral ascendente en los cinco años más o menos que les tomó llegar aquí.

Han descubierto su legacía, o al menos han dejado ir lo que no desean. Este enorme “dejar ir” los coloca en una posición más brillante emocional, mental y físicamente.

Para fines de octubre van a desear haber pasado un poquito más detiempo reflexionando sobre qué desean porque probablemente se van a encontrar sumergidos en un ímpetu hacia adelante para entonces. Tengan en claro qué desean verdaderamente ahora antes de adelantarse demasiado.

Las relaciones continuarán sacudiendo su mundo por un ratito, pero no duden de que están posicionados correctamente para mover su vida adelante de una manera que les traiga una profunda paz y satisfacción.

Mantengan su enfoque, ámense a sí mismos, y sepan que todo está verdaderamente bien.

Para mayores informes: * Education Portal:
CAROL FITZPATRICK es una vidente internacionalmente conocida que sirve como una canal para la conciencia más elevada. Ella es una mentora y guía. Como visionaria y catalizadora para el cambio global de conciencia, su guía se centra en abrazar la conciencia centrada en el corazón como una manera de cumplir con nuestro propósito. Ella es autora de dos libros: No Temas, Mi Niño y Un Llamado Al Recordar: Sigue Tu Corazón, Cambia El Mundo.

Carol Fitzpatrick comparte Light Streamings cada mes con la intención de proporcionar una guía, una elevación espiritual, y un apoyo vibracional que solamente puede llegar de los reinos más elevados de la Luz. Para recibir herramientas y bajadas gratuitas, pueden encontrar a Carol y LS en el sitio:

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Arcángel Miguel a través de Celia Fenn

En el período después del Año Nuevo Planetario y del Equinoccio Global, las energías del Cambio siguen siendo poderosas en la Tierra. Las olas de los Códigos de Luz, impulsos solares y Luz Diamante han continuado pulsando a través de la Galaxia, activando cambios profundos en todas las formas de vida y estructuras. En la Tierra, estos impulsos de Luz están integrados en las Rejillas de Luz y en la Conciencia de aquellos cuyos Cuerpos de Luz están listos para recibirlos. Y una vez que son recibidos, ellos sirven para iniciar cambios muy profundos que continúan el proceso de ruptura de los viejos patrones tridimensionales y el despertar de la nueva conciencia multidimensional en la Tierra.

Las energías entrantes de los Niños Diamante se están uniendo con las de los Niños Cristal, brindando un ímpetu poderoso a los nuevos Guerreros del Corazón y a los Guerreros de la Luz. Estos jóvenes están entrando en el momento de sus vidas en el que están recordando quienes son y por qué están aquí. Ellos tienen misiones poderosas como puntos de anclaje para la energía del Poder Interno, Amor, Fortaleza, Honestidad y Transparencia. Ellos tienen coraje y decisión, y ellos están comenzando a hacer sentir su presencia en la Tierra. Ustedes están viendo esto ahora en China, donde la mayoría de los que van a protestar a las calles están en el grupo de edades entre 17 y 22 años. Estos son los Niños Cristal, y ellos sienten que este es su momento para erguirse y pedir lo que necesitan para su futuro en la Tierra. No es solamente en China, en muchos lugares en la Tierra son los jóvenes quienes están encontrando su Poder Interno y su Guerrero de la Luz Interno, dando un paso al frente.

A medida que se intensifica esta energía en la Tierra, todos los que resuenan con los Códigos de Luz entrantes y con la Luz Diamante, sentirán la activación del Guerrero de la Luz Interno y sentirán la necesidad de expresar una poderosa Conexión del Corazón con la Tierra y con su gente. Esta energía será expresada de diferentes formas, para los jóvenes puede ser en forma de protesta y organización, para otros puede ser en actividades más tranquilas y enfocadas de meditación así como otras actividades grupales de energía.
En todos los casos lo que está naciendo ahora al adentrarse ustedes en este mes de octubre con sus Eclipses Solar y Lunar, es el surgimiento del Guerrero Interno de la Luz, una expresión poderosa de la Luz Divina interna, que les permite brillar e irradiar la Luz para que todos la vean. Ya no tendrán miedo de ser quienes son, sino que serán empoderados alegremente para expresar el Amor y la Compasión que vive dentro de ustedes. Este ustedes actuará de formas que son únicas para ustedes al expresar su esencia única y hermosa como un Alma y Espíritu en Forma Humana.

El Surgimiento de la Energía del Guerrero de Luz Diamante traerá más Luz y Más Esplendor a la Tierra, permitiendo que ustedes comiencen a ver la verdad de lo que está sucediendo en el Planeta. Ya no serán cegados por la confusión y confundidos por las historias de quienes buscan manipular las emociones y crear desastre y guerra. Por el contrario, verán los esfuerzos y el coraje, la belleza y la inspiración de quienes ya están en el proceso de creación y manifestación de la Nueva Tierra. Aun si sus Medios rechazan compartir estas historias y tratan de dirigirlos hacia el miedo y la ira, ustedes serán el Guerrero de la Luz y rechazarán estas viejas historias buscando las Comunidades Diamante de la Nueva Tierra que ya están encontrando nuevas formas de vivir y nuevas soluciones a los problemas creados por las viejas energías y percepciones. Es aquí donde colocarán su energía, y es aquí ¡donde ustedes se sentirán más cómodos como un Guerrero de la Luz!

El Eclipse Lunar del 8 de Octubre del 2014: Puertas de Tiempo Galácticas y Solares y ‘Recarga’ de la Tierra
El 8 de octubre cuando la Luna Llena esté en Aries, habrá también un Eclipse Total de Luna. Este será el segundo Eclipse Lunar del año, que sigue al primero del 15 de abril del 2014. Este primer Eclipse Lunar fue en Libra y así los dos eclipses están conectados, estando en oposición y activando las energías de Libra y Aries. Estos dos Eclipses Lunares son Puertas de Tiempo Galácticas y Solares y favorecen los cambios en el entramado Espacio/Tiempo de su Realidad en la Tierra.
La primera re-codificación de la Puerta de Tiempo permite el surgimiento del Guerrero Diamante. Aries es la casa del Guerrero y también del Niño. Esta energía codifica un Guerrero que porta la Luz Diamante y expresa una ‘inocencia’ superior que se alinea con el Anteproyecto Divino para el Planeta Tierra. El Niño Cristal es también el Guerrero de Luz Diamante ¡y la Luz irradia en este momento! Al alinearse con esta nueva frecuencia, ustedes no pueden hacer otra cosa que no sea sentir oleadas de poder interno así como un profundo sentido de que todo estará bien en la Tierra. A medida que la Luz Diamante se ancla y los Guerreros Diamante se activan, así se activará igualmente en sus Corazones y en sus Cuerpos de Luz y en las Rejillas de Luz del Planeta, el anteproyecto de la Nueva Tierra.

El segundo lugar donde esta re-codificación se sentirá con fuerza es en el área de las Relaciones; todas las relaciones que no estén ‘en equilibrio’, que han estado bajo presión en este último año. Y, en la energía de la Luz Diamante, este concepto de equilibrio enfatiza los aspectos de respeto mutuo, honestidad e integridad en una forma empoderada.

Bajo la Luz Diamante es la relación del ‘Soberano Divino’ la que sostiene la conciencia más elevada y la energía más intensa. Es aquí donde dos compañeros se unen a nivel del Alma para expresar su Luz y Esplendor a través de la relación y de la asociación. Ambos están plenamente equilibrados y son soberanos en sí mismos y han creado una relación básica amorosa con su alma y yo superior. Este enlace de amor en los niveles internos se refleja y manifiesta en los niveles externos.

Los dos compañeros son capaces de fundir sus energías del alma en una unión extasiada del alma, sin embargo son también capaces de ser individuales y plenos por derecho propio. Pueden trabajar unidos o pueden elegir tener una vida de trabajo fuera de la relación. Sin embargo si elijen expresar la asociación, ésta creará un campo de Luz y Esplendor que traerá Alegría y Sanación a los demás a través del propio poder de su reflejo de la Llama Divina de Amor y Compasión.

La Recalibración 10/10

El 10 de octubre, el 10/10, tendrán la oportunidad de atravesar una Puerta de Tiempo Planetaria, donde se recalibrarán y activarán los nuevos Códigos dentro del Cuerpo de Luz de los individuos y de la Tierra.
Esto representará una oportunidad para un ‘nuevo comienzo’ a un nivel superior de conciencia. ¿Qué significa esto? Significa que en este punto se disolverán muchos de los ‘bloqueos’ y ‘dificultades’ de los seis meses pasados y será un tiempo en el cual ustedes serán capaces de avanzar de nuevo.

Al nivel individual, pueden sentirse como si lo que estuvo reteniéndoles se hubiese retirado ahora, sintiéndose libres para comenzar a crear en una forma nueva y en una nueva dirección. Este será un nivel superior de conciencia al que fuera posible anteriormente y será más fácil crear en alineación con sus sueños y esperanzas.

Al nivel Planetario, quienes han estado tratando de ‘Estructurar en el Tiempo’ la conciencia colectiva hacia la guerra y el conflicto verán que sus planes no tendrán éxito. La conciencia superior que está disponible ahora dejará claro que las motivaciones y declaraciones de ellos no están en línea con los mejores intereses de la humanidad actual ni de la humanidad del futuro.

Nuevamente ustedes serán capaces de centrar su atención en la creación de ese Cielo en la Tierra que es su ‘hogar’ en este Planeta, y sentirán que sus creaciones serán apoyadas de una nueva forma.
Al momento de las próximas dos Puertas de Tiempo Planetarias, el 11/11 (11 de noviembre) y el 12/12 (12 de diciembre), se sintonizarán estas recalibraciones a medida que ustedes fluyan hacia su Nueva Realidad.

La Luna Nueva en Escorpio y el Eclipse Solar: 23 de octubre

La Luna Nueva en Escorpio el 23 de octubre y el Eclipse Solar permitirán que estas energías se sientan en la Tierra como cambios y transformaciones en el Sistema Económico. En este tiempo, y durante el mes de octubre habrá algunas tensiones profundas dentro de la comunidad financiera y los sectores bancarios en la Tierra. Estas tensiones están surgiendo porque hay nuevas energías que emergen en los campos de las finanzas y de los negocios que comenzarán a desplazar a los viejos sistemas. Los nuevos Códigos de Luz que se anclarán al momento del Eclipse Solar asistirán en la activación de estas transformaciones y cambios.

Al nivel personal, será un buen momento para considerar su vida financiera y si deben o no reorganizar y ‘recalibrar’ su trabajo y sus finanzas de manera que reflejen su deseo de vivir en armonía con la Tierra. Deben sentir la necesidad de buscar y apoyar a otros que también tengan este profundo deseo de vivir en armonía con la Tierra y de crear una vida Pacífica y Armoniosa en la Tierra en todos los aspectos de la vida.

También puede ser el momento de considerar un enfoque diferente de la vida, y cómo pueden expresar mejor su pasión y su alegría a la vez que también apoyan su vida en términos financieros. En esta nueva Luz Diamante se les mostrará con gran claridad donde necesitan colocar su energía para estar en alineación con la Nueva Tierra y con la Luz Diamante emergentes.

Amados, utilicen la energía de Escorpio para transitar a través de cualquier oscuridad que exista y para ver con claridad aquello que deba hacerse para que puedan actuar como un Guerrero de Luz Diamante irradiando su Luz al Mundo. No permitan que nada los detenga, no permitan que el temor los detenga al plantar las semillas de la creación para este nuevo ciclo de Luz.

Amada Familia de Luz, ¡les deseamos una aventura jubilosa en la Luz en el mes de octubre!

© 2014-15 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Se permite copiar, distribuir, mostrar y realizar el trabajo bajo las siguientes condiciones: Deben acreditar la autora, no pueden utilizar esto con fines comerciales y no pueden alterar, transformar o modificar este trabajo. Para cualquier re-uso o distribución deben aclararle a los demás los términos de licencia de este trabajo. Cualquiera de estas condiciones puede dispensarse si obtienen permiso del titular del derecho de autor. Para cualquier otro fin se debe obtener autorización de la autora.
Pueden descargar las canalizaciones y artículos de Celia Fenn en español, en archivo Word, en

Traducción: Fara González
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo
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fantascienza: Messager From the Arcturians — The Volunteers.:::.JOURNEY INTO GAIA PART 4 .:::.sharing

fantascienza: Messager From the Arcturians — The Volunteers.:::.JOURNEY INTO GAIA PART 4 .:::.sharing.

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lunes, 15 de setiembre de 2014

Messager From the Arcturians — The Volunteers.:::.JOURNEY INTO GAIA PART 4 .:::.sharing

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie
Sunday, September 14, 2014 

Messager From the Arcturians — The Volunteers


Message From The Arcturians

The Volunteers

(NOTE FROM SUE-I woke up this morning with the following dream/message.)

We are the Arcturian, speaking to you from the NOW of 1946,
We are in what is known as a “hospital” awaiting the birth of the female human that we will be over-lighting. The year is 1946 and Earth is in great danger again, and still. Gaia has put out another call to the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation to assist her. She needs some humans who can be a genetic combination of galactics and celestials to assist Her in the dangerous times ahead.

The testing and the droppings of atomic bombs have wounded Her body all the way into her fourth dimensional expression. It appears that the Draconians wearing human forms have lost this latest World War, but in reality they have infiltrated much of the Allied forces that appeared to have won.

These forces have now gone underground, both literally via their many underground cities, and physically in that many Draconians have taken an earth vessel to disguise their true nature. To counteract this ruse, we of the Galactic Federation are contributing our genetics to certain humans who have volunteered for this Mission.

We will then over-light them throughout their lifetime. “We,” meaning the Arcturians, have joined our genetics with the Pleiadians, Antarians and Sirians from Sirius B, which is one of our Galactic Regional Centers. The contribution of this genetic combination will be implanted in our galactic family members who have volunteered to take a human vessel during this NOW.

The main area in which these decisions and actions are occurring are on the Arcturian Mothership. Our Mothership that has been over-lighting dear Gaia during the horrific destructions during World Wars I and II. From our Nowness on the Mothership we can see there are many possible realities in which Earth is destroyed by yet another World War. In fact, the seeds for this third world war are already planted.

We see that the Zeta Reticuli who have worked with the Nazis on their plan to create a “superior race” are about to shift their attention to the United States. The United States has taken many of the German masterminds into their scientific community. Also, the Draconians in human disguise who supported the Nazis during the first two world wars have shifted their interests to the United States.

From the Draconians’ perspective of the fourth dimension, they have been able to view the possible reality of their defeat during WWII and are already planning another world war, with their base in the United States.

Because the Draconian timeline is out of phase with third-dimensional Earth time, they are able to implant their genetic codes into many of the founding fathers of the United States. They have already taken over the Freemasons, who have been the holders of the Atlantian technology and information since Julius Caesar destroyed the great library in Alexandria, Egypt.

To combat what the Draconians have done, as well as what we see the United States will allow the Zetas to do, we have decided that we must implant much of our genetic material into humans who are being born from this NOW of 1946 and forward.

These humans will have a greater chance of receiving and activating the 97% ascension genes that have been turned off in humanity ,until the fifth dimensional light can activate them. The ones who are born just after WWII will be mature adults during the possible timelines of Gaia’s ascension.

Therefore, we are contributing our genetic material, as well as our constant higher guidance, to as many of these humans as possible. In this manner, we anticipate that some of them will be able to remain in some degree of contact with their higher expressions of SELF. We also hope that this multidimensional contact will assist them to remember to accept the higher light into their consciousness so that it can activate their 97% Galactic DNA.

Those humans will have the ability to remember their true, multidimensional natures and will be able to communicate with their Pleiadian, Sirian and Arcturian higher expressions of their Multidimensional SELF. Since these galactic beings were amongst the ones who initially seeded the human race, we have been chosen to assist Gaia by assisting her people.

From our location in the fifth dimensional NOW we can see all possible “future” realities. Therefore, we know that even though Gaia’s plans for planetary ascension have been greatly disrupted by the Draconian humans, stemming from this 1946 timeline there is still a possible reality in which Gaia does, indeed, ascend.

Therefore, we have decided to genetically upgrade certain members of the human race. We are hoping that this upgrade, as well as our constant over-lighting of these volunteers, will create a support system for Gaia’s plan to transmute Her third-dimensional shell back into Her true fifth-dimensional Light Planet.

As we look forward to that impending “time” of 2014 and beyond, we see a strong possible reality in which enough humans can transmute their third-dimensional physical body into their fifth-dimensional Light Body. We know that Gaia will be ready, Her minerals, plants and animals will be ready, but many humans will still be trapped in the darkness of 3D illusion. It is for this reason that we have decided to contribute our genetics and constant guidance.

Oh! We sense that the physical being we are over-lighting is about to be born, but there appears to be a problem. We will need to over-light her from within the surgery room. In this timeline the mother is often put to sleep so she does not suffer the pain of delivery. However, the labor has been long and the mother cannot assist in the birthing process while she is unconscious.

Immediately, we are in the surgery room. We see the Lightbody of the one soon to be born hovering over the mother’s inert body. We will have to enter her physical form while in utero, or she will not survive. Thus, we send a fragment of our collective SELF into the mother, then into the unborn babe.

The mother is awake to her physical form, which allows her to perceive our assistance from her etheric self. In this manner, we are able to assist with the delivery. However, the mother has been under the ether too long, and her life signs alarm the doctor and nurses. Hence, the newborn is somewhat abandoned on a metal weighing table while everyone tends to the mother.

This moment of abandonment will be replayed in her psyche until her full awakening. On the other hand, being a newborn, she is able to perceive our energy field, which is lovingly encompassing her while the others tend to the mother. This early merging of consciousness, which appeared to occur as a “mistake,” will actually assist her perceptions of us throughout her life.

It is in this manner that we, her higher expressions of SELF, remember the density and chaos of the third dimension. Just as she and the others who have volunteered for this assignment will greatly benefit from our guidance, we will learn through them how best to guide humanity.

All of those who volunteered to take this “away mission” will be wearing an earth vessel that has been seeded with galactic DNA. We are hopeful that this higher dimensional DNA will assist them to activate and merge with the higher expressions of their Multidimensional SELF at an early age. The difficult component for our volunteers will be the great loneliness for “Home” that they will suffer.

We move forward now into the timeline from the 1950s through the early 1990s in which the Zeta Reticuli are using human DNA to augment their own over-replicated DNA. Because of their long war with the Draconians, as well as their own mistreatment of the planetary surface, the Zeta’s needed to retreat into the inner caverns of their planet.

Before they realized it they had sterile and had to replicate themselves via cloning. Since they cloned out emotions, they were unaware of the fear they induced in their human subjects. The Zetas, along with their Draconian companions, came to Earth to take DNA samples from their abductees.

They were especially interested in the humans who had volunteered to be our “away team to Earth” because they were holding a constant genetic connection with us, the members of the Galactic Federation. The United States made a deal with the Zeta’s to exchange human DNA for Zeta advanced technology. (As shown in the X File series) This technology was kept by the Illuminati, Draconians in human vessels, and was never shared with the masses of the people.

The “away team” of our galactics and celestials in human vessels has had to silently know what could not be discussed for many decades. They knew the truth of what was occurring because we told them. We told them everything in their dreams and meditations and guided them toward information when we saw they were ready.

Many of our away team felt different, isolated and alone with an inner secret that they did not totally understand and would not dare share with any one. Therefore, they became lonely, depressed and often went “off into their imagination.”

However, when others thought they were just “day dreaming,” they were actually communicating with us. Unfortunately, once their consciousness returned to 3D life, they usually forgot what had occurred in their higher dimensional selves.

With that brief history lesson, we the Arcturians return to your NOW of full awakening. Due to all that we have described, many of our away team forgot to remember their higher dimensional expressions. They, you, were often haunted by dreams and imaginations, which were actually the true reality. In addition, the brainwashing of the third dimension was much worse than we had predicted.

Therefore, many members of our away team in human form forgot about the higher expressions of their Multidimensional SELF that actually connected them to their Home for which they so longed. And some of our away team was primarily associated with the celestial, angelic kingdom. On the other hand, some of them were primarily associated with the members of the Galactic Federation and/or Ashtar Command.

Thus, some of you have more “angelic traits” and others have more “galactic traits.” However, once your awareness expands into your higher fourth and fifth dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, your reality will become increasingly based on unity with all life. Then the “difference” between angelic and galactic will merge into the true unity of the ONE.

In the higher dimensions, Angels, Galactic Federation members, Ascended Masters and Elohim, who are builders and holders of form, all merge into the ONE of the NOW. Then, as your consciousness increasingly merges with the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, your human graduation from third-dimensional individual consciousness will transmute into the higher dimensional unity consciousness with all life.

We, your higher dimensional expressions, are HERE in the ever-present NOW to merge with our courageous representatives on Earth. We see that all of you have suffered much, but have not given up on your own inner directives. We commend you all for somehow remembering us, who are higher expressions of your SELF, in spite of the immense third dimensional campaign to force you all to live in fear and follow that which is outside of you.

YOU, our beloved volunteers who have chosen to wear an earth vessel during this time of great personal and planetary transmutation, are ALWAYS with us. We are with you and observe how even when you are tired, frightened or angry you carry on. Somehow, you have remembered to remember your SELF.

Because of your courage and tenacity, we can openly communicate with you in your NOW. We thank you for remembering your true, Multidimensional SELF and lovingly commend you on your great sacrifice and courage. Despite all barriers that you have confronted, we see that you are still able to hear our call to action!

Remember that WE are YOU, NOW! Together we serve Gaia in Her task of planetary ascension. Posted by Sue at 9:57 PM

* * *

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Jul 21





As I sit beside the river with its constant ebb and flow
I don’t care what I am doing and have no place to go The movement of the tide flowing in and flowing out
The moments of great silence without a whisper or a shout If I could be as peaceful as the river at this time I know my life would also flow with its rhythm and its rhyme To BE the rhythm of my life and to know what NOW is HERE
Would clear my mind to calm my heart and embrace what I hold dear Can my life flow like a river as the tide moves in and out?
Can I take what life brings to me and not care what its about?

Can I just accept the moment of each minute and the day,
As I feel the ONE flow through me, to guide me on my way?

Does the river ask these questions? Does it even have a mind?
Or is it so a part of life that it does not seek nor find?

It joins with the great tide, as it flows into the sea
Two different kinds of water Interact and, yet, are free They are free of all the questions and the confusion that they bring
They simply interact as ONE, alive and active “thing” The “things” that we have harmed, in our hurry to get more
Has left us so alone and empty to our core The ONE that’s flowing through us, like a river to the sea
Knows assisting our dear Gaia is our mission and decree This mission fills our empty core with the power of our Being
To change the way we live our life, what we hear and what we’re seeing When we feel our inner river, as it flows throughout our Soul
We know, at last, we are complete and here to serve our goal Our goal is like a river, for we all must flow as ONE
To assist our dearest Mother on the journey we’ve begun United all together, as we’ve heard that we must be
We can flow as ONE strong current, into the Cosmic Sea

Nature is ready for ascension. It is only humanity that lags behind. Can we put aside our difference now to remember our planetary goal? We have had so many incarnation in which we had to fight for our right to have a happy life that we forgot that happiness is free. However, while our minds were bound in fear, anger and sorrow, all we could do was survive.

Unfortunately, there are still people who live on a survival level. Therefore, they cannot pull their weight, yet, in the ascension process. However, many changes are actually occurring now. The dark is being revealing more and more each day. Therefore, our “ascension train” is no longer traveling through a dark tunnel of fear.

However, while some are clearing out the darkness, others need to band together to keep doing the work of the light. For those of us who have had found a way to raise our consciousness and awaken to our Multidimensional SELF, NOW is the time to roll up our sleeves and find out how we can help.

Before we ask another, it is best to ask our SELF. In that manner, we are honoring that we are MUCH more than the small clay vessel that we are currently wearing. Our earth vessel is becoming too small for us, which is changing every area of our sleeping and waking life. Many are suffering from symptoms of transmutation.

It has been my experience that if we ground and put the higher energy to use, the symptoms greatly diminishes. The higher energy that we are downloading is like water in a river. If the flow of the river is diminished, the water will become murky and life within it will no longer flourish. Those of us who are awakened and are in the process of ascension have a responsibility to continue the forward motion of Planetary Ascension.

I just heard the news of yet another person who killed many people before he was stopped. There are those of us whose job is to stop the darkness, and we greatly appreciate their service. However, there are those of us who are committed carry on with the service of personal and planetary ascension, no matter what.

In order to do this, we must keep our multidimensional consciousness engaged for as much of our day as possible. Therefore, we have to send unconditional love to darkness and, especially to those who are clearing it. Those of us who have found our Path, are aware that many will have a difficult time accepting anything that is new, for fear abhors change.

As Lightworkers, we can send unconditional love to those who have been harmed and even those who have done the harm. If we allow our consciousness to become engaged in anger, fear and sorrow our resonance will drop, and the darkness will have won.

We are in the process of closing these polarities of light and dark, but the hardest part of any project is when it is almost complete. Therefore, it is our job to maintain our “Bridge to Freedom” and to bless those who are giving their necessary contributions as well.


There’s a bridge across our river reaching far beyond the known
Into the life we feel inside and the world that we’ve been shown Across this bridge of sorrow and into the life of love
We know we’ll be connected too our SELF and far above Beyond the memories of a life we’ve lived and now are ending
There is the realm that we have known, and the message it is sending We feel its message in our Soul as it flows into our life
To remember how to live in love and release all fear and strife If we could just remember our SELF who lives there NOW
We can return to our true Wisdom, for we will remember how We feel this bridge within our heart as it guides us to our Soul
To return to who we truly are is our blessing and our goal The life we’re living now, is the best we can remember
For we’re connected, HERE and NOW, to the message and the sender The message that we hear inside is clear and from our heart
It tells us we are now complete, and a new life soon will start This bridge that we will cross, inside our heart and mind
Will lead us to a world of love where everyone is kind We know this world begins inside and extends beyond our knowing
We feel the blessing that it gives and see the Path it‘s showing The Path that we will take, to become our Inner Being
Is were we know that we will find, the glory we’ve been seeing We see a world beyond the self, we’ve always known as “ME”
Within this world there is no work and everything is free We live as one great Being, as together we unite
To hear with our true hearing and see with true sight

Together, we have risen, beyond what we have known To BE the ONES we’ve always been, in the world that we’ve been shown
By Suzanne Carroll
suzaneliephd.blogspot.comPosted 21st July 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
Labels: journey into gaia part IV

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GOF LECTURE JULY 2012 – The Omega Time Particle Dimensional Wave

July 7, 2012 GOF Lecture
The Omega Time Particle Dimensional Wave

Copyright © 2012 David K. Miller
P.O. Box 4074 Prescott, AZ 86302 USA

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. The Earth is now passing through a threshold. This is a threshold that can be described as a shift going to a different level. This new level is also described as leading to a different balance, from the Earth’s terminology. You can say that the Earth is going into a period of imbalance. Remember, when you are looking at the situations of balance and imbalance, please understand that it all is dependent upon your perspective.

Truly, the Earth as a planet is an overall system. As a system, it has a homeostasis, that is, a balance in which it can hold the different energies, the different situations and the different requirements to maintain the complexity of the biosphere.

The biosphere and the maintaining of the biosphere is certainly a complex matter. Now, at this time, the Earth is crossing into a threshold that can be characterized from the third-dimensional perspective as an imbalance. Each of you is probably already experiencing this imbalance in your personal life, and you can also see the imbalance occurring on the planet. There are many extremes and many polarizations occurring as we are speaking, on the planet.

We are very much aware of the weather imbalances that are currently occurring throughout the United States, throughout Mexico, throughout Europe, throughout Australia, throughout the continent of Asia and also in South America and even in New Zealand. We are aware of the activity on the Ring of Fire. We are aware that the Earth is going through a period that I can describe as a self-correction. But, what is a self-correction for the Earth may be for you a period of uncomfortableness.

When I say a self-correction, I mean that the Earth is seeking to bring back a homeostatic situation that it is having trouble maintaining. Certainly, you are all aware of the previous normal seasons that have been characteristic of your springs and summers. You have all been aware of normal rainfall patterns. You have all been aware of the calmness and reliability of the farming. Farming has been dependent upon the certainties and predictions on how weather related to the food chains and food cycles – weather which seems to occur on a regular basis.

The Earth has to take into consideration all activities, all blockages in its meridian system, all thought patterns, all energies that have to do with the oxygen content and the relationships between the atmosphere and the Sun, between the Sun and the Central Sun. The Earth has to take into consideration its relationship to the galaxy because the Earth is also part of a complex galactic structure and galactic system. The Sun is, of course, participating in the galactic complexities as well. The Sun is going through a variety of different storms and different rotational activities that in part are due to its coming alignment or eclipse with the Central Sun.

I say that especially during the next 30 days to perhaps even 38 days (starting on July 7, 2012) there will be a period of imbalance. This is a period in which the Earth has crossed a threshold. This threshold indicates that you are getting closer to an acceleration of events that is part of the pattern of predictions that have been made about the year 2012! Remember that some of the predictions of 2012 were describing periods of great imbalances. Some of the predictions of 2012 were describing periods of upheavals and even blackouts and electromagnetic energies and perhaps more intense polarizations and the intensities of manmade Earth conflicts. I had predicted earlier that the greatest upheaval that is going to occur in 2012 is going to come from a manmade event. Such as an event, for example, that could be described on the scale of a nuclear power accident which had also occurred last year in Japan. The major event could also be described as an upcoming arms conflict between several sides that are lining up against each other. All of these predictions are possible, and you might be surprised to think that it is possible even that another nuclear accident from a power plant could occur considering the fact that one has occurred already last year. Our observations and our careful analysis of the patterns on the Earth and the usages of nuclear energy on the Earth indicate shockingly that there has been no overall change in the pattern of usage of nuclear energy. There has been no overall increase in the safety of the current reactors. There has been no overall consideration of how to better protect this planet from nuclear accidents.

I understand and agree that there have been some minor considerations. There has been some movement towards shutting down some plants in Germany, for example. There have been closings of other plants in Japan. Of course you know that they have started up two more plants recently in Japan at the same time. I am speaking also of the overall balance of nuclear radiation and nuclear activities on the whole planet because I am looking at this from the point of a planetary system. When you look at it from a planetary system, when you look at it from a higher perspective, then you can see many nuclear plants in operation globally that look like dots on a map all over the planet. You can see that there are many dots where there are existing nuclear plants, where there are existing nuclear radiation waste disposal sites and where there are existing radiation leakages.

This does bring us to a more powerful idea. This is a time of needing increased biorelativity. This is a time in which we need to increase our spiritual powers and our spiritual usages of planetary technology. This is a time where we need to look at the central question that is at the center of all planetary healing work. It is at the center of all personal healing work, and it is the center question for all of the starseeds when they look at their mission. That question is: How as starseeds and as planetary healers do we work together to bring down fifth-dimensional energies directly into this planet?

When I speak about bringing down fifth-dimensional energy into this planet, I want to say that the maximum input of fifth-dimensional energy is now needed. The balance imbalance that I am describing will not easily be rectified or rebalanced without an input of fifth-dimensional energy.

I would like to review some of the approaches that we together can use in biorelativity. I want to review some of the technologies that we can use together to ensure the downloading of more fifth-dimensional light. Also, I want to address the really important question of how is it possible that a few people can have a dramatic effect on reversing imbalances that appear on the surface to require a magnificent and tremendous counter-influence.

There have been on this planet great spiritual teachers and great spiritual prophets. These prophets and spiritual leaders have had a dramatic effect on the planet and a dramatic effect on the religious, economic and political situation on this planet. Interestingly, their effects are often postponed; their effects often take centuries before they firmly become rooted and before they directly show their most powerful influence. A simple example of this is that Jesus/Sananda’s influence on the Earth and on the planet didn’t really become powerful until several centuries after his passing.

There is a difference now between the ancient times and the modern era because we are living in what I can call an Omega Time Zone. The Omega Time Zone is a zone in which time can be accelerated. An Omega Time Zone is an era in which multiple events that seemingly would take decades or years to occur can transpire in a month or two. In an Omega Time Zone you already can feel like you have had several lifetimes in the past year or two. You may have already been experiencing this in your personal life. I am sure that there are times where you feel as if you have gone through a whole lifetime and it has only been six months.

The Earth is in the Omega Time Zone. The planetary healers can take advantage of the Omega Time Zone by gathering their forces, gathering their energies and using the thought powers in a simultaneous manner to create a shift or change. This shift or change also is amplified by the dimensional waves that are already occurring because the Earth is closer to its intersection point with the fifth dimension.

Interdimensional waves are electromagnetic charged particles that contain the Omega Time Energy Particles. That means that these waves are containing particles that accelerate the shifting of energies. In order to take full advantage of the Omega Time Zone and the Omega Particles, you have to use advanced spiritual technologies to interact with the Omega Time Particles. That is why I was talking to you about the global repetitious meditative approaches. Repetitious meditative approaches mean that one group is meditating at 9:00 AM, while the other group is meditating at 10:00 AM and another group is meditating at 11:00 AM. Thus you can be a 24-hour cycle or a 12-hour cycle in which one person or one group is seeking a better balance for the Earth. Then another group is seeking the balance an hour later. And so you have what I call a synchronistic relatedness of meditations that can help to stabilize and bring into the Earth fifth-dimensional energy and the fifth-dimensional light.

When we are talking about bringing in the fifth-dimensional healing and light, we are talking about a planetary healing light, and a planetary healing energy. We are talking about focusing on bringing in an electromagnetic Quantum Time Particle. This particle is also a dimensional wave filled with the energy of planetary healing. We are talking about bringing in a Quantum Time Particle Dimensional Wave that is filled with rebalancing for the planet.
There are technologies that can be unified with this synchronized meditation. In the meditations we call on the dimensional wave of the Quantum Time Particles to be merged with the human thoughts. Healing thoughts can be focused on rebalancing the weather patterns and rebalancing the Earth’s feedback loop system so that it is brought into a more stable position.

The Earth’s feedback loop system is not now in a stable mode. This may come as a shock, but also if you look at the events around the planet, and you look at the weather patterns around the planet, then you would surely agree with me. The Earth’s feedback system is not in a stable zone because the Earth’s loop system is looking for bringing itself into a different balance. This new balance may not be a balance that mankind will like. Let me explain this again. Mankind is blocking meridians on the Earth. When mankind is creating lots of undue pollutions in the air and lots of carbon in the atmosphere, then in a sense, these blockages are creating a communication pattern to the Earth’s feedback loop system. It is saying, ok, mankind wants the Earth to go in this direction. Now you can see that the Earth is complying. What more evidence is needed for the planet to understand that the Earth’s feedback loop system is responding to what appears to be blockages created by Man?

Therefore, with a greater intensity and a greater usage of the Omega Time Particles in the meditations, you and we can communicate to the Earth that we want the Earth’s feedback loop system to become more moderate. We want the Earth’s feedback loop system to create a system that is in better balance with mankind’s needs. At the same time mankind can work to remove the blockages on the meridians. We want to see a decrease in some of the extremes. We would like to see a decrease in the polarizations.

The next aspect of this intense biorelativity working with the Earth’s feedback loop system lies in the usage of the 12 etheric crystals and the Planetary Tree of Life. We have downloaded the 12 etheric planetary crystals around the world. We have downloaded the information about how each crystal has been located in a particular spot on this planet and how they are involved in a chain of interactive spheres that can be described as a new meridian system. This new energy system can be described as bypass surgery on the Earth’s meridian system. That means that the original meridian system is so blocked that there is no likelihood that the original meridians could be reopened. This is like open-heart surgery. You create a bypass system where you bypass a blocked vein or an artery, then you use a bypass vein to keep the energy functioning. In many cases, those people who had the bypass surgery actually function as well as or even better than they did before the surgery and had blockages.

One of the Arcturian planetary healing technologies is based on the Arcturian Planetary Tree of Life. It is based on the development of this bypass or new meridian system that Man can feed and work with this new meridian system known as the Arcturian Planetary Tree of Life. This system can process, assimilate, rectify and rebalance the Earth’s feedback loop system. This sounds like a dramatic and high expectation for this Arcturian Planetary Tree of Life. You have to consider that the Planetary Tree of Life is based on a paradigm which is originating from galactic sources.

This configuration represented by the 12 etheric crystals that has been downloaded throughout the planet is participating in a sacred energetic grid. (Note: see diagram at the end of this article.) This sacred energetic grid is multidimensional. This sacred planetary grid is able to process fifth-dimensional energy and intermix it onto this planet.

This Planetary Tree of Life grid can also take existing energies that are manifesting now on the third dimension and retransmit and spread out the energy of the blockages so that a greater and more harmonious balance can be instituted. We met with a powerful Arcturian starseed group in Santa Fe, and we worked with them in their beautiful creation of the Arcturian Temple. We began this work of seeking to create and amplify a spiritual, charged grid that bypasses the original planetary meridian system to work with a greater healing and a greater balance for the Earth.

Part of this work in the Santa Fe Arcturian Temple was based on the concept of loving kindness and compassion for the Earth. In the Arcturian Planetary Tree of Life, it is designated and shown that it is necessary to have a planetary balance. Look at this planet and look what is going on with the weather patterns; then you can say that this is an imbalance. You could say that this extreme weather pattern is an imbalance that can be described as a judgment, or in an extreme case, as a punishment due to a variety of blockages and a variety of misunderstandings and miscalculations due to Man’s activities.

Let us look at this type of judgment or this type of discipline. In our travels throughout the galaxy, we have seen planets fail in learning this lesson. We have seen planets that were not able to organize themselves sufficiently to respond to this type of feedback loop judgment, or this type of feedback loop punishment, represented in extreme weather patterns. You have stories of judgment expressed as extreme weather about this even in your sacred texts where gigantic storms or gigantic upheavals occur because of Man’s actions. Extreme weather can be evaluated in the Planetary Tree of Life as a judgment or punishment.

One can say that the feedback loop system of the planet has certain safe points, and once you pass those thresholds of safety, then there is a point of no return. You probably have even heard this in the discussions about the 2012 End-Time cycle. That means that once Man’s activities cross a certain point, such as not using more green energy or not cutting back on nuclear energy or not cutting back on carbon emissions, then that crossing point can be described as a point of no return. The point of no return could be described by the statement: This is the way this planet is going to be for the next hundred years. That would mean that the summer that you are now seeing (July 2012) is the way the summer is always going to be, and in fact the summer weather may even become more intense. That would mean that the weather and volcanic activity and the level of tectonic plate activity are now also reaching a new level. This level will increase.

Humanity is crossing a threshold in this period. This immediate period is lasting at least for the next 37 to 38 days from this date (July 7, 2012). This threshold is better described as a “pre-threshold.” What do I mean by a pre-threshold? A pre-threshold is a threshold which can be altered. It can be described as a warning threshold. It can be described as a situation in which the Earth’s feedback loop system is looking for a balance, and it is saying, ok, I’ve gotten the messages from Man on how to act, and this is what I am going to do. I am going to try this out for 30 to 40 days. If this looks like this is the correct balance, then I will continue this balance. However, if I get new information from Man, then I will pull back the threshold, and I will incorporate the new information, the new energies, the new communications.

Many people may be surprised to learn that the Earth is communicating with Man, even though Man may not think he is communicating with the Earth. The Earth is a very responsive planet. The Earth is a sensitive planet.

We can look at this pre-threshold period in several ways. It could be a preview of what this planet is going to look like on a more permanent basis. We can look at it as a warning period. We can say that this is how things could be on a more permanent basis unless we make some changes. We can look at this period as a time in which we need to do deep reflection. We can look at it as a time in which we need to intensify our biorelativity activities and our spiritual interventions and our group connections with each other to ensure that the greatest intervention possible can be made, understanding that this is a pre-threshold experience. Again, this means it does not have to be permanent. It can be shifting.

It also means that it is a period in which there is danger. There is a danger that the imbalance that is apparent in the Earth’s feedback loop system is energetically and electromagnetically distributing these particles of imbalance throughout the planet. Remember that everything on this planet and all planets are consisting of electromagnetic charged particles. These charged particles do contain different energies. Understand also that the Earth’s feedback loop system now is communicating and sending out charged particles, sending out a new imbalance from Man’s perspective. Those charged particles of imbalance are also being distributed throughout the energy field of the planet. Certain conflicts and certain polarizations, therefore, may intensify during this next 37-day period because of the particle acceleration.

This is why I have been talking today about the Quantum Time Particle Dimensional Waves. I also call it the Omega Time Particle Dimensional Waves. The Omega Time Particle Dimensional Waves can counterbalance the imbalance energy waves coming from the Earth’s feedback loop system.

In summary, this next period of 37, 38 days is a time that the starseeds can have an effect and can use their spiritual technologies. I am hoping that you intensify on a greater level your work with the Planetary Arcturian Tree of Life. It is necessary and helpful to increase the energies of the Planetary Cities of Light. It is necessary to work with greater devotion to creating more sacred spaces on this planet – spaces that are devoted to holding fifth-dimensional light. It is important to visit the etheric crystal sites and work with the activations of energy. It is important to talk about them. It is important to have connections with the other ones through people’s interactions with each other. It is important to continue with the work with the Arcturian Temple and to have people hold those energies now of loving kindness. That loving kindness energy is saying to the Earth, “Yes, I understand this judgment. I understand why there needs to be a harsh response. I understand why there needs to be these harsh storms. I understand why there needs to be this harsh heat wave. I understand why there needs to be these intense rains that are continuing in England.” But, I also am calling on the energies of compassion. I am calling on the energies of kindness to the planet. The Earth is a kind planet. The Earth is a loving planet. The Earth wants humanity to live in harmony with the Earth. You even call the Earth your mother, which she is. The mother is compassionate.

I would like now for Chief White Eagle to speak with you about Mother Earth. I am Juliano. Blessings.

Hey ya ho! Hey ya ho ya hey! Hey ya ho. All my words are sacred. Greetings, I am the Chief White Eagle. I send my blessings to each of you who are planetary healers of the highest light. Know that you as planetary healers are in a higher evolutionary position.

This concept of the planetary healers helping the Earth is still an elite group of starseeds, an elite group of lightworkers who are devoting themselves to shifting the energies of this planet. Believe me, the Mother Earth is a compassionate mother. Believe me that the Mother Earth knows how to act. One of the greatest myths and the greatest mistakes that mankind can make is to say that the Earth is not being affected by Man.

There is a parallel between your relationship with your mother and mankind’s relationship to the Earth. Your mother is affected by what you do. Your mother has great loving kindness. Your mother has great compassion. Your mother has great understanding. Your mother has great acceptance for you. Also, when there is danger, your mother will act appropriately. You know that every mother will go to extensive extremes to protect its child.

Humanity is the child of the Earth. I think it is so important that the Earth at this time is extremely receptive to your prayers. The Earth at this time is extremely sensitive to mankind’s input. The Earth does have a desire of receiving a spiritual input from you, the children of the Earth.

We, of the ascended Native Peoples on this planet, know that the Medicine Wheel is one of the most powerful tools for beginning the communications to the Earth and to the Earth’s feedback loop system. The Medicine Wheel can receive the dimensional Omega Light Time Particles, and those waves of light can be sent directly into the Earth.

The Planetary Ladders of Ascension can also serve as receivers of the Omega Time Particle Dimensional Waves. The Ladders of Ascension can act in the same way as the Medicine Wheel, that is to say that the Ladders of Ascension can be receiving and downloading light. The idea is that you have to pray and bring down light and bring down the energy into the Ladders of Ascension.

O Father-Mother, Creator of All, we the Arcturian starseeds and planetary healers are gathered here today to help rebalance the Earth. We are here to communicate with the Earth and the Earth’s feedback loop system. We are gathered in a great circle of light for we are now residing in many parts of this planet, and we join in the Ring of Ascension around this planet in our spirits. We open up our Crown Chakras to receive, O Father-Mother, Creator of All, these Omega Time Particles of light. We will go into silence as we each receive to the best of our ability, this light, the Omega Time Particle Dimensional Wave. Then at the end of the meditation, we will send this higher energy back into the Earth. We will be in silence a few minutes.

Hey ya hoohh. Hey yaa hooohh. This Omega Time Particle Wave of dimensional light is received in the Ring of Ascension, and now it is going to each of your Medicine Wheels. It is going to each of your Planetary Cities of Light. It is going to each of the 12 etheric crystals and the places that are holding them, like Lago Puelo, for example. Each of the Ladders of Ascension and Planetary Cities of Light are receiving this. Together we send a healing balance, a healing thought, to the Earth’s feedback loop system to create a better harmony of the weather and to create a better balance. Let the consciousness of the entire planet open up to this powerful energy and message that the Earth’s feedback loop system is now demonstrating to the Earth.

When we reach these types of crisis situations, then we go more into ceremony. We practice more spiritual exercises. We do more talking prayers. We spend more time in the Medicine Wheel. We spend more time seeking purifications. We spend more time working to transmit our energies around to the planet. And, also, most important, we attempt to listen to the Earth and listen to what the Earth is saying, and we begin to do more chanting.

The Earth feedback loop system is an energy vibration. It is an electromagnetic wave vibration. Some of the new vibrations coming to the Earth are also because the Earth is in a different position with the Sun. The Earth is in a different position in the galaxy. There is different electromagnetic energy. It is not only mankind’s activities that are affecting the planet, but it is also the energies the Earth is experiencing on its path throughout the galaxy.

I, Chief White Eagle, call on the highest energy from the Central Sun to be part of this Omega Time Particle Wave energy. Accelerate this light into each person. Accelerate this light into each Medicine Wheel. Accelerate this light into each Ladder of Ascension. Accelerate this light into each Planetary City of Light. Accelerate this light into each of the12 etheric crystals and learn to connect with the highest fifth-dimensional energies. Know that the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, the great spirits that are overlooking this planet now, are working together with you.

Hey ya hoohh. Hey yaaaa hoooohhhh. The Prophetess, White Buffalo Calf Woman, is coming to the Earth. She is going to lead a new movement on this planet that will bring a balance so powerful. She will bring an energy so powerful. She will bring an energy of a new just society. She will bring an energy of a new way of justice and a new way of doing business on this planet. This will bring a new economic energy, a new political energy, a new social energy, a new healing energy. You are holding and bringing the pathway for her entrance. Welcome her. I am Chief White Eagle. All my words are sacred. All my relations. HO!

Posted 26th July 2012 by Juan Pablo

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photos: ▶ Remove Wrinkles in Photoshop with the Spot Healing Brush – Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Objectivity.:::.sharing

photos: ▶ Remove Wrinkles in Photoshop with the Spot Healing Brush – Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Objectivity.:::.sharing.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

▶ Remove Wrinkles in Photoshop with the Spot Healing Brush – Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Objectivity.:::.sharing

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▶ Angel Wisdom: Objectivity – January 22, 2014 – YouTube


Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Objectivity

Posted on Jan 23, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Angel Wisdom, Sharon Taphorn
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Sharon Taphorn

Channeled by Sharon Taphorn
Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wisdom and Objectivity are what is most important

Stay in you integrity. It is important to stand up to what you
believe in but it is also important to remember that communication
begins with open and honest dialogue and to look at situations from
everyone’s perspective, not just your own. Have confidence in yourself
and claim your personal power a rational mind and an open heart and you
will know what to do and what is right and best for all.

There is always something more waiting for you on your spiritual
quest and you will do what you know is right and best for you. Take a
deep breath and enjoy the steps along the path as that is what is going
to happen anyway, you might as well choose to enjoy and explore where it
is leading you and know that by your conscious will to co-create, it
will be wonderful.

Keep yourself objective and things that are important in perspective.

Affirmation: “I am on a spiritual quest and There is something better
waiting for me to arrive and I know just what to do to help me get

And so it is

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji

Universal Copyright ©2014 by Sharon Taphorn All rights reserved.

Please share articles as long as copyright and contact info are
always included and the message is complete and credit is given to the


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Equipoise: ▶ Lumbrical Plus Finger – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube

Equipoise: ▶ Lumbrical Plus Finger – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

▶ Lumbrical Plus Finger – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube

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Dragons message to humanity

 27th Feb 14

Greetings, we are the DRAGON realms and we come to add our voice to ALL as the human race now prepare for the EVENT in TRUTH. We make our energies known so that those who remember us can work with us as ALL now move and shift fully into place to allow for the unveiling of TRUTH upon and within planet earth.  We seek to place our service to ALL of humanity to assist at this time of vast expansion and of vast change and dissolving. For ALL that is not TRUTH will now dissolve fully and ALL that IS will now begin to strengthen and to shift and to expand and deepen.
The DRAGON realms add to the stabilization of the human energy signature, we ask for you to call on our energies as you now begin to move into FULL EXPANSION of your energy signature and we guide for ALL to LET GO as the energies now begin to heighten in preparation for the unveiling of TRUTH upon and within planet earth.
The human race kept in chains and bound to realities that were created FOR them and this is not supported and will now dissolve. We ask for you to see us in TRUTH, to detach from the disinformation about our realms and we ask for ALL dragon masters to begin the work that will see their energy signature expand into the New Earth in preparation for the birth of a new reality and a new way of life for the human race in TRUTH.  For INTER dimensionality now births through, around and within the human race as they move into MULTI dimensionality. The unveiling of TRUTH will see the human race stand in the LIGHT of TRUTH and stand EQUAL with ALL in the UNIVERSE of 3.
We call to our kin who have incarnated upon the planet earth and who have taken various forms upon and within planet earth and we ask them to hold the LIGHT of TRUTH for ALL to see. We place our energies within the consciousness of the human race as ALL now place their energy within the consciousness of the human race, who will now be able to see that which was hidden from them by those who sought to contain and suppress them.
We LIGHT the fires within and we swim into place fully. We spread our energies across and within planet earth in full preparation for the expansion of the planet’s energy signature for in order to birth into a new reality the host planet must be able to hold and support said reality.
ALL NOW UNFOLDS IN TRUTH, rapidly, swiftly, like a bird on the wing, for the forward momentum has been reached and exceeded. ALL celebrate with ALL at this time and the LOVE that IS now radiates out across, within and through the planet earth and the peoples of planet earth. FREEDOM is now birthed in TRUTH on planet earth in the UNIVERSE of 3.
11 22 44
77 8 77
22 3 22
66 9 55
111 22 333
44 777 22 33
BE at peace for ALL is NOW, ALL JUST IS and ALL IS now birthed into the outer waking reality that is known to those in human form as the human life experience. EXPANSION is beyond anything that has been experienced at this level on this planet, we ask for ALL to understand and to LET GO fully for that which you are now to experience was always to BE, for YOU ARE in TRUTH.
We are the DRAGON realms and we walk with ALL at this time upon the planet.
(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if author and authors website is clearly stated and article remains intact and remains in its original format which is written.  NO permission is granted to alter the format of this article and it must remain FREE to access at all times
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