samkaska: A Hymn for the Universal Light-Warrior .:::.The Soul Age Model of the New Gnosis.:::.sharing

samkaska: A Hymn for the Universal Light-Warrior .:::.The Soul Age Model of the New Gnosis.:::.sharing.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

A Hymn for the Universal Light-Warrior .:::.The Soul Age Model of the New Gnosis.:::.sharing

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A Hymn for the 

Universal Light-Warrior 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 3, 


The Artist, the Samurai and the Witness

Therese, the UV Indigo 

Stripped down and bare
My soul on a platter
In front of your face
Ready for you to eat
And you just stare
Wondering what will happen
If you take a bite–
Or the whole plate
Of another person’s soul
What will happen if you look too deep
Into the eyes of another being?
What will happen if you speak your mind?
What will happen if you speak your truth?
What will happen when I tell you that I am not human?
What will you do?

I wear my heart on my sleeve
I’ve been silently working my masterpiece for centuries
For everyone to witness in this moment
I was born to leave a harsh paint-stroke on your soul
To shell shock you out of your slumber
Are you afraid to respond back to me because I see inside you?
Because I do
I see everything inside
I see your wants and desires
Your pain and your anger
Your success and failures
But most of all I see your soul
Above all
I see what you long for
It cries deep inside of you day and night
Wanting to be loved
For who and what you really are
Are you afraid to let your soul be naked?
Breaking the social norms
To show people who they really are
What they’re really meant for
Fighting for the lives of others?
My tongue is my weapon
My heart is my shield
My energy is the slate
That sharpens my sword
I break down all your lies
You’ve been told your whole life
The matrix is fucking real
Open up your lovely eyes
And release yourself from the lies
Through art
Through music
Through the laughter
the tears
The deep healing
Let it penetrate
Every atom of your being
The scales on your eyelids
Are centuries old
I’m here to break your mold
And show you your own power
To change everything in an instant
You are here to be a witness to me
And I am here to be a witness to you
To the true universe that exists within you
I will forge on ahead on the battlefield of your mind
My tongue as my sword pointed directly in front of me
Tearing down every wall built around your soul
Science fiction is far more real than the reality you’ve been sold
You are far more beautiful than what you’ve ever been told
And you’ve known it your whole life
Deep inside, you feel it, you know it
You don’t want to deny it, except the MONEY makes you
It makes you feel guilty and absurd for believing truth
No more f***ing lies
I’m here to show you
I will guide you to victory if you let me
Divinity is all around you
I’m trying to show you
With every bit of strength I have
I will show you what real beauty is
If you have not seen it yet
I will tell you to look inside yourself
Because that is where it is
That is where it has always been
You’ve lost touch
But you will touch your own soul again
Like a flower that blooms before your eyes
Without permission
Without lies
Without tears
It blooms and you see
And you smell the fragrance in the air
You feel the energy flowing around you
The oxygen emitting from the flower
The aroma captivating your senses…
For once in your life you have experienced the truth
The real truth
And your body confirms it
I know that you feel it
I know that for once in your life
You won’t deny it
Because these words permeate every atom of your being
This is YOU
You are the flower, the fragrance
The essence of life
Breathe yourself in for once
Embrace yourself
And look at yourself as the universal flower you really are
Not what your family tells you
Not what your friends tell you
Not what society forces on you
You are a healer
A warrior
A lover
A friend
A poet
A musician
An artist
You are energy freely flowing throughout the entire universe
Sustaining life with your very existence– within your soul
You are the reason I am alive
So I thank you
My friends
With all my heart
And soul
with Honor,
And Valor,
I defend your existence
Do not take for granted what you have in front of you
Everything can change in a split second of time
If you’re open to it
I have seen things you would not believe
Artists try to show you
Through the music,
The paintings,
The films,
The writing,
The photographs
Exactly in the way these things have been used against us
There is a great battle being waged for our minds
our hearts
and our bodies
This battle for consciousness
Deep inside us
Designed to keep us enslaved on this planet forever
Selling to us what the planet gives for free
It’s about power and control of energy
Not letting us live out our true reality
HAARP cannot override our frequencies
We are too powerful you will see
I see how it has made some minds and hearts complacent
All creativity needs to flow freely throughout the universe
Let my energy heal you
Open up
Let me in
I want to help
And I have the power inside of me
So do you…
Just open yourself up to it
Like the song in your heart
That’s been banging loudly from the depths of your ribcage
For thousands of years
Be a Samurai with your courage, honor, loyalty and valor
Healing, forgiveness, and the highest form of love–compassion
Be the one the people are looking for to find hope within
Be the change you wish to see
Be an artist,
Be a samurai,
Be a witness
Because many societies hate truth
and suppress the truth
And when artists speak the truth
you know it, you feel it, you see it
Because your heart skips beats
And your souls cry out to be free from its chains
We can hear them pounding like a loud drum from the center of our beings
It is so loud at times, some can hardly sleep
We feel your pain from where your wounds first began
Everyone’s chains are different
You know what yours are
And if you don’t
Ask, ask yourself, but
What you expect might not be what you thought
So drop all expectations of who you think you are
Because whoever you think you are now
You are so much more
And you grow everyday
People around you may not see it
They may judge your growth
Not happening fast enough
They may judge your actions for a moment in time
Not knowing there was a lesson for them
In how we see others
In how we judge others
You may see a bum on the street and not realize
Their soul is that of the heart of Buddha, Gandhi, and Tomoe Gozen
You may just see what they have allowed you to see
Because it was not time for you to know
We are all stepping stones for each other in life’s journey
It is all of you who brought me to this point in life
And now all I am doing is returning your own gift back to you
It is OK if you do not accept what I am telling you as fact
Because you don’t have to have faith to bare witness
The artists have come to heal the world
Without society’s permission
Please create with all the love, beauty, energy and life you have in you
Create the universe with your soul dear artist friends
Because inside of you, you hold the keys to what the world is looking for
You have the power to affect change within you
You have the power to heal the broken wounds of thousands of wars and tyranny and pain
For lifetimes on this planet…
All the answers are inside of you
Because life creates
And so do you
Let go
Don’t think
Let it happen right before your eyes
A miracle
Spoken into the universe
And bore witness
You chose to fight the greatest battle
To just be you
You have been starved of friendship and love
Been ridiculed in between the silence and gossip of others
At times all alone
But somewhere inside you knew
“This is my path
This is my journey
This is where I am to go
Someday I will help others see
I will shock them out of their sleep
I will run as quickly as I can to knock them out with perfect love
With joy, with laughter, with tears, with healing, with music
I will fight until my last breath to help them see the beauty
And the warrior within themselves forging a new path through their own existence”
And if you don’t understand that is my mission then I will meet you gladly on the other side
And embrace you with all of my love and joy and tears because no matter what you do
I will always love you from the deepest recesses of my soul
My existence
Everything that I am
Because you crossed my path for one moment in time and showed me who I really am
And that is the ultimate purpose of everyone who lives and dies and is born again and again
The lesson to be learned is
To love at all costs
Whether you are loved or hated
Respected or humiliated
And what happens then?
We graduate, we move on to bigger and better things..
We explore new territories in the world
I am going to travel… and infuse Love Energy, Peace and Joy
You are in my life to bear witness to your own power
To see the truth your heart has longed for
Unfiltered by manipulation, media ads, negative television frequencies
Words that resonate with your soul
You have to learn how to FEEL again
No matter who you are
Where you come from
What planet you live
The entire universe is alive, and you are it
The bugs know more than us and yet we look at them as if they are so small
You are here to see the greatest beauty ever witnessed unfold
I am here to be your General
If you let me
If you listen to me
I will guide your thoughts and hand
Through my universal inspirations
Because these words come straight from my life force within
the same life force within you
I have faced every fear imaginable
I have faced brutal deaths countless times…
But it was all worth it for this moment
To be free from the lies
To live creatively and free
You have forgotten the inner warrior inside you
Not the kind who fights with
Guns and swords
The “artist” is the greatest weapon
We are catalysts of evolution
Truth, freedom, integrity, courage
Strength and honor
Love and peace
We help heal
We give our lives
So you can be happy
Artists are often unappreciated
They show us that we can create our own universe
our own reality
The real warriors
We have the words
The wisdom
The insight
We expose things detrimental to our development
We love genuinely
Take risks so that we can discover new things and share inspiration
Because we know that is the food of the soul
So let it be written and let it be inscribed into the universal consciousness
If you are an artist, you are a 21st century Samurai of Light
So are you in or are you out?
It’s time to create;
To create the most beauty in the universe
That has ever existed
To rule the heart
To heal
To love
To feed the soul
And we keep coming back for more and more,
And we will never stop even after humanity finally gets it!
The artists are the true bringers of love and peace and freedom
Who do you know right now that has done the most good for humanity?
I couldn’t think of anyone either
And then it hit me
It really hit me
You have to be the change you want to see
You have to envision the change and then become it
So I ask you
My loyal friends
I would be greatly honored to be your General
To go out onto the front lines
And lead the greatest battle in history
For the human soul, the psyche, the freedom of others
And the paintbrush upon my canvas is my shield
And my pen upon the paper is my weapon
And the battle ground is the universal consciousness
I want people to see their own power
And I will show them until the last breath I have in me
I have nothing to offer you but my truth
This Truth I see inside myself
It reflects off the truth I see in others
So if you like these words
Realize they are inside of you too
We are all connected
And the harder you fight the truth
The harder the battle will be for the ones who see
And are standing in the forefront
Fighting for your victory
If you open your eyes
This is what is truly happening
Let go of expectations
Of what you perceive as reality
Then we can push even faster
You are an artist
You will bare witness
And you will be a Samurai of Light
And it won’t even be difficult
Peaceful bliss, we will enjoy it
I promise you that
Every step of the way will be guided
And will bring us utter joy
We will forget the horrors of this life
The artist is your warrior of hope and change
No president, military, or dictator can give you the guidance you need
They want to use and abuse you as their slave
They rob, plunder and steal from you by night
And smile at you by day, proclaiming they support free speech,
Protection of liberties and the pursuit of happiness
(Can you think of the last time you truly felt free to pursue happiness?)
Claiming they support the rights of others
Yet society condemns those who truly speak from their heart at all costs
We have no rights, but we have a choice to fight against these lies
and recreate a new reality, a new galaxy
One day the president tells you he supports equal rights so you vote for him
The next day he says he’s prolife so you will vote for him
The next day he says he will lower taxes so you will vote for him
These people are not leading us to victory,
Each day they lead us to our folly time and time again
It’s a vicious cycle that will repeat infinitely until the last person jumps off the merry-go-round
We do not even see that their reality is not reality,
It was invented to control every aspect of our beings
We are slaves
And yet we look at the birds and wonder
They work, they eat, and they sing, they live, they mate and lay eggs and they’re happy
And we think we are at the top of the food chain?
Our species is enslaved more than any other
And we can’t even see it or fight to do anything about it
We send our families overseas to fight for lies, to plunder and steal from other nations
To kill in the name of freedom
The artist gives you freedom without taking the life of another
We have divided ourselves away from others with borderlines
We have segregated ourselves from those we should treat like family
So that we can easily be conquered and forced and coerced to ignore each other’s cries for help
Just so that we can hoard as much wealth and material possessions for ourselves as we can
If we would sacrifice some comfort so that others can live
Not only would we no longer be dependent on the system
In the end would have much more to share
The work that we tirelessly do every day
And yet barely hang on
As homelessness runs rampant
Life can just flow
The reason we fight is because we have been sold on the idea of anger and violence
I’m here to sell you on the idea to refuse violence at all costs, even death
Especially the military. If we are willing to give our lives to kill
Then let us be willing to give our lives to not kill anyone, anymore, ever again
I think the odds would weigh out a lot differently
Considering how many die to “protect” our country
Would not pale in comparison to any amount of “actual” terrorist attacks or threats etcetera
And would not create so many enemies if we did not bombard other nations
And exploit all their resources while leaving their people to suffer and die
We have mutilated this land from the very beginning
Just like the holocaust of 30,000,000 Native Americans
Who treated all of life with great care and respect
While we have used, abused and profited from the earth and giving back nothing in return
but death, toxic waste, radiation
And we wonder why we are used and abused for profit instead of letting the earth provide exactly what we need
That is what I would ask of my military if I were the commander and chief
Did you know that some people thrive from negative energy?
And some people die from this negative energy…
If you take a hard look at who runs the world, who do you think benefits?
The people who are carrying out orders to go to nations to kill in the name of freedom and democracy?
Or the ones who are suffering and being slaughtered by the thousands around the world for the false freedom and democracy?
If America really wants to be the prime example of a peaceful country
We need to stop killing everyone that has some kind resource we wish to exploit
When will we open our hearts and eyes to the fact that we refuse to help others in a real way that provides positive, long lasting, true results.
We are so distracted in America we don’t even truly notice
That our lack of conviction to stop the governments from invading other nations will eventually
Fall back on us, everything you do or choose not to do reflects back on you
And all of our lack of action puts our lives in a stagnate, frozen in time kind of reality
Where we are unable to see the beauty behind us or in front of us
Let alone in the very present moment we actually exist
It would be a truly great thing, if you could just open your heart a little
Just enough to let a small beam of light through
That is all it would take
Everything else will just fall into place
Respect and honor to those who have fought and died for the cause
But it is time to stop the killing of innocents, and let these strong men and women be artists on the battlefield for the human mind from now on, not with tanks and weapons galore.
The reason why we want to fight for freedom is because deep down we want to create freedom
Try using tools of creation, rather than tools of destruction
You will notice amazing results very quickly
But our government, our schools, our communities and societies have given us the wrong weapons to fight with
Unlike the artists
Artists shows you
How to work
How to sleep
How to eat
How to live
How to heal on all levels
How to make money
How to be free
How to be happy
How to love
How to fight
how to shine your light
And yet the artist goes hungry for true love
For you
They go hungry so that you can be free
Because artists loves humanity unconditionally
And wants nothing but the best for everyone!
When has your president, your dictators, your senators, congressmen truly sacrificed for you?
They live lavish lives at the expense of your very lives, your peace, your happiness, your freedom, YOUR existence?
Artists were born to be artists
And no matter how much you tell the bird to be a fish
The bird is still a bird
Flying free above everything in the world
Looking down on all the suffering
At the same time feeling all of it
Watching all the people try to be fishes when they were born as birds
Or trying to be birds when they were born as fishes
The worst of all to see them be born as machines
And work as mindless drones, unable to question authority
Governments, policies, regimes, plots, the status quo
Countless examples of us going against our own nature
And giving into society, claiming “this is the way”
Everyone trying to be something they are not
And why?
Because they do not listen to the artists
They take their meanings and their art as hobby
And even if they grasp in part
They don’t see that the “artists” are the true leaders of the world
And we wonder why we suffer from anxiety, depression, loneliness, fear and anger?
We wonder and wonder and we take the drugs to make the pain go away
It will never go away until we open all of the century old wounds
And flush them out with a fierce salt
Let me be the fierce salt for the planet’s wounds
Let me awaken the healer inside you
Artists show you all that you are capable of
In a way that guides everything back
Within your own heart
Within your own soul
Your own mind
Giving you back your independence to challenge
The status quo and everything in between
To speak your mind and heart at its rawest discourse
Gut level honesty
Most of us are so afraid of honesty
And what others will think of us if we speak our truth
Let me tell you something I think I’ve learned about truth
No one’s is ever wrong
It is either a discovered
Or an undiscovered truth
Or a transition in between the two
Whichever stage it is, truth is always evolving
And maybe one day,
In a clear flash of light
We can finally come to
A truth we can all agree on
But what do I know? I am “just” an artist


Greetings Dr. Georgi Stankov,

First of all thank you for all the information that you have made public. Your research has made a major impact on my own findings.

The New General Theory of Science of the Universal Law is information I have been trying to piece together since childhood.

I have longed to be a doctor or rather a healer since then as well, however I found too many flaws within the medical systems even the ones that may mean well.

I would love study all of your research and one day teach it to others. I grasp the big picture but I’m ready to go deep inside.

I would now like to share this poem with you. It is actually about 4 poems in one. It is abstract but dedicated to all Light Workers and humanity. Artists of life.

This poem has been edited on a consistent basis for almost three years. It is a work in progress as we all are. It is always evolving.

Therese, UV Indigo

Dear Therese,

thank you very much for sending me this powerful poem, dedicated to the light warrior, who must be all at once:

1) an artist expressing the energies of his second chakra of artistic creation,

2) a warrior from his third chakra of vitality and physical expansion (and now the chakra responsible for multidimensional travels) and

3) an observer and witness from the passion of his heart (4. chakra) and with a clear-cut, logical mind from the 5. chakra of intellectual clarity,

which is perfectly aligned with the 6th chakra of spirituality and the 7th chakra of god’s ecstasy, in the course of the opening of his left brain portal.

In other words, the true warrior is the universal human being – a prototype of the new humanity that we have already created in the upper 4D worlds and of course in Gaia-5 that already exists in the fifth and higher dimensions, where we are currently most active, while our existence in this crumbling 3D world is the only energetic guarantee that ascension and the ID split will happen very soon and change everything for ever.

I have published your poem today on my 


With love and light


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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する
Sharing :

The Soul Age Model of 

the New Gnosis
by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 1, 


by Georgi Stankov, October 1, 2014

In the latest message of Sananda the destiny of two prominent criminal Ukrainian politicians is discussed from the point of view of their soul age. This disquisition fully coalesces with the Soul Age Model, which I have developed in the late 90s and presented in my first gnostic book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” written in 2000. This transcendental approach is the most reliable explanatory model with respect to human behavior and gives you the key to a complete understanding of what is currently happening on this planet in the End Time.

I have subsequently used this Soul Age Model in all my German books on human Gnosis and also in my English books on the same topic published on this website in order to explain the irrational aspects of human behavior from the energetic, archetypal structure of all incarnated souls on this planet.

As this model is an excellent and most accurate tool of human cognizance that will help you better evaluate your lives and personal encounters with other human beings in this End Time, I have decided to re-post chapter 5 of the New Gnosis one more time for you, so that you refresh your knowledge on this basic Soul Age Model and apply it with greater accuracy in your ongoing analysis of the current global situation, in a similar manner as Sananda has done it in his latest message to Jahn. Thus the cycle of human knowledge is closed fully prior to our ascension.


V. Incarnation cycle of the soul

1. Energetic Structure of the Soul Realms

All-That-Is, Spirit, is fragmented and can manifest as separate, individual systems with specific functions. The soul is such a system, which participates in spirit and has an all-encompassing consciousness. I will speak in the course of this discussion of “awareness” when I mean the cosmic spirit and will use the word “consciousness” for the limited perception of the species “man”.

In reality, the soul does not exist separately, but in a family of over 1000 souls, who are in close energetic contact. So, when I speak of the awareness of the soul, I mean the awareness of the whole soul family, as the human incarnated entity is, through his soul, always in a position to share the accumulated experience and knowledge of his soul family.

In addition, there are other overriding soul associations on the basis of the number “7”. We should not bother to indulge into the complex hierarchical structure of the soul realms, although it can provide us with valuable information about the organization and structure, not only of the soul levels, but also of the incarnation history on Earth. A good introduction to the topic can be found in V. Hasselmann, F. Schmolke “Realms of the Soul” and “The Soul Family”.

These channeled books are popular esoteric taxonomies (categorical systems) of the structure of the soul realms, which refrain from a specific clarification of the energetic relationships and necessities, largely because both the medium (Varda) and the questioner (Frank) have no scientific background and would have been overwhelmed in this regard.

Nevertheless, the didactic approach in these books is much better than in most other esoteric books on the subject. Also warns the source of these books, to take too literally the categorical system it presents and refers repeatedly to the limitations of human language, which allows only sequential descriptions and is not able to reproduce adequately complex, simultaneously occurring energetic interactions and relationships. This objection is of course true also for the present account.

All-That-Is is a simultaneous unity, which is in constant change and stores the memory of this change in itself. This fact explains why life is happening in the “Perpetual Now” . Past, present and future are constructions of the human brain, which operates as an electromagnetic transducer extremely slowly and sequentially.

Out of this, the idea of a causal chain arises, which implies the principle of cause and effect. In reality, every cause is at the same time an effect because the energy exchange in All-That-Is occurs simultaneously in both directions. From the limited human point of view, the impression is though created as if there were such a causal chain. In reality, it is just a didactic “crutch” for the humans in their use of cosmic energy under the limited perception of three-dimensional space-time.

At this point, the cardinal question arises: “Why must the soul, who has an unlimited awareness, force itself into the limited consciousness of the species” man” as to gain experience?” This is, as you see, the central eschatological question concerning the meaning and purpose of human existence. This question can be answered only at the level of the soul, because she is the creator of human existence.

I have discussed this question in Volume I in principle. It culminates in the formulation of the last antinomy (logical contradiction) of All-That-Is:

“Being is something. Being is Nothing.”

If everything that exists is energy and represents a unity that perceives itself as such, then the only possible opposite to it would be the state of separation within the unity of All-That-Is, because the void (Nothing) does not exist. In this case, the state of separation mimics the nothingness, the void, and creates the illusion of the last antinomy.

Being can only be defined through Non-Being. Since everything is Being, Non-Being must be artificially created as a state of separation from the Source, so that All-That-Is can experience itself in its individuation as a soul from this perspective. This is the ultimate eschatological explanation of the reincarnation cycle of the soul and of human existence from our present perspective. This aspect can be examined under various aspects, such as is practiced by some channels (e.g. Walsch in “Conversations with God”).

In order to truly comprehend unity, one needs the state of separation as a reference point. The soul is an inseparable part of All-That-Is and does not know what separation means. It is for example indestructible, immortal, and therefore does not know what transience is from her own experience, but only theoretically. Because the soul is both highly dynamic and creative, she seeks out extreme situations, which she herself creates and then masters.

To achieve the state of separation, the soul must forget who she is and what she can do. The amnesia, which she imposes upon herself during an incarnation in a human body allows this state of separation.

In reality the situation is much more complicated. The soul knows also during her incarnation who she is, because the main soul component always remains in the higher realms and has access to All-That-Is. That which incarnates, is only a small part of the soul, an aspect of this fundamental energetic system of the Whole. This small part is, nonetheless, all mighty and powerful enough to create the human body and consciousness (mind, psyche, sensual and somatic perceptions). For instance the biological regulation of the body runs largely unnoticed by the daily consciousness of the incarnated entity. This finding was already known to Plotinus.

From this perspective, it is not difficult for us to imagine that the soul may have several incarnations in different worlds and planets which she simultaneously coordinates. This should however not concern us any further.

Given these considerations, it is evident that the 3D space-time, one also speaks of solar universes, is a school for the soul to gain experience, which the 7F-creation levels have constructed artificially as to experiment with new, extreme conditions of existence.

All-That-Is is creative: Everything it can do, is to reproduce itself in new variations. As soon as the soul is released from All-That-Is as an individuation and begins with her evolution as a sovereign creator being, she makes it through the various stages and returns back to the Unity of the Source, which is constantly evolving and changing. The reincarnation cycle of the soul is thus an integer part of this evolutionary change that renders very often surprising results. This is “the Alpha and Omega,” as they say in esotericism.

The incarnation cycle of the soul on earth is only one part of her various tasks, which according to several sources include the development of new species, the coordination and supervision of incarnated soul sisters, the colonization of new planets in full awareness, being together with other souls in the spirit worlds, and so on.

An incarnation cycle can last for varying lengths, depending on the planet, the development of the civilization there, the tasks to be solved, and so on. The reincarnation cycle of the souls on earth is at present, that is to say, in the last 10 000 years, about 70 to 90 lives, and includes a historical period of 6000 to 8000 years on average. The period between the incarnations is on average 70 years, but decreases significantly in recent times. Great settlements of newly incarnated souls take place once every 2000 years, with the last major settlement occurring between the years 1000 and 1700 AD. Since then, there is no new dissemination of souls on earth with respect to the upcoming End Times.

The five ages of the incarnated soul are divided each into seven stages, each one of them with 1-3 incarnations of the soul according to the tasks. The cycle of the baby soul consists of about 10-15 lives, the cycle of the child soul – 15-20 lives, the cycle of the young soul – 20-25 lives, the cycle of the adult (mature) soul – 25-30 lives and the cycle of the old soul – 10-15 lives.

In accordance with the great soul settlements, the current soul population on earth exhibits the following distribution: 10 -15% baby souls, 20% child souls, 45% young souls, 20 – 25% adult souls, and less than 4% old souls. This soul distribution is rapidly changing in the last years towards more adult and old souls (indigo children).

As the young souls make for the majority of the world’s population, they gestalt today’s society according to their agnostic beliefs and narrow-minded prejudices. Young souls experience the greatest separation from the soul, so that they can conquer the outer world on their own. Being the majority, they impose their non-spiritual values in the organization of society. The classic type of a young soul is at present the young dynamic manager who adapts quickly to the material needs of society and identifies with them, promotes ruthlessly and without any ethical considerations his social ascent, accepts without questioning the principle of competition, detests any social failure, clings stubbornly to rigid, preordained norms and is willing to impose them, while ignoring the sanctity of life. His ability to love is still very limited.

The young soul prefers, in spite of many self-imposed taboos, the superficial sexual promiscuity and is rarely willing to take responsibility for her actions. The knee-jerk refusal of the young soul to take any responsibility for her deeds is very clearly expressed when politicians and executives are caught by the mass media, “to have made mistakes,” whereby the rules that define such misdemeanors or even crimes, are drawn up by the young souls in the corridors of power themselves and are as irrational and illogical, as the thinking of those souls is.

The young soul will gladly assume the role of the “fallen angel” at the end of her cycle. After striving in many incarnations in a row for success and wealth, she must now also experience the social failure, so that she can liberate herself as an adult soul from the external social evaluation of her being and can begin to explore the bearing inner-spiritual dimension of all human existence.

The young soul distinguishes very clearly between friend and foe, and can only define herself in relation to her environment, primarily by social success. Progress is defined only as a quantitative increase in material goods. This scale of values is noticeable on both the individual and collective levels: Despite many prophecies of the environmentalists, the steady growth of the gross national product (GNP) is still regarded by all walks of life as a kind of panacea for all social problems, be they unemployment, pensions, or health insurance financing.

As her inner-psychic dimension still remains blocked, the young soul is incapable of self-reflection and of questioning her own doing. For this reason, the young soul lives in a permanent contradiction between her self-esteem and reality. She must constantly fight the distortions caused by this contradiction, because her fear-based structure hinders her to perceive these distortions objectively. As a real Don Quixote, the young soul fights for a lifetime “the windmills of her mind”.

The American society, with its limited world view, inherent hypocrisy, with its double standards and its reckless, senseless aggression are prime example of the behavior of the young soul population. Americans certainly see themselves in a much more favorable light. This contradiction between reality and self-image (oxymoron) is the source of most political problems worldwide at present.

Baby souls are found mainly in Third World countries, where they live closely with the family and, because of many diseases, have the guarantee to leave life early on. These souls are the most fearful of all and find it very hard with their incarnation. Their whole attention is devoted to the body and to addressing its needs. They are not able to develop any far-reaching thoughts or ideas and can not imagine exerting any influence on society. Helpless in life, they only feel comfortable and secure in the family, surrounded by many relatives.

The child soul begins slowly to adapt to the difficult conditions of her incarnation on earth, and is ready to start exploring the world. While the baby soul remains still in a state ofpantheism, the child soul is inclined to believe in a single, authoritarian God.

In contrast, the young soul exhibits a pronounced agnosticism because she is the least susceptible to the inner voice of the higher self and experiences the greatest separation in the whole reincarnation cycle. Consequently, she must vehemently deny the existence of the soul.

It is important to note at this point, as to prevent moral prejudices, that each incarnated soul is doing exactly what she thinks is right. “Right,” is thus a function of the soul age of the incarnated personality. This recognition is a prerequisite for genuine tolerance, which is, unfortunately, rarely reached in the incarnated state.

The cycle of the adult (mature) soul is the longest and most difficult one. It begins with a profound uncertainty and disillusionment of the incarnated personality. The freshly baked adult soul must now learn to deal with her very own fears and to accept responsibility. The attention turns inward to explore the inner spiritual dimensions. Karmic links that have taken place in the cycle of the young soul must be resolved in a responsible manner. The ability to love increases and the preoccupation with individual ethical standards comes to the fore. The personality becomes autonomous from social norms and develops a distinctive individuality. Her point of views of the world increasingly detaches from that of the “mass man” (Ortega y Gasset), which reflects the attitude of the young soul.

The mature soul begins to feel a closer bond with the spirit worlds, and tends to experience this union with psychedelic agents directly. She is looking restless for spiritual fulfillment in esoteric schools and gets to know various forms of meditation. She can take life very seriously, and to stand in the way.

The old soul, on the contrary, increasingly develops an almost childlike innocence and playfulness, because she is tired of the lengthy searching during the adult soul cycle. She lives on the margins of society, unless she takes overall responsibilities for her soul family and chooses a challenging career, or performs the function of a spiritual leader. The old soul takes time for introspection and expands her influence through her angst tempered being mainly in the private area. She lets herself being cared for by young or mature souls and develops no social ambition. She has only a few tasks to accomplish on earth, which she masters with an ease an in a playful way, because she can draw from the vast treasure of her past experiences.

For this reason, old souls are regarded by the more seriously inclined and precocious young souls as superficial. As the inner psychic dimension is not yet a fixed, irrevocable reality for these immature souls, they misjudge the reality and confuse the “ease of life” of an old soul with superficiality. They are in the middle of their cycle of reincarnation and consider the tasks ahead to be very difficult and serious. Especially for the “cosmic humor” of the old soul, with which she handles her problems lightly, young souls have absolutely no understanding.

As the old soul meets very few friends from earlier incarnations on earth – most of them have finished their reincarnation cycle – and has little or nothing in common with the younger souls, she lives in a spiritual and social loneliness, which is imbued with the insatiable yearning for union with the soul family in the higher dimensions.

Her main task lies in surmounting the tension between the demands of physicality and the progressive dissolution of the energetic boundaries of the earthly personality and in learning how to bridge these divergent tendencies. It is cogent that this problem has very little to do with the demands of present-day society. Many outsiders and losers that are regarded by young souls with collective contempt are, in fact, old souls.

This brief summary of the current soul population on the earth and their psycho-mental characteristics is very important and instructive insofar as it illuminates the energetic background for the upcoming Evolutionary Leap of mankind. In the last 2000 years, since the appearance of Jesus Christ, the energies of the immature souls outweighed, which are also the energy of the Healer (1) – Jesus Christ himself was a healer; this is also the energy of the baby soul.

At the time of Christ, baby and child souls (energy of the Artist (2)) were in the majority. With his appearance, Jesus turned to the child souls and initiated their rapid transgression (energetic conversion) into the cycle of the young soul, which correlates with the energy of the Warrior (3). The Christian epoch is thus the space-time manifestation of the cycle of the young soul at the societal level; the majority of the incarnated personalities on earth is still in this cycle.

The child souls at the turn to the Pisces epoch confused the laws of the Old Testament with God’s law. In their willingness to submit to any authority in the name of God and to enforce the rigid social norms of this savage era, they showed absolutely no mercy. This was also true for the majority of the population in the former Roman Empire, and if one thinks about it, this is still true for the majority of today’s world population.

Jesus symbolized with his crucifixion the primacy of grace to brutal law enforcement. He knew that the young souls, who he had just transformed with his appearance, had a very long, grueling journey of incarnation ahead. In order to sweet the bitter cup of the many karmic entanglements that were waiting for them in the coming epoch of Christianity, he wanted to make these young souls familiar with the healing power of grace. In the Christian era that followed, the people however did not apply the principle of grace or lived up to it. Hence the mission of Jesus could not be considered a success.

The young souls that were converted by Jesus took his teaching and transformed it into an organized religion according to their needs. Thus the power of love (1) was associated with the energy of the Warrior (3). The energy of the baby souls (1) was transformed into the energy of the Artist (2). The history of mankind in the last 2000 years can be analyzed and comprehended for the first time under this astral-energetic point of view in its deep-psychological, better said, spiritual dimension. One can sum it up with a few words: “Hosanna, crucify him!”

It was not until the Renaissance that the artistic component of the child soul, which required about 1500 years to unfold in this cycle, could come to fruition.

This new way of looking at human history from the standpoint of the soul as the creator offers us unexpected insights and advances our understanding of the energetic background of the current Evolutionary Leap of mankind that has been running since 1997 (beginning of the Aquarius Age) at full speed and is heading to a climax in the years to come.

Approximately every 2000 years, there is a quantum leap in the soul population on earth, which, according to its nature, is a collective energy conversion of all incarnated human beings. In the current Evolutionary Leap, the majority of young souls (45%) will enter within the current incarnation the cycle of the adult soul, so that the energy of the Warrior (3) will be converted into the energy of the Scholar (4), which represents the principle of assimilation and balance. This enormous energy transgression will be initiated with a paradigm shift and a total collective insecurity of the prevailing young soul population, which is typical for the transition phase into the cycle of the adult soul.

The new dominant energy of the Scholar (4), which classifies and assimilates all previous experience and existing knowledge, merges with the energy of love (1), as embodied by Jesus Christ, and establishes a new energetic composition on earth, which will produce completely new social forms of life.

As part of this process, the adult souls will enter the cycle of old soul. For the first time in modern history of mankind about ¼ of the incarnated souls on earth will be old. They will exert a tremendous spiritual impact on society, which they could not previously reach due to their small numbers. Presently, human civilization will leave its spiritually very primitive stage of historical development and will create new social forms based on spiritual principles.

These principles are self-evident. They are: the principle of love (energy (1) and the principle of assimilation and balance (energy (4)), that is to say, the principle of spiritual intellectuality. Collective psyche and collective spirit (mind) will be heaved to a higher level of evolution and will merge to a new enhanced cosmic awareness.

Each evolution leads to a harmonious blend of the seven basic energy of All-That-Is (see also causal worlds below). This view touches upon many aspects of the present and opens up countless discussion points that can not be considered here.

2. The Simultaneity of all Incarnations

Finally, we should discuss a very difficult cognitive aspect of the reincarnation cycle that goes beyond our present conception of space and time. This is so far very important because it allows a dissolution of the boundaries of human consciousness and brings it closer to the higher spiritual awareness. This new knowledge will be of paramount importance for the subsequent introduction into the Light Body Process. It is about the simultaneity of all incarnations of a soul.

From a human perspective, the soul incarnates on earth, lives a while in a body, then she leaves the body through death experience and remains in the astral worlds, until she decides to incarnate again. On the other hand, we hear that space and time play no role in the higher realms – what remains is only the memory of these dimensions, but they have no validity there. The higher realms are pure energy. In the spirit worlds everything happens simultaneously.

From an anthropocentric point of view, it may be obvious to us, if we consider the incarnation of a soul as events that occur sequentially (successively). From the perspective of the soul however, all incarnations run simultaneously.

The average intelligent person will refuse to accept this view, because he can not imagine as to how he could possibly exist simultaneously in past and future lives. The crux of this trivial view is that the actual personality (incarnation) does not have any previous incarnations:

Only the soul has past and future incarnations.

This division is of course made from the perspective of the currently incarnated personality. From the perspective of the soul, all its incarnations exist simultaneously. The current incarnated personality can step closer to the experience of the soul – this is accomplished through the Evolutionary Leap of mankind – and then she can participate in the life of other incarnations, that is to say, she will perceive them directly and vice verse. Each incarnation is a piece in the fabric of the soul and leads an independent existence in the astral worlds.

Now that we have clarified that the current incarnation as earthly personality is not identical with the previous incarnations of the soul – they are also distinct personalities – we need to clarify how all incarnations exist simultaneously.

We have already clarified that conventional time and space are one and the same. In our human point of view, due to the retarded sequential operation of our brain, we perceive all incarnations as if they are running consecutively in the conventional time (t): The individual incarnations are thus separated by time intervals. In this case, we are equally entitled to say that the incarnations of a soul are spatially separated, because we have proven that conventional time and space are synonyms.

If we now work with the idea that the incarnations of a soul are spatially separated, then we can easily imagine how they can exist simultaneously. Let us assume that there would be several earths in different star systems in the universe, which are far apart and would be populated by the incarnations of a soul at the same time. This simultaneity could be perceived only from the perspective of the soul, because she exists in this simultaneity. She could instantly perceive and reach all her incarnations.

The various incarnations, however, are dependent on the communication with light signals, which propagate with the finite speed of light c. From the 3D view of the individual incarnations, the speed of light proves to be the only criterion for simultaneity. In order to guarantee this simultaneity some incarnations must have already died on some planets, while others must have not yet been born, so that they can be reached by the light beam during the same period of their lives.

From the perspective of the soul, these incarnations occur in a successive manner, although this is irrelevant, because in the astral worlds, there is no past and future, but only the Eternal Now. Other way around: any information from the 3D universe, in which we live, is information from the past, even if we perceive it only in the future.

I will illustrate this fact with another example: A star (Nova) exploded five million years ago. When it is three million light years away from us as observer (Note that in this case the unit of time “year” is used unconsciously for conventional time and distance as “light year”), we will see the Nova now and we would have seen it in the past. If it had been six million light years away from Earth, then we would see it only in a million years in the future. The simultaneity of the soul world and the sequential passage of time can be demonstrated with Galileo’s gravity experiment presented in the German Museum of Technology in Munich in 1996.

To deepen our understanding of the simultaneity of all incarnations of a soul, we will fall back to our example with the metropolitan trains on a railway line. The trains we can imagine then as the individual incarnations (lives) and the railway line with its environment as the earth. The travelers are the incarnated souls, who are spatially and temporally separated from each other. From their perspective, their journey (life) in the train runs as an unique event.

Within a train, the travelers can have discussions with other friends, who accompany them for the duration of their journey; they can spend their time in social games, get acquainted with other passengers, be hostile or friendly to them, admire nature, gain experience, make new discoveries, move in the train, and reach the goal by the way.

At the end station, they leave the train (the current incarnation) as individual souls and stay there. They will find other guests, who have dropped out from the previous trains, and if they wait a while, they will meet new guests who will drop out from the coming trains. At this moment their consciousness expands and they realize that they are all soul brothers and sisters of a single soul.

This soul we can also call “soul family” or “soul monad”, because for our educational purpose, it does not matter whether we talk about a soul with many incarnations or a soul community, which forms an bigger entity and has much more incarnations.

As long as one sat on the train, he knew nothing about it. Once he has been united at the last station with his soul, he gets a multidimensional awareness and recognizes all travelers as being One. From the perspective of the soul, who arranges the trains and fills them with guests, coordinates their journey and perceives them from a bird’s eye view spatially and temporally as separate events belonging to the Simultaneous Whole – the railway line – this insight was there from the very beginning. For the disembarking passengers it was an “eureka moment” at the end of the trip.

After uniting all the guests at the last station, they can choose to ride a new train line and make new reservations and divisions in the train, so that each guest can collect new experiences and not get bored. While the new trains are arranged, they may engage in other, pleasant activities, for example, they may sit on the lawn next to the station and have a picnic or prefer to have a walk in the surrounding forest. They are in no hurry, because they know that they are immortal and can make infinitely such finite trips.

Something like that can be thought of the reincarnation cycle of the soul on earth and in the astral realms, whereas the pauses between the trips are often more important than the journey itself. Incarnation means separation from All-That-Is, and separation is a result of limited perception. Termination of the Incarnation, understood as death, means union with All-That-Is, that is to say, with the soul family: it is a transcendence of human consciousness.

We will see below that death is only one possible outcome of an incarnation, which makes the game of separation credible from a human perspective. Once the playing of the game of separation is finished, the camouflage of “death” is no longer necessary.

The other alternative to terminate an incarnation is Ascension – the transformation of the physical body in the course of the 3D- Light Body Process to pure energy of the 7F-creation levels. The personality that has unfolded in this body, unites first with her soul and with all the other incarnations of the soul, then with the other souls (about 1000) of the soul family and their incarnations, until it becomes finally a multidimensional personality. Further mergers with higher spiritual instances from the causal worlds are possible (see transliminal soul below).

As soon as an incarnated personality of a soul, has transformed his body and taken it away with him in the astral realms, he unites with his soul and the soul family. He can now materialize again and again on earth in the human gestalt, he once was, or choose a new one. This person will then have the complete knowledge of his soul family, for the amnesia, which is imposed on the incarnated soul at birth, is now repealed. From now on he is a multidimensional personality and enjoys the spiritual and energetic possibilities that have been previously attributed only to the gods.

The externalization of the soul’s potential and its transmission on mythological characters, who were called “gods”, was a psychological magic trick from the fear trove of the young and child soul. While the consciousness of such incarnations increasingly emancipated itself from the soul, it denied her existence and omnipotence as internal knowledge and attributed her creative potential to external sources. In this way, it was only intended to legitimize the emancipation of the ego from the soul. The creation of gods was thus the result of the fears of immature souls, who preferred to subordinate themselves to external gods and the laws that they created in the names of these gods, rather than to listen to the inner voice of their truth. More on that later.

Another useful model for the simultaneity of all incarnations of a soul would be the following: Any incarnation or event on the earth is first created in the 7F-creation levels before she/he appears on earth. The original (the blueprint) is already present, before it materializes on the Earth as a copy. This also applies to the upcoming Evolutionary Leap: It is already in place, before we see it on the earth.

Each incarnated soul is a sovereign creator in the 7F-creation levels, and she gestalts in a simultaneous manner incessantly the past, present and future destiny of her incarnated personality. Most encounters and events on earth are discussed and arranged in the dream state during sleep, when the astral body dwells in the astral realms.

The correct selection of events that materialize on the ground follows a simultaneous probability model, the complexity of which is beyond the comprehension of human mind. We can say this much: the model represents a huge optimization task, it works like a multi-factorial analysis, in which the scope of free will in incarnated state is a central variable. The model simultaneously generates numerous alternatives, which are constantly altered and updated in a recursive way with respect to the continuously incoming data from earth.

In essence, we are dealing with two groups of decisions: 1) significant decisions of the soul, which are much rarer and always come true and 2) free will decisions of the human ego, which are much more common and are not always realized. Unrealized thoughts form in this model parallel probability worlds, which can then be implemented elsewhere. In this sense the astral realms operate like a giant computer system – a kind of direct, interactive Internet.

The reality that we experience on Earth is therefore a portion of a much larger reality that occurs with a time delay in the material 3D world. The soul designs all her incarnations simultaneously in the everlasting Now of the astral realms and lets them appear on earth one by one. The “deceased” individuals, who no longer dwell on earth, exist and continue to develop as parts of the soul in the astral realms.

Past, disembodied incarnation personalities may learn from the current incarnation, to which they maintain over the soul an unimpeded energetic contact, and make certain decisions in the “past” now in a different way. Each solution is stored in the parallel probability worlds as a case study. This aspect will be discussed in detail in relation to the term “multidimensional personality”.

One can imagine the sum of all incarnations of the soul as the chapters of a book, which the author is typing one by the other on the PC and then stores them. He can now work at any time on preceding chapters, to make them conform with the current chapter and also change the design and content of the outstanding chapters, which he may have also stored on his PC as raw drafts. Because the author knows in advance how his novel will end. Any correction takes place in the Now, while the old versions can be saved or deleted.

This procedure is similar to that of the soul – her reincarnation cycle is like an adventure novel, which she designs for herself chapter by chapter, Incarnation by incarnation; she writes, rewrites, refines and redesigns until the end result, which is known in advance, coalesces with the book content, pardon, with the life content and vice verse.

The ultimate goal of the soul is the end of her cycle of reincarnation and the transition into the causal worlds as a new entity. This consists of the union of the entire soul family of more than 1000 souls with the experience of 80 000-100 000 earthly lives in a historical time-span of about 10 000 years.

The incarnation cycle is individuation and unification at the same time, where no bits of information (information is the same as energy, see conservation of energy) is lost. It represents a closed loop and ends where it began: the soul fragments from All-That-Is as to gain experience by herself and gradually merges again with the Whole.

The ultimate goal is predetermined, only the path is individual. In this sense, the journey is the goal. Evolution, including that on earth, is not a goal, but only a learning tool. The soul is perfect and needs no evolution: it only thirsts for experience.


For German readers: Go to the original ebook “Evolutionssprung der Menschheit” and read chapter V in German language.

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