Vel sanus: ▶ Self-Defense Fundamentals #2: Expect the Unexpected – Ascension symptoms/Part 1 of 3.:::.sharing

Vel sanus: ▶ Self-Defense Fundamentals #2: Expect the Unexpected – Ascension symptoms/Part 1 of 3.:::.sharing.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

▶ Self-Defense Fundamentals #2: Expect the Unexpected – Ascension symptoms/Part 1 of 3.:::.sharing

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Ascension symptoms/Part 1 of 3

Dear Friends of the Arcturian Messages,

I am sending out three emails which are three parts of an article about ascension symptoms. I think each will be very helpful to all now opening spiritually. I did not write these, they came through awhile back, but I feel they are important enough to share and will help many to understand what is going on within themselves.

Marilyn Raffaele/

Ascension Symptoms, or “What is Happening to Me?” – Part 1/3

Have you been wondering lately why you seem so tired – almost to the point of exhaustion, or feeling irritable, angry, lonely, sad, frustrated, or all of the above, and you can’t figure out why?

Have you been asking yourself why you’re behaving in ways, or feeling things, that don’t seem to fit with who you know yourself to be, or that just don’t make any sense?

Or wondering why the people in your life seem to be reacting differently to you?

Either they’re more excited than ever to be with you, or the complete opposite, they’re picking fights with you or being upset with you for no apparent reason?

Or perhaps in going through what you consider to be a normal day, at times you feel as if you simply cannot keep your eyes open, like sleep is simply begging you to come and be with it?

Does life at times seem empty and without meaning, even when you’re doing things that you used to love?

Welcome to the ascension process, and the symptoms that many experience along that path. The primary thing to know is that you are not alone, and things will get better.

For those folks who’ve been aware of and consciously involved with ascension, these physical and emotional experiences are all too familiar. Some of these folks have been experiencing the changes for some time, or may have even passed through them by now. For some this may go back a decade or two or even more.

For me personally, I experienced many of these symptoms years before I knew what was going on. No one else in my circle of family, friends, and associates was experiencing what I was. It was a frightening and lonely place to be. If I had known what was happening it would have been so much easier.

Fortunately, enough people have travelled down this road that now there’s a fair amount of information, and more being generated. With the knowledge gained through the trials and travails of those who’ve gone before, and as we continue to discover more of what the ascension journey entails on physical and emotional levels, we can offer each other support, understanding, and solace.

When confronted with these unusual and often unwanted experiences, the first thing we typically want to know is why?

Why are these things happening?

You may have heard it said that we’re shifting from carbon-based beings to crystalline-based beings. Perhaps you’ve heard that there’s more to our DNA than we have thought or that science has thus far been able to discover; that what we were told were the junk parts of our DNA are being reactivated. Maybe you’ve heard people talking about Pineal Activations and similar things.
These concepts are all very real, and even our physical sciences are beginning to be aware of them. It all has to do with the light energy that’s penetrating us, our world, and everything on it, easing us into the new world and a new way of being. So you could say that it isn’t just Nova Earth we’re building, it’s Nova Human as well.

The subject is far too complex to delve deeply into in this discussion, but here’s a smattering of what’s been said about the changes our bodies are going through:
Matthew tells us that it is the light within a body that transforms its carbon-based cellular structure into the crystalline form that enables the body to live in the high vibrations of energy planes beyond third density.

Steve Rother and the group add:
“If you would see one of your periodic charts, you would know that the carbon-based structures you currently have and the silicon structure are actually only a few molecules away. With a few re-arrangements, you have a shift from one to another. That is happening not only throughout all of Earth, but also the plant, insect and animal kingdoms are taking on crystalline structures

Archangel Michael and St. Germain commented:
You eventually will not have the carbon-based bodies you have now; they will evolve into crystalline bodies and further along the path, light bodies, with less and less need for physical food to sustain you. Your energy will come directly from Source light and love. You have the ability to tune into this energy now as well. It is just that many of you are not aware of it.

And this from Mira the Pleiadian:
As time progresses you will feel like you don’t fit very well into your earthly garments and ways of being. You will be spending your time differently and you will even begin to look different in your human forms. We are merging together into the oneness of who we are and were intended to be. This can appear a little like a checkered pattern that flickers in and out of time and space. However, it is a pattern of sacredness, and change that manifests in a blend of harmony and peace. What does not fit and adapt to the new pattern will find itself on its way out.

“This is akin to someone trying to wear shoes that no longer fit. It all works out in the adaptation to new space and time. The horizons are unlimited and bountiful if you follow the path of Light. Your potential is enormous. You will become the full remembrance of your mastery and your purposeful presence.”

Some of the physical parts of our body that are being activated or enhanced include the pineal gland, pituitary gland, thymus gland, and the vagus nerve. While there’s some disagreement about exactly what the changes involve and what they mean, more information about these changes is becoming available all the time.

But one thing is certain: changes are afoot and our bodies are experiencing them, exhibiting symptoms that may or may not make any sense to us. It can be a frightening experience, often feeling like the rug has been pulled out from under us physically, emotionally, or both.It can be frightening to not know from one moment to the next what the heck is going on, or feeling like something is going wrong.

At the very least, we know that what we’re experiencing is part of a natural evolutionary process, but a process that has been sped up. A lot. Instead of an evolution that takes centuries or even millennia, we’re living through an evolution that will unfold in a much smaller time frame – perhaps a few centuries for the full process, perhaps a few decades for significant parts of it.
It all rather depends on how well we integrate the changes, and how willing we are as a group consciousness to welcome these changes rather than fear them or even fight them.

It’s rather challenging, is it not, to see what’s going on with the cleansing process from inside the washing machine? Inside the machine all we know is that we’re being buffeted about, sometimes gently sometimes not so gently. It’s only when we stand outside the machine – examine the process from a different perspective – that we can say Oh, yes, I see that the clothes are agitating, but I also see that the agitation is getting them clean. Carry on.
I hope that this discussion will help you to find that different perspective.

About Ascension Symptoms
Many ascension symptoms are simply the body’s way of communicating what it’s experiencing in the only way it knows how. For example, you might physically experience being very tall or giant-like for a few moments or hours. I experienced this off and on over a period of several years. This is the body’s way of interpreting, through physicality, our energetic expansion.
No matter what ascension symptoms you may be experiencing at this time, at some point – through loving yourself, through understanding and through not resisting the process – “this too shall pass”.
And when it does, you, like the beautiful butterfly that you are, will emerge from your human, third/fourth density cocoon and be able to truly spread your wings and fly.
In the meantime, be kind to yourself. Be gentle, be understanding, be compassionate. Be your own best friend and take good care of you. Rest. Relax. Enjoy.

When you’re in the throes of an unwanted experience, find your center, breathe consciously, drink lots of water – energized with your own intent if you’re willing to believe in your own mastery.
Seek help from those who have gone before and those who are going through it with you. Remember that we’re all in this together.

If an experience feels overwhelming, ask your Guides, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters, the Galactics, whoever you’re most comfortable turning to for support, to dial it down, or to help you through it. They can intercede with the energy and help you achieve a balance.

As with everything, your own discretion is paramount. If you feel that your symptoms indicate something more profound, or you are fearful of what you’re experiencing, it makes sense to consult a medical professional. Even if the test results show nothing, at least you’ll feel relieved, and your relief is all important.

©2014 | Cedar, MI 49621

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photos: ▶ Photoshop Playbook: How to Turn a Photograph Into a Painting in Photoshop – Ascension Symptoms, or “What is Happening to Me?” – Part 2.:::.sharing

photos: ▶ Photoshop Playbook: How to Turn a Photograph Into a Painting in Photoshop – Ascension Symptoms, or “What is Happening to Me?” – Part 2.:::.sharing.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

▶ Photoshop Playbook: How to Turn a Photograph Into a Painting in Photoshop – Ascension Symptoms, or “What is Happening to Me?” – Part 2.:::.sharing

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Ascension Symptoms, 

or “What is Happening 

to Me?” – Part 2

(continued from Part 1.)

The following list of ascension symptoms and comments comes from Karen Bishop, from a piece excerpted from her book The Ascension Primer.
Karen had graciously offered the full excerpt in PDF form, which at one time could be downloaded from the internet free of charge. However, I’m unable to find that PDF posted anywhere at this time, not even on her new site at Gamma Books.
Nevertheless it’s one of the most informative and complete list of symptoms I’ve found, and it is with appreciation and honor to Karen Bishop for her work that I re-post that information here.
List of Common Ascension Symptoms
Feeling as though you are in a pressure cooker or in intense energy; feeling stress.
This is one of the first ascension feelings that a person usually feels. In the beginning, when the energy shifts arrive, they bring with them a new and higher vibration. Old patterns and behaviors are being pushed to the surface for release.
Feeling all this pressure going on inside of you can feel like great stress or that you are on overload. If you are still in a conventional life with mainstream pressures, this New energy can really add to your pile. You will eventually adjust to this higher vibration and much will be activated for release within you as well. More room inside for more of the higher energy!
This symptom is most definitely in the top three and very widely experienced. The ascension process purges so much of the darker and denser energies from us, that we find ourselves in them for quite some time. We may feel like things are simply never going to get better. And to add insult to injury, the outer world is no longer in alignment with the new, higher vibrating you.
It doesn’t feel so good out there and it might feel like there is nowhere to go that does. Therefore everything around us feels just plain ugly and icky. And in addition, when we are vibrating higher and have to wait for the outside to manifest itself in a higher way of being it can seem like it is taking forever. Feeling let down and like things will never change are so very common. This is a long process. An upside-down reality, world, and human are both having to turn right side up.
There is a jewel in the length of the process though, and a necessary and perfectly intended by-product. We cannot create from the ego. We have to get to a place where we are OK no matter what is going on. Feeling disappointment for what seems like forever eventually makes us realize that we will never get anything that we cannot live without.
When we learn to detach and release all attachments, we always get precisely what we want. It is like magic and a very key part of the ascension process to let go of all attachments. When we arrive in this space, we are truly in heaven as nothing can affect us here and we also get whatever we desire, even though we desire nothing. This is a true symptom of “arriving” and one can only feel total peace from this point on.
Anxiety, panic, and feelings of hysteria.
When our egos begin to depart, they literally freak out as they do not want to cease to exist. It may feel as if everything is ending (most of everything is!). Your system is also on overload and you may feel as if you are hyperventilating. Things are happening that you may not understand.
You are also losing behavior patterns of a lower vibration that you developed for survival in 3D. This may make you feel vulnerable and powerless. These patterns and behaviors you are losing are not needed in the higher realms. When we experience death in a 3D world we can panic and have anxiety as we do not know where we are going.
When I went through “the big leap” I knew I was “going.” My non-physical ascension guide told me to trust and relax, as it was really quite peaceful on the other side. None-the-less, with no frame of reference if was difficult. Now, I totally trust and go with all of it and it greatly helps. When you finally “arrive” you will feel much love, safety, and unity. Just wait! And know that others are going where you are going – you are not going alone.
A need to eat often along with what feels like attacks of low blood sugar.
A craving for protein. This is another of the first symptoms that is felt by many. Our bodies are using up an incredible amount of fuel for this process.
As we are literally being turned inside-out, every ounce of energy that we have is being utilized. I have found it best to eat the protein along with being still during this time. These low blood sugar periods come and go for several years, but get much better as our bodies begin adjusting.
Unusual aches and pains throughout different parts of your body.
This is another of the most common symptoms. Manifesting just about anywhere, this is a sign of purifying and releasing blocked energy that is vibrating at a 3D level while other parts of us are vibrating higher. You may feel pain in various parts of your body for several weeks and then it will simply vanish with no explanation.
Continual neck and upper back stiffness and pain.
We are sprouting angel wings and this is where they are emerging. Sounds a bit fairy tale-ish, but this is a reality. Our spines are vibrating differently and also connecting to a higher form of light. This area of our body is where it all happens.
Skin eruptions and diarrhea.
Acne, rashes, and hives, etc. usually arrive when we are in the purging process and adjusting to a higher energy. Rashes are fairly common and diarrhea can last for weeks and even months. If a doctor visit proves you are OK, fiber can really help until this phase ends. And during it all, you still won’t lose weight!
Heart pain and palpitations.
These symptoms are common for many. Our hearts are trying to accommodate a new and higher frequency. At times you can feel as though you are having a heart attack.
When I experienced this phase, I had to literally lie still as any movement added too much stress to my already overstressed heart. An ER visit assured me that all was OK, but it certainly did not feel like it.
In addition, whenever I had a low vibrational thought or fear during this time, my heart would literally grip and stop beating. It was wild, but not a medical condition, and it eventually passed. Our hearts are where we will be coming from and connecting from in the New world, and they must be in alignment as well.
Periods of very deep sleeping.
When the energy is not moving and we are done for awhile, we get to rest. While we are integrating and preparing for the next phase of intense moving energy, we become very lethargic. It can become near impossible to keep your eyelids open in the daylight hours and daytime napping can become a regular and necessary habit.
Even if you think you can exercise your way back into some energy, you will usually find yourself dropping dead on the sofa at every effort.
Experiencing emotional ups and downs; weeping.
Our emotions are what carries the energy. When we are falling apart (and we are doing just that), we can get pretty emotional.
When we are releasing, we can cry at the drop of a hat. A sad movie can make us cry, or even a sad commercial. We can cry when we experience kindness. We can cry when we feel relief. We can cry when we see any kind of suffering.
These tears are a great cleanser and releaser. I always know when some New energy has arrived because I can simply cry while I am driving along in the car. This seems to be an on-going symptom that is here to stay for awhile. But at least it is fairly painless!
[KS: I have always been extremely sensitive to different energies, and crying at commercials, films, watching others interact in loving ways, has been common throughout my life. I’ve taken a fair amount of teasing and occasionally been admonished for this behavior, so I understand it and have compassion for it. It’s a wonderful thing to see so many hearts opening up, feeling love and compassion so deeply that their emotions are engaged to such a degree.
Night sweats and hot flashes.
During certain phases of ascension our bodies suddenly decide that they are going to burn off the lower and denser aspects of ourselves. You may wake up in the night soaking wet or become very hot during the day. It may be 35 degrees outside, but you are just fine and dandy in your short sleeves.
Feeling cold with an inability to get warm.
When we are moving into a much higher dimension after much integrating, detoxing, and other ascension processes, we get very cold. We are in between and preparing to move up.
At these times it can be very difficult to warm up no matter what you do. I usually submerge myself in a tub of hot water and then get under a heavy comforter.
Vivid, wild and sometimes violent dreams.
We are releasing many lifetimes of lower vibrational energy through our dreams. If you are one who receives their higher information through dreams, you will likely do a lot of releasing at night. I consider you to be lucky, as some are doing much of their releasing when they are awake.
These dreams usually do not make sense, but if you are good at dream analysis you can usually figure them out. These acid-trip-like dreams are up and visible because they contain energy that’s on its way out, never to return. Through this process we are releasing all of our past lives.
Dizziness, loss of balance, vertigo, and spinning.
The definition of Merkabah is counter-rotating fields of light surrounding the spirit/body which serve to transport the spirit/body from one dimension to another. And this is precisely what is occurring.
As we connect to our light bodies and begin moving into a higher dimension, we begin spinning and can experience vertigo and dizziness. If you know that this symptom indicates that something wonderful is happening it can be quite fun…like a roller coaster ride.
[KS: Sitting or lying down, along with grounding and circular breathing through such periods is also extremely helpful.
Overall body pain and days of extreme fatigue.
Our bodies are morphing into a crystalline form in order to enable us to reside in the higher realms and to continually be able to receive the higher light. This process is on-going and it cannot happen overnight. If you feel as though you are 100 years old and barely able to walk across the room, this is why.
Continual fatigue is also an on-going symptom for the same reasons. We are losing our density and going through extreme restructuring.
Gritty eyes and blurred vision.
Very simply, our eyes are adjusting to see in a new way, in a higher dimension and a new reality.
[KS: Friends have reported experiencing this symptom, followed a marked improvement in vision. I’ve experienced a moderate but appreciated improvement in my own vision. This symptom continues for me, and I’m looking forward to greater improvements!
Memory loss and difficulty accessing words.
So many are having this symptom that we can only laugh as we try to converse with each other. “I was having a glass of…you know what I mean…that white stuff…uh…what’s it called?” “Did you watch the…er…that event where everyone competes from around the world?”
At times we cannot talk at all because we are simply unable to access much of anything. When this occurs you are going back and forth between dimensions and experiencing disconnect.
Another somewhat related occurrence is trying to type words and having the letters become jumbled in the wrong order. In this case, we are not in alignment with time and our flow is disconnected, as part of our energy is here and another part is further ahead.
Difficulty remembering what you did or who you talked to a day or sometimes just an hour before.
In the higher realms, reality is very much in the moment. If we do not hold something in our consciousness, it simply ceases to exist. We have no attachments. We are creating our own world around us through our beliefs and thoughts and what we do not hold onto does not exist.
Everything is brand new as we are starting completely over, moment to moment. We can tap into whatever we choose to at any moment and create and experience just that. This state comes and goes, but is practice for living in the higher realms. It can feel a bit creepy when it occurs. In addition, at times we are neither here nor there, as we are in between dimensions.
Not remembering the meaning of anything.
When I was in an intense period of the transitional process and we were in the throes of a substantial energy thrust into the higher realms, I remember looking at a trash can and not knowing what it was for. I had to access my memory of the “old” and reach far.
What was happening was that I was vibrating at a point where everything possesses only the meaning and identity that we give it. In the higher realms, energy is just energy with no label or meaning. All is fresh and new. Sort of a Course in Miracles undoing process, without the trying.
[KS: When this happened to me, I had just sat down at my computer and I couldn’t remember how to use the keyboard. I sat there looking at like it was an alien thing. Eventually I remembered that it was supposed to somehow get information from my brain into the computer, but I didn’t know how to go about it.
At some point I recall thinking “This is ridiculous, I know that I know how to use this thing!” so I put my hands over the keys and tried to make them move. My fingers felt like big sausages, heavy and stiff. All my mental efforts to make them do something was to no avail. Fortunately I knew enough not to panic, and the feeling passed after a few (long!) minutes, but it was profoundly strange while it was happening.
A feeling of disorientation; not knowing where you are; a loss of a sense of place.
“Where in the world am I? I do not fit anywhere and nothing seems to fit or feel remotely right! And I do not know where I belong or where I am going or what I am supposed to be doing either!” Ever had this conversation with the Universe!?
You have been knocked out of your old grooves by an energy shift and are in between realities. You have successfully left much behind and are in a very new space but have not integrated yet.
You won’t have much time to integrate though, because as soon as you get comfortable you will be moving on into the next higher vibrating space. And in addition, the outside world does not remotely match the way you are now highly vibrating.
A loss of identity.
You look in the mirror and have a strange feeling of disconnect as you no longer recognize that once familiar image. You almost feel out of body. Once this phenomenon occurs it never ends. You have released so much of your ego self, that you are no longer the same person, and do not have that attachment or connection to your physical vessel.
As you begin to access much more of your soul or higher self, you are not in your body much. You may still use your voice to communicate and other bodily aspects, but you are slowly beginning the process of disappearing and releasing the human form. In addition, you have cleared much of your old patterns and are embodying much more light and a simpler, more purified divine you. All is in order…you are OK.
Feeling ‘out of body’.
The same explanation as above. The physical body is the last to catch up. Much of us is now in a higher dimension and residing outside of our bodies, as our bodies are not there yet. They are much denser.
[KS: Again, grounding and circular breathing through such periods is extremely helpful. This ascension process is about being IN the physical body and assisting the body in its journey into higher vibrational frequencies. So continuing to stay grounded in the body and grounded to the Earth cannot be stressed enough.
‘Seeing’ and ‘hearing’ things.
As we can now access different dimensions fairly easily, it is common for many to see things out of the corner of their eyes or hear things when nothing is there. Many also experience ringing in the ears, which is common when we are going through “the tunnel” and accessing a higher dimension.
Depending upon how sensitive you are and how you are wired, this can be a common experience. Many are seeing orbs and vibrating blobs of color as well.
[KS: Many of our multidimensional capabilities are coming back online – clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc. – so these are some of the more energizing and exciting changes to experience!
Feeling you are going insane, or must be developing a mental illness of some sort.
We are rapidly experiencing several dimensions and greatly opening. Much is available to us now. You are just not used to it. Your awareness has been heightened and your barriers are gone.
This will pass and you will eventually feel very at Home like you have never felt before, as Home is now here.
Feeling as though you are looking down a long tunnel in order to connect to lower vibrations; feeling as though you are acting or pretending.
When we are residing in the higher realms, anything not there with us may feel far away. If you are still in a lifestyle where you are regularly interacting with the outside or old world, you may feel like an actor in a play or that you are pretending your way through the day. Basically, you are no longer residing in that world, even though you are still involved in it.
[KS: People bumping into you is another clue. Sometimes when you’re out and about you’ll notice that there are people who are not even seeing you. There’s a slight shifting of dimensions wherein you can see them but you’re slightly out of vibrational alignment with them and they don’t see you.]
An intolerance for lower vibrational things (of the 3D), reflected in conversations, attitudes, societal structures, healing modalities, etc. They literally make you feel ‘sick’ inside.
When we begin arriving in the higher realms and in a higher vibration, our energies are no longer in alignment with the old, outside 3D world. Through a severe intolerance to the old, we are being “pushed” to move forward…to and create the New.
In addition, you may feel like staying home or just being alone, as much of everything “out there” no longer matches the higher vibration of YOU. This is simply a very common experience of evolution. We are moving forward before the outside manifestations are. Being in the old can feel downright awful.
It is similar to having to “go back” after you have had a near death experience. As the ascension process continues, going back to the lower dimensions will not feel good nor will it be possible for long, as it is difficult to drop our vibration down in order to reside there.
This is a simple experience of navigating the dimensional hierarchies. We will eventually become experts with our dimensional navigational skills.
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Equipoise: ▶ Hot Stone Back Massage Therapy Techniques – How To Use Massage Stones For Relaxation – The Hathors: Miracles.:::.sharing

Equipoise: ▶ Hot Stone Back Massage Therapy Techniques – How To Use Massage Stones For Relaxation – The Hathors: Miracles.:::.sharing.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

▶ Hot Stone Back Massage Therapy Techniques – How To Use Massage Stones For Relaxation – The Hathors: Miracles.:::.sharing

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překládat / ترجم / לתרגם   /   翻訳する / 翻译

The Hathors: Miracles
Channeled by Daniel Scranton
Published February 22, 2014

“Set aside, for a moment, your disbelief in that which you would call a miracle. Let go of your rational mind and embrace, for just a moment, the possibility that anything at all was possible, and that not only was it possible, but that it could, and might, and was very likely to happen.
Now discover how the doubt creeps in, how it seeps beneath the cracks under the door. Allow yourself to embrace the doubt. Allow yourself to sit with it, to notice its vibration. And now switch back to the miracle vibration. There will be no question in your mind as to which vibration feels lighter, feels more comfortable, more at home in your body.
Let that be a sign to you that not only are miracles possible, but they are natural. They are compatible with who and what you are. That is why they exist and have existed for so long, to show you not only what was possible, but also what is when you are being your true self, your natural self.
You do not need to be master or an enlightened being in order to experience a miracle. In fact, we ask you to hold us to this statement by requesting a miracle in some area in your life. Go right ahead and be a person who believes in miracles, who not only believes in miracles but seeks them out.
We want you to recognize that everything is a miracle, if you allow it to be. If you do not set your standards too high for what is miraculous, then you can begin to live your life from miraculous occurrence to miraculous occurrence.
You will notice that the doubt will be reflected back to you in others. They will tell you not to get your hopes up. They will tell you that you are crazy, or that you should live in the real world. And we want you to love them. See them as representatives of that place within you that carries the doubt.
Do not attempt to convince them that your life is one gigantic miracle. But instead, see it as a miracle that they were brought to you, to show you where your doubt still lies. When you love the doubters, then you love that part of you that holds the doubt and you transform it with your love. And then watch as the miracles come rolling in.
We are the Hathors. We thank you. And we bid you a fond good day.”

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El Ser UNO – A: 23/24/25 _ _ _ El Ser Uno III / Los Seramitas – El Camino de Regreso BooK _ 3

El Ser UNO – A: 23/24/25 _ _ _ El Ser Uno III / Los Seramitas – El Camino de Regreso BooK _ 3.

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lunes, 15 de setiembre de 2014

23/24/25 _ _ _ El Ser Uno III / Los Seramitas – El Camino de Regreso BooK _ 3

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する
* * *    * * *   * * *
***   ***   ***

El Ser Uno III / Los Seramitas – El Camino de Regreso 

BooK  _  3


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Sin Conocimiento,  no vivo
Sin entendimiento,  no existo
sin amor incondicional,  no Soy 
* * * 

2. DATOS INTERNACIONALES DE CATALOGACIÓN EN LA PUBLICACIÓN SÃO PAULO-BRASIL. COPYRIGHT Nº. DE REGISTRO: 314.912 | LIVRO: 575 | FOLHA: 72   Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm.  Libro publicado originalmente por la autora y Canal:  Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm.  Todos los derechos del texto, inclusive los dibujos externos e internos, están reservados para uso exclusivo de la autora. Ninguna parte de este libro puede ser REPRODUCIDO, ALTERADO, EDITADO O USADO por cualquier forma o medio, electrónico o mecánico, inclusive fotocopias, grabaciones, Internet, televisión, cinema o sistema de almacenamiento en banco de datos, sin permiso por escrito de la autora, excepto en los casos de trechos cortos citados en reseñas críticas o artículos de revistas, periódicos o cualquier medio de comunicación. La reproducción, cambio, alteración o uso indebido del contenido y dibujos de este libro, estará sujeto a un proceso judicial, amparado por la ley al derecho del autor. EL SER UNO I – Los Arcanos de Thoth. EL SER UNO II – Planeta 333 – Los Guardianes de Tera. Informamos a todos los seres de buena voluntad que EL SER UNO no está vinculado con personas que puedan usar el nombre de la autora y del mismo, realizando conferencias, grupos, venta de copias impresas, videos, publicidad y más, cobrando por sus servicios o pidiendo donaciones en nombre de este conocimiento. El canal hace saber también, que no tiene ninguna responsabilidad con aquellos que transmiten e interpretan el conocimiento EL SER UNO a su manera, sin regirse o basarse en los escritos originales que se encuentran en su texto. EL SER UNO es un conocimiento GRATUITO, no está coligado a ningún evento ni a ganancia de dinero de ninguna otra índole por terceras personas, que lo podrían utilizar a propio beneficio. 2 
* * * * * *
* * * * *
    • 23    Por este motivo, nuestra comunicación es interna y telepática. No podemos presentarnos físicamente ante ustedes y esto lo vamos a explicar de una manera que lo puedan comprender: No podemos entrar físicamente dentro de nuestros pensamientos, o sea dentro de nuestros cuerpos físicos, por esta razón siempre lo realizaremos telepáticamente u holográficamente, no existe otra manera. Las naves extraterrestres, las luces que perciben, las cuales se desplazan a una velocidad inimaginable, los ovnis que destellan colores y que se comunican con ustedes son nuestras holografías y nuestros pensamientos. Nosotros tenemos el Conocimiento Universal, sabemos como la energía funciona, conocemos nuestra burbuja esfera y viajamos a través de ella solo con el pensamiento y este pensamiento, es el que ustedes perciben como luces o naves extraterrestres. Ustedes existen dentro de nuestra burbuja- esfera, son pensamientos nuestros que aún debemos trabajarlos, entenderlos y transmutarlos. Más la realidad donde ustedes viven es tan real para ustedes, que es difícil hacerles comprender esta metáfora universal. Cada uno de ustedes existe porque nosotros le dimos vida, cada uno de ustedes es un pensamiento de pensamientos que nosotros le dimos vida y lo emanamos al exterior. Estos pensamientos originados por nosotros, se aferran a la vida y no quieren perecer o ser absorbidos por la mente universal, así que se albergan en ustedes para continuar viviendo. Nosotros hace 300 millones de años tiempo-Tera, nos albergamos en el Cono- Norte y fundamos nuestra Ciudad Interna. A pesar de todo el esfuerzo que hicimos para no distorsionarnos, la enfermedad nos atacó. Ella comenzó a distorsionar nuestros pensamientos y nosotros sin saberlo, los emanábamos así, enfermos, infectados y contagiosos. Estos pensamientos comenzaron a salir al exterior y buscaron el albergue para continuar viviendo, encontraron a un ser-animal simiesco (Ayapliano distorsionado-ustedes) el cual les permitió el albergue, en su masa encefálica y en su distorsionado cerebro, permitiéndoles con ello la continuidad de sus vidas. Por un lado fue terrible, porque se trataban de pensamientos enfermos y distorsionados, pero por otro lado, a pesar de las condiciones en que estos pensamientos se encontraban, comprendimos que los ayudaría en la evolución y en el regreso a sus orígenes. También comprendimos, que así como nuestros pensamientos distorsionados y enfermos los ayudaría en la recuperación física de sus cuerpos materiales, así también podíamos infundirles pensamientos elevados, sanos y de cristales diáfanos. De esta manera los recuperaríamos materialmente, psíquicamente y mentalmente. Este trabajo lo venimos ejecutando hace 300 millones de años tiempo-Tera, nunca los abandonamos y siempre ustedes han sido parte de nosotros, como nosotros somos parte de ustedes. Cada pensamiento enfermo y distorsionado que nosotros conjuntamente con ustedes logramos curar, nos deja estar cada vez más cerca de ustedes, nos permite unirnos y ser uno solo.

    • 24 Nosotros somos el espejo de lo que ustedes deben ser y ustedes son el espejo de lo que nosotros no debemos ser. La experiencia de la distorsión jamás la olvidaremos. Ha quedado grabada en nuestra energía-pensamiento por siempre jamás y no descansaremos hasta recuperar hasta el último de nuestros pensamientos o sea hasta el último de ustedes. Significa que si ustedes comprenden a lo que vinieron a trabajar, si cada uno de ustedes llegara al origen del sentimiento y lo rectificara, entonces ya no estarán sujetos a regresar y encarnarse en el exterior. Regresarán a su origen, queremos decir a la burbuja-esfera o sea al cerebro de uno de nosotros. Por eso nuestro trabajo consiste en ir preparándolos poco a poco, a la confrontación y aceptación distorsionada del sentimiento, rectificarlo y con ello poder regresar al origen, cuerpo, cerebro y mente donde cada uno de ustedes pertenece. Por esta razón reina el caos en Tera, porque todos ustedes albergan pensamientos diferentes. Nuestro trabajo es unirlos y encausarlos hacia un solo Conocimiento, Entendimiento y Amor Universal. De esta manera al tener en sus cerebros energías-pensamientos que vibran en un mismo nivel frecuencial, el regreso será posible y realizable. 3- ¿Si nosotros somos ustedes y debemos regresar a ustedes, entonces, no tenemos libertad de expresión? En realidad ustedes tienen la libertad de expresión, pero no la saben usar, porque viven en el libertinaje de esa expresión. Hasta el momento son pocos aquellos que pueden decir que tienen el libre albedrío. Ustedes son como niños malcriados, donde hay que vigilarlos y educarlos para que no cometan actos en contra de ustedes mismos y del planeta, constantemente están jugando con fuego, inventando experimentos, medicinas, tecnología y mucho más sin tener realmente el conocimiento de La Causa y el Efecto. Ustedes son nuestra más grande responsabilidad. Tarde fuimos a comprobar que nuestras energías-pensamientos enfermas y distorsionadas se fueron a albergar en ustedes. Estamos rectificándolo y no descansaremos hasta conseguirlo. 4- Hoy en día estamos avistando una cantidad impresionante de luces en el cielo… ¿Son ovnis? ¿Son ustedes que se están dejando ver? ¿Son seres de otros planetas? La confusión reina también por estos fenómenos. ¿Por qué algunos seres los llegan a ver y otros no? Existen aquellos que solo creerán cuando vean en el cielo luces resplandecientes y digan: Son Ovnis. El Planeta Tera es una célula y se encuentra comparativamente en el Sistema Digestivo de EL SER UNO. Tienen que comprender que este sistema está formado por elementos químicos que pululan en el ambiente. Este ambiente ustedes lo han clasificado y le han dado nombres como: Atmósfera, Estratosfera, Ionosfera etc. Todo sistema funciona con sus propios mecanismos, unidades, dispositivos, piezas, partes, medios, sectores,

    • 25 ingredientes y sustancias que le van a permitir un desempeño, cuyo trabajo y función servirá para el bien de EL SER UNO. Cuando ustedes ven luces en su atmósfera no siempre se verán ―naves espaciales‖, puede tratarse de elementos naturales químicos, con los cuales los sistemas referidos trabajan. Sucede muchas veces, que realmente puede tratarse de ―naves‖ antimateria y estas lo podemos asegurar, son captadas y vistas solo por aquellos que tienen una visión más ―especial‖ que los otros o por máquinas sofisticadas, ya que estas son más rápidas y sensibles que los ojos materiales. Estas naves de luz resplandeciente y de colores diversos nos pertenecen, somos nosotros Los Guardianes de la Ciudad Interna, que salimos en ellas para estudios e investigaciones. Esta salida no es como ustedes se la están imaginando, nosotros podemos viajar en ellas en pensamiento u holográficamente es la única forma que podemos realizarlo. Nosotros dominamos la energía, sobre todo la energía del pensamiento, podemos trasladarnos por el universo, con el deseo de nuestro pensamiento. Cuando realizamos este deseo, lo emanamos con nuestra figura holográfica y la envolvemos de luz colorida, estos colores estarán de acuerdo al deseo del pensamiento. Cuando se forma de acuerdo a lo deseado, aparecerá una bola de luz brillante, la cual viajará a distancias y velocidades inimaginables. Si ustedes vieran sus pensamientos, como son deseados, creados y emanados, si los vieran salir de sus cerebros, fluctuando en el medio ambiente en que viven, verían exactamente lo que les estamos explicando. Lo que ustedes llaman oxígeno y atmósfera, lo que respiran, no son otra cosa que sus propios pensamientos. Millones de ellos que se mezclan, se agrupan, se aglomeran en forma de bolas, ustedes los respiran y con ellos alimentan sus cerebros para que continúen funcionando. El cerebro los capta, los digiere, los clasifica y los encamina hacia donde pertenecen: al cuerpo material, a la psiquis o a la mente. Estas energías-pensamientos han comenzado a ser vistas y captadas, ustedes las llaman: Orbs Si un ser posee la sensibilidad aguda, para atraer y captar energías- pensamientos fluctuantes que se encuentran en el aire y en la atmósfera, verá bolas de luz brillantes o coloridas, moviéndose rápidamente y desplazándose tan aceleradamente, que muchas veces el ojo humano no las puede percibir. Estas luces resplandecientes, que muchas veces son Orbs, son confundidas con naves extraterrestres que vienen de otros mundos o realidades, sin embargo pertenecen al mismo planeta y a todos ustedes humanos que las conciben y las forman. Los Orbs se atraen o se rechazan dependiendo de la vibración, ritmo, frecuencia, colores etc. Cuando son Orbs positivos (protón-energías-pensamientos-positivos) entonces se verán como luces resplandecientes, las cuales emiten colores y muchas veces hasta con sonidos, vibración y ritmo. Cuando los protones se unen formando grandes cúmulos, generalmente plasman figuras gaseosas, cuya consistencia acuosa se prolifera en la atmósfera. Los Orbs generalmente se

  • 26 forman por la evaporización de los lagos, mar, ríos etc. En la química es más conocido como: Ión de Hidrógeno Cuando los Orbs son cúmulos de electrones, entonces ustedes verán grandes formaciones de energías-pensamientos negativos, los cuales tomarán las formas de: Tornados, Huracanes, tormentas, lluvias torrenciales etc….
 * *
* * * * * *
Esto continuará mañana…
* * * *
* * * *
*   *   *   *
^ ^ ^
* * * 
3. El Ser Uno es un libro de autoconocimiento. Deberá ser leído en orden: sería inútil que lo leyeran desordenadamente, pues no daría el resultado esperado. Su lectura irá abriendo y conectando los circuitos cerebrales del conocimiento, entendimiento y amor.
* * * 
Repasenlo… estudienlo…  meditenlo…
dejen ir las viejas…ideas, y enseñanzas…
estudien las nuevas. 
El ser UNO
^ ^ ^

¿Qué es el amor incondicional y por qué es tan elusivo para muchos?  Es un amor que no juzga, defiende o distingue entre ningún ser viviente que entre a su vecindad. Es un amor que abarca toda la creación pues emana del corazón del Dios Padre Madre, de la Fuente de la Creación, de aquello que ha creado la materia y la ha colocado en la materia oscura del Universo expandiente. 

* * * 

El amor incondicional está más allá de la comprensión de la pequeña mente que empaqueta y divide, califica y categoriza.  El amor incondicional es el amor que supera cualquier entendimiento y sencillamente es, en sí mismo, puro, íntegro y impecable.  Es la esencia de su Yo Superior.  Es la verdadera esencia de sí mismos, despojada de todo lo que no es el Yo.

* * *

“Te amo, incondicionalmente, y enciendo el Fuego Violeta en la emanación que estás enviando a mí. Bendigo que tú también, encuentres la paz que estoy ganando dentro de la nueva y expandida versión de mi Ser”.

* * * 
* * *

Muchos están comenzando a despertar y a darse cuenta de que necesitan amarse a sí mismos. Esto es muy difícil para muchos pues han permanecido en las sombras de la duda y el odio de sí mismos durante mucho tiempo, a menudo sin entender los asuntos centrales o razones de dichos sentimientos.

El llegar al amor y el respeto por uno mismo es meramente un paso en la senda a la automaestría. Si ustedes sienten que no se pueden amar a sí mismos todavía, aprendan a aceptarse a sí mismos como son, y liberarán a su yo futuro para amar. El amor fluye desde el corazón de la Creación, pero uno no puede sentir esta conexión o este flujo con la Fuente hasta que se haya conectado con la fuente del amor interior, su propio centro del corazón.
* * *
* * *
*  *  *

* * *
  • 2 DATOS INTERNACIONALES DE CATALOGACIÓN EN LA PUBLICACIÓN SÃO PAULO-BRASIL. COPYRIGHT Nº. DE REGISTRO: 434.039 | LIVRO: 813 | FOLHA: 199 Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm Libro publicado originalmente por la autora y Canal: Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm Todos los derechos del texto, inclusive los dibujos externos e internos, están reservados para uso exclusivo de la autora. Ninguna parte de este libro puede ser REPRODUCIDO, ALTERADO, EDITADO O USADO por cualquier forma o medio, electrónico o mecánico, inclusive fotocopias, grabaciones, Internet, televisión, cinema o sistema de almacenamiento en banco de datos, sin permiso por escrito de la autora, excepto en los casos de trechos cortos citados en reseñas críticas o artículos de revistas, periódicos o cualquier medio de comunicación. La reproducción, cambio, alteración o uso indebido del contenido y dibujos de este libro, estará sujeto a un proceso judicial, amparado por la ley al derecho del autor. EL SER UNO I – Los Arcanos de Thoth. EL SER UNO II – Planeta 333 – Los Guardianes de Tera. Informamos a todos los seres de buena voluntad que EL SER UNO no está vinculado con personas que puedan usar el nombre de la autora y del mismo, realizando conferencias, grupos, venta de copias impresas, videos, publicidad y más, cobrando por sus servicios o pidiendo donaciones en nombre de este conocimiento. El canal hace saber también, que no tiene ninguna responsabilidad con aquellos que transmiten e interpretan el conocimiento EL SER UNO a su manera, sin regirse o basarse en los escritos originales que se encuentran en su texto. EL SER UNO es un conocimiento GRATUITO, no está coligado a ningún evento ni a ganancia de dinero de ninguna otra índole por terceras personas, que lo podrían utilizar a propio beneficio.
* * *
* * * * * *

* * *