samkaska: 2015 Predictions 2015 Predictions

samkaska: 2015 Predictions 2015 Predictions.

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Predictions 2015 Predictions

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2015 Predictions

2015 Predictions

Every year, since 2005, I have been writing annual predictions and every year I say the same thing, “I write predictions even though I don’t like writing them”. I hesitate to make predictions, especially about world events, because I do not want to influence anyone’s thinking or skew the energy in any particular direction.

Now, more than ever, there is enormous power in the shared collective awareness. Since my predictions are read by millions of people from dozens of countries, who can translate and interpret what they read in many different ways, sharing these predictions is a mission that I take very seriously and I write them with a great deal of care. That said, at different times during the year I refer to the predictions I made (which I do not change once they are published), and I am surprised at how accurate they are.
The details of exactly ‘what will happen’ are not always part of the information I share with you, as it is more focused on what has the potential to happen or what is energetically aligned to allow certain events to unfold in particular ways. Because we have evolved so much during the past decade, sometimes knowing the different potentials serves as a decision making guide, rather than a dire warning of the upcoming year’s events.
2015 features a number of powerful energetic alignments:
A full moon kicks off 2015 and activates the Uranus/Pluto square of December 2014
An old cycle that started in 2006 ends, and a new one begins
The seventh and final Uranus/Pluto square in March
Eclipses in April and October
A new 30 year energy cycle is activated in March and in September and it’s action time for all early Indigos and Crystals
We begin this year at the end of a rather lengthy cycle of healing and transformation that began in 1985. For 30 years we have had the opportunity to view ourselves, our lives, our connections, and our healing journey from every possible angle. At some point every journey must end, and so must this one. Now before you get too excited, an ending does not mean ‘the end’ of all lessons and learning, it means the end of this cycle and the beginning of a new one. The new cycle may not be as challenging as the previous one, depending on where the individual is on his/her healing path. If they are complete and ready to take action in new directions, then new cycle may be easier than it is for someone who is just beginning. Just remember that ‘easy’ and ‘hard’ are relative, depending on the person and their path.
Since 2012 and the start of the Uranus/Pluto square cycle, we have been shown where we disconnect ourselves from our power, how we uplift or depress ourselves with our choices and fears, and who we allow to connect with us based on our needs and desire for validation. All of these have shown us where we limit our own power and if we are afraid to expand our power base because of who we think may be unhappy with or impacted by our choices, that process will happen by itself now.
2015 may be a record year for divorces and separations, and the end of many different kinds of relationships. Not because people will no longer love each other, but because it’s the alignment and resonance of our connections at the energetic level that are going to be the determinants of who we can live with and around, and who we cannot. And it works both ways, so the person you feel separated from energetically feels it too and they may be the one who decides that they can no longer be around you.
Don’t be surprised by anything that happens in relationships this year, as the greater focus on the energy of connections will release relationships that do not match and create connections with those that do. So while energetically outmoded relationships end, that happens so we can get new relationships that feel much better. Any relationship based on healing and karma is up for review this year.
This will also be a year of choices and decisions and some of the most difficult decisions will be those we have wanted to make for so long and then we are suddenly faced with them. It’s one thing to want to do something, and quite another to have the opportunity to actually do it. What pushes us out of our cycles are the choices we make to step into higher expressions of our own energy. We have what it takes, we have done the work, let’s see if we have the courage to do it. I believe we do because we have won both the battle and the war, now all we have to do is claim our victory.
Energy downloads, those shift and frequency changes that we have been experiencing since the beginning of the century and especially in the last 9 to 12 years, will appear to lessen but they actually increase in frequency and vibration. We won’t feel them in the same way because we have processed so much energy and raised our own frequency so high that we aren’t impacted in the same way by downloads now. That won’t be true for everyone, but for those of you who have already had a hard time with these and have been integrating energies for several years, you won’t feel this year’s downloads and frequency changes in the same way.
Integrity and alignment take on a new focus this year — it’s time to get serious about ascension now, not from the healing perspective, but from the action side. We must take action to give form to the new paradigms and make them possible on earth, as energy containers. The only way to bring energy onto the planet is through the connections that are made through us. This is a learning and healing planet, which is also going through its own ascension cycle, along with us. As partners with the planet if we don’t create the energetic containers for these energies, then they cannot exist or be grounded here.
The temptation to stay in healing mode is there, and it’s our rather uncomfortable comfort zone. But it’s also where we know we are powerful and efficient and often our validation comes from believing we can or have healed others. Now we can align with our wholeness, instead of our healing, be in integrity with higher frequencies and vibrations, align with these energies without fear, guilt, or regret, so heaven on earth, which is also joyful living, becomes the new earth paradigm.
In 2015 we can, from an energetic perspective, turn our backs on the world. That doesn’t mean that we ignore what is happening around us, we just don’t give it any energy. We have the power to raise everything to its highest potential, as we did in 2014, and take it to new, previously unknown levels. If the purpose of our lifetimes here has been to complete ascension, what did we think we were going to do when we arrived at that point, which is where we are now? We have arrived at a destination and it’s time to get out of the car, so to speak.
It’s like the difference between being pregnant and having the baby. During pregnancy the baby is forming and it’s present but hidden so while you know it’s there, your focus is on taking the best care of your body so you nourish and support the baby. Then, once the baby is born, it’s a whole other story. Now you still have to take care of your body, in a different way, and you have a baby that demands care and attention. You still had your freedom and control of your life, so to speak, when you were pregnant. Having the baby changes everything.
We have had the baby and that changes everything but in reverse — we now have control over everything in a way we never had before because we were both unaware of our power and ability to choose this for ourselves, and the collective of humanity was not aligned at the same frequencies to a great enough degree to allow the collective energy field to focus energy with singular intention.
There is an increased focus on connection in 2015, and how we’re all interconnected, to each other, the earth, the universe, and to Source. It is our completion of the ascension journey that allows the rest of the universe to ascend. So we have to do this now – no pressure here, we can’t get it wrong but we can do things that will allow it to move just a little bit faster and now that we have completed phase 1, we get to start on phase 2 and make choices and decisions about what our completed ascension process looks like, how we create those energies on the planet and start living through them.
Here are some of the major themes for 2015:
From Healing to Wholeness
Every journey must end because at some point we arrive at the destination and stop traveling. We accept this as being true for everything but the healing journey of our life path. For that journey, we keep going around and around the same healing cycles, with the same soul group members, dancing the same karmic dance, and finding new causes and reasons to continue healing. At some point we have to acknowledge that we are healed but we look for that confirmation by telling ourselves that when there is no one else to be healed, or who needs our healing, then we’re done.
The truth is, we’re done when we decide that we are. It is imperative, in 2015, that we get off of the healing merry-go-round and start claiming our wholeness. Without this, we are not able to create new paradigms and move out of 3D and into higher dimensions of being, which is where our new work lies. Light work is gone, light beacons are the new reality. We don’t ‘heal’ anyone any more and certainly not with our own energy. Instead, we shine our light and let them cross the healing bridge on their own and they will, when they’re ready. We need to have the light shining brightly so that as soon as they are ready, the bridge will appear for them.

Becoming 360 Plus 1
In 2010 I began writing about ‘become 360 degree humans’, the healing journey that allowed us to see ourselves from every angle, front and back, inside and out, above and below, past, present, and potential future. Our healing cycles, journeys, and paths, take us full circle, to the point where we made the first karmic choice. That is the Becoming 360 degree journey. Then we find ourselves back where we started and at a crossroads where we must decide what we want to do next, jump back into a healing cycle or leave the cycle behind and step into a new, healed, whole, and complete aspect of ourselves. That is the Plus 1. We have focused a lot of our energy on getting to 360, so we see every choice and reason for our paths and connections, every karmic pattern and cycle, and every source of disconnection. Our decision, in 2015, is to jump off of that cycle into the Plus 1, taking healing to wholeness, karma to creation, defeat to determination, and disconnection into integrity.
New beginnings, outcomes, and the unfoldment of new potentials are all possible when we stop spinning through healing cycles and take a leap of intention, which is putting our faith and beliefs in action. Creation follows energetic focus and intention and since we said we wanted to be in our power, this is our chance to embrace and use it, to see how that can work in our lives and in the world. We can change the world when we are willing to first become the example of the transformation we can envision for the world as we embody it in our own lives.

The Year of Determination
If we have the desire to live in joy, then we can create the determination to make our intention possible. Without determination, we have faith and no trust, intention and no beliefs to support it, motivation but no action energy to move it forward. This is a big step for us because we are always so afraid that we’re going to leave someone behind, do the wrong thing, be the wrong person, or fail in our mission in some way. All of those are impossible because nothing is ever wrong in the universe. And when it comes to other people and leaving them behind, that’s impossible because if we recognize everyone as powerful and as sovereign in their lives, then we have to also recognize their power to choose their own realities, and it’s not our place to judge their choices.
We can be kind and loving as we shine our light to point them to more powerful options that we are living, without insisting that we push, pull, or drag them there. We have enough to do this year with setting foundations for new energies and if we focus on that, we won’t have time to worry about who is not showing up for them. The people who are ready will be there, those who are not ready will be there when they are ready.

Love Becomes Awareness
I have always believed that the word ‘love’ which we use to describe universal or Source energy is either the wrong word or a deliberate mistranslation that has given rise to so many misinterpretations and expectations. I believe that the actual word which describes this omnipresent, constantly flowing, limitless, and expansive energy is ‘awareness’.
As we expand our ability to know ourselves beyond 3D and into higher dimensions of being, and as we accept that we are capable of living beyond any boundaries that we have imposed on ourselves, we become ‘aware’, and achieve a level of energetic expansion that opens us up to every potential and possibility within our field of potential. Awareness opens our field of vision to see beyond what we believe or know is possible into the ‘I am possible’ in new ways. This is a state of being extra conscious or super conscious, activating all of our abilities at every level, so we step into timeless, limitless, expanded being. When love becomes awareness, the empowered human/spiritual partnership is created.

A New Global Truth
If 2014 represented a global desire for transformation, we are now there. We’re ready for the truth now, in ways that we were not ready for before. But we don’t need to learn the world’s deepest, darkest secrets because that’s all history and it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that we create a new truth for the world through our shared intention, and one that reflects the greater good for all. Yes, there are those who wish nothing but harm for humanity but their power pales in comparison with that of those who want all of the best things for humanity.
And there are many more who want good — that is our new truth. We need to understand and appreciate the power of collective thought and connection, which creates in an exponential manner. When we share an intention for truth, peace, connection, and joy for humanity with millions of others, we can overcome any fear or negativity — higher energies always trump lower ones and the light always overtakes the darkness.
That is why so much of what happens in the world is no longer of interest to many of us, because we know that much of what we see and hear is a version of a truth, but it is not our truth. The desire for truth that we hold for ourselves and for the world has expanded now and it is when we can move beyond wanting truth to have revenge against those who propagate ‘untruth’s, into becoming creators of a higher truth, then all will be revealed.
We are going to hear the truth in 2015, and in fact, many truths that are going to be very shocking but when we hear this from our own place of empowerment, nothing is going to knock us off of our feet, although it may be unsettling, from the point of disbelief. Think of the truthabout the NSA world-wide spying as revealed by Edward Snowden on a much, much larger scale. I believe we’re going to hear about so many new revelations and secrets that we are going to get tired of it.
That’s why it’s important to honor our dreams and desires for new life paths now, to stop healing others and start living from our whole, connected selves. This is where we are at our most powerful and where we cannot be distracted or influenced by any lower vibrating energies that could easily take us off of our path. As long as we are steadfast in our own truth, what goes on in the world doesn’t matter and in fact, we influence the truth that can be created by having faith, confidence, and trust in the highest truth for ourselves and for humanity.

The New 9 Year Cycle
We began a new energy cycle in 2006 that ended in 2014. 2015 is another 8 year, numerologically, and it begins on January 1. All of the experiences, lessons, challenges, and blessings we have experienced between 2006 and 2014 are the foundation we will build on in the next cycle. The best use of this energy is to expand the learning into higher levels of frequency and vibration, creating joy and prosperity from the ashes of any sadness, pain, and fear.
The worst thing we can do with any challenges that we faced during that time is to think that things will never change, they will ‘always’ be the same, or we will ‘never’ achieve our dreams. Whatever did not ‘work out’ in the ways you wished or hoped in the last nine years could not manifest, for a variety of reasons, including being in the energetic, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual spaces that would best serve your learning, healing, growth, and transformation. Remember that we all work on multiple energetic levels, and what happens on our individual path is part of humanity’s general path. We are part of everything, and everything is part of us.
One of our ascension promises was the healing of karma and in order to do that we had to be in a place where we could experience our karma and all of its energies. Most of us have done that since 2006 and with the release of that cycle, we are in new, karma free zones.
You will know that you have achieved this as you begin to feel more and more uncomfortable where you are, you feel finished and unable to move forward. That is because there is no more energy for you there, and the vibration and frequency of that energy is not high enough to connect with you at the level you need to expand. That’s OK, once we have completed the first three months of 2015, more movement potential opens up and you will feel less encumbered and more free to do what you want. For now, though, we are where we must be and need to be as we complete this ascension cycle and possibly, no matter how much you want to move or want a change, it may not happen. If that’s the case for you, avoid getting depressed or anxious and focus on what you are contributing in a greater way. When it’s time for changes to happen for you, they will happen by themselves or without a lot of work or effort.
Another cycle that is ending is the 30 year Saturn cycle that started between 1985 and 1988. If you can remember back that far, what did you begin or end, what did you try to do or create, where did you feel empowered or disempowered, and where are you now with those things? With the end of that cycle we have a new beginning individually but the greater power of this new Saturn cycle involves the Indigos born between 1955 and 1961. It’s their time to shine, it’s their time to expand, and to start exploring and using their gifts in more powerful ways. Saturn is called the great teacher and this is less a choice than it is an agreement to take action. If we don’t do it voluntarily, it will be delivered to us in ways we can’t ignore.

The End of Hibernation, Isolation, and Suspended Animation
If you have felt isolated, in hibernation, or in suspended animation since 2006 (or maybe before), cheer up because that will end in 2015. I hope you are ready because for some, these have become habits and hiding has become a source of safety and security. I believe that for many of us our energy needed to be so focused on healing that we were isolated, for the sake of our work and for our own good.
While we were struggling and vulnerable, and while so much energy was being stirred up in the world, we didn’t need to be out there in the wild, we needed to be exactly where we were. Even if it was terribly lonely and frustrating at times, the greater good and higher purpose that we are serving has been working with us and we have agreed to put our own needs and our movement aside to focus on this work. But times have changed and that work is over, so you may want to invest in some new clothes and shoes, some luggage, and a new look because it’s time to get out in the world again.

Earth Changes
Earth changes will continue to be problematic at different times of the year, especially around the spring and fall equinoxes (northern hemisphere). Much stronger earthquake activity in Kansas and Oklahoma in particular, also in states like Kentucky, Tennessee, north and northwestern Texas, Illinois and South Dakota, will force oil and gas companies to reveal the true breadth of their frakking activities, which is happening in many more areas than is currently reported.
There will also be news, around July, of some secret aspect of frakking that is far more destructive than reported and is responsible for extensive groundwater contamination and earthquake activity than we have been told. It appears to happen underground, using some kind of underground radar and sonic waves to split up the earth, which is probably why there have been so many earthquakes in areas where this kind of activity is rare or never happens. In addition to gas and oil, this activity is used to discover and extract gold, silver, and deposits of other types of minerals that can’t be easily extracted using conventional methods of mining.
The focus on global warming will decrease as much of the fear element around that is debunked but there will be more focus on environmental pollution, especially in the oceans, as people demand more accountability and effort from polluters. There will be an increase in earth-centered awareness, keeping the planet clean and attention to more long term consideration of the planet.
There will be a demand for transparency around the Fukushima reactor disaster and true levels of radiation in the Pacific Ocean between Japan and the west coast of the US, which have been misrepresented and under-reported. Those numbers will be reported and monitored by private citizens and groups, and a new technology to ‘eat’ radioactivity and radiation from the ocean will be implemented around August or September, that will greatly help manage and lower the radiation levels in the ocean.
In 2014 I wrote that there will be activity around the Yellowstone volcano and I believe that it will happen this year. I don’t foresee a strong eruption, but I do see enough activity that scares people into thinking it may erupt. Some new geysers will open in the area, quite spectacular displays of the earth’s power. One of the reasons this happens is to draw our attention and our energy to this place, as it is an important earth vortex. The energy we need to focus there is not of fear, but of higher frequencies that expand the portal — fear energy will close it and limit its potential.

Power Periods
During the course of every year there are power periods where the earth’s energetic balance changes, we experience strong energy shifts, new energetic alignments occur, new vortexes open or old ones close. These often clash with our own energetic vibrations and they can make us very uncomfortable and even physically ill. We call these ascension symptoms and they are part of our ascension journey, for we need to bring new energy to the earth as part of our mission of creating ‘heaven on earth’.
With these power periods we may see earth changes, strong storms, floods, earthquakes or unusual weather. In our own lives we can experiences sudden endings, disruptions, changes of heart or mind or even physical illness. On a global scale we can hear of secrets, schemes, corruption, scandals and power plays. These power periods describe some of the more active or intense portions of these cycles, and the activity may not be focused solely within these periods.
In 2015 there are 3 big power periods and two smaller ones that overlap into the bigger periods:
Mercury retrogrades in January, May, and September, which are also power periods. We have two eclipse periods, in April and October,
The final Uranus/Pluto square is on March 17, 2015 (although the effect is felt all year, to January 2016) and there is an especially powerful, significant, and unique cycle completion on March 20.
The Saturn transit square natal Pluto happens again from June to September as Saturn goes back into Scorpio — this impacts anyone born from 1956 to 1961.
This year is all about fast moving energy, quick changes, core level transformation, and the need to be flexible and to surrender (which means to stop fighting and resisting, not to give up), as well as expanding our personal energy field enough to bring in very high frequencies to move us into the next phase of ascension.
January to March 31, 2015 : This is the first significant power period because the energy of the December Uranus/Pluto square is still active and the exact square happens on March 17, followed by the equinox and new moon at 29 Pisces on March 20-21.
The new moons at 0 degrees in January and February (in Aquarius and Pisces) complete the series of five 0 degree new moons that began in October 2014. This unusual aspect is historically associated with periods of great change. The February 0 deg Pisces new moon is followed by a new moon eclipse in March at 29 Pisces. This is the final sign of the zodiac, we have come full circle, the alpha and omega, and it marks the end of this ascension cycle. It’s also the beginning of the astrological year and astrology is how we connect with and integrate the energy of the other planets in our solar system.
June and July — This power period brings strong storms, high seas, unusual weather, such as snow in July, and big shifts in temperature that everyone will notice. Part of its purpose is to draw our attention to the earth, which is going to require that we send very high vibration energy instead of fear.
September — This power period marks the end of the 30 year Saturn cycle and of the first stage of ascension, as Saturn fully moves into Sagittarius on September 20, also the date of the autumn equinox. This is important on several levels, individually and collectively. By moving into Sagittarius, Saturn completes the cycle that began in 1987, with the first Harmonic Convergence, the first global meditation gathering that ushered in a level of shared consciousness and connection never before experienced by humanity. It was also the beginning of the growth of the internet, another medium which has connected humanity as never before. This power period could very well bring disclosure about religions, the bible, and socially accepted spiritual beliefs. It also completes the energy began in October 2014 with Saturn reaching the last degrees of Scorpio. Life altering choices, transformation, the urge to do new and different things, or to do things differently, abound now, especially for those entering the second stage of their lives, now in their 50s and early 60s.
December — 2015 ends with a month for reflection and review, marked by action of Venus, which covers all 30 degrees of Scorpio before moving into Sagittarius on December 31. If you didn’t celebrate at the end of 2014, you will probably be celebrating this new year’s in a very celebratory way.

Solar Activity
Solar activity will not be as intense in terms of frequency this year. The active periods will be shorter but stronger. So while we may see less solar flare activity, there will be large bursts of high level flares with more CMEs (coronal mass ejections) than we have before. I also see quite a few earth directed CMEs which will interfere with satellite transmissions and radio frequencies, especially in July and September, that will be very noticeable. I think that we’ll be more aware of the solar flare activity this year because there will be visible effects.
Vortexes, Portals, and Energy Grids
Vortexes are concentrations of energy on the earth that receive and ground energy and energy portals are openings in the earth’s electromagnetic grid that allow energy to flow into the earth from the Universe. Some portals allow dense energy to flow into the earth, others are much lighter and their energy is less dense. You can tell where the ancient, dark and dense portals are because these areas are currently at war, or are areas of protest and civil unrest, such as Syria, Egypt and areas of the Middle East. Any area where the feminine energy is suppressed or denied contains an ancient, dense portal.
These are trying to close, and have been trying to close for several years now, but there is a lot of resistance to their closing, from those who feed off of this energy. 2015 will see a big shift in these portals as they were heavily attacked in 2014. Any area of intense conflict and war is indication of strong portal activity, where the old portals are trying to close and the conflict keeps them open.
New vortexes were opened in 2014 and are now ready to be supported and lived in but we need to be at the energy that will support the portal’s newer frequencies, which is why we need to be out of healing mode and into completion and wholeness. This year, new portals and vortexes open around the southeastern coast of the U.S., in Nevada, around Chicago, in New Mexico, big shifts in energies across western Europe, especially in Spain and Portugal which will also manifest as a limit on Muslim expansion into countries like France, the UK, Norway, and Sweden. Many people from Africa, who are now immigrating into Western Europe, will be moving to the area around the Philippines instead.
More activity in the UK and in Scotland and Ireland, the energy is quietly shifting in those two countries, as they quietly prepare for a renewed demand for sovereignty, which will be successful this time. By 2017 there will be many changes in the area known as the United Kingdom, which is the continuation of the Roman Empire. As the 3D paradigms of domination and control end, their origins also end because there is no energy to empower them. The full scope of the information about this will eventually come out around 2016. This area is also a major Atlantis site and holds many of Atlantis’ secrets and information that have been withheld from the world, which will be revealed starting in 2016.
I see a lot of activity around the Philippines, China, India, Pakistan, and SE Asia in 2015, a lot of social and political unrest, more requests for changes in government policies, new scandals and revelations of corruption in politics and agriculture, and the revelation of some kind of ET activity there too. In fact, on the subject of extra terrestrials (ETs), I think there is going to be an ‘accidental’ reference to them that is going to make their presence on the planet very obvious this year.
And we can’t talk about vortexes and portals without also mentioning geographic moves, which have not happened yet for many of you (me included), although you have been waiting for two to five years, or longer, to go to new places. There is a reason for that and it ends in 2015. Your current geographic location has been very carefully calibrated to accommodate the energy of the new portals opening now, the energy reflected in the earth’s grids, your own ascension cycle and how much new energy you can receive, and expand onto and into the physical earth and its grids.
In fact, the more unhappy you are where you currently live, the more out of place, undervalued, unappreciated, and invisible you feel there, the more benefit and energy you are bringing to that area, whether it is opening new energy portal, holding a new energy potential, maintaining an energetic balance, or being present at a specific energy frequency so to ground that energy. It’s all part of a bigger plan to enable energy shifts in a balanced, grounded way and we don’t have to know why we are somewhere and had to be there, no matter how much we didn’t want to. This necessity ends by March 31, after the Uranus/Pluto square, and movement can begin as early as mid-April, through June or July. Another opening for this movement happens in September through December.
Once it begins, it can happen very quickly and manifest in a matter of days or weeks. Just be prepared if you say you have wanted to move, that decision will present itself and then you will have to take action. Where you will move is to a place that aligns with your energy now, bringing you the kind of life and lifestyle you want to experience, the kind of friends, community, social network and experience you want to have in your new place. That is what will determine where you move to.
Here we are, ready to begin another year together, let’s make it a really good one. I think that we all know, on some level, that we have reached the end of a powerful journey. And it is not without some degree of regret and maybe a little hesitation, that we acknowledge our success and move on. It has been, after all, the reason and purpose for and of so many lifetimes that it is going to be a big change, for some, to step out of healing and ascension mode, and to be into wholeness and expansion. The push for ascension has taken all we had at times, and cost us everything. Now we can expand those energies, that we have had to focus so tightly, into new ways of being.
During this entire year, your intention will serve as your guidepost and guiding light for your life, so set powerful, meaningful, soul-ful and soul-filled intentions for this year to make the most of its many new beginnings and fresh starts. A new factor that we bring into it, building on what we learned in 2014, is the aspect of determination and taking action. We can be motivated but if we’re too scared to take action, our motivation will be like having a car with no gasoline. This is new territory and there is no map; we get to create the path with our intention and walk it when we are motivated enough to take our first step and determined to see it through. We must use the same level of energy and commitment now than we have through this ascension cycle. Just because we got through part 1 doesn’t mean we get to stop — the second part simply involves taking what we have already learned and adding a big dose of joy.
We still have free will in all things and nothing is ever ‘set in stone’ but we also live in highly transitional times and more and more people now share a desire for peace, love, acceptance and community. This is what has the real power to create change in the world and allow our individual and collective realities to become ‘heaven on earth’. As Uriel has often said, ‘It is not our job to destroy earth so heaven can take over. It is our mission to raise the frequencies of humanity and the earth so that a divine/human partnership can be created and we can evolve into ‘spiritual humans’.
This year can be easy or difficult, I think it will be a balance of the two and the challenges will be offset by the glorious moments of pure joy and bliss. We are here, there is truly nowhere to run and nowhere to hide in this process. Don’t be distracted by the chaos — change is inevitable, but chaos is optional and we always have a choice in the matter. Time to dust off the dreams and bring them out into the light so they can get re-charged because now we will have the energy to make them a reality.
I wish you the abundant blessings, peace, joy and love that a benevolent, loving and supportive Universe is waiting to co-create with you, and a richly abundant, prosperous, joyful and joy-filled new year.
Many blessings,
Jennifer Hoffman

December 31, 2014
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Copyright (c) 2014 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, copy, translate and link to this article, in its entirety, on free, non-donation based websites only, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website. All other uses are strictly prohibited.

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fantascienza: Capricorn the Goat December 22 ~ January 20

fantascienza: Capricorn the Goat December 22 ~ January 20.

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Capricorn the Goat December 22 ~ January 20

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the Goat
December 22 ~ January 20
Capricorn: ruled, governed by the limiting Saturn!
If you been reading all the signs of the zodiac, you could see how different they are from each other, these signs and their properties …
Capricorn is not far behind … this is no different to other signs … it also has its own characteristics …
Remember, though, that we are dealing with the “pure”, with the characteristics of a sign that is not “colored” even by its association with other signs, planets, stars, constellations, asteroids, Moon, and so on…
If you “feel” that what is said here does not “match” with your current personality, and / or way of being, remember that still remains to analyze your natal chart, the planets that influence your personality, as stated above, and many, many, other things …
In any case, these are the features: “pure”, without even added influences, and not knowing what your current Rising Sign is … field of study that should be more complete and profound, according to the date and time of birth …
That said, let’s move on with the “trauma” … sorry, with the development of the characteristics of Capricorn … by the way, the sign with which I had best friends … it will be because Saturn is in my first house, and Libra? …

It is not about to generalize, but we can say tentatively, that Sagittarius may well be the most optimistic sign of the zodiac, while Capricorn would become the most pessimistic of the zodiac …

While Sagittarius is cheerful and carefree around the world, Capricorn is dedicated to climbing in a “painstaking” way, for the most difficult part of the road or “steep path” mountain!
In addition, he is alone in this effort, either by their decision, or because they (people), move away from their “seriousness” … and, that is that, for Capricorn, it is difficult to mix with other people … he is angular, gawky, reticent, reserved, (I do not know why have come to my mind, the figure of Abraham Lincoln) … you are sure, that you will do not ever know, what they think “inside”, and also he/she will not it say, anyway …
Let me tell you at this point, I just congratulate a friend for his birthday: December 22 … it ends on 21 Sagittarius, and Capricorn starts on 22 … this good friend of mine still has the influence of Sagittarius, and begins with early influences of Capricorn …
Here is an example of the mixture of the signs … in the case of my friend, he is a beautiful person, cheerful, and yet, serious, responsible and industrious… well, let’s move on … 

you will not be sure, we said, what do a Capricorn thinks, and this is very important to know as parents, because this, is very evident during the first stage of the life of Capricorn … to get started, almost never he is really a child … by his words and expressions, serious, thoughtful, his parents might think that he is some years ahead of its present age … it is as more mature than other kids of their age … even in the way to play, he is serious ! …
Mainly, it is going to be upset if it is distracted from his game … Capricorn in itself, sometimes, if not all, are envious of the most “mundane”, but outgoing persons… but find it difficult to remedy their, say, “clumsiness “, or inhability to behave in society …
do not forget that we are analyzing the “pure” type of Capricorn, and that there are combinations of signs and planets, that relief or improves this “awkwardness”, to the point where you say “hey, I’m not like that! … or the worse, and you tell yourself, or someone you know: hey, he’s worse than what you say it is: unsociable (or introverted) to 100% …
Well, I must say, on your behalf, that is not awkward, actually … just because of your character, you stay away from people, absorbed in yourself … Ahhh, you will speak to a Capricorn, and you do not receive an answer! Worse still, if he/she is angry!   …He/she, keeps thinking, yes, but for their “inside” … 

huahua … I sure do know Well to Capri! …

I have a daughter who is of the sign Cancer … but she has Moon in Capricorn! In her Ascendant … 

Mamma Mia … it’s same as if you treated with a Capri … and worse with Moon there, as does her also temperamental, moody!

Employees of a Capricorn, will not feel comfortable with their boss … even if you try to be friendly and affectionate with your employees, there’s a kind of “separation”, an “invisible wall” between you and them…

The Capricorn native is an excellent organizer… I have seen natives of this sign very good for numbers in the trade … it is an excellent worker and responsible, even beyond the duty … buuut … he is not very popular!
Good for the company, bosses, bad for employees, your subordinates! … Could show haughty and usually is ambitious …
but achieves his goal following the most difficult part of the task, step by step, with difficulty, to which uses all space that may be of some benefit … most of his childhood, it may be unfortunate, because from at such a young age, cause of his/her character, feels misunderstood … but you, Capri, do not realize that you are the one, which keeps aloof from classmates and friends and even brothers …

Well, finally for now, and waiting for the continuation of this sign in the next round, I say to parents that come to read this, that take care of your children in Capricorn … you have a clue ​​what happens in the inside of your child, now … 
otherwise your part is to investigate and seek advice of qualified people, a psychologist, for example, to help your child to have a full life!

Meanwhile, greetings … and,

Until next time!


* * *

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KRULIANs: Sharon ‘La Hechicera’ falleció en accidente en Santa Elena – Gente – Vida y Estilo | El Universo:::compartir…

KRULIANs: Sharon ‘La Hechicera’ falleció en accidente en Santa Elena – Gente – Vida y Estilo | El Universo:::compartir….

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domingo, 4 de enero de 2015

Sharon ‘La Hechicera’ falleció en accidente en Santa Elena – Gente – Vida y Estilo | El Universo:::compartir…

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KRULIANs: Kryon ~ 8 preguntas.:::.TRANSFORMACIÓN.:::.sharing

KRULIANs: Kryon ~ 8 preguntas.:::.TRANSFORMACIÓN.:::.sharing.

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jueves, 24 de julio de 2014

Kryon ~ 8 preguntas.:::.TRANSFORMACIÓN.:::.sharing

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Kryon ~ 8 preguntas.

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Una vez más sé quiénes están aquí. Sé quiénes están escuchando. No conozco el futuro, pero conozco los potenciales de los que escucharán. De modo que les diré que se los espera. La canalización de esta noche es fácil. Es fácil para nosotros; veremos si es fácil para ustedes.

Hoy, más temprano, les dijimos que les daríamos una lista. Serán ocho preguntas para ustedes. Las van a contestar internamente y pronto verán de qué tratan. Serán preguntas sobre cómo les está yendo en esta nueva energía. ¿Por qué son ocho? Otra vez miramos el significado de los números: el ocho, para nosotros, es el número de la manifestación y la creación. De modo que pueden interpretar con eso lo que deseen. Por las preguntas, se darán cuenta del porqué.

Alma vieja, estás aquí para manifestar una nueva realidad para el planeta. Lo harás con el tiempo y no hay nada que diga que debe hacerse rápidamente. Las mejores comidas son aquellas que necesitan un mayor tiempo de preparación. Estas preguntas que siguen son para que las puedas examinar, no sobre dónde estás, sino dónde estarás tal vez. Te daremos cosas en qué pensar.

Aquí está la número UNO: Hemos hablado de la supervivencia de una vieja energía que los coloca en una cueva metafórica. Ustedes sólo se aventuran fuera de esa cueva lo suficiente como para conseguir el alimento o el trabajo que necesitan y regresan. Es la supervivencia de la vieja energía. Hacen esto por lo que llamaríamos protección esotérica, porque en el pasado las almas viejas eran perseguidas por sus creencias, y por eso tienen cuidado. La vieja energía es como el tigre de Bengala, está siempre lista para saltar sobre ustedes, pero ya han pasado este marcador del 2012. Los hemos invitado a salir de la cueva y experimentar una nueva energía, en la que ya no está el tigre. Aquí está la pregunta: ¿Cómo te va con la nueva supervivencia? ¿Estás haciendo lo mismo que solías hacer o estás saliendo de la cueva? ¿Te sientes lo suficientemente libre para hablar con otros de lo que crees, sin miedo al tigre, de que alguien te juzgue o te persiga? Ese es un pensamiento de la vieja energía. ¿Dónde te ubicas hoy? ¿Cuál es tu actitud? ¿Te estás relajando, o sigues luchando con la energía? Sólo tú conoces la respuesta.

Número DOS: Los Seres Humanos que descubren esa nueva energía se vuelven equilibrados. Un Ser Humano equilibrado es el que siempre regresa a su centro. Puede tener un mal día, pero reconoce que siempre vuelve a su centro. El Ser Humano equilibrado es aquel que otros quieren tener cerca. ¿Qué tal te va en eso? ¿Cuál es tu factor de equilibrio? Hay muchas almas viejas que no quieren estar cerca de otros Seres Humanos, porque están en la vieja supervivencia. Hay una nueva forma de equilibrio. Un equilibrio en el que el alma vieja le resulta atractiva a otras personas. No se juzga. (Kryon se ríe) No se juzga y la gente siente que es así. En otras palabras, los ven y quieren estar con ustedes. ¿Cómo les va con eso? ¿Cuántos de ustedes se esconden de los demás? No todos los días, sino esotéricamente. ¿Cuántos de ustedes comprenden que un Ser Humano equilibrado muestra a Dios por su manera de actuar? Dios dentro de ustedes se mide por cómo tratan a los demás. No evangelicen su creencia esotérica; en lugar de eso, respondan a los que vienen a ustedes y les preguntan en qué creen. Y van a venir si están equilibrados. ¿Ustedes son así, o no? Sólo ustedes conocen la respuesta a eso.

Número TRES: ¿A qué le tienen miedo? ¿Les dan miedo las mismas cosas que antes los atemorizaban? ¿O han cambiado las cosas para ustedes? Háblenme de su miedo. ¿Alguno de ustedes teme no estar haciendo bien las cosas? ¿Y por qué tendrían que hacerse esa pregunta alguna vez? ¿Tienen miedo de que los juzguen? ¿Tienen miedo de que pase algo si actúan incorrectamente? Déjenme decirles qué quiere Dios de ustedes: Amor. Comprensión. Paz en su corazón. ¿Tienen miedo de eso?

Querido, no nos importa cómo lo hagas. Puedes pararte de cabeza y girar tres vueltas. (Kryon se ríe) Puedes contar cien golpes, o hablar en un idioma especial. O no. No nos importa. Sólo queremos que veas a Dios en tu interior. Cualquiera sea tu tradición, eso a Dios no le importa. Sólo queremos tu mano. El Trabajador de la Luz que le tiene miedo a Dios no tiene ningún valor para la Tierra. Es tiempo de tomar nuestra mano. ¿De qué tienes miedo? Sólo tú conoces la respuesta a esa pregunta.

Querido, ¿qué te hace enojar? ¿Qué te frustra? ¿Ha cambiado eso en los últimos tres años? Un Trabajador de la Luz equilibrado no se enoja. ¿Qué Maestros conociste que estuvieran siempre enojados? Ninguno. Te diré esto: Cuando encuentras a Dios en tu interior, las cosas que te enojan o frustran disminuyen con el tiempo. Con el tiempo, te encontrarás en paz en situaciones que solían hacerte enojar. ¿Qué tal te va con eso? Sólo tú conoces la respuesta.

Número CINCO: ¿Puedes amar a otro Ser Humano en cualquier situación? En cualquier situación. ¿Puedes mirar con amor a un Ser Humano que discute contigo, que te insulta, o te afecta su energía? ¿Cómo te va con eso? ¿Puedes amar a un Ser Humano que está siempre irritado? (Kryon se ríe) Esa es tu oportunidad para saber exactamente de qué estoy hablando. Querido Ser Humano, cuando hayas llegado al punto en que te puedas distender totalmente en estas situaciones, tendrás un pequeño toque de lo que tenían los Maestros. Imaginen a los Maestros del planeta y lo que tuvieron que soportar. Cómo fueron perseguidos. Todos ellos podían mirar a sus perseguidores y amarlos de todos modos. ¿Y cómo te va con eso? Sólo tú conoces la respuesta a esta pregunta.

La número SEIS está relacionada con la anterior. ¿Es posible para ti ver el potencial del amor de Dios en todas las cosas del planeta? ¿Puedes reconocer lo que está sucediendo desde una perspectiva mayor? Cuando ves la agitación y la lucha, cuando ves la batalla, ¿puedes ver en una perspectiva más grande el cambio de la energía en el planeta a causa del amor de Dios? Lentamente, muy lentamente, las cosas se van resolviendo a partir de eso, a causa de la energía cambiante del amor de Dios.

¿Puedes reconocer la sincronicidad en tu vida, que podría traer cuestiones y problemas, y aún así ver el amor de Dios? (Kryon se ríe) Tal vez digas: “Bueno, Kryon, eso es difícil.” Pero todos ustedes pueden mirar retrospectivamente, ¿verdad? Y pueden ver cuestiones que ya han resuelto. Pueden mirar hacia el pasado y honrar las sincronicidades. Pueden decir: “Si esto no hubiera sucedido, entonces eso otro no hubiera ocurrido y yo no estaría aquí.” Entonces aquí está la invitación: Usa la misma sabiduría y mira hacia adelante, no hacia atrás. ¿Puedes ver que las cosas por las que estás pasando a menudo son lo que pediste? ¿Puedes ver el amor de Dios en todas las cosas? Sólo tú conoces la respuesta.

Número SIETE: ¿Qué te preocupa? Esta es una gran pregunta. Las preguntas van de lo fácil a lo difícil. En la vieja energía, la naturaleza humana es preocuparse. Cuando te despiertas a las tres de la mañana y no consigues volver a dormirte, ¿en qué estás pensando? ¿Qué te preocupa? ¿Qué te dice el cerebro lógico y sináptico? Amenudeo te dice que te preocupes. Te da proyecciones de cosas que nunca sucederán. Te mantiene despierto. ¿Qué tal te va con eso? ¿Cómo te va con el drama? ¿Te involucras en el drama de una situación? ¿Te preocupas por ella? Ese es un círculo que se autoalimenta. ¿Cómo te hace sentir eso?

Queridos, un Trabajador de la Luz equilibrado comprende la sincronicidad. No permite que el cerebro sináptico se interponga en su camino. La próxima vez que te despiertes a las tres de la mañana (esa es una metáfora, puede ser en cualquier momento de la noche) y empieces a preocuparte, quiero que tomes la parte de Dios en ti y dejes de lado al cerebro sináptico. ¡Eres demasiado magnífico para preocuparte! Usa tu tiempo de vigilia amando a Dios. Pasa tu tiempo de vigilia pensando en aquellos a quienes puedes enviarles energía. Pasa el tiempo que estás despierto pensando en cuánto te ama el Creador. Esa fue la número siete.

Ahora viene la más difícil de todas las preguntas. Número OCHO: ¿Cuándo vas a aprender a amarte a ti mismo? ¿Cuándo vas a entender que estás aquí con un propósito y no por accidente; que te han creado magnífico, que no te crearon sucio y que Dios está en ti? Desde que naciste eres un alma vieja en este planeta. Llevas la sabiduría más elevada de todos los Humanos. Has estado aquí tantas veces que sabes cómo funciona todo. Pero esa vieja energía de la cual vienes te impide ver esto y te sientes indigno. Es hora de cambiar. Te estoy desafiando. Cuando vuelvas a casa, mírate al espejo. Esta noche. No quiero que veas a un Ser Humano cansado. Mírate a los ojos y di las palabras: “Yo Soy el que Soy. Merezco estar aquí, soy amado por Dios, soy magnífico.” Amarse a uno mismo no es ego. Amarse a uno mismo es normal. (Kryon se ríe). ¡Existes por una razón! ¡Dios te conoce! Puedes erguirte y estar orgulloso de ser un Ser Humano que está en este planeta en esta época. Llevas una luz para el planeta. ¿Puedes amarte a ti mismo por eso? Si nosotros podemos amarte, ¿por qué no podrías tú? Esa es la cosa más difícil para un Trabajador de la Luz. Nunca estás sólo, jamás. Dios te ama siempre.

Este es el mensaje. ¿Cómo te sientes con eso? Sólo tú conoces la respuesta.

De modo que hemos recorrido esta lista de ocho preguntas, y en este año que pasó hemos enseñado respecto a cada una de ellas. Sentados aquí, tal vez te digas: “Creo que no lo hice muy bien en ninguna de ellas.” (Kryon se ríe). Si es tu caso, escúchame, si es tu caso, bienvenido a la Tierra porque todos lo comparten. Este es un comienzo para que sepas lo que te falta.

Todas las respuestas, las ocho, ya existen, ya te pertenecen. Nosotros no vemos al Tiempo como lo ven ustedes. Vemos las soluciones ya logradas. Vemos los potenciales de dónde estarán el próximo año. Pero más importante aún, conocemos los potenciales de dónde estarán en la próxima vida. (Kryon se ríe). En esta vida están plantando semillas y en la próxima despertarán con la sabiduría que están sembrando ahora. De niños serán sabios; no cometerán los mismos errores. Despertarán mucho antes a las cosas esotéricas y sabrán quiénes son. Ese es el futuro del alma vieja que está aquí y la que está escuchando este mensaje. ¡Es magnífico! Es un cambio para el planeta Tierra.

Ese es el mensaje del día. ¿Podría ser mejor? Verdaderamente, cuando se miren en el espejo quiero que vean el amor de Dios en todas las cosas. Yo sé quiénes están aquí. Conozco a algunos que están escuchando: se miran al espejo y piensan: “Estoy muy viejo. Mira lo que me ha hecho la edad. ¡Ay, cómo desearía ser joven otra vez!” Y aquí viene lo que quiero decirles: Van a ser jóvenes nuevamente. Prepárense. Sin los mismos errores. ¿Les gusta eso? Debería gustarles…

Alma vieja: yo soy Kryon, enamorado de ti por lo que has pasado; por lo que has hecho y por lo que harás.

Y así es.

Título en inglés: Light quistiones
Traducción del audio en inglés: María Cristina Cáffaro
Canalización en vivo de Kryon por Lee Carroll
Montevideo, Uruguay – 22 de Abril de 2014

Pag. Anterior: Kryon – Comunicación Celular.

Pag. Siguiente: Kryon – Mini canalización en Montevideo, Uruguay. I

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Otro mensaje de mi pasado,
A medida que le pasado se vuelve presente
Y el presente se vuelve el AHORA.

La Transformación es un proceso de elevar nuestra frecuencia de resonancia. El spin actual de los electrones alrededor del núcleo del cuerpo celular se está acelerando. Esta elevación de la resonancia afectará desde la transformación del ADN en el núcleo de la célula a la actual estructura del planeta entero. Un nuevo formato cognitivo y una visión colectiva del mundo será el resultado al final del proceso.

A medida que el electrón gira más y más rápido alrededor del núcleo de la célula, el neutrón comienza la transformación de forma de mantenerse con el incremento del spin de los electrones. A medida que los neutrones se transforman, el núcleo de las células responde activando mensajes latentes en los patrones de ADN. La doble hélice ya no es más adecuada para mantener la información necesaria para la división celular. Esto es debido a que el incremento de la velocidad del electrón crea un trino en cada porción del cuerpo celular que es inadecuado para la tarea de incremento de la resonancia. De manera de sobrevivir la célula como una unidad cohesiva, debe llamar a potenciales latentes los cuales estaban dormidos en el sistema por eones.

La doble hélice no puede documentar más toda la información que es consistente con el incremento del patrón de resonancia de la célula y envía sus mensajes en la mitocondria , fuera del núcleo para quebrar el huevo de limitación y liberar los patrones dormidos de la hélice que no es doble ya, sino dodécuple.

Cuando estas nuevas hélices son conectadas con el viejo modelo de doble hélices, ellas las rechazan y envían mensajes de regreso en la mitocondria para encontrar sus compañeras de doce hélices. De esta forma, la doble hélice es transformada en dodécuple.

A medida que el ADN es transformado, un nuevo tipo de cuerpo celular es creado en la estructura física. La unidad ( o cuerpo) es entonces puesto en un estado de estasis ya que porciones de la estructura celular están en el viejo modelo, mientras otras porciones están en el nuevo. Durante este período, el “cuerpo” está de alguna forma confuso sobre su realidad. Tiene vislumbres de las viejas percepciones de limitación así como vislumbres de las nuevas percepciones de la nueva estructura.

Como una serpiente debe permanecer con la vieja piel, la persona debe aún mantener su “vieja piel”. La resonancia armónica de una doble hélice crea un cuerpo con una vibración más baja que una de doce hélices. Este cuerpo de más baja vibración crea un envoltorio ( piel ) con el mismo patrón armónico de la célula del cuerpo. A medida que la resonancia de frecuencia de la entidad se incrementa, la densidad de la forma decrece. Como un ejemplo, la densidad del agua decrece a la densidad de la nube, así lo hace la entidad de la forma humana. Ahora, como el humano está acostumbrado a ver el “suelo” directamente por debajo de sus pies y no lejos de ellos así como la perspectiva de la nube, mantienen la expectativa del suelo directamente bajo sus pies. Por lo tanto, en unidad con otros humanos transformándose, se crea una realidad colectiva de más alta vibración. De esta manera, todos ayudamos a elevar la frecuencia del nuevo mundo el cual espera por que lo habitemos.

Sin embargo, como cada vez menos y menos están de acuerdo con la vieja “realidad colectiva”, los patrones del viejo mundo comenzarán a quebrarse. Los recursos creados por las expectativas colectivas de los habitantes comenzarán a secarse. El envoltorio o piel del planeta comenzará a desestabilizarse a medida que menos y menos habitantes sostengan esa frecuencia en sus propias formas.

Gradualmente, la transición tomará lugar. Sin embargo, “gradualmente” tomará un significado diferente a medida que la percepción del tiempo y el espacio se alteran. Las energías cósmicas están dirigidas todas hacia el nuevo mundo y hacia aquellos que están aptos para vivir en él. Hay ayudantes de otros sistemas estelares que asistirán en el proceso de transformación. Aquellos que estén dispuestos a abrazar la nueva vibración serán comunicados. Inicialmente esta comunicación ocurrirá durante el sueño, luego durante la meditación y luego conscientes.

Aquellos que no estén dispuestos o no sean capaces de abrazar el proceso de transformación serán liberados de los patrones a través de lo que se ha denominado “muerte”. Muchos estarán más y más miedosos por los patrones de transformación de su ambiente. Este miedo bajará su vibración, su conciencia, su habilidad para comunicarse con los ayudantes, y su sistema inmune. Por lo tanto, es vital que todos estén libres de miedo, ya que es el único verdadero enemigo. El miedo incontrolado llevará a la ira, la cual casará más y más destrucción de viejos conceptos debido a la muerte, etc. Una inhabilidad para liberar los viejos formatos cognitivos como la posesión, creará tristeza que solamente bajará la tasa vibratoria y dificultará el proceso de transformación.

Una conciencia de esperanza, fe, y desapego servirá mejor a al total transformación de lo individual, de lo social, de las naciones y el planeta. Los viejos conceptos de separatismo, orgullo, y prejuicio deben ser liberados ya que limitarán la habilidad de abrazar el nuevo mundo.

A medida que la conciencia se eleva, las memorias de “vidas pasadas” ( que son tan sólo otras realidades ) surgirán y el humano podrá reconocer y liberar viejos patrones de limitación. Esta liberación permitirá al deva del cuerpo ser libre de las viejas heridas karmáticas de manera que la frecuencia se incremente en todas las células y el ADN pueda tomar su lugar.

Es tiempo de que integren todas las porciones de ustedes mismos en EL UNO.

Comiencen con ustedes mismos.

No con el Ser que está en el futuro,
El pasado,
O en otra dimensión,
U otro planeta.

No con el Ser que está profundo dentro de su imaginación.
Este Ser es real,
Pero ya no es más un lugar donde ir a buscarlo.
Ya no es más un lugar donde esconderse.

USTEDES SON los sitios de escondite que han creado.
USTEDES SON los seres que han imaginado
USTEDES SON el que camina en el mundo de tercera dimensión.

Antes de poder ser
Quien desean ser
Deben aprender a aceptar
La persona que son!

Este acto de aceptación
Les permite amarse

Sientan la vibración de este Amor Incondicional.
Sientan como los abraza cuando abren su Corazón.
Sientan como los llama a entrar en esa parte de ustedes
Que vive en completa libertad…

Libertad de miedo,
Libertad de deseo,
Libertad de dolor y
Libertad de anhelos.

Libertad de ser exactamente quiénes son ahora y
Libertad de amarse a ustedes mismos completamente.

Si, hay mucho dentro de ustedes que se queja.
La tarea es demasiado difícil.
Me amaré a mi mismo una vez que…
Haga más dinero o pierda peso o escriba mi primera novela exitosa.


Primero tengo que trabajar,
Primero tengo que luchar,
Y tratar,
Y necesitar,
Y llorar.

Dense vuelta del sonido de esa voz.

Es su oscuridad.

Quizás no es un apostador o un desertor.

Es simplemente MIEDO.

Su oscuridad necesita que ustedes la abracen en su luz.
Necesita que la amen Incondicionalmente AHORA.
No cuando es positiva
O corajosa
O fiel.

No! No! Su oscuridad necesita que la Amen Incondicionalmente AHORA.

Pueden hacerlo?
Pueden amarse incondicionalmente exactamente en la forma en que ustedes son?

Toma mucho tiempo contestar esa pregunta.
Su vibración contestará por ustedes.

SI! En efecto, ustedes están listos.
Sepan que están listos.
Sientan que están listos.
Amen que están listos.

Lentamente la radiación del Amor se eleva desde su Corazón
Como los primeros rayos del sol al amanecer.
Lentamente los rayos de Amor abren su Corazón más y más con la fuerza de su luz.

La luz de su Amor tiene Poder.
La luz de su Amor tiene Sabiduría.

Poder para sanar y Sabiduría para aceptar.

Sabiduría para aceptar su oscuridad.
Poder para sanar su oscuridad con su luz.

Vean la luz de su amor como se acompasa con cada rincón de su corazón y mente y cuerpo.

A medida que su oscuridad se da cuenta de que merece amor
Comienza a salir de sus lugares de escondite, y cuando lo hace la luz instantáneamente está allí con amor y aceptación.

Y ahora, con su oscuridad amorosamente abrazada por su luz, están listos para comenzar.

“ Para qué estoy listo?” preguntas…

“No lo sé”, te digo… “ pero lo ESTÁS”

Por Suzanne Lie, PhD
Traducción al español para Memorias de Arcturus y Andrómeda . Cïehlena



Publicado 9th March 2012 por Juan Pablo

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