samkaska: Interplay of Forces

samkaska: Interplay of Forces.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Interplay of Forces

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Interplay of Forces



Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 14, 2014 first published on September 24, 2014 in
translated by Franz
Report: I am in the sauna and register today three men, which seem to me to be very purified and straight. Manner of expression, body language and appearance in general let me draw this conclusion. An assessment, which in most cases does not apply to such a location, as well as to many locations in the old world. One of the men finds a sharp razor blade, which lies freely on one of the benches. After this object had been removed, which could have caused serious injury and was placed there out of negligence or consciously, we all shook our heads. (End of report)
Interpretation JJK: This scene describes that it is still necessary to remain vigilant and careful. Because even also there, where one does not assume it, uninvited guests can interfere and create much chaos. This small incidence shows how the forces act in an actual situation in this world: The dark utilizes every opportunity in order to create mischief and the light warriors are urged to remain wide awake and to expose every situation to their Light – until the last day of days.(End of interpretation)
Beloved Ones,
Indeed, until last this game of illusion, which now loses its strength, is characterized by the great controversy between light and darkness, good and evil, life and death.
A struggle, which the ascending ones have overcome long ago, yet for those, who are still not fully interlocked with the affairs of the ascension, it occurs day after day. The vigilance, the being awake in daily life, guarantees you that uninvited guest will stay far away and foreign occupations will not occur.
Who presumes an open razor blade in a sauna on one of the benches? And who presumes in one’s immediate and familiar environment weakening and paralyzing forces, which block the ascension energy, lower the will for ascension of a human Being or even minimize it?
Be aware that you have already ascended and be aware that this level still needs to attain this reality. Until then, the game of the dark ones continues, until then and no instance longer.
Remain vigilant, wide awake and in Trust
Therefore, encounter life carefully and remain in trust. Avoid fundamental mistrust, yet remain vigilant in every moment of your day, because the dark does not shy away from anything and also looks for new ways in order to divert light warriors from their path or block their pathways.
This scene points to all those human Beings, who cannot imagine the unimaginable. And it is unimaginable that friends turn away and behave hostile toward you, that families dissolve and familiar environments suddenly feel alien.
Everything changes, while the “interplay of the forces” continues until the very end. And only those, who have fully dedicated their life to God and their devotion is absolute, will at the end attain the seal of eternal Life and enter into their own Glory.
The path has been paved for the ascending ones. Stride with secure steps through the last space-time upheavals as vigilant warriors: ubiquitously apply courage, where it is needed, decisiveness, where necessary, power of distinction in every situation, and equanimity.
Thereby, before the disastrous ones exercise their disastrous power over you, you remain ­free of what shapes this world to its end: The interplay of forces.
I am with you, today and at all time,
I am


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Dark Esoteric Subversion in the End Time

Georgi Stankov, September 25, 2014
Dark esoteric subversion is a recurrent topic of many messages, which Jahn has recently received and I have published on this website. I have also addressed this topic on numerous occasions. In fact this website was massively attacked by CIA sponsored dark Internet trolls as soon as it started. Those of you who read it from the very beginning may remember the case “Satina” (the female Satan).
The esoteric scene is completely infested by dark esoteric subversion. Since about two years a very prominent “agent provocateur” of the dark CIA services that are specialized in esoteric matters appeared on the scene – Cobra. The very name must make you recoil. This obscure dark entity gives some weird information anonymously with a hoarse, altered voice and as expected all the New Age idiots immediately fall prey to his subversive tactics of a classical agent provocateur.
I have been asked repeatedly by my readers what is my opinion on this source and it has invariantly been what I have written above.
Today, Vincent Padayachy, a new reader of my website made me aware of an article published on this blog,, where Cobra is making the following announcement:
Untersberg is a mountain on German-Austrian border which is one of the key vortex points for the planetary liberation… The Nazis made one of their main strongholds in the Berchtesgaden area near Untersberg because they wanted to take occult advantage of the Goddess vortex present there.
After World War II, that area became one of the main strongholds of the Chimera group. Berchtesgaden sits is a dish shaped valley, surrounded by mountains and is an ideal place for experiments with scalar wave technology:
Very recently, the presence of the Chimera group has been removed from the area. Now it is one of the most powerful Light spots on the planet, with many hidden entrances into the Resistance Movement and further portals into the Pleiadian star system.
The Goddess vortex has been reactivated by the Light forces very recently in the pond of Goddess Isais (?) near Untersberg…
A piece of Cintamani stone has been returned to Untersberg. Goddess Isis is now harmonizing the energy of whole Europe through the Untersberg vortex.”
And now guess what – what are the odds that a dark agent provocateur writes a similar story about a small site in the Alps 25 km away from Lofer on the same day I announced the creation of a powerful healing centre there? Virtually zero. Unless the dark CIA services carefully monitor my website on a daily basis. This is exactly what is currently happening and that is what I want to address one more time for you, so that you know how to protect yourself from such dark disinformation.
Let us be clear on one issue: although we have already ascended and are now on a 5D and 6D platform that is unreachable for any dark attacks, we still interact with the current dark 3D overlays on this mother planet and they with us – in this case, on the Internet. It is not a coincidence that since I re-opened my website in July this year, the CIA sponsored Internet trolls contacted me again. They wanted to tell me:  “Hey, we are still here and we have a close eye on you.” Since I completely disregard them and they have no chance to infest my website, as they have done with all other esoteric blogs (like the one above) that are edited by veritable cretins, they now use indirect ways to confuse the few half-awakened light workers, who come to my website.
What is the best way to confuse such people than to present an alternative dark version to an already published light version as to confuse some unstable readers, as is the case with this new reader Vincent, who wrote the following to me today:
Hello Dr. Georgi
I have been following your website everyday for quite sometimes now and I’m really learning a lot from it even though i get confused at time.
Just after reading your latest energy update today i came across another article talking about a place between Germany and Austria,and i don’t know if it is close to the one you mention in your article. Please find the link below.
Now let me comment first on one major psychological aspect of Cobra’s subversive approach, before I go into the details. The key element of this dark entity’s information is that there is such a thing as a resistance movement of the light, which has infiltrated the dark cabal ranks and is very secretive, but they do such a formidable subversive job hindering the dark cabal to commit their crimes that nobody knows for sure their existence. Only Cobra. No one else has seen them and there are no proofs for their effective actions against the dark cabal. As if the higher realms and the Agarthans need such kind of cheap heroism to save this planet. How stupid 3D!
You remember my article when I informed you, how Carla and I moved to a very lower timeline, where a pack of dark archons were very much entrenched and were about to unleash a nuclear war and how we eliminated them with a single light invocation and cleansing battle procedure. The Source does not work through fictive partisan resistance of the light, but only the dark cabal – at first they are our guys who want to oust Assad, as ISIS in Syria last year, and now they are our enemies and we have to bomb Syria again because we actually do not want Assad to stay on power, as the Bomber Obama is doing nowadays after his “red line policy” of aggression failed last summer.
This whole myth with the resistance movement reminds me of a bitter comedy by Billy Wilder “One, Two, Three” from the early 60s when the main protagonist wants to create a saga about a communist East-German guy, who has made pregnant the daughter of his Coca Cola boss, who was under his auspices while visiting Berlin during the Cold war when the Berlin Wall was first erected, He wants to disappear this guy to save his skin by inventing a story that he was a CIA agent, who went to East Germany on such a secret mission that even CIA did not know anything about it and he disappeared there.
The same holds true for this fictive resistance of the light that inflamed the fantasy of many light workers, so that they regularly publish the dark trash, which Cobra produces, with such a great devotion and a complete lack of any critical assessment. The psychological background of this Cobra’s saga of the resistance movement of light is that it makes the New Age cowards feel safe that there are some hard guys there, heroes in a Hollywood-like style, who risk their lives for them to bring the light on this planet, while the light workers themselves do not need to do anything, but only hope that they will be saved and brought to the light ships of the GF. Complacency and gullibility is the easiest way to get mired by a dark propaganda and almost all light workers, about whom we know in the meantime that they have absolutely no chance to ascend, fall prey to such insidious lies of a third-rate agent provocateur as Cobra.
In this particular case, this source had to throw immediately a new version in the discussion as to muddy the water because it is well known that one can more easily catch fishes in murky water. While the dark cabal know that the bells ring twelve and that we, the new Guardians of the New Galaxy, determine the pace of the events, they make their last desperate efforts to prevent their inevitable demise by producing such esoteric fairy tales.
Let us see the facts. The “Adlersnest ” (Eagle’s nest), the former Hitler’s residence is indeed about 25 km direct line away from Lofer in the North-Northeast direction. It is known for a long time that Hitler met there with some Greys that pushed him to do the most insane thing – start a war against the Soviet Union, as they now try to stir a new World war III against Russia. I have written about this on many occasions in the past and in particular in this comprehensive article:
The Multidimensional Character of Human History
Many other sources, including “cosmic awareness” when it was a clear channel in the past, have also referred to this fact. It is a common knowledge in esoteric circles and hence it is very easy to create a new subversive story around this and other well-know facts, as Cobra always does, most probably with the help of a whole department of dark ghost writers who are on the payroll of the CIA.
And again, we have here the story with the invisible resistance which is everywhere, only not as a part of the PAT that has already defeated and destroyed most of the dark archons and their human stooges and sent them on infinite lower 3D and 4D timelines of hell and is now about to ascend this mother planet to the new galaxy. But you never hear a single word about “ascension” from Cobra, as it does not fit into his dark subversive version of the current 3D reality.
Instead, he throws some esoteric names of obscure goddesses in the ring by employing the smoke and mirrors tactic. It is so naive and so obvious that I really wonder how some people can be confused by such disinformation, unless they are confused in their mind since their birth, And here is the rub. The current light workers are indeed so mired and stupid that they even do not realize this blatant fact. That is why they will have to go through another very long incarnation cycle on lower timelines and experience infinite suffering, before they truly awaken from their perennial slumber.
I have personally visited Berchtesgaden on numerous occasions since the 80s, sometimes every weekend when I was doing a lot of hiking in the Alps and knew since the 90s that I was doing a huge cleansing in this very dark tainted area. But where there is a lot of darkness, there must be also a lot of light. And this is the contrast that Lofer represents on the other side of the border in Austria.
In my article above I explain why I had to live for so many years in this part of Germany as to cleanse the darkest energies on the Old continent that came with the most insidious archon in human gestalt Adam Weisshaupt, who came from a place only a few miles away from where I lived in the last 12 years in the north of Munich. And how I and Carla created the city of light “Raetia” in this part of Europe, where also the second Infinity portal has been created by myself. All this has been published on my website and is very carefully read by the dark esoteric services of the CIA, before they can prepare their subversive counter-response. It has always been so.
Or do you believe that they do not know who is running the show on this planet? It’s me and Carla as Elohim of the first ray, the “Big Ones”, and the PAT as the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the New Galaxy. There has never been any secret about this basic and most important fact of the ascension process. All Jahn’s messages evolve around this topic. And the CIA knows this very well.
By the way, during my hiking in the Alps around Berchtesgaden for many years I have never met a single member of the alleged resistance movement of the light that came in and out of the caves there – but only dumbed down native Bavarians and a lot of tourists.
And then there are the collaborators, the human stooges of these dark forces, the pseudo-light workers, who distribute such news and contribute to the propagation of darkness. They are the “lache” the “lukewarm“, who are the “intolerable” and have absolutely no chance of ascension. This whole esoteric scene is so disgusting that I must really vomit, before writing about it. The most deplorable fact is that it will stay so until the very last day – the Day of all Days  – and you are well advised to be very diligent what will come next. Expect the unexpected. After all you do not want a razor blade in your ass in the sauna.


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