terram novam: FROM ATHABANTIAN – Higher/lighter Vibrations_ _.THE ARCTURIAN GROUP – July 14, 2012::: sharing

terram novam: FROM ATHABANTIAN – Higher/lighter Vibrations_ _.THE ARCTURIAN GROUP – July 14, 2012::: sharing.

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domingo, 7 de setiembre de 2014

FROM ATHABANTIAN – Higher/lighter Vibrations_ _.THE ARCTURIAN GROUP – July 14, 2012::: sharing

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Arcturian Group
JULY 14, 2012 

Dear ones, again we come to wish you a very happy time in your journey toward the new and higher consciousness of Light that is so profoundly becoming apparent now. We see many changes taking place within the light of each person. Even those who up to this point have refused to consider any truths other than what they were taught even as children, are beginning to question the ways of the world and see the irony of continuous war. You are beginning to see how the peoples money has been and is used to finance the activities of those who would have the money and power for themselves and not for the good of mankind in spite of declarations given you that everything you see is necessary for your safety. It is a huge step dear ones, from believing everything you are told to questioning and making choices for yourselves. This is the taking back of your innate power and is a vital stage in your journey of enlightenment.
All is proceeding according to plan, never doubt that many changes are indeed taking place each day even though you continue to ask yourselves where is this or that I was expecting to see by now. All is proceeding according to plan. Never forget that it is you, the people, who are creating the light of transformation and not those of us who watch and offer assistance where needed. Because you are free will beings, every individual wishing to evolve must personally choose to move into deeper awareness and enlightenment, but know that this choice is not always done on a conscious level.
There is much we would tell you but cannot at this time for this must be your journey, your choices, and your actions otherwise your time on earth would be wasted. All are on earth by choice in order to evolve and we would be harming you as well as ourselves should we ever interfere with your free will.
Mankind in ignorance of his true identity as spiritual being has throughout the ages looked for a savior; someone who will save him from the trials the tribulations of life in third dimensional energy. The enlightened being Jesus, came to tell the world that the “kingdom of God is within you” but they did not hear and continue to this day to worship the messenger instead of the message. In enlightenment you come to understand that because you are the manifestation of the One Divine Consciousness, you are in charge of you and you are the power you seek. You can then begin to take back that which you in ignorance gave away to the many who convinced you that they had all the right answers and information about everything.
There is a new wave of light coming to earth, a light of information and understanding in which you will begin to understand the oneness of all life within the ONE life. With this new enlightenment will come the understanding that all you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is a material concept of the spiritual reality. This is why nothing real can ever be lost. There are many who feel that the shift and individual enlightenment will remove all that they love and this brings them great sadness . Know that nothing real can ever be lost for all that is real is governed and held in place by Divine Law. These things will simply manifest in higher and better forms–health, relationships, entertainments, joys etc.
Mind is the the substance of matter. Ask yourselves what you entertain within your mind. That is why we say to be careful of your words and thoughts for they carry creative energy. Because you have not realized who you were, you did not realize that you were creating with every thought and word. Everything is energy, and the energy you imbue your words with represents your state of consciousness. Your state of consciousness, interpreted by your mind, then manifests as your experience.
This realization is a step in the taking back of your power. In ignorance and over many lifetimes, you allowed current popular beliefs to become your truth. You are now physically, emotionally, and mentally, releasing those beliefs first accepted in these life times of many different belief systems. Mankind, through blindly allowing their state of consciousness to represent only the concepts and teachings of others, has forgotten their own ability to hear, understand, and know what is real. Always examine every message, book, sermon, or channel within your heart as to whether or not it resonates as truth for you and do not be afraid to disregard that which no longer speaks as your truth. Evolution is a process that changes as you grow and unfold deeper. Information that was true for you at one stage will become obsolete as you are able to grasp the deeper levels of these truths. You must be willing to graduate at some point regardless of the fun and games you knew and loved in the old schools.
As you grow deeper in spiritual awareness, your Higher Self will continue to give you more as you are ready. Trust your intuition, knowing that you are being guided each moment of every day in this sacred journey of enlightenment for you can do nothing else. Even those choosing at this time to deny the truth, will at some point in some other lifetime awaken, because it is who and what all are, always have been, and always will be and none can ever be separate from it, no matter how hard they may try.
We are the Arcturian Group

Channeled by Marilyn Rafaelle
Posted 15th July 2012 by Juan Pablo
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Greetings: I am Adrial, celestial of this universe, and I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda. We are most pleased to be communicating with you today.
For several years now we have been saying to you that the time of choosing would come. Now is that time. We have been telling you that Earth would be transforming herself to a lighter density. We have been saying that all that would remain with Earth are required to raise their vibrations to match hers.
At this moment there are three choices before you. First, you may raise your vibration to the point that you ascend to a higher/lighter density thereby removing yourself from the Earth plane. Second, you may choose to remain in the 3rd Density that currently holds the majority of Earth humans in a fear-based paradigm. Or third, you may choose to remain with Earth as she transitions herself to a higher/lighter density.
A fundamental law of the universe is that you can only exist in those vibrations with which you are compatible. If you are surrounded by vibrations that are dissimilar to your own, you will find yourself in a situation that you cannot tolerate. That is happening to many at this moment. They are feeling incompatible with the prevailing density of fear, violence, separation, and self-focus. They are removing themselves from those situations that are incompatible with their higher vibration. This leads some to physically relocate to a situation more to their liking, more compatible with their higher vibration. Others find retreats at their existing locations.
We wish to remind you that it is not enough to merely wish that you reside in a certain vibration, you must attune yourself to it at every moment. If you are now vibrating in the 3rd Dimension, you are constantly reinforcing your existence in that vibration by giving your consent to hold that energy. If you are in a fear-based environment you are telling yourself that this is where I wish to be. Oh, you may have moments of desiring something different, but in the end you settle for what you have, and accept it as your lot in life.
On the other hand, if you are living in a love-based vibration, you are constantly reinforcing your existence in that environment. So you have a choice of two vibrations, a higher love-based one and a lower fear-based one. How do you choose?
If you are settled in a fear-based existence, know that you will not continue with Earth, nor will you ascend to a lighter way of being. Both paths are incompatible with your lower vibration. Those of a lower vibration will either choose death and reincarnation, or they will be transported to another location where they may continue their fear-based existence until they eventually awaken to the light. We make no judgment of them; they are merely making a choice.
Those who are vibrating at a higher/lighter density – notice we did not say those who “choose” to vibrate at a higher/lighter density. Those who are actually vibrating in the light have two choices before them: They may choose to ascend to an existence without form, what you might call a spirit form where they will be embraced by those of a similar resonance. There they will choose their next step on their upward journey toward uniting with Source.
An alternative to this path is what we have been calling the path of the Caretakers. The Caretakers of the new Earth will be a special breed of humans never before seen in this universe. The Caretakers will enjoy physical form but with bodies infused with lighter densities. These new humans of Earth, endowed with crystalline bodies that are youthful, healthy and vibrant, will exist for hundreds of years. These new humans of Earth will enjoy telepathy and manifestation, and will resonate as citizens of the cosmos. They will create a new civilization on Earth, a glorious civilization that will become the destination for many star system visitors to admire and to interact with.
So we reiterate that you are now in that moment of choice. How are you living your life? Are there things holding you from becoming all that you can be? Now is the moment to discard them, for you cannot exist in a higher/lighter density if you are stuck with the baggage of the lower density. Do you have habits, addictions, beliefs, attachments, or residual emotions and thoughts that do not serve you? Rid yourself of them. Do you have fears of taking the next step of your progress? Move beyond those fears, for they serve you not. Do you have distractions in your current existence, detach from them.
Now is the time of your choosing. Do not worry about what surrounds you, the news of the day, the actions of others, or your established beliefs. Rise above them. Look to the glorious future that awaits you. Your new life is just beyond your next decision. You do not have the luxury of delaying further. Your personal transformation is at hand. “Business as usual” is there to lure you to continue without change. Act for what serves your long-term interests, not what is a retreat into established patterns.
If you believe that you will be able to cling to the higher/lighter vibrations when the chaos of the transformation is about you, you are sadly mistaken. You will be able to maintain the higher vibrations only by looking forward to what is before you, not by running away from your old life out of fear.
It will require practice to maintain these higher vibrations. Practice until the higher vibrations become a second nature, practice until you can easily maintain the higher vibrations in the face of what you now encounter as 3rdDimension, and practice so that your conventional life, whatever it might be, is left behind. Begin this very moment to engage yourself in the higher vibrations. Practice this day.
It has been our pleasure to share our understandings with you.
Adrial and Bren-Ton

Through Mark Kimmel
Posted 6th July 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Vel sanus: ▶ How to do a Judo inside sweep – Meanwhile On Ascending Earth ::: sharing

Vel sanus: ▶ How to do a Judo inside sweep – Meanwhile On Ascending Earth ::: sharing.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

▶ How to do a Judo inside sweep – Meanwhile On Ascending Earth ::: sharing

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Pleiadian Ascension – Meanwhile On Ascending Earth

Meanwhile On Ascending Earth
Sandy’s Birthday Dream
I woke up with a sweet kiss as I heard Jason say, “Happy Birthday My Love.” It took me a moment to fully awaken as I was having the most wonderful dream. Finally, once I was awake enough to open my eyes, I saw Jason’s loving face.
“Oh Jason,” I said. “I just had the most wonderful dream. Can I tell you now before I forget?”
“Please do,” said Jason, as he propped himself up to see me while he listened.
“Well,” I began as I looked at the ceiling to not get distracted. I didn’t want to forget this dream. “The dream began with the feeling and flowing presence of the Arcturian. It said to me, ‘Happy Birthday. Today I give you the gift of remembering. In other words, you will not forget.
“I was not sure what the Arcturian meant by that, but it sounded like a wonderful gift. Then, before I could ponder further the meaning of the Arcturian’s gift an amazing vision/experience came into my consciousness. I was IN the Arcturian Corridor. It did not have a color and the main sensation I felt was that of very swift movement. The Corridor seemed to veer to the left and then to the right.
“A few times the Corridor seemed to almost stop and there was a strange bulge, as if someone was getting off or on. Then it would continue with the same movement. It was very interesting because I could see the Corridor from above as well as from within it. Perhaps, I had some multidimensional vision?
“Then from my perspective of above and within I began to see a very tall snowcapped mountain. The name Mt. Shasta came into my mind, but I also knew that there were many of these special mountains. I also knew that somehow they were all connected via inner tunnels deep inside the Earth.
“I was traveling via my consciousness and was somehow inside/outside of the Corridor while I traveled towards the mountain. Coming from far above, I gradually came closer and closer to the mountain peak. Suddenly, I was definitely traveling within my consciousness, and I saw what looked like a Temple of pure light at the very top of the mountain.
“However, as I got closer to the mountain top it transformed into a stunning green valley. It was then that I knew that this was not a physical world and remembered that the Arcturian had said, ‘You are going to New Earth.’ I think I had forgotten that statement, as it seemed too good to be true. What a third dimensional statement that is!” I said as Jason and I laughed, but I went back to my story so as not to forget. 
“As I came over the peak, feeling the Arcturian beside me, we saw the Temple was within the Crown of the beautiful valley. ‘Welcome to Shamballa,’ said the Arcturian with a lilt of excitement as if It was giving me a gift. And what a wonderful gift it was. The valley was sprinkled with small farms and happy people lovingly working the land. Animals, people, faeries and Angels all tended the crops. The scene made my heart burst with joy.
“As our consciousness (I still had no form) came to the entrance of the Temple, I landed into a somewhat human form. The Arcturian encouraged me to walk up the stairs and enter the Temple alone. The stairs were golden and the Temple glistened with radiating light rays of white, pearl, pink and violet. The golden stairs led up to a gold door that slowly opened as I approached.
“I could not see what was inside the Temple, but somehow knew that it was my heart’s desire. As I stepped through the door I was greeted by the vision of a huge Redwood forest. My heart almost burst with joy. The quiet was complete and each of the huge trees seemed to send me unconditional love.
“As I walked into the forest I saw a central tree that seemed to be calling me. I walked to the huge root system to see what looked like the old-fashioned cellar door. This door reminded me of my first childhood home. I loved that house and was fascinated by the cellar door that laid almost flat on the ground while butting up against the house. As I walked towards this door, it opened on its own.
“I looked inside to see a comfortable place to lie down, so I entered the small cubbyhole of a room and lay down on the warm and cozy table/bed. Slowly the door closed, but as it did so it turned into a window. From my snug position I looked up into the treetops and the clear blue sky.
“Slowly, a warm red light entered my cubbyhole and focused from my first chakra, down my legs and to my feet. The red light felt soft and warm and seemed to be healing me down to a cellular level.
“I then had the sensation of moving one notch around the huge tree base. This time the light was orange and focused on my second chakra. I could feel the orange light moving into a cellular level again to heal and align that area of my form. I did not know what I was being aligned with, but I hoped it was the fifth dimension.
“I knew the program now. I rotated again to the left to welcome warmth of the yellow light on my third chakra. This light had quite a bit of healing to do before it could be aligned, so I relaxed into the process. I remember how often I had picked up negative thinking and emotions from others with no ability to filter them out. With that thought, I felt a glow of unconditional love creating a barrier through which only love and light could flow.
“I was ready now for my heart chakra to be treated. I moved again to the left to feel a warm green light giving me the GO sign to live in love. Wow, what a concept! I suddenly realized how much I had protected myself. I then felt the Arcturian within my heart and cried with joy. Habit made me start to wonder how I could deserve that honor, but the green light would not allow the completion of that thought.
“With the blockage of that negative thought, I instantly realized the power of manifestation locked within my heart and my High Heart. I felt a wave of responsibility that would have been overwhelming had I not simultaneously felt the Arcturian within me. Yes, the Arcturian was actually within ME.
“’YOU are within your SELF, as well,’ I heard my High Heart say. My High Heart had a voice? ‘Only if you listen,’ it responded as the green light glistened with pink sparkles. I wanted to engage further with my High Heart, but felt I was moving towards the left again.
“A lovely sky blue light moved into my throat chakra, and I began to sob. I do not know why I cried but I cried and cried and cried. How could all this sadness become trapped in my throat? ‘Because you could not speak from your SELF,’ replied my High Heart. This High Heart communication was amazing. Could I really just ask myself a question and receive an answer. ‘YES,’ came the instant reply. Suddenly I understood that in order to be fully aligned with my fifth-dimensional SELF, I would have to speak my truth.
“That thought moved me to the left again and a sea of indigo light filled my brow chakra. Immediately, I felt an alignment between my Third Eye and High Heart. That alignment easily transitioned into the fifth dimension, as I moved again to the left.
“I was greeted by a flash of violet light that surged into my crown chakra and filled my vague form with bliss and unconditional love. Simultaneously, my perceptions expanded beyond the confines of my cubbyhole, the tree, the forest, the Temple, the valley, and the mountain.
“All of these perceptions of movement occurred within the NOW and flowed into a tapestry of light and love. The light became a ‘magic carpet,’ and my love for you, dear Jason, directed me HOME. Just before I returned to you, I heard the Arcturian whisper into my heart,
“Now you will never forget!”
Jason swooped me up into his arms whispered into my ear, “I am so happy you returned to me.”

This New Years Eve, Lets celebrate LOVE!
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photos: ▶ How to Change Eye Color in Photoshop – we of the Arcturian Group ::: WE LANDED INSIDE OF YOU!::: sharing

photos: ▶ How to Change Eye Color in Photoshop – we of the Arcturian Group ::: WE LANDED INSIDE OF YOU!::: sharing.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

▶ How to Change Eye Color in Photoshop – we of the Arcturian Group ::: WE LANDED INSIDE OF YOU!::: sharing

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Reality echoes each thought and emotion
To create a world of peace or commotion
Inside our SELF is our true Being
WE are the ONE we are hearing and seeing
We have been taught WE are too small
So some one else must answer our call
But all the some ones are of the ONE
And shine together as one bright Sun
The moon reflects its hollow globe
And from within it sends a strobe
This strobe of light is all we know

While we live within the 3D Show We are the projector, the film and the storyWe create both misery and our greater glory

Our thoughts, the Sun, and our emotional Moon
Invent the reality we will live soonWe gnash our teeth and pull our hair

As we cry and yell, “Life is not fair.”But we create the life we liveWe are the ones who take and giveIf we could master Sun and Moon

We’d live the NOW, instead of soonTime, you see, it is not realIt’s based on what we think and feelIf we master US, we master TIMETo BE the NOW, oh so sublime

All lives on 3D Earth, which we perceive as being in the past, present and/or future, will be free from time once we enter into the NOW of the fifth dimension. Within the ever present NOW we will realize that all our multidimensional realities include our 3/4D lives that simultaneously exist within the NOW. It is only the filter of our 3D perception that separates our myriad physical lives into separate and different time zones.

In the fifth dimension and beyond, all timelines run simultaneously like different currents in a stream. All these currents vary in speed, temperature and often source. It is the same for the flow of the NOW. While in the NOW of your multidimensional world you can, and have, chosen to engage in the experiment of time. Time separates realities into genders, polarities and past, present and future.

In the NOW there is no sense of a sequential time; hence you are HERE NOW. The 3D filter is based on a perceivable steady beat of time, which allows you the experience of doing only one thing at time. You can do “one thing at a time” because time is separated into individual, separate calculations. In the same manner, all your perceptions are separated, as the space in-between persons, places and things resonate to a frequency beyond the conscious perception of your 3D senses.

This separation creates a great deal of polarity, and this polarity is the core of judgment. The judgment of I am better than you, which often results in conflicts, has amplified all polarities into my perception is better than your perception. Of course, humanity did not realize that they were talking about perceptions. Instead, they simply believed that “I am better than you,” or “What I have is better than what you have.”

If “I” am better than “you,” then I have permission to take control of you. Also, since my value is based on my possessions if what “I” have is better than what “you” have, then “I” can take your possessions. This type of thinking creates a basis for a hierarchal, third-dimensional society. The comparison of who and what is better, as well as the hierarchal format of society, does NOT exist in a fifth dimensional reality.

The residents of the 3D Earth within the timeline of 2014, which is Year Two of New Earth, have an amplified opportunity to expand their consciousness into the fifth dimension. Once their consciousness extends beyond, time, separation and hierarchical alignment these concepts will become old fashioned and somewhat barbaric to the ascending ones perceptions.

Gradually, and sometimes suddenly, these ascending ones will alter their thinking from the separation and limitations of their polarized world and into the ever-increasing fifth-dimensional memories and yearnings for a world in which every person, place and being is equal.

Most importantly, this equality will encourage unity. Even within the 3D paradigm, those who see themselves as equals will find comfort in gathering together. In the 5D paradigm, all is equal. Hence, every person, place and being has equal rights and is considered as “good company.”
This feeling of “good company,” whether it is with humans, animals, plants, insects, Elementals, and/or higher dimensional beings, *creates a deep sense of “Unity Consciousness.” When a majority of humans reach a critical mass of Unity Consciousness, as the plant, animal and higher kingdoms already resonate to unity, then Planetary Consciousness will be achieved.

(*Critical mass: a size, number, or amount large enough to produce a particular result.)

Rest assured that “a majority of humans” is not measured in numbers of individuals but in the light quotient of the human collective. Since one awakened person’s light quotient is ten times greater than those who still slumber, critical mass will be accomplished with far less than a majority of Earth humans.

Planetary Consciousness means that the planet is perceived as a living being who has dedicated Her body to be a format for evolutionary development and the completion of the experiment of polarity and individuality. Once humanity joins in the unity consciousness of the planet’s animal, plant and mineral kingdom, the shift into the fifth dimension will be greatly accelerated.

Humans, who were meant to be the Keepers of the Land, have limited Gaia’s ability to transform Her planet by damaging her land, sea, sky, animals and plants, as well as the mineral and elemental kingdom. This damage has kept Gaia in a healing mode rather than an ascending mode.

Fortunately, those who have connected with unconditional love via Unity Consciousness with their Higher SELF can share that love with Earth. As this unconditional love is integrated into the body of Gaia the growing Unity Consciousness will increasingly expand into Planetary Consciousness. It is in this manner that the ascension of the entire planet, and all who hold form there, will progress.

Imagine a wave of light bearing the gift of unconditional love sweeping across the face of Earth. In fact, use your great power of imagination to see that image in your Third Eye and feel it in your High Heart. Each of you will perceive this glorious picture a bit differently. This diversity is a wonderful blessing for your Mother Gaia.

As you allow this vision to enter your imagination:

Feel how that wave of unconditional love filled light feels…

Breathe in this sensation…

Imagine how this love for all life is slowly transforming into a feeling of bliss…

Feel the immense power and confidence of unconditional love…

With these feelings, observe your accompanying thoughts…

Allow your brain to become your mind…

Now, surrender your mind into your multidimensional mind…

From this state of consciousness you can see, feel and understand how the flow of unconditional love moves deep into the core of the Earth and out into the furthest reaches of Her atmosphere.

Who and what would live in this resonance of reality?

Who and what could match this resonance?

The answer is YOU!

YOU are Gaia’s hope. Look not into the skies to be rescued by our Galactic and Angelic legions. Instead, look into your SELF to find your own galactic and angelic essence. You need not wonder why we have not landed.

WE have landed


Instead of looking up or out – look IN! That for which you are waiting exists within the NOW of your great, Multidimensional SELF.

^ ^ ^

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 2 hours ago by LUZ ZOHAR
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Equipoise: ▶ Look Great Naked! w Sexy Bikini Ab Workout! – Los Pleyadianos , sobre los nuevos campos de resonancia de la interacción y la teleportación ::: sharing

Equipoise: ▶ Look Great Naked! w Sexy Bikini Ab Workout! – Los Pleyadianos , sobre los nuevos campos de resonancia de la interacción y la teleportación ::: sharing.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

▶ Look Great Naked! w Sexy Bikini Ab Workout! – Los Pleyadianos , sobre los nuevos campos de resonancia de la interacción y la teleportación ::: sharing

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▶ The Pleiadians January 20 2014 Spanish – YouTube


Published on Jan 21, 2014

Los Pleyadianos , sobre los nuevos campos de resonancia de la interacción y la teleportación ,

Por Méline Lafont ,

20 de enero 2014

Los Pleyadianos


saludamos a nuestros seres queridos , somos los Pleyadianos . Es

nuestro deseo de comunicarse con usted en un nivel más profundo acerca

de la comunicación telepática y la teleportación , ya que estos son los

regalos que están a punto de integrarse e incluso ejecutados en su realidad mundial desde los planos internos .

Estos dones y habilidades son producidos a partir de la re- equilibrio y el estado de equilibrio del ser que usted ha amplificado cada vez más gracias a la integración de la Conciencia de Cristo y en la actualidad también gracias al proceso en curso de la Presencia YO SOY descendente. Todo esto es el resultado de su conciencia de Cristo entrando en un nivel más profundo de comprensión y de la ejecución de todo esto en su realidad.

La re- mezcla Presencia YO SOY es una parte necesaria de su integración más profunda del Ser que le ayudará en sus regalos de teletransporte como el corazón y el Uno tiene que estar en equilibrio, donde el equilibrio sale de su proceso de integración y re- mezcla de yO SOY .

Este es, queridos míos , porque se están convirtiendo y ampliando más de Ti, el ti en verdad y el equilibrio que se está expandiendo y creciendo aun ritmo bastante rápido en sus tiempos lineales terrenales . A medida que han llegado a notar , el tiempo lineal que ha conocido durante tanto tiempo se está desvaneciendo mientras hablamos. Muchos de ustedes se encuentran muy a menudo en diferentes dimensiones en el mismo momento ahora de su tiempo que puede traer mucha confusión para algunos.

Prepárense para esto a ser aún más frecuente a nivel consciente como se encontrarán cada vez mayor en la expansión de su verdadera Presencia YO  SOY que está en la vibración de la frecuencia de un momento del Ahora infinita que no se sostiene por sí misma en un plazo de tiempo o línea de tiempo pero a la vez en muchos otros espacios de tiempos y Dimensiones .

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, se otorga permiso para compartir libremente en su totalidad y sin alteraciones http://awakeningtohigherlove.com y http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com



The Pleiadians about new resonance fields of interaction and teleportation ~ Channeled by Méline Lafont

The Pleiadians

We greet you our beloved ones, we are the Pleiadians. It is our wish to communicate with you on a deeper level about telepathic communication and teleportation, because these are gifts that are about to be integrated and even executed in your world reality from the inner planes.

These gifts and abilities are brought forth from the re-balance and the equilibrium state of being which you have increasingly amplified thanks to the integration of your Christ Consciousness and presently also thanks to the ongoing process of the I AM Presence descending. This all is the result of your Christ consciousness moving into a deeper level of understanding and of the execution of this all in your reality.

The I AM Presence re-blending is a necessary part of your deeper integration of Self that will assist in your teleportation gifts as the heart and the One have to be in balance, where the balance comes forth from your integration and re-blending process of your I AM.

This is, beloved ones, because you are becoming and expanding more of You, the You in truth and balance which is expanding and growing at a rather fast pace in your Earthly linear times. As you have come to notice, the linear time that you have known for so long is fading as we speak. Many of you find yourselves quite often in different Dimensions at the same now moment of your time which can bring much confusion for some. Prepare for this to become even more frequent on a conscious level as you will find yourselves growing into the expansion of your True I AM Presence which is at the frequency vibration of an infinite Now

moment that does not stand on its own in one time frame or time-line but simultaneously in many other spaces of times and Dimensions.

Because you are becoming more conscious of this all and are able to cope with this all in a better way than before, this all brings you the opportunities and possibilities to start conscious travels all around the world and even in deep space. Encounters on such levels with other beings on the planet as well as in other Dimensions, such as ours, become your reality now as we start to vibrate all along on one vibration where this all is possible.

We call it the infinite now moment where all and everything reside in one consciousness state and level of understanding and where this interaction is possible in your reality. Be the calm and stillness you can BE in your conscious state for it can become weird and unreal in your minds to be able and grasp this all. We advise you to not go along with the consciousness of putting efforts to grasp all and everything what your mind translates as weird or unreal, for everything IS real in the heart.

More times and possibilities will be presented to you and by you to interact consciously with us, you have been in a long preparation for our interactions in a conscious way, that is now in the offing for you to reach. Please do understand that time is a weird and unreal concept in your reality that always has put limitations and boundaries upon your planet and your reality, and now that you have become the consciousness and awareness that time does have set your boundaries to become your reality, it dissolves, it fades away and the unlimited comes forth, the abundance and freedom of your being in awareness and consciousness.

The transportations of yourself, which translates itself in the term ‘teleportation’, has become a frequency level for you to tap into and to become. The only thing that is required to do is to reach for it in consciousness, through the purity of your heart. When you become a pure consciousness in embodiment you can take your embodiment with you at any time and place, but that one lingers than in a perfect pure conscious state of being IN embodiment.

We address you in this now about this subject as it will become very important upon this plane as a new existence will rage up and bring this all forth. Teleportation is the new consciousness awareness upon you all, you who are in the heart and can execute total detachment from all that is mind related and of the “old” which is the consciousness rate of this duality. We do not speak of detachment being not compassionate about others or about separation, what we do speak of is the unity consciousness where one becomes and IS the All within and where the need for duality dramas and such reflections is being dissolved and no longer needed to be experienced as you will know that all is within anyway, no matter what reflection is upon you, the answer and source is found within.
We are becoming more and more you in the unity consciousness of your human awareness and HUEmanity is at the stage of conscious interactions with our Galactic signatures and being, this on a most deep level of  your OWN being in the heart, but may as well be experienced in an outer form in your reality as a reflection of your own You. We mirror you as we ARE you in a future time-line as you may call it, and now that those time-lines and Dimensions are actively re-blending as one, something you can feel and experience very vividly now, we will no longer represent you in the future but become one with you in your own reality of NOW which enables you to experience this more on a conscious and vivid way simultaneously.

Wonderful prospects and experiences to look forward to, wouldn’t you agree? We are most happy to be here along with you at this time as we are here to assist you and to bring you these messages of hope and Love, for you are indeed Loved very much.

We are your Star Family, the Pleiadians.

* * *

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered http://awakeningtohigherlove.com and http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com

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El Ser UNO – A: ▶ Un Ángel nos lleva a la luz de nuestro creador_1 – 2_::: YO UN EXTRATERRESTRE?_ _LOS EXTRATARRESTRES_ _sharing

El Ser UNO – A: ▶ Un Ángel nos lleva a la luz de nuestro creador_1 – 2_::: YO UN EXTRATERRESTRE?_ _LOS EXTRATARRESTRES_ _sharing.

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viernes, 12 de setiembre de 2014

▶ Un Ángel nos lleva a la luz de nuestro creador_1 – 2_::: YO UN EXTRATERRESTRE?_ _LOS EXTRATARRESTRES_ _sharing

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переводити/Traduire/ переводить ♪ → → → → → → ►
 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する 


Jeshua En Línea ~ Mensaje Del Día

Algunos de ustedes – escuchen bien esto – son en verdad, los extraterrestres. Ahora bien, sé que esto los deja pasmados. Eso es bueno. Algunos de ustedes – de hecho, la mayoría de ustedes – son extraterrestres en forma humana porque ustedes no desean asustar a sus hermanos y hermanas, sino que desean poder hablarles de la vida en otros cuerpos planetarios, y desean permitirles entender que está bien que haya vida en otros lados.

Oakbridge University – Jeshua Online

Message of the Day : Some of you–and hear this well–are in truth the ETs. Now, I know that that blows the mind. That’s good. Some of you–in fact, the major portion of -you–are the ETs in human form because you don’t want to scare the brothers and sisters, but you do want to be able to speak to them of life on other planetary bodies, and you want to allow them to understand that it is okay that there is life

Publicado 2 days ago por LUZ ZOHAR


Jeshua En Línea ~ Mensaje Del Día

“¿Yo, un extraterrestre?”

– Por eso has sentido desde que eras pequeño que esta Madre Tierra Santa no era tu hogar, donde con frecuencia te has sentido que no ‘encajabas,’. Hiciste lo mejor que pudiste para ser como los demás, pero había algo algo diferente sobre tí. Tú no sabías lo que era, y nadie más lo sabía tampoco porque no eran lo suficientemente sabios, no habían expandido su holograma.

Oakbridge University – Jeshua Online

Message of the Day

“Me, an ET?” That is why you have felt since you were a small one that this holy Mother Earth was not your home, where you have often felt that you didn’t quite fit in. You tried your best to be like all the rest, but there was something just a bit different about yourself. You didn’t know what it was, and nobody else did either, because they weren’t wise enough; they hadn’t expanded their hologram.

Publicado 6 days ago por LUZ ZOHAR


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The Being ONE : ▶ Xzai-On Kumjat – The way to ascension – The Seeding of the New Human Race Happened ::: sharing

The Being ONE : ▶ Xzai-On Kumjat – The way to ascension – The Seeding of the New Human Race Happened ::: sharing.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

▶ Xzai-On Kumjat – The way to ascension – The Seeding of the New Human Race Happened ::: sharing

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переводити/Traduire/ переводить ♪ → → → → → → ►
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The Seeding of the New Human Race Happened
by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 12, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, October 12, 2014


The seeding of the new human race happened this night, October 12, at 3.33 a.m. Pacific time exactly as the Elohim told us in advance. Before that, late in the evening, Carla and I made our invocations of the five source flames that ought to be anchored in the new human templates before birthing and seeding.

After midnight we went to bed and vowed to visit the world temple of healing in Lofer in the city of light Raetia, where the new prototype of the human race is kept in an incubation phase. Around 3.00 a.m. I received a huge energy package from the source, which dissolved my body completely and I disappeared from this reality. Carla stayed in bed and could not move because the energies almost paralysed her. But she noticed that I was physically gone. According to her I must have been absent for an hour and a half.

I could not figure out how long I was away, as I have no memory what I have done during this time, except for some abstract visions of shifting a lot of energies around. Obviously I was actively involved in the seeding of the new human race, while Carla was supposed to anchor these energies in the physical reality. When I materialized again in the bed, I felt a severe stabbing pain in my right knee and immediately woke up. Due to the pain I could not move for more than half a hour and then got up. It was 5.15 a.m.

I will continue reporting on this most auspicious event in the ascension process in the coming days and will also publish some information from the Elohim that we received in the last several weeks on the seeding of the new human race and the importance of this event for the future transgalactic humanity.

In the last year and a half, Carla and I have gone through many spectacular experiences and events and many of them have been reported on this website. But the seeding of the new human race was for us personally the most dramatic and most beautiful experience we have ever had, although it was at the same time very strenuous for both of us and particularly for Carla, who, as already mentioned in previous messages from the Elohim, is the prototype of the new humanity and carries its template in her energetic fields since she entered this human body as walk-in at the age of 12.

My contribution was traditionally modest as is the case with all “fathers” – I only contributed to the creation of the new human race by merging my masculine energies with Carla’s feminine energies. As I have already mentioned, the creation of the new human race was a planned event, but not while we are still in physical bodies. Hence it now happened under completely new, experimental conditions as such birthing of a new sentient race simultaneously from the 3D to the 5D and higher dimensions has never been tried before. Now the seeding of the new human race has been a resounding success and the foundations for our final ascension and transfiguration from this reality have been laid.

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Short Energy Update – October 11, 2014
by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 11, 2014

by Georgi Stankov


We are in the midst of a huge inter-dimensional shift and split. It started yesterday in the morning when all the light warriors of the first and the last hours, the true PAT members, started a massive cleansing operation. You all must have felt the deep anxiety coming from the collective that had to be released and even the total desperation of the masses when new MPR hit near-by timelines.

I was at that time in Downtown Vancouver and felt in a very physical, tangible way how the streets dissolved under my feet and vanished in an abyss. I felt very insecure during my walking, in particular when you know that you are surrounded by the ocean on all three sides and expect a huge tsunami, as I have seen it several times in the past on lower timelines for Vancouver.

Then in the afternoon, there was the most massive descend of source energy to Gaia and humanity. I was struck by this huge wave and had a severe gastric pain and nausea the whole afternoon and into late evening.

In the night, I was shown the final preparations of the dark cabal for their ultimate confrontation with the light that will lead to their demise. At first I was shown that Netanyahu and the Israelis are planning a major crime against humanity. They are now threatening the dark cabal in the West to follow suit or they will do it on their own. But I was also told that they are only bluffing, as they have no ace up in the sleeve and are frantically desperate.

The reason for this blackmailing is that the Israelis see already the defeat of the USA in the current bombing war against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. ISIS is about to capture a strategic important Kurdish town in North Syria on the Turkish border, while Turkey is in a major dispute with the USA, not only because of Biden’s comments, but first and foremost because of diverging national interests. Besides, Turkey was swept by a wave of clashes with Kurdish demonstrators, where dozens of people were killed,

ISIS is rapidly advancing towards Baghdad and is only 8 miles away from the airport of the Iraqi capital. The new Iraqi pro-american regime is now quivering in fear and is awaiting the further progress of the ISIS forces like a paralyzed rabbit in front of a cobra.

This all is well known to the Israelis and they anticipate the imminent collapse of the “coalition of the culprits” which is essentially only the USA and a pin-up girl presented as a Saudi war pilot. After that the very existence of Israel is questionable and Netanyahu and his bunch of criminal Israeli politicians know this all too well.

Then I visited Ukraine and Moldavia and also Romania, where I personally defeated the Western beast, which appeared to me very much like a disgusting crossing between Dracula and an archonic zombie. I hit him many times with my bare fist in the face, until it collapsed.

After the Western Beast was completely defeated and eliminated from this timeline, I was invited to visit the central command (headquarters) of the Russian army. I was invited there by Russian generals who accompanied me through different sections of the army and explained to me that they have started ten years ago with a completely new military strategy, how to defend their country from all possible attacks coming from the Western cabal.

This strategy is clear-cut and it goes straightforward down to the simple solider. They pay great attention that everybody is fully informed what is at stake and how to combat in a war situation even when the soldiers are cut from their units and officers and have to make their own strategic decisions. These generals then compared their military tactics with that of the US army, which is in a full disarray and follows only one goal – to create maximal havoc and destroy any country that is deemed to be an obstacle to their goal to establish the NWO.

This new central strategy of the Russian army has already paid off in Ukraine, the generals told me, where Russian officers from the central command were sent alone in enemy areas and they had to make vital decisions on their own together with the Novorussian insurgents and won a number of brilliant victories over the regular Ukrainian army due to their superior strategical thinking and decisions, while the forces of the Nazi Kiev’s Junta that were advised by US experts failed on all fronts.

This forced Kiev to sign a ceasefire with the insurgents and Russia in Minsk only two days after Poroshenko met with the NATO leaders and proclaimed his full victory over the insurgents. This ceasefire was signed in total exclusion of all Western powers and can be considered their most spectacular defeat since the US defeat in Vietnam. Since then the Western mass media have stopped reporting about Ukraine that has now fallen into an abysmal crisis and is in a state of total lawlessness. Any governance has ceased to exist.

If you think, I have dreamed this encounters I can assure you they were more real and impressive than anything I have experienced in this reality in the last months or even years. From what I got is that the dark cabal is now in their last throes and must make the next move, knowing all too well that it will fail, no matter what they decide to do next and that this will be their bitter end.

To this outcome the new relentless energies from the Source decisively contribute and there is not a single human being on this mother earth, with or without a soul, that is not influenced by these energies. Until the solar eclipse portal on October 23rd not a single stone will be left unturned on this planet and even some self-proclaimed gurus in the New Age may experience their dreadful downfdall.

Last night we descended to a very low timeline. Here on the Pacific coast, we had a lot of rain and the sky was leaden and very low. The weather forecast was that the rain will continue during the next several days. This morning the rain continued unabated.

Then between 10.00 and 11.00 am Pacific time we, Carla and I, lifted the whole group of the light warriors of the PAT to a very high timeline. Within several minutes the weather improved suddenly and the sun began to shine brightly. The sky is crystal blue and one can breath much easier now. We checked the weather forecast immediately after the sun came and the weather report for Vancouver was still heavy rain. I wonder from which timeline this report came.

Since then the PAT warriors of the first and the last hours are steadily moving to higher timelines. This huge shift is in preparation for the seeding of the new human template on all upper 4D worlds that must take place under optimal energetic conditions.

The seeding of the new template of humanity is proceeding with full speed. This morning we flooded all templates with five basic spectra of source energies as recommended by the Elohim:

1) The blue flame of divine’s God’s will, the bearer of which I am.

2) The pink flame of love, the bearer of which Carla is.

3) The green flame of healing.

4) The violet flame of transmutation with Carla as the Chohan of this source energy and

5) The gold-Christed light from the Source.

Everything points out that the seeding of the new human template will happen this night or early Sunday local time. We were told to expect some new shifts in the coming 12 hours. Hence stay alert and assess very carefully your inner space. We have entered the most vulnerable phase in the ascension process.

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