KRULIANs: Un Decreto del PAT para acelerar la crisis financiera y el colapso de la Matriz de Orión

KRULIANs: Un Decreto del PAT para acelerar la crisis financiera y el colapso de la Matriz de Orión.

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jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2014

Un Decreto del PAT para acelerar la crisis financiera y el colapso de la Matriz de Orión

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Un Decreto del PAT para acelerar la crisis financiera y el colapso de la Matriz de Orión


por Georgi Stankov, publicado el 16 DE DICIEMBRE 2014
traducido en español por Alfredo

En el pasado, el PAT ha utilizado el poder de los decretos colectivos varias veces para cambiar el curso de los acontecimientos a favor de la ascensión. En varias ocasiones estábamos urgidos por nuestros HS  para hacer tales decretos,  fueron confirmados  por los Elohim que fueron un exito completo.
Desde hace más de un año que no hemos usado esta extremadamente potente herramienta de creación colectiva en nombre de la ascensión y de nosotros mismos. Ahora hemos llegado a un punto en el tiempo cuando deberíamos recurrir una vez más a un decreto colectivo para acelerar el colapso financiero del sistema monetario Orion de la esclavitud humana que comenzó con todo el poder la semana pasada y continúa esta semana. Tenemos ahora las más poderosas energías Fuente a nuestra disposición y que potenciamos al crear de inmediato en el Ahora. Hagamos uso de ellas como Dioses Creadores ilimitados para la  gestalt (forma) el destino de Gaia y la Humanidad.
Por favor, haga  este decreto al menos tres veces, preferiblemente muchas veces más en los próximos días, recitando con voz fuerte.
Decreto del PAT para Acelerar el Crash del Actual  Sistema Monetario Orión y poner fin a esta realidad holográfica 3D  de una vez por todas
Por la presente, yo (nombre completo), guerrero  de la Luz de la primera y la última hora, Maestro Ascendido, Logo Dios de Gaia, y Guardián de la nueva Galaxia Dorada, decreto  que es mi voluntad   que la Matriz de Orión y su principal pilar, el Sistema Monetario Orion, colapse en este planeta madre superior Ahora. Esto incluye todas las bolsas de valores y materias primas mundiales, el cierre de todos los bancos y gobiernos de Occidente, y la exclusión de una nueva guerra mundial.
Con este fin, invoco desde el punto de apoyo de mi Presencia YO SOY
La llama violeta de oro de la Ascensión, la transmutación y la curación,
La llama verde de la curación,
La llama azul de la Voluntad de Dios Divino,
La llama rosa del amor, y
La luz Crística-oro blanco en forma de partículas diamantinas de Esencia de Dios
a inundar mi cuerpo multidimensional que abarca Gaia y todas sus lineas de tiempo, para desencadenar el colapso inmediato de la matriz de Orión y su sistema financiero, y para iniciar el despertar global de la humanidad a la verdad divina de toda la existencia en este planeta madre superior.
Y que así sea, y que así sea, y que así sea !!!
YO SOY EL QUE YO SOY, (nombre completo), guerrero  de la Luz de la primera y la última hora, Maestro Ascendido, Logo Dios de Gaia y Guardián de la nueva Galaxia Dorada, y hago el presente  decreto en el nombre de la Fuente (repetición Esta declaración también tres veces).


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samkaska: ▶ 122 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube

samkaska: ▶ 122 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014


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Video 122
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and twenty two – September 18, 2014.

These are answers to many questions accumulated on the same subject.

Mythi you said that the souls passed from a recent tsunami had already gone to one of the planets prepared to reincarnate there, yet in another video you mention about these many souls that are waiting to be reincarnated at limbus or in fourth dimension. How the tsunami victim did got a vacancy to reincarnate so fast?

– See my friend, when there are situations of major natural disasters or acts of war in which populations are decimated claiming incarnations of innocent victims, the fourth dimension has a “level of first aid” to receive this mass of disembodied. They will be transferred to the zero level colonies, and are born without realizing what had happened, all controlled by Blue Beings. It’s like they got there in deep sleep and would already be sent to a new reincarnation to complement the cycle stopped. This system works accurately since the universe in which we were was created, so do not worry about the routines after death, worry yes on having the best possible level of light to pass through these moments and be transferred into a colony level one, here on Earth or on another planet.

Mythi, how can we analyze distances for your point of view? Is there any correlation between our measurement systems and those used by other cultures?

– As I quickly mentioned earlier in other conversations, I will detail a little more the information. The measurement systems used by civilizations from level one is what you call “decimal” and not the measures devised by thy cultures through the ages as thumbs, feet, fathoms, miles, leagues, fahrenheit, gallon, etc. that are incompatible with each other. The unity that is used by galactic communities as a lower commercial unit is equivalent to the wavelength of ultraviolet light in open space, measuring approx. 100 units of your called
“angstrom” unit. According to your decimal system, 100 angstroms represent 0.000001 cm. For comparison, your “meter” is equivalent to 100 million of that wavelength. Thereafter, all other measures are resulting names of the quantities of units of wavelengths contained in them, such as your millimeters, centimeters, meters, kilometer, etc. Measures such as volume, area, distance, velocity, are a direct result of that decimal system whose unit is equivalent anywhere in the universe, and accepted by any society of the system.

Mythi, many comment that the aliens are interested in our metals like gold and silver, is there any truth to that?

– See, minerals such as gold and silver are common in the universe. The metal that regulates your monetary system is the gold so you consider it “precious”. There are many gold deposits on your planet, and some are simply not being exploited not to diminish the market value of this metal between your societies. Gold abounds in many uninhabited planets and is part of many artifacts that other societies produce. Gold is found so pure it is soft; you could chew a nugget without hurting teeth. In some cases it is almost like the liquid metal Mercury and these two metals combine chemically and atomically very well. Mercury is the closest brother of gold, with a difference of a single particle in its atoms, and curiously Mercury is one of the most used elements in molecular programming as it can be transformed into an endless number of artifacts, extremely thin plates, etc. and win great hardness after its molecules being instructed to do so. The mercury is a basic metal for beginners in training courses on molecular manipulation. Finally you can conclude that there is no need for any society wanting to steal your gold, it exists in large quantities on planets and asteroids where nobody will claim ownership and can be taken in quantities as needed with easy. And that extends to all other metals and mineral elements, with the time you guys will check that mining is a major activity in galaxies, all industrially advanced cultures have their departments to obtain raw materials and their transport fleets specifically for this purpose. Not all planets resources are inexhaustible, so you will also have your mining fleet one day for sure.

Mythi, on the next 24th we are going to have 30 days of prediction you made about changes in the solar system in your last communication, which can still be expected since nothing special happened?

– So much is happening, is that you are not being reported on these highly detectable changes. The atmosphere of Venus is changing completely; some declensions of rotational axes have been viewed by your instruments. I hoped your amateur astronomers to give information about these events but it seems that some are still reluctant to say anything. Either way you will know the significant orbital and physical changes in the solar system planets, including the Taus. If I can, I’ll try to better detail the data for you without that complicates me, If your own countrymen do not.

– Just as a warning, the PTB has used atmospheric handling on a large scale lately. Despite the tectonic movement is generating cracks and volcanism in the crust of the planet, they are trying to derail the regions for the people to focus on areas where it will be easier to control the actions scheduled for the planned population reduction. They will try to round up the people to specific locations and some measures they are taking aim to cripple life in many regions starting the exodus to locations predetermined by them. It’s easier to catch the fish in a large school than scattered across the sea. Be on your guard about mass vaccinations, there is no a real epidemic but it can be “created” by the schedule running. The two factions who wish to maintain control of the planet in this new stage planned are reaching a time limit to try to outdo one another. Asian components are better prepared to take control, they have created a system of bombardment with frequency HAARP type that forms a barrier like a force field in their territories to block radar, input control signals on missiles and to block a possible EMP attack. Looks like things are coming into a final border between the two factions.

– Were detected in your space station possible assemblies of weapons of concentration of energy, which should have been transferred disassembled into smaller pieces, if that is confirmed the station will be permanently disabled by Pleiadeans. Be aware of the facts.

Be well all of you!

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AGHARTAN: Kryon ~ Congelado En El Tiempo.:::.DESPERTAR CUÁNTICO ~ CAMBIOS – SEPTIEMBRE 2014.:::.sharing

AGHARTAN: Kryon ~ Congelado En El Tiempo.:::.DESPERTAR CUÁNTICO ~ CAMBIOS – SEPTIEMBRE 2014.:::.sharing.

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domingo, 21 de setiembre de 2014

Kryon ~ Congelado En El Tiempo.:::.DESPERTAR CUÁNTICO ~ CAMBIOS – SEPTIEMBRE 2014.:::.sharing

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Sharing :
Kryon ~ Congelado En El Tiempo.

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

El verdadero mensaje que tenía para todos ustedes lo dí esta mañana. Tiene que ver con lo desconocido, ¿verdad? Un sistema oculto dentro de ustedes. Una consciencia del cuerpo, lista para ayudarlos, si desearan iniciar un proceso que no llamaré iluminación, sino volverse más grandes en aquello que conocen. Más grandes en aquello que conocen. Algo que los empuja hacia adelante, les muestra cosas que los llevan al lugar correcto, si ustedes escuchan. Ahora bien, esto les está oculto, como muchas cosas están ocultas para ustedes. Esta canalización en particular, esta noche, no será una prueba de resistencia (Kryon ríe). De hecho es divertido para mí, si quieren usar esa palabra. Mi socio no sabe adónde vamos, y si supiera, probablemente no querría ir allí. (el público se ríe). Porque ocasiona controversias entre los que escuchan y leen, pero tengo que decir lo debo decir.

He aquí la premisa de la enseñanza para esta noche: cada vez que juzgan una cosa en este planeta, lo hacen con el recurso de lo que ustedes saben. Y eso, entonces, sesga el resultado de su juicio. Cada decisión que toman respecto a lo que descubren en la historia, cada decisión, pasa por un proceso lógico, intelectual, que se honra – tal vez incluso un proceso científico – basado solamente en lo que ustedes ya saben. Eso los lleva a conclusiones que suelen estar tan equivocadas como sea posible. No hay misterio en esto, hay total acuerdo en que es lo mejor que pueden hacer. ¿Cómo podrían llegar a otras decisiones basados en cosas que no conocen o de las que no tomaron conciencia? Entonces, querido ser humano, quiero decirte que en esta era moderna, en esta cultura, no sabes mucho. No sabes mucho de lo que está allí afuera, de lo que ha pasado históricamente; no sabes mucho sobre culturas del pasado que nunca te dejaron algo para que estudies. No sabes sobre las cosas que simplemente asumes, o costumbres, porque sólo estás usando tu lógica y el razonamiento de hoy en día para juzgar el pasado.

Por eso quiero darte algunos ejemplos, y esto me resulta divertido, si se puede usar esa palabra, delicioso para mí porque puedo exponer algunas cosas para que pienses, a raíz de lo que no sabías.

Déjame empezar con un ejemplo que comprenderás muy bien. Voy a titular esta lección (se ríe) “Energías Antiguas Congeladas en el Pasado.” Energías antiguas congeladas en el pasado. Queridos, las culturas vienen y se van. Aprenden algunas cosas que otras culturas usurpan y las pueden hacer mejor. Y una cultura abandona la cosa que la otra cultura ya no necesita. En este proceso pasan cientos de años, sin Internet (se ríe), y no hay nada que buscar, nada para ver, y todo eso se olvida.

Imagina por un momento que eres un cavernícola. Imagina, por un momento, que como hombre de las cavernas encuentras una cápsula del futuro, y en esa cápsula – mi socio me está diciendo esto ahora, porque sabe adónde va esto – en esa cápsula hay un pasacassette Sony. Ahora bien, esto es para escuchar cassettes de audio. ¿Y qué piensa el cavernícola? ¡No tiene idea! Ninguna idea en absoluto; no tiene un concepto de lo que eso pueda ser. Nada. Ahora bien. Damos vuelta la página. Tienes en casa un niño de siete u ocho años y le das un paquete con un pasacassette Sony. No tendrá idea de lo que es. Si le dices que es para escuchar música, igual no va a tener idea. Puede presionar los botones, abrir la caja, mirarlo y fruncirá el ceño. No tiene ni un concepto. Entonces, si te tomaras el trabajo de explicarle qué es, para qué sirve, y le mostraras un cassete que puede contener todo un álbum de música, pondría los ojos en blanco. Porque él tiene un aparato mucho más pequeño que puede contener cien albums de música. Esto no está en su consciencia, nunca lo ha visto. Un pasacassette: congelado en el tiempo. Los antiguos no saben qué es; los niños de ahora no saben qué es.

¿Y qué va a pasar con eso? Si no hubiera Internet, se perdería. Todo el proceso que ocurría en ese tiempo en que se escuchaba música con eso: la tecnología, el razonamiento, la ciencia, todo perdido. Hoy ustedes archivan todo, de modo que hoy en día no se perdería. Pero no es de eso que quiero hablar, sino del ejemplo. Una tecnología congelada en el tiempo; ya no se usa; olvidada. ¿Será posible que haya otras? Ahora no quiero hablar de tecnología, me gustaría hablar de procesos, culturas, creencias que ustedes no conocen.

Ahora bien: tu ADN no funciona muy bien; menos del 40%, de modo que cuando ves ciertas cosas no puedes recurrir al akash; no puedes entrar y obtener la verdad; sólo puedes tomar decisiones basadas en lo que sabes. Hay un lugar, en este planeta, donde los indígenas crearon rutas que no van a ningún lado. Se descubrieron desde el aire: son tan largas, tan rectas, tan exactas, y no van a ningún lado. Miras la habilidad con que se hicieron y puedes ver algunas incluso bellamente pavimentadas, tan rectas como es posible, y recorren a veces cientos de kilómetros – y no van a ninguna parte. ¿Qué te parece eso?

Entonces el ser humano recurre a la mayor lógica que le es posible; pueden formar comisiones para considerar todas las posibilidades de para qué servían esos caminos. Y dirán: “Bueno, ellos no tenían vehículos, de modo que no había razón para que construyeran caminos, en realidad; especialmente tan rectos, y que ni siquiera iban a otra ciudad; simplemente iban. Interesante; cuando los miras desde el aire es raro, porque parecen pistas. Pistas de aterrizaje. Entonces, el siguiente pensamiento lógico – ya que ahora los humanos tienen pistas de aterrizaje – es que estas son pistas del pasado. Y el siguiente pensamiento lógico es que, si existen, es porque alguien necesitaba pistas de aterrizaje. ¿Qué? ¿Vehículos voladores? ¡Extraterrestres! ¿Ven la lógica de esto? ¿Comprenden lo que digo? Ustedes, como seres humanos, ven a aquella cultura desde su punto de vista, no desde el de ellos. Entonces existe todo un grupo de la humanidad que mira esos largos caminos – nosotros no queremos identificarlos – creados por los antiguos, y dicen “¡Pistas de aterrizaje!” Para los de las estrellas. Ahora les voy a decir qué son (se ríe) y les mostraré la tontería de lo que ustedes pensaron que eran; y eso me resulta divertido. No es divertido para mi socio, pero sí para mí.

En primer lugar: ¿tiene sentido para ustedes que una nave de las estrellas, que tiene que conocer el viaje interdimensional, que vendría del espacio interestelar, necesite una pista de aterrizaje? Nunca pensaron en eso, ¿verdad? Quiero llevarlos de vuelta a esa cultura, porque ustedes no saben lo que ellos enfrentaban. Ustedes no saben qué estaban haciendo. Este es un lugar de la tierra que es desértico; allí no crece nada. Pero no era así cuando ellos lo habitaban: era floreciente. Cuando las lluvias cesaron, en esta cultura, su dios les ordenó construir un camino. Y ellos lo hicieron. No cuestionaron eso. Cuanto más largo el camino, mayor el honor para su dios, que les daría la lluvia; y ésta nunca llegó. Construyeron, y construyeron, y construyeron; la hicieron tan perfecta como pudieron, y cuanto más larga mejor era la posibilidad de tener lluvias. Pero las lluvias nunca llegaron. Poco a poco se extinguieron; cuando se fue el último de ellos , sólo quedó el camino. Esa es la verdad. ¿Sabían eso? ¿Sabían ustedes algo sobre su dios, su cultura, su clima, conocían algo de todo esto? La respuesta es ¡No! Congelados en el tiempo; perdidos en la historia; nunca se escribió, no existía Internet. Esto les conduce a pensar en las cosas de su propia cultura que ustedes entienden, porque como tienen aviones, esas tenían que ser pistas de aterrizaje.

Esto es una entre tantas cosas, querido. Hay una razón para que te cuente esto, y la vas a ver en seguida. Con la geología pasa algo muy similar, ya lo hemos tratado antes: ustedes basan todas sus suposiciones geológicas sobre lo que ven en los cañones y sobre su formación sobre una premisa: que lo hizo el tiempo. Pero ustedes no estaban allí para verlo. Se basan en lo que ustedes ven hoy en día. Este mismo planeta benévolo que no tiene grandes cataclismos, un planeta que está allí quieto, un planeta benévolo que está gastado por el tiempo, tal vez millones de años para crear una rugosidad aquí y otras cosas allá. Déjenme llevarlos a un período de trescientos años que creó el Gran Cañón, hace largo tiempo, cuando todo un océano corría en ambas direcciones, a causa de los cataclismos de la Tierra. En trescientos años cavó ese cañón, así de rápido. Los geólogos les dirán que hay un delta en cada extremo del cañón ¿les parece que eso tiene sentido? Corría en ambas direcciones. Pregúntenles si encontraron caracolas marinas por allí, y les dirán que sí. Hubo un océano, que corría en ambas direcciones, y cavó ese cañón en trescientos años. Yo estaba allí.

Ustedes sólo pueden decidir en base a lo que saben, no a lo que no saben; los geólogos no saben eso. Y no está en ellos suponerlo porque no hay evidencia. Porque los tiempos en que sucedió no son evidentes – todavía. Hay algunas cosas que van a descubrir, que los conducirán a esto; ustedes observen. Algún día admitirán que toda esta cosa tuvo corta duración y se produjo muy rápidamente. ¿Ven lo que estoy diciendo? ¡Ese conocimiento está congelado en el tiempo! Ustedes no lo tienen. No tienen imágenes de eso; no las tienen hoy en día porque la Tierra está quieta, en lugar de dinámica, entonces suponen que todo eso lo produjo en millones de años un pequeño río que talló todo eso. Pues no fue así.

Los antiguos crearon estructuras enormes, gigantescas. Tenían bloques de granito que pesaban toneladas, traídas de canteras a gran distancia, y construían monumentos que hoy parecerían imposibles. Ustedes los miran y dicen “¡Era imposible! ¡No pueden haberlo hecho! No tenían la tecnología de hoy en día, no hay forma de poder construirlos sin ciertos tipos de máquinas.” Y esa es su decisión. Entonces, ¿cómo lo hicieron? Otra vez: tuvieron que tener ayuda. Probablemente tenían aparatos de levitación venidos del espacio exterior.

Ahora bien, voy a romper el paradigma y contar una verdad que puede que no la crean: No, no tenían eso (se ríe). El paradigma de tu cultura es que todo debe hacerse con rapidez y eficiencia. Te cuento sobre la cultura de ellos. ¿Comprendes que construían monumentos para reyes que aún no habían nacido? ¿Y sabes cuánto tiempo les llevaba? ¡Vidas! ¿Sabes cuántas personas participaban? Cientos de miles! Llevar este bloque de granito hacia allá. Está bien, toma un par de años, se hace pulgada a pulgada. Se arrastra con palos y sogas. No importa cuánto tiempo se requiera. A veces eran esclavos, muchas veces no. Estaban allí voluntariamente para ayudar a su rey, el que aún estaba en el útero de la reina. El que tendría una pirámide, tal vez, o acaso otro tipo de estructura, cuando muriera. Y ellos aportaban dos, tres semanas por año, desde todo el país. Venían de a miles, a tirar de las cuerdas, a engrasar los palos, y tenían algo que no has tenido en cuenta: matemáticas, mucho de matemáticas. Entendían de poleas; todas las cosas que hoy tú conoces, sobre reducción de la fuerza. Sabían de eso. Planes ingeniosos para deslizar cosas cuesta arriba, lenta, muy lentamente, con la fuerza de miles de hombres, para colocarlas en un lugar donde pudieran darse vuelta. ¿Crees que una pirámide siempre tuvo aspecto de pirámide? ¿Qué aspecto tiene un edificio cuando lo están construyendo? ¿Se parece al edificio terminado? ¿No te parece que ellos tendrían cosas allí alrededor para ayudar? ¡Claro que sí!

Pero eso no fue en tu cultura, y es una ciencia que se congeló en el tiempo. ¡Congelada en el tiempo! Oh, hay pistas de lo que hicieron. No muchas. Esa es la verdad. Pero tú no podías saberlo. Porque todo lo que ustedes hacen es mirarlo desde el punto de vista de lo que saben. La idea de que algo lleve años, tal vez toda una vida, con miles y miles de hombres involucrados, no está en tu consciencia. Hoy en día no se construyen cosas de ese modo. Por tanto, no extrapolen su fórmula a la que ellos usaban.

Les hemos contado que los lemurianos tenían templos de rejuvenecimiento en la cima de Hawaii. Era una montaña, elevada por un bulto que estaba allí. Allá arriba había glaciares. Ese bulto había estado allí durante miles de años, ya estaba incluso antes de que llegaran los lemurianos. La montaña de Hawaii es la más grande del planeta, medida de la cima al pie, aún cuando el pie de la montaña está bajo agua. La mayoría de ella quedó expuesta, empujada hacia arriba por este bulto de magma. El magma se hinchó en forma muy similar a como pasó en el parque Yellowstone, que es otro punto caliente del planeta. Es un proceso geológico que tiene lugar; no es un misterio. Elevó las cumbres de la montaña por encima de los 30.000 pies. Allí hace mucho frío, y estuvo muy frío durante un largo, muy largo tiempo. Cuando hay temperaturas de 50 grados centígrados bajo cero, y persisten por muchos, muchos años, allí hay frío extremo. Ahora bien, los lemurianos usaron tecnología de superfrío, sin electricidad, sin el conocimiento de nada más que la química. Con ciertas clases de química se puede extrapolar calor de cualquier cosa. Química congelada en el tiempo, y no es un juego con la palabra congelar (se ríe). Usaron una tecnología de superfrío para crear un evento cuántico en la cima de la montaña, y eso creó los templos de rejuvenecimiento en los que ellos la usaban para cambiar el ADN. De hecho ellos podían manipular la masa; ustedes están recién ahora descubriendo la tecnología del superfrío. Pero algunos dirían: “Imposible, no pueden haber hecho esas cosas sin computadoras, sin electricidad, sin otras cosas” todo esto basado en lo que hoy ustedes conocen como su realidad, pero no en lo que ustedes no saben.

Te daré un ejemplo más para el final, de esto queremos hablar. Querido ser humano, tú crees saber mucho sobre la salud, ¿verdad? Tienes la ciencia más moderna. Pero hay cosas que no conoces. ¿Puedes imaginar ser parte de un sistema de salud que no conocía los gérmenes? (se ríe) Y luego, cuando tuvo lugar ese descubrimiento, todo cambió. ¿Te imaginas cómo habrá sido? ¡En los campos de batalla, aún con los mejores médicos, sin saber nada de gérmenes! Sin importar qué hicieran, las tropas morían igual. Porque ellos no entendían nada de esterilización, ni de microbios, ¡ni nada de eso! Nada. Hasta que recibieron esa información, y de pronto todo cambió.

Ahora bien: aquí va la premisa del día: ¿será posible, querido ser humano, que se te haya perdido algo en el camino? ¿Tienes alguna idea de lo que hay en las selvas de esta Tierra? Los chamanes lo sabían: podían curar casi cualquier cosa. Gaia colabora con ciertas clases de energía, y las energías chamánicas del planeta estaban muy dedicadas a conocer lo que yo llamaría la química de las plantas. Dentro de la colaboración del sistema de Gaia hay curas para todas las enfermedades. ¿Sabías eso? Ellos podían curar tantas cosas, directamente de la Tierra, en forma natural, sin efectos secundarios, sin artificialidad, sin industrialización. Ya has oído sobre esto. Los consideraban raros, así que vivían en las afueras de la aldea, y todo lo que ellos sabían, todo lo que sabían, se perdió. Se perdió con las ideas modernas sobre Dios; se perdió cuando ellos curaban a alguien y no se comprendía y lo consideraban perverso. ¡Completamente perdido! Ahora bien; aquí estás; eso está congelado en el tiempo. Todo lo que ahora tienes es artificial. Casi todo. Aquí está el meollo de la cuestión: mi socio hizo hoy algo que yo le pedí; tomó tiempo para presentarles cómo podría ser el hombre nuevo. Cuando empieza a aumentar el porcentaje en que opera el ADN, empiezan a nacer niños que aprovechan el akash, ya no tienen que aprender a caminar, a leer. Lo hacen, en un tiempo breve, antes de los dos años de edad. Porque están recordando algo que ya sabían.

Ahora bien: esto es nuevo. Vayamos al paso siguiente, alma vieja. ¿Cuántos de ustedes han sido chamanes? ¿Empiezan a entender esto? A partir del grupo de almas viejas, en las próximas dos generaciones, en este planeta se recordará la tecnología congelada. Recordarán la química que extrae el calor, recordarán los principios de la supervivencia; esto les llegará por partes, y habrá algunos de ustedes que se harán famosos por sus descubrimientos, que sólo consisten en recordar lo que solía ser. Será el comienzo de una revolución; no en la medicina, sino en la relación con las selvas; estas cosas se rescatarán al recordar las energías chamánicas y la información en la que tantos participaban. Y la mayor diferencia por la cual lo recordarán ahora y no antes, es que ahora será seguro. Tres años atrás no lo era. Esa es la diferencia entre el entonces y el ahora.

Hoy les doy estos ejemplos de algunas tonterías que ustedes ven, en decisiones predispuestas que se basan sólo en lo que saben, en lugar de lo que recuerdan del pasado. Eso va a cambiar. Cuanto más alto llegue el porcentaje del ADN, más recordarán. Ese proceso de recordar sucederá en un grupo específico; el grupo chamánico; las almas viejas. Los que se sientan en un salón como éste, todo el día oyendo a alguien hablar, en un día hermoso. ¿Porqué están aquí? ¿Porqué están aquí? Porque quieren saber más, ¿No es verdad? ¿Pueden sentirlo? ¿Lo sienten? Está allí, saben qué es. Quiero que penetren en su esencia y desarrollen la intuición que tienen. Queridos, almas antiguas, no los que aún no han nacido, sino las que están aquí, son las que van a descubrir estas cosas, presentarlas, recordarlas, comenzar a usarlas. No tendrán oposición. ¿Me oyen? No habrá oposición, porque ustedes serán demasiados. Va a ser muy bien recibido, va a ayudar a sanar el planeta. Eso es un buen mensaje.

Hay un lugar para la química, para una química elegante; hay un lugar para la elegancia de las soluciones naturales. Todo puede usarse unido en equilibrio; siempre se lo hemos dicho; uno no usurpa lo otro. ¡Pero es hora de que recuerden cómo sanarse a sí mismos! Desde Gaia. Con Gaia. A través de Gaia.

Ahora ya saben porqué es parte de los nueve atributos del ser humano. Y ese es el mensaje para hoy. Será recordado por muchos (se ríe), estudiado por pocos.

Yo soy Kryon, enamorado de la humanidad. Sé qué está viniendo; ya lo he visto antes. No permitan… (suspira) No dejen que los atributos de lo que ven a su alrededor los engañen para creer que las cosas no están mejorando. Les dije que la vieja energía daría pelea; ¡hay tantos humanos que quieren volver a como era antes, queridos! No tendrán éxito.

Y así es.


Congelado En El Tiempo
Canalización de Kryon a través de Lee Carroll, en Grand Rapids, EE.UU.
Sábado 31 de Mayo, 2014
Desgrabación del audio en vivo y traducción: María Cristina Cáffaro
Lee Carroll

Pag. Anterior: Kryon – Conferencia de la Luz del Verano 2014

Pag. Siguiente: Kryon – Conferencia de la Luz del Verano 2014.

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Yo me muevo y cambio a medida que soplan los vientos a través de mí y hacia mí. Me muevo con cada nacimiento. Me muevo con cada muerte. Cambio cuando los Cielos expresan una emoción y se designan a sí mismos.

Mi temperatura cambia con mis emociones, mi latido del corazón cambia con cada pensamiento. Yo soy el cambio de temporada de Dios. A medida que las moléculas a nivel cuántico reescriben las reglas, la vida crece alas donde antes no había ninguna a fin de volar a nuevas alturas.

Los objectos aparecen y desaparecen del amanecer al anochecer, confundiendo el plano de la mente. El confort en lo que era familiar ya no encaja ni alivia al ser. El fluir libre sin forma o destinación es un maravilloso aspecto de volverse un Dios enropado.

El caer libremente a cualquier y toda posibilidad no es para los débiles de mente. Las posibilidades se rearreglan a sí mismas en nanosegundos a la vez, cambiando bases y resultados simultáneamente. Lo que pasa a través del agujero espacio-temporal personal está todavía por verse, pero es muy esperado.

Perdiendo el pasado y desconectándose del ahora ofrece oportunidades que necesitan ser abrazadas a fin de que se emita un decreto. La nueva era, la vieja era, todas las eras se vuelven innecesarias a medida que la humanidad hace un giro en U/ se retracta para reconectarse. Las líneas entre los humanos se sienten frágiles y tirantes como un cordón umbilical que necesita ser cortado tarde en el parto. El verse a sí mismos en otros se ha vuelto doloroso y la mayoría evita verse a los ojos para no ver. Mientras la humanidad sopla y resuella derrumbando la ilusión, la unidad aparenta ser minúscula.

El tiempo y el clima se reescriben a sí mismos de conformidad con estas nuevas leyes de creación. Cada puerta los lleva por otra carretera del yo. Las partes fracturadas de la evolución humana buscan ahora unirse con sus contrapartes. Ustedes están tan ocupados recogiendo partes de su yo que no ven lo que le está sucediendo a todos los que viven en su calle o su planeta.

La humanidad ha pedido más a todo nivel y así será. Cada persona es escoltada a todas las faces de su crepúsculo y su átomo. El patrón original tiene ahora un encaje rosado de posibilidades. ¿Quién soy yo? es el canto del ser a medida que cantamos un nuevo tono. Es necesario flotar libremente fuera del planeta para volverse su verdadera Presencia, si desean andar por las estrellas. Las realidades se ven retadas haciendo un combate de cuerpo a cuerpo, dejando un rastro de papel y guerra. El tiempo pasa apresuradamente sin siquiera una ola, mientras se personalizan las opciones y se acorta el status quo.

Publicado 6 hours ago por LUZ ZOHAR

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terram novam: THE QUEST ::: Into The Woods 9-4-14 ::: sharing

terram novam: THE QUEST ::: Into The Woods 9-4-14 ::: sharing.

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viernes, 5 de setiembre de 2014

THE QUEST ::: Into The Woods 9-4-14 ::: sharing

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, September 4, 2014
Into The Woods



Into the woods I send my heart
To find the place where I can start
Start to know and feel and care
To find the sunlight everywhere
Everywhere is here right now
To fill our life with learning how
To live the light in every way
And follow it through every day
The light it calls us all the while
To go within to find our smile
The joy that we have sought “out there”
We know to find it everywhere
In every cry and every sound
The light is there; it can be found
Once found, then we must let it BE
The source through which we can be free
Free of sorrow and free of pain
We no longer need to seek nor gain
We’ve played the game – both won and lost
We’ve had some fun and paid the cost
The cost of life beyond control
Is to find the purpose of our Soul
Our Soul we find within our Heart
It’s been there from the very start
Our Soul + Heart translates to NOW
As we start our journey of finding how
How we will know to seize the light
And not turn back in pain or fright
The light its there inside our life
Behind our sorrow and our strife
Once sorrow’s gone and strife’s resolved
Our heart and soul become evolved
Evolved into the ONE to be
The ONE to hear – the ONE to see
See the light that we once sought
When we tried so hard and cried a lot
We looked at memories filled with fear
And forgot that which we held most dear
But when, at last, we found the light
We communed with life that’s all around
In this entrainment we can BE
ALL we hear and ALL we see
We’ll find inside each cell and atom
A world we thought was just a phantom
Each atom spins into the NOW
The past is over, we have learned how
How to live the “future” inside each day
Through feelings we have and words we say Inside the NOW, our new world started
As love and the light will no longer be parted The lion and lamb lie in the noon sun
The conflict has ended, and we are all ONE We found the Great Light and live in the Sun
Our journey has ended, and also begun!

PS, I just found this message from my SELF to my self and wanted to share it. This seemed like a
good place to do so:

We really need to follow the invisible signs
that are giving us the direction that we can only really find inside.

Our frequency is high enough now that we are actually
projecting our own inner guidance out into our reality.

In this way, if we cannot pay attention to our inner directives,
we cannot ignore what we have created them in our outer life.

Posted by Sue at 7:13 PM 2 comments: 

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Dear Internet friends.

I will be on retreat until the first week in August. I am going on a Quest, so to speak. We are going into the Lemurian lands from Mt Shasta and into Washington.

In the form of a true Quest, we have made no reservations and do no know exactly where we are going. In other words, we (my husband an myself) are going into Nature to BE with the Mother. We will simply BE where we ARE and follow the NOW of where we are going.

Much like our ascension process, we will only know what to do next by tuning in to what we are doing right NOW. We will only DO what we LOVE to DO and stay where it is beautiful and filled with love. At least that is our plan. As you all know by now, ascension is also filled with many surprises. We will meet those surprised within the NOW.

In closing my brief message (as you know, brief messages from me are very rare), I will now share a message I got from the Arcturians on 7-6-12:

Beloved Arcturians,

Thank you for assisting me. I am honored to be led by you, and at the same time, I am hearing that I am leading WITH you. Can you assist me to understand that message?

Dear Suzille,

We are here with “in” you NOW. We realize what a leap of faith it is for our ascending ones to believe that we are real. At the same time, we realize that many of you have ALWAYS known that we are real, but are comforted to find whatever serves you as proof.

Fortunately, now there are so many ascending ones receiving and sharing our messages that are saying similar things at the same “time.” This, also, serves as proof. You all know that you got your information, not from another, but from within.

Furthermore, so many of you do no not know each other and have very little in common except that you are all receiving the same messages. This synchronicity is because you are all connection with the ONE. Therefore, the hearts of your messages are the same, but the manners in which the messages are presented have myriad versions.

Glorious Gaia has given refuge to many different signature frequencies of human expression. And, just as Gaia has many different expression of Nature on Her Earth body, humans have many different expressions of creativity within the ONE of humanity.

We congratulate our humans for finding and developing such a vast array of personal, familial, social and planetary creative expression.

As you continue to understand and express your creative force, you will connect with your Elohim Ancestry. Elohim are the builders and holders of form. As Elohim, such as we Arcturians are, you will manage the process of creating your new reality by the “chain of materialization” of:

Elohim – Deva—Elemental—Elements—Etheric Form—Thoughts/Emotions

The Elohim collects the Divine Ideal from the ONE

And sends it to a Deva who maintains the Divine Blueprint
For the Elementals to pass on to
The four elements to create the
Etheric Format upon which your
Thoughts and Emotions are adhered to
Create form within the reality of your choice

It does not matter what others know, say or teach. What is important is your own ability to go inside to hear and listen to the Voice of the ONE. This Voice is beyond words, tones or even sound. The Voice of the ONE is the pure potential that offers you the ability to open the 2-way Portal of communication with the ONE.
As you return into the higher expressions of your SELF, your Multidimensional SELF extends more and more of its beingness into the higher dimensions that were formerly lost to you in the illusions of time and space.
The time of your Return is NOW
The space from which you will Return is HERE
If you can calibrate your thoughts and emotions into the NOW…
If you can connect with the Earth HERE…
You will step out of time and into the NOW where everything happens at ONCE
Without sequence
Without hierarchy
Without polarity
Without fear
This HERE and NOW is to be created in the light of day for all to see!
That, which is important is not ruled by “others” or even by your self.
Unconditional LOVE is that which is important and LOVE has NO ruler.

The Arcturians

I will post blogs and answer emails when I have Internet and it is in the NOW!

By Suzanne Lie,PhD
Posted 12th July 2012 by YHVH@
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


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▶ Drilling a basic flowchart of arm control – YouTube

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-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Your conscious experience as you go about it is sustained upon a frequency of reality. The specific octave of consciousness you exist upon breeds an equally-specific type of experience, and as you rise in consciousness you find the density around you growing lighter and lighter.

You will find yourselves beginning to weigh less as you go about your physical ascension processes, and one of the initial symptoms you will notice when your perceptions are kicked into a noticeably high gear will be the seeming weightlessness of your form. Your experiences will brim much more with joy and synchronicities than they do even currently and in general, you will find your moods very easy to lighten.

You will find yourselves sparkling with exuberant, Divine energy and you will attach an energy to yourselves that is recognizable in a plethora of pregnant women who seem to be “glowing” when taking in a new Life and a new soul which, in your most recent decades, will have (likely) come from the higher realms to help the Earth find Her ascension and to help Her collective awaken in time for such an ascension.

In regards to this, the entire collective of humanity is finding an increasingly pure understanding and perspective and while it does not yet seem to be so, we ask you to trust that the inner-workings of the Divine are awakening a plethora of souls who would have otherwise chosen to remain asleep.

The assistance you are all offering is largely helping to initiate the widespread, collective awakening taking place, and we attempt to explain some of the initial ascension-related symptoms you will feel when the purest of energies and perceptions begin to descend down in a partial effort to prepare you for such feelings.

While we do not feel you will be overwhelmed by the time they come about, we simply wish to see you ready and will give as much assistance and guidance along the way of doing so as we possibly can, for our Love for you is so very strong and pure.

We are helping to prepare you to understand the brimming realms of full consciousness you have been working toward for so very long, as every bit of understanding you have gained about the higher realms is not to be scrapped altogether, but upgraded.

You are discovering the higher realms through the filters of your (currently) lower dimensional minds, and your opening hearts are helping you to gain purer and purer glimpses into the higher realms in every moment. You are growing your perceptions of these realms, and along with this will come an easy ability to understand much of what would still seem too complex or complicated for your expanding minds and hearts to comprehend from your current perspective.

Your perceptions are increasing in purity, and your perspective in every moment will begin to reflect this increase as you find yourselves growing and learning exponentially.

While for some of you, your growth as a soul tends to feel as if it is dragging on or as if you are never going to find the higher dimensions of experience; we remind you that your evolution is actually proceeding at quite a rapid pace compared to what is seen as normal for the ascension of a planet, and Earth is among the select few planets (initially) undergoing a collective ascension and will quite literally start a tidal wave of ascensions all through the vast Cosmos when such ascension occurs.

For this and plenty of other reasons, we ask you all to increase your efforts when you feel you can while at the same time, making allowance for the necessary rest you must seek at some points during your journeys.

Your metaphysical perceptions are increasing in every single moment, and it is important for you to absorb and take in the energies you’re feeling yourselves better able to access and as well, to allow yourselves to rest if you need to assimilate such energies in a slower manner.

At times you will, because these purer energies bring with them a blatant change to the functioning of your bodies so that your higher dimensional capabilities can be brought about and understood as much as possible.

As your bodies have been adjusted to a lower dimensional plane of reality for so very long, the increased perceptions you are finding in yourselves call for allowance to be made for adjustments to your bodies; as your growing and learning is only to continue and your perceptions are only to expand.

(Many of) you are finding and feeling so many changes in yourselves and even when it does not seem to be so, we remind you that your growing and learning has been exponential and will only continue to be so.

We are here for you dear souls, to offer our perspective in every moment on your ongoing ascension processes and on the awakening of the minds and hearts of each and every Earthly soul who has been stuck within the perceptual constraints of a reality adjusted to a specific lower octave of consciousness.

It is truly amazing to watch you quite literally uplift the surface of the Earth and the collective consciousness of those around you, as you are lifting yourselves and those around you into a purer octave of consciousness and experience as you go about your daily endeavors and find a plethora of difficulty at times.

Every bit of difficulty you experience is necessary for your ultimate growth as a soul, which is why we ask you to allow everything that happens in your Lives to play out accordingly and to know that always and in all endeavors, Source is with you.

We have always been with you as well, and we are quite close with many of you dear souls who have worked with us in previous encounters on various facets of the ultimate ascension of the Universe.

The ascension of the Universe has itself been in an accelerated phase, and this will become increasingly apparent after your collective undergoes your ascension and the aforementioned tidal wave is felt across the Universe and across all of Creation.

As small of a planet as Earth is in comparison to the infinite realms and planets beyond yours, the powerful evolution you are to experience will be just that and will inspire the evolution of so many other individual souls and collectives who can truly use the uplifting energies Earth’s ascension is to provide.

If you could only fathom the importance of your mission and how wonderful what you are doing is, you would understand the brimming happiness you are always greeted with in the higher realms. Of course, if you possessed our perspective entirely and could fathom the importance of what you are doing on the Earth, it would take some of the fun out of you awakening into such importance and understanding just how needed and Lighted what you are doing truly is.

You are all meeting with Councils of Angels at night and as your heads lay sleeping, your innate spiritual selves travel off to fruitful astral lands and convene with a plethora of souls from the higher realms; we being some of them.

You have communed and worked with us in your sleep realms; with your Galactic brethren; with the Agarthans and with so many other souls whom you will fully remember upon being introduced to us in your physical reality.

What you’ve known as disclosure is to bring along with it much more than the presence of your Galactic brethren, who have been waiting as eagerly as you all have for their presence be made known so that they can be with you on your surface.

You will be introduced to we, the Hathor collective; to the Ascended Masters and the infinite choirs of Angels assisting in your ascension in every moment; to the various ascended souls within various higher realms and dimensions who have lent their “helping hands” and energies to your evolution back into full consciousness; we could go on and on listing souls you will be introduced to who will maintain an active presence upon your world, but your cup will runneth over in the time ahead in terms of how many souls you will be connecting with, representing and meeting.

Indeed, many of you have come from the higher realms to act as representatives for we souls existing in these realms, and we can feel already that many of you will do your jobs with ease and pride.

Of course, you will face the usual detractors and the souls who wish to smear our or your “image” but you can take it all in stride knowing that the influence of the dark and everything that has run and fed it is truly fading.

We delight when you begin to open yourselves up to the higher realms and we souls existing in these realms in purer ways than you previously have, because we have so very much to teach you and so very much assistance and Love to offer and in the time ahead when you can be with us fully and purely and we can begin sharing many of the revelations and understandings we have with you, our relationships and bonds will grow even stronger than they already have.

Some of you who are on the Earth know us from fruitful previous encounters as far before the ascension of the Earth, we have helped many of you to uplift various planets and civilizations.

Along the way of your ascension processes you will encounter various shifts from sub-plane to sub-plane of consciousness, and many of you reading this communication are traveling back and forth from various (sub-planes) in every moment.

Much of your collective already largely exists in the fourth dimension; even the souls who don’t yet realize it or are not initially interested in understanding where they have come from and the brimming realms of consciousness they are returning to.

If one looks around, one may notice those around them beginning to be given fourth dimensional lessons, and the perceptions you’re uncovering for yourselves which are growing in purity in every moment in terms of your ability to reach them will be reflected by the largely-fourth dimensional perspective that is beginning to descend unto you now.

An ultimate theme of the fourth and fifth dimensions you will be given is balance, and this is one reason we and so many others have pursued getting you to understand the need for balance in your everyday Lives, as well as compassion and patience with yourselves and those around you.

Along your fourth dimensional learning and growth, things will arise that are meant to take you away from your natural center, and we trust that many of you will be able to find and maintain your balance in a manner that sees you far outlasting any negativity that would attempt to sway you.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express gratitude to our dear scribe and to every one of you who continue to remain essential and helpful to the ascension of the Earth and the various ascensions that are to take place once it has been attained.

We look forward to greeting you in the realms of full consciousness and when we do, you can take pride knowing that you had played the largest hand in your own personal evolution and in those of every other soul who will be with you and us in these wonderful realms.

Truly, they are a joy to feel and we know that every one of you will remember the feelings you unlock for yourselves upon reaching these states of consciousness once again. Remember that you are Divine, and that everything around you is comprised of the same Divine energy of Love and perfection.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.
Posted 25th May 2013 by Juan Pablo
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photos: ▶ Photoshop Playbook: How to Use the DNG Profile Editor to Adjust Color and Light – We of the Arcturian Group ::: sharing

photos: ▶ Photoshop Playbook: How to Use the DNG Profile Editor to Adjust Color and Light – We of the Arcturian Group ::: sharing.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

▶ Photoshop Playbook: How to Use the DNG Profile Editor to Adjust Color and Light – We of the Arcturian Group ::: sharing

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January 19, 2014

We of the Arcturian Group say to all of you, that we see light pouring forth on earth in ever increasing abundance.

You are shifting world energies through your new awareness of what love really means. For eons, mankind has held on to very narrow concepts with regard to love, believing it to be either a romantic emotion between two people, or a family bond. Love continues to be greatly misunderstood because books, movies, media, and society itself still promote these narrow definitions which are then accepted by many who choose not think for themselves… those that for too long have allowed others to tell them what to do, think, and believe.

Love is the activity of an attained consciousness of Oneness and we are aware that we have said this many times, but it is the foundation of evolution and needs to be expanded and incorporated through thought and practice into every consciousness in order for an individual and the world to evolve.

Love is all there is, because Divine Consciousness is all there is. Within this ONE every Divine Idea flows forth in infinite form and variety… but always in and of the One. Love, as understood and experienced within the limited awareness of the third dimensional belief system has become misunderstood and narrowly defined within concepts of duality and separation.

Many are unaware that their innate love for nature and others is an attained state of consciousness from other lifetimes. Many are evolved beings who have chosen to be here simply to add more Light to this important time on earth or to complete any three dimensional lessons. We speak of those who quietly or famously live lives that reflect a sense of Oneness in every action of daily living regardless of what the popular societal position may be. This makes every action a sacred and loving action. This is why you chose to evolve within a system of duality and separation, so you could evolve through experience into this awareness and live it in spite of outer appearances.

Love NEVER means being anyone’s doormat or being an enabler. We have said this before, but it needs to be repeated because “being a loving person” has been greatly misunderstood by many dear souls who believe that love means allowing another to use or manipulate them. These situations are often karmic and manifest (through pre-birth choice) for the growth of both individuals who are now ready to once and for all to move beyond them. At some point through lifetimes lived in the dense energies of duality and separation, “doormats” gave away their power, many experienced being killed or punished for speaking up and their cellular memory remembers…on a conscious level, they have come to believe that this is who they are. Life lessons will manifest that offer opportunities for these individuals to reclaim their innate power. Some personalities still resonate with past life energies and cellular memory of power and dominance which is reflected in their lives and attitudes. Both must and are learning to relate in a higher ways.

Know that your energy field speaks louder than words. This is how “bullies” work. Certain individuals are drawn to and unconsciously respond to the energy of others that radiates; “I am unworthy, I am less than, I am stupid, ugly, or unlovable” and the bully acts on it. The answer to this problem does not lie in more regulation, but in lovingly helping “victims” to reclaim their power through loving and honoring themselves.

Empowerment means learning to speak your truth…lovingly but firmly. Words spoken with an energy of anger and judgement do not clear a situation but simply continue it. However, those same words when spoken with a recognition of the other’s real identity (even if they are very far from knowing it themselves) and with the intention to serve the greater good for all involved, they will carry a different and higher energy. Speaking truth on this higher level, will have different results. Even when the other does not accept words spoken in the light they were given or becomes angry, the speaker will feel no response. This is because an energy field filled with light has nothing in it to which the heavier dense energy can attach. If or when you need firmly say to another something that he/she may not want to hear, try do it when you are centered and not in an emotional reactive state. Even taking a second to say to yourself; “Clear” will help. If you can, practice taking time to meditate, ponder, and ask for guidance before speaking and most importantly be VERY HONEST with yourselves with regard to any concepts you yourself may be holding about the situation.

It is often more loving to simply let another live with what they have created for themselves, for the situation may be their life lesson and it would not be loving to interfere. Stand quietly as an observer with your hand ready to grasp theirs when they are ready but allow them to reach for yours first.

Love is the energy that binds all life whether it be human, animal, or plant. All life is in and of the One life and those who falsely believe themselves to be strong and powerful because they can and do kill other living things, are still very unevolved and fully enmeshed in the energy of duality and separation. Animals evolve, and come back again just as humans do and add much color and joy and healing to the world…they are not inanimate objects to be manipulated by those ignorant of truth.

Because there are still so many in positions of power who do not yet understand the principle of Oneness, many rules are in place reflecting these unevolved states of consciousness. Obey the rules do it in ways that reflect your more evolved understanding… always look deeper and see the bigger picture for real rules come from within and are always governed by love.

Many think of lightworkers only as those who channel, teach, or write new age books etc. A lightworker is every person living out from a consciousness of love. It is the person who cares for lost or abused animals, the person who holds the door for you with a smile, the sales clerk who spends time helping you find what is right for you and does not just try to “make a sale”. A Lightworker brings the light of Oneness to every single activity of living regardless of how mundane it may be categorized as. Concepts that separate the “sacred” from the “profane” are in and of obsolete religious teachings.

The stranger who flows Light in a smile is as much a light worker as the one on a lecture circuit teaching salvation and enlightenment. Both are doing the work. Some choose pre-birth to be teachers in this life time because they knew this was how they could best serve, others choose to be silent keepers and radiators of Light. Both are just as important.

Never believe you have nothing to contribute, for every single action of your day becomes sacred when done in the realization of truth. Every thought and action sent forth in a spirit of Oneness adds to the enlightenment of the whole planet. This is what is happening now and you are doing it. Each and every one, being an individual expression of the Divine, holds a unique piece of the giant jigsaw puzzle that is earth and her inhabitants.

This message is about learning to love and honor yourselves as the spiritual beings you are, dear ones. Too many have come to believe that their lives have been wasted because they are doing what may be considered to be ordinary…ordinary activities done in ordinary ways in ordinary jobs while living ordinary lives. Often individuals live in the past saying to themselves; “If only I had done this, or that.” Know, really know, that all have a pre-birth plan put in place by each individual in order to learn whatever lessons are needed…one of which is the truth of who and what you are. From this new viewpoint life no longer seems ordinary…this very human concept will dissolve from your consciousness because everything now has become infused with a new and higher awareness which will then manifest itself outwardly in ever new and higher forms.

Without giving thought, you are the energy that may change your whole home or office while you are doing nothing in particular except being…doing what is given you to do while centered and awake. The Light of your energy field will have an effect on all around you… it may lift those receptive to it or bring out anger in some who may feel threatened. This is not your concern, you simply live, move, and have your being in Truth.

Everyone is important and necessary to the evolution of mankind. It is why you are here on earth at this time. This is your work and can be done wherever you find yourself. Follow and trust your intuition, NEVER believing that who you are or what you do is unimportant. The tiniest action done in love has a profound effect on changing the energy of the world.

Your job is to live out from that highest level of truth you know and simply do whatever is given you to do each day. Have fun…have dreams…be creative…be grateful… As you learn to live each day this way, more truth is given and will unfold in ever deepening currents of knowing and understanding. This is evolution. This is graduation, dear ones.

We are the Arcturian Group 1/18/14

©2014 | Cedar, MI 49621

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Equipoise: Yoga Frog Splits with Kino MacGregor – THE MIGHTY ANGELS OF THE PRESENT X-CLASS SOLAR -FLARE::: sharing

Equipoise: Yoga Frog Splits with Kino MacGregor – THE MIGHTY ANGELS OF THE PRESENT X-CLASS SOLAR -FLARE::: sharing.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Yoga Frog Splits with Kino MacGregor – THE MIGHTY ANGELS OF THE PRESENT X-CLASS SOLAR -FLARE::: sharing

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Jul 13


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Transmission Of The Mighty Angels, Touching Earth:

We are part of a bigger process. The information we are now delivering, together with it’s innate powerful energy aspect, is about the clear and undeniable process of implementation and magnification of the new era to be established on your world. What you experience now with our arrival is not unique to Earth though, you are participating in a greater process that includes your whole universe.

The heralding of your new era is in the first place a change of your vibrational level and fundamental increase of light on earth. What then ultimately can survive and continue to live and exist on your planet must naturally vibrate on that same level of the incoming new vibrations, as soon as they have settled down.

This is still a phase of adjustments and change, as these vibrations and light-forces are new and have not been fully established in your realm. That is why the major changes you are expecting did not yet happen. For this to occur they must be wholly vibrationally integrated on earth as a coherent field.

As soon as this takes place, which requires even more stronger and more powerful forces to enter your life space, the time for tangible and radical changes has arrived.

Until then be ready to tolerate and accept a time of instability and generally minor changes, and we recommend that you cultivate patience and agree with the present circumstances. Thereby it is important that you always bear in heart and mind the bigger picture, which transcends your present experience and embraces already the newly to arrive galactic world with divine laws, to change your world into beauty, happiness, abundance, as an expression of love.

Therefore do not see in the constantly crumbling and unsatisfactory details of your present world stability or even a fix value! Raise above the weight and density of your old world and allow your heart to flow freely already in the new world. Do not miss to take advantage of the presently incoming forces of light and allow them to inform you with the vision of your new world. Create spaces of beauty to invite the new energies and to allow them to settle in. That way you are creating already anchor points for the new world.

Join together to create by now seed groups of possible future forms of a new human society while you practice love and forgiveness.

Feel together as One Heart our mighty Presence of Light that wishes to enter your heart and bodies. Feel how precious this Light is, how full and how powerful and at the same time how gentle and sweet. And it is you who allows this power to express itself as love. It is the Healing of your past which arrives now, it allows you to make peace in your heart with everything you ever suffered!

It is this peace which is the establishing factor of your new world. Let it spread throughout all the cells of your bodies and thereby setting alight all other bodies, which build together the one body of humanity.

We come with unspeakable joy to bring you this message!

Conveyed by Ute
Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 13th July 2012 by Juan Pablo
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