Vel sanus: ▶ Incredible Balance Training for Kicks – Top 10 Kung Fu Balance Postures for Kicking! – Jul 2 THE THREE BEAMS OF LIGHT ::: sharing

Vel sanus: ▶ Incredible Balance Training for Kicks – Top 10 Kung Fu Balance Postures for Kicking! – Jul 2 THE THREE BEAMS OF LIGHT ::: sharing.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

▶ Incredible Balance Training for Kicks – Top 10 Kung Fu Balance Postures for Kicking! – Jul 2 THE THREE BEAMS OF LIGHT ::: sharing

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Jul 2




Our Dear Ascending Ones,

We have heard your call, but many of you were too tired to hear our response. When you become fatigued it is difficult to maintain a level of consciousness that is high enough to perceive and translate our Light Language into your Earth language. However, we want you to know that we respond to every call from our ascending ones, even if they cannot perceive our return communication. We will now tell you what we have been experiencing within your essence, as many of you have are having difficulty understanding how you have been feeling.
You, our third dimensional expressions, are feeling that something is changing on a very basic level. By “basic” we mean that life, as you know it is on the cusp of infinite change. This infinite change begins at a cellular level and expands to encompass all that you are and everything that makes up your reality. This basic change, that appears to arise from a cellular level, is actually arising from the very matrix of the your third dimensional reality.
The “time” is neigh; and those who are awakened can feel it. You are feeling a strange mix of sorrow and joy, love and of fear as well as excitement and foreboding. You see, our dear ones, you are ascending NOW. Hence, all polarities are blurring towards the “in-between.” We have spoken much of the “in-between” in which the extremes of your polarized reality merge towards the center. This merging occurs within the center for this “Center” is the NOW.


As past and future merge into NOW, the sorrows, joy, loves and fears begin to demagnetize from the matrix of your third dimensional earth vessel. Hence, as each old memory rises to the surface of your consciousness to be released into the ONE, you are experiencing a sense of nostalgia and reminiscence. Everything that you have ever experienced will be shared with the ONE as you ascend.
Therefore, not one precious experience of life on 3D Earth will be lost. However, it will be removed from the matrix of your earth vessel, as these memories tie you to that which is ending and hinder your return to that whom you have always been. What has your life been if not a long sequence of memories? Since your physical life is often lived more in the past than in the present, these myriad memories must be released as you return to living in the NOW.
Therefore, the good and the bad, the pleasant and the unpleasant are gathering in the in-between to rise beyond your human brain to contribute their experience to the Cosmic Mind. You see, dear beloveds, your life have been shared by all of us who have over-looked your reality since the beginning of time. We know that far too often you have felt alone and abandoned on a hostile planet. We want you to know now that we have wept with you, laughed with you and shared your every victory and every defeat.
Your life on third dimensional Earth has been a great lesson, not just for you, but for all of us in the higher dimensions that have over-lite your long journey from darkness into light. The light is here now, and it has integrated deep into the body of Mother Earth and into the form of ALL of Her inhabitants. This multidimensional light has patiently been re-writing all the codes of your third/fourth dimensional personal and planetary body. All that is left to do is to re-boot the system. Yet, there is a bit more to do for our humans, as many have been lost in the darkness of fear and domination.
Gaia and the members of Her plant and animal kingdoms are ready to metamorphosis into the fifth dimension. These two kingdoms of life-on-Earth have never left the Oneness of “being a planet.” Therefore, they could easily absorb the light and begin their transmutation. Humans, on the other hand, have lost control of their thoughts and emotions. Some have fallen into being the dominator and others have fallen into being the victim. It is the polarity of victim/victimizer that is the final polarity that must find its Center.


Those who have been victimized must release the emotional polarity of fear, anger, grief and sorrow to find their Center of unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance of a game well played. On the other hand, those who have been the victimizers must find their own wounding that pulled them from their core and into the depths of de-evolution of a being who needs power-over others in order to experience their power within.
These deeply wounded ones must go inside their core to find the original wounding in which their own inner power was stolen. They then must forgive themselves for being too afraid to steal their power back from that thief, and instead turning their attention towards those whom they could dominate. The light has made them realize that none of their ill-gotten gains have given them any joy, love, or even power-within, as they are still under the domination of those who stole their inner self and programed them into the dark being they have become.
We remind all of you, our ascending ones, to KNOW that these broken ones have no power-over you, for they are leaving the system. As information is released as to just how much power-over others these lost ones have taken, and just how much suffering of others they caused, it will be a great temptation for the ascending ones to want revenge or punishment. However, these desires will only serve to lower the ascending ones consciousness. Furthermore, punishment does not alter behavior. It only makes the behavior go underground where is can actually cause damage.
Behaviors can only be altered by detached compassion and unconditional love. Punishment of another is a third dimensional concept. Hence, it lowers the consciousness of those who seek it and activates emotions of anger, sorrow and fear. The containment of these lost ones is currently being untaken. Therefore, they will be unable to have power-over any of you again. Consequently, we ask that you do NOT become distracted from your true Mission of being Openers of the Portals and the Trailblazers of the Light.


The reality is that, as your reality ascends into the higher frequencies of expression, those who cannot heal will not be able to join you. Do you wish to stay behind so that you can punish, or do you wish to allow the Law of Return to bring to them what they have given to others? Can you trust the Cosmic Laws or do you need to remain within your physical laws. The choice is yours. However, as with every choice, your consciousness will rise or fall.
Do you so need to punish another that you punish yourself? The Law of Return, also, binds you. If you fall into physical law of crime and punishment, you will bind your essence to the frequency of that law. Ascension means releasing that which is complete so that you may rise above the frequency of reality in which that experience occurred. Just as the Ascended Master Sananda’s, then known as Jesus, final words were, “Forgive them, for they knew not what they do,” you, too, will release your consciousness from its constrictive 3D form by sending unconditional love and forgiveness to those you did you harm.
Some of you will not like this message because you will think that it is unfair that “they” get away with what they have done. Many of you will want to see them punished for their misdeeds. However, the dark ones will not be rising into the higher dimensions. Therefore, are you willing to stay behind in the reality that caused you suffering just so you can see that others suffer their consequences?
That answer is that some will make that choice. They will not trust the Cosmic Laws enough to know that ALL energy out is energy back. Hence, ALL the energy patterns that are put out into your reality will adhere you to frequency of that reality. If you use your energy field, which is comprised of the sum/total of your thoughts and emotions, to punish another you will adhere to the energy frequency of the one whom you believe you are punishing.


On the other hand, if you allow the Cosmic Law of Return to silently work, you will be able to release all fear, sorrow, suffering and anger to fall away as your expand your consciousness beyond those third dimensional limitations. Then, as you release that which has tied you to a reality that is closing, you will easily fall into the Flow of the ONE as it basks you in its unconditional love, peace and joy.
Feel now that unconditional love that is entering your High Heart and caressing your expanding mind…
Allow this unconditional love to course through-out your consciousness to release it from the bonds of your small clay shell and into your body of light…
From your higher, multidimensional perspective observe how, that it is NOT your physical form that is holding your consciousness. It is your consciousness that holds your physical form…
Allow third/fourth dimensional essence to flow into and intermingle with your multidimensional beingness…
Freed from the illusions of the physical world, observe how your Ascending SELF perceives and reacts to the information being dispersed…
Beloved Returning ONES, we welcome you back into your true frequency of expression. You do not need to wait for the right “time” to ascend, for time is only a third-dimensional illusion. You can always come Home within the NOW of the ONE. Furthermore, you can “visit” Home, and then return to experience the Great Adventure of Creating New Earth.

Your Arcturian Ancestors

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 2nd July 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Jul 1


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Dear friends, 

many of us are holding their breath now: will the arrests of the cabal commence shortly – or will they not? Will there be first more signs of the old world crumbling and falling apart, before we can begin to see the light of the Golden Age truly and irrevocably dawning?
As we know, we all have been warned that in these endtimes a lot of misinformation is being spread. This is not to say that those who make public announcements about these arrests, have bad intentions, but they themselves could be used by those who have them.
Therefore, less and less we can now rely on these messengers, especially as their information appears to be contradictory. And how to find out about the real truth? Perhaps there is not just one ‘truth’, but many and it is a sign that we are slowly moving out of a merely black and white world of duality.
Being used now through centuries to twisted mindsets and lies, also this must now come into our open awareness , to be fully recognized and acknowledged, before the collective consciousness of humanity is choosing to say good by forever to those mental tactics and techniques to deceive and create doubt.
We cannot solve this confusion and uncertainty however directly, only in our mind by trying to find out more details. This would only add to our bewilderment, insecurity and doubtful expectancy of what will be going to happen in our world.

The real challenge here is, to be centered in our heart and to stick to our vision of a new and Divine world, regardless of misinformation or not – or of even many aspects of “truth”. We need to stand firm in our higher will and discriminative intelligence, which is firmly grounded in the purity of Divine Truth, – and which does not allow us to be subdued to lower emotions, such as fear or doubt or any kind of negativity. This would only lower our own vibration.
And this is it what it is really about in these times: to take very good care about our energy and vibrational level, to make sure that we vibrate at the highest level possible at all times.
In these times we must be torches of light, and hearts of infinite love, to help this planet to enter as smooth as possible into the next higher dimension. It does not matter what the messengers convey. But it does matter what each one of us is radiating and sending out into the collective morphogenetic field.
Even if “out there” the foundations of our world are shaking with uncertainty, we must remain grounded with the inner certainty of what WE ARE and of what WE WANT to achieve. We must not be influenced and allow to become weak by what the powers that were, still try to accomplish.
Dear friends, they are trying to play their last cards, and what has been successful for Millenniums, by pushing us emotionally and generating fear, to lower the vibration of this world, will not be successful anymore, because we now understand the game. Don’t we.
But what they actually do, is to push us into our true creative powers, as we have now arrived at the point from where there is no return: we MUST decide and declare NOW what WE really want. We can no longer stare at the world and circumstances we don’t want – If we do not want to give power to the old world.
And we must clearly and strongly stand to this vision, this heart-desire, born from love, emerging from our heart and reaching out and joining all those who share our vision of unity and a Divine World.
Together, joining the unlimited depth and width of our heart, we create a united field of New Earth, unshakable by the forces of illusion.
It is our firm will what we want to achieve, followed by appropriate actions, which gets us to the other side, regardless of what others say and tell us. It is us, the will of the people, who create together the new world. We together can build an impenetrable and indestructible force of love and wisdom, to manifest our heart’s desire.
Each grain of doubt, each little trembling with fear weakens this force, and so we need now to let go what we have been doing for so long to please our dark teachers and submit to them.
We together are victorious now, because we KNOW what we desire and because we do not allow ourselves to make the smallest gesture to step out of our magic and enlightened circle of success!
But even if we do, we return to that circle as soon as we can and this return even adds power, the power of resurrection.
As we rely on ourselves, as emanations of The-All-That-Is, and not on separate outside forces, we have transgressed already into the promised land.
Oh, and I see the joy, and so much light and incredible warmth of love already embracing our world, all possibilities included, and all the Divine Abundances flowing unlimited!
Much love,
Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.Posted 1st July 2012 by Juan Pablo
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