terram novam: M5.8 – 53km SSW of Nueva Concepcion, Guatemala 2014-12-07 21:16:37 UTC

terram novam: M5.8 – 53km SSW of Nueva Concepcion, Guatemala 2014-12-07 21:16:37 UTC.

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domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2014

M5.8 – 53km SSW of Nueva Concepcion, Guatemala 2014-12-07 21:16:37 UTC

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terram novam: recap:::▶Giant sinkhole-SolarActivity-genomes function-Italy glitters-▶ free energy coil…and MORE…sharing

terram novam: recap:::▶Giant sinkhole-SolarActivity-genomes function-Italy glitters-▶ free energy coil…and MORE…sharing.

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jueves, 28 de agosto de 2014

recap:::▶Giant sinkhole-SolarActivity-genomes function-Italy glitters-▶ free energy coil…and MORE…sharing

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▶ SolarActivity 2014/08/25 – YouTube

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California-based Zero Motorcycles are releasing an electric bike for police (shown). It takes between six and 9.9 hours to charge depending on the model and weighs up to 473 pounds (215 kg) 
* * *
When Ms Wipprecht stood between the coils on stage, the metal in the chainmail dress (pictured) conducted this energy and pushed it towards the ground.The chainmail worked as a Faraday cage - which uses its mesh-like structure to move electrostatic charges and pass them around the outside of the 'cage' 
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*  *  * 

* *LDSD Flight Test Vehicle 2 in Cleanroom

Rockets fire in this video clip captured by the test vehicle for NASA's Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator project. 
* * *

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The Pacific Ocean hosts a quartet of tropical cyclones - from left to right - Typhoon Halong, Hurricane Genevieve (which kept travelling west to become Typhoon Genevieve), Hurricane Iselle, and Hurricane Julio 
* * *
A cleaning expert has revealed which food items can be used as substitutes to expensive cleaning products, and also the science behind why they are so effective. For example, potatoes are effective at removing rust because the oxalic acid reacts with baking soda to dissolve the hydrated iron oxides 
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View image on Twitter 
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down syndrome hobbit
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It gauges emotions, such as anger, happiness, sadness and surprise, and displays this information on screen. 
* * *
Strange lights have been spotted near the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka (image by Dutch pilot JPC van Heijst). The sighting was made by pilots flying from Hong Kong to Alaska. The glow came about 20 minutes after a vertical lightning bolt was seen 

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solar flare sun

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terram novam: Quake – M6.8 – 116km WSW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea 2014-12-07 01:22:00 UTC

terram novam: Quake – M6.8 – 116km WSW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea 2014-12-07 01:22:00 UTC.

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sábado, 6 de diciembre de 2014

Quake – M6.8 – 116km WSW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea 2014-12-07 01:22:00 UTC

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Vel sanus: VISION QUEST:::▶ Aikido – Ueshiba Mitsuteru Waka-Sensei – 52nd All Japan Aikido Demonstration 2014 – Jaqual’s Story Part 1 — The Temple of Remembering:::sharing

Vel sanus: VISION QUEST:::▶ Aikido – Ueshiba Mitsuteru Waka-Sensei – 52nd All Japan Aikido Demonstration 2014 – Jaqual’s Story Part 1 — The Temple of Remembering:::sharing.

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

VISION QUEST:::▶ Aikido – Ueshiba Mitsuteru Waka-Sensei – 52nd All Japan Aikido Demonstration 2014 – Jaqual’s Story Part 1 — The Temple of Remembering:::sharing

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May 30




When Mytria turned away without even answering my question and walked into the cave I was enraged. Who did she think I was, some toy that she could play with and discard when I became boring? Without another thought I turn and walked away as fast as I could. In fact, walking was not fast enough, so I began to run. I had not realized what good condition I was in after my time on the land, but I ran until it was almost sunset before I became fatigued.

The running had felt good; it felt real. Also, I was proud of myself that I didn’t stay there and humble myself even further. I had been following her around like a child long enough. I was a MAN, a Protector who had a bright future in the Military. How could I have become so lost, so ensnared in the trap of a woman’s arms? I guess it was time to go back to being myself. This time had been a fun fantasy, but I was now for reality, for duty.

I continued to walk at a very pace as the sun continued to move below the horizon. I was so engaged in my anger, self pity and, I hate to admit it, fear, that I was not paying any attention to the land. In my effort to forget about Mytria, I was trying to forget everything she had shown me. Then it happened…

I did not even notice how close I was standing to a huge precipice, nor did I notice the loose rocks under my feet. Then, before I could come out of my self-pity, I began to fall. Fortunately, the rocks tumbled beneath me so I did not drop straight down, but I could see a steep ledge coming up below me. If I went over that ledge I would be gravely injured or die. I grabbed desperately at the surrounding roots and plants, but they all broke off with my grasp.

Finally, I got ahold of a large enough root to bear my weight, but not for long. I had to find a way to land on that ledge, but it was over to my right. The surrounding cliff was all loose rocks, so I would have to create a controlled fall—like I had learned in the military. Perhaps I could swing from the root so that I would fall on the ledge, but I had to avoid the loose rocks. I had to decide NOW, as the root was giving way.

I focused my attention and intention on the destination of my “fall,” swung the root a bit to the right and jumped/fell. I did land on the ledge, but with such force that I felt my right leg break beneath me. I almost lost my balance, but somehow leaned against the wall of the ledge until I felt secure. I carefully sat down to assess the condition of my leg.

I was only wearing the short robe, tied at the waist with a sash, which Mytria had made me from her plant material. The very thought of her name brought not anger, but overwhelming grief. What had I done? Why had I become so angry? No, the proper question was, why had I become so afraid? However, this was not the time to ponder my erratic behavior. This was the time to think about my survival. I had only the clothes on my back. Some military man to run off into the wilderness with no supplies, not even a knife.

I pulled my self over to some long sticks, put them on either side of my leg and wrapped my sash around them to somewhat steady my leg. I would have to find a way to set it myself, if I lived that long. There was only a dim light and it was becoming cold already. I had to protect my body from going into shock. There was only a small ledge and loose dirt around me. Therefore, I dug myself into the surrounding dirt, leaving out my leg to avoid infection. I had no food, no water, no supplies and no tools. Furthermore, I had totally lost all touch with Nature and had no idea where I was.

All I could do not was sleep so that my body could begin to heal itself. I would have to control my mind and calm my breathing. I felt the adrenaline coursing through my body, which would keep me alert, when I needed to remain calm. My wound was not fatal, unless it got infected, which was a huge possibility in these circumstances. I would have to ask the Mother for help. Did I actually have that thought?

It was in that exact moment that I had the first experience of my “higher self.” I knew that my brain had that thought, but it was not the same brain that hysterically ran off like a frightened dog.

“Do not judge yourself,” came an unbidden thought.

And then, I had the most amazing experience of unconditional love, at least it seemed that way. Perhaps it was Mytria, for she was the only one in my life that made me feel that way.

“NO, it is I,” continued the inner voice.

I had heard about the inner voice before. Some people totally changed their lives and became very spiritual, whereas others became sick, confused, angry and frightened. I realized then that I had been in the later group. I had been unable to perceive any form of inner world. Even during my time with Mytria, I was communicating with the Mother Planet, who was underneath and around me.

Never before had I imagined a reality within my form other than the makings of a physical form. With these last words I started to drift off into sleep. At least, I thought it was sleep. Maybe it was a hallucination or maybe I was dying. However, now I know that it was the Truth.

Truth, that was a word that was just as dubious as the word Trust. I had trusted Mytria, totally and without question. Why had the mere suggestion of a Vision Quest set me into such an emotional state? That question was the last thought I had before I passed out, went to sleep, or had a Vision!

In my vision, I was alone on the land. It was the same land that I had shared with Mytria, but it was filled with light. Everything had a soft aura around it and seemed to whisper to me as I passed by. I, too, had a glow around me, and my body seemed to be made of light and it was almost transparent. I looked down to see if my leg was healed and found that, yes, it was totally fine, but my feet were not totally touching the ground. I was moving in a walking, floating motion, almost like treading water in our wonderful lake.

Again a pang of overwhelming grief overtook me, and I bolted into consciousness. What have I done? How could I have ruined the only good thing in my life? Why was I so afraid that she was tired of me?

“Because you were tired of your self,” came that damned voice.

Then, I realized that I had damned my own inner voice, my own self. Suddenly, I began to realize all the ways that I had damned myself through out my entire life. Finally, I realized that I do NOT like killing.

I do not like killing other people, I do not like destroying their homes or disrupting their property. I do not like destroying anything or any one. I don’t want to be a destroyer. I thought I would grow up to be a protector, but instead I became an enemy of people and beings that were “different” from me—but where they really different?

They all had a heart, or maybe two, they all had brains, many had much larger brains than mine, and they ALL had families. AND, I had destroyed them, as well as their families. How could I ever forgive myself? How could I ever be the person that I saw in my Vision? Yes, it was a Vision. At least I could own that.

“It is not a Vision, it is the Truth,” I heard inside.

“What Truth, the truth that I was a destroyer or the truth that I was having a vision?” Now, I was arguing with my inner voice.

“The Truth is that you ARE the person that you saw in your Vision,” whispered the voice within.
After that I think I passed out. However, I did awaken with those final words of “You ARE the person that you saw in your Vision in my heart.” Yes, amazingly enough, these words, this Truth, was still in my heart, right next to my love for Mytria. That thought jarred me fully awake to a mid-day sun. I pulled myself out of the dirt and started to take a military assessment of my situation, when I felt Mytria’s love.

Even though, I had fallen off a cliff to avoid her love, it was right where it had ALWAYS been. It was the love she had for me that had forced me to find the love I had for myself. Therefore, I pushed aside my old way of being. After all, it was that combative attitude that had gotten me into this fix. Then, my Protector self came into play. I had to protect Mytria, but I had to stay alive to do so.

“What about the planet? Do you have to protect Her too?”

It appeared that even when I was totally conscious and in broad daylight, the inner voice was still active. Did I have the courage to listen to it?

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 30th May 2012 by Shanti
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie
Sunday, August 3, 2014 

Jaqual’s Story Part 1 — The Temple of Remembering

Jaqual’s Story Part 1

The Temple of Remembering
Jaqual Speaks:

I feel a pull on my body as I stand before the first threshold to the Temple of Remembering. I have been instructed that as I cross each threshold and stand in the hallway before the next doorway, I will experiences different lessons and challenges. These lessons and challenges need to be cleared and balanced before I can proceed to the next threshold. I will continue with my story in our next meeting. Remember to call me into your daily life.

(Sue’s Note: I doubt that I remembered to call him everyday, except when I was writing his story, which I cannot find.)

Jaqual Speaks:
The first doorway is very close to your color red. As I cross the threshold I am flooded with the memory of my parents. I have not thought of them in many years. I see the brilliant violet eyes of my mother and the deep green of my father’s. I feel their dedication to me and know that they have studied for many years in order to give me a body.

I am just awakening to my third dimensional form. Everything is very red and orange and I am hearing the singing of my mother and the laughter of my father. I feel safe and totally surrounded by love. I can still remember the formless world from which I have just emerged. I miss the feeling of being ONE with everyone and everything, but I still feel safe because I am ONE with my parents.

Now my memory moves forward to the time when I am about four. I have been in a hard- shelled body (the word we use for our third dimensional form because our other forms are far more fluid) and have reached about six feet of height. On Antares we are independent of our parents at three years of age and gain our full adult bodies by the time we are seven years old.
I now live in one of the communal homes with the other children. There are certain adults who run these homes, but we are free to go anywhere in our community and spend time with anyone that we please. My mother is an artist and spends much of her time on the fourth and fifth dimension but visits me often. My father comes to see me about once a year. He is a Priest in one of our temples assisting others to enter the Temple of Remembering.

Suddenly, I feel my first experience of fear because I am remembering the attack of the Draconians on our small community. I was in the garden of my parents’ home visiting with my Mother. She loved to visit with me there and was constantly educating me about the many beautiful flowers that grow on our planet. Mother’s dear friend, Alicia, had just left the garden to bring us some aboromium tea when we heard a horrible scream coming from the house.

Mother and I raced in to see what was wrong and found Alicia on the floor in a pool of blood. Two huge Draconian reptilian men stood over her. Mother ran to her friend’s side and one of the Draconians grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up to meet his eyes. I could not think or plan. I reflexively ran to my mother’s aid. I was much smaller than the Draconian warrior, and he laughed as I beat upon him to release my mother.
I will never forget the laughter as the two men observed a small boy trying to rescue his mother. Finally, the warrior became tired of his game and used my mother’s body to bat me away from him like a small insect. The other warrior then picked me up and threw me out of the window and into the garden. I will never understand why they did not come out to finish me off. Perhaps, they thought I was dead.

I’m sure that I must have looked dead. Both my both legs and one of my arms was broken. The left side of my face was bashed in and I was covered with blood. I still have the scars over my left eye. When I regained consciousness, I do not how much later, everything was quiet and still.

I drug my body into the house with my one good arm and found my mother dead beside her friend. I can’t bear to think what they did to her. It was then that I swore I would be a warrior for as long as it took to seek revenge and find peace. I know that I cannot cross this first threshold of blood red before I release my need for revenge. Only then will I find my inner peace. Perhaps, Suzille, you and I can seek that together.

Sue’s note: I could not continue with this journey until the summer of 2002, which I managed to misplace. I will need to seek Jaqual’s guidance before I continue with this story.

Sue Speaks:
Dear Jaqual, I am calling to you within my NOW of August 3, 2014, which is 17 years year after your 7-24-97 message. I understand that we also connected in the summer of 2002, but I do not remember and cannot find my writings of that message. I remember taking dictation for what you were telling me while I was on a camping trip. Therefore, I wrote it by hand.

I have the beginnings and the ending, now I need the middle of your story, but I cannot find the middle. I imagine that I will find what I received in one of my many written journals. However, I believe that there are no mistakes or accidents, so I call on you in this NOW to tell the middle of your journey.
Perhaps there is an alternate reality that has occurred during the “time” we did not communicate. I know that when I found the ending of your story I did not remember writing any of it. Maybe it is just that I am in an alternate reality in which I can now hear your story from a higher frequency perspective.

I am quite adept at typing higher dimensional channels now, so my fingers are on the keyboard awaiting your reply. I will go into mediation now to best calibrate my consciousness to you, my higher dimensional spiritual warrior…

Jaqual Speaks:
Greetings Suzille,
I rejoice that you are prepared to return to my story. And, yes, you definitely resonate to a higher frequency perspective than you did before. In fact, I have put out a homing beam for you, which you could not perceive before this era of your incarnation. Before, you enjoyed my story but found it quite disturbing.

I wish you to know while we were not communicating I did move through all the thresholds and doorways. Hence, I too resonate to a higher perspective. I will tell you my story as it was revealed to me as I crossed each threshold. In this manner I can reveal what occurred and how I was able to transmute each “problem” into a “lesson” and each “failure” into a “victory.”
Before I continue, I wish to tell you about our Temple of Remembering. As I have said, before we can enter the Temple we must go through a series of seven doorways with each one resonating to a higher frequency. Before we can enter the doorway, we must cross the threshold and walk the hallway before that door. What we did not know until we entered the seventh doorway was that a long stairway awaited us.

Each series of threshold, hallway and door is of a higher frequency, which emanates the next highest frequency color, vibration and tone. In this manner, each doorway represents a different era of our incarnation. In order to pass through each frequency of doorway we are called upon to transmute every lower dimensional experience of that era of our incarnation.

In this manner, we live an intimate life review through which we can transmute our fearful third-dimensional memories, thoughts, emotions and actions of each successive era of our life into fifth-dimensional unconditional love. Via the power of your unconditional love, we can transmute back to our true form of Lightbody.

The first doorway is red and represents our early childhood.
The second doorway is orange and represents our “coming of age.”
The third doorway is yellow and represents our duty as a Spiritual Warrior.
The fourth doorway is green and represents our time mating and parenting.
The fifth doorway is blue and represents our transition from parent to leader.
The sixth doorway is indigo and represents the awakening of our higher perceptions.
The seventh doorway is violet and represents our transmutations back into Lightbody.
I will now tell you of my journey through The Temple of Remembering.

As I crossed the first threshold and stood in the hallway before the red door, I felt revenge fill my being. This frequency of revenge gave me the courage to face the most frightening thing warriors could ever confront—their own unconscious fears!

I was a small child again, and all that I had known had been lost. I was ready to release my life and visit my loved ones in the higher dimensions. As I allowed my weak spirit to flow from my mortally wounded form, I saw my father, who had died protecting the Temple, and mother there to greet me.

“Our dearest son,” they said in one voice, as they were now merged into the ONE form of their Divine Complements. “You will not find our people here because they have been taken away to be used as slaves. Only you and those of us who were off planet are left. You must contact the others so that they can follow the Dracs before it is to late to follow the trail to where they have taken our people.”
“But how can I do that?” I asked. “My body is mortally wounded, I cannot walk and only have one good arm.”

“Come into our Essence,” spoke my father. “Our joint love will heal your wounds.”

I then experienced myself floating between my parents who held my wounded form in an upright position as they embraced me from the front and back. It was then that I realized that I was in the fifth dimension with my ascended parents. Since I was the only one left alive in our community, I was the only hope for our people. Therefore, my parents had been granted a decree to heal my physical form with their united, fifth dimensional Lightbody.

I then realized that I, too, was in a state of Lightbody. Gradually, my physical body returned to its pre-wounded state, but my spirit was filled with revenge. This method of using ones Lightbody to heal their physical body was one of the main things my father had been working on in his Temple. He could sense my revenge, but knew that I might need it if I were to succeed.
The Draconians had destroyed all of our communication systems and available ships. However, my father told me of a prototype ship that was hidden underground by the Temple. Using that ship I could call our warriors who were off planet to join me as I followed the trail of the Draconians.

I hate to admit it, but it was so wonderful in the fifth dimension that I almost wanted to stay there with my family and friends. With that thought, all those who had “died” to the physical appeared around me to engulf me in their multidimensional light. Slowly, my wounded spirit was healed, and I found myself returned to my healed physical form.

To my surprise, my form had been progressed to my adult size, but my mind and emotions were still that of a child. I knew that I should have gone directly to the hidden ship, but as I walked from my parent’s house to the Temple I knew I had to tend to the dead. Therefore, I rushed back to the house to get my father’s lazar gun, which he hid there for my Mother’s safety.

Then, as I walked through our settlement toward the Temple, I blessed and vaporized each body. I knew that they had all returned to the fifth dimension, so I held no sorrow for them, but I could not allow their physical forms to slowly deteriorate in the Antarian sun.
The ship was exactly where my father had said. We were trained from early childhood how to operate even the most sophisticated starship, so I thought I would know exactly how to operate it. First I removed the holographic camouflage from the entrance of the cavern. Then I raised the ship to the surface and sent out a message to all of our warriors telling them what had occurred.

I understood why my parents had restored me to an adult form because my smaller body would have had difficulty reaching all the controls while seated in the pilot’s chair. Since this ship was a prototype with different controls, my father merged his fifth dimensional consciousness with my physical form so that he could kinesthetically instruct me.

“I can only stay with you for a few moments of your time, as my body is returning to the higher dimensions. Therefore, pay close attention to what I am doing and telling you. No one else knows how to fly this ship and I will only be able to show you once.
“You must put aside all grief and revenge, as these emotions will lower your consciousness and you will not be able to remain in connection with me. Do you understand me son?”

“Father, I understand, but how can I release this pain inside of me?”

“You must be a true Spiritual Warrior and think only of the greater good,” he replied.

I realized then that I could not allow my emotions to affect my thoughts. This knowing gave me the strength to focus only on my Father’s voice, which I heard inside my heart. I then felt my Mother, who was ONE with my Father now, and realized that death is only a third dimensional illusion. My duty and honor was to rescue the living members of our settlement.

With the alignment of my heart and mind, my consciousness shifted into the fifth dimension, and my Father was able to actually enter my form within his NOW to instruct me kinetically on all the operations of the ship. Soon, I knew everything about the ship, thanked my parents and took off on my mission to save our people.

With my childhood over, I move toward the Orange Threshold.


* * *

* * *

* * *

photos: How to create a YouTube End Screen ::: May 26 THE CAVE ::: May 27 RECOGNITION ::: sharing

photos: How to create a YouTube End Screen ::: May 26 THE CAVE ::: May 27 RECOGNITION ::: sharing.

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

How to create a YouTube End Screen ::: May 26 THE CAVE ::: May 27 RECOGNITION ::: sharing

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* * *




I am embarrassed to say that I vividly remembered the feeling of the merging with the male etheric form to the tiniest detail, but I could not remember my personal message from The Arcturian. Was I that desperate for love that I would disrespect the message that was given me directly from an Arcturian? Fortunately, I did not ponder that question when I first awoke. I was too weak. My etheric form had stayed out of my body for too long, and my body was going into shock.
I experienced two realities at once. I felt my etheric body desperately trying to get back into my physical shell, and I also felt my weak, cold and semi-conscious physical form try to accept its spirit. I was not dreaming or even meditating. I had a high fever and my body was turning blue. I was barely breathing and I was very, very cold.

I pulled myself into a tight a ball and pushed against the rock in an urgent and futile attempt to find warmth. I kept loosing consciousness, coming back, than passing out again. It would soon be dark, and the nights were very cold here.

I don’t know if I was conscious or unconscious when I saw a beautiful Lady of Light. She was huge and looked as though she was made of clouds and stars. I called to her to help me as she floated towards me. I don’t know if the next memory was real or a hallucination, but she floated right past me and into the rock against which I was leaning.

Blessed warmth seemed to stream from where she entered the rock, and I heard a haunting lyrical tone in my mind. Some how I found the strength to crawl towards the place where the Light Being entered the rock. I was so weak that I had to hold on to the rock to stand up, but when I did so, I feel through a slit, or was it the vortex, and into a dark cave. It was warm, and I heard running water as I fell off to sleep.

I don’t know how long I slept, but I do remember stirring to drink some water, then go back to sleep. After a while, I discovered some fungus growing by the water. I brought a piece of it to my nose and lips and sensed that it was fine to eat. I took just a few bites, then fell back to sleep, completely full.

Finally, I woke up feeling restless and saw what looked like a beam a light. Holding on to the wall of the cave to rise and to walk, I followed the beam of light to its source, which was the mouth of the cave. The air was clear and warm, and I felt better than I had in a long time. I had almost forgotten my “dream, meditation and/or vision,” but I remembered that the planet was beautiful and fertile.

I dozed in the Sun until hunger stirred me to find some edible plants or roots. The water that ran through the cave gathered in a small pond that was surrounded by plants. I recognized several plants as edible and found my one remaining bowl, filled it with water and drank while I ate the plants. When it grew cold, I went back into the cave to sleep. I’m not sure how long I lived like this, for I was so deep within my self that I often did not note the passage of days.
I lived in the now of nature. I ate when I was hungry, drank when I was thirsty, moved when I was stiff and slept when I was tired. I was outside when the weather permitted and in the cave when it was cold, raining or dark. However, sometimes I stayed up very late or got up very early to memorize stars and constellations. Then, when I was stronger, I began to wander the land to map that, as well.
I grew healthier every day and sleep soundly every night. My dreams were very vivid, but I usually forgot them in the light of day. I did not try to hold them in my memory. In fact, I did not “try” to DO anything. I lived with the land, looked up into the sky, soaked in the pond and rummaged for food. On day I found two rocks that created a spark when struck again each other, and I was able to make a fire.
In order for me to move forward into my greater expression of self, I went backward into the primitive elements of survival. After a while, even the memory of my merging with the male was lost from my memory. I could not think about what had happened before or what would happen next. I lived every breath in calm serenity. I think I could have lived my entire life that way, until I met him.
I had traveled very far that day and had found a wonderful lake with a waterfall and a lovely place to dive into the deep water. After my small pond, it was exhilarating to dive, swim and stand beneath the waterfall. I was having such a delightful time that I did not notice that night was approaching. Finally, I looked up and realized that I must hurry back to the cave. I climbed out of the water and was walking quickly toward the direction of my cave when I ran directly into someone.
I could not see his face in the dim light, but I knew instantly that it was him. It was the male with whom I had merged in the cave. But now he was physical, and so was I.
When we return, Mytre will speak of his early awakening.


Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 26th May 2012 by Shanti
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* * *

“Where have your been?” I spoke gruffly, perhaps to cover up the intensity of emotion that I felt at her very touch. “Your friends are concerned for you and sent me to find you.” I said in a softer voice.
“How do you know that I am the one you seek?” she replied with a resonance in her voice that instantly calmed my demeanor.
“I am sorry I was so gruff with you. It is just that I have been searching for you such a very long time. How did you get lost way out here?”
“I am not lost. I live close by.”
“Live?” I said trying to control my intense emotions. “There is no where to live out here.”

“Follow me,” she said. “I will show you my home.”

She walked away, and I followed her without question. We walked through almost total darkness, but never hesitated. As I followed her strangely familiar form, I became more and more enchanted by her. Who was she? Why did I feel like I knew her? I had never had these feeling for anyone in my life, and I had barely seen her face.

We walked for quite a while in total silence, while I tried to contain my emotions and see in the darkness. The moons had not come up yet and the sky was hazy, yet her every step was sure as if she had made this journey many times. Meanwhile, I was trying to maintain my dignity and not trip or fall. I, who took such pride in being a leader, followed her every footstep.
As if timed by some unseen source, the moons came up just as we came around a huge rock and entered a small area filled with flowers, plants, a small pond and even flat rocks that were arranged like chairs. How did she move those rocks? However, I said nothing. I did not want to embarrass myself again by speaking rashly. However, obviously, she was NOT lost, and I had greatly misjudged her.
“It is getting cold now. Would you like to come inside?” she said as if she totally trusted me.
“Ahh, yes,” I stammered in a very undignified manner.
“Let me start a fire, so you can see inside,” she said as she moved to a collection of rocks that created a small fire pit just outside the cave in a small, sheltered area. She collected some kindling and what looked like moss, struck two stones together, and instantly a small flame ignited the kindling. She had obviously lit this fire many times. Then she took, what looked like a grid and placed it onto the rocks.
“I will make some tea to warm us.” She easily said.
“You have tea?” I said in a rudely, surprised manner.
“Oh yes,” she said as she guided me into the cave where I saw many herbs hanging upside down to dry.
“Where did you find these?” I asked, again in a voice that was too surprised.
She ignored my rude behavior and turned towards me to reply. However, when our eyes met in the flickering light, neither one of us could speak for what seemed to be forever. It was she who spoke first.
“I know you,” she said without any shyness.
“Yes.” was all I could say. I did know her, but I also knew I had never met her.
She turned again and chose some herbs, broke them up, put them into a small metal pan. She filled the pan with water from the clear creak the trickled through the cave and placed the pan on the grid.
“Would you like honey?” she said.
“You have honey?”
She smiled in response to my question.

“Ahh, sure.” I stammered again.

Rather than embarrass myself further, I looked around the small cave to get my bearings and to calm down. I could not believe my eyes. She had, indeed, created a home here, and she appeared to be alone.

“Do you live alone here?”

“Oh no! I am not alone. I live with Nature.”

I glanced around her home again. Off to the right I saw what was likely her begging. It looked old and well used.
“Yes, I see that you do. I am sorry for my rudeness. I have greatly underestimated you. I expected to find you, wounded, or worse, and in great danger. Instead, I see that you have created a lovely home. How did you do all this?”
“I asked the Great Mother for help.” She said, as if I would know what that meant.

“The Great Mother?”

“Yes, you know the Elohim Alcyone whom we met in the Core.”
“But, that was just a dream. How could you know about my dream?”
In fact, I was quite surprised that the “dream” instantly returned to my memory.
She chose to completely ignore my question and turned to create a small meal comprised of food that I had never seen. She took two half-gourds, which she used for plates and guided me to a small ledge. In front of the ledge with a small table made of intertwined twigs that served as a table.

In complete amazement, I sat where she indicated and silently watched while she put the plates on the “table” and went to gather the tea.

“I am afraid I only have one cup. Do you mind if we share?”

I silently nodded my head in amazement, as she handed me the tea.

“Oh,” she said as she walked over to another ledge where she had a small metal container. She brought it back and offered it to me saying,

“Would you like some of this honey?”

Again I silently nodded, as she poured a small amount of the sweet liquid into the steaming tea.

“Please eat,” she said and offered me my plate.

“I don’t want to be rude,” I said—to late—as I had already been incredibly rude, “but how did you know that these plants are not poisonous?”

“They told me.” She simply replied.

“Uh, how did they tell you?” I questioned.

“I merely smelled them and placed them on my heart. If they were poisonous, I felt fear, and if they were nutritious, I felt love.”

“But wasn’t that dangerous? What if you were wrong?”

“I trusted my self, and I trusted Nature.”

I said nothing more. I shared the delicious tea and ate the tasty plants. I guess if she could trust me enough to bring me into her home, I could trust her enough to eat her food. Trust? I pondered that concept, as I tried to think of the last time that I had trusted anyone.

Mytria’s awakening happened before we met, whereas my awakening started that evening. Everything that had been important in my life seemed unimportant compared to the simple peace that she shared with me that first night. I had been driven by ambition and trusted no one in my struggle to become a leader and Protector in our new world.

Interestingly, so many people trusted me, but I trusted no one. However, I did trust her. I ate her possibly poisonous food and drank her tea of an unknown “herb” without hesitation. In fact, as I sat on that small ledge, I knew that my life had changed forever. I would never be the same person again, which was a good thing. I had not been too fond of myself lately.

As if reading my mind, she looked into my eyes and said, “I was nearly dead when I came here. The Mother has healed me and has given me a wonderful life.”

She then took the plates and our one-cup and went outside to wash them. I said nothing, and didn’t even offer to help her. I had come here to save her, but it was apparent that it was she who would save me.

I, Mytre, will return to continue my story…

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 27th May 2012 by Shanti
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