Vel sanus: ▶ Aikido – Ueshiba Moriteru Doshu – 52nd All Japan Aikido Demonstration 2014 – MESSAGE FROM THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY (11): YOU ARE CONSCIOUSNESS::: sharing

Vel sanus: ▶ Aikido – Ueshiba Moriteru Doshu – 52nd All Japan Aikido Demonstration 2014 – MESSAGE FROM THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY (11): YOU ARE CONSCIOUSNESS::: sharing.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

▶ Aikido – Ueshiba Moriteru Doshu – 52nd All Japan Aikido Demonstration 2014 – MESSAGE FROM THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY (11): YOU ARE CONSCIOUSNESS::: sharing

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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Dear Ones, 

Today we come to you with an important mission. And we believe that this mission meets your needs, visions and deepest hopes, regarding the development of your planet and your own evolution.

We would like to state, that we are communicating with you to remove every fear and all doubts that you may carry, – and if you do, it is a very old fear and doubt – regarding our positive and benevolent participation and support in your ascension process.

We are indeed here to give you the rescue and comfort of the light, if necessary, in case you feel violated or harmed by forces who do not support your evolutionary process.

We are here to make sure that you and all beings on earth and Gaia herself, are being flooded with Light, the Light of the Divine Creator, because it is your destiny to continue your path with Him. Or Her – as many consider the Creator to be one with the Goddess, the Creatrix.

Please consider the urgency and necessity, to understand rightly the meaning of ascension. Although many believe, that this is only about resuming a more galactic disposition, in a Star Trek like fashion, we feel urged to explain, that your ascension process is actually in the highest meaning a spiritual one. It is a process of spiritual growth, and spiritual growth is the gradual acceptance and integration of Divine Light-Consciousness, far beyond the shape of a vessel, referred to as body. Body is only a medium for expression and it is a tool to make experiences. But in truth you are infinite Consciousness, and this Consciousness cannot be contained in a body.

In our perspective there is too much focus in your ascension scenario on the human galactic races as merely appearing as a such and such body. Of course, the body might be a necessary instrument in many dimensions, especially the lower ones, but it always remains an instrument. It can be refined according to the state of your consciousness so that it serves this state of consciousness appropriately, but even then, the body is still an instrument.

But when you recognize yourself as being infinite Consciousness you are truly on your way of evolution. Otherwise you would just repeat what you repeated since many Millenniums.

It is Consciousness, from where everything originates. So why would you then identify with the end-“product”, a body, and confine yourself with it.

Now we must clarify what Consciousness is. The Consciousness that we want to discuss, is not just a mental faculty, things you think and you are aware of. This would be merely a matter of the functioning brain. In this way you would understand Consciousness as a product of the brain, but which again would imply that you are your body and nothing more.

We understand that – because of the very long indoctrination which has been laid upon you – it is very difficult to think or envision and intuit an existence prior to the body-mind. But indeed, you ARE existing prior to it, always have, even if this knowing has been obscured for a long time, so that you hardly can remember it as an actual experience.

Rudiments of this knowing however are still laying dormant as, you could say, very small elements in your DNA, so small that it has been never discovered by your scientists. However a spark is a spark which can be easily ignited if you are inviting this process.

Each of these sparks is the remembrance of Divine Consciousness, that exists prior to your body-mind and in which your body-mind arises. Yes, your thoughts, your emotions, your body, including your brain are arising in this Divine Consciousness. It is the Source of all contents you ever can imagine or have experienced. Your heart is able to participate in It, if you have purified it from past memories and false presumptions about your own origin and and who you are. If you allow pure Source to inform your brain-based human consciousness, and if you align your heart with it, Source Light, pure and undivided, pristine and unbroken, can enter your being, and awaken the dormant sparks of Divine Consciousness in your DNA.

It is as with water, when 2 drops touch one another: it becomes one greater unity. Divine Consciousness can abide your heart, while your heart will abide in It, as you are an emanation of that Divine Consciousness. You are not a lesser creation, although you have been told so and your present body is indeed. But this Divine Spark has never been completely destroyed.

Know that we are here to serve this ignition, the ignition of your Divine Consciousness, not just a widening and growing of your limited brain-consciousness. If you allow this process in the first place, your human brain will grow automatically too. But if you are focused merely on your human brain development, you will limit yourselves to something that you are not, because it is only a fraction of your true Origin and Nature.

However it is you who choose, which path you will walk, but in order to make a true choice you need to be informed about your possibilities.
To show them to you, is our mission.
Choose well! With the fires of ascension your opportunities are grand. What you choose now, will shape your immediate future and will have consequences. We ask you to be aware of them.

At your loving service!
We are the Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 31st May 2012 by Shanti
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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, copyright ©2012
Watch on YouTube (recommended)

Dearest ones,
we are the Arcturians!

It is now high time to prepare, to prepare for the multi-layered process of shifting on all levels of your reality. Yes, all shifts always start on the level of thought, a thought that has being dreamed in the Heart of God. From there all truly Divineprojects of creation are being initiated, and then all the other chain reactions are following, down to the level where the initial thought has been aiming towards.

This process of creation is now manifesting increasingly on your world, and many of you have been feeling the new great waves of light which have been arriving in the recent days and which still continue to arrive. They are the messengers not only of your shifting consciousness, but also of the shifting of your bodies and the shifting of Gaia’s body. This shifting will continue also in other areas of your life, so that your daily routine might be disturbed by these changes.

However do not think that there will be one major catastrophic event leading to the total destruction of your world. Yes, there will be disturbances in all kind of areas of your life, but if you have been preparing, you will find ways and the strength how to manage changes and transitory events who require to let go what has been familiar to you.

You see, changes in your outer world are just that, changes which do not touch what YOU yourself are. However, as long as you identify with outer appearances solely, when they are changing, it is difficult to accept this with a serene mind, as you are convinced in this case, that YOU yourself are being undermined and deprived somehow of parts of yourself, whereas in truth it is only about your familiarity with habits and environments.

Therefore it is important, that you are centered in yourself, in the heart of your very being and not allow changing circumstances to take away your equanimity. Trust in a shift that happens in a way that it is benign for you. Remember, everything is possible, and if you connect yourself with Gaia, being grounded in her and one with her in your heart, she will find ways to gently provide protection and fulfill your needs.

At the same time, it is important, that you learn to let go of your 3dimensional world as being your undoubting reality, whereas it is only an unhappy dream in a low density. While you let go, you are free to dream your new Divine world and to free yourself from the errors of what you are not.

Your new reality in the higher dimensions will be very different, and what is now still a matter of course, will be gone completely. So be prepared to be willing to let go, what you still consider to be so called “necessities”. This is not about a world that collapses and is waiting to be rebuilt with the old same parameters like in your past. This is about the arising of a completely new world.

Naturally, when you are willing to let go the signs of your present world as being irreplaceable because you do not want to hold on to a fading false world, you are already on your way to dream your new world without limitations, – in the most ideal case. Because if you do not impose any limitation on your deepest heart desires how your new world should look like, miraculous things can happen.

We recommend therefore that you, if you have not yet done so, practice daily and center yourself in your feeling heart and observe and understand that the things around you do not really belong to you, they never did. Let go of all ideas of “having”, but concentrate on “being”. And while you allow the feeling of being to expand, start dreaming your new world, a world which will be much lighter and vibrant, where all the things and objects, you are now clinging to, cannot exist anymore, because of a new and higher vibration!

Start preparing yourself now for the great transition, and in case you experience disruptions in your daily life, do not hold on to what once was functioning so far. Do not try to recreate the old. Let it go. Be creative and put all your energy and heart in new ways of living, working and cooperating with one another.

Remember, that in the first place your own vibration will be changed and increased, and with that you would not be happy with anything you presently enjoy and play with. The massive energy waves and light are there to be received by you to increase your own vibration and light quotient. This is the fundamental work you need to do, to go as easily as possible through the coming changes. The light is altering your consciousness, and with a new consciousness your view of the world and your understanding of it will flow with the shift.

This shift has already started, and it will continue over a longer period of time. So do not settle into any step you will have done at any moment, but be prepared to exist in an ongoing shifting of your world, by being centered in your heart. Share this place of peace with everybody and be united in love with one another.

Dearest ones, now your true humanness is challenged to emerge, and it is already emerging, you know it and you cannot deny it anymore, as it is happening with each single one of you who are here to participate in this great transition.

Be Blessed! We share our love with you, it is the unconditional Love, this very special and precious vibration which embraces you now and which is established on your earth. Always remember, that all the changes in your world are embraced and are happening in this Field of unlimited Divine Love. They do not occur outside of It, they occur because Love has already settled down in your realm.

We are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute


Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 30th May 2012 by Shanti
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photos: ▶ Brighten up dark images in Photoshop -▶ Galactic Federation Update – August 5, 2014 – MYTRIA CONTINUES – UNDER STARRY SKIES::: sharing

photos: ▶ Brighten up dark images in Photoshop -▶ Galactic Federation Update – August 5, 2014 – MYTRIA CONTINUES – UNDER STARRY SKIES::: sharing.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

▶ Brighten up dark images in Photoshop -▶ Galactic Federation Update – August 5, 2014 – MYTRIA CONTINUES – UNDER STARRY SKIES::: sharing

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When Mytre ran away from me, I was sure my heart would break. When I mentioned the Vision Quest I had spoken from within, without hesitation. And now, I have lost him. How could I have used such harsh words? I spent the rest of day inside the cave feeling worse than I could ever remember. How could I go from such wonderful heights of ecstasy and then plummet into deep despair. Had I lost all touch with my inner peace just because I had lost a man? However, he was not just any man. He was my Divine Complement, my Twin Flame. That is what the inner voice said, and my heart agreed.

I tortured myself through the entire day and into sunset, when I suddenly had a feeling of deep urgency and pending disaster. Something was about to happen or had just happened to Mytre. I calmed my mind and went inside to speak to the Mother. All I heard was “Send him healing love.” Then, I became terrified for that clearly meant that he was injured. But, where was he injured, and how? It was too late to follow his tracks, and I would only get lost myself. All I could do was spend most of the night worrying.

Then, I heard the Mother saying, “Drink some calming tea and sleep. You must be alert for tomorrow.” I did what she said and finally fell into a fitful sleep. I do not remember any dreams, nor did I get much rest. However, I woke up knowing that he had been injured, and I knew that I must find him. At sunrise, I packed all my healing herbs, poultices, more clothes, food and water. My pack was heavy, and I would not able to run. Therefore, I had to bring some kindling and my fire stones. He had walked off in the direction where the forest ended, and there could be nothing to burn.

As soon as it was light enough I started my journey. My pack was heavy and I had to go slowly to read his tracks. Some times there seemed to be no tracks, and I had to stop to consult the Mother. I walked all day, and almost till dark. I had never been to this area, so I had to stop and set up camp. There would be no use in both of us becoming injured. After I had eaten a small meal, I tried to go within, buy my growing fear for his safety did not allow me any information or much sleep.


It was mid-day, and I had to find a way to get off this ledge. Another night in the cold without food or water would be far too dangerous for my leg. I had not noticed the large gash in my leg, which was now infected, and I knew I had a fever. If I didn’t move, I would pass out again. I had to trust the Inner Voice. I could not abandon Mytria in this way, I could not abandon my duty, and I could not abandon my self.

As I looked around, I could see no means of escape. Therefore, I looked inside to ask the Inner Voice. Perhaps I was hallucinating, but as soon as I closed my eyes, I saw the image of my SELF in my Vision Quest. “Follow me and listen to the Mother,” he said as he moved along the ledge to my right. I would have to crawl and drag my right leg, as I could not damage it more by putting weight on it.

After what seemed like forever, I found a space between the edge of the ledge and a bolder that I could—very carefully—crawl along. Once I went around the bolder, I found a gentler incline toward the top. The ground here was more stable, and there was even some foliage to grab onto. The Inner Voice reminded me to listen to the Mother again, and so I did. I touched the earth in the manner which Mytria had taught me and asked for Her guidance.

Instantly, I had a feeling to follow a certain trough in the earth, which afforded be enough security to frequently rest. I fought off my dizziness from my fever and lack of water, and contacted the Mother with my every choice of movement. My progress was very slow, but I was gradually moving up the side of the cliff. However, it was getting dark. I had to get to the top while there was enough light to see what I was doing.

I realized that I was going slowly for the sake of my leg, but I had to move more quickly to reach the top before dark. I closed my eyes for a moment to remember my vision. This version of me could move without even touching the ground. If I could BE that me, I could trust my every movement without hesitation. It took a while to envision my self in that manner, but I gradually began to feel a light about my form. I slowly opened my eyes to see that my body and the cliff around me were glowing.

I pushed aside my doubts of “hallucination” and chose to believe my experience. Now, I knew exactly where to place my hands and my good leg. There was no hesitation, no fear, no adrenalin, and no pain. I was in some sort of trance that allowed me to become ONE with the cliff. It almost felt as if the cliff was assisting my movement. When I looked up and saw an overhanging ledge, I did not fear.

Instead, I easily found an alternate route that allowed me to easily crawl over the top and onto flat ground. I rolled away from the cliff and I pulled myself over to a huge rock that held the heat of the day. I pushed myself against the warm rock and patted it to thank the Mother. Then, I looked up into the starry sky under which Mytria and I had fallen asleep many times and saw my body of light embracing hers. With this image in my mind, I fell into a deep sleep.


We realized later that we were very close to each other, but did not know it. However, this physical distance was necessary for us to bridge the etheric gap that still existed between us. We both looked into the starry sky and thanked the Mother for assisting us. Even though our bodies were apart, our hearts and minds were joined as we fell asleep. In fact, we had the same dream, or was it a vision.

We found ourselves back in the Core of the Mother, at the exact moment of our “accidental” merging. Now, after all we had been through, being merged into one person felt even stronger. We were both different people now. We had both survived and successfully completed our Initiations and had conquered our inner demons, which made our love even stronger.

As we stood as one, looking into each other’s eyes, the Mother came to us. We thought it was to bless us, but it was actually to give us our next assignment.

“My beloved children,” She said to us both, “You may think your long journey has ended, but it has actually just begun. I need you both to help me, as you have both become my allies of transmutation. You have transformed yourselves, and now I must ask you to assist me to transmute my Planet.”

We were both deeply honored, but somehow worried. Was there something in Her voice that made us concerned that we could not stay together? NO, we would not allow that to happen. After all we had been through, we would never part again—NEVER!

We both awoke to the hint of dawn. There was not enough light for Mytria to read the tracks, but we were joined into one being again. Therefore, she simply followed the call of my love. It was mid day when we rejoined again.


When I awoke from my dream/vision, I knew Mytria was near. I touched the land to call her through the earth and sent my love out to her direction. In fact, I could see in my mind exactly where she was, just as she told me later that she could see me in the same way. I pulled my self up the hill a bit so that I could more easily she her approach. I found a strong stick and some how got myself to my feet. I would not greet her lying on the ground like a wounded animal.

It was then that I saw her walking towards me. When she saw me, she laid down her heavy pack and ran to me as fast as she could. When we met our hearts burst with the love that we thought we had lost, only to regain—stronger than ever. We held each other so tight that we seemed to be one body, as Mytria sobbed onto my chest. I tried not to cry, but my joy could only be expressed in the manner.

We stood there for a long time. All my pain was temporarily gone within the merging of our bodies. In fact, I felt a great healing force coming from her and into my body. As she held me and wept, I felt my fever diminish and my leg begin to heal. Then, I realized that she was draining herself too much in her effort to heal me. I lovingly pushed her away, keeping my hands on her shoulders.

“Thank you Beloved, I can heal myself the rest of the way. If you could just assist me to that shady tree…”

“Yes,” she spoke as she looked into my eyes.

Between her support and the stick I had found, I was able to hobble over to the tree and sit down on the earth between two large roots. Mytria kissed me on the forehead and ran up to get her pack.
“I will have to set this leg before I dress it,” she said apologetically.
“I am ready,” I replied.
Before I knew it, the leg was set, my wound was cleaned, wrapped in herbs, which where covered with a tree bark, and the sticks I had found were replaced and held in place by a clean sash.

“When we get back to OUR camp, I can make you a proper cast,” she said as she gently patted my leg.

We decided to stay there for the remainder of the day and take off to OUR home at sunrise the next day. It was an excellent decision, for that night under the stars was beyond words. Some how we managed to make love. In fact, we made love again and again, each time going deeper and deeper into each other’s very Soul, in fact, into our joint Soul.

Mytria had heard of Divine Complements during her Temple studies, and told me all she knew. And then, we had to make love again, which is when it happened. Mytria tried to keep it from me, but I knew we made a child then. How could we not? The heavens almost opened and sent her down. Yes, it would be a daughter, our daughter, our love-child.

When morning came, I felt almost healed. That is until I tried to walk.
Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 31st May 2012 by Shanti
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Galactic Federation of Light Update – August 5, 2014
Galactic Federation of Light
Galactic Federation of Light

Channeled by Sheldan Nidle

8 Eb, 10 Pop, 11 Ik

Dratzo! We arrive! Your world continues to move toward her goal of a massive transformation of your reality. Our liaisons and diplomatic corps report that a number of key decisions were made and quickly followed by some noticeable action. We are grateful to our Earth allies for what they are currently accomplishing. The foundation is set for a new world, which is to be populated with prosperity and an end to your long period of servitude to your dark masters. This great opening to the Light is to bring you a vast growth in your consciousness, new governance, and finally, full disclosure of our existence. We welcome these ongoing changes and prepare in earnest for our arrival. We understand the full significance of what is to precede our arrival on your most beautiful shores. This requires an end to the haughty indifference of the dark cabal. You next need time to get used to your newfound prosperity and your reacquired freedoms and personal rights. Then you are ready to accept the lessons of your Ascended Masters. Finally, you are indeed ready for us to carry out a special global mass landing. This is to bring your much-needed individual mentors!
The mentors we have trained for you are a special group. Each has completed a long course, which readied them to help you prepare for full consciousness. Your Ascended Masters went through many lifetimes before they could have a special ceremony. This ceremony anointed them with the magnificent abilities they now possess. See what is about to happen to you as the means to recreate what each of them has accomplished. You are to be given a path by which you can also return to a special state of grace. Our task is to take what Heaven supplies and forge the pathway to achieve this remarkable goal. Look upon your crystal Light chambers as a unique heavenly gift. This gift is to transform you and permit you to join us. We rejoice in this! Returning to your former status as galactic humans is to open up a realm that has been beyond your ken for the past 13 millennia. Our arrival completes a welcoming home, which began when the Anunnaki rejoined the Light and asked their earthly minions to comply with this demand. This, your dark cabal refused to do.
The present reality, in which you reside, is becoming a mere transition between the third and the fifth dimensions. The dark cabal realizes what Heaven is doing and how irreversible it truly is. The time for the dark ones has passed. The moment for change is approaching. Heaven decrees that we use these special moments to remind you that this transformation is reaching a truly magical time. This is the moment when we can easily get to know one another and understand what the first Agarthans came to realize. Wisdom is part of this land. You are sitting in a place which can no longer remain what it was. There is too much energy, too many prayers and blessings from Heaven. The dark can no longer hold you as it once did. This is why you are experiencing the beginnings of ideas and principles that are to transform your world and end the poverty and fear of this age. You are, in reality, leaving a long childhood and taking up maturity, which is to thrust you into the ways of this galaxy and indeed the whole of physicality. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna to all!
This period is therefore to become the time when you complete your metamorphosis and leave behind your childhood ways. Limited consciousness taught you many things. Now, it is for you to use this wisdom and fashion a galactic peace. This galactic peace is to allow the Anchara continuum to alter itself and be the vessel, with Heaven, to spread Light throughout this galaxy. This Light affects not only this galaxy but also the whole of this section of Creation. Imagine yourselves as visionary creators of the multitude of realities which are nested around you. This is what you actually are. Each of you was specially selected to embody in this reality. You are the reality shifters and the galaxy shifters. You come to bring your pallets of rainbows and spread the Joy of Light around. You are here to launch a new epoch of surface humanity. You are to unite this humanity and lead it back to wonders long forgotten. We are here to join you and manifest Heaven’s decrees. Together, we are to bring in a new reality and spread the coming of the grand time of full consciousness.
Blessings, we are your Ascended Masters! We come this time with good news. The programs which have waited for many years to play out are finally ready to begin a unique distribution process. The dark and its earthly minions have prevented this by the simple fact that they retained absolute power over the world’s major governments. Our earth and space allies have blessedly come together to remedy this situation. The first part is based on the great courage of our earthly associates. Despite continual threats from the dark, these blessed women and men dedicated their lives to the success of this last part of their mission. This part was to establish a new banking and monetary system while also creating a global common law network. This sacred mission is now to bear its fruit by bringing prosperity to you and true justice to the dark. The new banking system is to be precious metal-based and the support for your growing prosperity. We bless Heaven for what is now to be done!
We are preparing in glee for the various lessons which we are to give you. These lessons are to cover your beginnings on this world 900,000 years ago; the joy of full consciousness and the falseness of the dark realm that you lived in for the past 13 millennia. We especially want to focus on the events of the past two and one-half millennia. You need to understand what the dark has long told you, as well as the truth behind the histories of Europe, Asia and the Americas. You are to know in detail why you are here and what to expect. Gaia has a vast Spiritual Hierarchy and we are a part of this sacred entourage. You need to discover how to contact and converse with your various spiritual and physical guardians. In these conversations, you are to learn much about yourself and be able to expand what we have already explained in our several lessons to you.
The coming times excite us! Many events are to unveil the great prosperity and immense freedoms that are yours. The new governance is also to unveil a great many suppressed inventions. These are to enable you to clean up Mother Earth’s air, water and ground. In doing this, you are to start to fulfill your divine stewardship of Gaia. This is a living universe. Life and the energy to sustain it are everywhere. You are to join us in divine service to the Creator and to physicality. Out of this service there comes an inner satisfaction which embraces the core of who you really are! Assisting the work of Heaven in physicality is at the very heart of who we are. Soon, we are to serve this entire solar system and the Beings who reside here. When you first come into full consciousness, you go through a short apprenticeship. We have learned much from this initial time. Together, we are all to do great things!
Today, we continued our series of messages with you. Great events are occurring. Take this time to enjoy them and ready yourselves for our arrival. The bad times that you experienced since childhood are really over. Love and Light are truly triumphant. Enjoy! And be ready to celebrate this grand set of victories! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

* * * 

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Equipoise: Simple Bikini Abs Workout for Sexy Stomach! – Our Regular Visits to the Spaceships of the GF::: May 6 MESSAGE FROM GAIA (2): RISE UP TO THAT FULL LIGHT OF LOVE!:::sharing

Equipoise: Simple Bikini Abs Workout for Sexy Stomach! – Our Regular Visits to the Spaceships of the GF::: May 6 MESSAGE FROM GAIA (2): RISE UP TO THAT FULL LIGHT OF LOVE!:::sharing.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Simple Bikini Abs Workout for Sexy Stomach! – Our Regular Visits to the Spaceships of the GF::: May 6 MESSAGE FROM GAIA (2): RISE UP TO THAT FULL LIGHT OF LOVE!:::sharing

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Our Regular Visits to the Spaceships of the GF


by Georgi Stankov, Pamela Ennis and Carla Thompson, July 21, 2014

In the current last phase of the ascension process all the light warriors of the first and the last hours regularly visit the spaceships, including the mothership of the GF for healing and attending the numerous council meetings, where the next steps in the ascension scenario are discussed, before they can be implemented on the ground and multidimensionally. This should be a common knowledge to all true PAT members.

I am addressing this issue now, because I received a letter from Pam that discusses precisely this aspect of our light work in the dream state, but also during daytime, as I shall show below with Carla’s sudden dematerialisation and retrieval to the mothership of the GF on May 29th, in order to heal her chakras and energetic fields, which were impaired during our participation in a massive ascension test run on the same day. Here is what Pam wrote to me the other day and my response to her: 

Dear George,
Wanted to mention my own experience with “the Ships”. I don’t know if I was actually there or just given a strong sense of being there, but it was a most enjoyable sensory and visual experience. I seemed to see a group, of which I was a part, engaged in some endeavor as a unit; that is, we were functioning as individuals but also as one thing. The feeling was so wonderful… so fulfilling in the way we were in such natural communication, and with that was a delightful sense of joy and of being truly known to one another.. .our unique talents were understood and utilized without the need for words at all. Such a “not of this world” experience!!! I long for a return to that life, as communicating “here”, although I learned the language [Ha!], was never very satisfying for me. I have always come to understand things on an inner, non-verbal level first and then had to translate into words… not always successfully!  And now, perhaps as we get closer and closer to the final shift, I find it ever more difficult to truly express my understandings of things, for which I seem to have no conscious awareness.
Anyway…. onward and upward… or, as Alice quoted from Star Trek; “Beam me up, Scottie!”
Thanks for your continued dedication,
With love,
Pam [still in Albuquerque,NM !!!]

Dear Pam,

you have definitely been on a spaceship of the GF, and most probably many times so far, as this is what we are doing now constantly in the dream state to recover from our light work on this still very dense timeline. In particular, our bodies are getting very light now and they can hardly cope with gravitation and need every night treatment and recovery to cope the next day with this still very heavy electromagnetic pool, which we experience as gravitation (This information was given to us by the 6D fleet during our conversation on July 17th).


And here is my email to Jahn on Carla’s sudden dematerialisation and visit to the mothership for a healing, on May 29th, 2014, which I wrote to him the next day:

Dear Jahn, 

I write to you with a delay because I was hit by a strong cc-wave yesterday that depleted me during the whole day. It actually began on May 29th, when I lay down in the early afternoon and was withdrawn for four hours from this earth. The energies during this period were a lonely peak and I thought that I would ascend. It felt like an ascension test run, and even Carla slept for about an hour at the same time, so that we both were simultaneously withdrawn from the earth. When I woke up around 18:00 clock, I was still very dizzy and found myself in a huge energy vortex, which impressed me downright flat. 

Then came an incident. We found on the guest bed in the living room of the upper floor of the apartment a pair of glasses that belonged to no one and we had no idea how it got there. We then went with Carla on foot to make some shopping and I told her how I experienced in the years 2000-2010 many times that various objects were dematerialized and were then occasionally materialized again. This was a fun game of the higher realms to keep me in a good mood and also to draw my family attention to their existence, even though they did not believe it.

In particular, I remember how I once visited a friend in Garmisch-Pattenkirchen and just before leaving I used my glasses – I was wearing reading glasses at that time. Then I stuck them in the pocket of my shirt as usually and when I wanted to use them again in the next moment, they were already dematerialized. This happened at that time very often, whole sweaters disappeared in my closet only to emerge again after months as if nothing had happened. I went home without my glasses. About 8 months later I suddenly found one day the same glasses on my shelf next to my desk. 

So I told this story Carla, while we made our purchases. On the way back we saw in the evening sky an unusual cloud with smooth contours that looked like a stealth light ship. We attuned onto its frequencies and got the telepathic information that it actually acted as a scout ship of the mothership of the GF, with which we are in almost constant contact. 

We brought the purchases back home and wanted to go again for a little walk in the evening. Carla remained in the lower floor, in the narrow entrance area and wanted to put on her raincoat because it was colder. I quickly went to the top floor to visit the washroom. After about 30 seconds, I came out of the washroom and walked past the guest bed in the living room, which was empty, I stress – it was empty – because I see this bed as soon as I get out of the bathroom and also must pass very close by this bed. 

I went down the staircase, where Carla was waiting for me, but she was not there. Her mother watched television and Carla’s son was in his room, I called her name briefly and when she did not answer, I turned toward the stairs to the upper floor and shouted this time loudly “Carla, where are you? ‘I heard her reply very quietly. I was very amazed and ran up the stairs to the upper floor and found her lying on the guest bed, in full dressing, in her black raincoat outstretched like a mummy on the white quilt of the bed. She lay there, as if she had been put there by a higher force, at a slight angle on the bed. 

Well I have to say that it is not so easy to lie down on this bed because there stands a chair in front of the edge of the bed and next to it a small table, where we leave the water jug, so that one must push them to the side before one can lie down on the bed, because otherwise they block the whole edge of the bed. We usually do not use this bed and when Carla gets caught by a wave, she lies on her bed in the bedroom. 

Well, I was really “flabbergasted” and asked her, “How do you come here, I walked five seconds ago past the bed and you were not there?”. 

“I don’t know.” Carla replied very weakly as if from another world, “I don’t know, where I was and I do not know what happened to me. The last thing I remember is that I was down in the entrance and put on my raincoat and then I felt very nauseated and weak, and everything went black in front of my eyes. I must have lost consciousness. “

“Probably you have had an ascension test run in a physical body in this case or a bi-location,” I suggested. 

“I do not know,” Carla answered, “I cannot remember anything, except that it took quite a while, while I was away.” 

“It can only have been a few seconds, at least in our linear time, at maximum 10 -15 seconds while you were gone,” I objected. 

“Maybe they have stopped the time and I was away much longer,” Carla replied. 

“Maybe you were on the spaceship that we’ve seen,” I suggested, “they must have undertaken an ascension test run with you after I was previously retrieved for 4 hours and it looked like as if it was a mighty ascension test run for me, very much like the one I experienced at the end of April (see the article ” The Birth of the New Logos Gods“). Perhaps that is why they have materialized these glasses for us on the guest bed, so that we are warned that soon it would be your turn and not to worry “

“It could have been a teleportation indeed” suggested Carla, “because I’ve been told in the past that such teleportation experiments will first take place inside the home, probably for security reasons. The only thing I can say is that after I woke up I feel much better than before. Maybe something was done to my body, something has been repaired. “

We continued speculating on this incident, but could not find any plausible explanation at this point in time.

On the next day we went in the morning for a walk on the beach, the sun came out and warmed the sand, so it was very pleasant to lie there. Then the beings from the mothership of the GF came and confirmed Carla that yesterday she was retrieved to the spaceship in order to repair her light body, as a sudden “glitch” had occurred in her ethereal fields, probably related to our very intensive work on the ascension test run in the afternoon, when we both were withdrawn from this reality. I myself was in a good shape and did my light work on this ascension test run of Gaia and humanity well. However, fast corrections had to be made on Carla’s fields and that is why they brought her with her physical body to the mothership to make this correction and have then put her down very gently on the guest bed…..

And here is the message of the Elohim on this same issue in the evening of May 30th with Carla’s comments:


The Elohim: Carla’s Sudden Dematerialisation and Visit to the Mothership for a Healing, May 30th, 2014

Dear Georgi,
Following the extreme energies and healing of Gaia and whatever else we processed the other day [May 28th ], I had a very strange experience in the evening of May 29th, 2014 that I should put in writing.
I became suddenly very weak as I was putting my jacket on to go out to the beach and I then suddenly felt as though my whole body was instantly drained of energy, and I may have slipped to the floor and hit my arm on the table there, something that would explain the large bruise on my right forearm.
When I regained consciousness, I found myself upstairs on the bed and had no recollection of how I actually got there.  As I awoke, I heard you call my name rather loudly.
I asked the Elohim to clarify what actually happened, and this is what they had to say the next day:
“The incident you perceive as a bilocation of your physical body, from one location in your home, to another location within the home, was not a bilocation at all but a reclamation of your body in order to correct a fractured/ compromised chakra system and auric field, following extreme cleansing of dross within the collective. This extensive cleansing of the emotional bodies of the collective, created a sudden energetic overload in your system, an overload that felt as a sudden emotional flooding [ the morning of May 29th, 2014 ]. You were removed to a healing way-station, or platform, where energetic healings take place on light workers from this reality, who require re-alignment and a re-infusion of light into their chakra systems.

Most often you are not consciously aware of these adjustments. This intervention was noticed because of the sudden loss of energy, from a wakeful state, as opposed to the dream state. You were simply retrieved in an instant (this is how our ascension through transfiguration will happen when the time comes, note George) and after the re-alignment was complete you were returned in the lying down position, safely and what you perceived as quickly. “

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May 6


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Dear friends, naturally, and especially on the important date of May 5th, which is a 5-5-5 day of great transformation, I connected deeply with Beloved Gaia, feeling Her radiant purity and exquisite beauty in my heart. My connection to Her is very old and leads back to the time when She was in the radiance of Her original Divine State, – many many eons ago. Especially today also the portal to the Galactic Center is open and It is pouring It’s Radiant Light of Lights on Her (and all of us), and I can feel Their marriage in my heart and body, while I experience new Light-Codes being implemented into my being. In this moment the intuition that I always had, is confirmed to be true, as I feel directly my own origin in the Galactic Center. I believe that all humanity once came from there.
I told Beloved Gaia how much I love Her and asked Her whether She would have a message for us, and She responded. Although She spoke to me at first personally, She actually spoke to each single on of her human children. And I am certain that She desires each one of us to connect with Her from the heart. Here is what She said:

My beloved child,

I hear you, I Am with you and love you very much. It is a while now that the seed of my original God-Consciousness has been restored and it is now expanding exponentially and powerfully every day. This had made me a Sacred Planet again. This is so because of the Divine Decree that I have been granted Ascension of all my bodies, including my physical body, on which you all live.
And it can happen, because the predominance of the races who do not respect other beings and who believe in lower vibrations and limited consciousness, is in the process of being removed for good.

My Ascension is also granting you all, who wish to come with me, your Ascension. This is the promise which has been given to you before your incarnation here at this time, and that is the reason why you are here.

Your physical bodies which are made from my elements, must necessarily – as they shift with Me – change in a way that they resonate with My new vibration, into which I soon will transition.

As your bodies transition, also your consciousness will transition. The lightness of you new bodies will allow your consciousness to expand, instead of being imprisoned in a dense body and merely being identified with its basic functions and environments.

It is however one thing, that your body changes, and another one, that your consciousness does.
In order that a sudden raising and expansion of consciousness will not be a shock for you, you need adapt to it before, step by step. Because without this gradual adaptation you would experience your new world as a loss, empty of the familiar things of your past. And this would draw you back to your old world. Therefore it is desirable that as many of you as possible – those, who desire to come with Me when I Myself experience the Great Shift, – start now to prepare for a higher consciousness, such a one that you would experience in the 4th or 5th dimension.

You will do this by cultivating your presence in the heart which teaches you peace, timelessness and love.

Although you will still experience objects of an “external world” in the 4th dimension, you will be released from lower and denser vibrations, which relieves you from identification with them and their respective objects, which you still at this moment regard as part of your self, or self-identification.

But you will be lifted out from this prison-like state and acquire greater freedom and a new sense of object-less eternity in the center of your being. This is a very beautiful state of experience. But it can be frightening, because such freedom from denser limitations require you to be independent from your external world and to rely fully on yourself.

In other words, you will start to experience that in reality your external world exists in yourself, namely in your own heart-space.

Later, when you transition to the 5th dimension and beyond, even the world inside you will exist only if you wish, because you have realized its illusion, and that it is no longer necessary. Instead you will experience pure light and radiance as being an innate expression of your consciousness. But of course, you can create and re-create such a world, whenever you choose, if this is your wish, just for the sake of experience, entertainment, experiment and joyful play.

Those who do not yet desire to transition with me, will still have the opportunity later, when their time has come, when they are ready. Therefore they will not experience with me immediately the new freedom in consciousness, but they will continue to live in the illusion, that the external world, as they experience it, is separate from them and has nothing to do with them, except the value they give it by preference or bondage.

But all you, who now desire to come with Me and to serve, will make the great difference in consciousness and will teach others who are starting to awaken in this new circumstance. Then your time has come to help humanity to develop their true identity and to awaken to Divine Consciousness, according to their own time-table.

But do not be concerned that the adversities as they are now still existing for those who serve the light, will continue! All the Divine Powers will support you in your service from then on, as you will not have to work against the flow, but the winds of evolution will carry and support you.

The winds of evolution are my new wings as an ascended planet, but where still will be living a humanity who is not yet fully aware of who I Am and whereto I will evolve. But they all will be given the extraordinary opportunity in the next coming years, to join my consciousness. This is their reason why they incarnated here.

All those who are now dedicated to the light and join Me, will be the future guides of humanity on all walks of life, and invisibly infiltrating from inside humanity with the codes of enlightenment and unity love-consciousness. This is what I Am already now. However, the structure of my physical body has still to conform to That. It is the process we all share, beloved ones, in this auspicious time.

And it is necessary that you rise up to that full Light of Love in time so that our transition together can be smooth and benign for everybody. This I am asking of you, my beloved.
Let this be the gift to the whole beloved human family and all My kingdoms!

With all My Love,
I Am Gaia!

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

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El Ser UNO – A: ▶ El regreso de nuestro Gran Señor Jesús 1-2- Maestro ALANISO – El nuevo diccionario colegiado intergaláctico.:::Conexión a su cuerpo energético (Pt1):::sharing

El Ser UNO – A: ▶ El regreso de nuestro Gran Señor Jesús 1-2- Maestro ALANISO – El nuevo diccionario colegiado intergaláctico.:::Conexión a su cuerpo energético (Pt1):::sharing.

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lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2014

▶ El regreso de nuestro Gran Señor Jesús 1-2- Maestro ALANISO – El nuevo diccionario colegiado intergaláctico.:::Conexión a su cuerpo energético (Pt1):::sharing

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El nuevo diccionario colegiado intergaláctico.


Debido a que los lenguajes humanos no han sido diseñados para aprehender muchos conceptos fuera de las corrientes de pensamiento aceptadas, los temores ocultos y las conciencias envenenadas, y también debido a que no usamos ningún lenguaje hablado, este manual nos presenta como poseedores de algunos problemas interesantes. En relación con la normalidad de sus sistemas de lenguaje la dificultad es doble, debido a que la inversión de su energía ha cambiado todos los significados lógicos. Por ejemplo, la gente de este Planeta se mantiene en una arrogancia total, al negar, diamantinamente, su omnipresencia. Declaran su separación de ellos mismos, cada uno, y de toda la vida, mientras mientras asumen esto como un acto de humildad. La humildad no es una negación, la separación sí. Y mantener esta separación es el último acto de orgullo.

Vuestras instituciones operan de la misma manera atrasante. De esa manera, ustedes tienen un sistema de seguridad nacional, empeñado activamente en matar a todo el mundo: una administración federal del problema de las drogas que hace de todo, menos recomendar el aceite de los motores para el uso dietario, por ser bajo en polinsaturados, y un sistema económico que ha convencido a todos de que la vida es inconveniente para la economía. Como pueden ver, puede ser difícil usar su lenguaje, manteniendo la esperanza de decir la verdad. Ciertos términos requieren nuevas definiciones, antes de que comiencen a leer esto.

– Extraterrestre

Un extraterrestre no es un alienígena. Un alienígena es un alienígena, como quien dice un extraño. Un extraterrestre es un ciudadano responsable del cosmos, no un extranjero desplazándose entre las estrellas. Los extraterrestres son representantes de la Luz, protectores de la vida y amantes de los planetas. Son originarios de cualquier planeta donde suelen estar en virtud de su ciudadanía, sin considerar su planeta de origen.

Muchos de ustedes han venido a la Tierra para que crean que usten no podría ser un extraterrestre, pues se haya tan conectados con la Tierra… ¡y la aman tánto! Podríamos sugerirles que si aman este Planeta totalmente y verdaderamente, ustedes son extraterrestres. Puedo también sugerirle, en este caso a usted, querido lector, que su preocupación por este Planeta era tan grande que tuvo el cuidado suficiente de hacerle llegar lo mejor – en este caso, usted mismo.

Alineación, no descendencia, define el significado del término “extraterrestre”. Aunque toda vida emana de la misma Fuente, no toda vida se halla alineada con la Fuente. Un extraterrestre es un ser que se halla en armonía total con la Esencia de su génesis.

– Alienígena

La gente de este Planeta ha expresado un cierto temor neurótico acerca de una presunta invasión alinígena. Ese temor ha sido disparado por una incipiente sensación de que en un universo ilimitado puede, perfectamente, haber otra vida inteligente. En una respuesta típicamente xenofóbica y autosubordinada, los gobiernos se arman en contra de lo que ellos ya saben que es cierto. No se trata, por supuesto, de un conocimiento general pero, en sistemas paternales de gobierno la información importante nunca es un conocimiento del dominio público. En nombre de la seguridad nacional, los actos de gobierno son, a menudo, ocultados a los gobernados. Esta declaración no es para volverlo paranoico o incitarlo a ninguna rebelión política; es – simplemente – para demostrarle a usted, el comportamiento de un alienígena en cuanto al significado del término.

Usted no necesita hurgar los cielos en busca de evidencias de una invasión alienígena. En su lugar, mire a su alrededor y fíjese en aquellos que propagan el temor, vendiendo la muerte y envenenando al Planeta. Contemplad a aquellos que ocultan la verdad, de manera que el poder que poseen, derivado de la mentira no sea amenazada. Y contemplad a aquellos seres, tristemente separados, que han tenido la audacia de observar el universo creado, preguntándose si sería posible que existiera alguien más, allá afuera, todo mientras se arman, por si acaso hay alguien más. Esta sería la invasión alienígena que les preocupa, la misma que externalizan y temen, la misma que les rodea, y dentro de la cual han estado viviendo durante miles de años.

No tiene sentido temer una invasión de alienígenas, pusto que la invasión ya ha sucedido y los alienígenas ya están aquí. Ustedes estarían mejor aconsejados si temieran que ninguna inteligencia verdadera se dejara jamás ver sobre este Planeta. Y estarían aun mejor aconsejados si no temieran nada en absoluto.

– Extra-terrestres (ET´s) Vs alienígenas

Ahora que usted ha aprendido la diferencia entre un extra-terrestre y un alienígena, nos gustaría que olvidara esta diferencia inmediatamente. Los peligros en las definiciones consisten en que, como todo concepto mental, tienden a separar todo de nuevo, y esta misión no consiste en separar, ni se trata de una película de vaqueros con personajes buenos y malos: trata de la Luz, para traer lo más que se pueda a este Planeta. La invitación a entrar en la Luz se extiende a la humanidad entera, incluidos los alienígenas, pues los alienígenas son sólo extra-terrestres que han preferido, de alguna manera, permanecer en la oscuridad, viviendo y muriendo en ella, tras una máscara.

Nota.- Al momentos de imprimir esto, hay sólo dos tipos básicos de personas sobre el Planeta. El término “extraterrestres” es sólo transicional, y se hará innecesario en la medida que la Misión se vaya completando, momento en el cual la palabra “humano” reemplazará el término. Cualquier concienciación de vuestra naturaleza extraterrestre, será, entonces, parte integral de toda la experiencia humana, y ya no habrá alienígenas ocupando el Planeta. De la misma manera, otros términos transicionales tales como “androgenia”, dejarán de tener significado, pues un hombre y una mujer balanceados emergerán dentro de cada ser: el término será arrojado al cesto de la basura, relegado al estado de inutilidad que implica describir redundantemente lo que puede significar un ser humano. Tenga presente que las definiciones que planteamos aquí se escribieron para un mundo en transición y están sujetas a revisión.

– Deslizados (“walk-ins”)

La mayoría de ustedes, probablemente, habrán oido el término “deslizado”, pero vamos a aclarar el significado en beneficio de aquellos que han sido asignados en puestos de avanzada, explicaremos su significado. Un “walk-in” es un miembro de la misión que se ha “deslizado” en un cuerpo que había sido, previamente, ocupado por otro ser. La función principal de los “walk-ins” es asistir a los miembros de la tripulación que están en tierra, y vinieron de una manera más convencional a despertar con respecto a su verdadera identidad – por lo menos lo esperamos así, antes de que la Misión termine. Ellos retienen mucho de su conciencia interdimensional, y pueden moverse a través de patrones disfuncionales a una rata acelerada, volviéndolos muy apreciables para los miembros de la tripulación adormecidos, que han estdo aquí toda su vida. Los “walk-ins” representan una unidad expedicionaria, la mayoría de los cuales retornarán, una vez se cumpla la tarea de despertar este Planeta. Los “walk-ins” son emisarios de la Luz, quienes se hallan en servicio del Programa de Intercambio Exterior de esta Misión.

– Encarnado (“crawl-In”)

Aun los miembros más urbanos y eruditos de esta Misión no habrán escuchado el término “crawl-in”, porque lo acabamos de implementar. Los “encarnados” (traducción libre del término) son aquellos miembros de un equipo de transición planetaria, que optaron por entrar a este ámbito dimensional terrestre, a través del proceso de nacimiento normal, corrientemente traumático. Al llegar, la mayoría de ellos revaluó instantáneamente la situación, cambiando sus mentes, pero no fueron capaces de imaginar una manera de reconstruir su pasado.

La mayor parte de este grupo encarnó poco después de la Seguna Guerra Mundial, precipitando su llegada con la implementación del Proyecto Manhattan, que inició la Era Nuclear y el subsecuente bombardeo atómico del Japón. Ellos son referidos como “la joven vanguardia” por la población local confiada: son la espina dorsal de esta Misión. Si usted está leyendo esto, es probable que sea uno de ellos, pues sabemos que estaban necesitando lo escrito en este manual.


Algunas personas en este Planeta están convencidas de que los Objetos Voladores No Identificados han estado visitando, corrientemente, este lugar. La mayoría de la gente sostiene que este es un alegato absurdo por parte de un grupo marginal, cuyos miembros están, fundamentalmente, locos. Esta percepción es respaldada por las agencias gubernamentales, que juran que estas naven no existen, ocultan do toneladas de información, altamente clasificada, para probarlo. El OVNI implica, señalan, que ningún gobierno necesita archivos secretos sobre algo que no existe. Ellos hallan, igualmente absurdo, en lo que respecta a las agencias gubernamentales, el que rechacen, simultáneamente, la liberación de esos archivos, bajo la consigna de que está en juego la seguridad nacional. La mayoría de las personas no le han dado a esta ligera inconsistencia ningún fundamento, aceptando la premisa de que el gobierno no mentiría, y que “el padre es el que más sabe”.

Al Control de la Misión le agradaría dejar esto a un lado. La facción que apoya la existencia de los OVNI´s está compuesta por lo que nosotros calificamos como gente sobresaltada. Ellos se hallan aun intrigados por los fenómenos tridimensionales, y están – consecuentemente – perdiendo el barco mientras buscan naves extraterrestres. Aquellos que están convencidos de que no hay nada detrás, básicamente les ha sido lavado el cerebro como resultado del descrédito oficial. Las agencias gubernamentales están mintiendo deliberadamente, siendo, por lo tanto, quienes están más fuera de base, de las tres facciones.

Los vehículos tridimensionales, procedentes de otros planetas, por supuesto existen. Sin embargo, ellas no son las naves qu debían preocuparles. Si un objeto puede identificarse como un objeto volador no identificado, no es una de las naves que controlamos, ni es un miembro de la flota de la Fuerza Aérea Real Celestial, que es el brazo derecho de esta Misión.

Nuestras naves no son tridimensionales; ellas están, sin embargo, en este momento, en posición a través de sus cielos. Ellas aterrizan donde y cuando quieren, y no están usando ningún “reloj para hacerse invisibles”, ni para ocultar su presencia: se encuentran, ostentosamente, a cielo abierto y visibles ante aquellos pocos que han superado la ceguera que aflije a la Tercera Dimensionalidad.

No queremos, con esto, trivializar su experiencia tridimensional, ni desacreditar a ninguna nave que viaje a través de esa dimensionalidad. Hay muchas entidades muy buenas en la Tercera Dimensionalidad, que están asistiendo con esta Misión. Sin embargo, sus vehículos, están, definitivamente, en la rama de la General Electric de esta expedición, y no representan la poderosa fuerza de naves penta-dimensionales, que ahora rodean la atmósfera de su Planeta. A medida que despierten, la presencia de otras naves dimensionales se hará obvia y los llenarán de asombro. Como resultado, el reñido problema de los OVNI´s tridimensionales perderá interés, en la medida en que el Modelo-T de la Ford no los amedrente más ni ocupe sus pensamientos.

Nota 1: El propósito de este fragmento no es definir al OVNI, sino aclarar, en parte, el provincialismo planetario que rodea este problema. También busca ayudarlos a prepararse para escándalo posible de la “Talanquera Cósmica”, una develación del encubrimiento intergubernamental de la presencia extraterrestre, que pronto será expuesta globalmente. Debido a que esta entrada sirve a otra función, y no implica una definición total, ninguna parte de ella garantiza iluminación.

Nota 2: Para una mayor claridad, ofrecemos, ahora, una breve descripción de las dimensionalidades: La Tercera Dimensionalidad es la que ustedes están corrientemente experimentando y superando. Es la que ustedes consideran como la suma total de la realidad. La Cuarta Dimensionalidad (vulgarmente llamada 4D o “Cuarta Dimensión”) es referida, a veces, como el “Plano Astral”, y existe como una especie de dimensionalidad-sombra con respecto a la Tercera. Como la Tercera, es también una dimensionalidad de polaridad (bipolar: positivo-negativo-hombre-mujer, etc.), y es habitada por lo que ustedes llaman “espíritus” y entidades desencarnadas. Esta dimensionalidad cayó en descrédito con el pensamiento propio del materialism científico, y ha sido reducida a los rangos de una creencia primitiva y supersticiosa – una creencia que permitió que el mito humano, hasta todos ustedes se iluminaron y la superaron. Ustedes podrían sorprenderse de que la verdad no requiere que se crea en ella, para que funcione, y la Cuarta Dimensión se las ha arreglado para superarla, a pesar de su rechazo.

La Quinta Dimensionalidad aparece en sus sistemas de símbolos como el “cielo” y, comparada con la Tercera Dimensionalidad, lo es. Es una dimensionalidad de Luz y Amor, y está libre de las ilusiones de la dualidad y la separatidad. La Quinta Dimensionalidad no es, de ninguna manera, el final de esa línea: es ólo el siguiente paso en su evolución planetaria. La Creación contiene, realmente, infinito número de dimensionalidades, muchas de las cuales ustedes habitan simultáneamente. Esperamos que eso les aclare el asunto.

Extracto de “E.T. 101, MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIÓN CÓSMICA (Misión al Planeta Tierra)”
The Cosmic Instruction Manual/An Emergency Remedial Edition, Co-created by “Mission Control” and Soev Jho.
Tradución: Miguel Paz Bonells

Pag. Siguiente: Varios/Otros – Defición de palabras: Luz e Inteligencia.

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Conexión a su cuerpo energético (Pt1)

“Saludos Queridos,
Somos el Alto Consejo de Orión.
El mensaje de hoy es sobre el cuidado de su cuerpo de energía. Se habla mucho estos días en su planeta sobre el cuidado de su cuerpo físico, que es muy importante para que es el vehículo y la vivienda para su alma.
Sin embargo, tan importante como la de su cuerpo de energía, nos gustaría hablar sobre lo que significa y cómo cuidar de su cuerpo de la energía hoy en día, al menos al principio y nos volveremos a esto como un tema en otro momento, porque no hay mucho que decir al respecto.
Es fácil en el mundo en este tiempo para no pensar mucho en un cuerpo de energía, y la energía del cuerpo y qué tan grande o pequeño es y qué tipo de forma que podría estar adentro Su mundo es el que está obligado por la tercera realidad dimensional, lo que se puede ver, oír, sentir, gustar, tocar, y sin embargo su cuerpo de energía es la fuerza que anima de su vida también, y su cuerpo de energía se extiende mucho más allá de su cuerpo físico.
Nos gustaría animarte a ti mismo para empezar a sintonizar su cuerpo de energía, cómo le habla y proporciona retroalimentación para que dentro de la estructura de los cinco sentidos, con el fin de empezar a ser capaces de responder a ella de sus cinco sentidos, que son entonces también el aumento de sus capacidades extrasensoriales para percibir más allá de los cinco sentidos también.
Muchos de ustedes han tenido experiencia con su cuerpo de energía, cuando entras en una habitación o en una situación que se podría decir es sólo incómodo, que tiene que irse, que la energía “es off” o la energía “se siente mal”, o usted podría sentir esto cuando te encuentras con alguien, además de estar en una situación de estar en un lugar en particular.
Pero en esta situación en la que aún quieren tener alguna evidencia física, las pruebas dentro de los cinco sentidos, y usted tiene que sentimiento de inquietud o esa sensación de conocimiento de que se trata de un lugar que le gustaría salir, que es su cuerpo de energía de hablar con usted. Que usted y su cuerpo de energía, que es mucho más grande que su cuerpo físico, es decir, que está cumpliendo con la situación en el sentido antes de que usted y que le da retroalimentación y la retroalimentación puede ser cómo te sientes acerca de la situación.
Este primer ejemplo le estamos dando es que es obvio en términos de no sentirse cómodo, o sentirse inquieto en una situación particular que puede no estar en resonancia con usted. Lo mismo podría decirse de la manera opuesta, donde tal vez es algo que se siente muy bien consigo, un lugar o una persona que se siente automáticamente realmente bueno de, y puede que no tenga la evidencia en su mundo sensorial cinco a apoyar eso todavía.
Le animamos a este nivel de comienzo para empezar a reconocer el hecho de que el número uno que tiene un cuerpo de energía, y una forma que puede reconocer el hecho de que tiene un cuerpo de energía es, acaba de llegar a la conciencia de la idea de que incluso tiene un cuerpo de energía . Entonces, si usted está sentado en un lugar tranquilo o en una meditación silenciosa o acostado en la cama, solo pregunte a su ser superior para darle una idea de su cuerpo de la energía que te rodea, y que se puede sentir como el calor o cosquilleo.
Usted puede ser capaz de mover su mano de usted en el espacio a su alrededor, y la sensación que se siente más grueso o casi como si hubiera alguna sustancia, y más allá de lo que se siente diferente, como que ya no está allí. Eso está empezando a ser consciente de su cuerpo energético y entender el espacio que ocupa, por lo que algunas personas pueden sentir que no está de pie demasiado cerca de usted, o que usted puede ser que necesite para acercarse a alguien, eso es mucho de su energía cuerpo y su interacción con el entorno que le rodea.
La primera parte trata de aprender a trabajar con el sistema de información de tu cuerpo la energía se acaba dando cuenta de ello, y después de empezar a ser conscientes de la información que se envía a usted, y otra vez la forma más fácil es como
“¿Qué está pasando en mi entorno? ”
“¿Cómo estoy reaccionando a mi entorno de maneras que van más allá de la evidencia física, más allá de los cinco sentidos?”
Si usted no ha recibido aportaciones de la vista, el gusto, el tacto, el olfato, o sonidos, pero todavía tiene una sensación de ello, simplemente reconocer el hecho de que sus cuerpos de energía que le da la información, al igual que los otros cinco sentidos hacer. Entonces comienza a responder a actuar en base a esa información, y al hacerlo se está configurando un circuito de retroalimentación que fortalece su cuerpo de energía, y le permite recibir más información.
¿Cuál es la ventaja de trabajar con su cuerpo energético?
Usted está comenzando a trabajar con las energías invisibles, esas energías intangibles en relación con los cinco sentidos tercer reino dimensional, pero como su mundo se está expandiendo y sus cuerpos de luz son cada vez más reconocido, entonces usted está comenzando a trabajar y recibir esa información que está a su alrededor.
¿Qué le permite moverse dentro de esta mayor tasa vibratoria, esta tasa de la luz donde más información se puede entrar en ti. Ya está en el campo a su alrededor, por lo que esta forma de empezar a trabajar con él para comenzar a recogerlo, esto puede aumentar su intuitiva y su capacidad extra sensorial.
La gente habla de la percepción sensorial extra de ESP, así “¿Qué es extrasensorial?” Se está empezando a trabajar en estos reinos más allá de los cinco sentidos, para permitir que la percepción de los sentidos adicionales para animar, educar, informar su vida.
Diviértete jugando y explorando su cuerpo de energía, se divierten viendo como usted ve lo que puede transpirar como empiece a reaccionar a la información y trabajar con ella, y ver cómo su conciencia sensorial sobre que puede crecer aún más.
Sea bendito.
Somos el Alto Consejo de Orión “.

© 2013 Derechos de autor Soul Génesis
Este mensaje canalizado puede ser reproducida en su totalidad, siempre y cuando se mantenga en su forma original y no alterado o modificado de cualquier manera, con el autor y un enlace a muestra claramente como se muestra a continuación.
Autor : Acebo Hawkins Marwood  

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The Being ONE : 39/40/41 _ _ _EL SER UNO II PLANET 3.3.3. THE GUARDIANS OF TERA

The Being ONE : 39/40/41 _ _ _EL SER UNO II PLANET 3.3.3. THE GUARDIANS OF TERA.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014


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Sin Conocimiento,  no vivo
Sin entendimiento,  no existo
sin amor incondicional,  no Soy 
* * *
 The BEing ONE


Without knowledge , I do not live

 Without understanding, I do not exist 
without unconditional love , I am NOT


PLANET 3.3.3.

Document Transcript

Two . INTERNATIONAL DATA MAPPING IN SÃO PAULO , BRAZIL RELEASE . NO COPYRIGHT . REGISTRATION : 314,912 | LIVRO : 575 | FOLHA : 72 Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . Book originally published by the author and Canal : Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . All rights in the text , including external and internal drawings are reserved for exclusive use by the author . No part of this book may be REPRODUCED , ALTERED, OR USED EDITED form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording , Internet , television , cinema or storage system database, without written permission of the author except in cases of short stretches cited in critical reviews or articles from magazines, newspapers or any media . The reproduction, change, alteration or misuse of the contents of this book and drawings shall be subject to prosecution , protected by the copyright law . BE THE ONE I – The Arcane of Thoth. BEING ONE II – Metro 333 – Tera Guardians . We inform all people of good will who BEING ONE is not linked with people who can use the name of the author and the same , holding conferences , groups, selling prints , videos , advertising and charging for their services or asking for donations on behalf of this knowledge. The canal does also know , that it has no responsibility to those that transmit and interpret knowledge BEING ONE in their own way , guided or not based on the original writings that are in your text. BEING ONE is a FREE knowledge , not any events coalesced to gain money or any other type by another , which could be used to their advantage. 2

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* *
19. …continuation…   …How did the planets move out of the protective line?

We have to understand that the universe is not flat; it is horizontal, vertical, oblique, etc. When an alignment takes place, constellations intercross. As the configuration of the alignment changes, constellations in certain conjunctures tend to form others. This means that the universe adapts and restructures its bases. Nothing stays exactly the same forever. The universe is in constant movement, always interconnecting angles, forming incredible geometric structures.

What had to happen did happen. The universe restructured itself. The planets located in the straight line were displaced and positioned themselves in other locations. New alignments were also forming in other angles of the universe that deconstructed the alignment where the planets were originally placed. It was inevitable and they knew it. What they did not know for certain was the effect of density on all that. To find out, they had to experience it in their own flesh. That was really the research they had to carry out. They were volunteers and had always been aware of the risks this work entailed.

Throughout this history, you will go on discovering what really happened. We will not go into details about the other planets. What really interests you is Planet Tera. We are going to talk about your planet.

Planet 3.3.3

To be able to communicate with you, we, the guardians of the Inner-Earth City, had to wait for you to activate your consciousness, so that we could communicate to you the truth of the facts and the suffering that we all endured to get to be what we are today. We arrived on planet 3.3.3 knowing what was awaiting us. After all, we are ourselves reincarnated billions of times. We reproduced and colonized the planet as the Confederation wanted, but not as they expected.

The four spacecraft entered the obtuse angle and descended to the poles of the planet (two spacecraft –Ambiares and Retryon- went to the North Pole, and the other two –Tenezia and Ebiar- to the South Pole).

Millions of years went by for the Cosmic Confederation to determine that the planets were ready, an inconceivable time for the 7 planets to be capable of receiving Ayapliano-life. Billions of experiments were carried out with the vegetal and animal kingdoms for the sole purpose of ensuring life and, above all, for the colonizers to be able to turn those planets into a home for their descendants.

Certain places were still in very elementary conditions and undergoing formation. The layers that had formed there were not conducive to life. Gases and volcanic eruptions predominated in some inhospitable places.

They descended and established themselves in the icy poles, which provided the location and temperature needed for them to begin their studies and research. The spacecraft were built and fitted in such a way that they were like cities, with everything necessary for their own subsistence.

An extensive, solid, hard and compacted mass had formed near the poles in planet 3.3.3. The vegetal and animal kingdoms had developed beautifully on that mass. Diversified specimens populated the planet, for evolution had followed its own path, adjusting to the energetic characteristics of the planet.

The volunteers could not to leave their spacecraft while the alignment lasted. They observed, studied and researched everything possible about the planet, protected by the energy of the alignment and by the atmosphere of their spacecraft.

They always kept in touch with the other volunteers and with their planets of origin. All the findings on density were transmitted to the Confederation, which kept itself updated on information referring to density. During that time, they procreated their descendants and lodged in them, bequeathing their knowledge from generation to generation.

They did a wonderful job on the planet. They improved the atmosphere, cleaned the seas, grew edible foodstuff, developed technology, science, medicine, and many other things for the wellbeing of the planet and for their own future. All that preparation had a reason: it was time to leave their spacecraft and populate the planet.

The planet had become a beautiful paradise where the kingdoms flourished in full splendor.

With all their science and technology, the Ayaplianos had transformed it into a wonderful place where they would live and procreate their offspring, to whom they would give a home and a promised land.

The spacecraft citiesThe 660 beings from the 4 spacecraft had always kept in contact, interchanging all the information from their discoveries. All the experiences were continually communicated to the Confederation, which was in charge of transmitting them to the other dimensions.

By common accord and after much research and study, the four species decided that the time had come to colonize the planet. They were to leave their spacecraft and face the dense energy.

They began examining the best place to settle, since certain parts of the planet, especially its center (the line of the equator) were still in a sweltering state of effervescence. Even though the vegetal and animal kingdoms had developed very well, the planet was still somewhat unstable.

A great mass of compacted energy had formed between the two poles. It was given the name Tera by the four species. They had to find an adequate place to settle on that compacted mass.

The spacecraft-cities where they were born, reincarnated, had grown and acquired all knowledge, had protected them for millions of years. They had reincarnated in their same offspring, preserving their own lineage and the clear memory of their origin. The offspring were entirely controlled in the spacecraft. Whenever a volunteer disembodied, he or she left his or her own continuity in the lineage by lodging and reincarnating in it. In this way, the same original number of beings was maintained. The four species decided that the energetic assimilation from the outside should be progressive and slow. Therefore, they had to settle very close to the spacecraft since they could return to it in case a problem cropped up.

The Ambearians and the Retronyans dwelling in the North Pole decided to settle in what today you call Greenland and Norway. The Ebiarians and the Tenezians who were in the South Pole decided to settle in what is known today as South America and Africa. At that time, Tera was a single unified continent. Even though it was one compacted mass, there were different climates due to the position of the sun and the gradual cooling of the planet, which still was in a process of lineation.

We can surmise that adaptation was also gradual. The beings that went in and out of the spacecraft-city gradually got adjusted and settled in that reality. They also built their houses according to their environment. They experimented with the cultivated foodstuff and molded their lives, experience upon experience, to learn how their bodies responded to dense energy and, above all, to get used to it.

The process of colonization was slow and gradual throughout time and evolution. The later generations began to perceive a slight distortion in their energy. They had always been aware that this could happen, but when the inevitable occurred, they took drastic measures. They selected the uncontaminated ones who had remained and sent them back to the spacecraft-
cities. Those who got sick remained at the mercy of Planet Tera, willing to take on sacrifice and an uncertain future. They dedicated themselves more than ever to research and study, since their recovery and the knowledge of the planet depended on that. There was no other way out.

Their choice of cold places to settle did slow down the distortion somewhat, but it did not release them from their destiny. The material and mental genetic elements had already been transformed. As evolution advanced and the beings spread out, moving to the warmer parts of Tera, the distortion reached its maximum density. It deformed them, eliminating all remaining vestiges of their origins and erasing all that remained of their memory.

20. What happened to those who went back to the spacecraft-cities?

The spacecraft-cities were transformed into the planet’s Inner-Earth City. Of the 660 volunteers, only 84 returned to the spacecraft and we became the guardians of the planet. Inside the vessels, without leaving them, we continue looking after our brothers and sisters trapped in the density of Tera. We, who are telling you this story, are the 84 and we are still in our spacecraft, in our Inner-Earth City.

21. How could you be only 84 guardians? Did you not procreate?

Our procreation was, is and will be, entirely controlled. We only procreate when we have to continue in our descendants.

22. What happen to those who stayed on the surface of the planet?

They became totally distorted. Their genetic elements did not withstand the dense energy.

There was a time in evolution that there was no difference between them and animals. They did not control procreation and subdivided energetically into billions of themselves, proliferating all over Tera. Those who were trapped on the outside of the planet are nowadays the 6 billion beings that will have to become unified again to return to their origins.

23. How can they unify to be able to return?

It is all a MATHEMATICAL SEQUENCE. You should become unified by sign, rhythm, frequency, vibration, element, color, and so forth.

24. Is it possible to attain this?

Yes, it is possible. Those who are awakened because they are remembering are the ones who are already seeking their origins. You can recognize them: they are beings with open minds, who dare, discover, question, ask and inform themselves without fear. They are those who have broken down old, antiquated, obsolete patterns. We can assure you that these are on their way back.

* * * * * *
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 …this, will continue tomorrow…
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Book 1:

Link to first PAGE

BooK   1:

Enlace a Primera Página – El SER UNO  

BOOk    2: 

PLANET 3.3.3.

Ser Uno, Guardianes de Tera,Planeta3.3.3. 


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 . Being One is a book of self-knowledge. It should be read in order: it would be useless to read it haphazardly, because that would not give the expected result. His reading will be opening and connecting the brain circuits of knowledge, understanding and love.


Meditate on it, review it … study it … …let go of old ideas and lessons …study the new  .

Being ONE

  ^ ^ ^ 

What is unconditional love and why is it so elusive for many? It is a love that does not judge, defends or distinguish between any living creature that enters your neighborhood. It is a love that embraces all creation as emanating from the heart of Father-Mother God, the Source of Creation, that which created matter and has placed in the dark matter of the Universe expanding.


 Unconditional love is beyond understanding the small packaging and divided mind , qualifies and categorized. Unconditional love is the love that surpasses all understanding and simply is, in itself, pure, upright and spotless. It is the essence of your Higher Self. It is the true essence of themselves, stripped of all that is not the Self .

” I love you unconditionally , and turn on the Violet Fire in the emanation you’re sending to me. Bless you too, find that I am gaining peace in the new and expanded version of my Being. “


Many are beginning to wake up and realize they need to love themselves . This is very difficult for many as they have remained in the shadows of doubt and hate themselves for a long time, often without understanding the core issues or reasons for such feelings. The finding love and self-respect is merely a step on the path to self-mastery . If you feel that you can not even love themselves, learn to accept themselves as they are, and will release his future to love. Love flows from the heart of creation, but you can not feel this connection and this flow until the source is connected with the source of love within his own heart center.




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KRULIANs: ▶ Entrevista Oficial Libro del Conocimiento – Conversations with a Lightworker:::BECOMING FIFTH DIMENSIONAL:::▶ Pedido al Universo -Arcturian Corridor…

KRULIANs: ▶ Entrevista Oficial Libro del Conocimiento – Conversations with a Lightworker:::BECOMING FIFTH DIMENSIONAL:::▶ Pedido al Universo -Arcturian Corridor….

* * *

viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

▶ Entrevista Oficial Libro del Conocimiento – Conversations with a Lightworker:::BECOMING FIFTH DIMENSIONAL:::▶ Pedido al Universo -Arcturian Corridor…

* * * 
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Crystal Temple

Take a long moment to feel the others who are with you in the Arcturian Corridor…

Connect your Soul with their Soul and feel the unconditional love, infinite light and calm peace flowing through every one of you …

Daily Life

Take a long moment to fill your heart with all the beings (human and non-human, third dimensional and beyond) that have shared your journey…

Channel the feelings of unconditional love, infinite light and calm peace flowing from the Crystal Temple into your grounded self and then out to all those who have shared your journey…

Share with Gaia

Take a long moment to remember all your experiences in Gaia’s beautiful Nature…

Channel your gratitude for these moments into Gaia and all her inhabitants…

To continue our journey, envision your self in front of the two giant Golden Doors at the exit of this Crystal Temple. You have been here before, which you will more easily remember as you more completely awaken your multidimensional memory.

See the huge Golden Doors as they open before you. The doors appear golden because gold is the color of pure joy. In your world, many have sought gold in hopes of finding wealth in a material fashion. But did that wealth give them joy? Joy is not a reward for accumulation. Joy is a state of consciousness.

When your consciousness is filled with joy, your aura becomes golden, because you have acknowledged that your consciousness is your only eternal treasure. In order for you to cross the threshold of these Golden Doors, you will need to accept and surrender to the pure joy that emanates from them. Close your inner eyes and focus your intention on opening your unlimited mind and unconditionally loving heart. Yes, it is only with an open mind and loving heart that you canaccept pure JOY.

Allow the JOY to surround you…

Surrender to the JOY…

You are ready NOW to cross the threshold…

Surrender to the threshold…

Fall into the threshold…

As you cross the threshold, you find yourself in the form of a Phoenix Bird, the harbinger of a new era, floating in a sky of infinity. Just as a sea gull hovers in the sky, wings spread wide, patiently awaiting the smoothest and swiftest air current, you, too, hover, wings spread wide, patiently awaiting the highest frequency to pull you into its current. You feel the soft breeze of love and joy as it caresses your feathers of light.

The view from here is magnificent. Below, you can see all that you have ever been and how far you have traveled in your many third dimensional experiences. You can also see your many fourth dimensional experiences in which you followed your Spiritual Path Home. Yes, you have been a brave and tenacious Spiritual Warrior for myriad incarnations.

You have fallen many times, but somehow you have gotten back up, brushed off your knees and continued on your journey Home to SELF.

You know that your experiences in the these worlds are not yet complete, for from this perspective you can easily see the loose ends you wish to tie up and responsibilities you want to complete.

However, with that realization, a quiet breeze whispers into your ear, “Dear One, raise these final touches into the resonance of the ONE, to more easily be fulfilled.” This voice holds such love, joy and peace that you try to find it, but it is everywhere. How can love, joy and peace be everywhere when you have tenaciously sought them your entire life, and experienced them only fleetingly? In that instant of doubt, you start to fall.
Fortunately, you remember you are a bird and instinctively flap your wings. Taking a long breath, you relax into the feel of love, peace, and joy and continue to wait for the current to pull you into its Flow.

Slowly, the cares and conflicts of the lower worlds again disappear from your awareness. You choose, instead, to focus on waiting for the Flow.

The sky around you is sweet and clear. Beneath you is your favorite landscape. Yes, Gaia is the most beautiful Mother anyone could have.

You confirm your commitment to take Her with you. Pulling the memories of your many experiences in Her wondrous Nature into your heart, your mind calms. You feel the solidarity of a redwood tree within the family of its ancient forest and the strength of a mountain peak within a vast mountain range. You are a single cloud and the entire sky, the quiet of a still, small pond, and the roar of a surging ocean.

Between the ocean and the sea, you are pulled toward their point of unity. Gently you allow the sky and the sea to engulf you as you follow their calming motion. As you do so, you feel yourself becoming the ocean and being the sky. You surrender to the sensation of flowing with the currents of air, and the waves of the sea.

As you relax into the JOY of flowing with the current, you see the Sun peeking above the horizon. Is it rising or setting? Perhaps, it is simultaneously sunrise and sunset, for you are both releasing the old and embracing the new. You approach the Sun and feel the glow of unconditional love warming your heart and the promise of change awakening your mind. Like a bird caught in an updraft, your consciousness soars beyond time and space into the infinite ONE of the fifth dimension.

With the joy of a long-awaited homecoming, you embrace those whom you have missed, remembered and even forgotten. They are all here NOW in the ONE. The many expressions of your SELF within your myriad excursions into the physical worlds surround you like the stars in the night-sky. You greet them like beloved family members with whom you wish to share the memories of your long journey into matter. You are a great messenger who has returned from a long journey with news of all that you have experienced. You contribute your wealth of memories to the ONE and feel all the memories of the many individuated bodies of light that warmly greet you.

As you look around you, you discover that the reality you thought you had left surrounds you still, but it now glistens in the light of the fifth dimension. You bask in this reality where you feel only love, peace and joy. You have graduated from the need to learn through conflict. In the NOW, you realize that you are amultidimensional being and do not need to sacrifice one reality to experience another. Therefore, you know that even when you return to the lower worlds, you will feel the fifth dimension around and inside you.

In fact, it is you multidimensionality that you will share with Gaia as you ground your great light into Her planet and your physical reality.

You are ready to return, for now you know that you have never left—you have only forgotten.

Firmly, you decree that forever and ever, you will remember your true, multidimensional SELF, who is the Core of your Being. You know that within the challenges of your daily life you may forget, but simultaneously, you know that you WILL remember.
To facilitate this memory, take a moment to experience your SELF in your Merkaba form.

The downward facing pyramid is your feminine, earthbound form of matter and the upward facing pyramid is your masculine form in Spirit.

In the middle, where male and female meet, is your High Heart, the holder of your ATMA, your Three Fold Flame of Life. Gently, yet firmly, deposit your multidimensional memory of SELF into your ATMA.

Program your consciousness NOW that whenever you are in danger of forgetting your SELF, you will spontaneously touch your High Heart (just above your Heart Chakra) to activate your memory of your

Ever-present life in the fifth dimension!

Dear Ones,

We shall return, for we will never leave,

The Arcturians

Posted 13th October 2011 by Shanti

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Conversations With a Light Worker


Conversations with a Lightworker

Part 1

Sue: What a year this has been so far. Why don’t you tell me what’s going on with you.

Light Worker: You know that’s really a very good question. I don’t know what’s going on with me. Lately it’s gotten better but it’s like I don’t really know. I almost feel like I’m lost. I don’t know. Am I going crazy?

I guess I’m looking for something to prove that I’m not going crazy. Like I said in my email, I don’t really have any one single goal. I guess I want to talk to somebody or do something to know that I’m not crazy.

S: Yes, well I think you’re with the right person, but I have those same questions, so maybe you’re not. [Laughter] At least we’re going crazy together. Okay, how’s that?

L: Exactly, exactly, exactly.

S: Oh wow – I know.

L: It really hit me. In one of your Webinars, one of the first things you started to say is that you wondered if you were going crazy, and that was exactly what my thoughts were.

S: Yes, I know. Our big challenge is that we really have to step out of that third-dimensional thinking because if we don’t go into our multi-dimensional thinking and get the “big picture” our consciousness will really drop. Unfortunately, there are so many people that don’t have that option. They don’t even know there is such a thing as multi-dimensional thinking.

I know that I’ve been doing a lot of actually “living multi-dimensional lives,” which is exhausting the heck out of me. I’ve been doing all of these webinars, and I’ve been working with getting my website switched over to a new website, and I’ve been editing book three while I’m writing book four. It goes on and on, so I have been thinking that I have been doing too much, which is true of course. But my guess is that if I was doing nothing I would still experience a lot of those feelings because the energy is so intense and so high now. Do you want to start off and you can ask some questions for the Arcturians? I don’t know that I have the answers for you.

Also, I think what’s happening here is that more and more we are stepping into our higher expression of SELF. Therefore, our little human expression is quite overwhelmed by that experience. As stressful as the 3D has always been, we’ve had myriad, myriad lives as 3D. Now we’ve had myriad lives as galactics too, but we haven’t had access to that while we’ve been in our little clay shell here.

This is amongst one of the few lives, even though we’ve had other lives when we were highly spiritual people and we did highly spiritual things, we would only move into the fourth dimension. That was about as far as we could go. There really wasn’t an option then to move beyond the fourth dimension earth. Even when I started studying in the 1970’s with my first spiritual teacher, as well as with all the Indian (India) and other ancient traditions, when they’re talking about Heaven, they’re talking about the spiritual plane of the fourth dimension.

They didn’t even know there was a 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th – they had no idea. And the fourth dimension is basically the aura of Earth and our Aura. So it’s not really any kind of heaven, it’s just our Astral body. And, our Astral body is not our Light body. Probably a great many people are still unaware of the fifth dimension and beyond.

When I started my site in 1996, if you searched for “multidimension,”you’d get me and multimedia. Who knew what multidimensional meant? There was no such thing. Now, I’m sure if you googled multi-dimensions you’d probably get a lot. You’d get a lot of me, but you’d get a lot of other multidimension this and that as well.

Since my human self is not beyond your human self, let’s start with me going into the Arcturians and you asking me some questions. But first, the Arcturians wanted me to tell you what happened with me yesterday. Okay?

Yesterday, I hit the curb – psychically, and I called a friend and said help! How do we do this? It’s so fast. Everything is going so fast now inside of us, but we look outside the window and it’s like the world always was – isn’t it? So our biggest problem is our doubt. Because we look outside and we are not seeing Star Ships flying around, we’re not seeing people levitating. We are not seeing beautiful fields and people teleporting.

We are seeing freeways and traffic and smog. We are not yet calibrated to perceive that frequency. I was finishing editing Book 3, and I got how amazing Book 3 really is. But, it ends with the Ascension of the Pleiades and what happened is what’s happening now. However, wrote that book over a year ago, which was validating.

In the book, The Pleiadian people Ascended, but they didn’t know they Ascended because they hadn’t adapted to their multi-dimensional perceptions yet. Therefore, their collective reality was still as a third-dimensional world. Then, there’s this whole group process that they had to go through before they could get enough Unity Consciousness to perceive what had actually already occurred.

When one person’s perception of reality began to shift, they could help other people to get to the place that they, too, could expand their perceptions. Then when they could expand their perceptions they could see that they actually were a Lightbody.

I sure I’m a Lightbody, I’m sure you’re a Lightbody. But we just see this physical core in the middle of a Lightbody. Let’s take a minute and calibrate our perceptions to see that Lightbody around us. I’m going to call in the Arcturians for this part.


A: Begin by feeling your earthen core. And you feel your core that is of a third-dimensional resonance. How do you experience that third-dimensional resonance of yourself?

L: That’s a good question. How do I experience it? I don’t have an answer. It’s somewhat heavy and slow. Those are the two words that I would use to describe it.

A: First your human self said, “That’s a good question.” Through your 3D perceptions you could only experience your 3D self. But then when you said, “How do ‘I’ experience it?” you flipped into a higher self and you said: “It’s somewhat heavy and slow.” When you are inside of your physical body, are you heavy? Do you walk around slowly?

L: No.

A: What you just did then is that you looked at yourself from that higher perspective didn’t you?

L: Right.

A: From that higher perspective, imagine that you are a Lightbody. From that perspective feel how heavy your physical form is.

L: Right.

A: Experience how slooooww it is. If you want to go anywhere, you have to walk or run or get in a car and drive or take a plane. Now let’s do the same thing with your reality. Of course as we are talking, someone is in a truck backing up and going beep, beep, beep. So we are always invaded by some unnecessary noise aren’t we?

L: Right

A: What else do you experience as you look into that physical reality?

L: Well what comes to mind is that there are always harmonic vibrations that are always being projected at us, such as the news, people and noise. Everything is always being projected at us, is what I feel.

A: Yes. There are all these right angle energy fields. So the energy field hits a wall and then it separates out and squirts all over. This is similar to if you threw something at a wall, it would either crack the wall or crack the thing that you threw at the wall. But the wall and the thing you threw at it wouldn’t blend into each other because they are separate – aren’t they?

L: Yes.

A: Now let’s take a moment and look at energy fields that converge at 120 degrees angles. Don’t they always do wiring at 120 degrees?

L: I’m not familiar with that.

S/A: (sue and Arcturian blended) If you wired electricity at 90degree angles that would create a short, but at 120 degrees the energies can blend into each other, like two rivers blending into one.

Now feel the difference in your physical self how something coming from a right angle would feel like two separate things bumping into each other. Now, let’s go into our Lightbody. As soon as I said that I felt the Kundalini just flash up my spine. Have you been feeling the Kundalini going up and down your spine lately?

L: Yes, and one of the questions I have to ask is that at night I’m always dreaming of snakes. And I know that snakes represent the Kundalini as well as fear, as so many are afraid of snakes. I wanted to ask, “What is the fear that I want to release?”

S: Well, let’s ask you. Go inside of yourself. The snake dreams could be fears and/or they could be about your rising Kundalini. I had an experience a long time ago, before any Kundalini was rising. I think it came to me for a reason. There are a lot of snakes in California. We were out in the woods and having an outside art class. We found a tree and put our blanket down by the tree and spent the whole day there.

We both did two or three pictures. It was really wonderful. At the end of the time I was picking up all of my stuff and I saw a snake two feet from where we were sitting. The rattlesnake was wrapped around the tree as it was shedding its skin and was rubbing up against the tree to help shed the skins. I thought, wow!

When we have snakes like that, that’s an initiation. The Native American’s believe that when animals come into our reality that there’s an initiation with it and you are often given your medicine. There is dear medicine and snake medicine and crow medicine and all the different animals give you a different initiation and different medicine/power.

Think about all of these snake dreams as initiations. Allow yourself to go into one of these dreams. Let one of these dreams to come forward and go into it so that you perceive the snake and experience the fear. Even if you just imagine it right now, it doesn’t matter. It’s all you working with your inner self.

How are you experiencing this snake?

L: What comes to mind is that there were snakes all over, even on my arm and I can’t remember the particular – but a fear of moving.

S: The snakes are moving. They are actually live snakes and they are crawling on your body?

L: Yes and they are all around me and my arm is stuck down and I even have a snake in my hand and it’s a fear of moving anywhere. If I move they will strike me.

S: There are two parts to this: There are many cultures in which it is an initiation to enter into a snake pit. Snakes don’t eat people. They only respond to human’s fear. I’ve had several experiences where I was directly next to a rattlesnake. One time it was even coiled.

I was a teenager and I had no fear. I don’t know why. Maybe I was too stupid to have fear. I don’t know why. I walked within a foot of it and it didn’t attack. Then unfortunately I went and told my father and he went and killed it – and I went – oh no! I’m responsible for this snake’s death, and it was so nice to me.

So, before you answer on a human level, go in to the reality in which you are having this initiation. Allow yourself to travel thru these past, parallel, alternate realities of yourself and what are you experiencing?

L: Just a wave of energy.

S: How does that wave of energy feel?

L: It’s like a bubble and it’s difficult to explain what direction it’s coming from. It’s almost like it’s coming from the inside and from the outside like waves that are moving in both directions, as well as moving through each other.

S: Now when these waves are coming from the inside and outside are they at right angles, are they 120 degree angles?

Lyle: They are at 90 degree angles.

S: If they are at 90 degree angles to each other they must have a degree of fear then.

L: Right.

S: Can you change the angle of the external energy and the internal energy and make sure that they meet at a 120 degree angle so that they can blend?

L: All right.
S: Are they blended now?
L: Yes and they are going away.

S: What’s going away?

L: The waves. Rather than coming in and hitting each other, they are blending and going off to the side.

S: What are the snakes doing when the energy field is blended with the environment, as well as with your inner and outer world?

L: They fade out. There isn’t the fear. They are docile and they become less prevalent.

S: Let’s just look at this as a metaphor for daily life and then we will go into seeing what this is. I have a feeling that this is definitely an initiation from a power life that would be good for you to bring forward. Okay?

In daily life the snakes represent all the snakes we have to deal with. Right? That person’s really a snake. When our inner life is at odds, butting against all of the external energies, we become bait and we become vulnerable. Then the snakes can get us.

The quickest way to deal with this challenge, and we often did it without realizing, is to wrap our selves in Unconditional Love. Then we are in the energy field of Unconditional Love. This energy field will often allow the Kundalini to flash up our spines to assist us to recalibrate us to the higher energies.

Feel the energies of unconditional love and the rising kundalini to blend. Feel how this energy field is like a warm blanket. Can you feel that?

L: Yes.

S: The snakes, the hassles of life – what happened?

L: The same — disappearing. One snake is still on my hand.

S: There’s still one in your hand?

L: Yes [laughing]

S: Okay, make friends with it – and send that snake Unconditional Love. Ask it: why is it there? The snake is a very good harbinger because, you know, a snake is the Kundalini.

L: You know as you say that and the snake is in my hand. It’s like I’m holding it but it’s not — it can’t harm me. It’s more like it is wanting me to use it. It’s in my hand and I’m holding it.

S: It can’t harm you or it won’t harm you? Do you see the difference in those two statements?

L: It can’t harm me. I don’t know that it won’t harm me.

S: The “can’t harm you” means that you won’t let it. But you’re still in a separate conflict oriented relationship. But if you think that it “won’t harm me,” then you trust it. Now knowing that the world can’t harm me because you are not going to let it mess with you, is a fully different manner of thinking and walking through reality then thinking that it won’t harm me.

L: Right

S: When you think that reality won’t harm us, we are in cooperation with reality and reality is in cooperation with us. Both reality and US, our self and our reality, are both wanting to ascend to a higher frequency.

L: Right

S: Then we move into that state of consciousness in which we are in a living in cooperation with our perceivably external reality. However, we also know full well that WE are the holographic projector that is projecting our reality from inside of us and out into the illusion of the hologram through which we are moving. Can you feel that?

L: It takes a while. Okay.

S: Envision yourself as a holographic projector. Now, project your holographic image of the reality you WANT to experience out through your High Heart and Third Eye. But, before you turn on your projector you want to make sure that you know what thoughts are being projected out via your Third Eye, and what emotions are being projected out via your High Heart.
This awareness of our own thoughts and emotions is vital, because when we go into 5D New Earth every thought and emotion is instantly manifest. What is it that you want to manifest right now?
L: To back up a minute, I see in my own life where I have a tendency to think that it is me against the world, as this world will harm me. I really love the thought that it’s not me working against something.

S: Yes, exactly. That is the 3D holographic model of comparison, competition, judgment and conflict.

L: Right.

S: From a third-dimensional standpoint you get an idea. Then we have to figure out how to make that idea work. But we know that our emotions are very important because if we go into thinking, “ I can’t do it. It’s too hard.” And we have the emotion of fear and self-pity, it will not occur, will it?

L: No.

S: However, if our emotions are, “I can do this, I will do this, I feel confident with myself that I can create this in my life.” Then it happens, doesn’t it?

L: Yes, you figure out a way. There is a way that pops out at you. I’ve experienced this before.

S: Yes, it pops right out at us. It’s so good. I am so happy that I am having this discussion with you because I’m getting so many answers for me too. The answer that I am getting is that I have gone into work martyr. I’ve been doing really a lot, and I’ve gone into work martyr. But, I think I’ve got the cart before the horse. I think that I went into work martyr because I was doing too much. In reality, I went into work martyr and that made it feel like too much.

L: I’ve got to think about that one.

S: I’ve got to think about it too. I get into the “too much” martyr mode. The Arcturian and Pleiadian SELF say, “Too much is a third-dimensional concept that can only be created through third-dimensional thinking which is limited to time and space.” However, when we are speaking in terms of our Multidimensional SELF, we have parallel alternate multidimensional realities all occurring at the same time.
Think about how many parallel realities we are living right now.

We will return soon for Part 2

* * *

* * *

samkaska: Babaji ::: Georgi Stankov Posted on September 6, 2014 ::: Erwarten des Aufstiegs ::: sharing

samkaska: Babaji ::: Georgi Stankov Posted on September 6, 2014 ::: Erwarten des Aufstiegs ::: sharing.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Babaji ::: Georgi Stankov Posted on September 6, 2014 ::: Erwarten des Aufstiegs ::: sharing

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The Military Defeat of the Kiev’s Nazi Junta by Russian Patriots 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 6, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, September 6, 2014

Only yesterday I discussed at length the military and political situation surrounding the Ukrainian crisis, in particular the resounding military defeat of the troops of the criminal Kiev”s Nazi Junta by Russian patriots in Southeastern Ukraine in the last few days and how this has compelled Poroshenko to negotiate with them a ceasefire in Minsk. All this against the recommendations of the NATO cabal at their summit in Wales and his previous statements that he will never negotiate with these “terrorists”, a term he borrowed from his dark Western masters, who use it as a universal alibi for a global war on humanity.

In the following, I am publishing a comprehensive and very informative article by the “Saker”, a somewhat shadowy figure about whom I personally know very little. He supposedly lives in Canada and is married to a Russian woman. Apart from these trifle details, he is a very knowledgeable person, who is excellently informed about Russian and world politics – a fact I can confirm beyond any doubt.

He is also presenting some very detailed information on the civil war in Ukraine, which you cannot find in any western MSM, the quality of which has reached the bottom long time ago and should be a shame to any decent journalist. One only needs to scroll down the daily crap, which BBC, the flagship of the AngloZionist propaganda, is producing these days, to know what I am talking about.

It is not a coincidence that most of the arguments, which I presented to Carla yesterday, why the West has lost this war with Russia and is now capitalizing their defeat by flippantly announcing to the whole world that their sanctions against Russia have allegedly brought Russia on the negotiation table and led to the current fragile ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine – all this, notwithstanding the fact that Russia has been demanding such negotiations for months now and has only fallen upon “deaf ears” in the West – are presented here by the Saker in an almost identical manner. Including the total forgetfulness of these imbeciles that the NATO secretary immediately denounced the 7 points plan of Putin for a ceasefire as an attempt to “freeze” the Ukrainian conflict in order to profit from this by preventing this country to enter NATO. The mouse is biting its rat’s tail.


Review by the Saker, September 4, 2014

Many major developments to report today. First, though I was trying very hard to contain my excitement over the past days, the level of success the Novorussian Armed Forces (NAF) against the Junta Repression Forces (JRF) appears to be absolutely amazing and, should Mariupol fall, which appears to be likely, I would speak of a strategic victory, something which I am normally extremely reluctant to do, especially when speaking to a force which only recently was a volunteer militia force. How could that possibly have happened?

Military situation:

I think that there is a second expression which now can be used without exaggeration: all the signs are that the JRF have reached their breaking point: this is the moment when a military force suddenly and completely collapses, like a damn which blows out under the pressure of water. The JRF is not retreating on one, two or even three directions, it is retreating everywhere (except north of Lugansk). Entire battalions are leaving the front under orders of their battalion commanders and without the approval of the Junta leaders. At least one such battalion commander is already being judged for desertion. The entire Ukie leadership seems to be in a panic mode, especially Iatseniuk and Kolomoiski, while the Nazis are mad as hell at the Poroshenko administration. There are constant rumors of an anti-Poroshenko coup by outraged Nazi nationalists.

And then, there are the absolutely staggering Ukrainian losses. Check out this list and this one (thanks to GM for the link!!). Finally, this list is also consistent with all the footage shown on the various video hosting sites such as YouTube. I will even add that this list is clearly incomplete, since it was made before the biggest Ukie losses occurred. But let’s not look at the exact numbers, let’s look at the suggested magnitude. This tells us that:
40’000+ Ukrainian soldiers have died.
600+ armored vehicles have been lost.
200+ artillery pieces have been lost (probably many more in reality).
Most of the Ukie aviation in flying condition has been lost.

If, as it appears likely, the real number of dead JRF soldiers is anywhere near the 30’000+40’000+ figure, then this is something absolutely unique in modern warfare. There might be an exception to this I have missed, but as far I can know in every single conflict since WWII (and including WWII), civilians have died in far greater numbers than combatants. This is also absolutely true of NAF soldiers who have died in far smaller numbers than Novorussian civilians. So unless these figures are completely off the mark, and I see no reason to believe this, the Junta forces were absolutely massacred in an horrible butchery which cannot completely be explained by the superb fighting skills of the Novorussians: clearly the Junta has used these forces as cannon fodder with not even a modicum of care, nevermind support, for them. Yes, the Novorussians had God, morale, common sense, the Truth, the GRU, history, decency, international law, covert support from Russia and whatever else on their side, but that does not explain the mind-boggling casualty figures of the Ukie side.

To me a life is a life, and a Ukie life is no less precious than a Russki life. Yes, I am delighted and relieved that the JRF were defeated and that the horrors which the Novorussians had to live through will possibly end soon. But I feel heartbroken and immensely sad for the thousands of innocent Ukrainians, who were used by their Junta and sent to die in the process of a criminal operation whose goal was the ethnically cleanse the entire Donbass of its population. And I am proud and happy by the way Russia and the Novorussians have treated the Ukie deserters and POWs. Even the worst ones, the artillery crews, which were shown videos of whom they murdered and of what they destroyed, they were confronted with their victims and sometimes they were ordered to work to rebuilt, as much as can be, the buildings, which they had destroyed (some broke down in complete hysterics, by the way). But there were no shot, tortured, mistreated in any way. They received medical attention, they were washed, clothed, fed and eventually sent back home. I consider that treatment another huge moral victory for the Russian Orthodox side, whose effects it will take many years to fully access.

The bottom line is this: Poroshenko promised a victory in a matter of weeks and his forces suffered one of the most total defeats in the history of warfare. Can the Ukies rearm? Yes, to some degree. Do they still have huge weapons stores? Yes, but all the (comparatively) better gear has been used by now. Can they still conduct a 4th, 5th and 6th mobilization? Possibly. Though the public mood is ominous at this time. Can the AngloZionists send them instructors, equipment and money? Yes. Will that turn the tide? Probably not. Unless the Ukies have held back and secretly trained a large number of soldiers over the past 3-4 months (like the Novorussians have done in Russia) and unless these soldiers are now ready to be sent in, fully equipped and ready to go, I don’t see the JRF bouncing back for a very long time. But the most likely thing is that this ridiculous “Banderastan” experiment has seriously begun sinking now and that many rats are leaving the ship. Last, but not least, for the very first time some mentally sane voices are being heard on Ukie TV.

For example, I have seen very interesting footage of a Ukie general (possibly retired) who, speaking in Russian, told a press conference that enough people had died and that it was wrong that people born in the same country, having the same culture and the same language (yes, he really said that!) were killing each other. He concluded “we are not only tired of shooting, we are tired of killing”. That kind of talk was never heard only weeks ago on Ukie TV. Sure, that creep Savik Shuster is still inviting Nazis on his 3 hour long weekly program, but I bet you that he has already made his suitcases and has an exist strategy ready (a move to Israel is what I suspect he will do).

NATO summit: the mouse that roared

It’s too early to call this one, since it’s not over yet, but so far hot air and a general impression of irrelevance seems to be the only result from this summit. First, the US and the UK have announced more sanctions, which makes me wonder about the other countries. Now they say that US and EU will impose sanctions, but we know that the Czechs and Slovaks have promised to veto any such move. But even if they do, this will be more of the kind of symbolic nonsense like banning Russian banks (who are leaving anyway) or Russian officials (who now see that as a mark of great honor). The goofiest idea came from, what else, the British who want to cut Russia off the SWIFT network. Which makes the Russians wonder how the EU wants to pay for its gas.

Oh, and then there is this 10’000 men rapid reaction force, whose creation is supposed to terrify the Kremlin. Let me tell you, as a military analyst, that rapid reaction forces are – by definition – not something you can use in a conventional war against a continental power like Russia with large number of men, artillery and armor. That is absolutely laughable. But even better is this: while the US and EU are discussing the creation of this force, Putin has already given the order to DOUBLE the size of the Russian Airborne Forces which, by the way, are superior (in training, equipment and capabilities) to any comparable western force, bar none.

art: Josetxo Ezcurra

Please understand me right: I am not dismissing NATO at all. As a militarized political organization its capability for malevolence is immense, but this is primary a problem for the EU countries which, at best, are something between a US protectorate or colony, and who have to put up with the ugly consequences of being subservient to this fully US-controlled supra-national enforcement instrument. For Russia the problem is the castrating effect NATO has on EU politicians as shown by the grotesquely stupid move by Francois Hollande to cancel (probably only *delay*) the delivery of the Mistrals to Russia. That kind of nonsense is the real by-product of NATO membership, but that hardly makes NATO a credible military threat.

Speaking of Hollande and his decision to delay the delivery of the Mistrals, the BBC gave some figures of the costs involved for France:

A French diplomat earlier said the contract was suspended until November, and the delay “could cost us 1bn euros”. The deal is worth 1.2bn euros – and Russia is reported to have paid most of it, so breach of contract would mean France having to reimburse that money. In addition, France would be liable for an extra 251m-euro penalty payment, French news website LCI reports.

Of course, the real costs of this debacle is a huge loss of credibility for France and its international image. It’s is all very well to proudly say “la France! la France!”, but when you act as a poodle, you get treated like one. In the polite world of international diplomacy nobody will say much, but everybody will know that everybody knows. And, of course, none of that hurts Russia one bit. At the most, the full complex of western “sanctions” against Russia are a short-term mild annoyance and a fantastic opportunity to finally tackle some much delayed and most urgently needed reforms. Frankly, I think that these sanctions are a blessing and, apparently, so do most Russians (according to recent opinion polls).

The EU – finally getting a little fed up?

There is no doubt that the EU’s abject subservience to AngloZionists has really hurt European economic and political interests. Not only that, but from an EU point of view, the situation in Banderastan is getting worse and worse and even worse. There are some signs that both the Poroshenko regime and the EU are finally becoming aware that unless they do something really, really, soon things might get much worse. And, exactly as Oleg Tsarev had predicted it, as soon as the NAF scored its first major victories the EU and Poroshenko suddenly became interested in negotiations. And, right on time, Putin offered his peace plan.

Putin’s 7 point peace plan

As peace plans come, this one is pretty much a no-brainer and contains only rather obvious points. Hardly earth shattering, but still a very good basis, especially when combined with a clear message to the Ukies that Russia is not a part to this conflict and that everything must be negotiated in direct talks with Novorussia. As for the Novorussians, they have already basically agreed to a slightly amended version of the plan. Interestingly, so apparently has Poroshenko. In contrast, Iatseniuk is enraged and apparently wants to built a wall along the Russian border (he really seems off his meds recently). Finally, it appears that Merkel and the OSCE are fully backing the plan, while Fabius is very reluctantly “not opposed”.

Of course, we all know that the Ukies and the EU have broken every single agreement they ever committed to, since this war started, but this time there is no doubt left whatsoever about the outcome, should no negotiated agreement be reached. And since the Ukies and the EU need this peace plan much more than Russia, they might want to stick to their word this time. Maybe.

An important thing about this plan is that it contains only immediate to short-term elements. There is nothing at all in it about any final status for Novorussia or, for that matter, of the rest of the Ukraine. And this is exact how this should be.

Why? Because what is important in this plan is not what it says, but what it implies: “you have lost and we can restart this one anytime we want“. Yes, I know, neither the Novorussians nor the Russians have said any such thing, but remember that making threats is not the Russian way. Russians do not promise, they do not threaten – they just act. And if Obama, Cameron or Hollande are too stupid to understand this, Poroshenko (being, as any other Ukie “oligarch”, a Mafia boss) knows that very well. I promise you that there is a deep level of mutual understanding between Putin and Poroshenko which no western leader will ever imagine.

The smile which says it all

For all the bullshit about nationalism and politics, they are both Russian strongmen, clan bosses, and even if Poroshenko is a tiny little insect in comparison to Putin, they still have that “clan boss” culture in common and that means that Putin has absolutely no need to make any threats to Poroshenko simply because Poroshenko already knows. For example, I heard on Ukie TV that Putin had allegedly told an OSCE official that “if he wanted he could take Kiev in two weeks”. Whether this is true or not (I doubt it – it can be done in less time) is not the point. The point is that this is exactly the kind of “explanations”, which Putin does not need to convey to Poroshenko, but that he might need to “clarify reality” to some western diplomat of the “intellectual caliber” of, say, Hollande or Rasmussen (actually Baroso, note George).

So are the Europeans waking up? Is the Russian strategy to push a wedge between the EU and the US working? I think that this is too early to tell, but I am becoming cautiously optimistic. The way Merkel immediately endorsed the “Putin plan” might be a sign that at least Germany is starting to seriously feel the heat.

Tomorrow in Minsk?

Tomorrow will be huge. Not only is the NATO summit concluding, but the Ukies are meeting with the Novorussians under the watchful eyes of Russia and Belarus. Apparently topics will range from energy to the peace plan (the EU probably will want guarantees for its gas in exchange for supporting the plan). The biggest threat now is that the AngloZionists and their Nazi allies in the Ukraine will be very very angry if a deal is made.

Frankly, Poroshenko is taking a big personal risk, but since his situation is already very precarious, he might have figured that an 11th hour “rebranding” of himself as a “peacemaker” might not be the worst possible outcome, especially if the Germans try hard to protect him. As for the US, it might turn to its time-honored tradition and simply dump Poroshenko. My biggest concern are the bona fide Nazis a la Iarosh, Timoshenko, Iatseniuk or Tiagnibok, who will be absolutely outraged at any deal made with Putin. Likewise, the oligarchs like Akhmetov and Kolomoiski (who hate each other) will also be furious, as will Hunter Biden.

art: Josetxo Ezcurra

The sad fact is that there is an entire clique of Ukrainian Nazis and oligarchs, who much rather continue the war against Russia (because this is, of course, what this is really all about!) to the last Ukrainian soldier, if need be, rather than accepting a deal, especially a very bitter one like the one presented to Kiev right now. Because, let’s be honest here, this will be packaged in all sorts of noble and lofty words, but we are talking about a capitulation and not some kind of meaningful compromise, at least from the Ukie point of view.

What the Ukraine really needs right now is a real process of denazification. There is another “Ukraine” out there, at least potentially, if not historically, which could be very different from the Banderastan the AngloZionists have created. Yes, Ukrainian nationalism is the product of centuries of west European machinations and conspiracies, but this does not mean that it has to forever remain hostage of the hateful forces, which have created it. For one thing, this conflict has constantly obfuscated the fact that most Ukrainians and most Russians want an independent Ukraine to exist. This will be hard to prove at this point, but I believe that the only region of the ex-Ukraine, which really wanted to join Russia was Crimea. The Donbass would have settled for much less.

I am absolutely convinced that the stupid Nazis really did it to themselves, that blinded by their rabid hatred of everything Russia or Orthodox, they simply could not help act the way they did, because it was “in their nature“. Now it is too late to turn things around, you cannot magically undo that horrible and crazy civil war. But it might be possible to use the reflexion about the causes and results of this outcome to push for a real denazification of the Ukraine. After all, no matter how brainwashed they currently are, most Ukrainians will come to realize that it took the crazy Ukie nationalists only 6 months to completely destroy their country and that all that this sick ideology of hatred and ignorance brought them is poverty, violence, humiliation and death. But I am looking way too far ahead.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings (or not) and then, where this might lead us. What is certain is that even if tomorrow brings a vapid and meaningless NATO summit and a peace deal in Minsk (it did, note George), this will be way, way, way too early to celebrate. At best, it will be one first step in the right direction, but only one step on a long and still very dangerous road.

Stay tuned, I will try to keep you informed the best I can.

Kind regards,

The Saker

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Erwarten des Aufstiegs
by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 5, 2014

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 28, 2014
first published on September 4, 2014 in

Georgi Stankov

Diese Botschaft ist eine glänzende Bestätigung von all dem, was wir auf dieser Webseite bisher besprochen haben und auch tun. Der letzte PAT Report bezeugt diese Einstellung am Vorabend unseres Aufstiegs. Es war schon immer meine tiefe Überzeugung, dass das richtige Verständnis des Wesens der Raumzeit der Schlüssel zum Begreifen unserer multidimensionalen Natur als Schöpfergötter und des Aufstiegsszenario ist. Alle meinen gnostischen Bücher gehen vom Wesen der Raumzeit aus, aber auch alle meine wissenschaftlichen Werke. Es gibt nichts anders in dieser 3D Realität. Raumzeit ist 3D Realität und lineare Zeit ist eine Illusion – sie ist zugleich Raum bzw. Entfernung. Nun wird dieses kardinale gnostische Thema noch einmal von Babaji unterstrichen.

Was mir persönlich in dieser Botschaft sehr imponiert, ist allerdings sein Kommentar über die lauen Menschen:

“Unerträglich sind die Lauen, unzumutbar ist das Halbe, unzulänglich ist ein Mensch, der alles, was er tut, mit halben Absichten, halber Kraft und halben Interesse tut. Diese Menschen kenne ich solange nicht, bis sie dieses Verhalten abändern. Weder Licht noch Schatten spende ich in diesem Falle, da diese Menschen beider unwürdig sind. Und die Lauen haben diese Welt bisher im Griff.

Die Lauen dominieren die spirituelle Szene, die Lauen die, voller Eifersucht und Neid, voller Hass und Lieblosigkeit, sich zu neuen Gurus aufschwingen ohne auch nur die geringste Qualifikation dafür vorzuweisen. Und qualifiziert ist, wer sich selbst von sich selbst in Kenntnis gebracht hat, der, von dem alles Niedrige abgefallen ist, und der weiß, dass nur die Klarheit, Einfachheit und Wahrheit, dem Licht den Weg ebnen und den Weg der Liebe manifestiert.“

Wer sind die Lauen, die Leidenschaftslosen? Sie sind die überwiegende Mehrheit der Menschheit und auch der Esoterikszene. Und wodurch zeichnen sie sich in erster Linie aus? Durch ihr Unvermögen, sich für die Sache mit voller Kraft und Überzeugung einzusetzen. Aus diesem Grund leben sie ein Leben voller Widersprüche, Selbstverrat und Verrat an andere.

Sie sind somit die Feiglinge der Gesellschaft und nicht selten die Verräter, die Judas der Propheten. Aus diesem Grund haben sowohl Albert Camus, als auch Jean Paul Sartre, die Begründer des französischen Existentialismus, diese Gruppe von lauen Menschen (le lache) mit allergrößter Verachtung in ihren philosophischen Werken bedacht. Sie hatten frisch vor Augen, wie sich diese feige Mehrheit der Franzosen der Nazi Okkupation und dem Vichi Regime freiwillig beugte und bereit war, alle Schweinereien der Nazis mitzutragen und gutzuheißen, wie übrigens auch alle Deutschen.

Der französische Existentialismus der Nachkriegszeit, die wohl einflussreichste philosophische Bewegung des 20. Jahrhunderts, war somit nicht nur die deutlichste Absage an diese Welt und 3D Realität und somit erstaunlich transzendent in seiner Auffassung, sondern auch die entschiedene Absage an alle lauen Menschen auf dieser Erde, die nicht die geringste Chance haben, jemals aufzusteigen, solange sie “lache”, also feige bleiben und die leidenschaftliche Natur ihrer Seele leugnen.

Es ist erstaunlich, dass gerade dieser zentrale Aspekt des Existentialismus am wenigsten verstanden wurde und kaum eine Rolle im politischen und gesellschaftlichen Leben spielt. Ganz im Gegenteil! Insbesondere in Frankreich, aber auch in allen westlichen Ländern. Diese Tatsache erklärt jedoch, warum die wenigen leidenschaftlichen Verfechter der Aufstiegsidee mit einem solchen Hass und Ablehnung begegnet werden, wie es mit mir geschah, sobald ich an die Öffentlichkeit trat und anfing, die Lauen der New Age Bewegung zu entlarven. Es sind gerade diejenigen, die auch Opfer der dunklen Kräfte wurden und damit deren Handlanger und die Aufstiegsidee hoffnungslos verraten haben.

Somit ist diese Botschaft von Babaji das abschließende Urteil über diese gescheiterte Bewegung und über die große Mehrheit der Menschen, die nun unabwendbar vor dem großen Meister, dem Tod, stehen und seine Lektionen erst lernen müssen, bevor sie die laue Haltung für immer überwinden.

Denn Seele ist Leidenschaft, Pathos, Enthusiasmus (in theos sein), Empathie, bedingungslose Liebe und vor allem Mut, diese Gefühle zum Ausdruck zu bringen, koste es, was es wolle. Mit anderen Worten, richtig Mensch mit Seele und Leib sein und nicht ein Zombie oder seelenloser Duplikat, wie 90% der aktuellen Bevölkerung auf dieser Zeitlinie nun mal sind. Damit durfte das Wesentliche zur Qualität dieser Zeit vorgetragen sein.


Fallt nicht in alte Gewohnheiten zurück, jetzt, wo ihr beginnt das Jetzt zu begreifen!

Ich bin BABAJI

Macht jeden Moment eures Tages zu einem Dienst an Gott. Gottesdienst besteht darin, jeden Gedanken, jedes Wort und jede Tat, mag sich auch noch so gering, unwesentlich und unbedeutend erscheinen, in der bewussten Gegenwart Gottes zu vollbringen. Die Gegenwart Gottes und das Jetzt sind untrennbar miteinander verbunden, und so erinnere ich euch jetzt daran.

Das Jetzt zu begreifen bedeutet, sich der Gegenwart Gottes in jedem Augenblick bewusst zu sein.

Lasst nicht nach in eurem Bestreben nach Vollkommenheit. Ändert euer Denken, ändert eure Sprache, ändert eure Handlungen, solange, bis ihr ganz von Gott ausgefüllt seid und bis eure niedere menschliche Natur von Gott und dem Licht Gottes niedergerungen und vollständig transformiert ist.

Gotteserkenntnis und die Erkenntnis des Jetzt sind zwei Liebende, die durch nichts und niemanden getrennt werden können.

Hochplateau im Aufstiegsprozess

Nun erlangen wir das nächste Hochplateau im Prozess des Aufstiegs. Und das bedeutet, eine neue Leichtigkeit tritt ein. Leichtigkeit bei jenen, die begriffen haben, Leichtigkeit bei jenen, die wissen, Leichtigkeit bei jenen, die vom Abwarten in das tagtägliche Tun eingetreten sind, und die tatkräftig, mutig und bedingungslos jeden Tag feiern, so, als wäre es der erste und der letzte Tag auf dieser Welt.

Diese innere Leichtigkeit begegnet der Schwere dieser Welt mit Gleichmut und anstatt die Zustände dieser Ebene zu ertragen, werden sie transformiert. Eine Fähigkeit, die immer mehr Meister dieser Zeit verinnerlichen und ausüben, so, wie es wahren Schöpfergöttern angemessen ist. Schreitet mutig die Treppen in die Himmel empor. Treppe um Treppe, es ist überflüssig zwei Treppen in einem Schritt zu nehmen, da euch die Ankunft im Himmelreich gewiss ist.

Orientierung fern von Konzepten

Durchtrennt alle Abhängigkeiten zu dieser Welt. Abhängigkeiten im Denken, im Fühlen, im Empfinden und im spirituellen Erleben. Löscht alle Konzepte, die euch bisher Orientierung boten und übergebt euer Leben dem Einen großen Kreator – Gott. Ein konzeptloses Leben in Gott ist der Boden, auf dem Gotteserkenntnis reift und eintritt. Daher vergesst auch die Konzepte über den stattfindenden Aufstieg. Diese boten euch bisher Halt, Sicherheit, Gewissheit und Zuversicht.

Trugen euch weiter, so ihr ermattet ward, richteten euch auf, so ihr nicht weiter wusstet. Dies ist heute nicht mehr notwendig. Die Aufstiegsdynamik ändert sich in jedem Augenblick. Was unverändert bleibt, ist die Tatsache, dass diese Dynamik unaufhaltsam dem finalen großen Ereignis entgegeneilt – in einer unglaublichen Rasanz und Zielstrebigkeit; was dennoch von den meisten Menschen, deren Vater, derer Mutter, deren Ursprung ich bin, unbemerkt bleibt. Ihr jedoch, die ihr bis hierher geschritten seid, ihr, die ihr die 108 Treppen in die Himmel nahezu vollendet habt, ihr seid durch Erkenntnis gesegnet, durch Wissen gestärkt und durch das Licht erleuchtet.

Euch wird das Jetzt zur zweiten Natur, jetzt, da sich die Zeit erfüllt und da diese Erfüllung die Raumzeit umfasst. Denkt niemals von heute bis morgen! Wer so denkt, der schafft sich selbst einen Käfig und der ist ein Gefangener seiner eigenen Gewohnheiten in dem noch nicht überwundenen linearen Denken.

Der Augenblick, Das Jetzt.

Denkt vielmehr immer den Moment und im Augenblick! Was ist Jetzt von Wert, welchen Schritt habe ich jetzt zu setzen und was ist es jetzt, das meine ungeteilte Aufmerksamkeit verdient? Solcher Art werden die Tage bis zum Aufstieg vergehen, wie ein Wimpernschlag in der Zeit und solcher Art wird die Raumzeit überwunden, lange bevor sie verlassen ist. Widmet euch mit aller Kraft dem Verstehen des Jetzt. Verlasst die Ebene des Tagezählens bis zum Aufstieg und verlasst die Zeit, in dem ihr sie auf der Ebene der Zeit als Illusion durchschaut.

Vor vielen Jahren wurde euch von BABAJI verkündet, dass die große Revolution kommt. Und viele meinten, diese Verkündigung träfe nicht ein, denn das Warten in Jahrzehnten, machte viele mutlos und schwach und sie verloren jede Hoffnung. Heute erneuere ich diese Wahrheit und verkünde euch: Die große Revolution ist im Gange und es ist Zeit, dass auch jene, die meinten vergebens zu warten aufwachen und sich erheben, denn Jahrzehnte bedeuten für BABAJI weniger als ein Augenblick.

Verlasst nun die Gefangenschaft der Zeit, in dem ihr euch selbst als grenzenloses universelles, sich über-all im Sein manifestierendes Wesen begreift. Denn: Je enger ihr euch an die menschliche Wirklichkeit gebunden fühlt, desto unerträglicher wird das Leben in derselben. Daher löst diese Illusionen auf, indem ihr das Leben, wie es ist, annehmt und ohne zu zögern bereit seid, den Weingarten des Herrn zu verlassen, so ihr dazu von Gott selbst aufgefordert seid.

Der Aufstieg in das Licht ist zuerst ein Einstieg in eure ewige Wirklichkeit eines Schöpfergottes. Und dieser Einstieg muss auf der noch trägen Erde erfolgen, um den Mantel der Illusion abzulegen und das Lichtgewand des Schöpfers zu erhalten. Jenseits des Schleiers ist dieses Wissen allgegenwärtig, diesseits jedoch herrscht ein ständiges Ringen danach.

Raumzeit überwinden

Die Aufsteigenden haben heute die eine große Aufgabe: Das Raumzeit-Kontinuum in ihrem Kopf, in ihrem Herzen, in ihrer Seele und in ihrem ganzen Wesen, dass diese Ebene belebt, zu durchbrechen und zu überwinden. Dann ist alles leicht, dann hat der Flug ins Licht bereits begonnen und dann setzt sich dieser nur fort, am Tage, der da ist: Der letzte Tag der Zeit. Näher und näher kommt der Tag der Wahrheit.

Näher und näher kommt der Tag, an dem sich der Menschheit Gott offenbart. Die großen Umbrüche haben Millionen 4D-Ebenen erreicht; und in der Gewissheit, die schöpferischen Prozessen zu eigen ist, erreichen diese Ereignisse den Mutterplaneten des Aufstiegs. Ereignisse, die mit aller Kraft auf diese Ebene eintreffen. Wobei diese Ereignisse von den geheiligten Lichtkriegern der ersten und letzten Stunden als Befreiung und große Gnade erfahren werden und von den Menschen, die durch das Ignorieren dieser Tatsache Frieden finden wollten, als großer Akt der Zerstörung erlebt werden.

Feuer Shivas

Das Feuer Shivas senkt sich auf diese Welt – dies wurde euch bereits verkündet. Und ich verkünde euch jetzt: Das Feuer Shivas hat diese Welt erreicht. Euer Erbe ist der Himmel, eure Sehnsucht ist Gott, eure ganze Hingabe gehört Gott.

Jetzt aufgeben?

Ihr seid lange auf diesem Moment vorbereitet worden, damit ihr dieser Raumzeit als geheiligte Wesenheiten entsteigt. Warum habt ihr so viele Leben hier zugebracht, warum seid ihr von Meistern sondern Zahl geschult und unterwiesen worden? Damit ihr jetzt aufgebt, in Ermangelung der letzten Erkenntnis? Aufgeben, aufgrund der Unkenntnis über das „Jetzt“, der Gleichzeitigkeit allen Lebens?

Nein, das ist nicht der Weg, der zu Gott führt und in die Himmel. Ihr seid vorbereitet worden für diese „Tage des langen Erwartens“, die nicht enden wollen und die dennoch längst beendet sind. Ihr seid vorbereitet für diese letzte Epoche der großen menschlichen Reise durch Raum und Zeit, um den verwirrten und verirrten Menschenseelen das Licht zu sein, wodurch sie am Ende, wie ihr, den Sieg über die Finsternis erringen werden.

Jetzt. Da die Irrtümer immer noch so häufig sind, wie Kieselsteine am Rande des Weges, jetzt, da die Manipulationen des menschlichen Geistes immer noch so weit verbreitet sind wie die Luft, die ihr einatmet; jetzt benötigen die Lichtkrieger, die in die Irre gehen, die heilende Unterstützung der bereits vollendeten Meister; die Hilfe derer, die die Aufgabe, so viele Menschen wie nur möglich in die Himmel zu geleiten, übernommen haben.

Warten auf Erlösung

Und nur diese ausgesuchten Lichtkrieger vieler Zeiten, vieler Welten, können in diesen letzten Tagen der Raumzeit die Nerven behalten und sich aus der engen Begrenzung, die das „Warten auf die Erlösung“ mit sich bringt, befreien. Überwinden der Begrenzungen im Denken, Fühlen, Empfinden und Handeln, ist das Gebot der Stunde. Und alles Gewohnheitsmäßige fallt nun von denen, die als die großen Wissenden dieser Zeit bezeichnet werden und die „großen Einen“ verkörpern, wie Schuppen von der Haut, ab.

Babaji ist mit Dir, mein Kind! Mit Dir! Jeden Tag, jeden Moment des Tages und jeden Augenblick. Dein Schlaf, ist die Zeit, in der ich bei dir wache, dein Wachbewusstsein ist die Zeit, in der ich dich in aller Stille führe und unterweise. Unendlich viele Spiegelbilder enthülle ich dir, so du bereit bist hinzublicken.

Im Spiegel Babajis

Dein Leben ist ein Leben im Spiegel Babajis. Wie kann es anders sein, wo alles Leben die Spiegelung ist von mir, der ich bin – Babaji. Ewiges, unwandelbares und allgegenwärtiges Bewusstsein. Und in diesem Spiegel erkennst du alles, was du wahrnimmst als Illusion und das Alles-Was-Ist-Bewusstsein in Gott, ist einzige Wirklichkeit. Babaji kennt dich und jeden Menschen. Babaji liebt die Welt und liebt jeden Menschen.

Selbst die verlorenen Seelen, die sich in dieser Zeit verlaufen haben, finden in mir heilende Zuflucht – am Tage, den sie selbst erwählen; und ich erwarte diese Kinder mit große Sehnsucht. Die, die sich verlieren, erhalten Mitgefühl, die, die erhoben werden, erhalten das Zepter eines mitfühlenden Schöpfergottes. Wenn sich Babaji von einem Menschen abwendet, dann nur, um diesem Menschen die Hinwendung zum Licht und der Liebe, die ich bin, zu ermöglichen.

Denn je lichtarmer ein Leben, desto schneller tritt die Sehnsucht nach dem Licht hervor. Unerträglich sind die Lauen, unzumutbar ist das Halbe, unzulänglich ist ein Mensch, der alles, was er tut, mit halben Absichten, halber Kraft und halben Interesse tut. Diese Menschen kenne ich solange nicht, bis sie dieses Verhalten abändern. Weder Licht noch Schatten spende ich in diesem Falle, da diese Menschen beider unwürdig sind.

Und die Lauen haben diese Welt bisher im Griff. Die Lauen dominieren die spirituelle Szene, die Lauen die, voller Eifersucht und Neid, voller Hass und Lieblosigkeit,sich zu neuen Gurus aufschwingen ohne auch nur die geringste Qualifikation dafür vorzuweisen.

Und qualifiziert ist, wer sich selbst von sich selbst in Kenntnis gebracht hat, der, von dem alles Niedrige abgefallen ist, und der weiß, dass nur die Klarheit, Einfachheit und Wahrheit, dem Licht den Weg ebnen und den Weg der Liebe manifestiert.

Wer kennt Babaji? Niemand. Wer hat Mut mich kennen zu lernen? Wenige. Wer sucht meine Nähe? Viele, da sie nicht wissen, was ich verlange und wer ich wirklich bin? Ich entsende viele, jedoch nur die Wenigsten halten durch und arbeiten am Feld, das ich ihnen als Geschenk ihrer Verwirklichung übertrage, unermüdlich weiter. Solange, bis die Früchte gereift sind und bis es nichts mehr zu tun gibt auf diesem Gnadenfeld des Schöpfers.

Der lange Zyklus des vergänglichen Lebens endet auf dieser Welt und neue Welten werden und sind dafür erschaffen. Der Übertritt in diese Welten findet statt, und täuscht euch nicht: Je länger sich dieser Moment der Gnade in der Zeit auszudehnen scheint, desto wirklicher wird er sein, sobald sich der Horizont eintrübt, woraufhin sich ein neues Licht am Firmament erhebt.

Wie weit wollt ihr gehen? Bis zum Ende ohne Ende und bis zum Anfang ohne Anfang? Bis ins JETZT? Dann kommt! Es ist dir der Weg geebnet, es ist dir Weg bereitet, es ist dir der Weg vorgezeichnet, denn du bist der Weg, die Wahrheit und das Leben. Dies ist die Wirklichkeit, die der Vergangenheit und der Zukunft die Macht über dein Leben nimmt, denn… der Weg und das Jetzt sind zwei Liebende, die durch nichts und niemandem voneinander zu trennen sind.

Ich bin

* * *

* * *