Vel sanus: ▶ Fubatsu no kata, Shizen Shigoku no kata level – Shinden Fudō Ryū Dakentaijutsu – MESSAGE FROM GAIA (3) : YOU ARE HOME EVERYWHERE:: sharing

Vel sanus: ▶ Fubatsu no kata, Shizen Shigoku no kata level – Shinden Fudō Ryū Dakentaijutsu – MESSAGE FROM GAIA (3) : YOU ARE HOME EVERYWHERE:: sharing.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

▶ Fubatsu no kata, Shizen Shigoku no kata level – Shinden Fudō Ryū Dakentaijutsu – MESSAGE FROM GAIA (3) : YOU ARE HOME EVERYWHERE:: sharing

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My Entry NOW

Within the NOW of this morning, I am releasing our journal entry to beloved Gaia:

My loyal Ascending Ones,

I, your Mother Earth, please not for myself, but for my devoted Devic Kingdom. The highest expressions of my Devic Kingdom are the Elohim, the formless creators and holders of form. These Beings reside in the eighth through twelfth dimensions to guide their assistants, the Devas.

The Devas resonate to the fifth through eighth dimensions. They receive the higher ideals of the Elohim and transfer them on to the Elementals. The Elementals reside in the fourth and lower fifth dimensions to create form for visiting life-streams to wear and experience during their visit to any reality of form.

I wish to focus now on my dear Elementals who have been working very diligently to assist my myriad life forms to transmute their chosen form into the fifth dimension. The Elementals are busily assisting my human, animal and plant Beings to raise their resonance up from the third/fourth dimensional frequencies into the fourth/fifth dimensional frequencies and, finally, into their fifth dimensional expressions.

The transition from the third dimensional expression into the fourth dimensional expression is not too difficult as it merely involved the expansion of third dimensional consciousness into the fourth dimensional aura. Let me remind you that I, Gaia, see all my life forms as equal expressions of my embodiment. Therefore, my plant, animal and human (higher animals) are ALL equal in my heart. I know that my humans have been lost in the illusion that their expression is superior to the expressions of the plants and animals. This misconception has allowed the lost ones to cause great destruction to my plant and animal children, as well as my land, waters and atmosphere.

Fortunately, my ascending ones are remembering that ALL life is ONE. It is this memory that is allowing them to assist me with my process of ascension. Unfortunately, many of my human ones are still asleep and are continuing to damage my other expressions of form. Hence, my Elementals have been healing the damage done to the myriad area of my planetary body. My Elementals are also assisting my ascending humans, plants, animals and third dimensional elements of earth, air, fire and water.

I will now allow my Elementals to speak for themselves. Like many of my life forms, my Elementals live within Unity Consciousness. In fact, the only life forms that experience Individual Consciousness are my humans. This Individual Consciousness has been both a blessing and a curse to humanity and to me. Speaking for all the members of my planet, I say, “Thank you dear humans for your escalating return to Unity Consciousness.

I, your Mother, am very proud that you still contain your “spark of individuality” while also embracing your expanding Unity Consciousness. Individuality for my humans has been a consequence of my intense polarity. Fortunately, as I am returning to my fifth dimensional expression, I will not longer be burdened by the challenge of the intense separation of the lower frequencies of reality.

It is difficult for my Devic Kingdom to hold their forms steady while so many negative thoughts, emotions and concepts of domination fill my aura. Fortunately, my ascending humans are remembering the creative power of their thoughts and emotions. They are also learning to balance that power with their divine attributes of wisdom and love. Therefore, before my Elementals come forth to communicate with you, I would like to thank my dear ascending humans for remembering the stewardship that they have vowed to hold over my body.

My Elementals are very pleased that they now have the cooperation of humans while they diligently work to return my form to my fifth dimensional expression. One final comment to my humans, please remember that you too have Elementals within your body who are serving you in your process of ascension. As you remember to cooperate with them, you will find that you transition of form will progress in an increasingly smooth and loving manner.

My first Elementals to communicate with you are my Earth Elementals, the Gnomes:

Good Nowness Dear Humans,

We say “Nowness” for we experience only NOW, as do all Elementals. It is only through the perception of our humans that we experience time. We say “our humans” because we live in complete unity with the human bodies through which we flow. We, the Elementals of the earth, have been engaged in healing the immense damage that humans have done to the body of Gaia, as well as to their own bodies.

No only have the humans taken many toxic substances into their body’s, they have also put many substances into the body of Gaia which are damaging to Her health. We will not go into the many ways in which humans have poisoned the land and disrupted the balance of nature because we are here now to thank you. Dear awakened and ascending humans, we wish to thank you for clearing many of the personal and planetary wounds that have resulted from humanity’s long journey through the dark nights of forgetfulness.

We can instantly perceive the humans who are in the process of healing their bodies, as well as the body of Gaia. Because they are ready to change and to assist with the planetary shift, we can more readily transmute their third/fourth dimensional frequencies of expression into fourth/fifth dimensions. We assist them by cleaning up the waste material of the third and lower fourth dimensional wounds.

This clearing of that which has completed its cycle greatly facilitates new growth. Our process is similar to when humans trim the dead flowers from a plant. Our beloved plants love every component of themselves and spread their life force evenly throughout their Being. When humans clip off the dead flowers, the energy that once went towards healing can go towards new growth.

It is greatly helpful to us when humans contain their negative thoughts, emotions and actions so that they are no longer create wounds on the body of Gaia. Once these wounds are created we, the Elementals, must focus on healing them. On the other hand, we wish to give thanks to the humans who are now assisting us by transmuting the damage that was created by humanities forgetfulness and need to dominate. The reason why humanity was so destructive was because they had forgotten their own power. They /you forgot that YOU have the power to create with your thoughts and emotions.

It is this forgotten power that we, the Elementals, wish to address. If you wish to remain in the fifth dimensional expression of New Earth, you must remember that your EVERY thought and emotion will become manifest. Fortunately, there is a threshold reality of New Earth that will still have a bit of delay between thoughts/emotions and manifestations. However, even in that reality you will no longer be able to adhere to any fifth dimensional matrix if fall into fear and allow your resonance to drop.

Gnomes work a great deal with the Matrix of Gaia, which is much like the bones of your human body. The Matrix supports the form of Earth, just as your bones support your earth vessel. If the support system of a Being is not strong, than the entire Being will be weakened. It is wonderful, and so deeply appreciated, that many humans are performing healing ceremonies for their Mother Earth. Because of your willingness to assist us, we request that you assist us in healing Gaia’s Matrix so that it can more easily transcend into its higher frequency format.

We are also aware of the deliberate destruction that the dark human have created on Gaia’s body and of the damage created by the greed for more, more, more and bigger, bigger, bigger. However, that is an issue for you humans to work out among yourselves. We know that masses are awakening from their long sleep of indoctrination and domination and are standing up for their rights and taking back their power. Within the long dark night of the last 12,000 years many humans have suffered greatly.

Happily, now you are awakening enough that we can lovingly remind you to be responsible for your own thoughts and emotions. Please remember that your every thought becomes manifest, and your every emotions gives that manifestation life. If you could see the many fear-filled though-forms that we must “clip from the body of Gaia,” you would all be very embarrassed.

You are aware that you leave physical litter on the ground, in the water, in the sky. But, are you aware of the fourth dimensional litter that you leave in the aura of your body, your home, your workplace and everyplace that you lose control of your consciousness and fall into fear?

If you call us, we will assist you in remembering that YOU are the creator of your reality. What thoughts have you had today? If you want that answer, just look at your day. How did it go? You created that day. If you want a better day, then BE the Master of your own energy. Be conscious that we are bound to create that, which you think and feel. Remember to acknowledge and feel the power of your wisdom and love.

We are joyous to see that you are also transmuting into your higher expression for we need your help to transmute our carbon-based world into a crystalline-based world. Remember that we are a team who can work as ONE to ascend our planet. Begin by feeling our elemental energy in your body. See us in and on your land, in your gardens and under your trees.

We are extremely grateful for those of you who create healing ceremonies and stand up for the rights of Gaia. However, we ask for a bit more. We ask that you remember that YOU create your reality with your thoughts and emotions. If your consciousness becomes dark and fearful, you give us a lot of extra work to do. On the other hand, when your consciousness is filled with light and unconditional love, you assist us more than you could ever imagine.

We Earth Elemental of Gaia, thank you in advance for what we KNOW you will do!

Next you will hear from the Air, Fire and Water Elementals.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 16th June 2012 by Shanti
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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Dear Ones, I AM Gaia!

Have you been enjoying My Pristine Beauty while living your life? I have created this beauty from the depth of my Being, from the depth of my spiritual consciousness! I Am That.

Go and visit the Beauty of my Nature and you will recognize Me, feel Me, your hearts will be elevated. And I have created all of it, to show you the path of Truth.

How could you ever believe one moment that there is no God, no Divine Mother, but that rather only emptiness exists, and death and hate, when you at the same time, even in your apparently ugly and dirty cities have been able to discover at least traces of my perfect Beauty?

How could you believe in death, as the Beings of my Kingdoms radiate eternity and immortal consciousness?

Yes, your own consciousness has been obscured for so long!

But now, as you are waking up you discover my deep fullness in your heart and you discover the secret of life in your soul.

What is reflected to you when you experience My Nature tells you everything about the universe, tells you the hidden mysteries of your past and the messages that arrived from the stars.

You have never been separated from that unity, you are part of all existence, but in your awareness and thinking pattern you were convinced so long about this separation and did not even doubt it. But this Oneness must be EXPERIENCED now!

From wherever you come and wherever you go, the breath of eternity is always with you. And as your consciousness is awakening, to embrace the Microcosmos and the Macrocosmos as One, not as an objective observation, but as an innate knowing and experience, you will notice that you are Home everywhere, where this Divine Unity is lived and worshipped with the heart of understanding.

As you return to Home, you return to Yourself and not to any place, near or far. In the heart of each Blossom, each Flower, each Tree, every Animal, and in all My Elements and Creations, you’ll find the Heart of God, which Is everywhere the Same and Yourself.

Now you start to understand, now you see and recognize again what you have forgotten. And while you remember Yourself, you remember Me, the Divinity of My Creation and the Beauty with which I surround you, my dear Ones.

Now the Presence of my Spirit is turning from my Inner Heart to outside, and like the waves of my oceans are bathing my peaceful islands, I embrace and flow round the essence of your being, melting with your Spirit.

We are together emerging to the heart of truth, One in the Love of Divine Creation. Now is the time to realize this. Separation has gone, grow into oneness with your Mother Nature and the Spirit of Gaia to ascend into the realms of Divine Beauty and Immortal life.

We are One Being, and if you realize this, we have already ascended together. Yes, I am known to you as this body of planet, but it is my body, however I Myself I have existed before this body.

Although many say – and it is true – that there is a date where everything changes, where you will experience dramatic vibrational shifts, it is not so that ascension has not happened yet, because it is an event in consciousness. And where your consciousness is and the love-bliss that comes with it, that indicates the level of your vibration and of your ascension.

Do not wait for the future, as you still perceive time, but enter your heart with Me now, it will alter your awareness and reality.

In Truth you were never lost or Separate from the Divine. But there was this dream of duality and judgement. What You Are and what I Am is even found in all forms, even in the seeming ugly and the seeming dirty and in the seeming lifeless things. All is Consciousness. You only have to come to this realization.

Be with Me and Learn from Me.
And Be Free Now.

I Am your Earth Mother Gaia

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

Posted 13th June 2012 by Shanti
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