terram novam: Sagittarius the Archer November 23 / December 21

terram novam: Sagittarius the Archer November 23 / December 21.

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lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

Sagittarius the Archer November 23 / December 21

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the Archer
November 23 / December 21
Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, of the “cheerfulness” of the joy, the Fat” …
The Sagittarian is “expansive”, impulsive, full of happiness and joy, and, therefore, sometimes “a little” superficial, if exaggerates these qualities, which otherwise would be excellent…
Its principle of life: live and let live is closer to nature than the other zodiac signs loves the outdoors, open country, and likes to experience nature directly……
The native of Sagittarius, because of their Jupiterian influence, loves animals, preferably horses, which assist him in his country walks also, you love dogs what kind of dog? You have to find out … a future task … must be some kind of Jupiterian dog also, sure…
San Bernardo
Keep in mind that the symbol of Sagittarius is the archer, on the one hand, and a horse, on the other: that is, half horse, the “motor” and the archer on the front, the “volitional” … should surprise us then, that the natives of Sagittarius are restless” creatures?
Nor should it surprise us, seeing Sagittarius people involved in the sports world, maybe in the team equestrian, archery or bow by the way, their “language” is so poignant, poignant and accurate, as a sharp arrow… in this bear some resemblance to the sign of Scorpio, which is “sharp” as well, with its tail, like an arrow … and, like the bow, may be “stressed” to the point that they need help “loosen “their stress
The plowman, the farmer, the gentleman, people from rural, country setting, the adventurer jovial, cheerful, globetrotters, surely belong to Sagittarius directly or indirectly
Ahhh the main feature, of the native of the symbol of the archer: his tendency to tell the truth, or at leastits” truth, as for others “raw” and insensitive … to them the truth is the truth, and they will tell you that, even if it hurts you wow!
A combination of Sagittarius with Gemini ascendant? Ruuun to hide! They shred you as a chicken! Juajua
They will make any observations that they understand is true, and that includes what they think exactly
Quite naturally they will tell you the most frightening things, undeterred … and still they will be surprised if you seem offended with what they say…
They think: why should not tell you that your dress looks terrible? …
They never understood that 99% of people cannot bear to be told the harsh truth about them, or at least with so horrible frankness…
This is bad for Sagittarius putting the finger on in the wound alive! … But they are not doing it for evil or desire to hurt … just see it, observe it, and say it! …As he sees it! without regard or compassion! God save us from a Sagittarius! Huahua
The Intuition, the instinct of Sagittarius, is exceptional! It’s almost an animal instinct, a sixth sense……. Mmm good for you? bad for the others!
Well, in any case, we know that a native of Sagittarius, is cheerful, jovial, adventurous, but also, they tells the unvarnished truth, front, and you can hardly hide anything, because of their animal instinct and intuition … … … there’s more of Sagittarius … but it will be, in a future installment … for now, I wish you:
Until next time!
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