terram novam: Journey to Center of the Earth ::: Journey to Center of the Earth – Meditation :::sharing

terram novam: Journey to Center of the Earth ::: Journey to Center of the Earth – Meditation :::sharing.

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jueves, 14 de agosto de 2014

Journey to Center of the Earth ::: Journey to Center of the Earth – Meditation :::sharing

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Journey to Center of the Earth – Meditation and YouTube


I have had some emails asking about my meditation of going to the Core of the Earth, but I could not find. Then, suddenly, as all higher dimensional things occur, I found this file for the meditation. I believe it was part of a webinar that had on 11-20-13. I guess, “It is the NOW,” to revisit this journey.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Take a breath in from the top of our head and bring that breath down through your body all the way down your spine and down your legs and down into the core of Gaia.

We are going down, down into the Earth,
Past the crust
Past the caves
Past the magma
Past the water
Past all the different elements of Gaia’s body
And deep into her very Core
We are now going to wrap ourselves around that Core like a long tail.

Take a long moment now to connect with these three aspects of your SELF.
First, connect with your grounded, physical self…
Second, connect with your fifth-dimensional Lightbody SELF…
Third, connect with your planetary self, Gaia…

As you connect with your planetary expression of Gaia, FEEL all the fourth/fifth dimensional elements, elementals, Devas, Angles and Elohim who service and protect Mother Earth, your planetary self, Gaia.

FEEL these third, fourth and fifth dimensional beings within Gaia’s Core.
FEEL the Unity Consciousness you share with All Life on Earth.
FEEL how all these expressions are joining in Gaia’s core.

As we all join in Gaia’s core, we take a moment to go into your own core.

You might want to just allow your right hand to just rise up and touch the area of the body that is your core. Don’t try to use your brain. Just allow your Multidimensional SELF to move your hand.

Different people have different paths, and we all have different centers. The most wonderful thing about Gaia is that She is such an amazingly diverse planet, with so many different kinds of people and so many wonderful paths of Ascension.

Our pleasure is to be able to share our personal expression and to contribute it to the ONE. As we fill that area that we have touched with our right hand we go into our physical bodies and into our inner womb where our new SELF is gestating.

This gestating expression of YOU is very pure and completely innocent. Therefore, this YOU needs your constant protection. You know this new self because that’s the SELF that you really are. You likely were this self when you were a small children, but you had to close that part of you down.

Now you feel strong enough to protect this New YOU. You may even feel strong enough to allow this YOU to begin to be revealed in your daily life. Often, this is the part of you that you never forgot but could not be. This is the part of you that was always connected to your true, Multidimensional SELF.

As you feel this infinite component of your self, again visualize that you are within Gaia. You are among those who have chosen to be guardians of certain parts of Gaia’s planetary body. Tune into the area that you feel, you believe, is your area over which you volunteered to be a guardian.

Before you entered your earth vessel you said,
“This is the area of Gaia that I wish to heal and protect. This is the area of Gaia that I wish to unconditionally love.”

That area can be a large, it can be a small area, it can be a personal area or it can be even in Gaia’s aura or on Her moon.

When you feel your transforming self within that area, there are NO limitations!

Now focus your vision into the core of Gaia.
How do you perceive that Core?
What do you hear within that Core?
How do you feel while being within that Core?

Allow yourself to slowly begin to rise up from Gaia’s core.
As you enter Gaia’s surface, you find yourself at the place on the planet that your physical body inhabits in this NOW.

From your position on the surface, deeply connect with YOUR Core.
From your core, deeply connect with Gaia’s Core.

Feel how your core and Gaia’s Core are expanding in all different directions.
Allow the energy within Your Core to flow into your area,
Into Gaia
And into Her atmosphere

FEEL how all the energy you are sending is intermingling into an “Energetic Pathway to New Earth.
KNOW that YOU are creating this Pathway with your consciousness.

The animals and the plants are ahead of humanity because humans have lived as individuals. This individuality has made you feel separate. Humans gained a great deal of power, but you have a lot of remembering to do.

You need to remember,
Who you really are
Why you chose to come here NOW
What you came to do
Where you will “do it”

Allow the remembrance of WHO you really are to flow through you.
Allow the WHY you chose to come NOW to flow into you.
Allow the WHAT to be revealed to you during your daily life.
Allow the WHERE to intermingle with the NOW.

· Then you can move into phase two and ask, “What do I do now?”
· If you can’t get the answer, yet, allow the question to float around you.
· When you make one decision, it changes everything in your aura.
· When your aura changes, all the possible realities in all the possible configurations change.

Remember, when your consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension
There is only NOW and only HERE!
* * *

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My Entry NOW

I/we are sitting in our garden thinking of another garden that we are seeing on Venus. We are thinking of the fifth dimensional floating gardens that surround the Venusian Violet Temple. It is a memory thought of as “only a child’s imagination,” and NOW it is a memory of a fifth dimensional reality which has stayed alive in our consciousness, not matter what. No matter what, certain memories have protected us from forgetting.

These unforgotten memories, these childhood whims, have kept alive the component of our SELF that we are always remembering. As we allow these memories to swirl around in our wonderful imagination, feelings of peace, calm, joy and expectation fill our consciousness. Expectation is our best friend now. We are allowing ourselves to expect the unexpected, and it feels hopeful and positive.

As memories are often strung together like pearls on a necklace, the memories of the floating gardens around the Violet Temple create an itch in our Third Eye. Why is this particular memory resisting our acknowledgment? We are surrendering into that itch because we are remembering how higher dimensional answers are revealed by our surrendering into the question. Yes, we are remembering now how we fall into the unknown with complete confidence, like a young child might jump off a high chair and into the arms of a loving father.
We can feel those loving arms ready to catch us as we release whatever is blocking our full perception of the reality we are choosing to experience. We are choosing to participate in the memory that is tickling our Third Eye and warming our High Heart. Oh yes, there it is. We cannot perceive this reality/memory, but we can feel it as it flows up from our heart and into our mind.

Yes! It is the memory of absolute safety! No wonder the vision of an innocent child is opening this memory. It is the memory of total innocence and absolute trust. We must close our eyes and slow our breath to capture this memory within the mechanisms of our physical form. In fact, capturing this memory of total innocence and absolute trust pulls us beyond the confines of our earth vessel and into our higher expressions of SELF.

Where are we now? Why, we are everywhere and everyone. Complete Unity surrounds our awareness, and our wavering form is exploring the deep merging of myriad lifestream of various colors and tones. We are floating and flowing within a Cosmic Sea of potential form and infinite possibility. What form are we choosing? What possibility are we fulfilling?

“New Earth,” we hear an inner call. Within our innocence we know this choice is ours to make. Within our trust we flow with the colors and tones as they pull us into our SELF. “But we don’t know how to get there,” we hear the distant call of our doubting ego. “We love you unconditionally,” we say to who we once thought of as our self.

We are remembering NOW. We are remembering a reality based on love, unity, co-operation, trust and safety. We are allowing messages to come to us from components of our Being who were once too high, too grand, too powerful and even too loving to ever be our self. As we are filling our awareness with these components of our true Beingness, we are recognizing how our lives are changing. We are having experience, which were once “impossible” and discovering that others are having similar occurrences.

We are loosing connection with our personal needs, wealth, fame and recognition. We are remembering, the joy, the calm, the trust and the safety as we are moving through the remnants of our third dimensional world. We are finding that some are frightened, and we are remembering to understand their fear, while we are sending them love and compassion. We are no longer concerned if we are “different” from the “others.” We no longer care if “they” find out who we really are.

We are far too busy finding out who “we really are” ourselves. More and more we are remembering our Mission, our personal contribution to the momentous transmutation of our reality. We are easily releasing that which no longer serves our greater purpose and finding people with whom we are connecting on a multidimensional manner.

Furthermore, we are leaving relationships devoid of love and connecting with our Divine Complements. Sometimes our Divine Complements are sharing our physical experience, and sometimes they are being called upon to serve in a different place or dimension. We are patient with the decisions that were made before our incarnation, for we are remembering that total unity with our Complement is found within our shared consciousness.

We are gathering in groups to heal Gaia and to thank Her for the home She has provided for us. Decisions to respect our Earth are made daily on personal, national and international levels. We are uniting as Person and Planet to fulfill the possible reality that WE the United Members of Earth are chosen to create.

We are going Home, and Home is where we have always been!

Through Suzanne Lie,PhD

Posted 14th June 2012 by Juan Pablo
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