photos: ▶ How to Add Text to Anything in Photoshop – ▶ Minute Meditations:::Arcturian Group 5/6/12:::sharing

photos: ▶ How to Add Text to Anything in Photoshop – ▶ Minute Meditations:::Arcturian Group 5/6/12:::sharing.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

▶ How to Add Text to Anything in Photoshop – ▶ Minute Meditations:::Arcturian Group 5/6/12:::sharing

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▶ How to Add Text to Anything in Photoshop – YouTube

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Arcturian Group 5/6/12

Channeler: Marilyn Raffaele

Dear ones, we are here to greet and welcome you all in this new era of energy. You are now feeling change within. Many are feeling disoriented and wonder if there are physical issues. No, what you are experiencing is simply the adjusting necessary as the body integrates the higher frequencies. Much is changing within the physical body as cells release that which is old, and integrate the new and higher. When you are feeling sick, or weak, or your ears are ringing etc., just remember that you are making huge changes within your physical, emotional, and mental systems. Rest more, allow yourselves to enjoy what you enjoy, drink and eat cleanly, and fill your consciousness with truth, while letting go of all that is old and finished. We are not saying that you should not consult a doctor if you are guided to do so, but be aware that the energy is affecting how you physically feel.
You are well on your way to a new and brighter world experience even though it often does not appear that way. Much is yet to be revealed and much is yet to be experienced by those of you choosing to ascend.
We would like to speak to you of ascension. This is a time of movement into the higher frequencies and is not a time to panic while trying to hold on to ways of doing things that have always worked for you. Many of these ways will either be lifted to a higher level, or will simply no longer work as they have in the past because those of you that have chosen ascension are now on your way out of the old energy.
However, many who are ready for the new energy, have not consciously chosen it because they do not know about it nor are they interested in it. These are the those who have over many lifetimes, attained a consciousness of oneness. Because of this, they are ready for ascension, but do not really know on a conscious level what is occurring. These are the dear ones that you will be helping and teaching. These are the ones who will be afraid and wondering what is happening at some point. You see, the criteria for ascension is having attained a consciousness of the oneness of all life. These dear souls live lives in whatever way they have chosen, often with no seeming interest in anything spiritual and yet living spiritually in every way. They are respectful of all life, live as kind and generous people, and often influence others in a positive way without even being aware of it. They are ready for the next step.
Every life time an individual has, adds to an accumulation of experiences which eventually lead to spiritual (not religious) evolution. In the process, many may appear to have wasted their opportunities for growth but it matters not, for all experience teaches, and every individual will eventually remember and unite with their true selves at some point. There is no time, and those not yet ready for ascension will have another time.
In lifetimes prior to this one, individuals incarnated having chosen one or two issues to be learned or resolved. However this time, because of the powerful shift taking place on earth, all who are serious about their spiritual growth and wishing to be a part of the new energy, came in with a much longer list of all needing to be finished, experienced, or learned quickly. Which is why so many of you have felt like your lives seem to be a series of moving from one issue to another.
Some of you brought lessons of karmic completion with either one or many. As a result, you have found yourselves in relationships that were often problematic from the beginning. As you were intuitively guided to lovingly work through the issues, the old energy was balanced, released, and finished. Others came in to experience and learn specific lessons of the third dimensional energy still needing to be learned.
The most powerful and the hardest lesson in this evolution is learning to look within instead of without. Learning through lifetimes of painful experiences and disappointment, that completeness and true happiness can never be found in person, place, thing. This is the barrier from third dimensional energy in to the fifth. Many spiritually ready to make this jump in awareness have found themselves in relationships of all sorts that seem to have stopped working, leaving them heartbroken and wondering what happened. Or in another scenario, they may have fulfilled their material goals in every way but still feel empty and unhappy. Some may suddenly lose everything they have.
There are an infinite number of ways to learn that the “kingdom is within”, and for the beginner soul, most of them are difficult and often very painful but at some point in the evolutionary journey, the lessons begin to come by grace and not through pain and suffering. It is important to state; “I choose to learn gently and easily” because out there in the human matrix of world beliefs is the belief that spiritual learning must be done through suffering. Much of mankind’s’ suffering is brought about through trying to hold on to something that is finished in the belief that it holds one’s happiness.
Every soul chooses before incarnating into “earth school”, those experiences that will eventually guide him into a state of consciousness that knows all reality is in and of the One omnipresent Consciousness. Because this Divine Consciousness is all there is, it must also be individual consciousness. Completeness , wholeness, intelligence, wisdom, abundance, and all the infinite qualities of Source lie sleeping within ITS manifestation and gradually awaken onto conscious awareness over lifetimes. The Higher Self of each individual never sleeps and has never forgotten who it is, and so the journey must always move forward even if at times it is with baby steps.
We tell you these things because you are at a crucial point in your journey now. All that is left to be cleared and released is quickly coming to the surface. Do not fight it, but rejoice in the realization that what may look to the world as failure, is graduation dear ones, graduation.

We are the Arcturian Group
Posted 13th May 2012 by Juan Pablo
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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Dearest Ones,

We are the Arcturians!

Now is the time, humanity, to straighten up yourself! Now is the time to drop all your chains that keep you in the illusion of what you are not!

Does this seem to be a too difficult task? No, it is not, if you acknowledge and realize what your chains are!

The first and most burdening chain is the chain of false self-identification. This is the root of all your bondage and suffering, dearest ones!

All other constrictions are resulting from that one! They are mental and emotional constrictions, based on a believe system and a system of a strong and seemingly unshakable truth that is shaping your reality.

So why we don’t address first the matter of your true self-identity!

Ask yourself, who has given you your false identity and who has taught it to you.

Certainly they were your parents and teachers and those who had a strong influence in your life, not only when you were a little child, but also later, when you were becoming an adult and were looking for examples, idols and teachings to develop your own personal philosophy. Of course, you attracted to yourself exactly those images, which were already deeply imprinted memories in your subconsciousness and those which were part of your desired growth and evolutionary impulses. But it is also true, that you have been living in a greater system of constant repetition and which you could not escape, as it was humanity’s destiny as a whole.

If you dig deep to remember how you responded truly to most of the teachings and instructions that have been given to you from early on, you will remember, that there has been always in your deepest soul a tiny voice and wounded feeling of neglection, when you were told to believe, that you merely needed to fit into your social system, to be a true human, but which did not account for your spiritual needs and denied your light.

We ask you now to connect to this forgotten and suppressed root-feeling and let it grow, let the feeling of truth grow with it, that tells you, that all these teachings and concepts about your true identity are false, as you did never truly and fully resonate with them!

But with each agreement you made with what your society taught you, in the role of parents, teachers, and everything that had a strong influence on you, your disappointment, guilt and un-ease grew, and so your capability to be truly happy and free, was slowly fading away. Soon you suppressed this uneasy feeling, because you could not cope with it anymore and presumed that everything was “ok”, and things were fine, as they were, and that you, yourself were fine too! What’s more: you now fitted into society.

And so you started to become familiar with a big lie, you started to betray yourself!

We ask you, to follow this feeling back to its origin in this incarnation fully. This is necessary to allow the blocked energies to be released and we will help you, if you ask for it, or whoever your trusted guides and beings of Divine Light are, to let them go and instead open your awareness for your true Divine Identity.

What you are, is pure Light, beloved ones, born from the Divine Source and Divine Consciousness, a state of Love-Bliss and undivided Unity with Source and all Beings. In truth, you are unborn.

We ask you to accept this truth in your mind and in your emotions! It is not an ego state however, but a state of humble Greatness, a state in which your “ego”, this limited identity, so to speak arises. It requires the ego to take the back seat and to be guided and governed by It.

Dearest ones, with the incoming great waves of light and Divine Consciousness, who destroy all un-truth, now is the time for all of you to re-discover what you have forgotten, whether you have been coming directly from the stars at this time to earth, or whether you are an incarnated angel from the Realms of Light, or whether you have been for many incarnations mainly incarnated on your Earth Mother! It is time for all of you to wake up and let this truth become ultimate Reality, to accept and become what you are!

While you accept this truth you will discover and become aware of all the believe systems, mental constructs and emotional sufferings and congestions which kept you in the conviction of your false identity, an identity of inferiority, helplessness, weakness, unworthiness and self-negation. It is necessary to observe all of that with a clear awareness. These are merely frequencies with a name or seeming value, your society has given them. They are not “you”. They are here to be released from your repertoire of self-identity.

Now is the time to accept yourself, accept all that what you falsely believe what you are, to let it go, and everything what you truly are, that light, that love, that happiness. It is all about acceptance and discrimination, all about letting your energies flow and set them free by assuming your greater Reality!

This greater Reality is right now implemented in you as your light body expands. Allow your wings to grow now, and if you don’t feel them, know that you have so much contracted your energy body that they seem to have disappeared. But in reality they are and have been always present, in the consciousness of God, in the heart of the Goddess. Now put your conscious awareness into it, it is all a matter of allowance!

You stopped to allow of who you are by believing your teachers, who themselves have allowed to be deceived by false indoctrinations. Now it is your task to remove this veil of deception and set yourselves free and all those who have been before you. Each one of you will by this act contribute to the liberation of humanity. The more of you realize who you are the quicker the human collective consciousness will return fully into the Light of Truth.

We congratulate you all that you have come so far on your path and for your courage to trust your own deepest knowing! You all are bringers of Light and Sacred Gifts to yourself, to all of humanity and your whole universe!

Be Blessed!
We are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 9th May 2012 by Shanti
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