samkaska: ▶ SaLuSa – August 1, 2014 – ABOUT LOVE:::▶ CROP CIRCLEs ♥

samkaska: ▶ SaLuSa – August 1, 2014 – ABOUT LOVE:::▶ CROP CIRCLEs ♥.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

▶ SaLuSa – August 1, 2014 – ABOUT LOVE:::▶ CROP CIRCLEs ♥

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Saul: Fear freezes, it misdirects, and it confuses
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Paul de Tarse
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Channeled by John Smallman
July 30, 2014
Here in the spiritual realms – the numerous levels or areas beyond your illusory 3D environment – we are very busy preparing for your awakening and adding the finishing touches to the great celebration that has been prepared to welcome you Home. And yes of course celebrations have often been talked about in reference to humanity’s awakening, so your interest now is undoubtedly in the actualization of those celebrations, in fact: WHEN!? We try to suggest time lines bearing in mind that time is of the illusion, but time is what you experience and the seemingly endless waiting is very stressful, tiring, and disappointing for you.
The awakening will happen soon, and in reality it has already happened, because you never went to sleep for more than the briefest instant, but it still seems to you, caught up in the apparent reality of the illusion, that you have been kept interminably waiting for this wondrous event. And we work hard to help you keep your spirits up while you wait by encouraging you to focus on its inevitability and its imminence. Deep within you, and for the most part barely accessible to you, you do know that awakening is imminent and inevitable but, as you struggle with daily life and the hope and intense desire to awaken, that waiting can be exhausting, debilitating, and extremely frustrating. That is why it is so extremely important to visit your inner and sacred sanctuary daily, and remain there until you feel a sense of relief, a strengthening of your faith, the warmth of our love for you, and even a sense of amusement as you consider that when you have awakened, and the illusion is gone, you will be absolutely overflowing with delight and merriment.
To remain focused on the inevitability of humanity’s awakening is essential, do not be distracted by the depressing bad news events on which the media and indeed the general populace place almost their entire attention. As you go within, feel the Love, feel the intense inner knowing that the divine plan is unfolding just as divinely intended, and remind yourselves that the Will of God, the Will of the One, your will is always achieved.
We know how difficult it is for you to detach from the unreality of the illusion because your physical bodies are anchored there, and you are apparently anchored and constrained within them, experiencing all the physical sensations on which they depend for feedback so that they can remain strong and healthy . It is indeed confusing and unsettling for you, and even more so when you suffer illness or injury and the further restrictions those conditions impose on you. For you it is an enormous paradox, an incomprehensible state of affairs, over which it seems that you have almost no control, especially as part of the experience of being embodied is to learn to control the body and have it behave as you desire. We do understand, and we are deluging you with spiritual assistance in every moment. To which you no doubt feel like replying: “Well how about some physical assistance that we can feel and enjoy?”
And you of course then answer that question immediately by reminding yourselves that you do feel assisted when you go quietly within and allow the distractions that plague you to fade away for a moment or two. We are constantly with you, supporting and encouraging you, and we will never leave you on your own, even for an instant, because it is our lovingly assigned duty and a great honor to be with you while you work so diligently to bring humanity back to wakefulness.
You have all adopted the intent to awaken, you did it before you incarnated to experience this lifetime, and although you often forget your spiritual purpose as you go about the daily business of just being human, the intent remains firmly established within you. It is an intent that will not be overridden. The fact that you forget you made it, feel that you are not competent for the task you have undertaken, and doubt your ability to actualize it cannot in any way interfere with the divinely guaranteed outcome. All will awaken!
Think of all those you know and love in this lifetime, remind yourselves how dear they are to you, bask in the feelings of warmth those thoughts of them bring to you. When you do this the flow of divine Love through you, as a channel or conduit to humanity and to Gaia, strengthens and intensifies. This was the vision that you embraced prior to incarnating, You, an unobstructed gateway into the illusion, through whom Love flows continuously, like a vast snow melt, as frozen hearts soften, dissolve, mix, and integrate into that wondrous all pervasive Tsunami of Love, the One, of which you are all essential aspects.
You are bringing humanity to wakefulness. It is apparent everywhere when you open your eyes to see, instead of allowing yourselves be numbed into a state of severe depression and hopelessness by the outpourings of doom and gloom with which the mainstream media attempt to force feed you daily. Prove it to yourselves by going on-line and just searching out some good news to counteract the depressive effects of the media’s never ending flow of misery that they would have you believe is the overall state of affairs planet-wide.
Yes, there is misery in many places, all of which can be remedied, and to be aware that this is so and to send Love to those who are suffering is a major part of your work on Earth. BUT the good, the inspiring, and the uplifting happenings far outweigh, by an order of magnitude, what those who pull the strings on the world stage and in the mainstream media wish to direct and focus your attention on in order to keep you in fear. Fear freezes, it misdirects, and it confuses. Just look at some of the political discussions and arguments that are reported by the media. They frequently do not address the real issues, just the symptoms, which are then dealt with at length and with little if any wisdom.
Love is your nature, humanity’s nature, and It will always be your nature. Its apparent lack in the illusion is only apparent. You see It flowing freely in areas where natural disasters occur, even if only fleetingly in the immediate aftermath. Then fear is allowed back in as shortage of the necessities of life encourages people to fight for them. But truly there are no real shortages, Gaia provides amply and abundantly for all on the planet. Shortages are constructed to enable the “authorities” to regain control.
You have all seen this happen. And yet there are millions of kind and generous souls spending their lives far from home and loved ones to relieve these unreal shortages and support those in need. They experience severe frustrations with the inadequacies of the systems, meant to assist them, that prevent them from doing their jobs properly. The will to good is there, as is the Love to support it and ensure that it is achieved. You see this happening after floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions as neighbor helps neighbor and even the military cooperate. Then very quickly the “authorities” take control and the freely flowing kindness, compassion, and cooperation cease as agencies argue with one another over who is in charge.
When Love flows no one is in charge, there is no need because all can see what needs to be done and each does what is required and what her competence enables her to do, and a synergistic and cooperative flow ensues in which all are most effectively engaged. Love is always the answer, whatever the situation, the problem, or the issue that needs to be attended to. So continue to be loving, to extend love to all with whom you relate or with whom you interact, AND to those who appear to be causing the problems and the suffering that plagues the world, and by doing so awaken humanity. That is why you incarnated, and I assure you that you are totally capable of achieving what you set out to do.
With so very much love, Saul.

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jueves, 7 de agosto de 2014


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por Méline Portia Lafont

Hola queridos amigos y familia: 


Sólo una nota y una breve actualización de las energías que hay en mi vida en estos momentos. Como han notado, no he podido traer muchas canalizaciones recientemente, lo cual se debe a que estoy inundada con trabajo de servicio, lecturas, sesiones, creando el curso de canalización, las vacaciones veraniegas ahora que mis hijos están en casa, y la preparación para el evento venidero con Anrita Melchizedek en Glastonbury, en el Reino Unido [UK] del 8 – 9 de agosto. Así que voy a estar menos presente en lo que concierne a las canalizaciones debido a esto hasta el mes de septiembre. A todos los que van a ir a Glastonbury para reunirnos, ESTOY esperando con entusiasmo conectarme con todos ustedes, de verdad, ❤

Por otro lado, para todos los que están tomando el curso de canalización y todos los que desean empezarlo, ¡hay disponible el Módulo 2 en inglés y holandés! Los encontrarán en mi webshop [tienda del sitio red] en mi sitio de internet :
El segundo Módulo consiste de, y está dividido, en 2 partes para facilitar la absorción y darles tiempo a que trabajen a través de él. La primera parte les será enviada al momento de comprarlo; la segunda parte será enviada al final de agosto porque la parte 2 sigue en construcción.

Habiendo dicho esto, hablemos sobre las energías actuales y lo que se está desplegando. Como en las realidades personales de todos, ¡las cosas y las energías están acelerando su marcha! Todo a su propio modo y todos están manejando sus propias energías y cambios de profundas maneras. Mi trayectoria ha estado llena de hermosos cambios y nuevas personas han entrado a mi vida relacionadas con mi ser. He estado experimentando recombinaciones, iniciaciones y actualizaciones de la reunión de las Flamas Gemelas a ciertos niveles, expansión, estabilización y fusión de mis cuerpos más elevados. Además de eso, se está experimentando y sintiendo un gran cansancio en el cuerpo físico debido a todos estos cambios energéticos en el corazón y el campo de mi Presencia.

El Reino Elemental está haciendo su acercamiento más clara y fuertemente pues está más presente en la vida. Esto se debe a que nuestros campos y energías se están aligerando y aclarando en lo que se refiere a la resonancia vibracional de su existencia y energía con la nuestra. La barrera se está disminuyendo.

Se están forjando nuevas conexiones como un tipo de enlace con nuevos seres con los que no estábamos conscientes de su existencia actualmente. Esto se debe a nuestra expansión en el campo del corazón y la emergencia de nuestro Yo verdadero natural, que es Uno con Todo Lo Que Es. Se están forjando nuevas conexiones con partículas de la esencia de nuestro ser, nuestra familia espiritual, e inclusive con la Flama Gemela. Estamos obteniendo un sentido más natural de quiénes somos y representamos en esta vida y más allá, lo cual está dando a luz a nuevos planos del ser.

¿Han notado que se está desvaneciendo nuestra memoria de corto plazo también últimamente? Todo lo que ustedes leen, absorben o dicen se desvanece instantáneamente de la mente y la memoria, dejándolos con un sentimiento de no saber lo que acaban de leer en primer lugar. Esto es aplicable a situaciones y creaciones también, algo sucede y desaparece de su memoria con mayor facilidad de lo que acostumbrábamos. Todo esto es para asistirlos a estar y permanecer en el AHORA a medida que empiezan a ESTAR en el Ahora cada vez más a cada momento de su existencia. Esto los ayuda a permanecer enfocados en estar en el ahora y a no aferrarse a ninguna energía pasada, y a accesar el Ahora y la Fuente de su ser a cada momento. Ésta es un excelente progresión en pleno curso para que solamente SEAMOS.

La Puerta del León vendrá en breve, y como siempre, esta puerta opera como un fuerte movimiento de energía para establecer nuevas semillas y facultar a las energías Crísticas, llevándolas al nivel Solar. Quienes han comenzado sus iniciaciones de las activaciones del cuerpo lumínico van a sentir más profundamente esta activación en su anatomía celular, y experimentarán fusiones más profundas e inclusive la expansión de su propia Luz Crística. Quienes van a empezar estas iniciaciones comenzarán con un marcador de una profunda Flama Divina transfiguradora despertando en el campo del corazón, pues la Puerta del León es poder y facultación/empoderamiento.

Enfóquense en el Amor, la paz, y la expansión de las Energías Crísticas a medida que anclamos la Rejilla Diamantina de Luz en la Tierra. Esta refinada Luz Divina de la Rejilla de Luz Diamantina lleva la Conciencia Cósmica y la expansión Crística a la Conciencia de Dios [Conciencia Divina]. Nos encontramos en medio de cambios que nunca jamás hemos experimentado antes; se nos pide que lo honremos y lo apreciemos, y que no veamos más atrás, sino que permitamos. El permitir es anclar esa Luz en la Rejilla Terrenal a través de su propia Conciencia de Diosa y Dios

Sean aquellos a los que han estado esperando porque ustedes son aquellos a los que han estado esperando. No algún mago que viene a cambiar mágicamente esta Tierra por ustedes, son ustedes quienes son responsabies de su propio reino mágico y su cambio. Y como ustedes tienen el poder y la sabiduría interna para hacerlo, es importante permitir que las energías actuales y cambios internos se desplieguen y permitamos que todo lo restante se vaya y sea. Esto es lo prioritario ahora, sostener ese espacio y honrar la Gracia desde el interior.

Les deseo a todos una Puerta del León de lo más mágica y hermosa. Yo iré a Glastonbury en un corto tiempo y sostendré ese espacio con ustedes y para todos ustedes en la Puerta [en Tor] y las tierras de Avalón. Compartiré sobre todo esto en mi sitio de red en lo que toca a lo que hemos cocreado como Uno.

Con Amor,
Méline Portia Lafont
Publicado 22 hours ago por Juan Pablo

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Aug 7


La fase de purificación ha comenzado y depende de todos ustedes asistir a los que han despertado a llegar a un nuevo entendimiento del yo. Pues a medida que las energías liberadas de sus yos conscientes y subconscientes entran a su esfera de existencia, van a influenciar el exterior y el interior. Para que estas energías sean contenidas y transformadas, ustedes van a empezar a trabajar con las energías cristalinas que están almacenadas dentro de su vehículo utilizando diversos medios y cristales a su disposición. Pues la energía cristalina va a impregnar sus vidas en los meses venideros. Esta fase siguiente traerá ciertamente un fructífero comienzo de una nueva era, una nueva era en medio de la aparente destrucción de su viejo mundo.
Queridos y amados niños de la Luz, del Amor y los decretos universales. Les hablamos ahora desde el nivel de las Pléyades. Desde el nivel del paralelo 33avo. Desde el nivel de Arcturus. Desde el nivel de Andrómeda. Desde el nivel de TODA LA PUERTA CÓSMICA. Nuestros queridos y amados niños – ha llegado el momento, su planeta ha entrado de verdad a la Fase II. Las Energías Crísticas, las energías del Amor y el Código del Corazón han arraigado en el centro de su planeta y en cada uno y todo ser habitando en él.
Ha llegado el momento y ustedes han de asumir sus respectivas misiones por lo que ha empezado urgentemente la fase de purificación, la fase dos. La purificación de las energías que existen fuera de su vehículo. Pues las energías que los rodean dondequiera que ustedes están estacionados en la Tierra empezará a unificarse con las energías crísticas fluyendo libremente a través de su conciencia cósmica.
Así que el enfoque de la Fase II será primariamente el de la limpieza exterior de todo lo que se ha superado, todo lo que se ha dejado atrás, las energías remanentes de quienes las han liberado a su atmósfera, al “aire” que ustedes respiran y la energía que los rodea. La fase de purificación ha comenzado y depende de todos ustedes asistir a los que han despertado a llegar a un nuevo entendimiento del yo. Pues a medida que las energías liberadas de sus yos conscientes y subconscientes entra a su esfera de existencia, va a influenciar el exterior y el interior. 

the disc acts as an accelerating device and an attunement instrument to cleanse your DNA from remnants and frequencies past which are affecting your body and your consciousness in a way that is against the good of your higher self. And as such allowing the ascension process to move forward without delay. Using this disc will allow the energies to be magnified and applied directly to the one in question, and tune the body of the beholder and attune the DNA of the beholder with the frequency of THE SOURCE entering GAIA.
Para contener y transformar estas energías ustedes van a empezar a trabajar con las energías cristlinas almacenadas dentro de su vehículo utilizando diversos medios y cristales su disposición. Pues la energía cristalina va a impregnar sus vidas en los meses venideros. Esta siguiente fase traerá ciertamente el fructífero comienzo de una nueva era, una nueva era en medio de la aparente destrucción de su viejo mundo.
Por favor comprendan que la aparente destrucción es meramente una transformación a un nuevo paradigma de pensar, pues al continuar rugiendo el Armagedón dentro de cada vehículo actualmente ocupado con sus pensamientos de vibraciones más bajas, comprendan que lo que está ocurriendo ante ustedes es meramente la destrucción del viejo paradigma, un cambio en la conciencia. Es sumamente importante para ustedes, nuestro querido y amado personal de tierra, que entiendan que con la introducción de cualquier energía nueva, ya sea de proporciones negativas o positivas según es entendido en su realidad actual, la nueva energía empuja a la vieja ya presente dentro del vehículo, y como tal, ¡la energía que se ha empujado fuera vaga libremente alrededor del vehículo de tiempo y espacio buscando aferrarse a otros de dichos vehículos!
En consecuencia, es sumamente importante purificar dicha energía y liberarla a la Luz para transmutarla con la Flama Violeta del código de su corazón. Purificar el vehículo, purificar la energía rodeando al vehículo, purificar la energía de las líneas Ley, las del planeta Tierra, purificar las líneas Ley de todo lo que ven ante ustedes. Pues ha llegado verdaderamente el tiempo de purificarse a sí mismos y a quienes están a su alrededor.
Enfóquense en quienes han despertado pues ellos necesitan urgentemente su asistencia y comprensión de lo que ellos son. Dejen ir a quienes no desean encontrar el camino a la iluminación a este punto, pues vendrá el tiempo en el que ellos despertarán también a sus verdaderos yos. Sepan y entiendan que la pasión del Amor y la Luz con la que ustedes rodearán a cada y todo ser que alberga cualquier negatividad según es percibida en su realidad terrenal romperá la matriz dentro del espacio de su corazón, ¡y les permitirá ver la Luz de la Divinidad de la que son [parte]! Purifiquen, liberen y ‘bauticen’ a los que han despertado pues la energía del amor y la comprensión, las verdaderas energías del amor y la comprensión, prevalecerán en su planeta. Pues esto es así, y así es.
Eso es todo lo que tenemos para ustedes ahora. Los amamos. Estamos con ustedes. Hasta la vista.

~Anna Merkaba
Publicado 5 hours ago por LUZ ZOHAR

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terram novam: A DAY WITH VENUS ::: A CALL FOR PLANETARY SERVICE ::: sharing

terram novam: A DAY WITH VENUS ::: A CALL FOR PLANETARY SERVICE ::: sharing.

domingo, 10 de agosto de 2014


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(After I had my healing experience, I could barely stay awake, so I was unable to post this article until today. This is the same thing that happened to me after the Eclipse. Perhaps many of you have had that experience of going so deeply into the higher dimensions that you can no longer stay “awake” to the physical one. Interestingly, first we must learn to “stay awake” to our higher SELF and now we must remember how to “stay awake” to our physical self. Below is my experience. After “sleeping on” my experience, I added more to it this morning.)


I want to remember, I want to remember, are the words that I woke up with this morning. I want to totally release my abduction experience so that it will longer stand in the way of fully experiencing my reality on the Starship. I know that I have a reality on Athena Starship, I think, but my experience of it is very fussy. When I go inside to ask why it is not clearer, I always hear that it is because of the trauma I still hold of being abducted on the Zeta Ship.

Yesterday I found a message from the Arcturians about my abduction that I received back on December 12, 2010 that totally validates my experience. Even when I wrote and read the message, I still totally forgot it. I do not want to forget what is frightening any more. It is holding me back to have any secrets from my self. I am ready to totally remember and release this, and all, trauma that has haunted me my entire life!

Dear Arcturians,

Please answer my questions:

1) Do we need to go into the terror part of a traumatic event in order to release it?

2) I think that I have been pretty dark/frightened/angry the last couple days. Is this behavior part of my process of remembering and release?

3) My dreams this morning were continuous visions about my clearing process. Even though I woke up say, “I want to remember,” I can’t remember them. Can you please assist me with all of these questions?

Dear Suzille,

We, your Arcturian Family, will happily assist you with all of your questions. Therefore, we will assist you to remember, through the flow of our consciousness that which you are experiencing in your higher states of consciousness, such as being on our Starship. We are, also, fully aware that you are trying to remember how to totally connect your Third Dimensional Operating System to your Multidimensional Operating System. We will begin with that unasked question, as it is the root of all your questions.

In order to connect your Third Dimensional Operating System with your Multidimensional Operating Systems you need to release that which is in-between them. Subconscious fear creates a firewall in your deep subconscious mind that automatically rejects any information that might activate that forgotten trauma.

Therefore, to allow the full multidimensional light and unconditional love to flow into your physical brain and through out your entire body, you must heal and release any archived and forgotten fear/darkness that are still archived in your deepest subconscious. We say deepest subconscious, as the fear stored there is the furthest from you daily life and the easiest to ignore. On the other hand, the fear/darkness that is stored in your deep subconscious mind acts like a sniper hidden in a tree that shoots you when you are least aware.

Only the Openers, first ones through the Ascension Portals, need to do this deep work. Once the Portals are all opened, it will be easier for others to follow. Many of the Openers were the ones who came to answer Gaia’s call at the fall of Atlantis. These ones have a deep connection to their Star Family, but they also have many traumas buried within their subconscious. They have these buried traumas because they have worked for the forces of light again and again in the darkest of times, only to be punished for revealing their light.

Also, only those who have an expanded consciousness, as well as the support of their Star Families higher light, are able to move into past realities in which they were lost to fear and darkness in order to clear them. This brings us to the first question. Yes, there is a certain amount of that “terror” which you will need to confront, mainly because it is leaking to the surface of your consciousness. Hence, we have given the answer to the second question regarding your recent behavior.

We Arcturians have assisted our grounded ones before and we are assisting you again at this time of ascension. It is true that you need to release the fear of being abducted to the Zeta ship in order to fully remember your SELF on our Starship. All memories work by association. When you remember one experience, you also remember similar experiences. Hence, your trauma on the Zeta ship stops you from fully remembering you life on our Starship. Hence, you can only remember your life on our Arcturian Ship via an “imagined reality” as opposed to via a “directly experienced” reality.

Having a reality be “just your imagination” protects you from remembering the details of the reality. However, if going on a Starship can only be your imagination then any Starship experience would be “only your imagination.” Many of our ascending ones cannot fully remember their positive encounters with Galactic Beings, because they don’t want to remember their negative galactic experiences. These negative experiences come from abductions, as well as fighting in the Galactic Wars of long ago.

Hence, many of our ascending ones have believed they needed to protect themselves from remembering their full Multidimensional SELF. They were afraid that if they activated their full memory, myriad painful experiences also came to the surface. All hidden fear and pain, which it is on Earth or beyond, creates a leakage of uncontrollable, and often unwarranted, fear and/or anger. The Dark Ones have used this hidden fear to control and limit the awakening ones. If all the grounded ones were to clear their hidden dark memories, they would ALL come into their full power, wisdom and love.


Dear Venus has come into your lives again during this transit to guide you Home, past your current physical Sun and into your higher frequencies of reality. Venus carries all the unconditional love that is necessary for humanities full healing. Also, those of you who answered Gaia’s Call for assistance during the fall of Atlantis incarnated first on fifth dimensional Venus to gradually step-down your great light enough to be able to incarnate on the deeply-wounded, third/fourth dimensional Earth. In fact, many of you spend lives on Venus in-between your earthly incarnations. On Venus you can “de-brief” from your challenges on Earth.

However, we have diverted from our message, so allow us to explain the difference between an imagined reality and a direct experience. An “imagined reality” is based upon your left-brain’s third dimensional thinking combined with your right brain’s creative process. Because it is based on a creative process, your left-brain chooses to perceive that experience as something that you created rather than an actual “real” experience. To your third dimensional thinking, only that which is perceived via your five physical senses is believed to be “real.”

When you think multidimensionally, you know that you create every experience. You also know that you have chosen to perceive everything that fills your experiential world. The knowledge that YOU CREATE your reality and that YOU CHOOSE to perceive that which you wish to experience, even in your daily life is a huge responsibility for an un-ascended person. It is that very responsibility that must be owned and used by our ascending ones as a vital component of your ascension.

It is necessary to embrace this responsibility in order to fully connect your Multidimensional Operating System into the circuitry of your third dimensional mind. Your Third Dimensional Operating System is actually more of a filter than an operating system because is dis-allows all information that is not perceived via the five physical senses.

Therefore, if a reality is experienced by your multidimensional senses, it is automatically categorized as your “imagination,” and relegated to an “un-real” experience. This is not a bad thing, as every dimension has its own rules that need to be followed to remain in that dimension. When your 97% DNA was turned off, your world was limited to the third dimension. Furthermore, if anyone dared to perceive any other version of reality, they were witches, crazy or trying to fool you.

When you have a “terrifying” experience, it leaves a psychic scar on your body, in your brain, and in your aura. However, “going through the terror” does not mean the terror that you felt during your experience. Going through the terror means that in order to multidimensionally perceive your experience, you will have to accept that YOU created that experience and YOU chose that experience. That can be a terrifying act if one has not yet taken responsibility for the reality they are choosing to live.

Dear Venus is here to remind you that YOU are up to that task. When you prepared for 3D incarnation on Her body, and when your rested on Her planet in-between your Earth lives, you de-briefed from the experiences of your Earth lives in polarity while deeply enjoying the love and beauty of her higher frequency realities. While in the safety of Venus’ reality you were able to remember that all traumas are merely “negative energy patterns” that were created in your consciousness during your challenging incarnations on Gaia’s planet of polarity.

Fortunately, when trauma can be viewed as a negative energy pattern, it is much easier to clear. Allow us to remind you how your “cleaned your consciousness” in your “in-between,” R&R incarnations on higher dimensional Venus. We will assist you right now to release your negative energy pattern by taking you to the Violet Temple on Venus:


Take three long, slow, deep breaths to calibrate your consciousness to the higher frequencies of your imagination…

Imagine that you are now walking, which is more of a sensation of floating on 5D Venus, across the beautiful landscape of Venus. On Venus the sky is often a warm yellow glow and the ground is so filled with life that IS happy that you are floating-over rather than walking-on the earth. We begin our journey to the Violet Temple on the Shores of Pink Sand upon which the Waters of Liquid Light gently caress. As you relax against a huge tree-shaped Being, as all life is alive here, you see the Red Mountains in the distance and smell the sweetness of all life.

Eventually, you feel the urge to visit the Violet Temple. Hence, you arise from your posture of lying against the tree and thank it for its shelter. You turn toward the Path to the Temple and float up the hill to huge green area of “living lawn” that surrounds the Temple. Before you is the Violet Temple, which is surrounded by the floating gardens. The Elementals and Devas of Venus constantly tend this garden.

This familiar vision of Venus’s immense safety expands your consciousness to encompass your multidimensional SELF, and you instantly find yourself within one the many healing room. You take a moment to FEEL the safety of your environment, SMELL the beautiful flowers that live within that room, RELAX onto your couch of light and EXPAND your consciousness.

You can feel the trauma that you wish to heal resonating within you. Because you have done so much to release this wound, it no longer hurts you, but only tickles. The familiar environment of Venus’s Violet Temple allows you to remember to send your uncoditional love into this wound that has diminished your ability to remember your SELF. Because you are beyond time and space, you can lie on the couch and, simultaneously, stand beside you form in order to fully examine your earth vessel

As you look into your aura, you see the circuitry of fear that has collected around the wound you have come to heal. You must clear this fear before your healing will be complete. The best way to heal the fear is to change the purpose of this wounding. Instead of allowing this wounding to be a block to your multidimensional memories, you will allow it to be a portal for multidimensional memories. We say this, because you have likely created similar wounds in your myriad incarnations on 3D Earth. Remember, even though your earth vessel is different, you are the same Soul in every incarnation.

As you see the wound before you, you can see the disunite circuitry, as well as how it is attached to your consciousness and aura. That which disallows memories resonates to the lowest frequency of red light. See the area of red light, dampened by streaks of grey and black and focus your attention on breathing the blue light of Divine Love and Guidance into the dirty red of your wounding.

You observe as the blue light changes the grey streaks into pure red. Then, combining the blue light with the clear red light, you observe how the red and blue create purple. You then breathe the light pink of unconditional love into the wounding to transmute the purple to violet. The frequencies of blue, Divine Love, and clear red, Vitality, combine to create the color purple/violet to Transmute any substance into a higher frequency.

Now, imagine that the entire wound is resonating to the violet color/frequency. Do you see how you have transmuted something that has stopped your awakening into something that assists your awakening? Now, meditate for as long as necessary so that you can re-boot your neural system to this new configuration. (This is were I became useless for the rest of the day and watched Star Trek so I could be on a Starship.)

The above process can be used to transmute any trauma at an energetic level. In other words, you can perceive the area of your brain and/or body that resonates to lower frequency of physical or psychological wounding to see the emanation of red light. Then breathe blue light onto that area to create the violet light of transmutation. Any area of your body that holds trauma creates resistance, as resistance is a form of protection for that wounded area.

When you give Divine Love to the red “stop sign” of resistance, which is actually your protection against further wounding, the blue merges with the red to create the violet of transmutation. Then, whenever you experience the tickle of psychological or physical wounding, you can transmute that wound into an inter-dimensional portal through which you can constantly receive healing.


We will now address the third question about your dreams. Many of our ascending ones had and are having ascension dreams. Ascension dreams are dreams in which you process and/or practice the many aspects of ascension. One aspect is the clearing of old fears/darkness to facilitate your potential to Flash into Lightbody. Many of you have had brief experiences—rehearsals—of Flashing into your higher expression of Lightbody. However, do not forget that your multidimensional Lightbody also carries the potential to create a physical form when it is necessary.

Your physical form was always a matrix, just like physical Earth. It is the matrix that will be carried within your Lightbody so that you can “go to work” on Matrix Earth (the fourth dimensional expression of Gaia) to assist those who are still in the process of ascension. There are many who have been so weakened by the intense darkness of polarized Earth that they need more of the illusion of time and physicality before they can heal enough to ascend.

Just as we, your Galactic Family, assists you in your ascension, you will assist your fellow members of physical Earth. In this manner, the student will become the teacher for the un-awakened to awake. Therefore, remember your process in detail for you will be teaching it to others. There are many different expressions of Earth’s humanity. Therefore, there will be many expressions of human ascension. Each of the ascended ones will become an inspiration and instructor for those who resonate to your expression of reality. In this manner, first you LEARN, then you DO, then you TEACH. You will all be wonderful Ascension Teachers for those less fortunate and/or less diligent than yourself.

As I have been going about my day with the release of a deep “terror” I did not know I concealed, I have been seeing all the small ways in which my fear was expressed as impatience, judgment, and other expressions of low-grade anger—which was really fear. Since I was 7 years old, I have hidden this secret from myself. Which secret is that I ask myself, as I remembered that I was abducted. Oh, I answer, the secret was that it was REAL, that I created it and I chose it.

Why did I wan to do such a thing as create and choose that experience?” asks the wounded ego as a component of her healing. “Because,” say the healing one moving towards ascension, “We had to remember. We had to remember that we were more than just a little third dimensional. We had to keep a secret from our self so that we would not get in the daily life of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

We chose and created that experience before we took a form so that we would always keep looking inside to find out why we were so lonely, so different, so depressed. Then when we found out, we couldn’t allow our self to believe it. We, the ascending ones, chose different dramas that somehow matched our Mission. Now, that we are ready to go deep, deep, deep into our hidden archives, we can realize how courageous we are to have chosen so many challenges in one lifetimes—just so that we would NOT forget.

Therefore, we thank each and every one of our challenges for they have been our awakeners. Our challenges, the red frequencies of wounding in our mind, body and aura can now all be filled with our blue Divine Love to transmute them into the Violet Fire that will activate our full personal and planetary ascension.


Since my visit to the Violet Temple, I have been seeing all the small ways in which my fear was expressed as impatience, judgment, and other expressions of low-grade anger—which was really fear. Since I was 7 years old, I have hidden a secret from myself. Now I know that my abduction was chosen by me before I was even born.

Why would I want to choose that experience?” asks the wounded. “Because,” says the healing one moving towards ascension, “We had to remember. We had to remember that we were more than just third dimensional children. Therefore, before we took form we chose and created an experience that we would keep us looking inside to find out why we were so lonely, so different, so depressed.
Then when we found out, we couldn’t allow our self to believe it. We, the ascending ones, chose different dramas that somehow matched our Mission. Now, that we are ready to go deep, deep, deep into our hidden archives of wounding, we realize how courageous we were to have chosen so many challenges in one lifetime—just so that we would NOT forget our SELF

Therefore, we thank each and every one of our challenges for they have been our awakeners. Our challenges, the red frequencies of wounding in our mind, body and aura can now all be filled with our blue Divine Love to transmute them into the Violet Fire that will activate our full personal and planetary ascension.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 7th June 2012 by Shanti
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Jun 3


I have been contacted today by a Being of Light with a very subtle beautiful energy and expansive Light. As I insisted on a name so that I would be able to present this Being to my readers, this Being said: “Call me Alpha”

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Greetings! I Am an inter-dimensionaI Being working at this point from the 8th dimension.

I do not live on a planet, but I Am associated with planets somehow in a way that I am working to help to maintain the stabilization and balance of their energies. This work is not done arbitrarily, but I am asked by the citizens of a planet, or higher dimensional beings who are assisting with this task, to help with this service, and they know me because of that. Basically I am directly connected with the High Light and Frequencies of the Galactic Center. And so you will understand that I help – by balancing planetary energy fields – to strengthen their alignment with the frequencies of the Galactic Center. This is especially required, when the energy fields of planets are becoming unstable for several reasons, particularly when their dimensional vibration shifts.

Although I might appear to you as an individual, I am not, I am a group consciousness, you could say, whose members are able to work on several projects simultaneously. We Are a conscious light- and energy-system which you could compare with a beehive, where the many bees execute different tasks, while the queen is orchestrating their duties. In the same way you could understand My function as being the central operation station for all the work that is being done.

I am now being called with my many “group members” to assist your planet in this process of ascension. And you are of course understanding why. Is it not that you observe or experience daily earthquakes? They and floods, storms and other unusual phenomena demonstrate to you that your planet’s vibrational field is shifting as She is being entering into the direct alignment with the Galactic Center. And here my service is required.

In that sense I am an operating force of the Galactic Center, overlightet by the Elohim who orchestrate and direct the Light-Consciousness of the massive Lightforce of your Great Central Sun in the Milky Way.

The reason why I am contacting humanity, is to offer cooperation with Us during this great shift, in case you feel moved to participate in the process of your planetary shift with Us. We have noticed that there is a rising number of you who wish to assist in such a service.

All you need to do is to ground yourself, connect yourself with the Center of your planet Earth and then calling consciously upon the light frequencies from your Galactic Center to enter smoothly your atmosphere and to gently settle down on earth, thereby also harmonizing areas which are in imbalance. They can be areas anywhere on your planet but also living organisms, including the planetary kingdoms, the fauna and flora and the mineral world, and of course humanity and your own personal bodies and thought fields.

It is of great advantage if you consciously draw these new mighty light-frequencies into your living and breathing fields, which helps to powerfully ground them on your earth. Every welcoming of them from your side supports the capacity of your planetary system with all its inhabitants, to shift into the higher dimensions.

When you agree to participate in this work we then will assist your intention when you start doing the work or when you allow a general or basic continuous consent and personal opening to receive these incoming frequencies from the Galactic Center.

This will greatly enhance the light and conscious awareness on your planet and lessen more and more the capacity of denser frequencies and their manifestations to exist on your world.

Remember also that it is our task to make sure that these highly empowering frequencies will be adapted in a smooth way to your and any other frequency so that you and all planetary kingdoms will not be overwhelmed by it’s force.

Great planetary, interplanetary and inter-dimensional work has always been done in a cooperative manner, where all directly involved and those who exist in the universe to support these processes, join forces.

We thank you for your assistance!
May the Love of the Source in which we all exist, Bless you and Expand your Heart!

I Am Alpha

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 3rd June 2012 by Juan Pablo
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Equipoise: ▶ Best Relaxation Back Massage Techniques. How To Give A Relaxing Back Rub, ASMR Christen Renee -▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle January-28-2014 – YouTube

Equipoise: ▶ Best Relaxation Back Massage Techniques. How To Give A Relaxing Back Rub, ASMR Christen Renee -▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle January-28-2014 – YouTube.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

▶ Best Relaxation Back Massage Techniques. How To Give A Relaxing Back Rub, ASMR Christen Renee -▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle January-28-2014 – YouTube

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1 Akbal, 6 Yax, 10 Caban
Selamat Jalwa! Much is happening around your
globe. The dark cabal’s leaders fully understand that their long reign
is coming to an end. Our earthly associates are busy putting the
finishing touches on a global currency reset and are using this event to
quick-start a new worldwide banking system. Right now things are
happening that will bring the first taste of global prosperity to this
realm. A new gold-backed currency will eliminate the former restrictions
set by the Dumbarton Oaks Agreements. The era of the Federal Reserve
dollar is over. A new financial landscape is forming to put the control
of each national currency back in the hands of the nation state from
which it comes. Each bank will then abide by a strict set of rules which
will end the fraud and chicanery of the past. Banking will no longer be
a license to steal, and the gross “cons” that banks were noted for will
end. Quite swiftly, the new governance that will arise as a result of
this prosperity will enforce these new regulations. This new reality
will be the forerunner of a disclosure that solidifies your march toward
full consciousness.
   The present chores of this fleet are built
around the need to assure that all that is agreed to does indeed
manifest. The present time is one in which the old dark order, possessed
of unrelenting greed, arrogance and irresponsibility,will be succeeded
by those who use their consciousness and growing sense of responsibility
to bring forth a new reality. It is this special new reality that will
be fully birthed when your present consciousness transformation is
finished. This, as we said before, requires that we provide many mentors
whose primary task is to bring you back to full consciousness. This
pathway will involve the cities of Agartha. Special places throughout
this realm are set-aside for the final stage of your journey. We have
coordinated the building and operating of Light Chambers that are to
finish this most divine task. When you leave these living transformers,
you are to be fully conscious. After a short training you will be
capable of operating well within a new 5-dimensional reality!
   What is ahead for you is a great leap in
consciousness. This divine operation is meant to raise this reality to
the fifth dimension and to prepare you to become the prime guardians of
this sector of physicality. You are to reunite with your Agarthan
brethren, and together, to colonize the other three water worlds. These
new galactic societies are to forge a galactic council to preside over
this special guardianship. Moreover, you are to bring this newly united
star nation into the Galactic Federation and fulfill your sacred
destiny. Numerous galaxies, near and far, have heard about your grand
destiny and wish to share these events with you. In effect, you are to
become a prototype for peace, prosperity and unity! Many ships from
these galaxies are here now, watching and assisting us in your ongoing
transformation. In returning to the status of physical angels, you have
given many the vision of how the divine plan unfolds in its miraculous
ways. This gives all in this enormous fleet much joy.
   As all of what we have stated unfolds,
remember that this set of divine alterations is part of an even greater
change that is sweeping throughout this galaxy. We first colonized this
solar system with the full affirmation of this region’s Spiritual
Hierarchy. We watched the dark arrive long ago and wipe out this first
colony. We then received permission to intervene and the land of Mu was
created. Later came Atlantis and a truly odd scheme by the dark to make
humans a slave race. This process has now failed. You are leaving the
shackles of limited consciousness behind. You have learned much from
your millennia of adventures under the dark’s hard hand. This is over.
It is time to return to the realm of full consciousness and fulfill the
grand destiny given you by Heaven. We and your spiritual and space
family, now come together and will perform a special prearranged
alchemy. These events are to right this galaxy to the Light and permit
you to make a great and necessary magic. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Events
are now taking place that will change this reality. The various secret
societies from both the East and West are finishing tasks that permit
the world to begin global currency reset and to manifest a new financial
system. The present banking oligarchy is composed of an “old guard”
whose time for defeat has come. Ever since the days of ancient Rome,
this stolid group retained control of the globe’s purse strings. These
dangerous and egocentric ones are to be jettisoned and left to their own
devices. Arrests will follow, and with them their demise. These blessed
events have taken us millennia to arrange and decades to make a
reality! What is to succeed them is a system that is purged of their
immorality and gross disrespect for humanity. Humans were their
unwilling slaves and failed to see the great powers that each possesses.
It is the time to accept that your liberation is at hand.
   This first stage of your prosperity will be
followed by the distribution of the various prosperity funds. This is to
be a two-part process. Once this is complete, new governance will
manifest. As you can see, this is indeed a truly blessed time for all.
The old debt-ridden system is to fall. A new system will replace it that
frees you from debt and allows you to achieve your sacred desires. Take
this time to reflect. Look carefully at your societies. See how they
can be improved. Look at the Earth as well. See her in a new light. Help
her and swiftly transform how your societies provide for your energies
and your transportation of people and goods. Be ready to embrace
startling new technologies, and above all, do so in the spiritual
context of your growing consciousness! Be conscious of everything and do
not let this opportunity slip!
   You are about to meet the representatives of
your ancestors. You are also to mingle with the spiritual Beings of
Heaven. The “veil” is to open. We are here to guide you to full
consciousness and to teach those primary things that you need to be
familiar with. This time will be one of joy and an equal part of
responsibility. Many wonders are to become known to you. Use this time
to improve yourselves and to forgive each other. Learn about your shared
unity with all Life! Comprehend the great gift that is your life on,
and shortly, in Gaia. Be ready to abandon your many beliefs and to
expand on others. This is a very moral and relatively bloodless
“revolution”. It is to leave you in a consciousness state that you have
not enjoyed physically for over 13 millennia. Be grateful. Be gracious
and Bless all for what is happening to this realm.
   Today, we continued our many messages that
explain to you what is happening here. We ask that you take this in and
do what your Higher Self advises when you are in prayer or in a
meditative state. Be proud of what you are becoming and be ready to
welcome all who have come to impart these wonders to you! Know, dear
Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven
are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be
One! and Be in Joy!) 

* * *

▶ Solar Activity June272014 – YouTube

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Friday, 11 July 2014


SaLuSa 11 July 2014

We detect a new mood amongst many of you, indeed a welcome one that indicates that you have moved beyond the stage of disappointment that you felt after the end of 2012. Situations such as you have experienced are largely the result of them being very fluid, and with the best will we cannot always predict how things will turn out. You may however be assured that whatever we do is in the best interests of everyone. It is the bigger picture that is important and from your perspective, you cannot really see it all. God has decreed that all shall go ahead as planned, and it is therefore a “fait accompli”. So we ask you to accept that we are wholly committed to bringing the truth into being, and helping you advance as quickly as possible into the New Age. What has been ordained by God must come into being, and no matter what takes place to prevent it, it will not and cannot succeed.

You can therefore make your plans to contribute to the efforts being made to bring a conclusion to the old Age energies, by breaking the hold it has upon you. Do not be in fear of them as you will otherwise continue to be linked to them. You can protect yourself at all times by focussing on the Light that will ensure that you are safe at all times. The old world sits along side the new one but sooner or later there will come a great upliftment, that will bring a change that will see an end to duality such as you experience it. We emphasize again that there will be a parting of the ways, and the New Age will start in earnest having thrown off the cloak of darkness.

You can rightly expect the end times to be a complex mixture of all types of experiences, as many, many paths are coming together for a final cleansing. The end for many will mean a quick exit from the Earth only to continue their experiences at an appropriate level to their particular vibration. We know that some of you have strong bonds with many souls, but each of you must be allowed to follow your own path. Sometimes groups of souls will progress together, and it is possible because they are at a similar stage of evolution. However, when the time comes for a new advanced experience, an individual soul will move to another level. One thing we will emphasize again is that once you have a genuine love link with another soul, no matter where they are they will always respond to your attempt to contact them. That is because in the higher levels distance is no barrier to doing so, and contact is instantaneous.

Your life on Earth is such a contrast to the one you are going to experience once you have ascended. Be open to many changes that you will find very welcome, and do not think in terms of life as you know it now. You will not be encumbered by the restrictions imposed upon you by the lower vibrations. You will be a free soul able to transport yourself to wherever you wish, and it will be in your Light body. You will “feed” off the energies all around you, although it is possible to partake of certain light “foods” that are extremely beneficial to the body. You may well have read or heard of the Astral Regions through souls that have passed into this region immediately after death. These will be your first experience of the higher levels of vibration, and are similar to the ones we have mentioned except that you are still thinking and acting as previously on Earth. You will soon learn how to use your power of thought and adjust to the new level of being.

Even now you have a certain degree of power to create, but it is more effective when you get together in groups. In the higher levels they can create buildings in this way and understand that what you will see in the astral levels is a result of using such creative energies. There will come a time in the not too distant future when you too will have the power to create whatever is required for your wellbeing. Can you now begin to see how much your thinking and use of your abilities will begin to change? I do not want to overwhelm you with too much information, but what we refer to is simply the commencement of a new way of life for you. It is one that you familiar with as you passed through the different levels when you dropped down through the vibrations.

Soon you will have greater levels of consciousness and understanding, and even now they are expanding due to the higher vibrations you are experiencing. At present you are still as one might say, just awakening to your true self and will not be whole until you have full consciousness. So please Dear Ones make allowances for any lack of understanding that you may come across, as many souls have not yet grasped the truth or understood its meaning where they are concerned. Be patient with them and offer words of comfort and advice suited to their level of understanding. Too much too soon can be overwhelming and set back any progress that has been made. All souls are allowed to progress at a rate they can handle, and all of them will at some stage awaken to the truth of their being.

We have nothing but love for you all and see the Higher Being that you are, and admire your strength and resolve to close your experience in the lower dimensions with a return to the levels of Light.. At every turn we will do our best to assist you, but please remember to request our help and thus allow us to do so. As some of you have realized, we are One with you and many of you are known to us through earlier contact. Some of you are on Earth to specifically take part in the end times, bringing with you knowledge and skills that can be put to good use. Indeed, your presence is speeding up progress and your vibrations are uplifting those you meet on your travels. In fact you some of you have incarnated together to carry out your life plan, and are working with soul mates who are very much of your own vibration. It can sometimes be a lonely life as some of you have little opportunity to share your wisdom and knowledge, but you do nevertheless help many souls by your mere presence amongst them. Your energy is of a high vibration and uplifting, and even of a healing nature.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send our Best Wishes and Love to all dear souls upon Earth. We draw nearer each day and thank you for your dedication and love for your Human Family who is on Earth.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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El Ser UNO – A: ▶ Bajarán las naves y los malvados ¡Temerán! 1-2 – Maestro ALANISO – María ~ No estamos completos sin Ustedes.:::sharing

El Ser UNO – A: ▶ Bajarán las naves y los malvados ¡Temerán! 1-2 – Maestro ALANISO – María ~ No estamos completos sin Ustedes.:::sharing.

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lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2014

▶ Bajarán las naves y los malvados ¡Temerán! 1-2 – Maestro ALANISO – María ~ No estamos completos sin Ustedes.:::sharing

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María ~ No estamos completos sin Ustedes.

Soy María quien les habla. Los saludo a todos con el amor de la conciencia que actualmente envuelve y que siempre con más fuerza impregna la Tierra. Ustedes están entre las primeras personas en recibir esta conciencia del corazón para transmitirla a la Tierra y a las personas que los rodean, y nosotros les agradecemos por eso. Acepten nuestra gratitud por ser un canal para una nueva energía en la Tierra.

Ustedes son valientes, han elegido estar aquí y ahora en la Tierra en esta época cuando mucho está cambiando para bien, pero también hay muchas cosas que vienen que son dolorosas en forma de viejo dolor y heridas. Están viniendo a la superficie de un modo extremo en esta época, y sí, también dentro de ustedes.

Todos ustedes acarrean su propia historia personal que va mucho más atrás a través de muchas vidas. Han estado en la Tierra muchas veces, y cada vez han intentado realizar alguna de sus inspiraciones más profundas, lo cual es su principal deseo por estar aquí en la Tierra. Debido a que están tan conectados a este planeta, han venido aquí como un “niño” que quiere crecer y aprender y, al mismo tiempo, de algún modo también son un “padre” para la Tierra, los guardianes que alimentan la vida con su presencia. De modo que ustedes son tanto un “niño” como un “padre” en su relación con la Tierra. En este momento en el tiempo, la Tierra quiere llevarlos a través del puente hacia una nueva conciencia, hacia una nueva realidad, hacia una vida desde el corazón.

Al mismo tiempo, hay ángeles y guías en la esfera cósmica alrededor de la Tierra que quieren apoyarlos. Estamos muy emocionados mientras estamos a su lado y espiritualmente los abrazamos. Ustedes son tan queridos para nosotros porque ustedes son quienes están haciendo el trabajo, aquí y ahora, en la Tierra. Sin embargo, ustedes aún tienen muchas dudas porque tienen que luchar con viejos miedos.

Ustedes han llegado al final de un camino específico de vidas; están completando un ciclo. En las muchas vidas que han conducido en la Tierra, gradualmente han hecho la transición desde la conciencia del ego a la conciencia del corazón. La conciencia del ego es en realidad una conciencia errante, una conciencia que ya no sabe a dónde pertenece ni de dónde viene. Es una conciencia dividida, separada y solitaria en el universo. Debido a esto está abrumada por el miedo, y desde ese miedo el pequeño ego está tratando de aferrarse a un cierto control sobre la vida y su entorno. Ustedes también trataron de hacer eso en su largo viaje hacia la autorrealización. La conciencia del ego es una parte de ese ciclo, una fase en su evolución.

Sin embargo, lo que sucedió durante la fase del ego ha dejado profundos rastros en su conciencia, porque hubo períodos de tiempo donde ustedes abusaron de su poder y de su control. En su viaje a través del universo, hubo una época en la cual ejercieron sus poderes manipuladores con mucha fuerza y con un efecto destructivo. La razón por la que ahora yo menciono esto es para volverlos conscientes de que han suprimido vergüenza y culpa por haber hecho esto, y el resultado es que ahora ustedes tienen dificultades en implementar completamente su fuerza. Con la transición de la conciencia del ego al corazón viene el remordimiento por lo que ustedes hicieron en el pasado, y nunca van a hacer eso de nuevo. El resultado es que muchos de ustedes van demasiado lejos en la dirección opuesta al renunciar completamente a su fuerza y confianza. Incluso tienen miedo de la mera idea de ser poderosos y confiados en el mundo. Todos ustedes se han vuelto “pequeños ratones” escondidos en las alas de la vida, debido a que tienen esta resistencia a usar totalmente su conciencia de sí mismo por miedo a abusar de su poder.

En las extensas series de vidas que han vivido en la Tierra, también ha habido muchas épocas en las que la conciencia y la luz que ustedes querían dar desde su corazón se topó con la incomprensión y con la resistencia, y esto ha incrementado su miedo. El rechazo que han experimentado los ha desalentado. Ustedes han experimentado estos dos escenarios: por un lado, un ego poderoso que fue demasiado grande y que luego les provocó vergüenza y culpa, y por otro lado, el haber expresado poder desde el corazón que fue muy amoroso pero que no fue aceptado por la sociedad de la cual formaban parte.

Sí, ustedes han recorrido un largo camino. Han experimentado ambos extremos y debido a esto ahora viven con los remanentes de ese pasado, con la resultante falta de certeza: “¿Puedo estar aquí?; ¿soy lo suficientemente bueno?; ¿qué es lo que yo realmente traigo aquí?; ¿quién soy yo para querer levantar mi cabeza por encima del nivel del suelo?”.

Quienes ustedes son es acerca de lo que hoy yo quiero contarles. Ustedes son el ángel de la nueva era. Han venido a la Tierra para dar paso a un nuevo tiempo, y vienen en paz. Ya no vienen aquí con la espada del ego desenvainada, vienen aquí en paz. Ahora es el momento de tomar nuevamente su fuerza y de atreverse a creer en ustedes mismos. Sí, ustedes son ese ángel de la paz, porque en ustedes el ciclo de vidas ha llegado a una terminación: desde la oscuridad a la luz, desde el ego al corazón, y ahora ustedes quieren abrazar la conciencia basada en el corazón que es el resultado de toda esa experiencia. Ustedes quieren compartirla con los demás, porque sienten que: “Somos uno. Estamos todos aquí juntos en la Tierra, y todos somos parte de esa misma conciencia. Sí, incluso la Tierra misma es una con nosotros.” Y en toda su belleza, y en todo lo que han adquirido de la riqueza interior, están ahora en la Tierra y están dispuestos a pasar por encima del umbral. ¡Ahora es su momento!

Pero nosotros a menudo tenemos que sacudirlos suavemente para despertarlos, por decirlo así. Tenemos que mantenerlos siempre enfocados en el próximo paso delante de ustedes ya que con frecuencia se ahogan en la duda. A veces ustedes quedan tan atrapados y superados por el mundo tridimensional que los rodea, por las cosas que escuchan en las noticias de la televisión y que leen en los diarios. Los miedos, las cosas que discuten las personas, todo lo que escuchan, lo que se considera imposible, lo que está yendo mal – todos estos mensajes negativos los deprimen. Entonces experimentan muy poco espacio para la luz que en realidad son, la luz que tanto anhelan, y que inconscientemente llevan tan poderosamente dentro de ustedes. Subestiman su propia realidad, quienes son, la grandeza y el poder que encarnan, y no en el sentido del poder manipulador, sino el poder de la divina presencia dentro de ustedes.

Lo que es necesario para ustedes en esta época es el justo equilibrio de poder. No el poder del ego, sino el poder de su ser espiritual, de esa parte de ustedes que sabe que es llevada por un unidad que impregna toda la vida. Si ustedes pueden afinarse otra vez con ese poder, y se alinean con él, se sentirán en el hogar aquí en la Tierra, uno con el Espíritu, con el núcleo de quienes son.

Eso es lo que ustedes están buscando, y eso puede ser su hilo conductor para encontrar su camino y su destino en la Tierra. Hay espacio para todos ustedes en la Tierra; hay una abundancia que los está esperando, riqueza que quiere venir a ustedes en la forma de relaciones, condiciones de trabajo placenteras, una vivienda hermosa, dinero. En todos esos niveles, la Tierra y la realidad terrenal quiere recibirlos. Es su propia duda en ustedes mismos lo que los ha mantenido atados con nudos y lo que no ha permitido esas cosas para ustedes.

Nosotros les pedimos, casi les imploramos, que crean en ustedes mismos – ¡ustedes son eso! Son los pioneros en la Tierra, aquellos a quienes la Tierra ha estado esperando, a quienes la humanidad está esperando. Ustedes son quienes nosotros estamos esperando, porque no podemos hacerlo por ustedes. Podemos alentarlos, una y otra vez, y nunca nos cansamos de hacerlo, pero son ustedes quienes tienen que dar el paso decisivo, realmente confiar en su corazón, en los susurros de su intuición.

Para ayudarlos un poco en el camino, y sobre todo para alentarlos, queremos llevarlos al futuro. Les pedimos que viajen con nosotros en su corazón y en su imaginación. Imaginen que están ahí, en esa nueva Tierra, y que esa conciencia basada en el corazón se ha vuelto una realidad. Visualicen que lo fundamental de la realidad terrenal es la paz y la alegría.

Imaginen que están en una casa situada en un entorno natural, hermoso. Es su casa, su morada, y todo lo material se siente como si estuviera vivo. Tan sólo miren a su alrededor: las paredes, las ventanas, el piso de la casa, sientan cómo todo eso está más vivo que la materia terrenal a la cual están acostumbrados. Todo es luminoso e irradia luz, y la luz no viene del sol, la luz viene del interior mismo de la materia. Véanse en esa casa.

Su cuerpo también tiene esa cualidad luminosa. Las células de su cuerpo se sienten radiantes, vitales, puras y limpias. Y ustedes usan vestimentas que son confortables y fluyen encantadoramente a su alrededor. Están sentados en el piso en esa casa y sienten desde su chakra raíz la profunda conexión con la Tierra. Sientan el misterio de la Tierra y la vida que viene de la Tierra, ya que son parte de esa vida. Ustedes han nacido del Cosmos, pero ahora son parte de la realidad terrestre y conectan esos dos elementos.

Luego se levantan para salir afuera. Tal vez haya una puerta, o tal vez sólo una salida, y están parados sobre la Tierra con sus pies descalzos. El sol está brillando y el cielo es azul, y por un momento sienten la energía del sol. Perecería como si el sol también se sintiera diferente: una luminosidad, un brillo, una libertad que no estaba ahí antes – y su corazón late con alegría.

El nuevo nacimiento ha tenido lugar, y ustedes se sienten tan felices que tienen el deseo de celebrarlo con los demás. Son conscientes de que sus pies los están llevando a un lugar donde están reunidas otras personas. Ahí cerca hay un espacio abierto, una plaza tal vez, y van hacia donde escuchan el sonido de voces. Ahí ven los rostros de personas que les sonríen y les dan la bienvenida: “Los hemos estado esperando”, dicen ellos. “No estamos completos sin ustedes.”

Ustedes se ubican entre ellos y se sienten incluidos de una manera tranquila, apacible y pacífica. Son simplemente y completamente ustedes; no necesitan ser diferentes de lo que son; son ustedes mismos y se sienten conectados.

Cuando todos se sientan en ese lugar, todo se vuelve calmo, todo el mundo está escuchando. Llega un mensaje: su ayuda es necesaria. Hay un llamado desde la vieja Tierra que viene a ustedes. Es la Tierra que aún está atrapada en la vieja conciencia, la Tierra de la que ustedes aún forman parte mientras están sentados aquí; es la Tierra que quiere volver a nacer.

Ustedes envían su energía desde el futuro a esta vieja Tierra, a su vieja realidad de la conciencia basada en el miedo que está en medio de un proceso de nacimiento con dolorosas contracciones. Envían su confianza, su conciencia, su coraje a esa vieja realidad y a ustedes mismos mientras ahora están sentados aquí.

Regresen al presente y reciban esa energía desde el futuro y permitan que los bañe como una ducha. Esa libertad en la que ustedes realmente pueden ser quienes son ya no está tan lejos. Siéntanse apoyados por su propio Ser superior, y pídanle consejo. Pregúntenle a su Ser futuro, quien ya existe, ¡quien en realidad está vivo dentro de ustedes ahora! El tiempo no existe; es todo una ilusión. Ahora ustedes pueden conectar con ese Ser que ha terminado el proceso de nacimiento.

Mientras sostienen la vibración de su Ser futuro en su corazón, los viejos miedos, el viejo dolor de su descenso, toda esa lucha quedará detrás de ustedes. Ahora pueden celebrar la vida. Pueden estrecharse de manos con los demás y pasarse los hermosos regalos que tienen para compartir – ¡y en realidad pueden compartirlos ahora! Imaginen que su luz, sus cualidades únicas, su belleza – todo eso – está dando vueltas alrededor de esta habitación. Ustedes lo irradian hacia afuera y las personas aquí se ven afectadas por eso, y sus caminos se vuelven más fáciles debido a eso. Déjenlo ser; permitan que la sabiduría que es suya fluya a través de su cuerpo: a través de su corazón, a través de su abdomen, a través de su chakra raíz. Reciban desde el Cielo; reciban desde la Tierra; reciban desde el futuro la ayuda que está ahí para ustedes.

Y cuando sientan la liviandad que viene con eso, entonces será realmente beneficioso. Entonces habrán conectado con quienes ustedes son, con su núcleo profundo. Y eso es todo lo que tienen que hacer para encontrar su camino en la vida: conectarse con esa luz, con esa simplicidad, con esa facilidad. Lo que fluye libremente es beneficioso.

En esencia, la vida no es difícil. Ustedes son un canal; hay sabiduría y luz fluyendo a través de ustedes, y siempre que permiten la conexión con la Tierra y comparten sus talentos con los demás, traen cambio a este mundo, mientras que al mismo tiempo se liberan de eso. Lo dejan ir, sin embargo dejan atrás una huella para los demás, porque llegará el día en que ellos también querrán soltar la conciencia basada en el miedo. Ustedes están creando huellas con su energía.

Por lo tanto, felicítense y estén orgullosos de ustedes mismos. No miren aquellas cosas que aún quieren lograr. Miren todo lo que ya han hecho y lo que han vencido en ustedes mismos en cuanto a emociones, a miedos, a limitación.

Estén orgullosos de haber encarnado en un cuerpo humano al tiempo que perciben la promesa de una nueva realidad naciente, tanto adentro como afuera. Dieron un salto de fe. ¡Eso es un testimonio de su coraje y de su fuerza! Por lo tanto, atrévanse a ser guidados por su corazón en su vida diaria, y hagan decisiones que se correspondan con la energía que sienten ahora, con la liviandad de la nueva Tierra. No vayan en contra de lo que les dicen sus vísceras, atrévanse a confiar. Nosotros los amamos, sientan nuestra presencia.

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