The Being ONE : 326/327/328 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1

The Being ONE : 326/327/328 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

326/327/328 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1

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Sin Conocimiento,  no vivo
Sin entendimiento,  no existo
sin amor incondicional,  no Soy 
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 The BEing ONE


Without knowledge , I do not live

 Without understanding, I do not exist 
without unconditional love , I am NOT


The Being one – the secrets of thoth

book 1

Document Transcript

Two . INTERNATIONAL DATA MAPPING IN SÃO PAULO , BRAZIL RELEASE . NO COPYRIGHT . REGISTRATION : 314,912 | LIVRO : 575 | FOLHA : 72 Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . Book originally published by the author and Canal : Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . All rights in the text , including external and internal drawings are reserved for exclusive use by the author . No part of this book may be REPRODUCED , ALTERED, OR USED EDITED form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording , Internet , television , cinema or storage system database, without written permission of the author except in cases of short stretches cited in critical reviews or articles from magazines, newspapers or any media . The reproduction, change, alteration or misuse of the contents of this book and drawings shall be subject to prosecution , protected by the copyright law . BE THE ONE I – The Arcane of Thoth. BEING ONE II – Metro 333 – Tera Guardians . We inform all people of good will who BEING ONE is not linked with people who can use the name of the author and the same , holding conferences , groups, selling prints , videos , advertising and charging for their services or asking for donations on behalf of this knowledge. The canal does also know , that it has no responsibility to those that transmit and interpret knowledge BEING ONE in their own way , guided or not based on the original writings that are in your text. BEING ONE is a FREE knowledge , not any events coalesced to gain money or any other type by another , which could be used to their advantage. 2

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For example, we could not mix water with fire; one would extinguish the other. We could not mix fire with earth; they do not produce combustion. But at certain times these elements can be put together, provided they are attuned, in order to bring about wellbeing and continuity.

The point of number 4 (air) is currently in South America. Air (4) will unite with fire (3) and will transport it to the ends of the planet. Numbers 3 and 4 will become 7, forming the seven levels of elevation of this new alignment. The new alignment will be momentous on Planet Earthbecause it will be the first one to allow thought-energies to transcend to another plane of existence.

The first three alignments were useful to help the distorted ones to evolve because only through evolution could their thought-energies transcend. These are you, which have gone through three races and three alignments to be able to attain what you are today. Those were the 100 thousand years that you needed for your brains to align you with the cosmos.

The 576 volunteers who were trapped on the surface of the planet formed their own clans of 144 beings each. These beings were the distorted ones who procreated and mixed with the other clans. The thought-energies adapted to the environment, and in doing so, they lost their memory, continuity, correlation and knowledge of their origins.

In the new alignment, and in the following ones, there will be volunteers who will awaken first.

They are the 576 volunteers who were trapped and whose mission will be to recover all the thought-energies, that is, their descendants, their children’s children. It will be a duty and a responsibility. The volunteers will understand that they cannot transcend if they do not take all their descendants with them. Some of them will be appointed guardians of the Inner-Earth City, but others will stay on to continue the recovery of the densified ones. They will have to go through the four elements before entering the Inner-Earth City, and will do so through ether and helium, that is, the sky and the sun.

When we refer to the word alignment, we know that it is the 28 thousand years. Every 2 thousand 8 hundred years the solstices occur that determine the gradual movement of the six-
pointed symbol. This symbol moves counter-clockwise, starting from number 5. Planet Earthhas already been through three alignments and is entering the fourth, which will occur in Central America and South America. It will be the first alignment to bring forth a harvest, since the previous ones only helped to evolve the distorted energies that could not transcend because they were not ready for it.

The first alignments went through Africa (Akahans race), through Asia (Lemurian race), through Central America (the Atlanteans), and the fourth alignment is entering the South American race (Aquarian race).

Planet Earth is very different from other Ayapliano planets because its alignments are not exactly as they should be. Its solstices often leap from one end to another, depending on the evolution and elevation of the brain of the planet. Point 4 is currently in South America, and the thought-energies in it are at their peak of elevation, but not evolution. Therefore it is the point at the other side, the 2, that will balance this cerebral alignment of the planet.

The air will be the breeze of the water, and elevation and evolution will harmonize. America (the West) and the East will unify their knowledge to merge it and form a single body of knowledge.

The alignment of the next 7 thousand years will unify three elements: air, fire and water. The earth element has not yet developed enough to participate because Planet Earth has not yet become aware of itself. When it acquires this knowledge, in the future alignments this element will cause extraordinary energetic changes on an interplanetary sphere. If we say that three elements will unite, we mean that there are three Ayapliano species that will be able to transcend. These are the Ebiarians, the Retryonians and the Ambiarians. These are the three races, red, yellow and white, which, by becoming unified, will form the future race, which will be one.

When we refer to the races, we are also talking about each being’s inward state. You must not get carried away by appearances or by skin color. The races are classified by the energetic inner state of every being. Today, the beings of Planet Earth do not have the pure characteristics of the genetic heritage of the four races that populated the Earth. Planet Earth-being is completely mixed and when we say that there are three races that will be elevated in this alignment, we are referring to the inner thought-energy that qualifies them. When they become unified they will form a fourth element that will govern this alignment.

You classify races by their skin color and by their environmental characteristics; we classify them by the color of their energies. This gives us a more rounded picture of the real situation of the Planet Earth-being. We mean that we can find white skinned beings, but with black energy, red-skinned beings, with white energy, and so on. This difference is inner and not outer, the way you see and understand it. The unification of the inner colors will determine the difference. Let us clarify this.

If we say that the three races – the red, the white and the yellow – will be unified, we know that these three colors represent love, transmutation and elevation.

If we say that the Tenezians will not enter this alignment it is because the thought-energies of these beings are not sufficiently elevated to transcend. This energy without elevation can be found in any being, country and in any color.

The recovery process and energetic uniformity will be slow and will go on until it is complete with the five races that are still developing. When the four elements and the four races blend totally, we can say that you have completed your cycle and you are ready to ascend to the fourth plane of existence. To do this, you will have to go through the Inner-Earth City and willhave to enter and exit through the poles, that is, to enter through ether (sky) and exit through helium (the sun).

When this happens, the following race (the Ambiarian yeti-race) will begin to develop and everything will start all over again. The six-pointed star will become aligned according to the progress of the planet, and the governing element will adjust itself accordingly.

Each solstice is marked by the movement of the points, which are aligned in perfect harmony, responding to the characteristics of the Planet Earth-brain. Since you do not have continuity or mathematical correlation, the points will not position themselves in mathematical order, but in logical order. Thus, the solstices leap from point to point for the sole purpose of organizing the brain of the planet, so that the Earth cell may remain healthy, active and not become petrified.

When we refer to the solstices, it means that Planet Earth-brain has to nourish itself with light, dynamic and active thought-energies. The movement of the solstices indicates that the brain of the planet is working with an active and not passive dynamic; and this movement will prevent the thought-energies of the planetary brain from becoming an inflexible, rigid or inactive energy.

When we refer to the alignment, it means that the brain of the planet is being nourished with new ideas that come from other higher realities, and while being fed with these new nutrients, the planet will make extraordinary changes for its own wellbeing and that of the One Being.

568. Why are the points in this alignment positioned that way?

Currently Planet Earth is in a difficult position, especially in regard to its elevation. We explained earlier that the planet runs the risk of tilting 3.5 degrees to the left. This will bring very serious consequences because it will make the time between the solstices and alignments get disorganized to such an extent that because of the rigidity that characterizes the planet, its brain will not understand what is happening and will become a confused, unbalanced and lethargic mind. We could say that, due to the absence of logic in its way of life, thought-energy will lose its continuity and, above all, its identity.

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 …this, will continue tomorrow…
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Book 1:

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Enlace a Primera Página – El SER UNO  


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 . Being One is a book of self-knowledge. It should be read in order: it would be useless to read it haphazardly, because that would not give the expected result. His reading will be opening and connecting the brain circuits of knowledge, understanding and love.


Meditate on it, review it … study it … …let go of old ideas and lessons …study the new  .

Being ONE

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What is unconditional love and why is it so elusive for many? It is a love that does not judge, defends or distinguish between any living creature that enters your neighborhood. It is a love that embraces all creation as emanating from the heart of Father-Mother God, the Source of Creation, that which created matter and has placed in the dark matter of the Universe expanding.


 Unconditional love is beyond understanding the small packaging and divided mind , qualifies and categorized. Unconditional love is the love that surpasses all understanding and simply is, in itself, pure, upright and spotless. It is the essence of your Higher Self. It is the true essence of themselves, stripped of all that is not the Self .

” I love you unconditionally , and turn on the Violet Fire in the emanation you’re sending to me. Bless you too, find that I am gaining peace in the new and expanded version of my Being. “


Many are beginning to wake up and realize they need to love themselves . This is very difficult for many as they have remained in the shadows of doubt and hate themselves for a long time, often without understanding the core issues or reasons for such feelings. The finding love and self-respect is merely a step on the path to self-mastery . If you feel that you can not even love themselves, learn to accept themselves as they are, and will release his future to love. Love flows from the heart of creation, but you can not feel this connection and this flow until the source is connected with the source of love within his own heart center.




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terram novam: MailOnline takes tour around mission control for landing on comet 67P | Daily Mail Online

terram novam: MailOnline takes tour around mission control for landing on comet 67P | Daily Mail Online.

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sábado, 8 de noviembre de 2014

MailOnline takes tour around mission control for landing on comet 67P | Daily Mail Online

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KRULIANs: Verdad Ovni… UFO Truth ::: Sharing

KRULIANs: Verdad Ovni… UFO Truth ::: Sharing.

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sábado, 3 de mayo de 2014

Verdad Ovni… UFO Truth ::: Sharing





Verdad Ovni


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Verdad Ovni_1_2_3 – YouTube






Carri di Angeli_Ships of Light_ap262013 – YouTube

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ThumbnailWeirdSUN:::UFOaCTIVITY:::ISS STATiON_2nd SUN ma152013 – YouTube

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UFO seen in City Of Yerevan Armenia June 11, 2012, 21:29 pm – YouTube

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UFOsActivity:::AMAzin:::Planet Visible at Neumayer Statio_ma262013 – YouTube

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mini Alien_’Sirius’ Documentary Reveals DNA Test Results On Ata, The ‘6-Inch Alien’  

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UFOrings:::UFOsACTIVITY:::ISSStation_ma132013_UFOs Activity. – YouTube

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Trailer, OVNIufo:::ISSStation_Psychedelic_”2nd” Sun_ ap162013 – YouTube

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OVNIufo_Trailer_OVNIufo_OVNIsun_ma292013 – YouTube

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UFOsActivity:::Neumayer Antartic Krulian Ship Planet TAUS ap302013 – YouTube

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BIG_ENORMoUS_orb at:::ISSStation Psychedelic lights… FE3282013 – YouTube

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UFOsACTIVITY:::ISS Station Psychedelic RINGS of FireLight_ma262013 – YouTube

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▶ Extraña esfera cae en China / Strange sphere falls in China – YouTube 

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▶ Increíble flotilla de OVNIs en la Cd. de México / Unbelievable fleet of UFOs in the city of Mexico – YouTube

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samkaska: ▶ 119 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – The Nature of Transformation ::: SHARING

samkaska: ▶ 119 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – The Nature of Transformation ::: SHARING.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

▶ 119 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – The Nature of Transformation ::: SHARING

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Video 119
Answers of an alien from Andromeda

video hundred and nineteen

July18, 2014
I would like to know, if it is possible, the basic structure of this sick alliance between Earth elites and reptilians. Does Earthlings have any advanced (by our means) space ships, and how many (if any), what would the sizes and performances be, so dimensions and number of crew members. I would like also know the same for the reptilians
involved with Earthlings and if theyposses any mothership, their approxdimensions and forms.

See, the Reptilians put some technology in the hands of your scientists such as nano-structures, cold fusion,
genetic reprogramming, and quantum manipulation of some materials among other things,but cannot pass spatial ships or weapons technologies, because they are not built by them. They acquire their ships from the
manufacturers programmed to obey only the brainwaves of the Reptilians because they cannot afford to do this kind of programming
for themselves. It’s like if you could get a plane that had a “black box” that only obeys a particular brain frequency. These programming and reprogramming are certified and registered in databases of
Galactica Community correspondent.
If a ship is detected without its program is registered it is considered “pirate” and all fleets in service in the area
are notified of their presence and allowed to intercept and inspect cargo and occupants. Humans cannot get no
ship of this type yet, your scientists are sti
ll trying to get old rugged ships with technologies that can be copied. The Reptilians are not
fools; they never hit the front with the galactic communities, always positioning
themselves within the limits of legality to suffer no penalties. They know tha
t the more they keep the dependence
of governments on your partner, the more they will get in return.
The ships that are transporting equipment and personnel off the planet are flown by a crew of Grays’, whose brain
frequency is also accepted by the contro
l system of these ships. The reptilians have various types of spacecraft,
ranging from service units with approx. 60 meters with crews between ten and twenty components and to a mothership over 10 miles in length from 3 to 8000 crew.
The shapes vary accord
ing to the purpose of each spacecraft and they have no fixed preference for models
because acquire inexpensive substituted spacecraft, of other fleets, and to send reprogramming therefore they
have various types of ships. You could call them “junk dealers”
as is most of the descendants of insect societies.
There are several classes of spacecraft according to the technology applied, resources and method of propulsion.
Taking your basic alphabet from A to Z would be very little to sort but just to illustrate, while “humanoid
societies” more advanced use spacecraft classes A through J, reptilians and insectoid use at most classes J through
Z in most cases.-Friends, just a reminder,
the system of “behavioral reality” developed by your elites is
very simple. Going back a little while ago, in your so
-called “middle age”, your elites used as “matrix” to keep the mental slavery of his
people the safety of the high castle walls, the safety of your churches against the forces of evil and witchcraft.
hose who were not part of this context served only to be literally enslaved by force of the whip. To survive you
have always paid the “protection fee” imposed by elites to maintain your “security.
Today no longer exist the castle walls, but with control of
the technology and all the energy generated on the
planet, your elites keeps your societies in the same “matrix” before, selling the security that the pseudo
technology provides to its users. The elites now “enslave minds” with technologies that you have to use to be part
of the system, otherwise you become a “disposable”. Or are you an active consumer or you are a “nothing”.
Approximately 80% of your workforce is now enslaved in this way, are plugged in the “matrix” and if they are turned off, do not know
anything else but to starve or become mental zombies. To get out of this vicious circle you
need to go from mental slaves to external observers. Try to understand once and for all that this is the plan of the enemy of your conscientization, the provision
of facilities must be used wisely, does not help you have the best
GPS you do not know how to orient by a simple compass if you run out electric power.

Try to imagine being out of this “matrix”, using the resources that the system is providing today but not
exclusively depend on it to survive. While it exists use the advantages you can, but be prepared to survive without
it. If for some natural or purposeful motive power will disappear for a long period of the planet, try to imagine surviving outside this
imposed system. The entire system mounted so far by your elites depends on being plugged into an outlet. They control the outlets, nature can control “them and their outlets” too … If electricity was free
for all with independent generating units and ac
cessible to all, thy elites would no longer have total control. Try
turning off the jacks, try to be aware that you cannot allow technological dependence enslave your minds, turning
you guys into simple puppets, manipulated by your elites still dominant.

For those who asked about trash and recycling in the future, I will describe a machine widely used in quantum

based restructuring of materials.
Suppose you have a project of a vehicle, one of your cars for example. You instructs the machine with the details
of vehicle parts, material characteristics of these parts, hardness, flexibility, colors, finishes, etc.. In a chamber of
the machine you will put the matter in raw materials, in bars, powder or simple scraps of these materials already
used. The system will produce absolutely perfect new vehicle as the project subtracting the necessary materials from the chamber
of scrap. If you miss some stuff the system will warn you and wait for the missing item is placed in the chamber of junk. And the system warns you if you made any mistake in calculation of some characteristic of some of the pieces to optimize the operation planned for the final set. This type of production equipment works
to manufacture anything that is designed, from a needle to a spaceship. As
you can see very little or no scrap left
over to be thrown into the environment.

For those who asked about the possibility of a perpetual motion machine, here is the answer. When you master the technology of a magnet with only one polarity (either positive or negative) and not converging parallel lines of force, such equipment will be commonplace. Another technology for this purpose is the molecular programming
of materials that can generate heat and electricity only with constant molecular excitation, forever. This is the
same principle with which the rays are generated in your clouds of steam, only these happen indiscriminately and
are not “controllable”. These are some concepts of molecular quantum mechanics that you can use in the short
term to solvethe energy problems in the new society.

The Arcturians completed the process of mapping the next tectonic changes on the planet and as soon as I can have some details I will communicate to you.
Thanks for watching, join our channel! Be sure that you are welcome there!
Captain Bill

july, 2014 Atlanticobr ChannelHttp://

Cheers for all!

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переводити/Traduire/ переводить ♪ → → → → → → ►
 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する

The Nature of Transformation 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 18, 2014

Conversation with Babaji
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 10, 2014
first published on July 18, 2014 in

translated by Franz

Georgi Stankov

This is not a theoretical conversation about spiritual values and behaviour. It discusses the main reason why ascension did not take place end of May, when all cosmic alignments were ready and only the light warriors on the ground failed one more time to keep the light quotient. Instead they turned away from the light in the very last moment and decided not to ascend – not to jump into the abyss without a safety net, as their faith in God was not strong enough.

Those, who think that they are being lied by heaven or by its few prophets, such as Jahn, Carla and myself about ascension and have the audacity to bother me with emails about the fallout of their lack of faith and spiritual blindness are simply empty soulless duplicates, and part of the problem. You cannot use your own failure as an argument that the prophets have been wrong with their prophecies.

You create your prophecy and life in the Now and if you fail to believe in it, the prophecy still remains valid for those who believe in it and live up to the highest good of All-That-Is. This is what this message is all about and all further arguments are the perpetuation of human stupidity, blindness and lack of spiritual ripeness that have made the old earth the most darkest planet in the omniverse. Please understand that this earth no longer exists and the time when words mattered has passed by.

This website is giving you only the most reliable and precious information, you can find on this planet, because it comes from the highest levels of cosmic awareness and is transmitted by the clearest and most honest spiritual leaders on the current Gaia 5. If you are clever, accept it, understand it or let it go. But do not disturb us and the few light warriors with your unprocessed problems. Nobody can help you anymore and you will find yourself very soon – actually you are already there, but you have not realized it yet – on a lower timeline, appropriate for your current level of evolution, where we shall no longer be there for you to bother us. Think instead about instant Karma.

Our Conversation with the 6D Fleet

We have already entered the time of direct “conversation with God”, respectively with All-That-Is. Yesterday when we went late in the afternoon to the beach and enjoyed the warm weather and ocean water, the 6D fleet came to us and the most exciting dialogue began that lasted for more than 6 hours and ended at midnight on the balcony of our apartment under the sparkling firmament of the 5D and 6D. We have never experienced such an intensive direct communication with the HR and during this interaction Carla’s consciousness was extremely expanded and firmly anchored in the 6D fleet, just as mine, though in a different way. The purity of the discussion and the precision of the information was breathtaking.

Most of it was of personal character and I will not discuss it here. But I also asked the 6D fleet, among others, to confirm one more time the postponement of our ascension on May 28th, 2014 and to comment on the reasons for this decision. Here is what they said:

“All the cosmic alignments for your ascension were ready on this new moon portal. At the beginning the ascension wave started to grow as expected. Then the light warriors could no longer hold the light as they were not ready mentally for this and because they succumbed to their fears and turned away from the light in the very last minute. They decided not to ascend and this was their free will. It was not predicted that they would react in this way, as they had expressed their desire to ascend before the event at the soul level and to follow the pathway of the few light warriors of the first and the last hours, who are the true wayshowers of humanity. As a result, we could observe how the ascension wave began to fall away, before it reached the necessary threshold of ascension as a kind of orgasm that never reaches the expected peak and spoils the sexual pleasure.” The last remark was given to me as a vision.

“Was this the reason why the gold-violet flame from the Source was sent to Gaia and humanity in order to compensate for this deficiency of most light warriors on the ground to hold the light and achieve the threshold of ascension and was it planned this way“, I asked the 6D fleet.

“Indeed, the gold-violet flame was sent to earth by the Source to separate the ascension of Gaia and the few light warriors of the first and last hours from the failure of most slumbering light warriors on the ground to hold the light and reach the threshold of ascension on their own. Now Gaia’s ascension is embedded in the ascension of the new galaxy and this creates completely new possibilities and pathways of ascension for both you, humanity, and Gaia. The ascension process has been hugely diversified and all kinds of scenarios are possible now for each individual, according to his level of awakening and evolution. The decision to flood earth with the gold-violet flame was not initially planned as all decisions are spontaneous and take place immediately in the Now. Stop thinking in a linear manner.

For instance you are now living on the uppermost timeline with the highest vibrations. But this is also the timeline, on which you continue to dream your 3D reality. At the same time you are very active in the dream state, which is your actual awakened state of full consciousness, and where you already introduce and teach the new Universal law on higher (5D) timelines.“

There was much more important information, some of which I shall share with you on occasion. At the end of our conversation with the 6D fleet, Carla’s fields were flooded with a massive wave of mathematical codes, which she could see as complex equations with her third eye. Then she was told by the 6D fleet that these codes contain protocols for Gaia with regard to this highest timeline: “It is now in full energetic balance and will not experience a MPR and devastation but a smooth transition to higher dimensions.”

“How is it possible?” I asked, ” We were just told by Jahn’s sources that the MPR is necessary for the ascension of this galaxy and Gaia as its crystallisation point?”

“The concept of the MPR is much more complex than you presently understand it with your linearly thinking minds.” was the answer of the 6D fleet.

At this moment I was flooded with a lot of information, which I will give to you in my words. While the MPR will also happen on this uppermost timeline, we, the new ascended masters, will not experience it personally as we shall have ascended so much in frequency in the meantime, that we will automatically glide into a new 5D reality, which will be different for each one of us at the beginning. We are now exponentially ascending in our frequency and this is the reason why many people do not see us. For instance, Carla and myself now move much faster than all other people do. Indeed we have noticed in the last weeks how slow and clumsy all people move and operate around us – in stores, restaurants, banks, driving their cars, etc.

This fact was affirmed by the 6D fleet. While passing a cops’ checkpoint on the road without being noticed by the police on our way back home from the beach, the 6D fleet also told us that “on our uppermost timeline there is no law enforcement anymore and no state, but that we still experience these institutions due to the interception and overlay of many lower timelines with ours, before they are finally separated by the MPR.”

The clones, the empty duplicates, who will die during the MPR and the other incarnated beings, who will eventually move to a 4D timeline, which will be free of the current 3D overlay, will experience this devastating event with its fullest might. Some entities, who will move to a higher 4D timeline, may have no memory of this event when they arrive there, as this dreadful remembrance will impede their quick adaptation to the new, more favourable conditions of life on 4D. I have already discussed this issue in conjunction with the “three-earth-scenario” since early 2012.

Altogether, all these beings, who will continue with their incarnation on a 4D timeline under much better circumstances, will not realize at first that they have moved to a new reality. In fact this happens at present already. We were told that even on the beach we met many people, who came from different timelines that intercept with our highest timeline and we transmit to them the codes for their final destination. This fact was already given to us by the Elohim more than a month ago and has been published on this website. This is an internal check for you.

The most important information from the 6D fleet for me personally was the following:

“Now, the clarion call has been sent throughout the universe that there are numerous new 4D worlds that you have created and that they can be populated with new souls. These worlds are now free of any dark entities and these souls can begin with their new incarnation cycle under much more favourable conditions. These new worlds will be part of the new galaxy and they will ascend at different speeds and will evolve under completely new conditions that are now being created by you – the new ascended masters, Logos-Gods and Guardians of the new galaxy. You are already working in these worlds in your dream state and very soon you will begin to have conscious knowledge of your activities on these new timelines and worlds.”

I have given you this brand new information that was obtained by Carla and myself in a direct, very intimate dialogue with the 6D fleet yesterday evening. These entities appear to us as an omnipresent awareness of the One that is extremely powerful with its collective energies. We were really engulfed by their energies and Carla was dizzy most of the time during this information exchange, so that I had to help her not to fall, while walking.

One final proof that we are on a completely new timeline, as confirmed by the 6D fleet: The temperature on the Pacific coast in Boundary Bay here in Canada is currently 24-25 Degrees Celsius in the evening, when we have a high tide and can swim. This is where the centre of our Infinity portal in White Rock lies. Carla and all Canadians, whom I know, have though assured me that the ocean temperatures here never rise higher than 12-14 degrees Celsius in the summer and that they normally do not swim in the ocean. Therefore, it took me some time and effort to convince Carla to test how warm the ocean these days is and that this is the same temperature I am used to from the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria or on the Mediterranean coast in the summer.

The 6D fleet then confirmed that we have now warmed the ocean water with the gold-violet flame on this highest timeline and have already created the new reality, new moderate climate, we wish to experience. It is superfluous to mention that this dramatic increase in the temperature of the Pacific ocean in Canada cannot be achieved solely by the sun radiation. We have here tides of almost 12 feet and the water is exchanged twice a day, so that it cannot get so warm, even if the coast is very shallow and, in fact, such high temperatures have never been seen in the past.

This is just one example how we now change our reality and why the masses still fail to notice these dramatic changes. As the 6D fleet put it:

“The people do not look at the sky because they worry all the time about their phone bills and even if they do, they most certainly do not notice the new firmament with the new blue-violet-pink-gold spectra coming from the source that transforms their reality. Their blindness is programmed by their souls in this way as to continue living the 3D illusion, until the moment of awakening arrives and this 3D overlay is dissolved. This is the experience, which these unripe souls need for their further evolution. There are very few enlightened people that are able to see the current changes leading to ascension and to interpret them in the right way as you do.“

There is nothing more to add to this discussion. Except this: In his message below Babaji affirms that currently there is only one enlightened master in one million incarnated entities on earth. This makes roughly 6000 masters on this planet. We were told by the Elohim on several occasions that there are only about 3000 highly evolved souls and active light warriors of the first and last hours that promote ascension with us, Carla and myself, on this earth. However, there are some more enlightened souls that do not participate directly in the cleansing and the ascension test runs. This is another proof for the validity of the messages, I publish on this website.

And here is Jahn’s latest message:



Jahn: For several hours I have been preoccupied with the question, why so many human Beings in the last moment turn away from their own ascension? Thereby faces of human Beings constantly appear in front of me, who pretend to want to face their own transformation, yet do not do it. Simply because they do not understand the nature of transformation. Transformation is completely misunderstood.

BABAJI: I am All-That-Is, I am BABAJI.

This question is of great importance.

And before I give you an answer, I ensure you of my omnipresence on this earth; Ascension and descent behoove my almightiness, and no stone changes its place without my will.

The nature of transformation is barely understood, even though the expression itself very much exists. What constitutes transformation? Where does transformation begin and what defines the end of transformation?

Any profound transformation is preceded by the desire for God. Meaning, before anything can begin, a human Being becomes restless and knowingly or unknowingly begins with the search. If this inner core does not break open, transformation remains only a word whereupon no tangible impulse can be based.

Desire for God

How can the desire for God be attained?

Due to the sacredness of a divine Being, of an enlightened Master, who has been entrusted with this task, or through the maturation of a human Being itself. Thereby an infinite number of pain experiences and an infinite number of joy experiences must be lived through on this level, in order to finally recognize that this world can never be the home of a human Being. If this condition of the loss of meaning in life occurs, then the magical cosmic game begins, when a human heart unfolds – no matter how it has been awakened.

These two possibilities exist and they are hereby described.

Cry of the Soul

Now about the actual event of the changes and the fact, why human Beings cannot understand the nature of transformation:

1) Due to the lack of desire for God.
2) Due to the lack of will for self-awareness.
3) Due to the still not finished maturity of a soul.

Any transformation, even before it can begin, is moulded by the profound wish to recognize “who am I and what am I doing here”. This question brings everything into motion, if it emerges from the depth of a human soul. For an awakening human Being suddenly everything feels foreign and he begins to have an idea that there must be much more than what is visible and that it exists, and he begins to fully devote to that feeling, these inner impulses, which do not end.

Until this inner urge for awareness, the cry of the soul for the Light becomes unmistakable.

After that a human Being, who has been touched from within, will undertake everything in order to attain clarity about himself and his essence. No path is too steep, no task too demanding, no burden too heavy. The “cry of the soul” is a further stepping stone that offers the initial ignition for transformation.

Such a human Being is ready to bring Light into his life – unconditionally; he has no other choice anymore. And to bring Light into life means, to consequently, without compromise and courageously remove blockages, and it means to fundamentally change thoughts, words and deeds.

Most human Beings take flight from exactly this kind of change. The light warriors, who now back off and move back from the last steps toward awareness, have these fears; fear of giving up their familiar life and to begin a new, absolutely different life.

Transformation for many human Beings is just an arbitrary word and is barely understood. Foremost it is not understood that transformation includes and incorporates everything. Any unclear condition will be purified, which means to constantly make decisions, which change life – without compromise and in absolute trust in God, a work without a net.

JJK: I know many human Beings, who complain about their suffering, who weep about their fate and groan under heavy karmic burdens – still. These human Beings report to me that they constantly speak mandates and invocations, turn to Heaven and yet that almost nothing changes in their life. They tread water. Why?

BABAJI: Any invocation or mandate can only unfold its power as a human Being actually provides enough power for the realization of his intention – and is not just lip service.

If a human Being, as an example, is not willing to separate from his “wrong” life partner, from his “wrong” job, then a mandate can barely have an effect.

The inner willingness, the absolute will for a change of one’s own “Self” guarantees success.

And this inner unconditional attitude, to commit entirely to God and to radically dissolve all of one’s issues, is weakly pronounced or not existing in most human Beings, who now fail. They intone the invocations with a full mouth; they ask and pray, they recite mantras from the wisdom of the prophets, without the fundamental intention of wanting to live with the consequences of these changes or to take responsibility for a new life.

Transformation, yes, but only as long as everything remains the old way, as long as nothing or barely anything changes, that is the main theme of many light warriors, who now throw away their light sword.

To ask for rain and back off from the purifying and nurturing wetness; whose field can be cultivated, which trees can richly bear fruits under these circumstances?

Transformation of that kind deteriorates into useless clichés; changes and results stay away. So let us summarize:

1) With the question of “who am I” and with the beginning awareness of this world and one’s life as an illusion, the first transformation characteristic appears.

2) Who superficially aims for his transformation, yet thereby is neither willing to change his life from the bottom up or to change himself unconditionally, in no way has the qualities of an adept for ascension, let alone the characteristics, which distinguish the light warriors of the first and last hours – and must distinguish, namely: The daily willingness to let go of everything.

To portray the right questions to the Creator, that is the way! And every human Being knows his own “right questions” quite well. But many lack the courage to pose these, because they back off from the answer and from the consequences.

JJK: Why do human Beings constantly talk about wanting to transform themselves? Many indeed visit “transformation therapies”, “transformation seminars” and more of the same; there is an oversupply, as I find, and very often with little success, as human Beings report to me, or what I can see in them?

God your Therapist

BABAJI: There is only one true therapist: God. And many human Beings are taking detours to God.

Is it those human Beings, who expect healing from other human Beings and seek it there? Why? Because they avoid the direct pathway to the One, that is all. Because they are still not ready for this truth. Therefore these human Beings are satisfied with an “awareness placebo” only to deceive themselves, thinking to be doing everything for their transformation, while the actual issues remain left out. Know:

A human Being can deceive another human Being, a half knowing one can deceive an unknowing one, but enlightened Beings and God himself are not subject to these deceptions of a human Being.

Therefore human Beings seek different forms of therapy, only in order not to face their actual transformation.

A genial trick of the subconscious, which can only be recognized as a human Being one day registers that despite all his efforts life remains unchanged and happiness stays away.

Transformation always signifies the radical change of life, inside and outside; if this attribute remains missing, then the transformation has not occurred.

JJK: Many human Beings, I see this over and over again, make good progress, but they never truly arrive? I mean the last steps are missing.

BABAJI: Yes, it is those human Beings, who still do not want to arrive, for whom the last recognitions are still too early.

These human Beings want to experience certain conditions in this world and therefore intuitively back off from complete purification, because this would mean the end of their journey.

Be assured of the following: Everyone, who seeks God, everyone, who wants to return into Heaven on all levels of his Being, will find all conditions in order to achieve this also. There is not even the slightest doubt about this, because the law of resonance affects this.

If a human Being persistently walks along the path toward God, it creates such a powerful resonance field, so that there is no other possibility than to see God.

The insistent and consequent orientation toward the inner wish to return home and to see God is the key.

JJK: Enlightenment happens without an earthly Master, without instruction? Or is this path put into the heart?

The Sufis describe such a path, whereby the Master initially awakens the desire for God in the heart of the disciple, who experiences a reflection in the Master, in order to then fully orient him toward enlightenment.

One in a Million

BABAJI: Earthly Masters act as path showers, if they are enlightened, not more – never.

Only, who goes through the trouble to truly seek such a Master or wants to find him? And once you have found him, who wants to go through all the trouble, to follow what the Master orders?

I say to you: In a million human Beings, there is only one, who brings with him the quality for enlightenment, and this number is unchanged in thousands of years.

There are many intermediate stages and intermediate levels, where human consciousness unfolds, yet the highest stage, the “master level” is reserved for one in a million. The attributes, which count, are the desire for God, the love for truth, courage, the strength and the consequence to do everything, in order to attain perfection.

Who can claim that for himself?

JJK: Do all the ascending ones have to be fitted with this quality?

BABAJI: Depending on to where he ascends.

Ascension is not equal to ascension; as little as descent equals descent. There are and there will be few enlightened ones until the end of days, although the density of enlightened ones in this world is unique at this time.

It is known that a great number of already ascended Masters are actually on earth, so many, as never before at any time.

And it is known that these ranks are supplemented with and closed by the newly ascending Masters.

Thereby this world disposes of an awe inspiring density of enlightened ones, which fully contribute with their specific abilities and assignments in this last moment of the uplifting. Yet the greatest number of human Beings will anchor on one of the 4D levels after the “great event”. The half-hearted seekers, the tepid God worshipers, the undecided light warriors, will continue their journey in less light-filled environments, until they are also saturated by it and until the “cry of the soul” can be awakened. “Transformation, yes, but?” This basic approach emerges from a personality willing to compromise, and these human Beings inherit one of the “4D worlds of compromise”, because their energy pattern exhibits no clarity, instead diffuse overlaps of unresolved intentions.

Where are you?

Deep inside a human heart is the treasure of Life. It is the desire for God and the knowledge about one’s own significance and assignment.

Deep inside the human soul lies the hidden desire to see Self and God; and thereby recognize everything that seemed so significant, as useless and let it go.

The wheel of fate continues to turn incessantly, as long as and until a human Being jumps off from the spinning gyroscope with his own strength. Any security is gone, any hold is lost, and every habit is overcome. Life, as it really is, begins, and the world, as it truly is, is understood. Such a human Being sees himself as truth, becomes the way and is Life – a solid ground is trust in God, the deepest anchor is God’s Love, highest fulfillment is the union with HIM.

Where are the children of mankind, who want to leave the carousel of time? Where are those, who want to jump into the abyss without a safety net, in order to be caught in God’s arms?

Where are the children of mankind, who want to dedicate themselves totally to God? Where are you, whom I expect, from the beginning of time and to Eternity.

Transform and totally get lost – in me.

Who knows the conditions, and who loves the consequences? Who knows the Light and wants to meet the Light and himself?


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miércoles, 23 de julio de 2014


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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する
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¿Nos pueden oír?

Parece ser que “NOSOTROS” estamos hablando desde una distancia de 13 galaxias de distancia, y tal vez lo estamos.

¿Importa esto realmente?

Cuando ustedes aprendan a implementar sus habilidades eternas, no importará si su contactado se encuentra ‘a una cuadra’ o a 13 millones de galaxias de distancia.

Para sus poderes telepáticos naturales no hay distancia.

Alcancen tan cerca o tan lejos como lo deseen.

“NOSOTROS” deseamos que entiendan algo.

No necesitan mirar al cielo buscando a sus “Salvadores”.

“NOSOTROS” no estamos aquí para ser vistos como Dioses o Salvadores.

Los tiempos en que se necesitaba tener a un líder han terminado.

El proyecto Tierra es uno de muchos…

De acuerdo, su planeta ha estado oculto.

Y estamos proporcionando protección en este tiempo.

Si supieran sobre las Multitudes que rodean a su pequeña academia azul se quedarían estupefactos, y complacidos.

“NOSOTROS” decimos ‘academia’ porque es un planeta de lecciones.

La ascensión de la Tierra es muy importante para muchos seres y planetas.

Ustedes no tienen que esperar por nosotros…NOSOTROS ya estamos aquí.

No necesitan esperar a la Ascensión…ustedes ya son Ascendidos.

No caigan en el juego de la espera.

Es un ardid para retenerlos atrás.

Es cosa de percepción, no de fisicalidad.

Hay quienes tienen planes oscuros.

Se les está manteniendo a raya, y sólo se están engañando a sí mismos pensando que van a triunfar.
Su Familia Eterna los apoya siempre.

Estén en paz. Ustedes SON la paz.

Todo lo que tienen que hacer es abrirse a su mundo interior.
Ahí yace la verdad.

Ustedes ya son aquello por lo que se esfuerzan en ser.

Y ni siquiera se acerca a ser la primera vez.

La Tierra es la próxima en línea para ser el hogar de los Maestros.

Estamos aquí con Amor. Abran sus corazones para sentirnos.

Cuando la humanidad llegue a darse cuenta de que no necesita líderes y profundicen en su interior.
Ustedes están facultados… cada uno de ustedes.

Cuando traigan ese poder a primer plano, amanecerá una nueva era.
Y Gaia estará habitada por la verdad y el Amor. No cedan su poder.

Ustedes no necesitan nada más que la remembranza de qué y quiénes son ustedes.

Todos ustedes son Dioses…Son Eternos…

Somos los Supervisores….
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via Marilyn Raffaele
20 de julio del 2014

Hoy les hablaremos de la ascensión. Están empezando a ver ahora los resultados de las energías dimensionales más elevadas fluyendo en la conciencia del mundo y ocasionando la disolución de muchos viejos paradigmas, trayendo la receptividad a la verdad, y hay mucho más por llegar.
Hasta ahora la ascensión ha sido una distante meta de cientos de vidas individuales de experiencia y aprendizaje que son comprendidas finalmente sólo tras la muerte con la ayuda de las Guías de uno. Sin embargo, en este tiempo –AHORA– la energía planetaria está cambiando y elevándose en frecuencia mediante la presencia de muchos seres iluminados en la Tierra en este tiempo.
Hay muchos seres provenientes de otros planetas aquí en forma humana simplemente para añadir su Luz a este proceso. La Luz dimensionalmente más elevada de tantos seres iluminados está sirviendo para disolver lo falso y traer la ascensión personal de muchos mientras siguen en el cuerpo físico. Aquellos de ustedes leyendo y resonando con los mensajes de los Arcturianos pueden estar seguros de que han elegido estar aquí en este poderoso tiempo para tomar parte de esto.
La ascensión es el motivo por el cual muchos están batallando con experiencias difíciles. A fin de cambiar a la energía dimensionalmente más elevada debe haber primero un despeje de las energías que resuenan más bajo dimensionalmente que siguen guardadas en la memoria celular — estas energías no pueden llevarse con ustedes a las más elevadas. Estas energías permanecen latentes usualmente, siempre y cuando el individuo está cómodo y todo le parezca ir bien — por eso pudiera ser necesario una poderosa “llamada del despertar” para sacudirlo de su complacencia.
Las experiencias “negativas” no son signos de fracaso para el estudiante espiritual sino que son indicaciones de que están listos para profundizar. Sin embargo, no todas las energías que necesitan liberarse son negativas; a veces se trata de una intensa conexión con alguien que se ha vuelto tan interdependiente con el paso del tiempo que esto detiene al estudiante atrás. Debido a este tiempo tan importante en la Tierra la mayoría de ustedes eligieron familias de nacimiento que servirían para activar asuntos profundamente enterrados, para traerlos al nivel consciente donde puedan finalmente ser resueltos y liberarse.
Mediante un honesto examen de todas las experiencias, tanto las buenas como las malas, ustedes llegarán a captar que gran parte de lo que han aceptado como la manera en que las cosas “deben de hacerse”, deben aparecer, deben “funcionar” a fin de que sean las correctas son, al contrario, simplemente conceptos, muchos de los cuales fueron aceptados en otras vidas y llevados a ésta. Todos han tenido diferentes experiencias de vida por lo que las experiencias de despeje de todos serán diferentes.
La conciencia impersonal universal humana contiene todos los pensamientos y creencias tridimensionales. Las creencias e ideas de esta conciencia impersonal humana nunca son suyas hasta que ustedes las aceptan personalmente como la verdad, a cuyo tiempo ellas se vuelven su estado de conciencia y empiezan a manifestarse exteriormente. Ustedes pudieran decir; “pero yo no creo en esto” o “yo estoy consciente espiritualmente, así que, ¿cómo pudo manifestarse esto en mi vida?” Eso se debe a que las energías de la dualidad y de la separación siguen resonando en la memoria celular, y cualquier aceptancia general del sistema de creencias de la 3D aparecerá exteriormente. No hay conciencia sin manifestar. Muchos de ustedes pudieran reexperimentar estas energías impersonales a medida que las despejan, especialmente aquéllas del cuerpo emocional, pero no las jalen de regreso haciéndolas personales de nuevo.
Si les parece que esto no conduce a nada espiritualmente, sepan que esta sugerencia surge de los conceptos humanos de cómo deben verse las experiencias espirituales. Películas, libros, e inclusive algunos maestros espirituales presentan imágenes o ideas sobre la ascensión y la evolución espiritual de acuerdo con sus experiencias personales y estado de conciencia. Cada individuo es diferente y no hay una experiencia para todos — el creer que ustedes tienen que tener una experiencia en particular es humano.
Algunos son atraídos a las enseñanzas Orientales porque las aprendieron y vivieron en otras vidas y resuenan con ellas. Otros pudieran ser atraídos a las enseñanzas de la senda de la naturaleza… las de los Nativos de América y otros grupos aborígenes. Muchos se encuentran a sí mismos siendo atraídos a conventos y monasterios sin motivo alguno aparente. Esto se debe a que han vivido estas experiencias en otras vidas y todo con lo que ustedes resuenan positiva o negativamente está saliendo ahora a su conciencia consciente.
Recuerden siempre que a un cierto punto ustedes ya no necesitan las modalidades — sendas, rituales y enseñanzas. Estos medios los pueden guiar y asistir en las fases iniciales del despertar, pero ya no son más necesarios después de haberse dado cuenta de que ustedes ya son aquello que buscan y que su unidad con la Fuente constituye su unidad con todo lo que la Fuente es. Los medios pueden ayudar a un individuo a abrirse a una conciencia más profunda, pero llega un momento en el que cualquier dependencia en ellos debe cesar a fin de que la enseñanza venga desde el interior.
El aferrarse firmemente a alguna senda, tradición o enseñanza después de haber crecido más allá de ella solamente sirve para mantener a uno en la energía vieja que ha terminado. Esto no significa que no puedan ocasionalmente trabajar con un lector o maestro evolucionado, ni concertar una sesión energética, ni tomar alguna clase a la que se sientan guiados a tomar. Significa que ustedes ya no creen NECESITAR estas cosas.
Es importante que no se juzguen por cualquier creencia o pensamiento humanos que pudiern fluir a ustedes, aún cuando los acepten temporalmente. Las ideas impersonales son aceptadas a menudo inadvertentemente porque ustedes siguen resonando con su energía. Por ejemplo, si una persona ha tenido muchas vidas previas de enfermedades, será más suceptible a los conceptos de salud y enfermedad flotando en la conciencia universal.
Resistan cualquier tentación a sentirse culpables, arrepentidos u odiarse por los pensamientos o acciones que ustedes abracen; en vez de eso, usen estas perspicacias como recordatorios para profundizar más. Si se dan cuenta de que han aceptado ignorantemente alguna creencia u otra que ustedes reconocen ahora como falsa, sepan que el cielo no se les caerá encima ni tampoco serán “aniquilados desde arriba” como castigo. Estas experiencias son simplemente oportunidades para crecer, y dándoles un poder que no tienen es dualidad y separación. Recuerden siempre que nada, ninguna palabra, pensamiento, experiencia o apariencia los puede separar jamás de quién y qué son ustedes realmente. El aprendizaje se vuelve más gentil con el tiempo porque termina la necesidad de aprender a través de la lucha y el dolor.
Confíen en su sentido intuitivo sobre las cosas. Si algo en su vida (alimentos, libros, entretenimiento, perspectiva del mundo, etc.) ya no resuena con ustedes, sepan que han cambiado más allá de esa energía, y traten de no revivirla porque estaba en el pasado, sin importar cuán agradable o perfecta hubiera sido en ese tiempo. Hagan un gran esfuerzo en no añadir energía negativa a las apariencias externas; en vez de ello, reinterprétenlas. Por ejemplo, tal vez se han vuelto conscientes de alguna actividad negativa o violenta, pero la realidad espiritual es que toda la actividad entre los seres vivientes es la actividad de la interconectividad (el Amor — muchos dentro del Uno). En este caso, esa interconectividad espiritual está siendo reflejada a través de la conciencia de la 3D de la separación — pero sigue siendo la interacción dentro del Uno, aunque coloreada por las falsas creencias.
Confíen en que una vez elijan evolucionar, estarán evolucionando, sin importar cuáles sean las apariencias externas. No es necesario saltar arriba y abajo, encender una vela, cantar ciertos cantos, ir a la iglesia cada semana, ni estar de pie dando cara a una cierta dirección diciendo ciertas palabras para poner en marcha el proceso. Todos ustedes han evolucionado más allá de estas actividades iniciales o no estarían leyendo estos mensajes. No se necesita nada más que la intención de evolucionar. Esto no significa que no pueden ir a visitar una iglesia o disfrutar de la belleza de un servicio, ni tampoco significa que no pueden firmar una petición ni decir su verdad. Esto significa que ustedes ya no le dan a estas cosas un poder que ellas no tienen; a cambio, dense cuenta de que solamente hay un poder, y ese poder reside en su interior.
Hay quienes creen que ya saben todas las respuestas y que ya no hay más que aprender o entender. Tristemente, esta posición del ego sirve para actuar como una caja encerrándolos con sus propias creaciones e impidiéndoles cualquier crecimiento espiritual real hasta que estén listos a abrirse más.
La evolución es una trayectoria gradual a la energía dimensional más elevada. La ascensión es el logro de ese estado de conciencia que les permitirá cambiar a las frecuencias más elevadas. Mientras más elevadas y rápidas sean las frecuencias, más cercanas estarán a la Luz pura. El mundo de la 3D es incapaz de ver estas frecuencias más elevadas con ojos humanos, así que lo niegan, pero esto está cambiando a medida que cada vez más se alinean con ellas. Como seres lumínicos ustedes permitieron que su energía se desacelerara y volviera lenta a fin de experimentar la 3D con el propósito de recordar la verdad mientras estaban aparentemente separados de ella. A estas alturas la mayoría de ustedes están listos para la completación, y están en la Tierra para despejar de una vez por todas cualquier energía remanente de estas vidas.
Confíen en que están bien en camino, sin importar la falta de las así llamadas ‘experiencias espirituales.’ Abran sus corazones a la verdad detrás de lo que contemplan en el exterior, a sabiendas de que todos, inclusive los que no aparentan estar despiertos, están liberando viejas energías. Hay algunos que todavía no están listos para la ascensión, hónrenlos y preocúpense a sí mismos de su trabajo interior. No es sabio tratar de convertir a otro que no está listo para su nivel de conciencia. Mantengan la verdad en silencio y en secreto en su corazón, y quienes están listos para lo que ustedes tienen los encontrarán, pues la energía busca su propio nivel.
Relájense, descansen, y tómense un tiempo para profundizar en su corazón, aunque tengan que levantarse a media noche para encontrar un momento de quietud. Permanezcan presentes en cada momento, sin importar cuán mundano o atemorizante sea; ésta es la trayectoria espiritual que rara vez viene como una ráfaga de luz celestial que se describe en las películas, exceptuando aquellos que ya han logrado su ascensión personal en una vida previa.
Confíen, confíen, confíen en aquello que está en su interior. Es hora de reclamar su propio Poder Divino.
Somos el Grupo Arcturiano –

20 de julio del 2014
Traducción – Gloria

Publicado 6 hours ago por LUZ ZOHAR

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terram novam: Fifth Antarian Message — Coming to Venus::: FEELING DENSE AND HUMAN :::We are the High Council of Orion. sharing

terram novam: Fifth Antarian Message — Coming to Venus::: FEELING DENSE AND HUMAN :::We are the High Council of Orion. sharing.

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miércoles, 23 de julio de 2014

Fifth Antarian Message — Coming to Venus::: FEELING DENSE AND HUMAN :::We are the High Council of Orion. sharing

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Fifth Antarian Message — Coming to Venus
The Fifth Antarian Message

Coming to Venus

(Dear Readers, please observe how we have been receiving the same messages for almost 20 years. Also, remember that these messages apply to everyone. I received these messages long ago. I think I was reminded to release them NOW, as we are finally ready to understand and apply what was received.)

Dear Commander Malteese,
I wish to continue the communication we started the other day and also to ask you some questions.
Please proceed with your questions first.
Are you a member of the Ashtar Command?
Why have I been so nervous the last week or so?

We will answer the second question first.
“Why have I been so nervous the last week or so?”

You have been very nervous lately because you are in the midst of a very profound transformation within your physical being. Because of this transition, your emotional body has become very agitated. You have lost your “Center” because that Center is now different. Also, your soul wants you to fully participate in this transformation.

Therefore, the frequency of you that holds the primary consciousness for the physical form has the responsibility to go down into the depths of your own darkness and to bring it all the surface of your consciousness where it can be healed.

(It looks like some things never change. I just put up a welcome message on my site today saying the exact same thing.)

Because your physicality has been so involved in the process of perceiving and healing your darkness, you have felt separate from your Multidimensional SELF. In fact, your darkness is just that: “Separation from your true Multidimensional SELF.” You have been a brave warrior to go into the depths of your self to live and relive your fears and anxieties.

Let us take a close look at your fears and anxieties so that your efforts will not have been in vain:
1—The first darkness is the illusion of separation. This illusion tells you that you are alone and that no one will be able to understand or accept you. You want to go “Home,” and Home is someplace else that is very, very far away.

2—The second darkness is the illusion of fear. Fear is a natural reaction to separation. If you are alone with no one to understand or accept you than, of course, you will be afraid. Fear feel like a brewing storm that will break in the moment when you least expect it.

3—The third darkness is the illusion of “I will not survive.” This fear is very predominant at this time because, in reality, part of you will not survive. Your darkness will be enveloped within your light. Fear will not cease to exist because nothing becomes extinct; it merely changes form. You have become very attached to your darkness. It is the part of you that tells you that you must live more deeply inside of yourself and turn away from the physical world.

Now let us look at your fears as well as how you can transform them:

1—The illusion of separation. In order to completely experience the third dimension, one must allow the experience of separation from the ONE. This is the last physical embodiment for you and for those who wish to return their consciousness to the higher dimensions. Therefore, all of you who have consciously or unconsciously chosen to ascend want to savor your physical experience to the fullest.

“Why, would I want to experience something that is so painful?” you ask. Because, our ONE, you wish to gather all of your third dimensional lessons around you and integrate them into your full Multidimensional SELF. As a result of your physical incarnations you have gained great independence and determination. Again and again you have remembered to turn inwards to your Source in time of need.

Furthermore, you have connected the illusion of separation with your earthly lives. During your ascension process you need to release that illusion and connect with Earth, Lady Gaia, as She is assisting you and you are assisting her.

2—The illusion of fear. Fear is the opposite of Unconditional Love. Your Higher SELF has chosen for you, its physical expression, to experience fear and anxiety so that you can boomerang those emotions into the feeling of Unconditional Love. What you resist – persists. Therefore, you need to stop resisting your fear.

You need to move into it and give it your full attention. Do you hear what your fear is really saying to you? It is saying, “Do not forget me. I, fear, have been a wonderful teacher for you. I am your warning mechanism that allows you to know when you are falling off your center. I am the portion of you that remind you to re-calibrate yourself. “Go inside,” I tell you, “to hide from the enemy of separation.”

What did you find inside? Did you find separation? NO! You found Unity. I, your fear of separation, reminded you that you are ONE with all life.

3—The illusion of “I will not survive.” The fear of “I will not survive” will remain as a memory. This memory is important so that you can help others. You have had this fear very deeply through this Earth incarnation because you nearly died as an infant. However, the fear you have is actually reversed. The infant was not afraid that its physical body would not survive. Your infant self was afraid that its Soul would not survive.

Now tell that infant that you Soul did indeed survive and, in fact, it greatly expanded itself. In this final physical life you, and many others, have learned and will continue to learn, that you can bring spirit into matter and thereby raise the frequency of the matter that has been imbued with the light of Spirit.

Do you see now why you have been so nervous? Feel now how your nervousness can be released into the expanded Light that you are actively allowing into your body. Remember, whenever, you bring in more Light you invite more darkness to the surface of your consciousness to be appreciated and loved free.

For the second question:
Are you a member of the Ashtar Command?

Yes, We are members of the Ashtar Command, as are many of our earth ones. The Ashtar Command is the name for the group of being who are now assisting your planet during Her transition. There is more and more ‘channeling’ now because many of you are coming to visit us in your night bodies and in your meditations. Each of you will hear, or channel, the being that is closest to your personal vibrational thread.

The Ascended master that you hear are those that you have served under in other lives and/or that are of the same Oversoul as yourself. On earth you choose to call forth teachers that are of your same Oversoul. The “ETs,” as you have called us, that you communicate with are usually alternate realities of your future self, as I am to you. Many of the ETs that are often channeled, have many alternate realities of themselves that have chosen to incarnate at your time frame.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone who has a physical body is capable of receiving information from their inside channels. All you need to do is clear your internal static by acknowledging, healing, and releasing your own darkness. We define darkness as anything that obscures the perception of your Highest SELF and your highest purpose.

There are a few traps that appear to be important in your life that actually turn you further and further from your own ability to receive inner guidance. The traps are judgment of your self that you are not good enough, as well as competition with your past self or with others.

These two traits can be rationalized to make you feel better and more important. But what actually happens is that you begin to cloud your perception of the truth because you start editing what you receive. This editing is based on your judgment that the information is not good enough and/or you feel competition with others who are also receiving information.

We speak to you now from the fifth dimension. We can resonant at higher rates of vibration but have volunteered to lower our vibration so that you on the third dimension can more easily hear our call. In our higher dimensional realities, unity and individuality are the same. Hence, we are able to simultaneously experience complete unity and total individuality. It is through our united expression of our individuality that we best serve the One.

We realize that every one and every thing is a mirror of ourselves. This mirror is a feedback mechanism, which allows each of us to be constantly aware of our personal needs while we also stay united with our group. We are grateful for the feedback of our group as it provides important support and camaraderie.

We have those same feelings of unity with our comrades who have taken on a third dimensional form to assist Gaia. We see you as a feedback mechanism for our own process. We are constantly seeking to raise our vibration, just as we support our physical ones to raise their resonance. We are your future and your past, but we are all ONE in the eternal NOW. When the future and the past come together in the NOW, we can create a vortex of energy to assist the process of ascension of your planet.

Now, as you go about your physical life be conscious of every thought of judgment or competition. Look at everyone and every thing as a mirror and a feedback mechanism that tells you about yourself. The person that you are judging is likely a portion of your past or your future. When you perceive that you are judging and competing:

Go inside yourself to see a great vortex of light
Within this vortex all past, present and future exist within the NOW
See all darkness and light, all beauty and ugliness, blend into ONE
See all polarities come into ONE in the vortex
Feel your personal responsibility within the vortex
Recognize how your personal responsibility is displayed to you in all that you perceive.
Recognize and release all judgmental and competitive thoughts

And now for the most important part, love your self for exactly the way you are NOW. You are in the process of becoming! Enjoy your process!


Dear Commander Malteese,

I have heard you in my meditation. I have been reading about the change in DNA, the shift of vibration to our planet and how releasing old pain and fear can allow a higher resonance to our cellular structure. Please add your great illumination to what my mind is working on integrating.

Your mind is indeed in the process of integration. There is much that you have been learning. Now it is the moment in which you can begin to consciously understand what you have been receiving. Try to completely release the typing of our message to your alternate self, myself, Commander Malteese. You can trust me. Do you remember on Antares when we served upon the same ship?

We fought the Orions, and you were captured. It was me that rescued you. You were also a Commander and we were great comrades. Can you remember Antares now? Do you see how the Sun always stayed low on the horizon of the planet where we lived? The Sun’s glow was pink in color rather than yellow as it is on your Earth. Therefore, there were many shades of violet and blue.

However, in this particular incarnation, the world was not rosy. There was a great Galactic War in which you and I were very much involved. Part of the reason why you have not remembered all of your intergalactic lives is because of that war. You have since read about it in your research. You were so disturbed by the warring consciousness of Earth that you could not allow your self to remember a reality in which there was also much war.

These wars were on the Lower Astral Subplane of the Fourth Dimension. Fortunately, we have expanded our vibration to the upper fifth vibration. In the midst of this degree of unity, there is no call for battle. All of us are ONE with each other, and conflict with another would only result from conflict within the self. However, if we were still at battle with our self, than we could not maintain a vibration of the fifth vibration or above.

So my dear comrade, our long war is over. There are still some fourth dimensional wars (remember that this is 1996) for those that wish to learn about courage and sacrifice. You, however, are ready to transcend the need of war. But, in order to do so you to do so, you must release all the pain and fear within yourself. You can then use that courage and sacrifices that you learned in battle to face the greatest adventure since you first left Arcturus.

(Fortunately, a great deal of my pain and fear has finally been released. Much thanks to my higher dimensional friends.)

Remember now the moment when you first left your Arcturian planet to answer Gaia’s call for help just before the final destruction of Atlantis. You all live in cohesive long-term social units called pods, the same term used for cetaceans. Your pod has decided to bi-locate in order to answer Gaia’s call for help.

The portion of your selves that is to stay on your planet has duplicated from the portion that is to leave/bi-locate. Separation on that dimension, the seventh, is very different from what you know on your world. It would be more accurate to say that your bandwidth is expanded so that the two anchor points could have different vortexes of experience.

See how your pod has created a group merkaba, which is moving into hyperspace for your journey to Venus. See now how Venus is showing on your long-range sensors. You leave hyperspace outside of Earth’s Solar System so that you do not disturb the spin of the already endangered Earth. You are now able to move around the Solar System in a way that you can enter Venus without disturbing Her sister Earth.

See Venus now as it fills up more and more of your viewer. Since you are still vibrating at the seventh vibration you see Venus very differently than you would from the third dimension that you will eventually enter. There is a beautiful civilization on this frequency of Venus that is in constant contact with Earth.

You lower your vibration to the sixth vibration while on Venus. From there you will learn to resonate to the fifth dimension for your final descent into the upper third/fourth vibration to which Earth resonated at the close of the Atlantian cycle. Each of the members of your group will prepare for your mission to walk-into one of the myriad injured or dying humans on Atlantis. There has been great geological upheaval due to the Atlantians selfish and militaristic uses of their power crystals.

First you will study in the Violet Temple on Venus. However, your studies are interrupted, as you Gaia is in grave danger. She has called again to the Universe for beings of higher light to enter the body of Her planet Earth, and you must go to Earth before you are fully prepared. Little did you know that you would need to reincarnate on Gaia’s planet until she could ascend Her great planet into the safety of the fifth dimension and beyond.

Remember now how Lady Venus embraces you and shows you the corridor of protected Light through which you can enter the body of the small, dying child on Atlantis. Feel again how terrified when you realized that your Divine Complement could not join you. The frequency of the humans on declining Atlantes was so low that their forms could only contain a consciousness that was spilt into male or female.

Yes, that fear is more difficult to access now because you know that that loss of your Divine Complement was only an illusion. Your Complement is with you always and everywhere. Feel how that fear is healing. Feel how the pain of the fear is gone!! 

Since the illusion of this abandonment is healed, you do not need to create another third dimensional drama in order to heal the separation. Know that you are now FREE of abandonment. With the illusion of separation erased and the fear 
of abandonment healed, you are free now to increase your vibration. 

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18th July 2014

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Romanian Translation, thank you Monica.

“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

Are you having moments these days that are ebbing and flowing between feeling enlightened and on your path and feeling very dense, grounded and human?

As the vibrations are changing on the planet, as the manifestation of the fifth dimension is beginning to energetically work its way down to a place of an embodied reality, understand that you might have more moments of feeling the contrast between the old and the new. There are times when many of you might feel a little physically more dense, a little more sluggish, more tired, foggier in your head, and a little lackluster with your energy and your enthusiasm for life.

Understand that for many of you this is just a result still of these transforming energies which will be at work for a long time to come on your planet. So, are you sick? Are you unwell, mentally and emotionally? Perhaps not. (Of course, we don’t advocate not taking yourself to the proper professionals if one feels that one needs to be there.) However, there are times when the energies are just going to feel lower for you physically, mentally, emotionally. Again, life could feel a little lackluster or sluggish or foggy on many levels.

What we encourage you to do during these times is to work as best you can within the energy that you’re feeling. What we mean by this is if you are feeling energetic, alive, excited, passionate, thriving and connected, then live that to the fullest and be in deep gratitude and appreciation for those moments as evidence of you moving closer to the vibrational reality of what you’ve been dreaming about. If there are days when you’re not feeling that way, you’re feeling the opposite, just honor it and not judge, honor it and feel that it’s just this ebb and flow of the change and transformation. It’s not evidence of moving backwards. It’s not evidence of lack of progress. It’s just some time where you’re feeling a little more human, a little more 3rd dimensional. Rest. Take time out. Take things more slowly if you need to. Make sure you’re drinking lots of water, eating good food and being in as uplifting a situation as you possibly can while your body is in more of the ebb, instead of the flow of the recalibration of this time. Understand also that it won’t continue. You may feel that for a day or so or however long is necessary, but you will begin flowing in that positive direction again, so holding it as a place that is temporary and honoring where your energies are telling you to be in that moment is the ideal thing to do.

As you observe yourself and as you’re moving, transitioning and recalibrating at this time, you can observe yourself having more of those days where you feel in synchronicity, alive, excited and in tune with all that’s around you at that greater level. Celebrating those times as not just what you expect, but being thrilled by it, being excited about it, being happy and grateful to feel that level of aliveness, sensitivity, awareness, synchronicity. All these things you’ve been striving for, celebrate it! It’s easy to say, “Well, of course it’s like that! It’s just how it’s going to be. It’s my new reality!” That’s fabulous. Honor that and expect that and allow yourself to have those days of being human every now and then.

Again honor it as part of the recalibration. Honor it as part of the upgrade that many of you are in at the moment. Surrender to whatever it is for it’s a time also where you can be called within and spend more time focusing within through meditation, uplifting music, taking naps, taking walks out in nature, always grounding to the planet, connecting to the star systems, as well, to feel yourself as that center-point between heaven and earth. Before you know it you’ll start to feel in that higher threshold of where you’re striving to be.

Laugh more! Smile more! Enjoy this beautiful place, these beautiful experiences that your Soul has said yes to during this time of great transition. Know always that Love is who you are. It’s the core of everything. It is everything and All that Is.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”
© 2014 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood

This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in its original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the author and a link to clearly displayed as shown below.

Channel: Holly Hawkins Marwood
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, July 24, 2014
The Elementals Power of Transmutation — YouTube and Transcription


The Elementals Power of Transmutation

Gnomes – Earth Elementals

We calibrate ourselves to the frequency of ascension by remaining conscious of our inner and outer life. We can only retain this conscious connection when our thoughts and emotions are balanced and centered. Now this is not an easy task.

It’s not so difficult to be conscious when we are having a good time or when we are in meditation, laughing with a friend or something loving and joyful happening. Then we want to be conscious. These happy situations draw to be conscious.

But what happens is when our resonance drops or when we’re hit with a challenge that ignites an emotional trigger? When we’re in third dimensional consciousness, all we can do is action and/or react. However in the fifth-dimension we don’t want to react. Reaction is something that is a very third-dimension action and it puts us into a more unconscious state.

What we want to do is to respond to the resonance of the situation. And we respond by taking a breath, by allowing ourselves to feel it and to feel it with our body. We are accustomed, especially in the west, to lead with our brains, and we often forget to engage our heart.

Our bodies are resonators that interact with the lower and the higher frequencies. However, we are not often conscious of that fact. Our aura is fourth dimensional and it interacts with fourth dimensional life. Our aura can identify and interact with fourth dimensional energy fields that our physical self cannot even perceive.

As we begin our transmutation into our fifth dimensional Lightbody, that “body” can perceive and interact with fifth dimensional energy fields that even our aura cannot perceive. Our body, as well as our entire environment, is expanding into the fourth and fifth dimensions.

We cannot perceive this shift with our 3D perceptions, but it feels unidentifiably different then our third or fourth dimensional realities. When we move into allowing our bodies to feel that resonance, and then go into a third-dimensional situation, it feels like hitting a brick wall.

Now that’s not always bad but it definitely different. Also, there are times when the third-dimension is really good and we want to engage with it. However, that desire to engage often comes from the “feeling” of the higher dimensional worlds.

The other day I was meditating in my yard. When I opened my eyes and looked around everything looked and felt different. The trees had a different resonance, the flowers were brighter and the grass had a soft glow. I was sitting there thinking, “Oh, this is just like New Earth.” I think that this king of expanded perception is going to be happening more and more.

Today we are talking about the elementals. The reason that I wanted to talk about the elementals is that in writing my Pleiadian Perspective books and coming to the end of the whole series, one of the things that happened at the end is that the hero and heroine are beginning their process of transmuting into Lightbody. This process begins by tuning into and communing with the elementals.

I’m going to take a moment and explain elementals. The main four elementals are: earth, air, fire and water. Elementals resonate to the fourth and into the fifth dimension. Elements only resonate to the third dimension. We see the Earth, we see the ground, we see the air, we see the fire in the fireplace, and we see the water.

When we merge our consciousness with our fourth dimensional aura then we can move into our beginnings of our perceiving the elementals because the elementals are more of the fourth/fifth dimension.

The elementals is also the way that we bond with Gaia because elementals are everywhere in our environment. Since they are fifth dimensional they are not bound by time and space. The most immediate way that we interact with these elementals, especially at first, is that we breathe them in when we inhale and breathe them out as we exhale.

Our earth vessel is primarily third/fourth dimensional. As we expand our consciousness which also expands our heart space and raises the resonance of our aura and eventually raises the resonance of our body, we are able to begin a conscious or unconscious communication with the elementals.

Earth Elemental – Meditation

We will start with the Earth because that is very important and we want to get grounded. Imagine your physical self sitting on physical ground. Someplace in nature would be nice. In your mind, imagine a place – in your yard on a beach on in the mountains or someplace that you really feel at one with Mother Planet. Feel yourself sitting right on the grass, or the rocks.

The spine of your body is connected to the physical Earth and the physical Earth matter of the planet Gaia. As you experience that deep connection, feel how the energy comes from the Sun and comes in through your Crown Chakra and all the way down your spine, past your throat, past your heart, past your waist, down to the base of your spine and down all the way into the core of Gaia.

Feel yourself completely plugged in. You are plugged in to the source of Light – the Sun – which rejuvenates and allows Life on this Planet. You are also plugged into the Core of the Planet to deeply ground your experience.

As you feel yourself plugged in, close your physical eyes and blink your Third Eye. Just imagine that there is an eye on your forehead and you are blinking it. As you blink your third eye you look out at the ground. Look at the ground around you and you can see that there is dirt, grass, rocks or whatever you see there. With your Third Eye, you see the Earth Elementals, which are known as gnomes.

We know from fairy tales that Gnomes are the little people with the red suits and the pointed hats. A lot of fairy tales are actually from the world of Faerie, which is a fourth dimensional world. A lot of the people who channeled these fairy tales were experiencing that realm. So when we hear: “Oh that’s just a fairy tale. It actually is real. It’s just not real in this world. It’s real in the fourth-dimension.

Now the elementals are that transition from the fourth to the fifth. As you feel yourself firmly grounded, feel that physical earth underneath you. You might want to imagine reaching out your hands and touching the ground to feel the physical earth you are touching. Attune your attention to that physical ground.

Use your Third Eye, as well as your entire Aura, to look out through your imagination. Remember that imagination is fifth-dimensional thought. Use your imagination to see the gnomes and see these beings.

They don’t have to have red hats, and I actually perceive them as if they are peeking out from behind a branch or rock. They peek out and wonder if it’s safe to reveal them selves because many humans do not appreciate them. So when you see a gnome, tell it that it is safe.

Tell them, “It is so safe for you to come to my house because I live in Light and love and I am in the process of ascension. I would like to breathe you into my body so that you can help transmute all the physical matter of my body. You can hear the gnomes say that they are happy to do that and it is their job.

Now, inhale in thru your nose and feel that Earth elemental as it comes into your body and feel, imagine, experience its presence. Move your shoulders and move your spine and undulate your body as you feel these elementals moving inside of your body.

Feel how their fifth dimensional resonance transmutes which is still stuck in the physical world into its fifth-dimensional expression.

Remember that New Earth is not “out there.” The fifth-dimension is not “out there”. Our portal to the fifth-dimension is not “out there.” Everything is inside. Out there is the holographic projection of the third and fourth dimension. Inside is the reality of our unity with all life.

Take a long slow deep breath and inhale. As you inhale, you feel all of these fifth dimensional Earth elementals moving into your body—transmuting and transmuting your lower frequencies of your form.

As you exhale, you feel all of that waste material, the 3D waste that you don’t need anymore. It is just released. And along with that, everything that you have learned, everything that you have gained, everything that you have remembered goes in to the hearts and minds of these elementals.

As you breathe out these elementals, go back to the Earth and down into the Core of Gaia and say, “We want to share this light with you Gaia.” Then the elementals take a package of love into the Core of Gaia. As you inhale the Earth Elementals share all that you have learned with Gaia.

Then as you exhale you send that gift back out to the greater Earth. We will do this for each of the elementals. This is why the elementals are so important. The elementals are how we begin to deeply and truly experience Unity Consciousness with all Life.

The other part of the elementals is that they are healers. As you breathe in elemental’s energy field, you pull it in to your consciousness. When you breathe out, you are breathing out this fifth-dimensional transmutational power.

You could breathe the energy on to any part of you that has an injury or any one that you know is not well. You can also breathe it onto your animals. Take a moment and feel the transmutation that is in you.

Breathe in and feel the shift in all the matter within your body, all of your Earth, your matter and hold it. Allow whatever healing is necessary. As you breathe out, you release the waste materials first and then out comes the earth elementals that you have shared with Gaia.

* * *

* * *

samkaska: St Germain: “Carla, You are a Chohan of the Violet-Gold Flame!” :::How Our Ascension End of May 2014 Was Postponed One More Time :::sharing

samkaska: St Germain: “Carla, You are a Chohan of the Violet-Gold Flame!” :::How Our Ascension End of May 2014 Was Postponed One More Time :::sharing.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

St Germain: “Carla, You are a Chohan of the Violet-Gold Flame!” :::How Our Ascension End of May 2014 Was Postponed One More Time :::sharing

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St Germain: “Carla, You are a Chohan of the Violet-Gold Flame!” 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 17, 2014

by Carla Thompson, July 17, 2014

Dear Georgi,

I have just received a very interesting message from Saint Germain. While it is a personal message, a message which has some exciting surprises for me, Saint Germain has also provided interesting information about you and your role with regard to the Blue Ray, which you and I held together before. I feel that your newly evolved and expanded ability to single-handedly hold the Blue Flame is perhaps a direct result of the rising frequencies within our immediate reality.

Sending you love and Violet-Gold light,

“Today is a great day! A day of peace and joy, a day of the final reckoning.

I am Saint Germain and today I bring to you the following truth:

You are a Chohan of the Violet-Gold Flame. As Chohan of the Violet-Gold fire, you carry it within your fields, through the activation of your “I AM” presence, whose role it is now to flood the fields of Gaia, and the auric fields of humanity, with the Violet-Gold fire, continuously, without rest.

As your “I AM” presence is now fully awakened and fully attuned to this truth, you, or rather your divine essence, is actively pouring this Violet-Gold fire into your fields, through You, within You, and into every atom and electron of your Body-Mind-Soul matrix. It then flows outward in a great expanding field.

Your immediate physical presence among others instantly transfers this Violet-Gold ray to them and awakens their I AM presences from the “ground up”, so to speak. You are a great Violet light now, even though your original and natural orientation to the Blue Ray remains.

It must be declared that your dual soul carries the full energy of the Blue Flame, the Flame of the Will of God, the Flame of Divine Omnipotence and unfailing Faith in a most balanced masculine-feminine expression, and this he does in a most powerful way. This new development has “freed you up”, so to speak, so that you may grow in service, now as Chohan of the Violet Flame.

To clarify at this place, your initiation to the Pink Ray, the Flame of Cosmic Love, was a stepping stone on this path to keeper of the Violet-Gold flame. You shall continue to run the pink energies within your body’s electrical matrix, and your “I AM” presence knows when these energies are needed, in an instantaneous, moment-to-moment fashion. You may continue to use this ray as you have been doing. I confirm that it is also a very powerful healing tool and your use of it is perfect in every way.

I must tell you, there is one other incarnate, who is also a keeper of this Pink Ray of Cosmic Love. She is consciously aware of her innate ability with regard to the Pink Flame and she shall connect with you very soon. Your combined mission is for the purpose of planetary healing, as well as healing the hearts of Mankind. As you are both “Openers” of the sacred heart chakra, your work is extremely powerful as it is deeply healing, and a necessary service for these final days. Remember, this service runs parallel and complimentary to your work with the Violet-Gold Flame.

I am Saint Germain, and I am now and forever within your fields, fully complementary to you and your dual soul, as we move through the final stage of the ascension of humanity in this moment in time.”

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How Our Ascension End of May 2014 Was Postponed One More Time
by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 17, 2014

by Carla Thmpson and Georgi Stankov, July 17, 2014

Background by Georgi Stankov

On May 14th, Carla received an unequivocal message from her HS that we shall ascend in two weeks on the new moon portal. We had to check the calender when the next new moon was – May 28th. You can imagine how happy we were, as we had never received such an announcement before.

Then the Agarthans came to us in Burns Bog Park and confirmed essentially one more time our ascension date at the new moon portal end of May (see below). On May 21st – 24th we both experienced a prolonged episode of huge ascension test runs with heaviest form of cleansing.

After that I again felt very much depressed and pissed off with my life on this planet. Since then I knew that our ascension has been postponed one more time because all the light warriors did not perform again as they were expected to and in this way prevented with their indecisiveness our ascension at this very powerful portal.

This bad premonition was confirmed by Carla’s dream on May 26th, when she dreamed that she has not been allowed to pass her examination. This postponement of our ascension has been subsequently confirmed by Jahn’s sources, the HS of April, and also by our sources.

On May 24th, the Agarthans came one more time to us to insert three more chakras in Carla’s fields. During this time the most important decision in the ascension process was taken – the infusion of Gaia and humanity with the gold-violet flame of ascension and immediate creation from the Source. As we are the nexus to the Source and the major conduits of Source energies, the gold-violet flame had to flow through our fields first, before it could be anchored and implemented on Gaia. This is the core message of the Elohim as of May 26th / 27th below.

During the whole month of June we were working intensively with the gold-violet flame. Only at the end of June had this flame fully imbued the fine structure of Gaia and humanity and could be released for a broader use to the rest of the light warriors of the first and the last hours.

As I have already reported, St Germain came on June 29th and gave us the invocation of the gold-violet flame of ascension and immediate creation, so that we can make it available to all of you. He initiated Carla (and myself) as the Chohans of the gold-violet flame. As I am already the carrier of the blue ray of God”s will, I was practically working already with this flame. This was one of the main reasons for me to re-open my website, which however did not work properly at the beginning as we had problems with the server (the owner changed and the program also), until Chris, my webmaster, could resolve all technical problems a few days ago.

The introduction of the gold-violet flame was the ultimate effective response of the Source to the inability of the light workers community to trigger ascension on the ground by turning away from the light in the very last moment, as Sananda confirms in his response to my question on the ascension scenario.

I am giving you this background retrospectively, so that you can properly understand what has happened in the last few months and days and why we are still living in this reality. The major reason is the total failure of most light warriors to fulfil their light mission, for which they came here. The whole burden was transferred onto the shoulders of the few active light warriors of the first and the last hours and this necessitated new approaches and new unique resolutions and strategies in order to proceed smoothly with the ascension process, notwithstanding all the setbacks with the star seeds.

The arrival of the gold-violet flame – the blue-violet-pink-gold spectra from the source – was such an ultimate, initially not planned measure to compensate for the failure of the vast majority of light warriors, who decided in the very last moment not to participate in the final ascension stage and subsequently not to ascend. Given the numerous incredible idiocies that now circulate in the esoteric scene and literature, it is mandatory to understand once and for all what happened this spring and why we are still dragging on with our ascension. Then without us, the few light warriors of the first and the last hours, nothing would have happened on this earth.

Carla has just received a new message from St. Germain (Asana Mahatari), which I may publish together with this article. During the last two days all the ascended masters are around us and with us – St. Germain, Babaji, Sananda and all the others from the Mothership of the GF, which hovers closely above us. St. Germain’s message further elucidates the role of the gold-violet flame for ascension.

We are now the new Guardians of the new galaxy that will ascend with Gaia as its crystallisation point and you, the light warriors of the first and the last hours, the true PAT, have been initiated to become the new Logos-Gods of Gaia and the Guardians of the new Galaxy, together with us, Carla and myself. The failure of the light workers became your ultimate advantage and we have already achieved such awesome results, which we have not planned in our wildest dreams prior to this incarnation.

You have to be very proud of you and this achievement and should regard the current relativistic delay of ascension in the linear time as a great and unique privilege. We are writing history for All-That-Is that has no parallels so far.

May 17, 2014 – Message from The Agarthans

Dear Georgi,

Here is the message that I received from the Agarthans while we were visiting Burns Bog Park, .

I have lived in Vancouver for many years, since 1986 in fact, and have heard about this park, but never have I created the opportunity to visit it. This experience was so very powerful for me! I am also reminded now how all the vegetation had grown up by 8 inches or so, following our visit, something we noticed late in the afternoon when we had another opportunity to walk there once again.

With great love, Carla



we are the Agarthans and we are here in this place as representatives of the many civilizations within the realm known to you as the Middle Earth, the Inner Earth.

You both now reside across several dimensions, where you are able, within your activated vehicles of light, to bridge not only the third, fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional aspects and levels of Being, but where you are also able to move across many timelines, asserting positive far-reaching influence, between the third, fourth and fifth levels of creation.

This is achieved by your fully activated light bodies, necessary for the upcoming transition, your transformation through transfiguration. This achievement is what results in great fatigue and disorientation. We are here to confirm your activation of several portals within this location on Mother Gaia at this time [I am shown the whole lower mainland, including White Rock, as well as southern Vancouver Island, the Victoria area].

You have dutifully aligned energetic pathways directly from your third/fourth dimensional overlay, into the fifth dimension as well as some collateral influence upon the sixth dimension, within the energetic centres, also infusing each portal with the infinity code, given to you at the White Rock portal upon your joint visit in February.

All codes, known or unknown to you, have been seeded by you both, into several key portals, including infinity codes, balanced divine masculine and divine feminine codes, Sacred Sun codes from Helios and Vesta, and inter-dimensional markers used to identify the ascending human, and ensure their ultimate ascension through this current gateway.

There are also codes which you have transmitted to humanity, that are activated once a certain light quotient is attained, that then ultimately direct each individual to their designated timeline. As they achieve each new timeline, then new codes are anchored for any further upward change in timelines.

One may go upward in evolution at this time, however, there is no falling back. New levels of frequency must be attained and maintained at consistent levels in order to receive the gift of upward expansion to a higher timeline.

Our presence, here and now, is to announce our arrival very soon, on the surface of Gaia. The energetic conditions have successfully culminated in such a way that herald in our arrival on the New Earth following the up-coming New Moon portal (Mai 28th).

Attune now solely, totally, and constantly to our energies and through this connection our bond shall be fortified – a necessary condition to draw you in to our fields during the immediate transition phase.

Georgi and you shall ascend to the fifth dimension, together, then you shall separate, as you each have different roles. You shall re-join following the completion of certain tasks, each to your own.

We love you. We are with you, in all ways.

We are the Agarthans.”

Note: Georgi, a few days after receiving this message, I was aware that there was some shift in our plans, where we will remain together and not be separated, as they have said here in this message.

Mai 24, 2014 – Message from the Agarthans and Adama

Dear Georgi,

The visit yesterday to the park at Burns Bog was magical once again and here is the message that I received from the Agarthans. I should also note that Adama of Telos, was also present. A few minutes into our visit, I was aware that Archangel Metatron also joined us there, in order to assist in the activation of the three extra chakras.

I have always been aware that I have 15 chakras, instead of 12, as the Elohim confirmed this for me in early 2012. They also mentioned that my 12 chakra system would be fully activated by spring 2012. As an aside, it was at this time that they told me you were my dual soul, a fact which I kept to myself until I felt the opportunity arose to meet you for lunch in Germany, which of course then grew over time into a much more fulfilling interaction and gift of personal service to the PAT as well as to humanity.

I am uncertain if you also had only 12 chakras connected in early 2012, but I must tell you that now that I have met you, in person, I believe you have always had 15 chakras, and given your powerful fields and experiences that I can confirm directly and personally, I believe that these extra three chakras have been fully activated in you for some time and I suspect that you have used them for years.

With love, Carla


“We are the Agarthans and we greet you in peace and in love, love of the eternal One, with the cosmic all-encompassing Christed energy that flows from the Central Sun of All-That-Is!

We have aligned and cleansed your 12 chakra system with this high frequency energy in order to create a signature, or what you may call, an imprint of the Divine. You are correct that three more chakras, which have always been present, have now been activated in order to complement your current 12 chakra system, what you may consider to be chakra 13, 14 and 15. These chakras are not linearly placed, only presented to you as such, in your visual [I am shown them stacked one upon the other, above the other 12], to aide in comprehending their presence and activation.

These three chakras facilitate the interface with the Divine Mind, The Will of God, and the Laws of Creation. [At this point I am aware of mathematical formulas and sacred geometry falling down into our fields].

This newly-formed connection to these levels of expression of being now aide you in new ways, as new ideas for creation shall now self-express within your realms of dimensional interface through direct involvement.

Your dual soul will understand the deep implications of this gift, the three new chakras of Divine Ordinance and your creationary powers will now be enhanced.

We are with you constantly now and prepare many re-alignments and healings almost in every moment.

All is well Dear Ones! All is well!”

One more note, Georgi: Now that I have thought about this message and moved into the energies a bit more, I recognize that you have always had a 15 Chakra system, with activated Chakras 13, 14 and 15. This visit was to activate mine, so that we are aligned and can operate now as one unified field, now that our missions have been feathered into a unified mission, as was decided a few days ago.

May 26th and 27th, 2014 – The Elohim

Dear Georgi,

Early this morning (May 26th) I believe we transfigured to Shamballa within Middle Earth. It was so clear, with bright colours, fresh air, brilliant gardens with bright flowers and crystal buildings everywhere. I felt you walking beside me for this visit, and even though you don’t recall it, I am certain that we were there.

Two dreams stand out today. The first took place in a library, where I had found a garburator that was full of stuff like paper, binding cord, zap straps, and it was completely plugged. No one wanted to clear it out, so naturally I did it!

The second dream was really alarming and it goes like this: I am at a University and I must write an exam. I am completely prepared to write the exam in that I am fully confident of a perfect mark. I walk into the room where others are already writing and the professor tells me to follow him to meet someone. He is very tall and has grey hair.

We walk a ways away, outside of the building, and meet a woman who looks at me and says “You cannot write the exam.” To which I reply “Pardon me?!” I couldn’t believe it! I thought this was a real nightmare because I was already linking it to the ascension project and remembering, in my sleep, all the discussions we had with the PAT, discussing the meaning of writing exams in the dream state. Needless to say, I was really upset.

I believe you were in the classroom waiting for me to return with the final verdict, but I didn’t have to deliver this news to you after all, in the dream state… I only had to deliver it when I woke up. It was then that I/we felt this dream represented a real sobering truth, that there had indeed been another delay in the ascension at the new moon portal on May 28th as announced to us by the Agarthans.

You had already a knowing of this, and I had asked my Higher Self to confirm the state of affairs, and this was the dream that I experienced.

I went to the beach at Boundary Bay, where the weather was very beautiful and the Elohim came to me with this message. Their tone was one of compassion, but with an overlay of consternation and sternness, meant for the light warriors that are not considering Ascension as a reality at this time on Earth, neither for them, nor for Gaia.



“Greetings Beloved!

We are the Elohim and we join you now in our embrace of unconditional love. The world shines in shades of deep royal violet and gold as the undercurrents of the new creative flames flow in, around and through each consideration of our dear Gaia.

The violet flame is of the highest frequency, the highest divinity, the highest order and it has been decreed that its arrival shall nourish ALL elements of this expression, through to the end of these precious ascension moments, and beyond.

The true power of the violet-gold flame is until this moment, unknown, as it was always known as the violet flame of transmutation and cleansing. But this royal violet flame, empowered by an overlay of the Gold-Christ consciousness representation, seen as gold sparkles to your third eye, is now empowered for divine balancing, balancing of feminine with masculine, divine balancing of introspective self-love with the healthy outwardly sourced, seen and experienced love, and the balancing of true expressions of love, felt as joy, contentment, and an inner warmth, now all become the fuel of the creative engine of change.

This flame is the new flame of creation!

As the violet-gold flame infuses all renditions, it will naturally be seen and felt everywhere, and from here we ask all light warriors on the path to full self-realization, to concentrate upon the power of the violet fire, to hold it within your fields and use it with a genuine effort during your intimate and timely moments of creation.

The intimate moment is one of concerted effort of focus through an open and transparent inquiry upon your inner world, your soul essence. Through this elaboration, you shall inevitably arrive at clear decisions, decisions that represent only the highest good for desired outcomes in your own lives, in humanity’s current expression on a societal level, and ultimately, decisions that only honour your physical home, Gaia, who continues to provide a beautiful and safe space in which to live, which you call “home”.

The inner reflection requires a deep commitment to the Self, the Soul, the very existence of which is questioned by many, who think they know better, and who have surely closed their hearts to this exquisite and formidable truth!

To these doubtful Souls who read this… KNOW that you are more than the physical body you port, and that your Soul reaches out beyond your head into the infinity of All-That-Is! This statement should not need proof of truth!

If one closes their eyes, as we are now, sitting outside, in nature, under the warm sun and bathed in the gentle caress of this soft warm breeze, one cannot help but feel the wholeness of life, and the truth that we are all connected; that we are ONE WITH THIS CREATION!

It is time, NOW, to close off to the world of bus-i-ness. It is time to create for your own Soul, to simply reflect on what one sincerely needs to live within this expression, in a genuine manner, in all honesty with your Self, your Soul! And from this moment that you embrace the absolute truth, the violet-gold flame shall rise and present itself by the grace of creation, to empower you to lovingly create your own world, a balanced world – a world of acceptance of who you truly are, that you ARE ONE WITH CREATION and that THERE IS NO DEFICIENCY IN YOU!

We are the Elohim and we love, cherish and guide All, whether we are accepted for what we are, or not.”

This message came with compassion, yes, but also with a strident desire to impress the importance of light warriors to now take their Souls seriously, and to give the ascension discussion an honest consideration, by simplifying their lives and turning to their own Souls to discover what makes them TICK!

The Elohim continued on with another message after I had a bit of a break:

“The current space you hold supports the upward reaching of Gaia and her upper-most expression, expanding into a fully fifth dimensional expression.

The veil thins daily for you and soon it shall be a continuous experience equivalent to your expectations of how the Fifth Dimension shall present. Your expectations create the fifth dimensional experience.

Utilize the violet-gold flame to enhance your reality, to formulate the divinely perfected experience you expect to see, feel and perceive. You no longer feel of this world and this is true testimony that your evolution is dynamic and never static any longer.

Hold sacred space constantly, never allow negative, disharmonious energies to intrude, as they shall pull you back to the fourth dimension. Be resolute in your opinions and trust that they shall guide you to open doors as well as safe havens.

There has been tremendous success within your (Carla’s) family structure and this has been the template for change within humanity – the healing of relationships long-seemed heavy with pain, confusion and misunderstandings. The template was cleared and so is the Family of Man. This work represents the sacred work, that many light warriors carry out within their own family home.

Know that healing within yourself, and within your immediate family are only the beginning of the great work you are doing, and that all of these healings ultimately correct deep issues present also within humanity.

Personality deconstruction has been the theme in the recent past (past week, Georgi), where non-supportive personality patterns are identified by your dual soul and a deconstruction or dismantling is called for in order to hook up new links to positive traits, traits of self-support, self-acceptance, and surely of self-love.

This action is now identified correctly as a critical change necessary to humanity’s soul structure and therefore its ultimate survival through the ascension gateway.

As we look out over the garden of flowers, trees and shrubs below, we delight with you, as One Being, in the majesty of this physical earth, where in this moment, this evening, the gentle pink and blue sky is a reflection of the pure love you and all light warriors hold for Gaia, and her ‘thank you’ to all of you for your sustaining love for her, and for all of life in the unified field of creation, held fast with the unity consciousness of this perfect creation.

Energies rise and fall, but the over-arching lift upwards to ascension continues. As souls are dispersed to multiple new parallel earth experiences, the light quotient continues to show itself to be more refined in every moment. As the light quotient is the prime catalyst to the ascension threshold, all care is taken now to balance the outward flow of soul essence, with the critical light quotient mass needed to boost this event.

It is a critical time, and this is why many channeled messages demand inner reflection of the readers. It is time to come home! It is time to choose your final destination! Make the ultimate choice – choose the ascension!”
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lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

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Jul 21


Una nota de Lee: Muchos podrían malinterpretar esta canalización, así que estoy escribiendo esta nota: El mensaje de Kryon en esta grabación está referido a comenzar a construir un puente que nos conectará directamente con nuestra propia estructura celular y finalmente la sintonizará con el “Innato”. Hay muchos procesos buenos que seguiré respaldando, que nos ayudan a liberar bloqueos emocionales, a obtener mensajes directos del cuerpo, equilibrio, sanación y a identificar problemas: Técnicas de Liberación Emocional (EFT), Body Talk, Técnica para el equilibrio del campo electromagnético (EMF Balancing Technique), Reconexión y muchas otras. Este mensaje de Kryon no reemplaza ninguna de ellas. Se trata de hablarles a nuestras células y crear formas de comenzar a integrar nuestra consciencia con nuestra propia estructura celular.

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético. 

Una vez más sé dónde estoy y honro lo que está aquí. El nombre del lugar es el Templo de la Sabiduría, de modo que en este corto lapso deseamos traerles los tipos de sabiduría que ustedes han estado pidiendo. En esta nueva energía, cada alma vieja empieza a preguntar sobre ello. El título del tema –a los Humanos les gusta ponerle título a todo– sería Comunicación con el Cuerpo. Antes de comenzar, les diré que se trata, específicamente, de la comunicación corporal de ustedes a su estructura celular, y no al revés. Eso queda para otro mensaje. Hay dos tipos de comunicación, no va en una sola dirección. Ahora les vamos a hablar de ustedes y su cuerpo.
Querido Ser Humano, antes de empezar siquiera, es necesario revisar los bloqueos que te dificultan comprender lo que vendrá. Sólo tienes una realidad, realidad que compartes como Ser Humano, y la compartes incluso con mi socio. Esa realidad es que vives en un mundo lineal; experimentas las cosas de ciertas formas, y estás acostumbrado al modo en que funciona la naturaleza humana. La psicología humana, todo lo que te impulsa, tus acciones, las razones subyacentes, los logros, los castigos, todas esas cosas integran tu percepción de cómo funcionan las cosas. No es una crítica a tu inteligencia cuando digo que luego los proyectas naturalmente sobre todo lo que te rodea. Y ya sea sobre Dios, o simplemente sobre la percepción de la realidad en estado multidimensional, solo le aplicas lo que conoces, y ese es un prejuicio. Hay cierta tendencia en la naturaleza humana, el dar y recibir que tienes y por consiguiente aplicas a todo lo demás; cierta tendencia a creer que solo se logra algo por medio del trabajo duro y la repetición. Hay ciertas formas en que funciona la naturaleza humana, tu relación con otros Humanos, la reciprocidad que tienes y por eso se lo aplicas a todo lo demás. Te hemos dicho antes que algunas de tus religiones organizadas han llevado esto al máximo, y tienen un Dios disfuncional que puede enojarse y juzgar y hacer todas las otras cosas que dicen los Humanos. Antes de empezar esta conversación, te digo que tienes que descartar eso. En el mensaje podremos recordarte algunas de las formas tradicionales y luego equilibrarlas con la verdad. ¿Sabes? Es hermoso.
La premisa de esta canalización es que tú eres capaz de hablarle a tu estructura celular como lo hemos estado diciendo durante años, y no es difícil. Tienes que sortear los prejuicios humanos, y no es difícil. Empezaremos esta discusión – tenemos que hacerlo – con lo que yo llamo el preámbulo, o lo que se necesita para lograr lo que vamos a enseñar hoy. Debemos definir la consciencia lo mejor que podamos – la consciencia humana. Esta tal vez no sea la definición que encontrarás en el mundo académico; estas son las cosas que nosotros vemos.
La consciencia humana se divide en varias partes; nosotros solo vamos a hablar de dos. La primera es esa sopa de reacción, o conducta, que es dirigida por dos partes del cuerpo humano. La primera es el cerebro sináptico, o sea, el depósito de la experiencia. Y la segunda es tu parte multidimensional que tú crees responsable por la creatividad, la intuición, y Dios. Es una mezcla de estas dos, a través del libre albedrío del Ser Humano. El equilibrio de ambas crea a un Ser Humano que a los demás realmente les parece que está en control de su propia vida y satisfecho de sí mismo. Cuando esto está desequilibrado en uno u otro sentido, hay una disfunción. Cuando un Ser Humano solo tiene una conciencia que está únicamente en el cerebro sináptico, no cree en Dios; no tiene capacidad para tener un pensamiento verdaderamente creativo, y se complace con funcionar solo con lo que conoce. Y le sirve bien. Es disfuncional para nosotros porque la parte de Dios está siempre allí, siempre disponible, y le daría mucha más luz y una consciencia más elevada. Pero con su libre albedrío, eso es lo que hace. Están los otros, tú los has visto: los disfuncionales de la Nueva Era. Yo los llamaría los Flotadores. Están tan absortos en lo esotérico que no tienen ni idea de lo que es la vida y el cerebro sináptico no tiene oportunidad. La lógica y el sentido común se descartan y lo único que queda es lo que llamaríamos simulación y superchería. (Kryon se ríe). ¡Tú los has visto! ¿Sabes qué? Es aceptable para ellos. Pero eso es la consciencia humana, un equilibrio entre sinapsis y supervivencia, y aquello que es la parte de Dios que llevas contigo.
Ahora bien, ¿dónde estás tú? Así es como debemos empezar este mensaje. Si hoy estás escuchando esto, ya seas un Humano en esta sala, o un Humano más tarde en una silla oyendo esto por transcripción, leyéndolo, las probabilidades señalan que estás consciente de la parte divina en ti. Ahora bien, tu parte divina es la parte elusiva, la parte misteriosa, pero es la parte real; tan real como el cerebro sináptico. Y aquí te digo que está enlazada– firmemente enlazada con tu capacidad para hablarle a tu cuerpo. Si eres un intelectual y sólo confías en lo sináptico en tu cerebro, deberías detenerte ahora y no proseguir, porque no tendrás ningún éxito con lo que estoy por decirte. ¿No es interesante que estén tan fuertemente enlazadas? Tienes que estar consciente de lo divino en tu interior, porque ese es el conducto que va a hablarle directamente a lo que hemos llamado el Innato.
Hace años te informamos que llegaría un día en este planeta en que la salud de las personas podría muy bien medirse en una forma muy diferente de la de hoy, que aquellos con una consciencia más elevada obviamente vivirían más y no habría investigación médica que explicara las razones. Te dijimos que la consciencia tarde o temprano puede conducir al atributo mismo del equilibrio humano en forma celular y en forma química y que las otras cosas en las que hoy te concentras, que por supuesto son el ejercicio y la dieta, quedarían relegadas respecto a la consciencia. Si te dijéramos eso, ¿qué sacarías en conclusión entonces? Es que las cosas están cambiando para el Ser Humano. Los atributos mismos que te conservan con vida van a empezar a cambiar para el Ser Humano. Dicho sea de paso, una mayor toma de conciencia de los atributos tridimensionales de lo que necesita tu cuerpo te va a brindar una mejor salud, pero eso solo no te va a ayudar a hablarle a tu estructura celular.
De modo que si has llegado hasta aquí y si estás de acuerdo y puedes decir honestamente: “Yo creo que en mí hay una parte divina,” entonces podemos continuar. El resto de esta información se dará suponiendo que la tienes. Quienes tienen una mentalidad espiritual han llegado a ese punto varias veces. Quienes tienen una mentalidad espiritual saben de la estructura celular de su cuerpo porque ella tiene un complemento espiritual y un componente de benevolencia, y están listos para avanzar. Pero es interesante lo que hacen luego. Históricamente, el prejuicio humano irrumpe y, hasta aquellos que se dicen iluminados y de la Nueva Era, empiezan con lo que yo llamaría un proceso lineal de repetición y tonterías. (Kryon se ríe). Son las cosas que ellos decidieron que son necesarias para hablarle a su estructura celular.
¿Por qué querrías hablarle a tu estructura celular? Debería ser obvio. ¿Con cuál paradigma creciste? Históricamente, es este: que tú, como criatura iluminada, vives en tu cabeza, que todo lo que te sucede está en tu cabeza. La más grandiosa poesía que se haya escrito, la más grandiosa música que se haya compuesto, los cuadros más grandiosos, empezó en la cabeza. Y el resto del cuerpo es el vehículo que sostiene la cabeza. Y de vez en cuando, tu cabeza mira hacia abajo al cuerpo y dice: “Espero que esta cosa funcione.” Eso es tradicional y se convalida con todo lo que ves a tu alrededor, con los que se enferman, o les suceden cosas, y entonces empieza el miedo. El miedo creará al hipocondríaco que tiene temor de todo, que cree que se va a contagiar de todo. Dicho sea de paso, generalmente le ocurre eso. Es el cuerpo humano que trata de hacerle caso a lo que escucha desde la cabeza. Y eso les da una pista de lo que viene. Ese es el pensamiento tradicional de que ustedes no tienen ningún control.
Ahora llegas a este lugar cuando ya sabes más; y te sientas y escuchas esto y estás listo para avanzar. En el pasado, la Nueva Era estaba llena de procesos que supuestamente te capacitaban para hablarles a tus células. No que tus células te hablasen a ti, sino que tú les hablases a ellas. Y esos procesos están llenos de lo siguiente: Repetir, una y otra vez procesos que los Seres Humanos creen que tal vez sean los atributos que les gustarían a las células: tienes que ir a cierto lugar, bajo una cierta temperatura, estar en una cierta energía, colocarte hacia una dirección determinada. Tal vez tengas que hacerlo varias veces. Si lo puedes hacer, conseguirás que el cuerpo se prepare para escuchar. Habrá una pequeña ventana de oportunidad para que le des un mensaje. Ese es un prejuicio humano.
Queridos, es tiempo de desmitificar esto. Esto no es exacto, no funciona así. Es asumir que el cuerpo es estúpido, que no sabe nada de nada, que está completa y totalmente separado y divorciado de tu consciencia y de todo lo que haces, y que no tiene ni idea.
Te voy a contar la verdad. (Kryon suspira) Esto se va a probar científicamente y no falta mucho. Las células de tu cuerpo, especialmente lo que llamarías el Innato, tienen todas algo en común y voy a darle un nombre por primera vez. Helo aquí. Se va a llamar CEE, C – E – E. Quiere decir: las Células Están Escuchando. Las células están escuchando. Así fuiste formado. El complemento divino en ti está incorporado en cada célula de tu cuerpo. Las células son una colección de lo que ha creado el ADN según el diseño que está allí. Cada célula existe con un atributo y muy claramente pasa el tiempo consigo misma, esperando instrucciones. Las únicas instrucciones que oirá son las que le dé el complemento divino de la consciencia humana en forma directa con intención pura. ¿Oíste eso?
Hablemos por un momento de esa comunicación. Es como si cada célula individual tuviera un teléfono y estuviera lista para contestar, si tú supieras el número. Si pudieras discarlo, podrías hablar con todas ellas al mismo tiempo. Todas levantarían el tubo, y serías tú. Eso está incorporado y no responde a la linealidad. La comunicación con las células del cuerpo es una comunicación multidimensional, pero tu consciencia humana también lo es. Es parte del campo del ADN, es parte de la Merkaba de tu cuerpo. Te diré lo que puede hacer un intuitivo: Puede ver tu alma, literalmente, a través del campo de la Merkaba y decirte si has activado en algún grado la intención espiritual o si sólo estás aparentando.
¿Qué es la intención pura? Muy bien, hablemos de eso a tu manera. Voy a volver a usarlo: cuando te enamoras de alguien, lo miras a los ojos, dos amantes mirándose el uno al otro, no hay nada como eso. ¿Sientes a Dios en eso? ¿Lo recuerdas? (Kryon se ríe) ¿Sientes a Dios en eso? ¡Claro que sí! ¡Ni siquiera te das cuenta! ¿Entiendes por qué estar enamorado es tan asombroso? ¡Porque Dios está allí! ¿Te das cuenta de que eso no es sináptico? Lo comprendes, ¿verdad? ¡De hecho, el cerebro está realmente frustrado porque te enamoraste! Te dice: “Sabes, tendrías que alimentarte mejor.” Y tú le contestas: “Sí, pero estoy enamorado.” “¡Bueno, tendrías que razonar mejor!” “No lo hago porque estoy enamorado.” “¿Por qué estás poniendo tus zapatos en el congelador?” (Risas del público) “¡Porque estoy enamorado! Me olvidé.” Es así. Ahora bien, cuando miras a alguien y dices: “Te amo”, si estás enamorado, eso tiene intención pura. Lo haces, le abres tu corazón al otro, y el otro a ti, y están entrelazados como si fueran uno. No hay nada igual.
Ahora bien, quiero que inviertas eso hacia adentro. Hay una parte divina de ti que está enamorada de ti, esperando que le digas: “Te amo”. Y sabrá si lo dices de veras. Si no estás enamorado de una persona, pero ella quiere oír que se lo digas, y tú dices: “Te amo”, ¡no es lo mismo! Tú sabes que no es lo mismo y nunca lo será. La magia no está ahí, la conexión no está, el entrelazamiento no está, son solo palabras. Así que si practicas esto que estamos diciendo hoy de esa forma, no será puro. Y no tendrás el número de teléfono correcto de tus células. Pero cuando te enamoras de ti mismo, honras a tu cuerpo a tal grado que te das cuenta de que es parte de la creación de Dios en ti. Sin eso no habría iluminación. Sin consciencia no hay nada. Tiene que funcionar bien y quiere hacerlo. ¡Quiere hacerlo! Y aquí está la oportunidad.
Años atrás, veías a los gurúes de la India. Podían controlar cosas en el cuerpo que supuestamente eran automáticas. Ellos tenían el control; podían espaciar sus latidos, podían hacer mucho más lenta la respiración, podían controlar ciertas cosas en el cuerpo que nadie creía que se pudieran controlar. Ellos estaban hablando con una parte de su cuerpo que escuchaba y se adaptaba. Sabían cómo hacerlo. Y tú también.
De modo que, sabiendo esto, ¿qué sigue? Te acabamos de dar dos premisas. Número uno, el contacto con la parte divina de ti crea un conducto para que luego llames a tus células, C-E-E, las células están escuchando. Nacieron contigo, prestan atención a lo que quieres. Están esperando que la consciencia humana les dé instrucciones. Lo haremos en un minuto. Ahora bien, ¿cómo lo haces? Ahora que sabes que están esperando, ¿cómo es posible? ¿Qué dirías? Algunos todavía creen que comprenden el proceso, que están despiertos, que son Trabajadores de Luz, tal vez de la Nueva Era, y que lo tienen resuelto. Tienen un proceso para eso. He aquí lo que debes hacer: Tienes que hablarles a tus células en voz alta y decirles exactamente lo que quieres, y tienes que hacerlo cierto número de veces, todos los días. ¿Te parece bien? (Kryon se ríe) ¡A algunos sí! Y si te parece bien, quiero que te des cuenta de lo que estás haciendo. Le estás aplicando un atributo lineal humano a un hermoso sistema multidimensional que está más allá de cualquier cosa que puedas imaginar. Es lo que llamas el Innato. Y no responde a la repetición.
Hablemos un poco más sobre el Innato. Estás listo para hablarle a un sistema que no te ha oído antes. No realmente, no así. Hay una nueva energía en este planeta, Trabajador de la Luz; alma vieja, escúchame. Tu equipo de herramientas está actualizándose, por eso estás escuchando esto. Tú puedes hacerlo. Yo no te daría algo que no puedas hacer. Puedes entrar en contacto con tus células. Ellas van a reaccionar. Te daré esa información en un momento.
Quiero que veas esto en forma lineal. Hablemos de tu mejor amigo, el que tiene cada uno. Tienes un mejor amigo, tal vez sea tu pareja, tal vez no. Es alguien con quien te puedes sentar y hablar, y no hay parámetros, no hay reglas, puedes decirle lo que quieras y puedes abrirle tu corazón ¡y te escuchará! Él puede hacer lo mismo contigo, y… ese es el mejor amigo. Quiero preguntarte algo. Digamos que estás con tu mejor amigo y van a estar juntos durante tres días. Y haces esto: El primer día, te levantas por la mañana, ambos se sientan a la mesa, van a comer algo, y tú le das toda la misma información de nuevo. (Kryon se ríe) ¿A ti te parece que funcionará? (Risas del público) Bueno, tampoco funciona con tus células. ¿Entiendes lo que digo? Tus células son tú mismo. ¿Qué te dirías a ti mismo? Tus células están escuchándote: C – E – E. Estás listo para esto; ellas están listas para esto; ellas han estado escuchando desde que naciste, esperando el momento en que despertarías a esta posibilidad de poder hablarles de veras. Entonces, hagámoslo. ¿Qué les podrías decir? ¿Y cómo lo harías?
Antes que nada, quiero decirte que ellas entienden tu idioma. (Kryon se ríe). Son parte de ti: puedes hablarles como se te antoje. En voz alta, o con el pensamiento, o por escrito, no importa, porque tienes su número, y la llave es el amor. Tienes que amar tu estructura celular lo suficiente como para que puedas decirle: “Te amo” y que ella sepa que es cierto. No puede ser más sencillo, y sin embargo no puede ser más difícil. Te sientas por un momento. ¿Qué le dices? ¿Qué sucederá? Cuando el cuerpo empieza a escucharte, pasa por algunos procesos. Déjame contarte cuáles son y te daré un ejemplo de esa comunicación y luego concluiremos.
Quiero que sepas algunas cosas. Cuando empiezas a hablarle a tu estructura celular y tienes el número correcto, lo primero que va a aparecer es una cantidad masiva de escalofríos. Vas a saber que te comunicaste, querido. Vas a enterarte. Y sabrás que estas son las células de tu cuerpo, celebrando. ¡Celebrando! El Innato, el cuerpo inteligente, o como quieras llamarlo, es parte de ti, y está de fiesta. “¿Escucharon eso? ¡Tenemos una comunicación! ¡Sí que tardó mucho tiempo! ¡Demos una fiesta!” Y aunque esto sea metafórico, aunque suene tonto, te digo que es lo que ocurre. El cuerpo está jubiloso. ¿Sabías que el Innato se siente muy bien cuando le hablas? Aquellos que se ocupan de la salud, ¿saben lo que se siente al estar saludable? ¡Todo tu cuerpo se regocija con cada paso, con cada respiración! Ese es el Innato, celebrando. Empiezas a hablarle. Todos estos años estuvo escuchando, esperando que le hablaras, porque sin directivas hace lo que quiere, ya lo sabes, ¿verdad? Yo he hablado de la ley de los promedios, mi socio enseñó sobre la curva en forma de campana. Sin instrucciones, tu cuerpo simplemente sigue lo que es el promedio, hace lo suyo. Con instrucciones, tú lo controlas. No puede ser más sencillo. Lo primero que hace es celebrar. Después, empieza a trabajar.
Quiero hablar de eso, de empezar a trabajar. Según las cosas que le estés comunicando a tu estructura celular, ya sea para tu salud o tu sanación, o para utilizarlo, sin importar lo que sea, tienes que darle tiempo. Hay una cuestión práctica que tienes que comprender, porque estas cosas solo se logran mediante la división celular y lo que llamas rejuvenecimiento. Tu cuerpo está hecho para rejuvenecer. La mayoría de los órganos del cuerpo, incluyendo la piel, se rejuvenecen a sí mismos. En cierto período de tiempo, tienes nuevos. Así es como sigues vivo. Cuando empiezas a hablarle a tu estructura celular, esas instrucciones van a la información en el ADN y se aplican en el próximo ciclo de rejuvenecimiento. De modo que no vas a tener los resultados mañana. Esto es sentido común. Se vuelve sentido común espiritual aplicar por primera vez la idea de que, en tu linealidad, a tu estructura celular le toma tiempo incluso lograr la sanación. No todas las cosas estarán alineadas para una remisión espontánea, lo que es otra historia. Tiene sentido, ¿no? De modo que empezarás a sentirlo con el tiempo. Y las cosas con las que estás trabajando o estás pidiendo empezarán a aparecer con el tiempo.
Hay una tercera cosa que quiero decirte, para la que no estás preparado. Cuando empiezas a hablarles a tus células, el Innato sabe que tu consciencia es benevolente; sabe que quieres quedarte, y hay sistemas automáticos que se activarán para mejorar otras partes de tu cuerpo que nunca pediste que se mejoraran. Vas a empezar un proceso de prolongación de tu vida. Y la sanación empezará a ocurrir y equilibrar áreas de las que tu consciencia no tiene idea, pero de las que tu Innato conoce todo. Has despertado ese puente entre la consciencia humana y la estructura celular. Es fácil, pero tienes que enamorarte.
Imagina por un momento que te sientas solo, y tal vez hablas en voz alta, y vas a hacer el primer contacto. (Kryon se ríe). Sin importar tu edad, cuán viejo o joven seas, ¿puedes reconocer que estás de veras enamorado de la parte divina en ti? Tal vez hasta puedas visualizar el rostro de Dios, como sea que lo imagines, tal vez veas tu eternidad en cada célula de tu cuerpo y te des cuenta de que hay una estructura celular que espera oír de ti. C – E – E. Empiezas y comprendes que tienes su teléfono. Lo percibes y apenas abres la boca, empiezan los escalofríos porque levantaron el tubo y ahora están escuchándote de veras. Lo primero que podrías decir es: “Nos conocemos, y las amo. Lamento mucho haber tardado tanto en darme cuenta. Quiero que inicien los procesos que ustedes conocen y yo no. Quiero que se unan en benevolencia para crear salud y un Ser Humano con una larga vida. Quiero que me hablen en todas las formas que pueda reconocer. Quiero sostener su mano y que tomen la mía por el resto de mi vida. Si hay algo inapropiado, algún desequilibrio químico en mi cuerpo, quiero que se vaya, con el tiempo y la acción apropiada. Reconozco que tengo hábitos que me están matando y quiero que cambien. Me doy cuenta de que tengo una muy mala proporción peso-altura.” (Kryon se ríe) Cuando expliques eso, se devuelve benevolencia. “Querida estructura celular, quiero que mi metabolismo refleje mi magnificencia. Ayúdame a tener el tamaño correcto para la mejor salud. Cambia lo que sea necesario, recurre al Akasha si es necesario, en recuerdo de quien solía ser. Cambia mis preferencias de alimentación si es necesario. Que mi cuerpo ansíe lo que necesita y no lo que yo quiero que necesite. Tráelo a un lugar de divinidad equilibrada y te prometo que te hablaré todos los días, porque te amo.” Y luego, no cuelgues el teléfono. No cortes la comunicación.
Ahora bien, si analizas este mensaje, te darás cuenta de que tu consciencia nunca le dijo al cuerpo algo específico, porque el Innato sabe qué hacer. Sólo está esperando tu llamada. Le estás pidiendo equilibrio, y el Innato sabe qué hacer. La parte inteligente de tu cuerpo puede incluso entrar en contacto con tu Akasha; puede traer las partes precisas para tu salud, para el cambio, para dejar los hábitos que tienes y no deberías tener. Tan simple como comer demasiado, o comer lo que no te conviene, y no lo puedes evitar porque es un hábito. Eso puede cambiar muy, muy rápidamente, en un par de ciclos de rejuvenecimiento celular, creando verdaderas diferencias en lo que deseas comer, para que no haya sufrimiento y sin pasar hambre, porque se ha traído un tú del pasado que no tenía el hábito que tienes hoy. ¡Ese es el poder ante ti! C – E – E. Algunos de ustedes empezarán a hacer esto y obtendrán resultados enseguida. Quiero decirte que si eres uno de ellos, tu tarea es mostrarles a otros cómo se hace. Porque no va a suceder necesariamente de la noche a la mañana porque alguien escuchó este mensaje. Tienes que mostrarles lo que has hecho.
Por último, alma vieja ¿cómo te sientes al saber que tienes un amigo adentro al punto de poder agregarle más y más y más años a tu vida? Todo esto, en forma apropiada al plan que has establecido para la Tierra, quién vas a ser la próxima vez, y cuándo se supone que vengas y te vayas. Se trata de mantenerte sano mientras estás aquí. Y eso está muy lejos de la curva en forma de campana. (Kryon se ríe). Eso es lo que puedes hacer.
Habrá otra canalización en otro momento sobre cómo reconocer lo que el cuerpo te dice a ti. Porque tú no necesariamente hablas su lenguaje, y debes comprender, a través de algunos procesos, cómo contestarte para que puedas darle mejores instrucciones. Es un ciclo.
La canalización de hoy se ha dado en un lugar muy sagrado, para crear nuevas herramientas para ti, porque ha llegado el momento.

Título en inglés: Cellular Structure
Traducción del audio: María Cristina Cáffaro
Edición: Susana Peralta
Canalización en vivo de Kryon por Lee Carroll, EE.UU.
12 de abril de 2014-07-14
Delphi University, Georgia, EE.UU.

Publicado 2 hours ago por Juan Pablo

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AA METATRÓN : Crea Paz En El Mundo Con Un Acto

21 de Julio de 2014

– canalizado via Natalie Glasson

16 de julio 2014

A menudo se dice que para crear la paz en el mundo ustedes tienen simplemente que amarse de modo incondicional, humildemente y con gracia, amando a todos los demás de un modo abierto y compasivo. Aunque es importante dominar el acto de compartir el amor natural existente en el interior de su ser, hay un hábito y energía que necesita disolverse antes de que pueda reinar el amor, y pueda facultarse y experimentarse en su realidad.

Sin darse verdaderamente cuenta de este hábito no puede reconocerse plenamente el amor por su poder sanador y elevador.

Cuando mucha gente medita y logra realizar prácticas espirituales que buscan la experiencia de la iluminación, acaban en realidad experimentando el poder de la esencia del amor dentro de su ser, pues cuando es abrazado plenamente su amor es transformativo, alimenta su bienestar y su salud, su aceptancia y la manifestación de la abundancia, la experiencia de la libertad a través de la felicidad, y una agudizada conciencia de la vida a través de la sabiduría divina.

El amor es una gran fuerza que necesita ser expresada por todos los seres en la Tierra, pero la presencia del juzgar es lo que requiere un enfoque a fin de que se alimente y de espacio al crecimiento del amor.

El juzgar es un proceso de pensamiento que los alienta a enfocarse en la negatividad, e inclusive en crear la energía de la negatividad dentro de su aura y su ser. Cuando ustedes juzgan de cualquier manera, están enviando un mensaje hacia fuera para sí mismos, para quienes están a su alrededor, el Universo y el Creador de que ustedes no están contentos o satisfechos con su realidad.

Es un poderoso mensaje a compartir inconscientemente; están creando un mensaje dentro de su ser y su mente de que nada y nadie es lo suficientemente bueno; que otros y ustedes no se merecen amor o compasión; que el mundo en el que existen no es perfecto y que nada es a su gusto.

El tratar de encontrar fallas consigo mismos, en otros, en la realidad y en el mundo cada día es una labor que cansa, y sin embargo muchos aceptan felizmente esta labor porque ha sido arraigada en ustedes desde la niñez, y siempre hay maravillosos ejemplos del juzgar que lo refuerzan como si fuera un aspecto natural de la humanidad, cuando en verdad la humanidad puede vivir muy fácilmente sin él.

El juzgar es un pensamiento, opinión y perspectiva poco amoroso que se guarda en su mente, se comparte en voz alta, o se actúa sobre él. El juzgar los alienta a creer en un mundo que está roto y que necesita ser arreglado por ustedes. Esto los pone en una posición de poder y alimenta al ego con energías y pensamientos que crean su felicidad y seguridad. Los verdaderos sentimientos de felicidad y seguridad pueden ser creados mediante la práctica de la inhalación y exhalación de olas de amor; no necesitan crearse a partir del sufrimiento, el dolor o las fallas de otros o de sí mismos.

Con el acto de juzgar a otra persona ustedes están enviándole vibraciones energéticamente negativas y están declarando también que el juzgar es algo de lo que desean recibir más. Cada pensamiento y sentimiento creado en su mente y su corazón manifiesta una proyección a su realidad y al Universo, y cualquiera que sea lo que proyecten es lo que van a atraer y manifestar en su experiencia.

Ustedes son y experimentan sus pensamientos y sentimientos no solamente dentro de su ser, sino también como manifestaciones físicas en su realidad. Si grabaran todos sus pensamientos y sentimientos reconocerían la correlación entre aquello que piensan y experimentan.

Así que la práctica del juzgar crea experiencias infelices y juicios de otros hacia ustedes. A una escala mayor, un sólo juicio aceptado por muchos, energetizado en sus mentes y proyectado desde su interior, puede empezar una guerra, crear crueldad e inclusive peligrosas condiciones climáticas.

Ahora es tiempo de que cada ser se responsabilize, de que se de cuenta de que el juzgar solamente crea un mundo de temor, dolor, separación y conflicto, lo cual obstaculiza y oculta la presencia natural del amor dentro de cada persona deseando ser expresada.

Cada persona en la Tierra, sin importar sus acciones, tiene dentro de su ser una esencia natural y existencia del amor. Un mundo de amor y paz puede ser creado con un sólo acto, erradicando el juzgar.

Aunque el juzgar puede asumir una forma tanto negativa como positiva, el juzgar positivo puede servir de apoyo y ser facultador en esta etapa de la ascensión. Cuando ustedes dicen que alguien se ve bien o que hizo una magnífica labor, esto crea un sentimiento de dar y compartir amor a partir de la verdad interior de su ser. A menudo los seres que disfrutan del juzgar creen estar diciendo la verdad, por lo que no les importa si es uno negativo o positivo; pero ¿acaso es negativa la verdad en el interior de su ser?

Cada ser en la Tierra sostiene dentro de su ser y nace de la esencia de Todo Lo Que el Creador Es. Si ustedes sostienen al Creador en su interior y el Creador existe libre de juicios, reconociendo únicamente el amor, entonces un juicio negativo no nace de su verdad sino de su opinión, de su mente.

La mente puede engañarlos a sentir como si ustedes fueran una figura de autoridad, la mejor fuente de conocimientos, y la única opinión que cuenta; pero cuando hablan a partir de la amorosa verdad de su ser, esta perspectiva se altera. En verdad ustedes sí saben todo porque están conectados con el Universo del Creador y pueden recibir y personificar todo lo que deseen, compartir y expresar todo lo que necesitan, requieren y reconocen como el Creador.

La verdad es que ustedes están conectados con todas las respuestas, pero también lo está cada persona en el mundo; ustedes no son diferentes unos de otros, y sin embargo son especiales porque ustedes son el Creador en esta Tierra, al igual que todos los demás. Los juicios positivos son en realidad declaraciones positivas que refuerzan el amor del Creador con honestidad, permitiendo que el amor fluya con mayor facilidad y presencia dentro de su realidad.

Eventualmente, inclusive los juicios positivos desaparecerán, pero cambiando todos los juicios negativos sobre sí mismos a juicios positivos buscando la verdad que crea el amor del Creador es un paso positivo para el logro de una mente, una realidad y un mundo libre del caos y la experiencia de la negatividad.

Teniendo una más profunda conciencia y observación de los juicios que ustedes crean descubrirán que están desenrrollando un nudo de pensamientos pues pudiera sentirse como si cada pensamiento estuviera conectado con él. Tal vez empiecen a sentir inclusive que les es imposible pensar o hablar porque se dan cuenta de la arraigada energía del juzgar dentro de su mente. En este momento tal vez se sientan incapaces de expresarse a sí mismos del modo que desearían, pero esto será un proceso de un enorme giro porque ustedes van a buscar activamente entonces y empezarán a reprogramar su mente para enfocarse positivamente en el amor y la verdad amorosa, descubriendo así una nueva, edificante y facultadora manera de expresarse a sí mismos y de observar su realidad.

Observando la manera como ustedes tal vez juzgan a otros en lo referente a si se merecen su dinero, tiempo, presencia y enfoque comparte también con ustedes cuán merecedores se sienten ustedes de la presencia de otros, su tiempo y su dinero, e inclusive de cuán merecedores se sienten de sostener las vibraciones y cualidades del Creador dentro de su ser. La manera como ustedes tratan a los demás les refleja a menudo la manera como se tratan y mantienen a sí mismos. Cada ser en la Tierra es merecedor y digno porque cada uno es un reflejo y una expresión del Creador; no hay ningún ser que no sea merecedor de su sonrisa o su compasión.

A medida que se enfocan con dedicación a despejar su mente y perspectiva del hábito de juzgar, van a notar que su realidad se desarrolla positivamente como un reflejo de los cambios ocurriendo dentro de su ser. A medida que se disuelve el juicio, se da un espacio para que su intuición fluya impactando su ser. Su intuición es la conciencia activa del Creador y su ser inspirándolos divinamente. Su intuición es un aspecto de ustedes que ve todo y que sabe todo y que les puede ofrecer su guía, la cual siempre estará alineada con sus necesidades, creando belleza en su realidad.

Su intuición es como la voz de la sabiduría inspirada en su interior y que siempre los apoyará, pero que requiere de una mente en paz a fin de que ustedes puedan reconocer su guía sutil. Por eso es importante disolver su enfoque en el juzgar pues entonces su enfoque se puede mover a su intuición y sus creaciones dentro de su realidad.

El abrazar su intuición puede significar que el juzgar surgirá nuevamente ya que hay un periodo para forjar la confianza en la guía de su intuición. En vez de aceptar este periodo de forjar la confianza, la mente se siente como si tuviera que analizar y juzgar esta nueva voz, pero reitero que su esencia natural les está pidiendo que acepten su intuición aún si se sienten inciertos pues no hay espacio para el juzgar en su sagrada intuición. Es como si la mente deseara juzgar la guía del Creador dentro de ustedes porque surgen a la superficie las energías de tener que sentir estar en control o de tener autoridad.

Mientras más confíen en su intuición y actúen según su guía, notarán cuán fácil y hermosamente todo fluye en su realidad, forjando así su confianza y creencia en la Fuerza Divina del Creador trabajando y cocreando con ustedes.

Si cada ser en la Tierra borrara sus pensamientos de guía, creara juicios positivos o declaraciones nacidas de la verdad y se enfocara en su intuición divina interna, entonces todos serían cariñosos unos con otros y consigo mismos.

Todo lo que crea dificultades, dolor y sufrimiento en la Tierra sería un recuerdo largo tiempo perdido, reemplazado por el respeto, la gratitud, la armonía y el amor.

Disuelvan el juzgar, y permítanse reconocer el cambio que desean ver en el mundo, pero reconociéndolo primero en su interior.

Desde mi amorosa verdad,

Arcángel Metatrón
Traducción Gloria Mülehbach
Editado por Tony de Pablo ©
Publicado 16 hours ago por LUZ ZOHAR

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