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Monday, September 15, 2014


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What is God?
by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 14, 2014

by Daniël Akkerman, September 14, 2014

To answer this question, first I must bring the awareness to a fundamental problem in the collective way of thinking. A fundamental problem that causes an a priori confusion. This confusion then inhibits one from answering this question correctly and puts one on the path to all kinds of traps and fallacies.

It is the problem that can be described as an “unholy trinity”, between these three concepts: theism, atheism, and agnosticism.

Now, I will offer a metaphor to provide some clarity on what God is, although it is definitely not the whole story, and a more proper explanation will follow.

“God is the biggest number.”

This seems paradoxical; is there a biggest number? One could take any big number, no matter how big, and add one to it. Then, one has created a bigger number. So, obviously God cannot be found here by adding numbers and numbers, bigger and bigger. After all any number can be made bigger. But instead, God, through you, recognizes this: that God cannot be found by performing a finite amount of arbitrary operations. And here then some truths are realized. That God is infinite, unending, that there is a certain ultimate and transcending character, that everything is part of God, and so on.

Now, here follows the explanation of the fallacy.

Those who in this world identify with the thought of theism, often have the image of a false God in mind. We see this occurs throughout various religions that claim they are the ultimate truth and that nothing else is this truth, but only them. Note that in order to establish a false god image, one has to impose a certain limitation. In essence, theism is the recognition that there is such a thing as “God”, but then, these false paths claim that God is not God, but that they and only they are God. They seek to hijack from God this “ultimateness” and move it to somewhere else; generally to themselves because they seek exclusivity. This pattern occurs everywhere throughout society and not only in religion, but also in governments, which believe that they are the ultimate source of society and justice, or parents who believe they are the ultimate authority and can make decisions for their children, or an alcoholic, who seeks answers in alcohol, and so on, and so on.

Then we have the familiar patterns of these people or constructs, believing everything must bow to them and serve them, while they seek to grow infinitely, in an attempt to overpower true God. As a larger whole, we can regard the current human society, partially, as such a construct. For example, think about the economy that must always grow and grow, more and more, and the money that must always be made, always more and more, as if it is never enough. This is in essence the fallacy that one may find in “the biggest number” by adding smaller numbers to get this biggest number. With this line of thought, God is lost, and we see it in the devastating consequences these false ideas have in the current reality. Although any number is a part of God, none are God in totality, nor is some collection of numbers God.

Then there are the atheists. These people recognize that there is such a thing as a “false god”. In fact, they believe there are many false gods, and they recognize that there is something wrong in worshiping the false god. But you may now believe “atheism” is only a topic that plays out in the whole “science versus religion” debate.

However this is far from the truth. I see that there are many human beings, who believe for example that there is no such thing as Truth, no such thing as Morality, no such thing as Love. The core idea being “there is no such thing as (God)”. All these concepts, such as Love, Morality, Truth seem to carry a certain conclusiveness (finality) and this may ultimately only be found through God. These concepts are synonyms for or pointers towards God.

These atheists recognize partially that there are many false god images and that one should not believe in such false gods. But then they create a huge fallacy, namely, they take the images of false gods as an example to say “These ideas are obviously wrong, so there is no such thing as God” (e.g. see Richard Dawkins, “The God’s Delusion” as a prominent representative of the New Atheists movement of the 21st century). This then causes an enormous confusion because God is where all Logic and Consciousness originates from (for further reading see Stankov’s Axiomatics of the New Theory of the Universal Law that is based exclusively on true logic and derives all scientific terms consistently from the primary term of human consciousness, which is equivalent (synonym) to the human concept of God as infinite, closed energy exchange).

Nothing can exist without God. So they must then create a replacement for God, and there is no such thing as a replacement for God – for the primary term of human consciousness (see also Descartes’ first principle of God “cogito ergo sum” (I think, hence I AM); this is only another false God image. Because here the idea, the concept that there is no God is wrapped and then presented as a false God. With these ideas, one starts to believe dogmatically that there is no God – to believe in the idea that God is found in the idea that there is no God!

These kinds of people then must find a way to deal with all the logical fallacies that they create, because their thoughts are not originating from God (for further readings see G. Stankov “Gnostische Tradition der abendländischen Philosophie” and “Neoplatonismus und Christentum“). They will always insist that they are “merely being objective”. We see this a lot in the sciences, where the desire for God is somehow expressed: for example in the idea that God will be found in some technological advancement. Enormous machines are built to collide small particles with other small particles at enormous velocity to find the “God-particle“, as if there is an ultimate velocity one could achieve with such devices, where the need to find some kind of answer will be satisfied.

Then there are many foolish theories that deal with the supposed origins of human beings or even of God himself, these theories then are often referred to as the “theory of everything (TOE)” (see also Stankov’s volume I on TOE). What is not recognized here, is the ridiculousness of denying God, but looking for God at the same time by using such words and thoughts as “everything”, “origin”, concepts which originate in God. Big bang? No, because what happened before it? These ideas only serve to try to make the “location” of God more and more vague, hoping that people forget that there is even such a thing and then the theory is assumed as ultimate truth and God.

Then there is the belief in “randomness” or “fate” which is nothing else but a referral to God, while trying to deny God at the same time. These human beings believe that they are subject to cruel tortures by a random and illogical world that surrounds them, while in fact they do this to themselves by first believing in this fallacy, and therefore not understanding the fundamental Logic that flows through all life. In other words, they are not able to arrange their lives in harmony with God and thus find their happiness. They cherish the idea that the origin of human beings or God and existence in itself is purely a random coincidence – as if there exists such things as coincidences (see the theoretical foundation of all applied statistics).

However the concept of coincidence merely means “we do not understand the reason for something to happen and thus we decide that there must be no reason”. There is the well-known metaphor that if one shuffles a deck of cards, it is extremely likely that one ends up with a sequence never before shuffled by anyone in the world. This is then given too much significance, and the fact is ignored, that no matter how much one shuffles the deck of cards, they will always be the same cards and there will always be an outcome.

In the end, all this is foolish and all these wrong paths can be summed up as follows: in our undeniable search for God, the ultimate nature always manifests in manifold manner, but the seekers are not able to direct this search towards the correct end; and the direction they choose is often deliberately the wrong one. Anything else, but admit that there is such a thing as God.

Then, there are the agnostics, whom I consider intellectually one of the laziest of all. The biggest fallacy here is that one claims to be unsure about God. But how can one be unsure about God? Certainly for one to be unsure, there must be something to be unsure about. This already proves that there is a “something” to think about – God (This same fallacious idea has also led to the wrong concept of vacuum = the lack of energy /God, which corrupts the whole edifice of present-day physics and hinders it in grasping the Universal Law of Energy Exchange = God, note George). This group then applies various mechanisms of escapism.

For example, the uncertainty of mind is presented as a false god and these people then conclude: “It is impossible to know God”. Or “it is impossible to know whether God is real or not”. Or one looks at the religions and their false gods, and then at science, which in present-day society is really nothing more than a common shared credence that theorizes it is the ultimate truth and nothing else. Religion and science are then falsely seen as a kind of polarity like a female-masculine system, and it is assumed that Truth lies somewhere between these two fallacious systems (In fact, both categorical systems of human knowledge have been discarded and replaced by the New Theory of Science of the Universal Law in 1997, note George).

There are many more fallacies here, like the one, who feels God within, but tries to suppress this inner truth, partially due to a lack of courage to express it and to challenge the views of the theists or the atheists. Yet, any compromise with, or neglect of a fallacy is ultimately a fallacy (see also this publication on the lukewarm people, note George).

This group also claims, although not explicitly, to represent the silence, one can find in God, whereas the silence they refer to is not a deeper understanding of God, as is the case with true Gnostics, but simply a shallow excuse for not dealing with this topic at all. They convey a sense of superiority, as if being “above” these issues – which is a mere display of ego, a self-aggrandizement to a false god. What these individuals eagerly overlook, is the loud and annoying noise they constantly produce, while proclaiming in an exhibitionistic manner their uncertainty and ignorance.

There is another popular paradigm, where one is reluctant to make one’s own decisions and thoughts and instead seeks actively for an image of a false god one can imitate. This trend has established the repulsive worshiping of celebrities, where millions of humans are concerned about what dress and shoes this one person wears, while these celebrities cannot exist without being chased by cameras.

Now that I have kind of explained these three separate forms of confusion, that are not so separate at all, one can see how they mix together to create fallacy upon fallacy. Even thinking about God is made difficult here. Because the problems explained above have led to a fundamental misunderstanding of the word “God”. Now, any time someone uses the word “God”, he attracts spooky looks. Not only from the theists, who judge your idea of God based on whether it fits their false images of god, but also from the atheists who view you with contempt for even using such a word, and decide at the very moment you utter this word, that nothing you say can ever hold any logic or truth. But also from the agnostics, who would rather go home and watch TV to avoid discussing such important questions.

In a way this is a confusion based on words, where all the three groups ultimately express the need for God in some way, however they all do this in a fallacious manner and through the mechanism of corrupting human language by twisting the original meaning of the words. They all implicitly speak of God, but with different connotations and in different structures, so that they evoke the impression that they all speak of something different.

God is everything and everything is God. There are many names for God, like Source, All-That-Is, Energy, Nature, Cosmos, Universe, Love and more. God is not a man in the sky as portrayed in shallow religions, or some kind of magical particle as claimed by shallow sciences. And deep within we can feel God and find answers to all questions. Deep within we can feel and know what is right and what is wrong, deep within we can find Love and Truth and all these things; deep within we can find God.

You will find that all false god images lure victims towards them. This is either done by partially reflecting God or by boasting. For example, some countries recognize in their constitution that everyone is equal and has the same rights. The people look at this and consider it a good idea. And then they assume that their governments have the right to determine what these rights are and what the term “equal” really means. And they do not see that not everyone is treated equally by the government, or in fact, that everyone is treated equally unequally – everyone except the elite who reap the benefits.

And they start to believe that it is also an infallible rule of God that you must pay your taxes to the government, while ignoring the nefarious aspects of this state paternalism, such as obsolete rules that determine how high your fence should be, which substances and plant products are illegal to consume and that anyone who infringes upon these arbitrary rules must be robbed of his freedom and put to prison, and so on, and so on.

The point here is that seeking safety and harmony can only be accomplished in God, but human beings seek these things in governments or corporations or other constructs that result in the exact opposite of what they were looking for.

Or another classic belief – do the ends justify the means? If one’s ends are in God, then this will never be a dilemma. If the ends are somewhere else, then one may believe war is a solution to war, or that there is an ultimate solution in violence or in sacrificing the “parts” for the good of the whole. But hurting a part only hurts the whole, especially when one conveniently or erroneously regards the whole as something that does not include the said parts.

And there is yet another fallacy, where minions of the dark commit violent acts and then when the people defend themselves against this, the dark ones label them violent, e.g. as terrorists and a menace to their country and society, and point the finger at them in their usual blame game (see US foreign policy of world hegemony, note George).

This bigotry may stipulate in the unleashing of many massive wars by the dark ruling cabal that commit crimes on humanity under the false pretext of self-defense (as is always the case with the USA, note George). Such acts of violence are cleverly hidden in the paperwork of political and diplomatic resolutions, and pretend to be peaceful and desirable actions at first (e.g. the bombing of Libya and now of Syria and Iraq by the USA and NATO, note George). Also, there are many acts of violence that seem nonviolent on the surface. For example, how big box stores like Costco, and chain restaurants, destroy perfectly edible food, instead of giving it to those in need. Yet, in the end, people die and suffer because of this.

Very often the ruling system decides what violence is, and what it is not, and uses fallacious definitions to justify the imprisonment of people, or commits any other form of violence (see Guantanamo Bay prison and the US rendition program of alleged terrorists, note George). Finally, the people even believe in the idea of punishment, instead of the idea that all human behavior must provide the ideal environment for their growth, although of course this idea must not be used to allow anyone to harm others (which is the negation that all humans are God’s sparks).

Then there is the proverbial high esteem of especially that part of the atheists who declare boisterously “Look at these other false god images, we are not like them, so join our cause!” This has caused immense separation of humanity, where the people in one country or the people of one race, sex or any group believe that other people’s ideas are always wrong and only theirs are true (see the US doctrine of exceptionalism, note George). Thus, people are victims of the divide and conquer tactic of the elite, where one group, say “the red team” (e.g. West) is told that “the blue team” (e.g. Russia) is the source of all problems and vice versa, until the people begin to actually believe that there are intrinsically such different groups and that not all humans are one in God, because all day long the TV and the press promote these ideas. Meanwhile, the elite use such people as slaves or cannon fodder for their purely self-serving goals.

Then another layer of fallacy exists and I notice it being especially popular today. The fallacy where an inequality, usually in race and gender is recognized and such people claim to have been treated unequally and then certain things happen and the fallacies show up. For example, some of these underprivileged people believe that because some white people used black people as slaves in the past that every white person is inherently a racist and guilty by virtue of the colour of his skin. Some white people then start to believe this racist myth of collective sin and they consider themselves to be oppressors, even if they have personally done nothing wrong.

This pattern harbors the wrong idea of “undoing” damage caused by an unfair treatment, by creating another opposite injustice, a new polarity. The idea that one negative inequality must be compensated for with another positive inequality as a new privilege, for example, that such allegedly underprivileged minorities should enjoy a special quota of employment or access to governmental and educational institutions, is absolutely foolish, because the side effects of this kind of social treatment outweigh by far the symptoms of the initial disease. Besides, the fact that governments and schools are ungodly constructs that do not serve our planet and God as a whole, eliminates the very basis of any argumentation with respect to negative or positive inequality.

Because in God’s logic, where something is taken away, something else is gained as all is one (energy cannot be lost, 1st law of thermodynamics, which is also the basis of the current Law of instant Karma, note George). The substitution of one injustice with another is not a practical solution to any problem as proven by the current racism, which is still widespread, notwithstanding all anti-racial laws and measures that camouflage the true scope of the problem as we see it in the USA and now increasingly in Europe, due to growing emigration and xenophobia.

Furthermore, there is another fallacy that I consider especially devious, as it is related to the detection and solving of such fallacies. In these cases it is not the primary fallacy, but the secondary fallacies that are targeted as something that needs to be resolved. For example, one tries to find solutions for wars or sexism or racism within the system. It is claimed that some governmental actions must be taken in order to fix such terrible conditions.

What is not understood thereby, is that these are symptoms of a much bigger problem and that the entire societal structure of humanity is rotten. How can one solve these problems without changing the entire society? Obviously one cannot, but the people tend to hold on to their old false ideas of life and seek solutions to problems within problematic structures, instead of pointing to the initial problem (e.g. the Orion/Reptilian system of human enslavement, note George) that is ultimately responsible for all other secondary problems.

Therefore, things like sexism and racism or some economic inequality are seen as “the” ultimate problem, where in fact one tries to solve a problem of secondary importance and a false god image is created through this, while it is not seen that these problems are merely symptoms originating from much larger problems. Perhaps because then the people have to admit that there are other bigger, fundamental problems, coming from within their narrow point of view, than just the few external problems they have been so worried about and try in vain to resolve. If one does not find the primary origin of a problem, one will never be able to solve it and the only result will be unlimited frustration. This practice of solving secondary problems, while neglecting the primary problem has caused a plethora of useless writings, thoughts, ideologies and an incredible amount of confusion (This critical argument also fully applies to present-day science that seeks knowledge on Nature in dealing and experimenting with secondary phenomena, while the nature of energy = God and its epistemological perception by the limited human mind (Gnosis) is completely disregarded in their entirely empirical studies; scientific empiricism as the utmost form of fallacious atheism, note George).

The elite capitalize deviously on this kind of human confusion. For example, there was a time when the idea ruled that the man goes to work and the woman takes care of the kids. People started to perceive this as something wrong and limiting women in social life, but they easily overlooked the deprivation of the father in participating more actively in the education of his children (Please observe that at the time (19th century) when this idea first came into being, men worked 10-12 or even 14 hours a day in the factories of the Manchester type of exploitation capitalism, note George).

Then the elite cleverly came with a false solution to this problem. They planted the false idea of emancipation of women and that they should also have a career and a job and suggested that there should be more to women than just being housewives, taking care of kids (This started first with the Suffragettes in England and the USA in the 19th century. Please observe that all wrong social movements, ultimately leading to the enslavement of humanity in the Orion matrix, were deliberately created by the dark elite of the AngloSaxon-Zionist Empire, the 13 ruling families, first in Great Britain and then in the USA, note George).

Now suddenly, everyone is working in the (Orion) system, predominantly low-paid jobs that only cause more harm and help no one, and the children were robbed not only of their fathers, but also of their mothers, and then exposed even more to the evil of the school system of mass brainwashing. Here we encounter yet another false god image, namely that the state, school, teachers or any external ‘authority’ knows best what the child should do and learn, and not that God, respectively the individual soul, knows best and that this should be expressed in a natural manner through the child, himself.

With this new clever form of enslavement, the people became even more confused, because they notice increasingly, that the schools and jobs are not the places where their heart belongs. But then there emerged the doctrine of “life is hard”, which basically tells the people to ignore the natural feelings and inclinations of the soul, that tell them correctly that they are not in the right place. Or even that the wrong place is the right place and that where there is fun and joy, is the wrong place for them, that social boredom is good, while of course the exact opposite is true. This “bad is good” attitude blocks very effectively any joy and fulfillment in all those humans (the vast majority), who believe in such false ideas of social behavior and thus neglect the natural impulses of their souls as God’s sparks.

Of course, the truth is that the vast majority of all these jobs are no positive contribution at all. What ultimate use do we have for call centers, for banks, for most office jobs? And what use for soldiers or for so many other jobs? These things are only useful for the rotten Orion system itself, they exist only to sustain the status quo, the matrix. This is so for most jobs in our society. So why do the people still go to work and even go to great lengths finding one?

Humans collectively live in fear for not being able to pay the bills, there is fear of not having food, and many even do not have food, while there is easily more than enough for everyone. The whole human society is based on survival fears – fear of not having access to basic necessities. The elite use this fear in order to keep humans enslaved, to perform their jobs, tricking humanity into the idea of “earning” money.

As if money is more than just a number on a computer, or a piece of paper or metal. Do food and shelter, and all these important things, originate from money? No. They originate ultimately from God. The food grows on the fields, and the houses are built by the people. There are even more empty houses than there are homeless people!

Money is only an intermediary. And most people, who have experience in this society, know that an intermediary is usually a parasite that contributes little, but ends up taking away most of the profit. The elite then take this money and invest it in war, and in producing useless products, but apparently feeding everyone and housing everyone is not important, although this can be done with even a fraction of the current war budget.

Then there is another disgusting tendency, where many other species are bred, trapped and killed in order to be eaten, also under horrible conditions. Definitely not the worst part of it, but all this costs hundreds of times more food and water than it actually produces.

The only reason that people do not have what they need for practically free is because then they would no longer be chained to the system, where money is the ultimate false deity. Money is the intermediary that can be manipulated extremely easily by the elite. And by manipulating money, for example through banks and stock markets and taxes, the elite assert control over humanity and steal their energy.

Most of the money goes around in big stock markets and banks and there are many shady things going on there. Nothing is based on reality and everything is based on artificial numbers, and he, who manipulates the numbers, wins most. So that almost everything, 99% of the world wealth is owned by a group of no more than a few thousand. But of course everyone cheats and there is no such thing as not cheating in this game, because the system itself is inherently a gamble.

The idea of a loan is so insidious – where bank institutions create artificial, virtual money with a click on the computer, then call it a loan and lend it to the people with high interest rates. In fact, the banks do not even possess any money as their safe deposits are less than 1% nowadays, so that even the idea of raising interest to cover eventual risks is ludicrous. It is all digital numbers on a computer screen, so that there is nothing valuable to give in the first place (look at “fractional reserve banking”).

Further, the human being who takes a bank loan, must give back much more than the amount of money lent in the first place. Always much more, and the only way to get this money is to work hard in the Orion labor camps, which the elite have set up and call a “job”. And if one does not take a loan or work as a slave, one can never purchase a house or have an “education” or do anything else, because the entire society is shaped to revolve around this system. If one does not comply to it, then even violence is used with the help of the fiscal and judicial system.

Central to the current economic doctrine is the idea of selfishness – the AngloZionist idea of the dark elite that the “fittest survives” (social Darwinism of Herbert Spencer). That everyone is infinitely selfish, and that competition will bring the best. This comes from Darwin’s false idea of “survival of the fittest”, which was first put forward in biology (see “On The Origin of Species“), before it gained a broad acceptance in economics and social life. The elite believe in this because they are very young, vicious souls and carry a lot of darkness. Yet there are so many real examples in this world, where we all care for each other and every time this has very positive effects for all, contrary to the survival of the fittest attitude, which brings only death and destruction (This idea was indeed first put forward by Spencer to promote the necessity of human genocide as to counter-balance the “over-population” of humanity – a basic idea of the AngloSaxon-Zionist Empire to this very day, note George).

Another central part of this economic doctrine is the false concept of scarcity. The natural condition in God, is that all is energy and energy is abundance. Energy is available in abundance everywhere, which may be transmuted freely to any other form of energy without any loss (1st law of thermodynamics of conservation of energy). So there is no scarcity at all, if one understands this physical concept correctly.

This fallacy of scarcity also expresses itself in the sciences where there is such an idea of “entropy” or “heat death of the universe” (This is the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which is in breach with the first law (see above) and builds an antinomy, a basic paradox with it. I have eliminated the second law of thermodynamics as an insidious Orion idea, with the only aim to promote at the theoretical level of science the enslavement of humanity by stating that there is no such thing as free photon energy or perpetuum mobile of the second kind, see my two volumes on physics, in particular, volume II, note George.). Which is also related to the fallacy, where one believes death is the end of life, and some believe in this falsehood so much that even after they have died, they still believe that they no longer exist. And this idea of death then spawns yet another darkness in our society that one sees especially in the sciences and areas of politics.

Dark power hungry elites believe they must “eternalize” themselves and transcend death by inventing or discovering some fictional system or disease, or enacting some kind of policy or conquering the world that will then be named after them and they will be eternally remembered for this “glorious act”. Obviously they have not understood God, or they would know that they are at core eternal already and that there is nothing that can ever change this.

Another fallacy worthwhile to discuss is that of the Ego. There is a huge confusion in the New Age and the esoteric scene about what an ego actually is. In one way, there is a neutral definition. It speaks of how the one relates to the Whole, how a part of God relates to All-That-Is. But there is also another definition, where the ego self appoints itself as the false god and here the connotation is obviously a negative one.

People confuse these two so diligently; many even believe that an ego is a wrong thing to have. And while it is true that the negative ego of a false god is detrimental, many then think they must suppress the ego in the neutral sense of the self; That they can find God by suppressing the self, so that there is no self left. However, if one manages to suppress the self completely, which is impossible, as then there is nothing to perform the final suppression, obviously there would be nothing left at all as the self and God are one, and we are both individual and collective at the same time.

In the end, everyone recognizes that God must be found and that something has gone astray: we recognize the terrible conditions of war, disease, famine, just to name a few. There is the idea that something is profoundly wrong and that all needs to change. All this talk of “saving the Earth” and ending this war and that condition and solving this and that problem….

But it seems like such a huge mountain to climb for any of us, how could any of us ever make a difference? But this is where this assumption is wrong, because we all have unlimited potential in God. And in order to change everything, what must be done is to strive for the ultimate truth of God and no other truth, as there is no other truth.

Then some might say these ideas are dangerous and I seek to create cults, but it is nothing like that. Actually I seek the opposite, that we all recognize the Unity of all life in God and understand this truth firmly without allowing any fallacies or darkness to interfere. This and only this will bring all of us to the “utopia” that we feel internally is right, and that indeed, must be sought, both on the individual and the collective level simultaneously.

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Dear friends,

In this era of information it is good to be informed about the reality of our society and why most people’s lives are so little inspiring. This is all good to know .
But what we need is to go deep. Information about things, even exciting things in our world, and how it is changing, is necessary but it is by far not all.

It is feeding our thoughts and our brain. But is it feeding our self-sense, is it feeding our self-awareness and self-knowledge?

Do we perhaps in the first place forget to know ourselves?

Because: who is the receiver of these news, this information we daily learn about?

Are we really able to digest it appropriately and make most out of it? Or is our awareness and understanding limited because our understanding about ourselves is limited?

We have been educated to be consumers and so most of us have adjusted themselves to respond to life mainly by passively consuming things. We can consume all kinds of things: food, goods, relationships, sex, information, entertainment, experiences, … just everything which we consider to be an “object” to us, things we feel separated from, to make us “full”, we hope. Because we feel empty, chronically.

The feeling of being empty exists only since we have treated ourselves just badly because we lack self-esteem. So how can we ascend with this lack of self-love and self-appreciation?

And so many of us still go out and consume, including information, to not to feel that something is missing. It all has to do with the brainwashing already of our parents and grandparents, and all the generations before. Being brainwashed we concluded that we need to be submissive and suppressed and not to show “ego”. Because this is not desirable, we might disturb others, – our parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, teachers, ultimately humanity altogether. Everybody has been educated in this manner, so we played the game together with everybody else. However the irony of this game is that this so called “ego” is most often confused with a lit which we put on the being who we really are, our true essence!
Each one of us – in one or another way – has been involved in this, everybody. It is called social adaptation.

However remember, that it is the result of sheer brainwashing, a long chain of generations being brainwashed. Yes, by those who wanted all the powers over humanity to themselves. They were pretty well educated in depth psychology and manipulation techniques.

This is very necessary to understand, so that we may with this understanding shake off full-heartedly any doubt and hesitation to claim the right for our soul from now on, knowing, that we are having not a basic conflict with our parents, but that they are actually our allies, sitting in the same boat with us, and that it is rather about reclaiming who we are.

The first step of this claim is to know our thoughts and our emotions and accept them. This is the beginning to go deep.

Instead of going with our attention merely outside, trying to understand the “world”, we need most of all to go with this same attention within, and know ourselves better.
Observing what we are thinking, how we are responding and emotionally re-acting to other people and events. When we do this, we will start to understand, how we limit ourselves to a relatively small window of a greater choice of possibilities. This limiting action naturally keeps us in a situation of fear, as we allow merely a certain amount of reality into our lives.

If we only once take the time and follow a certain emotion to the very depth of its origin, it will not only serve us to become intimate with ourselves, it will also start to change the energy-pattern of our body. As things become conscious, the flow of our energy is enhanced.

Just let’s take the emotion of sadness! If we deeply and truly allow to feel this emotion, as we fully accept it and flow with it, it will draw us deeply into our body, so deep that it will ground us and the result is the deepest peace we probably ever have experienced, a being-ness and presence which fills the emptiness that made us craving to fill ourselves with “objects”.

Or let’s feel our anger without judging ourselves! If we feel this emotion fully, we recognize the power of our being behind it, a natural and inherent power that has been most likely suppressed and which is pushing outward to be recognized as what it is and to be accepted!

The same with fear: if we observe this emotion in its depth we will see that it has nothing to do with some outside event but is our own re-action to this event in form of self-contraction! As we breathe deeply we can relax it so that our energy can flow freely again, unobstructed. Many call this Love.

The rulers of our world never wanted us to feel and understand ourselves fully and kept us busy with all kinds of useless entertainments, so that we grew up alienated from ourselves, by means of parental upbringing and school education, because even our parents and grandparents and teachers have been devoted – unknowingly – to the will of those who wanted the power over others for themselves.

By fully accepting our thoughts and emotions to which we adapted as a means to find a way to survive as a self-estranged being, we can find back to the deepest feeling of our true being and touch it! The conventional concept of the “ego” and the chronic guilt involved in it, does not much support this process of self-discovery and developing self-love. We must allow ourselves the freedom of fully experience this “ego” to the root and what it really is: a helpless and sometimes hopelessly desperate struggle for survival.

Having understood this, it is now time to reclaim our native power, which does not want to be a power “over” something or somebody, but which is nothing but the grounded presence of our own true being. That one stands unshakable in any kind of storm, with the heart’s love and the compassion for all beings.

It is the doorway to our spiritual being which is revealed and set free by the ignition of spiritual energy that carries Divine Wisdom and is the fulfillment of all the desires born from emptiness. It is exactly this process which “the powers that have been” wanted to prevent. But we make it happen anyway. Now the cosmos is coming with its Divine Fires to our help and rescue to restore what we have lost or are here to develop. This is the unique opportunity of this time!

Information about our outer world is great, but the light and information, that ignites our body-electricity and nurtures the enlightenment of our whole body to develop our Divine Consciousness, is greater. It is not based on thought forms about something, but on mere inherent feeling-awareness of light and energy. Therefore, we need to feel all our emotions and to be aware of our thoughts to begin with.

When we experience ourselves as this potentially comprehensive storehouse of conscious light, we possess the discrimination to know which information is serving us truly – for the sake of love and wisdom and in service to humanity. Because it is the vibration of the information that tells us its intent, deeper meaning and origin.

But to understand a message on this level, we must know ourselves first!

With much love,



Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012

Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 8th April 2012 by Shanti

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Into the stars my Soul doth soar
Into the depths inside the core

The Oness calls for my connection
That I may feel my Soul’s protection

Within the NOW I journey there
So with my SELF this life I share

All I’ve lived and died as well
From the highest peak to the darkest hell

Unite within the Heart of ONE
As planets go back into the sun

My life beyond this lonely world
Into my mind has been unfurled

My heart as well the TRUTH has found
The limits of sweet love unbound

Soon the Angels herald here
To bring the love and clear the fear

I place my feet upon this ground
And bless this life that I have found

I’m ready now to give my service
To all above and on the surface

On Gaia’s heart I lay my hand
To call the sky, the sea, the land

The time I’ve spent upon this earth
Has brought me to a new rebirth

As Home I go I also stay
The path I leave will show the way

I enter now Into the ONE
I AM the moon I AM the sun

I AM the stars and now I see
The Oness I shall always BE

By Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 7th April 2012 by Shanti

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Apr 5


Group Mind Ascension

Creating New Earth
Posted 5th April 2012 by Shanti

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する
We come today to wish you a very happy holiday–that is holy-day, for Easter represents the journey each soul must take as they move into enlightenment and out of the lessons of the third dimension.
This journey is that of life lived as best an individual can, based upon their personal belief system and governed by current rules of duality and separation. Life continues “normally” until at some point in an individual’s spiritual evolution there comes the crucifixion. The crucifixion is that time in which everyday life no longer works as it always has. What up to that point has been predictable, suddenly comes to a screeching halt either through some particular experience, experiences, or a new unfolding inner awareness. To outside observers as well as the individual himself, this period may appear to be one of absolute failure, loss, and something dreaded. To those still fully emersed in third dimensional values it is indeed seen as loss and failure, but to the experiencing soul it is movement; the death of that which is now finished and the birth of the new.
The crucifixion is a series of painful experiences often accompanied by humiliation and judgement from the individual as well as those around him who are only able to see from the concepts they may hold of successful living. These experiences can vary in degrees of intensity or loss because some individuals only respond and learn the hard way through painful experience, while others do not need great intensity in order to move forward. However, know that all souls are prepared and ready for the experience of crucifixion or it would not happen even though most are not consciously aware of this.
After a time of adjustment, resting, being tempered by experience, and letting go, a new state of consciousness begins to emerge. The new man is being born, one strong and more self-complete; one having released much that heretofore held him in bondage to third dimensional concepts of love, life, success, health, and all the issues of daily living. A new and more perfect man is being born and this is the resurrection, dear ones.
It is a surrender, a death to all that is finished. Lessons on earth were meant for learning but were never intended to go on forever. The crucifixion experience can be and usually is very scary as the mind struggles to plan and plot solutions according to what is already known, and yet the individual is forced by circumstances to live in the now moment. Low and behold out of this intense fear arises a new experience–the sky does not fall down and life goes on in new ways in spite of the dire predictions of those observing from their place of duality.
The crucifixion and resurrection are not experiences that took place to only one special man 2000 years ago. All will and many are now, experiencing crucifixion and resurrection and through it are moving ever more quickly into ascension. Jesus seeded a dense human consciousness with truth, adding light to a human matrix of world beliefs which then in turn allowed those ready, to access new ways of seeing and being. He brought to mankind a level of understanding that many were ready for but most did not understand. His experience reflected the experiences of all mankind. Jesus was the way-shower for a struggling world because always there will be teachers, way-showers, and healers for those ready–mankind is never abandoned or left completely on their own.
After crucifixion and resurrection, one then also becomes a way-shower, helping others now ready to move out of the false concepts of duality and separation. Many are way showers now. The Light on earth is becoming increasingly bright. You are soon to manifest a new world, a world in which all life is respected and seen as an expression of the one Divine Life.
This is why you chose to experience duality and separation, dear light beings, to see if you could find your way back home in spite of the intense experiences manifest by the un-illumined state of consciousness. You are doing it now! You have moved through lifetimes of darkness and are quickly moving into the Light.
This is the true meaning of Easter–the crucifixion and resurrection out of darkness and into light of ascension. 

Blessed Easter every day. 
We are the Arcturian Group 4/8/12
Posted 11th April 2012 by YHVH@
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