terram novam: Final Chapter Pleaidian Series — The Beginning:::▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle July-15-2014 – sharing

terram novam: Final Chapter Pleaidian Series — The Beginning:::▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle July-15-2014 – sharing.

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miércoles, 16 de julio de 2014

Final Chapter Pleaidian Series — The Beginning:::▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle July-15-2014 – sharing

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Final Chapter of The Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension Series

The Beginning

Dear Arcturians and Pleiadians,

You have guided me when I consciously asked for your assistance, as well as when I did not hear your multidimensional advice. I am now putting out a call to you to assist me to receive the final portion of the Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension series. I received some of it when I awoke and lingered in that state of consciousness as long as I could. I will start with the sentence in my mind and release the conclusion of this adventure to you.


It was then that we knew that we did not have to create New Earth, go to New Earth or even deserve New Earth. The “golden thread” was New Earth, and it was already intermingled with ALL life in ALL dimensions.

We were wondering how we could merge with the golden thread of New Earth when we realized that we already WERE. We had transmuted our own energy fields to the resonance of the fifth dimension and beyond. We were wondering how to proceed, when Lantern joined us to say, “You are ready NOW.”

“Has it already been a year?” I asked.

Just before we flashed down into the core of Gaia, we heard Lantern reminding us,
“Time is a third dimensional illusion.”

(Entire chapter at:
http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.com/2014/06/transmutation-of-life-part-3-adapting.html )

The Beginning
We speak as ONE person now because we have returned to our fifth-dimensional expressions of unity with all life. Therefore, when we experienced the familiar feeling of moving down into the Core of Gaia, we simultaneously experienced the familiar feeling of moving up into the Mothership.

As we entered the Mothership, our energy field immediately transported us into the frequency of the Mothership’s Oversoul. From this frequency of the Ship, we were bi-located to our own Oversoul SELF in the seventh dimension to hear the familiar voice of Mytrian:

“Congratulations dear human expressions of our SELF, you have remembered how to bi-locate.”

We took a moment of the NOW to consciously register that statement. Indeed, we were concurrently aware of:
Our Multidimensional SELF resonating to the frequency of our Oversoul
Over-lighting our united Lightbody in the highest expression of the Mothership
Over-lighting our expressions of Mytre and Mytria
Over-lighting our physical selves transmuting into Lightbody on the mountain top
Over-lighting our return to the Core of Gaia

All of these versions of our multidimensional reality were occurring within the NOW of the ONE. Finally, we deeply understood the concept of “living in the NOW.” We had heard that statement many times, but pushed it to the back of our already overloaded brains. However, NOW we were ONE brain, ONE mind, ONE body and ONE Oversoul.

With this realization, the Arcturian joined us, as did Mytre and Mytria and our Lemurian expression of Lantern. As ONE multidimensional being of Arcturian, Lantern, Mytrian, Mytria and Mytre and Sandy and Jason, we simultaneously viewed our myriad incarnations in uncountable places, times, planets, galaxies and dimensions.

We remained within the NOW remembering that this Oversoul frequency of our SELF had never left the infinity of the ONE. While merged with our Oversoul and beyond, we viewed, and simultaneously lived, the tapestry of our myriad excursions into the worlds of form. All of these third/fourth dimensional lives sung their tale into our hearts as we lived them in our multidimensional minds.

Beyond the concept of time, we savored total unity with our Multidimensional SELF. Gradually, a distant urge came into our awareness. It was the NOW for us to maintain all that we had remembered and bring it back into the Core of our sister Gaia who had taken a planetary form.

With the recognition of this call, our Oversoul SELF focused on the myriad embodiments we had taken on Earth. Because we NOW resonated beyond time we were able to view, recognize and love our innumerable experiences of form on Gaia’s planetary body. In fact, we unconditionally loved, unconditionally forgave and unconditionally accepted every incarnation we had ever taken on Earth.

We felt a great harvest of light and love as each of our incarnations recognized and accepted our gift. We observed as myriad expressions of our multidimensional light joined us in our Oversoul to be healed from the darkness and confusion of Gaia’s polarized reality. Gaia joined us, as well. Of course none of us left the Oversoul. Instead, we bi-located from our Oversoul into the reality of our choice.

As ONE being of light we discussed our myriad incarnations on Earth. We laughed, cried, healed and remembered the vast adventures and challenges of life on a third-dimensional planet ruled by the polarities of light and dark. Together we merged those polarities, as we remembered all the lessons that living in separation from our SELF had taught us.

Gradually, it was the NOW for our return to Gaia. We decided that some of our expressions would leave the cycle of earthly incarnation, but some of us would stay on physical Earth to assist Gaia with Her transmutation. In a flash of no-time, our primary focus was in the Core of Gaia. However, this time all our myriad realities on Earth were available to our conscious awareness.

We were not surprised when Lantern, Mytre and Mytria, Mytrian and the Arcturian greeted us. In fact, we could feel all the emanations of our Multidimensional SELF as they resonated back and forth between the Core of Gaia and our Oversoul SELF.

Our reverie was interrupted when Sanat Kumara came to welcome us back. As we rejoined the group, we saw that all of them had connected with their Oversoul to collect the wisdom, power and love from all of their earthly incarnations. Hence, we all perceived myriad Lightbodies grounded in the Core of Gaia that resonated all that way up to their seventh dimensional Oversoul.

** Unexpectedly, in another flash of light, we found ourselves emerging from our small tent to enter our first campsite. We were back in the “time” of 3D Earth. The site was exactly as we left it, but we were different. We had expanded our perceptions, and all around us we saw elementals. Everything was alive.

But, why were we here? Why did we leave Gaia’s Core? Confused and bewildered, we simultaneously called to the Arcturian,

“What happened? Did we transmute Gaia’s Core and Cornerstone Crystals? Did Earth transmute into a fifth-dimensional planet?”

“We don’t know,” responded the Arcturian. “You haven’t created that yet! But you did transmute yourself, and that is where it must begin.”


I close this book with the very first message I received:

April 11, 2012


After a long dream of being in someone else’s house and realizing it was time for me to leave and go to my own house, I woke up at 5:55 with the words: “Transmissions from Home.”

When I heard the words, “transmissions from Home,” I saw a man sitting at a desk, like a newscaster. He was blond and had on a uniform, which looked like the uniform of a Galactic Being. His uniform was white and gold with an insignia over his heart. There were also golden adornments on his shoulders and his collar was like straight up, like a military uniform. In fact, it was like a Dress Military Uniform, but not from our military.

I got up and went into my office to get this transmission. I turned on the computer and wrote, “I am ready for your transmission now. Would you please send me your message?” My answer was:

Dearest Members of Earth,
We are members of the Galactic Federation speaking to you today to tell you that our landings have begun. We come first to our awakened ones within their dreams and meditations. We are here to speak to all who can receive our messages so that we can prepare you. Then, you can prepare others.

You have been hearing many messages from your Internet about the great changes that are about to commence regarding the removal of those who have created harm and chaos due to their selfish ways. These words are true. This is why we have come to you today. We have come into the dreams and meditations of grounded/ascending ones to validate the messages you have been receiving.

We are coming into your consciousness in such a vivid fashions so that you cannot deny our message or call it “just a dream” or “your imagination.” The formal commencement of your Return Home has been a long awaited dream. Thus, you dared not imagine that the time was here. You did not want to discover again that it was “just your imagination.”

We tell you NOW that your imagination is your fifth dimensional consciousness and your dreams are correct. On this day/night of April 11-2012 we are broadcasting this message to our ascending ones to tell them to prepare for their return. We hear you say, “But we have heard these words before and prepared so many times. How can we build our expectation and to only be disappointed?”

We have read your minds and it is become of these thoughts that we have come into your consciousness to speak to each of you in an individual manner. We wish to tell each dear members of our Earth Team that the process of ascension has begun in earnest.

Today, 4-11-12 the secret arrests have begun across the world, and those who have sought power over humanity for eons have lost! Yes, they have lost their power, they have lost their money and, most important, they have lost their ability to strike fear into the hearts and minds of humanity.

Of course, there are still many earthlings who choose to linger in fear rather than accept that what they always desired is NOW theirs to behold. This is why we have come to you today to tell you to prepare to accept these changes with LOVE. Do NOT allow ANY fear to enter your being, for that is the tool of the dark ones. Hence, we are speaking personally to all of you, as doubt is the foundation for fear.

We know that many of you will not realize that you have received this message, YET, but be patient, and you will remember that you have personally received our guarantee that “IT HAS BEGUN.” We know that there are many levels of that simple statement, so we will give you more details.

What has begun is the removal of those who have stood in the way of your joy of ascension since the time leading up to the fall of Atlantis. Atlantis was to serve as an opener of Portals so that the next 13,000 years would lead up to Planetary Ascension. It was the Divine Plan that there would be myriad personal ascensions when Gaia was “at the back door” of the Galactic Center.

Unfortunately, that was not the case because Atlantis fell into great darkness. Many of you died in service during that time and carried that wounding through out the next 13,000 years of your incarnations. Worse yet, the dark ones, the Brothers of Biel, appeared to have won the battle between light and dark and great planetary destruction reigned for many millennia. The dark ones had successfully culled the herd, by killing millions of humans.

This “culling of the herd” was again the dark ones intention. However, during your current era YOU, the Forces of Light, have won! You, our grounded warriors, have been joining us night after night in your finer bodies to assist us with our plans and arrangements. Then, you have awakened in the morning to your earth vessel and began yet another day in the third dimension.

Do you see now why you have been so very tired? Your sleep has not been restful because you have chosen to assist us in your finer bodies, while your third dimensional form regenerated. We want you to know that you all will begin to feel better soon! There is just the “mopping up” to be done, which you are all happily joining in on while your earth vessel sleeps.

However, very soon, your “sleep” will NOT be spent battling the forces of darkness, but preparing New Earth for immediate occupancy. Yes, we do mean immediate, for YOU our Earth Warriors who have tenaciously served our ranks to complete this cycle of destruction will be spending your “sleep” time preparing New Earth.

Many of you have chosen NOT to remember your dreams, as they were of your great service to Earth in which you were working to remove all that which was trying to halt Gaia’s transmutation. Therefore, you needed to forget your “night shift” as you had to awaken to the third dimension and go back to WORK again.

Many of our grounded warriors have been experiencing illness because of their constant service. On the other hand, your illness has also been a symptom of transformation. Your service to the ONE has initiated your return to Lightbody. Hence, your physical forms are feeling like a skin that has grown too small for you and is very restrictive. You may even feel like a snake that wants to rest so that you can “shed your old skin.”

In fact, we encourage you to rest as much as possible because you will be called upon to calm the fears of those who are un-awakened and un-aware. We need you, the Earth-based members of our Galactic Federation and Angelic Realms, to hold the ever-accelerating Light.

We send you multidimensional light and unconditional love and ask that you share our gift throughout your daily life. The uninformed may fear your gift, but the best antidote for fear is TRUTH and LOVE. Therefore, we send to each and every one of you the TRUTH of Planetary Ascension and the unconditional love that streams from our hearts and from the Galactic Center.

Our Milky Way Galaxy is being cleared of polarity NOW and Earth, the schoolroom for myriad inter-galactic civilizations, is a pivotal planet in this “righting of the ship.” With the release of polarity, the wobbling spin of Gaia can be corrected and Earth can “spin” into the higher frequencies of New Earth.

Our message today is to tell you that the tide has turned. Release the fear and restrictions of the old NOW and Embrace the joy of creating New Earth. Your personal and planetary ascension is well underway NOW!

Pleiadian Commander of the Ashtar Command

Notes from Sue:
I guess you can imagine why I did not post this message back in 2012. Actually, I think I received it about the time when the Galactics destroyed the Illuminati’s underground escape areas. These areas were huge and it is where the dark ones were preparing to wait out WW III once Gaia’s surface was destroyed by the war they had planned to create. However, with no place to hide until the surface was safe, the dark ones could not risk the war.

I did not have the courage to post this information. In fact I totally forgot about it until I had gone through the transmutation of living the Pleiadian Perspective books. Suddenly, this file appeared to me, just as I was ready to allow that degree of hope into my consciousness.

If all we can do is to remember our hope, even when the burden of “3D time” weighs heavy on our Soul, we will be able to continue—again and again!

▶ Minute Meditations: Let Your Thoughts Float Away — It only takes a minute to find the NOW. – YouTube

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13 Batz, 14 Kumku, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We come bearing more good news! Those involved with bringing you your wondrous blessings are nearly ready to deliver them to you. Hence, stay confident and positive about your prosperity. It is to come with a new financial system and with new governance. Let us turn our attention in this message to something, which runs parallel to your prosperity, the heavenly preparation of your physical self for full consciousness. This process entails a complete redoing of your physical, mental and emotional bodies. The final reintegration is to happen while you are safely inside a crystal-like Light chamber. This special living cavity of Light is to forge a complete resequencing of your cellular RNA/DNA. It works as a living Light instrument. It orchestrates new sequencing codes, which move you instantly toward achieving your full physical potential. This process, designed by Heaven, takes approximately three Earth days to achieve its divine goals. Your own body guardians and your other heavenly guides direct it. In addition, you are to have a special mentor assigned and expressly trained by us. When you emerge from this living crystal of Light, you are to be returned to full consciousness.

You are now experiencing painful preliminaries to this process. These operations to your various ethereal and physical bodies are, first of all, to reintegrate them and secondly, to increase the degree of Light frequencies that you can handle. This process also includes the initial increase of your DNA from two to three strands. This procedure is making you able to “feel” more of the reality, which surrounds you. Moreover, as this is combined with a general overhaul of your meridian and chakra systems, it is leading to some degree of inner pain, which confounds most of your physicians. Nevertheless, be assured that a procedure is underway which is divinely designed to ready you for the final three days ensconced in your living Crystal Light Chamber. This heavenly Being is a special gift from the Creator. It is to complete the massive degree of reshaping which you are currently enduring. Hence, each of you is moving through a thorough series of adjustments needed to shorten your wondrous stay in this sacred living Being of Light.

These preliminary adjustments consist of two types. The first are those which raise the frequencies of each of your present chakras, or else permit new chakras to be introduced. The second type is actual changes in your physical body. Let’s look at these in more detail. The first kind is more frequent. Heaven is moving you to the very edge of a vast alteration of your physical consciousness. Thus, your physical body is able to take in even more divine Light than before. This increased Light forces your body to augment the operation of your limited conscious, and allows us to position new chakras in your body to more easily handle this growing stress. This increased physical consciousness permits your physical self to initiate a process to connect more easily with your spiritual consciousness. This sets the stage for what the living Light Chamber is to accomplish. The second type is more rare. As your meridian system alters its response patterns, we can use this to actually “split up” some of your present chakras.

The best example is what is happening to your heart chakra. This chakra is now separating in two, producing a new heart chakra and introducing the thymus chakra to your body’s energy system. At present, the new heart chakra is in effect. The newer thymus chakra is in various stages of construction. The thymus is to handle your increased immune system and to work with the new diaphragm chakra to eliminate the tragic effects which fear can cause to your body. This process has temporarily caused some degrees of discomfort. In the end, it is to limit the pain that those alterations to your head can create. Keep in mind one essential rule —Heaven has mandated a complete redoing of how your physical self operates. When these series of adjustments reach a prescribed threshold, you are to be ready to enter your Crystal Light Chamber. At that point, all the pains you are now going through are then to pay immense dividends. It is to allow you to take three days and transform yourself back into a fully conscious Being, capable of doing miraculous works. One who can help unfold physical Creation.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Our associates are busily setting the stage for your prosperity and preparing the ways by which the dark cabal is to exit from its current position of great wealth and power. This process is to end their power and bless each of you with a return of your sacred sovereignty and a grand prosperity, which permits you to achieve your true purpose. This process thus needs to be thorough and able to deliver what Heaven has decreed for you. It is as well to introduce governance, which truly cares about your general welfare and diligently preserves your sacred rights. This new governance is to invite you to participate freely in its activities and allow you to be free and able to learn about the true nature of this reality. It is as well to allow you to become aware of your Inner Earth and spiritual families. These wondrous Beings are to provide mentors, who along with us are to teach you a great many truths about the reality in which you now reside.

Our duties are, at the right divine moment, to appear among you and begin a series of lessons, which Heaven asked us to provide. These interactions are to prepare you for understanding what your new reality is to offer. Full consciousness is a most wondrous state of Being given to galactic humanity. This state has been our blessing for millennia. Each of us takes this experience and learns much about the very nature of possibilities found within each reality. The Creator gives us a special home and a delegated divine service. We take these gifts and use them to help others and to maintain this divine environment. The heavenly Elohim, assisted in this operation by us all, puts physicality together. We exist in a realm, which we helped to design. Our responsibility is to apply our wisdom and our blessed love to maintain it.

We can learn numerous things while in divine service. We take the simple truth that we are all one, and daily apply it to our mutual service. Out of these sacred tasks come immense wisdom and a child-like Love for everyone. Blessings are a daily part of our service. We chant, we dance and bring joy to all. Joy is the greatest state of divine grace. In it is the laughter that encompasses the life and breath of our Soul. Mercy flows from it. Enlightenment is a result of these simple actions. We use this to understand the beauty of our sacred home and the wonders the Creator gives it. Learn to not take your world too seriously. Be ready to do what is needed to bless and transform it. Remember in your heart how our collective was born and how it is now ready to return to its previous glories. Let us sing, dance and revel in a grand prosperity filled with never-ending joy and freedom. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we briefly looked over what is happening on your world and reviewed some of the phenomena now happening to you. You are on a journey, which is very quickly to alter this realm and return it to her former self. This return is to bring us to your door and prepare you for your final grand leap into full consciousness! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

* * *

* * *


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