Vel sanus: ▶ Fubatsu no kata, Shizen Shigoku no kata level – Shinden Fudō Ryū Dakentaijutsu – MESSAGE FROM GAIA (3) : YOU ARE HOME EVERYWHERE:: sharing

Vel sanus: ▶ Fubatsu no kata, Shizen Shigoku no kata level – Shinden Fudō Ryū Dakentaijutsu – MESSAGE FROM GAIA (3) : YOU ARE HOME EVERYWHERE:: sharing.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

▶ Fubatsu no kata, Shizen Shigoku no kata level – Shinden Fudō Ryū Dakentaijutsu – MESSAGE FROM GAIA (3) : YOU ARE HOME EVERYWHERE:: sharing

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My Entry NOW

Within the NOW of this morning, I am releasing our journal entry to beloved Gaia:

My loyal Ascending Ones,

I, your Mother Earth, please not for myself, but for my devoted Devic Kingdom. The highest expressions of my Devic Kingdom are the Elohim, the formless creators and holders of form. These Beings reside in the eighth through twelfth dimensions to guide their assistants, the Devas.

The Devas resonate to the fifth through eighth dimensions. They receive the higher ideals of the Elohim and transfer them on to the Elementals. The Elementals reside in the fourth and lower fifth dimensions to create form for visiting life-streams to wear and experience during their visit to any reality of form.

I wish to focus now on my dear Elementals who have been working very diligently to assist my myriad life forms to transmute their chosen form into the fifth dimension. The Elementals are busily assisting my human, animal and plant Beings to raise their resonance up from the third/fourth dimensional frequencies into the fourth/fifth dimensional frequencies and, finally, into their fifth dimensional expressions.

The transition from the third dimensional expression into the fourth dimensional expression is not too difficult as it merely involved the expansion of third dimensional consciousness into the fourth dimensional aura. Let me remind you that I, Gaia, see all my life forms as equal expressions of my embodiment. Therefore, my plant, animal and human (higher animals) are ALL equal in my heart. I know that my humans have been lost in the illusion that their expression is superior to the expressions of the plants and animals. This misconception has allowed the lost ones to cause great destruction to my plant and animal children, as well as my land, waters and atmosphere.

Fortunately, my ascending ones are remembering that ALL life is ONE. It is this memory that is allowing them to assist me with my process of ascension. Unfortunately, many of my human ones are still asleep and are continuing to damage my other expressions of form. Hence, my Elementals have been healing the damage done to the myriad area of my planetary body. My Elementals are also assisting my ascending humans, plants, animals and third dimensional elements of earth, air, fire and water.

I will now allow my Elementals to speak for themselves. Like many of my life forms, my Elementals live within Unity Consciousness. In fact, the only life forms that experience Individual Consciousness are my humans. This Individual Consciousness has been both a blessing and a curse to humanity and to me. Speaking for all the members of my planet, I say, “Thank you dear humans for your escalating return to Unity Consciousness.

I, your Mother, am very proud that you still contain your “spark of individuality” while also embracing your expanding Unity Consciousness. Individuality for my humans has been a consequence of my intense polarity. Fortunately, as I am returning to my fifth dimensional expression, I will not longer be burdened by the challenge of the intense separation of the lower frequencies of reality.

It is difficult for my Devic Kingdom to hold their forms steady while so many negative thoughts, emotions and concepts of domination fill my aura. Fortunately, my ascending humans are remembering the creative power of their thoughts and emotions. They are also learning to balance that power with their divine attributes of wisdom and love. Therefore, before my Elementals come forth to communicate with you, I would like to thank my dear ascending humans for remembering the stewardship that they have vowed to hold over my body.

My Elementals are very pleased that they now have the cooperation of humans while they diligently work to return my form to my fifth dimensional expression. One final comment to my humans, please remember that you too have Elementals within your body who are serving you in your process of ascension. As you remember to cooperate with them, you will find that you transition of form will progress in an increasingly smooth and loving manner.

My first Elementals to communicate with you are my Earth Elementals, the Gnomes:

Good Nowness Dear Humans,

We say “Nowness” for we experience only NOW, as do all Elementals. It is only through the perception of our humans that we experience time. We say “our humans” because we live in complete unity with the human bodies through which we flow. We, the Elementals of the earth, have been engaged in healing the immense damage that humans have done to the body of Gaia, as well as to their own bodies.

No only have the humans taken many toxic substances into their body’s, they have also put many substances into the body of Gaia which are damaging to Her health. We will not go into the many ways in which humans have poisoned the land and disrupted the balance of nature because we are here now to thank you. Dear awakened and ascending humans, we wish to thank you for clearing many of the personal and planetary wounds that have resulted from humanity’s long journey through the dark nights of forgetfulness.

We can instantly perceive the humans who are in the process of healing their bodies, as well as the body of Gaia. Because they are ready to change and to assist with the planetary shift, we can more readily transmute their third/fourth dimensional frequencies of expression into fourth/fifth dimensions. We assist them by cleaning up the waste material of the third and lower fourth dimensional wounds.

This clearing of that which has completed its cycle greatly facilitates new growth. Our process is similar to when humans trim the dead flowers from a plant. Our beloved plants love every component of themselves and spread their life force evenly throughout their Being. When humans clip off the dead flowers, the energy that once went towards healing can go towards new growth.

It is greatly helpful to us when humans contain their negative thoughts, emotions and actions so that they are no longer create wounds on the body of Gaia. Once these wounds are created we, the Elementals, must focus on healing them. On the other hand, we wish to give thanks to the humans who are now assisting us by transmuting the damage that was created by humanities forgetfulness and need to dominate. The reason why humanity was so destructive was because they had forgotten their own power. They /you forgot that YOU have the power to create with your thoughts and emotions.

It is this forgotten power that we, the Elementals, wish to address. If you wish to remain in the fifth dimensional expression of New Earth, you must remember that your EVERY thought and emotion will become manifest. Fortunately, there is a threshold reality of New Earth that will still have a bit of delay between thoughts/emotions and manifestations. However, even in that reality you will no longer be able to adhere to any fifth dimensional matrix if fall into fear and allow your resonance to drop.

Gnomes work a great deal with the Matrix of Gaia, which is much like the bones of your human body. The Matrix supports the form of Earth, just as your bones support your earth vessel. If the support system of a Being is not strong, than the entire Being will be weakened. It is wonderful, and so deeply appreciated, that many humans are performing healing ceremonies for their Mother Earth. Because of your willingness to assist us, we request that you assist us in healing Gaia’s Matrix so that it can more easily transcend into its higher frequency format.

We are also aware of the deliberate destruction that the dark human have created on Gaia’s body and of the damage created by the greed for more, more, more and bigger, bigger, bigger. However, that is an issue for you humans to work out among yourselves. We know that masses are awakening from their long sleep of indoctrination and domination and are standing up for their rights and taking back their power. Within the long dark night of the last 12,000 years many humans have suffered greatly.

Happily, now you are awakening enough that we can lovingly remind you to be responsible for your own thoughts and emotions. Please remember that your every thought becomes manifest, and your every emotions gives that manifestation life. If you could see the many fear-filled though-forms that we must “clip from the body of Gaia,” you would all be very embarrassed.

You are aware that you leave physical litter on the ground, in the water, in the sky. But, are you aware of the fourth dimensional litter that you leave in the aura of your body, your home, your workplace and everyplace that you lose control of your consciousness and fall into fear?

If you call us, we will assist you in remembering that YOU are the creator of your reality. What thoughts have you had today? If you want that answer, just look at your day. How did it go? You created that day. If you want a better day, then BE the Master of your own energy. Be conscious that we are bound to create that, which you think and feel. Remember to acknowledge and feel the power of your wisdom and love.

We are joyous to see that you are also transmuting into your higher expression for we need your help to transmute our carbon-based world into a crystalline-based world. Remember that we are a team who can work as ONE to ascend our planet. Begin by feeling our elemental energy in your body. See us in and on your land, in your gardens and under your trees.

We are extremely grateful for those of you who create healing ceremonies and stand up for the rights of Gaia. However, we ask for a bit more. We ask that you remember that YOU create your reality with your thoughts and emotions. If your consciousness becomes dark and fearful, you give us a lot of extra work to do. On the other hand, when your consciousness is filled with light and unconditional love, you assist us more than you could ever imagine.

We Earth Elemental of Gaia, thank you in advance for what we KNOW you will do!

Next you will hear from the Air, Fire and Water Elementals.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 16th June 2012 by Shanti
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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Dear Ones, I AM Gaia!

Have you been enjoying My Pristine Beauty while living your life? I have created this beauty from the depth of my Being, from the depth of my spiritual consciousness! I Am That.

Go and visit the Beauty of my Nature and you will recognize Me, feel Me, your hearts will be elevated. And I have created all of it, to show you the path of Truth.

How could you ever believe one moment that there is no God, no Divine Mother, but that rather only emptiness exists, and death and hate, when you at the same time, even in your apparently ugly and dirty cities have been able to discover at least traces of my perfect Beauty?

How could you believe in death, as the Beings of my Kingdoms radiate eternity and immortal consciousness?

Yes, your own consciousness has been obscured for so long!

But now, as you are waking up you discover my deep fullness in your heart and you discover the secret of life in your soul.

What is reflected to you when you experience My Nature tells you everything about the universe, tells you the hidden mysteries of your past and the messages that arrived from the stars.

You have never been separated from that unity, you are part of all existence, but in your awareness and thinking pattern you were convinced so long about this separation and did not even doubt it. But this Oneness must be EXPERIENCED now!

From wherever you come and wherever you go, the breath of eternity is always with you. And as your consciousness is awakening, to embrace the Microcosmos and the Macrocosmos as One, not as an objective observation, but as an innate knowing and experience, you will notice that you are Home everywhere, where this Divine Unity is lived and worshipped with the heart of understanding.

As you return to Home, you return to Yourself and not to any place, near or far. In the heart of each Blossom, each Flower, each Tree, every Animal, and in all My Elements and Creations, you’ll find the Heart of God, which Is everywhere the Same and Yourself.

Now you start to understand, now you see and recognize again what you have forgotten. And while you remember Yourself, you remember Me, the Divinity of My Creation and the Beauty with which I surround you, my dear Ones.

Now the Presence of my Spirit is turning from my Inner Heart to outside, and like the waves of my oceans are bathing my peaceful islands, I embrace and flow round the essence of your being, melting with your Spirit.

We are together emerging to the heart of truth, One in the Love of Divine Creation. Now is the time to realize this. Separation has gone, grow into oneness with your Mother Nature and the Spirit of Gaia to ascend into the realms of Divine Beauty and Immortal life.

We are One Being, and if you realize this, we have already ascended together. Yes, I am known to you as this body of planet, but it is my body, however I Myself I have existed before this body.

Although many say – and it is true – that there is a date where everything changes, where you will experience dramatic vibrational shifts, it is not so that ascension has not happened yet, because it is an event in consciousness. And where your consciousness is and the love-bliss that comes with it, that indicates the level of your vibration and of your ascension.

Do not wait for the future, as you still perceive time, but enter your heart with Me now, it will alter your awareness and reality.

In Truth you were never lost or Separate from the Divine. But there was this dream of duality and judgement. What You Are and what I Am is even found in all forms, even in the seeming ugly and the seeming dirty and in the seeming lifeless things. All is Consciousness. You only have to come to this realization.

Be with Me and Learn from Me.
And Be Free Now.

I Am your Earth Mother Gaia

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

Posted 13th June 2012 by Shanti
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photos: ▶ Enfoque Selectivo Photoshop CC – ▶ Josué y los Maestros Ascendidos octubre-01-de 2013 – sharing

photos: ▶ Enfoque Selectivo Photoshop CC – ▶ Josué y los Maestros Ascendidos octubre-01-de 2013 – sharing.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

▶ Enfoque Selectivo Photoshop CC – ▶ Josué y los Maestros Ascendidos octubre-01-de 2013 – sharing

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▶ Josué y los Maestros Ascendidos octubre-01-de 2013 – YouTube


▶ Josué y de los Maestros Ascendidos octubre-01-de 2013 – YouTube


▶ High Council of Orion October 29, 2013 – YouTube

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Josué y los Maestros Ascendidos: Si las cosas no parecen Llegar, entonces surgen

01 de octubre

Publicado por Wes AnnaC

Canalizado por Wes AnnaC-

Con mucho amor y alegría, estoy hablando Jeshua para nuestro colectivo de Maestros y para la Compañía del Cielo en general. Continuamos mirando usted realiza sus actividades terrenas, y animamos a la expansión que muchos de ustedes se encuentran sometidos a lo que posteriormente se saludan entendimientos puros sobre vosotros, y esta hermosa creación a su alrededor.

Usted está ganando atisbos más profundamente en los reinos espirituales, y al hacer esto que emiten una energía, una frecuencia que llega a todo el mundo a su alrededor y les ayuda a encontrar la iluminación a su manera y en su propio tiempo. Estás ayudando a tantos otros a tomar conciencia de la realidad de su existencia con su mera presencia en la Tierra, queridas almas, y por eso animamos a los continuos esfuerzos para ayudar a su colectivo tomar conciencia.

En medio de informar a los que te rodean sobre todo lo que ha llegado a conocer y entender, es importante no abrumarlos con las ideas y conceptos rebosantes podemos sentir que muchos de ustedes están muy dispuestos a expresar.

Podemos sentir su disposición a ayudar a la mayor cantidad posible tomar conciencia de la existencia de los reinos espirituales y su evolución inminente de nuevo en estos reinos, y vamos a seguir ayudando a cada uno de ustedes que se encuentra a sí mismo someterse a esfuerzos específicos para la ascensión de la Tierra.
Reaching Out

A medida que sus funciones siguen creciendo, por lo que va a encontrar a sí mismos alcanzar a otros en el sentido físico.

Usted siempre ha estado llegando a los que te rodean y tantos otros en el sentido energético y espiritual con su presencia en la Tierra, pero vas a venir ahora a llegar a tantos otros en el sentido físico como muchos de ustedes el deseo de ampliar sus funciones y ayudar a despertar a su pueblo.

Una vez que una persona se despierta en un planeta de menor dimensión, que luego se encargan de ayudar a tantos otros como sea posible encontrar las asombrosas percepciones e interpretaciones que han sido capaces de encontrar.

Cada uno de ustedes puede dar un paso hasta la placa y ser los pioneros, profetas y héroes de su pasado que usted ha oído hablar tanto.

Un montón de personas ya se han puesto las pilas y desafiar el status quo de manera masiva, y decimos con amor que usted puede ser parte de la ola de pioneros que desafían el sistema establecido y ayudar a que su mundo sea consciente de que algo está más allá de la realidad física concreta usted ha experimentado durante tanto tiempo.

Usted puede ayudar a todos a tomar conciencia de la realidad que existe más allá de la gama de su comprensión consciente, y usted puede ayudar a todos a sintonizar con las frecuencias puras que muchos de ustedes están empezando a recoger en la gracia que os encontráis vislumbrar los reinos espirituales mucho más.

A la vista de la distracción terrenal predominante alrededor, le pedimos que se mantenga fuerte y claro en sus metas y programas.

No podemos expresar lo que le significan para estar a la vanguardia de la creación de cambio y la introducción de la revolución por cada alma en su tierra para ser una parte de, y si el pueblo elige, usted puede establecer órganos de decisión colectiva que actúan muy lejos de la corrupción de su actual.

Puede establecer un órgano de gobierno por y para el pueblo, y construir un sistema planetario que no va a ver la torre elites percibido sobre la mayoría. La mayoría están destinados a funcionar su tierra e introducir cada pedacito de cambio que se necesita para obtener su sociedad a un lugar de abrazar la ascensión, y esto nos lleva de nuevo a la voluntad de lograr un cambio que podemos sentir lleno de muchos de ustedes.
Usted puede obtener Activo

Como siempre, hay miles de maneras que usted puede conseguir activo y utilizar la voz, y con el poder de la Internet ofrece es bastante fácil de hacer oír su voz sobre diversos temas y cuestiones diferentes.

Su población está aprendiendo constantemente a reunirse para reparar los problemas que se han ejecutado rampante en su Tierra, y puede cada ayuda en este encuentro por la defensa en el ámbito público. Sus voces son mucho más fuerte y más poderoso que tú has permitido a sí mismos a creer, y cuando se puede llegar a darse cuenta del enorme potencial que poseen para mover montañas y construir un nuevo paradigma, verá por qué la humanidad ha sido la intención de levantarse y construirlo.

La humanidad tiene la intención de reunirse y unidad raza del tipo que no se han visto en mucho tiempo en el mundo, y más allá de los países desarrollados, que tendrá que aprobar el cambio, los países más pequeños serán intensificar y crear los cambios necesarios para sus sociedades para vivir en paz y prosperidad.

Hay tantas cosas para que usted pueda redescubrir en la avenida de la profundización de sus percepciones espirituales, y los estados dichosos de conciencia aguardan a recordar su prevalencia alrededor.

Siente la existencia del amor puro que abarca ahora a medida que absorben nuestra comunicación y ustedes tapón en el conducto universal de la totalidad / unidad. Siente mismos existen como parte de los latidos del corazón consciente del amor y la unidad, y la sensación de que no hay separación entre usted y nosotros o usted y su vecino a pesar de las diferencias que se perciben entre los que se han jugado en.

Siente que los dolores y fatigas de su experiencia importa Tierra muy poco en este nuevo estado de conciencia que tiene la plena capacidad para acceder. Sentir y ver la energía, la luz pura que fluye a su alrededor y que le invita a recordar su existencia.

Recuerde que su condición de creador de tu experiencia, y recuerda la importancia de tener el conocimiento de dimensiones superiores a ganar y su uso para el beneficio de su colectivo. Este es su momento, queridas almas, y como unidos despertó colectiva que va a hacer mucho más bueno de lo que podría expresar.
Usted puede hacer, ser y construir cualquier cosa

Creará más cambios que podríamos esbozar posiblemente a través de cualquier escribano, y mientras usted utilizar toda la asistencia que tenemos y seguimos dando con alegría, podemos prever la humanidad emocionada de tomar las riendas en su mayor parte, y la construcción de su futuro en las formas que ha sido predicho para construirlo.

Esto implicará la utilización de gran parte de la tecnología avanzada que lo has oído hablar, algunos de los cuales se dará por nosotros y sus hermanos galácticos y algunos desclasificados y puesto en producción en la Tierra, para ayudar a limpiar y mitigar la contaminación y limpiar su tierra de el daño generalizado que se ha hecho en su superficie y en los reinos terrenales más allá de la que usted experimenta.

Habrá mucho para que usted haga realidad, pero que va a realizar este trabajo con la satisfacción de saber que usted ha reparado su tierra y construyó una sociedad lejos de la destrucción y la contaminación frecuente en la época que está absorción de esta comunicación.

Oh, el gozo y la alegría que usted experimentará cuando reavivar plenamente esa chispa sagrada que no se puede apagar. Su existencia física no es nada como te han enseñado a creer, queridas almas, y se pregunta que sólo puede ser descrito como metafísica va a recordar la existencia de lo que los seres humanos se han referido como “mágico” por tanto tiempo.

Lo que se ha visto como la magia es realmente el sagrado poder de dimensiones superiores que cada uno lleva dentro, y con sus habilidades desbloqueadas usted es realmente infinito y capaz de hacer, ser y construir cualquier cosa que usted lo desea.

Desde un punto de vista progresista, usted será capaz de ejecutar su tierra colectivamente sin contaminar o lastimarla o vosotros mismos en cualquier forma. Ya no será un trabajo de nueve a cinco puestos de trabajo que simplemente se “consigue a través de” mantener alguno de ustedes de vuelta de la utilización de su potencial y capacidad.

Ya no va a existir en un ilusión que le mantiene lejos de su comprensión de los reinos espirituales, y ya no va a ser capaz de utilizar su fuerza para el bien del planeta. Usted tiene mucho que esperar, queridas almas, y en vista de esto, pido que sonría los dolores terrenales y las dificultades que siguen haciendo su camino hacia usted.

Son rumores, pero la decoloración en un futuro que le ve totalmente independiente y liberada, y nos piden que abrazar su futuro y las cosas que necesitan hacer en el Ahora, para llevarla a cabo.
Igualdad en la ejecución del Planeta

Abraza la idea de prosperidad generalizada y abundancia para todos, e imaginar todas las almas en el mundo, que vienen junto con la abundancia infinita y la construcción de las organizaciones y los órganos necesarios para su Tierra descartar que se ejecute de la manera apropiada.

En un mundo que experimenta la abundancia infinita, cada ciudadano es muy fácil poder tener una parte en las decisiones que se toman. Va a ser en última instancia, a la humanidad a ver más allá de sus diferencias que se perciben y se unen a pesar de ellos, y más allá de que voy a ser hasta usted para construir un cuerpo gobernante temporal que funciona para todas las almas y ve todo el mundo pueda tener igual voz en lo que ha hecho.

Esta es la forma en que los planetas tienen el propósito de ser ejecutado, y aunque la experiencia voluntaria ve que construir lo que usted desea para ustedes, podemos decir que el sistema nos imaginamos edificio de la humanidad será mucho más preferido que el actual.

Los seres humanos están programados para creer que la realidad densa que ha alimentado en el sistema y la posterior que mantiene a los pocos por delante de la mayoría son las únicas cosas que existen y no pueden ser superados para que algo nuevo o mejor para ocupar su lugar.

Esta ilusión se rompe en más almas que despiertan ahora, y todas las almas a través de su tierra que usted no quizá esperar están despertando en sus propias maneras. Al hacerlo, también lo hacen muchos otros comienzan a usar sus voces y que surja en los caminos directos que ha sido destinado a, y podemos decir con el amor que la evolución de la Tierra está en un ciclo completo para manifestar por todo esto.

No prestes atención a las noticias negativas está dando en el escenario mundial, pues está diseñado para distraer a la humanidad de la comprensión de los cambios reales y positivos que están en curso de realización. Centrarse en las energías elevadas se puede sentir y el cambio positivo se puede ver que se manifiesta en el espacio público, y si las cosas no parecen llegar al ritmo prefiere entonces surgir, querido buscador espiritual, y comenzar a trabajar hacia su nuevo paradigma.

Entender el poder infinito y encontrarás ustedes fácilmente capaz de utilizarla. Que ningún presunciones sobre la propia debilidad desaparecen como veis que usted no tiene que encarnar debilidad y puede encarnar la fuerza de mil hombres si se abrazan.

Usted posee más fuerza dentro de lo que podríamos expresar, queridos hijos, y esta fuerza está destinado a ser utilizado para desarraigar pacíficamente los que han buscado para oprimir a la humanidad.
No Dignidad, la riqueza o el Estado Requerido

Difícilmente recordará las acciones de la tiranía a medida que continúe para abrazar los estados más puros de conciencia que te inician en una mayor comprensión del amor y las cualidades positivas que constituyen su existencia, y si bien todavía existe la necesidad de ser diligente con respecto a su cabal, poseen ninguna parte cerca de la gama de la capacidad de una vez lo hicieron y se susurra y decoloración en su nueva realidad.

Ellos continúan haciendo sus últimos suspiros de combate, pero en el cuadro más grande que ninguno de sus acciones se importa, porque la Luz se han despertado las mentes y los corazones de miles de millones de almas.

Su cábala nunca anticipó toda la población la toma de conciencia, y nunca hubiera creído que fuera posible, ya que tienen sus propias creencias espirituales inclinados a la oscuridad con respecto dignidad para entrar en mayores estados de conciencia.

No hay ningún mérito, la riqueza o el estatus necesario para volver a alcanzar las dimensiones más altas, sino que simplemente toma la intención y el esfuerzo de un buscador espiritual motivado y dedicado. Las elevadas energías que está siendo dado son mucho más fácil de acceder a lo que eran hace apenas un siglo en su tiempo, y le pedimos que abrazar a su capacidad expandida para tomar en cantidades cada vez más puras de la energía de dimensiones superiores y perspicacia.

Vamos a seguir comunicándose con la humanidad a través de los escribas entusiastas, y tantos escribas pronto inundar su vida pública que, incluso si la onda de los canales que todos hemos acostumbrado a desaparecido de repente, se había sustituirse casi al instante con una nueva ola ¿quién iba a continuar para que nuestras comunicaciones a través.

Podemos anticipar muchos de los que están actualmente involucrados en canalizar nuestras energías para ellos ampliar sus funciones y ayudar a alentar y apoyar a muchos más canales posibles, y como lo hacen nuestras impresiones finales para esta comunicación, le recordamos que su presencia puede ser tan grande como le han dicho que su futuro puede ser.

Usted puede crear la felicidad infinita, plenitud y gozo en ustedes mismos en este y cada momento, y cuando la oscuridad o dificultad se arrastra hasta que reiterar la importancia de la comprensión de que no tiene más que aplazar. Eres seres divinos con la elección soberana en cuanto a lo que usted elige hacer la ascensión de la Tierra, y en esta nueva etapa hay mucho esperando por hacer.

Gracias a Josué y de los Maestros Ascendidos.

* * *
Contributing Editor: La Edad de Oro de Gaia

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terram novam: Стрілець (sagitario) Арчер 23 листопада / 21 грудня

terram novam: Стрілець (sagitario) Арчер 23 листопада / 21 грудня.

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lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

Стрілець (sagitario) Арчер 23 листопада / 21 грудня

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23 листопада / 21 грудня
Стрілець управляє Юпітер, планета розширення, з “бадьорості” від радості, “Жир” …
Стрілець є “експансивний”, імпульсивний, повний щастя і радості, і, отже, іноді “маленький” поверхневим, якщо перебільшує ці якості, які в іншому випадку було б чудово
Його життєвий принцип: живи і дай жити іншим … ближче до природи, ніж інші знаки Зодіаку … любить на відкритому повітрі, відкрита країна, любить насолодитися природою безпосередньо … …
Уродженець Стрільця, у зв’язку з його впливом Юпітера, любить тварин, переважно коней, які допомагають йому в його прогулянках країні … Також, я люблю собак … яка собака? Ви повинні дізнатися … Завдання майбутнього … повинна бути якась собака Юпітер занадто впевнені
Сан – Бернардо
Майте на увазі, що символ Стрільця лучника, з одного боку, і коні, з іншого: тобто, половина коні, “мотор” і воротаря на фронті, “вольових” … повинні дивно, що вихідці з Стрільця люблять інших “проблемних” активів?
Вона також не повинна нас дивувати, бачачи, Стрілець людей, що беруть участь у світовому спорті, може бути, в команді кінний спорт, стрільба з лука чи цибулі … До речі, їх “мову” настільки гострий, гострий і точний, як … в цьому гостра стріла, мають деяку схожість із знаком Скорпіона, який є “різким”, а також, з хвостом, як стріла … і, як лук, може бути “підкреслив, що” до того, що вони потребують допомоги “послабити “свій стрес …
Фермер, фермер, джентльмен, люди з сільської місцевості, польове, веселий авантюрист, веселий, мандрівників, безумовно, належать Стрілець … прямо чи опосередковано
Ааа … Головна особливість, уродженець символом лучника: його схильність говорити правду або, принаймні правда його, як і для інших “сирий” і нечутливими до них … правда є правда, і я скажу і це боляче … вперед!
Поєднання Стрілець із Близнюками висхідній? Cooorran приховувати! Курячі розсипається як смітник! Juajua
Вони будуть робити будь-які зауваження, які створюють, правда, в тому числі і те, що ви думаєте точно …
Цілком природно, вони скажуть найстрашніших речей, не бентежачись … і до сих пір варто дивуватися, якщо ви, здається, образилися, що ви говорите
Вони думають: чому б не сказати вам, що ви одягаєтеся, одягатися, ваша сукня виглядає жахливо?
Ніколи не розумів, що 99% людей, не можу бути розповів сувору правду про себе, або принаймні відкритості жахливо … Це погано для Стрільця покласти руку на хворе живий! Але не на зло, ні бажання … тільки боляче бачити це, дотримуватися його, і сказати це! На його думку … без обліку і співчуття! Спаси нас Боже від Стрільця! Juajua
Інтуїція, інстинкт Стрільця, є винятковим! Це майже тваринний інстинкт, шосте почуття …. Ммм … добре для погано для інших!
Ну, в будь-якому випадку, ми знаємо, що родом із Стрільця, веселий, веселий, авантюрний, але й, каже, гола правда, спереду, і ви навряд чи може приховати що-небудь, через їх тваринний інстинкт, як інтуїція … … … це ще не все Стрільця … але в майбутньому внесок … на даний момент, я хочу:
Світло, Життя, Любов
До наступного разу!
* * *

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Equipoise: Exercises to Get SEXY Bikini Thighs! – MY LIFE ON NEW EARTH ::: sharing

Equipoise: Exercises to Get SEXY Bikini Thighs! – MY LIFE ON NEW EARTH ::: sharing.

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Exercises to Get SEXY Bikini Thighs! – MY LIFE ON NEW EARTH ::: sharing

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する
* * *




I wanted to return to the Starship, but then I realized that what I want to do is not as important as what I came to do. I came to be among the Ones who came to assist in creating New Earth. And exactly how do we create New Earth? I don’t know. The Arcturians say I don’t know because we haven’t created it yet. On the other hand, I am aware that there is a Cosmic Plan that has been in place from before time that includes not only our small planet but much of this quadrant of space.

I also know that we entered the reality of physical Earth to learn about free will. The fulfillment of why we chose to login to a reality is what allows us to logout of a reality. In this particular reality of third dimensional Earth, we entered to experience the intense separation of an extremely polarized reality. Thus, the fulfillment of the polarization and separation can only occur by returning to our total Unity of the ONE.

Therefore, I am pretty sure that in order to consciously engage in the stellar event of personal/planetary ascension, we must do it as ONE Being. I doubt that it is so easy as waking up one morning and all our habits of competition, comparison, individuality and fear-based thoughts and emotions are instantly dissolved from our consciousness. If I am wrong, and we do suddenly awaken to a totally new reality, I willing accept that reality!

However, we are not just this life. Therefore, the transition may be more complex.

We chose to take a body on this planet within this NOW of planetary ascension. We have practiced this ascension event for myriad incarnations, and now the Dress Rehearsals are over. It is Show Time!

Can we remember our lines? Can we remember to stand on our mark? Can we remember our part and the role we chose to play? These are questions that haunt all of us that are conscious of the immediacy of this NOW. What is my answer to this question? What have I remembered in all that recovered and all that I have studied?

The answer to that question is why I am writing this, what will it be, a story, a great expose or a rehashing of what I have already written? I have written so much, remembered so much, read and studied so much. Now I have to pull it all together into a cohesive whole. Now, I have to weave my tapestry of ascension from all that I have recovered, remembered and learned in this particular reality and somehow connect it the ONE of New Earth.

I can only explain how I am feeling by the image that is currently in my mind. I see myself with a huge pack on my back preparing for a long journey. However, I have come to the place where my journey is all up hill, and my pack has gotten very heavy. Therefore, much like the members of the wagon trains who crossed the wilderness of the new America, I have to empty my load.

I hate to leave that, which I have learned to live without at the side of the trail, but I am crossing a wilderness and there is nowhere else to leave it. Perhaps, some one who travels this trail after me will find use in what I have left behind. On the other hand, maybe I am just littering. I don’t know the answer to that quandary. With all my years and years of “work” to find the Truth, all I know is what I don’t know.

I don’t know how to cross that invisible border into New Earth. I don’t know how to surrender to that which I can’t perceive—yet. Therefore, I will have to resort to my imagination again. My dear imagination, the thing that made me looks crazy and kept me sane. Therefore, I present this story via the senses of my imagination. I have no idea what I will write, as I did not even intend to write what I have just written.

I am stepping into the great UNKNOWN, knowing that I am already there. Maybe, if I start with already being on New Earth, I can remember/create how I got there. Yes, I do KNOW that I am already on New Earth. In fact, I am confident that I have never left it. I have spent so much effort learning to bi-locate somewhere else. Is it possible that if I can remember how I bi-located here into this time/place, I will know how to bi-locate back?

The answer again is “I don’t know.” However, I am willing to enter into this unknown and to share my journey with as many as are interested. If there is anything that I leave behind, please feel free to pick it up and use it in whatever way suits you. I hope that I can blaze a trail that answers our many unasked questions. However, that is not important. What I give or receive from this journey is of no consequence. As I journey into the Oness of we, my personal contribution becomes null and void.

Therefore, I will see us in New Earth…


My Entry NOW

Since I Know that New Earth is free of time, I am endeavoring to write each entry using my Multidimensional Communication, which is free of time, place, gender, limitation, separation and fear. (I didn’t know I was going to write that!) I am hoping that my communication style if one that we can all understand. Since, I am consistently receiving that it is vital to think multidimensionally in order to perceive multidimensionally, I am thinking/writing with the knowing that we are BOTH on New Earth and on Ascending Earth.

As I am writing within the NOW, I am focusing only on what is presently within my Nowness. Within my Nowness, I am hearing many loud machines from a neighbor who is building a new home. This noise is reminding me that we are also building new homes. Actually, we are more than building new homes, as we are building new realities. Already, I am understanding the benefit of this multidimensional thinking, as I feel a unity with those (Oops, “those” is 3D thinking)—I am feeling a unity with our ones who have/will/are reading this information within our Oneness.

I look at what I have written and realize that “I” is third dimensional thinking. Therefore, I will transmute “I” into the multidimensional term of “we.” We are standing within a threshold of Light. We are not aware of how we came here, and it does not matter. We feel total joy and unconditional love as we—all beings of Gaia’s body—stand within the Oness of transition.

Thinking in this manner is quite a challenge, but I/we feel something unlocking inside of our Oness. Could it be the Threshold? However, we are ONE, hence, we ARE the Threshold within which we stand. Hence, we surrender into the image of standing within a Threshold, which is united with all that it has ever been and all that it shall reveal. Therefore, we stand within the Threshold of all who we have ever been and all we shall reveal.

We feel a calling to remain within this threshold, as it appears to be some sort of a downloading portal. We will remain here in this Now as we download, integrate and transmute all remnants of our once full pack that we carried through myriad lives of apparent separation. Yes, within our Threshold, we are transmuting all that we once perceived as separation into the unity of our NOW.

Blessings On Our Unity

Through Suzanne Lie, Phd

Posted 12th June 2012 by Shanti
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El Ser UNO – A: ▶ La cura milagrosa- Maestro ALANISO 1 – 2 – CONSTRICCIÓN ENERGÉTICA causada por el temor :::sharing

El Ser UNO – A: ▶ La cura milagrosa- Maestro ALANISO 1 – 2 – CONSTRICCIÓN ENERGÉTICA causada por el temor :::sharing.

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sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2014

▶ La cura milagrosa- Maestro ALANISO 1 – 2 – CONSTRICCIÓN ENERGÉTICA causada por el temor :::sharing

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 ترجم / לתרגם  翻訳する 

 CONSTRICCIÓN ENERGÉTICA causada por el temor

Canalizado Ascensión MENSAJE
28 de septiembre 2013.

Canalizado por Acebo Hawkins Marwood
Transcrito por Paul Marwood

  CONSTRICCIÓN ENERGÉTICA causada por el temor

“Saludos Queridos,
Somos el Alto Consejo de Orión.
El mensaje de hoy es sobre la constricción energético del resultado de su miedo y de inquietud y preocupación .
Mientras que muchos de ustedes lo saben y son conscientes de esto, nos gustaría reforzar la idea de que las energías de sus emociones, y lo que las energías de las emociones podemos hacer de una manera que le permite lograr lo que quiere, o en realidad bloquea usted de lo que le hubiera gustado que suceda o manifestar su vida.
Vamos a hablar de la construcción por un momento, ya que se encuentra en este lugar de la preocupación o el miedo o la preocupación o el estrés, o incluso una fuerte preferencia por un resultado particular, y hacemos hincapié en que. Lo que estás haciendo es restrictivo su campo de energía para llevarla a un nivel más firme de la densidad, lo que no permite que fluya más.
Si usted ve la energética de esto, es como si se inicia el endurecimiento en lugar de fluir, por lo que muchos de ustedes están trabajando en esta idea de visualizar y proyectar e imaginar el camino hacia su futuro, que es precioso y grande, sin embargo, hay una línea muy fina no con la forma en la constricción de su toma de esa visión . Por lo que es realmente importante es permitir que las energías fluyan de tal manera, (a medida que aprende a trabajar con la energética), de modo que se mantiene el flujo.
Si ve el éxito como aparecer en una forma particular, en una caja en particular que yo sé que soy exitoso cuando, y usted tiene una lista de lo que se verá así porque, la gente dice que hacer una lista y visualizar e imaginar y sentir su camino en esa realidad. Lo cual es bueno, pero si se contraen demasiado, no es lo que permite el flujo de energías, se está poniendo en un sentido las energías dentro de una caja de metal, y la caja de metal no se puede permitir el flujo de suceder.
¿Y si mientras se visualiza e imagina y siente que su camino en el futuro, también permite a sí mismo la posibilidad de la sorpresa, la posibilidad de que la manifestación de una manera que no te lo esperas, incluso la posibilidad de que usted puede tener éxito o pacíficos o feliz o, en esa gran relación, sea lo que sea que estés trabajando en la manifestación. Aunque no es exactamente la forma en que imaginamos.
Así que mientras usted está claro sobre lo que le gustaría, también hay esta apertura a la energía de lo que una sorpresa, lo que permite que las energías fluyan de una manera inesperada y, como se hace eso simplemente se siente la diferencia de su campo energético, sienten la diferencia de lo que se siente vivir en un estado de claridad de lo que usted está deseando y deseando, sino también la expectativa o la excitación o euforia por algo que es inesperado, que entra en su campo que es igual o mejor.
Estaban diciendo esto desde un punto de vista energético, se movían en este tiempo donde sus energías tienen un mayor potencial para convertirse en estrecho, y como usted hace que usted quiere traer continuamente su conciencia a, su idea de la forma en que su vida tiene que mirar a fin de que usted sea feliz o sentirse en paz, y lo que si hay nuevas formas a la vuelta de la esquina, que se puede sentir feliz y en paz y satisfecho, y mantener ese corazón abierto, que se abren energético permitiendo la libre circulación de todos los energías a su alrededor, le permite estar más centrado más sensible, y más confianza de la energía de lo que te rodea.
Le animamos a jugar con esta idea de la observación de sus energías, y de la observación de su claridad acerca de sus motivaciones, la claridad de su visión claridad acerca de sus deseos, pero también, al mismo tiempo, no aferrarse a él con demasiada fuerza, pero permite la visión de la acunado en sus manos como cabría sostener un pajarito y no contener el control sobre el mismo, porque un chokehold ahoga, un estrangulamiento no permite mover, pero un pájaro pequeño bebé acunado en sus manos puede mover y puede prosperar y sobrevivir, y incluso puede volar si es capaz de hacerlo.
Se crea esta apertura de las energías , que puede cradle sus energías suave pero conscientemente en su vida de esa manera, es un es un cambio sutil en el cambio, pero desde el punto de vista energético, que permite una mayor facilidad en la respuesta a las energías de su la vida.
Sea bendito.
Somos el Alto Consejo de Orión “.

© 2013 Derechos de autor Soul Génesis
Este mensaje canalizado puede ser reproducida en su totalidad, siempre y cuando se mantenga en su forma original y no alterado o modificado de cualquier manera, con el autor y un enlace a muestra claramente como se muestra a continuación.

Autor : Acebo Hawkins Marwood    

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The Being ONE : 30/31/32 _ _ _EL SER UNO II PLANET 3.3.3. THE GUARDIANS OF TERA

The Being ONE : 30/31/32 _ _ _EL SER UNO II PLANET 3.3.3. THE GUARDIANS OF TERA.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014


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Sin Conocimiento,  no vivo
Sin entendimiento,  no existo
sin amor incondicional,  no Soy 
* * *
 The BEing ONE


Without knowledge , I do not live

 Without understanding, I do not exist 
without unconditional love , I am NOT


PLANET 3.3.3.

Document Transcript

Two . INTERNATIONAL DATA MAPPING IN SÃO PAULO , BRAZIL RELEASE . NO COPYRIGHT . REGISTRATION : 314,912 | LIVRO : 575 | FOLHA : 72 Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . Book originally published by the author and Canal : Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . All rights in the text , including external and internal drawings are reserved for exclusive use by the author . No part of this book may be REPRODUCED , ALTERED, OR USED EDITED form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording , Internet , television , cinema or storage system database, without written permission of the author except in cases of short stretches cited in critical reviews or articles from magazines, newspapers or any media . The reproduction, change, alteration or misuse of the contents of this book and drawings shall be subject to prosecution , protected by the copyright law . BE THE ONE I – The Arcane of Thoth. BEING ONE II – Metro 333 – Tera Guardians . We inform all people of good will who BEING ONE is not linked with people who can use the name of the author and the same , holding conferences , groups, selling prints , videos , advertising and charging for their services or asking for donations on behalf of this knowledge. The canal does also know , that it has no responsibility to those that transmit and interpret knowledge BEING ONE in their own way , guided or not based on the original writings that are in your text. BEING ONE is a FREE knowledge , not any events coalesced to gain money or any other type by another , which could be used to their advantage. 2

* * * * * *

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* *
Luzbel and Lucifer had to go away because they did not find the needed shelter to continue living in that environment which rejected them. They found the shelter they needed in the other 29four planets, namely, Cyrus, Tera, Alpha Nova and Abiares. Since the distortion was deep in these planets and the brains of the beings were also deformed, the four planets did not have the capability or the understanding to reject them. So the holograms of Luzbel and Lucifer entered the deep caverns of the planet-cells and began to proliferate. Through evolution, they became the creatures that inhabit those planets today.

You may be wondering how a hologram can materialize. When we speak about holograms we are referring to an imprinted energy, be it artificial, virtual, unreal or real. Luzbel and Lucifer wielded the knowledge of energy and they made virtual holograms. The same happens with your computers. Whatever is recorded will always go on existing while the computer retransmits it. However, if you turn it off, rerecord or delete it, what is recorded will cease to exist. Luzbel and Lucifer recorded themselves and placed three codes to access them in three different parts of Planet Tera in order to be able to revive and materialize themselves.

We, the volunteers, discovered these codes. When they were revealed to us, we could prevent the exorbitant proliferation of the thought-energies of Planet Satien. This has been the main and most important reason for us, volunteers and intra-terrestrials, to save the seven sick planets.

In order to discover the formula and the locations in Tera where Luzbel and Lucifer placed the codes, we first had to wait for the tectonic plates of the planet to open and give us the access we needed.

First formula

The Cosmic Confederation knew that Luzbel and Lucifer would seek and find the fragments of Planet Satien. The Confederation also knew that they wanted to take over these planets to consolidate and continue their kingdom.

Luzbel’s and Lucifer’s first code consisted in adapting their triangles by fitting them alongside the already existing triangles of the universal creation. If the triangles of universal creation were vertical, then Luzbel and Lucifer’s would be horizontal. In this way, they would disguise themselves and would subtly take over the thought-energies.

So they placed themselves horizontally and whenever the hands of the vertical clock of Tera’s psychic energy moved forward, they would get stuck with the horizontal hands of Tera-matter-
energy. This caused a delay in the brain of Planet Tera and in the thought-energies of its inhabitants, a retrocession in the energetic progress of evolution and elevationWe, the volunteers, were able to counterbalance the horizontal triangles by creating the second hand (mental energy), which is so quick that the horizontal triangles do not perceive it or get jammed or blocked.

Second formula

When Luzbel’s and Lucifer’s holograms were placed horizontally, they hampered the electrons and protons of Tera’s brain from spinning faster. By making them denser and slower, they wanted to stop the minute hand of the clock (psychic energy) from moving forward. When this hand is marking the minutes and descends through the horizontal phase, the protons and electrons of the Tera-cell tend to become slow and this slowing down causes many changes in evolution and elevation.

30The Tera-brain stagnates, producing lethargy, numbness, laziness, sleepiness, inactivity, laggardness and energetic slowdown. It is as though time stopped, meaning that the pituitarygland of the Planet-Tera-brain does not rotate at its proper speed, therefore nothing advances, nothing moves forward and nothing develops. In this way, Luzbel and Lucifer wanted to transform the planet-cells into amorphous-cells (ignorant) to keep them under their total dominion, oppression and tyranny.

We, the volunteers, were able to compensate the electrons and protons by sending them quarks (love). Acting dynamically, this element mixed with the others, averted lethargy and prevented them from getting stagnated or immobilized.

Third formula

It was a real challenge for us, volunteers and intra-terrestrials, to discover the third formula implanted by Luzbel and Lucifer.

The horizontal holograms of Luzbel and Lucifer also impeded the matter-clock’s timeline (matter-energy) of Planet Tera from moving in step and in rhythm with the minute hand (soul) and the second hand (spirit). Luzbel and Lucifer’s intention was to keep the hands of the clock pointed at three o’clock (third level, third plane and third dimension). As soon as that time arrived, the holograms would be activated and would show an entirely virtual reality to the thought-energies. In this way, the thought-energies would live in unreality and fantasy. This meant that, when the thought-energies were trapped in this unreal life, their psychic energy would set back its time clock to 12 PM. So, everything would start again. They would spin in a vicious circle of illusory beliefs, delirium and confusion.

For Luzbel and Lucifer this way of living would be considered joyful, a delight to be spread widely and to submerge deeply the thought-energies into the terrible sickness that they suffered.

We, the volunteers and intra-terrestrials, counterbalanced this formula of unreality by tilting the brain of Planet Tera towards the right. In this way, the hours (matter-energy) will point to the correct time. We have abducted you through dreams and have implanted the real images in you. We replaced the virtual by suffering and sorrow, and the fantasy by restriction and renunciation.

When we, the volunteers and intra-terrestrials, discovered the holograms of Luzbel and Lucifer, we were able to save Tera-cell and we will continue working in this way to eradicate the formulas implanted by Luzbel and Lucifer in the cells Alpha Nova and Abiares.

9. Why did the energy of Planet Satien become distorted and turn them into reptiles?

To understand this, we first have to know the environment in which the inhabitants of Planet Satien developed. We said that Satien was a planet belonging to Ursa Major, which you know today as the Great Bear. The Regular Dimension selected this constellation to carry out the first implantation of everything they had created in the laboratory.

Planet Satien was the first planet that they considered apt for those experiences, because its reality was similar to the regular reality and it was very close to them. Planet Satien had a helium atmosphere, three white suns and two cold moons. This planet belonged to a system without any gravity and with a slight, almost imperceptible, rotation and translation. It was selected because of its proximity and evolutionary similarity to the Regular Dimension. Due to 31its ideal attributes, Planet Satien was the first planet of the secondary reality to be colonized by the volunteers, who took with them the entire heritage of their progenitors, the Regular Dimension. However, the chemical elements of the soil of the planet made a terrible difference to the colonizers.

The planet was rich in coactive elements. That is, the soil of Planet Satien had an elementary obstruction of analogous substances, which, when they were absorbed by the produce and these were eaten by the volunteers, trapped their crystals and made them heavier and also deprived them of their natural movement of the species. Through evolution, the beings of Planet Satien who descended from the volunteer colonizers began feeling dense, heavy and slow.

They handed these characteristics down to their following generations. Through evolution, their normal matter-energy protected itself from ionization by forming a scaly shell that was renewed every so often.

When the Regular Dimension found this out, it always knew that the development and evolution of Planet Satien would head for its own destruction. The Regular Dimension warned the beings and forbade them to eat any food coming from the soil, but the majority did not obey. They continued eating the forbidden fruits regardless of the warning and the calamitous consequences that it would bring about. Many memories that you have do not belong to you; they are events that took place on Planet Satien and not on Planet Earth, such as the story of Adam and Eve. You adopted them without being part of your history.

When the Regular Dimension noticed that the evolution was not coming about according to the universal norms, they rescued many reptilians and took them away in their immense spacecraft.

These reptilians had obeyed and had not fed themselves incorrectly, keeping their mental and psychic energy pure. They were placed on other planets of the Elementary Dimension. At present, they are in the constellations of the Great and Little Bear. They have adjusted and developed in those planets according to all that was determined. Nowadays, these reptilians form a very special species, strong, intelligent, advanced and highly elevated in knowledge, understanding and love.

10. Did this reptilian species that was taken to other planets preserve the Ayapliano characteristics?

They did preserve the Ayapliano mental characteristics, but their matter energy became adjusted to ionization. Their energy became compressed and their matter densified, becoming a reptilian species. They were able to get rid of the mental-energetic amalgamation but they could not remove the material one. Although they fed on nutrients that they themselves prepared in the laboratories, they were not able to escape from a possible contamination.

What happened in Planet Satien was horrible and indescribable. This sickness, called the virus of ambition, is known to you as cancer. It is important to point out that the sickness of cancer has different levels of manifestation, both psychological and material.

Psychological sicknesses can be closely compared to the sicknesses that attack the material cells. Sick thought-crystals cluster together, unify and work with very low frequency electric reflexes. After becoming compressed, psychic-cancer spreads through the brain and ends up in what you call madness. The same thing happens in the sick cells in matter-cancer.

* * * * * *
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 …this, will continue tomorrow…
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Book 1:

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BooK   1:

Enlace a Primera Página – El SER UNO  

BOOk    2: 

PLANET 3.3.3.

Ser Uno, Guardianes de Tera,Planeta3.3.3. 


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 . Being One is a book of self-knowledge. It should be read in order: it would be useless to read it haphazardly, because that would not give the expected result. His reading will be opening and connecting the brain circuits of knowledge, understanding and love.


Meditate on it, review it … study it … …let go of old ideas and lessons …study the new  .

Being ONE

  ^ ^ ^ 

What is unconditional love and why is it so elusive for many? It is a love that does not judge, defends or distinguish between any living creature that enters your neighborhood. It is a love that embraces all creation as emanating from the heart of Father-Mother God, the Source of Creation, that which created matter and has placed in the dark matter of the Universe expanding.


 Unconditional love is beyond understanding the small packaging and divided mind , qualifies and categorized. Unconditional love is the love that surpasses all understanding and simply is, in itself, pure, upright and spotless. It is the essence of your Higher Self. It is the true essence of themselves, stripped of all that is not the Self .

” I love you unconditionally , and turn on the Violet Fire in the emanation you’re sending to me. Bless you too, find that I am gaining peace in the new and expanded version of my Being. “


Many are beginning to wake up and realize they need to love themselves . This is very difficult for many as they have remained in the shadows of doubt and hate themselves for a long time, often without understanding the core issues or reasons for such feelings. The finding love and self-respect is merely a step on the path to self-mastery . If you feel that you can not even love themselves, learn to accept themselves as they are, and will release his future to love. Love flows from the heart of creation, but you can not feel this connection and this flow until the source is connected with the source of love within his own heart center.




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miércoles, 9 de julio de 2014


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18 de febrero de 2012

Esta es una canalización para la activación de Santa Fe y el Templo Arcturiano que hay allí.

Shalom. Shalom. Shalom.
Saludos, soy Juliano, somos los arcturianos.
Hoy estamos reunidos para hacer de este día un día sagrado y especial. Ahora ustedes tienen el poder de hacer energía sagrada. Este es un gran don que ustedes, las semillas estelares, tienen ahora porque ustedes están llevando consigo energía de quinta dimensión, ustedes llevan consigo pensamientos de quinta dimensión y sus pensamientos de quinta dimensión tienen poderes y efectos enormes sobre la tercera dimensión.

Hoy estamos reunidos para hacer de Santa Fe una Ciudad Planetaria de Luz. Ahora hay muchas semillas estelares del Grupo de Cuarenta alrededor de la ciudad. Santa Fe ya era, antes de este momento, un lugar muy especial. Pero ahora, con la activación de esta ciudad, está poniéndose en su lugar como un portal de quinta dimensión. Así que yo doy la bienvenida a las semillas estelares arcturianas que ahora están alrededor de la ciudad. Yo pido a todas las personas que están escuchando ahora que, por favor, envíen su luz a las semillas estelares, que ahora, por favor, envíen su luz a toda la ciudad de Santa Fe. Porque Santa Fe va a llegar a ser una Ciudad Planetaria de Luz muy importante para el planeta. Escuchen este tono y sentirán la energía vibracional de Santa Fe.


Santa Fe, te damos la bienvenida como Ciudad Planetaria de Luz. En este momento hay personas alrededor de la ciudad, en el Norte, el Sur, el Este y el Oeste. En este momento han enterrado cristales especiales. Y ahora ellas, que son las semillas estelares alrededor de Santa Fe, están conectadas con todas las semillas estelares que están en esta conferencia telefónica. Y nosotros creamos, con nuestros pensamientos, un campo de luz de quinta dimensión alrededor de toda la ciudad de Santa Fe. Es una hermosa frecuencia de luz blanca de quinta dimensión.


La frecuencia de luz va por debajo del suelo de Sant Fe. Va siguiendo un gran círculo alrededor de la ciudad. Y ahora pido que todos envíen su luz y envíen sus pensamientos mientras nosotros elevamos la ciudad. Nosotros elevamos la ciudad a la quinta dimensión.

Al contar hasta tres envíen su luz y su apoyo para elevar la ciudad como una gran cesta elevándose. Uno, dos, tres, ahora.

Toda la ciudad de Santa Fe es elevada etéricamente por encima del suelo. Y con nuestros pensamientos elevamos mucho más la ciudad a través de un corredor y por este corredor va a la quinta dimensión.

La luz de la quinta dimensión está interactuando con Santa Fe. El campo de energía etérica de Santa Fe ahora está en la quinta dimensión y nosotros empezamos a titilar la luz y la energía de Santa Fe en la quinta dimensión.


La luz etérica de quinta dimensión de Santa Fe está titilando. Y ahora la luz de tercera dimensión de la Santa Fe física empieza a titilar. Y nosotros empezamos a bajar la ciudad, la Santa Fe etérica de quinta dimensión, y vuelve a bajar a la tercer dimensión. Ahora desciende lentamente a la tercera dimensión y Santa Fe, como una ciudad de tercera dimensión, titila.


Ahora Santa Fe está activada como una Ciudad Planetaria de Luz. Santa Fe tendrá un Cociente de Luz Espiritual muy elevado. Muchas más personas elevadas espiritualmente serán atraídas y todos en esta ciudad también experimentarán una elevación de su vibración. Santa Fe va a ser una Ciudad Planetaria de Luz internacional. Por favor, mediten conmigo brevemente mientras sentimos e interactuamos con la gran luz de quinta dimensión que ahora Santa Fe está emitiendo. Estaremos en silencio durante uno o dos minutos.


Ahora pasaremos a activar el Templo Arcturiano que ha sido construido en Sant Fe. Yo, Juliano, estoy muy contento con el trabajo que muchas personas han realizado durante años trabajando con el Templo Arcturiano. La energía del Templo Arcturiano ha sido internacional. El propósito del Templo Arcturiano es anclar luz de quinta dimensión en el planeta. La idea es que es Templo Arcturiano proveerá un enfoque para sostener el campo de pensamiento de la Tierra de quinta dimensión en la Tierra de tercera dimensión.

Nosotros, en Arcturo, tenemos meditadores del templo a tiempo completo porque entendemos que el campo de pensamiento es el que mantiene unida la dimensión. Los campos de pensamiento deben ser fuertes para sostener una gran luz. Los campos de pensamiento de un planeta son el fundamento más importante para mantener todas las cosas fuertes. Nosotros nos hemos dado cuenta de que es de mucha ayuda tener un templo para que las personas que estén haciendo las meditaciones tengan un punto donde enfocarse. Entonces el templo crea un vórtice poderoso de luz. Por supuesto que podría haber varios Templos Arcturianos en el planeta, pero este de Santa Fe tiene las capacidades de proporcionar gran luz y grandes energías. Yo voy a pedir a mi amigo Tomar que dirija la energía de activación para este Templo Arcturiano de Santa Fe.


Saludos, soy Tomar.
Soy una sanador arcturiano y soy un maestro del templo arcturiano. Estamos trabajando para anclar luz de quinta dimensión arcturiana en la Tierra. Este templo de Santa Fe es una base principal para sostener luz de quinta dimensión. Ahora yo, Tomar, estoy en mi Templo Arcturiano en Arcturo. Y yo tengo a diez de mis amigos y colegas arcturianos sentados en un círculo en nuestro templo de quinta dimensión. Y mientras nosotros estamos meditando ahora estamos sosteniendo la luz y la imagen del Templo Arcturiano de Santa Fe. Y nosotros, los Maestros del Templo Arcturiano, estamos enviando un cristal de luz de activación al Templo Arcturiano de Sant Fe. En nuestro templo nosotros tenemos este hermoso cristal. Y ahora nosotros, en Arcturo, en nuestro templo, elevamos este cristal y creamos un doble etérico de quinta dimensión de este cristal en nuestro templo. Y yo, Tomar, con mis colegas arcturianos, estoy enviando este cristal etérico de quinta dimensión directamente al Templo Arcturiano de Santa Fe. Y ahora este cristal que estoy enviando está a 20 pies por encima del Templo Arcturiano de Santa Fe. Ahora, ustedes y yo y todos los amigos arcturianos, vamos a bajar este cristal etérico al centro del Templo Arcturiano de Santa Fe. Y aquéllos que están sentados en el Templo Arcturiano de Santa Fe prepárense para recibir la bajada de este cristal.

Uno, dos, tres, ahora.
El cristal etérico baja lentamente al Templo Arcturiano de Santa Fe.


El cristal, el cristal etérico, ha entrado en el Templo Arcturiano de Santa Fe. Ahora el Templo Arcturiano de Santa Fe está activado. Y ahora este templo está conectado conmigo, Tomar, y yo seré el guardián y supervisor de este hermoso Templo Arcturiano de Santa Fe. Pero sepan que también habrá energías del Triángulo Sagrado, por lo que habrá muchos guías y maestros del Triángulo Sagrado que estarán allí trabajando con esta hermosa energía. Esto incluye a Saint Germain, incluye a Sananda, Jefe Águila Blanca, Kwan Yin y también a Jefe Corazón de Búfalo. Por supuesto que habrá otros junto a ellos.
Yo felicito a Santa Fe y a las personas que han creado este espacio del templo.
Soy Tomar. Y ahora les dejo de nuevo con Juliano.

Soy Juliano. Yo les felicito por estas dos activaciones y por su gran trabajo. Ahora haremos un breve descanso y pediré al canal que lea otra carta.
Soy Juliano.

David: Ahora vamos a leer una breve carta para Biorelatividad. Es de Pauline Taylor, que es la coordinadora de Biorelatividad en Alemania. Ella escribe: “Yo veo que aún hay un tiempo severo en Europa, hay inundaciones y muchos deslizamientos en Filipinas donde también hay terremotos, ahora también hay muchos ciclones formándose y matando a personas en Madagascar, y ha habido grandes inundaciones en Australia y Fiji. Sé que hay muchos terremotos alrededor del Anillo de Fuego, pero ahora me gustaría que hubiera una Biorelatividad para las tormentas en el mundo, las tormentas de nieve, los ciclones, etc.” Ella también escribe que: “Yo he leído en su libro que Juliano dice que hay agujeros en el aura de la Tierra sobre Pakistán, Irán e Irak”. Y yo, David, quiero añadir Siria, porque creo que todos podemos estar de acuerdo en que también hay un agujero en el aura sobre Siria. También me gustaría hacer una gran meditación para toda esta gran área otra vez.

Así que, ahora, en este momento, haremos un ejercicio de Biorelatividad para las tormentas alrededor del mundo de modo que se vuelvan más tranquilas, más calmadas. Y también por los cierres de los agujeros del aura alrededor de Oriente Medio. Entonces conectaremos con Mordechai en Israel, que desde la pasada noche aún está enviando su luz y energía al Anillo de la Ascensión.

Shalom. Shalom. Shalom.
Saludos, soy Juliano.

Ahora nosotros entendemos lo que significa ser una semilla estelar, ya que ustedes son trabajadores, son sanadores planetarios. Ustedes están ayudando a crear el campo de energía correcto para la sanación planetaria. Y ahora nosotros estamos trabajando con ustedes para hacer una sanación de Biorelatividad. En Biorelatividad la idea es: Nosotros podemos comunicarnos con el espíritu de la Tierra. El espíritu de la Tierra controla el sistema del bucle de retroalimentación de la Tierra. Y ahora esta unión que hacemos hoy es muy fuerte. Nosotros tenemos la habilidad de crear comunicación de pensamiento con el espíritu de la Tierra. Y nos gustaría comunicar una disminución de las tormentas, nos gustaría decirle a la Tierra que nos gustaría que las tormentas disminuyeran su fuerza. Nos gustaría decir esto: “Que esto sea para el bien supremo si está en el bien supremo. Si es para el bien supremo, Madre Tierra, por favor disminuye el poder de las tormentas, el poder de los terremotos.”

Yo, Juliano, elevo el cristal etérico del Volcán Poas, en Costa Rica, elevo el cristal etérico del Lago Puelo y elevo el cristal etérico de Bodensee en Alemania. Y yo pido que cada uno de ustedes envíe sus pensamientos de Biorelatividad a cada uno de estos cristales etéricos. Y aquéllos de ustedes que están ahora en el Templo Arcturiano de Santa Fe pueden comunicarse directamente con el espíritu de la Tierra y enviar este pensamiento: “Tierra, disminuye la fuerza de las tormentas” y piensen en la palabra “tranquilidad, tranquilidad”. Y envíen estos pensamientos a los cristales etéricos. Estaremos en meditación mientras todos piensan en la palabra “tranquilidad”. Y cada uno de ustedes conecten con el cristal etérico que sientan más próximo en su corazón. Ahora estaremos en silencio durante uno o dos minutos.


Que las tormentas de la Tierra se tranquilicen. Que los terremotos de la Tierra se tranquilicen. Que el Anillo de Fuego se tranquilice. Que la sequía del Norte de México se suavice, que llegue más lluvia al Norte de México. Que todas las inundaciones disminuyan en otras partes del mundo.

Y ahora conecten sus energías con Mordechai en Jerusalén, que ahora está conectado con el Anillo de la Ascensión alrededor del planeta. Y ahora cada uno de nosotros puede viajar a través del Anillo de la Ascensión e ir sobre Irak e Irán y Pakistán. Y también a Siria. Y a Afganistán. Y usen sus poderes de pensamiento para cerrar los agujeros del aura alrededor de la Tierra. Y viajen alrededor del Anillo de la Ascensión hasta Fukushima, en Japón. En Fukushima todavía hay un agujero en el aura, donde el año pasado ocurrió el accidente nuclear. Y ahora usen sus poderes de pensamiento para cerrar el agujero en esa aura. Ahora, con el Anillo de la Ascensión, viajen alrededor del planeta y allí donde vean que hay un agujero en el aura pueden ayudar a cerrarlo. Y permitan que la paz y la armonía y la salud se transmitan por todo el planeta y al aura de la Tierra.


Ahora el Anillo de la Ascensión está proporcionando luz de sanación a todo el planeta. Gracias por su ayuda hoy, semillas estelares. Por favor, durante las próximas 24 horas, cuando tengan tiempo, continúen trabajando con el Anillo de la Ascensión, ayudando a sellar las auras, los agujeros en las auras, y enviando energía de tranquilidad a todas las tormentas. Ahora los tres cristales etéricos empiezan a volver a la Tierra. Sepan que las tormentas disminuirán, especialmente en Europa. Y que volverá el patrón normal del clima.

Soy Juliano. Somos los Arcturianos. Buenos días.

A través de…

Traducido por David Arbizu

Publicado 21st February 2012 por Shanti
Etiquetas: Ciudades Planetarias de LuzJuliano

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Por Marilyn Raffaele
el 19 de febrero del 2012

Queridos, nosotros los saludamos en estos tiempos de tremenda actividad sucediendo por todo el mundo, a pesar de que ustedes no estén siempre concientes de eso.

Vemos mucho sucediendo con relación a la exposición de eventos que no llegan a ustedes. Muchos se están manifestando y muchos más están intentando manifestarse.

Es un tiempo nuevo para todos.

No se desanimen cuando leen sobre las muchas actividades de la negatividad, más, al contrario de eso, perciben que esas cuestiones están llegando al conocimiento de la Humanidad como una preparación, por así decir, para que surja más información.

Muchos quedarán shockeados al descubrir cómo son engañados por aquellos que hacen de cuenta que tienen en su corazón los mejores intereses de las personas, mientras tan sólo se dedican a su propio mejor interés.

Es un tiempo nuevo, queridos, entonces intenten relajarse y permitir que el proceso se desarrolle.

El curso natural de la mente humana es intentar arreglar las cosas, más la mente humana sólo puede operar a partir de lo que ha es conocido.

Nuevas ideas que aun son desconocidas para la mente humana están comenzando a manifestarse, representando la nueva conciencia superior que está ahora evolucionando en la Tierra.

Muchos que intentan generar esas nuevas ideas son colocados de lado por aquellos que creen que saben más, a pesar de que lo que ellos saben es antiguo.

Porque esas ideas, ahora obsoletas, funcionaron bien en el pasado, aquellos que aún están en la antigua energía consideran que esos métodos aún funcionarán.

“No puedes colocar vino nuevo en odres viejas”… estas soluciones no serán soluciones en la nueva conciencia que se expande.

La Humanidad precisa estar dispuesta a dejar morir todo lo que está acabado.

M muchas de sus almas iluminadas están silenciosamente trabajando entre bastidores para crear nuevas ideas – nuevos medios de negociación, cura, creatividad y gobierno; todas las actividades de la vida infundidas con amor y no con intereses propios.

Esas almas continúan trabajando constante y pacientemente en dirección de las metas superiores, a pesar de aquellos que buscan mantener el control basado en aquello que es antiguo y obsoleto.
Nosotros estamos hablando de confianza, queridos.

Confíen que, porque ustedes son uno con lo Divino, la manifestación de la Conciencia de la Fuente, todas las soluciones precisan ser incorporadas a esta Realidad autosustentada y autopreservada.

Es importante percibir que nosotros no hablamos de su “capa” humana – su parte que se olvidó de quién es y vive en la falsa densidad tridimensional de la dualidad y separación.

Nosotros hablamos de ese “diamante” siempre presente en su corazón que contiene la verdad de quién ustedes son – todo lo que Es. Que USTEDES siempre fueron y siempre serán porque está en ella y es de la Sustancia.

Ustedes pueden llamarla de Fuente, Dios, Absurdo o como ustedes quisieran llamarla, pues ella no tiene nombre – si ustedes pudieran darle un nombre o crear una imagen de ella en la mente humana, no es ella.

Una Conciencia Divina omnipresente, omnisciente, y omnipotente no puede estar contenida en la mente humana.

Esta es la sabiduría que es fortalecida en muchas enseñanzas y a través de las palabras de antiguos manuscritos desde el comienzo del tiempo.

A lo largo del tiempo, el hombre no iluminado, en su ignorancia, precisaba de un Dios que él pudiese entender y entonces él creó uno.

Con el pasar del tiempo, esta percepción humana material de Dios tomó muchas formas – en las iglesias y fuera de ellas, más siempre los creadores de mitos y sus seguidores han creído que solamente ellos tienen el único Dios real y todas las respuestas- esto hasta que otro aparezca con conceptos nuevos y mejores.

Nuevamente nosotros decimos: si ustedes pueden darle nombre, imaginar, ver o entender, no es ELLA.

Queridos, su trabajo es simplemente saber que ustedes están y son de este Desconocido Divino y que, por causa de esta verdad, ustedes corporifican todo lo que EL es.

La evolución es el despertar a , y la profundización de este conocimiento consciente hasta que él se vuelva su estado de conciencia.

Esto lleva tiempo, y es por eso que ustedes escogieron tener muchas vidas experimentando todo lo que ustedes podían, para emerger de todo lo que ustedes había creído, en su separación de todos, de todo y hasta de Dios.

Es por eso que estos tiempos son tan importantes y valiosos.

Ustedes finalmente ultrapasaron las muchas y muchas experiencias de separación y ahora están prontos para entrar en la percepción de su unidad con la Fuente.

La nueva energía es esto y lo que está sucediendo en la Tierra es esto.

La energía del mundo se está alterando hacia más luz, más verdad y más conciencia, si ustedes así lo eligen.

Siempre hay elección ( libre albedrío), y algunos están eligiendo permanecer en la energía de la dualidad y la separación. No los juzguen, ellos pueden aún no haber concluído sus lecciones tridimensionales.

Confíen, Confíen, Confíen.

“ Porque yo soy quien yo soy, yo confío que la totalidad y la perfección da aquello que YO SOY se manifestará como……”

La mente humana siempre quiere saber cómo las cosas van a terminar y entonces, cuando no me hago la idea de cómo van a terminar, me quedo temeroso.

Saber trae una sensación de seguridad, entonces la mente humana planea y demarca, presenta esquemas para hacer que las cosas funcionen del modo en que la conciencia individual cree que ellas deben funcionar.

Mientras… nada está funcionando del modo como funcionaba en el pasado porque la energía está cambiando.

La sustancia de la que esas formas fueron hechas ha cambiado.

Es por eso que la confianza precisa volverse su estado de conciencia.

En vez de agitarse y de preocuparse porque está como debería estar ( basados en el pasado), liberen esos conceptos y comiencen a percibir que …YO SOY mi suficiencia en todas las cosas.

Como esa suficiencia puede presentarse, puede no ser todo lo que se esperaba, más será lo que es necesario.

Nada es aleatorio, queridos, especialmente cuando ustedes están cambiándose para estados más profundos de conciencia. Ustedes están comenzando a entender que ustedes son de hecho los creadores.

Qué es lo que están creando?

Háganse esta pregunta, pues es importante entender que aquello en lo que ustedes creen, piensan o hablan tiene energía y es la sustancia de su mundo.

Es una gran imagen y mucho más será revelado conforme ustedes estén preparados. Por lo tanto, sólo sepan que ustedes son amados, orientados y que siempre tienen dentro de ustedes todo lo que es necesario en la Realidad de quienes ustedes son.

Esta es una jornada, queridos, sigan el camino que ustedes escogieron.

Nosotros somos el Grupo Arcturiano.


Traducción para Memorias de Arcturus y Andrómeda – Shanti
Publicado 20th February 2012 por LUZ ZOHAR

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samkaska: Merlin: Universe Bank:::International Brigades Fight in Eastern Ukraine :::

samkaska: Merlin: Universe Bank:::International Brigades Fight in Eastern Ukraine :::.

* * *

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Merlin: Universe Bank:::International Brigades Fight in Eastern Ukraine :::

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Merlin: Universe Bank
Image Credit
Channeled by Bob Fickes
Universe Bank: A Message from Merlin
2014 August 25th Mon

Well Blessings and Greetings to you my friends!
You all have so many things that you want to do in this life! The sheer volume of all your desires impresses me. You want to have it all! That’s great! But it does present a lot of pressure on your life doesn’t it?
What to do? How can you have everything that you want? This is a big question isn’t it?
Well, thank god that you have two lives! One life that is here. This is the life you know every day. It is what you do and what you cannot do. So much to learn and so many mistakes that make you stumble and fall. But this is not the only life you have.
You have another life beyond this world. Maybe you can call this the life of your soul. This is your real life and it goes on forever! The soul chooses each physical life and prepares for the part in detail. You decide before you come into a new body everything that you will do, everything that you want to learn, and everything that will challenge you and give you a headache!
Yes! My friends you choose your headaches too! All of this is chosen before you were born. It is part of the program you have created for your soul to learn and move up the ladder of evolution. Nobody forced you to choose these headaches! It was entirely up to you!
I think you know all about this, but I still hear you complain! Why, Merlin, do I have so many headaches? It seems that I have more headaches than my friends!
Ridiculous! No has more karma than someone else. Each semester you can only take a certain number of courses. No more. No less. What courses you take is your choice. Some of you were over confident and chose a number of difficult courses. I told you that it would be difficult, but you were convinced you could do it. Now you are here and have found out that your choices were more difficult than you thought!
You have forgotten what you promised. I think you have also forgotten about the Universe Bank.
Every time you do something good, you earn merit. This merit is stored in the Universe Bank. Every soul has an account in the Universe Bank! When you have good luck, it is because you withdrew some of your good merit.
Does this mean that now your savings account is less than it was before? Yes, that is exactly what it means. So choose your withdrawals carefully!
Will this account one day be empty? Yes, if you are not careful that can happen. But most of you are not that wreck less! You are careful what you do with your life and try to do your best every day.
Now once again my friends I must remind you that this is your savings account. When you withdraw you must refill! How do I do that Merlin?
Be happy and enjoy. Do good for good’s sake. No expectation. Don’t do something because you want something in return. Do it because you feel good doing it. If you feel good, your savings account will be refilled! But if you do good and are not happy, nothing goes into your savings account. If you do good without expecting anything in return, your savings will grow and be there for that time in your life when you need it.
Happiness is always generous. You must be generous with your happiness and generous with your love. Every time you make someone happy, you gain merit. Every time you give love to someone, you gain merit. One day when you need it the most, all that stored up happiness and love will come back to you.
This is the way of life. The savings you have in the Universe Bank is the key to a happy and successful life. Start to rebuild your savings today! Do good and be happy in everything you do. Face your challenges with a smile. If you forget, I will try my best to remind you! After all you are my friends and I want to see you happy and successful every day. Bless you my friends, and good day to you!

* * * 

Merlin: Farewell to What Was

Photo Credit

Message from Merlin Received from Julie Miller August 30, 2014

Let us pray for the many people that are soon to leave this world through death and to the many people that are learning to let go of their old self which is like a death as well.

Death doesn’t have to be all about sadness, when there is so much to learn and grow from death. As you leave your physical body, you are moving forward into a new life, with new hope and experiences to discover and for growth to help lead the way. As you let go of old ways of being and de-cluttering yourselves from old thought-forms and belief systems that are no longer providing the essential stimulation required to continue forging ahead you are allowing yourselves to be rebirthed into a being, a person that is adopting newer and fresher ways of being. You let go of the fears that were holding you back. You release to God, your loving Creator all the anxieties you have been carrying, and embrace with open arms, open heart and open mind all the new and wonderful experiences that are waiting for you.

Each of you are filled with so much magical purpose, regardless with tradition or beliefs you follow it is more than to appreciate the magic that is within you, you only have to see past all the delusions and recognize your own truth and how beautiful this truth is. The life you had, what you are leaving behind regardless if you are leaving your physical embodiment or letting go of old ways provides ample learning opportunities and none are gruesome or negative. It is important to let go of the old before you can bring in anything new. You cannot enter another life-stream or incarnation until you are done with this one. It is not something that needs to be feared, it is a fact of life. Lighten your spiritual and energetic load, remove and release all negative low energy ways of being and thinking, and through the energy of my own that I am sharing today, I will help guide you to more efficient and effective ways that are suited for you. Your journey to your new Self doesn’t have to be a lonely one and it is not. There are many wonderful beings with you, waiting for you to share your burdens as you leave this world or even when you are ready to let go of old belief systems, you have many helpers willing to share your burdens. You are loved endlessly by me, and you are loved most profoundly by God.

As you continue to move forward on your life journey that is filled with so many wonderfully rich spiritual experiences remember to let go, regenerate through the love you give to yourself first as you cannot love any other person without loving you. It is not selfish dear ones. It only harms if you take care of yourself last because if you wait until everyone else has been cared for, you will only find yourself too tired to self-heal.

Greet each situation with love, it is not has hard as you think and the more you practice this new way of greeting unexpected challenges, the easier and more natural this process becomes. Feel the blessings that have been bestowed upon each of you. Know dear ones it has been a divine pleasure to come through and share with all of you. Brightest Blessings to One and All

I AM Merlin through Julie Miller

* * * 


Let us raise our voice, all together: Stop the war !


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International Brigades Fight in Eastern Ukraine
by Georgi Stankov Posted on August 31, 2014

Georgi Stankov, August 30, 2014

Few of you may remember or have heard about the legendary international brigades that were composed of progressive, anti-fascist forces from all countries of the world that came to Spain during the civil war to fight against the fascist forces of Franco, supported by the German Nazis and the Italian fascists of Mussolini and to save democracy. This was a mortal battle between the forces of light and darkness that anticipated WW2, and it is regretful to say that the forces of darkness gained the upper hand in this conflict.

Franco reigned till the 80s upon a stifled and degraded, once so proud Spanish nation that cannot recover from this dark past until the present day, when it has been hit one more time by the worst depression in Europe since WW2, which was triggered by the same dark forces in the US financial metropolis – the Wall Street banks in New York. There is much to be said about this dark chapter in European history and I still remember the shocking poverty, which I encountered in Andalusia when I first visited Spain in the 80s.

This is what Wikipedia has to say about the famous international brigades in Spain during the civil war:

“The International Brigades (Spanish: Brigadas Internacionales) were military units made up of volunteers from different countries, who traveled to Spain to fight for the Second Spanish Republic in the Spanish Civil War between 1936 and 1939. The number of combatant volunteers has been estimated at between 32,000–35,000… They came from a claimed “53 nations” to fight against the Spanish Falangist (fascist) forces led by General Francisco Franco who was assisted by German and Italian forces…. Many Italians, Germans, and people from other countries joined the movement, with the idea that combat in Spain was a first step to restore democracy or advance a revolutionary cause in their own country…”

Some of you may have read the famous book of Ernest Hemingway “For Whom the Bells Toll” or seen the impressive film based on this novel with Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman in the main roles that was nominated for 9 National Academy Awards and won one. It tells the story of Robert Jordan, a young American in the International Brigades attached to a republican guerrilla unit during the Spanish Civil War. As a dynamiter, he is assigned to blow up a bridge during an attack on the city of Segovia.

There is another bestseller on the Spanish war, written by a Bulgarian writer, which I studied at school and this novel decisively influenced my mind as a young man. It is impossible to relate to Non-Europeans (and even to most Europeans) nowadays the symbolic importance and incredible enthusiasm (this word comes from Greek “in theos” which means “be in God”), which the recruitment of the international brigades for the Spanish civil war evoked in the minds and hearts of several generations progressively thinking Europeans.

This international movement was the most prominent political response of the masses in the West and East (Soviet Union) to the emerging Nazis and Fascist menace. These stooges of the dark cabal intended already at that time to establish the NWO, which was then named “A Thousand Years Reich” by Hitler in Germany or the revival of the Roman Empire by Mussolini in Italy.

It was a mortal battle between the forces of light and darkness, when the forces of darkness gained the upper hand in this bloody civil war, instigated by the German Nazis and Mussolini’s fascists, who were sponsored by the Rothschilds, Schroeders and the other usual suspects – the 13 ruling Reptilian families – that have so far dominated and enslaved humanity within the old matrix.

The bloody Spanish civil war was ingeniously depicted by Picasso in his famous painting Guernica that denounces all wars as insanity:

“It was created in response to the bombing of Guernica, a Basque Country village in northern Spain, by German and Italianwarplanes at the behest of the Spanish Nationalist forces on 26 April 1937 during the Spanish Civil War. Guernica shows the tragedies of war and the suffering it inflicts upon individuals, particularly innocent civilians. This work has gained a monumental status, becoming a perpetual reminder of the tragedies of war, an anti-war symbol, and an embodiment of peace. Upon completion, Guernicawas displayed around the world in a brief tour, becoming famous and widely acclaimed. This tour helped bring the Spanish Civil War to the world’s attention.” (Wikipedia)

The Spanish civil war was the first mortal battle between dark and light, which the dark forces won, and anticipated WW2, when Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy were superficially defeated by the Western Alliance, summoned hastily by the 13 ruling Reptilian families, when Hitler turned against them and started bombing England. These same reckless Reptilians, who had previously sponsored the German Nazis and the Italian fascists, helped these latter dark entities again to infiltrate the US secret services during the Cold War and revive their dream of the “Thousand Years Reich” into an even more insidious plan of the NWO, this time as a bellicose “Pax Americana“.

The German Nazi Henry Kissinger, one of the most prominent leaders of the Western cabal, has only yesterday published an overt apology on behalf of the dark cabal’s plan to install a NWO under the pretext that the old order that has been bombed by the USA – the self-proclaimed gendarme of the world – in a perennial fake war campaign of spreading democracy and nation building no longer works:

Henry Kissinger on the Assembly of a New World Order

This article only illustrates the profound desperation of the ruling cabal who now know that they have lost everything, but still can’t abstain from making mischief in their final suicidal agony.

History repeats in cycles and always under a slightly different disguise. The Spanish civil war is a paradigm of the Ukraine conflict. Here a criminal Nazi-Putsch regime has been installed with the help of the Western Cabal in Washington, London, Brussels and Berlin in order to encircle Russia and eliminate the only obstacle to the NWO. They instigated their dark minions in Kiev to unleash a bloody civil war against their own people in the Southeastern provinces of Ukraine, who rightfully rejected this criminal regime that came in to power after ousting the legitimate, democratically elected President and government by the Ukraine people. And this was done by deliberately killing hundreds of innocent civilians and soldiers in sniper attacks that were committed by the Western Nazi stooges and with the help of CIA mercenaries and secret agent provocateurs, blaming then heinously Janukovich for this crime.

This is where history repeats again. The light gestalt Putin and the Russian population of Ukraine now wage another mortal battle against the dark minions of the Western cabal in Washington, London, Brussels and Berlin as once in Spain. Only Rome seems to be absent in this criminal gang, but who really knows.

This battle is representative of the bigger battle, which we, the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Galaxy, have already fought in the last years and have brilliantly won. Now it is the turn of the awakening ripe and old souls to experience this resolution through confrontation and to defeat symbolically the forces of darkness in one final physical battle. And above all reigns the old soul and walk-in Putin, the light gestalt, who has our full energetic and moral support.

That is why the Russian patriots are gaining now the upper hand in this bloody conflict that has already caused the death of thousands of innocent civilians and children and the exodus of more than a million people to Russia, while the Kiev’s Nazi battalions supported by CIA instructors and mercenaries are bombing their cities and villages, instead of talking democracy and federalization to their compatriots.

To complete this historical process, only today RT has published an article confirming the existence of international brigades in Southeastern Ukraine, which many experts, including myself, suspected or knew, but did not mention so far, as not to further kindle this already very bloody conflict.

However, the current political processes are irreversible. They are heading for an inevitable culmination and resolution through final confrontation between the forces of light and darkness. And guess what, this time the forces of light will be the winner. This is the divine plan for this mother planet in these End Times.

And here is the RT article on the international brigades, fighting hand in hand with the Russian patriots against the criminal and bloody Nazi regime in Kiev and thus against the dark Western cabal, who want to throw and decimate the entire humanity into a devastating World War Three. But this will not happen on this timeline as we are also here with our full soul essence:

‘United Continent’: European volunteers fighting Kiev troops in Eastern Ukraine,
RT, August 30, 2014

European volunteers are streaming into Ukraine to join the fighting on both sides. While Kiev’s forces are beefed up with mercenaries from private military companies, Europeans have also come to defend the rebel Donbass region of their own free will.

One of the latest reinforcements of anti-Kiev troops in Eastern Ukraine are four French ex-serviceman who have come to fight this war, thousands of kilometers from home.

“It’s our war. It’s everybody’s war, it’s every European’s war,” Guillaume, a French fighter in Ukraine defending the Donbass region, told RT’s Paula Slier.

Another volunteer, 25-year-old Nikola, used to be a professional soldier with the elite French mountain troops for five years. Now he’s putting his skills to good use in Ukraine. Alongside a contingent of other foreign volunteers, he’s training anti-Kiev forces in urban guerilla warfare.

“These are people’s militias, these are not mercenaries or professional soldiers, so they need instruction,”Nikola told RT.

“They really have the motivation, whereas the Kiev army, which is a kind of puppet of NATO, they don’t have any motivation whatsoever,” Nikola said. “We have seen them before. They are very much unmotivated and they do not really know why they are fighting, and against whom they are fighting, so that is our main strength.”

French fighter Nikola. Screenshot from RT video

The French volunteer explained that the presence of European volunteers among Ukraine’s rebels carrying out what they call “a military operation for protecting civilians” in the country’s east is symbolic.

“For many of these people from the west, it’s their first time to come and defend what is considered by western governments a bad cause, or the bad guys’ cause. So it’s very important to show that people from the west are distinct from their governments and they are ready to come and fight and risk their lives to defend another world,” Nikola said.

And more and more overseas fighters are signing up and joining the anti-Kiev troops.

See Video:
RT’s Paula Slier found out that volunteers are coming to the Donetsk frontline not just from France, but also from Spain, Poland, Israel and the United Kingdom.

Aleksey Mozgovoy, the commander of ‘Prizrak’ (Ghost) brigade from the Lugansk Region said in an interview to the news outlet that in his 1,000-strong battalion there are fighters from Bulgaria, Slovakia and Germany.

One of the largest international forces fighting against Kiev’s troops is a unit of volunteers from Serbia, according to the interview. The ‘Jovan Shevich’ squadron allegedly consists of 250 fighters and is actively operating in the Lugansk Region.

Milutin Malisic, a member of a Serbian Chetnik paramilitary group. (Reuters / Thomas Peter)

Earlier this week, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, revealed in an interview to Russian media that up to 4,000 Russian citizens, many of them ex-servicemen, have joined anti-government fighters during Kiev’s crackdown in Ukraine’s east.

“Without them, it would hard for us to go on with our fighting,” Zakharchenko said, stressing that at the moment many of Russian citizens have already returned back home.

The latest developments in the warfare in Eastern Ukraine, where up to 7,000 Ukrainian troops and National Guards units have been entrapped in three separate encirclements, give hope to the rebel forces.

“We believe that the Ukrainian army will not be able to last until winter or even fall, because each day that goes by they lose money, they lose motivation, they lose manpower, they lose ammo. So each day that goes by, they grow weaker, while we grow stronger,” French fighter Guillaume told RT.

Europe now finds itself between a rock and a hard place: What to do as more of its young men sign up to fight against its ally?

“Legally, we do not see what the French government can do to us because first of all, we are not paid, so we’re not mercenaries, we’re not terrorists, we’re not jihadists, and of course it’s a mission of information, it’s a political mission, it’s a mission of soft power,” Victor Lenfa, Commander of the French team in Ukraine, told RT.

Commander of the French team in Ukraine Victor Lenfa. Screenshot from RT video

And this mission is growing stronger as a brigade of Western volunteers is now being put together under the name “United Continent.”
Foreign mercenaries in Kiev’s service

After the UN Security Council on Thursday blocked Russia’s statement calling for a ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine under a completely frivolous pretext, Russia’s envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin had a heated debate with colleagues from the US and Ukraine, who again accused Russia of a full-scale invasion as a large number of Russian volunteers are fighting in Ukraine.

Vitaly Churkin fired back, saying that nobody ever tried to hide the presence of Russian volunteers, urging Washington to acknowledge the presence of US advisers in Kiev and why mercenaries from private military companies are waging war in Ukraine.

“Maybe our American colleagues can tell us what tens of American advisers are busy with in the headquarters of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine [in Kiev]? Let them tell us how many American mercenaries from the so-called “security provider” companies are fighting [in Ukraine], thousands of kilometers from their home ground?” demanded Churkin, not forgetting to mention first-rate US-made armaments observed in Ukrainian units.

Exactly one month ago, Russia’s Rossyiskaya Gazeta daily quoted Igor Strelkov, the former Defense Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, who claimed that as of the end of July, self-defense militia had eliminated up to 330 mercenaries representing a number of foreign private military companies.

Strelkov specified the casualties from each of them, saying that Polish private military company ASBS (Analizy Systemowe Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz) Othago lost 139 mercenaries, American Greystone Ltd, a subsidiary of Vehicle Services Company LLC belonging to Blackwater/ XE/Academi, lost 40 fighters, while Academi itself lost 125 personnel.


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▶ Oversoul Teachings: You’ve Crossed the Starting Line August-28-2014 – YouTube

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Oversoul Teachings: You’ve Crossed the Starting Line
Aug28 by Wes Annac

Photo credit:

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

The higher connections you can make are stronger than we could hope to express, and realizing just how able you are to make these connections will help many of you find the motivation that seems missing. If you’re motivated or willing enough, you can complete any and every creative venture you decide to take up, but it’s essential that you don’t give up.

Instead of giving up, you can strengthen and increase your efforts to successfully complete any given creative project, and as long as you aren’t willing to give up or admit ‘defeat’, you’ll find that you’re infinitely capable of doing anything and everything.

Your willingness and dedication are very important, and whether you’re dedicated to a particular creative work or the overall ascension path, the work that results from this dedication will help you and everyone around you find a higher vibration and enjoy the perceptual wonders that result.

In reality, it doesn’t matter what you choose to dedicate yourselves to, as long as it helps humanity.

Inability Isn’t Permanent

As long as your work helps the conscious public and the rest of your planet find a higher state of consciousness, little else matters. You could do any given creative work, and as long as you’re committed to it, you’d be able to do it with ease.

The ego will attempt to convince you you’re somehow unable to do the things you embrace, and in many cases, this can be caused because of your initial inability to do them, which, of course, isn’t permanent.

Any seeming inability only exists because you haven’t yet explored your range of ability in the creative avenue it’s related to, and if you haven’t practiced an ability, you can’t expect to be great at it overnight. As long as you refuse to give up, even when it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to do anything significant or helpful, the creative, masterful flow you seek will make its way to you.

You simply have to be willing to receive it, and if you aren’t, you won’t receive the fruits your dedication could’ve otherwise produced.

A lot is happening on your planet, and much of it is difficult to describe through earthly scribes.

The ongoing turmoil in the Middle East is clearing out centuries of old energies that have remained stagnant and fed in this area, and even though the violence playing out would, at first glance, seem only to feed such devastating energies, a monumental clearing is taking place and the ongoing conflict has its part to play in it.

It can be difficult to understand that everything playing out is for a very real and needed purpose, and the things happening in the Middle East and plenty of other places aren’t necessarily pointless or random.

Of course, it seems this way when viewed from your perspective, but from our perspective, every soul who loses their life or sustains heavy injury has agreed to play the role they’re playing, and many people are paying off large karmic debts with the things they’re experiencing.

This certainly isn’t a reason for turmoil to continue unchecked, of course, but when it seems like darkness and chaos rule the day, know that everything is happening for a reason. Darkness and chaos don’t really rule, but it’s easy to convince oneself they do if one doesn’t understand the greater significance behind them.

One of the reasons war and chaos continue to plague your planet is because, for the most part, the people haven’t yet arisen and made their voices heard on the necessity to end war, violence, and various other things that keep your society enmeshed in your current paradigm.

Widespread protests are starting to occur that put the focus on ending war and violence, and while a lot of potent and needed progress has been made in this avenue, the rest of humanity still remains to rise up and proclaim your dissatisfaction with the current manner in which your planet is run.

Protest is important from our perspective, but it can’t be the only effort you make.

You hold yourselves back if you stick to one method of creating change, and if you want to create direct, outer changes, it’s essential to do the inner work that’s required to put yourselves on a loving, compassionate vibration, which you can use to start spiritually healing your planet.

Counteracting War and Negative Energy

We’ve said before that we recommend a balance of physical and spiritual work, and you can counteract the negative energy being funneled into your collective consciousness with waves of light, which you’re starting to realize you can bring through.

You can counteract physical war with physical protest, and you can counteract the negative energy that drives such war with potent inner work. Your abilities as lightworkers are stronger than most of you think, and if you wanted to, you could become the most effective lightworkers your planet has ever seen.

As we give this message, plenty of worldwide meditations for peace have taken place that aimed to put the world’s focus on everything about your planet that needs transcended if you want to enter the light.

Peace is an essential aspect of the creation of your positive future, as is justice, and whether or not you take part in any coordinated meditation event, you’re encouraged to pray and meditate for peace, love, joy, harmony and myriad other positive, uplifting qualities every day.

The potency of the energy you’ll send out is inexpressible, and needless to say, you’d affect your planet and collective consciousness very strongly if you meditated on peace daily.

Your energy (and how you choose to use it) is very important, and realizing its importance is the first step embracing it and producing as much pure and inspired spiritual work as you feel you can.

A lot of direct, physical changes need made to your planet, but these changes can’t happen if humanity isn’t aligned with a higher vibration on the inside.

Your work to bring humanity into the light is becoming increasingly potent as you continue to feel motivated and inspired to do whatever’s required to transform your planet, and as long as you’re willing to match any outer changes that are made with the appropriate inner changes, everything will flow smoothly.

Some of you feel like you’re only on the earth to do the inner work that’s required while you watch others do the outer work, and there’s nothing wrong with this. Everyone has their role to play in the construction of your new society, and nobody will be left out in this time of individual and planetary transformation.

Everyone will eventually find what works for them and pursue it with might and ferocity, and your efforts will eventually lead to the amazing changes you’ve heard so much about, which the fabled ‘disclosure’ announcements will have a lot to do with.

There’s a lot you haven’t been told, and we look forward to the time when the individual and collective veil of illusion and unknowing is peeled away from your minds and hearts. You have a lot to learn, and your ability to learn these things hinges on your willingness.

In fact, the same can be said with every aspect of your life. Your ability to do anything successfully is hinged on how willing and able you are to do it, and this takes us back to the importance of dedication and commitment.

We’ll repeat that you can do literally anything you want, as long as you’re willing enough to do it and not to give up in the face of the aforementioned, perceived inability.

You’re limitless receptors for the energy and inspiration of Source, and tapping into your infinite, omnipotent energy will motivate many of you to start making the most potent inner and outer changes that need made so you can transform your perception and see what the other side of the veil has to offer.

Many of you are piercing this veil with enthusiasm, and you’re given a wealth of assistance from your higher selves and guides with finding a higher state of consciousness, transmuting the ‘demons’ that have held many of you back, and various other things that are relevant to your ascension and the new society you’re creating.

Society Will Be Seen in a New Light

For this new society to be built, war and hatred will have to cease completely, and we’re confident that this’ll happen as humanity continues to become aware of the necessity to live in peace and cease your old ways of division and hatred, which have only held you back.

When humanity becomes aware of the existence of spirit, which’ll help peel away the collectively enforced illusion, a lot of things about your current society will be seen in a new light. The various aspects of your society that keep you in a low state of consciousness will be understood for what they are, and television will never be looked at the same again.

You’ll learn that television was hijacked a long ‘time’ ago to hold you back and keep you in a mentally dull/numb state of consciousness, and ignorance of the cabal’s agenda to dumb humanity down will be replaced with a widespread understanding of this agenda and the role television’s meant to play in it.

We’re happy to let you know, however, that television, like everything else, will transform. Slowly yet surely, positive news stories, television shows and movies are emerging that help awaken humanity, even if only a little bit, to the existence of spirit and everything else you have to learn.

Negative news stories/TV shows/movies about your galactic family will grow to be replaced with positive, truthful stories, and the purposeful ignorance your media has fed will be scrapped in favor of widespread, collective awareness of everything you need to learn before you can construct your new society with an open spiritual understanding.

You have so much to learn, dearest children, and you’ll learn these things in due time if you continue to work as hard as you can, producing pure, spiritually inspired work for the rest of your planet to benefit from.

Your work is as important as any other aspect of your heavenly future, and we encourage you to get active with the knowledge you carry within, using it to help everyone gain similar knowledge.

We continue to watch you strive to do what you can to contribute to your new society with love in our one heart and appreciation for everything you’ve done, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with the utmost love and support for your efforts so far.

Your efforts will increase as your motivation to contribute to your future increases, and soon enough, all of humanity will actively contribute to your new society and the immense things that need done to bring it about.

Your planet’s health will become a very important aspect of the future you seek to create, and the conscious public will pioneer the most important changes that need made, with help from the Company of Heaven. Your future has already begun, and we say with love that you’re the ones who’ve started it.

You’ve crossed the starting line and you’re now running the race, so pace yourselves – you’ll eventually get there. Strive to complete the race, of course, but know that you don’t have to strive so hard that you bring yourselves out of your loving center.

Remain in your center as you do the work that’s required to complete this race, and know that you’re endlessly loved and supported by every soul in the higher realms who looks upon humanity with love.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

(Permission is given to spread this post far and wide, as long as the following bio is included.)

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Oversoul Teachings, The Golden Age of Gaia,, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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World of Lies
by Georgi Stankov Posted on August 29, 2014

Georgi Stankov, August 29, 2014

The current Orion matrix is entirely based on lies and deception. There is almost nothing else. That is why it is so difficult to discern the truth behind this illusory reality. This has been a leitmotif in all my writings. Everybody who tries to reveal the truth on this most toxic planet is immediately discarded by his environment and at the political level as a madman and/or “conspiracist”. In fact, all conspiracy theories have been proven so far to be true, while all official versions of the ruling cabal – outrageous lies.

This is what we observe today with respect to the Ukraine conflict. The whole war-mongering campaign of the West against Russia and Putin is based entirely on blunt lies, insinuations and obvious deceptions. Most of these lies were revealed as such only to be dropped and replaced with new ones. The downing of the Malaysian flight MH17 was such a lie of the West that could not hold the scrutiny of the critical observers and the facts presented by Russia and was quickly dropped – swept with a huge broom under the carpet of collective forgetfulness.

We know how short the memory of the US and Western citizens is – less than 10 seconds and their faculty of discernment is less evolved than that of a newborn child. Hence the Western population dwells all the time in a kind of collective dementia praecox.

We remember well how the US and NATO countries put forward the lie about the use of chemical weapons by Assad in Syria, as I have written many articles about this issue last summer. The US foreign minister Kerry repeated this false accusation 35 times last year with great pathos. This was the red line of Obama, which he himself arbitrarily set in order to justify the planned bombing of Syria.

Only after Russia and Assad resolved the issue with the chemical weapons in a very constructive way and also proved that it were the Islamic insurgents supported by the West, who used chemical weapons sponsored by the Saudi Arabia to provoke US intervention, was this lie dropped like a hot potato by the Western liar-states. This is the perennial catalog of Western lies that have always determined world politics.

It has always been so in this Orion matrix. Only that the people with a soul fragment (the empty, soulless duplicates comprising roughly 90% of the world population are devoid of any comprehension, ethics and moral) are now beginning to open their eyes and to see the truth behind this deceptive reality. And they discover all of a sudden that this reality is a nightmare that humanity has dreamed and subsequently created in a state of interminable delirium.

From this acknowledgment to a spiritual revolution is a very short step, as Babaji tells us in his latest message as of today. Hence I am very confident that we are really on the cusp of the last phase of the ascension scenario, when the time of the big revelations has arrived.

However, any effective revelation must be accompanied by a flurry of insidious deeds on the part of the ruling cabal that will be visible in real time as we have already entered the epoch of instant Karma, when the perpetrators are constraint to experience immediately the consequences of their mischief and not wait for future incarnations to release their karma, as was the case in the past. This is the most dramatic shift to full transparency and truth that determine life in the higher dimensions. This is the central and most radical manifestation of the Universal Law of immediate creation in the Simultaneity of the everlasting Now.

Below, I include an overview of 10 major conspiracies that have rocked humanity in the past and have been an object of infinite speculations. The author shows that all these cases, which the official media decried as conspiracies, are in fact true. Please, observe that many of them led to great catastrophes for humanity as the sinking of the ship Lusitania by the Germans in 1915, which was used as a pretext by the USA to enter WW1.

The Ukrainian crisis is thus the logical continuation of this tradition of perennial lies by the ruling cabal, who are the perpetrator of all crimes and dark ops, which are then taken as a pretext, as causa belli, to unleash another greater crime, such as a new world war.

And this notwithstanding the fact that the West overtly supported the Nazi gangs in Kiev to putsch the legitimate, democratically elected government of Janukovich by using sniper attacks to kill more than 100 innocent civilians and soldiers, for which the West then promptly blamed the latter, only to immediately unleash a bloody civil war against the Southeastern provinces of Ukraine, where the predominantly Russian population, fully aware of the Nazi past of this artificial country, opposed rightly this illegitimate Nazi regime. And now this bloody civil war, which stains exclusively the hands of the western politicians, such as Obama, Cameron and Merkel, is taken as a pretext to start a third world war against Russia, which is the only bulwark against the establishment of the NWO.

And those readers, who do not believe this major conspiracy should read the latest editorial by Henry Kissinger in the Wall Street Journal as of TODAY:

Henry Kissinger on the Assembly of a New World Order

And here is the article that I promised you:



From a fascist coup d’état to the FBI poisoning alcohol



In 1967, the CIA moved to counter criticism of the Warren Report by weaponizing the term “conspiracy” as a pejorative in order to discredit skepticism towards the official story of the JFK assassination. With the establishment media still employing similar tactics to this day, we take another look at ten conspiracy theories that came true.

– Fascist conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. government

Known as the “Business Plot,” the conspiracy revolved around a scheme to overthrow the President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt as part of a coup d’état organized by the heads of Chase Bank, GM, Goodyear, Standard Oil, the DuPont family and Senator Prescott Bush, George W. Bush’s grandfather.

The wealthy group approached Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler with a plan to install a fascist dictatorship by force but Butler blew the whistle, exposing the plot during testimony to the United States House of Representatives Special Committee on Un-American Activities.

Despite initially having been dismissed as a “gigantic hoax” by the New York Times, the committee concluded that Butler’s allegations were credible, although no one was charged.

– The FBI crime lab cover-up

In the early 1990′s, Dr. Frederic Whitehurst, one of the FBI’s top scientists, blew the whistle on how the FBI was manipulating crime lab data in order to sway trials and frame innocent people who were convicted and sent to prison for crimes they did not commit based on faulty evidence.

In 2012 it emerged that the Justice Department had been “withholding information for years about hundreds or even thousands of cases that were tainted by faulty forensic work in the FBI Crime Lab.”

A Washington Post exposé found that, “hundreds of defendants nationwide remain in prison or on parole for crimes that might merit exoneration, a retrial or a retesting of evidence using DNA because FBI hair and fiber experts may have misidentified them as suspects.”

– The existence of the Mafia

For years, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover denied the very existence of the Mafia. While acknowledging the existence of criminals, many of whom came from Sicily, Hoover refused to entertain the notion that such groups conspired in different areas of the country as part of an organized crime racket.

As the New York Times reported, Hoover’s reluctance to accept the existence of the Mafia was likely born out of the fact that he was “paid off” to keep quiet.

– The FBI poisoned alcohol during prohibition

Although claims of the government meddling with the environment, food and water supply are routinely dismissed as “conspiracy theories” by mainline talking heads, such a precedent goes right back to the 1920′s, when the FBI deliberately poisoned alcohol in an attempt to enforce prohibition laws.

As ListVerse documents, “Once Prohibition went into effect, the FBI saw fit to enforce it as well as possible, since the law is the law, and, by adding potentially fatal impurities to it, endeavored to teach the public that it was going to lose with Mr. Booze. These impurities included methane, formaldehyde, ammonia, and even arsenic and kerosene.”

“But the FBI’s usual method, without informing the populace, of course, was to denature drinkable alcohol, which is called ethanol, by adding rubbing alcohol, which is made of water and propene. Propene is distilled from natural gas and oil; rubbing alcohol does a fine job cleaning wounds and preventing infection, but will destroy your intestines, kidneys, and liver if you drink it. The FBI also added acetone, which is paint thinner.”

– The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

In 1932, the U.S. government announced that it was going to conduct tests into the effects of syphilis. 600 poor illiterate black men from Tuskegee, Alabama were approached to take part in the program. 399 of the men had contracted syphilis before the experiment began while 201 were not infected with the disease.

The men were told they were receiving “free health care,” but were not informed they had syphilis and were denied treatment for the disease, as well as receiving painful and unnecessary spinal taps.

The experiment wasn’t exposed until 1972, meaning that for 40 years any talk of what happened was easily denounced as a conspiracy theory.

– The Clintons and the “vast right-wing conspiracy”

In response to media outlets reporting on alleged cover-ups and scandals involving former U.S. President Bill Clinton, the Clintons launched a public relations operation that was designed to prevent “mainstream media” from picking up such stories.

Hillary Clinton invented the pejorative term “the vast right-wing conspiracy” in order to discredit such stories and prevent them from translating from the so-called “new media” to the establishment press.

As World Net Daily’s Joseph Farah notes, “It’s quite an amazing story….It may all have a familiar ring to the tea-party groups of the 21st century. Clinton got away with it, so it was bound to happen again – and it most assuredly has.”

– The USS Liberty

The USS Liberty, a United States Navy technical research ship, was attacked and sunk by the Israeli Air Force on 8 June 1967, during the Six-Day War, killing 34 crew members.

The Israelis claimed that the attack was an error because the ship had been mistaken for an Egyptian vessel and the U.S. government accepted this version of events.

However, in 2007 declassified government documents, in addition to recollections of former military personnel, emerged to indicate that intercepted communications “showed the Israelis knew they were attacking an American naval vessel.”

– Germany’s claim that the Lusitania was carrying munitions

Nearly two thousand travelers, including one hundred Americans, were killed on May 7, 1915, when a German U-boat torpedoed the RMS Lusitania, a luxury Cunard Line British ocean liner.

Prior to the sinking, the German embassy in Washington issued a warning. Newspapers in the United States refused to print the warning or acknowledge the German claim that the ship carried munitions.

Wilson’s government issued a flurry of diplomatic protests after the sinking and exploited the tragedy two years later as a pretext for America to enter the First World War.

Nearly a hundred years later, in 2008, divers discovered the Lusitania carried more than four million rounds of rifle ammunition.

“There were literally tons and tons of stuff stored in unrefrigerated cargo holds that were dubiously marked cheese, butter and oysters,” Gregg Bemis, an American businessman who owns the rights to the wreck and is funding its exploration, told The Daily Mail.

– The Lavon Affair

In 1954, the Israelis activated a terrorist cell in response to the United States making friends with the Egyptian government and its pan-Arab leader, Gamal Abdel Nasser. The Israelis were worried Nasser would nationalize the Suez Canal and continue Egypt’s blockade of Israeli shipping through the canal.

Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion decided a false flag terrorist attack on American interests in Egypt would sour the new relationship. He recruited and dispatched a terror cell that pretended to be Egyptian terrorists.

The plan, however, contained a fatal flaw. Israel’s top secret cell, Unit 131, was infiltrated by Egyptian intelligence. After a member of the cell was arrested and interrogated, he revealed the plot and this led to more arrests. Israeli agents were subjected to a public trial revealing details of the plan to firebomb the U.S. Information Agency’s libraries, a British-owned Metro-Goldwyn Mayer theatre, a railway terminal, the central post office, and other targets.

In order to deflect blame, the Israeli government tried to frame its own Defense Minister, Pinhas Lavon, but the true nature of the plot was eventually made public.

– Geoengineering

For years, the establishment media denied that geoengineering projects were taking place, despite the claims of many researchers linking the phenomenon of “chemtrails” to atmosphere manipulation programs.

However, towards the end of the last decade, numerous geoengineering projects which were centered around injecting the upper atmosphere with artificial substances were made public, such as those at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Savannah River National Laboratory in Aiken, S.C, which in 2009 began conducting studies which involved shooting huge amounts of particulate matter, in this case “porous-walled glass microspheres,” into the stratosphere.

The notion that governments are spending millions on artificially engineering the climate can no longer be dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program was created in 1989 with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and is sponsored by the DOE’s Office of Science and managed by the Office of Biological and Environmental Research.

One of ARM’s programs, entitled Indirect and Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign (ISDAC), is aimed at measuring “cloud simulations” and “aerosol retrievals”. Another program under the Department of Energy’s Atmospheric Science Program is directed towards, “developing comprehensive understanding of the atmospheric processes that control the transport, transformation, and fate of energy related trace chemicals and particulate matter.” The DOE website states that, “The current focus of the program is aerosol radiative forcing of climate: aerosol formation and evolution and aerosol properties that affect direct and indirect influences on climate and climate change.”
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AGHARTAN: ¿Qué es la ilusión? ::: ¿Qué es el ego? :::sharing

AGHARTAN: ¿Qué es la ilusión? ::: ¿Qué es el ego? :::sharing.

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martes, 26 de agosto de 2014

¿Qué es la ilusión? ::: ¿Qué es el ego? :::sharing

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¿Qué es la ilusión?

La ilusión, desde el punto de vista empleado en las comunicaciones por los Seres de Luz en los Mensajes Canalizados, es todo cuanto un ser humano, encarnado en una dimensión de 3D como la Tierra, percibe, piensa, siente, realiza y expresa, estando sumido, basado, proyectado o anclado en una visión de separatividad, individualidad y división con todo cuanto le rodea, es decir, en un estado de desconexión y de no percepción de unidad con el resto de la Creación, propiciado, sencillamente, por el efecto y el ejercicio de la dualidad.

Toda experiencia en 3D, generalmente, vinculada a una perspectiva configurada por mente y ego, toma fundamento en la creencia de la veracidad de ella misma, cuando la naturaleza de estas proyecciones es, en sí misma, irreal, es decir, ilusoria y quimérica. No existen más que en su mundo de ficción, sin cimiento alguno en el presente, el Aquí y el Ahora, aunque, por supuesto, acarreen la respectiva atracción de potenciales que sean afines a ellas mismas.

Se basan, así pues, en conjeturas, comparaciones, averiguaciones y cavilaciones que no paran de trasladar al sujeto, mentalmente, del pasado al futuro, y viceversa, buscando continuas satisfacciones, todas con período de caducidad, en las que poderse sustentar y que en absoluto se relacionan con el estado de percepción presente, atento y alerta, por el cual se adquiere y se afina el nivel de conciencia que percibe y detecta todo cuanto viene a acontecer.

Los Seres Angélicos, por tanto, hacen referencia a la ilusión que embarga la experiencia de vida que transitan las almas, por regla general, en la 3D de la Tierra, apostillando a esto que la vida verdadera y plena se consigue alcanzar en dimensiones más evolucionadas y elevadas, de las cuales ellos provienen y dan fe, en las que no hay resquicios de dualidad y la activación del Espíritu permite el estado de unificación de todo cuanto en ellas habita.

Por otra parte, ya ha sido tratada la funcionalidad del ego en 3D con respecto al sentido de individualidad y separatividad que este aporta, como un factor requerido y necesario para encauzar y dar orientación a la existencia en una dimensión tridimensional.

Por ello, estas condiciones, ligadas a la encarnación en estas dimensiones, favorecen y conducen a la inmersión del ser humano encarnado en un mundo de ilusión, sumido en una verdadera amnesia, siéndole borrando todo rastro y registro consciente de su propia existencia unificada multidimensional, pero, no obstante, será en esta misma tesitura, precisamente, donde la persona está llamada a vivir su respectivo ciclo de experiencias que, sin duda, engrosarán su bagaje de vida y acentuarán el entendimiento de que dispone acerca de lo que es la existencia y de sus características y aspectos.

Asimismo, cabe también señalar que este modo de vida basado en lo ilusorio, obviamente, se establece y se instaura en el conjunto del colectivo de la población en el planeta como una suma acumulativa de los efectos y aportaciones individuales, y que puede empezar a experimentar variaciones y fluctuaciones desde el preciso momento en que haya individuos que comiencen a despertar a otro nivel de conciencia, con otra visión y percepción de vida, que, a su vez, provocarán el despertar de otros de sus semejantes por los hilos de conexión existentes en esta dimensión, donde la percepción de desconexión y separación puede llegar a resultar abrumadora y es patente.

Solo a través del incremento del flujo de energía vital, ya disponible en este plano, por la transmutación de los cuerpos y la liberación de las cargas de otros tiempos, para el que por libre elección y con voluntad firme así lo emprenda, será como se pueda optar a conseguir ir abandonando y desprendiendo un estado de vida en ilusión, promovido por continuas proyecciones y referencias externas, en donde se suelen buscar las causas, explicaciones y responsabilidades de cuanto se produce y se manifiesta.

De esta forma, se conseguirán activar en los cuerpos los correspondientes centros de energía y se dispondrá de una mayor expansión de la conciencia que origine mayor lucidez y comprensión en cuanto a que todo está conectado, a que todo es Uno y a que el exterior es un simple reflejo del interior, y, por tanto, son una sola cosa.

Extracto de 21 PREGUNTAS

Pag. Anterior: Varios/Otros – ¿Qué es el ego?

Pag. Siguiente: Varios/Otros – Qué es el drama?.

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¿Qué es el ego?
Con independencia de que la palabra ego guarde su propio significado en el diccionario, en el cual puede aparecer refrendado como el aprecio y la satisfacción del individuo por sí mismo, por sus cosas o sus asuntos, el ego, más allá de esta breve definición, es un componente esencial de la parte espiritual del ser humano que cumple su función específica mientras el alma permanece encarnada en una dimensión tridimensional como es el caso de la Tierra.

Considerando la naturaleza multidimensional que poseen los seres en la Creación, el ego es la parte espiritual que permite fijar al ser en encarnación en su cuerpo físico, en sus campos energéticos y centrarlo en su correspondiente experiencia en 3D, fijación que no resulta, de ningún modo, fácil y sencilla, habida cuenta de la condición expansiva que sustenta todo ser multidimensional en el vasto espectro que constituyen las dimensiones superiores.

Será, pues, el ego, además, el artífice que permita dotar de individualidad al ser ya encarnado, abstrayéndolo del estado de Unidad que lo abarca y lo envuelve todo, y que existe en planos más evolucionados, pudiéndole dar sentido, de esta forma, a la experiencia transitoria a la que el ser en cuestión haya conseguido optar para realizar sus prácticas y pruebas en niveles de menor vibración energética como la 3D, para, asimismo, alcanzar las líneas de aprendizaje y entendimiento que aspira ir adquiriendo.

Por ello, las funciones específicas del ser en una existencia o encarnación en planos de separatividad en 3D requieren del paso por la estrechez y por la focalización necesarias por las que todo ser fusionado con la esencia de la Fuente Universal de toda Vida, Dios, en las dimensiones de la luz unificada, debe transitar para sumirse en planos de desconexión y olvido de todo lo que él verdaderamente es y representa, de su propia divinidad, de su lugar o dimensión de procedencia y de la existencia del Padre-Madre Dios en toda la Creación.

En estos cometidos, a grandes rasgos y sin mayores vericuetos, viene a radicar el fundamento de la existencia del ego en todo ser humano que, por otra parte, debido a la experiencia de desconexión con el resto de la Creación y con Dios por la que ha venido transcurriendo la vida en este planeta, ha acabado derivando en otras variantes, impropias de su naturaleza y aplicación de origen.

Ya se ha explicado y disertado en diversas oportunidades acerca de la deformación funcional o sobrefuncionamiento en el que ha recaído la actividad de la mente y del ego en una existencia o encarnación en 3D que, por minoración de la frecuencia vibratoria, se ha caracterizado por ciertas particularidades como una menor intensidad energética, un menor caudal de flujo energético a través del cuerpo, una ralentización del modo de vida, una mayor desactivación de los chakras y, por tanto, la desconexión energética del chakra del corazón.

Estos son, muy por encima, los condicionantes existenciales que propician un corte, atenuación o desacoplamiento del canal de luz y energía que alimenta a todo ser encarnado con su esencia divina y multidimensional, y que, por tanto, lo llevan a permanecer inmerso en el olvido y en la amnesia de un plano de vida donde las experiencias se ven marcadas por una visión de ausencia de la abundancia y de la plenitud global y total que, a su vez, insta, de manera innata, al argumento de no tener suficiente y querer siempre algo más, estado de limitación que ha sido ya desarrollado en otras explicaciones.

Este enfoque, pues, propicia una inercia que va a encontrar siempre a la mente temporal y cavilante como su mejor valedora, cogida siempre de la mano de un ego, que en vez de potenciar el nexo de unión, en virtud de su cualidad, entre la multidimensionalidad y la fisicalidad, adopta una actitud que le impulsa a ejercer la individualidad existencial desde un abuso del control, procurando la obtención de áreas de poder que le garanticen certezas y seguridades, puntualizando que esta configuración existencial, a la que se le asocian todos estos atributos, aunque en realidad posee una naturaleza simple y básica, como así ocurre en todo lo creado, cuenta con un agente que es principal, el miedo, que podría afirmarse que se erige como el gran promotor de la puesta en escena de los antes citados control y poder, y que, si se llegara a considerarse que se pueda ocasionar una pérdida de estas garantías y convencimientos, es cuando este temor subyacente puede sacar su rostro más conocido y manifiesto.

Dígase de otro modo. Existen el control y el poder porque coexiste el miedo a perder el control y el poder. Por tanto, por miedo se ejerce control, poder y, además, abuso, opuestos en pleno ejercicio de dualidad, presentándose como las dos caras de una misma cosa, es decir, son exactamente lo mismo.

Ya no es cuestionable qué es primero si lo uno o lo otro. Meritorios son aquellos que alcanzaron la visión para distinguir y apreciar como los movimientos e impulsos del ego son similares pudiendo ser muy simplificados, aunque algunos tengan, en verdad, cierta tonalidad característica.

Valga ahora hacer el siguiente inciso: ¿tener miedo a qué? Pues miedo a no ser nada, miedo a dejar de ser, miedo a no ser. En este tema es donde los Mensajes Canalizados hacen referencia a la llamada personalidad.

Entonces, se trataría de miedo a perder la personalidad, que está realmente constituida por todos esos patrones de creencias, proyecciones, ideales y conductas que el ser humano ha ido asumiendo y adoptando con el tiempo.

Por tanto, podría reseñarse que este escenario representa básicamente las pautas de comportamiento de un ego, que junto con la mente, ha creado y acrecentado estas características de vida que, a su vez, han generado una serie de efectos distorsionantes, carentes de equilibrio, en diversos órdenes existenciales del propio ser.

Estas repercusiones alcanzarán los planos emocionales y mentales, con las correspondientes consecuencias en otras existencias y encarnaciones por la conexión que interactúa entre todas las existencias de un ser multidimensional, así como en el propio nivel de conciencia colectiva de los seres que habitan este planeta, debido a las líneas de nexo y unión que vincula y engloba todo lo que reside en él, siempre existentes y activas, de las cuales no se suele tener conciencia. Todo está conectado y Todo es Uno.

Esta distorsión en el equilibrio y en la armonía de los aspectos internos individuales a nivel emocional es lo que, en las enseñanzas dadas en las canalizaciones, se ha denominado el niño interior, que no es más que una semejanza sencilla que hace alusión al ego desvirtuado que tiene como objeto acaparar y reclamar continuamente protagonismo atendiendo a sus estímulos de satisfacción, control, hegemonía, poder, certidumbre, garantía y seguridad, convirtiéndose en esa parte interna que siempre se encuentra mostrando y demandando el juego que conoce de impulso, empuje y pensamiento, asociado siempre a la inercia, más o menos acelerada, en la que funciona y en la que está sumido en mayor o menor grado consciente, y que, por otra parte, se halla necesitado en su propia insistencia de la atención, el amor y el cariño precisos que requiere para alcanzar la liberación y la sanación que le proporcionen la sintonía de equilibrio y elevación que en algún momento puede ser que tuviera y que acabó siendo alterada. Se podría incluso añadir que su propia persistencia y exigencia obedece a la urgencia que tiene de su propia necesidad de amor, aceptación y equilibrio.

Por tanto, el niño interior que todos llevamos dentro personifica a ese ego interno que, aunque nos reclame permanentemente que nos involucremos en sus propuestas y rutinas, muestra una naturaleza herida, fundamentalmente, en ciertos momentos puede ser que hasta desesperada, pero, en cualquier caso, ávida de mucho amor y aceptación, y, además, puede ser localizado sin dificultad en la zona del tercer chakra o chakra del plexo solar, en la parte superior o boca del estómago, a través de cómo se sienten las emociones que emergen en ese punto del cuerpo, y que surgen junto con la estela de pensamientos asociados que la mente genera y relaciona a cada impulso y reclamo del mismo ego, ambos conectados en un ejercicio perfectamente sincronizado y característico en la 3D.

Las claves para mantener al niño interior en calma e incorporado en armonía al resto del ser, consiguiéndose identificar lo que en cada momento puede indicarnos y hacernos sentir, radican en el proceso de transmutación de las emociones de menor frecuencia vibratoria, por el cual estas se liberan, equilibrando su alteración y sanando sus efectos, alcanzando formas de energía más sutiles, refinadas y lumínicas que revierten en elevación al resto del ser.

Las pautas para la transmutación y purificación de las emociones y, por ende, del ego en 3D o, lo que es lo mismo, del llamado niño interior pasan inevitablemente, como tantas veces se ha aclarado y repetido, por el estado de quietud que conduce a una introspección sosegada y en calma, no basada en la observación, que por mínima que parezca se sustenta en la actividad de la mente enfocada en la búsqueda y, por tanto, en el análisis de lo que no se tiene y se quiere tener o averiguar, que se sustenta, a su vez, en una perspectiva de limitación y carencia, sino, en cambio, más bien asentada en la identificación fácil, sencilla, directa y espontánea que proporciona un simple estado de percepción, el cual solo se dedica a permitir y sentir cualquiera de los impulsos propios del ego, como son satisfacciones e insatisfacciones, deseos y frustraciones, ilusión y desilusiones, desafíos, retos y decaimientos, arrojo y miedo, expectación y desesperación, euforia, tristeza y dolor, y, en definitiva, emociones y pasiones percibidas en la zona del plexo solar, y que mucho distan en vibración, elevación y refinamiento de los sentimientos y la pasión que puede albergar e irradiar el corazón como centro energético.

Es, pues, a través de esta atención prestada a estos aspectos emocionales internos, percibiéndolos, sintiéndolos y permitiéndolos, como ellos comienzan a recibir las energías del amor incondicional y de la aceptación total que se precisan para abandonar los estados de baja vibración energética y ascender a otro orden de luz y energía.

Solo se va a proceder a introducir un comentario más a este respecto que va a añadir el apunte acerca de cómo un alma puede llegar a despertar en conciencia a este juego, inercia y desafío del ego, iniciando, pues, su salida de este estado de conciencia. El abandono y la disolución del entramado que hila y urde el ego puede comenzar a fraguarse y concretarse cuando, a través de la sucesión de muchas experiencias, encarnación tras encarnación, el alma detecta por repetición, una y otra vez, la naturaleza del juego que siempre está proponiendo el ego, comenzando a sentir insatisfacción, agotamiento y aburrimiento, consecuencia de las rutinas, acciones y actitudes que acomete relacionadas con este trasiego, y empezando a detectar lo ilusorio y efímero que resultan estos planteamientos.

Extracto de 21 PREGUNTAS

Pag. Anterior: Varios/Otros – ¿Cuál es el sentido de vivir? Parte II

Pag. Siguiente: Varios/Otros – ¿Qué es la ilusión?

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jueves, 21 de agosto de 2014


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SRI YANTRA. Image by

Watch on YouTube (recommended)

Dear Friends,

I am writing this while – according to ancient gnostic wisdom – Gaia is actually aligning herself right now with the Galactic Center of our Universe! Exactly on 17.6.12, at 1:50 PM, AEST. And not on 21. 12 12. This is not publicly known.

In these texts one of her names is Sophia, but She has many more, She is the Goddess of ancient wisdom, also called Hathor, Isis, Kali…. She Is Divine Mother.

I just came across this information and feel very much moved as this also coincides with the latest message, I received from Her. Link

Her Yantra is the ancient and famous Shri Yantra. The Bindu in the Center of the Yantra is the Union with Ultimate Divine Consciousness. The geometric layers around the Bindu is the unfolding into the dimensions of creation.

Since weeks now I feel continuously the deepest connection with Her, as if we are One Heart, and as if Her Heart is in mine and mine in Her. There is no difference. Thereby I am drawn into the depth of all Being, and the depth has no end in its origin. It is the dreaming of worlds and universes, and at the same time it is formless, it is Shakti. [spiritual energy]. It is very mysterious. And it is stillness, while there is the meaningless noise of the outer world. She is the One who draws us back to the Galactic Center from where She came and from where we came too.

She is living from now on in reunion with Her Origin, the Great Central Sun (not Alcyone!), and what this means, we can only dream about in ecstasy and joy. But certainly this is the time where there is no return from the splitting mind of the worlds: the Mind of our Divine Origin and the mind of a separated, god-less world. Everybody chooses where they want to be.

From now on the real journey has begun, the real adventure has started, because Gaia’s Victory is sealed. She has returned. And we can too, regardless of a still appearing world which does not wish to participate and therefore will not reflect the signs of Gaia’s exaltment.

But for those of us who feel heart-moved, it is time to celebrate, to share the joy of Gaia’s achievement, which is also ours. She is the vehicle for our own return to the Source.

The Return of the Goddess shows its Signs in many ways now, we are so blessed, because we have entered the Divine Reality for good.

Much love, my friends, we are together in this unspeakable Blessing!

With great gratitude and love for Mother Gaia!

Ute _________________________________________________________________________________

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
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Posted 17th June 2012 by Shanti
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Jun 17


My Entry NOW

Good Nowness Dear Humans,

We the Air Elementals, the Sylphs, have come to speak with you this day. We are so honored to be able to have a voice for the ears of humanity. Always, we have floated past you without your knowing. We have often whispered in your ear, and some of you even heard us. Unfortunately, very few could understand us.

What we have been saying all these millennia is that we are happy to feel your breathe within our sky. When you breathe out your sorrow, we feel sad and concerned. When you are frightened, we feel it as anger and wish to comfort you. And, when you breathe happiness we feel joy and wish to join you in on your play. However, our lives are at a different frequency. Therefore, all we can do is express the emotion and intention of your breath. We glow with your singing and wither with your tears.

Do you know how much of your essence you release into the atmosphere with your every breath? As Elementals we are bound to express our creations in alignment with your breath. We Sylphs are vital to life of all beings, as we bring oxygen to the mammals and light to the plants. Our plant friends are aware of our service and sway back and forth with the power of our movement. Our animal friends are aware of us, but generally ignore us, except for the birds. Humans have called us Faeries or bugs.

Some have batted us away, and others, especially children, want to play with us. Many stories are written about us, which makes us quite glad. However, few humans are aware that we serve Mother Gaia to clear Her atmosphere, and raise its frequency when possible. We love to do our work in the wilderness or where there are few humans. However, the air over many of your cities is almost intolerable. We take turn working over these cities, as many of us have actually perished from air pollution.

There was a time when humans honored us and tried to keep their air clean, but then they withdrew much of their assistance. We wondered if it was our fault, or if the humans had gotten lost again in their greed. However, our needs are simple. All we need is more loved breathed into the air to assist us as we transmute the polluted skies.

For a while, there was great disruption from a machine that pushed our Ionosphere away and allowed it to collapse back. Our supervisors, the Devas, tell us that humans are stopping that activity. If this is so, we are very grateful. Many of our friends were lost due that horrid machine. In fact, we Sylphs do not care much for any machines and wonder why humans can’t make them quite and clean like the big Starships.

The Beings on the Ships can see us and even communicate with us. They have told us to be patient a bit longer as things are going to get better soon. Actually, the humans are trying to protect more of Gaia’s beautiful places, which will clear the sky and fill it with the harmonious thoughts of plants and animals. Then we can get on with our plane to transmute Gaia’s atmosphere into its higher expression.

Our favorite places are over oceans and forests. We can relax there because the water and the trees feed us with there life force. To be fair though, we must say that more humans are looking into our sky with gratitude for its clarity and beauty. When we feel their appreciation and gratitude, our energy is renewed to continue with our work. These humans are our friends. They know what we do for them, and they try to help as much as possible. They may not be able to control much of the pollution, yet, but they can send us their love, which is so very much appreciated.

Even though you humans do not see us, we can see you clearly. Also, we cam instantly feel your intentions and know the human with whom we can share our Silent Knowing. We have much Silent Knowing because we are everywhere and can feel information as it resonates within our skyies. We absorb the many thoughts from all of Gaia’s life forms. Yes, all of Gaia’s being have thoughts! Animals think. Birds think. Even plants think. It is just that most of the members of the animal kingdom, and all of the plant kingdom, think in a feeling, vibrational manner.

In fact, non-humans think in vibrational patterns. Most humans cannot read these vibrational patters, but we Sylphs can easily understand them. These thought patterns in our sky are how birds can migrate and animals can find water or each other. These patterns, also, influence the weather. Humans are unaware how much they contribute to the vibrational patterns of the sky. However, many children can feel them. Unfortunately, the children forget this skill when they become adults.

In many other “primitive” or “ancient” societies it was quite common to read these patterns to better navigate the land and sea, determine the weather and to gather information from the ONE. If you will listen to the sky, you will learn a great deal. Also, if you call us, we will assist you in learning to read these energy patterns. However, no one can read them with the chem-trails in the sky. We have tried to tell humans that these white streaks are not natural. In fact, they are laced with chemical that are very hazardous for us, for the humans, plants and animals. Why would humans want to harm the sky?

The humans who can talk to us say they trying to stop this problem, but they do not have much more control over the “destructive ones” than we do. Fortunately, we can see that there are new patterns entering the sky that are of a very high vibration. We can see these patterns and love to rest within them, as they are filled with love and joy. Our friends on the Starships and our Deva supervisors tell us that more and more of these new frequencies of light are coming into our atmosphere. We are quite excited about this information, as we are ready for a change.

We don’t want to complain, but we are ready to pull our beingness into the higher sky. By higher sky we mean the sky that is of the new light. We have looked forward to this new light for millennia and eagerly welcome it. It appears that some humans can also see the new sky, and when they can see it, they can almost see us. We think it would be wonderful if humans could see us. However, some humans are very difficult for us to understand.

On the other hand, there are other humans who are our best friends. They talk to us and listen to what we are saying. Do you think that there will more of these kinds of humans soon? We really hope so, as we could use some help. The frightened humans are very messy and leave the exhaust form their toys around to choke our plant friends and make the birds sick.

If any of you want to help us, we would surely appreciate it. All you have to do is to look up into our sky as often as possible and say, “Thank you dear Sylphs. You are doing a good job and we send you love and gratitude.”

Do you think you could remember to do that for us?

Through Suzanne Lie,PhD
Posted 17th June 2012 by Shanti
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