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Saturday, June 28, 2014


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Video 01

Answers of an alien from Andromeda – First video – September 10, 2010.

Question – The planet Earth is undergoing a transformation in the near future?

– Yes, Earth is on the threshold of a change of Era all planets with the possibility of colonization have defined their
eras of development and cyclical changes.

Question – What is the origin of humans from Earth, and when it really initiates?

– The Terrain humanoid is a composite of various races of humanoids that were transferred from other planets
that was changed Era allowing development on Earth that was in the beginning of an era ripe for colonization by
humanoids. The Earth has many cycles of humanoid experiences, since the cretaceous period, around 65 million
years. There are many threads in the doctrinal folklore that mentions these facts as exiles Chapel, descendants of
Anunaquis, etc.. In fact, all the different ethnic groups found today on Earth came from different places of the
universe to live and thrive in this Era that is ending now, living on planet Earth with the sole purpose of
integration in a larger community. Like the Earth, there are hundreds of millions of planets serving as cradle of
civilizations humanoids.

Question – Can the Earth human being be transferred to some other planet?

– Yes, each planet has a specific radiation in their state of development (ages), called by some as “aura” to make it
easier to understand. This radiation field allows humanoid tuned to the same frequency to be attracted to
embody these planets in the ethnic groups closer to their vibration. The historians are fascinated by the Maya,
Aztecs, Incas, Egyptians, Sumerian, Vedas, and other civilizations who have expressed an incredible knowledge of
engineering, astronomy and mathematics can be answered by that principle. Races are humanoids that because
its frequency not agree more with the planet Earth were transferred to a planet whose resonance attracted them
to reincarnation in other ethnic groups more developed at that time. The descendants of those races that are left
on Earth are actually crossbreeds of the original race that were not in the right frequency for that transfer at that

Question – What happened to the animals that became extinct on the planet at this Age?

– During the various eras of the Earth, many types of animals were taken by their respective frequencies to be
reborn in other environments. The most recent example of how dinosaurs were not wiped out by widespread
cataclysm as they purport to scientists. There were millions of giant reptiles on the planet and the vast majority
was literally taken away by “galactic pastors” such as shepherds grazing their flocks exchange here on planet
Earth. Explaining, the irrational animals are collective ethnic groups, do not has its own identity as an individual.
They need to be supervised and transferred from place to place consistent with the vibrational reality of their
ethnicities. The dinosaurs are still alive and active on other planets that are in was conducive to their survival.

Why the archaeologists found so few fossil specimens if were millions of them walking around here? Should we
not find dinosaur bones everywhere with ease? This owes to the fact that those few found in the excavations had
died of natural causes before the mass transfer that happened in the last passage cycle on Earth, and were buried
here as evidence that they were populating the world in previous eras. Also in relation to animals, some are gone,
but others start to adopt the planet as conducive to their ethnicity and still will be known many new breeds of
animals on Earth. Routinely you have news of new species appearing for the first time in scientific circles.

Question – Who takes account of such transfers and colonization?

– There are many alien communities, far thousands of years ahead of Earth in technology and development. You

could imagine how will be the technology 1000 years from now? These galactic communities are aimed at

harmonization. You have heard that for a home to be tidied, everything has to be in place? If you put the stove in the room and bed in the kitchen will be a mess that generates general discomfort. In a nebula, galaxy or planet works the same way. The animals not smart must to be transferred and managed by intelligent entities. Folk figures like elves and gnomes, known as agents of nature, has a kernel of truth, because, they might be aliens sighted collecting plants, animals and minerals in the old days.

Question – Aliens visit us often, why? They are really interested in us or what?

– Look, the Earth is visited and monitored since well before the transfer of the first humanoid here. When mammals inferior races and the primates were able to adapt to new conditions on Earth humanoids with intelligence and individuality were brought in to colonize the planet. This was possible only when the particular condition of the planet provides the colonization of this type. There is no “missing link” that scientists look because there was no link between apes and Homo sapiens. When the planet was at the time of colonization, many ethnicities were automatically transferred by their vibrational frequencies for the regions of the planet that most resembled their habitat, the planets of origin.

Question – How do these aliens can travel such vast distances for their research and operations so easily?

– Well, one thing I can tell you, do not using the rocket technology, as in Earth. The transport ships are transferred from one point to another in the nebula, through tunnel, portals, in time. To explain, this technology in a nutshell, imagine that you have a straw, from one point to another, very far, if I had to go through it would be thousands of light years away (in time), but, if you could bend the tube, and touch the two ends, you take a step back and be where I wanted, in a snap. This is an old technology that enables the transfer of material without having to go through millions of light years away from dark matter to reach any point in space. In dark matter there is no relationship between time and space, so it is an item that can be eliminated as a common denominator. These portals were transferred by civilizations thousands of years ago, an advanced transportation technology for many specific points of the nebula forming a network of communication and travel for the movement of intergalactic spaceships of all the planets in a great community. They are used for search and collection of key materials that are not found in their home planets and shipments of all operations and settlements. These portals are not in open space, like black holes or wormholes are the scientists now believe the Earth with its incomplete and inconsistent theories. The portals are actually a very old technology, in terms of time, tens of billions of Earth years. A portal is physically transferred to a particular celestial body at exact coordinates and sent through a transfer system, which works with the integration of space, time and relative position with great accuracy. Having justified sent to the site and properly activated, the unit can be used. The installation of gates transport is governed by a perfect administration of the Community responsible for the Galaxy or galaxies in question. In the case of our solar system, a portal is installed on the dark side of the Moon – the Earth satellite. It is an intergalactic gateway with high capacity and is the only one in this solar system. This site was chosen specifically because the Moon always keeps a hidden side to observers on Earth, allowing free movement of spaceships. Of course with the new satellites that currently do exploratory survey of its surface has already confirmed the existence of several bases aliens, old spaceships, old buildings, both on the dark side as the lighter side of the moon. After passing through the portal, the ship is allowed to continue to their destination to fulfill the mission conferred upon it by its administration. From there, the craft using its own propulsion system that works by generating a plasmid beam of magnetic single polarity interacting with magnetic forces inherent to the planets to move at great speeds. An onboard computer handles with incredible speed the beams holding automatic navigation to a course through the mind control by the contact of the hands of the browser with the control panel or mentally. The energy for the generator is provided by a fuel element that we call “anticarbon” developed in some dark areas of the galaxies in production units on planets in its silhouette.

The Generator works with directional beam cannons magnetic unipolar made from a metal zero resistance to electrons allowing an extraordinary power. This metal exists in abundance in some planets and there is on Earth

originated from an asteroid millions of tons that crashed long ago, when the planet has not enjoyed the protection of the current atmosphere, but only exist on the site of the clash that today is covered by a layer of almost 1 km of ice in Antarctica.

Question – Is it true that NASA and Russia already have appropriated many of these spaceships? Why they have not copied the alien technology with re-engineering?

– Yes, Earth scientists have several ships that had accidents at different times in his power to try to copy and understand. These ships were hurt by the instability of the planet Earth. Explaining, the planets of which these ships originate, are fully climate controlled, are true havens in respect to harmony between the planet and its inhabitants. Everything happens at the right time and right amount. When they visit a planet that is in transition as the Earth, totally uncontrolled, with nature acting against aggression that will suffer systematically by unbridled greed for unchecked development of humanoids from here, some pilots are caught by surprise. Magnetic storms, clouds with ice, lightning and other factors led to several accidents. In any case, scientists have not copied by the complete inability to do so. The control systems utilize a technology known only by its scientists. The controls, computers and generators are manufactured with intelligent molecules, that is, they can “feel” orders and commands, and are mentally programmed by their builders and designers. Don’t Have power buttons, nor wiring, nor sockets or switches … impossible to copy or understand. The metallic molecules also have “intelligence”, are produced with a guideline and if you fold a simple flat plate she will return to its original state as if it had never been folded unless it is reprogrammed to take on a new design, if you drill it self-regenerates. Technologies are far ahead, are beyond the reach of humanoids on Earth at this point.

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