The Being ONE : 284/285/286 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1

The Being ONE : 284/285/286 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

284/285/286 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1

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Sin Conocimiento,  no vivo
Sin entendimiento,  no existo
sin amor incondicional,  no Soy 
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 The BEing ONE


Without knowledge , I do not live

 Without understanding, I do not exist 
without unconditional love , I am NOT


The Being one – the secrets of thoth

book 1

Document Transcript

Two . INTERNATIONAL DATA MAPPING IN SÃO PAULO , BRAZIL RELEASE . NO COPYRIGHT . REGISTRATION : 314,912 | LIVRO : 575 | FOLHA : 72 Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . Book originally published by the author and Canal : Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . All rights in the text , including external and internal drawings are reserved for exclusive use by the author . No part of this book may be REPRODUCED , ALTERED, OR USED EDITED form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording , Internet , television , cinema or storage system database, without written permission of the author except in cases of short stretches cited in critical reviews or articles from magazines, newspapers or any media . The reproduction, change, alteration or misuse of the contents of this book and drawings shall be subject to prosecution , protected by the copyright law . BE THE ONE I – The Arcane of Thoth. BEING ONE II – Metro 333 – Tera Guardians . We inform all people of good will who BEING ONE is not linked with people who can use the name of the author and the same , holding conferences , groups, selling prints , videos , advertising and charging for their services or asking for donations on behalf of this knowledge. The canal does also know , that it has no responsibility to those that transmit and interpret knowledge BEING ONE in their own way , guided or not based on the original writings that are in your text. BEING ONE is a FREE knowledge , not any events coalesced to gain money or any other type by another , which could be used to their advantage. 2

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With each journey they made they would take longer to return to their bodies, until one day they never returned. Their holograms were trapped in the densities and their bodies were suspended in the Perfect Dimension.

478. How did their holograms get contaminated?

When the volunteers that were projected holographically left their crystal and entered the crystal of the man-form, and then left the man-crystal once more and entered into their true forms, and repeated this over and over again, the hologram kept experiencing a small distortion. Even though the Perfect Dimension had placed a perfect crystal in the man-form, the mirrors of this crystal gradually became opaque for the lack of elevation.

When the hologram was reflected in the mirrors without elevation, it was no longer the same. Its perfect form had undergone a very small alteration that obstructed their return to the higher worlds and to their real bodies. The volunteers were trapped holographically in the man-crystal, without any alternative. The crystal became their world and their universe. The volunteers realized that they had to repair the mirrors of the crystal and to do so they would have to returnto the translucence they had before. They would have to overcome the distortion and the only way would be to become elevated. In order to become elevated they would have to refine the mirrors; to refine the mirrors they would have to know how it could be done. In order to know how, they would have to know the why, and this would have to be understood. And in order to understand it, they would have to love it. This was the only way they could return to the one that gave them life and existence: their own minds.

Many of the volunteers have returned and recovered their bodies, but many others have not come back yet, because for love of the research they offered to descend even further, with the one aim of acquiring knowledge of the subconscious realities.

479. How can we differentiate the volunteers from those that were densified?

Currently the difference is very small. Due to the implant of thought-energies, the blend has brought about uniformity and development of Planet Earth-beings.

480. How can one tell the difference?

The volunteers have never forgotten their origins and they have always communicated with their source of information. They have never forgotten where they came from or the universal knowledge. In each life and existence they have always communicated and conveyed it. The volunteers are the messengers from each planet and their work consists in helping to awaken the densified ones and teach them the path of return. They never lost their continuity or the mathematical numeration. The volunteers have always existed in the crystal; they are the laboratory of the human-form.

The densified ones have forgotten their origins and so they have not been able to communicate with their source of information. They have forgotten the knowledge. When they became densified the entire process of advancement was blocked. These thought-energies have to go back to mathematical numeration again, and they are doing it through logic.

Unlike the volunteers, the densified ones do not live or exist in the crystal; they are in the zones of the brain. Once they awaken, they will be able to become unified with the crystal and work together with the volunteers; but first they will have to evolve and become elevated.

Even though we are differentiating them, we must take into account that the volunteers never forgot their origins and that is why they underwent the entire process that the man-form endured and still is experiencing. It is impossible to pretend that the volunteers were not affected in some way, because they were always aware of being trapped, unlike the densified ones who, once having forgotten their origins, adapted perfectly to the man-form. The former become elevated to the human-form and the latter evolve the man-form, some consciously and others unconsciously.

481. What vision did the volunteers and the densified ones have through the man-form?

Very different. When densified ones were recovered in the Regular Dimension, the volunteers would place them in the zone where they belonged. The thought-energy of the densified ones would be lodged in a state of total debilitation. First they were nourished with knowledge so that they would be able to adapt to their new way of life in the human-form. When the volunteers received them they had to erase their cosmic memory and the mathematical sequence so that they would not suffer and they could do their work, beginning with adapting the densified onesto their new state of existence. Thus, the densified ones lost their memories and they will only be able to recover their memory and their origins through the evolution and elevation of their crystals.

482. How will they be able to recover their memory and their origins?

Once the cosmic alignment occurs, the crystal in their memory that was switched off will be reactivated to carry on their thought-energies. Throughout their life processes the densified ones have been gradually reactivating the crystals to be able to continue their cosmic existence.

These fully activated crystals are what we call codes. The process of this activation is what you call awakening. Insofar as you advance by merit, the inactive crystals will begin to be activated and to carry out the task for which they were created and programmed. These crystals open and close the dimensional doorways in the brains; thus, the densified ones go on becoming united and returning to where they came from.

The same happens with the planet that shelters them. The generality of their thought-energies will open and close the dimensional doors. In this way the brain of the planet will not harm the other brains present in it. The densified ones grew and developed into the human-form. The Regular Dimension and the Secondary Dimension have already totally activated the codes of their crystals and are fully aware of their awakening and return. In the Elementary Dimension, on the contrary, they are so well adapted and dormant that they think that it is their only true reality.

483. Why did you switch off the cosmic memory of the densified ones?

While the mental worlds and the higher dimensions were developing according to the criteria of creativity, the lower dimensions, because they were densified, retarded their advancement, lagging far behind the other realities. The differences continually increased. We had to switch offthe cosmic memory of the dense ones for the sole purpose of alleviating the enormous difference that had been created between realities, and also of avoiding future energetic collapse or future deviations of thought-energies that could damage the all and our own existence.

When we say that the density could have affected all of us, this is true. Our mathematical sequence is perfect, and if we had allowed a new and backward sequence to enter our codes it would have been like allowing a virus to get into our sequence. That would have been a total chaos and the mental death of the One Being, that is, our own selves.

484. Can we compare ourselves with computer viruses?

That is exactly what you would be to the universal mind: a virus that would disrupt the entire cosmic system, causing it to annul its own being.

That is why the awakening of the densified ones should be gradual and very slow because this way the genetic codes will go on becoming adapted and interlocked, allowing the densified onesto awaken consciously and profoundly. We have to take into account that awakening will also activate the elements that will enable density to evolve. Your Planet Earth human-form will have to undergo genetic transmutations in order to go back to your true form – human-Ayapliano.

485. What is the vision of the volunteers?

The volunteers never lost their awareness of what was happening to them; they always had full knowledge of their reality. The cosmic memory remained intact and through it they were able to accomplish all the work that the Perfect Dimension had requested of them.

Need created the form. We have always repeated these words because it was the volunteers who created the forms, and they did so according to their own needs of existence and life. They were created in accord with the density of existence, that is why the forms adapted to, and were manifested by, the basic necessities of each dimension, plane and level of existence.

The volunteers took upon themselves to leave evidence of the higher reality; they are the ones who bring about the advancement of the human-form. Without them the densified ones would have not been able to survive in the density.

The volunteers have the ability to enter and leave, to ascend and descend, in all the realities because they are holograms and as such they have the capacity to transport themselves imaginatively from crystal to crystal by means of thought-energy.

The volunteers that were trapped in the Regular Dimension were able to thoroughly fulfill their mission to recover those that were densified. Presently, this dimension, like the Secondary Dimension, has developed totally and is working to continue recovering the dimensions below it.

486. What happened to their bodies suspended in the Perfect Dimension?

Thousands of bodies remain in a cryogenic state. These bodies remain suspended, waiting for the return of their minds. While the holograms travel through the lower dimensions working, researching and accomplishing, their bodies are kept in perfect condition.

487. How have the holograms been able to remain in good condition during all the time that they have been apart from their true image?

The volunteers that are holographically embodied within the crystal have been nourishing themselves with both realities. By being in touch with the higher realities they have never stopped updating themselves and acquiring all the universal knowledge. They have not been set back and have not lost the mathematical numeration because they continued to exist and will keep on existing in the now of their own existences.

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Book 1:

Link to first PAGE

Enlace a Primera Página – El SER UNO  


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 . Being One is a book of self-knowledge. It should be read in order: it would be useless to read it haphazardly, because that would not give the expected result. His reading will be opening and connecting the brain circuits of knowledge, understanding and love.


Meditate on it, review it … study it … …let go of old ideas and lessons …study the new  .

Being ONE


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What is unconditional love and why is it so elusive for many? It is a love that does not judge, defends or distinguish between any living creature that enters your neighborhood. It is a love that embraces all creation as emanating from the heart of Father-Mother God, the Source of Creation, that which created matter and has placed in the dark matter of the Universe expanding.


 Unconditional love is beyond understanding the small packaging and divided mind , qualifies and categorized. Unconditional love is the love that surpasses all understanding and simply is, in itself, pure, upright and spotless. It is the essence of your Higher Self. It is the true essence of themselves, stripped of all that is not the Self .


” I love you unconditionally , and turn on the Violet Fire in the emanation you’re sending to me. Bless you too, find that I am gaining peace in the new and expanded version of my Being. “


Many are beginning to wake up and realize they need to love themselves . This is very difficult for many as they have remained in the shadows of doubt and hate themselves for a long time, often without understanding the core issues or reasons for such feelings. The finding love and self-respect is merely a step on the path to self-mastery . If you feel that you can not even love themselves, learn to accept themselves as they are, and will release his future to love. Love flows from the heart of creation, but you can not feel this connection and this flow until the source is connected with the source of love within his own heart center.




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KRULIANs: ENTENDIENDO EL LENGUAJE DE LUZ ::: ▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Sheldan nidle május 13, 2014 – sharing

KRULIANs: ENTENDIENDO EL LENGUAJE DE LUZ ::: ▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Sheldan nidle május 13, 2014 – sharing.

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miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2014

ENTENDIENDO EL LENGUAJE DE LUZ ::: ▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Sheldan nidle május 13, 2014 – sharing

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する
Dec 5


En orden de entender nuestra comunicación con el cerebro tridimensional, tienen que pujar la información / luz a través de su filtro 3D, de manera que pueda ordenarse a sí misma en palabras y oraciones.

Nosotros decimos “ordenarse a sí misma”, pues el Lenguaje de Luz es un compartir de su esencia verdadera, un sumergirse de su SER con su SER. Por eso, el Lenguaje de Luz porta una porción de nuestro SER y es una inteligencia viva. Por lo tanto, aunque no puedan traducir nuestro mensaje en su sistema de lenguaje, aún pueden recibir el enorme beneficio de un conocimiento interno.

Porque el Lenguaje de Luz es un lenguaje de su Ser Multidimensional, bajar este lenguaje e integrarlo en su recipiente terrestre expande grandemente su conciencia y los libera de los confines de lo lineal, y del pensamiento lógico.

A medida que su conciencia se expande en un pensamiento multidimensional, pueden recibir y entender mensajes de frecuencia de luz cada vez más altas, así como mensajes de realidades cuánticas y “materia oscura”. Es la Luz de estos mensajes multidimensionales que “enciende” su ADN “basura” y comienza el proceso de retornar a su SER, aún cuando están viviendo en una forma física.

Como el Lenguaje de Luz es multidimensional, lo percibirán en capas sobre capas de información y entendimiento. Así como su cerebro humano funciona de una forma holográfica, así lo hace el Lenguaje de Luz, cada pequeño fragmento de Lenguaje de Luz porta todo el significado de la transmisión completa. Percibirán estas diferentes capas/frecuencias del mensaje a través de su conciencia expandida emparejando cada mensaje con su correspondiente frecuencia resonante de su conciencia multidimensional.

Recuerden, no están elevando su conciencia, están expandiendo su conciencia.

Los Arcturianos

Tomado de Journey through the Arcturian Corridor II
Traducción al español – Shanti
Publicado 5th December 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: Lenguaje de Luz

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する
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Published on May 14, 2014
Sheldan Nidle 13 de mayo 2014 2 Lamat , 11 Moan , 10 Caban

Selamat Jalwa ! ( Estar en eterna alegría!) 
Venimos a ti con más buenas noticias ! Aquellos que se han retrasado en varias ocasiones lo -inevitable están llegando al punto de no retorno .
 Su derrota se lleva a cabo debido a que un grupo dedicado de nuestros asociados terrenales se negó a permitir que esta tontería despreciable para continuar. Las medidas están en vigor para permitir que para tener su libertad y degustar las maravillas de una prosperidad que es abrir nuevas puertas del conocimiento , la sabiduría y la tecnología. Estos eventos son sólo los comienzos meros para todos. Cada uno de ustedes posee energías y talentos que han de elevarse como esta realidad manifiesta . El nuevo gobierno que viene y el nuevo sistema financiero se desarrolla están aquí para proporcionar las bases para el crecimiento cada vez más acelerado en su conciencia . Hace mucho tiempo, como la Atlántida se hundió bajo las olas , que se les dio una serie temporal de los amos. Estos fueron los Anunnaki. Ellos crearon los medios para un pequeño grupo para convertirse en una clase por encima de ti, y esto está ahora llegando a su fin .
 Una nueva realidad se está formando. Finalizando el poder de estos esbirros terrenales y le da la soberanía divina reservada para todos.     Esta transformación es algo que es rápido para requerir nuestra presencia física . La última parte de estas alteraciones hay que explicar a usted y usted quiere una relación profunda con el asignado a su mentor . Cielo ha forjado un proceso mediante el cual podemos interactuar fácilmente con usted y prepararse para la última serie de transformaciones. Anteriormente, hemos descrito brevemente los cambios que son puestos en práctica por sus guardianes celestiales cuerpo para prepararse físicamente para lo que es poco que se produzca. Como usted se da cuenta del grado de estos cambios , se necesita a alguien que pueda explicar adecuadamente lo que está pasando . 
Estas alteraciones no sólo son físicos . Implican también sus aspectos mentales , emocionales y espirituales. Cada uno de estos elementos tiene que estar plenamente integradas en un todo más grande llamada la plena conciencia. Entendemos esto como vivimos en esta totalidad diaria. No obstante , estamos utilizando un programa especial que nos ha dado el Cielo para ayudarle en esta transformación que más se necesita .     Las Cámaras de luz especiales para ser utilizados por usted son una serie milagrosa de instrumentos vivos . En tan sólo tres días de tiempo que son capaces de convertir de limitada a la plena conciencia . Este proceso se llevó a sus Maestros Ascendidos muchas vidas para lograr. El paso final para ellos fue una ceremonia muy especial que les permitía Transmogrify en su inmortalidad actual. Este don, cuando llegue el momento y bendecir el Cielo por lo que se hace para ajustar no sólo la genética , pero sus conexiones especiales a su divina Presencia Yo Soy ! Una vez que haya pasado el tiempo con la Cámara de luz , usted está listo para comenzar un entrenamiento rápido en la etiqueta divina de la plena conciencia. Sólo en ese momento, ¿estás completamente listo para unirse con sus primos de la Tierra Interna para producir los medios para crear una nueva nación estelar . En la actualidad , los planetas que son una fracción de lo que una vez que se rodean . Estos mundos se están preparando para un nuevo entorno en el que hayan de cubrirse con un ecosistema diverso que abarca tanto sus reinos internos y externos.
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El Ser UNO – A: ▶ Es el cambio del espíritu hacia la Luz – ▶ Como y cuando fue la evoluciuón de los Ángeles – YouTube

El Ser UNO – A: ▶ Es el cambio del espíritu hacia la Luz – ▶ Como y cuando fue la evoluciuón de los Ángeles – YouTube.

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martes, 21 de octubre de 2014

▶ Es el cambio del espíritu hacia la Luz – ▶ Como y cuando fue la evoluciuón de los Ángeles – YouTube

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samkaska: Reading:::File:::Video 115 Answers of an alien from Andromeda – ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle June-24-2014 – YouTube:::sharing

samkaska: Reading:::File:::Video 115 Answers of an alien from Andromeda – ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle June-24-2014 – YouTube:::sharing.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reading:::File:::Video 115 Answers of an alien from Andromeda – ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle June-24-2014 – YouTube:::sharing

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překládat / ترجم / לתרגם   /   翻訳する / 翻译

Video 115

Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and fifteen – April 16, 2014.

– Friends, in these times, the CG will not interfere with the nature of the planet since, according to them, the planet is reaching the limits of time for processing that must happen for the new configuration to happen for the new phase. The Arcturians are removing the pressure containers that were installed for the process to happen at the last possible moment, allowing time for more people to be prepared to raise your personal frequencies. According to current data, plus 2 percent of the population joined the band frequency compatible to coexist with the “level one”, rising to 24 percent of the overall total. This “extra time” ensured the rise from 10 to 24 percent that is, it was very worthwhile. The planet is no longer a reformatory planet; the people who remain here will be the actual users of the planet as his true home, the race of people on planet Earth.

– The poles will migrate as soon as the balance of the system is restored to normal. As you can notice the planet Venus is growing brighter in the sky, since they initially decided to change the orbit of Venus to a more appropriate area for a future settlement, the system was kept somewhat more stable interference by the large object that is in a stationary orbit in the south quadrant of the planet Earth. As the system will react to changes, the CG takes initiatives about what is being done at the time by its scientists. We were only really know when they begin operations. We are awaiting the tectonic responses to see what happens to the poles as yet there is only one month the Arcturians started off control probes placed in the places of greatest tension, the process may happen in the natural course of events there anytime.
With respect to Venus, your scientists will not talk about the case, but your amateur astronomers, more serious and qualified may accompany these changes. With the great movement of ships on the moon, even your amateur astronomers can easily check the reality of the presence of these brothers of other races present in lunar bases. Any ship coming from a base on the moon only takes a few minutes to be here within your atmosphere, so is the same as being here in Antarctica base.

– You know that I cannot give information or regional predictions about natural phenomena, cannot influence this aspect and act like a prophet or something, but note that the facts are in front of you, use your observations to intuit about what should be prepared. You all will be well as you are consciously prepared to face any fact. Keep in
mind that the only thing that will try to destroy you ‘is yourself, and yet you will not succeed because you are indestructible.

-The intelligent races living a long time on the planet and who are still here are:

– The various ethnic groups of humanoids of our type known.

– A descendant of Atouns, group who stayed here by their own will on a trial basis. This is the race that works as “counselors” of your elites in exchange for means to survive. Very intelligent beings with an IQ of over 160 but little practical to build things manually. The only anatomical difference is that they have the elongated cranial box and without the palate.
– Two races of aquatic humanoids that are like amphibians breathe beings. They appear humanoid with a crossing of marine mammals such as dolphins, and are a very old breed, more than 50,000 years in the planet.

– Isolated groups of humanoid type that you call Sasquatch. Race that was planted here by ancient reptilians to work as slaves and “auxiliary hunts” but what did not work satisfactorily; they were left to their own fate.

– Isolated groups of ancient beings connected to your mythology called Satyr that originate from ancient DNA experiments made by ancient reptilian races that frequented the planet for over 30,000 years ago. This is one of the only old experimental races that survived until today in small isolated groups in inhospitable regions of the planet.

– Isolated groups of beings originating of insectoid race that you call Night Crawlers, which relate well with Sasquatch. They came here to study life forms in your insect fauna (which is great), and ended up on the planet, even still having their ships to return to home planet they decided to stay here and keep experiences and sending reports to the scientific community of their planet. The insectoid think differently from us, sometimes it’s hard to philosophize with them on other issues than his duties and guidelines.

– Isolated groups of reptilians, and a certain breed of grays working with them who were stranded on bases of your government laboratories and could not have left the planet for a ban on movement of ships reptilian on the planet since 2012.

– Isolated group of hybrid origin who lived and survived for thousands of years in the remote mountains of Tibet.

– Many Pleiadeans living in your communities as well as observers for at least a hundred of years, many of them considering “Earthlings” by being born here now for over two generations. They cannot influence your societies only maintains constant contact with the teams that have stepped up surveillance on the planet after the detonation of the first nuclear bomb by your military.

– The races that had to live isolated by their major differences from most humanoid races had their technological development virtually prevented by not being able to expose their groups, but this does not mean that the mental and spiritual development of them was affected by it.

– Other breeds of brothers that you will meet in a short future like Pleiadeans, Arcturians, Camelopardalis, Atounians, Aldebarans, Alkaids, Sirius breeds, Chithoks, Rigel Centaurs breeds among many other races, some will be “cute” to your concept, others will be “ugly”, but you will learn over time that physical beauty is relative to what you feel inside the chest. The anatomy depends on the adaptability developed for life on other environments therefore an Arcturian will always be “strange” to you, but if you know him with the lights off, what would your “inside” would capture is the friendship they have pleased to share with others. The larger concept of living between different races is the ability to live with differences, and understand that what brings happiness to you might be a different thing that gives the happiness of another being. Each race has its own priorities and aspirations; fits to Galactic Communities try to help each one reach their welfare without thereby affecting the welfare of his neighbor. Unfortunately, in your own planet, between the ethnic groups of the same race, these differences are not respected. For that reason, to the planet may have the right to enter into a community that strives for harmony will have to be filtered so that society is of an acceptable level of understanding.

– When you think that all is lost, be sure that we will help you to find the solutions. Be well all of you!

* * *

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překládat / ترجم / לתרגם   /   翻訳する / 翻译

▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle June-24-2014 – YouTube

* * *

5 Oc, 13 Kayab, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! We come to you on this date with good news! The dark’s network of minions is facing defeat. The Light has come to the conclusion that it is unwise to permit these scoundrels to continue. The governments that these minions occupy are totally dedicated to preventing the dark’s nefarious financial dealings from ever failing. Hence, it is most wise to oust these drones from power. The key to this is the new financial system, which has only been partially revealed. This new monetary program is to end fiat monies and obliterate those central banks which strongly support this worthless system. In addition, the new precious metal-backed monies are to usher in the reasons for declaring NESARA in North America and GESARA throughout this globe. The new government is to be a temporary one. Its purpose is to set the stage for a globe filled with numerous de jure governments whose prime convention is serve their people and pave the way for a global prosperity. These governments are also to release technologies which are to clean your waters, air and ground of the pestilence produced by the destructive industries of the dark.

These governments are to allow the Ascended Masters to directly address you and permit the decades-long UFO cover-up to cease. We look forward to being able to address you and prepare you for first contact. This realm has for too long been lied to about its true origins and your true ancestry. You are Beings who are descended from colonists sent nearly 900,000 years ago to Gaia for one overriding reason to act as Gaia’s guardian and, along with the Cetaceans, to keep Gaia’s diverse ecosystems flourishing. This prime purpose is one which you are to take on again, and use your grand abilities to maintain this living orb and her many and unique life forms. Moreover, you are to forge a grand star nation filled with wondrous life forms and truly amazing environments. You are to discover the secrets behind how this living solar system was created, and to use this wisdom to produce wonders and miracles, to be a foundation for a permanent galactic peace and for the final transformation of the Anchara continuum to the Light.

Indeed, first contact is a great dividing point for your society. Before, you were a group of limited consciousness Beings who were led by a dark global alliance. This cabal is now to be replaced. In its stead a contact is to arrive and push you to the very edge of a transformation as to how you view yourselves, your world, and even how you spiritually conceive your origins. This grand watershed is to be the point where you confront your beliefs and begin to accept radically new ones. In this interregnum you are to meet us and discover how you came to be. All of this is merely preliminary to what is to happen when you slide into your Light Chamber. At that point, you are to meet your True Self and unlock you ability to swiftly return to full consciousness in just three days time. The task of our mentors is to arrive, meet with you and take you on an inner journey, which leads to the magic moment when you attain full consciousness. Their task is then to teach you the etiquette required to successfully navigate this new fully conscious reality.

As fully conscious Beings, you gladly take on the various points of Gaia’s divine stewardship. These responsibilities are delineated in numerous life contracts, which each of you agreed to when you originally migrated to this beautiful blue orb. These spiritual documents are to be discovered when you can freely navigate your Akashic Records. In this light, you are to dedicate your divine service to maintain and preserve each aspect of a reintegrated and fully conscious Mother Earth. In this sacred task, you are to be joyously joined by your Agarthan and Cetacean brethren. This divine union is also to join with others in this solar system to forge a new star nation. This star nation is to be a reflection of the very divine nature of Gaia. You are then to receive honoring and special tasks to complete the transformation of this galaxy to the Light. You are to be blessed by all of us and to become a grand center for various conferences. These conferences are to include Beings from across this sector of physicality. You indeed possess a most glorious destiny!!!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Spirit has moved upon the Earth and brought to us a most amazing gift! This sacred gift is your freedom and a divine prosperity, which enables you to begin your final quest. This quest leads to full consciousness, a sublime state that allows you to reconnect totally with your spiritual family. There is much for you to learn. Spirit has forged a moment when you are to discover how all the evidence you have amassed fits together. We are shortly to give you a foundation to better understand what Spirit is to tell you. This foundation is to renovate your conceptions about life and to ready you for what Heaven is so graciously to give you. Even now, Heaven is assembling its evidence and preparing to present many wondrous things to you. These things go beyond the blessings of the Angels. They go to the highest places in AEON. You are blessedly special and hence are to be given some magnificent decrees to smooth your path to success!

As you look at the dispensations given you, recall this one blessing: “Go my children, and be the ones to return this precious Earth to her former state of Glory.” You are here to reform the Earth and give her reason for a grand “makeover.” This is something which is profound and blessed. Take this dispensation and ready yourselves for divine service. The Creator speaks and sends you means to become whole again. Rejoice in this and know it is your fate to again become a physical Angel. Your seemingly endless years of wandering this Earth as a tool of the dark are over! Spirit desires for you to become spiritually aware and able to understand who you are and why you are here. This knowledge is the key to understand why the dark has lost its hold over you. You, Blessed children, are the reason behind a massive rebirth of this Earth, and you, one of her most blessed subjects, are ready to transition into full consciousness!

Full consciousness is something the dark disguised. Atlantean priests and priestesses stole it from you as a way to produce a willing slave race for their dark masters. That which was so surreptitiously taken from you is now to be returned. This one process is to rejoin Mother Earth into a unified whole and use this orb to alter and recolonize the four water planets of this solar system. This grand blessing by the Elohim is to allow you to become the guardians of a most splendid star nation. Our supervision is blessedly to guide you in making this come about. Your divine destiny is tied inextricably to ours. We were given this divine state of immortal joy only to act as your ardent wayshowers. In this, we are here to permit you to grow in consciousness and assist your fellows in the grand overthrow of the dark and its vile agendas. So, be wise, be strong and be prepared for what is now happening! Today is yet another example of our messages to you. Remain ready and prepared to do what is spiritually necessary for your freedom. A great prosperity and a great shift in this reality are upon you. Your spiritual and space families are here, and liberation is to be proclaimed throughout this realm. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!

* * *


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JUNE 22, 2014

I AM THAT I AM. Say these words aloud and say them silently. Hold them sacredly and secretly in your heart and ponder their meaning. I AM THAT I AM, (The answer given Moses when he asked God’s name) is a mystical statement of profound truth available to each and every soul for all are in and of the only ONE. Humanhood is not I AM, for ego is but an illusory sense of who and what you are…a personhood created from a consciousness of separation. These sacred words resulted in torture and death for anyone voicing them in past times of ignorance, powerlessness, and suppression.

I AM THAT I AM has been declared by enlightened masters throughout time but has been overlooked by the un-evolved masses unable to comprehend the depth or meaning of them. It was and still is commonly accepted that this statement applies only to a male God person made in man’s image and likeness looking down from the sky.

Dear ones, you are ready to embrace the deeper truths, taking them into your consciousness and making them yours. As you sit quietly in meditation or walk alone in a quiet forest, ponder the meaning of “I AM THAT I AM”. Ask yourselves; “What do these words really mean? Could they apply to me? Who is this I? Are they true?” Note that the words do not say I will be after I meditate for a few more years, or I could be if I would just work harder–they state “I AM”. You are ready for this step dear ones, the step in which you begin to actually embrace the deeper truth about yourselves and stop dilly dallying about on the surface of metaphysics.
Arcturian Group wishes to address the upsurge of violence you have been witness to lately and remind you that this is the surfacing of very dense and heavy energies held for centuries in certain areas of the world. What may appear to be backward steps for mankind is actually the activity of ever increasing Light on the long held shadows needing to be cleared. Energies of the past must be seen as such–the past, old, finished. They must give way to the new for the only life and power theyreally have comes from the universal belief in them. This is how evolution works.
Try not to focus on violence or the people involved in it, but instead realize that everyone is a spiritual being acting out from their present state of consciousness–many of which are still fully enmeshed in duality and separation. Hold to truth regardless of appearances, not denying them or dismissing them as simply illusions, but remembering how appearances are formed. The material world represents a mind interpretation according to individual and global states of consciousness–world belief system. In the human scene you see the perfect creations and qualities of Divine Consciousness through a stained glass window–the colors and formations, your state of consciousness.
A consciousness fully aware of its oneness with the fullness of Source will appear outwardly as whatever is needed (not always what you think you need) because Divine consciousness-(your consciousness when awakened)- is complete, harmonious, and whole in every way. When you forget and allow yourselves to resonate with appearances of duality and separation, you add energy and fuel to them, the only substance they have.
This is a difficult time for all–many are suffering and everyone is feeling the intensity of the new energies while at the same time clearing that which is old and heavy. Do what you are guided to do by way of helping others in the human scene, but first and foremost hold to the truth–this is the way change will come for the outer scene simply manifests the inner. You are creators but have not realized it.
Those who would prefer that you remain in the darkness and ignorance of the past, are using every opportunity to spark fear and chaos at this time but much of that which worked before, is no longer working. Try not to buy into ploys meant to feed world fear, and be aware of what is going on. Stay in the stillness of your center when presented with the negativity and violence constantly being broadcast from the media and do not engage. Be aware, but not continually immersed in the negative stories for that simply brings your energy field down to that level.
It is not easy to break free of the hypnotism of the third dimension. There are many observing your struggles with great admiration for your strength and determination. You are powerful beings of Light and are doing a fine job within an energy that does not yet fully support that. You have experienced lifetime after lifetime in third dimensional energy and are programmed by these experiences to look for solutions and answers with the mind.

You are learning to shift yourselves away from that impersonal universal human mind filled with every belief of duality and separation and into a realization that outer pictures whether good or bad, have nothing real to sustain or maintain them–only belief. This is what is meant by the bible term “seeing through a glass darkly”…the manifestations of Divine Consciousness are always complete and perfect and embody all Its qualities (completeness, wholeness, abundance, joy etc. etc.) but when these ideas flow through the filter of duality and separation, they become something different.
The material world is a mind translation of perfect Divine Ideas. Imagine a bread pan… the dough is your state of consciousness and the bread pan is your mind. The loaf is formed from the dough you put in it.

There is only ONE MIND…another profound truth that many will at first resist. Take this truth into your hearts and ponder it. You are more than ready to receive and embrace the deeper truths, to shift out of metaphysics and into mysticism.
In the human scene, the One mind- your mind, becomes conditioned by whatever false beliefs you accept. Every belief ever believed is floating in human consciousness and is never yours personally until accepted. Because of past life experiences, each person has a propensity for particular beliefs over others. (Some may be more prone to health beliefs, others more prone to relationship beliefs etc. )
It is important not to claim old energies back during your clearing process. For example you may be clearing cellular memory from the emotional body and re-experiencing some of these emotions. Instead of declaring; “I am so depressed, I am so sad, I am so angry etc. etc.” which will fasten them back to you, recognize that these are simply old energies clearing and let them go. The world would have you believe that there is a pharmaceutical solution to any and every discord (much to the financial benefit of these companies). Seeking to “fix” clearing symptoms can give them new life and power and slow the process but this is not to say you cannot consult a doctor if you are guided to.
Obsolete third dimensional energies of the past cannot be carried with you into the new and higher resonance no matter how well they may have served in the past. The choice as always, is yours.
As you begin to live out from the One Mind which contains within it no false concepts or beliefs, the outer scene will begin to reflect that, your consciousness will be manifesting clearer interpretations of Divine Ideas. Do not make the mistake of spending your time looking for results, saying: “Oh I have practiced and failed. It doesn’t work.” Change does not happen over night, and simply having the knowledge of truth does is not the same as the consciousness of it. Eons of time and millions of experiences were necessary to develop each state of consciousness into readiness to awaken. First comes receptivity, then the intellectual knowledge, then the practice, and finally a new state of consciousness is born, one which then manifests in the outer as the higher and better forms.
Take the profound mystical truths we have given you today into you hearts dear ones, for you are ready. Examine them, ask your higher selves and Guides to help you understand and move into the consciousness of them, and practice.
We are the Arcturian Group 6/22/14

Posted 32 minutes ago by LUZ ZOHAR

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AGHARTAN: El pensamiento y el sentimiento creador::: EL RENACER ::: sharing

AGHARTAN: El pensamiento y el sentimiento creador::: EL RENACER ::: sharing.

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martes, 17 de junio de 2014

El pensamiento y el sentimiento creador::: EL RENACER ::: sharing

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Sharing :

El pensamiento y el sentimiento creador.

Existe un principio metafísico que nos enseña que todo es doble, tiene dos polos (Ley de Polaridad). Bajo esta ley universal, los semejantes y los antagónicos son lo mismo, los opuestos son idénticos en naturaleza, pero diferentes en grado; los extremos se tocan.

Todas las verdades son medias verdades y todas las paradojas pueden reconciliarse. ¿No son el frío y el calor los extremos de la temperatura? ¿No son el amor y el odio los extremos de la emoción?

Esta ley nos permite entender que si queremos cambiar o revertir alguna situación desfavorable debemos aplicar el viejo lema “Al mal tiempo, buena cara”. Entonces, no podremos lograr un resultado favorable en el cambio de una realidad que nos es desfavorable si no nos polarizamos en el opuesto de aquello que deseamos revertir.

Los más variados experimentos realizados en los laboratorios científicos demuestran que enfocar nuestra atención (sentimiento, emoción, pensamiento y creencia en algo) cambia el resultado de un experimento del cual se conocía previamente su resultado.

Es decir que el experimentador influye con sus creencias en el resultado del experimento.

En este estadio de la investigación podemos asegurar, sin temor a equivocarnos, que somos los arquitectos de nuestra realidad. Nuestra “buena cara” cambia los patrones del “mal tiempo”.

En el instante en que inhalamos por primera vez nos asociamos a la mayor fuerza del universo:el poder de la creación. El sentido de la vida es lograr materializar nuestros deseos interiores mediante la fuerza del sentimiento y el pensamiento.

No obstante, despertar dicho poder de materialización requiere de un cambio en la forma de todo aquello que creemos de nosotros mismos y de las dinámicas de creación de la realidad. Así como el sonido se propaga por el aire, nuestros pensamientos, sentimientos y creencias atraviesan el entramado cuántico para convertirse en una manifestación de optimismo o pesimismo, de salud o enfermedad, de amor o de odio, de paz o de violencia.

* Somos los directores de orquesta de nuestra propia sinfonía

De la misma manera que un músico afina su instrumento para mejorar el sonido de su melodía, nosotros podemos refinar nuestras propias formas de pensamiento y emociones para mejorar la frecuencia que propagamos por el éter y que determinarán el tenor de lo manifestado como realidad.

Cada vez que pensamos o sentimos, es un pedido que consciente o inconscientemente hacemos para preservar o destruir algo que conforma la existencia, incluso las cosas que establecen los parámetros de nuestra propia realidad y la de nuestros semejantes. Existimos en una realidad mutable, maleable, que es el resultado de lo que individualmente y colectivamente sentimos, pensamos y creemos.

Todo, desde una célula de nuestro cuerpo hasta el logro de nuestros esfuerzos, depende de nuestra manera de pensar con respecto a nosotros mismos y nuestra propia creencia en lo que somos o no somos capaces de hacer.

Una vez escuché decir a un físico cuántico: “Los milagros son el resultado de nuestro poder de cambiar aquello que nuestra falta de fe nos hace creer que es inalterable”. La ciencia, con el advenimiento de la nueva era del conocimiento cuántico, ha descubierto que las leyes de lo físico colapsan frente al potencial incomprendido de la mente y la fuerza del espíritu.

El hombre, desde que nació la ciencia, se dedicó a estudiar por separado lo que siempre estuvo unido dentro de un sistema holotrópico, aquello que permite a la parte ser una pieza constitutiva de un conjunto que es en sí mismo el movimiento hacia la totalidad y la unidad.

La disociación entre la ciencia y la espiritualidad comienza a fundirse en un punto en el cual se espiritualiza la ciencia y la espiritualidad se científica. Las erróneas creencias científicas aún nos enseñan la dinámica inmutable de las leyes físicas. Durante cientos de años la ciencia condicionó nuestro poder creativo al apegarnos a la creencia de que nuestra experiencia interna nunca podría incidir en la afectación de los acontecimientos.

Esta idea equivocada ha logrado disociar la espiritualidad de la ciencia y a nosotros de nuestro mundo.

Hemos crecido creyéndonos víctimas de los acontecimientos y de creencias que nos hacen seres “pasivos” que observan cómo las cosas y los acontecimientos “suceden” simplemente sin razón aparente. Ahora todo vuelve a nosotros, comenzamos a recuperar el protagonismo actoral, dentro de esta majestuosa película que llamamos realidad. Somos al mismo tiempo sus actores y directores.

En un mundo donde la mayor crisis de la historia de la humanidad se materializa amenazando nuestra supervivencia, es tiempo de tomar el timón del barco.

* Diseñando la vida

Nosotros mismos somos el puente que une el pedido de lo que proyectamos con la materialización de lo proyectado.

Nuestras creencias son el conjunto que conforman las proyecciones mentales y emocionales de lo que enviamos al espacio cuántico, como un paquete de instrucciones, que termina siendo el plano constructivo del diseño de la realidad.

La construcción de la realidad no es otra cosa que la conjunción del tiempo, el espacio, la intensión y la energía constructiva que ordena las infinitas opciones latentes que existen como realidades potenciales. La experiencia que llamamos creencia tiene un efecto que se expande y proyecta mucho más allá de nosotros mismos hacia una matriz que es el espacio intangible en el cual el crear es posible.

Cuando nos aceptamos a nosotros mismos como creadores y aprendemos a sintonizarnos con la fuerza que nos permite crear, comenzamos a cambiar enfermedad por salud, odio por amor y nos abrimos a la posibilidad de ser co-participadores del proceso de creación.

Probablemente no sea una coincidencia que durante el mismo lapso en que se nos ha alentado a adoptar creencias limitantes, la humanidad haya sufrido las mayores calamidades producidas por guerras, plagas y persecuciones, además de haber causado los mayores daños al ecosistema jamás realizados.

Son precisamente estas creencias las que a menudo nos hacen sentirnos insignificantes, impotentes y temerosos de los acontecimientos y del propio futuro, cuando en verdad poseemos el potencial para hacer frente al desafío y para revertirlo.

¿Qué sucedería si descubriéramos lo que somos capaces de hacer? ¿Y si resulta que juntos podríamos convertirnos en poderosos emisores de energía con el potencial de transmutar cualquier situación desfavorable para el planeta? ¿Cómo cambiarían nuestras vidas si despertamos al poder de crear abundancia para nuestras vidas, mediante la capacidad de comunicarnos cuánticamente con la matriz de creación?

Un cambio de paradigma semejante sería como un cambio radical de timón sobre lo que creemos que es posible y lo que no. Mientras nos sintamos seres separados e impotentes frente a lo creado, el conflicto, la separación y el sufrimiento tendrán sentido.

También si la ciencia revela que somos seres con un potencial enorme de transformación y creación, el conflicto, la separación y el sufrimiento dejarán de tener sentido.

Las puertas hacia el nuevo entendimiento están abiertas: la creación necesita creador.

Por Brad Hunter

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Yo Superior y Eliza: Sobre El Renacer
YO SOY Tazjima Amariah Kumara, un ser de la 5D de descendencia Pleyadiana – Venusina (de Venus). Actualmente resido abordo de la gran nave nodriza “Los Vientos Blancos”, que está bajo el comando del Señor Lord Adrigón de las Pléyades. Como ustedes ya saben, SOY el Yo Superior inmediato de su escriba, Eliza.
He decidido dar un paso al frente hoy pues Eliza y yo estamos en el proceso de retrenzado; es decir, nos estamos refusionando de regreso en un Ser. Aquélla que ustedes conocen como Eliza se encarnó por primera vez en la Tierra en los últimos días de Lemuria. Ahora ella está en el proceso de “regresar a Casa”, al igual que todos los que han abrazado la decisión de ascender durante este ciclo único en el desarrollo de la Tierra. Cuando ella se refusione conmigo, su Yo Superior, estaremos reunidas de nuevo e íntegras. Y a medida que completamos nuestro trabajo en la 5D en esta vida o en una vida futura nos reuniremos con el Yo que reside en dimensiones y frecuencias aún más refinadas. Y así prosigue el proceso de ascensión hasta que todos se hayan reunido en la conciencia que está en TODO LO QUE ES.
Su mundo está pasando por un periodo transicional sin precedentes en la historia conocida, donde es posible participar en una ascensión de todo el planeta. En eras pasadas la ascensión tanto individual como de las masas ha ocurrido en su planeta, pero el recuerdo se ha perdido porque ustedes desconocen su historia real. Se están empezando a revelar pedacitos de esa historia suprimida, y como resultado los viejos paradigmas están amenazados o discreditados.
Cada persona está siendo desafiada a verse a sí misma bajo una luz totalmente nueva. Hay presión proviniendo del interior impulsando a cada individuo a ver desapasionadamente su vida actual a fin de ver qué puede dejarse ir ahora, qué puede ser cambiado.
Como se ha mencionado anteriormente, el cambio duradero debe venir desde el interior del individuo. El cambio que es forzado en una persona o personas debido a las circunstancias será resistido, ya sea que ese cambio sea visto como positivo o negativo. En verdad todo cambio es neutral, pero los humanos tienden a ver cualquier cosa que sea diferente llegando a sus vidas como una inmediata amenaza y reaccionan sin pensar.
¿Han pensado alguna vez si sucedieron o no realmente las Guerras de las Estrellas? Nosotros les diremos que fue así y abarcaron la Galaxia de lado a lado. En muchos de los mundos que se resistieron a las fuerzas oscuras del Imperio de Orión, al terminar las guerras esto significó su fin para siempre en sus mundos. Y estos [mundos] no han vuelto a mirar hacia atrás. ¿Cuándo terminará la guerra en la Tierra? La guerra terminará cuando la mayoría de la gente de la Tierra decida que la guerra no es la forma de resolver las diferencias entre la gente que es “diferente.” Y nosotros esperamos que ustedes lleguen a darse cuenta de esto más pronto que más tarde para su beneficio propio y el de toda vida existente en él [el planeta]. Las guerras destruyeron la vida y las comunidades. Solamente unos pocos sacan beneficios en términos de una ganancia temporal, pero nadie gana realmente cuando se usan la fuerza y la violencia contra otros seres vivientes.
¿Por qué ha continuado su planeta batallando con la guerra, la hambruna y la enfermedad? Ustedes pueden culpar a los controladores oscuros de ello, pero cada humano que ha estado aquí al través de las eras ha experimentado el lado oscuro. Dentro de cada uno de ustedes ronda ese oculto Darth Vader que muchos no quieren admitir, integrar y permitirle regresar a la luz. Aquello que se resiste y se niega, persistirá. Lo que se permite ser visto, saldrá a la superficie y será liberado para ser transmutado y transformado en luz.
Nosotros no podemos pretender hacer desaparecer la oscuridad. Ella es, a fin de cuentas, suficientemente real en el sentido de que existe para definir a la luz. Nosotros existimos actualmente dentro de un universo que es dualístico por naturaleza. La experiencia de la humanidad en este joven planeta Tierra ha llevado esa polaridad más allá de lo que era la intención de la Fuente. Ahora nos encontramos en el proceso de asistir al Dios Padre-Madre a regresar al universo al alineamiento y el equilibrio. 

Como miembros de la Federación Galáctica de la Luz, nosotros eligimos hace mucho tiempo resistirnos a la oscuridad de los invasores que amenazaron muchos de nuestros mundos y empujaron a algunas de las especies humanas a huir a nuevos planetas. Nuestras guerras estelares fueron una ocurrencia real, y muchos de ustedes viviendo en la Tierra actualmente son los descendientes de ambos lados del antiguo conflicto, reincarnados para tener la oportunidad de balancear su karma y liberar el viejo dolor dentro de un “escenario” limitado. Ustedes trabajan a diario resolviendo los conflictos que existen en su interior, y entre unos y otros. A medida que resuelven sus conflictos internos ustedes se elevarán por encima del conflicto que existe en su mundo y serán capaces de transmutar la oscuridad restante. No se puede hacer de ninguna otra manera.
Nuestras naves mantienen vigila en su espacio y asistimos dondequiera podemos y cuandoquiera se nos de permiso. Su mayor conciencia de nuestra presencia ayuda a nuestra habilidad para asistirlos a un grado más profundo del que ha existido en el pasado, en parte debido a su propio temor y a las barreras colocadas alrededor de su mundo por las fuerzas de ocupación de los invasores de su mundo.
¿Temen una invasión, queridos míos? Esa invasión sucedió hace miles de años en el tiempo lineal terrenal. Nosotros seguimos la Ley del Uno y obedecemos la Voluntad del Dios Padre-Madre; no cometeremos violencia contra su gente ni sus controladores. Hemos aprendido nuestras lecciones así como lo ha hecho cada uno de sus mundos que sufrieron enormemente durante las guerras antiguas. Y ahora el tiempo para ser liberados de la esclavitud está sobre ustedes. ¿Están listos para liberarse de aquello que ha sido forzado desde el exterior? ¿o desean permanecer encadenados e incapaces de manifestar la vida que ustedes desean verdaderamente vivir y compartir con su familia, amigos y comunidad?
Libérense, queridos míos, pues nosotros somos sus hermanos y hermanas aguardando a que elijan elevarse por encima de todo lo que han sufrido en el pasado. Ustedes necesitan perdonar y dejar ir el dolor, el recuerdo del trauma y el abuso, los males cometidos contra ustedes, su familia y su planeta. Aunque esto los sorprenda, hasta que no liberen la necesidad de castigar a los perpetradores ustedes no serán capaces de elevarse en frecuencia y nosotros no podremos reunirnos con ustedes.
Hay entre ustedes quienes equivocadamente miran con desprecio a los perpetradores de los abusos y se consideran seres superiores; se ven a sí mismos como teniendo el derecho de juzgar a otros. Nosotros vemos esto como un juzgar contra uno mismo pues en verdad todos ustedes son Una Conciencia Humana Colectiva. Cuando sean capaces de mirar honestamente en los ojos de otro y se vean a sí mismos sin juzgar y con amor incondicional, entonces serán liberados de todas las ataduras que los unen unos a otros. Y como paradoja que existe en los mundos más elevados, ustedes sentirán más conmovedoramente la conciencia que los une como un colectivo. ¿Les sorprendería saber que la Tierra ha sido considerada por algún tiempo como un planeta en el que es muy peligroso vivir? Así que pregúntense a sí mismos: si es tan peligroso, entonces ¿por qué estoy aquí?
Queridos míos, ustedes están aquí porque son los valientes. Ustedes eligieron perder su conexión con la Fuente, con el Dios Padre-Madre para ser envueltos en el Velo que los ha prevenido de recordar sus vidas pasadas/ futuras como nosotros lo hacemos. Ustedes se volvieron ciegos temporalmente a la realidad de su propia Divinidad, de sus propias raíces que se encuentran en muchos de nuestros mundos y antiguas culturas. Ustedes pensaron inclusive que estaban solos en un universo vasto y poco amistoso.
Ustedes no están solos, mis hermanas y hermanos. Nunca han sido abandonados por su Padre y Madre, quienes los crearon en primer lugar. Nosotros estamos aquí observando su progreso, sus batallas consigo mismos y unos con otros. Aunque ustedes no se den cuenta de ello, su mundo ha avanzado muy lejos en un corto periodo de tiempo elevando sus niveles de frecuencia, pero todavía puede mejorar… por lo que los instamos y los persuadimos de proseguir adelante.
Aquellos de entre ustedes que son sensibles pueden detectar el flujo y reflujo de las mareas cósmicas barriendo ahora en sus costas. Estas energías están siendo emitidas desde el centro del Gran Sol Central Cósmico y están pasando a través del portal que existe en su gran estrella, el Sol.
Estas mismas energías los están ahora empujando y jalando para que dejen ir lo que no es el verdadero “ustedes”, su yo divino. Las energías están en el proceso de afectar a diferentes individuos según su grado de aceptancia o de resistencia.
Por diversos motivos muchos seres están eligiendo partir de este mundo e irse a otros lugares para continuar su crecimiento espiritual, y muchos de los amigos y familiares que se quedan atrás están teniendo dificultades para ajustarse a la percibida pérdida de sus seres queridos pues han sido condicionados a creer que solamente tienen una vida a vivir. En algunas de las culturas occidentales de su mundo la muerte ha sido considerada como algo a temer mucho. Esta actitud o creencia es de origen relativamente reciente pues los antiguos sabían la verdad sobre la muerte; que es una puerta a través de la cual todos pasan a otra vida. Han surgido muchas supersticiones debido a enseñanzasmalentendidas y manipuladas de algunas religiones que han hecho de la muerte una macabra celebración.
La muerte es simplemente una puerta. Nosotros llegamos a una completación de lo que se necesita experimentar en una vida y luego dejamos el cuerpo. Nuestra conciencia continúa al tomar otro cuerpo y continúa con su desarrollo espiritual. En su mundo, desde la caída, se decidió crear el Velo, por lo que ustedes olvidaron temporalmente sus otras vidas y los otros mundos en los que habían vivido para aliviar el dolor de la separación y permitirles enfocarse en su existencia presente.
Sin embargo, nunca ha habido verdaderamente una separación entre Ustedes y sus Padres Divinos, entre Ustedes y su Yo Superior. Lo que ha habido es solamente una creencia de que la separación existe. Como su creencia ha sido más fuerte de lo que estaban dispuestos a liberarla, ha continuado la separación… hasta ahora.
Nuestros mundos se están acercando cada vez más; algunos de ustedes pueden sentir nuestra presencia cuando tratamos de contactarlos. Les diremos que muchos de ustedes se pasan una gran cantidad de tiempo afuera en las naves de la FGL, grandes y pequeñas. Y muchos de los que se están preparando para ser maestros o líderes en los cambios que se avecinan a su mundo han recibido un entrenamiento intensivo en las naves y en planetas tales como Venus entre vida y vida pasadas en la Tierra.
No, tal vez no tengan recuerdos de su participación en dicho entrenamiento o se han resistido a abrirse a la posibilidad de que ustedes tienen algo que ofrecer a sus semejantes. Y sin embargo, ahora les diremos, queridos míos, que cada uno de ustedes tiene un gran potencial si se dan a sí mismos la oportunidad de pasar a través de las dudas y temores que ustedes mismos han creado.
¿Se han sentido alguna vez impulsados desde su interior sin saber por qué? Entonces son uno de los que han sido preparados “en otro lado”, ya sea entre vida y vida o durante su tiempo de sueños, mientras duermen. ¿Tienen sueños de estar en un gran salón junto con sus amigos y compañeros? Entonces ustedes han estado atendiendo la universidad y entrenado bajo la dirección de los Maestros profesores. La remembranza les vendrá cuando estén listos para aceptar que ustedes, ustedes mismos, son más de lo que se hayan imaginado jamás. Todos ustedes están aquí por una razón.
Saliéndose de lo conocido para ir a lo desconocido puede ser atemorizante para algunos humanos. Vamos a compartir con ustedes una cosa… la resistencia al cambio es algo que ustedes heredaron de sus “padres”. En muchos de los mundos de donde provienen nuestros semillas estrellas nuestra gente sigue viviendo y practicando sus vidas de la manera como ha existido por miles de miles de sus años terrenales, y estamos contentos de hacerlo. Es nuestra filosofía; si funciona, entonces ¿por qué arreglarla?
Nuestros mundos están libres de contaminación, libres de los daños a los recursos naturales, y toda nuestra gente está vestida, alimentada, y educada de acuerdo con su posición en la vida y sus obsequios heredados. Algunos de los grandiosos mundos lideran en el desarrollo de la tecnología, pero todo conocimiento es usado para el mejoramiento del Todo. La gente tiene derecho de decir su opinión al gobierno y de participar como líderes ya que muchos mundos trabajan con Concejos que cambian su membresía cada par de años. Pocos mundos tienen casas gobernantes, y si las tienen, esos miembros de esas casas sirven a la gente y proporcionan un liderazgo iluminado y sabio.
Y ahora su mundo ha recibido la oportunidad de unirse a sus vecinos galácticos, pero primero su nivel frecuencial debe elevarse para que seamos compatibles y estemos bajo iguales términos. Cualquier intento de salvar a su mundo ahora resultaría en que nosotros seríamos considerados los invasores, por tanto caeríamos de frecuencia a un nivel equivalente al suyo. Nos volveríamos de nuevo los Ángeles caídos de sus propios mitos y leyendas.
En consecuencia, tratamos de operar dentro de sus sociedades y culturas enviando a nuestros mejores semillas estrellas y “walk-ins”. Viviendo como “seres humanos” y asumiendo la carga de despejar el karma individual y colectivo estos seres lumínicos encarnados y Ángeles humanos han reducido enormemente la oscuridad que existe en porciones de su mundo.
A medida que cada trabajador de la luz individual se las arregla para recordar y empezar el proceso de reconectar con su Yo Superior, pueden asentarse y emanar más luz en sus ambientes personales. En verdad, ellos se vuelven faros y mostradores del camino para otros, atrayendo la atención tanto de la luz como de la oscuridad. Por este coraje de cara a una gran adversidad les rendimos homenaje como campeones de la luz.
Tal vez les sorprenda darse cuenta de cuántos Seres Lumínicos Más Elevados han enviado fragmentos de su Yo a encarnarse durante este periodo de transición. Y aquellos de ustedes que se sienten atraídos hacia un Maestro o Arcángel en particular ciertamente pudieran ser miembros de la misma Familia Espiritual o Mónada. A medida que su conexión con su Yo Superior crece, ustedes van a “recordar” vidas que tal vez no sean las suyas propias sino más bien recuerdos compartidos pues quienes están conectados a través del linaje espiritual pueden compartir y comparten sabiduría entre sí. 

Su mundo está pasando por un periodo único de transición. Y toda vida en ella debe alinearse con el nivel de frecuencia del planeta, o partir.
Quienes están tratando de incrementar los niveles de contaminación mediante la fractura hidráulica, los derrames de petróleo, el uso intencional de uranio empobrecido y la liberación de aguas contaminadas con uranio, mediante la destrucción de grandes franjas de los pulmones del planeta, las selvas tropicales… etc., estos se están resistiendo al movimiento del planeta a las frecuencias más elevadas en la 5D desde la cual cayó originalmente.
Tal vez piensen estos desperados seres que quizá puedan detener los ciclos del Universo, pero es como intentar detener un deslizamiento de tierra con palillos dentales; no va a funcionar. Por tanto, sus intentos van a fracasar. Y la gente aprenderá a elevarse y a resistir los ataques y las salvajadas perpetrándose contra el cuerpo del planeta y contra sus propios cuerpos pues ellos se están volviendo cada vez más conscientes de los peligros que enfrenta toda vida si continúan permitiéndose dichas prácticas.
Ustedes, la gente de la Tierra, que viven sobre la superficie de GAIA, deben despertar y recobrar su poder de los usurpadores. Sin embargo, ustedes necesitan darse cuenta de que si practican también la violencia contra quienes les han causado males, entonces continuarán fortaleciendo los lazos que existen entre ustedes… y se verán obligados a resolver sus diferencias en otra vida y otro lugar hasta que regresen al punto en el que dejen ir, sean neutrales, perdonen y acepten incondicionalmente aquello que parece estar “allá afuera”, pero que es, en realidad, parte de sí mismos.
Solamente dejando ir, dejando la necesidad de pelearse unos con otros, pueden como individuos elevarse y liberarse finalmente de los viejos fantasmas y temores engendrados por quienes los despojaron de su herencia divina y los han tratado de mantener en esclavitud desde entonces. Dejen de prestar atención a las bufonerías de los oscuros y vivan su vida con coraje y determinación, creatividad y gozo.
Salgan de la oscuridad, queridos míos, y entren a la luz del día. En esta deslumbradora pureza ustedes verán todo lo que consideran como debilidades y flaquezas expuestas al escrutinio suyo y de otros. Todo dolor, sufrimiento y temores que ustedes anhelaron ocultar y que han resistido ver serán expuestos como las criaturas de las mareas cuando la marea está baja. ¿Se acurrucarán y buscarán ocultarse de nuevo? ¿o verán lo que ha estado oculto con un sentimiento de culpabilidad y que pudieran verdaderamente ser sus mayores obsequios?
Nosotros vemos inclusive al más fuerte de entre ustedes sufrir una ocasional falta de autorespeto y de fe en sus propias habilidades para discernir y “ver” lo que está oculto. ¿Dudan ustedes de la veracidad de lo que les dice su intuición a diario? Entonces están pasando por alto su mayor obsequio pues su intuición es el modo como se comunica su ser con ustedes a través del templo de su cuerpo. Hasta que su habilidad para comunicarse con nosotros se ponga en línea con la apertura de sus obsequios telepáticos, hay pocas otras maneras mediante las cuales los podamos alcanzar, exceptuando sus sueños.
Como la mayoría de ustedes ha sido enseñada a no prestar atención a su intuición ni a sus remembranzas de sus sueños, ha sido difícil para nosotros comunicarnos con nuestros seres inferiores. Cuando decimos inferiores, no los estamos juzgando… ustedes son una extensión, una honrada extensión del yo experimentando el mundo frecuencial bajo.
Y no obstante, para algunos sí se manifiestan los obsequios de ser clarisintiente y clariaudiente, a veces debido a un trauma, y somos capaces de reestablecer la comunicación activa con esa parte del Yo residiendo en su mundo. Así comienza.el proceso de refusionarse a sí mismo conocido como la ascensión.
Para algunos la ascensión consistirá en refusionarse con el Yo Superior y regresar a sus mundos. Para otros la ascensión consistirá en la descensión, a medida que el Yo Superior se fusiona con la esencia física y asume el mando de la nave de la vida. En cualquiera de los casos, el que se encuentra en el proceso de refusionarse pasará de un proceso de desarrollo individual a uno de servicio a los muchos para que pueda completar sus tareas asignadas antes de la encarnación.
De ahora en adelante todos esos seres que están encarnados ahora en su planeta serán de una esencia más elevada que lo que era posible hace apenas un simple siglo. No se permitirá a ningún ser oscuro de un nivel frecuencial menor al del planeta mismo encarnar aquí. Y aquellos seres cuya conciencia individual no se pueda ajustar a los niveles frecuenciales más elevados se verá obligado a partir de un modo u otro. Esto no es un juicio de nuestra parte, sino lo que está sucediendo a nivel galáctico y universal.
Este universo está regresando a la luz. Y todo lo que no sea de la luz será quitado… eventualmente. La fecha de ese rompimiento final de la oscuridad dependerá de la voluntad y determinación de todos los que viven en su planeta. Es hora de que den un paso al frente como adultos responsables y sean aceptados por sus propios méritos como miembros iguales de la Federación Galáctica de la Luz.
Cualquiera que sea su rol en este continuo drama, sepan que nosotros los amamos incondicionalmente y estamos de pie, detrás de ustedes, aguardando su permiso para asistirlos en las grandes transformaciones ocurriendo tanto individual como colectivo.
Ya sea que se den cuenta de ello o no, tanto ustedes como su mundo se encuentran en el proceso de renacer; nuestro deseo es que el nacimiento sea fácil, pero eso depende de cada uno de ustedes participando y enfocando su atención en un nuevo mundo que sostiene bendiciones para todos.

Todos los Derechos Reservados © Elizabeth Ayres Escher,
Publicado 16 hours ago por LUZ ZOHAR

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terram novam: MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS (16 ): WORKERS FOR THE LIGHT, UNITE! ::: Message from Lakshmi: Prosperity Flows :::sharing

terram novam: MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS (16 ): WORKERS FOR THE LIGHT, UNITE! ::: Message from Lakshmi: Prosperity Flows :::sharing.

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martes, 8 de julio de 2014

MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS (16 ): WORKERS FOR THE LIGHT, UNITE! ::: Message from Lakshmi: Prosperity Flows :::sharing

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Dearest Ones,
we are the Arcturians!

As you move forward in your effort of what you call “occupy your world”, this is indeed a very necessary undertaking in the process of your evolution. The more of you are consciously participating the more power, the power of light, will be received and facilitated among you and in the energy field of your Mother Earth.

As it is you, the human family, who have lived for so long below your true Divine Power of Love and void of the Light of Christed Consciousness, it must be you who change this! You must change, you must allow all your natural Divine Powers emerge to activate the necessary shift in your world.

When the united power of your higher will, accompanied by the Light of Love, reaches a certain level of accomplishment, this will be the day when your controllers will loose their power they are still able to hold on to.

Even though there are massive loads of light directed at your planet, there must be an active and conscious response to it, so that it can become fully effective! It must be received, and you are the ones who must receive it, dear ones.

We observe with joy that there are ever more of you who have opened their heart and who nurture the desire, to receive this light and who awaken to the love they are!

We ask you all to spread this Light of Love by choosing It in any moment over against the old and so familiar frequencies of intolerance, nonconstructive criticism and judgment.

Now is the time that all those who are here to work for the light join together.

In spite of differences in perceptions of spiritual matters and spiritual paradigms, in spite of differences of culture, personality, preferences and life style, we ask you to put all of that aside now and join with the unity of the heart, the one place you all share without difference. If you want to see the victory of the light and a new and Divine World to emerge, you all must sacrifice this last bit of egoity which still lives in the illusion of competition and a sense of separation.

How can you all, who are working for the light, be victorious over your controllers if you do not all unite in your heart! But you can unite if you truly incorporate the power of light, which carries the information of unity and which is now available abundantly for each one of you.

We ask that you take advantage of it, of the energies now available, all these frequencies, including the frequency that makes itself known as Love as soon as you assimilate it.
Everything is now at you finger tips, beloved ones! Now you must act!

Full of Light and having integrated your original gift of Love, you cannot but know that you all are here together to fight this fight for the victory of light. Each one of you carries gifts, they are different, yes, but they all are part of this huge puzzle, where each piece is needed for the shift to occur!

If only one piece would be missed, the whole glorious Divine Operation of liberating earth (and, yes, the whole universe) would not be successful. Each one of you, here to carry the banner of light, is needed to give an impulse to those who are here to be awakened by this specific impulse. It is due to this necessary and desired chain reaction, that you must honor and embrace and tolerate each other!

You all carry an important mission, which includes many civilizations in your universe. When you join together, united by your self-transcendence, your whole universe unites in Love.

Only if you do this you prove that you are a true worker for the light, because you know that light does not make a difference. Therefore you will recognize one another in that light! And you will be drawn to one another by this love in your hearts. This is the One and Single Link that links you all together.

Difference and separation is the language of the left brain! The language of the heart is unity and non-separation from each other.

Dear ones, workers for the light, now is the time to acknowledge this and act accordingly. Join, all of you. Join with your hearts and what will happen is that the power of light, existing already on your planet, will fully enter you all, causing a tremendous wave of Divine empowerment.

Your self-transcendence is the last step you must accomplish to see a new world arise. Without it you share with your controllers separation and empower them.

And you cannot look at others whether they are willing to let go their sense of specialness and separate ideas, you must start with yourself, not looking right or left. But joining into the feeling of unity, that is all you need to do. The more the power of unity stands out in your feeling heart, the more you know have joined this undivided unity already. Be driven by that power, by that joy and love, it will grow exponentially.

Let your day of “World Liberation” be the day of your own personal victory of self-transcendence!

We bless you and are here to support you in your desire for that victory, if you call upon us.

We Are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 29th April 2012 by Shanti
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Message from Lakshmi: Prosperity Flows


Channeled by Fran Zepeda

July 7, 2014

Lakshmi(Note From Fran: I was awakened suddenly from sleep a few nights ago to a presence similar to the image I post here, and it was Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity, and when I asked why she was here, she replied and gave me the following message, which she said was for me, but I share it with you all as you may find it helpful also):

Message from Lakshmi:

Within you are the treasures you seek, dear one. For I come to awaken the joy within that is already there.

Find it within. I am here to show you it is within.

Begin to manifest the treasures within, as they are already there, dear one.

And tread lightly, lest you trample them, for it is only with a Light Heart that you shall find it.

I speak to you of your treasures within, waiting to be manifested. Believe it and it shall be so. But first you must let go of all worldly things so you can find them again (within).

Indeed, all is taken care of, dear one. Believe it. (Believe and act as if you already have what you want).

Imagine it within your Heart and it shall be so. I am here to convince you of your manifestation abilities, dear one. Call on me.

Don’t try…just let it come alive within you, and it shall be so.

So, what do you desire, dear one???

Be gentle and easy with yourself. Do only what you can. Do not strive. But settle in instead to the knowing that you already have enough, you have what you need.

You can march forward with your dreams now. Be gentle with yourself and all will be well.

I am here to encourage you to be at peace with knowing that you are OK as you are.

Flow with Prosperity…Prosperity Flows.

Do not worry… You have it all… Settle into that now. Thrive with the knowing of it…

Channeled by Fran Zepeda 7.5.14

©2014 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are

Posted on Jul 8, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Fran Zepeda, Lakshmi
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terram novam: Hubble Sees Turquoise-Tinted Plumes in Large Magellanic Cloud | NASA

terram novam: Hubble Sees Turquoise-Tinted Plumes in Large Magellanic Cloud


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martes, 21 de octubre de 2014

Hubble Sees Turquoise-Tinted Plumes in Large Magellanic Cloud | NASA

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photos: ▶ Crear un marco artístico Photoshop Fácil by Yanko0 – ▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Arcángel Miguel 1-Septiembre-de 2013 – Sharing

photos: ▶ Crear un marco artístico Photoshop Fácil by Yanko0 – ▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Arcángel Miguel 1-Septiembre-de 2013 – Sharing.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

▶ Crear un marco artístico Photoshop Fácil by Yanko0 – ▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Arcángel Miguel 1-Septiembre-de 2013 – Sharing

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▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Arcángel Miguel 1-Septiembre-de 2013 – YouTube 


▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Arcángel Miguel 1-Septiembre-de 2013 – YouTube


▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Hilarión 1 hasta 7 septiembre 2013 – YouTube


▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Arcángel Miguel Septiembre-2013 – YouTube


RAMA Internacional de León de Judá


15 a 22 septiembre 2013


Nos parece que este mes que avanza muchos de ustedes están experimentando la liberación de muchos patrones de pensamiento que han sido la celebración de vuelta de avanzar hacia nuevas perspectivas y los nuevos comienzos. Hacemos un llamamiento a nosotros para ayudarle a liberar estos de su conciencia y de las células de su cuerpo. Hacer esta petición en un hábito diario hasta que se logra el objetivo de la libertad de estos y sabemos que siempre estamos a su lado para ayudar a lograr el equilibrio y el equilibrio y el cese de estas energías discordantes, en verdad, estos son simplemente energías viejos que necesitan ser disuelto. Queremos que nos pide que le ayude con estos retos, para que cuanto antes se libera de ellos más pronto podrá aceptar e integrar plenamente las energías superiores y el astro mayor.

Por estas acciones, mucha discordia es liberada y transmutada en el mayor campo colectivo que entonces permite que más de la humanidad para despertar y liberarse de viejas ilusiones y percepciones que no sirven el alma en evolución. A medida que más luz se ancla en la Tierra que crea una mayor fuerza de Luz que puede ser utilizado para crear nuevas soluciones y nuevos comienzos. El proceso de ascensión a una conciencia más elevada a medida que avanzamos a través de la cuarta dimensión está entrando en su fase final y que lo hace, sino que también aumenta la intensidad de los patrones de pensamiento y las emociones que brotan en todas las personas y es vital para todos los trabajadores de la luz para entender la importancia de la celebración de la luz fija durante estos flujos de energía caótica. Permanezcan centrados en su centro del corazón tanto como sea posible.

Tomar conciencia y reconocer las fases lunares y los movimientos celestes en los cielos. Hay mucho que se puede aprender aquí como usar estas fuerzas para ayudarle a seguir adelante en los momentos adecuados. Esta práctica será más importante que la experiencia del tiempo lineal está experimentando cambios radicales. Es mediante la observación de estos ciclos que los antiguos eran capaces de mantenerse en sintonía con las fuerzas del universo para llegar más allá del mundo que habitaban. Es de suma importancia para el desarrollo de esta práctica como una forma de medir los ciclos de energía que se producen con el fin de alinear en armonía con ellos. Esta es otra razón por la que pasar mucho tiempo al aire libre en la naturaleza es de gran beneficio. Alinea los ciclos internos de cada uno de estos ciclos mayores.

A medida que aprenda a navegar en la nueva realidad, se encontrarán más en paz dentro de su propio núcleo esencial y usted sabrá por sí el paso correcto para que usted siga, ya que se necesita. También desbloquear habilidades y dones espirituales dentro de cada persona, ya que estos han permanecido en estado latente durante muchos ciclos, y como la escoria de los viejos paradigmas se transmuta, estos tesoros están en espera de ser descubierto. No, sino que requiere la motivación, la intención y la perseverancia para convertirse alineados con estas grandes cualidades del alma que brotan de ser reconocidos y utilizados de maneras que permitan a cada persona y el mayor colectivo de la humanidad. Cuando estos dones y habilidades que se utilizan de manera constructiva para mejorar la experiencia de la belleza de la vida dentro de todas las almas, grandes avances se harán en evolución individual y colectiva.

Es el deber de cada individuo para conocer verdaderamente a sí mismos y ser fieles a sí mismos, por lo que puede ser bueno y correcto para una persona puede no serlo para otra. Cada alma está en su propio viaje individual ya medida que se alinean con su Alma Superior y grupo de almas, muchas maravillas de la creación se manifestará en su mundo. Cada alma tiene dones únicos y hermosos a añadir a la experiencia colectiva por lo que es importante darse cuenta de que su presencia amorosa aquí en estos tiempos es muy necesario con el fin de mejorar la experiencia positiva para todos.

Hasta la próxima semana ….

YO SOY Hilarión


© 2013 Marlene Swetlishoff / Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Guardián de las Sinfonías de Gracia

Se da el permiso para compartir este mensaje, siempre y cuando el mensaje se publica en su totalidad y nada haya sido cambiado o alterado de cualquier manera y el crédito del escritor, derecho de autor y el sitio web está incluido.

Gracias por incluir el enlace al sitio web por encima de la hora de escribir este mensaje.

RAMA Internacional de León de Judá

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Vel sanus: ▶ Seiji Nishimura Best Karate Punch Techniques – EXPERIENCES ON THE STARSHIP::: Galactic Transmissions From Our SELF:::Sharing

Vel sanus: ▶ Seiji Nishimura Best Karate Punch Techniques – EXPERIENCES ON THE STARSHIP::: Galactic Transmissions From Our SELF:::Sharing.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

▶ Seiji Nishimura Best Karate Punch Techniques – EXPERIENCES ON THE STARSHIP::: Galactic Transmissions From Our SELF:::Sharing

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překládat / ترجم / לתרגם   /   翻訳する / 翻译
Feb 15


I have been having more experiences of my reality on the starship. I had not had many experiences of the ship since my initiation. I think it was because I had to allow Kepier, my fifth dimensional SELF, to fully merge with my physical form. My last experience I had with the ship was when I was in the Regeneration Chamber, which I believe initiated a major initiation. However, recently I have been able to experience myself within the body of Kepier, and on the starship in an increasingly vivid fashion. At the time of the experience, I was not able to document it, so rather than speaking of it in the past, I will go into my memory and re-experience those sensations again.

I’m walking down the hall of the Arcturian Starship Athena and greeting my friends that I meet along the way. I am aware that these friends are able to ascertain that there has been a merging of my fifth dimensional and third dimensional realities because they can see that my grounded self is within Kepier, my fifth dimension expression. These friends greet me and congratulate me. Many of them discuss with me their process of reconnection and merging with their grounded expression of SELF. It appears that many of the Galactic Beings who have chosen the Mission of circling Earth and assisting Her with Her ascension have also chosen to project their consciousness into the third dimensional forms of their grounded third dimensional expressions.

As I complete these discussions I walk over to the outer hull of the Ship, which I remember is a biological Ship, and I touch the wall. As I touch the wall I realize that it is an alive being. To my third dimensional mind it appears as if I am living inside of an animal. However, to my multidimensional mind “animal” would not be the correct word. The Starship is indeed a living being, a collective creation of all the members onboard the Starship. The members of Athena’s Homeworld, Arcturus, also assist with the Ships creation. They are also in constant communication with the Ship and all the crew.

As they take I moment to more deeply experience that Ship, I feel the collective consciousness of all the crewmembers on the Ship. Since we resonate to the Oneness of consciousness, it is not unfamiliar to be able to tune into the collective and merge with all that is being thought, felt and experienced. As I move even more deeply into my experience, I am aware of all of the technical aspects of the Starship. I see Light Language control mechanisms, which are activated by the thoughts of those who are aligned with that component of the operation of the Starship.

I am unable at this time to make any sense of these letters, as my physical brain is not able to understand the images. However if I move into my High Heart I find that I have a feeling about what these images are, what they stand for, and how to activate them for the benefit of the Starship and all of those who are in it. (I realize that at this time I begin to speak in first person as Kepier, rather than my physical self on planet Earth). I realize that even though we have our assigned duties, all of us are able to do all duties if necessary, which is possible because of the unity of our collective consciousness.


Within our collective consciousness, we can connect with all the information of any person who has an expertise is in that area. In this manner, all of us are able to care for every function of flying the Starship. It is for the experience of cooperation that we are assigned our individual duties. It is also that we are assigned these duties because they are the areas of our greatest proficiency. My area of expertise on the Ship is similar to my expertise in my physical reality. Therefore, I serve in a more psychological capacity. However, psychological has a very different meaning in a community of collective consciousness, as well as within a community of persons from many different areas of the Galaxy.

I suddenly have another vision in which I find myself at a small meeting. We still hold individual forms within this level of the fifth dimension, however, as I have said before, our consciousness is merged. There are perhaps nine or ten of us sitting around this table. We still choose to use our voice on many occasions because we interface with our grounded ones and with other galactic beings on a regular basis. However, before each of us gives our presentation we all touch the tabletop. When we touch the tabletop, the specific information of our presentation is downloaded into the consciousness of all those around the table.

In reality, everyone aboard the Ship would be able to connect with that information, as the Ship is much like a huge computer. The difference is that third dimensional computers exist outside of you, whereas our computers exist within us. Much as you would go to a search engine to gain information, we use our thoughts to search our inner computers to gain any information that we wish to receive.

I will now talk about the report that I am giving. Part of my job aboard the spaceship is to be in constant communication with the energy fields of the humans and other life forms of planet Earth. Since within the Earth’s time frame of May 2011, there have been major downloads of light. I am about to give my report regarding the effects of this light on human consciousness. I speak in terms of human consciousness because the consciousness of Earth’s nonhuman life forms already live within unity that is quite beyond the unity of the humans. On the other hand, unity consciousness among humanity is greatly increasing every day.

Our conversations aboard our fifth dimensional starship are not limited to individual words put into sequential fashion of a sentence. Instead, we speak in images which accompany our telepathic communications and whatever voicing we choose to share with others. Therefore, I will send to humanity my report regarding the effect of light of consciousness via images in my mind. (On the Ship, I just sent the images, and we talked about them later.)


I see humanity in terms of the collective consciousness of humanity. This collective consciousness looks somewhat like one of your oceans At the top of the ocean there is the most light and highest level of consciousness, which gradually has less light and a lower state of consciousness and it moves towards the floor of the ocean, where there is very little light and a very low state of consciousness. Within your reality there are basically three groups: Multidimensional consciousness, third/fourth dimensional consciousness and selfish consciousness based on Service-to-self.

At the top-level of the ocean, multidimensional consciousness, there are those who have been able to integrate the light into their consciousness and physical forms. I see beings as being able to easily receive the light into their ever-expanding consciousness. However, their bodies are suffering symptoms of transformation. These symptoms of transformation occur because the frequency of light is far beyond the frequency of the Earth vessel. Fortunately this light is activating the 98% of their “Junk DNA” is the hard drive for transformation into Lightbody. This transformation from Earth vessel to Lightbody is a switch from the density of physical molecules within the earth vessel into the crystalline molecules that make up the awakening Lightbody.

This Lightbody has long resided within the Core of your spinal cord, brain, chakras, heart and High Heart. It is a challenge of you, the grounded one, to allow the light to enter into your physical bodies, and to direct it into your Core of which I have just spoken. Since your Core is the grounding force that connects your Lightbody to you physical body, it can easily accept the higher frequencies of the energy. Once these energies are stored within your Core, it can gradually be released into the physical, earth vessel, thus diminishing the symptoms of transformation. However, this transformation is immense and symptoms will be felt.

With the second group of third/fourth dimensional consciousness, the light is still surrounding the humans, but they have not yet learned/remembered how to accept it. For these humans there may be many changes in their external world that have forced them to look within and to ask for guidance from the higher frequencies of reality. When they choose to turn their attention into their inner worlds, which allow them access to the higher frequencies of spirit, they are increasingly able to allow the light into their consciousness. Once the light enters their consciousness, it is able to gradually enter the cells of their body, as well.

Every human has agreed to a certain flash point, an earthbound time, in which they will fully awaken to their Multidimensional SELF. It is at this flashpoint that they will be able to begin the process of transformation either gradually or all at once. Either way, the group of Lightworkers at the top-level has spent most of their lives preparing the way for those that have not yet awakened. Because of their contribution, it will be easier for mid-level group to accept the Light when they are ready and/or when it is their “time.”

The third group of consciousness, which would be correlated to the bottom of the ocean, selfish, service-to-self consciousness, is comprised of people have enjoyed the separation and power-over-others of the 3D Game and don’t want it to end. Some of the members of this group are suddenly realizing that they no longer want to live in in fear and domination. These ones are looking up, as they are not yet able to look within, in the hope of finding more light and love in their lives. It is this light and love, which will open their hearts. As their hearts open, they feel themselves beginning to transform, as well.

The other members of this group have a form like small parasites. The fight is forcing these myriad small parasites to leave their host, and they are swimming away as quickly as possible. It is within this vision that there is a realization that these parasitic beings are not members of Earth. Because Earth is moving into a higher vibration, these parasites are in the process of leaving your reality in search of yet another one.

Since I am in the process of merging with my grounded one, it is part of my duty to share this information with those who are open to this type of information. I realize that there are many grounded ones who may be not be comfortable with this information. It is to them that I send my fifth dimensional, unconditional love.
By Suzzane Lie, PhD
Posted 15th February 2012 by Shanti
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Galactic Transmissions From Our SELF


This Month, MAY 17, 2014
11am Pacific/Noon Mountain/1pm Central/2pm Eastern/6pm GMT
Please Click:

Galactic Transmissions From Our SELF


Since we are multidimensional beings, it is only logical to realize that at least one, or perhaps many, of our multidimensional expressions of SELF are members of the Galactic Federation. We may think these expressions of our SELF live in what we consider our past or our future.
However, the truth is that most of our galactic expressions resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond, which is beyond time. “Time” as we know it does not exist in the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, most of our galactic expressions of SELF live in the NOW.
It does not matter if the following information is from my, from yours or from someone else’s Galactic SELF, as we all resonate to Unity Consciousness. Within that Unity we are all members of the ONE and no longer perceive our selves as “separate from others.”


Many of our Inter-planetary Ships have been in the higher fourth dimension of Earth since before 9-11-2001. The Galactic Federation was very aware that a world war could have easily arisen from that incident. It was not within the Divine Plan to stop the incident, but the Galactics were able to work with the consciousness of the awakened ones to avoid a world war. Fortunately, there were enough Lightworkers on Earth at that time to who we could send our light in order to override the threatening waves of darkness.
Therefore the possible reality of WWIII split off into a parallel reality. Because the awakened ones of that timeline were willing to expand their consciousness enough to commune with their higher expressions, they could move through that dark period without the major cataclysm of that parallel reality. However, there were many hardships and constant threats between 9-11-2001 and 12-21-12 that dampened many of the Lightworker’s auras.
Fortunately, the higher light is now flowing into Gaia and all Her inhabitants. This multidimensional light is slowly and surely healing the residue of fear with the power of its unconditional love. In fact, many of the earth vessels that our galactic members are wearing are deep into the process of transmuting into Lightbody.
Since many of you have made so many changes in your lives, diet and primary states of consciousness, you are beginning to consciously feel symptoms of your earth vessel’s transmutations. We have been encouraging you to remember your visits to the Ship so that you can gain a sense of community with others who are having similar sensations.


We will take this opportunity to share how we bring you, our Lightworkers, aboard our Ships during your sleep. Since Gaia is a free-will planet, we can only give this assistance to those of you who ask to visit the Ship in some level of your Multidimensional SELF.
Therefore, we begin our relationship with the frequency of your Multidimensional SELF that asked for our assistance. Then, once you begin to communicate with this expression of your SELF, your desire to return to the Ship often arises in your daily consciousness. We call these awakened ones the ‘volunteers.’
However, since the desire to visit our Ship is often within the your unconscious or superconscious mind, you do not usually carry the memory of your visit into your daily life. However, since your unconscious mind is the source of most of your third dimensional desires and behaviors, you often begin to feel an inner urging to make changes in your life. Likewise, you may begin to receive inner messages from your higher expressions that are often on the very Ship you are visiting.
Once, you begin to listen to your own inner voice, the process of ascension is initiated. This process begins with a curiosity within your conscious mind about the source of these inner messages. This curiosity creates a connection between the conscious and unconscious mind. Also, as you begin to align your daily life with your inner messages, you develop a connection between your conscious and your superconscious mind.
This interconnection and unity of different states of consciousness it what initiates the action of making changes in your life. These life changes signal that you are ready to begin visitations on the Ship. When you come onboard a Ship, it is usually the one on which one of your many higher expressions is serving. However, each of you must come to this realization when you are ready.
Since life in the third dimension is so challenging, many of you do not remember your visits to our Ship because you are concerned that you would withdraw from your mission on 3D Earth. Most of you who are remembering, desiring to remember, or even wishing you could visit a Starship are members of the Galactic Federation.
You are having these thoughts and feelings because you are beginning to remember that you are a galactic being who was born into, or walked-into, your human earth vessel.

THE THIRD MESSAGE: How Volunteers Board our Starship

I have regressed from my description of how you, the volunteers, come aboard our Ship, but it was necessary to give the appropriate background. Remember that we would never take anyone who has not asked to visit us. There were many who were taken by the Zetas between the close of WWII and the mid-1990s, who suffered great trauma from that experience.
In fact, these people were often galactics in human disguise that volunteered on a higher level of consciousness to assist the Zetas. Unfortunately, the human military became involved, which generated a great deal of experimentation and fear.
I say this now to remind you that your visits to our Ships are voluntary and filled only with multidimensional information and unconditional love. All the volunteers are aware of this fact in their higher consciousness. In fact, some of them were taken by the Zetas and are coming to our ships to heal that experience.
The volunteers’ visits to our Ships begin while they are asleep. The deeper the level of their sleep, the less possibility there is that they will remember their experience. Therefore, they usually begin their visitations while they are in delta wave dreamless sleep so that their experiences will not interfere too much with their daily life.
Remember that all those who are visiting us have volunteered to assist Gaia during Her ascension. You will not voluntarily surrender your earth vessel until you have completed your Mission.
Therefore, the visitation to our ship offers an opportunity for you to stretch your primary consciousness into your deep unconscious and subconscious, as you simultaneously expand your consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies of our ships.
In this manner, your physical body remains safe in your bed while you raise your consciousness into the higher dimensions. Usually, your higher expression lowers his/her consciousness into the mid-fourth dimension to assist the consciousness of your dream body to merge with your higher expression on the Ship.
Once you have merged your consciousness with the component of your Multidimensional SELF, who is fully aware of your innate multidimensional abilities, your united expression can instantly transport into our higher fourth dimensional Ship. We remind you that all of these events occur within your consciousness. Your physical form is still in your bed, and your higher expression of SELF is still on the ship.
In fact, the you that is visiting our ship is wearing a fourth-dimensional astral body, whereas the you that is serving on the Ship is usually wearing a lightbody. Our volunteers are not likely to meet their higher expressions of SELF who are serving on the ship until they are fully aware that they are living a multidimensional life. If that meeting comes before they are ready, it can be too difficult for them to return to the daily challenges of their physical life.

THE FOURTH MESSAGE: Partnership with your SELF

The higher expression of your SELF who initiates each journey protects your sleeping earth vessel and, also, serves as the grounding force to guide you back to the location from which you began your journey. In this manner, you develop an intimate partnership between your third-dimensional self and the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF who is serving on the Ship.
It is important to note that creation is infinite. Hence, no matter how evolved a being may appear, there is always a higher expression of that SELF. Therefore, you will not run out of expressions of your Multidimensional SELF nor different realities to visit/create.
Because you have grown accustomed to wearing a physical form, when you first become aware that your astral body is on the Ship, you may choose to perceive it as a physical form. In reality, that form is not physical. Your form is an encasement for your Essence, Spirit and/or Light that travels inter-dimensionally. Therefore, your “form” is actually your consciousness.
Essence, Spirit, Light and Consciousness are all terms that actually mean Creation. You are a force of creation. The remembrance of this fact is pivotal for your inter-dimensional journeys, as well as for your ascension. In fact, multidimensional journeys and ascension are the same experience, but they are experienced differently.
However, it is difficult for you to fully embrace that you are a ‘force of creation while you are wearing a third dimensional form.’ Therefore, you will likely label your experience as expanding your consciousness into a higher frequency of reality. Once you have remembered that you are an experienced inter-dimensional traveler you will use the term ‘traveling’ as opposed to the term ‘ascending.’

THE FIFTH MESSAGE: You Are A Force of Creation

It appears that I have strayed away from the topic of visiting our Ships, but I must continually explain terms and concepts so you may begin to deeply understand how you have been chosen. Yes, rather than THEM choosing you, YOU have chosen for yourself. It is important to remember that YOU are a force of creation. You are creating your earth-bound reality. You are creating our journey to the Ship, and you are creating your inter-dimensional travel and/or your ascension.
Your greatest challenge is your third-dimensional thinking. Your third-dimensional thinking tells you that you can only experience one reality at a time. Therefore, you can have the reality of visiting the Ship OR the reality of sleeping in your bed. The Cosmic Truth is that you are doing both. You are sleeping and you are visiting the Ship.
Just to confuse your third dimensional thinking even further, you are experiencing more than two realities. You are the sleeping physical form in your bed. You are your astral body visiting the Ship, and you are a crewmember serving on the Ship.
All of these realities are occurring simultaneously within the fifth dimensional NOW. Unfortunately, your third-dimensional thinking still believes that you must choose just one reality, or at least make one reality more important than the others. The choosing and the rating of importance is, also, third dimensional thinking.

THE SIXTH MESSAGE: Multidimensional Thinking

When you are thinking multidimensionally, you know that all of your realities are of equal importance. No one reality is more important or rules over the other realities. All your expressions of SELF are connected. Are your feet more important than your hands, or your stomach more important than your lungs? No, all of these components of your SELF live in unity consciousness with your physical body.
What your third dimensional thinking does not realize is that your physical body lives in unity with your etheric body, your astral body, your mental body, your spiritual body and your fifth dimensional Lightbody. In fact, even if you are not aware of it, your physical body exists in total unity with your entire Multidimensional SELF.
Your Multidimensional SELF is infinitely and continually having myriad experiences of countless realities. However, since you are wearing an old fashioned physical vessel you cannot read or understand all that data. Just as an old fashioned car could not read all the data that the modern computerized automobiles can, your physical body is not calibrated to read information in your higher dimensional bodies.
Fortunately, your higher frequencies of SELF can read multidimensionally. Therefore, if you have a question you can ask your unconscious instincts, as well as your astral body’s psychic nature, your mental body’s all knowing, your spiritual body’s spiritual memory, your fifth dimensional Lightbody and on and on. There is NO limit to you. The only limitations are your third dimensional thinking.
When you visit our Ships you have a body that is so completely calibrated to the Ship that it appears to be physical. For the same reason, the Ship appears to be physical. When you merge with your Lightbody on the Ship you will have access to your higher expressions of self, as well as access to the area of your multidimensional mind in which you have stored all the advanced galactic concepts.

THE SEVENTH MESSAGE: Your Multidimensional Mind

Since you are the force of creation, you can look into your multidimensional mind to commune with the myriad dimensional expressions of your SELF. Then, you can project that image outwards so that it appears that you have another separate body. However, none of your bodies are separate from each other or from whatever realities they are experiencing.
Just as a holographic projector can project an image of a “separate” person, you can also project holographic images of all your expressions of SELF. All of these holographic images are totally real, as all of them are expressions of your SELF.
“But,” you may ask. “How can I forget some of my holographic projections and remember others?” The answer to that question is that you can only perceive the realities and holographic projections that resonate to your current state of consciousness. In other words, you cannot perceive realities that resonate to a state of consciousness to which you are NOT calibrated.
Many of your childhood memories are not perceivable because your consciousness is not calibrated to your unconscious and subconscious mind. Furthermore, many of your past, parallel and/or alternate lives are not known to your third-dimensional thinking because they are calibrated to a slightly different frequency of reality.
You cannot perceive these realities with your physical perceptions because your third dimensional thinking believes that you can only experience one reality at a time. Therefore, you forget your past and future selves so that you can focus on your present self.
When you think in a multidimensional manner, you are free of time and can experience infinite realities within the NOW of the ONE. As your 97% multidimensional DNA continues to switch on, and as your consciousness expands into more and more dimensions of your SELF, you will know that the concept of “either/or” is obsolete. Then, your multidimensional thinking will expand into the concept of “everything/always.”
THE EIGHTH MESSAGE: Remembering Your Visits
One of the best ways to ‘remember’ your visits to the Ship, as well as any other higher dimensional adventures, is to convince your third dimensional thinking that you are always having many simultaneous experiences. A good tool to help you remember this fact is to STOP for a moment to ponder what is occurring in your other realities.
Once you stop your busy life to ponder your higher dimensional reality, you can project a holographic image of that reality into your aura. You can tell your third dimensional thinking that you are just using your “imagination” to create this holographic picture. You physical thinking will accept that information because it does not know that your imagination is actually your fifth dimensional thoughts.
By giving your 3D thinking an explanation that it can accept, you can check in on your higher expressions of reality in the midst of your daily life. You will need to expand your consciousness in order to have this experience, but once you do so you can view other realities in the same manner that you would watch your self on television.
Your aura is similar to a huge movie screen on which holographic light matrixes, thought forms, can be projected. When you were children you naturally projected your imagination onto your aura, which is why you could so clearly live what your imagination was experiencing.
Therefore, take a long, slow breath to clear you mind and focus on your inner life. As you do so, you may realize how often you become lost in your 3D life. Release that realization now so that you can close your eyes to your outer world to better look into your inner world.
As you turn your mind around to look inside, “imagine” that you are onboard our Ship. You may see yourself being greeted as you enter the Ship, or gathered in a group meeting or even as a crewmember doing your job. You can also choose to “imagine” another fifth dimensional reality.
Project that inner image onto your aura so that you can experience it inside and also look through it as an overlay of your daily 3D life. In this way, you can keep track of some of the other adventures you are having within the NOW. We say “some of the others,” as you will need to slowly wean yourself off of third dimensional thinking and surrender to the vastly superior multidimensional thinking.
Your brain is a biological computer. As with every computer, you can download new files, update new information, delete unwanted data, pull up information from archived files, continually expand your memory and download faster and faster operating systems. Since you are a force of creation, the first thing that you should create is a link to your Multidimensional SELF. Then, be sure to save that link to your desktop!
The above writing is an excerpt from Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension books,
By Suzanne Lie PhD

You can purchase these books as ebooks or download them as free PDF files at:
You might want to check out the free downloads of the classes we have presented to accompany the books at: our story. And, feel free to invite your Galactic Expression to our Webinar!

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Equipoise: ▶ 20 Minute Sexy Bikini BUTT Workout: Part 1 – :::MESSAGE FROM TOBAARA: THE FIFTHS DIMENSION AND BEYOND

Equipoise: ▶ 20 Minute Sexy Bikini BUTT Workout: Part 1 – :::MESSAGE FROM TOBAARA: THE FIFTHS DIMENSION AND BEYOND.

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Monday, October 20, 2014


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Terjemahan/μεταφράζω / übersetzen / ♪ → → → ► → → →
переводити/Traduire/ переводить ♪ → → → → → → ►
překládat / ترجم / לתרגם   /   翻訳する / 翻译


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Greetings, I AM Tobaara!

I am a 5th dimensional being from a star system far away from your solar system. My mission is to introduce you into the 5th dimension, to give you some visions and possible intuitions and remembrances about what is awaiting you in your evolutionary journey.
There are already some descriptions given to you how it would be like when you awaken from your lower vibrating reality to a 5th dimensional density. They all come from a different point of view and here is mine. It will be helpful for you if you resonate with it.
At first I will paint a clear picture for you how you will experience you environment. It will appear to you much more translucent, and the colors will be very radiant, from inside out. All objects will shine naturally and the surfaces are not very opaque like objects in your world appear to you now, because of the structure of your senses which operate in a quite stiff rather than in a fluid and transparent manner. What I mean by that is that you perceive your world still as something solid and separate from you, as if it would be an independent appearance, while in reality it is not.
In the 5th dimension you experience your environment as non separate from yourself, you know naturally that you ARE your environment, as the veil between what is inside you and what is outside you, has been removed.
With this transparency you experience the unity of all things and beings, as the transparent heart of all is also your own transparent heart which is in its essence one with all. You all share the core of this transparency with one another and therefore know inherently the unity you all share.
Therefore your own creations appear simultaneously inside your space of heart as they appear outside, and this is how you feel inherently connected to all beings and things. You will experience directly what your evolved scientist already found out: that there is only one interconnected field of consciousness.
While you enter and focus more and more on the core of your transparent heart and therefore on the core of all transparent hearts which is in reality only one heart, you slowly withdraw your interest from objects and focus on this center, and by doing so, the objective world disappears and your reality becomes a reality without objects, appearing as radiance, happiness and love. A state of pure being as you will realize. In this state you enter the higher 5th dimensional realm to transition into the 6th dimension.
It is a world of wonders and beauty. As soon as you leave your 3th dimension your body and your senses will become more subtle and the process of perceiving the unity of all things will commence. The more you leave your sense of separation behind, while living more and more in the feeling of love and oneness, the more will the 4th dimension fade away giving room for your entrance into the 5th dimension.
It is all a matter of growth in consciousness and awareness, a process that will be triggered and supported by the incoming high frequencies, partly through your sun and partly directly through emissions from your galaxy.
There are star systems and planets in your surrounding universe who are so called transmitter stations and who are receiving greater transmissions from the deep of the universe, and sending these further via your galactic center to your entire solar system, including your earth.
You see that the whole universe works together to initiate and bring about your ascension process. The information contained in these solar and galactic transmissions are all about the divinely programmed evolvement of not only your solar system but also the universe in which you exist.
The transmissions from the deep of the universe are from galaxies of greater states of consciousness which are altogether in a more exalted state than your own galaxy. There is still much to learn, there is indeed a hierarchy of galaxies in the total universe, as there is a hierarchy of star systems and planets in your galaxy and in your solar system.
The evolution of Divine Consciousness never ends and it shows you that you have still a very long and glorious way ahead of you, ever more expanding your consciousness and your capacity to learn and to understand the greatness of the Divinity that is the Source of all Universes.
I greet you with much love!

I AM Tobaara

Message conveyed by Ute©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012

Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 15th February 2012 by Juan Pablo
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переводити/Traduire/ переводить ♪ → → → → → → ►
překládat / ترجم / לתרגם / 翻訳する / 翻译


▶ Fred – How’s Ascension Pt 2 – YouTube

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie
Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pleiadian Perspectives, BK 4 – Lemurian Celebration, Gaia Speaks


Lemurian Celebration Part 1

Gaia Speaks

Dear Arcturians,

As I come to the close of this amazing project of four books, I find that I cannot receive the ending. I know that a part of me does not want this process to end. Part of me will miss this experience forever, and another part is concerned about how life will change once I have completed it.

I know that this process has been a major initiation for me, as well as a major component of my Divine Plan. Will I have more initiations as the book completes, I ask knowing the answer is “always.”

Mytre and Mytria, Sandy and Jason and Mytrian, how can I leave you out of this conversation? I have grown to know and love you as elements of my higher self, which I know that you are. I miss the Ship more than ever, but know that my away mission is not yet complete. Besides, as much as I miss that life, I love and adore this life.
I guess the solution is to become truly multidimensional so that I can experience both lives within the NOW of my ONE. I realize that I have not been ready for that yet, and in fact, I am not actually ready now. I need to clear of my “work slate” first.

“Are you sure?” I hear the voice of the Arcturian.

No, I am not sure of anything, except I AM sure that I am communicating with the higher dimensions and I AM sure that I DO love this final physical life. Please Arcturians, continue speaking with me.

“We have never stopped communicating with you. We communicated with you before you were born and for your entire life. You have known us via many names, but it has always been our energy field with whom you have been communicating.

“We come to you today as we see you struggling with the end of this series. ‘Do I know enough to finish this project? Should I learn more, read more, meditate more?’ In other words, you are having difficulty letting go of this project. You have finished it in your mind many different ways, but none of them feel right.

“You are correct. It is not YOU that will finish this process. It is every one, and everyone will finish it ‘their way.’ This project is not your project. It is a planetary project, and you are one of the many who have put into words a form of this project of PLANETARY ASCENSION.

“You are not writing THE truth. You are writing YOUR truth, your version of the truth that is NOW flowing into the atmosphere and body of Gaia. Just as Gaia’s beings of nature have myriad different forms and functions, Her people have myriad different perceptions and assignments. Each of the Keepers of the Land, humanity, is in some state of remembering their SELF.

“It may not appear that way as many are still very lost within their physical vessel. However, we, the members of the higher dimensional worlds, can perceive their higher dimensional expressions and are assisting all of them.

“Some of those we are assisting are completely unaware of what is occurring within their superconscious mind. But when they are ready to awaken to that dimension of their SELF, their inner library will be full of all the information and emotions that they will need so that they can further assist Gaia and themselves.

“There are those of you who are the Light Bearers. You are amongst the first to speak of the Truth. On the other hand, there is the Clean Up Crew who will be the last ones to ‘leave the party.’ Time is among the first 3D illusions that you will need to release.

“With the surrender of this illusion there will be no hurry or deadline as there will only be the NOW of Ascension. Living within the NOW will assist you to release your third-dimensional thinking and allow you to gently flow back into your Multidimensional SELF.

“Please remember that this life, which you hold so dear, is only one of the myriad realities in which you are NOW participating. We ask you to put into multidimensional perspective your process of ascension to better realize that ascension occurs within your every breath.

All of you have been experiencing myriad ascensions, and you are NOW living ascended lives in countless ascended realities. Therefore, you do not need to release your third/fourth dimensional consciousness. What you need to release are the illusions of that state of consciousness. Your greatest challenge is not to ascend, or to even ascend with Gaia, for it has already occurred within the NOW.

“Your greatest challenge is to release the third dimensional thinking that calibrates your perceptions to the illusions of the physical plane.

“We will happily replay the calibration of Gaia’s Core Crystals, but please remember there is NO time. While bound to time you will revisit this re-calibration with your every thought and your every emotion.

“We ask you NOT to look into the future when you will finally be free. We ask that you look into the NOW in which you are ALWAYS free.

“We left off with we, the Arcturians, saying…

As we calibrate the Core and Cornerstone Crystals to the fifth-dimension and beyond, the third/fourth dimensional portions of Earth’s planetary matrix will no longer have a place to which they can attach. Then, the third/fourth dimensional timelines, along with those inhabitants, will expand into a higher frequency or move into the matrix of another third/fourth dimensional planet.

“In this manner, those who are not yet complete with the experience of resonating to third/fourth dimensional realities will simply switch into another reality as easily as one can switch into a different dream. With the recalibration of Gaia’s planetary Crystals, the portals into the fifth dimensional matrix of New Earth will gradually open.

“As the portals into multidimensional Earth steadily open, those who choose to remain on a third/fourth dimensional planet will unconsciously be re-routed to other physical planets that are experimenting with the concept of polarity and separation. There is no judgment of ‘success or failure’ in these choices.

“Much can be learned from living in the separation, limitation and the extremes of polarity. Each being will make their decisions based on their own Divine Path. In fact, there are many higher dimensional beings that have chosen to remain in the lower dimensions to assist those who still believe they are only physical.”


When the Arcturian completed It’s speech about Earth’s early history all the members of the gathering, Lemurian, Atlantian, human and Galactic, stood up and toned in the manner which was Inner Earth’s version of applause.

The toning was so powerful that the entire room and all the beings and objects within it began to glimmer with an ever-increasing golden light. Sandy and I were so overwhelmed by this energy field of light that we began to morph in and out of form.

First our form appeared human, then it became a cloud of light like the Arcturian’s formless form, then it took on the tall, thin shape of the Lemurians, the shorter but more humanoid shape of the Atlantians. We also found ourselves wearing the forms of Mytre and Mytria, as well as our composite form of Mytrian. Finally we rested into the shapes of Sandy and Jason.

“These are just a few of the myriad incarnations that you have experienced in your long excursion into form,” said Mytre and Mytria with one voice. Mytrian, who suddenly joined us, smiled in agreement.

We were about to ask for more information when everyone in the room turned toward the side entrance of the room and became totally silent. When Sandy and I witnessed the tall, regal female of golden light, we had to resist the temptation to drop to our knees. We did not know who this woman was, but she felt so very familiar as if we had always known her.

“It is Gaia. She has taken a form!” we heard in hushed whispers from those around us. Sandy and I both thought, as we dared not speak within this holy moment, “Gaia can take a human form?”

To our surprise, Gaia looked directly into our Soul and said, “Dear human warriors for the light, I AM all forms on my planet.”

We could not help ourselves and fell to our knees in front of Her.

“Rise,” spoke Gaia in a heavenly voice that echoed through the large room. “It is I that have come here to honor you. Of course, I honor not just these two humans. I honor all humans who have openly embraced every challenge and energetic transition with love and courage. I have created this form so I could join you all as we celebrate our planetary ascension.”

Sandy and I could feel the warm smiles of all the members of the room. Like them, we watched in awe as the Arcturian flowed to face Gaia with a low, respectful bow. When the Arcturian rose to an upright, glimmering shape It merged with Gaia in a burst of light that expanded far beyond the room.

This light reflected the galactic light of distant worlds as well as the earthly light of dawn and high noon. Galactic and earthly light intermingled into the birthing reality of Gaia’s return to Her higher expression of fifth-dimensional New Earth.

They then stood side-by-side as Gaia said; “Within this room members of Inner Earth, surface dwelling humans and humanity’s Galactic ancestors unite as ONE. I bask in the glory of this NOW. To see my many humanoid beings gather together in peace and love fills me with joy and unconditional love.

“I tire of my polarity now and am ready to return to my true fifth-dimensional expression of Oness with ALL life. The experiment of holding my form in the lower frequencies of third-dimensional form has been arduous and very damaging to my body. My plant and animal kingdoms have been decimated and my earth and air have been polluted beyond conception.

“Humanity, who was meant to be Keeper of the Land, was the cause of this destruction. Fortunately, they are awakening, but far too slowly. It is the NOW for my return to a frequency of life in which ALL the members of my earthly body can prosper and find peace and love. I am complete with the experiment of holding form at such a low frequency that humanity battles each other while the innocent suffer.

“I see that within this room is the joining of my first inhabitants, Draconian, Pleiadian, Sirian and many others, who have moved on to become the Galactic Federation. I feel their Starships that wait within my atmosphere to assist those who are ready to remember their full Multidimensional SELF.

“I see the topsider humans who have remembered their heritage both in their earliest societies of Lemuria and Atlantis as well as their galactic heritage. Through this remembrance you, dear humans, are able to expand your multidimensional consciousness to experience being within my Core.

“And, of course, I thank the members of my dear friends of Inner Earth who have long awaited this time of joining. These Lemurians and Atlantians have, at last, learned to live in peace within my Inner Earth. I also thank my dear sister Venus and brother Mars who have surrounded and protected me through the long dark night of the Kali Yuga.

“All of us are joined NOW within my core to welcome the New Age of Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love.”

As Gaia spoke Her body morphed into visions of glorious forests, clear and brilliant skies, immense oceans filled with life, vast prairies and tall mountain ranges. All of these visions overlapped and included Her humanoid form. When She completed her message, she returned to Her golden form.

Gaia stretched out her left arm and said, “I now introduce Sanat Kumara, who has served for eons as my Planetary Logos. Without the protection and guardianship of this fully evolved and higher dimensional being, my planet would have perished long ago. To our surprise, Gaia knelt as Sanat Kumara entered the room.

* * *
* * *

* * *