terram novam: Cassini Watches Mysterious Feature Evolve in Titan Sea – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

terram novam: Cassini Watches Mysterious Feature Evolve in Titan Sea – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2014

Cassini Watches Mysterious Feature Evolve in Titan Sea – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The Being ONE : Ashtar Sheran ::: The Cosmic Egg, Planetary Cities of Light and Merkavah Travel

The Being ONE : Ashtar Sheran ::: The Cosmic Egg, Planetary Cities of Light and Merkavah Travel.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Ashtar Sheran ::: The Cosmic Egg, Planetary Cities of Light and Merkavah Travel





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The Cosmic Egg, Planetary Cities of Light and Merkavah Travel

November 5, 2011

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. So it is said in the classical western physics that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it only can be transformed. This statement is an important statement for it is illustrating and speaking to some very important spiritual concepts. These spiritual concepts also have to do with the Ascension and with the laws of causality which dominate the third dimension. The Ascension is a beautiful example of transforming energy. You are inhabiting a third-dimensional physical body that is made up of an energy configuration suited for and designed specifically to operate in the third dimension. This third-dimensional body that you are now inhabiting operates on the laws of causality, that is, the laws of cause and effect. It is based on a logical linear concept that has a beginning and an end. Your end is already destined and configured at the time of your beginning. The third-dimensional body and the laws of causality are influenced or can be influenced by the fifth dimension and by higher thinking and higher energy. The laws of the fifth dimension or the rules of the fifth dimension are totally different. They are operating on a different understanding and a different assumption. So the fifth dimension has operating procedures just like the third dimension. The fifth dimension is able to transcend these laws of causality and the third-dimensional limitations that you are experiencing.

I know that many of you are becoming tired of the third-dimensional limitations. I also know that the third-dimensional limitations can cause constrictions and contractions in your operating on the third dimension. These constrictions often appear as illnesses and discomfort, and of course, you experience them as suffering. There is no suffering on the fifth dimension. There is no pain as you experience it on the third dimension. What a relief and what a powerful experience. This fact alone would make everyone who understands these concepts of the different dimensions want to go to the fifth dimension. It is one thing to say that you can transcend the laws of causality by using fifth-dimensional energy, but it is totally another thing to experience it. You can implement the transformation because you are taking your essence and you are taking your energy configuration and allowing or activating it so that your energies are transformed. When the energies are transformed, then you can directly go to the fifth dimension. In order to be in the fifth dimension you have to transform into another energy configuration. You have to transform into a configuration that transcends duality and that transcends the laws of causality, which will allow you to experience a greater aspect of yourself.

This transformational concept is hard for people to grasp on the third dimension. On the third dimension you are only experiencing a limited aspect of yourself. I know that it is a beautiful aspect of yourself in some of the cases; in other cases you may experience difficulties, contradictions and constrictions. The important thing is that this experience here is limited. However the limitations of the third-dimensional self can be expanding, so that in this time you are able to experience more of yourself. You can experience more energies, more abilities, more insights, and most important, you can activate parts of yourself that in previous lifetimes were not available. So imagine that you have so much greater powers and greater abilities in your higher self. Now the task becomes to bring an experience of those higher aspects of the self into this third dimension that is beautiful.

This concept relates to many of the kaballistic teachings of Metatron who speaks about creating a larger vessel of the self so that you will be able to experience more of your higher self. In order to be able to experience more of your higher self you have to have a larger container, a larger vessel. This larger vessel is actually your energy field. Your energy field is defined as the entire scope of your energy in your Cosmic Egg. The Cosmic Egg can be viewed either as a small egg or as a large egg. It can be viewed as an egg that has fluidity and is able to expand and contract, or it can be viewed as an egg that is rigid and staying in the same position. It can be viewed as an egg that is able to bring in other energies that are not of this dimension. Your Cosmic Egg has to have a certain vibrational frequency or tone or resonance. The Cosmic Egg can allow other vibrational energies to come into the energy field. You have to practice to be able to be in resonance with these higher energies. If you have not done the work, then you are going to have a problem. When those higher energies or frequencies are brought into your energy field and you have not been prepared and you have not been trained, then this will create a discord within the Cosmic Egg. Therefore your energy field can become confused and lose focus.

So energies are based on principles on the third dimension which do follow certain laws. One of the great laws of spirituality which also is expressed in the laws of the classical physics is known as the law of resonance. The law of resonance suggests that you are able to harmonize with higher frequencies that you are learning about or that you wish to experience. These frequencies can be actually seen on a visual screen. The frequencies of the fifth dimension are at a higher vibration, but if you are in a resonant frequency, then you will be able to invite and allow that frequency into your system.

A beautiful example is that when you are thinking of working with Jesus-Sananda, and when you are working with his energy and his frequency, which is based on love and acceptance and love of the father and also transformation and ascension. You can have those frequencies in your mind. Remember the mind is also part of the Cosmic Egg. Your energy system has many different parts to it. So when you have Jesus-Sananda in your mind and also when you have him in your heart, then those concepts and those transformational aspects, which include ascension, are resonant with you.

So to have the resonant frequency can also mean that the higher frequency will allow your lower resonant frequency to be raised. It is not expected that you will always be able to maintain the highest level of frequency. It is not expected that your Cosmic Egg will always be vibrating in such a way that will be fifth dimensional. But what is important is that because you have the training and because you have the teachings and because you have the practice, your basic understanding and core energy field allows you to resonate with the higher frequencies. By resonating with the higher frequencies you can raise your frequency.
That means that the Ascension is a higher energy field that you are resonant with. The Ascension is a higher vibration. You have ascension’s resonant frequency in your system. This means that you will be able to vibrate and integrate and allow the frequencies of ascension into your Cosmic Egg. This integration will allow you to ascend. Now I am speaking of the Ascension specifically because we are moving into the time frame of 11-11-11. This is a gateway; this is a doorway for the Ascension. That means that in this period there are more higher frequencies of the Ascension that are available that you can receive and you can integrate into your Cosmic Egg.

This is an interesting concept. Sacred times and sacred places offer sacred vibrations. Sacred times and sacred places offer higher frequencies that you can resonate with. By resonating with those frequencies you can incorporate those frequencies into your energy system, and therefore, you will be able to use them to raise your frequency. So what is very beautiful about 11-11-11 is that there are many higher frequencies in this time period, frequencies that are specifically related to your ascension. These many ascension frequencies are going to be available on that sacred time 11-11-11. You will be able to resonate with them. Maybe you will not be able to integrate all of them. Maybe you will not be able to learn everything that you need to learn on that day. But because you resonate with them, you will be able to incorporate those energies into your system at a latter time into your Cosmic Egg.

Pay specific attention to your Cosmic Egg, to your aura, to your energy field. This is an important time for you want to use the highest method possible to clean up your Cosmic Egg. Allow it to expand. Allow it to vibrate. Allow it to have the fluidity in which it can be at its optimal function. Optimal function is defined as being able to interact with the third and fifth dimension. Your Cosmic Egg energy field can receive and interact with fifth-dimensional energies. Your Cosmic Egg will be able to do this in a heightened way on 11-11-11. That means that you will be closer to transforming your energy. So energy is neither created nor destroyed; it is only transformed. You strongly want to transform your energy configuration.

The best way for you to transform yourself and your Earth body is to identify and interact more with yourself as an energy field in the shape of a Cosmic Egg. Your energy field as a Cosmic Egg has abilities far beyond that you can imagine. I am saying and suggesting that you can use your Cosmic Egg in a similar way to the merkavah, or the Chariot of Metatron. You can place your energy field in this configuration called the chariot, which can also be compared to a capsule. The merkavah energy is a transformational and transportational tool to lift you from this dimension to the fifth dimension. Over the many centuries the merkavah has gone through configurations based on the available technologies of the time. So the available technology of the earlier prophets used the configuration of the chariot. They were configuring their energy fields so that they could use the chariot to etherically travel to the higher dimensions.

You are in a time of much different technology. Perhaps the only time you have seen a chariot is in the movies. I don’t want you to think that the merkavah travel has to be limited to the chariot. For example, now you can use the space capsule for merkavah travel. Or you might want to use the technology of a flying disc. Also, you could use the technology of a passenger ship that comes from the mothership as a merkavah vehicle. Of course, you might want to use the chariot also. Some of you are very attached to the energy of the chariot. The important thing is that you are placing your energy field, which is in the configuration of the Cosmic Egg, into the capsule or into the chariot. This travel with the merkavah vehicle can allow you to go to the fifth dimension.

Now I want to speak of the law of causality. You might think that it is impossible to go back to the past. You might believe that you could travel to the future. In fact, much of our work with you is based on the future self, your future self. We see you in a broader perspective than what you are experiencing yourself. We can see you in your future self. We even see your future energies interacting with you now. In fact we are interacting with your future self now. It is this interacting with your future self which is a key ingredient in your energy transformation into the fifth dimension into your ascended body. It is an interesting concept to speak of the ascended body.

The law of causality may say that you cannot go into the past and change an event in the past which would prevent you from manifesting now. This idea was demonstrated rather hilariously in the movie Back to the Future where the star went back to the past. Something changed, and because of the changes, the parents were not going to meet, and because they were not going to meet, this was going to erase Michael Fox’s birth. Therefore, he could no longer exist in the future. This would mean that he could not exist in the present. But the fact is you cannot violate the law of causality. You can go back into the past. However, when you go back into the past, you might try and change an event. But you might only have limited success in changing one aspect of the past. You might even think that because of that change you would be able to prevent something from occurring. However, the law of causality says that you cannot shift an event that prevents your future birth. If you do shift an event that seems to prevent your future birth, then there will be a corresponding reordering of events so that the proper event can occur that will allow you to continue to exist. So in the movie Back to the Future, there were other events that would have to happen that would allow the parents to meet even if the original event did not occur. A later event would occur so that the main character’s parents would meet.

I tell you this because the laws of causality are actually more flexible, and they allow for some reconfiguration of events. Some of the reconfigurations can enhance certain events and make things a little bit easier. But the basic event, meaning your birth, would happen regardless of what changes you might be able to make in the past. Things can be reconfigured in the past in some ways. Now this reconfiguration may result in some minor shifts. But they will not be significant; they will not be significant enough to change large events. So when we are talking about the future self and the past self, we are talking about integrating those aspects. It is possible to go back into the past. It is possible to go forward into the future. It is possible to integrate your past self and your future self into this lifetime. Existing both in the present, past and in the future is one of the most profound descriptions of the Creator. There are sacred chants which reflect the concept I was, I am and I will be. All of these aspects are interactive at the moment of ascension. You will be able to bring together all three parts of yourself into a new unity at the time of your ascension. These three parts include the part that I was, the part that I am, and the part that I will be. So remain focused on all three parts of you during the Ascension. Remain focused on all parts of you because your higher self and your future self will ascend also.

Your future self is enlightened and your future self is experiencing higher dimensional realities. You can integrate those parts of yourself. Integrating your future self is an amplification of the laws of cause and effect. In normal third-dimensional causality it is totally illogical for you to be able to talk to your future self. It is just as illogical to talk to your past self. But it is even more illogical to talk to your future self because from the third-dimensional perspective the future has not occurred yet. So it becomes unreasonable to interact with the future self. But what I am saying is, through amplification the laws of causality can be transcended, and that transcendence will bring a heightened energy and a heightened ability to change this energy configuration of the energy field that is known as you. We are also suggesting that this type of energy configuration exists for the Planetary Cities of Light. That is to say, that the future aspects of a city can be integrated into its present aspects.

You heard us talk about the third-dimensional Earth, and you heard us talk about the Planetary Cities of Light. What we are suggesting with the Planetary Cities of Light is this: each city has an energy configuration. It is difficult to describe the energy field of a city as a Cosmic Egg because the city itself does not have a life form like you. But each city does have an energy field around it or an energy configuration. The energy configuration of each city is different. Some cities are filled with darkness and lower vibrations. Some cities are even filled with attached spirits that are operating with a great deal of dark energy. There are great points of conflict on the planet, such as Iraq or Afghanistan. We use these as examples of cities that have holes in their energy fields which allow lower vibrational beings to interact and create some very harmful mischief. The idea of making a city a Planetary City of Light is that you, through the Planetary City of Light energy work, could seal the energy field of the city so the lower vibrational energies could not function in them. Sealing the energy field of a city so that lower beings could not operate in the energy field of a city is an important part of the Planetary City of Light work. Planetary City of Light work can seal the energy field of a city so that lower vibrational beings cannot break through.

There are many parallels between the personal Cosmic Egg and the energy field of the city. For example, when you use your personal Cosmic Egg, then you can seal your energy from outside influences. You can make a secure outline around your Cosmic Egg so that it will not allow lower vibrational beings to come in. Using this method, then you will not allow hooks into your energy field. This can be hard work, and some of you may have even inherited hooks from other lifetimes. You may have patterns that allow lower vibrational beings to attach to you. This pattern can result in holes in the aura, for example, and it takes some good energy work and healing to seal those holes, but it can be done. Lower beings can use those holes, and they can become parasitically attached to a person. By becoming parasitically attached they are sucking some of your life energy so that they could maintain themselves.

This process of parasitical attachment is similar to the process in cities which have lower beings attached to their energy field. Cities can have many holes in their energy fields. So it is important to work with a city to seal those holes. This healing can be completed when activating a city as a Planetary City of Light. By making a city a Planetary City of Light, then you are able to seal the core energy field around the city so that lower, darker energies cannot come in. This also leads to our discussion of the spiritual light quotient of a city, because the spiritual light quotient of a city is an indication of the vibrational frequency, or the spiritual frequency, in which both the city and the people living in the city are resonating or vibrating on. Your spiritual vibration or your frequency is also transmitting itself to the city’s energy field. So just by you being in the Planetary City you are contributing to the city’s energy field, and you are sending your vibrational energy field into the general energy field of the city. This by itself can raise the spiritual light quotient.

Now when we are doing an event, such as 11-11-11 event, we are bringing to a group focus many higher vibrational frequencies to a city of light already. And we are seeking to transmit and to raise that vibrational frequency. The people that are coming together and are vibrating are hoping to receive and transmit higher light. We will be reactivating that area, and we will make sure that we can seal and assure that there are not any lower frequencies coming in. There is in the spirit world and also in classical physics the law of attraction. In the electromagnetic world there are magnetic attractions, but in the spiritual world there are spiritual attractions. Earth science can work with electromagnetic attractive energy fields. In the spirit world we can combine our individual energy fields into a group process. We can then combine that group process into a Planetary City of Light process.

To raise the energy field of a city, we talk about the concept of using an etheric basket. The etheric basket can be put underneath the city, and the city can be etherically raised within the basket. By raising the city using this exercise, one can then raise the city’s vibration. This exercise creates an attractive energy force by which other higher energies can become attracted and come into that city’s energy field. So the important thing to remember is that the Planetary City of Light has an attractive energy field, and you are working to maximize that energy field. In order to maximize an energy field you need an input of energy. There are some cities that already have that energy, but there are some cities that may need a boost, may need an activation.

In working with the Planetary Cities of Light you can compare it to doing personal work. In personal work you look to your future self. In Planetary City of Light work you look to the future of the city as well as the present. You begin to interact with the highest, most positive future light of that city. So the Planetary City of Light work, just like your personal work, expands itself to include the future and the future city. Remember we worked with San Martín de Los Andes, and we said to them they are connecting with the city Sedona, Arizona. Sedona, Arizona has a beautiful energy field that creates an aura that leads it to be called the psychic center of North America. Especially in the Southwest of the U.S.A., people have found great psychic energy and abilities that are present in Sedona. Because San Martín de Los Andes, Argentina is now connected etherically as two Planetary Cities of Light, we can say that San Martín is going to receive the psychic energy from Sedona. Maybe at this moment San Martín de Los Andes is not the psychic center of Argentina or of the area that it is in. But in the future time it will be.

In the Planetary City of Light you can visualize the most positive future time in that city. Visualize what it will look like. In the same way with your personal work you can visualize your most positive future self. What do you look like in the future when you are enlightened and when you are in the fifth dimension? Visualize yourself as a fifth-dimensional being. Visualize yourself as you are riding in your merkavah vehicle. See what you look like. When you are in a higher vibration, then you have a different look on your face, and you have a different energy about you. Also you will have different powers. Your Heart Chakra will be more open, and you might also look more physically healthy. So it is with the Planetary City of Light, that is, when the city is activated with fifth-dimensional energy, then it will look more beautiful. You can bring down the fifth-dimensional energy for the city from the future by visualization. So when we activate a Planetary City of Light, we are asking people to speak about the future of the city. We ask people to speak about the future vision and speak about the future energy of the city. This is powerful and helps to create new energies for the Planetary Cities of Light to help it become more of a spiritual city.

In your personal work you all have had aspects of your past self that have been phenomenal. I know that many of you are doing past-life work and frequently will go into past-life problems. But in our work we are also recommending that when you do past-life work that you also can go back to a positive past-life experience. Soul retrieval is generally considered retrieving disassociated parts of yourself from a past life. But also remember there are parts of yourself that are outstanding from your past life. There are parts of yourself when you were great prophets or where you were great spiritual teachers. Some of you were even starseeds in your other lifetimes. Some of you actually came from past lifetimes on other star systems. You can remember and access that positive energy from your past self. So don’t just think about the past and past-life regression in terms of going back to problems, but also go back to the positive past-life experiences.

The Planetary Cities of Light also have beautiful pasts. We want to assimilate, and we want to hold that past energy in the current energy field of the Planetary City of Light. So in group activation meetings you can speak about the past accomplishments of the city, the great people who visited or lived in the city and imagine that the energies from the great people can still be there creating more sacred energy of the city. So in this time there will be great opportunities to work with the Planetary Cities of Light and to work with the past, present and future energies and to create and maximize the energy field of the Planetary City of Light. The Planetary Cities of Light energy field can be viewed and spoken about in terms of colors. So if you want to remove darkness, for example, maybe you could visualize a halo around the city. You could visualize harmonic light balls. You can visualize downloading of light, and you can visualize a white light. All these things help tremendously to work with the vibrational energy field of the Planetary City of Light.

Each Planetary City of Light is affected by your energies. When you are receiving more energy, then you can send out more energy to physical cities. Now I will be turning the next part of the lecture over to Archangel Metatron. I love you all. Blessings. This is Juliano.

Shalom. Greetings, I am Archangel Metatron. I am so happy to be able to speak with so many of you about the merkavah. You know that the merkavah, also known as the merkabah, originated in ancient times in ancient Israel and in ancient Egypt. Some of the techniques were taught to the ancient Egyptians in secret societies. They were taught how to transfer the soul light to higher energy. There were great accomplishments, but there were also great mistakes made. Some of these mistakes were related to their ideas about death. The later Hebrew mystics realized that merkavah travel was for the living, not for the dead. You cannot do merkavah travel on the dead. Merkavah is a forerunner for ascension, and it is a beautiful process that allows you to experience precognitively the fifth dimension. The merkavah travel opportunities are increasing especially after 11-11-11. The doorway for the travel into the other dimensions is high during and after 11-11-11.

Many of you can travel in your merkavah vehicles now etherically. Instead of using chariots, I like the idea of you using the etheric space capsules because I think that a space capsule represents for you a more modern vehicle, and thus it might work better for you than the chariot. For example, visualize a beautiful space capsule which is in the configuration of a dome in the center of the space capsule. Visualize a beautiful etheric crystal in the center of the space capsule. This crystal has great spiritual powers. This etheric crystal connects with your Third Eye, and by using this crystal you can direct the capsule to those higher realms.

In modern merkavah travel you can have more than one person in the capsule. In the ancient times they were usually placing only one person in the chariot. We are saying that now you could put two or three people in your capsule. If you use a large enough capsule, then you could even put a group into it. The vibrational energy of the merkavah can be raised by the simple chanting of the word merkavah. And in the Hebraic world we also talk of the making or the doing of the merkavah. For example, you might say in modern English that we are playing chess. In spiritual terms we can also say that “we are doing merkavah.” The word merkavah has a special vibrational energy. So meditate now and hear the energy of the following words: “doing and making of the merkavah.” Merkavah…. Feel the energy of merkavah. Visualize your merkavah-domed capsule that has this beautiful crystal at the center of it. When you are entering this capsule, you are entering a realm of fifth-dimensional travel. The merkavah capsule has the ability to raise you to the fifth dimension, to the higher realms.

Now the word to ascend in the language of the merkavah is Ahl-ah. In Hebrew it means to go up. Ahl-ah Ha Merkavah. Ascend In Your Merkavah.

This brings you closer to the ascension light. This is the preparation of the energy you will be working with for your ascension. You work with your merkavah vehicle will help you to prepare for your ascending to the fifth dimension. The beauty of the merkavah travel practice now is that you will be able to return intact back to the third dimension. Because this is a capsule with all of the protection and all the spiritual technology necessary to take you to the higher realms and bring you back safely. You can sit safely in the capsule. Remember the ancient chariot didn’t have the shape of the dome capsule. So now we have higher technology spiritual merkavah vehicles. Eventually we want to work with the Planetary Cities of Light for merkavah travel. We want to encapsulate the cities of light in a dome-like structure, and then we could use those capsules to move with the whole city etherically to a higher realm. We can work to make a Planetary City of Light energetically more holy by etherically bringing that city to the higher realms. We then could bring back the city, back to the third dimension in that capsule with higher fifth-dimensional energy.

Blessings to all of you, the merkavah travelers of light.

I am Archangel Metatron. Shalom.

Copyright © 2011 David K. Miller
P. O. Box 4074 Prescott, AZ 86302 USA
Posted 26th November 2011 by Juan Pablo
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domingo, 13 de abril de 2014


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Primero permítannos mirar la naturaleza física de los Arcturianos, nuestra estructura y naturaleza, y cómo nosotros actuamos recíprocamente con la realidad física. Nosotros estamos más allá de las fases de consumo de comida que es tan importante para la existencia de ustedes. Su existencia se dirige naturalmente hacia la ingestión, para obtener comida y todas sus subsistencias. Incluido el control del ambiente, y los químicos usados en los alimentos. Pueden imaginar lo que su mundo sería si no hubiese este enfoque acerca de la comida?

Cómo los Arcturianos pueden controlarse para no tener necesidad de comida?

Nosotros podemos mantenernos con la luz líquida. Nosotros vivimos de las fórmulas de la energía etérica. Hay ocasiones, cuando ciertas estructuras de comida están disponibles, en que ingerimos comida.

Nuestros sistemas y las estructuras físicas naturalmente son muy diferentes, porque nosotros no tenemos que construir las estructuras físicas. Nosotros no tenemos la estructura de músculo que ustedes tienen, y no tenemos ninguna clase de dolencia que ustedes relacionan con sus interacciones con el ambiente físico.

Nosotros somos desde su perspectiva, seres pequeños. Tenemos 1,50 mts de altura. Tenemos una apariencia muy delgada, y debido a nuestra ingestión de comida especial, nosotros no tenemos toxinas en el cuerpo como ustedes.

Los procesos del pensamiento en Arcturus, en nuestro quinto mundo dimensional son ciertamente diferentes a los de ustedes. La pregunta se planteó sobre cómo los Arcturianos piensan y sobre qué piensan cuando no piensan sobre la Tierra.

Primero, ustedes tienen que estar de pie ya que nuestros procesos de pensamiento están vinculados con la conciencia de grupo. Nosotros supervisamos nuestro grupo entero en un sistema. Esto no se hace en la Tierra, y podría ser considerado paranoico, porque sus pensamientos no serían privados. Nosotros tenemos un sistema de pensamiento y campo de energías de pensamiento. El campo de energía de pensamiento se mantiene a través del trabajo de Maestros espirituales centrales que son los que continuamente están en meditación. Yo he comparado esto a las meditaciones que se hacen en las grandes montañas del Tibet. Ustedes pueden haber oído hablar de ciertos Maestros que trabajan en celebrar la energía , y de los Indios Hopi que están celebrando cierta energía por la biosfera.

Nosotros podemos vernos , podemos sentirnos y podemos pensar al mismo . Si ustedes tienen un pensamiento, yo podría ver su pensamiento, y sentirlo.

Si hay un pensamiento considerado privado, yo sé inmediatamente que ese es un pensamiento privado, y no quiero comprometerme en ese pensamiento. Nosotros tenemos pensamientos privados.

El nivel de esta interacción de grupo permite la individualidad. Comparando esto con los pensamientos de las personas de la Tierra, ellos creen que han perdido su individualidad por estar en la conciencia de grupo. Realmente, es todo lo contrario. Toma un nivel superior de evolución para estar en la conciencia de grupo, y nuestros modelos de pensamiento son por consiguiente empujar a todos. Nosotros no tenemos competitividad , pensamientos o sentimientos de celos o dominación. Nosotros les enviamos pensamientos favorables. Trabajamos para elevar el nivel del pensamiento lo cual incluye la telepatía, teleportación, bilocación, proyección de pensamiento y manifestación de la materia.

Nosotros somos conscientes de nuestra existencia y comunicación en otros niveles. Nos comprometemos a estudiar y leer. Nuestra lectura es diferente de la de ustedes. Nuestras bibliotecas no tienen libros. Éstos se piensan en actividades donde nosotros sostenemos una placa en nuestra mano y podemos recoger el pensamiento. Este es una fórmula muy superior de comunicación, al igual que nuestro arte, nuestro arte es de la misma manera. Nosotros tenemos placas donde nuestro arte es proyectado.

Otras materias , como los descubrimientos científicos y el viaje del pensamiento, son cumplidas a través del pensamiento, porque el pensamiento es la actividad primaria que lleva a la creación de objetos.

En resumen, el proceso del pensamiento de grupo está basado en los Maestros que son nuestros guías. Ellos pusieron el tono para la vibración porque están en contacto con el Sol Central Galáctico, con el Creador y con las vibraciones superiores.


A través de David Miller

Publicado 30th October 2011 por Shanti

Etiquetas: aspecto fisico de los arcturianoscultura arcturianaproyección del pensamientounificación de la conciencia Arcturiana


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Oct 31


Cuando nosotros no estamos pensando acerca de la Tierra, pensamos sobre la expansión Galáctica y su estructura. Nosotros pensamos sobre la interacción de nuestras familias del alma, y pensamos sobre cómo nosotros podemos levantar nuestras vibraciones y la actividad de nuestros multi-yoes.

Contemplamos la Luz de la fuerza creativa y buscamos maneras de manifestar esa fuerza y energía en las estructuras físicas. Nosotros tenemos asignaciones así como ustedes tareas. Unas de nuestras asignaciones principales es el Portal Estelar. Hemos hablado con ustedes sobre entrar en el Portal Estelar, o sobre otros seres que están entrando en el Portal Estelar. Nosotros trabajamos con gran respeto cuando nos asignamos a la energía del Portal Estelar, creando portales y eslabones a otras naciones y familias Estelares. Les va a gustar cuando pasen por el Portal Estelar y estén listos para seguir a otras galaxias y otros sistemas. Pueden tomar decisiones que son más apropiadas cuando saben para qué se reservan. Estimamos que hay, por lo menos de doce a dieciocho Portales Estelares con los que estamos comunicados a lo largo del Universo. Muchos de ellos están fuera de esta Galaxia. Hay dos Portales en esta Galaxia. Hay otros Portales Estelares en otras galaxias con los que nosotros estamos en comunicación. Coordinamos con ellos y estudiamos sus energías.

Nosotros también pensamos sobre el desarrollo y evolución de la luz planetaria. Quiero describir nuestra naturaleza emocional que es quizás muy interesante para ustedes. Nuestras emociones están en un nivel muy diferente porque nosotros no experimentamos el odio, celos o cualquiera de las más bajas emociones densas. Ellas han estado en nuestra historia. Estas emociones primitivas acortan la duración de la vida. No sólo es la comida y las toxinas un problema. Ciertas emociones pueden acortar la duración de la vida. Nosotros hemos aprendido y quizás esto es algo que ustedes van a aprender. Es una lección difícil que la emociones de una vibración más baja contribuyen a la reducción de la duración de la vida, en particular la emoción del miedo. Nosotros estamos comprometidos en las emociones superiores de amor, armonía y paz. Reconocemos que estos sentimientos más bajos todavía pueden surgir en nuestros niños más jóvenes.En cuantos ellos surgen, se inundan a los niños con nuevos pensamientos sobre cómo unir la realidad, que estamos compartiendo allí para que ellos no sostengan las más bajas emociones. Yo no diría que nosotros no tenemos bajas emociones. Estas ocurren y se transforman por los niveles vibracionales superiores. Los pensamientos y emociones que nosotros tenemos son interactivos , y usamos la energía del Amor, la energía de la Armonía y la energía de la Fuerza Creativa.

Hemos aprendido que la emoción del Amor se ata con la emoción de la creación y la fuerza creativa. El nacimiento de niños, de cualquier nueva fórmula de vida, sólo se hace propiamente con la emoción del Amor. Nosotros podemos asimilar y activar nuestras energías de Amor casi continuamente. De hecho, cuando ustedes están sin la respiración, entonces se sienten como si estuvieran ahogándose. En nuestro mundo cuando estamos sin el Amor, nosotros sentimos que hay algo que hacer inmediatamente para corregirlo. Constantemente guardándose en la fórmula vibracional más alta, nosotros podemos hacer persistir nuestras emociones en el nivel más alto. No tenemos depresión o desórdenes de la reserva mental como ustedes los conocen. Nosotros entendemos que cualquiera de estos síntomas son de la más baja vibración de energía. Buscamos levantar la vibración para que estos sentimientos no pasen.


A través de David Miller

Publicado 31st October 2011 por Shanti

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terram novam: The death of the first star in the Universe: Incredible image could shed new light on how solar systems formed | Daily Mail Online

terram novam: The death of the first star in the Universe: Incredible image could shed new light on how solar systems formed | Daily Mail Online.

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lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2014

The death of the first star in the Universe: Incredible image could shed new light on how solar systems formed | Daily Mail Online

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samkaska: Reading:::File:::▶ 99 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Nibiru and Events – YouTube

samkaska: Reading:::File:::▶ 99 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Nibiru and Events – YouTube.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reading:::File:::▶ 99 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Nibiru and Events – YouTube

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Video 99
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video ninety-nine – April 13,
– Friends, I had to be absent for a period in which were just distant, helping teams that are taking care of problems with other colonies in a place that you call Epsilon Böotes. But now I shall be allocated here, because things are coming to their critical points.
– Friends, not be misled by advertisements of atomic missiles flying by your atmosphere to reach other countries. The Pleiadeans will be on hand to prevent a massive contamination of regions by such weapons. But, rest assured that many of atomic devices are already planted in key locations of mass depopulation by your elites, to simulate attacks by missiles that will be impossible to accomplish. They have shipped and installed the atomic devices, packaged in lead to avoid being detected by Pleiadeans. The accident shown to me by “CB of a truck being lifted by a force field in Germany, is an example of how Pleiadeans warn that they” know “what is being transported. Yours governments are doing great activities using underground tunnels not to be easily detected in the positioning of these atomic devices.
– The most populous country of your planet allied to some few other “neighbors” are keeping an indirect agreement with a consortium of three races which maintains a base in the mountains of the Himalayas, who donated DNA for some Asian populations in ancient times in the formation of these races here on the planet, who have long search your planet. And not to hit against the rules of the Community Galactica they will not attend direct action but intend to occupy several sites that are already ready and virtually uninhabited until now, ostensibly to settle their races on the planet soon. Even some portals are ready to be activated after the alleged “populational reorganization” planned by your leaders for the planet. As you are seeing, I’m not allowed to name country names but I’m sure you guys know what we’re talking about here.
– The depopulation is planned into Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and almost all of north america. Other regions will be selected later. But those plans are being analyzed by the “CG” and many societies will be “protected” as far as possible by direct interventions of our allied fleets. Eventually direct confrontations can happen, and I need to emphasize here you guys do not believe in any action that your governments proclaim as “alien attacks” in reality, we will be protecting you against them.
– Your elites called “Western”, which governed the economy on the planet so far, are in the process of being eliminated by the elites from “East Asian” and this internal dispute for control of the planet will generate a great upheaval in all regions. All military actions on the planet are currently preparing for this conflict, as in a great game, where each of the two factions has its own plans for population control and economic of the planet. Do not blame one or another country for starting this conflict, this is all a circus armed by the two factions of elites, some country will be used as the trigger, and you can be sure it will not be by choice of its citizens.
The volcanic activity that was being kept under control is no longer, and some more major events will happen anytime on the planet, be alert those who are near these areas of risk. The tectonic plates are moving faster, and the planet Taus are repositioning themselves daily to reduce this speed physically interacting with planet Earth. This part is being coordinated by scientists Arcturians and has given positive results so far.
– The incidence of meteors and asteroids also could intensify in coming times as much is detaching from the asteroid belt due to various gravitational interference caused by the passage of the solar system by a great cloud of cosmic energy, and end up spending only at the end of 2014 . This passage by this cosmic cloud will stabilize and ratify the new frequency of vibration of the planet, and will simultaneously cleanse the planet of all extraneous vibrations, the current process of ascension. The gradual neutralization of you called by Van Allen Belt also give the interaction and absorption of that great cloud of cosmic energy.
– The biggest concern at the moment of you must be the collapse of your economies globally, which will culminate with all military actions planned against thy people. Unfortunately for this type of social action there is no way of intervention, we will be observing the consequences to try to minimize the effects generated by them, with special equipment to supply energy and food to the most affected and isolated regions.
– Stay alert all of you as well, because the tension in the aura of the planet is showing that the events are on the verge of happening in sequence. I’ll keep you informed of the sequence of events until the next meeting. That the strength and hope be present in your hearts and minds.
Captain Bill – April, 2013
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AGHARTAN: Enviando una ola frontal llena de amor.:::▶ El Ser Uno VI – Los Siren – Notas Ascension

AGHARTAN: Enviando una ola frontal llena de amor.:::▶ El Ser Uno VI – Los Siren – Notas Ascension.

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martes, 20 de mayo de 2014

Enviando una ola frontal llena de amor.:::▶ El Ser Uno VI – Los Siren – Notas Ascension

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Enviando una ola frontal llena de amor.

Se necesita que cada día se aventuren en una conciencia celular más elevada, entrando en extensiones de su alma que finalmente están disponibles para ustedes. Extiéndanse más allá de los límites de todo lo que puedan imaginar que son. En ese punto, el límite de sus elucubraciones, es donde comienza el verdadero “yo”. No se conformen con lo que es.

Lo que sobrevuela sobre ustedes son los adornos energéticos de cada partícula de pensamiento que han albergado desde su primera respiración como un ser humano. Se alinean físicamente con lo que aún está por verse. Energéticamente, han activado extensiones latentes de su alma a un punto en el que ella ya no se aflige por lo que pasó.

Visualícense sentados en una playa de arena tibia mirando el horizonte del agua. En el punto en que imaginan que termina el océano según su visión humana, expandan su percepción más allá de la Tierra plana. Miren con la parte divina de sus capacidades oculares. Miren con su mente. Extiendan su visión de lo que parece ser el fin y extiéndanla hasta ver la orilla del futuro. La mayoría de las personas deambulan, preocupándose por su próximo dólar, por su siguiente amor, su próximo éxito, su próximo fracaso. Ensimismarse en cada elección crea un atolladero en el vacío del agujero negro de la creación por defecto.

La humanidad como un todo se ha vuelto complaciente en su deseo de expandirse. Ustedes son lo que piensan a cada momento de cada día. Llevan sus pensamientos y miedos en su campo externo de energía y todo en la Tierra responde a eso. Si piensan que existen más allá del horizonte de ese océano, es así. Si piensan que pueden oír una suave señal a cien millas de distancia, pueden hacerlo. Si piensan que pueden oír los pensamientos de los pájaros llamando a la primavera, pueden hacerlo.

Este siguiente salto en la convicción hará que el espíritu del césped se ponga verde de envidia. Porque si preparan apropiadamente esta etapa de armonización, entonces todo lo demás parece irrelevante. Todo el que se halla dentro del ámbito de estas palabras está consciente de quién es. Se pueden mentir a sí mismos. Les pueden mentir a los demás. Pueden actuar con humildad o pueden revelar la inmensidad de su ser en sus verdaderos colores. Piensen que es así o la manifestación no se puede completar. Si creen que pueden vencer a la enfermedad, pueden hacerlo. Si creen que están alineados con un gran golpe de suerte de bendiciones financieras, lo están. Como ser humano, es su derecho creer y crear en consecuencia.

Imaginen que pueden ver a 10 millas de distancia como el águila que se eleva en el cielo azul. Actúen como si pudieran sentir a la Madre Tierra latir bajo sus pies dándoles indicaciones en el próximo peldaño de su viaje. Hagan de cuenta que el viento les trae información solo para sus oídos. Expándanse, queridos.

Dimensionalmente, ustedes se están fusionando en su humanidad plena. El Universo se inclina con la mano de Dios para atraer a la humanidad hacia su pecho. La luz que buscan, la verdad que buscan, viene a su encuentro. El período entre el Equinoccio de Primavera del 21 de marzo y la época de Pascua del 20 de abril de 2014 encontrará al mundo pidiendo una señal. Una señal de paz, una señal de alto, una señal de avanzar, lo que sea, solo una señal del cielo.

Los patrones del clima se han alterado ya que la red de líneas ley ha sido manipulada, creando caos en la tierra interna. Habrá muchos cambios estacionales de energía que necesitarán ser redirigidos hacia nuevas direcciones, creando fenómenos terrenales no naturales. Cuando todas las tormentas lleguen volando hacia ustedes como la casa del tornado en el Mago de Oz, completa con monos voladores, vayan de inmediato al espacio de su corazón y envíenle una ola frontal llena de amor. Observen cómo cambia el patrón mismo del radar mientras se bambolea de aquí para allá. Todos los patrones climáticos son tormentas del corazón y la mente de los seres humanos, la ira ante las injusticias y fracasos, la pérdida de amor y control sobre la propia vida.

Cada uno de ustedes también se ha encontrado dando vueltas en círculos en su vida, ya sea yéndose por la puerta principal y regresando por algo que olvidaron o dejando la casa y conduciendo alrededor de la manzana para volver o ir de una habitación a otra. Todos ustedes se persiguen las colas. Fíjense bien y examinen qué colas (cuentos)* están persiguiendo.

¿Son estos los mitos suburbanos y los cuentos urbanos que les cuentan? ¿Son inquisiciones de miedo conservadas en lo profundo de la memoria? ¿Necesitan realmente estos chismes y cuentos chinos que ustedes los crean para cobrar vida? Piensen un minuto. Si cada uno de ustedes fuese capaz de comenzar un rumor de algún tipo y lo transmitiesen de persona en persona, aunque ese cuento original sea falso, si alguien lo cree, entonces comienza a tomar forma. Cobra vida.

Sin importar acerca de qué se estén mintiendo a ustedes mismos en cualquier nivel, finalmente eso tomará forma. No se les permite el lujo de hablar negativamente acerca de ustedes o de otro, sin importar qué daño les haya hecho el otro. Ustedes son maestros de luz y sus palabras son poderosas y se cumplen. No hay nada que los pueda dañar, si así lo creen. Ya conocen la promesa: “Su Tierra no será destruida” por los rabietas infantiles de la humanidad. Ustedes tienen al bebé de la paz dentro de su cuerpo. Cultiven la energía de la paz dentro de sí.

(*) En inglés se pronuncian igual: tails (colas) y tales (cuentos) (N de la T)

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO box 217 Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217
Traducción: Susana Peralta

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Elevándose En Vibración Y Conciencia…Un Nuevo Espacio

– 5/19/2014

Generalmente hablando, nos hemos elevado tanto de conciencia que no regresaremos a la vieja vida. Esta es la Verdad más elevada. Cuando nos zambullimos de nuevo en la vieja vida, se siente tan incómodo y extraño que no podemos esperar para regresar adonde realmente estamos y eso es estar plenamente en lo Nuevo. A cualquier momento que regresamos para una visita a lo viejo sintiéndonos victimizados (juzgados, criticados, etc.) por otros, ustedes bajan su vibración, y por lo tanto, su conciencia. A cualquier momento en que se quejan de algo, ustedes regresan a lo viejo y se bajan a sí mismos. Similarmente, cada vez que Aprecian y están Agradecidos, elevan su vibración y anclan aún más lo Nuevo.
He sido testigo de esto en gente que de otra manera vibra altamente. Me pregunto si sienten su descenso cuando se involucran con las bajas energías. Quiero mencionar que el quejarse es una adicción, y cuando se quejan o juzgan o critican, anclan la dualidad en ustedes y crean más de lo que quejarse, juzgar o criticar. Cuando aprecian, ustedes magnetizan más de lo que apreciar. Es simple, ¿o no?

Hay un cisma que continúa creciendo entre lo viejo y lo Nuevo. Seguimos pudiendo elegir, y cuando facultamos lo Nuevo, experimentamos más de ello. Cuando descendemos a lo viejo, lo mantenemos activo. Así que les pregunto: ¿qué desean facultar? Amor, Unidad, Compasión, Comprensión, Abundancia, Aprecio o dualidad en todas sus formas bajas de pensamiento. Nosotros somos quienes hemos elegido elevar la vibración de la Tierra y todas Sus formas de vida. Al enfocarnos en ser nuestra vibración más elevada, hacemos justo eso. Cuando bajamos nuestra vibración y conciencia, mantenemos lo viejo en lugar.

Somos tan poderosos ahora que nada puede detener nuestro progreso, excepto nosotros mismos. No hay influencias externas porque el enorme tsunami de la Gracia nos ha llevado poderosamente a lo Nuevo…siempre y cuando nosotros, el Saber de nuestro Corazón, sepamos que es así. Cualquier duda o temor o cualquier energía baja retrasa el progreso. Lo que elegimos incrementa el poder de esa elección y va a la Tierra, ya sea para adentrarla más en la Ascensión o para retrasar el proceso.

No se preocupen de lo que otros están o no haciendo; no permitan que ninguna cosa ni nadie los disuada de la labor a mano. Al enfocarse en su propia trayectoria, ustedes hacen mucho para traer las energías elevadas a la Tierra. Nadie ni ninguna cosa los puede retener atrás. Sólo ustedes, siendo el Maestro ascendido que son, son responsables de sí mismos y de su propia evolución. Muchos de nosotros hemos completado nuestro karma, y otros continúan haciéndolo. Donde pongan su intención y atención es lo que les dirá más dónde están que cualquier otra persona. Cuando ven su vida saben exactamente dónde están en su trayectoria de Ascensión. La mejor manera en que pueden ayudar a otros es manteniendo su vibración alta, lo cual se traduce en siendo positivos. Enfocándose en el Amor (no rescatando, protegiendo o salvando a otros, lo cual se basa en un juicio) es la forma de hacer brillar su Luz y crear una oleadaa de Gracia para que otros la cabalguen. Alienten a otros siendo un ejemplo.

Cuando ven a través de los ojos de la dualidad de la 3D, pudieran decidir que están ocurriendo cosas terribles, y sin embargo sosteniendo ese punto de vista los encierra en esa misma dualidad y los aleja de su senda más elevada. Cada vez que juzgan algo como terrible o triste o “de la oscuridad”, ustedes lo facultan. Es verdad…el Amor crea más Amor; la guerra crea más guerra. Si ustedes saben realmente con todo su ser que todo está conforme a un Orden Divino, entienden que hay un propósito más elevado para todo; inclusive y especialmente cuando no lo entienden. En realidad, hay cada vez más Luz presente en ustedes y en la Tierra. La Luz absorbe la “oscuridad” cuando se le faculta. Y es facultada por el Saber de su Corazón de la Verdad.

Hay una hermosa red de Amor/Luz que ha sido creada a través del internet, el viaje y la meditación que facultan más Amor y Unidad por toda la Tierra. De este modo todos los que han despertado y saben que ellos son Amor están facultando a la Nueva Rejilla de la Tierra. Si ustedes pudieran ver esto como Seres de Luz, no como lo hacen en el cuerpo. se vería como una hermosa red de Luz resplandeciente e interconectada. Mediante el viaje tanto físico como espiritual nosotros tejemos esta red, conectamos nuevas líneas Ley y abrimos nuevos portales. Es verdaderamente hermoso…y excitante.

Otra manera de mantener su vibración elevada y traer así más Luz a otros es haciendo el trabajo que le encanta a su Corazón. Muchos están cuestionando si su trabajo es significativo. Muchos anhelan prestar un mayor Servicio Divino. Por supuesto ustedes saben que lo que importa no es el tipo de trabajo sino la esencia de quiénes son ustedes y que traen a cada área de su vida. Cuando sienten Gozo y Comodidad, su vibración se eleva. Cuando no los sienten, su vibración baja. Involucrándose plenamente en cualquier cosa que ustedes hacen enciende el Gozo y la Pasión en su interior. Hay muchos cambios en el área del trabajo. Ustedes serán guiados en el Tiempo y Orden Divinos, y la forma cambiará para igualar su conciencia. Sin embargo, si siguen portando la carencia en su conciencia, crearán a partir de esa conciencia. La verdad es que ustedes son infinitamente Abundantes. El Universo se ofrece a sí mismo a ustedes en una bandeja de plata si eligen verlo así.

Si pudiéramos ver a abril como un tipo de Puerta, veríamos que nos ha llevado más profundamente a nuestros Seres, a nuestros Yos Auténticos. Mientras seguimos liberando, bajando y anclando, la energía de mayo es muy diferente. Se siente más lenta y más apoyadora. Y lento es bueno porque podemos ver las cosas con una mayor claridad, por lo que nuestra Conciencia se agudiza. Cuando nos sentimos bombardeados, como fue en abril, es difícil captar qué está sucediendo. No obstante, estamos integrando toda esa energía del eclipse y la estamos sintiendo en forma de un sueño interrumpido, sintiéndonos exhaustos, con dolores de cabeza, problemas estomacales, sintiéndonos perdidos y/o confundidos, y algunos han experimentado enormes eventos de la vida tales como la disolución del matrimonio, la muerte física o la enfermedad, y una gran cantidad de liberación emocional. Si están experimentando cualquiera de estas cosas, esto es para su evolución más elevada, y en lugar de juzgarlas sepan que los están llevando a su vibración más elevada…están despejando lo viejo para que más Amor pueda vertir en ustedes como un elixir dorado.

Hemos ido verdaderamente a través de grandes cambios frecuenciales y es absolutamente esencial que nos amemos a nosotros mismos, nos tomemos unos descansos y nos cuidemos tanto como cuidamos a los demás. Estando en la Naturaleza es una poderosa manera de hacer esto, así como el mirar al Sol y asentarse en la Tierra y estar cerca de o en el agua. Dándonos a nosotros mismos primero hacemos espacio para las poderosas energías altamente dimensionales y de mayor intensidad para integrarlas con mayor gracia en nuestras células y nuestro ADN. Descansen, coman ligero, mediten y pregunten a su cuerpo qué le gustaría y luego sigan su guía.

Y cuando están calmados y centrados, notarán que han entrado a otro espacio más; ese espacio de una gran Paz, Amor y Abundancia. Sepan esto y nótenlo. Este espacio es lo Nuevo. El liberar será más fácil porque están siendo llevados por la Gracia y el Amor de su Ser; de la Fuente. Regocíjense de todo lo que han logrado, que es muchísimo. Desengánchense de cualquier distracción que los saque de lo Nuevo. Ustedes son Amor. Ustedes son Abundancia. Ustedes son Paz. Ustedes son Luz. Ustedes son Divinos porque son la Fuente. Regocíjense de su Magnificencia.

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terram novam: The Beginning of the Ending – Communicating with Ether and Earth::: Salusa ::: sharing…

terram novam: The Beginning of the Ending – Communicating with Ether and Earth::: Salusa ::: sharing….

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sábado, 14 de junio de 2014

The Beginning of the Ending – Communicating with Ether and Earth::: Salusa ::: sharing…

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, June 12, 2014
The Beginning of the Ending – Communicating with Ether and Earth


The Beginning of the Ending

Communicating with Ether and Earth


Well we thought that Lantern was here to help, but we seemed to get ourselves in quite a mess. At first we did not know it was Lantern we had bumped into, and I do mean that Sandy and I both knocked into him together. We were dazed by the Arcturian’s message, or maybe we are only partially physical, when we ran into a tall, slim man who was standing right in front of our tent.

It was not until Lantern spoke with us telepathically, that we realized who it was. Somehow, we recognized his telepathic voice, but maybe it was his signature frequency that was familiar. Either way, we were graced with the joyous and loving laughter that Lantern releases into Gaia’s planet. I remember how his laughter could be heard even above the huge crowd at the Lemurian Celebration.

“We wondered where you were hiding,” teased Sandy.

“It appears to me that you and Jason are the ones who have been hiding. Was it too crowed in the tent with the Arcturian?” Lantern laughed. “Your faces are white. You are not aware that the great heat in the tent was because your Lightbodies burst forth while the Arcturian spoke. I had to place a holo-picture around your tent so others in the camp would not be shocked.”

“Our Lightbodies burst forth?” we spoke as one person.

Lantern just laughed and said, “Put on your hiking gear,” as he manifested two backpacks in front of us. “We are going for a hike!”

“But we only slept for a few hours, and we need to eat,” complained Sandy.

“Oh, we can do all of that on the trail,” said Lantern as he pushed us back in the tent and loaded the backpacks in the van.

“I have paid for this site for a week. We will leave the van at the ranger station at the base of our trail. Now, hurry up, we need to be up the mountain a bit before it gets dark.”

Sandy and I were shocked by Lantern’s attitude. He was still his jovial self, but we had never known him to be so authoritative.

“It is the NOW!” he responded to our thoughts.

That sentence got our attention more than anything else. We quickly changed, grabbed some trail food for our packs and got into our van. Lantern told me where to park the van and went in to pay at the ranger station.

“How did he get money for the site and the parking?” Sandy asked as Lantern walked toward the ranger station.
I smiled in response and told her I would ask him.

“Ask me what?” said Lantern with a twinkle in his eye.

“Uh, where did you get your money?”

“Oh, I got it from the same place that I got your back packs. I manifested it,” he said as he led us up to the trailhead.

Nothing else was said for hours. Sandy’s and my Lightbody must have been activated as we did not get tired and were never hungry, at least until evening. However, as the Sun began to set, we both became extremely hungry and tired. Sandy was the first to speak up.

“Lantern, do you thing we are close to our campsite?” she asked, trying to keep the fatigue out of her voice.

“Would you like to rest?”

“No, no. I am fine. I was just wondering how much further we had to go.”

“Further is a third dimensional concept,” Lantern returned.

“I know I am more Lightbody than before, but my encasement is still very physical,” Sandy said.

“Is that what you believe?”

“Wow,” we both exclaimed. I had let Sandy appear to be the only one who was tired, but I was also about to fall over. “Is our belief making us tired?” I said trying not to sound rude.

“Yes, of course. Your Lightbody has no fatigue at all, as it has not even moved.”

We were really surprised by that statement until the light went on in Sandy’s head and she exclaimed, “Our Lightbody is fifth dimensional so it resonates beyond time!!”

“But only if we believe it.” I continued.

Lantern said nothing else, but turned and continued up an especially steep part of the trail.

“It is getting dark now. We need to see the trail when it’s so steep.” we both complained.

“You will ask the Great Mother to guide you,” Lantern projected into our hearts.

“Did you feel that?” Sandy asked me. “It felt like he spoke directly into our hearts.”

“I did that because you will need to open hearts to follow the Mother when you cannot see.”

As the Sun dropped below the horizon, the trail became dark with many shadows and illusions.

“Hmm,” said Lantern, “This looks like the lower Astral Plane. You’d best be careful.”

“Are you trying to scare us?” I said.

“Oh no. I am trying to warn you. Remember that the Arcturian activated your Lightbody. Therefore, you are fully awake to the dark ethers of the Lower Astral Plane. It appears that Gaia is asking us to communicate with the wounded “ethers” of Her planet.”

Yes, we are indeed in the Lower Astral plane.” Sandy whispered. “Do you think this is on purpose to make us use our Lightbody to navigate our way?”

“Yes, of course,” I said. “I keep forgetting that many Lemurians are members of Indian Nation. They teach by experience, which allows each person to learn in their own way.”

Our conversation had to cease, as we had to focus in order to navigate the steep, dark trails while being confronted by dark images flying through the ethers. Finally, we came over a steep hill and saw what appeared to be demons rushing towards us.

“What should we do?” we asked Lantern with fear in our voice.

“You are here to communicate with the beings of the ethers,” was all he said. However, it was just enough, as it reminded Sandy and I to stand firm and send unconditional love to the dark illusions.

“Good,” guided Lantern. “Attention amplifies that to which you attend. When you are non-reactive to the dark images, you diminish them by withdrawing your attention. When you are ready, remember that they can be healed by your unconditional love.”

We knew that these images could not harm us. In fact, when we viewed them through our unconditional love we could see that they wanted our help. We released all thinking and felt the unconditional love that the Arcturian had just shared with us. Once we felt that unconditional love inside of our selves, we could share it with the ethers of the fourth dimension.

As we stood firm and focused on unconditional love, we could feel our Lightbodies expanding out from our spine. We observed as our inner light intertwined with our unconditional love to transmute the fearful images into sparkles of light. This light flowed into love as the ethers around us cleared more and more. By the time the moon was up, everything around us glistened and sparkled.

Even the clouds that covered the sky all day cleared to reveal the universe sparkling above us. Lantern stood beside us and pointed out the many stars that had planets that we had visited in our higher expressions of Mytre and Mytria.

“Do you remember how Mytre and Mytria bonded with the Mother of their Pleiadian planet?” asked Lantern.

“Yes, we do,” said Sandy speaking for both of us.

“To communicate and merge with the elements and elementals you will need to listen closely to your transmuting earth body, as well as your higher expressions of Mytre and Mytria. You have perceived your earth vessels as YOU and Mytre and Mytria as separate and outside of you.

“To complete your task you will need to feel your higher expressions of SELF inside of YOU while you also perceive your earth vessel as ONE with Gaia’s Earth. The path of ascension is not outside of you, but within the body, which is a component of Gaia’s body. Do you understand what I am saying?” concluded Lantern.

“Yes,” I said. I looked at Sandy and she was shaking her head yes. “But I think that this change in perception will be more difficult than we think.”

Lantern merely smiled and started back up the trail. However, Sandy and I became lost in our thoughts and forgot to listen to the earth element. Sandy started to slip, and I lost my balance when I tried to catch her. Before we knew it we were sliding down the trail towards a shear cliff. Lantern did not try to help us, which made me angry, so angry that my consciousness dropped, and I started to feel fear.

I was becoming confused and disoriented when I heard Sandy yell my name. She had grabbed onto a tree and was putting out her hand to me. I reached out and grabbed it, but it dislodged her hold on the tree and we both began to fall.

“We must call the Earth elementals,” yelled Sandy.

When we both called to Gaia’s earth elementals to stop our fall, we suddenly became very calm. Suddenly, our fall was occurring in slow motion. Therefore, we both saw an opportunity to direct ourselves towards a large bolder. As our world became increasingly slow motion we realized that we were leaving 3D time.

We focused not on our fall, but on the huge rock and the firm soil beneath us. In a flash of no time, we were snuggled up to the bolder with Gaia’s warm dirt on every inch of our bodies. All we could do was laugh and say thank you, thank you, thank you to Gaia’s earth elementals.


Being an avid gardener, I have a great love for the earth elementals. I also adore the mountains and hiking. It is important that all of us realize that Gaia is an alive being that we must love and protect. Somewhere during the last 2,000 years of the Kali Yuga respect for the Mother was lost, except for the indigenous tribes. These peoples, who are direct descendants of the Lemurians have held the light for Gaia during this long dark night. It is the NOW for all of us to join them in their love and respect for all of Gaia’s elements, elementals and lifeforms.
* * *
* * *

* * *
SaLuSa – June 13, 2014
Galactic Federation of Light
Galactic Federation of Light

Channeled by Mike Quinsey

We come to assure you that all proceeds well, but for reasons of security we cannot always reveal what is taking place. As we have done for some considerable time we work mainly in the background, to fulfil our responsibilities to ensure that the Light spreads as intended. This means that we closely monitor the activities of the dark Ones, so as to ensure that their activities are not allowed to interfere with the positive changes that are taking place. At present your world is going through a testing period of changes that are going to see an end of the dominance of the dark Ones. Some are taking place on a level that is obvious to you, but they also occur out of your sight and without your knowledge. Since time immemorial we have accompanied you through your travels, although we have never interfered with your freewill decisions. We do however use our influence to keep you on the Path of Light, as the end times are to release you from the dictates of the dark Ones.
These are indeed special times that you are privileged to be a part of and many have been chosen for their experience in similar situations. Souls from many different levels have volunteered to see you safely through the end times. You will identify some by their service to the Light, but others will remain anonymous for the time being. The dark Ones would do their worst to stop any soul from carrying the Light forward, although we have to say that we are allowed to protect them. Understand that where circumstances demand a certain outcome such as for karmic reasons, we are naturally obliged to respect them.
Each of you has entered life with a specific plan that caters for your needs, and whether you work for the Light or otherwise makes no difference. Obviously Lightworkers tend to take on far more responsibility and are chosen for their experience. It means that they often have a somewhat lonely life, but at that the same time it gives great satisfaction. Souls who incarnate for development are given only as much as they can handle, and it specifically targets areas where they need to gain experience. Other souls that take an important role in your life are chosen for you, and you meet them as “arranged” although it may well appear to be a random event. Nothing happens by chance although you are often convinced that it is the case, without planning it would be impossible to ensure you experienced exactly what you needed to evolve.
Families often stick together through many incarnations playing out different roles each time. It can explain why some families are so close together and have a very strong bond. Be assured that whoever enters your life where it has any strong and lasting affect, is part of your life plan. If for example you choose to have a close relationship with a soul that is not part of your life plan, it will not develop into anything more serious. In such circumstances you have two souls involved and beyond a friendly relationship, neither can go beyond that level of relationship. Naturally in the course of your lifetime you have many friends that come and go, but they may not have any specific influence.
Dear Ones, life is a mystery that requires much explanation if you are to grasp the significance of it. Indeed, in some respects it is beyond your present understanding, but those who are advanced in their evolution understand sufficient to be able to make suitable progress. Also bear in mind your Guides are present to influence you in ways that keep you on track. You are never alone to face life’s tribulations but your Guides need to receive your request for help, as otherwise it could go against your wishes. Once you understand what life and the need for experience is all about, you will find that it progresses more smoothly and greatly satisfying. Behind all happenings in your life, is your life plan and we repeat again that nothing happens by chance. Many people will enter your life to play their role in it, often to give you the experience you need only to move on afterwards.
Trying to make sense of everything is an overwhelming task, but you will find that your understanding grows through personal experience. For different reasons souls have their own perspective of life and what they believe it is all about. In consequence there may not be agreement about the reasons behind it, but that is to be expected in the circumstances. You are all on the same path but at different points along it, although it may not be apparent to you. All paths eventually lead back to the Godhead, which is why it is unnecessary to try and impose your views or beliefs upon others. Let all experience as they see necessary, but in doing so try not to persuade others to follow another path. Soul’s progress through their personal experience and all will reach the end of their journey at the appropriate time.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and hope these messages help you understand that the lives you have been experiencing, are to guide you back to the levels of existence that are your real home.
Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey.

* * * 

The Being ONE : 229/230/231 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1

The Being ONE : 229/230/231 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

229/230/231 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1

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Sin Conocimiento,  no vivo
Sin entendimiento,  no existo
sin amor incondicional,  no Soy 
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 The BEing ONE


Without knowledge , I do not live

 Without understanding, I do not exist 
without unconditional love , I am NOT

The Being one – the secrets of thoth

book 1

Document Transcript

Two . INTERNATIONAL DATA MAPPING IN SÃO PAULO , BRAZIL RELEASE . NO COPYRIGHT . REGISTRATION : 314,912 | LIVRO : 575 | FOLHA : 72 Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . Book originally published by the author and Canal : Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . All rights in the text , including external and internal drawings are reserved for exclusive use by the author . No part of this book may be REPRODUCED , ALTERED, OR USED EDITED form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording , Internet , television , cinema or storage system database, without written permission of the author except in cases of short stretches cited in critical reviews or articles from magazines, newspapers or any media . The reproduction, change, alteration or misuse of the contents of this book and drawings shall be subject to prosecution , protected by the copyright law . BE THE ONE I – The Arcane of Thoth. BEING ONE II – Metro 333 – Tera Guardians . We inform all people of good will who BEING ONE is not linked with people who can use the name of the author and the same , holding conferences , groups, selling prints , videos , advertising and charging for their services or asking for donations on behalf of this knowledge. The canal does also know , that it has no responsibility to those that transmit and interpret knowledge BEING ONE in their own way , guided or not based on the original writings that are in your text. BEING ONE is a FREE knowledge , not any events coalesced to gain money or any other type by another , which could be used to their advantage. 2

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376. What can the digestive system make use of for itself  ?

In the same way that the circulatory system makes use of platelets for its own benefit, the digestive system can make use of the rubbish. One day, you will recycle rubbish-energy and you will transform it for your own benefit.

377. What can we do with it?

You will get the best fuel you could ever imagine. We said that by mixing zinc, carbon, other elements and organic compounds you would be able to build space vessels. When you discover the real transformation of the rubbish-energy, you will progress in science and technology and you will put an end to poverty, hunger and destitution.

In the next two hundred years the formula will be discovered and utilized to the maximum, but as always happens on Planet Earth, it will be in hands of those who will use it to their own advantage and it will not be distributed to those who would be able to benefit from it. In other words, it will not be available for everyone.

378. Who will discover this formula?

It will be discovered in a joint action from the following countries:

 United States

 France

 United Kingdom

 Sweden

 Australia

 Germany

379. What is the work of a respiratory system?

We know that the circulatory system works together with the respiratory system. When the blood flows, oxygen is also distributed through the all. For these two systems to work together, we need organization and much interplanetary order. Many thought-energies spread throughout their respective planets participate, accomplishing a universal task under the direction of the principal constellations:

 Head: Orion-Alfa Centauri

 Higher Terminals: Andromeda, Pleiades, Southern Cross, Libra and Virgo

 Lower Terminals: Calixtus, Centurion, Sirius, Centaur, Scorpion, SagittariusThere are many inhabited planets within these constellations; they belong to thoroughly organized confederations, with well assigned tasks and responsibilities.

There is profound communication among them and also much cultural interchange.

The circulatory system (secondary world) carries blood (the energetic fluid or the soul) through the universe; the respiratory system (regular world) carries soul energy or life.

The regular worlds are life; they nurture the universe with new ideas and always sustain the all in Its basic formula of antimatter-energy in Its dense-matter form. You are the Elementary Dimension and you are totally dependent on the Regular Dimension because it is the head of the reality in which you exist and live.

380. Is the Sublime Dimension the universal immune system?

To antimatter reality, the sublime worlds are the immune system of the universe because they never allow a thought-energy to contaminate the universal mind.

To dense-matter reality, the regular worlds are the ones with the mission to perfect the dense energy so that the One Being may have a perfect material body.

381. Does the One Being have a perfect body?

Not yet, even though the regular worlds have eternal bodies, they have not yet been able to perfect the matter one hundred percent to do so. First they have to perfect the denser realities so that this improvement can benefit them.

The all is a gigantic body – the One Being. If one plane or level does not work correctly, the problem will reflect on everyone, therefore, the universal body is not totally perfect. Remember that there are still solidified and petrified realities. As long as they exist, we have to accept that perfection does not exist in our bubble-sphere; we are on our way to it.

382. What is the fuel of a respiratory and circulatory system?

When the Elementary Dimension generates calorific combustion, it provides movement to the all and that activates the universal machinery which will never stop. If we want to compare it to combustion, we could say that the universal fluid emanated by the Elementary Dimension would be the combustion that these two systems need to continue active.

383. Why can the energy of the platelets be used to build UFOs?

The platelets are made of a special energy that adapts to different realities because it is an energy that runs through the all. It is made of multiple and combined elements that have the one aim of being able to transit throughout the all. This energy is called “multiple conduction”. These are universal elements that have the capacity to serve the all because they adapt to any dimension, plane or level where they are.

We could compare it to magnesium. This element is identified by its chemical adaptation enabling it to mix with other elements. There is also magnetism in which the elements attract other elements to bring about magnetic absorption, thus making travel throughout the all possible.

384. We think that the all is etheric, subtle, spiritual, energetic, but I am coming to the conclusion that everything is chemical. Is this true?

Yes, everything is chemical and mathematical.

385. Where does spirituality come in?

Spirituality is a sentiment that comes from feeling. You bring it to bear on certain events. For us, the higher worlds, the word feeling does not exist; something is positive or negative, and the consequence of it is the depth of the feeling which determines to which side the scale will tilt.

What you call spirituality, we call positive because it is the positive result of the feeling.

386. Is mentation also chemical?

Yes. Let us recall that when the One Being started to unfold Itself, It was totally antimatter energy. We can say that in that state It had only formed imagination. It did not have cerebral-
thought to be able to form correlated thoughts of knowledge and understanding. That imagination had already planned absolutely everything that would happen after in order to be able to organize, classify, and spread the entire imaginative creation. Imaginative creation, in turn, would be able to be materialized and implemented according to what was created and imagined.

To take on the correct form, the imagination first made use of all available elements. In doing so, those elements became contracted to such an extent that they were externalized as form and, with that, imagination lodged and became manifested until it had accomplished what it had desired. In other words, imagination embodied in form. This process continues occurring and takes place whenever a One Origin incarnates or when you embody in human-form or any time an idea materializes. It will always be the same, over and over again, eternally.

387. How could imagination create ideas if it did not have a brain to think of them?

Ideas are produced only by the elements of the antimatter-mind, thus they can be created by the imagination. Remember that the One Being is antimatter being of pure mental energy, composed of everything needed to create ideas. What It did not have in Its antimatter condition were the dense elements to externalize the ideas. So It created the dense brain-form, to be able to manifest them.

We, the Etheric Dimension, are the understanding, and through it, we want you to grasp the reality of your lives. It is important for you to analyze and compare the universal structures. We have always said that by knowing yourselves, you will know the creator.

All knowledge is marvelous, but it must always come with understanding and be recorded in existence with love.

388. Why should it be recorded with love?

We have always unified the three words: knowledge, understanding and love. We cannot love what we do not know or understand. We cannot know without understanding. We cannot understand without knowing. We can only love what we know and understand. We can never separate the three concepts. They were created at the same time and at the very instant of the creator desire and as such they will be known, understood and loved.

Eternal survival is an act of love, and we, the higher dimensions, consider love to be a placebo that keeps the universe active, dynamic, updated and young. Love is a chemical element that brings about the revitalization of the universe. Its elements vibrate at such a frequency that it accomplishes the anabolic restructuring of the One Being. When It restructures all Its elements, the One Being revitalizes Its all and consequently, all of us, that is, our bubble-sphere.

389. Is love also chemical elements?

Yes it is. Love has additives that inject new elements into the all. These elements blend with the others and all are able to rejuvenate.

390. Is love the fountain of youth?

If you want to call it that, yes it is.

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…will continue tomorrow…
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 …this, will continue tomorrow…
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Book 1:

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 . Being One is a book of self-knowledge. It should be read in order: it would be useless to read it haphazardly, because that would not give the expected result. His reading will be opening and connecting the brain circuits of knowledge, understanding and love.


Meditate on it, review it … study it … …let go of old ideas and lessons …study the new  .

Being ONE


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What is unconditional love and why is it so elusive for many? It is a love that does not judge, defends or distinguish between any living creature that enters your neighborhood. It is a love that embraces all creation as emanating from the heart of Father-Mother God, the Source of Creation, that which created matter and has placed in the dark matter of the Universe expanding.


 Unconditional love is beyond understanding the small packaging and divided mind , qualifies and categorized. Unconditional love is the love that surpasses all understanding and simply is, in itself, pure, upright and spotless. It is the essence of your Higher Self. It is the true essence of themselves, stripped of all that is not the Self .


” I love you unconditionally , and turn on the Violet Fire in the emanation you’re sending to me. Bless you too, find that I am gaining peace in the new and expanded version of my Being. “


Many are beginning to wake up and realize they need to love themselves . This is very difficult for many as they have remained in the shadows of doubt and hate themselves for a long time, often without understanding the core issues or reasons for such feelings. The finding love and self-respect is merely a step on the path to self-mastery . If you feel that you can not even love themselves, learn to accept themselves as they are, and will release his future to love. Love flows from the heart of creation, but you can not feel this connection and this flow until the source is connected with the source of love within his own heart center.




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