The ONE BEING: 220/221/222 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1

The ONE BEING: 220/221/222 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

220/221/222 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1

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Sin Conocimiento,  no vivo
Sin entendimiento,  no existo
sin amor incondicional,  no Soy 
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 The BEing ONE


Without knowledge , I do not live

 Without understanding, I do not exist 
without unconditional love , I am NOT

The Being one – the secrets of thoth

book 1

Document Transcript

Two . INTERNATIONAL DATA MAPPING IN SÃO PAULO , BRAZIL RELEASE . NO COPYRIGHT . REGISTRATION : 314,912 | LIVRO : 575 | FOLHA : 72 Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . Book originally published by the author and Canal : Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . All rights in the text , including external and internal drawings are reserved for exclusive use by the author . No part of this book may be REPRODUCED , ALTERED, OR USED EDITED form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording , Internet , television , cinema or storage system database, without written permission of the author except in cases of short stretches cited in critical reviews or articles from magazines, newspapers or any media . The reproduction, change, alteration or misuse of the contents of this book and drawings shall be subject to prosecution , protected by the copyright law . BE THE ONE I – The Arcane of Thoth. BEING ONE II – Metro 333 – Tera Guardians . We inform all people of good will who BEING ONE is not linked with people who can use the name of the author and the same , holding conferences , groups, selling prints , videos , advertising and charging for their services or asking for donations on behalf of this knowledge. The canal does also know , that it has no responsibility to those that transmit and interpret knowledge BEING ONE in their own way , guided or not based on the original writings that are in your text. BEING ONE is a FREE knowledge , not any events coalesced to gain money or any other type by another , which could be used to their advantage. 2

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The antimatter worlds are thought-energies of recorded crystals with their respective nimeos.

When we say that those energies are recorded, you may imagine that the recording consists of words, experiences, deeds, life events, languages, and images. It is not like that. The recordings contained in the crystals are codes and the universal language is expressed based on those codes.

You do not understand the universal codes yet. You are still working with symbols. It is a language that is based on codes of visual expression. The universal codes are based on numerical expressions, and to decipher and understand them, you will have to grasp the universal cooperative language. When you belong to the Cosmic Confederation, you will be taught and prepared so that you will be able to use the numerical language.

The antimatter worlds will work according to their elevation, knowledge, understanding and the level to which they belong. When you enter the Inner-Earth City you will begin to learn the universal language so that you can transcend to higher realities.

339. How can we, Planet Earth, transmute all that is useless so as to waste as little as possible?

* First: through the nourishment of your thought- energies

* Second: through the nourishment by eating

* Third: through the nourishment of the sexual system

* Fourth: through the nourishment taken in by the senses

* Fifth: through the nourishment taken in by solar plexus

* Sixth: through the nourishment taken in by the pineal gland

* Seventh: through the nourishment taken in by the frequency channels* Eighth: through the vibratory nourishment.

Everything will depend on the kinds of thought-energies with which the brain will work. This topic has already been explained. We know what happens if the encephalic tissue works with negative-sick crystals or with positive crystals. The energetic nourishment is the most important; everything else will link to the nourishment. If it is positive, it will waste the least possible because it will transmute all the thought-energies to nurture and further universal wellbeing. If the nourishment is negative, it will not be able to transmute the energy and it will end up orbiting the planet in a vicious circle, contaminating and making everything it encounters on its way get sick.

340. What does ‘nourishment through the sexual system’ mean?

When we talk about nourishment through the sexual system, through the senses, through the solar plexus, through the frequency channels, through vibration and through energetic flow, we are referring to the energy that enters and leaves the human-body. You call them the energetic centers.

The centers work together with the zones. When they are fed negative, distorted and sick energy, you can imagine what kind of energy flows through them. Here we get into the subject of combustion. It will produce very low quality combustion, totally contaminated, of short duration, and it will evaporate as quickly as possible because the contaminated material body-energy will deteriorate rapidly and will live less.

341. How does rubbish-combustion maintain the universe alive?

It is a chemical chain reaction. It allows the energetic combustion to maintain the universe at adequate temperatures so that the systems do not solidify.

We have to understand that the antimatter worlds are chemically cold; their energy was created with elements that produce cold fire. In the universe this combustion is called alciatic combustion. This combustion works exclusively in the cerebral and mental sphere and it enables the brain to function totally, unlike the rest of the body. The combustion of the body-matter is a calorific combustion; its job is to keep body-matter warm so that the antimatter energy will not cool it.

342. Do these two combustions not collide?

They do not collide nor can they mix. The antimatter world lives in the brain. The cold elements of this world do not get mixed with the others because the elements do not attract one anotheror rub one another or adapt. They simply coexist and communicate telepathically.

343. Then how can the right side of the brain feed the left side if their elements cannot mix?

It is the energetic being that lives parallel to the body-matter.

While the pineal gland is not activated, we understand that the body-matter subsists with its own calorific combustion. When the pineal gland awakens, then it starts to attract antimatter nimeo-
crystals which are lodged in the right side of the brain. This is where human beings will begin to nourish themselves with a special thought-energy and this energy will nourish the left side of the brain through telepathy or mediumism.

The thought-energy beings that are lodged in the right side of the brain will not be able to descend and reincarnate in matter. They continue existing and embodied in the elevated side of the human-being, that is, in the energetic being (the spirit).

When the thought-energy of the human, whose nourishment was exclusively calorific combustion, disembodies, the matter cannot remain alive because it lacks the warmth of life, that is, the calorific combustion that kept it alive.

If we are talking about the higher dimensions, we can understand why those realities live eternally: their bodies are nourished with alciatic combustion, which means:

Alciatic (from rising) – booster; adjective referring to the boosting of values.

It is a special combustion that only works with certain elements which must be top quality. It is a high voltage and very sophisticated electricity that makes it possible for the energy not to disperse or separate.

344. With this explanation, is it possible for our brain to live independently of the rest of the matter-body?

For that to happen, you would need mental machinery as sophisticated as the matter-body.

There are technologically more advanced realities that have accomplished this. When we know universal reality fully and understand how energy works, it is not necessary to want the brain to be independent of matter because knowing that there is shelter and reincarnation is sufficient not to aspire to it.

In the higher realities, they exist totally in the minds; they do not need matter-bodies.

345. You told us that our Planet Earth is at the level of the navel. What happens with those planets that are close to the anus and with those that exit through the anus?

In comparison, in the external universe these are what we know as solidified and petrified realities. These realities are totally in darkness; they are evolving slowly. They could be compared to zones 1 and 2 of the One Being.

When the One Origin outstretched, It already knew about Its own reality. It knew Its own One Origin; It was not unaware of all of it. But in spite of knowing, It could not correct it because thatwas Its heritage.

When the thought-energies were inside the One Origin, before the explosion and the expansion, they faced a serious problem that they did not know how to resolve: the negative energy. So they simply compressed and filed it away without understanding or studying it. In their ignorance, they did not know it was forming and creating the digestive system of the One Being. These first offspring of the One Origin were pure, diaphanous, and crystalline. They knew nothing about knowledge or formulas; they got to know them through life experiences. These offspring are now experts and wise, because they were concerned with researching the formulas and all that stems from them. There are no longer many secrets hidden from them.

They know the creator and each One Origin present in the universe.

Density, solidification and petrifaction are constantly being studied. These realities change and become transformed at an incredible speed. Only the Regular Dimension can accompany the active dynamics.

When we are talk about the unusable and negative waste product, it is not what you think it is.

These words do not exist in the universe because everything is recyclable. What we call waste products are energies that will be applied in new creations. Everything is recycled in the universe, nothing is lost, everything is used, nothing is eliminated; it is a circle without beginning or end. When we see those planets in the external universe that did not fulfill their commitmentsfor which they were created, they are considered by the universe as waste products of creation.

They are expelled from the organ or universal system to which they belong; they are absorbed and sent to new creations.

What you know as black holes are simply realities that absorb all that is unusable in the universe and draws it into themselves where they cook it in blazing chemical fires that smelt and amalgamate the elements. With that they prepare the formation of new creations. Once this is accomplished, the elements will be converted into supernovas, which later will be the new One Origins of the Universe.

346. In our systems of material bodies and mental bodies, what would be comparable to the black holes?

In your material bodies the black holes can be compared to the digestive channels that are responsible for sending the nutrients, vitamins, salts, minerals, etc., from one system to another or to where they belong. When they have done that, whatever is considered unusable – a waste product – is sent to the large intestine which will take care of eliminating it.

In the mental part, they could be compared to the digestive system which would be the channels where the mind filters the thought-energies that cannot be used, sending them on to the black holes where they are recycled to form new thoughts or ideas.

347. What actually is a black hole?

If we know that we are all inside a gigantic body called One Being, then that body functions very much like your bodies. You consider every passage for the nutrients, vitamins, salts and minerals in the universe as black holes. The only thing you can see is that whatever enters there disappears. But it is not so. It enters, but it does not disappear; it is simply transformed into new creations. Inside the black holes there is a range of chemical elements. These produce such intense heat that everything entering there will become molten and all the elements will fuse and will be sent to new creations. The same is repeated in the universe of thoughts, also with ideas, with the embodiment and disembodiment of energies that did not become elevated, with the matter-body, with the mind and so on infinitely.

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…will continue tomorrow…
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 …this, will continue tomorrow…
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Book 1:

Link to first PAGE

Enlace a Primera Página – El SER UNO  


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 . Being One is a book of self-knowledge. It should be read in order: it would be useless to read it haphazardly, because that would not give the expected result. His reading will be opening and connecting the brain circuits of knowledge, understanding and love.


Meditate on it, review it … study it … …let go of old ideas and lessons …study the new  .

Being ONE


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What is unconditional love and why is it so elusive for many? It is a love that does not judge, defends or distinguish between any living creature that enters your neighborhood. It is a love that embraces all creation as emanating from the heart of Father-Mother God, the Source of Creation, that which created matter and has placed in the dark matter of the Universe expanding.


 Unconditional love is beyond understanding the small packaging and divided mind , qualifies and categorized. Unconditional love is the love that surpasses all understanding and simply is, in itself, pure, upright and spotless. It is the essence of your Higher Self. It is the true essence of themselves, stripped of all that is not the Self .


” I love you unconditionally , and turn on the Violet Fire in the emanation you’re sending to me. Bless you too, find that I am gaining peace in the new and expanded version of my Being. “


Many are beginning to wake up and realize they need to love themselves . This is very difficult for many as they have remained in the shadows of doubt and hate themselves for a long time, often without understanding the core issues or reasons for such feelings. The finding love and self-respect is merely a step on the path to self-mastery . If you feel that you can not even love themselves, learn to accept themselves as they are, and will release his future to love. Love flows from the heart of creation, but you can not feel this connection and this flow until the source is connected with the source of love within his own heart center.




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KRULIANs: Astrónomos captan primera imagen que muestra una misteriosa red conecta todas las galaxias del Universo:::Sharing…

KRULIANs: Astrónomos captan primera imagen que muestra una misteriosa red conecta todas las galaxias del Universo:::Sharing….

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martes, 1 de abril de 2014

Astrónomos captan primera imagen que muestra una misteriosa red conecta todas las galaxias del Universo:::Sharing…

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Astrónomos captan primera imagen que muestra una misteriosa red conecta todas las galaxias del Universo

Ya no cabe más duda: El universo es como una tela de araña o una red de neuronas que tenemos en nuestro cerebro.

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Por primera vez, los astrónomos fueron capaces de ver una cadena de gas caliente conocida como un filamento que se cree que es parte de una estructura subyacente misteriosa que dicta la disposición de todas las estrellas y galaxias en nuestro universo.Esto podría servir en el futuro para los viajes interestelares, pero su funcionalidad es un completo misterio. ¿Vamos a ser parte de un gigante “cerebro”, donde no son más que un grano de un grano de un grano de un grano de un grano de arena ….? Para encontramos este gas, los astrónomos usaron extremadamente brillante luz de energía en masa llamado cuásar. La luz de un quásar situado a 10 mil millones de años luz de distancia, actuando como un “farol” para iluminar el gas circundante, un estudio publicado en la revista ‘Nature’. Este aumento de la radiación de gas de hidrógeno Lyman-alfa emite niveles detectables sobre una gran parte de la región examinada. Investigadores estadounidenses fueron capaces de determinar la longitud de las ondas de radiación Lyman-alfa y utilizaron el telescopio Keck en Hawaii para obtener una imagen en esa ola. Estas observaciones están desafiando nuestra comprensión del gas intergaláctico y nos dan un nuevo laboratorio para probar y refinar nuestros modelos podía ver que se trata de una nube de gas que abarca dos millones de años luz a través del espacio intergaláctico, el más grande jamás encontrado. Investigadores de la Universidad de California en Santa Cruz creen que el gas filamento está aún más extendida, ya que sólo ver la parte que está iluminada por la radiación del cuásar. Los investigadores estimaron que la cantidad de gas en la nebulosa de por lo menos diez veces más de lo esperado de los resultados de las simulaciones por ordenador. “Creemos que puede haber más gas denso en pequeños grupos dentro de la red cósmica de lo que se ve en nuestros modelos. Estas observaciones están desafiando nuestra comprensión del gas intergaláctico y nos dan un nuevo laboratorio para poner a prueba y perfeccionar nuestros modelos”, dijo el líder del estudio Sebastiano Cantalupo.

Eternidad GDM para / RT

Publicado hace 2 horas por Zohar LUZ

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Oct 21


Saludos Queridos.

Nosotros vemos tantos de ustedes cambiando para un sentido más profundo de vivir y de ver la vida.

Más y más Luz de su amada tierra está siendo derramada. Ella los está apoyando en todo lo que ustedes hacen, pues ella también, está cambiando deprisa hacia una nueva resonancia más profunda de Luz y verdad.

Exactamente ahora es un tiempo poderoso en la Tierra. Mucho está mudando y mucho más irá a cambiar.

Las energías del pasado están enflaqueciendo deprisa y en breve desaparecerán para muchos.

No tenga miedo a cambiar, queridos, pues en este momento el cambio es simplemente un término muy nuevo y superior. No hay nada que temer.

Todavía habrá algunos eventos de cambios ya que Gaia mueve la antigua energía en su propio proceso de ascensión.

No tengan miedo e intenten con mucho empeño, no recurrir al antiguo pensamiento. Esto puede ser difícil porque sus medios simplemente incitan a los miedos de un sistema de creencias antiguo en todos los noticieros.

Estén informados, pero no se queden atrapados en sus televisiones, pues lo que ellos ven es siempre de la antigua energía – soluciones antiguas y medios antiguos de creencia.

Salgan y sean diferentes, y vivan más lo que ustedes saben que es la verdad, estén o no viendo o experimentando eso en el momento.

La experiencia sigue al cambio de conciencia, y no al contrario.

Intenten no tornarse un espectáculo en este modo de vivir, sino simplemente hagan lo que precisa ser hecho cada día, viviendo a partir de un nivel más alto de entendimiento.

Van a trabajar, conversen con sus amigos, disfruten sus vidas y diviértanse, pero siempre, dentro del conocimiento de la verdad: toda persona, agradable o desagradable es de hecho una llama del Divino.

Así ustedes se bendicen y los bendicen porque este reconocimiento puede elevarlos, si ellos fueran receptivos, y puede mantenerlos centrados en la verdad.

Esto no significa vivir sin preferencias u opiniones. Significa que ustedes viven su individualidad a partir del centro, y no del exterior.
Son las energías del pasado que están siendo liberadas y purificadas. Física, emocional y mentalmente ustedes están liberando toda memoria celular pasada y las energías almacenadas de vidas pasadas y sistemas de creencias que no resuenan más con su nuevo y superior Ser. Ustedes no puede llevarlas consigo.

Puede parecer como si ustedes, volviesen para atrás cuando sienten que las antiguas energías vienen a la superficie para ser liberadas. Su trabajo es no reivindicarlas de nuevo como sus problemas personales ( “ Ay de mí, estoy tan doliente, deprimido, en dolor, etc etc”) , sino simplemente entender que la antigua energía se está purificando y que ustedes lo están sintiendo.

Nosotros decimos que ustedes están muy cerca de muchos eventos que interpretarán en su mundo como caos. Algunos son del gobierno, otros son del sistema financiero, y otros son del proceso de purificación de Gaia.
Permanezcan centrados y focalizados en su interior porque ustedes podrán ayudar mejor a los otros que aún no entienden las energías en alteración de esta ascensión gloriosa.

Luego ustedes estarán ayudando a educar a muchos que entrarán en miedo porque ellos no entienden que está es una cosa buena, una graduación.

Habrá algunos que refutarán acepta cualquier cambio interior o exterior. No intenten cambiar a alguien que escoge quedarse en la antigua energía, pues es su elección de libre albedrío , de evolucionar más lenta o más rápidamente conforme se desea.

Muchos todavía no están preparados para acoger las frecuentas más altas, antes ellos precisan de más experiencias con la energía tridimensional.

Muchos están escogiendo dejar la Tierra para volver en las frecuencias más altas de la Nueva Tierra en una época posterior.
Estas elecciones son hechas en un nivel más profundo y normalmente inconsciente con ayuda del Ser Superior.

Intenten no ver o juzgar cualquier cosa individualmente en este momento, pues todo está sucediendo ahora en una pieza del glorioso rompecabezas siendo montado por Ustedes, las personas de la Tierra.

Ustedes están realizando, no aquellos de nosotros que los estamos ayudando , queridos.

Ustedes escogieron honrar la Luz. Ustedes dijeron : “Basta”.

Ustedes dijeron que están en la hora de un modo mejor y superior de vivir en amor y respeto por todas las cosas vivas.

Ustedes queridos, están ahora sintiendo y actuando a partir de una conciencia del UNO manifiesto como muchos.
Este nuevo estado de conciencia se está expresando exteriormente como un descontento que ustedes ven por todo su planeta. Honren a aquellos que son valientes lo suficiente para batallar por la liberad y la paz.
Honren a aquellos que dan sus vidas por la causa de la verdadera libertad para todos los pueblos del mundo y no solo de un país imponiéndose sobre otro.

Muchos no entienden, pero todos están sintiendo y experimentando un sentido nuevo y más alto de que la vida se trata de un nuevo estado de conciencia que está naciendo.

. Nosotros decimos que todo está bien.

Todo está en los caminos y todo se está moviendo rápidamente.

No hay nada que temer, pues todos se encontrarán exactamente donde precisan estar interior y exteriormente.

El esfuerzo para planear y entender todo es simplemente un hábito antiguo, pues tener un plano siempre creaba una sensación de seguridad.

El planeamiento intenso es una tentativa de hacer que las cosas se desdoblaran de acuerdo con su concepto actual sobe como las cosas deberían ser.

Dejen ir este tipo de planeamiento y comiencen a trabajar a partir de su intuición y desde su centro del corazón, lo que será seguido por planos fácilmente ajustables..

La mente está acostumbrada a estar al comando y es glorificada como tal. Está en hora la mente de tomar su lugar como una vía de la conciencia, no como una creadora.

Esta es una faceta de la retomada de su poder, hasta mismo de su propia mente, que ha sido programada por muchas vidas en la energía tridimensional para ver e interpretar de acuerdo con ciertas creencias y conceptos rígidos.

Nosotros decimos en Amor y Luz que somos el Grupo Arcturiano.


Canalización: Marilyn Raffaele

Traducción al español – Shanti
Publicado 21st October 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: el grupo Arcturiano


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samkaska: Reading:::Filed:::▶ 97 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Nibiru and Events – YouTube

samkaska: Reading:::Filed:::▶ 97 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Nibiru and Events – YouTube.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Reading:::Filed:::▶ 97 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Nibiru and Events – YouTube

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překládat / ترجم / לתרגם   /   翻訳する / 翻译

Video 97

Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video ninety-seven – December 18, 2012.
Friends, this is a short but important message. Be prepared to rise your consciousness in this next days… be ready to understand all help that you will have from outside friends. Community Galactica decides that Pleiadeans planet Taus will be used to counterbalance some effects. You will see it close to your sun, and will be able to verify all the changes happening in all planets of your solar system. Their geomagnetic fields will be summarily reversed after passing through the hemispheric plane of the galaxy. Some of them already shifted because their orbits already crossed the plane. The Earth will shift too but the effects will be minimized to avoid great depopulation. More and more you will realize the great number of ships that are already circling the planet. Do not be afraid, everything will work out according to the universal development plans.
The system Nibiru will pass by the solar system in a hi velocity, more far from Earth, and his function will be to adjust the planets orbits like previously planned for this solar system.
The next Dec. 21 will not be the end of this planet, but will be the beginning of the natural selection that will make the planet a colony level one. Do not confuse “end times” with destruction … there is no destruction; there is rather a large restructuring. Nothing in the universe is destroyed, everything is restructured to allow for the continued development of a whole set.
The same behavior applies to the physical bodies of humanoids of the third dimension.
At each level, that a society conquest, some genetic changes happens to provide greater brain activation. It’s like your computers that become obsolete with each new technology applied to new models. There comes a time that nothing else works satisfactorily to that specific environment, unless you migrate to the new technology and discard the old and obsolete.
I do not have much more to say to you right now, but I believe you are well prepared with all the information that we had the opportunity to exchange these two years. All that eventually been called to cooperate in these times of restructuring, will know for sure that they are being called and contacted. When I mention these times of restructuring, are the times that will extend over the next two years so many of you will be involved throughout this period, that will start soon after December 21.
Those who could not understand our messages and guidelines, will have time to reflect during the changes and events of these new times, and may reach right conclusions on their own. The time of the old class system is coming to an end, only those who are already well prepared, will be able to recognize the new teachers and move on.
These are historic times, do everything possible to deserve to be participating in this new era with goodwill and solidarity with your equals and with your planet. And be assured that this behavior is not a virtue, but a duty, expected of beings that are ready to be started in this new reality of light and knowledge.
I wish that the light and the force be with you all.
Thanks for watching, join our channel! Be sure that you are welcome there!
Captain Bill – December, 2012
* * *

AGHARTAN: May13 ___Los Hermanos Sirios De La Luz: ”Dios – La Fuente – Siempre Da Todo“:::Sharing

AGHARTAN: May13 ___Los Hermanos Sirios De La Luz: ”Dios – La Fuente – Siempre Da Todo“:::Sharing.

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martes, 13 de mayo de 2014

May13 ___Los Hermanos Sirios De La Luz: ”Dios – La Fuente – Siempre Da Todo“:::Sharing

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May 13

Los Hermanos Sirios De La Luz: ”Dios – La Fuente – Siempre Da Todo“

5 de mayo del 2014

Queridos ´Hermanos y Hermanas’ de la Tierra:

Sean bienvenidos en el Amor y la Luz de la Unidad de nuestro Ser. Nosotros somos los hermanos Sirios y estamos con ustedes en toda la vibración presente en estas palabras. Nos gustaría hablar sobre la vibración y la energía almacenada en su interior. Si han visto a Gaia, ¿cuál es su primer pensamiento? ¿qué es lo que surge en su vista interior? Por favor cierren sus ojos por un momento y permitan que las imágenes y sentimientos internos suban a la superficie… ¿es la belleza de la naturaleza, la paz y el silencio del bosque, o una escena de injusticia y disarmonía lo que surge? ¿es la imagen de la riqueza o la falta de riqueza? ¿ven el punto de vista del que estamos partiendo?

Ustedes son un Ser Emitidor de Luz Multidimensional — y sólo están limitados por su propia manera de pensar – espécimen de pensamientos – que rondan por su mente. A través de los pensamientos – los cuales son pura energía – se genera una retroalimentación – vibración – que es enviada de regreso al Universo, justo en respuesta a su vibración. El Universo no está preguntando; está enviando la vibración que ustedes enviaron fuera de regreso – incondicionalmente y en su forma más pura. Dios – la Fuente – siempre está dando todo; siempre está dando Amor Incondicional y Puro a cualquier momento. Si enfocan su atención en un sujeto, sean conscientes de que ustedes, como un creador que son, están enviando fuera activamente energía, y el Universo responde.

Ustedes son el creador y el constructor de la Nueva Tierra. Todo lo que vibra con Amor les es regresado con Amor. Y si ahora enfocan su vista en las áreas problemáticas, ¿qué piensan que va a suceder? Esto incrementará también un campo de resonancia y les pedimos que envíen Amor y Luz para que estas maneras de libre albedrío — que también son una expresión divina — encuentren la salvación y la gracia.

El Amor es el poder – el centro de todo – lo que envuelve y abarca todo. Todos somos Niños del Amor y la Luz. Somos una gran familia de la Luz. Los amamos. Somos los hermanos Sirios de la Luz.

Con Amor, Gozo y Unidad………………. Shogun Amona

Traducción del Alemán al Inglés: Petra ST


Publicado 9 hours ago por LUZ ZOHAR


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May 14

Sandra Walter: Aturdimiento de Mayo – Amen La Experiencia De USTEDES

por Sandra Walter, Evolución Creativa – 13 de mayo del 2014

¡Bendiciones Querida Tribu De La Luz!

La onda actual (8 al 14 de mayo) es poderosa, pero refinada. Esta onda se siente sutil y fuerte a la vez; pacífica, pero purgante. Mostradores del camino y guardianes, comprendo la necesidad de descansar…. aprovéchenla ahora. Traten de no imponer su voluntad personal en la transformación, ésta es una onda para fluir, no para manejar.

Obviamente las energías se están refinando en su demanda de tener orden. Nuestra próxima puerta es el 25 de mayo, indicando del 22 al 28 de mayo para la plena oleada de energías. Este mes está enfocado en la preparación para junio; permanezcan firmes en su corazón y sus intenciones para su trayectoria.

Un Enfoque En La HUmanidad Divina

Este mes es una gran oportunidad para que los trabajadores de las rejillas y los servidores de la Luz se enfoquen en la trayectoria individual. ¿Por qué? Porque la oleada de junio se siente como si el colectivo fuera a ser sacudido un poquito. Mi visión de la línea de tiempo se torna blanca-dorada a mediados de junio, por lo que anticipo una buena aceleración en la muchedumbre de la Ascensión. Esto significa típicamente que el colectivo nos siente partir (es decir, dejando un estado más bajo de conciencia) que puede traer consigo ansiedades, temores y emociones. Nadie quiere ser dejado atrás, y esas cicatrices de la separación son profundas.

A medida que la división de las experiencias se amplía (sin juzgarse, no será así siempre), tenemos que ser fuertes, confiados y estar centrados en nuestros corazones. Estamos sosteniendo una vibración que intimida a la sombra del viejo paradigma, y a veces esa sombra lucha por la supervivencia dentro de nuestros amados amigos, familia o conexiones. Caray, algunas personas pudieran ser muy difíciles en estos momentos. El efecto de bumerang del Punto Cero se hará cargo de las cosas; ustedes tienen el permiso divino de amarlas de todos modos — desde una distancia desapegada y compasiva.

El incremento en la Luz este mes trae consigo la disarmonía personal a la superficie. Echen un vistazo a lo que surja, pero no se hundan en ella. Aprendan de ella, reentrenen sus niveles más bajos a que manejen los temores de una nueva manera en vez de recaer en los mecanismos viejos y confortables de enfrentarlos. El Amor puro emanando a través del centro del corazón activado supera todo eso con facilidad. Eduquen las reacciones, dirijan su propia trayectoria diligentemente, y recuerden que ustedes son el creador de su experiencia — tanto de su realidad individual como su reacción a la experiencia colectiva.

Hay un enfoque en restaurar la pureza y la divinidad a medida que las energías de activación cristalinas cobran fuerza. Asístanlas a detoxificar, ayunar y descansar. Eviten el yo-yo de la detoxificación/intoxicación que pudiera ser su propio programa de lucha por la supervivencia. Vayan por el dominio de los niveles más bajos; hagan una prueba de sí mismos ahora (gentilmente si es necesario) para que sea más fácil más adelante. Recuerden que la activación y la sanación se llevan a cabo en vehículos calmados y enfocados.

Nadando En La Nueva Corriente

El mes pasado las energías estuvieron enfocadas en la dinámica del mártir y el salvador (y continuarán haciéndolo). Recordemos que la evolución es más retadora para los que pasan a través de ella primero. Estamos conscientes durante el proceso, y a veces se torna extraño. Lo estamos haciendo por Amor, no para ser gurus, héroes mojigatos, ni esclavos del Cambio. Sí, los efectos físicos de la Ascensión pueden volverse tediosos y exhaustivos en ocasiones; sí, los Seres y las visiones y los momentos de “¿qué demonios fue eso?” pueden volverse muy raros (y chistosos). Pudieran sentirse aislados, solos, aburridos. Esto no es algo de lo que preocuparse en absoluto. Es lo que es. ¿Qué es un poquito de soledad, o de dolor y pena, o de experiencias extrañas comparado con el resultado final? No nos aflijamos por cuán difícil, extraño o retador puede ser el ser uno de los primeros en abrazar la evolución. El mostrar el camino fue una labor difícil porque fuimos contra la corriente vieja. Solía ser mucho, mucho más difícil que esto. Las nuevas oleadas de Luz fluyen ahora en dirección a la Ascensión, cambiando la corriente a nuestro favor. Todo es Amor, Amor, Amor.

Es un pasaje gozoso y de una milagrosa transformación. El experimentar un Amor Puro y Divino, una Luz Divina y una Voluntad Divina es algo a celebrar. Reconozcan su propio progreso con pequeñas victorias, pequeñas celebracioes; asegúrense de infundir esta trayectoria de gozo.

La Ascensión Es Un Tremendo Obsequio Para Todos Nosotros

Trátenla como la preciosa joya que es, el precioso obsequio que es. Aún cuando el vehículo corporal esté pasando por dificultades tratando de estar al tanto, aún cuando la mente esté revuelta, aún cuando el ego demande la victoria en estos momentos o entonces…., aún cuando las emociones aúllen sin razón, regresen al centro de su corazón, respiren en el multiverso y siéntanse la Fuente en esta experiencia. Honren la experiencia de la Fuente como el Yo. Amen la experiencia de USTEDES.

Gaia Está Resplandesciente

¿Alguien más ha notado el resplandor dorado últimamente, como si alguien hubiera aumentado la exposición? Escribiré más al respecto sobre las recientes experiencias de los “sangrados” dimensionales, el primer contacto, los agujeros espacio-temporales, el resplandor, todas las cosas actuales muy pronto. Mientras tanto, Gaia está resplandeciendo con esta nueva Luz. Salgan a estar en la naturaleza, aunque sea tan sólo por un paseo, siéntense y SEAN. La frecuencia disponible es sanadora; pudiera inducirlos a un gozo involuntario. Resplandezcan según las indicaciones.
Publicado 8 hours ago por Juan Pablo



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New Earth,

* * *

martes, 10 de junio de 2014


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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2011

Greetings, I Am Tobaara!

Many of you were at a point where life did not seem to go forward in your world, where hopes were growing smaller that life would ever be fulfilling. Your desperation grew and you looked for all kinds of means for consolations. Many started to take any kind of drugs, or tried to escape in other ways the unbearable, just because you did not know how to stay alive in your heart in an inhumane world that did not seem to contain a true spark of happiness for you.

You were too tired and unhappy to find your creativity to create your own world which would reflect what you felt in your heart that it was you. So you not only did everything which made you forget, you also started deeply doubting yourself, and all humanity and life altogether. As you stopped loving yourself – if you ever were able to do so, when you did not grew up in a loving family – you also found yourself unable to love anything, and your life with your human fellows just rippled away in shallow and distrustful relationships, without deep heart emotions involved. But still many of you convinced themselves that this was happiness. At least they told you that it was.

Dearest ones, if you have been such a one, or know others likewise suffering, we can tell you, that these dark and miserable times are going now to an end for good.

As your world will be reborn not only socially, politically and financially, but also your heart will be reborn, if you allow!

How can your heart change so fundamentally and how can your world start to reflect your heart?

There are many and daily more whose heart has already awakened by their dedication to the light and truth of this so blessed time where Gaia is taking humanity and all her kingdoms with her to the higher realms. They, in their awakening, radiating now continuously their love, and the message of this great change to all who still are captured deeply in a suffering too big, and even unconscious, to truly bear. Hence the many tryings to not to feel, by choosing circumstances to benumb themselves.

We promise you that there is not only hope that this light will also touch you anytime in a way that it becomes a tangible experience for you, but that there is certainty, that your hopelessness will turn into greater and greater joy, because you realize that not only you are changing, but all who are surrounding you, and even the whole world in which you live.

We promise that in short time your world will have changed in a way that you will not recognize it anymore – neither yourself nor your friends!

It is like having spent since immemorial time, captured in a small dark cave and now stretching for the first time your limbs by stepping outside and discovering the vast height and blue of the sky and the sunlight dazzling you to a degree of overwhelm by the intensity of its love and power.

Slowly you will open your eyes and let the currents of light entering the deep of your heart. This is the moment of your rebirth as the one you have always been.

Forgotten will be all your suffering and the near-death experience of your love and your human consciousness – nearly being extinguished, it seemed.

But know, the Divine flame never dies. You, being a creation of the Very Divine, being of It’s Kingdom, you only can loose your conscious awareness of It. But the flame Itself can never be destroyed, never. The Light is always victorious, you must know! And so it is happening now!

As your Sun is sending now the messages of Divine Revival into your world and heart, messages that are being transmitted through it from the heights of Divine Love and Radiant Light, your consciousness awakens again, remembering That Divinity, That Divine Life that you thought were lost. And you will discover that you love.

This new Life is dawning already, we promise! It is revived and waiting for you to acknowledge that it is here – as many of your brothers and sisters already know It and feel It and live It!

We are happy beyond your imagination that this process is overtaking humanity, and that Happiness and Love, which is the true sign of your existence, is shining and working their radiant way into the root of your being.

It will happen soon, that your life, and whole humanity’s life, will follow the law from inside out, as your world will reflect your heart. The time, where nameless and dead events imprinted your heart so that it died and ceased to flower as an instrument of God, is gone.

Take courage, dear ones, and trust your heart again! Listen to its voice full of the waters of life. Follow it and watch the wonders of your Divine Creations unfold.

We joyfully accompany your birthing process and send our blessing light into the field of your awakening!

I Am Tobaara

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 21st March 2012 by Juan Pablo
Labels: ascensionnew energiesspiritual awakeningTobaara

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Back on New Earth a Greeter is meeting a new arrival. (The Greeters are the ones who welcome new arrivals to New Earth.)

Greeter, “Welcome. I am one of the Greeters for New Earth. It is our pleasure to receive new arrivals to our fifth dimensional reality.”

New Arrival, “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Greeter, “Then, you don’t know where you are and can’t remember how you got here?”

New Arrival, “Ahhh, no. The last think I remember is that I was gardening in my yard. I find great joy total communion with Gaia when I am working the land. Often, I become so absorbed in my gardening that I trance out a bit.”

Greeter, “Well, congratulations. You tranced into New Earth.”

New Arrival, “But, how come I am here, and why am I no longer gardening?”

Greeter, “Can you remember the last thing you were thinking?”

New Arrival, “Let me see, yes, I think I was thinking that my garden would be beautiful in the spring”

Greeter, “Please look around you. What do you see?”

New Arrival, “Why it is my garden, but just a moment ago it was like we were meeting in a cloud.”

Greeter, “Here on New Earth you instantly manifest that which is in your consciousness. When you first arrived, your consciousness was very cloudy. Then, when I reminded you of the last thoughts in your mind, you manifested that reality.”

New Arrival, “But why are you here? I was NOT thinking about you.”

Greeter, “You did not manifest me. I am a fellow resident of this reality.”

New Arrival, “A fellow resident? I don’t live here. I live on Earth, you know, good ‘ol 3D Earth.”

Greeter, “You are still on Earth. However, your resonant frequency expanded into the fifth dimension, at least while you were doing something that you loved. Therefore, your perceptions were able to pick up this frequency of reality. Perceiving this world allowed you to experience your garden from a fifth dimensional viewpoint. Look around. What do you see?”

New Arrival, “WOW! I knew may garden would be beautiful, but I never expected it could look like this. Everything seems to sparkle and the flowers are different somehow. I mean, they seem to be alive.”

Greeter, “That is because they ARE alive. Every ‘thing’ is alive in New Earth. Try it. Go and talk to one of the flowers.”

New Arrival, “OK. You had me for a minute, but talk to a flower? This has to be a dream.”

Greeter, “Go ahead, just go talk to a flower. If this is a dream than it doesn’t matter. Besides, it is just you and me, and I know that you talk to your flowers all the time.”

New Arrival, “How did you know that…?”

Greeter, “Go ahead, just talk to one.”

New Arrival, “OK, uh…, hello Rose. You are the most beautiful color of lavender I have ever seen. My 3D lavender roses don’t bloom very often. In fact, I have had one or two of them per year. Why is that?”

Rose, “Dear human illusion, please do not become shocked that a rose illusion is talking to you. I call us “illusions” because our true Being does not carry a form. However, we very much enjoy holding a form on New Earth. The Greeter assists new human illusions to accustom to this frequency of reality. He tells them where they are and how they got here. I, a rose illusion, am here to express the beauty and love of this world. You have wanted us to bloom in your yard, but did not truly believe that we would. Therefore, it was your thought-form that made it difficult for us to bloom.”

New Arrival, “I am sure that I am dreaming now. How could this rose talk to me? However, I have to admit that the rose was correct. I did have belief that lavender roses couldn’t bloom in my yard.”

Greeter, “Yes, in realities of the fifth dimension and beyond, our belief dictates our experience. You believed that you can talk to flowers, so you could. However, you have not believed that a certain color rose could bloom, so it has not. Your belief sets your state of consciousness. For example, you so believe that you are a multidimensional person and that you CAN visit New Earth. Hence, you are here.”

New Arrival, “But, it looks and feels so different from the physical world. I feel like I am just imagining all this in my mind.”

Greeter, “That is correct. You are imagining this in your “Heart/Mind,” as imagination is fifth dimensional thought. However, your thoughts are not enough to raise your perceptions into this world. You must also be able to FEEL unconditional love. You were able to perceive this world while you were gardening because it is an action that grounds you in Gaia, ignites your creativity, and makes you feel unconditional love. The “grounding in Gaia” component is important so that you can still maintain an earth vessel. You are one of the Ones who volunteered to match your resonance with Gaia, so that you could assist Her in returning Home via Planetary Ascension.”

New Arrival, “I don’t remember volunteering for anything. However, it sounds like a wonderful idea, and I am ever happy to assist Gaia in any way I can.”

Greeter, “Yes, we know that you are happy to assist with Planetary Ascension. You do not remember volunteering because you did so before you were born. Yet, even though you forgot about your agreement, you are still very happy to fulfill it.”

New Arrival, “Yes, yes, I am overjoyed to assist Gaia, but how can one person make a difference?”

Greeter, “You are not one person. You are one of the many persons. You are all beginning to experience New Earth, if only for just a few moments. However, when you come here, you are creating a pathway in the dimensional structure of Earth. Just as you create new neural pathways whenever you learn something new, you create a pathway in the Cosmic Mind whenever you remember how to return Home to this dimension.”

New Arrival, “But, I don’t remember how to return Home. I don’t even know how I got here.”

Greeter, “What were you thinking just before you found yourself here?”

New Arrival, “Hmmm, let me see. That seems like a lifetime ago now. Let me think… Yes, now I remember, I was thinking that I wished I lived in a world that was as beautiful and filled with love as my garden.”

Greeter, “And how did you feel when you were thinking that?”

New Arrival, “Well, I felt wonderful. I was watching a humming bird taking a long bath in my fountain. The sun was warm, but not too hot. There was a soft gentle breeze that smelled of the nearby ocean, and I was listening to some beautiful music on my iPod.”

Greeter, “In other words, you mind was wishing that you could always live in that type of a reality, and your heart was filled with love, joy and gratitude. Is that correct?”

New Arrival, “Yes, that is correct. Do you mean it is that easy to come to New Earth?”

Greeter, “Is it that easy to believe that you can change realities by changing your mind and directing your imagination? Is it that easy to fill your heart with love, joy and gratitude?”

New Arrival, “Well, no, it is not that easy. But now that I know that it will take me to New Earth, I will try each day keep my mind focused on returning to New Earth and my heart full of love, joy and gratitude. I hope I will return soon…,” she says as she drifts back into her everyday life.

However, she will never be the same again!

By Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 18th March 2012 by Juan Pablo

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“I AM the creator of my reality
And ALL patterns of resonance
Are created by my consciousness.

My reality,
The reality that I AM creating,
Begins with a thought form, Which I created By the thoughts and emotions That I am consciously, or unconsciously,Allowing to fill my heart and mind.”

This sentence is the KEY to being able to remain on New Earth

Posted 17th March 2012 by Juan Pablo

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photos: ▶ Tutorial photoshop. Maquillaje facial. – YouTube ::: Sharing…

photos: ▶ Tutorial photoshop. Maquillaje facial. – YouTube ::: Sharing….

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

▶ Tutorial photoshop. Maquillaje facial. – YouTube ::: Sharing…

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EL CONCEJO DE  Andromeda

compartir ::: ▶ Federación Galáctica de la Luz SaLuSa 26-Agosto-de 2013 – YouTube 


Publicado el 26 de agosto 2013
SaLuSa por Ocean multidimensional – A Sense of the Future – 26 de agosto 2013
26 de agosto 2013 Por Laura http://multidimensionalocean.wordpres …  
Gloriosos son los meses y años venideros, como recordarán los tiempos que usted esta atravesando con mucho gusto al recordar los últimos meses de su vida cuando aún eras medio ciego a su verdadera naturaleza e inmensas posibilidades. A medida que avanzamos a través de los próximos meses, la luz brillará para siempre más fuerte en sus vidas, no se sabe ningún límite, y sus niveles de conciencia se elevará para siempre. Usted está despertando de un largo sueño, de un largo sueño, de un estado de congelación por así decirlo. Muchas personas dicen la verdad en estos días, a pesar de la cábala sigue intentando reforzar su control a su alrededor. Para ser justos, sería correcto decir que cuanto más la cábala trata de controlar cada movimiento, cada pensamiento, cada palabra, más la luz brille en sus acciones y parcelas. La liberación de la cábala y sus formas tiene que venir de dentro, así como del resto del mundo. Únete a los que denuncian el funcionamiento de la cábala y ver los efectos que las estratagemas de la cábala tienen sobre ti, o más bien los efectos que la cábala deseos que tenía de ti. Eres la luz se atenúa por los esfuerzos cábala para socavar el despertar de la conciencia, como así como tratar de debilitar su cuerpo físico, emocional y mental. Sus intentos de contaminar el agua, el suministro de alimentos, la atmósfera se detendrán por su propia conciencia colectiva y por su propia conciencia. Sigue el camino de la verdad y también se encuentra el camino hacia la liberación personal ya la libertad. 
 Copyright © Laura / Océano multidimensional. Todos los derechos reservados. Se concede permiso para copiar y distribuir este material libremente, siempre que el contenido, incluyendo el título, se copie en su totalidad y sin alteraciones que se distribuye libremente y esta nota de copyright y enlaces se incluyen: http://multidimensionalocean.wordpres … y http://auroradreamflights2.wordpress ….
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Vel sanus: ▶ AIKIDO VERSUS 1-2 COMBO [3]: Outside Entry – YouTube ::: Sharing…

Vel sanus: ▶ AIKIDO VERSUS 1-2 COMBO [3]: Outside Entry – YouTube ::: Sharing….

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

▶ AIKIDO VERSUS 1-2 COMBO [3]: Outside Entry – YouTube ::: Sharing…

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie
Friday, April 4, 2014

Transcripts from Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance #1


Transcript form:

Conversations: The Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance #1

Dr. Suzanne Lie & Mary Perricone

April 2, 2014

MP: Hello everyone, I’m Mary Perricone and I am here with Dr. Suzanne Lie and we are having a conversation today about the Arcturian/Pleiadian alliance. These conversations are actually intended as Portal Openers throughout the planet to instill and infuse love and forgiveness in all who listen.

In this first session, we’d like to talk to you about everyone’s involvement in the coming changes, which are intended to bring about new beginnings to all that hear and read these words. So we are asked to stay centered in Love and Light throughout these times and all will be well.

Suzanne, good afternoon – how are you today?

SL: I’m great.

MP: We are interested in hearing about how you feel about these conversations and a little bit about your experience and perhaps what the Arcturians and the Pleiadians think about their alliance and how it relates to us in Unity Consciousness.

SL: Well I first learned about the Pleiadian/Arcturian alliance quite a while back. My first communications with higher beings were with the Pleiadians – with Mytria who is the heroine of the Pleiadian Perspective books back in 1994.

Then the Pleiadians were the ones that first introduced me to inter-dimensional communications. Then I went on a journey on some of the other expressions of myself and other worlds and then the Arcturians came in and I needed a little preparation because their energy field was higher. But, the Pleiadian/Arcturian alliance was something that was formed long, long ago.

They have come together because the Pleiadians once had a civilization on Earth long before the earlier times that our history that does not even speak of. There is also a Pleiadian/Arcturian/Sirian alliance and an Arcturian/Sirian alliance. The Pleiadians and the Sirians are very active within Gaia’s transmutation into her fifth-dimensional expression because they both had civilizations here when they were at our age. They are in fact our ancestors, and they made a lot of the same mistakes that we have made. So they have come back as our forefathers to assist us at this time.

The Arcturians are always involved when there is a planet, person, civilization that is on the verge of Ascension into a higher frequency and therefore they have aligned themselves – in this case in which we are speaking with the Pleiadians to assist us with our process of ascension.

MP: That’s wonderful. I was struck by the different alliances – Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian and I thought to myself that we often identify ourselves by ethnicity – Italian, French, German, we are Native American and perhaps that would be a good similarity point to make.

One of the things that I received this morning is that this Ascension into Unity Consciousness has much to do with realizing and understanding the value of our diversity – how our strengths come through our diversity. When you were talking about the inter-dimensional communications and the experience of the Pleiadian and Sirian ascension, I could only think of their maturity and their understanding of the process we are going through now here on Gaia and how important it is for them to hold that knowledge, understanding and wisdom – and most importantly the Love – to hold that for us as we move through this spiral of Ascension.

SL: Yes that is really comforting that we are not alone and what I, Suzanne might say to anyone who might hear this is that every single one of us has the ability to access our higher frequencies of self which we often think of as our higher guide. But, our higher guide is usually a higher frequency of our own multi-dimensional self.

Therefore, I know that my life would be so vastly different had I not been able to make this connection to my inter-galactic, inter-dimensional self and I recommend to everyone who hears this that you remember who you really are, remember these expressions of yourself and communicate with them – because they are there. Just like we talk to ourselves in the physical, we can talk to ourselves beyond the physical.

MP: Before we started this conversation, Suzanne and I were talking about our first hand experiences with our galactic brothers and sisters. I was sharing with Suzanne that since I was a child, I was totally captivated with the stars and life on other planets. So, if we fast-forward to my life today I would share with you that about two years ago, I began seeing the star ships in the sky above where I live.

They manifest in the evening. Whenever I walk outside and look up – I say good evening. I begin to see twinkles and the ship will manifest as circular lights and it will morph into a triangle and shoot up into the sky and then very slowly come back down to where it began. I call it parking in their parking space.

Recently they have begun to come closer – flash colored lights and almost – it looks like an explosion of light like fireworks – which is absolutely beautiful. I interpret this as a message – we know you are there and we hear you and we know that you know that we are here. And, we are allies and we are friends and tell all of your friends and neighbors that we are here. So they are with us and they are on the ninth dimension, but they are manifesting in the third and the fourth dimension for everyone to see. We only have to go onto the internet and YouTube and type in galactic sightings and thousands of videos will come with two, three, five minute videos that someone has posted on YouTube of starships. That’s very exciting.

SL: I would like to share with people that all of us have different ways of connecting whereas Mary has this intimate relationship with being able to see and communicate with the star ships – I do not have that particular visual experience. I have had some here and there. Primarily my interaction with galactics has been with the messages that come through me.

I am endeavoring to expand that into other more visual experiences. But I say that to all of you to let you know that if you are experiencing it in a different way from the way Mary and I are experiencing it – do not discount that in a lesser way. Each of us has a specific reason. We wrote it into our birth plan that we were going to contribute to planetary Ascension in the way we have contributed. I know with myself so far – had I seen it so much, I don’t know if I would be as dedicated to do all of the writing that I have done and all of the things that I have done so far.

Remember that your way is the best way for you within this now and that as we all merge we will begin to share our myriad ways. Therefore, there is no right, there is no wrong – there is just our way.

MP: What an excellent point – that in that diversity of who we are throughout the planet, that these experiences and this learning is going to manifest individually to each of us. Isn’t that a wonderful cause for celebration because in sharing those experiences we learn from one another? We absolutely learn from one another and say: wow, that’s fantastic – this is the way I experience it. Thank you for mentioning that.

SL: And you know that really is something that is going to get us attached to the Unity Consciousness because Unity Consciousness is the key and the Arcturians have said that over and over again. Our numbers in terms of those of us that are ready to flash into Light body is a very small percentage of the Earth population of humans, therefore it is so important that we unite with each other because as we are awakened our Light of transmutation is hundreds perhaps thousands of times more powerful than the darkness of those who are still trapped in illusion or confusion or those who are just beginning to wake up or those who have no idea whatsoever that any of this is even happening.

Just as every new world begins with the few that feel called within their heart and mind to seek out something, that feel within that there is more – and I must find what that is. Those are us. We are the pioneers of New Earth.

MP: Isn’t that wonderful. So what I hear you saying is that we are all brothers and sisters in the One and we are working together in Unity Consciousness, and that brings about a quickening of vibration throughout Gaia. So, personal transformation and planetary transformation occur simultaneously.

SL: It’s much like a relay race where somebody holds the baton and they run for a certain amount of time and after they have finished their run they pass it on to their team mate and that team mate takes that run.

MP: Yes, and they depend upon their team make to take that baton and do their best as they run around that section of the field and pass the baton on to the next person. Yes, absolutely – that’s a wonderful descriptor – thank you.

Sue, I wonder if we could take a few minutes and talk about these conversations as being Portal Openers and what the Arcturians and/or the Pleiadians might say about that with further guidance.

Sue: I am going to call in the Arcturians now, because that is who I hear knocking on my consciousness.

Arcturians: Blessings our dear ones and we speak to each and every one of you within our great Oneness that has found your way to experience this conversation. We would like to say to each of you that you are ready Now. You know that you are ready now because you have found yourself listening to what we are saying. Your consciousness is now prepared to step into the unknown, which is actually the known once you remember your higher frequencies of self.

So Mary, did you have certain questions that you would like to ask us?

MP: Yes, I wonder if you could speak to the phrase that I received this morning that these conversations are Portal Openers and what is Portal Opening or a Portal Opener? How does that relate the work that we will all be doing as we move forward in the Ascension process.

Arcturians: It is very interesting because this morning as Suzille was writing her blog entry, she was actually writing about Portal Opening so she is already primed for the answer to this.

A Portal is an inter-dimensional experience. By that we mean that it is an expansion of third-dimensional consciousness into higher frequencies of consciousness while you are still awake and grounded in your physical reality. Now, many of you have had dreams; have had deep meditations have had visions. We say to you – as a Portal Opener we ask that each of you ground your dreams, your meditations, your visions – into your physical form and to maintain a grounding of your physical form with the awareness that you are not just a human, you a member of Gaia’s planet.

As a member of Gaia’s planet you have volunteered to take on a physical vessel during this trans-mutational cycle so that you can remember how to remain grounded in your physical expression while you open portals to perceive the higher frequencies of reality that are infinitely swirling through your multi-dimensional consciousness.

As more and more of you open these portals the illusions of the third-dimensional matrix will begin to degrade and the tightness, the limitations, the separations and the old belief patterns of the third-dimensional matrix that has restricted Gaia and her humans to her physical reality will begin to morph – slowly at first, but gathering speed into the “Nowness” of that transmutation into opening of portals to your higher expressions of your multi-dimensional reality.

MP: Wonderful. I couldn’t help remembering when you were talking the falling away of the illusion that so many people are talking about what they would call “losing interest” in activities, work that they have been doing for many years. For those people, it feels very unsettling and very uncertain. But, it sounds like this is part of the transition, part of moving into the Nowness. So many people are having the experience of losing sense of all time and all space.

We’ve all felt a type of collapse of time where every time we turn around it is Friday again. Ordinarily I would say – thank goodness it’s Friday, but where did the rest of the week go to. So my interpretation of this is that in that Nowness, there is no time, there is no space and we are moving through that and experiencing our essence in a multi-dimensional way and it is a whole new way of being and we are getting our sea legs and the grounding is so very important. Thank You.

Mytria: We are Mytria and we speak to you now through the being that we know as Suzille. We are Pleiadian and we first connected with Suzille back in 1994. In those times it was not safe for her to use her own name. It was not safe to publically converse and the computer was very new and the Internet was just beginning.

We talked not only with Suzille but with myriad others and each of us Pleiadians, we found expressions of our self that had chosen to take an Earth vessel. And it is through our own expressions on the physical plane that these Portals can best be grounded. We have been in and out of communication with Suzille’s conscious mind but we have been consistently with her throughout her multi-dimensional mind.

So therefore we say to all who listen that you have higher expressions of yourself who have likely been in communication with you through your dreams, your meditations, your thoughts your imaginations for quite a while of your Earth time. Therefore we recommend and we hope that all of you begin to remember these communications and share them.

Share them with as many people and in as many ways as you can. As these conversations become more normal then our landings will not be something that is frightening. It will be a family member who has come to visit. There has been a great deal of fear mongering that has been done by those who are terrified of the New World. Therefore it is very important that those of you who are able to embrace this New World within your consciousness, within this Nowness – that you allow yourself to share with others in as many ways as you feel comfortable.

MP: That you that was a beautiful message from Mytria and I think it is the perfect place to thank everyone for listening today and to thank the Arcturians and the Pleiadians and there is a lot of food for thought to continue in our next conversation. So thank you everyone for being with us and for listening and we will be with you again soon.

SL: Thank you so much, I am so happy that you are here. We are keeping these conversations short so you can fit them into your daily life. You will be able to download them, put them on your phone, carry them around and remember who you are.

Blessings BE.

* * *

Equipoise: ▶ Squat Workout for Sexy Legs and Round Booty – YouTube ::: Sharing…

Equipoise: ▶ Squat Workout for Sexy Legs and Round Booty – YouTube ::: Sharing….

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

▶ Squat Workout for Sexy Legs and Round Booty – YouTube ::: Sharing…

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High Council of Orion


17th January 2013

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood

Transcribed by Paul Marwood

“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

We are here to share with you who the High Council of Orion is.We are a group of beings, guides if you will, residing within the star system of Orion. We are not planetary beings as you would expect planetary beings to be. So envision us not as extra terrestrials who might live on terra firmer as you would call it.

Yet the energetics of who we are, emanate from is the star system Orion. We are a council, meaning we are a group made up of many advisors if you will. The core of which are nine yet as we live in this place of oneness that we share with you, the advice comes from many all at once. And our energies in the council are largely focused at this time on the change and transformation on your planet. We emanate light, we emanate guidance through that light, we emanate information, love, holding the space for the highest-level transition on your planet at this time. For what happens on your planet, is happening on the universal level as well for when you live in a place of oneness outside of time and space, what happens to the smallest is happening to the largest. So our energies are pouring forth to be received by many on the planet who are receiving our messages to allow a greater understanding of what’s to come.

Does this mean that there are living beings in realms and planets and dimensions beyond yours? Of course!

And because there has been no conscious connection on a large scale with those other dimensions and other levels of beings, it is thought not to be true on your planet, yet it is.

And many of you are receiving messages of the High Council of Orion and from the Council of Orion, not just through this channel, but through many. And there are many on the planet who are receiving our messages, yet know not where it comes from, and ultimately it matters not.

We are here in loving universally centered support of the changes on this planet at this time for as you have heard, it is a historic time on your planet. And one that could benefit from additional resources that are from beyond the planetary realms on which you exist. And so we are here to guide and inform and empower each one of you to as gracefully as possible move through the changes and understand them, and shift yourself in accordance with them to find the inner peace and knowingness and vision of where it is the changes are taking you. So that one can see beyond the stress and the difficulties and the inevitable sense of uncertainty that can happen as what you know appears to dissolve without not knowing what is on the other side of the dissolution.

We invite each and every one of you to connect with us in whatever way you wish. For there is no one special radio antenna that only receives our channel. We are open to sending our messages to any being your planet who is resonant and willing to hear and feels uplifted and enlivened and shifted and changed by the messages that we share through this channel. For each channel who brings through our messages, brings through different levels of information ,different types of information based on the resonance of the channel.

We are here for the love and light to be spread on your planet for the current time to ease stress and strain and burden and to also pave the way to where it is that you are moving in your future.

Be Blessed

We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2014 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood

This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in it’s original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and a link to clearly displayed as shown below.

Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood

Tagged as: advisors, aliens, Ascension, Constellations, Council of Orion, Extraterrestrial life, guidance, High Council of Orion, Holly Hawkins Marwood, loving support, messages to lightworkers, metaphysics, Orion, Paul Marwood, starbeings

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