The ONE BEING: ▶ Aniela Michaela, About Lord Christian – YouTube

The ONE BEING: ▶ Aniela Michaela, About Lord Christian – YouTube.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

▶ Aniela Michaela, About Lord Christian – YouTube

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SaLuSa – February 2, 2014
Galactic Federation of Light

Galactic Federation of Light

Channeled by Laura Multidimensional Ocean

Posted on February 2, 2014

Greetings from your space brothers. We salute your courage and
dedication to the light once again. We love to see you serve the light
and love with so much devotion and conviction. You are a true
inspiration for all of us on the ships.

We are aware that many of you would like to join us on the ships so
much, if not in their 3D body, at least in dreams or with their Higher
Self. You are of course welcome onboard to visit us, as usual. In fact
many of you already do this, whether you are aware of it or not.

Try to focus your consciousness on GF ships, light ships, and visit your sisters and brothers from the higher realms.

There is much that we can learn from each other, and much joy and celebration is ahead of us, dear ones.

We know that many of you feel trapped in meaningless jobs, meaningless
for the purpose of their soul of course that is. The soul purpose is to
try keeping up with the challenge of raising a family, of paying your
bills, car and mortgages. The other purpose of that is to keep you under
control, to keep you tired, and not to think of your personal growth
and evolution.

The cabal desires to keep many of you as asleep and as dependent of the jobs that they provide for you, as much as possible.

The cabal does not like to see people get on with their lives
independently, having their own energy sources, their own food supply,
their own seeds.

The cabal wants you all to be interdependent, to be all together, to no
longer have your own space and will push the game to removing even your
property from you, such as your houses.

Indeed, the cabal is close and pro-communism, but a form of communism
where those at the bottom of the pyramid, work hard, and have nothing of
their own, in order to serve and to give all to those on the top of the

We appreciate how much time and effort the global liberation movement
takes, and we rejoice and hope to be a source of inspiration to you, for
indeed, this is all that we can do for now.

Indeed, the laws, closes and terms for planet Earth have many
specifications and agreements to ensure that the GF stays away from
direct contact and interaction with the inhabitants of the planet.

We can tell you, however, that help is on the way dear ones. The help is
coming mainly from within your awakening ranks, as this is really the
only kind of help that is allowed for now. This is why you have taken
upon yourself to go down to Mother Earth and to rise from within as it
were. To lead and show the way to other humans, who are less inspired
and less conscious than you.

We also wish to inform you that there is a tidal change within the cabal
ranks, as even among them, spirits are awakening, and dare speak out
against received ideas within their ranks.

This has always been the case to some extent, but now the movement amplifies and accelerates.

Dear ones, we encourage you all to go within for personal and global
updates, reported to you by your one and true higher self, which is the
closed spark to the Divine Spark of our Great Common Creator.

We love you very much.

Love and light, SaLuSa from Sirius

Channel: Multidimensional Ocean

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KRULIANs: HABLA ASHTAR SHERAN ::: Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Making Time for Yourself

KRULIANs: HABLA ASHTAR SHERAN ::: Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Making Time for Yourself.

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ábado, 22 de marzo de 2014

HABLA ASHTAR SHERAN ::: Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Making Time for Yourself

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Oct 10


Los saludo, amigos queridos, maestros queridos, seguidores queridos de la ascensión, seguidores de la luz y trabajadores a lo largo del planeta. Yo Soy el Comandante Ashtar.

Vengo en una columna de Luz para una transformación muy grande. La entrada está muy activa ahora alrededor del planeta entero. Hay un entrelazado de pensamientos a lo largo de su sistema. Esto está contribuyendo para trabajar con ustedes. Yo, Ashtar, estoy enviando los cauces directos de activación a su tercer chakra. Quiero que recuerden las energías de la ascensión que incluye una energía de activación.

Esta energía de activación es, como estamos hablando, la re-introducción en cada uno de ustedes. Están siendo reintroducidos para recordar la alegría, la excitación y el placer gigantesco que originalmente experimentaron cuando oyeron hablar de la ascensión por primera vez.

Recuerden cuando comprendieron que esta iba a ser su última encarnación en la Tierra. Recuerden cuando comprendieron que iba a ser una activación de trabajadores de la Luz y la transformación planetaria. Recuerden cómo eso los llenaba de alegría. Esta energía de activación está volviendo a ustedes. Yo estoy ayudando a extender esta energía de la activación en todos ustedes quienes están oyendo o leyendo mis palabras. Sí, yo soy conciente de las muchas posibilidades para las catástrofes y caos que parecen estar en el borde de la conciencia de todos.

Enfóquense de nuevo en lo que nosotros tenemos para construir a lo largo de estos años. Los Arcturianos y yo les hemos hablado sobre las proyecciones del pensamiento. Nosotros les hemos hablado sobre la tecnología del viaje del pensamiento planetario y la nueva tecnología espiritual que está ante el planeta. Esta nueva tecnología, este nuevo modelo de pensamiento espiritual, está basado en los sistemas Galácticos de viajes interdimensionales y la transformación interdimensional. Estos también son conceptos que ustedes pueden traer a otro reino. Pueden hacer esto a través de las interacciones con seres superiores del planeta que están esperándolos continuamente en los corredores.

También pueden hacer esto a través de una aceleración de su conciencia concentrándose en las sagradas palabras de la ascensión, y también recibiendo la fuerte energía que entra a este planeta a través de los corredores y el Anillo de la Ascensión. Esta energía poderosa que está viniendo a ustedes es incomparable. Es la parte de la nueva tecnología espiritual basada en la ayuda de los Maestros planetarios, extra-planetarios y extra-solares, y está viniendo en una energía masiva. Ustedes son, como es el planeta, mientras se dan cuenta de la fuerte cantidad de energía espiritual que está alrededor de su sistema solar.

También están viniendo de galaxias lejanas. hay muchos modelos de energía diferentes que está viniendo de las novas , supernovas y de las explosiones del Sol de su sistema planetario.

Ustedes están viviendo en una inmensa arena de partículas y olas de energía que alcanzan, continuamente, cada aspecto de su planeta. Dense cuenta de los modelos de pensamientos macizos , modelos superiores de energía que están trasmitiéndose desde el quinto nivel dimensional. Estos modelos del pensamiento son energía.

Estos modelos del pensamiento están enlazándose a ustedes. Se ha pensado que los modelos van a ser como ladrillos para que ustedes se permitan completar su misión aquí. Ahora son una antena gigantesca para estos miles de pensamientos hermosos de la quinta dimensión, que están inundando sus conciencias. Sientan el pensamiento de los modelos de amor que entran en el reino. Sientan los modelos del pensamiento de la evolución Galáctica.

Sientan los modelos del pensamiento planetario de la Gran Hermandad Blanca . Sientan los modelos del pensamiento individuales, esos que se alinean con ustedes en su misión planetaria. Alcen sus chakras de la corona…

Ashtar Sheran

( Continuará)

A través de David K. Miller

Publicado 10th October 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: anillo de la ascensiónAshtar Sherandespertar de la conciencia

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Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Making Time for Yourself

Posted on Mar 22, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Maryann Rada, Semjase, The Pleiadians
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Semjase from Pleiades

Channeled by Maryann Rada
March 22, 2014

Yanking the mask off the face of the faceless ones is no small feat. They are purposely difficult to see and can put any argument ahead of any attempt to point them out as perpetrators of any universal no-no. When you are stomping out fires and dealing with lost planes, you don’t have a lot of mental space to awaken yourself to the kind of nefarious doings of an invisible elite. This has been your story until now. We are not saying that the elite will bend down to let you take off their masks, but we are saying that the masks will fall, one by one, as conditions merit. You will merely be witnesses to the unveiling. You are about to see a long-awaited turn of events as the next thing takes the world’s attention.
A central truth about humanity is that they will deny nothing when it comes to saving one of their own kind. This is true as a rule across the board for all humans who are life-oriented. There are sacrifices for the greater good, but these are more rare than you might think. You live in a culture of death. It is something that permeates every aspect of your social structure. You will recognize it more and more for what it is as the masks fall and the Nine of your planet finally settles into unfettered expression. The Nine of anything is its full divine nature. We of the League of Light have spoken of it extensively in other venues, so I will not say more about that here. Suffice it to say that your planet’s divine expression as a sentient cosmic body has, as has your individual ability to express your divine nature, been obstructed. The energy fields have been manipulated artificially to reduce your collective Nine expression. To stunt your growth, to slow down your development and change your planetary status from divine to infernal. Remember your all-beingness and tap into it now, for it still exists. You are not separate from it, from each other, or from us, for we are part of your planet’s identity in a galactic context. We are part of who you are, and we are here to remind you of that.
You are facing a conflict of time and the reunification of your planetary path with the original plan. Your current timeline will be shutting down to make way for the original frequency field to establish a basic time code for the matrix to recalibrate itself upon. You will feel the shift as a release of tension following a steep buildup and never-never-land sorts of experiences. It will be intense but brief. You can expect things to begin to feel more stable after the breakdown of the current instability. Know that your world will not break or die, despite what looks like certain doom. It is very much alive and going through similar sorts of adjustments as you may be feeling. She is dizzy and weary, but will be just fine. So will you who are destined to live on her new form.
Very soon, the masks will fall. Very soon, a polarity of time will invert and next-generation reality will establish itself within the planetary matrix. You are nearly at the point of attenuation of timeline flux that releases you from the bonds of a paradigm of fake freedom and launches you as a movement arises from the resonant strands of a new frequency field. You are nearly at full functioning as a global humanity. Keep sharing your light with each other and as soon as the time comes, you will see a bold new light burst through the darkness of enforced ignorance and into a new line of time altogether. A people of light you are, let that never be doubted. We are near and we are watching. When the time comes, we will move into view. Meanwhile, remain steadfast in your courage and know that everything will be perfect. We are of a great love for you and your planet. Peace is nearly at your door. Know that the row of dominoes is about to tip into action. Once they fall, you are going to see something altogether beautiful come into being. We will see it with you as family reunited.

* * *

samkaska: Reading:::Filed:::93 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA -Ashtar: Help Prepare for Imminent Landings

samkaska: Reading:::Filed:::93 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA -Ashtar: Help Prepare for Imminent Landings.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Reading:::Filed:::93 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA -Ashtar: Help Prepare for Imminent Landings

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Video 93
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video ninety-three – October 28, 2012.
Urosh ask, Mythi what about this object being launched to the Popocatepetl volcano”
– Friends, this is a probe Arcturian, of pressure control that interacts with the boilers near the surface. Probes are large, 3,000 or more feet long. They are being placed in all large boilers that are erupting for a possible intervention “if” the Community Galactica so decides. These probes will be on standby for a possible use if the board decides to intervene and minimize the tectonic processes. Similar probes were used in the Canary Islands and other supervolcanoes to prevent collapse so far. This probe was filmed by you for a possible error of logistics of some crew Arcturian because they are usually released during eruptions with large emissions of smoke when they go unnoticed. As you are watching, the tectonic movements began to emphasize in recent weeks, and volcanic activity is increasing together. When the pressure exceeds the inertia of the plates and they start to move, they will stop only after all the pressure to stabilize at a new context of retrofitting. Only Arcturian technology could minimize these effects allowing time for evacuations more effective, so in the case of Community Galactica to assume responsibility for the planet in this period of change. With respect to the Sun, the Krulians many ships and Sirius are monitoring their behavior, but, as I’ve explained previously, little could interfere because the behavior of the Sun Galactic hemisphere this change will be
necessary for the physical and climatic changes in all planets of this solar system, not only on Earth. Interfere in favor of the Earth would deny other consequences necessary for the evolution of other planets.
Mythi why the Arctic is almost thawed and Antarctica is significantly increasing its area of ice?
– Well, this is a typical reaction of instability caused by “artificial thawing” of your northern region by your governments, generating too much moisture, causing violent storms with flooding in specific regions and creating huge hurricanes in others, by convergence of masses of vapor with different temperatures. All steam artificially accumulated in your atmosphere creates a high volume of condensation in cold areas of the planet, which is the case in Antarctica. To be easy to understand, if you leave your freezer for days open in your kitchen, it will be filled with ice, condensed from the vapor available in the air. In the case of Antarctica, it is the open freezer on planet.
As we had accumulated many more questions about this, let’s incorporate this response given by Mythi as part of this set of videos.
Mythi, some scientists confirm that there were atomic explosions or something in the region where India stands today. There are local and skeletons unearthed at archaeological sites with high levels of radiation. How could this have happened?
– Well, there were many ancient battles here on the planet that you consider today as “yours.” From about 600,000 years so far, there have been at least 20 battles for control of planet Earth between different races. In all of these ancient battles, missiles with atomic energy were used. Atomic weapons have been eradicated after the
replacement of such weapons by high-energy beams under the consensus of the Community Galactica. Our Community Galactica is one of the newest of the universe; this part of the universe was considered wild by then. In this region you asked, there was a large colonial settlement. They DNA come from a society whose name in english sounds like “Apaam” of planet Skanda in Pleiades, which is also a planet of great abundance of water. When the settlement called “Rama” was in its heyday, about 12,000 years ago there was a major invasion of an amphibious reptilian race from a planet orbiting Sirius B, who wanted the right to claim the entire region. who wanted the right to claim the entire region. These reptilians have used the region as a hunting preserve for over 500,000 years ago, when there were no settlements of humanoids here. The Andromeda Atounians that were here taking care of their own colonization, detected the fleet reptilian and notified the Apaamis, who came to the defense of its colony and there was a great battle. A large reptilian mother ship fired atomic weapons, destroying almost the entire colony. During the battle, the few Atounian spacecraft who were on the planet, have come together to strengthen Apaamis fleet, and together the two fleets, repelled the reptilians back to Sirius B. Several spacecraft Apaamis and reptilians were defeat and exploded, adding to the destruction of parts of the region. After the battle, many of the areas were grounded to reduce the radiation and all spacecraft parts were taken away. The remnants of the colony who took refuge in underground labyrinths then moved out of locality and founded another city. With a little perseverance, your archaeologists will find pieces of these ships, and many bodies of reptilians, buried in this region.
Mat asks, since disclosure is upon the human race in a short time what measures has the CG put in place to counter and control any hostile behavior that is likely to occur when advanced extra terrestrial civilizations make themselves known. All the inhabitants of this planet have lived a fake reality for so long including and not limited to the cover up of alien life. When billions of clueless humans come to find out aliens are all very real in literally a screaming hurry how will the CG contain the situation or do you think it will be an afterthought for the population after the prospected events have occurred.
– Mat, in the case of a contact globalized, many steps are taken to avoid further problems. Our fleet now proudly currently has 520 volunteers and over at least 200 friends and relatives of the volunteers who are willing to help this transition according to the list forwarded recently by CB. A great increase of possibilities that makes us an excellent liaison between the communities in which we may act. But I’ll explain that other techniques may be used. We have systems that can simply reduce dramatically the muscular reflexes of the body without altering the mental or intellectual capacity of an entire community and make the attackers listeners, so that we have time to explain the context of events without any hostilities against our people. This action is taken only when there is no other form of assistance possible. It’s how you beat a person, who is drowning in order to save her life unless she takes you to the bottom together, by being out of control emotionally. These techniques work well in humans in
good health, but with the amount of beings with problems of blood pressure and other heart and kidney problems in your communities, we will avoid the maximum taking action that could cause them any aggravation of these problems. Another technique is to project a collective conscience that we are friends and cause a feeling of unconditional friendship, but that would not have merit for you to be considered ready for a relationship matured enough to be part of the Community Galactica as members fully self developed . Some things have to be proven and experienced so they can have real validity. For thousands of years your ruling elites tried to keep their people under control through subliminal religions, beliefs and folklore, as they still do today with subliminal advertisements everywhere. Everything is imposed, it includes thoughts, holograms, subliminal messages of any kind, is a form of subjugation, and it does not validate the conscientization of a colony. Here on Earth many are not ready, but many others are. Those are the ones that will validate the passage of this colony to the next level, the interstellar connection.
– Friends, stand firm in your convictions. As I already mentioned before, the caterpillar that crawls, if given the chance will turn into a butterfly and can fly one day. Some will take longer than others but in the end, this is the natural law of things, immutable. Some are prettier, some will fly higher, but all will fly and continue to develop.
Be well friends, the light will be with you all.
* * *
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Ashtar: Help Prepare for Imminent Landings
Ashtar Sheran
Ashtar Sheran
Channeled by Kathryn E. May
May 16, 2014

It is a wonderful party we’re planning on the ships. The Twin Flames are here, on the New Jerusalem and many other ships. We are an enormous fleet, housing billions of souls who have come to land with us as soon as we can safely put down to officially come forth together.
It will be a glorious celebration – one we wish to announce with much fanfare. There will be nothing secret or hidden about our Landings. It was agreed long ago that we will only come when we are certain everything is in place for a peaceful and joyous welcome.
It seems we are still a bit away from being able to accomplish that, since there are still a few cabal-controlled military and police forces which would take great pleasure in performing their primitive “safety” measures, which would include Martial Law, curfews, lock-downs and a show of military force. They treasure the idea of long lines of tanks rolling through the streets of suburban neighborhoods. It would take a massive, organized response on the ground to prevent great civil conflict, and we do not wish to ask all of you to lie down in front of tanks to make our Landings possible.
So, you see, we are planning and strategizing carefully, watching the developments on the ground carefully. We know that the numbers of people who believe there is extraterrestrial life has reached close to 100%. Those who are aware of our presence here now is around 65%, and those who are convinced we are friendly is over 50%. These numbers must rise to close to 100% before we can comfortably land.
The U.S. is one of the places where the numbers are lowest, because of an incessant media campaign to portray “aliens” as dangerous and sinister. Most of you reading this are aware that the “alien abductions” were in fact conducted by the secret government on the ground, mostly on U.S. territory with U.S. funding. The technology to manufacture space ships was shared by us or reverse engineered from our ships that crashed in the early 40′s. We offered assistance, before nuclear weapons were fully developed, in an effort to help “leapfrog” over the 75 years you have now experienced in which fossil fuels and nuclear weapons testing have nearly destroyed Mother Earth.
As you know, that initial program in which we offered assistance in some very preliminary ways was misused almost immediately to establish the secret programs which were overseen by the powerful and wealthy cabal, which has tried to establish a New World Order by absolutely controlling all resources, including food, energy, water and healthcare. Attempts to break free of the stranglehold have mostly failed because of the massive propaganda campaign which attacked those in the legitimate government who were trying to wrest back control. They have used everything from assassination (JFK, RFK, MLK, JFK, Jr., and Paul Wellstone in the U.S., to name a few) to slander, to outright obstructionism (as in the U.S. Congress since the Obama election).
The cabal has very cleverly managed to short-circuit every attempt by the Obama administration to return some power to the people by removing the power from the corporations and returning it to the elected government. Except for a small beginning with “Obamacare”, which was reviled because it was the first step in removing power from insurance companies, it has been completely unsuccessful.
Recent steps by the Supreme Court have placed the power firmly in the laps of the wealthy elite, who can now simply buy elections by spending unlimited amounts of money to stir the passions of the people against anyone who has a vision of returning the power to the people.
While the effectiveness of this approach is most obvious in the U.S., it has crept like a cancer across the globe. The foment you see in many countries at this time is the response by the people against the tightening grip of despotism. Where the media is controlled by local dictators, the cabal has ironically had less ability to use their sophisticated psychological propaganda tactics to sway the people in their favor. Thus, we see old-style rebellions alongside the restlessness and dissatisfaction which has caused cross currents of unrest in nearly every country in the world.
The unrest and seeming chaos you are aware of, and which is played up in your media, is actually a very good development from our point of view. We see many souls awakening, becoming aware that something is dreadfully wrong, even though they may have not educated themselves yet to the truth of what the real problems are. At the same time, Lightworkers have come forward to courageously stand in opposition to the massive propaganda from the cabal.
Nearly every week, a new documentary appears which educates the people about the practices which poison their soil, their food and their water, and especially their electoral process. A new level of concern is growing everywhere about the misuse of Mother Earth and her resources. This has created fertile ground for the help we have to offer, and for the technologies which are already there on the ground, such as free energy technologies. Most importantly, there is a growing awareness that Mother Earth is a sentient being like ourselves, thanks to the good work of Lightworkers around the globe who have brought back the indigenous wisdom of the past.
Many have concluded that we must have rather sophisticated technologies on our ships, since we could not have traveled here using fossil fuels! It is also becoming obvious to many that we come in peace, since we could have easily taken over the planet years ago if that were our intention.
We are delighted with the response to our “uncloaking”, which we jokingly refer to as our “Peek-a-Boo” program. We have increased our appearances gradually, allowing time between each “sighting” for it to be posted on the internet. The discussions, you may have noticed, have turned from fear to delight and wonder. This is our intention, to slowly acclimate everyone on the planet to our presence. Now, more than 60% of Earth inhabitants acknowledge they have seen a ship at one time or another.
We have moved slowly and carefully. We are aware that those of you who know us are impatient for us to land, but we are very cautious about touching off a reason for the small number of belligerent cabal members which remains to respond with any kind of repressive measures, which could be dangerous to our beloved Lightworkers. Although their leadership is dwindling, they still command enormous troops and weaponry. We are working with high military officers to awaken them to the fact that they are being used as puppets of the cabal, against their fellow countrymen.
It is indeed a difficult pill to swallow, for those who have lived by their belief in honor and responsibility, and feel they have been true to their principles, to learn they have been ruthlessly used by Dark forces. These are the good people in the military, in police work and security positions everywhere, who will become the helpers and organizers when all the old structures must crumble. Many of them are moving closer every day to the knowing in their own hearts that they must act on their own feelings of love and compassion, regardless of the orders from above.
All is being prepared, Beloved Ones, for the opening to a New Day. The energies you feel sweeping across the planet have awakened and energized everyone. Negativity and despair is being traded for joyful action everywhere. The numbers of non-profit organizations and volunteer projects has soared in the past year. A new sense of joy and desire for meaningful work has replaced the dogged adherence to “the grindstone” which was the way most people viewed their jobs. All is shifting, all is in motion.
I come to you today, dear friends, because we feel it is important for you to be aware of the massive, positive changes we see. You have worked hard to raise your vibrations toward your own Ascension. In doing so you have helped to create a groundswell of high vibrational energy. Now I will describe to you what we see as a challenge to completing the mission of raising all the planet to the high level needed for ascension for all of humankind.
We see what you might call a bi-modal phenomenon. If you were to create a bell-shaped graph to illustrate the overall intensity of energy levels of people on the planet, you would see two bells – one at the high end which includes all of you who are feeling joy and anticipation about what you know is coming. Your curve is slender and steep, so high it is “off the charts” compared to the rest – a virtual bell tower of high vibration feelings.
The middle range is a large group of in-between souls who are neither elated nor profoundly depressed, but who are migrating, little by little, toward the shining Bell Tower of Light. At the lower end is a second small bell-shaped bump of those who are angry, resentful and fearful. Their intensity of feeling is palpable, and in many cases, still fairly intractable. These are the ones who have been most deeply affected by the negative teachings of the cabal. Their bell curve is also narrow and steep, but much smaller than the high-vibrational Bell Tower.
I give you this visual tool to help envision what you are up against, and what needs to be done by those on the ground. Many of you have felt the sting of family or friends who are firmly entrenched in the low-vibrational Dark Tower of feelings. It has given you the impression that you are alone in your high Bell Tower. This is absolutely not true. Across the gulf between high and low groups is the large mass of humanity who are now awakening, newly receptive and wondering what the Truth might be.
Look around you, Dear Ones. Every house contains a soul awakening. Every street, every town feels the Light dawning. It is fertile ground for the new version of Truth which we are offering you – the path Mother/Father God have called The True Way. It is a path of simple truths, one which encourages Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness and Love, nothing more. There is no dogma involved, no strictures to obey, and no guilt-producing laws.
Here in higher dimensions, we observe Universal Law, which is based on a deep, heart-felt understanding of the Golden Rule (which is not a rule but the simple philosophy of Love). Our behavior is guided always by what is in the Greater Good of All. We need no religion, no 10,000 pages of rules and regulations. Our decisions are all made unanimously; our feelings toward one another are Love and deep respect. We are not afraid to discuss, debate, and present unique viewpoints because we know we are all part of the great One. We are in it together, we are in it with you, and we are forging new ground.
This is the direction you are moving toward, dear Humankind. It is now time for you to boldly go out into the world and offer a tidbit of knowledge, a question which will stir curiosity, or a vision to inspire others. With these messages we offer you a base of knowledge and emotional support. Offer them to those who are curious. For those who are not yet curious, offer a question like, “Have you seen any of the space ships everyone is talking about?” This will open a conversation which will allow you to mention the simple observation that “they” must be friendly, or they would have taken over 1000 years ago. “What do you suppose they would like to do to help us?” “Do you suppose there is anything we can do to help them contact us?” “I can’t wait for them to land!”
Tell people about how you can use a bright flashlight to signal us. Let them know we are telepathic, and can respond to you with ease when you send us a message in your mind. You will know how much to offer by the first response you see. If you receive a cold rejection or a hostile argument, move on. There is no point in trying to storm the Dark Tower. There are plenty of awakening souls in the middle ground.
We have a measure of just how fast things are changing. The spiritual discussion groups and internet blogs are growing exponentially. Every day hundreds of people sign up to read and discuss these messages. When Sananda gives a written or voice message through our channels, his words echo around the world. Thanks to all of you, our reach now extends to every corner of the globe.
Use this opening to help us further. We are planning to increase our presence. This will give you greater credibility and more opportunities to bring awareness of the truth to those around you. Do not hesitate to discuss these things everywhere you go – gently, with good humor. Carry a print-out of a picture of a “UFO” with you, to look at with wonder as you stand in the check-out line. Share your sense of delight with everyone around you. Do not try to argue with anyone about it or to change anyone’s mind. Ask them to look for themselves.
Tailor your discussion to the individual. For lapsed Christians, tell them of the good news which confirms their intuitive knowing – give them a copy of the New Scriptures.
(It will soon be out in e-book form, by the way). Take the approach with everyone you speak to that you know you are confirming what they already have come to on their own. What you have learned is not new; it is confirmation for what everyone has known in their hearts.
I send you this appeal, Dear Ones, because you are our ground crew, and we need your help to prepare for our coming Landings, which will be soon. We ask that you raise the joy factor and reduce the fear in the entire middle of the bell curve population. They are ready. It will not take much for you to have a huge effect. Join with us now to create the environment which will allow us to land a few ships safely, to make our “First Contact” quietly, without chaos or confusion, but with the atmosphere of love and welcome you would prepare for a long-absent friend.
We come in peace, and we will offer help for those in need. We will not remain long on our first visit but it will prepare the way for future Landings. The time has come, Beloved friends. Help us to prepare the way.
I am your friend and colleague,
With Love and great Excitement,
Your Ashtar
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, PsyD, 3 PM EDT, New York
Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

* * * 

* * *
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AGHARTAN: ▶ EL SER UNO – Crees Estar Despierto? – YouTube

AGHARTAN: ▶ EL SER UNO – Crees Estar Despierto? – YouTube.

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sábado, 10 de mayo de 2014

▶ EL SER UNO – Crees Estar Despierto? – YouTube

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▶ ▶ Arcángeles del Elohim 28-Septiembre-de 2013 – YouTube

Arcángeles de los Elohim la liberación de los anclajes de la vieja tierra 3d en VERDAD


Publicado: 28 de Septiembre de 2013 | Autor: Karen Doonan | guardado under: Arcángeles, canalizaciones, AMOR, universo de 3 | Etiquetas: ángeles, Arcángeles, canalizaciones, santuario cristalina, la edad de oro de la humanidad, Karen Doonan, VERDAD | 2 Comments »


▶ ▶ Arcangeloi de los Elohim 28-Septiembre-de 2013 – YouTube 



Arcángeles de los Elohim – la liberación de los anclajes de la vieja tierra 3d en VERDAD


Saludos amados somos los Arcángeles de los Elohim y llegamos a guiar y apoyar a todos los que el movimiento de masas de todo dentro del universo de 3 se pone en marcha, ya que no es sólo la raza humana que ahora se está expandiendo y cambiando y creciendo, es todo dentro del universo de  3d de la VERDAD.  Madre Tierra ahora expande su firma energética, lista de todo lo que ahora se desarrollará a través y dentro de la tierra del planeta en este momento. La intensificación de las energías puede ser sentida por todos, pero muchos están filtrando esto fuera aún creyendo que de alguna manera todo es lo “mismo” y no pasa nada. Queridos, ustedes son los creadores de esta su realidad en este espacio tridimensional dentro del universo de 3D. Esperas de ti, ¿entiendes nuestras guías seres queridos?
Todas las almas están ahora entrando en su lugar con el fin de guiar el vehículo humano que está encarnado sobre y dentro de la tierra del planeta, pero no todos los vehículos humanos están permitiendo la mejora de su vehículo humano , nos guiamos por la claridad que la mejora en el vehículo humano es necesario. Pedimos a todos a cumplir con los requisitos de su vehículo humano. La antigua tierra 3d enseñó mucho acerca de “controlar” el vehículo de tracción humana, gran parte de la realidad terrestre en 3D basado en el control del peso y el mantenimiento de los vehículos humanos y pedimos para que usted pueda entender las razones de esto. El vehículo humano fue diseñado para ser auto-sanado, diseñado para ser auto propulsado, diseñados para funcionar a la perfección. Es la interfaz entre la tierra del planeta y su alma y la vieja tierra 3d lo sabía y comenzó a crear maneras de interferir con esto. Por lo tanto usted tiene los paradigmas de control de tierra 3d alrededor de la nutrición y la salud. El maestro de la salud de sus propios vehículos, amados humanos es USTED. En este momento del proceso de transición al vehículo humano está siendo actualizado con codificaciones de luz. Estos trabajan para restablecer el vehículo humano de nuevo a su forma original a nivel celular. Muchos están filtrando esto y cayendo a las enseñanzas de distorsión que establecen que el vehículo humano debe mantenerse bajo estricto control, esto no es verdad y no se admite en las energías de la Nueva Tierra.
A medida que la vibración del vehículo humano se eleva entonces la necesidad de combustible para dicho vehículo humano comienza a alterar y esto puede desencadenar las enseñanzas que se han ingerido en relación a la nutrición y la salud. Los guiamos a TODOS a confiar y tener fe en el proceso que ya está en marcha. Al escuchar a su vehículo humano y haciendo honor a su necesidad de traerlo de vuelta al equilibrio, no es posible lograr el equilibrio sin que el vehículo humano está equilibrado para que se necesita para entrar en la Nueva Tierra en la verdad. ¿Entienden nuestros orientación seres queridos? Esto no es sólo acerca de la alineación con el alma y la energía que están en la verdad, se trata también de que el vehículo humano para la que se necesita para albergar a la energía que se encuentra en la VERDAD.
Muchos están sosteniendo firmemente a todo lo que se ha enseñado en el desafío de los cambios que ya se están desarrollando a través y dentro de la tierra del planeta y nos preguntamos por qué? lo que está en su lugar sobre el planeta tierra no sirve a la humanidad, que se utiliza para controlar y reprimir la humanidad y sin embargo, la humanidad se aferra, permitiendo que el cerebro humano para enseñar lógica de que sólo hay una manera de vivir y esto no es verdad, amados y No se admite el marco de la Nueva Tierra en la VERDAD. Como las energías empiezan a subir una vez más frustración comienza a establecerse como una necesidad de control se desata que en esencia es que pelees con usted. ¿Entienden nuestros orientación seres queridos? Porque en verdad tú eres el único aquí.
En la Nueva Tierra ahora comienza a anclar en la verdad entonces las anclas de la vieja tierra comenzarán a desmoronarse y caer, de nuevo muchos están buscando fuera de sí mismo por “prueba” de nuestro guía y nos guíe firmemente que sólo los cambios que se hacen de dentro se puede ver en el exterior, para los más queridos USTED es el único aquí. ¿Te resuenan nuestras palabras? el reflejo exterior de la humanidad no es más que el espejo en el interior de su experiencia de la vida aquí en el planeta tierra. Todos son espejos en el interior en todo momento, la vieja tierra enseñado acerca de los espejos, pero enseñó que la duplicación en lo externo, en esencia, se pone de pie en una casa de los espejos sin darse cuenta que la reflexión que es, amados.
Nos guiaremos más en su momento, por el momento queremos enviar más códigos a los hijos de la tierra del planeta y nos envíe los códigos de 345 y 456. Ponemos una paloma blanca en el 3er ojo y pedimos a todos a inhalar las frecuencias de los colores que se sabe que el vehículo humano como el oro, porque el oro es la nueva frecuencia que permita los cambios de anclar totalmente dentro de la raza humana . Los códigos se les pide que se colocará en el espacio del corazón porque ellos verán desbloquear más niveles de sí mismo y permitir que un mayor conocimiento del nivel de ALMA se filtre a través de despertar nivel de la mente consciente humana.
Se le pedirá que respire y BE seres queridos para que los cambios ahora se acelerará la firma energética de la Madre Tierra ahora está aumentando y expandiéndose en la VERDAD. Todos son uno. Estén en paz, amados, somos los Arcángeles de los Elohim y caminamos con ustedes siempre.

^ ^ ^

(C) Karen Doonan, todos los derechos reservados
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terram novam: Back From Lemuria Part 2 -Asking for Guidance ::: INTO THE MOON

terram novam: Back From Lemuria Part 2 -Asking for Guidance ::: INTO THE MOON.

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lunes, 2 de junio de 2014

Back From Lemuria Part 2 -Asking for Guidance ::: INTO THE MOON

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Monday, June 2, 2014

Back From Lemuria Part 2 -Asking for Guidance


Back From Lemuria Part 2

Asking For Guidance


When Jason and I first got our assignment to visit other areas of Gaia to learn how to communicate with the elements and elementals, we were so excited. We laughed and planned while we made breakfast together, but when we sat down and started to eat, the reality of our lives began to set in. How could we possibly travel around the country? We could barely survive with our two jobs.

There was NO way we could afford to stop working then somehow find the money to travel around the countryside. This fact began to settle into our consciousness while we ate our first meal, in who knows how long. We had been jumping in and out of time so long that we could only imagine the time unless we looked at the Sun or a clock.

As the deep disappointment began to settle in, I could feel myself starting to cry, so I excused myself to make some coffee. I had just put the coffee in the filter when Jason walked into the kitchen looking as depressed as me. He announced that he did not want any coffee and was going to go out for a hike by himself. The hike by him self meant that he needed to think on his own, which was fine with me.

I, too, needed to work through this immense disappointment or, somehow, find a solution. I gave Jason a weak smile and a peck on the check. “Yes, honey, a hike would be good for you now. I will straighten up and do these dishes.” Jason, gave me a quick kiss on the forehead, went to our bedroom to put on his hiking clothes and shoes and was out of the door in less than ten minutes.

I was relieved. “Now I could allow myself a pity-party.” I said as I straightened up the house, which was much more like a one bedroom cabin, cleared the dishes from the small table where we ate, worked and visited our friends and put the stack of mail on the table.
I was trying NOT to do the female crying thing, so I filled the sink with hot water and soap and put in the dirty dishes from the counter and from breakfast. I knew some of them would have to soak for a while as they had been sitting on the counter for days. How many days had we been away? Jason and I had not yet had the nerve to discover.

We had crossed the threshold. We had not done our jobs, and would likely be fired. Even though we worked from home and were sort of “self employed,” we had duties, which we had not completed. Now we could not even pay our rent, so I couldn’t imagine how we could possibly travel around the countryside to merge with the elementals.

I was so overwhelmed that starting to cry. Jason was gone, and I was all alone, so I mustered up the courage to call for assistance from our higher friends.

“Dear Higher Friends,” I said mustering up all my courage to actually ask the a question, “Could I please ask you a person question.”

I was flabbergasted when a huge cloud of sparking light entered my kitchen and condensed into a smaller, vaguely humanoid form standing next to me. It was the Arcturian! “Oh My God,” I unconsciously exclaimed.

“We are here to answer your question,” answered the Arcturian as it filled my aura with light.

With this warm, Arcturian glow within me I asked a question that I did not even know that I had.

“Dear Arcturian, I am so honored that you have come to me. As you can see, I am experiencing many conflicting feelings that I need to understand. On the one hand I am very happy and peaceful, but on the other hand I feel fearful about the many changes occurring within my self, my life and even the planet.

“I think it is the great pending unknown that is bothering me. I know that I need to leap into this unknown, but there are so many negative feelings that I am having, releasing (I hope) about the third dimensional thought of—I am not sure of what. Maybe I am having thoughts of sorrow about certain things that I fear I will not experience. Yes, I think that may be it. As I think about it I realize that I am ready to go onto the next phase of my life, but without having to leave this phase.

“I know I have been being repaired to LET GO of that which I had thought of as important in my life. Yes, many of these things were indeed third dimensional. But they were not just things; there were also certain people. So far every thing or person that I had to LET GO has returned in a much better manner.

“I am aware that sometimes the voice of my ego is louder than the voice of my true SELF. I wish to follow that higher voice and not the voice of my ego. However, the ego voice, or whatever inner-voice that has been bothering me, can be very loud. Perhaps it is my ego that is asking this question? Please assist me.”

When is stopped talking, I could feel the tears streaming down my face. However, these tears we not tears of sorrow, but tears of release. I was ready to LET GO again, but this time I didn’t even know of what.

I had just begun to control my tears when the Arcturian moved forward to actually merge with my being. Now I was sobbing. But it was not because I was sad. I was sobbing because I was so filled with unconditional love and joy that I could not contain it without releasing a lifetime of tears.

“Our dearest ONE,” I could hear the Arcturian whisper into my consciousness, “We understand how difficult it can be for our away team during this major transition. Your society, world, frequency is at a very difficult point. The ‘voice of change’ is ever increasing, which serves to amplify the ‘voice of fear.’

“Your myriad lives in a polarized reality have taught you that one extreme invites the other. Therefore, when you are at the peak of an experience, you are constantly reminded of the fear that it will somehow go wrong.

“The small things that have been going wrong arise from the creation of your unconscious that is attempting to prepare you for failure. When you look into your life with your eyes of fear you see the many things that have gone wrong and dreams that have not be fulfilled. However, when you look into your life with the eyes of love, you can see the long-term accomplishments that you have fulfilled.

“We say fulfilled, as these accomplishments were not the result of your ego. Whether you know it or not, you have been following your inner guidance for all of your life. Hence, you have placed your self on the cliff where you feel like you must jump or languish in the old. The feeling of needing to “jump” is because you have followed your inner voice.

“Your inner voice has given you assignments that are impossible to your third-dimensional thinking to understand. When you look back to who you were, then look at who you have become, you realize that your accomplishments have been under the guidance of your Higher SELF, which has primarily been us, the Arcturians.”

“My Higher SELF is Arcturian?” I thought.

“We wish you to remember dear ONE,” said the Arcturian responding to my thoughts, “YOU are a component of US. You too are an Arcturian, as well as a Pleiadian, and many other galactic expressions of SELF. How did the extremely shy and totally insecure child become the person you are today? It was because you listened to your inner voice.

“Right now, as with every transformational moment of your life, you are hearing two voices. You are hearing the inner voice of your SELF, and you are hearing the inner voice of your frightened ego. Your frightened ego is saying, ‘Don’t try it. You will fail.’

“When you also listen to your voice of your SELF you hear, ‘You know that you have failed more times than you can count. However, EVERY time you dust off the failure and try again – and again – and again…until you finally succeed.’

“Do you see how brave you are that you do not give up on our SELF? Do you see how failure is a part of success? Every time you fail you learn something; that is you learn something if you listen to your SELF!

“Failure is not quitting. Failure is the beginning of a new task that you NOW feel strong enough to tackle.

“The fact that you are trying to do that which you were afraid to do before proves how courageous you have become. Remember, you have always asked your SELF for assistance. Even if you only asked us in your night body and could not remember, you always sought our council.

“What is occurring within your NOW is that you are transmuting into a higher frequency of reality. Your third dimensional brain is overwhelmed by your multidimensional mind. Concepts, once hidden in doubt, are coming into the light of day to create bridges to connect these islands of doubt with the highway of light.

“The light of this highway is too bright to be perceived by your human perception. You must penetrate your doubt to find the KEY to open the truth you have hidden inside your doubt. You and Jason will be finding this inner truth when you commune with the earth, air, fire and water elements and elementals.

“As you commune with the earth, air, fire and water around you, your inner elements and elementals move into entrainment with what appears to be the outer elements and elementals. You, and all life, are composed of physical atoms that are actually vortexes of energy, each one radiating to its own unique signature frequency.

“Your quantum physicists have discovered that physical atoms are made of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibration to their own signature frequency. If you observed an atom with a microscope, you would see a small invisible tornado like vortex with a number of infinitely small, energy vortices called quarks and photons. All atoms are made of this invisible energy, NOT tangible matter.

“You see everything that humanity has called REAL is made of things that your third dimensional science has regarded as ‘NOT real.’ Physical matter really isn’t physical at all. In fact, physical matter and consciousness are interwoven. When you observe an atom at it’s tiniest level the behavior of that atom changes.

“From the higher dimensions, it is obvious that non-physical properties govern the universe and consciousness plays a vital role regarding the ‘physical’ make up of your reality. Thus, as you radiate out the signature frequency of your consciousness, you influence the signature frequency of all the elements and elementals around you.

“Please remember that your signature frequency is determined by your state of consciousness. If you are trapped in a low frequency, fearful state of consciousness, you will entrain your signature frequency, as well as your perceptions, with that lower frequencies of reality.

“Since all matter is composed of fields of energy, which are easily affected by consciousness, your own physical matter is affected by the signature frequency of the elements and elementals that are within and around you. Thus, just as a beautiful flower, lovely sunset and clear sky make your consciousness expand, dark concrete, human trash, and polluted sky lowers your consciousness.
“You are repetitively influencing your physical reality, and your physical reality is constantly influencing you. It is for this reason that so many ascending ones are leaving the crowded, polluted, concrete city to enter the countryside where nature’s voice can be heard above the noise of the city.

“Since your consciousness is popping in and out of different states of consciousness, all of your atoms are constantly popping into and out of different frequencies through their vortices of focused energy, while YOU are popping in and out of myriad inter-dimensional travels.

“Your third-dimensional brain is not aware of these myriad journeys because it is bound by time. When you venture out of the physical, you move into the realities beyond time. Since your 3D brain cannot understand that concept, it merely ignores it. However, once your consciousness expands to include your multidimensional mind, you will begin to realize that you are actually going somewhere.

“However, you did not go some ‘where.’ You go to some ‘frequency beyond the limitations of time.’ When you are entrained with the surrounding fifth dimensional elementals, which resonate beyond time, your 3D brain can begin to recognize your brief moments of disconnections from time. That is all it can remember because your physical brain can only compute third dimensional perceptions and experiences.

“When you return, a second or two before or after you left, the fifth dimensional elementals with whom you have established a relationship, will remind the fifth-dimensional elementals inside your body that you have taken an inter-dimensional journey.

“To expand your relationship with the fifth dimensional elementals, first merge with the third dimensional elements of physical earth, air, fire and water. To further merge with the elements, and hence the elementals, look into the invisible element of ether.

“Within the surrounding ethers of your physical world are the many fourth dimensional portals to the realm of Faerie in which the fourth/fifth dimensional gnomes of the earth element, sylphs of the air element, salamanders of the fire element and undines of the water element reside.

“Children are often able to play with the faeries, gnomes, sylphs, salamander and undines in their imagination. Children, who have not yet forgotten their imagination, can expand their consciousness into the higher frequencies of reality by opening a portal between their third dimensional physical brain and their multidimensional mind via the highway of light, which is their imagination.
“When you become ‘adults’ you forget what you have always known because you have to work hard in a job to survive. Fortunately, as you establish intimate relationships with the elementals, they will guide your multidimensional mind into the reality of your fifth-dimensional elemental self.

“It is through your relationship with the fifth-dimensional elemental world that you will KNOW Gaia as a living being of whom you are a component. This experience is similar to your toe realizing that it is part of your foot, which is part of your leg, which is part of your body and so on and so on.

“The greatest detriment to personal/planetary ascension is the illusion that you are separate from your reality. All the Lemurian descendants, as well as their descendants, your “native peoples,” know that person and planet are ONE being. They know that they can influence their reality with their thoughts and have an intimate relationship with the elements and elementals.

“It is for this reason that each of person, couple or small team that attended our Lemurian Celebration will be accompanied by a Lemurian. Their Lemurian friend will assist them to remember what they have always known. As you might guess, Lantern will be joining you and Jason.

“Be within the ONE. Maintain as high of a frequency of consciousness as possible and allow your life to unfold. YOU are the creator of your reality, so make sure that you allow your highest frequency of SELF be the pilot your life.
“The higher the frequency of your consciousness, the higher the frequency of your creations. Furthermore, remember to always bless ALL fear with Unconditional Love to keep your consciousness and your creation filled with love and connected to the ONE!”
With these final words, the Arcturian disappeared from my vision, but not from my heart. I was wondering if I could remember everything so I could share it with Jason when I glanced at the kitchen door.

There was Jason looking at me with such love that heart almost burst. He quickly walked the short distance across our small kitchen, encompassed me with his strong arms and whispered, “I heard everything!”

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Mar 5


I am El Morya, here today to take you through the portal into the Moon. The Moon was once a spacecraft, but is now inhabited by the higher fourth dimensionals who wish to be protectors of Earth.
To begin this journey, find the Moon inside your self, for that is the True Reality. Can you see it? Each of you may carry the Moon in a different area of your body. In fact, your Inner Moon, which is the Portal to Gaia’s Moon, can change locations with your emotions.

I ask you to close your eyes for a moment of the NOW and feel the power of your Inner Moon. Do you feel how the power of your Inner Moon is different than the power of your Inner Sun? It is calmer and subtler. It is not as steady as your Inner Sun, but waxes and wanes with your state of consciousness.

In fact, your Inner Moon IS your state of consciousness. When your consciousness is expanded, your Inner Moon is huge and fills your entire body with its peace and truth. Then, when your consciousness is trapped in the mire of physical life, you Inner Moon can feel dense and far away.

Therefore, take a moment to take some slow breaths to connect with your Inner Moon…

Once you have connected with your Inner Moon, allow your right hand to slowing rise and touch the place on your body where it is at NOW…

As you connect with your Inner Moon, allow its light to project the Path into Gaia’s Moon…

Slowly, you float upon the Path as you allow the Moon the pull you into Her embrace. As the Moon approaches, you know that you will easily move past its surface via the Portal of your Inner Moon. In a flash, you are inside the Moon.

The beauty inside the Moon is indescribable, and looks like a combination of Lemuria and the Land of Faerie in their peak expression. Floating above what appeared to be the grounded area (as the “ground” is inside of an orb), are many magnificent beings of the higher fourth dimension. In the very center of this reality is the Moon’s Violet Temple of Transmutation.

I, El Morya, must tell you that now you are on my own, for only those who can resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond could find their way to enter the Temple. Therefore, just relax into the unconditional love that you have felt for your self and for others. It is through the energy of your unconditional love that you shall find your Way.
As you relax into the flow of your unconditional love, you easily float up to the three stairs before the Temple entrance. You feel the innocence of purity of your Divine Child and know that state of consciousness will grant you the ability to climb these three stairs. You can see now that this Temple is made of pure violet light, and that its shape can change with your expectations. It is you state of innocence and purity that allows you to hear the manner in which you can climb these stairs.

Your consciousness is free of fear, or you would not be approaching this step. However, to climb the first stair, you must release ALL fear from every cell and atom of your physical form.

Inside, you hear the Mantra:

I NOW release ALL fear from every cell and atom of my physical form And replace it with Unconditional Love.

Say this Mantra three times, or as many times as you need to until you can believe it is true. Is it not a glorious feeling to experience your body completely free of fear?

To step upon the second stair, know and fully believe that YOU are the creator of your reality. Knowing that all you need is “enough” frees you from the toils of the third dimension. In the fifth dimension, you create only what you need for the NOW and allow it to return to the ONE for redistribution once you withdraw your attention from it. As you use this fifth dimensional thinking in your grounded life, it grants you complete independence from third dimensional worries. This independence comes from your total believe in the next Mantra:

“I ALWAYS have Enough.”

As you move toward the third step, you hear, “What will you forget?” To your surprise you answer,“I will forget nothing. I carry with me the memory of every life, every experience, every sorrow, joy, fear, anger, love and lost love that I have ever experienced in any of my third dimensional incarnations. I, a speck of the ONE, entered the individuality of the third dimension to gain experiences, which I vowed to share with the ONE. Therefore, I now place every earthly experience I have ever had upon the Threshold of this Temple, so that I may share all that I have known.”

As you place your earthly experiences on the Threshold, you hear the third Mantra:“I now place every earthly experience I have ever had on
the Threshold of Ascension, so that I may share them with the ONE.”

With the last Mantra, you float into the Temple and are instantly surrounded by every higher dimensional Being you have known during your many sojourns on third dimensional Earth. You listen calmly as they tell you that you are now, and have always been, an Ascended Master.

As you return to your mundane life, you hold the memory of being surrounded by my many Guides and higher expressions of your SELF who are bathing you in their unconditional love. You vow to Gaia that you will retain an earth vessel for as long as necessary, so that you can contribute your Light to Her Planetary Ascension. You know that something important is happening, and you will maintain your presence on the body of Gaia for as long as she needs you!

You are not yet aware how this process will influence your life, but you vow to remember the three stairs:

I NOW release ALL fear from my earth vessel.

I KNOW that I AM creating “enough.”
I share all my physical experiences with the ON

By Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 5th March 2012 by Shanti 

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Vel sanus: sharing:::Amazing KUNG FU PUSHUP – YouTube

Vel sanus: sharing:::Amazing KUNG FU PUSHUP – YouTube.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

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Galactic Federation Update – March 26, 2014





Galactic Federation of Light
Galactic Federation of Light

Channeled by Sheldan Nidle

5 Cauac, 2 Mac, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We return! We come with more news about what is happening around your world. At present, a worldwide reset is going on that is swiftly to bring you a number of important gifts. The global financial system is nearing a state of stress where those who wish to maintain the old are finding out that their former dominance is rapidly fading.

Our liaisons are reporting that this process has reached a point where the new system is beginning to manifest. The dark cabal now understands that the new system is to manifest fully and that their stalling is at an end! In other areas of import, we are nearly to the level where new governance can be officially announced. As this galactic month of March winds down, know that a new reality is to appear brightly before your eyes.

In the new reality, you are to hear clearly of our benevolent mission to your world, and of our mass landing on your beautiful shores! We then intend to address you and give you an overview of how you are to return to full consciousness. At that time your Agarthan cousins are also to introduce you to the lands of Inner Earth.Gaia has told us that the time for our mission here is nearing a point where it is necessary to bring those matters delaying contact to a head and open channels to contact. The present cabal-controlled government has hesitantly permitted only a brief mention of what happened over the past years since Roswell. This degree of non-cooperation needs to be stopped as she dearly wishes to reunite her inner and outer halves. Every so often, dimensional glitches occur that create anomalous situations.

These can lead to tragedies. We understand what her elementals are expressing. It is at times difficult to keep an ever-changing surface world totally isolated from a much higher dimensional reality. This interference can cause effects that forge odd environmental catastrophes. Major areas for these anomalous inter-dimensional events are found off the shores of Southeast Asia, off the coasts of southern Africa, North America and Western Australia.

Such an event happened around a passenger plane just off the coast of Malaysia. This passenger craft was caught in a suddenly open portal which caused many electrical devices to either fail or behave strangely. The crew did not know what to do or even where to go. The craft was swept literally out to sea. It finally returned to “normal” and found itself in Agartha. You can probably guess the rest. We only mention this since this particular flight was kept a mystery for a long time.

We say this because these various points of dimensional intersection are shortly to become more active. We have been watching this closely and wish to make you aware that your home world needs to reunify itself. The forces led by the dark cabal need to be defeated and the pressures to drastically transform your reality need to be victorious. We have therefore instructed our liaisons to use whatever force is required to bring in a new reality on Gaia’s surface.

At present, the dark is being told to surrender and to allow a new prosperity and a new governance to take hold. Events are ready to manifest that can swiftly bring in this governance. We ask all of you to use your vast collective energies to bring this about. Your global societies have reached a point where a great deal of change is decreed to occur. We are assisting our Earth allies to push this evil cabal from power. We ask them to take control of your surface world and bring you to a welcomed victory.

The various other phenomena that are ready to intensify show clearly the wisdom behind such a move. As you grow in consciousness, it becomes more and more difficult for the dark and its numerous minions to maintain any semblance of a status quo.

This spring is indeed an ideal time for the rise of a new group that, in the name of the Light, can introduce you to the freedom and sovereignty that each of you truly possesses. In this new realm you can at last meet your spiritual and space families!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come, knowing that many things in your realm are in limbo. These are due to the final aspects of a secret conflict between the leaders of the dark cabal and those pledged to much overdue changes in the financial world. The global economy is in need of a massive transformation. These alterations are blessings that need to be implemented. Our associates and other like-minded groups are determined to institute these changes now!

Once these things are formally announced, we can move forward with the rest of the divine agenda to replace the current corrupt governance with a newer one. This makes it possible to permit us in Agartha to come forward and freely explain many things to you. Our associates firmly state to us that these various financial items are underway. This is to open a road that is to end your current difficulties.

You are all in the midst of changes to your physical bodies that are to be the prelude to returning to full consciousness. New governance can give you a plethora of new technologies, as well as a release of information on your origins and history. All of this combined together is a wondrous beginning for what we intend to teach. Its basis is that we are all part of a vast interlinked unity called Life, formed from the great Love and infinite Light stemming from the Creator.

Physicality just is! It has no true beginnings. Part of this is due to the realities expressed by the Supreme Energies that are the Creator. It is this grand Love that brings us together. You live in a world of horrible illusions that appear real! Our service is to alter these and together change these illusions to ones filled with Love Light, Freedom and Prosperity!

Often, you have to face a terrible dragon. This horror-filled illusion can cause grief, ill health and a massive fear to appear suddenly. Be strong and realize that you are not alone. Supporters and a grand Love of the Divine Light surround you. Take this time to go inward and feel your inner strengths. Take succor from Heaven and know in your heart that this realm is indeed changing. The events of this day are to bring in a new Light that is to shine and expose the dark. Their time is ending. A new era for humanity is well underway.

Take heart from what is happening and be prepared to share your great Love and grand gifts with all. Our message is to rejoice internally and be ready to do the same with each other. Good times are manifesting! A wondrous prosperity is truly here! Our reaction is one simple phrase. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we continued with our message. You are surrounded by a world filled with Love and Light. Yet, you see only the dark and its numerous manifestations. Together, we can transform this darkness into freedom and prosperity! The time comes for all of us to alter this darkness into Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours!

So Be It!

Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!

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Equipoise: ▶ How to Protect Your Neck during Ab Exercises -Sharing…youtube

Equipoise: ▶ How to Protect Your Neck during Ab Exercises -Sharing…youtube.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

▶ How to Protect Your Neck during Ab Exercises -Sharing…youtube

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When Gaia first enters the fifth dimension, you will likely wear your form/body at all times as a means of comfort. Comfort often comes from what is familiar, such as wearing a form. In fact, you will likely choose to wear a form of gender, as that is also familiar. However, you will remain on the fifth dimensional threshold until you have recognized and united with your Divine Complement. Your Divine Complement, also known as your Twin Flame, is the completion of your SELF that split into a gender when you first took form in the third andfourth dimensions.

Since you are united with all life on the fifth dimension, there will be no effort in connecting with your Complement. Because there is no time or space in the fifth dimension, all you will need to “do” is to put out the call for your Twin Flame, and instantly, you will be united. You will know that this union has occurred because you will feel complete bliss and total unity. Many of you are already in contact
with your Twin Flame/Divine Complement in your grounded reality, but you may not know it, as your Complement may be a child, a best friend, or a parent.

In fact, throughout your many third dimensional incarnations, you and your Complement have met in many differing forms of relationships. (see Reconstructing Reality by Suzan Caroll) Fortunately, the instant manifestation of your thoughts in the fifth dimension will allow you to instantly perceive your Complement. On the other hand, if your thoughts and emotions become fearful,
your resulting lowered consciousness will immediately return you to the lower dimensional realities.

This return to the lower realities is in no way a punishment. It is simply a matter of resonance. Your reality is a result of your state of consciousness. In order to maintain a state of consciousness that resonates to the fifth dimension, your thoughts and emotions must be based on unconditional love, unconditional acceptance and unconditional forgiveness. We know that your grounded self may find unconditional love to be impossible to maintain. However, once in the fifth dimension, unconditional love fills the ethers, and you feel totally safe and united with all life. With more frequent experiences of the fifth dimension, it will become easier to maintain that state of consciousness.

Your Multidimensional SELF is preparing you now for this shift by showing you how quickly your thoughts and emotions create your reality. You are also being shown any remnants of your ego attachment and service to self. You are brave spiritual warriors to confront your ego and fears again and again, so that you may regain your full Mastery of Energy (thoughts and emotions). It is because you are becoming a Master of Energy that you are able to navigate from one reality to another.


The “fuel” for your inter-dimensional travel is unconditional love. Unconditional love raises the frequency of all it touches and is the force that will expand the Corridor to encompass the sixth dimension and beyond. As the force of your collective, unconditional love touches the perimeters of the Corridor, its resonance will escalate the frequency of the Corridor into the next dimension. In this case, it will extend the resonance of the Corridor into the sixth dimension. Do you see how we are having you participate in your journey now? We no longer need to guide you, for you are fully awakening. Hence, we now give you the tools
and allow you to experiment with your expanding perceptions and powers.

Remember that the fifth dimension and beyond is free of time and space. Therefore, it takes no time, nor do you travel across space to enter the sixth dimension. Instead, as the frequency of the Corridor oscillates, it raises its inhabitants into a higher dimension. Because of the tremendous force of unconditional love emanating from the many different ones who are now united in this Corridor, we can easily make our transition into the sixth dimension.

Remember, since there is no time or space in the Corridor, it does not matter “when” people tune into this experience or “where” they are located.

The force of unconditional love oscillates us up and down the different frequencies/densities via the “elevator” of vertical reality, where we can open the
“elevator door” to enter the “floor” of the horizontal realities on each density. The constant oscillation of Flow of unconditional love up and down the different dimensions greatly increases its power. Therefore, we ask you to oscillate your energy/consciousness from the third dimension to the fourth dimension and back to the third dimension.

Then, oscillate your consciousness from the fourth dimension into the fifth dimension, then back to the fourth. In this manner, you will gather momentum to expand your resonance/consciousness from the fifth dimension into the sixth.

After you have practiced moving your consciousness up and down the vertical realities, “fuel up your consciousness” with unconditional love. Now, again
oscillate your consciousness up and down the vertical reality, but FEEL how unconditional love is the force that drives you. You are creating a huge engine of unconditional love, which is the Cosmic Force needed to promote a higher state of consciousness, thinking, expectation, and perception.

Every possible reality is always with you in its own resonant frequency. In order to experience each reality, you must raise your consciousness up the vertical realities to match your resonant frequency to that horizontal reality. You will remain in that reality as long as you can maintain that resonance. Since there is no separation in the fifth dimension and beyond, you are always in all the realities all the time. However, the remaining attachments you have to the third and fourth dimensions make it difficult for you to experience more than one reality at a “time.”

Your multidimensional SELF is able to connect with and experience all your realities in the NOW of the ONE. When you are perfectly aligned with your Multidimensional SELF, you, too, can have this experience. However, you will need to release your attachments to your physical body, as well as your ego’s beliefs, illusions and expectations. Most important, you will need to release your attachment to fear. You may think that releasing fear would be easy, but it has been your companion for many third and lower fourth dimensional lives.

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor II
Posted 24th November 2011 by Juan Pablo
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El Ser UNO – A: ▶ El Ser Uno II – Planeta 3.3.3 Los Guardianes de Tera – Parte 9 – YouTube

El Ser UNO – A: ▶ El Ser Uno II – Planeta 3.3.3 Los Guardianes de Tera – Parte 9 – YouTube.

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lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

▶ El Ser Uno II – Planeta 3.3.3 Los Guardianes de Tera – Parte 9 – YouTube

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Conversation With Lightworker Part 2 and FREE meditation download



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Conversations with a Lightworker
Part 2
 Projections from the Vortex
Sue:    We both realize that WE are the holographic projector that is projecting our reality from inside of us onto the multidimensional matrix of Earth. This multidimensional matrix has a 3D, 4D and 5D version of reality on planet Earth. We can only live a reality that we can perceive, AND our perceptions are calibrated to our state of consciousness.

Therefore, we can only experience a 3D reality if we perceive it. We can only experience a 4D reality if we can perceive it, and we can only perceive a 5D reality if we can perceive it.
Lightworker:  Yes. I understand that. I also know that we can only perceive all three realities if we resonate to our multidimensional consciousness.
S:         Absolutely. Therefore, we are going to take some long, slow deep breaths to envision a huge vortex filled with unconditional love. We are right in the middle of that vortex.  Do you see that huge vortex going around us?
L:         Yes.
S:         Now you can see our human selves saying,  “Oh my, there’s so much to do.  I’m overwhelmed there are too many things.”  Do you see that?
L:         Yes, okay.
S:         Now let’s turn around and give our human self (who likely doesn’t know he or she is in this vortex) a big unconditional hug as we say, “I Love You Unconditionally. I you know it’s hard to forget that you are human, isn’t it?  It’s such an addictive feeling. Therefore, I’m going to ask you to remember that the ONE who is giving you this hug is a higher frequency of your Multidimensional SELF.” 
L:         That felt really good.
S:         Now let’s go back to being a holographic projector.  Our earth vessel is basically a holographic projector.  This holographic projector takes our thoughts to create thought-forms, which we fill with the life force of emotion.
Now we have created a possible reality, which we will allow to flow out through our holographic projector and onto our 3D matrix. Once this possible reality is placed on our 3D matrix, we have an opportunity to choose that version of our 3D reality. However, this 3D matrix is of a very low frequency. 
Therefore, we need to remember that we are actually inside of a huge vortex with unconditional love constantly streaming through it. Because we, our Multidimensional SELF, are infinitely inside this vortex, we can feel that unconditional love all around us. Then, because we feel the love around us, we can easily create a reality of unconditional love.
L:         Yes, I like that choice.
S:         In order to perceive the many versions of reality that our Multidimensional SELF has projected from within the vortex and onto the multidimensional matrix of Earth, our consciousness must resonate to the frequency of that dimension. Our consciousness can only attach to realities that resonate to the same, or a lower, frequency/dimension.
Therefore, if our consciousness is fifth dimensional we can attach to a fifth, fourth or third dimensional reality. In fact, we can attach to all three frequencies of reality, as the higher dimensions can perceive/experience the lower. However, our third dimensional self can only perceive the higher frequencies if we expand our consciousness into the higher dimensions.
For example, our physical eyes can only see a fifth-dimensional being if our consciousness is expanded into the fifth dimension. If we only have a third dimensional state of consciousness, we will not be able to perceive that version of reality which is filled with unconditional love.
Thus, even though our Multidimensional SELF projected that higher version of reality onto the multidimensional matrix of Earth, we cannot experience it until we remember that we are actually in a huge vortex of unconditional love. This vortex is also called the “Arcturian Corridor.”
L:         Is the Arcturian Corridor a huge vortex?
S:         Yes, but we only know about this vortex/corridor if our consciousness is calibrated to the fifth dimension and beyond. When we acknowledged that we were in this corridor, we actually sent out a multidimensional holographic projection. Then, the third dimensional version attached to the third-dimensional frequency of the 3D Earth matrix, the fourth-dimensional version attached to the 4D Earth matrix, and the fifth-dimensional version attached to the 5D matrix of Earth.
L:         Yes, I can see that parts of the holographic projection resonate to different vibrations. The denser, lower frequency projections have bigger particles, while the smaller particles can go right through the bigger particles because they are less density and much smaller. Our physical eyes cannot see the smaller particles of the fourth and fifth dimension. They cannot be seen because they are too small and do not have enough density to be seen with our 3D vision. 
S:         Okay, please say that again because that was really deep. Can you talk more about the density and size of the particles of potential form?
L:         I see that the denser particles of potential form that are like big balls, with smaller, balls of light that flow through the larger particles.
S:         Which is the higher frequency and which is the lower frequency?
L:         The lower frequency has the big, heavier particles. Then between and inside the bigger and denser lower frequency particles are all the smaller and finer higher frequency particles. The big particles are not aware of the little ones.
S:         Yes, and the smallest particles are quantum particles, as they are free of time and space. Therefore, they are instantly everywhere and can perceive everything.  The particles that are in-between the third dimensional and quantum (fifth dimensional) particles are astral particles of the fourth dimension. These particles hold time, but fourth-dimensional time is much faster and more mutable than third-dimensional time.
L:         Right. We can see the fourth-dimensional particles when we are dreaming or meditating.
S:         Yes, our physical body actually has these smallest particles inside and between the bigger, denser particles. These quantum particles are in our 97% DNA, as well as in the photons of every atom, as photons travel faster than time.  Hence we are partly quantum even while wearing our earth vessel.  We just don’t know or believe that. 
Because we forgot about our innate quantum nature, we think that we cannot perceive the smaller fifth-dimensional particles that have attached to the 5D matrix or the fourth-dimensional particles that attach the 4D matrix
As long as our primary consciousness is third dimensional, we do not know that we can perceive the higher dimensions of reality. Fortunately, once we regain our multidimensional perceptions we will be able to perceive and experience the 3D matrix, the 4D matrix and the 5D matrix. When this occurs, we can choose what frequency of reality we want as our primary perception/dimension of reality.
The reality that we perceive, is the reality that we live. In other words, now we have to meditate to raise our consciousness to perceive the higher worlds. However, since so much of our earth vessel is already quantum (fifth dimensional), we can decide to make our primary reality the fifth dimension. Then we can meditate to lower our consciousness if we want to experience the fourth or third dimension.
L:         Why would we want to lower our consciousness? Yes, I know it would be to assist others, but once we return to the lower frequencies of reality can’t we get trapped there?
S:         Yes, it is very easy to get trapped in the third dimension because when our consciousness lowers, we often forgot about our higher dimensional self. Fortunately, our “quantum self” is constantly sending messages to us via the portals of our 97% DNA and our Photons, as well as through our pineal gland and meditations. Furthermore, our fourth dimensional self sends us dreams and mediations about our true self.
L:         But we have to remember to listen to our inner voice and our dreams to get these messages.
S:         Yes, we do. When we listen inside of our self, we can remember that instead of the higher frequencies being further out or above, the higher frequencies are really deeper in, because they are inside of our DNA, inside of our cells and inside our multidimensional consciousness. 
L:         Right, and inside our kundalini that is inside of our spinal cord.
S:         Yes, ALL we have to do is make sure that our consciousness resonates to the frequency that creates the perception of the reality that we want to live.  Hence, when we are awake to our earthly life, and we are driving in traffic to get to work, we are late and we’ve got this appointment and that appointment and “Oh my gosh, did I forget to do that?” we have to remember to calibrate our consciousness to the fifth dimensional version of reality. Then we will begin to remember how to detach from the 3D matrix and attach to the 5D matrix.
L:         Right. In our fifth-dimensional reality, which resonates to the 5D matrix, we will be teleporting to work or relaxing in some hip public transportation that gets us there instantly. Also, words like “work,” “late,” “traffic,” and “forget” will no longer be in our thoughts.
S:         I love that thought. Also, if we get frazzled, fatigued, nervous, and/or distressed, we know our consciousness has dropped.  Then we need to shut the door, maybe take a walk, get some water and/or relax so that we can remember that we have fallen into our third-dimensional consciousness. Therefore, we can only perceive and interact with the version of reality that has attached to the 3D matrix of Earth. Once we expand our consciousness into the fourth dimension, we will perceive and experience the 4D matrix of Earth’s reality.
L:         Yes, and when we expand our consciousness into the fifth dimension we can perceive and live the reality of Earth’s 5D matrix. Then we will be experiencing New Earth!
S:         Sounds good to me. Then we go “Home” to New Earth to relax and enjoy the life that WE, our Multidimensional SELF, projected from the Arcturian Corridor onto Gaia’s 5D holographic matrix. (Laughter) 

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