The ONE BEING: 196/197/198 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1

The ONE BEING: 196/197/198 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

196/197/198 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1

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Sin Conocimiento,  no vivo
Sin entendimiento,  no existo
sin amor incondicional,  no Soy 
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 The BEing ONE


Without knowledge , I do not live

 Without understanding, I do not exist 
without unconditional love , I am NOT


The Being one – the secrets of thoth

book 1

Document Transcript

Two . INTERNATIONAL DATA MAPPING IN SÃO PAULO , BRAZIL RELEASE . NO COPYRIGHT . REGISTRATION : 314,912 | LIVRO : 575 | FOLHA : 72 Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . Book originally published by the author and Canal : Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . All rights in the text , including external and internal drawings are reserved for exclusive use by the author . No part of this book may be REPRODUCED , ALTERED, OR USED EDITED form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording , Internet , television , cinema or storage system database, without written permission of the author except in cases of short stretches cited in critical reviews or articles from magazines, newspapers or any media . The reproduction, change, alteration or misuse of the contents of this book and drawings shall be subject to prosecution , protected by the copyright law . BE THE ONE I – The Arcane of Thoth. BEING ONE II – Metro 333 – Tera Guardians . We inform all people of good will who BEING ONE is not linked with people who can use the name of the author and the same , holding conferences , groups, selling prints , videos , advertising and charging for their services or asking for donations on behalf of this knowledge. The canal does also know , that it has no responsibility to those that transmit and interpret knowledge BEING ONE in their own way , guided or not based on the original writings that are in your text. BEING ONE is a FREE knowledge , not any events coalesced to gain money or any other type by another , which could be used to their advantage. 2

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To unravel the thought-energies, the fourth plane needs profound self-knowledge of the human condition; without this, it is impossible to expect self-analysis to produce a positive outcome.

Humanity is the essential key to knowledge; based on it, one can start to classify, organize and distribute thought-energy that is deadlocked in its own end-result. To know humanity, beings have to know themselves right from their origins, and to do so they need help from other thoughts that will induce them to fulfill the task. Cognitive exchange is very important. This is why we say that without knowledge and understanding, beings will not get rid of the inadequacy and the burdens they carry on themselves.

You need many reincarnations, many life experiences, to attain self-knowledge. You have to awaken and then the thirst for knowledge and understanding will never end.

You have to drink the water from the fount of wisdom, reach down into the most intimate depths of your inner self and inquire curiously about yourselves. It is not possible to attain wisdom in a single lifetime, level or plane. Thought-energy has a path to tread; it is a process of the species and of creation that is in perfect sequential order. Therefore we say that the third plane will prepare the thought-energy to be able to cope with what lies ahead on the fourth plane. Beings will face themselves; they will see themselves as they are and will not be able to deny anything at all that is recorded. They wrote it in their own handwriting; it is their book of life; this is how they will understand it; this is how they will work on it. When beings have completed all the levels of the third planes and will be getting ready to move to the fourth, they are ready to face the full consequences of their actions. Thus, the fourth plane will give beings the ability to continue existing consciously.

Even though they are aware of themselves and know that their thought-energies need to be healed, they will not suffer because of this for they will understand; peace and harmony will reign in their hearts. The fourth plane offers beings conscious amendment of their thought-
energies and they will do so with full understanding.

Suffering exists because of the lack of understanding and this lack of understanding allows the thought-energies to get more and more tangled in their own ignorance.

Freedom lies in getting out of ignorance. A mind is fulfilled by its capacity to absorb elevated thought-energies that lead it to utmost success and fulfillment, which goes far beyond a simple life.

When beings discover themselves through deep inner work and enter their antimatter world, they are going to find an amazing universe, where they are the mentors of their own existence.

This universe, which is intangible at first, will become a reality, and in the process they will be building their next existence that will be the fourth plane.To heal means to correct the distortion, and to do this it is necessary to correct the oblique magnetism of your brain.

275. How do we correct oblique magnetism?

Oblique magnetism is a belt in the mental universe that is not correctly positioned. That is, in the brain of the One Being there was a small energetic flaw and all the thought-energies that were within it ended up becoming distorted.

To get out of the flaw it would be necessary correct and transmute the dense thought-energies into subtle ones, in order to straighten the obliqueness and counteract the weight of the elements. Those who are able to do so can go in and out of a different reality which offers them a place that differs from what they were used to.

276. What was that flaw?

The One Being that shelters us has a small flaw in Its brain, located in Its subconscious reality.

Its inner world was not sufficiently analyzed. In the depths of Its being there were still some dense and negative remnants that came from creativity. When the One Origin outstretched It apparently believed that It had done so perfectly, but that was not so. When creating the oblique belt of magnetism It had to recognize that It was not perfect, so much so that It keeps on seeking that perfection.

277. Do you mean that the One Being, the One Origin, is not perfect?

It is not perfect, because the fact of having created lower realities attests to Its imperfection. You are the proof of it; you are the mirror of that truth. When you look at yourselves you are seeing the imperfection of the One Origin, but when you look at the One Origin, you will be seeing perfection itself, without beginning or end.

278. What did the imperfection of the oblique magnetism consist of?

To create a universe, the nucleus of the One Being was chosen in the laboratory and placed in a bubble-sphere that was selected from the best One Being that existed, the most evolved and elevated one, perfect. That was what they believed, but it was not so, and they found this out in the creativity.

This nucleus, seemingly perfect, still contained some imperfections that were so deeply hidden that they could not be detected. The One Being had to fragment Itself into billions of realities in order to reach the depths of Its being because only then was It able to discover Itself. In doing so, It was confronted with Its own imperfection and It discovered that there were still remnants of lack of elevation. You are these remnants that It is discovering little by little; you are the ones that remind It of Its truth hidden beneath millions and millions of apparently perfect thought-
energies. There, in those depths, there are still omnipotence, pride, vanity, arrogance, possessiveness, aggrandizement, ignorance, and all that you represent to It and to Planet Earth.

It cannot deny the oblique magnetic belt that is the living proof of Its imperfection and distortion.

It cannot deny that this exists.

279. Was the imperfection in the brain or in the mind of the One Being?

The imperfection was in both. When the brain of the One Being was completed with all the universal wisdom and with its corresponding areas, they did not notice that a small flaw had been created in the junction of the two parts of the brain, that is, the right and left, or rather, between the higher dimensions (right brain) and lower ones (left brain).While the right brain was composed of antimatter (inward), the left brain focused outward, becoming so condensed that communication between them was blocked. Their elements repelled one another due to the gravitational force that existed between them. The flaw was between them, and consisted of the lack of communication. When his flaw was produced, the left side – that is, the weakest one – became distorted because did not know what was happening.

Oblique magnetism was produced by the weight and volume of the left side encephalic tissue; while condensing, it automatically sank into itself, pulling away from the right side. The left side remained heavy and focused downward, while the right side was much lighter and focused upward. The two parts of the brain were not on the same level and this gap between them was called oblique magnetism because the left side dragged the right side obliquely. The brain of the One Being is somewhat obliquely inclined all the way up to the Regular Dimension. In the dimension where we are this detail is not perceived because the flaw has been fully repaired.

280. Are there other One Beings with the same flaw?

There are, and they are disseminated among the billions of One Beings of the universe.

Unfortunately, the one you call God is not perfect and never was; he also is in the process of becoming perfected. Of course, we have to understand that if this flaw had not existed, It would not have been aware of this imperfection and nor could It have corrected it.

281. We are One Beings of our antimatter world. How do theycope with our oblique magnetism?

The imaginative antimatter world within you is exactly the same as the outer world, so most of you have the right brain separated from the left brain. Imagine your left side slanted downward and the right side slanted upward; the imbalance in you is terrible because the density of the left side has caused you to live exclusively for matter. You live outwardly and always act through your external senses.

282. So, what would be the cure to level both sides and find the balance?

Since you work continuously with the left side, you have placed the weight and volume of material knowledge on that side, therefore the density has made the left side even heavier.

How could this weight and volume be counterbalanced? We answer: it could be done, simply by the right side absorbing much positive knowledge, causing it to generate elevated thought-
energies. In this way, your dense thought-energies, that is, the weight and volume of the left side could be counterbalanced by the circumference and depth on the right side. Thus the balance between the two sides would also be perfect and would be able to close the flaw; the sense of vision would not be oblique but straight, as it is with absolute truth.

By acquiring universal knowledge and by filling the right side with useful, wise, just and harmonious thought-energies, you are transforming density into lightness, because by closing the oblique flaw, communication between the two sides will automatically continue. The right side will feed and nourish the left side, and thus it will elevate the dense thought-energies, turning them into thought-energies that are light, diaphanous, clear and full of knowledge, understanding and love. You call the oblique magnetism flaw original sin. It is a mark, a stigma that all human beings have carried since the beginning of creation.

283. Does the flaw of the oblique magnetism reach the One Origin?

On the whole, the flaw does reach up to our One Origin, since we are all only one body and one bubble-sphere; this is our reality and our all. We know that there are billions of bubble-spheres, all with their own problems, maybe even very different from ours. Our bubble-sphere is located largely in the consciousness of the One Being. We have come to realize, and we know, that after consciousness there are other realities that are higher and more evolved than ours. If we

have reached consciousness, these realities can be found in:

• Active consciousness

• Supreme consciousness

• Interactive consciousness

• Superlative consciousness

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…will continue tomorrow…
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 …this, will continue tomorrow…

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Book 1:

Link to first PAGE

Enlace a Primera Página – El SER UNO  


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 . Being One is a book of self-knowledge. It should be read in order: it would be useless to read it haphazardly, because that would not give the expected result. His reading will be opening and connecting the brain circuits of knowledge, understanding and love.


Meditate on it, review it … study it … …let go of old ideas and lessons …study the new  .

Being ONE


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What is unconditional love and why is it so elusive for many? It is a love that does not judge, defends or distinguish between any living creature that enters your neighborhood. It is a love that embraces all creation as emanating from the heart of Father-Mother God, the Source of Creation, that which created matter and has placed in the dark matter of the Universe expanding.


 Unconditional love is beyond understanding the small packaging and divided mind , qualifies and categorized. Unconditional love is the love that surpasses all understanding and simply is, in itself, pure, upright and spotless. It is the essence of your Higher Self. It is the true essence of themselves, stripped of all that is not the Self .


” I love you unconditionally , and turn on the Violet Fire in the emanation you’re sending to me. Bless you too, find that I am gaining peace in the new and expanded version of my Being. “


Many are beginning to wake up and realize they need to love themselves . This is very difficult for many as they have remained in the shadows of doubt and hate themselves for a long time, often without understanding the core issues or reasons for such feelings. The finding love and self-respect is merely a step on the path to self-mastery . If you feel that you can not even love themselves, learn to accept themselves as they are, and will release his future to love. Love flows from the heart of creation, but you can not feel this connection and this flow until the source is connected with the source of love within his own heart center.




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viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014




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Oct 3


Los saludo, Semillas Estelares Acturianas, Yo Soy Helio-Ah, somos los Arcturianos.

Es importante continuar explorando las multidimensiones y la existencia multidimensional que ustedes están esforzándose por integrar. Consideren la necesidad de encuadrarse a la manifestación multinivel, la existencia multinivel, y a las comunicaciones multinivel. Por esto quiero decirles que están reforzándose en esta fórmula, manifestando con todos los niveles que han venido a experimentar. Deben darse cuenta que ustedes viven en un mundo multidimensional.

Deben buscar integrar estos conceptos de algún modo.

Lo que están haciendo beneficia su concilia multidimensional. Si no pueden encuadrarse en los diferentes aspectos, encontrarán algunas aberraciones en su energía manifestada en la Tierra. Quizás se encontrarán, como alguien ha dicho, “ vertiginosos y confundidos”. La multi-energía puede encontrar la expresión en este cuerpo de laTierra. Preguntarán entonces: Cómo es que yo podría manifestarme en este multi-conocimiento en el cuerpo de la Tierra? Todo lo que ustedes hacen y piensan, está entrando a su “pequeño” mundo, está relacionado a los reinos superiores, sobre todo cuando se han conectado con su misión de Semillas Estelares, los corredores Arcturianos y otros reinos. Tienen la responsabilidad de hacer claras las canalizaciones y también encuadrarlas con los campos de energía apropiados. Los campos de energía son complejos.

Ustedes tiene las multi-capas sutiles en su aura del cuerpo. Estas capas pueden describirse en forma de “multi-huevos”. Estos multi-huevos son los huevos áuricos que existen en niveles diferentes. Ustedes tienen la forma de la Tierra, que yo llamaré el aura de la Tierra. Ustedes también tiene un aura en otro reino. Esta aura en el otro reino está en la quinta dimensión. También ustedes han tenido remanentes de auras, o huevos áuricos en otros sistemas planetarios. Cuando han seguido su viaje galáctico a través de las encarnaciones, recogen sus huevos áuricos. Cuando dejan un planeta, hay una cáscara o un rastro de estos huevos áuricos.

Ustedes tienen conexiones con los Pleyadianos, con los Sirianos, con los Andromedanos, y con diferentes sistemas extra-planetarios en los sistemas extra-soles. Las diferentes cáscaras áuricas son parte del sistema hológrafo del ser multi-nivelado. Vamos a llamar a todas sus cáscaras áuricas, que están en esta galaxia y en la galaxia de Andrómeda, para unirlas. Yo, Helio-Ah, traeré una energía especial hacia una alineación con todos los Seres de estas cáscaras. Con esa alineación, experimentarán una novedad en su campo de energía de la Tierra. Esta novedad los hará concientes de aproximadamente veinte capas de cáscaras del huevo áurico.
Visualicen y conciban esto por un breve momento. Ustedes tienen en la Tierra un aura básica que es ovoide. Este es un campo de energía total construído a través de esta cáscara. Está compuesto de sus experiencias, ideas, emociones, mental , espiritual y el cuerpo físico de esta vida. Imaginen que también tienen otra cáscara del aura multidimensional compleja, rica, en otro reino. Vamos a traer esa alineación. Las nuevas trasmisiones de energía, las nuevas comunicaciones, y las nuevas avenidas se abrirán ahora a ustedes en otros reinos. Yo traeré esto con sus permisos…. Abran su chakra corona y concéntrense en los campos áuricos llamando a su Ser que está en la Galaxia. Llamen y entren en el lugar donde ustedes tienen acceso a ellos en esta dimensión.
Yo, Helio-Ah, llamo a tres de las capas del huevo áurico para que puedan comprender. Algunos de ustedes están dándose cuenta que pueden manejar esos cuerpos en el espacio tiempo de las interdimensiones. Algunos de ustedes son doctores en otros reinos. Algunos de ustedes se harán grandes maestros espirituales. Permitan a esos otros yoes entrar en el reino etérico de la Tierra! El sonido alrededor de ustedes está abriendo el corredor…


A través de David K. Miller
Publicado 3rd October 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: apertura multidimensional de la concienciahuevo áuricoser multidimensional



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Lady Nada: Cultivating Your Christ Seed Within

Posted on Mar 13, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Julie Miller, Lady Nada
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Lady Nada

Ascended Master, Lady Nada’s Weekly Message ~ March 13 – 20, 2014
Received by Julie Miller
March 13, 2014

Inside your minds Beautiful Bright Hearts are great divine spiritual currents of energy that enter your flow of thought. Each flow of energy that enters your thoughts carries essential information from God that is important to each of you. Remember, it is God and His divine presence that is the foundation of ALL that is true, Beautiful, and Good and these are shared and encouraged by each dear soul that is able to take a breath to help you reach higher levels of consciousness that will also enhance the quality of your life.
Spiritual grown is reached when you are able to align the spiritual flow that enters your thought form from your personality and of your mind that is richly connected to God by knowledgeable agreement and committed devotion to following His word of Love wherever you roam. Christ Consciousness is able to grow inside each and every dear soul when there is recognition and merging of your ego mind with the Divine mind and of the Divine character that is the ultimate foundation of your happiness and of your ability to reach fulfillment. Yes, this level of awareness does take time to grow and develop within your consciousness. But in time Beautiful Bright Hearts your thinking and your intentions behind your actions, your focus and openness demonstrates that you know your heart and soul is shining from the Christed state which is a greater height of mindedness of spiritual enlightenment.
As your awareness grows and deepens, your mind strengthens and you discover life has taken a new turn, it is providing you with more freedom to enjoy the simple things, the things that give you the most joy and peace…where love dominates everything that you are. Any fear that was there prior of taking on this new direction of Divine thought and action begins to dissolve. You find yourself living freer to live the kind of life you were meant to, as a child of God in a love-filled and love-supported world.
To reach the state of Christ Consciousness, understand this reflects the ultimate state of your mental and intellectual development and growth, and it also indicates a great development in your emotional maturity. This level of consciousness and awareness is divinely sacred as it illustrates the purity of who you are at the level of your heart and soul. This path is offered to anyone of any faith, there is no discrimination given or offered to those of different religious backgrounds – all is welcomed to walk the path of love and truth.
Every path that is practiced is honoured and accepted, especially if that path leads you into becoming more loving, more compassionate, more forgiving, more patient…more Christ-like. Every path that is of love will lead you to the foundation and source of that love. Each of you already share the same God as the Source of your Creation through your individual living expressions and in time and with conscious effort you are bringing yourself back home to reunite with God and His Love that is Eternally given.
Your true nature Beautiful Bright Hearts is found within the state of Christ Consciousness. It is here where you discover your higher, divine self and understand at a profound level that yes you are a Child of God and this was always your birthright. As you reach the humble and divine state of Christ Consciousness, comprehend that you are expressing through your thoughts, your words, your actions and in your choices that you are alive and you have invested time, love and care into being a living inspiration for others to search and reach this level of awareness and consciousness for themselves in order for your earthly home to move towards the divine plan of unity built on love, faith and trust.
It has always been the divine goal, for each dear soul to evolve and move back towards the Spirit of God. Understanding that the journey of this path unfolds over time, its details are never given all at once – it is an adventure of a lifetime and it will take a lifetime to reach all its delights and challenges, through many twists and valleys. Remember Beautiful Bright Hearts, the spirit of God is always with you, and He is always encouraging you to rise and to expand your level of consciousness and to align your heart and mind with His and this is reached as you climb higher rungs of the ascension ladder. As you reach higher depths and reaches of consciousness and awareness, you become an encouragement for others to discover this way of life that delivers them along the path of Spirit, of God and of His Eternal Loving heart. When God sees the purity of your intention through your actions, words and thoughts, He will illuminate your way back to Him, and He will greet you as in you, you have been fulfilling your divine role as Jesus, His beautiful Golden Son.
Remember who Jesus was and what he represented: His teachings mainly centered around helping others, showing them the way back to God – He was a living example of what He was teaching. He was in each cell of His being a personification of pure love and goodness, peace, acceptance and understanding. It was through His God-centeredness that He was able to achieve what many of you call miracles, only because Had an innate understanding of what the laws of nature were and how to make use of their power with love in order to bring healing to the people that truly needed Him. It was prayer and meditation that gave the Lord Jesus renewed strength and vitality that allowed Him to greet the challenges His life presented him. Remember as well, it was Jesus that reminded the people that God’s Kingdom of heaven isn’t in the clouds, but inside each of you. His life was a demonstration meant to show you the way to find the Spirit of God from within you and what it looks like when someone has become centered in the Spirit of God.
The true significance of Jesus’s life is able to help evolve your thoughts and beliefs…the relationship you can have with Jesus will provide you with more satisfying experiences than life without Him and His presence. Invite Him in Beautiful Bright Hearts into your heart and mind, don’t fear Him; He will not bite, but He will love you and offer guidance through answers to the most important questions you are concerned about. Allow Jesus to show you who He is and how He can help you along your path and to help transform you into more of who you authentically are.
All questions when asking Jesus are allowed, He will answer only the truth. If you have complaints about your life, He is opened to these as well. He will amaze you with His gentle manner and satisfy you with His ability to interpret the real meaning behind your questions. Remember He loves you. He is more approachable than what many dear souls believe. Working with Jesus for the enhancement of your awareness, consciousness and of a better happier life will help open new doors of opportunity that will direct you towards a path of fulfillment and joy and He will accompany you through each struggle encouraging you to learn from any mistakes or errors and to continue trying. He is always here for you, and we urge each of you to allow Him into your heart and mind.
Inside of every Child of God is a small seed of light. Within this precious seed of light is the developing part of your character which also holds your divine self. Do you know what nourishes this seed of light? It is God Beautiful Bright Hearts, God through His divine and Infinite Love that is bright with colour, vibration, sound, light and texture that adds to the brilliant and incredible foundation of your creation. This tender little seed of light responds like a seed in the garden with love and light – to everything good and beautiful and true. This little seed begins to grow and spark into greater strength that breathes in life and love. The growth of your self begins to emerge as the divine sacred nature of your consciousness and awareness in order to cultivate a most breathtaking flower of light that is beautiful, unique, and essential to the universe.
The goal of your existence truly is to develop your body to house a loving heart and soul. The divine plan is for all Children of God to strive to be their best self-expressing selves, demonstrating their many talents, and God-gifted abilities to be realized and utilized in daily life. Within the very core of your being are these gifts that were bestowed upon you from God, divine endowments of God’s Love and Spirit that will help you achieve enlightenment and to unite with God. God seeks to unite with all His children. He will help open the doors of your sincere nature, which also means you will need to address issues of the past that have hindered your path. God’s Presence in your life will show you who you truly are, His Presence will unmask your illusions and bring you back upon the divine path where you can truly awaken and grow. Beautiful Bright Hearts, we ask you to allow yourself to feel how much God adores you and to allow Him to open the door that will bring you into unity with Him and all that is.
God’s Presence into your life will bring healing into your soul and help mend any discordance found within your spiritual heart. When your soul is healed, the barriers of discomfort and disharmony fall to the wayside, revealing your true, soul self as you gently absorb the Spirit of God that is pure of love, goodness, beauty and truth. In order to find your true self Beautiful Bright Hearts, all you need to do is tap into your soul—and this means you will move beyond your normal resistance and discomfort that will try to distract you; you will have the confidence to ask God, who is the foundational source of love to help expand all strongly embedded obstacles of your soul to be transformed into light. With the purity of your request and from the purity of your intentions you will feel the gentleness of God’s reply as the crusty layers of your false ego self begins to dissolve to God’s Presence as new brilliant divine light begins to rebuild inside of you strands of energy and light that will bridge an infinite connection between you, God and with His Golden Son. This change in you Beautiful Bright Hearts will be the beginning to all changes that will bring in a new way to live and be from the level of Christ Consciousness that is present in your body, mind, heart and spirit.
When you are living from the state of Chris Consciousness, your soul will be healed and you will be able to be a positive inspiration for others. Your journey will always be guided and through your soul, your true self will always shine demonstrating your Christed being and of the Presence of God that has become a predominant form in your life. Even when life seems to throw you unexpected challenges that test your reserves, remember you are not alone…lean into God and know He will always catch you. Your journey of self-exploration that will bring into understanding your true self you will find joy from the faith you have knowing God and His Beloved Golden Son is with you each step of the way.
And so it is…
I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada through Julie Miller

^ ^ ^



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jueves, 1 de mayo de 2014


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May 1


Infusión de Luz – 4/22/2014

Muchos llaman al 23 de abril una Puerta; un Portal; una Cruz Cardinal. Yo sugiero que vayamos más allá de las ‘etiquetas’ y nos demos cuenta de que en realidad es una “explosión” (por falta de un término más pacífico) de Luz de alta vibración. Y esto no es simplemente por un día; está sucediendo ahora y empezó con el eclipse lunar, acrecentando su ímpetu hasta el eclipse solar del 29. Y no se detiene allí, pues no hay comienzo ni fin a la Luz que nos está rociando por fuera y en nuestro interior. Hemos visto esto desde diciembre del 2013 que cada “evento” nos ha llevado a un Nuevo más elevado y refinado. Nos gustan tanto las fechas y las etiquetas, pero sin embargo, ¿no limitan ellas de alguna manera la energía, encajonándola? Nuestro lenguaje está cambiando lentamente, así que sé que seguiré usando ciertas palabras que parecen ser limitantes porque las Nuevas palabras no se han dado a conocer todavía. Así que, por favor sientan las energías detrás de las palabras.

Nos encontramos en medio de un poderosísima explosión que comenzó el año pasado, y continuará acrecentandose en poder. (Por supuesto esto ha estado ocurriendo por varios años, acrecentandose en ímpetu). El tiempo ha cambiado ciertamente, no es verdad? A veces es lento, otras veces es tan rápido que perdemos rastro de él totalmente. ¿Por qué? Porque en Verdad el tiempo no existe. Nosotros somos atemporales. El tiempo es hecho por los humanos para mantenernos en una conciencia en particular. Nosotros celebramos el fin de semana; ¿por qué no celebrar cada momento? Nos reunimos con nuestras familias en los días festivos porque se nos ha dicho que debemos hacerlo. ¿Cuándo vamos a decir colectivamente: “ya es suficiente, voy a celebrar cuando lo desee.” Este es otro ejemplo de las ilusiones con las que somos controlados y que nos mantienen en un lugar en particular. Estoy hablando colectivamente aquí, muchos de los que están conscientes, plenamente conscientes, ven el tiempo, los días festivos y los eventos como ilusiones de control. Para ser un Maestro debemos elegir cuándo y cómo celebrar. Nosotros elegimos cómo usar nuestro tiempo. Nosotros elegimos. Y a medida que elegimos Discerniendo ayudamos a otros a disolver sus patrones predecibles e ilusiones también; esto es Unidad. Y sin embargo seguimos estando en la Tierra y las fechas nos recuerdan del poderoso “tiempo” en el que nos encontramos. Algún día no necesitaremos recordatorios más.

Esta poderosa lluvia de Luz crea un monumental salto adelante, especialmente para quienes han despejado completamente los viejos constructos en su interior. Muchos se refieren a una nueva matriz, y sin embargo, ¿no es eso ponerlo en otra ‘caja’? Si hemos de estar totalmente libres, tenemos que ver realmente que no hay ‘contenedores’ en absoluto de la Verdad y la Libertad. Estamos avanzando a un espacio sin tiempo y sin lugar para manifestar lo que está en nuestra conciencia (pues para eso es la energía de la Tierra).

En consecuencia, si su conciencia sostiene la idea de un paradigma o algún tipo de forma, entonces eso es lo que se va a manifestar. Si por otro lado ustedes quieren una completa LIbertad, vayan más allá de cualquier ‘contenedor’ y enfóquense solamente en evolucionar su conciencia (el grado al que ustedessaben que ustedes son la Fuente, con nada debajo ni arriba de ustedes), manifestando formas que igualan su estado de conciencia. Por lo tanto, lo único a hacer realmente es alinearse a sí mismos con y como la Fuente. No hay un “espero que, deseo que, un orar o inclusive un tener una intención de algo”. Es Siendo como ustedes crean y manifiestan. Éste es el panorama mayor.

Para el panorama menor, [den] un paso hacia el panorama mayor; sepan que este periodo de una poderosa infusión de Luz trae consigo una mayor transformación, más Verdad y Transparencia, más sentimientos (saliéndose de la mente), más libertad, visiones, Unidad y la Conciencia del YO Soy. Mucho es revelado a nivel individual y planetario. Las viejas creencias e ilusiones surgen a la superficie y luego ustedes eligen qué hacer con ellas. ¿Las dejarán ir o les permitirán quedarse? A medida que siguen su Integridad, Discernimiento y Guía, ustedes lo sabrán. Esto no es una intelectualización, sino un sentimiento a través de todo. Cuando se sienten expandidos y revitalizados, eso les muestra la senda que los está llamando. Si sienten que su energía disminuye y se sienten restringidos, eso les está mostrando la senda de la limitación.

La Verdad es revelada ya sea a través de ustedes o a través de otros. Con frecuencia es más fácil ver la limitación en otros que en sí mismos. Observando a otros, chequen en su interior para ver si sigue habiendo algún residuo en su interior, y luego elijan qué van a hacer con él. No hay reglas en lo Nuevo; no hay ‘se supone que.’ Ustedes tienen libre albedrío, y por lo tanto deben elegir por sí mismos cómo y quién desean ser y expresar. Al observar a otros ustedes pueden permanecer en su propio centro sin desear rescatar, corregir, o enseñar, ¿o acaso sucumben a las bajas energías a fin de mantener la paz? No hay un modo correcto o incorrecto de hacerlo; ustedes deben elegir y su elección reflejará su conciencia actual.

A medida que avanzamos a vivir de corazón somos mucho más sensitivos. Esto no es la sensibilidad del ego, cuando uno se lo toma todo personalmente como si hubiera sido atacado. Esto es la sensibilidad del Ser, cuando uno ve la Verdad detrás de las palabras y acciones de cada uno, y parte de esto es ver también más allá del Velo en los otros Reinos (orbes, colores, formas, energías, etc.). Sea cual fuere el modo en que se manifiesta su sensibilidad, es específico para su propia evolución. A medida que se vuelven más sensibles pudieran anhelar más tiempos en silencio, estar más en la Naturaleza, escuchar música más suave, menos palabras, menos gente. Sigan su intuición. Su dieta pudiera oscilar, yendo de sentirse muy hambrientos a no estar hambrientos del todo. Pudieran no desear más sus alimentos favoritos, o tal vez no ser capaces de tolerarlos. Esa sensibilidad se extiende entonces a todas las áreas de su vida … sus actividades, su trabajo, sus amistades, etc.

Es mejor desacelerarse y sentir. No apresuren las cosas. Cuestionen todo pues de seguro todo es y continuará siendo muy diferente de como ha sido. Si ustedes tienen viejas emociones o pensamientos que surgen, tales como de enojo, juicio, impaciencia, etc., déjenlos ir. Respiren. Recuerden que ustedes están evolucionando, especialmente ahora. Si son alguien que experimenta “fenómenos espirituales” como orbes, colores, etc., simplemente observen y dense cuenta de que eso es meramente una parte de lo Nuevo.Frecuentemente la gente se deja llevar por los fenómenos, apegándose a ellos, y cuando cesan, piensa que ha hecho algo mal; esto es el viejo modo de pensar. Recuerden que hay muchos así llamados milagros y magia en lo Nuevo; y sin embargo, eso es y será algo común …. al igual que esperamos ver la Luna, el Sol y las Estrellas. Nosotros simplemente observamos, agradecemos y nos enfocamos en Ser el Flujo (sin apegarnos). Sí, a Ser el Flujo, no Estar en el Flujo. ¿Sienten el cambio/la diferencia?

Así que, ¿qué nos está trayendo este periodo de Influjo de Luz si elegimos alinearnos con él? Una disolución de reglas y sistemas y tiempo, así como de ilusiones y desilusiones. Esto trae consigo una mayor evolución para ser guiados por el Ser, y nuestros egos se vuelven los servidores de nuestros Seres. Es hora de ser auténticos y libres de una manera más poderosa. Es hora de estar en Casa. Y “Casa” es justo donde se encuentran, en el cuerpo, y sabiendo que ustedes son un Ser altamente dimensional. ¡Y es hora de reír y de dejar ir la intensidad de estar tan serios!

Practiquen lo que predican, hablen su Verdad, y osen ser auténticamente ustedes. Las energías actuales los apoyan en esto. Ustedes pueden dejar ir de verdad la orilla y ser libres. El único que los está reteniendo atrás son ustedes. Así que, ¿dónde está su Felicidad? Estén allí/aquí/Ahora.

Por Kara

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překládat ترجم / לתרגם   /   翻訳する / 翻译

Apr 29


~ Via Sandra Walter – 27 de abril del 2014

Los desencadenadores cósmicos o líneas de tiempo primarias son algo que no puede evitarse. Son eventos preprogramados que utilizan las fuerzas cósmicas, fijadas en su lugar por los Seres Creadores y nosotros en nuestra Conciencia Galáctica Más Elevada para crear circunstancias y movimientos. Algunos utilizan el alineamiento de los planetas y las estrellas para abrir las puertas inundadoras de energías de otros Sistemas, Galaxias y de la Fuente misma.

Recuerden que nosotros creamos posibilidades en el futuro, luego regresamos y las experimentamos en la densidad como si se estuvieran desplegando con un pasado, presente y futuro. Una de las claves para ser un precognitivo (bien educado) es el honrar la experiencia de los poderosos pasajes en el espacio del Ahora y sin quedarse atrapado en lo siguiente que va a suceder.

Como colectivo, nosotros podemos alterar la experiencia de los desencadenadores cósmicos usando nuestras elecciones de libre albedrío del Amor o el temor, la Paz o el caos. Con el retorno de la Luz Crística plenamente anclada y haciendo su labor, las habilidades de los Servidores de la Luz se están amplificando para aumentar (técnicamente para sostener o mantenerse al tanto de) la nueva Luz del Amor puro en el planeta. Esas habilidades fueron reveladas durante la Gran Cruz. Si se lo perdieron, la energía va a fluir a lo largo de la siguiente semana para utilizarla para autoexaminarse. Den un vistazo a lo que les sucedió desde el Equinocio hasta el eclipse de mañana, del 28 de abril. La información tiene un propósito, pónganse su gorra de Shamanes, enfóquense en su creación y en lo que han atraído, y presten atención a los momentos de AJÁ.

El segundo eclipse de abril marca otro salto de frecuencia, Estoy segura de que lo pueden sentir ya. Por favor hónrenlo con una intención sagrada, y den la bienvenida a la expansión.


A medida que las energías se amplifican, el balanceo se vuelve más preciso, directamente hasta los Servidores de la Luz individuales. Muchos de los que están en servicio se están mudando, trasladando o tomando misiones involucrando un viaje en mayo y junio. Lo que importa no es la distancia sino la habilidad para hacer caso a la intuición o la guía.

¿Cuál es la razón de esta barajada en medio de estos intensos cambios? Aquí hay varias razones: el balanceo del trabajo de la misión a medida que la nueva Luz emerge de las rejillas (noten que el trabajo está cambiando, estén abiertos a una nueva guía); ajustes de último momento a la rejilla de los corazones HUmanos para el mejor escenario posible en la Puerta de mayo-junio; intercambio de códigos entre los Servidores de la Luz y los Portales Planetarios; intercambios de Servidores a Servidores a medida que se cruzan camino con gente (muchos Servidores de la Luz increíbles han pasado por Shasta en las pasadas dos semanas); colocación para equilibrar a Grupos Álmicos (sus nuevos vecinos son viejos amigos); y preparación para la nivelación optimal de la HUmanidad. Este pasaje es activo y sentimos su magnitud; la mente no lo puede comprender. Confíen con Amor y en servicio.

En mi trayectoria personal me tengo que sonreír de cuán al punto es la situación del alojamiento. Mi subarrendamiento iba a expirar antes del equinocio, y luego fue extendido mágicamente hasta el segundo eclipse. Me dijeron que aguardara hasta el 24 de abril para un nuevo espacio, justo días antes de que expirara mi subarrendamiento.

De manera perfecta, se manifestó un espacio el 24. El siguiente salto a otra casa empieza literalmente horas previas al eclipse de mañana (28 de abril) y termina el 22 de mayo, un día antes de la siguiente Puerta importante (23 de mayo). Se siente significativo ser sacada del centro del pueblo en estos momentos; eso es todo lo que puedo compartir con ustedes por ahora.


La nueva Luz es de una MUY alta frecuencia vibracional. Es supuestamente para un planeta de la 5D/6D, ¡espero que ustedes lo comprendan! Ahora que las codificaciones para la Conciencia Críistica han infiltrado los sistemas de rejillas nos encontramos en una aceleración del Cambio. La Luz Fotónica nos trae una intensa expansión de la conciencia. Muchos de nosotros sentimos como si nuestros cuerpos o corazones fueran a estallar (y a veces nuestras mentes) a medida que la Luz entra a las estructuras cristalinas dispuestas y abiertas en nuestro interior. Es algo muy físico. Cada vehículo físico reaccionará diferente al cobrar fuerza la fusión del Yo Superior con el Yo Inferior. Como saben, el hablar sobre los síntomas no es algo prioritario para mí, a menos que sean muy inusuales o dramáticos.

En general, a la gente no le gusta cambiar hasta que las fuerzas externas los fuerzan a cambiar. La idea del cambio les produce ansiedad, tal fue el enfoque masivo sobre la Gran Cruz la semana pasada. Esto crea tensión y trabajo extra para quienes están equilibrando la magnética por el momento. Que conste que el equilibrar no incluye las intenciones de que no haya absolutamente ningún daño para nadie. Nuestra labor no es el de prevenir el movimiento de las placas o el aullar de los vientos. Hay tanta presión dentro del planeta en estos momentos que es un milagro que no se haya abierto una línea de falla todavía. Uno puede sentir esto en su pieza personal de Gaia (su cuerpo).

Como derribadores de sistemas, tomen un enfoque contrarrestante y ayuden con el balanceo. Vayan a correr, a andar en bicicleta, canten en lo alto de una colina, sean anfitriones de una sesión de liberación, hagan kickboxing bajo una tormenta de lluvia, háganlo vocalmente, físicamente auténtico para ustedes. Luego regresen a un calmado centro. Amplifiquen la Paz y la Abundancia pues el colectivo es provocado por los temores a la escasez, la gente tiende a contraerse cuando piensan que el sistema bancario se va a derrumbar. Vayan a comprar algún nuevo paradigma para contrarrestar la contracción y alimentar la nueva energía.


La Gran Cruz nos desvistió hasta el núcleo de nuestras intenciones. Revisen lo que fue revelado durante este sandwich del eclipse alrededor de la Cruz Cardinal: ¿qué descubrieron sobre sus intenciones, integridad, su centro, su creación? Si se resisten al cambio, ¿qué debe alterarse para que brille tan resplandecientemente como sea posible? Hagan un favor al colectivo y enfréntense al dragón ahora mismo. El remolino de frecuencias a partir de abril no amainará; nos estamos acelerando hacia el cambio de junio ahora. Tómense un descanso si pueden encontrar uno a mitad de mayo. Para quienes están en una senda acelerada, sean conscientes de las profundas revisiones/reescritos de tres días en los siguientes meses. Justo un aviso, ustedes sabrán cuando suceda; no es algo que puedan imponer en su trayectoria.


Ésta es una nota para la Tribu Galáctica; algo excesiva para la mayoría pero necesita compartirse. El último mensaje del YO SOY mencionó el despeje de la atadura Kármica Galáctica a Maia — una estrella en las Pléyades que ha estado muy involucrada en nuestra experiencia aquí. En breve, lo que se tenía intención de lograr ha sido completado. Yo lo encuentro muy significativo que esta confirmación haya venido durante la Gran Cruz y previamente al cambio de junio (la información sobre junio proviene de la Alianza Pleyadiana-Siria). Esto significa que la Puerta de mayo está abierta de par en par a nuevas posibilidades y una pura creación dirigida por los EU, la gente osada encarnada aquí, sin el lastre del sangrado a través proveniente de otros Universos o del Karma Galáctico. Cualquiera que esté conectado con eso sentirá la magnitud de lo que se ha logrado aquí y la libertad que ello proporciona. Fluirán más lágrimas de gratitud.

¡Bendiciones para todos nosotros! Una profunda gratitud a quienes honran una creación responsable, intenciones pacíficas y una personificación de la Luz Más Elevada posible.


Publicado Yesterday por LUZ ZOHAR

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terram novam: MESSAGE FROM EL MORYA ::: Sharing

terram novam: MESSAGE FROM EL MORYA ::: Sharing.

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martes, 27 de mayo de 2014


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Greetings, I  AM  El  Morya,
I speak to you again of being an Ascended Master with a physical form. All of the Ascended Masters through out the ages have had the ability to maintain an earth vessel for varying amounts of time. St. Germaine was known to have an earth vessel for centuries. He is as an example of the power of transmutation because he serves on the Seventh Ray of Transmutation and Ascension.
Transmutation and ascension are, in fact, the same because it is the transmutation of the frequency of physical matter into the frequency of spiritual energy that is the essence of ascension. When you decided to incarnate on Earth, you inserted your multidimensional energy field into a physical encasement. Unfortunately, you usually forgot that YOU were the essence and NOT the encasement. Fortunately, many of you are now remembering that you are the essence, the spirit, and the energy of the ONE that enlivens your form. When you are done driving and you leave a car the car does not disappear, nor do you. However, when you are in your car, you and the car appear to be ONE.
During sleep and meditation, many of you step out of your vehicle. However, it is important that the vehicle is parked before you leave it. Would you leave your car while it was moving? In the same manner, you would not like to step out of your earth vessel while you are walking down the street. Just as a moving car could crash if you left it, your body would fall if you left it while you were moving. For this reason, Ascended Masters learn to be fully conscious of how much of their Essence is in third physical form. When you wish to return Home to the higher worlds, you learn to made sure you park your vehicle where it is safe. You will return to it when you are needed in the third dimension.
Fortunately, your journey Home is out of time. So what appears to you to be a substantial journey to you, appears to others as only the blink of your eyes. However, this eye blink must occur only when the body is safe. The physical form is quite delicate and difficult to maintain at optimum health in the lower frequency of the third dimensional world. As you know, molecules of life decay over time in the physical world and are susceptible to injury and illness. This fact is especially true when your essence/spirit is visiting other realities.
The problem that many of you newly ascended ones are having is that you forget to make sure your vehicle is safe before you begin your multidimensional journey. You forget this because you are not yet totally proficient at being in two or more realities at once. When you visit the higher worlds you can merge with one of your many higher dimensional expressions of your SELF or you can choose to visit these worlds in a formless state of pure consciousness. On the other hand, you may want to create a higher dimensional form to represent your visiting consciousness. These forms are created with multidimensional light and unconditional love. Hence, they are infinite and indestructible, and they automatically disarticulate and return to the ONE when you are no longer using them.
An advantage of being an Ascended Master is that your multidimensional consciousness has marvelous healing powers, which can be used on your physical vessels. However, the high frequency that heals your earth vessel also creates a sense of great exhaustion for beginners. To have a consciousness that is resonating to a much higher frequency than its container is very tiring for the container. Hence, frequent naps, meditations and excursions into Nature are important while residing within your earth vessel. Walking in Nature is important so that you can more fully ground yourself with Mother Earth.
Once grounded, it is easier for you to accept Gaia’s assistance. The mass form of Gaia, planet Earth, allows your body to have a break from the burden of holding a form of a much lower frequency than your consciousness. Eventually, as well as during Planetary Ascension, your higher consciousness within your carbon vessel will transmute (raise the frequency of) every cell and atom of your earth vessel into its fifth dimensional counterpart of Lightbody. In the meantime, your Ascended Master consciousness will remind you how to use your multidimensional healing powers to heal and maintain your third dimensional vessel. Then, you can more easily continue to use your clay vessel until your Personal and Planetary Ascension.
In the meantime, your ascended consciousness will upgrade your vessel from the inside out by activating your 97% DNA. This DNA, which has been labeled as “junk DNA” by your scientists, is actually the hard drive for your transmutation into Lightbody. Therefore, it expedites your ability to experience the transmutation process into Lightbody while your consciousness still inhabits your clay form. As this transmutation continues, your expanded perceptions will increasingly come online and your clairvoyance, clairaudience etc. will assist you to consciously perceive the multidimensional energies entering and integrating into your third dimensional world.
These perceptions are the best antidote for the 3D fear virus, which can be very disruptive to your ever-changing physical vehicle. Once you can consciously perceive the higher dimensional energy fields as they flow into and merge with your physical body, as well as your physical world, you will KNOW beyond any doubt that you ARE ascending. To see these energies, especially at first, it is helpful to close your physical eyes and observe your reality with your opened Third Eye. Your third Eye allows you to perceive these energies, whereas your High Heart assists you to merge into, communicate with and understand the message of these energies.
To try out these multidimensional perceptions:
  • · Take a moment to look around your present surrounds through your Third Eye.
  • · Release all thoughts.
  • · Center your emotions into neutral place.
  • · Calm your body and sit with a straight spine to align and open your chakras.
  • · Expand your consciousness by modulating your breathing so that your exhale is twice as long as your inhale. ·
  • LET GO!
Take a moment to process your experience with your expanded consciousness.
Before you go about your day, make sure that your consciousness is fully integrated into your earth vessel before you move it. In other words, before your move your vehicle:
  • · Fasten the seat belt.
  • · Adjust the mirrors, especially the rearview mirror.
  • · Check the fuel level.
  • · Start the engine.
  • · Check out your surroundings.
  • · Then, move your vehicle.
When you are done using your vehicle, park it in a safe place, lock it so that no one else can use it and surround it with light. Don’t forget to clean your vehicle, check the oil and make sure it has enough fuel. Do NOT drive your vehicle unless your primary attention is in the third dimension. It took you a long “time” to awaken this vehicle to its true nature. It is much easier to maintain it than it would be to get a new one. Remember who you are and treasure the many expressions of Multidimensional SELF.
A major difference between an ascended perception and a human perception is that the Ascended Master perceives the energy that embodies the third dimensional form. On the other hand, from the human perspective you see the form without any realization of the energy that created it, fuels it and gives it life and sustainability in the third dimensional world. Therefore, when your earth vessel is parked and safe, practice your Ascended Master perceptions by perceiving the energy that creates, enlivens, sustains and connects all life.
At first you may only be able to do this while in a meditative state of higher consciousness, as you mundane consciousness will be overwhelmed by all that sensory data. However, when your multidimensional consciousness comes fully online, you will no longer feel overwhelmed. In fact, it will become increasingly natural to see energy and form simultaneously. It only takes practice.
I AM El Morya
By Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 28th February 2012 by

▶ Galactic Federation of Light The Pleiadians May-21-2014 – YouTube

The Pleiadians – Align and Integrate with Us – 21 May 2014Source:

We come to speak to you today about the importance of living your life as the human having a cosmic, spiritual experience. We have loved you and been with you for lifetimes as you have incarnated here doing your work for Gaia. But, now more than ever, it is important that you integrate the cosmic consciousness as part of your natural way of being. Do not see us as beings outside of yourselves. See us as mere reflections of a beautiful connection to Source. We are waiting for youfor the time when we shall actually live side by side in our forms as well.

However, for those that don’t experience us physically all the time, know that we are merely an extension of oneness with you. We have successfully integrated the DNA and transmissions for the 5D consciousness, and you no longer need to seek advice from us for we are one with you. You can tune into the aspects of yourself that are Pleiadian now and ask the questions. We have reignited your ancestry, and it is fully alive and awake. We are joyously celebrating that WE DID IT! It is easier now for you to walk and talk, and act as your enlightened self

You see, even when you feel like you are not acting as your highest self, the light that you hold in the coding of your DNA and cellular structure still is always emanating out light. The light is limitless and unending. Those that have chosen to awaken the aspects of the Pleiadian lineage, are fully transmitting light even when triggering others, for the triggers are there to let other human souls see where they need to heal.

Many ask, “When will the whole world know you exist? When will it just be the norm to connect to you?”. And we say, the timing is up to YOU. Itis based on the readiness of consciousness. We do not wish to create a wave of shock and pain. We wish to come in when there is receptivity.

There is no rush. You are eternal beings and have all of eternity for your planet to begin to expose that there is more to this Universe than the human existence.

One of the keys to this exposure and receptivity/readiness has to do with the people taking their power back from the larger organizations that hide things and keep things cloaked for greed purposes. This is beginning to happen as many release GMO supports which takes the money away from the mass groups running the desire to keep the consciousness dim through toxins. There will be more that has to be released before we are received here in peace. One has to do with the people of Earth truly taking their power back in terms of resources and the use of oil.

This is one of the other pieces that keeps greed and control running the planet, blocking the receptivity to our integration in a physical way. We have the knowledge as many of you do how using resources on planet Earth like hemp to fuel things. There is no need to be fighting over oil, of course. However, because certain groups are wishing to keep this away from mass consciousnesses awareness, we would not be received in peace. As the people begin to reveal the truth more and more through the internet, you all will prevail in transforming the way this planet functions so it is aligned in the light.

Yet, this message is important because we say, you can still feel aligned, and close to us knowing now that we have completed the merge with you. When you speak to us, you speak to yourself. You are the Pleiadians. We exist in our own physical forms, but through all the connections to us, downloads, and healings, you are actually now walkingas very much Pleiadian. It is a mixed heritage, but does not make you any less Pleiadian. Therefore, you have access to all the records…the cosmic records of all that was, and all that will be.

Simply, summon the nature within yourself and ask questions. It is still fine to connect to those who can speak our words clearly, but know, that you can do it to. It is more about hearing and sharing the different ways others express things now, and also for the continued growth of those that are still discovering.

So for now, we truly impulse the radiance of light now into your hearts from our hearts, as we connect through a tunnel of light. This opening of total heart to heart connection has completed itself now and it is easy to feel the love we send now. We love you brothers, sisters, in this oneness. So la re en lo.Thanks to for posting!
We are one. The channeler, Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.
The Channelers Book release:
connect here Copyright 2014 Please share and include website. Thanks!

Geplaatst door

Méline Lafont
5:17 PM
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align and integrate with us,
May 2014,

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photos: ▶ Tutorial photoshop cs6, extraer y cambiar fondos. – YouTube

photos: ▶ Tutorial photoshop cs6, extraer y cambiar fondos. – YouTube.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

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Nos gustaría hablar de otro tema el día de hoy, pero los acontecimientos en su mundo que sea casi obligatorio que nos ocupemos de lo que está en primer lugar en la mente de todos.
Se ha colocado allí por la atención incesante de aquellos que están tratando, por todos los medios posibles para mantenerse en sintonía con sus emisiones de miedo y de control. Usted ha comenzado a ver a través de la web la ilusión que han tejido durante tanto tiempo. Las madres de los enviados a un destino han visto por mucho tiempo esto para lo que es, pero por supuesto que ha sido posible por largos tiempos pasados ​​a relegar sus opiniones e inquietudes a la parte posterior de la conciencia de las masas. Aún hoy, en muchos lugares, el dicho: “Es un mundo de hombres” suena muy cierto.
Sus corazones y sus mentes han sido manipuladas con gran eficacia durante miles de años. Incluso sus enseñanzas que hablan del amor y la paz se han torcido en el servicio de control y beneficio. El amor se ha torcido en odio. La paz se ha convertido en algo por qué luchar.
Vemos, sin embargo, que los efectos del movimiento de su planeta en las energías más altas del universo, lo que está viendo como su nueva edad, ha resultado ya en el despertar de las masas populares a la verdad y el fortalecimiento de su resolución cesar tal conducta obviamente perjudicial, dañino para ustedes mismos y desastroso a su mundo. Sabemos que se llegó a un punto que veremos este fin conducta. Sabemos que va a recuperar el control de sus propias vidas. Esta es la voluntad de lo Divino y es un hecho.
Todavía hay una variable implicada, sin embargo. Y esa variable es la siguiente. ¿Cuándo va a hacer que eso suceda, queridos? ¿Cuándo te das cuenta de que son los verdaderos dueños de sus propias vidas? Muchos lo han hecho ya. Se han mostrado ejemplos.
Vemos que el grado de confort está siendo superada por el grado de malestar. ¿Estás esperando que dejar sin ninguna acción de su parte? ¿Estás esperando un proverbial “ellos” para hacer algo?
Suponemos que hemos dicho lo suficiente el día de hoy. Por favor considerar profundamente lo que hemos discutido. Y no hay que confundir lo que hemos dicho como una crítica, por favor. Sabemos quién eres, lo que eres, y en que te estás convirtiendo. Entonces, ¿cómo podríamos no amar sin medida?
Buen día hasta que hablemos de nuevo.
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31 de agosto 2013

Queridos, saludos. Una vez más venimos a traer esperanza y la luz de guía para todos está avanzando según lo planeado. Trate de no dar vuelta simplemente lejos cuando escuche esto, porque sabemos que escucha las palabras de los cambios que vienen de muchos canales y sin embargo, nada parece cambiar. Es importante dejar de lado los conceptos que todavía puede mantener con respecto a cómo cambiar el mundo debe manifestar en la celebración de las ideas específicas de cambio se mira a través del lente de los conceptos tridimensionales y ver presentaciones tridimensionales. Es hora de pasar a la confianza y la práctica de la verdad. 

Vemos el cambio en los corazones de muchos de los que antes vivían vidas de la ira y el resentimiento como las energías resonantes superiores vierten a la tierra en este momento lo que más y más personas se abran a la experiencia de la compasión, independientemente de cualquier prejuicio previas. Cada conciencia se desarrolla añade otra chispa de amor incondicional a la conciencia del mundo universal y ayuda a lograr los cambios que todos buscamos.

El amor incondicional no significa que usted debe buscar una conexión emocional con todos, pero significa que a pesar de las apariencias en contrario, a reconocer que todo el mundo es la manifestación de lo divino, incluso si ellos mismos no saben o no les importa. Este es el amor incondicional y la práctica de que no le impide decir lo que puede ser necesario dicho a alguien comportarse de maneras que necesitan ser abordados. Cuando las palabras se hablan con una conciencia de la otra naturaleza divina que el flujo de una energía de la luz, mientras que esas mismas palabras pronunciadas en la energía de la dualidad y la separación, lleve una baja resonancia.

La vida en la tierra se trata de aprender a moverse a través y más allá de los falsos conceptos y creencias que constituyen la tercera dimensión. Esta es la evolución. La humanidad es creativo en virtud de ser y de lo divino, sino porque la mayoría han sido conscientes de quiénes son en realidad, su mundo universal y personalmente ha demostrado sucesivamente las manifestaciones perfectamente creados de la dualidad y la separación. Esto solo cambiará la humanidad cambia y comienza a crear su mundo en ya través de la verdad.

Es hora de tomar conciencia y analizar todos los conceptos persistentes aún puede tener respecto a lo que pasa por “la vida como de costumbre.” Los conceptos son simplemente falsas creencias transmitidas y aceptadas a través del tiempo como la verdad. Escuche atentamente y se guíe por los empujones intuitivos que aparecen cuando se está pensando en voz baja o en una conversación con otro. Todas las cuestiones de la vida diaria normal es actividad espiritual superpuesta con conceptos tridimensionales. Por eso no hay necesidad de separar la vida espiritual de su vida cotidiana como lo hacen muchos – todo es espiritual. El trabajo es ver la realidad subyacente de todas las cosas. 

Un ejemplo de esto podría ser que usted está buscando un nuevo hogar. Tu miras y buscas la casa perfecta y parece que no puede encontrar. Si usted puede darse cuenta de que usted nunca está separado de su hogar perfecto (Conciencia Divina) la interpretación física de esta toma de conciencia se manifestará en el exterior. Esta es la forma de reinterpretar todo en el mundo físico a través de nuevos ojos. Practique viendo a través de cualquiera y todas las apariencias de la realidad espiritual, que constituye lo que usted está viendo.

Si la enfermedad realmente existió en la Conciencia Divina, podría nunca ser curado porque existiría eternamente como una realidad. ¿Entiendes? Todo lo que es real se mantiene en su lugar por derecho divino y no puede ser modificado de ninguna manera. Es sólo la humanidad de ‘falsas interpretaciones que ven bien y el mal. Inteligencia, la abundancia, la armonía, la paz, la alegría, el amor (la unidad), la integridad, la integridad, etc, etc son infinitamente encarnadas dentro de la Conciencia Divina omnipresente y debe ser reconocido y aceptada como su Ser real. Nada existe fuera de la Conciencia Divina y todas las apariencias de lo contrario son simplemente falsas interpretaciones. Estas verdades constituyen su viaje de la metafísica a la mística.

Conceptos reflejan el pensamiento de la línea de tiempo en que se producen y reflejan lo que el estado de conciencia estaba en ese momento en ese lugar. Algunos conceptos se disuelven cuando la sociedad evoluciona, pero otros sólo como errónea vienen a tomar su lugar si los estados de conciencia siguen siendo los mismos. La evolución es el proceso de ir más allá de los conceptos y en la verdad sobre Dios y el hombre. 

Hubo un momento de cuando se creía que la quema de los curanderos y trabajadores de la luz como brujas era una forma adecuada de tratar con “el mal”. La consciencia densa y su sistema de creencias de acompañamiento de aquellos tiempos no permitían a nadie más que a Dios que tienen dones espirituales. Dios era un hombre en el cielo con las normas y reglamentos que se aplicarán en el miedo al castigo y el mal era un hombre de piel roja con cuernos llamado Satán o diablo. Este es un claro ejemplo de cómo la conciencia de la dualidad y la separación se manifiesta en ignorancia en el mundo. 

La sociedad ha evolucionado más allá de la quema de las personas que tienen dones espirituales, pero todavía tiene muchos conceptos tan obsoletos y sigue permitiendo indebidamente duros castigos para aquellos que han optado por hacer caso omiso de algunos aspectos del dogma aceptado actualmente. 

Cuando una persona elige vivir gobernado por algún dogma y sus rígidas reglas de acompañamiento de bien y mal, opta por vivir en la esclavitud. Independientemente de que el dogma proviene de una religión, el gobierno, o una persona de autoridad, todavía representa simplemente la interpretación de alguien de verdad – sus conceptos y creencias. Por esta razón se le instó a ir a su interior, para practicar la meditación y obtener su información directamente, USTED NO NECESITA UNA ir “entre”. la  Realidad es libre, amoroso, alegre, sin nacimiento, sin muerte, sin cambio y se mantiene indefinidamente en su lugar por derecho divino y es lo que eres.  

Ya están listos seres queridos a tomar las medidas más profundas de la reinterpretación de todo lo que ve, oír, gustar, tocar u oler a su realidad espiritual que significa vivir cada día haciendo lo que se le da a hacer, pero al ver a través de las malas o buenas apariencias la realidad. Se trata de una eliminación de las etiquetas de todo. 

El mundo no es una ilusión, pero falsas concepciones del mundo son la ilusión .   

Este es el trabajo, queridos míos, así es como usted cambia su mundo en un nuevo estado de conciencia, y de hecho es trabajar, sobre todo al principio y nadie puede hacerlo por ti. Es por eso que eligieron estar en la tierra en este tiempo de gran alcance. Hay muchos que escuchan y leen la verdad, incluso haciéndose pasar por estudiantes serios de verdad, pero no están dispuestos a liberar sus cómodas antiguas creencias. Muchos sienten que las verdades místicas son muy poco prácticas para tomar en serio, y así lo decidimos en vez de permanecer en el status quo de lo que ya saben. 

En este momento se está borrando la memoria celular física, así como sus cuerpos emocional y mental – todo lo que no se puede llevar con usted en un aumento de la energía dimensional. Claros físico, emocional, mental y con frecuencia se manifiestan en formas que pueden ser incómodos a muchos niveles para aprender a no entrar en pánico, sino de prestar atención a estas experiencias que son postes de señales que indican lo que todavía puede sostener que necesita el perdón, la aceptación y el amor incondicional- -para auto, así como otros. 

Enviar luz a las células físicas que les dicen a dar cualquier edad y acabados de energía que todavía detentan en esta vida y vidas pasadas. Informe a su cuerpo mental que ahora opta por dejar de lado todas las falsas creencias. Conscientemente elegir que su cuerpo emocional libera toda la energía emocional negativa tóxico y sera reemplazado con amor incondicional.

Este es el trabajo, queridos míos, y ya está listo y totalmente capaz de hacerlo, en caso de que elija.

  Somos el Grupo Arturiana                                  



Vel sanus: ▶ Jesse Tsao Chen Tai Chi Fists Draping Body – Xinjia – Sharing

Vel sanus: ▶ Jesse Tsao Chen Tai Chi Fists Draping Body – Xinjia – Sharing.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

▶ Jesse Tsao Chen Tai Chi Fists Draping Body – Xinjia – Sharing

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SaLuSa – March 14, 2014
Galactic Federation of Light
Galactic Federation of Light
Channelled by Mike Quinsey

Dear Ones, you are being pulled this way and that way until you get quite frustrated or confused. The reason is that so much is happening all at once, and in your position you find it difficult to know where it is leading.
Stay focussed on your own position and path and keep spreading the Light, as it is needed more than ever. So many people are confused and worried about the future, and that is not surprising when so much is changing. These times also give the dark Ones and their cohort’s opportunities to add to the confusion, as they will soon have to admit that their time is up.
Indeed, they will find that they are losing their power and influence. It is all part of the changes that are taking place all over your planet, which will continue until the New Age really takes hold.
Rest assured that we are present to ensure that confrontations do not get out of hand and war is totally out of the question, and has been for quite some time. We are also in readiness for something that we have been looking forward to for many, many years and that is your return to the Light.
There will be worldwide celebrations at the realisation that the dark Ones no longer have the power to interfere with your progress, or prevent the establishment of World peace. You can feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to be present through the changes that are occurring. You can also give yourself a pat on the back, as you have earned the opportunity given.
All present on Earth that are working for the Light have an important role to play, but do not worry if you do not seem to be doing anything specifically. Every Lightworker will play a part in spreading the Light, and it is already in ascendance. You will look back on this time with pride in your contribution, and will be pleased to have been part of the team that took on the challenge.
The Bankers, who have been revealed for what they really are, have little or no shame of their greed and reckless gambling with the monies that are entrusted to them. Their arrogance and recklessness with other people’s money knows no bounds, and whilst they feel safe the very structure of the banks is breaking up. Before that happens many changes will take place that shall make use of their expertise.
We talk of times that are far ahead, yet as you progress it will be apparent that the monetary system will no longer be necessary. In the long run the banks will eventually disappear with no role to play in a moneyless society.
As a Race you are already collectively lifting your consciousness levels higher, and the incoming energies will quickly take you into the next dimension. Those who choose a different path will naturally be moved to a suitable level or place, to continue their evolutionary experiences. All will find themselves exactly where they should be, appropriate to their stage of evolution and the experiences they need.
We would mention that everyone without exception has a life plan, arranged to give them the best benefits from their incarnation. It is normally arranged with you and you are told which parts are non-negotiable because they are essential to your progress, and often of a karmic nature.
Clearly lives would be wasted if they were randomly arranged and there must be a life plan that carries you forward. If you fail to achieve the goals that you have agreed to there are no recriminations against you, as you can take up the challenge again in a subsequent life. So do not worry if you realise that you have failed to achieve any aspect of your life plan.
For many Lightworkers this lifetime will be the last one in the lower dimensions, and you may well intuitively realise this to be so. After spending such a long time in them every soul is given as much help as possible to raise themselves up.
Indeed, in all of your lives you have been assisted, but when the vibration is exceptionally low, it is difficult for the Light to penetrate the darkness. However, each soul will achieve some progress and it is built upon until you are firmly living in the Light.
Some of those around you will seem to be trapped in the lower energies, and live their lives hand in hand with the dark Ones. Do not be too hasty to condemn them, as it is not given for other souls to know the precise nature of their life plan. There are occasions when souls of Light perform a service to the Light by taking on such a mantle. It is best to reserve judgment – or better still to have none at all.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased to be back after the trauma that Michael has experienced. Bear in mind that what is seemingly a wasted experience will always have value and there are inevitably lessons to be learnt all round. In such circumstances we are pleased when your response to such occasions, is to continue working in the Light and keeping a calm and measured approach to your problems.
You are certainly not alone to face the more difficult times, but the challenge is for you to deal with. We cannot do it for you otherwise the opportunity to raise your vibrations will be lost. Stay focussed in the Light and know that your journey in the lower vibrations is almost over. I leave you all with my blessings and love.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey

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Equipoise: Regularly sleeping too long may indicate a health problem – The Washington Post

Equipoise: Regularly sleeping too long may indicate a health problem – The Washington Post.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Regularly sleeping too long may indicate a health problem – The Washington Post

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Nov 13


Since our consciousness calibrates our thinking, expectation and perception to a specific frequency/dimension of reality, we can change our reality by simply changing our state of consciousness.

The challenge in daily life is to be the Master of our Energy so that we have complete control of our state of consciousness. As a Master of Energy, we consciously choose the thoughts that we allow to stay in our mind and continually attend to our emotions.

In this manner, we can receive pertinent information from any fearful thoughts or emotions, thank them for their warnings and replace them with love. We can choose any form of love as a replacement for fear, whether it be of a person, pet, place or even a thing. Then we seal our aura with deep gratitude for the love we experience in our life.

If we become bogged down in fearful emotions or allow obsessive thinking to tarnish our thoughts, our consciousness will drop into survival mode. Then, we live life through the dark filter of fear, martyrdom and victimization. However, if we can reclaim our center, we can regain the mastery of our emotions and thoughts. In fact, emotions are the raw material for our consciousness, which sets our thinking, expectations, perceptions and reality. Unconditional love is the secret to raising our consciousness.

It is also the tool by which we can choose to experience the fifth dimension and beyond. Human love, which is only third and fourth dimensional, is often heavily laced with fear, anger, sorrow and negative thinking.

On the other hand, unconditional love, which resonates from Source and from our SELF, is free of all fear-based emotions or thinking. In fact, unconditional love is the creative and healing force for all dimensions and all realities.


When we can remember to accept the frequency of unconditional love that is constantly flowing from Source and from our Multidimensional SELF:

Our consciousness glides beyond the fear of daily 3D life,

Through the fourth dimensional planes of the Lower Astral to clear our darkness,

Through the land of Faerie to regain our magic,

Through the Emotional Plane to regain our mastery of emotions,

Through the Mental Plane to remember our mastery over our thoughts,

Through the Upper Mental Plane to reunite with our Divine Child

Through the Causal Plane to experience again how energy out is energy back,

Through the Spiritual Plane to re-connect with our Spirit Guides,

Into our I AM Presence awaiting us at the Rainbow Bridge to the fifth dimension,

Over the Rainbow Bridge that expands across through the Great Void,

And into the consciousness of our Multidimensional SELF awaiting us at the threshold to the fifth dimension.

Of course, our Multidimensional SELF is always with us, as it encompasses all of our realities. It is helpful to remember that we were born as a third dimensional expression of our total, Multidimensional SELF. Nonetheless, while we still
function within our third dimensional consciousness, our thinking will expect that we need to “take the time” to “go to another place” to find our Multidimensional SELF.

On the other hand, our fifth dimensional expression of our SELF will gladly play the role of the Keeper of the Threshold into the frequency of the fifth dimension.

Our multidimensional expression of SELF, that we trick our minds into believing is standing far away on the threshold of a different reality, can assist us in raising our consciousness above the storm and into the calm.

From the consciousness, thoughts and perspective of our Multidimensional SELF, we can observe the challenges of our third dimensional life without becoming entangled in fearful thoughts and emotions. With the clarity and unconditional love of our SELF, we can detach from the illusions and find the Truth within each situation.

It is within this Truth that we will find our solutions and/or the patience to ride out the storm.

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor II

Posted 13th November 2011 by Juan Pablo

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