El Ser UNO – A: ▶ El Ser Uno II – Planeta 3.3.3 Los Guardianes de Tera – Parte 7 – YouTube *

El Ser UNO – A: ▶ El Ser Uno II – Planeta 3.3.3 Los Guardianes de Tera – Parte 7 – YouTube *.

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viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

▶ El Ser Uno II – Planeta 3.3.3 Los Guardianes de Tera – Parte 7 – YouTube *


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Dear Ones, we are the Arcturians,

It is time now to recover from your ailments of the last Thousands of years, Beloved earth humans! We are observing with joy that many of you started to understand the signs of this time and woke up, especially to the service they originally have incarnated for at this time on earth.

Many of you are now suddenly recognizing and understanding what the deeper meaning of your presence on Gaia is, — and this is mostly a surprise but carries also a lot of satisfaction.

Naturally, your soul and heart are now finally able to fully participate in life, which has been for many of you very difficult, because you could not find any real meaning in your lifes, other than purify yourselves to come to a spiritual understanding of existence and of your own nature.

Now to understand, that this process was the very meaning of your life because it was needed to purify the deep densities of earth, which you helped with the purification and spiritualizing process of your own body-minds, is extremely liberating for you and you experience to be profoundly  energized.

Therefore this time now has in some sense become a celebration for you, although the situation on earth has not yet officially recovered to love and peace which is the original characteristic of humanity.

When we made the first time contact with some of you, many years ago in the 70s, our contactees were still living in an environment with people who were utterly unaware of other galactic civilizations and planets who, as a whole, lived and practiced together in their societies spiritual life. They knew that the Divine Source Energy is Love and that all existence is originating from It.

Now, only after 40 years on your planet, this situation has changed profoundly. More and more people on earth are aware of this truth and spreading it among others. Your planet Earth is even now on a point in your history where She will go through a transformation of a greatness and uniqueness, that never before happened.

Many more of you started to communicate with us, some of them can see us, many of you are in telepathic contact with us and more and more can feel the high vibration of our light bodies.

This is magnificent and such quickening of your evolutionary process is astounding and without comparison!

Dear earth humans, and now you have arrived at a point in your history where you will make the greatest leap you ever have encountered!
Of course, it is not new for you, that on 11.11.11 massive new energies will be activated which can catapult you into higher dimensions.

But for this to happen, you must be able to be in a disposition of an energetic “expectancy”. Your heart must be able to reach out and anticipate this great flux of new energy and light to flow  into your own energetic system. When this happens, you will be able to jump in your consciousness and understanding into a completely new dimension of experience. You might have visited these places where you are going now to arrive before, but it makes a difference whether you visited only or whether you arrive at a place for good, dear ones!

When you arrive for good, this can mean many things, depending on your soul contract, but also depending on your level of preparedness. It might be that, once arrrived, you will not ‘return’ to the 3 dimensional world and that you will just drop your  physical body. Only in the case that your frequency is of the highest light, a physical body of your nature can be dissolved directly into light. But this will be very rare as this requires that you have already accomplished  a very high spiritual realization.

So most of you who are able to maintain their place in the higher dimensions, will be able – through their newly awakened multidimensionality – to stay with their physical body simultaneously in the 3th dimension, whereby their bodies will be transformed  and assume a crystalline structure. This can happen very quickly but could perhaps  be physically difficult for some, because of the adaptation of their body to their new frequency and at the same time, the hightened sensitivity to the lower vibration of the 3th dimension.

However, as this process also implies that their new crystalline  bodies can take on and hold significantly more light, that they do not have to suffer, as they did before in their old carbon based body, in the midst of lower and denser energies.

Bottom line is, that none of you has experienced this unique transformation and there will be people who do not experience any problems and who will have a very easy transition into their new body- and frequency-system, while others, depending on their history of perception and experience, might have to struggle in the beginning. But this will not last for long. For all the adaptation will be successful in a short time.

Those who do not arrive for good in the higher dimensions,  might experience them perhaps relatively shortly, and then, as they are not prepared, to stay there, come back, holding this new experience in their memory. But some of them will be able to visit these new  and higher dimensional places more and more often, until they adapted to it in consciousness and in their energy system, so that they can stay there permanently. In some cases they will drop their body too, or live from then on multidimensionally, depending where their service is.

The experience of this whole process has many different varieties, as each human being is unique, but there will be of course people with similar or identical experiences. They will find each other and join in groups together, as their soul level and spiritual experience is similar and these groups belong to soul families. Drawn to each other as a soul family, they will do their service to help humanity to ascend in due course of the year 2012 and thereafter.

Dear Ones, you are now at the threshold of your great adventure in your history, where there is no return to your old way of life. From now you will jump in big leaps along your ascension path. And you will leave behind your life of difficulties and suffering, as Mother Earth and Her new energies will carry and transport you to new and never before experienced shores  where all your heart desires are fulfilled.

We know that most of you who came to Mother Earth for service, were never able during their incarnation in these times, to just rest and to ‘enjoy’ life as many other of their human fellows did and even lived for, because you always felt a huge weight on your shoulders, knowing, you had to do something important, but mostly not knowing, what it was. Now you can understand, but you will also start to experience —perhaps for many the very first time— the true joy of undisturbed mere being, as you have arrived at your destination and as  this will be, in your new experience, the means, to assist your human family to ascend in the coming months and – perhaps years.

There is no exact and accurate ‘time frame’ we can tell, because there are many unknown factors, as each human being follows their own unique process and learning curve. But we can tell that the great shift is already on its way – in a mighty and powerful way. And ultimately, it will never end, because all is always on their path of evolution and expansion in the Heart of God.

Be well and be Blessed, dear ones!
We are your family in the Consciousness of the Cosmic Christ.

We are the Arcturians!

* * * 

Message received by Ute

©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2011 http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me. Thank you.

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The ONE BEING: ▶ Sananda, about soul group of Lucifer, 13 families of the ILLUMINATI – YouTube

The ONE BEING: ▶ Sananda, about soul group of Lucifer, 13 families of the ILLUMINATI – YouTube.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

▶ Sananda, about soul group of Lucifer, 13 families of the ILLUMINATI – YouTube

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Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-02-2014

Beloved masters, you are beginning to
comprehend how different your physical reality will be as you gain
access to and integrate more of the more refined frequencies of the
higher realms. You will also realize how radically your future life’s
experiences will change. As everyone’s telepathic and clairsentience
skills are perfected, you will understand why truth, honor and integrity
will become paramount. We are aware of the Light patterns
that you emit, and also the resonance of your energetic signature,
whether it is harmonious or discordant. We see your radiance or lack
thereof, and you cannot hide who you truly are from us. In the near
future, this gift will become the norm for many advanced Light Workers
as well.
You are not only seeking to return to
balance and harmony within, but it is your Higher Self’s greatest desire
that you reclaim and perfect the beautiful Soul Song that is uniquely
yours. The spectrums of Light and of sound in our realm of existence
are far beyond your senses and even beyond your imagination. In your
reality, you can only experience a minuscule portion of the celestial
sounds, the radiant Light, and the power and majesty of our environment.
Fear and your ego are your greatest
enemies. As we have explained in recent past messages, the negative,
stressful events that you are experiencing at this time are activated
from within to help you eradicate and/or refine past conditioning.
Tests and situations of tolerance are created to help you acknowledge
any restrictive, damaging thought patterns that you may not be aware of
at a conscious level. Universal Law states that the frequencies of your
thought patterns must be refined and lifted in order to tap into the
next higher level of consciousness. You must qualify or become attuned
to each new level of conscious awareness before you may integrate the
vibrational energies it contains. Once you have mastered that level to a
certain degree, you will be ready to receive its unique gifts and
As you begin to follow the nudgings of
your Higher Self, you will gain the ability to disregard or to not be
affected by the actions or reactions of others who try to dis-empower
you. The realms of duality and polarity are great teachers. If you had
never experienced anything but loving and positive actions, there would
be little or no growth, and stagnation would result. Your ego self
will constantly urge you to focus on the external world, and to behave
in ways that are not in your best interest as an aspiring Self-master.
If you consciously strive to stay centered within your Sacred Heart, and
to use the enlightened wisdom of your Sacred Mind, you will never be
led astray. Your intuition will grow stronger and stronger as you build
your confidence as a master of Self, and you will always sense and
understand the correct decision to make or the path to follow. As your
confidence and your intuitive abilities increase, indecision will become
a thing of the past. You are relearning the master skills you enjoyed
in the higher realms. Remember, you have been a master builder of worlds
without end, and you have existed in the higher realms much longer than
you have been entrapped in the dense environment of the lower
Never forget, you are eternal and
immortal. Your physical body is a temporary temple in which God dwells.
The Sacred Heart is the temple of the soul. Therein is the Essence of
life where true love resides, and where your awareness of Infinity
begins. The Diamond Core God Cell within the Sacred Heart contains the
Twelve Rays of God Consciousness, which are etheric crystal prisms of
refracted Light called Rays that beam forth the Essence of Creation.
Death is a metamorphosis, a changing of
the cloak of flesh for a cloak of Light. You have but one life and that
life is eternal. You have assumed many roles while on your journey
throughout eternity; however, within your Sacred Heart, you will remain
as you were in the beginning, a Divine child of the Supreme Creator. To
become en-LIGHTEN-ed is to realize your Divinity within, whereby an
impulse from deep within your Sacred Heart will assist you to follow,
unerringly, the guidance of your God Self. In the higher realms your
vessel of Light is pure, perfect and indestructible. Envision a
wholeness that has never been altered and a radiant form with no
Even though chaos and duality are an
integral part of your existence in the third/fourth dimensions, there is
order and design in this Sub-universal Master Plan.
You were not sent forth as cocreators without protection and a clearly
defined path to follow in place. Your return to full consciousness of
your God Self within this Sub-universal expression has always been
Your Sacred Mind always knows the truth,
and will eventually override the misconceptions of the conscious mind,
which can be reprogrammed as you strive to clear the subconscious mind
of all negative influences. Your Sacred Mind is the direct connection to
the God Mind. Moderation in all things results in equilibrium, balance
and a sense of well-being. Self-mastery leads
to control of the physical emotions and the thought processes of the
lower mind. A Self-master stands firmly centered within the Sacred Heart
in the midst of chaos and change–holding fast to the wisdom of the
Sacred Mind as it gathers strength and guidance from our Father/Mother
God–while learning to become an observer of the process as all illusion
slowly fades away.
Many of you have discovered that
no matter what you are experiencing in the outer world of form, there
is a strong sense of joy that wells up from within. These powerful
pulses of energy OverLight any discordant situation, and help you remain
centered within your Sacred Heart. Individual will comes from within
the soul, while Divine Will originates from within your God Essence Seed
Atom. The soul is forever seeking to advance toward its collective
whole–reunification is its major goal.
Throughout your many years of trials,
tests and challenges, we have told you that the ascension process
entails acknowledging, releasing and transforming all of the negative,
impacted vibrational patterns that you carry within your complex
physical, mental, emotional and etheric forms. As novices beginning the
journey of transformation, you could not comprehend or fully understand
what a profound gift awaited you as you reached a certain level of
balance and harmony within: the gift of GRACE.
A state of Grace awaits every soul on Earth once they gain the ability
to function within the frequency patterns of the mid-fourth
sub-dimensions and above. As you return to the accepted level of
duality within the spectrum of Light and shadow, you gradually learn to
maintain a “harmless nature,” which is a vital element of becoming heart-centered and soul-focused.
Ascension means attaining a clearer
awareness of Self, and accepting the fact that you are an extension of
our Mother/Father God. As you delve deeper and deeper within Self, you
come to realize your intimate connection with the Creator. Once you have
felt the exquisite bliss of a heart-to-heart connection with our
Mother/Father God, and you are able to draw fully on the Adamantine
Particles of Love/Light, your yearning for love is gradually fulfilled.
Your hunger for sustenance will always be satisfied, and you will be
given the strength, will and determination you require to joyfully
complete your earthly mission. Through this process, your true Self is
gradually being revealed to you.
We have explained how the spectrum of
Light and shadow was created in this Sub-universe so that humanity could
experience duality and polarity. In the higher dimensions, for those
closest to our Father/Mother God and the Great Central Sun, the duality
spectrum is very narrow; however, it became broader and more pronounced
as each dimension was established, until it reached what was to be the
maximum duality that was to be experienced. You are aware that it was
not ordained or intended that humanity should sink so deeply into
duality and polarity thereby causing so much pain and suffering. The
time has arrived for the distortions and excesses of the past to be
brought back into harmony, and it is our greatest desire to assist you
to move through this process with ease and grace.
Dear hearts, too many of you are
carrying great burdens from the past, mistakes you have made in this
lifetime, and also many errors from past conditioning and buried
memories of painful events or actions from all your previous lifetimes.
Holding onto these memories or carrying the “burdens of inequity
no longer serves you. It is time for you to allow us to help you heal
the painful memories of the past, just as we are clearing the
distortions of the third- and fourth-dimensional collective
consciousness belief patterns, and bringing those dimensions back into
their originally designed spectrum of duality. We have repeatedly told
you to, “heal the past, script your future and then live in the moment,
for this very moment is the Still Point / the power center of Creation.
Why not move into the center of that spiral, into the eye of duality
and polarity where all is calm and peaceful, and filled with pure, rich,
primal life force substance just waiting to be molded into your vision
of the future? This very moment, as you move into your Sacred Heart
Center, you can experience the profound love and compassion of our
Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator, and know that you are a
treasured son or daughter on an important heavenly mission. Remember,
nothing you can say or do can diminish this love.
Attaining universal consciousness is a
never-ending process. Human-mental logic and the Sacred Heart / Sacred
Mind will begin to function as a unit of Spiritual Power as you attain a
certain level of wisdom and enhanced God-consciousness, and you will
automatically begin to question the contradictions of the different
religious beliefs. This is necessary so that you will begin to seek out
the pure Essence of Divine Truth that is scattered throughout the
ancient sacred books. Over time, sacred truth will be revealed to you
according to your present level of consciousness. A Self-master is
constantly seeking, discovering and integrating more complex and
empowering Sacred Cosmic truths. Ascension is a process of constantly
transcending your current level of limitation, both emotionally and
mentally. You must always integrate and experience any new knowledge you
accept as your new philosophy of life, thereby gaining the wisdom of
the concepts.
My valiant Light Bearers, you are
becoming more aware and hypersensitive to the frequency patterns of
change, both within and around you, and your heightened sense of
awareness increases, it is critical that you learn to become a mindful
observer. A Self-master always views life events from a higher vantage
point so that he/she does not become caught up in the maelstrom of drama
and chaos that is rampant in the world. It requires discipline and
great wisdom to stay the course or
to remain centered and empowered when it seems as though the world
around you is sinking deeper and deeper into chaos and destruction. We
know how eager you are to attain full Self-mastery; however, as we have
often stated, the fast track is not
necessarily better. You must be willing to allow your Higher Self and
your angelic helpers to set the pace of your advancement, for we have
the advantage of observing what is taking place around the world, as
well as within each of you from a higher vantage point. This enables us
to interpret the outcome of forthcoming events through energies of the
strongest probable future. At such times, occasionally, we are allowed
to intervene through specific mandates from our Father/Mother God and
the Lords of Light.
We ask you to remember, if obstacles
are continually put before you as you attempt to move forward or create
something new in your life, know that it may not be the right time for
your vision to become a reality. Be willing to go into sanctuary (spend
time in contemplation), so that your Higher Self can either inform you
of what you must do in order to proceed, or possibly what must take
place that you are not aware of before your aspirations can be fulfilled
and made manifest. Be willing to stay in the moment, and to know that
you are exactly where you are supposed to be at the present time. Affirm
often: “This is a perfect moment and I am centered in the power of the present.
We implore you to view your life experiences through the filters of
your Sacred Heart/Mind as you draw forth the powerful Adamantine
Particles of Life/Light and infuse them with your love before radiating them out into the world and to humanity. We are all in this cosmic dance of evolution, and together, we shall prevail.

*   *   *

Transmitted through Ronna Herman http://www.ronnastar.com/
* Copy freely and share. However, I claim the universal copyright for
this article in the name of Archangel Michael. WE OFFER ARCHANGEL
*   *   *

KRULIANs: Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Remembering in Time for Change

KRULIANs: Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Remembering in Time for Change.

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sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014

Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Remembering in Time for Change


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Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Remembering in Time for Change
29/09/2016 , 20:32:27
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Channeled by Maryann Rada
February 27, 2014

Let’s talk about your dear sanctity. Certain motivations are determining factors in your future. One is the determination of sanctity. You choose what to do based on your determination of the sanctity of one choice or another. It doesn’t matter what you choose; all is sanctified eventually. Even your life mistakes become sanctified when you choose to see them as divine teachings of dark nature. Everything becomes pure in the light of knowing love. Even your worst error.
As the events start to pick up speed, you will begin to notice a few changes in the way you think about things. You will expect things to work as they had, but it won’t be possible. You will continue to do things as you have done as always, but now there will be certain overtones of delight and remembrance. Now the time of transformation will begin in earnest. Deny yourself nothing that brings you into resonance with delight and remembrance, for you are coming from despair and forgetfulness and the first steps toward a global transformation will need to be firmly planted. You are on your way to becoming the galactic people you remember yourselves to be. Delight in that!
Long ago on your planet, there was a core of Pleiadian adventurers who stayed when the rest of their number returned to Pleiades to await the next phase of the mission. That core group was of a number ensuring their survival during their stay on Earth, and over the course of many millennia they assimilated and their souls began to splinter. The mechanics of soul generation are not so complex as you might imagine. The core Pleiadian beings began to pair with Earth beings, and the new beings had some resonance with both sides of the contributing genetics. In this way, the natural Pleiadian beings became merged with the beings of Earth. Now is the time that many are waking to their Pleiadian nature and stripping away all that does not lend itself to the integration of the soul awakened.
Understand that we are merely relating the basic story of how you came to be as a human on Earth aware of a Pleiadian core essence. It is not a known history to all and there are many details to be filled in as time progresses. For now, suffice it to say that you who know there is some familiarity with Pleiadian source code are the rememberers of a time lost to known history and the ones who will bring knowledge forth about who you are as you remember more fully.
I urge you to release those codes that carry the resonance of oppression and division. You are Pleiadian seed. You carry a great genetic legacy within your blood. Remembrance is linked with feeling that to be true. Pleiadian and Earth human have joined core coding to create a new being on Earth. As you call forth the resonance of Pleiadian coding, you will find each other more easily and the movement toward transformation can begin to shift. Open your mind to be receptive toward the preparatory lines of merging that accompany the full remembrance of Pleiadian code. Then you will more fully understand the concept of sanctity.
I am Semjase of the Pleiadian League of Light in service to humanity. Renegade Pleiadians, I salute your courage and am in awe of the success of your OM-inspired service. Near to you are we. Soon you will remember more. On your mind be blessing and within your being be peace.


^ ^ ^ 

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する 
La Página de la Vida
Boletín Nº 5 Nueva Era. 27 de Febrero de 2014

No queramos cambiar el mundo, sólo basta con cambiar nuestras malas costumbres que afectan negativamente al mundo.
No intentemos abrir ningún portal galáctico, sólo intentemos abrir nuestros propios corazones al prójimo y a la vida.
No nos preocupemos por escuchar los confusos mensajes evolutivos que nos llegan de supuestos contactados cósmicos, nos basta con escuchar los claros mensajes que, por involutivos, desestimamos de la Madre Tierra.
No nos preocupemos por si existe la Hermandad Blanca, preocupémosnos por nuestros hermanos negros, blancos, amarillos, colorados y de todas las razas que existen, para que sigan existiendo.
No intentemos aprender lenguajes cósmicos o mantras antiguos, sin antes aprender a hablar y cantar el lenguaje simple del amor y de la vida aquí en la Tierra.
No intentemos escuchar y poner en práctica las técnicas espirituales del sabio espiritual, sin antes reconocer nuestra propia esencia espiritual que nos lleva a descubrir nuestro propio sabio interior que nos habla y enseña a practicar una vida espiritual y sabia.
No queramos huir a lugares seguros ante los catastróficos cambios climáticos, sino que debemos enfrentar a los catastróficos cambios personales que no nos permitirán salvarnos sin importar que ocurra.
Antes de saber como contactarte con un hermano extra-terrestre, contactate contigo mismo y ofrece una ayuda extra, a tu hermano terrestre.
No te asustes de la inundación por venir, porque antes te ahogarás en el propio miedo de tener que vivir aquello que todavía no pasó.
No niegues aquello que puede pasar, sólo trabaja en afianzar lo que está bien y corrige lo que está mal y entonces el miedo se convertirá en esperanza.
No busques las huellas del pasado, fíjate por donde caminas ahora.
No esperes un futuro “decretado”, anda y construye uno “co-creado”.

Temía estar solo, hasta que aprendí a valorarme y aceptarme a mi mismo.
Temía fracasar, hasta que me di cuenta que mi único fracaso es el no intentarlo.
Temía lo que la gente opinara de mí, hasta que comprendí que de todos modos opinarían de mí.
Temía que me rechazaran, hasta que entendí que si yo me rechazaba o no me aceptaba, todos terminarían rechazándome.
Temía al dolor, hasta que aprendí que éste es la base del crecimiento.
Temía a la verdad, hasta que descubrí la fealdad de las mentiras.
Temía a la muerte, hasta que aprendí que no es el final, sino más bien el comienzo.
Temía al odio, hasta que me di cuenta que no es otra cosa más que ignorancia.
Temía al ridículo, hasta que aprendí a reírme de mi mismo.
Temía hacerme viejo, hasta que comprendí que ganaba sabiduría día a día.
Temía al pasado, hasta que comprendí que no podía herirme más.
Temía a la oscuridad, hasta que vi la belleza de la luz de una estrella.
Temía al cambio, hasta que vi que aún, la mariposa más hermosa necesitaba pasar por una metamorfosis antes de volar.
Hagamos que nuestras vidas cada día tengan mas vida y si nos sentimos desfallecer no olvidemos que “al final siempre hay algo más”.
El amor ahuyenta el miedo y, recíprocamente el miedo ahuyenta al amor.
Y el miedo no sólo expulsa al amor; también a la inteligencia, la bondad, todo pensamiento de belleza y verdad, y sólo queda la desesperación muda;
y al final, los miedos no superados a su debido tiempo, despojan al hombre de aquello que los caracteriza…la humanidad misma.



En esta historia se cuenta que había un emperador que era muy temido en toda su comarca. Este vivía en una tierra que siempre permanecía en guerra, por lo tanto tomaba muchos prisioneros y en lugar de matarlos los llevaba hasta un lugar dentro de una sala donde se encontraban varios arqueros de un lado y del otro lugar había una enorme e impresionante puerta de hierro. Sobre esa puerta había figuras grabadas con calaveras llenas de sangre y otros dibujos atemorizantes.
El emperador, en la sala, hacía que todos los prisioneros formaran un círculo y entonces les decía…”A todos ustedes les hablo; les daré la oportunidad de que elijan entre morir traspasados por las flechas de los arqueros o bien irse por esa misteriosa puerta que se encuentra hacia el costado derecho”.
La elección de todos los prisioneros fue morir por las flechas de los arqueros antes que cruzar la puerta que tanto atemorizaba.
Luego de mucho tiempo la guerra finalizó y un soldado que siempre se encontraba muy cerca del emperador siempre mantuvo una duda, entonces se acercó al soberano para consultarlo:
“Mi emperador, ante su permiso, ¿puedo realizarle una consulta?”
El emperador le dice:
“Soldado, puedes hacer tu pregunta”.
“He tenido siempre la curiosidad de saber que había del otro lado de esa puerta tan aterradora. ¿Podría usted decirme?”.
El soberano le dijo: “Acércate a la puerta, ábrela y tú mismo mira”.
Sigilosamente y con mucho temor el soldado se llegó hasta la misteriosa puerta, tomó de la manija, comenzó a abrirla y a medida que iba empujándola empezó a iluminarse todo el recinto con los rayos del sol que entraban… y, por último, quedó sorprendido porque la puerta daba hacia un enorme camino que le permitiría la libertad a todo aquél que se animara a cruzarla.
Ante su admiración, el soldado dirigió su mirada hacia el emperador en el momento en que este le argumentaba:
“Ellos solos debían elegir; esa era la oportunidad que yo les brindaba, pero ante el temor de abrir la puerta misteriosa, preferían ser traspasados por las flechas de mis arqueros”
Por el simple miedo de tomar riesgo en nuestra vida, ¿Cuántas puertas dejamos de abrir frente a diferentes oportunidades?

Tantas veces, por tener miedo de abrir la puerta que nos conduce hacia nuestros sueños, perdemos la libertad y morimos interiormente.


Recibe un cordial saludo.
Equipo de La Página de la Vida.
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samkaska: Reading:::File:::HELP:::▶ 83 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Nibiru and Events – YouTube

samkaska: Reading:::File:::HELP:::▶ 83 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Nibiru and Events – YouTube.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Reading:::File:::HELP:::▶ 83 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Nibiru and Events – YouTube

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Video 83
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video eighty-three – July 12, 2012.
Again, here are some answers to questions that bring together hundreds of emails about these issues.
Mythi many friends want more details on upcoming events, you could tell us something more enlightening?
– Those who hoped for apocalyptic events, were frustrated and reacted so childish, not understanding that, in fact, you were much helped in this
important crossing.
You remember last year that even your space station had to be evacuated and your space program was discontinued.
Your governments knew what would happen and were caught by surprise by the events that followed.
You did not lose your network of satellites and your space station last year by the intervention of Krulians, by neutralization of the comet Elenin, and the backwardness of the system Nibiru.
But now it’s time the event will not be alleviated, at least that is what is recorded, and is the event for which the underground shelters were planned for them.
The sun is reversing its poles and it will generate large spontaneous bursts of high power to be directed to the alignment of the Earth “gravitational tunnels” that is already positioning aligned with the equator of the galaxy, greatly weakening the magnetic field of the planets in all solar systems that are changing hemisphere.
So, that’s not going to be a normal solar cycle, one happens every full rotation of the galaxy. Remember the previous recommendations on how to protect yourselves if these bursts reach your region, not out in the sun during the day, go out only at night. Many places will be very dry and fires can spread very easily. See, the planet will expand; it may be up to five percent larger in diameter due to the expansion of the magma under the effect of high radiation. You know what this will entail; the rearrangement of tectonic plates and the resulting earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanism. Not only the planet Earth will expand, all the planets of the system will suffer the same heating process. Your continents have this distribution today because the planet has expanded many times in many cosmic cataclysms that have happened in its history. Much of the Pleiadeans who live on planet Earth are being transferred to the Taus, therefore, seems that the cycle completion is near. Only the many units Pleiadeans of “control and rescue” fleet are circling the planet. Scientists and supporting staff of Base Antarctica will also be transferred to Taus. The base will continue in full operation with the specialized staff in its maintenance. 180 units Arcturian who run the various underground bases will work for the redemption. Our fleet will be divided among Pleiadeans and Arcturians because we partake of the two operations as a liaison and operational control. The last card of your elites will be the war planned to be initiated at any time since the HAARP system will not work, because if connected during high solar activity its antennas will be destroyed. Your elites know that they will be isolated, without monetary control, no control of communications, and they want to take advantage of it because the masses have nowhere to run, except for their claws. They will try to maintain power by force, which is the only resource for which they prepared enough in these last years. I believe do not need to repeat everything I said earlier for these events, so be prepared, as you can, to face the facts. Try to stock up on basic food and medicines for a year or two, because if there is no quick rescue, you and your family can survive without major problems until things begins getting back to normal. If your area is too cold, try to plan to go to places with warmer temperatures, since no electricity or gas, may be difficult to beat the cold. Distance from major cities and urban centers.
Many very large spacecraft are crossing the solar portal these days; do not know the details of the plans of CG but it seem a major operation being organized. The Camelopardalis and Sirius are also very active in the system. Great movement also on the route Earth Mars, many ships with operators Grays are moving between bases of your governments and Martian bases, performing transportation of cargo. I’ve never seen the system as busy as now. I’ll be passing the coordinates of all the friends that can help in the work for our navigating officer, so he put the data in the system of the fleet. So until your communications work, we are getting the coordinates. This is not a guarantee but a great possibility of redemption in the most affected regions. Once we know some detail I communicate to you.
Mythi, many questions remain about contacts multidimensional, sorry but you could still be a little more specific?
– Another dimension is another reference site for viewing and observation, undetectable by the standards of previous dimension. The scales of frequency in a given dimension defines how the brain functions are developed in their stages of activation, with consequent changes in the genome sequence and direct changes in the DNA of societies and people in that dimension. Another dimension is a different level of quantum energy; it does not interact with different dimensions as their “matter” does not touch. It’s like you want to pick your shade with your hand, you know that the shadow exists, it is real, but is subject to the existence of a light source, it is only the absence of energy. A being from another dimension could never be seen with your eyes of the third dimension even if he wants to be showing you. When I say you confuse dimension with levels of frequency, it is because you have not realized that there is no physical possibility of the matter interaction between dimensions. You are the zero level of the third dimension, even being Krulians level eight; they cannot see beings of the fourth dimension, because it is impossible. You can see the Krulians and dozens of other breeds of various levels of brain activation as are all in the same dimension. The Krulians like many other superior races, they can prevent minds less activated even realize his physical presence, with a simple blocking of these brain images, I can also do this. I would be expounding on the many differences in the ten levels of brain activation of the third dimension for hours, and you would fall in yourself about the utopia of talking about multidimensional contacts. Keep in your minds that the whole universe in which we live is in THE THIRD DIMENSION. The fourth dimension lives in a totally different level of energy, off the third dimension. Only your spirits, or as we call “our light” goes to an intermediate level belonging to the fourth dimension while waiting for your return to “school” of the third dimension. THE EARTH WILL NOT FOR THE FOURTH DIMENSION, nor if you all die, so that the Earth is not going anywhere, just you. Any well-meaning person talking about of “other dimensions”, you can be sure that they are confusing the meaning of the word “dimension” with different levels of brain activation of the third dimension. Maybe this idea has been inculcated into your popular culture by your elites, and it seems that they had enough effect. You will now get to level one, your brains will become a new phase of activation, and your DNA for future generations will be rewritten in the gestation of your new child. I’m pretty sure that in this new phase, not to speak more in “another dimension”. When you begin to know races of various levels of brain activation, will better comprehend the concept of the third dimension of our universe that we all live. Look, I do not have the habit of poeticize information and not to include religious connotations, I’m technical; I know many of you enjoy storytellers, citing references of your cultures or religions, but facts are facts. In our culture we say that “for a good listener, half word is enough”, so we seek to speak little, and understand much. I believe being as clear as possible so that everyone can understand this.
Be well friends!
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lunes, 21 de abril de 2014


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▶ Gaia’s Ascension 5 – YouTube

“Dónde está el Amor?”preguntó al cielo.

Él no contestó.

El cielo no tenía voz.
Se limitó a mirarla de vuelta
con sus ojos invisibles, pero la rodeó.

Lo que hizo fue darle su oxígeno vital
Y protección de los fuertes rayos del sol.
Le proporcionó una atmósfera
donde podría aprender y crecer.

Sin embargo, era silencioso.
Simplemente ERA!

“Dónde está el Amor?” preguntó al suelo.
El suelo no tenía una voz.
Hablaba un lenguaje diferente,
el lenguaje era de los muchos.

Las ardillas cantaban,
las aguas murmuraban,
los insectos zumbaban
y el cielo hablaba a través de la tierra,
mientras movía las hojas en los árboles de la tierra.

Pero aún así su pregunta no fue contestada.
Sí, caminó sobre la tierra.
Sí, resultó ser un lugar
donde podía aprender y crecer.

Era el amor sólo ser,
crecer como las plantas y animales a su alrededor?
No, el amor era más, determinó ella.
Aprender y crecer eran a menudo dolorosos.

“Dónde está el Amor?”
preguntó a su interior – dentro de sí misma.

Al inicio no hubo voz- sólo una sensación.
La sensación era agitada,
Ansiosa e inestable.

Pero continuó haciendo su pregunta adentro.

La sensación se calmó.
Se volvió más equilibrada, más estable.
La agitación se fue y
la ansiedad comenzó a ser reemplazada con…. qué?Había un sentimiento…
un nuevo sentimiento que ella no podía describir.
Un sentimiento que no tenía lenguaje.

Fue entonces que ella escuchó la voz.

La voz era solo un susurro al comienzo
y no podía entenderlo.
Ella volvió toda su atención adentro de sí misma.

Cerró sus ojos de manera que
no podía ver el cielo o el suelo.

Enfocó su audición internamente
de forma que podía escuchar a los animales
o a la brisa susurrando entre los árboles.

Todo lo que oía ahora era un susurro interior.

El susurro lentamente se volvió una voz.
Era una tranquila, pequeña voz,
pero tenía un lenguaje,
era su lenguaje.

La voz le habló.

“El Amor es paz”, dijo.
“El amor es calma
Y tiempo para mirar en el cielo
Y recostarse en la tierra.

El Amor es la habilidad de mirar adentro y conocer tu SER.”

“Siénteme ahora – siente mi voz.
Siente cómo mi tono está lleno con entendimiento.
Siente cómo mis palabras están llenas de aceptación”.

“Ahora, mi única, mi amada,
Siente cómo mi vos está llena de AMOR.
Escucha mi voz de amor
Y sabe que no necesitas buscar amor.”

“El Amor vive adentro
dentro de la voz
dentro de tu corazón”.

“Somos UNO
Una voz
Una forma
Un Amor.”

“Siénteme adentro
Y siempre encontrarás el Amor.”

Por la Dra. Suzanne Lie
Traducción – Shanti
Publicado 13th February por

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En pocas horas se formará la gran Cruz Cardinal a los 13º de los cuatro signos iniciadores, los que impulsan a dar el primer paso por lo que nos estamos sintiendo muy motivados a nuevos comienzos.

Todos andamos inquietos y se respira descontento. En este tiempo nadie está muy a gusto y es porque las energías se han movilizado tanto que cuesta ajustarnos… Estamos medio desfasados y mientras seguimos girando en las frecuencias antiguas, la nueva frecuencia ya se ha instalado y toca ajustarnos a ella.

La tradición nos muestra que después de una Gran Cruz Cósmica Cardinal sucesos inesperados dan un nuevo rumbo a la humanidad y la verdad es que estamos todos tan hartos de este sistema que cualquier rayito de luz que se cuele por la ventana nos hará seguirle hasta encontrar su procedencia. Son tiempos especiales y nos toca colaborar en el acomodo a la nueva frecuencia vibracional que está reinando. Eso implica dejar muchas cosas atrás y no todos están dispuestos a hacerlo… aunque muchos indecisos se sentirán repentinamente bañados de coraje y se atreverán a cruzar el portal…

Este ritual es justamente para ayudarte en el proceso de ajuste vibracional y eso comprende también remodelar nuestras vidas. Y para muestra te diré que te está costando visitar lugares y personas que antes frecuentabas, ya no resistes ciertas comidas que antes disfrutabas, y hay tantas cosas que te tienen harto como vestir de traje para ir al trabajo o ya no te interesa mirar la tv o escuchar noticias. Te desconoces a ti mismo y sientes que ha llegado la hora de cambiar… y así es.

Desde el día 21 y hasta el 27 de abril dedicarás al menos 20 minutos diarios para ti… Te sentarás cómodamente o si prefieres estar de pie o acostado (siempre y cuando no te duermas) y te concentrarás en las energías del Universo que llegan hasta ti.
Imagina cuatro rayos luminosos, mezclados entre si formando un cordón similar al del ADN que descienden en forma de espiral entrando por tu coronilla y recorren todo tu cuerpo. Sientes un calorcillo recorriendo tu cuerpo, es la nueva vibración que desechará de ti todo lo que no vibre en su tono. Te estás limpiando de toda impureza y dejando atrás un pasado de miedos e indecisiones… Te sientes fuerte, poderoso, lleno de energía y decisión. Estás dispuesto a conquistar el mundo y te prometes no dejarte vencer por temores o timidez… Un sentimiento de felicidad se apodera de ti porque comprendes que estás evolucionando. Tu ADN se reacomoda con tanta y tan poderosa luz y una voz te susurra que ya estás preparado para vivir en el nuevo mundo que ya ha comenzado. Disfrutas de sentir la luz dando vueltas dentro de ti y entrando por todos los rincones de tu cuerpo. Puedes sentir cierto cosquilleo y te convences de que asciendes, que tu tono vibratorio está aumentando y que pronto dejarás de sentir mareos, nauseas, jaquecas, y cierta melancolía que te provocaba el choque de las dos vibraciones… Ante ti se abre un portal maravilloso y es hora de cruzar hacia lo nuevo. Solo tienes que dar algunos pasitos y atreverte.

Toma conciencia de que esta es una gran oportunidad que el Universo te regala y que no se repetirá en mucho tiempo. O la tomas o la pierdes… es tu decisión y no estás obligado a avanzar, pero sería una gran pérdida para toda la humanidad que decidas quedarte con las viejas energías.

Terminas el ritual permitiendo el cordón luminoso que entró por tu coronilla se retire y retorne al Cosmos y sintiéndote feliz, dichoso y agradecido… Solo te queda repetir el mantra más efectivo. Alzando los brazos al cielo recitas: Gracias, gracias, gracias!

Este ritual puedes hacerlo todos los días de la semana desde mañana si tú quieres, pero recuerda que el ritual es solo poner orden a tus energías pero el trabajo es siempre interno. Eres tú quien debe abrirse a lo nuevo y soltar lo viejo… solo así podrás avanzar.

En Amor y Conciencia.

Si reenvias este texto, respeta el trabajo de la autora, no elimines ni cambies su nombre ni el texto. Cita la fuente correctamente. Se consciente de tu ética espiritual.
Publicado 1 hour ago por YHVH@ 


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terram novam: LIFE ON THE STARSHIP 3

terram novam: LIFE ON THE STARSHIP 3.

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martes, 20 de mayo de 2014


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I am on the ship again. I closed my eyes to meditate, and I am instantly here. I say here instead of there, as I am beginning to morph into this reality much easier each time I come here. When if first started this site in the mid 1990’s I had to face my fear of judgment about the radical ideas I was receiving. In fact, I am just now beginning to release some of it, and there are some messages that still seems to “far out.” I guess I am talking myself into believing this experience. My body and primary awareness is in the third dimension typing on this physical computer, but my mind, at least a part of my mind, is on the Starship. 
It does not surprise me that I would find myself on a Starship, as it has been an obsession all my life. In fact my return to Kepier began when I first “came out” publicly that I had been abducted by the Zeta as a child in December of 2010. It was then that I remembered that I had first merged with Kepier in the 1994, before I even began this site. Since then my inter-dimensional experiences have greatly accelerated. There is a part of me that doesn’t want to share my experiences on the Ship, but I must be true to what I believe is my Mission of documenting my process of ascension. Therefore, I will continue explaining my experiences on the Ship.
When I arrive at the ship (for I am typing as I am experiences) there is a flurry of activity and a sense of preparation. This time I experience myself as pure consciousness. However, the crewmembers are able to see me in this form and tell me where to find Kepier. I could have found her myself, but I needed to know that they could see me. I also see others like me, who are here as pure consciousness and still hold forms on third dimensional Earth. Since these people are pure consciousness like me, there is no form to see. Nonetheless, I smile as I see that I have been communicating with some of these people via the Internet, which is also communication via pure consciousness. I like not having a visual of their face to distract me from my experience of the FEEL of the person. 
I hear inside now that traveling as pure consciousness and merging with the pure consciousness of other inter-dimensional travelers is a component of preparation for ascension. We are all moving our consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond to prepare the place in which our entire being will eventually go. I am now reminded that many of us will go to several places, but since my anchor of physicality is still on Earth, I can only deeply experience one place at a time. 
I know now that I chose this Starship to be that place because I often came here as a child. But, of course, I forgot those experiences. I remembered the times I was in the frightening ship of the Zetas, as fear resonates easily to third dimensional Earth especially when I was young just after WWII. Now Earth is resonating more to love, and it is easier to remember these Starship visits. I encourage any of you who read this information to tell people about the fifth dimensional signature frequency/place (place is not really a 5D word) into which you are increasingly visiting. In this way, inter-dimensional travel becomes more “normal.”
I return again to the Starship and find that I am on the Bridge. I see the holographic screen of our surrounding area and see the myriad other Starships that surround ours in the higher dimensions of Gaia’s aura. Our very existence here is extremely helpful to Her planetary ascension because we fill Her aura with peace, calm and unconditional love. Then, Gaia is able to pass that feeling on to Her many inhabitants. The cetaceans are joyful to commune with the Starships. In fact, I feel their beautiful essence and mourn for all the damage that humans have done to them. 
In fact, as I perceive Gaia from this perspective, I mourn the many things that we humans have done to them while in our physical vessels. I find that everyone on the Bridge is feeling similar emotions and we join into ONE consciousness to send our loving compassion for Gaia, who has been such a brave Being during Her millions of years of physical expression. Just like her many inhabitants, Gaia no longer feels like she can confine Herself in a physical expression to the third dimension and longs to return to the higher frequencies. In fact, the longing of our grounded ones is directly linked to Gaia’s need for return Home. 
I am experiencing the multidimensional nature of the crewmembers. However, they can share my revere while they continue with their duties. As a visitor of pure consciousness, I am free to observe without any responsibilities. In return, they can all read my Soul. Hence, they know who I am and that I am one of their grounded ones practicing my Return. Nonetheless, I realize that I am to leave the Bridge now. I respect this feeling and instantly find myself in the Lounge again. 
I need to inform the reader that my visitations are limited by the information that my human brain can translate into English. I can feel inside of me that there are many things going on that I cannot translate into language. In fact, the attempt to do so lowers my frequency to the extent that I can no longer experience the Ship. Therefore, I need to be satisfied with comes through my consciousness and into the computer. Nevertheless, I feel a need to stop typing for a minute and experience the Ship without the need to translate the experience into language. I will return…
I am back, at least the grounded me is back. However, since everything in this journey happened in a multidimensional way this experience may be difficult to translate into 3D language. What I mean by that is that I was having several experiences simultaneously within the same NOW. I was being taught, actually I am being taught, to experience multidimensionally then “save” that experience into a 3D file to be pulled up when I return to the computer and computer brain. I will try to do so now, know that I may be too much of a novice to pull it all up. 
It is as if some of the information I received is “saved” on a frequency that I cannot access with my human computer-brain. I understand that the full potential of my multidimensional brain would likely overload the Third Dimensional Operating System of my 3D version brain. Therefore, until my I learn how to us my Multidimensional Operating System, there needs to be a system of saving a “file” on a certain frequency. Then when my consciousness extends to that frequency, I can easily read it. Also, the stored file can slowly download bits of information to be processed when I am ready.
Now I will try to relay my multidimensional experience. The easiest information to remember is what happened at first. After a while, my thinking was too multidimensional for me at this time and the information was saved to a higher frequency file. What I first experienced is that I was in two realties at once, the reality of New Earth and the reality of the Starship. I could simultaneously hold those two experiences at once, but when I tried to hold my physical reality along with those two, or even with one of them, I felt the density of my earth vessel pulling on my consciousness. Then, I could only hold onto one of the fifth dimensional realities along with my physical reality. 
Fortunately, I could save some of the experience of being in two fifth dimensional realities at once in my human brain. What I received was that, since there is no time and no space in the fifth dimension, there is no separation. Hence, my 3D observer self could embrace two fifth dimensional reality if I completely release any thoughts of my physical self. While in connection with my physical self I could embrace my grounded self and one or the other of the two fifth dimensional realities. 
While my consciousness is connected with my third dimensional thoughts, I could only experience of one of my fifth dimensional reality. On the other hand, when I released any thoughts of my physical reality, I could easily experience both fifth dimensional realities at the same time. I was shown how, initially, we will phase out our one reality for a seconds so that we can visit another. Then, with practice, we will remember how to have two realities running in our consciousness at one time. I think that I, as well as many others, am being trained to remember our multidimensional thinking. 
The part of inter-dimensional travel, which I have not mastered, is to hold enough of our awareness in my earth vessel when I return to the third dimension. I have had trouble focusing on the third dimension sometimes, especially if it a mundane, boring action. The problem is that I space out, loose my balance, fall down or forget things. I think that my documentation of my experiences is good for me as it is a way of grounding my Multidimensional SELF into my earth vessel. Therefore, I recommend sharing your experiences with others if you are traveling inter-dimensionally. 
The rest that I received is saved into a brain file with a higher frequency and no name. Therefore, I can’t recover it right now. However, I hope that I will be able to read those files when my consciousness again resonates to that frequency. I am getting the metaphor of a huge file cabinet. The information is filed in drawers that are so height that I need a ladder to reach them. I would have to open the drawer, find the correct folder, take out the file and read it. But, since I am balanced on a ladder, I will need to take that file down to my desk where I can sit down, relax and read the information. 

By Suzzane Lie, PhD
Posted 18th February 2012 by
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lemurian Celebration 2 – Sanat Kumara Speaks


Lemurian Celebration Part 2

Sanat Kumara Speaks

Dear Sanat Kumara,

I have never consciously communicated with you. However, I feel you have been within me for many years, in fact, since I was working with my first teacher in the 70’s. I think that you recently have called me, as I was led to read your wonderful story, which I must have read in the early 1990’s as that is when it was published.

Somehow your book, The Story of SANAT KUMARA, Training a Planetary Logos, channeled through Janet McClure jumped out at me from the lower shelf of my bookcase. I have been taking a LONG time to read it time, as NOW I understand how very important it is.

I had read the book many years ago and it was in my main bookshelf with my most cherished spiritual books. I literally heard a call from across the room and the book called me to look at it. Actually, you called me to remember YOU. Since that call I have been reading all about you and your experiences and the great service you gave to dear Gaia.

I now attempt to release the old buried emotions that have limited my means of organizing information so that I could more consciously receive your guidance. Assist me to relax into writing your message that you have been training me to hear.



Beloved ONES, we speak through you as much as we speak to you. We come into your NOW to assist you to remember what you learned on Venus before you took your first incarnations on Earth. All of you in this HERE and NOW were among those who answered Gaia’s call at the fall of Atlantis. You were such beings of light that you needed to go to Venus to lower your frequency to one that could step into a form on Gaia’s gravely wounded planet.

It is not important whether or not you remember that journey. What we, Sanat Kumara, call into your remembrance NOW is the service you vowed to give. This service was to remember your SELF throughout myriad incarnations during the long dark night of the Kali Yuga, which you all did.

Life after life you tried to remember. Sometimes you could only remember as a child, but when you played on the Earth you assisted Gaia to remember. You see now that Gaia is a living being and capable of creating any form She pleases. You do not realize how much you helped Gaia by remembering your love for her planetary expression.

It was your love of Her planet that assisted Her to heal Her planetary body. As humanity fell deeper and deeper into their separation consciousness they perceived Gaia as a mass of rock that is just a thing. They were proud that they were no longer so “superstitious” that they thought of the planet as a living being.

Besides, if Gaia was a being, she was a female, and females were also treated very badly during the Kali Yuga. In fact, every person, place and thing was treated very poorly and much damage was done to the frequency of Gaia. However, your great light healed that darkness in ways that you were never aware.

Because you loved Gaia, Her land, Her sea, Her plants, animals, humans and atmosphere, you assisted Her to keep her planetary body alive. Now both people and planet have gone through many initiations, and you are both prepared to expand your awareness into your personal and planetary Lightbodies.

I Sanat Kumara, as well as the original 144,000 who came with me to Earth long ago, have returned. We are here NOW to assist our dear Gaia in Her reunification with the higher frequencies of Her Multidimensional Planetary SELF.

You are all aware of Gaia’s fourth dimensional plane, as you have often visited it in your dreams. Due to your sporadic flashes into Lightbody, many of you have also become aware of Gaia’s fifth-dimensional New Earth. This Earth is not actually “new.” It has always existed, but the members of Gaia’s planet have been pulled into their lower frequency expressions.

However, New Earth is by no means uninhabited. Many of the plants and animals that have become “extinct” have actually returned to their innate higher frequency of resonance. You will also be pleased to see that many cetaceans and “ascended humans” also reside on New Earth. However, I ask you not to leave your physical form, but to expand your consciousness back into the fifth dimension to connect with many of your ascended expressions of SELF.

Yes, dear humans, most of you have had at least several experiences of ascension, which is why you have been chosen among the myriad volunteers to assist Gaia. You will need to recover the memory of the sensation of transmuting beyond your 3D physical form, through your 4D astral form and into your 5D Lightbody.

In order to recover this memory you will need to release your attachment to third dimensional “modesty.” It is NOT immodest to remember your true, Multidimensional SELF. The difficulty will be releasing all the old limiting emotions and thoughts that bind you to your old manner of storing information. In order to remember your true self you must release the old concept of modesty which is a version of

“not good enough” to become the being who you have actually always been.

Whereas you have long stored all information in a sequential, separate fashion, you must now remember how to consciously access the fifth dimensional information that is stored in a flowing, intermingling fashion of movements, emotions, thoughts and sensations. Thus, information that is stored in your physical brain via your third dimensional thinking must be perceived from your multidimensional perception.

In other words, we are asking you to change your perceptions of what you have been taught to expect as ascension.

You will need to release your 3D habit, which you learned from many incarnations, of seeing, hearing, reading and/or sharing information through your third dimensional thoughts and emotions. Instead, you will need to intimately bond with all life in an experiential manner and allow each inhabitant of Gaia to communicate with you in its own manner.

Many of you have learned how to communicate with animals and plants, as they are a component of your daily life. Now you must remember how to communicate with the insects, the fish, the birds and the air and water in which they live. These communications will remind you how to communicate with the elements and fifth dimensional elementals of earth, air, fire, water and ether.

You will begin this communication not by humanity’s habit of telling, but instead with your Lightbody’s habit of listening. As you deeply listen to the world around you, you will gradually remember how to communicate with all life. Manly of the “primitive” peoples have enjoyed this communication for ages, which they remembered from their Lemurian ancestors. As you learn to communicate with these members of Gaia’s ecosystem, you will regain your awareness of communicating with the Crystal Kingdom.

When you can communicate with the Crystal Ones, you will be ready to entrain your consciousness with the Core and Cornerstone Crystals so that you can work together to recalibrate Gaia’s baseline frequency of expression. She has been trapped in the illusion of the third/fourth dimension since the fall of Atlantis and is enthusiastic to return to the multidimensional light and unconditional love of Her true Multidimensional Planet.

However, before we speak further of our honored task, let us rejoice in the Oneness of Gaia’s transmutation. We see the feast laid out on the tables, the musicians ready to play and the flasks of Gaia’s purest water ready to be served. Therefore, I, Sanat Kumara say:

“Let the festivities begin!”


After Sanat Kumara spoke everyone was quiet for a few minutes, but as the music started and the food and drinks were served, everyone began laughing, talking and having a good time. Since time in Inner Earth is so different, I have no idea how long we ate, watched the amazing Lemurian dancers, then joined the dancers. It was as if what Sanat Kumara said was so immense that we all had to allow the information to sink into our consciousness.
The concept of listening to all life, earth, air, fire, water and ether was so beyond many of us that we almost ignored what he had said. However, Jason and I noticed that when we drank the wonderful Lemurian spring water, we thought of the water as a living being. Also, when we ate the fresh vegetables that were lovingly grown by the Lemurians, we took a moment to thank them for giving us their nutrition.
The fire on the many candles seemed to speak to us as it flickered, almost in rhythm to the music, and the air that was filled with music and joyous conversations seemed to glisten and sparkle all around us. Furthermore, being in the core of the Earth, we could feel with our every breath that even the ground on which we walked was alive.
As we began to listen to the earth, the air, the fire and the water, we began to see the etheric elemental who represented and lived within all the physical elements. However, our pondering of these sensations was soon lost in the marvelous conversations we were having with those around us. Lantern had introduced us to his friends, and we were invited to sit with them.
As we became increasingly involved with our new friends, we moved into the moment and almost forgot what Sanat Kumara had said. Once we entered the dance floor and our new Lemurian friends showed us some Lemurian dances, we were totally engulfed in the joy of that moment. Since time was difficult for us to measure without the rising and setting of a Sun, we had no idea how long we had been dancing when Lady Gaia stood and raised her hands.
As if by magic everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and focused their attention on Gaia. “Please return to your seats as Sanat Kumara has a closing message for you.” Everyone calmly returned to their seats to prepare for the honor of another transmission from the great Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara.
“Beloved Ones of Earth,” said Sanat Kumara in a voice that went straight into our hearts, “I am joyous that you have all so deeply enjoyed our meeting. I wish to give you a message now so that you can discuss it with your new and lifelong friends. When this celebration concludes I am sending all of you, Lemurians and Atlantians included, up to the surface of Gaia’s great body.
“If needed, I will create a holographic form for those who need a body that will allow you to fit in with the topside area to which I am sending you. I will make sure that all of you have everything that is necessary to live in comfort for your year on Gaia’s surface. Within that year that you are topside, you will learn how to talk to all life. As I have said before, your learning to talk to life must begin by learning to listen.
“Begin with one element at a time, such as earth, then air, than fire, then water then ether. Please choose whatever order is best for you. Once you have learned to communicate with each element, add one more element at a time. Finally, you will remember how to listen, talk and communicate with all life. At this point, gather some personal crystals and establish a relationship with them, one-at-a-time.
“By the end of the year, which means nothing in the NOW of the ONE, you will return here and together we will calibrate the Core and Cornerstone crystals of Gaia. Are there any questions?”
The room was quite. How could any of us question the great Sanat Kumara? Jason and I looked at each other and silently held hands. We knew that whatever we did, we would do it together.
Gaia interrupted our moment of intimacy by saying, “Thank you my dear inhabitants. We turned our attention to Gaia as She continued, “Beloved Sanat Kumara and I take your silence as an agreement to fulfill this mission. We know that all of you will successfully fulfill your assigned task.
“We ask that you converse amongst yourselves, as this is to be a group endeavor. Then, please continue the festivities to complete your alliance in Unity Consciousness, which you will quickly expand into Planetary Consciousness.”

* * * * *

photos: ▶ adobe photoshop cs6 tutorial en español: Como poner barba a una persona – Sharing.

photos: ▶ adobe photoshop cs6 tutorial en español: Como poner barba a una persona – Sharing..

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

▶ adobe photoshop cs6 tutorial en español: Como poner barba a una persona – Sharing.

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The Creators: Emotional Non-Conformity

Creation Energies

Creation Energies

Channeled by Daniel Scranton
Published March 3, 2014


“Bringing yourselves into a higher frequency state means that you must enjoy your life more. It is a requirement for you to have a more expanded experience. You are capable of much more joy than you usually allow yourselves to feel. You put off your joy many times. You save it for special occasions. You decide that you can only feel joy under certain circumstances. You wish to be emotionally appropriate.
And that is something that all of you are starting to break free from. Because for a very long time on your world, it has been socially unacceptable for you to feel certain ways in certain situations. And this has created a sort of emotional agreement between all of you. If you are attending a funeral, you are to be sad. If you are attending a wedding, you are to be happy.
We want to give you the permission to experience whatever emotional state you want to experience in any moment in time. We want you to set aside the social conformity that has created a world full of beings who are behaving appropriately. So you are being asked here to be even bigger outcasts than many of you already feel that you are. We are telling you that in order for you to start an emotional revolution, you must begin with the mundane and you must be happy within a monotonous task.
You must realize that everything is laced with joy and everything has the potential to be a joyous experience. In fact, if you did not think that it was possible for every aspect of life to be a joyous experience, then you would not have agreed to incarnate into this reality and this dimension. You knew that you were getting yourselves into this type of scenario where people would be solemn, serious, even sad, and that it would be your desire to lighten the mood.
You knew that you were here to show others the way, and one of the ways that you do this is with emotional integrity. But you also want to choose more frequently how you want to feel, rather than continuing to let the circumstances that are before you give you the cue as to how you ought to feel. So we are encouraging you to let loose more, to dance in the aisles of the supermarket, to be happy because you want to be happy, and to get up off of that dock where you are waiting for your ship to come in, and to do some cannonballs.”

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Vel sanus: Jesse Tsao Chen Taiji Six-seal & Four-close – Sharing>>>

Vel sanus: Jesse Tsao Chen Taiji Six-seal & Four-close – Sharing>>>.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jesse Tsao Chen Taiji Six-seal & Four-close – Sharing>>>

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JANUARY 16, 2014

Today we want to talk about the separation, which is often a misunderstood and maligned state. Them we mean it is not a state of hate we will talk, but to stand up firmly being One with conscious awareness. In this state there can be no real separation because it becomes very obvious to those accesan that state that All is One, One Heart beating, One Mind shining, but my dear, you do not live in this state in your everyday world, no one does , and this deserves to be talked.
It is wise to understand that you are your own entity and have a right, a need for them to see themselves as viable and valid, whether anyone agrees with you or not, love them, support them or not. They will find a paradox here. When you have unleashed the responses of others is when you can really connect with them, you see? Straightening being firmly centered, feeling and leaning on us, then it does not really matter how others behave. If you are not focused, reactions and behaviors of others may seem very, very important indeed.
By this we mean that if you can remember to practice loving yourself, self-love, then, does it matter if their loved ones are not friendly? If you know that you yourselves are loved beyond measure, beyond your mind’s ability to process, then indeed, did they may feel anxious when someone is being hurtful to you?
There is a mistaken belief in the game we want to bring to your attention, and that is if people are acting unkindly, if you are being rude or closed, if accused of dark things dear ones, we can feel your heart is closed when that happens and we wish to remedy this, my dears.
There is a thought that if others are not being kind is due to vibration because you have drawn, and therefore, according to the way of thinking, you are somehow responsible. Furthermore, if you were “spiritual” or “advanced enough” should never encounter another imbalance!
We ask you to consider that her beloved brother Jesus in his day, was a constant resistance of the masses was constantly thorn in the other. He cried, how could not do it at times, as the weight he carried was terrible? This false construct of assuming that because he was “holy” did not have to have human emotions, but with each triple, with every move in power and significance he felt, was given his ability to understand the complexity of their time.
You live in complex times. You live in much more complex than the ones my own time. His burden [of you] is huge, major, we would say, but more support is also numerically speaking.
Look for those that can support unimpeded, whose firm [energy] is pure, when those in their environment are faltering, and more than that, Remember us us. Call us and let us walk with you. Look, we are always within their fields and part of this is to lead you all to a place where depend intrinsically on their own judgment of what a man says, either love or hate, can be measured and seen as love, even when it is corrupt and ugly to see.
They should know by now that there will come times when conflict and offend, unaware that there might be something on the way, although this will change as well, will improve. No matter if they are taken by surprise by the unkindness of another, it is less important than how you respond when that happens.
When fully remember your true nature, that of Light and Divine Love, in cases where unkindness happens, will not see it as relevant and not recognize it as being so prominent to understand themselves and their situation at hand. You can simply make a sideways dart fall to the ground and the center of the other, who is hurt doing things you could not do, and you will come to see this as something strange, so out of the point, say, no can be brought within their fields for further evaluation.
They get to see all beings as beings Dorados that could be acting in ways that are exactly opposite to what they both really want. No Be alive on this planet who does not want to feel intact, loved, honored, respected, confident. No one Be Live unwanted feeling valued. It is on the way in which time you will see the angry, the bitter, the arguers, refusers as those who are momentarily lost his own brilliance, his own divinity. The Divine Beings do not hurt others, they can not harm others, they are interested only in the fellowship, to the brotherhood, and goodwill.
The asking them to face the anger with laughter would just simplify things, but a smiling Buddha is a wise Buddha, and some well-placed humor can do more to defuse the tension between brothers than any other reading about how you are not deserve such treatment. Once they know that no longer resonate with the darker aspects of personality constructs will notice a rise in consciousness, a lightening of mood and lack of interest in even talking about the negativity. Theirs will simply transmute this negativity with your truth, that we are all a family.
There are many who currently focus on injustice in their world, and this dear ones is because the lights have risen again, and is now more obvious than ever. That’s disturbing to sentient beings, for whom are kind and gentle, and sufficient cause cruelty that sometimes the kindest person sitting alone, and this is certainly part of the test. Cruelty has nothing to do with you, the crass insensitivity and bad behavior, the obvious breaks in the integrity and honesty, it will lose its fascination and its foothold in your consciousness. This is a process, dear ones, and there can be no doubt that this process is expected to shed any doubt, and any need for another person to act a certain way.
Can you see him? It is clear to many of you is how restrictive their culture is and how little freedom, and many are angry you react. Many are seeing the imbalance of others and ask them to stop this. It is clear that there is currently an imbalance. Clearly no compassion rules the hearts and minds of those you have placed in command. And it is clear that this must change, and yet many are overwhelmed not knowing how this can happen, and we always drive to focus again ..
What does this imbalance and injustice with you? It is clear to many of you now that this is not a reflection of your own true state of being, so why did he contemplated and give it its power?
Individually, the stage is now set for a revolution, a revolution to be centered and speak from a well populated by those traveling with you who advise them well, who understand its magnificence, its trajectory and its purpose instead.
We gave the channel a thought last week we want to finish today. It seemed to be a vague thought, but made her laugh, and was inconsistent with the subject at hand, and tell them that this is shorthand for what some have called channeling. We said you took all this time to figure these things, all this effort to reach this peace, and you cut through years of disbelief and doubt. Have you challenged and questioned these things. How can you expect others to understand, others have not been so diligent, that do not have your specific interests or akasha?
By this we mean that each is a universe in itself, and each has its own level of understanding, their own significances. The hope someone understands what you understand it is an act of vanity, and not respectful of others. If you can feel that we are holding your hands, if we can hear, and times when we feel far away, if they can remember one time love we shared privately, would not that be enough? No one needs to know, and surely many are unable to grasp what has been taught. Give them time on stage, taking steps forth and muttering and worrying and getting angry, angered by thoughts that do not understand yet. Let them act silly and unbalanced ways, this is not about you, but about them.
And we can not end without bring the truth that these Beings are their grandchildren, are their children, they are your brothers and sisters. Those who lie and rape and kill his family also and although his deeds and words and thoughts are dark, they are your family. They are seeing you, their grandparents, their spiritual leaders to rise above its chaos, to prove clearly and compassionately in his face and crave great imbalance that you do not take it to heart. Crave you smile, take a deep breath and help in strange situations sometimes produced by their imbalances to be corrected, smoothed and find within them and the situations that have produced the respect that you have for your fellow travelers. They need you to be neutral, do not fall into the drama, not to flee when one cries because the sky is falling over him.
They see them waiting for attending, and this can not be done well if there is any shred of belief within you that their pain, their abuse, their anger, their fear is relevant to you.
So this, in a way, is a kind of separation, but one that is necessary in times like these. A rise above the nonsense, say, above the tactics based on fear. And you can not rise above these things if you think that they have any validity or truth that define, or have anything to do at all with his Creator.
This is to walk in His Divinity, and ask them to practice the art of today lie in her arms, removing its heart the intricacies of others, and if it means delete your facebook entries, if it means standing up for his knowledge, by Love, Light and Sound highest in any situation, they were asked to do so.
Many have been in their caves, and when they venture outside, they feel hurt that the world is still a warm and soft place. Whoever you are with the hardness is NOT a reflection of your Self, and we reiterate this. Stop making self-reference to the pain of another and atiéndanlo as someone older would serve q hoever is reacting emotionally or verbal attacks, altered. Address their wounds, use your common sense, and remember who you are you.
Translation -. Glory
Posted 7 hours ago by Zohar LIGHT

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Equipoise: ▶ Conditions Affecting The Cervical Spine – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – Sharing.

Equipoise: ▶ Conditions Affecting The Cervical Spine – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – Sharing..

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uesday, March 4, 2014

▶ Conditions Affecting The Cervical Spine – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – Sharing.

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Meanwhile On Earth Part 5 – The Portal of Manifestation

Meanwhile on Ascending Earth Part 5
The Portal of Manifestation
I think it is the NOW for Sandy and Jason to return to the Ship. What do you think my love?
“YES,” answered Mytre. “I have been observing their energy as they work together. I think they are ready for an experience of merging into one being.”
“Yes,” I responded with a bright smile. “Do you remember our first merging?”
“I have never forgotten,” he responded with that special look in his eyes. “I see how the energy of their working together is greatly expanding, and know they are ready for a conscious merging on the Ship. Do you remember, beloved when the Arcturian guided us into our first conscious merging into ONE?”
“I have never forgotten,” I said as I looked into his beautiful blue eyes. Within the NOW we merged again into ONE being. Our thoughts were ONE, our emotions were ONE, and our bodies were ONE shinning Merkaba. We both felt our Merkaba lift off into the inner realms of the ONE. Lifetimes (or was it seconds) later we pulled our energy-field back into our two forms of light.
“This merging has been spontaneously happening for us more and more. NOT that I am complaining,” Mytre said with a sexy smile.
In response to the look on his face, I looked again into his beautiful eyes and said, “Soon I believe we will remain in that higher dimensional energy-field.”
Mytre put his arms around me so tightly that our two bodies became intermingled into one, and kissed me so deeply that now words were necessary. When he finally pulled away he telepathically said, “We were always and shall every be, ONE!”
“Now back to our mission of assisting Gaia with Her ascension,” Mytre finally said with his voice.  I think that Sandy and Jason are ready to learn more about their great power of manifestation.”
“I totally agree,” I responded. “They are still living the third-dimensional paradigm which is based on either/or. This paradigm causes them to believe that they must chose one lifestyle or another. That belief does make it easier for, as the polarities of love and fear greatly complicate their lives. Therefore, many of our galactic away-team wearing earth vessels have fallen into the illusion that they must be spiritual OR rich.”
“Yes,” answers Mytre. “I have observed that many in human form have that belief. Unfortunately, in many cases it is true, as the same lost souls that caused the fall of Atlantis, have returned to their old ways of using all their resources, which in that NOW is money, to control and dominate.
“Fortunately, Jason and Sandy seem to be making choices that resonate beyond that third dimensional either/or paradigm. These choices are moving their resonance beyond the 3D Matrix and into the vibration of love and gratitude,” continues Mytre.
“Yes,” I respond. “Even though they are very poor they are realizing that money only exists within the 3D matrix. In fact, money does not even exist in the Lower Astral or the fourth dimension. In fact, I think our dear physical expressions are beginning to understand that money is a system of reward that ties them to the third dimension.”
“Yes,” smiles Mytre. “At the same time, they are learning/remembering that as they expand their consciousness into the higher dimensions their creative force greatly expands. Therefore, they are beginning to discover ways to fulfill their dreams without money. On the other hand, they are also learning that when they surrender into the NOW they can ‘make do’ with whatever money that they have drawn into their lives.
“I see that they are enjoying the realization that if they surrender to the NOW of the ONE, their needs will enter their life in mysterious or unexpected ways. I have seen a great change in their life since my last transmission to them. They were having great difficulty manifesting ‘enough money’ to fulfill their financial needs and were quite upset. Therefore I told them…
“Dear Sandy and Jason, if you want to magnetize something into your third-dimensional life, the best way to do so is with gratitude. One of the most magnetic energy-fields of the multiverse is gratitude. Every person, place, situation and thing is actually an energy-field that you have called into the matrix of your NOW. Money is an energy-field that only resonates to the third dimension.
“Gratitude is an energy-field that extends into the highest frequencies of creation. In fact, the two most powerful energy-fields are unconditional love and gratitude. Unconditional love for your SELF allows you to accept that which you choose to create with the power of your intention and attention.
“Gratitude perpetuates that creation for as long as you feel grateful. However, if your attention is on waiting for something to manifest (waiting for money to come), then you are within the energy-field of waiting. Therefore, you will create ‘waiting for money.’
“On the other hand, if you are creating the energy-field of gratitude by saying, ‘Thanksgiving for the substance at hand will duplicate the substance indefinitely.’ you are ‘leaving the door open’ for you manifestation to enter your life. Interestingly enough, what you think will enter through this open door may be something that actually brings you more peace and happiness than that for which you asked.
“Remember that you are portal openers. Therefore, you have direct access to your portal into the higher dimensions. Whatever you send into your portal will return to you three-fold. If you send ‘I need more money’ into the portal what returns is the need for more money. On the other hand, if you send gratitude and thanksgiving for the money you do have, your portal will return to you more of that for which you are thankful.
“When you send out unconditional love and gratitude, you will manifest more of that for which you are grateful and will love unconditionally. We realize that in your third dimensional world ‘unconditionally loving’ money appears strange. However, remember that unconditional love is the bonding force of the multiverse.
“Hence, if you unconditionally love the FEELING of having enough money, you will bond enough money into your present matrix of reality. When people experience greed, which is a creation of fear, their resonance lowers and their power of manifestation returns to its third dimensional expression of ‘work hard to make money’ or ‘take money from others.’
“Your power of manifestation is relative to your ability to be the master of your thoughts and emotions. Your portal returns the energy package of what you send through it. If you send fear, desperation, or greed through your portal that is what you will receive. Then your manifestation of money will be dependent on the 3D manner of ‘make it or take it.’
“Breaking the cosmic flow by harming others to meet your own desire will NOT lead to an experience of ascension. On the same hand, working too hard, will lower your consciousness into survival mode, which will lower your consciousness to the point that you are no longer in contact with your portal or your Multidimensional SELF.
“Also, your 3D reality tells you that ‘money heals your problems.’ In reality, money will be helpful for your physical life, but it can be a great distraction away from your spiritual life. However, as long as you maintain a higher state of consciousness, you resonate to the higher frequencies of reality and all ‘either/or’ choices transmute into ‘everything now’ choices. Then, you are able to maintain your inter-dimensional connection while you have money.
“Simultaneously, as you have remember that it is through unconditionally loving the higher frequencies of experiences into you life, you can accept the freedom and ability to manifest that which is necessary to fulfill your chosen life-plan. Unconditional love says, ‘Yes, I do deserve!’ Then as your energy-field of gratitude says, ‘Thank you, I accept,’ your manifestation is cemented into your daily life.
“You see your state of consciousness is what determines the experiences of your daily life. Your state of consciousness is similar to the channels on your radio. Each channel is a frequency and each frequency represents a certain experience of reality.
“We of the higher worlds do not perceive realities as good or bad, as those are third dimensional terms. Instead we, your higher expressions of SELF, perceive the third/fourth dimensional realities as lower frequency dimensions that have become so polarized that they have lost their balance.
“We use the example of a child’s rotating top. When the top is spinning very fast it remains centered and has NO warble to the right or left. However, once the spin of the top begins to slow, it warbles to the right or the left until it finally falls over because the spin is too slow. This spinning top is a good example of your journey down into the third dimensional earth vessel that you are wearing.
“While you are wearing your higher dimensional form or formless expressions, your resonance is very high. Hence, the reality to which that expression aligns is one in which there are NO polarities, as there is NO warble into fear/bad or love/good. In fact, the very concept of polarity is only a dim memory of your third dimensional memories or the feeling that you received from your expressions that are wearing earth vessels.
“We, your higher expressions of SELF, do not directly experience the polarities and hardships of your polarized reality. If we did our consciousness would drop out of our reality, and we would find our self trapped in your reality rather than showing you the way out of that frequency.
“Of course the concepts of out and in are only perceived from the third-dimensional perspective, as they do not exist in our higher frequency of reality. From our perspective we would say matching your resonance to higher or lower frequencies of reality. It is our mission and our great honor to assist the expressions of our SELF who have volunteered to enter into an earth vessel during Gaia’s great transition.
“From our perspective there is no time. Therefore, we are not concerned about how long our beloved ones must remain within the 3D matrix to assist Gaia. Form our perspective, all the myriad phases of planetary ascension are occurring within the NOW of the ONE. We understand how your third dimensional thinking places all these phases of ascension into a long line with the most physical at the bottom of the line and the highest at the top of the line.
“Fortunately, when you fully transmute your thinking into multidimensional thinking you will be able to continue to fulfill your earth mission while you also experience your SELF in the higher dimensions. You have many Higher SELVES, and they are NOT in a hierarchal line. Instead, they/we all exist within the HERE of the NOW.
“We realize that the concept of ‘the HERE of the NOW’ is almost inconceivable to third dimensional thinking, but we assure you that your thinking will become multidimensional as you consciousness becomes stabilized on the higher frequencies of reality. When your multidimensional thinking comes online, you will feel your higher expressions of SELF while you also experience the quantum world through the 97% DNA of your earth vessel.
“Again, these expressions of SELF are not lined up in a row with a top and bottom. These expressions are all within the HERE of the NOW.  Within the HERE your every thought, emotion, unselfish desire is fulfilled NOW. We say ‘unselfish desire’ for a selfish desire will instantly lower your frequency out of the HERE and NOW and back into the time and polarity of the polarized realities of the third/fourth dimension.”
“Dearest Sandy and Jason, Mytria and I observe that you both resonate beyond any selfish intentions. In fact, you both lovingly spend your time and effort to assist others to understand their process of ascension. When your time is spent in service to the ONE, the ONE pays you with unconditional love, which is much more valuable then money.  
In other words, as you take care of the Universe, the Universe takes care of you.”

“Well Mytre,” I joyfully say, “I think you have fully prepared them. Lets bring them on board the Ship NOW.”

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El Ser UNO – A: 89/90/91 ___EL SER UNO II PLANETA 3.3.3. LOS GUARDIANES DE TERA. BooK 2.

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viernes, 11 de julio de 2014


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BooK 2


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Sin Conocimiento,  no vivo
Sin entendimiento,  no existo
sin amor incondicional,  no Soy 
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El ser uno  –  los arcanos de thoth  

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2. DATOS INTERNACIONALES DE CATALOGACIÓN EN LA PUBLICACIÓN SÃO PAULO-BRASIL. COPYRIGHT Nº. DE REGISTRO: 314.912 | LIVRO: 575 | FOLHA: 72   Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm.  Libro publicado originalmente por la autora y Canal:  Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm.  Todos los derechos del texto, inclusive los dibujos externos e internos, están reservados para uso exclusivo de la autora. Ninguna parte de este libro puede ser REPRODUCIDO, ALTERADO, EDITADO O USADO por cualquier forma o medio, electrónico o mecánico, inclusive fotocopias, grabaciones, Internet, televisión, cinema o sistema de almacenamiento en banco de datos, sin permiso por escrito de la autora, excepto en los casos de trechos cortos citados en reseñas críticas o artículos de revistas, periódicos o cualquier medio de comunicación. La reproducción, cambio, alteración o uso indebido del contenido y dibujos de este libro, estará sujeto a un proceso judicial, amparado por la ley al derecho del autor. EL SER UNO I – Los Arcanos de Thoth. EL SER UNO II – Planeta 333 – Los Guardianes de Tera. Informamos a todos los seres de buena voluntad que EL SER UNO no está vinculado con personas que puedan usar el nombre de la autora y del mismo, realizando conferencias, grupos, venta de copias impresas, videos, publicidad y más, cobrando por sus servicios o pidiendo donaciones en nombre de este conocimiento. El canal hace saber también, que no tiene ninguna responsabilidad con aquellos que transmiten e interpretan el conocimiento EL SER UNO a su manera, sin regirse o basarse en los escritos originales que se encuentran en su texto. EL SER UNO es un conocimiento GRATUITO, no está coligado a ningún evento ni a ganancia de dinero de ninguna otra índole por terceras personas, que lo podrían utilizar a propio beneficio. 2 
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  • 89 …continuació…   …Las ondas magnéticas del planeta circulan de abajo para arriba y viceversa. Esta forma de circulación hace que el planeta ajuste cada cierto tiempo su rotación y traslación alrededor del Sol. Cuando sucedieron los hechos inexplicables del Triángulo de la Bermudas, el planeta Tera se encontraba más cerca del Sol y al estar más cerca, su rotación se hizo más lenta, al ser más lenta, las ondas vibratorias y magnéticas no fluctuaban de arriba hacia abajo o viceversa…ellas comenzaron a fluctuar de arriba hacia abajo, de abajo hacia los lados, de los lados hacia arriba en una forma desordenada e incomprensible para los científicos, que no sabían que hacer y no sabían de que se trataba. Barcos, aviones y personas desaparecieron, la energía se dispersó y se disgregaron. Sus restos fluctuaron en el aire en millones de partículas, las cuales se dispersaron sin dejar vestigio. El desorden vibratorio y magnético del planeta fue ocasionado por el cúmulo de gases venenosos emanados por las bombas de la segunda guerra. La atmósfera estaba llena de iones, tantos que electrificaron al planeta, el cual se convirtió temporalmente en un protón y al serlo se sintió atraído por los electrones haciendo que ellos descargasen su fuerza en el planeta inclinándolo unos grados. Al convertirse el planeta en un protón desordenó las ondas magnéticas y dio en lo que dio. Nosotros los voluntarios invertimos la polaridad de las ondas magnéticas, las cargamos de más electrones y con ello evitamos un desastre mayor. Purificamos la atmósfera y transmutamos los iones por electrones, así el planeta pudo estabilizarse hasta hoy en día. 116- ¿Por qué las naves están colocadas en cada ángulo del triángulo? Efectivamente son tres naves, colocadas en los tres ángulos del triángulo. Es importante destacar que dos de ellas son etéreas y una más sólida y densa. Esta última es la que llevará el control energético, porque su densidad marcará el ritmo del magnetismo planetario. Cuando se construyeron las dos ciudades internas de los interanos, se hicieron bajo estudios rigurosos y profundos. Estas dos naves debían contener en sí mismas el peso, volumen, gravedad, ritmo, vibración etcétera, para contrarrestar a las otras dos naves. Sabíamos dónde colocar a la energía cinabria, pero no teníamos donde albergar a las energías-pensamiento mecurias que iríamos recuperando, puesto que en nuestras naves no podían estar. Así que las dos ciudades interanas sirvieron para dos cosas: resguardar a los interanos y recibirlos a ustedes conforme irían elevando. De esta forma se crearon tres grados energéticos que los irían albergando hasta llegar al último nivel de depuración energética. Hoy en día la inestabilidad magnética del planeta se debe a que las naves de los interanos no están recibiendo suficientes energías elevadas. Por este motivo, el planeta tiene mucho más energía cinabria circulando alrededor de el que energía mecuria en los dos ángulos del triángulo. Esto está produciendo que la atracción magnética de su energía se concentre más en el centro que en los polos y si continúa así, el planeta se inclinará 3.5 grados hacia la izquierda. La energía cinabria se encuentra por el momento girando alrededor del planeta, la estamos acumulando para compactarla y amalgamarla al fragmento Satién y este proceso deberá comenzar antes que se produzca el alineamiento cósmico.
  • 90 117- ¿Por qué deberán compactar y amalgamar a la energía cinabria antes del alineamiento cósmico? Para que Tera entre y forme parte del alineamiento cósmico deberá colocarse en línea recta con los otros seis planetas. Si la energía cinabria no se encuentra compactada y amalgamada con el fragmento Satién y la energía mecuria del exterior no refleja su luz, el planeta no atraerá por magnetismo a la energía del alineamiento. Tenemos que eliminar a la energía cinabria-enferma de la faz de la tierra y más bien aumentar la extensión del purgatorio, que hoy en día es más o menos igual que el círculo cinabrio. De esta forma podremos acumular más energía mecuria dentro de las ciudades–naves internas. Así podremos mantener el equilibrio del triángulo y con ello giraremos más rápido formando un círculo, para poder alcanzar el ritmo, vibración, frecuencia y magnetismo de la energía del alineamiento. La energía del alineamiento alcanza niveles frecuenciales de alto poder energético. En pocas palabras, lo que estamos haciendo es producir más cantidad de combustión alciática para poder partir con nuestras naves y regresar a donde pertenecemos. 118- ¿Por las explicaciones dadas, estoy percibiendo que la estrella de las seis puntas es una nave gigantesca? Así es. Por el momento son dos triángulos que giran invertidamente. En cada punta se encuentra una nave, la cual gira en su mismo eje (rotación) y a la vez ayuda al triángulo a girar en un movimiento de subida y bajada (traslación) de esta manera los triángulos comprimen la energía cinabria. Por otro lado, recicla y transmuta constantemente energía, estos movimientos permiten a la célula renovarse, si no fuera así, la célula Tera estaría sin vida y no podría albergar a las energías pensamientos del universo. Cuando los dos triángulos se encuentran más cerca uno del otro, se forma un alineamiento planetario. Surgen grandes energías pensamientos positivas, como: movimientos filosóficos, conocimiento cósmico, fenómenos paranormales etcétera. Podríamos decir que los seres del planeta están elevando, significa que las energías cinabrias están siendo transmutadas, convirtiéndose en mecurias. Cuando los triángulos se alejan, las energías pensamientos de los seres de Tera tienden a reprogramarse a través de lo aprendido, podríamos decir que los seres del planeta están más cerca de la materia y cuando esto sucede las energías cinabrias afloran y se encarnan: Es el flujo y reflujo de energías. 119- ¿Actualmente dónde se encuentra la estrella de las seis puntas? Se está dirigiendo al centro del planeta. En los próximos 7,000 años los dos triángulos se unirán en uno solo, formando la estrella de las seis puntas. Esta estrella girará con tal fuerza que atraerá hacia sí la energía cósmica del alineamiento. Se alimentará de ella irradiando al planeta de su luz y sabiduría y con ello transmutará también a las energías pensamientos del purgatorio que se encuentren en buenas condiciones energéticas. En estos momentos los dos triángulos se encuentran a la altura del Trópico de Capricornio y del Trópico de Cáncer.
  • 91 120- ¿Qué pasará con las naves y con las Ciudades Internas? Como la energía cinabria será compactada al fragmento Satién y toda la energía del purgatorio será también transmutada en energía mecuria, la estrella de las seis puntas estará en condiciones de funcionar con su propia combustión alciática. Esto permitirá a las 4 naves de los voluntarios que se puedan libertar, para poder entrar al reflujo del alineamiento y regresar de donde vinieron. Las otras dos naves de los interanos deberán quedarse para construir con la ayuda de los seres del exterior otras cuatro, las cuales ayudarán al planeta a conservar el equilibrio puesto que en la época futura, el planeta pertenecerá a la Confederación Cósmica. Tera tendrá la ayuda universal, porque será considerada una célula adulta, consciente y generadora de su propia subsistencia. Por esta explicación estamos entendiendo que cuando suceda lo que estamos diciendo, Tera habrá eliminado totalmente de la faz de su tierra, todo vestigio de la energía cinabria-enferma. Las energías pensamientos elevarán su mirada al universo y se alimentarán del conocimiento, entendimiento y amor universal. 121- ¿Los interanos se han reproducido en sus naves-ciudades? Ellos han preservado un número adecuado, conservando el límite esencial a su espacio y capacidad. No pudieron expandirse por las limitaciones que tenían, más han conservado una ilimitada apertura mental para poder albergar a las energías pensamientos del exterior, clasificándolas por linaje y herencia. Hoy en día ustedes representan más o menos 6,000 millones de habitantes, deberán unirse energéticamente por vibración, color, forma, signo, frecuencia y más, para poder entrar a la ciudad interna y albergarse en las mentes de los interanos los cuales también se albergarán en las mentes de los voluntarios. Los ayaplianos son los voluntarios que se encuentran en las naves y ustedes son todas sus experiencias y vivencias, que en algún momento tomarán forma y se expresarán. Muchos de ustedes regresarán a través de ellos totalmente conscientes formando su parte mental, otros formaran su parte astral o material, dependerá mucho de la vibración energética que cada uno de ustedes posea en sí mismo, para tomar el lugar que le corresponde. 122- ¿Por dónde y cómo entrarán las energías cinabrias-enfermas para compactarse con el fragmento Satién? La entrada al alineamiento cósmico será en el año 2, 014 y durará más o menos unos 200 a 300 años para entrar realmente en el. En ese tiempo se habrán abierto y cerrado varias puertas en diferentes lugares de la línea ecuatorial, por donde la energía cinabria entrará y saldrá. Estas puertas serán abiertas y cerradas por grupos de seres que están trabajando con nosotros, los cuales recibirán las coordinadas exactas para realizar el trabajo. La primera puerta que se abrirá será en Ecuador y la última en Malasia. Para poder compactar las energías cinabrias, necesitaremos inclinar la estrella de las seis puntas, de tal forma que el vórtice del magnetismo se dirija hacia la puerta abierta. Al entrar la energía cinabria cancelará automáticamente la salida de la energía satién, queremos decir que los yacimientos de petróleo se secarán en el planeta. De esta manera se irán cerrando los pozos petrolíferos y con ello evitaremos nuevas contaminaciones. …continuará…
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Esto continuará mañana…

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3. El Ser Uno es un libro de autoconocimiento. Deberá ser leído en orden: sería inútil que lo leyeran desordenadamente, pues no daría el resultado esperado. Su lectura irá abriendo y conectando los circuitos cerebrales del conocimiento, entendimiento y amor.
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Repasenlo… estudienlo…  meditenlo…
dejen ir las viejas…ideas, y enseñanzas…
estudien las nuevas. 
El ser UNO
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¿Qué es el amor incondicional y por qué es tan elusivo para muchos?  Es un amor que no juzga, defiende o distingue entre ningún ser viviente que entre a su vecindad. Es un amor que abarca toda la creación pues emana del corazón del Dios Padre Madre, de la Fuente de la Creación, de aquello que ha creado la materia y la ha colocado en la materia oscura del Universo expandiente. 

* * * 

El amor incondicional está más allá de la comprensión de la pequeña mente que empaqueta y divide, califica y categoriza.  El amor incondicional es el amor que supera cualquier entendimiento y sencillamente es, en sí mismo, puro, íntegro y impecable.  Es la esencia de su Yo Superior.  Es la verdadera esencia de sí mismos, despojada de todo lo que no es el Yo.

* * * 

“Te amo, incondicionalmente, y enciendo el Fuego Violeta en la emanación que estás enviando a mí. Bendigo que tú también, encuentres la paz que estoy ganando dentro de la nueva y expandida versión de mi Ser”.

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Muchos están comenzando a despertar y a darse cuenta de que necesitan amarse a sí mismos. Esto es muy difícil para muchos pues han permanecido en las sombras de la duda y el odio de sí mismos durante mucho tiempo, a menudo sin entender los asuntos centrales o razones de dichos sentimientos.

El llegar al amor y el respeto por uno mismo es meramente un paso en la senda a la automaestría. Si ustedes sienten que no se pueden amar a sí mismos todavía, aprendan a aceptarse a sí mismos como son, y liberarán a su yo futuro para amar. El amor fluye desde el corazón de la Creación, pero uno no puede sentir esta conexión o este flujo con la Fuente hasta que se haya conectado con la fuente del amor interior, su propio centro del corazón.
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  • 2 DATOS INTERNACIONALES DE CATALOGACIÓN EN LA PUBLICACIÓN SÃO PAULO-BRASIL. COPYRIGHT Nº. DE REGISTRO: 434.039 | LIVRO: 813 | FOLHA: 199 Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm Libro publicado originalmente por la autora y Canal: Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm Todos los derechos del texto, inclusive los dibujos externos e internos, están reservados para uso exclusivo de la autora. Ninguna parte de este libro puede ser REPRODUCIDO, ALTERADO, EDITADO O USADO por cualquier forma o medio, electrónico o mecánico, inclusive fotocopias, grabaciones, Internet, televisión, cinema o sistema de almacenamiento en banco de datos, sin permiso por escrito de la autora, excepto en los casos de trechos cortos citados en reseñas críticas o artículos de revistas, periódicos o cualquier medio de comunicación. La reproducción, cambio, alteración o uso indebido del contenido y dibujos de este libro, estará sujeto a un proceso judicial, amparado por la ley al derecho del autor. EL SER UNO I – Los Arcanos de Thoth. EL SER UNO II – Planeta 333 – Los Guardianes de Tera. Informamos a todos los seres de buena voluntad que EL SER UNO no está vinculado con personas que puedan usar el nombre de la autora y del mismo, realizando conferencias, grupos, venta de copias impresas, videos, publicidad y más, cobrando por sus servicios o pidiendo donaciones en nombre de este conocimiento. El canal hace saber también, que no tiene ninguna responsabilidad con aquellos que transmiten e interpretan el conocimiento EL SER UNO a su manera, sin regirse o basarse en los escritos originales que se encuentran en su texto. EL SER UNO es un conocimiento GRATUITO, no está coligado a ningún evento ni a ganancia de dinero de ninguna otra índole por terceras personas, que lo podrían utilizar a propio beneficio.
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