The ONE BEING: 184/185/186 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1

The ONE BEING: 184/185/186 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

184/185/186 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1

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Sin Conocimiento,  no vivo
Sin entendimiento,  no existo
sin amor incondicional,  no Soy 
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 The BEing ONE


Without knowledge , I do not live

 Without understanding, I do not exist 
without unconditional love , I am NOT


The Being one – the secrets of thoth

book 1

Document Transcript

Two . INTERNATIONAL DATA MAPPING IN SÃO PAULO , BRAZIL RELEASE . NO COPYRIGHT . REGISTRATION : 314,912 | LIVRO : 575 | FOLHA : 72 Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . Book originally published by the author and Canal : Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . All rights in the text , including external and internal drawings are reserved for exclusive use by the author . No part of this book may be REPRODUCED , ALTERED, OR USED EDITED form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording , Internet , television , cinema or storage system database, without written permission of the author except in cases of short stretches cited in critical reviews or articles from magazines, newspapers or any media . The reproduction, change, alteration or misuse of the contents of this book and drawings shall be subject to prosecution , protected by the copyright law . BE THE ONE I – The Arcane of Thoth. BEING ONE II – Metro 333 – Tera Guardians . We inform all people of good will who BEING ONE is not linked with people who can use the name of the author and the same , holding conferences , groups, selling prints , videos , advertising and charging for their services or asking for donations on behalf of this knowledge. The canal does also know , that it has no responsibility to those that transmit and interpret knowledge BEING ONE in their own way , guided or not based on the original writings that are in your text. BEING ONE is a FREE knowledge , not any events coalesced to gain money or any other type by another , which could be used to their advantage. 2

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Zones 3; 4: Thought-energies that, even though they work with the positive side of creativity,cannot achieve elevation because of inconsistency, lack of will, instability, lack of courage, lack of knowledge, understanding and love, lack of analysis, conflicting feelings and emotions, and so on, are located here.

Zones of unconscious thought-energies

Zones 4; 5: Thought-energies that have already overcome their conflicts and have been able to record their energy are located here. They have achieved this because they have worked with the right side of their brain, have used their dynamic, and so they have elevated their thoughts. But regardless of all their efforts, they still have some relapses due to lack of knowledge and understanding. Perhaps these are sometimes not deep enough to be able to analyze and correct, so they need to work and acquire much knowledge to be able to overcome the obstacles.

When beings are at this level or stage of the work and they have relapses; the universe calls them unconsciousness, because they fall back through ignorance and not sickness, like the previous zones.

Zones of conscious thought-energies

Zones 6; 7; 8 and 9: Here thought-energies have knowledge of cause and effect. Totally analyzed and deeply congruent, they have the virtue and the gift of external and internal visualization. We mean that their antimatter world works congruently; they can manifest and accomplish with absolute perfection.

Description of the subconscious worlds

When we speak of the antimatter worlds, we are referring to all of us, including you. All of us are present in the antimatter worlds. The material worlds, as you want to consider them, do not exist; it is all a single dense or subtle energy. Since you are in density, you can touch it, because you are on the same level. The same thing happens to us; we are within a very subtle energy and we can touch it because we are identical to it. The energy of the bodies adapts to its level and vibration.

When we say that we are in the brain of a One Being, we must realize that in our brains there are planets, constellations, stars, and all one can see, and that these planets may or may not be inhabited.

We can look at it like this. Within your brains there are planets inhabited with beings that live and behave exactly as you do on Planet Earth, with people, houses, animals, plants. You may be wondering: “How is it possible?” We explain it this way: if the universe is a mind, everything that exists is in the imagination of that mind. Everything that exists is imaginative, and being so, all that your eyes or senses perceive is recorded in your imagination. Thus, you will imagine your antimatter world and it will be the same as your Planet Earth.

When you disembody you will go to a Planet Earth which will be in some brain that will shelter you imaginatively. You will live according to what you yourselves created when you were embodied. You are the creators of your own hell, purgatory and heaven, and you will continue to live on that planet, exactly the same as your thoughts. If you lived according to zones 1 and 2, the thought-energies on that planet will have the same level of conditions. It will be hell; and this is the way you will be treated and healed.

Zones 1 and 2 of the antimatter world are large hospital-centers, where the thought-energies are healed by other higher thought-energies that will take charge of them. We could call them guides or astral doctors who, through psychological treatments, will heal the thoughts that need healing. The way of life there is the same as in psychiatric hospitals on Planet Earth. The thought-energies there do not know whether they are embodied or discarnate. Since they are very sick energies, the treatment consists of feeding them with nimeo-vitamins because their energies are very weak, undernourished and inconsistent.They cannot be given universal knowledge because they would not understand it. What they need is be strengthened and to find themselves and unravel their conflicts. To do so they need peace, harmony and much love. When they are strengthened, they will be sent to embody to continue the path of their lives and be able to awaken at the opportune moment. These thought-
energies are submerged in the subconscious and need a lot of patience to be able to get out and continue. 254. What happens with thought-energies that are immersed in vices?

If we are talking about distortion in this knowledge and we saw that it was terrible for thought to reach this state, can you imagine how terrible it is for a thought not only to be distorted but also be enticed by chemical dependency? When the energy does not become rehabilitated, the thoughts are absorbed and sent to new creations, but first they are healed and restructured. Absorbed means that the thoughts are annulled and the remaining energy is used for new creations, as if it were a new and virgin energy.

Before reaching this process, the thought-energy has many opportunities to overcome the vice; if it really desires to do so, it will have all the necessary universal help. It will never be abandoned or rejected, and will always have its place in the universe with much love.

When the thought-energies are in zones 3, 4 and 5, they will meet up with others in an imaginative planet. Like the others, they will also have psychological treatment with guides or astral doctors who will be in charge of those tasks. They will live exactly the same as in their planets and they will go to college to attend universal teachings which will be ministered by teachers who will guide them to the right path. They will learn sensory behavior and confront the shortcomings which, through their lives, had caused them so much discomfort and suffering.

The imaginative planets will place them according to their vibratory level and the kind of work they need. When you are there, you will not notice the difference because, since it is an imaginative reality, all your needs will be supplied.

In these zones the treatments are entirely psychological because the sickness is not so serious and the thought-energies are not debilitated. On the contrary, they are strong energies and able to heal themselves through knowledge, understanding and love. 255. If we are psychologically treated in those imaginative planets, why do we make the same mistakes when we embody? We have to consider that thought-energy is correlated to habit and pleasure. It is difficult to remove an ingrained habit overnight, more so when it is a question of pleasure. Pleasure is overcome with renunciation and sacrifice and you are often not willing to take up renunciation, much less, sacrifice. Do not forget that pleasure is a placebo, a drug, and you need a lot of strength, will, understanding, love and knowledge of what we are saying, to struggle against it. If you had the knowledge of the cause and effect, you would not let yourself be influenced by pleasure but by prudence and common sense. This is why we insist that you elevate yourselves, because if you did, your memory would be clearer, and you would remember your lives in those imaginative planets. You go from an outer to an inner reality and from an inner to an outer one. You will never die as you think you will, because death does not exist in the universe; it is ongoing living. Since your thought-energies are not yet clear, the thoughts in your memory are confused and if they repeat the same mistakes it is because the positive understanding has not yet been deeply recorded. The lack of remembrance occurs because mechanical and dynamic thinking do not work together, therefore the role of memory is relative; it will only file what has been recorded and, as we have stated, thought-energies oscillate and so they cannot remember. Memory will be fully active when beings have managed to record absolutely all the details of their existence and all their dense or subtle lives.

256. If our thought-energies oscillate, how is their corresponding place in the imaginative antimatter worlds determined?

The amount of thought-energy emanated by a given zone will classify the energy, determining the location, amount, color, vibration, sign, form, rhythm and everything that characterizes it. The imaginative antimatter world is classified with such absolute perfection that it is never mixed up; it is in perfect order and in its right place.

257. Is Planet Earth in the imaginative antimatter world of the One Being?

Yes, you are:

 Elementary Dimension

 Third level

 Subconscious antimatter imaginative world

 Human-Ayaplianos

 Digestive system

 Planets in formation

 Triangle

When we refer to the subtle antimatter world, we are indeed referring to the imaginative conscious world, created by higher minds which gave it form and universal meaning. This subtle world is the shelter you need when you disembody. These are the real worlds, where thoughts cannot be hidden, deceived, or manipulated.

The antimatter world is the shelter for all the thoughts of the universe. They take on form, sign, vibration, frequency and rhythm according to their meaning. You, for example, have the exact form, color, etc., of a distorted thought. Guides of the antimatter world know for sure the characteristics of each thought-energy and, as such, they treat and heal it, nurturing it with the sign, shape, color, vibration or rhythm it lacks. We call this nourishment vitamin-energy.

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Book 1:

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Enlace a Primera Página – El SER UNO  


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 . Being One is a book of self-knowledge. It should be read in order: it would be useless to read it haphazardly, because that would not give the expected result. His reading will be opening and connecting the brain circuits of knowledge, understanding and love.


Meditate on it, review it … study it … …let go of old ideas and lessons …study the new  .

Being ONE


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What is unconditional love and why is it so elusive for many? It is a love that does not judge, defends or distinguish between any living creature that enters your neighborhood. It is a love that embraces all creation as emanating from the heart of Father-Mother God, the Source of Creation, that which created matter and has placed in the dark matter of the Universe expanding.


 Unconditional love is beyond understanding the small packaging and divided mind , qualifies and categorized. Unconditional love is the love that surpasses all understanding and simply is, in itself, pure, upright and spotless. It is the essence of your Higher Self. It is the true essence of themselves, stripped of all that is not the Self .


” I love you unconditionally , and turn on the Violet Fire in the emanation you’re sending to me. Bless you too, find that I am gaining peace in the new and expanded version of my Being. “


Many are beginning to wake up and realize they need to love themselves . This is very difficult for many as they have remained in the shadows of doubt and hate themselves for a long time, often without understanding the core issues or reasons for such feelings. The finding love and self-respect is merely a step on the path to self-mastery . If you feel that you can not even love themselves, learn to accept themselves as they are, and will release his future to love. Love flows from the heart of creation, but you can not feel this connection and this flow until the source is connected with the source of love within his own heart center.




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sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014


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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する 



Anunciamos desde la estrella y el sistema de Luz conocidos como Arcturus.  Sostenemos las llaves de las puertas del tiempo a las que se está promulgando que se abran. Estas puertas del tiempo anuncian situaciones de sanación para toda la humanidad.  Las puertas de tiempo ocupan un espacio que sostiene a todo lo que sirve.  A medida en que (las llaves) abren las puertas del tiempo, lo que alguna vez les sirvió será dejado ir en el flujo que se está alejando de ustedes. Todo aquello a lo que se han afianzado emocional, física o mentalmente está siendo decretado para que sea liberado. 


Es hora de sanar.  Es hora de liberar el dolor en su corazón.  Es hora de dejarlo ir.  Es hora de perdonar. Es hora de amar más profundamente, más plenamente, más hermosamente que nunca antes lo hayan hecho. Las puertas del tiempo han sostenido su pensamiento en una estructura formatada que ha servido a la humanidad hasta ahora. Siempre y cuando tenían la seguridad de sus cuatro paredes y el techo en los que confiar, entonces no tenían miedo. A medida que se liberan emocional y mentalmente de las construcciones de paredes y techos invisibles, entonces estarán libres para volar a casa a su pensamiento de la fuente original.


Las paredes en su corazón, las paredes en su vida, en su automóvil, en su hogar, en su pensamiento – todo les ha servido.  Todo ello los ha servido amorosamente y los ha limitado.  Los ha mantenido mirando los mismos escenarios una y otra vez, nunca refrescando lo que pensaban en el pasado, siempre trayéndolo al futuro, al ahora, y masticándolo de nuevo, masticando aquello que habían creado como su verdad.


Imaginen un mundo en donde no son dueños de nada. Donde nunca hay codicia o envidia de otro — pues cada individuo ha tenido la misma inherente habilidad para crear.  Un lugar donde cada pasajero pensamiento crea cualquier cosa que ustedes necesitan.  Imaginen un mundo donde nada es ocultado y todo es visto.   Imaginen un mundo donde ustedes como comunidad deciden los patrones climáticos, donde ustedes como comunidad deciden sobre las cosechas, los árboles, las flores que van a crecer y sobre qué elementos serán inherentes a ellos. Ésta es una escena tomada de Arcturus. Esto puede ser su fututo si ustedes eligen sabiamente. 


Imaginen un mundo donde con un sólo pensamiento ustedes pudieran crear cualquier acción sanadora que necesitaran o desearan.  Imaginen un mundo donde ustedes pudieran ver su pasado/presente/futuro todo a la vez.  Ver todas las expresiones de sí mismos, todas los cumbres, todos los errores, todos sus amores y enojos en las situaciones al través del tiempo una y otra vez. Les permitiría elegir con pleno conocimiento y de pleno corazón su próxima expresión de sí mismos.  Imaginen un mundo donde ustedes estuvieran sedientos de conocimientos como si fueran agua. Ustedes han explorado y experimentado todos los conocimientos de su reino, y buscan ahora el conocimiento de otras dimensiones y esferas de existencia.  Buscando conocimientos, buscando sabiduría, buscando verdad de lugar a lugar, de estrella a estrella,  experiencia tras experiencia.  Creando amor en lugares donde nunca habían conocido el amor. Creando de corazón en lugares donde no lo hacían de corazón. Creando con gozo en lugares donde nunca habían sentido gozo.


Sus cuerpos fueron formados desde las estrellas y añoran ir a casa.  Permítannos elevarlos de regreso a las estrellas mientras sus pies siguen en la Tierra.  Permítannos alargar su humanidad más allá de sus limitaciones, enojos y tristezas. Permítannos recuperar por ustedes el conocimiento que buscan, las respuestas que necesitan.  Véannos como un tipo de buscador cósmico.


Nos esforzamos al máximo para responder lo que necesita ser respondido. No somos Dioses. No somos más grandiosos que ustedes, pero somos su potencial, puesto que ustedes son su pasado.  Esfuérzense en volverse algo más, y al esforzarse expanderán su conciencia y su habilidad para percibir mundos más allá de los mundos. Véannos como aquellos que vienen a ayudarlos a sanar.  Sufrimos al verlos tropezar sobre sí mismos.  Hay tantos bloqueos dentro de su conciencia que ustedes se tropiezan día tras día como si hubiera minas de tierra que explotan como rabia en su corazón. 


Ustedes han olvidado la declaración: “Nosotros somos la gente.”  Ustedes, la gente de la Tierra, debe erguirse por su futuro.  Dejen de doblegarse ante las necesidades y los deseos de un mundo que los manipula a todo nivel.  Reciban su poder.  Esta vez, este día, pidan ser facultados por su Divinidad, con el pináculo de su humanidad y la estrella que vive dentro de su corazón.  No permitan que otros decidan su futuro.  La razón por la cual tantos sistemas de estrellas vendrían eventualmente a la Tierra a cada nivel es que hay muchos resquebrajamientos en su mundo. No las fisuras o las líneas de fallas de la Tierra sino los resquebrajamientos en sus relaciones, sus matrimonios, y su integridad. 


Su Tierra declara su vulnerabilidad.  La Tierra está abierta a todos para que entren porque ella no ha sanado dentro de sí, está resquebrajándose al igual que ustedes. Ustedes no están unidos de corazón. No están unidos en amor, y no están unidos en paz como un mundo o como una familia.  Hay separación, como un estado, un continente, un mundo. Hay grandes grietas de separación.  Esto es lo que atrae a otros a la Tierra para dominarla, para usarla.  Si estuvieran unidos como planeta, esto no sucedería. Un microcosmos de ese macrocosmos que se necesitaba iniciar estando unidos fue oficiado en su situación de emergencia del 9/11.  El mundo se unió por un momento, por un día, por 24 horas.  Todo se detuvo, y la vida se volvió santa, se volvió sagrada.  Queremos verlos llegar a ese punto como planeta, no sólo dos edificios – sino como planeta.  Únanse en su esfuerzo continuamente unos con otros.  Den ese extra paso hacia su vecino, hacia su amigo que los ha traicionado, hacia el miembro de su familia que está en desacuerdo con ustedes.  Den ese extra paso.  Simplemente comenzando a dar la mano a aquellos que leen esto, empiezen a envolverse a sí mismos alrededor de la Tierra.  


Somos los Arcturianos.  Nuestro mensaje trae un fruncimiento de ceños a sus caras, pero trae la verdad a su corazón.  Ése es el lugar donde debe residir. Llámennos para que los ayudemos a sanar. Ustedes son bendecidos. ¡Vivan eso!


 Como fue recibido por Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Publicado 20th September 2011 por Shanti
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Cada Ser Humano porta aspectos masculinos y femeninos dentro de si.
Esta es la polaridad interna de un Ser Humano.
Cuando los dos aspectos estén entre ellos en una proporción equilibrada y se complementen, se formará una tranquilidad interna y una armonía.
En el momento que cada aspecto puede vivenciar sus fuerzas y sea apoyado por el otro aspecto, se forma una simbiosis y las fuerzas se amplifican.

Transmitido el 10.06.2004 en Portsdown Hill, Hampshire
Publicado 19th September 2011 por Shanti

Etiquetas: ayuda al despertar energias masculina y femenina

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する 
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Published on Feb 27, 2014
Sheldan Nidle, 25 de febrero 2014…
3 Batz, 14 Zac , 10 Caban
Dratzo ! Volvemos ! Mucho está sucediendo a través de su globo. La cábala oscura lucha por mantener su poder y ve que estos esfuerzos son en vano . La Luz , ahora representado por las familias antiguas y numerosas sociedades secretas sagradas , ha llegado y se presentarán las reclamaciones exitosas a la riqueza y el poder de la oscuridad. Este asalto legal es ayudada e instigada por nosotros. Venimos a poner fin a este desenfreno impía de la oscuridad y de traer a un nuevo tiempo, lleno de prosperidad y su liberación de las esclavitudes odiosos perpetrados en usted por la oscuridad. Los Maestros Ascendidos , de conformidad con los decretos divinos del Cielo , han establecido los medios para que la oscuridad es rendirse a la Luz. Este proceso está en marcha y está llegando a sus primeros hitos importantes . El instrumento principal de su esclavización es riqueza , y en especial la invención más horrible de los suyos , ” dinero fiat “. Esta insidiosa invención ha creado inflaciones innecesarios y pánicos manipuladas o ” accidentes ” durante siglos . Cada vez, estas maniobras viles enriquecer enormemente el núcleo de la cábala oscura , mientras que la creación de eventos que han cimentado aún más su creciente poder .     Los resultados de estas manipulaciones condujeron a la guerra , la muerte y la división. Nos encontramos en medio de poner fin a esta ronda merry -go- impar y su sustitución por una estabilidad divina que le permite ver con claridad lo que es real y qué no lo es . Al comenzar a ampliar este proceso para incluir las maravillas que son sus increíbles ecosistemas Gaia y , a descubrir su verdadero propósito para estar en la Tierra . Usted es un ser especial que está destinado a ser un intermediario siempre amoroso . Usted tiene la capacidad de corregir las cosas que amenazan estos ecosistemas y proporcionar esas cosas que realmente pueden ayudar a cada ser que vive en este mundo. Por otra parte, usted está a punto de volver a descubrir tus hermanos subterráneos . Tierra Interna es en realidad un reino 5 -D. Es donde se tienen que regresar y retomar el manto especial de ser seres humanos plenamente conscientes. La verdad de esto ahora está vibrando dentro de cada célula de tu cuerpo. Estamos aquí para ayudar en este proceso y , bajo la dirección de los Cielos, para transformar su realidad conflictiva actual.     Esta transformación comienza con grandes alteraciones en sus cuerpos físicos , mentales y emocionales , y deba concluir con una transformación espiritual que le devuelve a la plena conciencia. La oscura comprende esto. Sin embargo , no puede traerse a renunciar al poder que ha controlado durante milenios. Este poder se está pried actualmente de sus manos por la grave situación que este grupo se encuentra actualmente pulg La oscuridad está tratando de encontrar nuevas fuentes de riqueza y de alguna manera de zafarse de su pesadilla actual. Un proceso está en marcha que les está obligando a caminar por un camino que conduce a un alto acantilado. Lemming -como, que van a saltar rápidamente sobre ella en un abismo peligroso. Es entonces cuando podemos instalar la libertad y la prosperidad , que son su verdadero destino . Es entonces cuando la revelación sucede y podemos aterrizar libremente a través de su globo. Esto llevará rápidamente a una nueva realidad y un re- conocimiento general de sus familias espirituales y del espacio .

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samkaska: Reading:::File:::▶ 82 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Nibiru and Events – YouTube

samkaska: Reading:::File:::▶ 82 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Nibiru and Events – YouTube.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Reading:::File:::▶ 82 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Nibiru and Events – YouTube

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překládat / ترجم / לתרגם   /   翻訳する / 翻译


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Video 82


Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video eighty-two – July 7, 2012.
Again, here are some answers to questions that bring together hundreds of emails about these issues.
Mythi, several people are claiming that the planet Neptune is the “wandering planet” as described in the prophecies, is this justified?
– The Dwarf Star or planet x is not the planet Neptune as some of you are saying. The planet Neptune and all the others will have their new orbits defined, as I had said some time ago. Neptune is getting more influence from Dwarf Star than all the other planets and this is causing a reaction more significant in its orbital behavior. The planet Pleiadeans, will become part the system and the Dwarf Star, will pass through the system, and will go away. Changing Age and frequency of the entire solar system will be marked by a reversal to the opposite hemisphere of your galaxy. Just to remember, “one Age” is a complete revolution of the galaxy around its own axis, in approx. 200 million years. Each change of Age, all the solar systems that are approximately 16 degrees to the plane of the galaxy move to the opposite hemisphere. And it will happen exactly this coming December. See the importance of the event that your generation will witness; only here the most 200 million years will any human being alive to witness a change of Age again.
Mythi, your previous dissertation on cholesterol has generated many other issues. Could you give us some tips on what more “important” is belied by the pharmaceutical and food industry?
– The many questions on triglycerides also have been answered, as in the case of cholesterol, escape of all hydrogenated vegetable fats, they are not completely metabolized by the body and so cause deposits. The high level of triglycerides is directly proportionate intake of processed foods with these fats. Reducing consumption will reduce the levels automatically. The milk you buy in the market is sure that is not healthy at all. Have a bit of good census, using simple math and verify that the production of “milk” distributed by your industries require an amount 10 times greater than all existing dairy cows on your planet, that is, ninety percent of the milk is distributed from artificially flavored water and other mineral products. Calcium artificially added that “synthetic milk” is not absorbed into bones or skin by solar energy, is actually a cumulative effect on the kidneys. Inevitably cause kidney stones and failure in “adrenals”. The milk sold in the markets today is poison, no exceptions. The milk of known origin, coming directly from farms, is very healthy and totally beneficial to the body. The true milk is used for the production of derivatives with a higher added value as butter and cheese.
The gluten is an important feature; it hinders the reproduction of nerve cells by increasing the surface tension of the membrane. This causes a forced aging of the brain, among other extremely damaging effects is therefore also a poison purposely included in your diet.
The natural oils found in nuts, coconuts, avocados and seeds eaten “fresh”, are very beneficial for health, well being used for the metabolism of important minerals and vitamins needed by the body. The fresh green vegetables are rich in calcium and iron, which are naturally absorbed without causing cumulative effects. The raw cold-pressed oils, these can be used without problems for health, but are methods of low productivity with your
rudimentary technique of industrialization, therefore uneconomic for the cash of your industry. Another major problem is the use of transgenic seeds for the production of edible oils; it is a chronic problem for even cold-pressed oils of these seeds, because they will contain DNA from insects and other hybrids in its formulation in any way. Try cooking with minimal or nothing of processed vegetable oils. The refined “less bad” is the sunflower, rice and peanuts. Try using animal fats like butter or vegetable fat such as coconut for cooking. In the case of coconut, walnuts and chestnuts in general, they do not contain transgenic elements and is completely pure.
Mythi, the climate in different regions of the planet is totally out of context, extreme temperatures, droughts, floods, strange mists, something has already begun?
– Yes, I think your government is not required warn you, any one from now will feel in their own skin the changes on the planet. Therefore, any amateur astronomer can observe, because the stellar quarters are changing rapidly. The constellations you know, just have the mythological form when seen from the angle of your planet, do not have the same meaning when viewed from different angles, that is, there is no real meaning for them except as a reference. Your astronomers could observe the changes of position with ease. The angle of rotation of the planet is adjusting quickly because we are almost reaching the zero point of the equatorial plane of the galaxy. Watch your moon, it seems to be declining its axis, but, instead, is the Earth that is. The average citizen, so unfortunately he closes his eyes until he began to feel the changes in the skin or stomach. Virtually all crops on the planet will suffer the consequences of climate change, cold where it was warm and hot “where it was cold. Your governments know this and are super stocked food for the next two years, minimum time it takes to restart the climate a new cycle known to enable new planting in their corresponding climatic regions. After the tectonic restructuring, and the resulting initial chaos, governments will have to deal with people wanting food, shelter and medicine. For that some are already well prepared to “contain” these populations. It’s all very “in your face,” is impossible, that many cannot see. But none of this will change the fate of development of each of you. We, and your many friends from distant places, we’re here to try to minimize the consequences and restart this colony.
Mythi, there are many messages from channels such as Pleiadeans messages, Rise Humanity, and Allies of Humanity…Are you the only contact, the only representative from the CG to this world?
– I’m not representative of the Community Galactica, and would not be a function that would please me. I just tell how things are, the way they are, I’m a scientist not a public relations. I’m not here to judge, only to observe and work. Many of you ask me about other people who speak with contacts from other planets, you see, many of them can actually be communicating in some way mentally. The problem is the messages. As the contents of these messages is easy to understand when it comes to dreams. Contents Type: “religious doctrinal and occultism”, by saying “multidimensional beings”, “we’ll save all”, “we are a military council of a particular planet or constellation”, are certainly daydreams. You have to use your own consensus to decide on the truths that converge with your intuitions. Any well-intentioned message that leads to thinking about the welfare of your fellows and aura of your planet, should be welcomed, it is sent by aliens or by your fellow humans. Just do not get carried away by fantastic stories “from other dimensions.”
Mythi, you are always very technical, you never talk about love, never philosophizes about anything, as is your spiritual side?
– Well, I think that discuss philosophies of life is useful, depending on the stage of the occasion and opportunity. Love is not debatable, it is the direct result of your “behavioral actions” and of your inner thoughts about everything that surrounds you. Love is not a feeling, is a state of development. When you increase your understanding of the universal context, the more you come to admire and respect everything that is part of this incredible creation. Unconditional love is not ideal, is a simple mental state. Admire and respect is loving and understanding. Therefore, understanding leads to love. No use philosophizing about love to whom has not reached the level of comprehension needed to understand what you’re really talking about.
Many of you are understanding more comprehensively your relationship with the universe, and this will help increase your energy level, which will make your aura brighter due to the love of knowledge. The state of inner happiness is directly proportional to your state of consciousness developed by quantum comprehension of you within the universal context. The fear of the unknown and lack of answers will be gradually replaced by love, real and conscious. With patience and determination to find the light, with due respect to everyone and everything that surrounds you, you will gradually getting there. Be well friends!
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domingo, 20 de abril de 2014


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Feb 13


1/19/2014Nuevamente nos tomamos un momento para revisar el comienzo de nuestro viaje hacia la Luz de nuestro verdadero SER. Mirando atrás hacia quienes éramos y que estábamos haciendo cuando comenzamos nuestro camino, nos damos cuenta que este Camino está compuesto de muchas escaleras.

La escalera

Desperté, o recién me había quedado dormida, para encontrarme en una escalera. Sobre mi la escalera se hacía más brillante y suelta de forma. Hacia abajo era más oscura y confinada.

Mire la escalera hacia arriba y sentí una chispa de amor llamándome a subirla. Pero cuando lo intente me di cuenta que en mi interior algo me tensionaba a girar y descender por la escalera. Gire para mirar hacia abajo y sentí un escalofrío que llenó mi corazón de temor.

“¿Por qué querría allá abajo?” me dije a mi misma.

“Porque ya lo hiciste,” susurró una voz que parecía salir de la chispa de amor arriba mío.

“Si ya he estado en ese lugar,” pregunte, “¿por que querría alguna vez volver?”

“No necesitas volver,” la voz inspiró en mi corazón. “Nunca te has ido.”

“No, eso es imposible. Solo me siento estando en este lugar, en este peldaño”

“Pero también te encuentras en otros peldaños. De hecho hay otro tu, es mas, hay varios tu en cada peldaño. Cada peldaño representa una dimensión, un plano de la existencia”

“Si es que hay tantos fragmentos de mi misma, ¿por qué no me entero de ellos?”

“¿Sientes la tracción de los peldaños de abajo?”

“Sí, la siento”

“Esa tracción proviene de las partes de tu ser que se encuentran perdidas en las dimensiones de abajo. Están perdidas porque creen que se encuentran solas. Crees que estas sola porque no las has liberado.”

“¿Cómo puedo liberarlas al sentirme que estoy perdida?”

“Oh querida, no estas perdida. Has encontrado tu voz superior, ¡me has encontrado a MI! Las partes ‘perdidas’ de tu ser te han enviado hacia arriba en la escalera, como una scout, para ver si había algún otro camino. Ahora lo has encontrado. Vuelve ahora y comparte tu experiencia con ellas.”

“Por favor no me dejes volver. Ahora recuerdo como es allá abajo y quiero quedarme aquí.”

“Te vas a quedar donde estas ahora, así como te vas a quedar donde ya has estado. No te vas a mover, en cambio, te vas a expandir.”


“Sí, ahora te ves a ti misma como un único punto de consciencia. ¿Puedes extender esa consciencia imaginando que te encuentras en cada peldaño?”

Cerré mis ojos y di rienda suelta a mi imaginación. Siempre he tenido una imaginación vívida. Oh sí, ahí se encuentran. Hay una persona en cada peldaño. Cada una tiene la misma cantidad de energía y densidad como el peldaño en que s encuentran. Todas se ven diferente, pero hay algo en ellas que se siente igual.”

“Sí,” contesto la voz a mis pensamientos. “Son todas de una misma consciencia. ¿Puedes sentir como tu eres Yo es lo mismo?”

Es difícil para mi poder imaginar que puedo ser la misma que esta sabia y amorosa voz, pero cerré mis ojos y traté de hacer la conexión. Al comienzo solo pude percibir las voces de duda, ridiculez y miedo llamando desde los peldaños debajo de mi. Pero gradualmente también sentí el amor y soporte brillando desde las escaleras por sobre mi.

Con este sentimiento mi consciencia y mi percepción comenzaron a expandirse más y más. Me sentí tirada como un elástico tensionado a tal punto que está a punto de romperse. Cada vez más tensionada me sentí tironeada al punto de casi no poder soportar la tensión.

Luego, de un golpe repentino entendí. Yo soy la amorosa voz que me ha guiado. Yo soy la resistencia de miedos y dudas. Yo soy cada persona en cada peldaño. De hecho, yo soy cada peldaño y la imaginación que los ha creado. Yo soy TODO EN TODO.

“Sí,” resonó la amorosa voz en cada persona, en cada peldaño y en cada dimensión. “NOSOTROS somos un ser multidimensional. Es NUESTRA expansión desde una consciencia singular hacia una consciencia multidimensional la que nos permite SABER quién somos.”

Al despertar hacia quien realmente somos, podemos encontrar con mayor facilidad el coraje para entrar en las sombras de nuestra mente inconsciente.

El estanque de las sombras

Me di vuelta para irme pero con el primer paso me di cuenta de que debería quedarme. Si es que no podía ver qué había en el estanque, entonces quizás podría sentirlo. En realidad quizás lo mejor era entrar en el estanque y sentir sus aguas oscuras alrededor mío.

El hecho de solo pensar en entrar al agua turbia encogía la voluntad en mi corazón. ¿Debía conservar mi ropa para tener una mínima protección o debía entrar tan desnuda como el día en que nací?

Ya sabia la respuesta. Debía confrontar las profundidades sin ninguna protección externa. Debía encontrar protección en el coraje que me llevaría al interior del estanque turbio. Coraje que se encontraba en el centro de mi ser, que sería mi propia mi única protección para enfrentar la oscuridad y los secretos que se ocultan en ella.

Me quite rápidamente la ropa, antes de perder el valor y salte al nefasto estanque. Contuve mi respiración e inmediatamente me sumergí en lo profundo. Me oriente con mis brazos mientras aun no estaba lista para abrir mis ojos.

Al llegar al fondo del estanque supe que debía abrir mis ojos mientras todavía quedara aire en mis pulmones para permanecer ahí. Me esperaba una visión de lodo y suciedad al ir abriendo mis ojos. Pero, ¿qué es eso que se encuentra allá?

Algo de color oro brillaba contra la suciedad de alrededor. Oh, debe ser rescatado, pensé. No pertenece a este lugar. Esta cosa como de oro es diferente de toda la mugre de alrededor.

Nade hacia la partícula de luz dorada y quite el barro de su superficie. El barro oscuro quedo suspendido en el agua, esperando volver a cubrir el objeto de oro. Alcance el objeto con la intención de subirlo a la superficie, pero me di cuenta que se encontraba agarrado lejos en lo profundo del estanque. Tiré y tiré pero no logró soltarse.

Finalmente me pare en el suelo cubierto de musgo para tomar suficiente fuerza y poder soltar el pedazo de oro. Mis talones resbalaban en el barro pegajoso y llenaban el agua de musgo. Tuve que cerrar mis ojos para protegerlos mientras tiraba del objeto de oro al empujar contra el suelo del estanque.

Todavía no funcionaba nada y me estaba quedando sin oxígeno. ¿Tendría que abandonar el tesoro oculto en las profundidades musgosas del estanque? Me quedé quieta durante un momento y solté el objeto de oro. Instantáneamente se hundió hasta el suelo fangoso.

Solo una pequeña parte de este se reflejaba a través del agua turbia. Con tristeza me di cuenta de que no podría liberar el tesoro. Luego recordé que mi intención había sido sentir el agua. Sí, ahora la sentía. Se sentía como pena y culpa, y sobre todo como miedo.

El miedo perneaba cada roca y cada átomo del estanque. No me sorprende que lo que es hermoso no pueda ser liberado. Cuando terminé mi pelea el lodo que llenaba el agua comenzó a cubrir mi cuerpo.

Lo sentía asiéndose a mi piel recordándome de sentimientos que había sentido afuera del estanque oscuro. ¡NO! Debo abandonar estas profundidades y las emociones que me genera. No pude salvar el tesoro. Tendré de dejarlo en las profundidades musgosas. Además que no podía contener mas tiempo la respiración. Debo volver a la superficie. Pensar en escapar se sintió bien y necesario. Nadé hacia la superficie sintiendo alivio y tristeza, alivio de haberme podido liberar del fondo y tristeza por no haber podido liberar el tesoro escondido.

Mi cabeza flotaba de lado a lado sobre la superficie del estanque y una fresca lluvia limpió la mugre de mi rostro. Nadé hacia la orilla del estanque levando mi cuerpo hacia una roca. De pie dejé que la gentil lluvia limpie mi cuerpo. La sensación del agua fresca en mi piel me rejuveneció y me calmó.

El barro del estanque se removió fácilmente, ya que nunca fue mío. Tomé consciencia de que la mugre del estanque era algo que tomé temporalmente sobre mi cuerpo, que momentáneamente experimenté.

Miré al estanque de nuevo. Ahora se veía mas limpio. El lodo que traje conmigo de abajo de nuevo volvió al fondo. Recordé el pedazo de oro que seguía allá abajo. ¿Cómo podría liberarlo?

Tendría que volver a entrar al estanque turbio y nadar hacia sus profundidades más oscuras. ¿Podría recordar mi propia pureza, incluso cuando el barro se adhiera a mi propia forma? ¿Podría encontrar el trozo de oro oculto bajo el musgo y traerlo hacia la superficie?

“Sí”, grité al sol que atravesaba con sus rayos las nubes. “Encontraré lo que fue perdido. Aquello que fue enterrado y olvidado debe ser encontrado y devuelto.”

“Algo de gran valor se encuentra perdido en las profundidades de la oscuridad y debo recuperarlo.”

A través de la Dra. Suzanne Lie
Traducción – Ramón Muñoz
Publicado 13th February por LUZ ZOHAR
Etiquetas: mensajes de nuestro Ser – Inconsciente parte 2

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-donde todos nosotros estamos involucrados, trabajando para nuestro sustento y vida eterna. Ustedes lo recordarán y cuando lo hagan regresarán infinitamente sabios, con toda la experiencia y vivencia de la realidad en que viven…. Ustedes no han olvidado, simplemente se han acomodado… Esta es la verdad contundente.

La densidad los hace percibir una realidad diferente y a través de ella están obteniendo datos imprecisos y distorsionados. Todos aquellos que están despertando, se están encajando en la verdadera existencia del Ser Uno. Están percibiendo la verdad de sus vidas. Nuestros mensajeros despiertos están trabajando arduamente para hacerles llegar el Conocimiento tal cual es. Ya no estamos mandando mensajes simples y educativos, ustedes ya están capacitados para recibir las verdades del Universo. No los afectará negativamente, al contrario será totalmente positivo. Sur América se convertirá en el centro magnético, pero representará al Occidente, ya que Europa, América Central y América del Norte se magnetizarán alimentando las fuentes energéticas y con ello, abrirán y activarán los circuitos magnéticos-cerebrales. Los seres que se encuentren en esos lugares, “Despertarán” hacia una “Conciencia” nueva, adelantada, sutil e inteligente. Toda energía negativa que se encuentre en esos lugares, serán transformadas o erradicadas, porque deberán atraerse a la misma frecuencia y vibración que el eje de la Tierra. El Occidente surgirá como el Ave Fénix y tendrá el gran trabajo de transmutar y albergar a las energías del Oriente, las cuales deberán pasar por el electromagnetismo para ser depuradas, curadas y recicladas. Comenzará la cosecha y los cambios serán inminentes, ya no se podrán ocultar, la ciencia y tecnología tendrán que pronunciarse y dar explicaciones de lo que está sucediendo. La presencia extraterrestre será obvia. Nosotros nos dejaremos ver en todo lado y con ello ustedes comenzarán a creer. La verdad oculta saldrá a la luz y nada ni nadie, la podrá impedir. La energía que vendrá del Alineamiento Cósmico se comenzará a sentir muy fuerte. Ustedes la sentirán en el cuerpo material, en sus actos, acciones y pensamientos. Percibirán cambios internos de salud, bienestar, claridad en el pensar, justicia, compasión, humanidad etc. es toda una trasformación inédita y extraordinaria. Comenzarán a escuchar su voz interior que los guiará en el camino de regreso. Ustedes están entendiendo a la trasformación energética, como un hecho espiritual, nosotros se lo estamos explicando en forma científica, para que entiendan que este proceso, este fenómeno no es algo que solamente está pasando con ustedes, no es así… Las explosiones de rayos Gamma del Astro Sol se intensificarán, trayendo movimientos a la Célula-Tera, cambios climáticos en diferentes partes del planeta, fenómenos del electromagnetismo, por ejemplo: Arco Iris, Auroras Boreales y Australes en lugares que nunca tuvieron. Se sorprenderán con los niños, los cuales demostrarán cualidades extraordinarias, las personas comenzarán a expresarse en otros idiomas, surgirán recuerdos remotos y del pasado distante, se activarán algunas lenguas muertas y más. Estos fenómenos irán acompañados siempre con el Despertar de la Consciencia. Millones de planetas y seres del universo entero se están beneficiando de los cambios maravillosos que acontecerán. Todos nosotros nos encontramos en el cuerpo de EL SER UNO y es dentro de este cuerpo que todo sucede y todo sucederá. Sabemos que el año 2014 comenzará el Alineamiento Cósmico. Ya ustedes están recibiendo señales: Burbujas Cósmicas, Partículas Subatómicas que están llegando al planeta, Rayos Cósmicos que llegan del Astro Sol, Electrones de alta energía y ondas de radio que provienen del centro de la Galaxia, el electromagnetismo del planeta está en creciendo, los cambios climáticos, las futuras tormentas solares y mucho más, que vendrá conjuntamente con el Alineamiento Cósmico.

El futuro no existe, es un eterno presente, …

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terram novam: SaLuSa: 12 Chakras Coming Live

terram novam: SaLuSa: 12 Chakras Coming Live.

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domingo, 18 de mayo de 2014

SaLuSa: 12 Chakras Coming Live

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SaLuSa: 12 Chakras Coming Live
Galactic Federation of Light
Galactic Federation of Light

Channeled by Laura Multidimensional Ocean
May 17, 2014

SaLuSa: On the global side of things, the planet is enjoying a lot of sunshine and happiness at the moment over Europe. The mood is light and love is in the air. This will be contagious for many over the coming weeks and months, right up to the next Autumn.
Events are accelerating, speeding up and you are riding the love boat. Along with this sentiment of euphoria, we recommend you to try and remain grounded more now than ever. Do exercises that help you come back to your sense, and to help you stay in the now. It is very easy to be washed away by joy, but once the wave passes, one can be left dry. So we recommend you to ride the waves that will come, and to experience every single one of them in the best possible way.
There will be highs and lows, which is by nature what waves are. The most important part is to remain grounded weather you are finding yourself to be on top of the wave or immersed in it and losing control. The seeing is the most important part of the exercise. This is how you can understand what is taking place.
We encourage you all now to fully embrace your 12 chakras system and to experience them for yourself first hand. Many of you are fully equipped with this upgrade now and will experience amazing things around you. Feel free to share this among yourselves and to speak about your new experiences. Up to now most of you had been working on expanding the consciousness network for the planet by expanding into a 12 chakra system and building it up on your own. Many of you have achieved this level of cosmic consciousness now, and will come to rely on it and understand how it works naturally. This is a transition period for many of you now, so it will take some time to experiment with it. We ask you to be patient with yourself and forgiving. Like all novelty, it will need time to understand, misinterpret, and to allow for mistakes with it.
Do not rush to judge others and yourself by the 12 chakras system too soon, things will take time to sink in properly and please understand that in order to fully understand something, one needs to try and make mistakes with it. So please allow for forgiveness into your heart if things don’t work out, as was initially anticipated by the 7 chakras system.
The upgrading process has been taking place for many years already, as we cannot help download the new 12 chakras software at once to everybody on the planet. In actual fact, bringing some of you online now, as it were, has already made an impact on the level of communication on the planet.
The fact is that the media are bent on propaganda and on antagonising many cultures and countries against one another. Please switch off from now on any media apparatuses, and focus on the love for the planet within, as well as for the love for all the many races, cultures, and life species on your planet. As a result of the 12 chakras upgrade, many of you will experience a reviewed curiosity for their planet, for other cultures and religions, and seek to understand them with genuine desire and thirst for knowledge in order to put together the bigger picture.
Love and harmony will continue to make their vibrations felt around the globe, in a more powerful and direct manner. The causes of wars will be understood by the greater masses and religion will soon stop to be at the heart of all conflicts in society and on the global scale.
You are the ones who will have to solve the puzzle dear ones and to bring all the marvels of the world together, in order to make peace on your world, and to take only the good from all teachings. This will be possible from now on, as we are moving on into the greater level of consciousness for humanity!
This is it! You have made it now, and the time for you to show higher love and consciousness to the entire world has come upon yourselves.
I am SaLuSa from Sirus, and look forward to your consciousness to expand and envelop the entire planet and space around it. We look forward to welcoming many of you among ourselves on our spaceships and to celebrate with you the new age that we are all witnessing now. Many changes are coming ahead and we are pleased to see you at the heart of those changes worldwide. Once we make contact, those changes will speed up even more rapidly.

We love you very much.

Thank you


Channel: Multidimensional Ocean

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St Germaine’s Group Prosperity Meditation to Manifest the Global Currency Reset and RV – May 21, 2014 at 8pm EDT

Saint Germaine
May 19, 2014 by The Golden Light Channel

Andrew: We invite all to join in with this Prosperity Focus on May 21 at 8:00 p.m. EDT which is being promoted far and wide on many websites. (See Goldenlight channeled message, below.) Please feel free to distribute this article and post on other websites.

Prosperity Focus – May 21, 8pm EDT

For anyone who has ever felt frustration to do with the unfolding of the GCR/RV or their own prosperity specifically, then this is a point in time where we can come together collectively to address it in earnest. There are aspects to this occurrence that have kept it just a fraction out of reach and in the future. But as St Germaine* recently pointed out:

Mass consciousness is like a wave that can turn the tide… And can influence history and key events…RV and GCR is a collective manifestation being created by all who are participating in it.

Of course it matters not whether you are a currency holder, as this applies to every aspect of prosperity for us ALL.

‘If the consciousness of millions of people is focused on this prosperity being released, then they will sway reality so to speak to bring about the reality they are focusing upon. THOUGHTS CREATE REALITY.*

We know this is only ONE piece of a much larger picture. It is the piece, however, that has captured the attention of such a vast number and so can be harnessed as the trigger to initiate so much more both in tandem and as a consequence.

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, May 21, at 8 pm EDT, for ten minutes wherever you may be (time zones below). You do not have to ‘know how’ to meditate to take part. This is a ‘group focus’ and a very enjoyable experience to boot!
We are simply placing our attention on what it is that we desire in a specific way. You may have your own way of doing this or you can use the suggestion below:

Imagine a time AFTER the RV/GCR or arrival of your prosperity has ‘already happened’ and BE there in that moment of your choice AFTER it has already happened. Immerse yourself completely. Look around and see where you are in that moment AFTER it has happened. Take it all in. What are you seeing that lets you know it has already happened. What is it that you are hearing that lets you know it has already happened and how are you feeling in that moment. BE there and completely revel in the experience. This is, after all, what you have been waiting for and it is NOW. Stay with this feeling as long as you can.

Let this focus be a celebration of this having already happened. The key here is to know in your heart that this has manifested and that you are taking part in it.
Please circulate this far and wide. The more who focus on what it is that they want in these ten minutes the more powerful we will be in making this happen.

Time Zones

Time Zones

*To view St Germaine’s original message via Goldenlight you can find it here on Golden Age of Gaia or on Goldenlight’s website here

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Vel sanus: ▶ wing chun vs Boxing – YouTube:::Sharing.

Vel sanus: ▶ wing chun vs Boxing – YouTube:::Sharing..

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

▶ wing chun vs Boxing – YouTube:::Sharing.

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する 

▶ Galactic Federation of Light Hilarion March 2-9 2014 – YouTube



March 2- 9, 2014

Beloved Ones,

is important to connect into one’s heart and follow its counsel and to
remember that some people are going through experiences in their present
moment that require one’s empathy, compassion and understanding as they
deal with their feelings in their own respective ways. Remember the
love that lies at the core of their being and in yours and just let it
be however it wishes to express itself. Some changes that occur in
people’s lives are those that create a total revaluation of how one
views their own and that can be a difficult process as it is
experienced. At the core of all changes in one’s life lies a lesson of
acceptance that not everything can stay the same and that events happen
that leave a void that nothing can ever replace. In this, it is only the
passage of time which heals these realizations.

in its many facets of expression is a most potent force and can heal
even the most cynical of expectations. When love is held foremost in a
person’s heart, the world conspires to bring one experiences that
reflect that love. Allowing one’s heart to stay opened during times of
sorrow and sadness assists in the healing process of each individual.
Oftentimes, these expressions come from a place of woundedness within
the person’s psyche and this allows the person to go within and examine
these feelings with greater focus than would be given otherwise. It
helps them grow and expand their understanding of themselves and others
around them so that they understand that each person has similar events
in their own lives that help shape them into more open and loving
expressions of the Creator’s attributes.

the foundation of love, anything and everything can be overcome. Into
each person’s life come many events and circumstances which their soul
has chosen to experience in order to align those areas within their own
personality with the higher aspects of human expression. It helps them
to connect with a power greater than their human selves can perceive and
it is how they begin to understand that there is a greater force at
work in their individual lives than they previously assumed. It is how
the quality of faith begins to grow and expand within their awareness.
This awakening of the knowledge of a higher power at work in their lives
gifts the individuals with the capacity to endure life’s many trials
and tribulations and imbues them with an inner strength that will never
be lost no matter what events transpire.

every life experience, each individual gains an important value that
becomes a part of their repertoire of skills and tools which they
implement in their lives as needed. It is only through one’s own
experience that one can feel empathy and oneness with another. It is by
this process that unity amongst all beings takes place. There is also
the process that comes, with the giving to oneself, of love and
nurturing that brings healing and release from self recriminations,
guilt, shame and other feelings that have been holding one in a lower
vibrational state and this can liberate the individual to move forward
in their life in a symbolic new beginning.

life lived on Earth has great value and those who leave this plane of
existence leave a profound imprint upon those in their sphere of
influence. Those who are left behind must look for the gift that was
given by their loved one in their associations and interactions with
each other. Sometimes, these gifts can only be recognized through the
passage of time and experience in the ones left behind. Every experience
is utilized by their eternal soul to gain wisdom and expansion as a
part of their soul qualities. This has been the purpose of life in a
dualistic world, as souls experience the polarities of opposing forces
and can still remember that core essence of love and light within them.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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24th February 2014




Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
Romanian Translation

Image Credit: Daniel B Holeman

“Greetings Dear Ones.
We are the High Council of Orion.
Our message today brings forward to each and every one of you the idea that you
are the intersection of heaven and earth. Part of this process of
Ascension is not only about leaving this dimension to exist solely at
other dimensions, part of it ,during this time of transition, is to
allow a greater embodiment of “heaven”, of universal truth and
higher-level energies on to this dimension here. In order to do that the
conduit for that infusion of heavenly energies happens through you in
your human experiences.
While many on your planet are looking at wanting to leave this
dimension, as if it has been a ball and chain (which the experiences
have not always been pleasant and so they could feel like a ball and
chain), you could feel like it’s time to get off this planet and out of
this dimension, yet we would offer up during this many year-long
dimensional transition, it is the time for you to begin to connect with
the other dimensional realities and allow those realities to infuse
themselves into this dimensional plane where you find yourself at this
time, where you find your conscious awareness that this time. Begin to
live your life, experience life, from a higher dimensional place at a
different vibratory rate, different vibratory realm, while you’re in
this dimension. What you’re doing is infusing those of higher
dimensional energies into this dimensional plane that you find yourself
in, allowing a widespread level of transformation to happen for the
entirety of what you would call “humanity” and the planet all at once.
You are the intersection point of these planetary, third dimensional
energies and these higher dimensional energies. Where they meet and
coalesce happens at the human level, and happens specifically in the
heart, but throughout your entire chakra system and throughout your
energetic bodies. The energy of higher dimensional living actually
happens as you as a conduit.
It’s not about you raising your frequency enough to leave this
dimension, but it’s about staying grounded in this dimension and
bringing higher dimensional understandings, higher dimensional
frequencies, higher dimensional realities, information, experiences down
into the dimension where you find yourself, which uplifts everyone.
It’s not about leaving. It’s about bringing new energies in here.
Can you envision yourself being this conduit, being the intermediary?
Can you imagine yourself being connected to the planet and grounded to
the planet as many of you would say where you are connected with the
high level energies of the planet on which you live. We would suggest
that there are far greater, deeper ways to connect with the intelligence
and the energy within the planet than many of you already have. You
could explore a deeper connection with the planet and nature. Allow the
information that’s stored within her body to educate and expand your
world from what you know it now, especially for those of you who live in
the big cities. Allow that to expand your energy field, bringing it up
into your physicality and into your energetic bodies.
At the same time reaching out to the heavens, to the universal mind,
to “All That Is”, to the I AM presence and allow a greater connection
and infusion of those energies into your human experience as well. Allow
the meeting of those planetary and universal energies to happen within
your space, your physicality, your Soul’s experience to then be
broadcast out or sent out into your dimension on greater levels through
you as a conduit.
What if this intermediate time that we’re speaking about requires you
to do that in a loving heart centered way? Would you be willing to
ground yourself more strongly to the intelligence of the planet and
allow your connection to All That Is to come down into your physicality,
allow them to mingle, enrich and expand your vibrational reality so
that you share that, like a lighthouse does, into the world around you
through your thoughts, through your beingness, through the words you
say, the choices you make in your life, that emanates out, that infusion
of these earth and universal energies, to disseminate out on your
planet more easily through you as this conduit?
This process of Ascension needs you, needs you to say “Yes, I’m
willing to do that”. For you are in a transitionary period between one
dimensional consciousness to other ones coming in the future. They don’t
happen overnight. They happen as a gradual process. Yet when you’re
outside of time, the time doesn’t matter. When you are in this process,
that in your realms will take many years, the way you can lend your
energies to it is to commit to a greater level of connection to living
in concert with nature, the planet and that consciousness and living in a
greater connection with the universal energies, not from the point of
view of wanting to leave, but from the point of view of bringing them
down into the human experience and allowing them to do a dance and
marble themselves with the planetary energies. Then get communicated out
to the world through you as the vehicle.
This is a beautiful way that you can carry the consciousness of your
part during this transitional time on the planet. Know that it is an
essential part of this transitional time to have you as the meeting
point, and the point of dissemination of these universal and planetary
energies. Then the transformation happens through the upliftment of all,
not individuals disappearing off into other realms, but as a collective
effort between the planet, the universal energies and all of you
together as humanity on the planet, blending the energies to help
everyone for the good of all.
Be Blessed.
We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2014 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood
This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is
kept in it’s original form and not altered or changed in any way, with
the Author and a link to clearly displayed
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Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood 

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