The ONE BEING: 178/179/180 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1

Friday, August 1, 2014

178/179/180 _ _ _The Being one – the secrets of thoth book 1

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Sin Conocimiento,  no vivo
Sin entendimiento,  no existo
sin amor incondicional,  no Soy 
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 The BEing ONE


Without knowledge , I do not live

 Without understanding, I do not exist 
without unconditional love , I am NOT


The Being one – the secrets of thoth

book 1

Document Transcript

Two . INTERNATIONAL DATA MAPPING IN SÃO PAULO , BRAZIL RELEASE . NO COPYRIGHT . REGISTRATION : 314,912 | LIVRO : 575 | FOLHA : 72 Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . Book originally published by the author and Canal : Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . All rights in the text , including external and internal drawings are reserved for exclusive use by the author . No part of this book may be REPRODUCED , ALTERED, OR USED EDITED form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording , Internet , television , cinema or storage system database, without written permission of the author except in cases of short stretches cited in critical reviews or articles from magazines, newspapers or any media . The reproduction, change, alteration or misuse of the contents of this book and drawings shall be subject to prosecution , protected by the copyright law . BE THE ONE I – The Arcane of Thoth. BEING ONE II – Metro 333 – Tera Guardians . We inform all people of good will who BEING ONE is not linked with people who can use the name of the author and the same , holding conferences , groups, selling prints , videos , advertising and charging for their services or asking for donations on behalf of this knowledge. The canal does also know , that it has no responsibility to those that transmit and interpret knowledge BEING ONE in their own way , guided or not based on the original writings that are in your text. BEING ONE is a FREE knowledge , not any events coalesced to gain money or any other type by another , which could be used to their advantage. 2

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Thinking means reflection of thought. Planet Earth humans started thinking when they acquired
consciousness and language to be able to express the continuity of their thoughts. When they
created symbols, they also created their need to get in touch, to manifest and to perform, from
the inside out, and to leave evidence that their thinking could be transmitted from one to
another, at first verbally and then, written. 242. Why do our senses not perceive what is real? Everything you perceive is timeless. What happens is that you do not have enough time-space
to prove it. Living in the subconscious of the universal mind cannot be defined as an absolute
truth; it is always changing. Thoughts are thoroughly analyzed with rigor and purpose. If you stared at one house and one thousand years went by in a second, you would see it
disappear before your eyes, and instantly other shapes would arise at the same time and in the
same place. Therefore we say it is timeless. Your reality is not eternal, and to us, the real is that
which remains unimpaired and forever eternal. Everything else is transformed, recycled,
absorbed and sent to new creations. Everything is relative in the universe. For example, your beliefs are based on what you know.
You have created religions that appear to be as wide as an ocean, but they are only two
centimeters deep. Technologies, medicine, scientific progress, literature, philosophy,
psychology, and so on, tend to change with the progress of research and discoveries. Thus,
what the present shows you as solid truth, the future demolishes and the past nullifies. How can
we say that your senses are real? The material world of subconscious life must be lived carefully. Only awakened beings,
conscious of their energetic senses, could feel the difference and to do so they must live
according to the real perceptions that surround them. Living in the subconscious means that
individuals are below psychological consciousness. They are not aware of it, because it is a set
of contained thoughts beyond their awareness, which is why they do not perceive their own
reality. This is what we call to be dormant. When beings awaken their consciousness, we say
they are awakened. Many of you perceive that you are living misguidedly; others hold their lives on a tight rein and
make corrections. But there are those who are tied down and immersed in their convictions,
fears and insecurities and cannot get out. They keep on spinning in a vicious circle until
something or someone helps them out. The senses were created for a need for perception, but you have downgraded them to pleasure.
You have turned them into a placebo and a drug. Material senses were given to Planet Earth-
humans so that they could perceive themselves and their environment. Through evolution,
these senses were meant to have been developed and become deeper senses, like intuition,
sensitivity, perception and comprehension, but that did not happen. Humans downgraded them,
and by doing so gave their lives a different meaning.
243. What is the subconscious of the universal mind like? You are probably wondering: how can the universal mind, created with perfection, have a
subconscious reality? It did not have any until you Ayapliano-humans appeared. The distortion created the subconscious because it dragged along the thought-energies with it
and condemned them to darkness and ignorance. It took them to the underworld of disability,
pain, suffering and unconsciousness. This created an unreality of confusion, instability and
inconsistency, without continuity or correlation, an unreality of fantasy and transitory dreams. Millions of entities in the antimatter world that were dragged against their will to the underworlds
of a new and unreal creativity want to emerge, to get out of the subconscious, to be what they
were before the distortion. These are you, yourselves, who are getting healed with the help of
those of us who are present in the antimatter world. 244. How can we get out of the subconscious? You can only get out of the subconscious through knowledge, understanding and universal love. You can only do so by analyzing, opening your minds and hearts to the universe, using your
intuitive mechanism within yourselves, seeking the truth of your existence in your minds,
breaking free from the schemes which had kept you ignorant and blind, perceiving the
consciousness of life, facing truths that are sometimes painful, and opening new ways with
belief and new possibilities. In short, returning to where you belong: the conscious mind of the
universe. 245. What is the subconscious of Planet Earth like? When the distortion occurred, the thought-energies sank into the depths of oblivion and
ignorance. In doing so, a lower dimensional plane called unconscious was created, and to
understand it, it had to be divided in two more segments called subconscious and infra-
conscious. In general, the thought-energies of Planet Earth are located in the dimensional plane of the
subconscious. They are controversial realities, difficult to predict and understand. It is
impossible for us, the Higher Dimensions, to enter these realities. The entanglement of thoughts
is such that even we cannot unravel it. To be able to communicate with you, we have to wait for
you to go to the unconscious reality, and as we nurture you with knowledge, we can help you
move to the conscious. That is why we insist so much that you are going to elevate yourselves
through knowledge, understanding and love. We will not broach the subject of the infra-conscious; those who are below the subconscious are
totally immersed in materiality. This dimensional plane no longer exists on Planet Earth. 246. In which dimensional plane are the yetis? They are in the first levels of subconscious thought. The infra-conscious plane existed when the
thoughts of man were rigid and robotic. You are currently moving from the subconscious to the unconscious level; then you will go on to
the conscious level. We are working hard to achieve this. 247. How are our antimatter worlds working to progress in the dimensional planes? The antimatter worlds of Planet Earth that work with you are the Inner-Earth City. They are
responsible for everything that is related to inner work. Since you are in the subconscious, to be able to help you, the antimatter worlds have had to
know, study, classify and organize the mental disorder of this reality. The subconscious is a
plane of thoughts without correlation or continuity; they are mechanical thoughts created for the
simple fact of pleasure. Pleasant or unpleasant is the law that prevails on this plane. Since
pleasure rules the thought-energies without any order or control, chaos has been created
because thoughts struggle to prevail in satisfaction, without measuring the consequences. In
such circumstances, pleasure has become such a strong dependence that the antimatter worlds
have had to create antihistamines to be able to counteract the symptoms of this drug abuse. Pleasure consists of placebos acquired through the senses. The subconscious feeds on them in
order to escape its sad and poor reality. Only conscious reality can control pleasure and turn it
into a wonderful tool for growth and elevation. When the distortion occurred, thinking could not distinguish right from wrong, and since it also
had no knowledge and universal understanding, the senses re-recorded the crystals, and they
did so by means of pleasure, because it was the only thing they knew. Through these senses,
they perceived pleasantness and unpleasantness. Human thought was rigid. Humans did not
understand or know their reality and environment. The antimatter worlds have been able to
recover them, because by understanding what was happening to them, they created the
opposite of pleasure and called it suffering. They did so for the sole purpose of
counterbalancing the abuse of pleasure through the material senses. Humans have to understand that suffering helps them master the pleasure of the senses and
thus attain balance. With this quality they will no longer create thought-energies geared to
subconscious pleasure; on the contrary, they will create thoughts geared to conscious
satisfaction, with knowledge of cause and effect, therefore without suffering. When abuse of pleasure is repetitive, it is called vice. It means that the thought-energy refuses
to leave the subconscious, causing tremendous suffering. If the vice is deep-seated and
continues tormenting the person, it becomes disease. If, after suffering, the thought-energy still
refuses to leave the subconscious, it will then be absorbed, recycled and sent to new creations. When pleasure is worked on, understood, and balanced, it becomes a part of the energetic being, which turns it into satisfaction, joy, enjoyment and fulfillment, because it is complemented with knowledge, understanding and love. When we talk of pleasure, we are referring to thought-energies located in the left side of the
brain. They stimulate the circuits to feed on the senses and receive feedback from other
energies which can give them pleasure, such as food, power, money, sex, vanity, pride,
arrogance, sadism, masochism, lust, etc. The unrestrained pleasures produce the delight of the
left side, where the low vibrational energies of the antimatter worlds are located. The right side
strives tirelessly to maintain the balance and, above all, to save the thought-energies lost in the
underworlds of the conscious. Our real work, as antimatter worlds of dynamic thought-energies, is to recover you. We have to
get you out of unconsciousness and take you to the consciousness of the universal mind. We
do this work with knowledge, understanding and much love. 248. How do you see our reality? The vision of the antimatter world is undoubtedly very different from yours. Remember that this
reality has also levels of existence: some are in the conscious, others in unconscious, and there
are those that are present in the subconscious. We, as the Etheric Dimension, exist in the
consciousness of the universal mind and we perceive you as follows.
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…will continue tomorrow…
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 …this, will continue tomorrow…

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Book 1:

Link to first PAGE

Enlace a Primera Página – El SER UNO  


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 . Being One is a book of self-knowledge. It should be read in order: it would be useless to read it haphazardly, because that would not give the expected result. His reading will be opening and connecting the brain circuits of knowledge, understanding and love.


Meditate on it, review it … study it … …let go of old ideas and lessons …study the new  .

Being ONE


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What is unconditional love and why is it so elusive for many? It is a love that does not judge, defends or distinguish between any living creature that enters your neighborhood. It is a love that embraces all creation as emanating from the heart of Father-Mother God, the Source of Creation, that which created matter and has placed in the dark matter of the Universe expanding.


 Unconditional love is beyond understanding the small packaging and divided mind , qualifies and categorized. Unconditional love is the love that surpasses all understanding and simply is, in itself, pure, upright and spotless. It is the essence of your Higher Self. It is the true essence of themselves, stripped of all that is not the Self .


” I love you unconditionally , and turn on the Violet Fire in the emanation you’re sending to me. Bless you too, find that I am gaining peace in the new and expanded version of my Being. “


Many are beginning to wake up and realize they need to love themselves . This is very difficult for many as they have remained in the shadows of doubt and hate themselves for a long time, often without understanding the core issues or reasons for such feelings. The finding love and self-respect is merely a step on the path to self-mastery . If you feel that you can not even love themselves, learn to accept themselves as they are, and will release his future to love. Love flows from the heart of creation, but you can not feel this connection and this flow until the source is connected with the source of love within his own heart center.




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KRULIANs: ▶ Appellatio Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis – Manifiesto Rosacruz – YouTube

martes, 25 de febrero de 2014

▶ Appellatio Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis – Manifiesto Rosacruz – YouTube

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Sep 17 


Soy el Arcángel Metatrón.

El Portal Estelar Arcturiano es una estación de paso galáctica especial. Espíritus y almas acuden aquí al Portal Arcturiano en su paso hacia lugares distintos por toda la galaxia. Algunos incluso se dirigen a otras galaxias.

Imaginen que existen zonas donde las almas nacen y existen zonas, donde las almas experimentan períodos de transición de muchas vidas en la Tierra. También existen otras zonas donde las almas pueden evolucionar y trabajar o, trabajar en determinados problemas o densidades con el fin de pasar a otros planos o a otras vidas.

El Portal Estelar Arcturiano tiene adjudicado este puesto. Hay muchos que le asignan el nombre de Portales Arcturianos a los corredores del Planeta Tierra, porque los Portales son zonas con una comunicación directa a la quinta dimensión. Pero en verdad, existe solamente un Portal Estelar Arcturiano en esta sección de la galaxia. Los Arcturianos están a cargo del manejo y tratamiento de este campo energético.

Es una zona real. Incluso su gran profesor, Edgar Cayce reconoción la existencia de los Arcturianos y su función en la transición de las puertas de acceso al resto de la galaxia. Es un lugar en la quinta dimensión donde las almas, como las de ustedes, pueden entrar en zonas intermedias. Cómo pueden acceder al Portal Estelar Arcturiano? Como el Portal se encuentra en el límite de la quinta dimensión, deben graduarse en la tercera dimensión para poder llegar hasta allí. Deben haber cumplido ciertas lecciones en la tercera dimensión. No es verdad que han aprendido muchas lecciones en la tercera dimensión? Los guías ya les han explicado sobre la finalización de la tarea y la preparación para dejar la Tierra.

Cuando estén listos para partir, comenzarán a prepararse para trasladarse a otros reinos. Donde estarán? Serán en las Pléyades? Será en la Galaxia de Andrómeda? O quizás un retorno al planeta Tierra? O será Arcturus? Algunos se dirigirán a Sirio. Algunos irán a Las Pléyades. Existen muchas y diferentes estrellas en al galaxia qeu ustedes no conocen. Cuando estén en el Portal Estelar Arcturiano aprenderán nombres de estrellas y viajarán a conocerlas.

Este plan es maravilloso, ya que existen muchos y distintos sistemas estelares en esta sección de la galaxia qeu tienen formas de vida. Estos lugares les serán muy familiares a ustedes. Piensen que existen miles de millones de almas atravesando períodos de transición en el Portal Estelar Arcturiano.

Es una antesala maravillosa hacia los reinos siguientes.

Prestaremos nuestra colaboración para que puedan acceder al Porta. Sin embargo, todavía no pueden ingresar ni atravesar el Portal! Pero pueden llegar hasta el vestíbulo de la entrada, si quieren, donde vivirán una experiencia extraordinaria.

Soy el Arcángel Metatrón

A través de David Miller
Publicado 17th September 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: Lord MetatrónPortal Estelar Arcturianoreinos superiores


El Cobijo y la Satisfacción son los sentimientos base de una vida feliz.
Reconoce que no necesitas nada más excepto la garantía de tus necesidades básicas para sentir Cobijo.
El Cobijo es una sensación de haber llegado a la meta.
Puedes experimentar esta sensación en cada momento de tu vida.
Este Código de Activación se abre dentro de ti como un capullo y despierta la sensación del cobijo.

Transmitido el 28.07.2003 en Barbury Castle
Publicado 16th September 2011 por Shanti
Etiquetas: ayuda al despertarcobijo

* * *


Princesas del cosmos
en la esmeralda
de su Corazón
se refleja
la infinitud del Ser.
Eternas doncellas
del Jardín del Edén,
Maestras de la inmaculada
Luz de Adonai.
Lotos del tiempo
en las manos de Gaia,
su perfume permea
el espacio azul.
Hermanas galácticas
herederas del Sol,
en la pradera eterna
de sus Almas,
brota la Esencia….

Dedicado a mis Hermanas Galácticas Anshelina y Deihanna

Mi Eterno Amor Incondicional hacia ustedes

Setiembre 2011 

Publicado 16th September 2011 por Shanti * * *  

* * *

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する 

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samkaska: File:::Reading:::▶ 79 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Nibiru and Events – YouTube

File:::Reading:::▶ 79 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Nibiru and Events – YouTube

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překládat / ترجم / לתרגם   /   翻訳する / 翻译



Video 79

Friends of our channel and YouTubers welcome.
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video seventy nine – May 30, 2012.

Mythi, friend kradok100 put this video available May 26 asking for answers, can you tell us what is this huge body that appears near the sun?

– Friends, you are observing a rare moment, the great planet named by you as ‘Enoch’ being directed to the abeam of the sun to charge its special atmospheric shielding. It’s an “encapsulated planet.” Its atmosphere can store enough energy for many years of operation, as a huge capacitor. Enoch need not to be near any sun to survive can survive in open space due to stored energy. Its orbit will be set at lower impact angle, after adjustment of the system as a whole during passage through the galactic hemisphere later this year. Currently he can be anywhere in the solar system, where it can cause the least imbalance, we do not know the plan of his position, because Pleiadeans magnetically maneuvering it as they wish, and calculate. They have accurate control of its magnetosphere, and it avoids much less influence on the orbits of the planets with orbits predefined. Its outer atmospheric layer acts as a force field, can be activated to absorb light, turning it into a silhouette, a dark sphere, almost undetectable. Your governments have many pictures of him; just will not divulge to the ordinary citizen until find it convenient.

Mythi, how many of the world’s population could fit in Queensland Australia, each living on a one acre square plot? ALL! Why do you talk about overpopulation?

– You see, I never said how many humans the planet would behave. Understand that for the current context, I said 10 percent of your current population will rise to the level one. I said that the balance of the new ‘society level one ‘ will fit approximately 600 millions in the middle half of this century with the separation of the natural cycle of reincarnations. Your society in the current context of zero level uses energy and materials highly harmful to the planet and its life forms aggregate, that is, reached a point that you’re smashing your own home. This planet is poorly distributed, many societies live by recycling their own misery, with no chance of development, flattened by a regime in which only the ‘chosen’ may have opportunities for development and comfort. Everything in the development of a planet at this present stage depends on applied technology homogeneously. Planets with nature far less exuberant than the Earth, retains populations of up to 20 billion people living comfortably. A planet in the cosmos is like an island in the sea, can be productive and well managed or to be barren and inhospitable. The new society level one, aided by advanced techniques, may increase in number of inhabitants for many more than there are today, without damaging the planet. But this will be conscious planning of your new society as a whole. Your governments want to reduce populations for failing to control the demand for resources they would like in the current context of use of energy and materials commercially advantageous. They are losing control and decided to take drastic measures. What they do not know is that this selection will happen anyway including them, not drastically, but in a natural way in this new Era. Citing again the saying ‘There will be separating the wheat and tares’, taken from the ancient philosophical guides left here by your settlers, they were preparing you for this date, and the process has already begun.

Mythi, they say the HAARP system is being finalized with a transmitting station in Antarctica and will be extremely powerful weapon. Will the CG do something about it?

– We know of plans, as there Pleiadeans infiltrates in several areas. The HAARP system is a crude attempt to influence your ionosphere, is not like force field. He is part of your long list of dirty solutions. Do you have atomic missile exploded in the Van Allen radiation belt with dire consequences and will now messing with the sensitive balance of thy ionosphere to block radio frequencies, opening holes for the passage of high energy levels, intercept missiles and produce fields of transmission of frequencies to trigger mutations and block various brain functions. But see, the functioning of this system is very touchy, if some of these stations switched off for reasons of earthquakes or tsunamis system loses redundancy and may result in further damage and get out of control. This will be the last attempt dirty used by this colony, for there is no more time for this type of military initiatives. This system would be useful if used in the real sense of the designer Tesla, as the global distribution of energy, climate control plan, creating a global network of real-time communication, among other uses, but unfortunately this is not the intention. The intention is to get control over all nations by the power of the technology used to threaten and surrender. The Community Galactica has no plans to interfere because it already has projected that this initiative will not have long to live in this rearrangement of the planet.
We will continue with the hope that your governments ponder their actions in this passage of Age, but, be prepared for the ramblings of an elite that is about to lose the throne and the millenarian power to dictate its rules. Be with peace!

* * *
* * *

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překládat / ترجم / לתרגם   /   翻訳する / 翻译

May 1

Divine Changemakers Tap New Energies at Wesak

by Selacia

Wesak season is always a powerful time of spiritual transformation. This year it has even greater potential because of the unique energy cycle of the past several weeks – bringing to a head revolutionary shifting on a grand scale.

What does this mean for you as a divine changemaker? In this article, I will explain the background of how this year’s Wesak can be a vital catalyst for your next steps and enlightenment. For context, too, I give a brief summary of the energy passageway you have been navigating for the past several weeks.

Readjustments after April’s Energy Passageway

As you process the roller coaster ride of this past month, you may be feeling mixed emotions about the next steps. On the one hand, you likely have some new insights about yourself and what has been keeping you in limbo. At the very least, insights have been coming to you on the inner planes and in your dreams – even if some of them are not yet tangible.

Over the next few days, you probably will be more inspired and driven to act on these insights. You may even feel in a hurry to do so!

At the same time, since energetic repercussions of the grand cross and eclipses will take time to unfold, a little voice within may be telling you to tread with caution. Given this, consider taking one step at a time. You want to allow for the natural readjustment process after an energy passageway like the one you just experienced. Do not underestimate the importance of divine timing and the need to balance after big energy shifts.

Much more is going on within you – and in your energy field that can begin attracting new opportunities – than you can possibly imagine! There are subtle shifts still unfolding at a deep level inside of you. As these begin to surface and become available for tangible transformation, you may be pleasantly surprised at your new levels of energy and enthusiasm. Indeed, you will need those expanded levels in place to accomplish cherished goals and your growing plate of projects.

New Energies at Wesak

Wesak, an annual celebration of enlightenment, is your opportunity each year to connect with an expanded level of spiritual fuel made available when masters like the Buddha and Kuan Yin interact with humanity on more tangible levels. The purpose is more than celebrating these ascended beings – it is the acceleration of your own enlightenment potential.

Beings like the Buddha did not put themselves on pedestals or create religions. Their lives were meant to be an example to the everyday person. Within everyone at a DNA level is the seed of enlightenment. Stages of that enlightenment will vary from person to person – in a process that unfolds over lifetimes on Earth. At Wesak, beings like Buddha shower great blessings upon humanity – helping those who are ready to progress to the next stages of the path of awakening. It’s not about religion – enlightenment is a spiritual unfolding.

Wesak celebrations – like the May 10 global meditation with The Council of 12 – are your opportunity to put yourself amidst these beings already enlightened and to have memorable experiences with them.

More than any year to date, this year’s Wesak has a flavor of quantum. The masters are helping humanity this Wesak season by providing a bridge to the higher-dimensional energies of quantum. This bridge has been there in other Wesak seasons, but with humanity’s awakening unfolding to a new place an expanded level of help is available.

Mastery of Quantum Energy

This has particular relevance for you at Wesak because you are wired to lead humanity’s dance into quantum. To lead, you must master the new quantum reality – this mastery occurs in a process over time. You are knee deep in that process right now!

Since you have the same linear conditioning the rest of humanity has, some days it may feel like quite a stretch. Black-and-white thinking, ingrained within you as a child, can cause you to doubt your progress simply because you often have no linear markers of what is evolving behind the scenes. The good news is that your wise higher self knew what these times would entail, preparing you for a series of wake-up calls to remember your divine changemaker role.

Divine changemakers are encoded at a DNA level to develop mastery of quantum energies and quantum perspectives. What this means for you is that you are a pioneer during these pivotal years, as humanity moves out of ages-old linear thinking and conditioning. This is a messy and often confusing process, especially because quantum perspectives are so novel and so confronting to a society entrenched in a dysfunctional status quo. 

Being a Pioneer

Pioneers naturally experience things first. When you get nervous or uncertain about your pioneer role, remember the gifts that come with laying the foundation for a more enlightened world.

Each time you stretch beyond your comfort zone to meet a challenge seemingly too big to face, you enlarge your view and your ability to tap the more quantum energies. Each small step helps you to build confidence to travel the unchartered territories. Each tiny win helps you to build perseverance.

From these developing energies, your frequency shifts higher and higher. Each higher octave connects you more tangibly with spirit, with your divine purpose, and with the wisdom of enlightened masters who set the template for your enlightenment. From this, miracles can occur.

Copyright 2014 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.
Posted 5 hours ago by LUZ ZOHAR

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terram novam: Early Communications with the Arcturians Part I ::: Reflections With My SELF

miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2014

Early Communications with the Arcturians Part I ::: Reflections With My SELF

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překládat / ترجم / לתרגם   /   翻訳する / 翻译
Feb 13

We speak to you from the eighth vibration. We are of Arcturus. Upon our level of density, there is no need for names. We are merely our planet (I could not conceive of them as Being a Star, so planet was what I heard). Some have called us a Planetary Logos. The seventh vibration is the Oversoul, the eighth is the Planetary Logos, and the ninth is the Solar Elohim and the eleventh/twelfth vibration is the Stellar Elohim.
The Oversoul is like the Soul’s Soul. The Oversoul is responsible for all the portions of itself that reside in the lower vibrations of the sixth through third vibrations. These incarnations of Oversoul inhabit many dimensions, worlds, realities and planets. If a grounded one, such as yourself, is able to remember your higher expressions of SELF while in a body of flesh, you can unite your consciousness with these higher portions of your self during your lifetime, as well as in-between your next physical incarnation.
This unity is not set up like a reward system of being “good” and going to Heaven. Instead, it is simply that once you, the grounded one, remember your Higher Selves you can have a conscious experience of those Selves during your incarnation, as well as directly after earthly death and in-between incarnations. If you do not remember your higher expressions of SELF while in physical form, your belief of heaven will dictate what your experience is after your death.
Once you discover that you are indeed shed of your physical form, you can open your mind up to possibilities that were inconceivable while on Earth. Hence, during your life review of that incarnation you may begin to remember your higher expressions of SELF. It is at this point that you can choose whether you wish that the life you just left is to be a permanent alternate reality of their Oversoul or if you wish to release that life from your group of simultaneous lives.
What we mean by that statement is that “death” as you know it is an illusion. All of the lives that you have ever experienced are still running simultaneously, but are only perceivable through the perception of the Oversoul. Yet, there are lives that can be deleted from this continuous experience because you decide to view them as a “rough draft.” It is then that have an opportunity to re-do the circumstances of that incarnation.
If that life was so difficult that you could not remember any of your higher dimensional connections, you will likely experience only whatever version of Heaven that you believed in during that incarnation. After your experience in
Heaven, you will return to a life very similar to the one that had just left. You will do this because you have not yet completed your lessons of awakening that you had set for your self to learn during that lifetime. Therefore, the life you just left and the one that you are beginning become a different version of the same reality. This process is much like awakening from a dream and then returning to it when you fall back asleep.

On the other hand, if within an incarnation you are able to communicate with your higher realities, you can unite with whatever portion of your greater SELF with whom you have communicated. In other words, since you, Suzille, have learned to communicate with us, you have begun the process of returning to us. We know that you have been reading about the Unconditional Ascension in which everyone would be raised into the fourth and fifth dimension. Once these souls have been raised to these dimensions, they themselves will determine whether or not they feel that they can maintain that high of a frequency a consciousness.

If anyone feel that they have not completed all their third dimensional or fourth dimensional experiences, they will go to a planet where they can have those experiences again. However, once they make that decision, they will have to stay within the evolution of that planet until they have completed their lessons. There will be no blame and no judgment, except by some of those who are still attached to a third or fourth dimensional consciousness.

Those that feel they have not earned the shift into higher consciousness and have decided to return to a lower dimensional form will be of great value for the society of that incarnation, as they will have experienced the momentous event of group ascension. Once they are able to remember their previous experience of unconditional ascension, they will be able to tell the others about that process and be of great assistance in the evolution for that reality.

We on Arcturus await your return to us. Yes, we unconditionally love you. We love all of you, and there is not one single grounded one that we have forgotten. We sent you all into your earth lives with deep, abiding dedication and love. We have kept your flames alive for you though all this entire millennium. We wish to offer our service in assisting you in remembering us forever. Please continue to contact us, and we will happily respond.

The Arcturians

By Suzanne Lie PhD

Posted 13th February 2012 by Juan Pablo

* * *

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie
Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Reflections With My SELF


Reflections With My SELF
This trip has been a “good-by” vacation, as I am saying good-by to a way of life that has appeared to be normal for almost 40 years. For 40 years I have been striving to DO something. It is my NOW to BE some ONE. For all these years I defined myself by what I have done. Hence, I have “done” a lot.
NOW, I need to realize that it is not the just the doing-ness, but also the being-ness. Working hard to follow my inner directions is transmuting into releasing ALL resistance from “being my SELF.” I find that with this challenge in front of me, I am not sure how to “do” it.
Yes, there is that action word again, the DOING of life. But what if life is not about doing but about being. What if an ascending reality is not just about putting out the information but also living the information. To be fair and kind with myself I have focused much attention on being, but to be honest I must admit that my primary attention has been on doing.
Yes, it is a phase of my life, as I am now ready to retire from all 3D definitions that allowed me to DO. But I am aware that I am also seeking recognition for my “hard work.” “Hard work” has been my battle cry, my call to duty. I have worked in an obsessive many for 40 years to do my Mission. NOW is the time to BE my Mission.
This new state of being is based on unity, unity with all the expression of my SELF and with ALL those that share not just my personal world but those who share my planet. I have been getting vague glimpses of a ME that is, I don’t know, calmer, sweeter and most important VERY peaceful.
This calm, sweet peacefulness is the state of BEING that is trying to take root within me. I say, “trying,” as I can feel the resistance. I hear myself silently ask what I should DO to release this resistance. But resistance is a result of doing. Whatever wants to change must resist falling back into that which they wish to change.
“Surrender, just Let Go, Just BE” are my inner directives within this NOW. So I ask, “What do I need to surrender? How do I “just Let Go”? And, WHO or WHAT am I supposed to BE?
I go inside to find those answers, as I know they will not be found in my world of “doing.” It is very quiet inside when I do so. But, quite is actually a great relief after the ongoing pursuit of… of… I am not sure. Each thing that was pursued was so important, then drifted off into the past once it was accomplished
I can look at my “accomplishments.” But, how do I BE my accomplishments? How do I just BE without the action of DOING?
I go inside again to find the answers…
“You cannot ask for the answer. You have to remember the answer,” I hear.
“Wow, thanks a lot. All I have done in my life and all I get is to remember!” I say with more than a little anger.
Yes, there is the anger again. How can such a do-good person have so much anger? Worse yet, how dare it reveal it self? Anger is not a “good” thing and I am supposed to BE a “good” person.
Oh, there is the BEING word again. However, I do not see how I have surrendered anything.
“You have surrendered to allowing your anger to have an honest voice,” I hear inside. “How can you let go of your anger if it is hidden inside, behind all the good things that you DO?”
That is so easy for the inner ONE who lives in the higher dimensions to talk about surrender and letting go. Their world is safe.
“Is your world unsafe?”
“Yes! No! Well it can become unsafe in any moment.”
“Why would you want to create an unsafe world?”
“I don’t create it, it is just all around me.”
“Therefore, it is IN you as well?” the voice asks.
“Maybe it is all around me because it is IN me?” I have to admit.
“With that statement you are BEING very wise.”
“I am BEING wise because I am doing something. I am writing down our conversation and have to see what I am thinking. Therefore, I am editing my responses so that I don’t have to look at my excuses.”
“Did you not just look at your excuse?”
The voice got me there. I do not have a snappy answer. Maybe when I write to share with others, I have to also read it.
In fact, I have to read it several times to edit it, then put in the edits that some one else did. I cannot find all the mistakes myself. I have to surrender my writing over to someone else to edit it. I have to let go of part of my process because I cannot DO it all alone.
“DO it all alone?” asks the voice.
I must think about this latest sentence, as it is much deeper than I first thought. Yes, I felt like I was “doing it,” which in my life meant communicating with an inner voice, “all alone.”
When I share what I hear inside I do not feel as alone. That is all alone in the outside world, as I never feel alone in the inside world.
“Never?” asks the inner voice who doesn’t miss a word.
Again, I must deeply consider this question. Where did it come from? Why did I say it?
“How did you feel when you thought about ‘doing it all alone?’” asks the voice who is always listening to my thoughts
Well, of course, I felt angry. Or did I feel afraid?
Is there a difference? I answer to my self.
“I can still hear you, as I AM your self,” responds the ever-present inner voice.
“Yes, of course,” I reply in a somewhat angry way.
“Can you be ‘somewhat’ angry?” asks the inner voice.

Busted again.

Anger, fear, sorrow and all the other unhappy emotions only grow if we try to hide them.

On the other hand, love, joy and their best friend creativity, diminish if we hide them.

“You cannot hide them from me, as I AM you,” the inner voice lovingly replies. “If you do not feel safe enough to BE these traits, I will hold them for you until you are ready,”

“I want to BE these traits NOW!” I decree.

“Then I will assist you NOW to BE the YOU that you forgot!

You do not need to try to remember this expression of YOU, as it is growing on its own. You cannot force this flower to bloom, but you can feed and tend it while you patiently wait for it to bloom on its own.”

“Patiently?” I ask. “I have never been too good with patience.”

“There is a patience for doing and a different patience for BEING. You ego self has full control of all you DO.

“However, to BE your true SELF you must lovingly Let Go of your ego to patiently await your SELF to BE YOU in daily life.”

That sounds like the most difficult thing I have ever done!

“Are you angry about that?” ask the voice.

I have to really think before I answer this question. The problem with talking to my inner SELF is that if I lie, it will know.

I can only tell the truth to this ME. There are lots of ego-based versions of me that I can lie to and they never know, but my SELF always knows.

Upon reflection, I realize that it is NOT the word “anger” that triggers me. It is the word “patience” that triggers my emotions.

In fact, I realize that releasing my anger will take a lot of patience. Also, if I focus on patience, then I will not need anger, as my anger is usually about how LONG things take.

“Good analysis.” Replies the ever-listening inner voice.

“Does that mean that it is my impatience that I need to Let Go so that I can just BE?”

“Why don’t you try that and find out?”

* * *
* * * * *

photos: ▶ Recorte Perfecto de Imagen en Adobe Photoshop CS6 | Español – YouTube

Thursday, July 10, 2014

▶ Recorte Perfecto de Imagen en Adobe Photoshop CS6 | Español – YouTube


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Friday, February 28, 2014

Transmuting Gaia’s Core
Dear Arcturians:

I have many questions, but I know the answers are inside and I got lost in the third dimension again.  I had this meeting that I was looking forward to and I got busy.  I got busy again and I missed out, and I wonder how many things I miss out on because I’m so busy – so busy in the 3D world doing this right thing, this good thing, this important thing.  
My focus is on outside – on the outside world that I’m trying to see beyond.  I ask you now to speak through me and I will take a moment of the time that I have wasted on busyness and dedicate it to going inside to find myself and you dear Arcturians – the higher component of the me the is wearing this Earth vessel and having a hard time not getting lost inside of the Earth vessel.


Our beloved Suzelle we speak to you within your very same voice, therefore you know that we are within you and that we are speaking through you – for we are using that body in which you have often become lost.  We are using that mind, that brain, those vocal cords, those lungs, that heart.  Do you see how we are one?
Do you see how when you allow us to come into you – us being the higher expressions of you – for you and us are third-dimensional terms?  For in the fifth-dimension and beyond there is we.  We are One.  We are all One.  So, your friend with whom you wished to meet to share this meditation is there too.  Do you see her?  Yes, there she is right there and look she is having a hard time seeing you just as you are having a hard time remembering us – the we of your/our Arcturian expressions.
There she is she sees us now.  Now we are we again.  We are one again.  Yes, is it not actually superior to meet in this fashion?  Of course you would even if you were on separate channels of Skype but, now that crutch is gone isn’t it — that third dimensional crutch in which you move your energy through a mechanical device in order to commune with one in a distant place far away on Earth.  
But you do not need these mechanical devices.  And, our, us, we primarily meet within the core of beloved Gaia where there is no distance at all.  There is only here, there is only now.  Within the core of Gaia just as within the our of you, there is no time.  There is no space.  For it is your quantum Core.  It is the you that you have always been and it is the you that is now wearing your Earth vessel.
Feel that you nestled inside your Earth vessel.  Feel that you that is surrounded by an illusion – surrounded by the illusion of separation.  For while wearing your Earth vessel you are within the third-dimensional hologram of Earth and the matrix of that third dimensional hologram states that you are separate, that there is time and there is space and it takes time to go across the space to get to that separate being.  
Of course you can use a mechanical device in which that time and space is instantly erased.  So do you see what an illusion it is?  Time and space is not real.  It is an illusion.  There is only Now.  There is only Here.  
Feel yourself now, here, within the Core of Gaia.  And within that Core of Gaia do you see us?  We are not wearing a form.  We are a floating energy field.  We have taken on that floating energy field so that you can perceive us while in your meditative state of only your fourth-dimensional perceptions.
Can you believe that you actually see us?  Can you believe that you are actually inside of the core?  Or will you become lost again in the vessel that you are wearing that is sitting in a chair leaning on a desk and talking into a mechanical device?  Can you believe that the body sitting in the chair is an illusion – that the chair is an illusion, that the desk is an illusion, that the mechanical device is an illusion?  Can you believe that you are here “now” and that we are “one”?
Feel the energy field of being Here – Now within this One, within this Core of your being, within the Core of your spine and your brain, within the Core of your kundalini and your multi-dimensional mind, within the Core of the Planet, within the Core of her Core Crystal.  Feel how you are inside the Core Crystal of Gaia’s Core.  Feel around you the immense multi-dimensional energy field that is your planetary self.
For, you became a member of Gaia’s planetary self when you stepped out of our energy field into your Earth vessel.  Now you have moved beyond the illusion of your Earth vessel, beyond the illusion of Gaia’s physical third-dimensional self and into the truth of your central core, of Gaia’s central core blending into oneness together.  
Feel the community, feel the energy field as it begins to expand and it grows faster, faster, faster – so fast that your body cannot begin to contain it so you must release it.  You must choose.  Are you choosing the limitations of your third dimensional life or are you choosing to let go and feel the energy field that is embracing you, combining you with Gaia?
Yes, the kundalini speaks now.  It has awakened by your release and you feel it now as it moves up and down your spine and you feel how that kundalini moving up and down your spine while you are inside of the central Core of Gaia.  Oh yes, hold on – for now you feel the kundalini of Gaia’s Central Core as it moves up and down throughout her Central Crystal.
It is very difficult to contain this so therefore you must shoot this energy field out to the North — the North Cornerstone – out into the North that represents the spirit, the higher frequencies of the portals to the multi-dimensional expressions of Gaia and her beloved New Earth that stands at the entrance of those portals to greet you with Unconditional Love.
Now, you pull New Gaia’s Unconditional Love that you have met through the North back in to the Central Core and – oh yes, you can feel how the energy has greatly amplified.  Now you turn around and you send that energy field out into the South.  And in the South you feel how Gaia has been an alive being through millions and billions of years.  
Allow her beingness of all that she has been, of all the forms of herself as an idea.  Feel how that idea of the One was filled with the Unconditional Love which created the beginning of a form.  And the form transmuted and shifted and changed through many ages, through many disasters, through many reconstructions, through many eras and then she had the greatest disaster – the Fall of Atlantis in which she fell deeply into time, deeply into the third- dimension, deeply into illusion – illusions of time, illusions of separation which created polarities and the good and the bad began to battle.  And the right and the wrong began to fight and the love and fear were lost in the battles lost in the fights.
And yes, those who incarnated through that long time within that third-dimensional realm did learn very quickly to master their energy fields, or they were lost and had to return again, and again, and again until at last and finally they learned to master their energy fields so that they did not attend to the polarities.  They found that place in between.  Within the Core, they saw the good was just one of the polarities that was also called bad.  But good and bad were only the outsides, the slowest component of that energy field.  Within the core, within the center of the energy field there is only Unconditional Love.  There is only infinite wisdom.  There is only power within.
And with that unconditional love you have the infinite power of your infinite wisdom to speak within that power, within that love, within that wisdom – to look out into the matrix to whatever illusion of fear, of separation, of becoming lost.  And as you look out into that matrix you say:  I Love You Unconditionally.  I use my great multi-dimensional wisdom to accept you unconditionally.  And with a great power within that I AM, I forgive every person, place, situation and thing that I ever created so that I could learn about polarities.  And then I blamed that which I created and so that person, place, situation or thing that I have blamed – I Forgive You Unconditionally.
And now you pull that energy from Gaia’s great history back into the central core.  And now you go out into the West where the Sun is setting.  The Sun is setting on the reality that was bound by time, by separation, by illusion.  And you move into that setting sun and you pull into you every lesson you have ever learned – every memory you have stored in your wonderful multi-dimensional mind, every situation that you have transmuted and every being, humanoid, cetacean, animal, fish, insect, human and pull them all into your heart.  And say:  I want to take you with us.  Us being all of us.  We all want to move into the new cycle now together.  
So now you pull all that was into the now of the One of the Central Core.  And to the East you see the rising Sun of New Earth.  And, as that Sun rises higher and higher it ignites that eastern core with violet light of transmutation.  That transmutation follows the path from that cornerstone into the Core Central Crystal.  Now, you live in the Now.  Within the Now you do not wait – for waiting is a third-dimensional concept.  
Within the Now you listen.  You listen to yourself that is beyond the illusions of your third-dimensional expression.  You listen to all the myriad and marvelous expressions of yourself and you pull them into your Core that is within the core of Gaia.  And, you take these beautiful messages from the real world of the multi-dimensional New Earth and you share them in the manner in which you have chosen before you entered this mission.

Blessings be our away team.  We will meet here again for further transmissions.
^ ^ ^ 
* * *
* * *

Equipoise: ▶ Butt & Legs WORKOUT: 100 Workout Challenge!! Try It!! -Sharing/

Thursday, August 28, 2014

▶ Butt & Legs WORKOUT: 100 Workout Challenge!! Try It!! -Sharing/

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する 


In order to fully download the multidimensional Light Language, you will need to surrender to your Multidimensional SELF.
Maintaining the resonance of your SELF will facilitate the integration of the Light Language into your consciousness and the language centers of your brain. In this manner, you can consciously perceive the multidimensional messages of Light Language. You can then translate these messages into third dimensional language so that you can better share them with others.
Remember to release all judgment regarding messages from the “lower” vs. “higher” dimensions, as it limits you to polarized thinking. In reality, all dimensions are ONE, and it is only in third and fourth dimension that the illusion of separation exists. First and second dimensional beings have no sense of separation and live in unity with all life. Hence, they already experience the Unity Consciousness that you have and will continue to experience via your fifth dimensional consciousness.
The difference is that third dimensional beings have forgotten their Unity Consciousness and first and second dimensional beings have forgotten their Personal Consciousness. On the fifth dimensional Earth that you are creating,and simultaneously accepting and entering, you will have Personal Consciousness while you also experience unity with all life.
In your other incarnations on Gaia, you have likely experienced a form of ascension in which you raised your resonance beyond that of the third dimension. In that case, your physical body “died,” and you consciously crossed over into the fifth dimension to meet your “Higher SELF.” Your ascension is to be quite different this time, for you have volunteered to be a member of the Planetary Ascension Team. Therefore, you have chosen, whether you remember it or not, to delay your personal ascension so that you could join in unity with ALL the inhabitants of Earth to ascend the entire planet into the fifth dimension.
This option was also available about 13,000 years ago, during the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, when your reality moved into a similar energy field as it now enters. However, the primary polarity, male and female, could not be merged into the ONE. Hence, Earth remained a dualistic reality, and the battle between the polarities of light and dark remained constant. Unfortunately, the dark polarity of destruction, which is vital for a polarized reality, was stronger than the light polarity of construction, which is also necessary for a polarized reality. It was during this pivotal battle between light and dark that many of you entered Earth’s evolution to assist in balancing the dark with your great light to avert Gaia’s destruction.
You are now completing the full 26,000-year cycle of the Progression of the Equinoxes and are returning to the Galactic Center. This cycle is also known as Annus Magnus or “Great Year.” The Great Year charts your journey through the twelve constellations of the zodiac, and many believe this journey to be a gestation or birth cycle.
There are several other cycles that are also finishing around your year of 2012.
Another cycle that is culminating around the year 2012 is the close of the Galactic Year. 
It takes 225 million Earth years for the Milky Way to make one complete rotation in the sky. 225 million years ago Earth’s one landmass, known as Pangaea, began its separation into the seven continents. 
Since then the one land mass has individuated into many landmasses. 
In the same manner,humanity’s Unity Consciousness has individuated into Personal Consciousness.
From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor II
Posted 30th October 2011 by Shanti

* * *

El Ser UNO – A: ▶ El Ser Uno II – Planeta 3.3.3 Los Guardianes de Tera – Parte 6 – YouTube

lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

▶ El Ser Uno II – Planeta 3.3.3 Los Guardianes de Tera – Parte 6 – YouTube

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▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Sheldan Nidle 8-Octubre-de 2013 – YouTube 



6 Batz, 14 Tzotz, 10 Caban
Selamat Balik! Venimos con más para discutir con usted. Los que durante milenios han controlado su reino están enfermos y con problemas por el hecho de que el momento de su entrega se acerca rápidamente. Recibimos esta noticia con alegría y sin embargo comprendemos lo irreal que esto se siente a aquellos que, al igual que sus antiguos amos los Anunnaki, contempla sólo victorias y se convirtió rápidamente en extraños para vencer. Ahora están a capitular y verdaderamente enfrentar el hecho de que su poder se le escapa de las manos. Los cuidadores de su nuevo gobierno la intención de que se planifique su salida para que coincida con el reconocimiento del daño causado en muchas áreas de su reino con mano dura, como aparejos de los ámbitos de las finanzas, el gobierno y las economías del mundo. Su sistema legal proporcionará el epitafio para este período de su historia. La cábala oscura es ser testigo de un nuevo período, en el que cada uno de ustedes recuperen la libertad y soberanía personal que es su derecho natural. En ese momento también puede cumplir con sus familias espirituales y del espacio y una época de alegría y prosperidad para la humanidad va a nacer!
   Muchas veces hemos hablado de lo que el nuevo gobierno es proveer para usted. Para nosotros, uno de los grandes atractivos es, por supuesto, el fin del encubrimiento, que nos ha impedido una comunicación cara a cara muy atrasados ​​con cada uno de ustedes. El objetivo principal de nuestra presencia aquí es para ser sus mentores mientras regresa a la plena conciencia y esto comenzará formalmente cuando los aterrizajes masivos ocurren. Esta primera operación de contacto con Gaia ha sido, desde el principio, una misión de bienvenida a casa. Hace cerca de 900.000 años, sus antepasados ​​vinieron a la Tierra para establecerse en la tierra que ustedes conocen como Lemuria. Esto formaba parte de un acuerdo entre Gaia y la humanidad y esta misión sagrada debe ser reconocido y honrado por usted. Debemos proveer prototipos que pueden ayudarle en la realización de esta tarea divina. Usted también tendrá la Agartianos para ayudarle a alcanzar con éxito esta misión. En cuanto a su nación estelar, el Cielo es permitir que los Elohim para volver el sistema solar a su estado original para que pueda estar listo para su uso como base de operaciones. Tu nación estelar posee un más magnífico destino!
   Membresía de esta nación-estrella se extenderá graciosamente a usted por el Agartianos y los protocolos para esto se explica por el principal Consejo Agartha. Usted es de agradecer a la Tierra Interna y podrá revisar la larga historia que se mantuvo de usted por sus antiguos sobrecargas. Los Maestros Ascendidos están dispuestos a enseñar una serie de clases especiales que le ayudarán a dibujar la cortina de la amnesia impuesta. Mucho es a suceder que te llevará hasta el punto en que pueda volver a estado natural de la humanidad de la conciencia. Una vez en plena conciencia, se puede preparar todo el sistema solar para su futuro papel como un lugar importante para las conferencias que trazar los nuevos roles de los antiguos hijos de Ankara y en la que se invita a las galaxias en una unión masiva para difundir la luz a través de esta parte de lo físico. A la luz de este maravilloso destino, nos regocijamos en lo que hoy sucede aquí. Sepan que una serie más llena de gracia de los acontecimientos notables son para aumentar el poder de la Luz y permitir que el plan divino para desplegar su fin increíble que nos rodea.
   Los tiempos que vienen son los tiempos finales de la vieja realidad. Su sociedad se transformó en una sociedad galáctica. Esto se logrará mediante una simetría maravillosa que ahora se despliega alrededor del mundo. A través de una increíble serie de interconexiones de una vasta red se ha formado, que es en gran parte desconocida para la mayoría de ustedes. A medida que continúa creciendo y extendiéndose, hacemos todo lo posible para patrocinar estos componentes dispersos y conectarlos entre sí. No pasa un día sin que alguna parte de esta red de descubrir y conectar a esta red cada vez más amplia. Al igual que los niños exploran un mundo nuevo y brillante, esta expansión no tiene límites. Su capacidad y alcance están acelerando, lo que indica que su nueva realidad es de hecho inevitable. Esta red de base tiene una vida propia y no se puede detener. Se trata de encontrar las nuevas estructuras que nuestros aliados están construyendo y la fusión posterior traerá todo a otro nivel. Este será el punto en el que esta revolución silenciosa es darse a conocer una nueva época para la humanidad se manifiesta ante tus ojos!
   Namaste! Nosotros somos sus Maestros Ascendidos! Llegamos en un estado de suma, júbilo bendito! Este reino, que hemos buscado mucho después, está listo para una serie de grandes gestos que empuje la oscuridad de su trono con problemas. Aquellos que, en la arrogancia y la codicia, controlada esta tierra deben ser realizados privado como un nuevo poder asciende su antiguo trono. Esta fuerza de la Luz es traer la prosperidad, la paz y la libertad para todos. Estamos en modo de celebración a la espera de los anuncios que, en detalle, proclamar públicamente esta liberación. Será un tiempo de gran júbilo cuando toda la deuda financiera está borrado y todos los impuestos cesa. Varios programas de prosperidad que distribuirá una gran riqueza a todos acompañarán la nueva moneda de respaldo duro. Los horrores del pasado se desvanecen, para ser reemplazado por decretos divinos que permitan a todos a conocer sus verdaderos orígenes e historias. Es nuestro deber informarle de esto, así como muchas otras cosas.
   Venimos con un amor simple, radiante, que se extenderán a cada evento bendecido y que marcará la pauta para el adiós a esas falsas creencias que ocultaban la presencia de nuestra familia Agartha de usted. Dentro del cuerpo de Gaia es un mundo 5-D mágica que ha protegido y nos nutre de las actividades escandalosas de la oscuridad. En breve aprender de estas relaciones de los suyos, que han asumido la carga de mantener la luz en la cara de las mentiras, distorsiones, y la violencia de la oscuridad. La destreza valiente de su familia de la Tierra Interna es una recompensa por una gracia divina que nos garantizará una ansiada victoria más. Juntos, vamos a establecer un nuevo reino que afirma la autodeterminación de cada individuo sagrado. Esto permitirá a Gaia para iniciar una reconfiguración que unirá sus seres internos y externos, ahora separados.
   Estos acontecimientos sagrados permitirá a la luz para recuperar el mando de su más preciado planeta y el sistema solar majestuoso! Nos fijamos en lo que está por suceder en la plena realización de su vasto alcance. Por 13 milenios de haber sufrido la oscuridad saqueado su mundo. La ascensión viene recompensará a la humanidad de la Tierra por todo lo que ha sufrido. A lo largo de un largo desfile de las generaciones, sus vidas se reducen a un rastro de sufrimiento y lucha interminable, que culminó en la inevitabilidad de la muerte. Estos temores que preocupan: ahora, están a punto de desaparecer! Un momento gracioso le liberará de estos problemas y le empujará al borde de la plena conciencia. El cielo ha acelerado los cambios físicos necesarios para poder completar estos procesos complejos en su Cámara Light personal. Está en el umbral de una nueva época sin precedentes!
   Hoy hemos continuado nuestras conversaciones semanales. Le informamos sobre los acontecimientos que ocurren en todo el mundo. La hora se acerca para una transformación más profunda. En esta nueva realidad, se le empujados a una nueva conciencia que usted esté preparado para cumplir con su espiritual, el espacio y las familias de la Tierra Interna. En este estado de conciencia plena, estás a punto de llevar a cabo un destino más auspicioso! Sepan, queridos, que el suministro incontable y la prosperidad de los Cielos sin fin es suya de hecho! Que así sea! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (En idioma sirio, ¡Sean Uno! Y ¡Estén en Alegría!)