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Thursday, February 13, 2014

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A special interview with the Arcturians – THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN!


Regarding the Ascension Process, by Dr. Georgi Stankov

Question 1 

What is the number of the light workers that constitute the Planetary Ascension Team, PAT?



The number is “enough,” for we see that in whatever form you choose that you are victorious.

Question 2:

Will they all go through the Stargate on 11.11.11. and ascend, that is to say, leave 3d-earth for ever in a physical body, by delegating it to Gaia, as the Arcturians have said below?

“You will do this in the same manner that we have taught you. You will merge each chakra with those of Earth and allow both your personal and planetary kundalini to rise. With the rise of your kundalini, your entire nervous system will be updated to perceive and respond to the fifth dimensional frequency of Earth.” 



Our beloved grounded ones have been repeatedly undergoing this process of merging their chakras with Gaia’s for quite a bit of your “time.” They have done this as a dress rehearsal for the 11.11.11 event, and they will continue it until Gaia is fifth dimensional. Humans have always been a component of the great Being known as Gaia. You are all ONE with Her and will continue to be so even as you visit many other worlds after your full ascension. You all, that is, all of you that choose to Ascend, are emissaries for this Local Universe. In fact, you are quite famous.

Question 3:

Does the term “stargate 11.11.11”, as used by the Arcturians, relate to the date “November 11, 2011” or is this term related to the energy 11.11.11, which may manifest earlier or later than November 11, 2011?


It refers to both of those concepts. To our perception, there is no difference as the “time” of November 11, 2011 is a third dimensional illusion. What is perceivable to our, and to your, multidimensional perceptions is that the ebb and flow of frequency oscillation, again the breath of the ONE, is reaching critical mass. Much as a human would enter into deep breathing in contemplation of meditation, Gaia, your Solar System and your Galaxy are entering into the “deep breath” of the ONE in preparation for the meditation which will precede your re-birth. Remember that every beam of light is alive. Your planet is alive, your Solar System is alive, your Galaxy, Local Universe etc., etc. This fact is what you will all discover/remember at your return to Light body.

The next question is associated with the previous one.

Question 4:

Is the collective Ascension at stargate 11.11.11 as described by the Arcturians the announced First Wave of Ascension or will there be some individual Ascensions before this wave in the period between October 16 and November 11, as to announce this first mass wave of Ascension at stargate 11.11.11? 



From our perspective many of our grounded ones are like children, who are just learning to jump. However, it is not their earth vessel that is jumping, it is their consciousness. It is so beautiful for us to see our grounded ones flashing in and out of our frequency of reality. You are visiting us, our Star ships, New Earth, mid-fifth dimensional Earth, and many of you are visiting your Home worlds in preparation of your return. 

Ascension is not a one-time thing. Ascension is whenever you expand your consciousness beyond the third and fourth dimensions. Therefore, the process of ascension is being practiced again and again. Each of these experiences are just as real as the “final.” Ascension. However, remember that “final” is a time-bound term. Therefore, it is meaningless in the higher worlds.

Question 5: Will the earth ascend at stargate 11.11.11 definitely in the 4th dimension, before it finally ascends on December 21, 2012 in the 5th dimension? 


Yes, a version of that reality is created within the ONE of our perception. This version is much like a “dress rehearsal.” However, everything is free of time in the fifth dimension, so there is no concept of how long it will last or what will happen in the “future.” HERE, there is only NOW.

Follow-up Quesion: In this case earth will be for one year in the interim 4th dimensional state


The reality of which we speak is fifth dimensional. There is also a fourth dimensional, but that has been Gaia’s aura since Her conception. In fact, it was intended to always be Her resonance, but that changed after the fall of Atlantis. This fourth dimensional version of Gaia will remain intact as long as there is enough Light to maintain it’s cohesion into form. Remember, that in the fourth dimension, there is time, space, and polarity. Therefore, this 4D Earth has many of the same challenges as third dimensional Earth, but there will be less fear, as it is of a higher resonance than the third dimensional version.

In the Arcturians’ message of Sept. 11, in response to my question, whether I should publish my article on the magnetic pole shift, you said:

“We also wish to say that most of the damaging predictions that will happen to Gaia, will happen after the initial ascension, when much of her light beings have moved into Her higher expression. She is aware of this, and being the dear Cosmic Soul that She is, She is willing to suffer damage to her temporary 4D body. Once in Her fifth dimensional expression, polarity shifts are not an issue as She will be beyond Her electromagnetic form, and beyond the polarities of North and South poles.”

Question 6:

In this case, can we regard the stargate 11.11.11 as the first Ascension step of mankind and Gaia into the 4th dimension and the stargate 12.12.12, respectively, around December 21, 2012, as the second final ascension to the 5th dimension? 


The 11.11.11 process is the first leap into the fifth dimensional New Earth. That is the first part. The part is the challenge of maintaining that state of consciousness so that you maintain a resonance and calibration to that reality. Once your consciousness lowers to the resonance of the fourth or third dimension, you can no longer maintain your adhesion to that reality. 

11.11.11 is humanity’s first trial run through the Portal into New Earth. Some of you will remain there to stabilize New Earth with your unconditional love and constant intention of stabilizing that reality. Some of you will practice your innate ability to live in multiple realities and practice being on both New Earth and the ascending 3D Earth, so that you can still be of assistance to Gaia and Her inhabitants. 

And, some will only move into the fourth dimensional Earth to stabilize that way-station to New Earth, assist the fourth dimensionals to move into the fifth dimension, and/or use that stopping place to practice your inter-dimensional travel skills.

Follow-up Question: Will the massive planet changes and associated catastrophes thus take place after stargate 11.11.11?


The planetary changes and associated catastrophes will be experienced by those who have volunteered to help throughout that situation and by those who need “proof” that it is time to wake up. All possible versions of ascension will happen simultaneously within the NOW. Each of you will experience the reality, to which your consciousness resonates. From the perspective of each one’s Multidimensional SELF, you can use your 3D senses to “see the disasters coming” then raise above that experience, if you choose to, by calibrating your consciousness to the fifth dimension. 

If it is your Soul Agreement to “die,” leave your form at that “time,” you will. If it is a Soul Agreement to maintain a physical form in service to Gaia, you will find yourself in an area of Gaia’s body, in which your earth vessel is safe. These safe places are created so that the Planetary Ascension Team can merge their consciousness with Gaia’s to assist Her to ascend. The exact moment of total transmutation from 3D to 5D will not occur until there is the greatest potential for success. Some PAT members will move between New Earth and physical Earth because they will not abandon Gaia, until they have fulfilled their agreement or die trying. 

We see that some of the PAT will appear to “die trying,” but will immediately appear on New Earth in their body of light. Their dying is to either complete old karma or to be an example of great courage and self-sacrifice for those still on the fence. 

Question 7:

The first 4d-Ascension will be associated with dramatic earth changes as described in my last article and above, and will affect the remaining humanity, but not the PAT, which will be already in the 5th dimension. This conclusion perspires from the above quotation.  Can the Arcturians confirm this conclusion? 


Some brave members of the PAT will remain on Earth during these times to help anyone, who may see the light in the last moment. Others will serve in the Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension to assist those, who have just crossed over in fear, others will serve in higher sub-planes of the fourth dimension, and other will serve as greeters and organizers on New Earth. You all know your assignment, as you have volunteered for them. However, most have just forgotten it, but you will remember them when you need to. Just trust your self.

The first ascension waves into the fourth, and for many into the fifth, dimension will have accompanying earth changes for those who need those changes and for areas of Gaia that need those changes. Just as some people will need to have the experience of trauma to clear their consciousness of lower frequency fear, and so do areas of Gaia need that experience in order to shake off that lower frequency.

Both the Ascension of the third and fourth will have some version of disaster. By Ascension of the third dimension, we mean the release of Gaia’s old skin. In other words, Gaia will shed the 3D form of Her skin much like a snake sheds its skin when it no longer serves her well. The 3D form no longer serves Gaia, as Her intention is to complete the process of her schoolroom earth and move into higher expressions of Her SELF. By “temporary 4D earth”, we were referring to the temporary version of Gaia that will be maintained so that some late awakeners can still choose to ascend into fifth dimensional New Earth. 

All that you described is correct for those who need the experience of disaster to awaken to their full potential. Those, who can maintain a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, will be like surfers who are riding the wave onto the shores of the fifth dimensions. Also, and very important, there are some, who have volunteered to live within the trauma to assist those in need. We salute them for their sacrifice.

Question 8:

How many of the ascended members of the PAT will be able to return to earth after first ascension  and help humanity in the interim 4d-period of one year to adopt to the new situation by establishing new social infrastructure and implementing new technologies?

It will be sufficient to give the number in percentages.


Earth is still a free-will planet. Therefore, these percentages are not predictable. However, we do see that you are successful.  Hence, enough will return and enough will remain on New Earth. There are many factors involved in what percentage is needed, as well as many possible realities and manner, in which these decisions are made.

 Question 9:

Will the 4d-earth in the period between 11.11.11 and 12 (21).12.12 also contain the remaining 3d-earth timeline or will the split take place on 11.11.11, so that humanity will also split into two parts that will drift apart and will no longer really communicate with each other? 


Every possibility can become a reality, if enough grounded ones put their intention, thoughts, and emotions into that possibility. Humanity is VERY influential on how the Ascension will go. Love creates love and fear creates fear.

Follow-up Question:

For instance, if new advanced 4d-technologies are implemented in this interim period, will they profit only the ascended part of humanity, or will they also be given to the part that will most probably descend or will soon die and leave earth? 


Earthlings, especially those in the United States have turned a very blind eye to the deeds of the dark ones. Some of them may choose to create a reality, in which they can finally stand up for their rights and confront the lies that they have allowed to enslave them. Remember, Gaia is a Schoolroom Planet. It is like a teaching hospital, in which every situation is seen as another possibility to learn more.

The ones, who remained sleeping up until the final call, may wish to create those 3D-polarity lessons before the school closes.

 Question 10:

If yes, what sense will it make to give this portion of humanity, which will not ascend, access to such technologies, which they will most probably misuse due to their low spiritual level, and will definitely not use in the remaining catastrophic earth B, where human society will degrade much more than currently. 


It is of little consequence what happens to the late-comers, who are desperately trying to make use of whatever lessons they can learn. The illusion will be closing, as those that have chosen to ascend will not be influenced by this activity.

Question 11:

Is the Ascension scenario that earth will split in two time lines – ascended 5d-earth (A) and remaining catastrophic 3d-earth (B) – as predicted by the channel “Cosmic Awareness” and by myself in my last book, still valid or are there other alternatives in sight in the meantime?



There are infinite alternatives, which are only limited by one’s state of consciousness.

Last very important question 12: (12 is a magic number!)

Will the new theory of the Universal Law and other multidimensional scientific ideas be introduced to humanity in the interim period on the 4d-earth, or will humanity have to await after the final Ascension on Dec 21, 2012, before starting to implement these ideas in the 5th dimension with the help of an expanded human consciousness in most ascended human entities?


That is humanity’s choice, which is dictated by the consciousness of the many and the tenacity of the few.

We are always with you!

The Arcturians
Posted 23rd September 2011 by Shanti

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

*** Tai Chi Combat elbow to the head Q42 – YouTube ***

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Sarah Hillman – Archangel Jophiel: Playing with the Field of Beauty

Thanks to: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/sara-hillman-archangel-jophiel-playing-field-beauty

Dear hearts, what a pleasure it is to speak with you in this way today, for you are expanding in your uniqueness in such delightful and impressive ways, and I wish to come to offer you even more LOVE inspiration, in deep respect and honour for all you are BEing, and also because I am excited to create further with you, such incredibly creative beings you are!
Dear ones, I wish to infuse your experience today, if you are willing, with a particular way of approaching the concept of beauty, and that is as an energy field. This has been talked of in many different ways, and many of you are familiar with this concept, and I wish to offer a specific interaction with this field which is to play with it in your wondrous creative ways, in order to bring more lightness, more appreciation, more gentleness and more pleasure to your environment and your experience as you diligently and masterfully expand into more and more of your potential.
I wish to bring this for you specifically because I see how delicate the balance is that you are cultivating; between diligence and relaxing, between surrender and involvement, between gentleness and power, between conscious focus and allowing. And these are not opposites, dear hearts, as more and more of you are experiencing; they are in fact different tones and focuses and concentrations of that which makes up ALL, and that is, of course, LOVE. So by bringing a beautiful, playful focus today I wish to support that masterful balance you are all uniquely exploring.
Dear hearts, many of you find yourselves in situations which you have already far outgrown in both your standards and your comfort. We see this and we fully understand the frustrations and distress this brings so many of you – how difficult it is to move beyond and recreate that which has been immovable, in alignment with divine timing, and which you cannot but have built up a great deal of heaviness within and around, as you have striven and worked on this path. We see this beloveds, and we remind you again that this is not a reflection upon your abilities IN ANY WAY, and in fact we marvel at just how truly accepting and allowing you continue to be of these situations in many ways as you move so much closer to growing beyond them for good. You have indeed held yourselves within them for perfect and powerful reasons, beloveds, and this is becoming ever-clearer, and will continue to do so.
And so I come to assist you today to specifically to alleviate some of that heaviness – which has of course served you most perfectly and beautifully – simply by shifting your focus, if only for a few moments, into another way of approaching that which you are surrounded by. And that is by using the field of beauty.
Beloveds, you are all aware of the importance of caring for yourselves in moment-to-moment ways, and you all approach this in your own unique manner. One of the things that can serve you most in those moments of frustration, is when you feel you have the energy to make that moment more enjoyable for yourself, by asking what it is that you would most enjoy – a cup of tea, five minutes outside, a little meditation session, a shopping trip, cake – whatever feeds your joy most. This you often call into practice for yourselves already. How wonderful (smile).
Today I wish to suggest to you that you can also turn your loving attention quite literally to your space, imbuing it with your love quite directly, moving your focus away from those feelings of non-movement and frustration you may quite understandably feel towards that which represents all that you have outgrown, and into the mode of gifting yourself and your space a beautiful face-lift, if you like, an energetic spring-clean, or a new coat of LOVE-paint! And no, I do not necessarily suggest this physically; for you to drag yourself into effort in order to tidy up (unless you of course wish to do so)! I wish to make it far more beautiful for you than that! *Smile*.
Well, of course, if you do have the joyful energy to make a physical change to your space – move the furniture, clean, arrange flowers, burn oils – then wonderful! I am ready to amplify and assist your intentions and energies in that direction with great LOVE and enthusiasm, of course! Joy. And as many of you know I am often experienced by you in this particular focus. However, I would also like to offer a gentler, more couch-directed, relaxed approach, if you will; one that you can bring to your moments any time, anywhere, and brighten up any space with, not just your own specific domestic surroundings.
Dear hearts, bring your imagination into play. Your energies and intentions are so powerful, you can lift your moods instantly if you feel so moved, simply by gently moving your focus. And it is so important for you to realise that this is in no way a call to ‘do more’, beloveds, even with your intention! Dear hearts, you have ‘done’ enough! You have exhausted every direction in which you wished to explore the realms of ‘effort’ and ‘trying’! So, if and when you are ready to, let them go, in each moment you can. And use my suggestions only if they feel lovely to you. Know that we always fully support this self-loving and gentle focus that lets the heart lead you back into full LOVE.
So, then, beautiful ones. In your space, as you sit with your cup of tea, or however you approach this, why not see a huge and overflowing vase of beautiful pink roses, glowing with golden-pink light adorning your table, and know it will now be there, emitting beauty, for as long as you would like? Why not see a beautiful shimmering light-bead curtain hanging in the doorway to your kitchen, that whenever you walk through tinkles and infuses your field with peaceful silver glowing love? Why not see a choir of angels (or a rock band of angels! Whatever floats your boat, beloveds!) taking up permanent residence in the corner of your living room solely for your entertainment? Why not, when you are walking down the street, see energetic confetti, encoded with the highest joy, flying out of your over-flowing heart-field and falling from the sky and showering all who are around you? Why not, when at someone else’s house, leave a gift of love in the form of a gently-glowing candle of love-light, spreading calm and serenity throughout their space?
And remember, this is for YOUR joy beloveds, to be shared when you are overflowing, and in the LOVE, if it feels right, whenever you are inspired. Trust that your inspirations come from highest LOVE, and that they are in alignment with the highest good. You have cleared your mirrors, dear hearts, you have polished your diamond-lights. Let them shine in every way. The sky is no longer your limit, dear hearts! Imagine what energetic delights you could infuse your fields and the fields of the spaces you encounter with, if you spent any time at all playing with these ideas?
You see beloveds, you are immensely powerful. There is no need for any of you to ‘try’. As you read this you may think, ‘But I’m busy ascending! What about my focus on my light body and my cells and my thoughts and my connection to divine love?’ *Laughs* My dear hearts, you are so right, of course! But let me say to you, as you all very well know in your hearts, and are waking up to ever more consciously, this is already so; indeed you would have to make a great deal of effort to even slow the process down, so aligned with your soul’s intention you have become. By allowing yourselves to lighten up, to shift your focus, to keep your minds lightly skipping into joy and beauty and harmony whenever you are inspired, you ASSIST THE PROCESS most mightily, dear hearts, by getting out of your own divine way! I assure you of this most fervently.
Each of you know this logically, and yet it is my joy to assist you to experience it more and more naturally in your physical expressions. This may look and seem frivilous to you, my beloveds – and so it is (wink) – and yet, make no mistake, the light this message brings, and the inspiration it offers, is powerful beyond imagining, precisely because YOU are powerful beyond imagining. By taking the time to read this message and discern for yourselves if this would enhance your daily experience, you are attending deeply to your own happiness, you are paying attention to your well-being and your expanding trajectory, you are offering yourself the opportunity to open up your perspective and allow softer and more beautiful infusions of LOVE to support you as you explode into the starlight of your conscious awakening. MAGNIFICENT, beloveds, truy magnificent.
And furthermore! You only have to look around you to see what powerful creators of your worlds you already are, whether or not you are satisfied with those manifest results. So yes, this is light and fun and playful, but remember, dear hearts, every moment you spend focusing upon and consciously working with the fields of beauty and harmony – indeed any field of light – you entrain your own experience in this direction. You open your own field up to hold more of this LOVE, you say to your expanding self ‘I desire to experience more beauty, more harmony’ and so LOVE responds by granting your wish, your focused intention. You all know in your unique ways how this works, as you awaken to those powers and abilities that have lain dormant for so long, and by speaking about and infusing you with this today, it is my intention to lightly, and with joyful, playful love, open you up further to receiving greater ease and peace and gentleness in your lives. For when you do this playfully, you are indeed at your most powerful…*wink*
Dear hearts, at this time, any support I can offer to assist an easier, gentler, more graceful experience of all you are unfolding, is my delight and my pleasure. I wish most deeply to help you know how you are creating ever-easier and more graceful pathways with your focus, and as each of you turn more consciously and deeply to your own loving hearts for guidance and direction, you allow ever-greater support for yourselves, and make the potential of this process more joyful, more expansive, more peaceful, and a whole lot more fun. And as far away as fun might seem or feel or look to many of you, either for yourselves or the world at large right now, we assure you with great joy that in every moment you make this more possible, not just for yourselves, but for ALL. Just how masterful, loving, compassionate, creative and powerful you are – and are remembering you are – is an ever-increasing delight to us in the light realms, and we adore to be so continually astonished, impressed, excited, in wonderment and in awe of you as you turn this grand and marvellous adventure into a light show of LOVE beyond any of even the greatest of our dreams.
Play my beloveds, in your masterful, imaginative ways. Call beauty into your lives in any way you feel called to do so. Let the universal mind inspire you and love it into being through your hearts. Let your loving selves gift those situations and circumstances, which can feel so burdensome to you, the blessing of your loving focus, let them receive your imaginative visions of beauty and harmony, and know you are expanding the potentials of beauty and harmony exponentially by doing so, without even having to think about it beyond your own delight, comfort and joy. How marvellous. Your focus is powerful, beloveds, and your hearts are strong. Let them weave their magic, simply being being your own loving and inspired selves.
We are ever here to assist, support, love and amplify your every heart wish, your every moment of light, your every divine intention, for that is what YOU ARE in every single moment. Expanding, expanding, expanding in LOVE, beloved masters of light.
I AM at your side, in LOVE, with the fields of beauty, harmony, delight and joy, and ready to support and amplify every joy-filled moment of your imaginative creations. Simply call upon me with your focus and your heart-song, for I AM Archangel Jophiel, and I always hear and answer your call, with joy ♥


Channelled by Sara Hillman, December 9-10th, 2013 ♥
To read all older channelled messages, visit ~ http://followingthejoy.wordpress.com/



lunes, 10 de febrero de 2014


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 ترجم / לתרגם  翻訳する 


El Anillo de Ascensión fue bajado con la ayuda de los Arcturianos y Maestros Ascendidos quienes trabajan junto con nosotros. El Anillo de Ascensión es como el anillo que ven en algunos otros planetas de vuestro sistema solar. Por ejemplo, Saturno tiene anillos; Neptuno tiene anillos. Así este anillo que está alrededor de la Tierra es similar a esa idea con una principal diferencia. La diferencia es que este anillo es para la ascensión de la Tierra y es un anillo etérico. Es como un halo etérico y tiene una habilidad única. Este anillo está interactuando simultáneamente con la energía de 5ª dimensión y bajando energía de 5ª dimensión hasta la 3ª dimensión.

Este anillo está poblado con los pensamientos de amor de los Maestros Ascendidos. Ahora se darán cuenta de que hay muchos Maestros Ascendidos que están contribuyendo y trabajando diligentemente por la ascensión de la Tierra. Y el Anillo de Ascensión sirve para muchos propósitos y uno de ellos es permitir a los guías, Maestros Ascendidos e instructores bajar más fácilmente a la Tierra información de 5ª dimensión y energía de 5ª dimensión. Y muchos de ustedes saben que han estado más en contacto con maestros y guías más que nunca. Hay más gente que canaliza, guías y maestros; hay más personas que están conectadas con energía superior más que en ninguna otra época en la Tierra.

Sé que esto se oye como una aseveración fantástica. Pero numéricamente hay más semillas estelares en la Tierra que en cualquier otro momento en el planeta. Hay más maestros ascendidos; hay más estudiantes de la ascensión en la Tierra que en otro tiempo. Con anterioridad en los tiempos antiguos hubo varios profetas y maestros que trabajaban en la ascensión y que se preparaban para la ascensión. Pero aún en los viejos tiempos había sólo algunos profetas que serían capaces de ascender y nunca habría más que algunos profetas en una vida de la Tierra ascendiendo al mismo tiempo. Sería un evento individual único.

Pero ahora aquí tenemos en la Tierra una situación en donde miles y cientos de miles de semillas estelares y maestros ascendidos pueden y ascenderán. Así, por supuesto, hay gran necesidad de interactuar con ellos porque sabemos que la ascensión es como un nacimiento. Imaginen el nacimiento en el hospital, ustedes saben que hay mucha gente alrededor, doctores y enfermeras. Hay preparaciones especiales allí; hay familiares íntimos esperando. Quiero que comprendan que para la Ascensión hay muchos guías y maestros en el otro lado esperando por ustedes, preparándolos para esta transición, preparándolos para ser recibidos. Parte de esta preparación es proporcionarles una energía accesible, principalmente el Anillo de Ascensión, el que les facilitará vuestro acceso a la 5ª dimensión. Este Anillo de Ascensión es también para la ascensión planetaria. De tal forma que muchos de los guías y maestros. Especialmente Sananda, Sanat Kumara, Ashtar, por nombrar unos pocos están reunidos en una interacción con el Anillo de Ascensión para facilitar el ascenso de todo el planeta.

El Anillo de Ascensión se encuentra alrededor de todo el planeta pero sin embargo ustedes piensan en un anillo con una situación determinada y por eso ustedes pudieran imaginar que el anillo está justo alrededor del ecuador, por ejemplo, en consecuencia el anillo está a unas dos millas del diámetro del ecuador. Ustedes pensarían que porque miran a Saturno y a Neptuno podrían quizás desde una posición ventajosa en la Tierra y usando telescopios medir el ancho de del anillo. Después podrían decir que el anillo tiene una cierta dimensión y que cubre sólo una cierta anchura alrededor del planeta.

Pero este anillo de Ascensión es un anillo de 5ª dimensión y es un anillo holográfico y posee poderes especiales y capacidades especiales. La capacidad número uno del Anillo de Ascensión es que interactúa y recibe las comunicaciones telepáticas de 3ª dimensión del Hombre, traduce e interactúa con los mensajes de 3ª dimensión y recibe al mismo tiempo los mensajes y energías desde los maestros de 5ª dimensión.
Así, piensen que están enviando pensamientos de sanación hacia los patrones climáticos de la Tierra, buscando un equilibrio, buscando el fin de una sequía, por ejemplo en el medio oeste, especialmente en Texas en Estados Unidos. Imaginen que están rogando por los muchos animales y rogando por las muchas personas que están sufriendo. Entonces envían sus oraciones y pensamientos a la Tierra a través del sistema de circuito de retroalimentación usando el Anillo de Ascensión. Y esa energía que están enviando viaja a través de toda la Tierra e interactúa telepáticamente con todos los distintos sistemas alrededor de la Tierra que están involucrados en la mantención y creación de este cambio que ha conducido a la sequía en esa área. De este modo muchas diferentes áreas, muchas diferentes corrientes necesitan ser cambiadas para terminar con la sequía. Pero necesita ser efectuado de una forma que está en equilibrio con todo el planeta. Debe ser hecho en una forma que sustente y traiga armonía a todo el planeta, no sólo en un área como Texas.

El Anillo de Ascensión toma esta energía que ustedes han enviado y viaja alrededor del planeta e influye sobre todos los otros lugares que lo necesitan, así puede producirse un nuevo equilibrio. Lo que también es hermoso es que ustedes los que pueden vivir en Australia, en Alemania o en Filadelfia tienen la misma distancia de acceso al Anillo de Ascensión. De esta forma el Anillo de Ascensión está recibiendo información desde los muchos variados lugares alrededor de la Tierra. Este Anillo de Ascensión no se limita a una anchura determinada. Está limitado por los pensamientos de las semillas estelares y puede ser tan amplio como se encuentren las semillas estelares que lo están manteniendo alrededor del planeta. O podría restringirse si ustedes desean estar más focalizados. Pero si es ancho, también está focalizado. Es como un anillo holográfico y simultáneamente los Maestros Ascendidos de 5ª dimensión participan también en el Anillo de Ascensión. Ellos escuchan todo el tiempo cuáles son vuestras necesidades y cuáles son las necesidades planetarias. Ellos escuchan lo que se necesita. Pienso que es especialmente importante saber que la respuesta se produce a veces inmediatamente. Otras veces toma un momento; otras veces puede aún ser más largo. La razón es que ustedes como una semilla estelar no tienen conocimiento de todos los muchos factores en el sistema del circuito de retroalimentación que necesitan ser cambiados para que la petición se produzca. Pero los maestros Ascendidos están también contribuyendo con sus pensamientos.

Recuerden también que hablé del poder arcan, que es la medida del poder del pensamiento, y que ustedes necesitarían tener un cierto nivel arcan de poder de pensamiento- 10 arcans, 20 arcans. Entonces, mientras más arcans haya en vuestro poder de pensamiento es más probable que los cambios que están pidiendo pueden ser más fuertemente influenciados para que sucedan. Pero ahora yendo a través del Anillo de Ascensión ustedes están interactuando con los maestros de 5ª dimensión y sus patrones de pensamiento y sus energías pueden ser también medidas en poder arcan. Y ellos tienen la capacidad de producir mucho más elevado poder arcan de lo que pueden ustedes imaginar. Pero con el fin de que su energía arcan, poder arcan de pensamiento, sea efectiva debe interactuar con la vuestra. Ésta es una de las reglas y leyes de la sanación espiritual planetaria. Los pensamientos y poderes de sanación de los Maestros y Guías de 5ª dimensión deben interactuar con los habitantes de 3ª dimensión de un planeta. El Anillo de Ascensión ofrece ese importante medio que permite a los Maestros de 5ª dimensión interactuar con vuestros pensamientos y vuestras peticiones de sanación telepática, de sanación planetaria, para la Tierra.


A través de David Miller
Julio 2011
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Friday, July 25, 2014


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переводити/Traduire/ переводить ♪ → → → → → → ►
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Tomorrow the crystal that is being delivered from Iceland will be placed underneath israel/Palestine, it’s almost there. Isis is in Egypt starting today. The energy is going to be amplified, it’s important to tune into the crystal to assist the energy to be properly distributed among everyone, calling out to their higher selves and helping in shifting the consciousness towards PEACE. It is important to use the GOLDEN light.
What we should WILL with the power of our minds eye, and to those who are doubting their abilities, STOP. BECAUSE YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLY POWERFUL BEINGS OF LIGHT. If it was not so, you wouldn’t be here right now! So USE your UNIVERSAL GOD ENERGY that is flowing through you in order to redirect the conflicting EGO based energy that is presently there into PEACE, HARMONY, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, HEALTH, ABUNDANCE FOR ALL.


To do so SEE the Golden Particles and Golden light, this universal life giving energy completely encompass all of the middle east. See as it showers down onto these lands and bathes them in Unconditional Love of the Creator. Now send this light deep into the earth core, having it attract all particles of negativity, all thought forms, all negative entities, all archonic influences to itself and with a thunderous might pull all of this down, all the way down to the core of the earth for transmutation and purification.
Let it pass through the Agarthian Sun (which will act as a purifying mechanism with the assistance of all Agarthians who are standing by) and as it rises back up direct it with your minds eye to the crystal sitting on the border of Israel and Palestine. Willing this light to move up the crystal and through it, in a vortex like formation spinning outward encompassing all of the surrounding countries and most importantly purifying the hearts of ALL who live there. Together we can make the shift in conciousness happen! After all we’ve come THIS FAR! I love you all and deeply thank you for your continues effort in assisting all human souls in establishing a peaceful and harmonious society by activating their heart’s code and connecting them to unconditional love!!!! xoxox
Want to briefly share this with all of you. Those who are feeling a link to do something in Germany and Israel/Palestine/Middle East right now, please read as this message is for you. I was pulled into AGARTHA again today and spoke with ADAMA.
They will be transporting a crystal from underneath Iceland which should arrive within 10 days and place it on the border of Israel and Palestine, this crystal will affect all the surrounding regions including Egypt, etc., Adama, has asked that those of you who are inclined and feel that you have been called to do so, to connect with this crystal in 10 days on July 26th, and activate it.
I know that many of you have been asking me about this who are linked to these activities. So please remember to do so, it’s incredibly important. This crystal will assist in transmuting the energy that is currently underway in the middle east, as the cleansing and purification has began full force there.
This is a crucial time for all of us light workers to be in the most balanced state of mind and body. A lot of “dark” energy is being released all over the world, and we are feeling it’s effects throughout the day. If you’ve noticed your mood changing rapidly throughout the day, from being really sad, anxious to being happy and elated, this is why. The energy is being released and transmuted and being a light worker you are linked to this.
So please take all the precautions of cleansing yourself daily and protecting yourself daily. I’ve written about this on my blog over and over again but for those that are new to this please see my blog here:http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/category/health-wellbeing/
missiontoearthcoverlargeP.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit : http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/books/
~Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker-Author. To book a Healing Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –http://acredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/